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MIND-BODY-BUSINESS: A Setback Is A Setup for a Comeback


Welcome welcome. Getting started with the first ever mind body business live broadcast setting up a couple more streams here. Hang with me for just a moment. And. Have a great great inaugural show for you. Did not even plan or send out notification. Hey Hey How are you doing out there on Periscope land. I am also on Facebook Live times too. And we'll be putting this on a brand new podcast. And that is a topic for tonight that some of you might be interested in

And that would be coming in as someone that I interview I love interviewing entrepreneurs and folks that make profound changes in other people's lives. And I'm looking forward to seeing which of you is going to step up to the plate. Get out of your comfort zone and raise your hands. Hey Brad I want to be interviewed for now this is going to be a solo show solo show. This is the mind body business show brought to you by my company Reach Your Peak LLC in association with

Global Fitness Club. And that's what it's all about mind mindset when it comes to advanced mindset techniques and tools. I've taught about these from stage of my day signature live events called the Reach Your Peak Summit. And when it comes to mindset one of the biggest baddest and greatest tools you could ever implement and employs a strategy in your life is something called NLP which stands for Neuro linguistic programming. I would encourage you to Google that and find out what you can on that and definitely, definitely with any and all questions just hit me up directly. The best method to hit me up is on Facebook. I'm at Brian Carl Kelly with a C, Brian Carl with a C. Brian Carl Kelly is my username on Facebook. You'll see many Brian Kelly's out there that's why I make that distinction. Just messenger me or friend me. I'm really close to my 5000 limit which is pretty cool. I gotta admit which means I have a large reach though for you that want to be interviewed. I have a large reach on Facebook or Twitter. I lost count I didn't log right before firing this up but on the order of 60,000 plus followers on Twitter started that one long before Facebook obviously. And also going to be again recording this for podcast distribution as well. So really looking forward to and I'm rubbing my nose and as lot I've got some interesting allergies he knew right before coming on. This wasn't planned I didn't send out any notices ahead of time just wanted to get going and get the first one out.

But I do have an actual topic to talk about. I've become an avid reader avid reader and it's something I highly recommend you do. And you probably heard that before from other people - I had. There's a there's a back story to that I'll tell it another day. But I did not become an avid reader for quite some time. After being told by someone who had achieved the level of success that I wished, that I desired to achieve - years, I waited years to become an avid reader and since have been devouring unbelievable amazing books and real quick just go to There you will find up it's close to 40 books that I've personally read that have all made a significant impact on my life. Forty books, and it's been in a relative short period of time. My mode, my preferred method of reading has become via Audible so audio books. I'm able to listen to them when I'm in the car. That's when I'm all by myself most often and I'm able to really concentrate and listen and ingest the information and it's really made a huge impact. And recently I've been reading a book by name of by a guy by the name of Willey Jolley and the reason the only reason I even realized who he was or knew he existed was

I listen to Les Brown. In fact this was just a couple of weeks ago. It was a live stream on Facebook. Les Brown was on stage and Les Brown is 70. I don't know exact number 71 or 72 and he's still one of the most amazing, thought provoking speakers on the planet bar none. And as he was speaking he talked about not just one but two authors from stage that he endorsed highly recommended one on one of them was Willey Jolley and so I've been listening to his book and it's a phenomenal book and it will soon be on I only put them up there when I finished them and not until then because I want to make sure that I've vetted them personally but what Willie Jolley says that has really resonated with me. Especially for me personally recently is a great saying that he came up with this called a setup, oh sorry, a setback a setback. Is a setup

for a comeback.

And it's about the whole idea of we all face challenges in our lives day in and day out. Life itself is challenging. Life is a struggle. Life is also very amazing. It's both. We all know there isn't a single person on this planet that does not go through struggle or challenges even the most successful of the most successful who look like they have all their stuff together and everything you see about them is big smiles and look at my beautiful car and you know everything's going swimmingly for them.

I guarantee you as a human being they have also not only gone through challenges and struggles they're currently going through them as all of us are and the beautiful thing about Willey Jolley really sets in motion in my mind and in the minds of those readers are that not all that I react to those those setbacks. So is a setback something you're going to look at and say well that's just done. You know setback happens I'm going to give up on throw in the towel. I had this great idea for this business venture or something that was going to make life better. But you know that one setback hit me, I'm done or

Maybe there's an alternative. Maybe that is just the next step to your growth pattern.

You see everything is about getting out of your comfort zone. And I've taught this from stage personally and it's so true. The more you can become uncomfortable the more, the quicker you will grow and the quicker you achieve the success you desire and the success you deserve. Because I truly believe you deserve success. Every person I mean Les Brown says you have greatness in you.

I love that. I love that because every one of us does. Every one of you has a greatness in you. What a perfect quote. Human beings are remarkable and have incredible unlimited capabilities and my personal opinion.

And you are one of them. So it's all about how you react to situations and so just to give you a personal backdrop. Recently some things have been happening some crazy things have been happening to me personally and they've been setbacks in all honesty. One of them was. A little while ago I really got a phenomenal tip.

A suggestion from someone I consider to be one of my mentors. Brilliant guy. He's one of those Midas touch people you know if he touches it, it turns to gold just because he is ... Oh gosh somebody authors I can quote on this but Grant Cardone describes him as the 10x rule. This guy goes 10x on everything. And I love him. And he gave me the greatest advice. And he said step back from what you're doing Brian and concentrate on your core competency. For me what I hear him saying to step back from was the speaking business, the seminar industry, I had just finished my third live event 2-Day Live event, and to lead up to that I was doing Meetups - 4 Meetups a month. So one per week in different cities nearby but some were, well not all of them are nearby. One was in San Diego which for me was a three plus hour drive one way and I did that every month.

Loved it loved it.

It was also very taxing took a lot of energy and he asked all of the right questions. And the bottom line was when all was said and done. The suggestion was, without even saying it was basically Brian pause that you'll come back to it pause it, come back to it after you have gone after your core competency and put something together in those realms. And my core competency. I think he nailed it was mine was the tech industry. I'm technically savvy, I love automation website building etc.. I just don't want to do it myself personally, I want to outsource it. And so that's you know I'm in the process of building that empire.

It's all about building blocks and the speaking part will come back. That is my passion. And it's about putting the pieces together that will support the speaking because everything I speak about will include what I'm building. If that makes sense. I don't want to go too much into that. And then one of those other pieces is something I put together called the 90 Days to Peak Performance program and this isn't about me or I'm not selling a thing. I I kid you not. I'm not selling anything. Please understand that what I wanted to do just give you some personal background on the setbacks that have occurred recently. And one was 90 Days to Peak Performance I had hired a marketing team spent thousands literally thousands of dollars. That I had the solution. Really was confident in that I had a solution in this group

And this is not to point fingers at anyone. I'm not going to name names either. And did everything in both of our power to make it work. After four months, four months it didn't work out. I wasn't getting the traction I needed. I got one client. Who then later decided that they wanted to skip out early and not finish the 90 day program. And again no finger pointing. I mean there was a two way street.

It wasn't a fit both ways but these blows were coming left and right and you know thinking, "man you know I'm trying to put together the big dream that the big three part piece of the puzzle here." So then I went all the way back to my core competency the tech side where I built a marketing system an automated an automated online

landing page marketing system is the name I gave it right. A concept I came up with. Probably eight or nine years ago eight or nine years ago. It's a long story I won't go down that path right now. I've built it for believe four maybe five different MLM companies started out just building it for myself and my downline. I was deeply involved in MLM in the past. I am a former owner of an MLM company from 2000 to 2006 a company called eTravel Plus. I'm well versed in the MLM industry that didn't make it but I learned a ton from it. I don't look at the negative look at the positive. And so I came up with a system. And it gained traction. A CEO actually flew me out back east, picked me up in a limo. We cut a deal. It was going to be over a million dollars a year. Easy easy and then less than two months later that entire company folded and closed its doors. That's a boo-hoo story for some. It was a learning story for me and then since then three more MLM companies as I built these systems and stood them up they all caught wind and said shut them down. And so those were those were setbacks and then recently after seven years after one of the main ones, the last one that did not happen did not come to fruition. So we just got ready to fire it up and we had another set back and the people that were interested in it have said you know what we are going to put a pause on it. And so ultimately what that ends up being is a 30 day pause.

It's ok it's okay everything's good. It's going to happen. It's just on pause. And so I'm looking at one of those guys that if something to go I got to go now I've got to go now I'm going to go 100 percent. And if I don't have something to go 100 percent with I'm not fulfilled.

And so here I am standing with three things that I had juggling in the air and now none of them can be nurtured. There's really no sense in putting more - they're ready to go. They're ready to go. It's just a matter of turning the crank.

And now it's being patient and waiting 30 days for certain marketing aspects to take hold. And that's a whole other story not going into the beautiful thing is as Willey jaw Doctor Willey Jolley said

Is a setup or a setback. A setback is a setup for a comeback.

And so I've had three setbacks. Those are all setups for a comeback. Another thing I've always known I should do is write a book. And this 30 day time is giving me that time to finally get myself the excuse to write my own book. And I'm so excited. And so I started thinking about going back to, well how do I do that. I've been through certain training sessions were where do I start. I already had the idea. I know what I want to write about. There will be no lack for words in this book. And what I currently calling it is. The F-Myth. F as in Frank not going to say what I stands for just yet. The subtitle is Mind Body Business as you see on the screen right now.

Mind Body Business. And you remind me of going back to an old friend of mine that I learned a lot from who's a marketing genius in his own right. And I have some materials from this gentleman. I also attended a live workshop on the subject of writing your own book. And I just want to give a quick shout out to my good old friend Craig Duswalt Rock Star System for Success he holds. Pretty large seminars every twice a year typically. I used to help out with some of the seminars I've been involved in the seminars and one way or another I think it was four maybe five times. He holds again to a year.

I just pulled it out. I dug it out of my drawer and it comes complete with the whole system and just researching. You know how do I start. How do I get organized. I started writing. You can't see it on the screen on my white board in the back and it's time and now we're going to take this to the next level. And I'm looking forward to getting that done because a book I've seen so many of my colleagues once they finished their books so many doors open interviews open everything opens and it's time, it's time.

How long have we been on to see if I can check to see if there's a. Don't see that art to bring up Facebook Live itself to see where we're at.

Just wanted as part of this. Also I wanted to bring up the topic of. Of interviews. One of the biggest. Launching pads if you will of any business or any person get to build their platform as rich freshman would say from author 101 university is building your platform is very important and that is to become you know to get exposure in any way and all ways so speaking on stage is one. Interview on radio is another interview on a podcast, guest speaking onstage, holding your own events on stages. For some that's quite daunting beginning. So what about getting interviewed by someone else i.e. yours truly to take people down the path of understanding and learning who you are what you are about. What value do you offer and basically have someone else again i.e. someone like me project and present you to the world instead of you presenting or self. So third party, if you will, testimonials which side isn't what this is but you get the idea. Far more powerful than if they come from you directly and it's something I had embarked on with a business partner some years ago and I'm looking to revive that in a sense this is not going to become The Mind Body Business Show is not going to become 100 percent interview based but it will include interviews. Does that make sense. And so I will be putting together a questionnaire for them. It's not together yet. All I want to do now is find out who's interested if you have a business. If you serve the community, if you the bring value and you want to spread the word about what you do and it fits with the moniker of the three most vital elements anyone must master. To become successful and that is mind, the mindset. At a deep level. Body that is take care of your body. Fitness nutrition, and Business. All of the things that go into business are so many marketing, closing, hiring, scaling, systematizing. A lot goes into the business side as well. One without any of the other two, it's like a tripod. If you put up a tripod you have mind you have body you have business three legs I'll make a graphic of this later maybe. Take away one of those legs, and what happens to the tripod? Down it goes. All three are equally as important to each other in the whole equation and if you think you resonate with any can be any one of those any one of those is fine. If you have a fitness business - body. Perfect. If you're a nutritionist perfect - body. If you are an expert hip hypnotherapist. If the list goes on. On the other there are other types of mindset tools techniques your candidate business if you're successful in business and you have proven methods to help people in marketing in closing sales I mean think of Grant Cardone in his series of books. If you have any part of those nailed down then I would be interested in interviewing you if you're interested just. Just type in the comments. If you're on Facebook if you're on Periscope go and type in the comments there. I'd recommend that you come on over Facebook first and look me up and hit me and private message. Or find this live recording there. But either way I'll look for the Periscope if you have comments there. If you're interested. I would love to have you to add value what it's about. For me personally is to add value to you. It's not a sales pitch. This is not a pitch-a-thon. I'm not pitching thing. I would recommend you go to And not a pitch, just Because it has a wealth - Let's see. Can I do this? I'm going to give it a shot (on video). Oh look it's working. Cool. So this is a screenshot of It's a creation of my own because there's a story backstory and I won't tell it here. It's all told right here if you click on the video button there or you can simply read it. That's basically what I say in the video. You can do either. And beneath it are. It's near 40 books I believe, that I have read that have had profound impact on me and you'll notice and there in no particular order although I did start out by putting all of the ones I read by Grant Cardone the dude had massive influence on me by reading all of these. One of which is the 10x Rule. That was probably the most popular that you hear about. They're all incredible books incredible books. As we go down. Here is one by my friend and mentor I just I just caught up with. Oh my gosh I was so happy. He used to live in Southern California they have since moved to Nashville Tennessee pursuing another business venture that is phenomenal and exciting. This man changed my life. Mel Cutler big boom. Oh my gosh. Get that book. Get that book. And here you see there's a paperback and a Kindle version. Just click on the appropriate button that fits your desire. There is an audio version of that if you want that. Give me a shout out and or find a way to get it to. Jump by Steve Harvey. It just goes on and on on and on and on. All of these I've read every one of these I personally vetted and say you know what, Leaders Eat Last has a great one. They're all great, Five Levels of Leadership. A lot of great stuff on leadership. The Obstacle is The Way goodness sakes Think and Grow Rich. That's one of the most popular The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. I met him in person. It was a great great day. In fact I met him in person when I was actually helping man a booth for Mr Duswalt at a different event. Interesting. So I'll have an episode on that about just showing up over and over over. Four Hour Work Week. It just goes on and on and on for the four agreements. Man this is gold. This is gold. And these are just my personal library of books. And by the way, you click on these, you buy them. I put an affiliate link to them. And I read that Amazon is taking that away. It's fine it's fine with me. Go get these books. Whether I make even if I made money on these I don't know if it's even more than a dollar. I honestly don't think it would be much, but I just learned the habit of no matter what I do if I'm going to present it that I put an affiliate link if it's possible to do so in everything I do on every website. But this is not money driven. This is not my motivation. My, I can't think of the right word is not about making money off of these books. I kid you not. So get the life you want. Richard Bandler oh my gosh one of the creators of NLP. Read his stuff absorb it. Oh Living With A Seal, one of my all time favorites. Not only is it impactful it's also entertaining. Unbelievable, unbelievable and Extreme Ownership. So living with the SEAL is about a SEAL who's military, right? And then here we have more U.S. Navy SEALS. And there you see this commonality happening - strategies. These are people in this case these are Navy SEALS that came out and then crushed in the business world. And they give their, oh, Total Recall. Talk about an entrepreneur's entrepreneur Arnold Schwarzenegger love him or hate him the man has crushed it. Barely spoke English. What a story! Awesome read. Highly recommend. Unbelievable. Who - How to Hire People. Unbelievable. Got that tip from AJ Rivera who is a fitness guru but also very very I should say, and also a very astute businessman who recommended this to his tribe. And I picked it up immediately. Also the Perfect Day Formula also recommended by AJ Rivera thank you. And Eat Stop Eat. If you want to lose weight. This is the number one way to do it. And The Traveler's Gift is a fiction story that is to me, what I got from it as I was listening to it was, it was kind of like, well it was just very similar to Think And Grow Rich. It had a lot of the same or similar aspects to it and it was done in parable form as a story a fictional story but, done in such a way that it kept kept me captivated. There was a lesson behind it. It was phenomenal. And it was about seven major tips seven major things you can do to become successful in life period. And so that's that. I just want a quick live. I still haven't gotten over to where I should be to see how long this is going. So I've been on 26 minutes that's not to bad. I'd love to see what you think. Hear what you had to say. See there are quite a few on there Andre Simoneau, Dave Siemienski, Fred Becerra. Thanks guys for coming on. I'm going to add a few little nice things to this where we will see Likes and Loves and all that good stuff in real time on this video because it has been recorded it will be repurposed that's another thing we'll talk about in the future repurposed for business purposes to help. And this isn't just for me. All this will be tips for you to learn different things that it takes to be successful in business because as Dr. Willey Jolley has been saying over and over and over again that life is a struggle. It's all about how you react to it. Every day is a struggle. If you think about it. And you know it's not something to dwell on and make this incredibly negative thing out of. It's to understand and recognize that you know you know somebody people go on and they're on Facebook and they're on social media and you see what they're doing they are showing their brand new car and they're showing their business, they're showing their beautiful house or showing their travels and you're going "Dang their life is perfect oh and they have this beautiful spouse you know male or female. Either way it's like they have it made. And what's wrong with me my I screwed up?" Well guess what. Every single one of us goes through the same. Stuff.

The side shot works (video). Let me know how this works. Having fun side can see how much. Oh yeah that's good it's good. And the reason I want to bring this up is I got this picture. So we just. Love it. I love it. Passion baby, passion. So that's what I see when I turn the corner to sit down at this desk every day.

And I love that we just cleaned up. I'm actually sitting in my daughter's former bedroom and she has been away now for several years. She went to college San Diego State University, love that place, and she graduated and now still living there. And it came time to repurpose this room because it wasn't being used so basically took out her bed, and a lot of her stuff and it was it was kind of an emotional moment, I will kid you not. But now I have my own office with a closed door. Used to be in a loft sharing office space with my wife. And it got to be you know it was great. But if she worked extra time or I got you know I got to where I wanted to do a live video feed and she's on the phone I can't do it, I just can't do it. And so now I can. And that's why Mind Body Businesses come into fruition because you know just taking what is available right there in front of my face and being flexible and changing it. And it took some time. It was a lot of effort to convert this room. Still have some painting to do it still has some feminine touches if you will. To be transparent. To let you know what's going on because people want to show you their little studio. Let's see. I want to do that one. So that's just a backdrop back there (video) it's not a wood paneled wall but everything is yellow. In fact of a will if I can get enough cord will it around and you'll see. There is that. That's our daughter's name Megan. Fun stuff when she was younger. That was painted here. It's some custom paint done.

And there were other things that were up there that we've cleaned up of a lot of cool stuff that she had great memories and took pictures of it all to ensure that we didn't lose it. That's about it guys, I just wanted to give this inaugural shout out let me know if it's of interest for you to be interviewed. I will vett you if I have not met you in person if I have met you in person you know me and you're an entrepreneur then odds are you're already in. So what are you waiting for. Reach out because this is going on Facebook Live. At least, not just one Facebook page several simultaneously on my profile which I have near 5000 limit. Twitter over 60,000. Via Periscope. It's going on YouTube. And and podcast on the recording is complete upload it to a brand new podcast.

So there'll be lots and lots and lots of exposure for you. So shout out if you have something in the Mind Body or Business realm let me know. That's about it. That's all I had for the day and he checked my notes. Yeah. So be sure to go to where you can see all that wonderful awesomeness that you see right there (video). All those books are just, tons and tons of great great books. And here's the key. Just play this video - just play the video and understand that you know that this is it - The number one reason for life lack of success is not simply a lack of reading books but it's a lack of reading right books.

And are you reading any books right now. I wasn't. I wasn't reading anything. I mean, until a few years ago, several years ago. And. I started. I had two influencers in my life. The first of which is in the story in that video. So I won't repeat that. The second is my good buddy Mel Cutler because he's an avid reader and I learned to model success. Model just means copy and it's ok, it's ok. When you're a kid you were taking a test. And would it be okay for you to do one of these things and. Look at your neighbor? Back in the day around the school that meant a big whack on the wrist. You know like BAM! No you can't touch kids these days. But back then it was like - No do not copy. And so once we became adults. It's like you know copying is wrong. It's an anchor.

You know you're set with the affliction, you're going to get smacked. And so now's the time to reframe that and say guess what the exact opposite is how. I'm not saying cheat. Please understand the difference the distinction. Please understand that. Don't cheat. But please by all means copy. Copy those who are successful. There isn't a successful person walking the face of this earth that did not get help from others who were successful before them. No one has done it alone. Not a hundred percent alone. And so that's one of the things I love about my buddy Mel who said you know it's all about you know just model those are successful. And he didn't just say it. He didn't just talk the talk, he walked the walk. Because I later then literally copied some of the things he was doing and I let him know out of respect. Mel, I'm doing this. I'm copying you, in some cases word for word as part of a product that I produce and he said great, that's what I want you to do. That's a rare individual that does that. And I would like to put the same on you so find someone who's successful and what I like to say is grab on to both ankles and never let go of that person. As long as they're in alignment with your value system. They are based on integrity their ethics are up there, grab on both ankles. Do not let go. Do so respectfully, but then learn from them and you give something back. Help them. Show up and we'll do a whole. Excuse me a whole segment on that. On showing up and helping out without expecting anything in return. And just watch as the doors open. But anyway that's our inaugural Mind Body Business Show. And I look forward to seeing your feedback your comments your reactions go and comment of those that are watching the recording. I love to hear your feedback your feedback hit me up on Facebook. Brian Carl Kelly also at Global fitness Club on, if you just search that in Facebook and there are several other pages this is being simulcast to as well as Periscope. And it will be on YouTube. I will shoot that link out later. Plus podcasts so if you want exposure. Hit me up. Let's do an interview. I'll set it up. Done many of them in the past. It will be a blast it will be about an hour an hour and I'm not charging a dime for it. I just want to help spread value get the word out of those that are making impact on this world. All right. That's it. I'm rambling now. So I'm going to start shutting down the live feeds. I love you all. Have a great great evening. And we'll see you again. We're going to do this weekly. I will be though not able to do it next week only because I will be out of almost the country from one coast the other I'll be in New York all next week. I'm in Southern California now. And so what you're seeing what you're noticing with the nice videos and frames and transitions that's on software on my PC at home. I won't be taking this huge beast of a PC with me, it's a big one. So I'll be picking this back up. Most likely the week following and will make this a weekly show. Looking forward to seeing you all then. Until then have a great blessed day and night and blessed rest of your week. And see you back right here live in about two weeks time. All right take care. God bless.

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