Special Edition: "Walk in The Park" - Brian Kelly

Special Edition: "Walk In The Park" - Brian Kelly

Welcome to the MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Hey welcome to this very special edition of the MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. I'm Brian Kelly and normally we don't do our live shows here on Wednesday evenings but we've had a wonderful sequence of events and I say a little bit facetiously and it just brought up a topic to my mind that you know so many people think that the life of a successful entrepreneur is just a walk in the park, you know once you've achieved that heightened level of success that everything just comes easy always just falls into place for them. And they've just got it made. You know and you watch their Facebook posts and their social media posts and you read their e-mails and it's all you know just rosy and beautiful all the time and so we lose sight of the fact often that you know actually it couldn't be farther from the truth. Entrepreneurs really they experience more problems than those who have not yet achieved success because the more successful you become the more problems you're faced with to solve and it's just the absolute truth. And the thing is when it comes to life events we're also just human like everyone else. Things happen. And so case in point - today, just earlier today - my son was in an auto accident. And thankfully, he's fine and so is the other person that was involved directly with him. The thing is, he ... and many of you already know this who have been following the show had another special edition where he had been rear- ended just a couple of weeks ago, two or three weeks ago and he was OK in that too and just got his car back yesterday. Just got it back. It was beautiful. They did a phenomenal job. It was minor damage on the rear bumper but it look brand new. They detailed it. It just look gorgeous. And one of his first trips in his car after getting it back. He got into a much more serious accident. As far as the car is concerned and unfortunately there were injuries involved. And so I actually took went to the scene. He called me right away and I went to the scene to take pictures. And don't worry there's no gore in this. These are just the cars. A phenomenal job by the rescue of paramedics and the sheriff's department. They were there well before I arrived and I got out of the house as fast as I possibly could. It's only a few miles from our house. My son was literally he had just left and he was literally on his way to the gym to go work out. He's just an avid exercise, workout, fitness fanatic and he was on his way to a workout and he called me and you know you have that inkling when you get those calls because especially from you know he's 22. He just turned 22 this past Sunday. The younger crowd they typically touch. And so when I get a call from him and he had just left a little bit sooner you know that gut that that feeling your gut kind of hit you right. And so that was happening with me and I was you know I was like what's up. And he said someone just cut me off. And I've been in an accident dad. And I think my car totaled and he was very upset for obvious reasons. He wasn't aware yet of the fact that other people were involved. Actually it's what caused the whole thing to happen was it happened in front of him. And basically what it was was a very large waste management truck garbage truck was in the right lane quite a bit ahead of it.

But he could see it unfold and it started to make a wide turn. So it veered left in order to then start turning right. And another car was speeding in the right lane and didn't notice that that massive truck was taking a right turn right after it's veered left and just plowed into it. And then they got pinned on the side of the road against the railing on top of that and that individual was rushed to the hospital. And if you're if you're at all squeamish I'm going to just say what happened to her it's not. No no gore. But go ahead and turn your volume down for a few seconds and when I when the coast is clear I'll give the thumbs up like that. If you're listening to a podcast just turn it down for maybe 10 seconds or so. So I wouldn't turn it down right now so that individual they reported had a fractured skull and she lost an eye because of this accident. So very horrific. Taking the hospital right away. OK. Thumbs up for all of you. You can come back and it's very unfortunate that that happened to anybody. And then there was another individual that was also injured on the other side of this truck who was just sitting there at a red light waiting for their turn.

And because of the way turn in and the subsequent impact on the other side of the truck put the truck into that car and I was told she was also taken or he. I'm not sure which was taken to the hospital as well so two individuals there just three vehicles involved and why it hasn't even gotten into that area. Why does my son's name and so he comes up to his knees. Coming up the intersection sees this unfolding. All this is happening quickly. He's he's going the speed limit. I know him. He he's a very careful driver and and then a young lady veered from a lane to his left that was in front of him going much slower than him veered from the left crossed over in front of him right in the middle of the intersection. At that moment it's when she's changing quote unquote lanes when there are no lanes and then apply the brakes. Right. And he just had no place to go he couldn't react fast enough and ended up hitting her in the rear end of her car. And it sent her into a front yard fence of a home that's right there on the road.

And I have pictures here so show those to you as we go through this. And the purpose of this isn't to say you know woe is me what was Brian. That's not the right screen. I'll bring up the other screen here in just a minute. It's about the lesson of you know life happens. It happens to all of us doesn't it.

And interesting thing is it seems to happen these incidents seem to come in threes. And I was talking to my son. You know we took care of business. Got the car towed. Last time I got there the ambulance had already left. The paramedics had done their job. They literally had to cut the top off of a car to get the first jungly out. And you know it was quite quite a scene once I arrived to see all of this and all the. Debris from the five vehicles total that ultimately were involved. I am looking for my

Let's see. I will do it this way.

Going to bring up a video here in just a moment just hang with me. I just threw this together post-haste. There it is. So that's my son's car. BMW you can see the damage on the right which is nothing compared to what the families are going through right now this very moment. That is the young lady who that's where she got wedged in between the Big Waste Management truck. She's the one that was injured badly that I talked about when I asked you to turn your volume down if you're squeamish. She was at the time reported to be alive. And here's the car that Wyatt was involved with. And there's that there's a message that ultimately we are blessed we truly are. Because at least there were some that walked away from this injury free. And it appeared that everyone kept their lives thankfully and that's where you know it all puts it in perspective. You know you go through this emotional rollercoaster. I know my son was because he was upset he was upset that he got hit and he was also aware that someone might have been hurt. In fact his intention he told me later and the cars were following his car to the body shop. His intention was to then pull over and then you know safely pull over past the intersection and get out and go check on everyone see if they're OK. But it happened fast at the intersection. That's when the collision happened. And as it turns out the young lady in front of him that was her intention as well. Isn't that isn't that awesome. You know just the fact that both of these and she was about the same age as Wyatt we know from the license and it's just amazing that both of these young amazing individuals had the forethought in that instance to say I want to pull over and check to see if everyone is all right. And fortunately. Misjudgment occurred and an accident ensued. Another one. Beyond that the major ones so and luckily and thankfully she is OK as well. Absolutely no problems. No injuries of any kind. Same with Wyatt.

And the thing is that you know again the life of a successful entrepreneur isn't a perfect one.

No one's is everyone's human so no matter what you think of and see on Facebook I can fall into that trap as well at times where you see you know that the uber successful that the grant Cardoz and the Tony Robbins and you know the big names out there well guess what they go through issues just like this just like everyone else does. No one is fallible. We all do. And when it comes to running a business the same is true. They're a the more successful you are the more problems you're faced with solving so it's really about how you react to them. And that's the key to success is not how do you avoid issues. Because if that's what you're trying to do then you will not achieve a high level of success guaranteed. You cannot avoid issues in fact you should embrace issues because that is the sign that you are succeeding at a higher level and then you adjust you scale your business you bring on Help You Bring on apprentices as far as I am now doing. I'm bringing on a ride on one apprentice and I'm looking for more to bring on to take on additional tasks because I'm facing greater problems. As things grow in my business and it's a wonderful thing. I'm happy and blessed and joyful to have it. So I just wanted to have this real special edition no bookmark section on this edition. Just again just grabbed those pictures from the scene and thankfully I'm so blessed that I was nearby you know close enough to go just in case there was any issue. Another phenomenal thing was so I'm the parent of Wyatt. Obviously I am his dad. The young lady who he was involved in the collision with her dad showed up and he looks roughly the same age as me and I loved the way he reacted to the whole incident.

The first you know first thing I did was I saw him and his daughter standing kind of near the front of the house where her car ended up stopping after the collision. And I just went up to them and I asked them Do you know if the other people involved backed by the waste management truck if they are located or did they make it through because I could see the rough looking results of that horrible accident and he said and he just you know being with a big smile was his yes thankfully and you know that's what's so important. Cars or cars. You know. These pale in comparison the importance. And it so refreshing so refreshing to see someone have that reaction. I completely agree with them. We shook hands. There was no animosity on either side. Whose fault was it that wasn't that the more important thing was you know there were probably there was probably one life at stake right there maybe two I don't know the severity of the second one was at all and even why it did not know so much was going on. What the cool thing is that you know just to be blessed to think think yourself think or think thank yourself for your blessings thank God for your blessings. You know that you have that wonderful spouse if you have a spouse or you have that boyfriend or girlfriend or even a colleague or friend that you can lean on and just you know take some time out today or tonight and reach out and say I love you and give them a hug.

If if it's appropriate you know just to show them you appreciate them because you know even though no one passed away right there on the scene. Life is short and let's let's make the most of it by being being genuine with each other and loving each other and then take that

And extend that into your business.

Extend that into your business and operate your business with integrity at all times. And look we're all we're all human we all make mistakes. But as long as your intention is to operate with integrity then those mistakes can easily be overcome and explained and even made up for. I'm the same as everyone else. I've made mistakes. I will continue to make mistakes in fact that is one of my mantras is to make as many mistakes as fast as I humanly can so let it can get to the big success. And those aren't mistakes to be made on purpose. Those are made with integrity and it's worth continually experimenting and moving forward and making phone calls and asking for the sale. Getting many no's before I get the first yes. And so that's just. Just felt that was weighing on me. After we returned home after going to the the auto body shop they believe they can recover the vehicle which is phenomenal.

Fantastic I'm glad they couldn't we would adjust and figure out what to do. You know we just gonna wait and see what happens. And then adjust accordingly. That's all you can do really and not worry about what if what if they total it. Well they do them we know to take another step. This is why it's leaving us leaving the nest very soon in a couple of weeks August 17. We're moving him into a new apartment literally across the street from his new college campus that season. Cal State University Northridge.

And so this you know of course there's never a good time for anything to happen ever right. I was just talking about this last night about the fact that there is the right time is never there is never a right time to do anything. There's never the perfect time to you know become pregnant and have a baby. It's never the perfect time to for things to happen. All people to say I'm going to wait till it's the right time. Well that's that's a recipe for continued failure until you just say look I'm going to take action I'm going to take action now and just take care of it and go forward.

Right now I don't need everything to be perfect in an place like the show you sought. There was a glitch. I had a wrong screen showing when it came up.

Ok I'm fine with that. I have nothing to hide. And it's not perfect because this is a special edition and I just threw everything together so fast because I wanted to get it out before it got too late in the evening for you.

And if this strikes a chord with you if you feel that this is a good message to impart upon those that you know that you love maybe that you work with please by all means do share. I'm not even looking at comments right now. This wasn't meant to be one of those fully interactive shows. I'll take a quick gander as we're going forward but I just wanted to put that out to say you know it's life can get in the way sometimes and that's ok even if it does is to keep pushing forward. It's all about how you react. And my initial reaction was one of thanks for my son being OK. And then from there it's now it's time to take care of business. What else do we have to do. You know college and all that stuff. And I truly truly hope the two individuals that were take to the hospital praying for them that they come out just fine. Yeah. And of the families I'm sure are going through some difficult times right at this moment.

So that's it's not to be a downer but there is a life lesson with this one. And you know so what if it is a donor actually I should say. That's just part of life. So you know it's not always about the wonderful beautiful things that happen in life sometimes. Sometimes you have those things that kind of knock you backward a little bit. And this was one of them will get past this and we're going to move on and tomorrow wanted to announce tomorrow evening. I'm very excited.

The show will go on tomorrow evening at 530 Pacific and eight thirty Eastern.

We will be doing the real mind body mind body business show with our very special guest expert Roz slaughter. He is an amazing amazing young man. He has.

He owns the boutique gyms in New York several locations along with a partner and he's expanding his business so much so that he has moved himself and his family to Florida all the way from the north to the south on the East Coast and he's opened a location there already.

When he landed Lamell he got off the plane. He was heading to a meeting after that. You know as they're flying there to move it's amazing. This guy just doesn't let the grass grow under his feet. Talk about an action taker. And on top of running as a personal trainer running fitness facilities he's also a fitness business coach. If you're in the fitness business as I am then he can help you to scale and increase your marketing and to learn all the ins and outs and nuts and bolts that not everybody takes into account when they're growing a fitness business so he's an amazing guy. I met him several months ago. We both shared the stage at a fitness based event the first time I ever met him and I watched him he opened it with he was the first speaker the first guest speaker and he blew my mind. I was so taken aback in a great way by this gentleman and we had some discussion through the day.

It was a two day event. We were able to have a few times to discuss and share with each other what we've been doing individually and collectively. And he he's just got that integrity factor that are really aligned with and the fact that he is you know achieved a great level of success makes him a perfect perfect perfect candidate for an upcoming show. So you're going to get that blessing tomorrow 5:00 p.m. Pacific. Eight thirty Eastern. And his name is Rob slaughterer go to reach your peak L.L.C. dot com that reach your peak L.L.C. dot com and just scroll down you'll see his handsome mug right there and you can read a little bit about him. A little quick bio but more importantly if you're not getting notification through either text or say your inbox on e-mail when this goes live you just happen to see it pop up maybe on Facebook maybe on youtube maybe on Periscope or any of the other there are six total live streaming platforms. This is going to at this very moment if you don't get those and go ahead. There's an opt in form right there on that front page. And all we'll do is just remind you of the next show coming up give you timely updates. Hey it's coming and here's where you can go watch it because again it's in many different areas so looking forward to that. I hope to see you tomorrow. And that's really all I had for today. Real quick. Special edition of the mind body business show.

So for those of you that may be going through any kind of struggle's trials tribulations just know that they do and they do and like I was earlier saying. My son and I were talking about. And these things seemed to come in threes and I know it. And you notice that as well because we noticed that they seemed to come in threes and we talked about that. So there was the first one was he was driving our old family vehicle. Old Faithful and it lost all of its fluid and started smoking. He didn't know what was going on but he did the right thing and pulled over but that was the beginning of the end of that car. And then as I mentioned just earlier that he was rear ended sitting still at a stop light. There were actually two cars behind him and another car slammed into the back of the back one and accordion effect ensued. And then this one today. So hopefully he's done a great while because that was number three. And I've also gone through some minor personal things that came in a three and you know it's just that's the way it just keep going. That's how you react to it. Just look at the positive. What can you learn from it. And you know count your blessings for all the things that did not happen that were bad. Just be thankful and then move on just move on and focus always focus on what you want.

Spoken by my mentor M. Cutler many times from stage. I love it and I do the same. All right well that's going to be it for me on this edition of the mind body business show the special edition. So we'll see you again tomorrow. Much more upbeat I promise. And yes much more upbeat because Roz brings some incredible energy and I'll definitely be up for that a lot more and more my normal self. And we're going have a great time. So I can't wait to see you. There are a lot of value going to learn a lot about business a lot about the mindset of a successful entrepreneur. So you don't want to miss this. The mind part of it is there the body you're going to see this guy. He is buff he's a he's a very well put together individual. He takes care of himself. He's got the mind. He's got the body and his business is thriving. He's got the three. And that's what the show is all about. Can't wait.

We'll see you tomorrow at 3:00 Pacific. Eight thirty Eastern Thursday tomorrow which is the August 2nd. It is August my goodness August 2nd with Prasada. All right we'll see you then have a great evening. And just keep smiling and keep that sunshine. All right we'll talk to you again very very soon. Tomorrow evening. All right. Until then God bless you.

Bye bye now thank you for watching and listening. This is beyond the mind apology business should share with prime Kerry.

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