Brian Kelly Discusses Automation vs Personal Relationships

Host - Brian Kelly (transcribed by Sonix)

Announcer: Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly: Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Announcer: MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. I am so, so extremely excited for tonight's show. We're doing something a little different tonight. Normally I have guest experts that come on right. Interview them in the value that has been brought onto this show has been immense to put it very lightly. Tonight we're going to do something a little different and we're going to tackle headlong a concept that has garnered much debate over a long period of time decades worth of time. And before we jump into that for those of you that are just joining for the first time and you're not really sure, possibly what this is all about. Let me briefly give you some background The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show, What is that all about? Well, in my now 54 years on this earth I have come across many successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs. And at one point I decided it's time to start focusing more and primarily on those that were successful and find out what was it what were the key elements that made them successful. And over the course of time years of going to seminars networking events, boot camps workshops and attending webinars and just mixing with successful entrepreneurs and then being mentored by one such entrepreneur one-on-one for several years I began to see patterns developing of successful people and they came in you. You probably guessed it three primary areas one being the mind and by mind mean mindset. Every successful entrepreneur that I had gotten in over this period had a rock solid mindset and continually worked on, keeping and maintaining that rock solid mindset. And there are many different ways to do that many different tools and resources. And I found the most effective and most instant form of doing that is through a science called an NLP or neurolinguistic programming for the long form, an amazing amazing science I have had guests on my show who are an NLP experts. I myself am an NLP expert and it is in a very short phrase called The Science of Success. It's something that works very, very quickly and helps you to reprogram your mind for the better. And then there is Body Mind Body business body what does that mean? Well, the successful entrepreneurs predominantly are very good and adept at taking care literally of their body. And, through that I mean through exercise through exercise constant consistent exercise, and, also nutrition, nutrition feeding your body with high value foods instead of, junk and just treating yourself right so that you can operate at a peak level of performance at all times because let's face it when you're operating at a peak level then everything in your life including your business and your personal life is that much better isn't it. And then, we have business, and business. There is a many faceted and it can get very complex but there are primary areas that I noticed that these entrepreneurs that are successful had mastered and that's the areas of marketing, of sales, of team building and systematized and scaling. And once an individual has mastered or come close to mastering all three of these primary areas then they are operating at what I call a Peak level of performance, across the board. And that is how they are achieving this level of success that they have. And so, it's an amazing, amazing thing and that's what this show is based on and we covers several topics. Sometimes we talk about mind. Other times we talk more about body, I've had fitness experts on this show and business. Tonight we are going to be focusing primarily on business and there is a wonderful debatable topic that has been going on for quite some time and that is you know there's ways of doing business. A couple of ways one is by automating everything you have and kind of going at it as an impersonal approach where everything is can contact via let's say email and or. Now these days social media maybe, chat bots that are automated or can you grow a business better and more strong and larger by going and concentrate on developing personal connections and so the question is which of those two is best for your business. And that is what we are going to cover tonight. There are no bookmarks tonight, no guest expert. And with that I really look forward to seeing your remarks comments and feedback as we go along. So, let's dive right in shall we. All right. There we go Reach Your Peak so, automation versus personal connections which is better for your business now as a software engineer in my background. I was a software engineer for over 25 years and long since turned entrepreneur. I was always a huge, huge fan of automation. That was the thing that really moved my needle and the last thing I wanted to do. This is kind of interesting though testing. I wanted to do was to pick up the phone and actually you know talk to someone I'd rather just send them automated messages by way of like an auto responder. For those of you familiar with that term and just let those do the work for me you know I'd pre write of several in a series of e-mail messages 10 to 20 depending on the campaign that those drip over time sit back and just rake in the money right? Well, the thing is, I was absolutely convinced that I can make this work. I knew I could. And so, I started automating everything and I did automate everything. So I spent many, many, many hours and an ungodly amount of money over the span of two decades in creating, tweaking, assembling and testing automated software and online services. And what happened over the course of time I was just absolutely. I just knew, that I could make this work. There was every fiber of my being said Brian you can, this is gonna work. You can do this. And the result though I found was that on a very rare occasion that it did work. And I emphasize very rare it did not often work. There was I do recall one particular campaign where the automation really crushed it for me. And I did not require any human intervention. But as a rule, a general rule automation by itself did not bring the results I wanted or needed. And you know, I'm absolutely sure there are industries out there, where a human less approach it can and does work. I've seen it you know online retail is a great example. You know things like We have, Amazon, Spotify are Shopify and where physical goods are the focus of transactions. You know when you just when you have an e-commerce site it depends on the price you know if you're buying a mug or a T-shirt. There truly isn't a whole lot of human interaction that is required. They can see the product and buy it on, on site. So I'm talking more of the entrepreneur space where we are looking the coaching and providing services those that serve a specific, individual, with something that they need that will serve them in their life going forward and their business. And so, the bottom line is when the rubber meets the road I found that the most important and most successful strategy in building a business is in doing so by creating actual relationships real bona fide relationships. You know, I was in absolute denial for a very, very long time and you know it's primarily because I didn't want to have to talk to anyone. And I thought I was just too cumbersome and way too time consuming to attempt to build, excuse me, a business just one person at a time you know that vs. the other way which was blasting e-mails to hundreds or thousands at a time. So, I was like let's, let's be efficient here let's use our time efficiently one at a time was not something I wanted to do. And the cool thing is, about seven years ago, I ran into a gentleman who would ultimately become my mentor. And from him I learned the absolute importance of building personal relationships to help grow a business. I learned that yes, it does take time. It does take a lot of work and effort and it does take showing up, physically to seminars workshops and networking events that are you know things in your field that are overlapping, your core competencies and things you're trying to work on improving. I guess one of the quick fix you know the instant gratification you know build the list then email them in my business would explode or so I hope. Yeah. So with my mentor I learned firsthand the sheer power of relationship building and the importance of maintaining and nurturing those relationships. Once they had been established and so yes it's vital to invest the time and energy in developing and maintaining those relationships. And so, that's what happened I began getting clients in my own business and I could see growth and it was it was coming. It was right there and I was like Oh, oh. As a solo partner I was now faced with another problem. It's like OK now I've got clients coming in but I can only handle so many at a time, I'm a one man show at this point. So, at that moment my business wasn't scalable. I had no systems by which to grow my business and there was simply just too much to handle on my own just way too much. You know, there were things like, there were things like building and growing my social media presence on all of the major platforms you know scheduling new guests experts for this very show that you're watching right now, setting everything up for this very show. There's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes prior to and after each show. Handling all of the post show activities because there are a lot such as following up with that guest that just appeared for the purpose of getting referrals for future entrepreneurs and future guests to come on. There was updating the show Web site the website to show who's the next guest is going to be updating Facebook events to announce the next show. Editing out the audio from the video you know extracting that and then uploading it to a podcast platform so repurposing the actual show and the list goes on, and on, and on, and very quickly one person can get snowballed and run over and say why guys. I don't know if I can handle this. And the truth is one person cannot, cannot handle all that on a sustainable basis. You can't just keep going, and going, and going, and then on the client building side of things. There were tasks such as adding leads that came in from say Facebook ads. So, if you've got a Facebook lead from a Facebook ad now you will want to and need to inject them into your CRM or your auto responder CRM stands for customer relationship management. Many tools out there and so you could follow up with these potential clients via text and email so you can keep your, your face, your name, your mission in front of them as much as possible and so that needs to be done. And in addition to then scheduling strategy calls to actually reach out to the clients. Schedule a call so that you can tell them and teach them provide them value in the hopes that you will convert them into an actual customer. And so, just a lot of things to do to run a business on one's own. And there was a great book that I read. Speaking of systems I was in serious need of systems and this gentleman you see on the screen Michael Gerber. I actually met him in person. Amazing guy. He looks like a nice kind old grandpa. And that's he acted that way when I met him personally. But he's also very shrewd businessman as well. And what he said in his book The EMA Revisited is, if you have no systems, you have no business, it's like wow! Right between the eyes, like that's me. At that point I had no systems, none. I was doing everything manually some here and there a little bit of automation but mostly manually. And I was approaching burnout. And so, everything he talks about in that book is so on point so leaning on my background in software engineering I started building and piecing together automation sequences and funnels and this is a term I used not in the same way you're used to hearing a different kind of funnel using in my approach a variety of disparate services meaning separate entities made by different companies and then piecing them together and then I also needed help from actual humans as well. Again doing this all solo even if I automated you know as much as I can automate things which I can automate a lot. You still need humans to run certain aspects of your business and you need more than one i.e. you need more than yourself to do this. And so, it is a brigade. Yes, thank you brigade. Train as the automated automation genius. No joke. And she is the one actually that coined the term for me. She called me the automation master. So, I'm running with that. Thank you. So much. Yes. And so, if we were to talk about this very show for example that you're watching right now, I needed help in managing so specifically just for this show. This piece of my business I needed help in managing my social media accounts. I have many and you should too, in my personal opinion, and in also helping in correcting of the transcriptions of each of these shows and I needed at least one sales rep to help on the closing of sales as well. And that is that the transcriptions. Let's talk about that for a moment. This is a good teaching moment really for anyone that has a podcast or, or even a live show. Always be certain to record it. Of course. And then when you're done with the recording when you're finished with the show you can upload it to a particular service and have it automatically transcribed. In other words converted into the written word. And it's a beautiful thing. But the thing is even with automation you know how even Siri can get things wrong or what is Alexa on the other side of the fence may misinterpret what you say well, same thing happens often in these transcription services. It is a time saver. However I will say this when you go back to look at it and read it it needs correction in multiple areas. You might have, you might say names of people that it doesn't recognize as a great example punctuation and is a common one. And so it's great to have help. I did my very first one I did my, my shows are about an hour in length on average and one hour show uploaded it to be transcribed. This is the very first time I did it going way back. I went in and I started making the corrections and I was like oh my goodness! this is taking a long time. And it turned out a one hour show took three hours to correct. I mean just think if it hadn't been typed in as I'm listening it would have taken even longer because I can't type as fast as I talk nor how fast other guest experts talk. So, that's just another example. And it was something I was not going to continue doing. I just wasn't. It was too much for one person to handle. And immediately at that point there was a great concept or service that had just emerged that I was made aware of where I could hire an apprentice to take care of the transcribing for me. So, three hours on me was now zero hours on me. I upload it to the service give them access to the service have them transcribe it lot behind that. That's another training for another day that has been an absolute godsend, absolute godsend. All right. So, we needed a sales rep I needed I needed help. And so, when you know, when we talk about automation versus personal connections and which is best the real answer is it's both it's kind of a trick answer isn't it. So, yes I think, I know, both are vitally important to your business to my business to any business there has to be components of both. And in large doses especially the automation side that is where I'm seeing a lot of entrepreneurs who are not taking advantage of the plethora of amazing automation tools out there. And I understand why it is very it can be very, very complex. And that's one of the things I excel at. And one of the things I offer to you is my assistance in automation. So, that is something you're looking to help in your business to automate things to spend more time working on your business than in your business I invite you to reach out to me in whatever way shape or form you choose Facebook Messenger. Those some of those you that know me and text me who have my number whatever. Let's just let's get you helped out. Automation can be extremely difficult and time consuming for sure and to maintain it, it can take some time and effort as well. And that's why I'm here, I'm here to help you not just with automation of using software services using those also to help you Well how do you leverage yourself. How do you how do you basically duplicate yourself and get others to help, to do those things that are repetitive and I have a complete strategy and system pulled together that I personally use this is I don't teach anything I don't use or. Yeah. All right. That I don't use. And so, we need to establish and nurture personal relationships to build our client base number one and then to reach out to them for subsequent referrals, referral marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing on the planet. If you're not getting referrals from current and now or even past clients then one would now be the right time to think about doing that and not think about it just do it pick up the phone, pick up the phone at the very least. Hit him up with Facebook or text them. Two of the most opened types of messages actually in reverse order. Text messages then Facebook Messenger. People read those messages so, you know, you can reach out to them and get those referrals. You can form joint ventures with them. You know, a lot of times when entrepreneurs are just starting out they don't have a whole lot of money. A lot of capital to go out and buying or paying for coaching mentorship things like that. But what if you have a skill that a mentor or a coach has does not have I mean but you and you need their services and they also look at you and go Well you have a skill that I don't have and I need yours. Well you can do something called a trade of services where you simply you do not exchange a transact money you exchange and transact services on behalf of each other. I've used that technique quite a few times and it's very successful in doing so and by doing so you establish even deeper relationship with that person. They're more likely to refer you to others and vice versa you're more likely to refer them. So it's a great way of you know building a business be a collaboration versus competition. It's a fantastic way to do that. And so the thing is once we have developed and are continuing to develop and maintain relationships you never stop doing that. Then we need to add on top of that automation in order to now scale. That means grow and systematized. So if you have something that's systematized that means having things that are kind of running in the same manner over and over and over a repetitive basis. Well if you can automate that and have systems in place that will help you get through that. Another example of system ization is having a a trainer training manual that someone you hire could actually walk through step by step without you doing a thing. Here's the manual and just go and let's see how you do. If you can systematized it that much towards that automatic on your site where your effort level is minimized. That's another form of system ization. It's a document everything you do. I mean everything. Document your phone calls record them. Get the you know let the other person know that you may be recording this.

Are you okay with that record when you're doing something on a computer get a screen recording software like Cam Tisa. That's my go to it. It's one of the best ones out there. In my humble opinion and they have others there are others there are some that are free that you could find if you google it and what you do is you basically record your screen your mouse everything that's going on as if they're watching your screen while you're narrating into a microphone and used as you're doing it you just explain what you're doing how you're doing it it doesn't take any longer to do it than you would normally and now you have a training video I've done many of these and these are what I give to my apprentices I hand them off I asked them did they have any questions they said actually no Brian I got it the first time I went back and checked their work we're good to go I don't have to monitor their progress ever again I mean I spot check on occasion but it works so document document document Oh your your sit your your processes your business processes. Now now here's the thing when it comes to automation there are choices and there are a lot of choices. She can see the graphic on the screen there are lots of tools and services out there available there are full blown CRM there are Web site builders there are funnel builders email and text follow up systems also known as auto responders online schedulers.

Those are phenomenal by the way. Affiliate systems talk about referral marketing. One of the most powerful ways to refer to get refer alls is by having your own army of affiliates who are referring on your behalf and you just pay them a nice commission. You know it and it's completely up to you 10 percent 20 50 percent you make the decision but give them incentive to promote your services. There's shopping carts and the list goes on and on and on as you can see with that traffic on the screen that you probably can't even read but there are many many variations and choices out there for all the different arenas and areas that it behooves you to automate in. And so the thing is is over the years and you know I was an Internet marketing junkie self-proclaimed I loved internet marketing because it employed the need of a lot of automation which I love automation and it takes a lot of patients takes a different type of person like me to really enjoy stuff like that. I just love it. I thrive on. I love being creative. I love making things work automatically. And so I've used many of these services. And the thing is there are different kinds of services that are single standalone services that that Kate all their resources time power money support and everything into one function. And by that I mean like say a shopping cart. One company specializes in shopping carts and that's all they do. And they do it very well. That is a one off.

And there are others where I've seen these all in one services. Right. I'm sure you've heard of some some of them yourselves there. These are these services that combine all of those aforementioned services. And then sometimes more under one roof. Oh thank you for the likes and love. Appreciate it. And these are companies who basically started out specializing in one area like one like look like a shopping cart. We'll give a couple examples here in a second and then they would branch out and add other services in till they continue and they would keep piling on service after service to become a one stop shop. So the transition from a single service company to a one stop shop all inclusive everything under one roof business model. And I saw and I used one that's started out actually as a Web site builder. Then it branched out into including an auto responder system. I mean that's a huge undertaking right there. And then also decided to add a shopping cart system. I thought my goodness this is really cool I don't have to go anywhere but this one place for all three of these amazing services. And then here's another one an even bigger example another one started out primarily and I'm going to use names here and I'm not here to bash or judge anyone I'm just giving you my honest feedback my honest assessment of different services that are all in ones another one started out as a webinar platform and then they added a Web site builder followed by an auto responder then a video hosting service and then a help desk and a membership site back in analytics access to all of the above. It's like my goodness food. And but wait there's more and they added an entire affiliate management service. I know that one personally is really difficult to put together and master along with a full blown e-commerce system all under one roof.

My goodness. So again I'm not going to name names but I've actually dipped my toes in the water and I've tried both of these aforementioned services and the thing is they each did a fantastic phenomenal great job of marketing and they were each you know able to what I say snare me into their diabolical trap because you know that the shiny ball syndrome was it was shiny I mean everything under one roof. This is awesome. And you know this wasn't the first nor second time that I had fallen for the all in one shiny object. So I am the first to admit it. And here's the thing.

Here's what it gets down to any one any one of those aforementioned services like the auto responder by itself is difficult enough to pull off by itself let alone two three or even more services. If there's one thing I know from my past as a software engineer someone who developed automation automation in any form takes a lot of time and resources to create. Then once it's created it takes a whole nother round multiple rounds of time and resources to really dial it in because the first cut is never the right cut. That's why there are so many beta test programs out there and that's a brilliant strategy by the way.

I'm not I'm not saying bad about that at all. And then you know so they they go through and repetitively and reiterated early change tweak modify you know make changes that they never foresaw that they needed to make because you don't know till you turn the light on you flip the switch and let her rep. And I've seen it time and time again many times with even the stuff I write and automate you have to continually refine and test. And so that you need to go through a lot of time energy and that equates money. You have software engineers you people writing the code you have testers you have beta testers. So to make it a quality service you need to go through these different several rounds of what I call dialing it and then in perfecting it then given that the fact that all of these services are technology driven then there's the need for constant R and D and that that's research and development you know because technology it doesn't stand still it's always it's always evolving. It's always advancing.

And to top it all off from all that you need a highly skilled team in place to support all of these services a support desk. Yes. Each requiring its own specialized skill set so one needs to be really adept at the auto responder. In the previous example another one needs to be an absolute expert in the shopping cart in order to support their clients effectively. Someone has a question about shopping cart send them off to the support agent who's really good at and well versed in their shopping cart service and so it's just a monumental mountain of things that are required. It's like I said let alone do one. But to do many it's just it's simply too much for any decent sized company to pull off successfully. And you know a lot of people will still stick with those old ones and again no judgment here.

But the thing is you do pay for it and in the long run in time in an errant code an errant process is an errant functionality in lack of support. The time it takes to get a reaction or response you combine it all and so that is one of the. There are several reasons that's that's. Those are the main reasons I've steered clear of pretty much from these all in one solutions and have over the years taken my separate mini separate services each there by separate companies and by separate expert companies and I've taken them for a spin and over the years I've done many many many and I've determined what works for me the best of the best and each one must meet a certain set of criteria for me. Now that I've done gone through this so many iterations of different services. So real quickly let's go over those criteria to help you to determine what the best automation tools and resources are that are out there on the market. Again there are many many to choose from. It doesn't mean I know the absolute best of all because I don't have the time to try them all but I have tried the ones that I have and that I am using now are those that are proven to work for me and they work very very well.

And so the criteria I need to have in order for me to make a decision to use a certain service or tool is first and foremost of course it must work and it must work very well. So let's take an auto responder for an example. And again there are many of these on the market there's MailChimp a Weber get response constant contact active campaign infusion soft and the list goes on and on and on and so real quickly an auto responder basically sends or the technical term nowadays is drips a series of email messages over time to email addresses of people that had been collected through say an opt in forum on a website site you know where you fill out your name first name last name email address and hit submit. That would be an opt in form and that goes into an auto responder list and by then you immediately see that email it comes in within a couple of minutes and then maybe the next day you get another email and then maybe the next day another email. Well those are automatically cued up and ready to go pre written and ready to go. Phenomenal. They're phenomenal. That's one for great primary way to automate your business.

And so the thing is that emails that are being sent from this auto responder service they must actually arrive at their respective destination without a high percentage being blocked or without them landing in the recipient's spam folder. And so it takes a lot of time and a lot of knowhow for an auto responder service or company to get on and stay on respective email services white that be like Gmail. Yahoo thank you for the loves and likes I appreciate that and the like so it here's the thing. A waitlist means they have no issues with you and all of this is done automatically.

Gmail is checking for certain keywords to see are they spam they might you know it's certain some points your actual emails auto responders email server might get blacklisted on certain platforms like Yahoo may blacklist you and Gmail say it may say Oh I think they're fine. But anyone with a yahoo email address isn't gonna see your message because of that. And so that makes it imperative that the company the auto responder company is continually on top of that. So if if you do fall off the list the wait list. If there are companies servers fall off that list then when that occurs they need a team of highly skilled technicians to jump in and take the necessary steps to get it waitlisted again. It takes human effort and it takes knowhow and knowing where to go and how to do it. And this is just one example of what is required to keep just one service binging on all cylinders. I don't even touch on support this is just deliverability and it's a big job. It's a big job. And so imagine now a company that just specializes in auto responders. It's a huge job just for that one company. Now add a bunch of others. Man Good luck. It's gonna be tough. The next criteria we'll just move on. It must be user friendly because let's face it if you provide a service that's confusing to the end user you know that would be you.

If someone surprised you service and then the end user you you won't stick around very long. If it's confusing right. If it's confusing to use it just makes sense you know. Especially entrepreneurs who have very short attention spans. And if you get a service and you jump any like my goodness I cannot figure this out can you get out of step one. Now I've got to go watch you know 15 hours of tutorial videos just to get going man. You know a lot of people are pulling the trigger and saying I'm gonna get my refund. So it's got to be somewhat intuitive to use and you know complex tools it's a that's a quite a challenge for the developers for the providers of these services is to make them user friendly easy to operate. So one particular one comes to mind that I personally had used whose nickname I'm not going to call it names but many of you will know what I'm talking about. Their nickname which I've heard in many circles contains the word confusion itself. And that's they say it as a spoofed company name. So the thing is confusing tools and resources they take time to navigate. They take additional time to complete task at hand. And as the saying goes. Time is money so they must be user friendly so put these criteria to work for yourself when you're looking at another piece of automation to add to your business process flow system and strategy and they must be flexible in pricing.

And this is for me personally and probably goes for you as well. There are some out there that start with a very high buy in price you know your your monthly fee is going to be exorbitant. And so you're basically risking a high monthly fee in the hopes that it's going to work out for you. So a lot of services have free trials which are good. Others start out with a lower basic plan and you can then figure out if it's what you want and then elevate your plan as the need arises. So most of most of services that I've come across especially ones I use they already have this as part of their core offering many of them do. But there are still a few out there that if you they have you start off with an exorbitant price schedule that they're basically built for a larger more established companies or they're just don't get the fact that they need to change their model slightly to make it more attractive to us entrepreneurs and small business owners. And this is the next one is very very important. They must must must have stellar support. I mean I cannot tell you how many times so I have actually used services that had a really good product on the front end. And then when I had a question or had an issue and needed support and requested it and then I got a message saying We'll be back tomorrow or they don't respond for two or three days and two or three days passes and you kind of forgot that you submitted the support ticket and then you go back to use that tool and you realized oh I'm still stuck because I didn't get a response back.

I don't know how to fix this. Support is so so crucial and it is in itself an entire department like I was mentioned before with highly skilled folks who know that product inside and out almost as if they were the ones who wrote the product that developed the coders themselves. They just they have to be very proficient in order to provide high quality support. So be sure with all of the tools and resources that you end up choosing that these four criteria there's one more that these four in in in their business model and they are all present and the fifth one is the ability to integrate the service with other what I call the spirit services these are now we're talking about not the all in one but we're talking about you know tying together let's say Facebook leads that come in and have it automatically integrate and be integrate table with your auto responder system so that a lead their data can be automatically injected without you manually doing a thing you're not to go to the spreadsheet and go to the forums that Facebook provides and pull out all the data one by one and then manually atom and then from there you have emails going out that are having you know call to action some of them can be to say schedule an online call Well now there's an online scheduler a completely different company completely different service and product.

And if that's not integrate table. Then you have to do manual work. But if it is such as the ones I use are then you can tie them together in an automated fashion. And so when that person clicks and schedules the appointment all that information their data is all seamlessly sent along this nice path that they go down. And this is such a time saver I cannot tell you when you automate things just like that. That's a very basic example. Then then you're gonna be much better off. And so that all comes with the ability the given ability of that particular service to be integrate table with other disparate services services unlike its own. Does that make sense. I hope so. If you have questions. Shoot them to me in the comments. I see a lot of people joining in very very cool. Thanks you. Thanks all for coming on. And Brooke Guida. Hey yo. Yes. Yes. Yes. And Robert Walsh how you doing brother. Thanks for coming on. Love you guys.

You are awesome and let's let's continue on with this. So here's the thing. One great way to integrate is through a tool I use and I really use it a lot. It's called Zappia and I'm able to put together complex sequences of events where automation magic comes in. So you know here are some quote unquote funnels that I put together. These are not your typical Web site funnels you can see not every step. Very few steps are actually involve a funnel if you can see that tiny chart. And so I use another tool for this to lay out my strategy and plan. These are two actual funnels of my kid definitely I kid you not they are actual funnels of mine and I just pulled them and took a screenshot and pulled them in. That is a perfect way for you to document and manage your processes. Again now that you have a funnel you know a visual tool to basically lay out that the sequence of events that are to occur. Now when you get help when you get an apprentice when you get a V.A. virtual assistant when you get an employee they can then collaborate you can give them access to this very tool. And by the way I'm going to be offering a gift at the end of this actually two gifts. So stick around two gifts but one of them will be an entire list of all of the automation tools and services I presently use in my business.

And what you see on the screen is in there. It's also included. And so this is really where the automation magic comes in. It's very this very system of services that I use. It ran flawlessly for example when my wife and I were away on a 10 day vacation we went on a cruise in the eastern Caribbean. And the thing is while we were gone leads were coming in through Facebook ads you know I don't know I didn't always have a signal for my phone to check on anything. I didn't really want to but I did want to just to make sure everything was still running. And when we would hit a port of call and we would hit land they had cell signal. I would then see that leads were coming in and look and say Oh great. They were being dropped into my pick connector auto responder system automatically. They were given an automated online scheduler link so they can choose a time that was convenient for them to hop on a call and in the meantime I had human help while I was gone. I had human help. I had a sales rep in place to field the calls and I also had staff in place by way of apprentices to continue keeping all of my social media platforms current and responsive. So the whole system it is a system and multiple systems there's electronic and they're human.

And so this worked great all of the detailed information again for each lead was automatically and this is due to my automation magic. Thank you. Bring it again for the automation master. I love that title. So all that information I had automatically set up in advance and tested and it automatically gets added to an online Google Sheet. So think of that of like a excel spreadsheet accessible though from a browser. So I can get to it I can get to it on my phone and I can see that things were being added properly and I make that sheet visible to my sales rep and to my digital ad agency who is providing the Facebook ads to get the least to begin with. So everyone could see how things were going and progressing. And so the data would include things like their first and last name their email address or phone number of the time and date that they opted into the ad and in addition to notes sections that we can manually add notes to if we needed to for adding follow up and call result status by either both my sales rep and or yeah either or both of my sales rep and I all accessible all of this with one click. So this is proving to be an absolute godsend for my business. Again I kid you and I could not do this on my own.

There's no way the need was there had to do this or there was no scaling. There was no business like a Michael Gerber set. So again this is proving to be an absolute absolute godsend. I've used similar strategies to automate the onboarding of my guest experts for this very show combining online forums using a service another service in fact that was called woof food for those you are taking notes and an automated online scheduler. Yeah another service completely desperate and an auto responder yet another service that's Pete connector scam and you get the idea all integrated to get there to form one smooth automated operation all with very little or no human intervention whatsoever. Reminders are set to go out again automatically to my guests experts prior to the show during the days leading up to their scheduled appearance. They are then sent a comprehensive 20 minute overview video that I already pre-recorded along with suggested resources for them to get the best experience out of the show and how to set up their respective Concord studio because it's all on video. So that would include tips on lighting audio a camera the actual camera that they could use suggested wardrobe even on how to smile ridiculously hard right before you go on because that's a proven on camera technique. So all of this happens automatically four days four days prior to that appearing on my show gives them time you know to actually take action and go and complete that 20 minute overview and it will remind them continue to remind them until they complete it and then once they've completed it and they basically enter some very short information hit a button automatically my system tags it is done and then the system stops sending on those reminders and you guessed it it stops automatically.

So these are just examples and then the day following the live show the guest expert is then sent an email automatically thanking them for being on the show and asking them for three referrals for upcoming shows. Remember I talked about referral marketing. Well now it's automated. In my particular system and this is done by providing an online forum for them. Make it as simple as you can for them or they won't do it. So I provide an online forum for them to fill in their respective referrals information. So name email address phone number and then once complete the system kicks in and then notifies each of the three referrals. Again you guessed it automatically via text and email. This is important texts and emails a big hack that I have developed that works and just immeasurably well that their friend you know that the guest the guest expert. They got an email and a text that their friend has recommended that they look into a period of my life show and it will continue to remind them each and every day until they either apply for the show to come on or you know to appear as a guest or to indicate they're just not interested.

Either way is fine but the system will know either way and we'll take the appropriate action either way. So yes it took some time to put this together and build it. And yes I will share this with a select few people who are interested in learning how to do something just like this one such past expert who is actually on right now or has been Brigitta hopefully having experienced all of this magic from her end. And that's what I was referring to earlier. She recently coined me as the automation master so I kind of liked that so I'm going to go with it and it's going to be one of my monikers going forward so thank you brigade I appreciate you for giving me that wonderful gift so I've I've covered a ton of information here with respect to how personal relationships. Ton of information. How personal relationships and automation are both really key to growing your business. If you were to ask me given all of the tools and services I use for the automation side of things which would be the best of all of them to start with and that would be an easy one. Very simple to that I would answer peak connector and you see that on your screen and here's the thing.

At that time my go to CRM if you will auto responder was a Weber been around for decades and I had used them probably close to a decade if not longer many years. And so while working with a digital ad agency a previous one I discovered that they used a service that I wasn't all that familiar with. I never really I've kind of thought I heard of it but it was actually called active campaign and the more I used it and learned about it because it was done with youth service we both interacted the more I used it and learned about the more I loved it. In fact over time I came to love it so much that. And here it is this is the transparency pulling back the curtain. I became a reseller and white labeled it as peak connector so peak connector is really active campaign under the hood. That's it. They're one and the same. The primary difference between the two is that subscribers to peak connector get additional support and mentoring and coaching beyond just the support of the core active campaign crew and that additional support and mentoring comes by way of yours truly and my group. And so and the prices identical monthly prices are identical and so the number of usable features offered by peak connector is just unlike anything any previous service I have ever used it allows for automation in ways I had never seen before.

So if you're looking to get started in animation you want to know where a great starting point is this is the hub. This is the this is the cornerstone this is this is the heart the beat of all the automation that I use is peak connector and in fact because of the additional advanced features I've developed a proven hack. I told you a little bit earlier that will increase your e-mail abuse by upwards of 50 percent. Here's the thing this is something a lot of people don't know. Studies have shown I have experienced this by following up. Studies have shown that emails being sent to opt in subscribers people that went and said I want your email. They're raising their hand. They're typing their information they're hitting submit feed me give me emails. It's amazing that studies have shown that of those who are asking for information are only being seen. They're only getting to 55 percent of those who actually opted in. That is crazy and it's actually I've experienced this. So here's the thing some never see them at all never even land in their in their inbox or elsewhere. And that's due to poor deliverability by the service itself. We talked about white listing earlier. I don't wanna get too technical with you and the rest. Land in the recipient's respective spam folder. I mean how often do you check spam. It's always a kind of a you know it's it's it's an afterthought.

Oh my gosh I forgot I should check spam. And by the time you remember it or if you don't it's too late you've forgotten all about it and your recipient that you spent a lot of money acquiring leads a lot of time and a lot of resources. Fifty so forty five percent of the leads are actually opt in your service on average only 45 percent or are 55 percent actually see it I mean zero. Are you okay with that 45 percent. Only 45 percent not getting seen getting dropped on the floor. Forty five percent of your marketing dollars really effectively is dropping on the floor. And so that's it's a big problem and it doesn't matter how you know a lot of case it doesn't matter how how mature and how incredibly tight the actual services you know that sometimes it just happens and the waitlist thing is an ebb and flow it's a real time thing it changes on a daily basis and the spam. Same thing spam scores change all the time and get and so messages that made it through yesterday may not make it through tomorrow and they don't go in the inbox so I came up with a hack that works wonderfully. And that will help you to get more deliverability and keep and get more of those leads seeing your messages thereby getting more clients and putting more money in your pocket and so using one of peak connectors advanced features is how I've done this.

I've seen dramatic increase in email opens and I'd love to show this technique with you and as well as many more with you directly. And so what I wanted to do is get close to wrap this up but if you would like access to a 100 percent free training on how you can tap into one of the greatest automation services of our time let's just simply let me know by either saying yes in the comments below the slight feed or send me direct message via Facebook. Another way is I do have a screen for this I'll show it to you. I did quickly put together. Guess what an opt in form for you to get to and see let me see if that's the next step on here. Yes it is. So you can get my comprehensive list of proven automation tools and resources as well for free. So what what is will happen is I'm developing the train now and I've already compiled a list of many of the resources I use most of them including P connectors on that list and so if you want to have that just all of them emailed to you instantly. Just go to the URL you see on the screen so it's our way P. So since 4 reach your peak dot I m forward slash automation so our y p dot I am especially follows you just listening in on podcast for Slash automation and that will be there You'll instantly get a list with links easy to get to including P connector the number one hub of my business along with some other really cool things including even a link on how you know what I use currently for hiring apprentices you pay less than you would for a virtual assistant overseas in the Philippines for example far less and you get somebody who knows our culture wherever you live.

I mean it's multiple countries there are apprentices in multiple countries but there are plenty in the US and Canada and you can get them in your time zone on top of all that so you can have real time communication with them. Just unbelievable service and I've used it with great success. I've had six six apprentices thus far and I'm adding more all the time. All right. So another thing is let's say let's say you already have an auto responder and it's not peak connector and that's OK. You know if you're thinking that you don't want to even consider the hassle of moving over all of your contacts lists and campaigns over to another service. I get it. You know like be connector But worry not. The thing is that the good folks of active campaign the real engine under a peak connector those are the ones running this.

They will take care of all of that for you as they did for me. I mean I can't tell you how many different campaigns and lists I had with a Weber. There was a lot and it was all moved over fairly seamlessly and quite rapidly and so a strategy that you can employ that I did is simply keep your current service just long enough to that you need to ensure that everything is ported over successfully and you know the folks that active campaigning were phenomenal in supporting this. I had a few questions along the way and I got quick response great support and so to answer that and recap. The big question automation versus personal connections which is best for your business as you can tell by now the resounding answer is both both. Once again you need both both to thrive in your business and really crush it. And we are at the top of the hour. I have one more gift to break it to you and that is for those of you that are still watching live. Your Gift Should you decide to go after it and give us a whirl is going to be enter in to a to get a possibility of winning a free vacation a five night stay at a five star resort in Mexico and on the screen for those you watching and I will say this firmly for these you listening in on podcasts later you can see how you can enter.

It is two ways one would be through the Web site and the URL there is reach your peak LLC dot com Ford slash vacation again that's reach your peak LLC dot com forward slash vacation or you can simply text the word get out your cell your phone and text the word peak and that's peak text the word peak to the following phone number and that is 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again text the word peak 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. In either case whether you opt in on through the Web site or text the word. Both are are being run under the hood by an amazing company called Power texting dot com. They sponsored this trip. They provided this trip for you. So go ahead and enter now enter that right now. Keep this open listen to the closing comments so we can have a nice parting time here so. I had bonus material prepared and didn't realize it was going to take a full hour. If anyone is interested later what I'll do is I'll add it to the train I'm going to the free train so again go opt in our way p dot I am force automation go to that website somebody is listening watching on Facebook Live or any of the other venues go ahead and type that in for me so others can just click on it totally and says we get a nice P.

connector Lovett. Reginald Mays giving me biceps. Man you guys are phenomenal. It's very impressive. Yes for a guitar. Yes it's fun. And so I'm gonna add not just so the training is going to be not just about Pete connector and the hack but it's going to add additional things like strategies for bringing in apprentices for next to nothing. In fact currently there's a way to get to a point where you can earn free apprentices for life. And I have reached that status and I can show you how to do that. And I don't have to pay a dime to get help. Is that amazing. That's amazing. I'll answer that for you. One real quick oh a voice. So with that if you have any questions about anything we covered there was a lot today tonight. So go ahead and reach out to me for those you listening on the podcast you know find me on Facebook. You've seen pictures through the book the podcast venues you can quickly do a match. Just do a Facebook Messenger that's equipped with the best ways to get a hold of me any questions you have or type it in the comments as you're watching the recording on one of the venues. This show is being broadcast simulcast to eight platforms currently today simultaneously again using another automation tool.

That's a more advanced topic for another day but this show is being broadcast on a lot of places all simultaneously Periscope being one YouTube Live. There are other smaller venues as well and included several on Facebook and so automation is the key. Ladies and gentlemen along with personal connections I you cannot operate one without the other and expect to have a successful and thriving business So if you are already automated and everything is going well there then start working more on those personal connections and on the opposite side if you have develop personal connections and those are going well but you have yet to put in automated systems for your your business processes and then reach up and we'll see what we can do to help you out there. And if you need help and both definitely reach out. I have techniques strategies for both that worked quite well for me. That is all I have today. I appreciate you all for coming on. I will check to see the entries for the trip to see who won that trip. You will get notified through text. I will text you and frustrate you all. It's nice to be back. Had a several weeks off of the show. Next week we will have another guest expert. So look forward for that coming in very very soon. Already with that as my voice escapes me I'm going to call it a night. Thank you once again be blessed and we'll talk to you again next week.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind business show. She was crying.

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Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly

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