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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Your 3 Keys to Success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Welcome welcome to the mind body business show. I am so excited you have no idea we have an amazing expert guest coming on tonight. Some of you already know who that is that you have been following our messages. Mind Body business show. Let's jump right into it. What is that all about. Well I found in my years on this planet that when it comes to becoming successful whether it's in personal relationships or in business that there are three keys three keys to that success. That being you probably guessed it mind body and business. And along those lines what I've done is compiled a list of experts one of which you will meet in depth tonight to discuss what has made them successful what has helped catapult them to their success whether it be on their personal life or their business life. Oftentimes it's both and one of the things that got me down this path was the advent of reading. I kid you not. Interestingly enough I had been told by many entrepreneurs several mentors over the course of going back about a decade how important that reading was to their success and I just remember I kept going like this and fully my arms and saying I don't want to read that takes too much time and finally a couple of years ago I became a voracious reader and I have to tell you they were absolutely correct. And you know how much does it cost to read. How much does it cost to get a book. They have library still I found out that that's still true. You can go to a library and check out a book for no cost. And so this amazing resource stands in front of you. So I came up with a little segment that highlights certain particular parts of books that I myself have personally read and what I'd like to do is share one of those with you right now and that is something I call Bookmarks.

Bookmarks Born to Read. Bookmarks. Ready, Steady, Read! Bookmarks. Brought to you by

Yes This is a game changer for those of you that are out there that are watching this if you're listening to us on the podcast. Later during the recording definitely go to this website and check it out. And the reason is because this is my personal library books that I have personally read and vetted that had made profound shifts in my success in my life and part of it is that the statement you see on the screen right there and for those of you that are listening it says the number one reason for a lack of success is not simply a lack of reading books it's the lack of reading the right books. How true is that similar is that. What if you're watching TV and you're watching sitcoms or the news of all things rather than maybe something that could spur you farther and forward by maybe watching a documentary on Netflix. Same thing holds true with books. What are you spending your time doing to prevent to promote yourself to push yourself to get yourself moving and motivated and go forward in life and using things that are tried and true and what you'll see on this site. Reach your peak library dot com is a compilation of approximately 40 books. It's growing currently reviewing another one always have a book that I'm reading. I personally like audible which is a way for me to listen to books rather than have to open a physical book and read them that way I can listen to them every time I get in the car. Think about the time you were in the car. How much time. I wouldn't say wasted but is not well is lost to personal growth or business growth. When we're not using it to the best of our ability we have so much wonderful technology out there. So I've read through so many books using audible that I was able to compile this list and then present to you these wonderful tidbits and nuggets and what I'm going to do is pull up a book right now and the cool thing about this book is it happens to be a personal favorite of someone you're about to meet and it's the guy who's got a little bit of an accent. It may be a little difficult to follow but will will actually expand on a little bit. So what I want to do is bring up Think and Grow Rich and I've got a bookmark to a specific spot and will listen to it for a little while and then after that we'll bring on our expert guests. So go ahead. Take a listen.

Any idea plan or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought. This is why you were asked to write out a statement of your major purpose or definite chief aim. Committed to memory and repeated in audible words. Day after day until these vibrations of sound have reached your subconscious mind we are what we are because of the vibrations of thought which we pick up and register through the stimuli of our daily environment. Resolve to throw off the influences of any unfortunate environment and to build your own life to order. Taking inventory of mental assets and liabilities. You will discover that your greatest weakness is lack of self-confidence. This handicap can be surmounted and timidity translated into courage through the aid of the principle of auto suggestion. The application of this principle may be made through a simple arrangement of positive thought impulses stated in writing memorized and repeated until they become a part of the working equipment of the subconscious faculty of your mind.

My goodness how much unbelievable wonderful content was in that short span. I don't even know how long that was that was one minute and two seconds long. Unbelievable amount of information and unbelievable valuable information. All about the repetition of thought. Did you notice at the very end he talked about the subconscious very important concept. We're not going to dive really deep into that right now. That is just one snippet of a book that so many that have read it and implemented what they've read. That's the key. The key is not just to read it but to then put into action what you read that scene seen wild success and improvement in their lives. And with that I want to segue into what all of you are here to see and that is my guest expert. So without further ado let's begin the process of bringing this amazing gentleman to the forefront.

It's time for the guest experts spotlight. Savvy. Skillful. Professional. Adept. Trained. Big League. Qualified.

And there he is right there you see him Dave Siemienski, the man the myth the legend. Some call him Super Dave. I think it's fitting Dave began his career as a recreation and parks leader and supervisor. Interesting day because I did the same thing and the same feel that's awesome. He worked in two different cities over ten years of peace so doing the math. I'd say that's around 20 years. And then transition into being an ice cream franchisee he owned and operated four stores four of them in four different cities in southern California. He has also produced equity waiver theater to feature films and a TV show for 10 years. Busy busy guy. He also managed rock n roll bands and serves on the board of directors for a non-profit music and kid's program. He loves to give back. Something I love about him. He also hosted a national radio show. He has been an entrepreneur for half of his career and now mentors other businesses and serves as a life coach. That is that's Dave to the core the essence he loves helping other people. Yes, you (talking to Dave). He is an amazing guy. Before I formally hand the microphone over. Really important for you watching live, for those of you that are watching live. Be sure to watch it to the end for a chance to win a complimentary stay at our five star luxury resort in Mexico compliments of power texting dot com power text incom. So stand to the end for that. All right. Now that we've got the bookkeeping done. Ladies and gentlemen please give a big round of applause for Dave Sieminski how are you doing super Dave?

Was he here today. Oh that's me. Thank you so much Brian. That's a wonderful introduction. I didn't know, I forgot that I did all those things.

I love it. Yes, that's the thing with Dave. He has a wide and varied and storied career in many different avenues and venues. And that helps him to have this broad base of experience to then take that knowledge and help others. That's what he's doing now that his his vision - Kim Chi, Ben Gay III. Thanks for coming on. Thanks for the loves and likes and applause and all and I appreciate that (referring to live viewers on Facebook Live). So is it OK if we just jump right into this Dave. Are you ready buddy?

I am ready. Just go anywhere you want Brian.

You got it. So I have I have an inkling I know the answer to this question. But I'm you might surprise us. What business related book has inspired you the most. Or maybe what is your your just your favorite book.

Well it's not only one of my favorite books. It's it's how I can trace back to the early days of my idea about being an entrepreneur because I grew up next to an entrepreneur. He was a young guy that was older than me and so we didn't really socialize but we live right next door and I'm always watching him. He's building cars these crazy things he's doing this project in the backyard. But I didn't really get to go back. I worked for his dad mowing lawns but I didn't know him so well until he comes over to me one day. His name is Bill Nichols and Bill comes over now I'm 18 years old and he's in his 20s somewhere. He's already been out in the world and for some reason he gives me the book Brian. Think and Grow Rich and I'm wondering why is he doing that. I'm a jock. I was playing basketball and sports and everything and that's all he saw me doing. And it wasn't a big reader. He's giving me a book on sort of business and philosophy of success. And I read it right. I read the book and it impressed me. It's something that would have never picked off the shelf myself. But somehow he saw something in me some potential in me. And when I read that book when I understood its concepts it was embraced emblazoned on my mind yet it wasn't thirty years until I really put it into play. And this is a book by Napoleon Hill who is of course got the whole system in the philosophy of this book from me the great turn of the century industrialist Andrew Carnegie. But it's a formula that works not just the title is a little misleading it's not just hard to grow rich it's hard to be successful to achieve something that you want. So that book stayed with me Brian and the concepts that were so powerful and I ended up working with this with Bill lived next to me. We did some so many things together and I learned a lot. And the whole thing about being an entrepreneur fascinated me. But once again my focus in my career was the sports aspects of it although I did go to school and got my degree in art. So go figure that out.

Thirty years. I love that part of the story particularly because think about that. You read a book. It had an impact on you and whether you knew it or not. You know it was working a way on you that whole 30 years the ideas and the concepts maybe not outwardly but maybe subconsciously and look what happened as a result of your investment. You know I it like planting the seed. You planted a seed by reading that book and it kept getting water and you kept nurturing it gave us some sunlight of 30 years time and now it's blossomed into this beautiful glorious plant this beautiful person now called Dave Sieminski who's now out changing lives for the better and it just for the people watching. I have to give you a little bit more props because one of the things I love about Dave and I know him personally. We've been to events together is when this man walks into the room electrifies the place. I kid you not. This guy has so much energy. By the way if you don't mind my asking how old are you right now.

Well you know my partner and I were the same age when the US said he would let me say our age because he was he was of course his. So all I'd say is Well Babe Ruth and Orville right were alive when we were born. Go to your book but I on July 28 will turn 71 years old. Wow.

So you don't number one. I know him I've seen him face to face he doesn't look at number two he doesn't act it. He's not just saying well I'm at retirement age I'm going to roll over I'm going to get into my car. I'm going to go play golf five days a week and just do nothing. Dave wants to change lives. He's here with a mission with a purpose. And it shows anytime you talk to him any time you meet him. The energy level. You know he's got this booming voice when you're in a room together. You know Dave's in the room and it's a good thing. You're also a very tall man. You're like what are you 6 5 6 7 6 6 or less.

I was exactly 6 6 growing up but I've broken my back twice in the last 10 years and my vertebrae used to be that size and now it's been mush. Wow. I think about six five and a half now.

So maybe not quite as large in stature but much larger in what you do to help other people. And that's the thing Dave and I were talking off camera what was it a week ago or so and we were talking about the concept of age. And one of the things that we have done in our our culture and American culture is basically downgrade anyone who's getting up there in age you know that they're getting up there in age. And the interesting thing is is the very opposite should be the truth. And the reason is is because anyone that's on this planet for any number of years every and every year that they're on it they're gaining more life experience they're getting more they're learning more from their own mistakes. They know the mistakes not to make. And from those should they choose to take a path like Dave has from those they can help those that have not yet been on this planet that long.

So my personal opinion the older an individual gets the more valuable they become to the community and to others especially if they put that experience into play and help others like Dave has done so I commend you Dave and I thank you for people like you that just gives me inspiration to do the same.

Well you know if you look at this logo of yours here reach your peak logo. I think that's really a great graphic depiction of what stature I've reached at this age I can retire now. I don't really have to work but if I did right. I am at the peak and there is the peak right there. I am the peak of my knowledge of business people. Why give up that all that I've learned now. I'm not like the shortstop is one step at thirty five. You know

That's right. That's the beautiful thing about being an entrepreneur.

If you're not you know a physical athlete is you don't have to worry about operating at that level physically for ever. That's a beautiful thing and that's you know. Guess what. How many of those elite athletes then go straight into entrepreneurship right after. It's beautiful beautiful. And on that note with athletes this is something I want to ask you because again this is the mind body business show. So when it comes to the body for you Dave how important is physical fitness to you and your business and even to your personal life.

It's always been important like I told you I started to get off the thing that most excited me on the playgrounds of the schools. You know I was reading the books. I was going to do know lunchtime and recess. We you get out there and play sports and that's where I first learned to play basketball. But the whole idea of sports is not only great for the body and that's the beauty of your title of your your show my body business because they all work together. The whole body is a machine. You know the mind this is one of the parts of the machine as a whole but the whole body has to work together. And that's that's part of a person's success because if you're if you're not feeling healthy and lack of exercise and being too sedentary can cause then your mind is not able to stimulate and focus on what it needs to in the business sense especially from business. So I've always kept sports and athleticism apart.

It even though I kind of over use my body broken it down a little bit but I always say I'm really healthy healthy. Between these two ears still. But I have had 26 surgeries because of my athletic endeavors. But still like you said not many people can recognize that because I still workout every other day. I try to keep myself in best shape as possible but it really stimulates me when I can get my mind working with my body and that then the success of business just follows just naturally but that's that's I love hearing this because it seems so true.

Really one cannot exist without the other in a successful environment and that's why I put this together it's like a tripod. Mind Body business you know you have a tripod with three legs holding up a camera for instance you kick one of those legs away what happens to that tripod. It all comes tumbling down. If you only have one leg standing up then you're really on shaky ground. And that's we're talking about peak performance could you be to some degree successful if you didn't master all three areas. Sure of course. But are we do we want to like crush it or do we just want to dabble in it. And that's what this is all about is taking the human form and optimizing it to its greatest capacity and it was a book I'm reading currently it's called Only day on your life by Aubrey Marcus amazing amazing book and what you were just saying it just remind me of that right on the fly Dave was that you know when it comes to the mind they did us a study that was studied performed well they had two groups. One group was told to concentrate and imagine that they were flexing their muscles say your biceps they were imagining that they were lifting weights and they were feeling a strain of that weight and getting tired.

They weren't moving but it was all in the mind. And weeks later when they came back after doing this for weeks the control group that did nothing saw no difference. The ones that were doing is only in the mine the item they had them lift weights and they were lifting bigger heavier weights than they were previously. The mind is so powerful their mind was the only thing that did that. And you know what. One without the other. And it's not a good marriage. Like when you date with all of your surgeries that is why you are still going to the gym twice or once every other day. That's why because your mind has kept you in the game. Her mind is so powerful. So kudos to you like you haven't just read thinking rich and all the other things that you've ingested over your life but you're putting them in place and this is evidence of it. And so I commend you and congratulate you on that for being that you know that role model for others to follow.

So that's the key Brian is actually putting into practice. You absorbed in the mind and so many people don't do that. You don't want Facebook in other places you see these great motivational quotes and pictures and stuff and I look at bills and I'm thinking and I'm looking who's posting them I'm thinking do they really practice what that says and what that means.

And I do that. I have done that my whole life and I took that book they can grow rich and then used its concepts and I practice that like he said even if I didn't do it immediately I absorbed it and I believed in it. That eventually paid off for me and so everything that you read everything that you're stimulated around it doesn't do you any good. All that knowledge all that education has to go through. If it's not put into practice you're missing the whole point. You're missing the essence of the message you're trying to absorb.

Exactly. I've heard it put another way to their faith and there's action you have both. You can't just run life on faith will it and hope it happens. There is something you need to actually do. You have to. If you don't it's not just going to fall in your lap.


I love the Dreamers everybody loves dreamers but dreamers are not or really don't have anything substantial if they don't put those dreams to practicality and achieve something and so the dreams that I've had the bucket list of I've created by end of my life. I've I've done a lot of those things I've actually done the things I dream of doing. That's why I've done so many things other things that were out there that excited me. I wanted those challenges. Once I mastered one particular area I was always sort of challenging myself to go on and do something better. And so I did the things I dreamed of doing.

I just talked about I love it. And there were there occasions from stage where we would teach us very concept you know it's the folks the Dreamers those are the ones that are saying you know I would love to go. And I would love to skydive someday I'll do that someday I'll do that. Or you know I'd love to actually go travel maybe across Europe someday someday. And then I say to that person is like well tell me what day of the week to someday land on the sea that written anywhere on the seven days. So the thing is some day never happens. And that's the key to that.

Hey Richard W. McLinden Jr. says hello. And he's also saying positive thinking and action. Thank you Richard for your comments. For those of you watching on Facebook Live and other of our streaming venues which are now set than we're streaming live on seven different platforms simultaneously and give us some like some love some comments. Let us know you're out there.

I will be monitoring that throughout the show and we will include you if you are there providing value asking questions. We're here for you. And don't forget stay until the end so you can participate in the big giveaway which is the vacation to Mexico five star resort for five days. Beautiful. Wonderful. All right Dave. Moving on.

You must have had organizations over the time of your career I'm thinking back to probably your ice cream days ice cream shops the four of those and you know like I know that it's it can be difficult it can be a challenge to bring the right people in. If you don't get the right people into your business if they don't share your mission if they don't share your belief system your mindset. If they don't share your goals then it could be a struggle. How do you personally find and bring those people in your organization that truly care about the organization.

The way that you do what a great question because that is that current capsule it's what my success was and how it came about because my partner and I we talked about this being in business when we were in high school. But like I said it was 30 years before we actually developed this business. But I was that interim career I had that you mentioned earlier about in recreation. I spent 26 years in two cities and basically working with young people teenagers.

That was kind of one of my specialties and recreation. So what are we on this business. I'm thinking to myself now had I've invested everything I have because these stores don't build themselves. You know it's a little bit of capital and I put everything I had after I left the municipality of this city governments that I work for. And I put this all into these business so I'm thinking I'm going to be passionate about so nice.

And I got to have my employees as Bason as I am.

How am I going to do them. How I get the tip. This sort of feeling the same excitement about this because this is my life. This has got to be it now. So what I thought was if if I'm not excited about ice cream then how are they going to be. And so I remember the first time I entered my store after we opened it up we're we're open for a few days I'm thinking what can I do immediately to kind of pump them up and I thought you know I know it's a great day for ice cream when I walk in the door and you know I'm really they should be ready with cell supplies.

Let's have some fun with that and that's what I did right. Every day I walked into our store. I yelled and I scared my employees up to make him waffle cones with her back to the front door.

I was screaming like that it was just go like this.

But they knew I was here. I knew that we were going to have what we would get the money together and so I told this story years into my tenure at Coldstone Creamery in Arizona. There was a business meeting and then the CEO of Coldstone agreement was there and he goes Dave would you tell that story to some of my management team and some of the owners here. I think that's a great way to bring enthusiasm in your store. And so I did that and they heard that phrase and we actually ended up answering our phone that way. Coldstone was a great day for us when we say that it was the culture of Coldstone heard about that and I told that one of our annual franchise meetings. It kind of swept across the country and every store. In America Brian would answer the phone that way it's a great day for ice cream. But now my next task was to hire people like that not just try to inspire the ones that were there I wanted to make sure that we brought those kind of people into our store so the idea occurred to me that we can't just sit down and interview kids because when you sit a teenager in front of two or three Mansard people you talk to them and ask the tough questions.

Do you think that kid is really acting their natural self. Well they're nervous sweating and it's not a question Brian. You tell me one that can answer. How honest are they. How hard working holiday dedicated are they helped prompt are they.

You can't you can't plan those things out but you can find out if they have a personality. If you can make them relax. So what I did and it was kind of a surprise to my partner and my manager by first store in Glendale Why I said look it because we started getting the applications by other like this site. And we realized that we were going to interview the kids too. We are hired more people. It was going to take days to go through these interviews because every every year it takes a half hour to 45 minutes to do it right. So I said don't worry about it. The Chamber of Commerce allowed me to use their room and I said. We're going to invite them all at the same time. It apartment goes what Howard Davis it was my partner at the time and he just says couldn't believe it. My manager was my breaks and he didn't know what I was up to. But when I got them in the room Brian I told them there would be there for two hours. That was to be a two hour interview. And what I did was I went around the room interviewing each of the kids and just asked a few questions. But it's like all the others when I go to this site they wouldn't know which way I was coming so I wanted it I wanted to get them kind of surprise answers and I switched the questions up. I wanted it to kind of get a little energy in the room. And after I talked to everybody in the room I said to them I said OK let's solicit up even some more here. And by that time I knew the personalities of most of the kids kind of general I knew who was uninhibited and who was a little bit shyer. And I think one of the uninhibited ones I said I'd like it to bust the move.

Emily BOURKE be like for the men.

Well I want you to give me three seconds. And there's got to be some movement. You don't have to say anything these three seconds. That are the best three seconds today maybe three seconds.

This week I want to see the essence of you in three seconds with some moment. I want to see some energy.

How much do you want to work here. And first kid did something crazy. Then I get another one across the room and they would try to top that one. Pretty soon I got everybody to do this plus the mood thing. And the it was by the end of that the room was electric. And it was absolutely electric. We sat down again and I created these tips songs that were just saying you know when we get a tip in the jar and I say I know you can't say I can't I'm not a saint but I want to see how would you sing this song to a customer. They just put a dollar or two in your tip jar and we go around the room doing that and then I would break them into groups eventually and I have a little production that they would have to organize in 10 minutes and I'd ask my partner and my staff and my manager to look at them. I said don't worry about you know what they're looking into who's the movers and shakers are in those little groups. And then we do these productions on there and then we break into a couple of more interviews in the end about an hour and 45 out 50 minutes to say OK now take a look at who's in the room. We've got a few of our staff here. I got my partner here. Do you have any questions or is there something we did bring out by the end of two hours. Brian these kids these teenagers were themselves they were loose. They were relaxed.

They realized this wasn't a traditional interview. And at the end of that process when we sat down with my manager my partner maybe a couple of staff members and myself. If there was 20 people 25 people in that room right we would come up the same two or three names of the ones that had the best personality we could teach them all the other stuff but we couldn't give them a personality. And when you take personalities and add to your staff position by possessive personality passion excitement it brings up the whole level of your organization. And when we opened our story Glendale in 1998 there was only. There was less than 50 stores open for Coldstone Creamery across the country. Most of them are in Arizona and the model for this store there is about 222 and thousand dollars a year gross icecream says. When our store that went over five hundred thousand dollars they go one of those guys. And they found out about my dishes. And ultimately they took a videotape of what I did. They said that every new franchise was open Coldstone Creamery Avesta got to nearly 2000 stores. We were one of the first 50 number so I was called the father of the audition. The Wall Street Journal called me up to be interviewed the L.A. Business Journal had an article about me. USA Today had a big bedspread where I was named as the father of the audition and that taught me that all my experience with young people and bring that passion to the business world was the formula for success.

Wow did you hear that. Did you hear that those of you watching this live listening to the podcast. That is it. The formula for success. Man I was writing notes like you won't believe so many amazing things. I love that story. I actually went to a Cold Stone years ago with my family and it was down in Long Beach I believe. And I remember that song that what happened was and they do greet us they did greet us and you probably had you probably had never stepped foot in that particular one. So that's your legacy living there and the other thing I remember when you brought it up it remet it reminded me that someone in front of us left a tip and I noticed they went broke into song and I thought this is genius. I want a song so I'm going to put a tip in there.

Exactly. It was beautiful. It was like This is who thinks that way.

This is phenomenal and people you know the second you step in there that is why you did the 500000 versus 200 because word of mouth had to spread to say you're going to love this place. It's a lot of fun. It's like ice cream is already fun. But every ice cream story Ventoux before that it's like Hey Don what do you want what your flavor. You know there's no nothing going to it so much you're an out of the box thinker. You use your passion. That's a big word to use for successful entrepreneurs. Use your past experience very well by integrating what you have learned and how to interact with the youth. And just getting them. You hit the nail on the head. It's not about their skill set because like you said they can be taught that and they can learn that. It's what is in here. What's going on in here what's the personality and what you're talking about what we teach from stage is value alignment.

They were in alignment with your value system because they wanted to play. They wanted to play. And they wanted to present that beautiful boisterous passionate personality that you pulled out of those that that had that in them that's just genius.

That's you know the entrepreneurial mindset.

Brian goes up the ladder because I remember the massive company that put the whole development together in. It was Regent properties and Doug Brown was the CEO there.

And he brought us a little note after we were open about six months and he said David how are your our favorite tenant.

And the reason was these these developers are these big players they are their egos like you can't believe them when they bring their buddies around to see their development. They'll show them the bed bath and beyond. Store the restaurant.

They show that little ice cream store that's got singing the energy behind the counter lines out the door. I mean that's what makes them proud about their their

Position in the business community and that sort of thing just caught on really fast and people knew about us like you said they heard about the sea and all the energy it goes on Grimrock. And unfortunately as years went by and I got out of the system. They they lost the. Fervor that they had. And they gone under a thousand stores that were bought out by corporations by stressed out franchises. And if you don't keep up that successful formula you can go the other direction just as easily right.

Absolutely yeah. I mean they had the model for success. All you have to do this is for everyone listening is follow that model for success and that's a thing. You know I remember searching for a better part of my life for that that golden recipe that is out there that recipe for success thinking that they were one and only one. And it had to be the one and had to be I wouldn't know it and it would be perfect. And I since learned that there are many many recipes for success and literally all you need to do is find one that's in alignment with your value system and then grab on to it and don't let go and stick with it and model that person or that organization. In my case it was a person is a person that you model that person. You do what they do and it's funny it's just like a recipe in a cookbook right. You know how do you cook a cake. How do you bake a cake. I'm not a baker obviously but you have certain ingredients certain amounts of each ingredient put them in the oven for a certain amount of time add water or whatever and when you pull it out it's going to be it's going to look pretty darn close to the picture you saw on the recipe book. And if you did everything right you followed the recipe.

It's going to taste pretty darn good too. And this is the same thing with life with entrepreneurship. It's talking about this just the other week on the show. Basically as you know as we were kids Dave. What happened if you.

It probably wasn't you. But what if a classmate in school in elementary school you were taking a test and that classmate got caught doing this and looking at the desk next to them and the teacher caught that. What would happen to that student.

Well what I wrote I went to school the nerd with a hippie in the back of the head with a ruler.

Wow. Back of the head that's even worse for me a ruler on that hand buzzwords of those little Capricorn's.

Well these were not teachers per se. You couldn't see their hair. Like habits and a white pick up a top tier have their little faces stuck out and you never saw him on the street. They were they came from I don't know either get into your classroom to teach you or about the mysterious part of it does.

And they taught me well it was a it was a great experience.

But the thing is if you are caught cheating you were admonished for it in one way or another. Today I'm sure they still they don't they don't touch kids anymore.

I mean when I went through school they still did the rulers but it was the back of the head. It was on the back of their hand.

The flat part Elisse too. But the point there was were brought up to think that cheating is wrong and it is wrong. Cheating is different than modeling but what it really is is copying. And so we had this negative anchor setting us all as young as youth that copying is wrong and you shouldn't do it. And as we become adults and we're trying to become successful in business it turns out it's the very thing we must do to become successful is model those who are willing to mentor us and share what they're doing. Like you're doing with so many Dave. And so that's the thing. It's you know I want to give everyone out their permission to copy. You have my permission. You can tell them Brian said it was OK. I'm ok with that. You can model success model Dave model Dave. Find out. You know what makes him tick.

Contact him connect him. If he's open to that connect with him and say Hey man I would really love to learn how you became so successful. I'd like to model how you did that. That's the way Dave is wired he'll do that. And by the way do it with respect. Don't go up to Dave and say just help me give me something. Gimme gimme gimme. Offer something in return. Find out. Maybe Dave is cut. Maybe he's connected to an organization a charitable organization and offered to help out with that. Or maybe Dave just needs something in his daily routine that you can help him out with but offer to help. Don't just ask for stuff. Don't just say gimme gimme gimme. Offer something of value to him first. That way he'd be more apt to then say okay yeah great.

He might ask you to bust a move right there and if he does you better do it because then he may not help you right. I love it. All right. This is this is a question.

It's a deep one and there is no one answer to it. And with that I don't think there's a right answer. I don't think there's a right answer to it. But I'm really curious to find out from you Dave with your experience level. How do you personally define success. How would you word it.

Success is when you're able to do something for a living that you really enjoy doing that gives you satisfaction and takes advantage of the skills that God has given you because of Beethoven never saw a piano. Think the world will be far less or for or if Michelangelo never found a brush or a piece of stone to carve that kind of genius comes from the mentality that you that you have of of enjoying something and recognizing your own talents and taking the most damage of them. That's to be the definition of success.

Wow. The thing I love so notice most most successful entrepreneurs. When asked that question it's interesting to me. I find this time and time again the successful ones that caveat is they typically never bring in that word that starts with the letter M. and it's not about money.

It was about enjoying what you do.

And that's really what it comes down to end and any successful entrepreneur that you meet that has a value system similar to Dave's that's there to serve others it's not money centric will say the same thing. Ours is just learning from a gentleman who is point in over 20 million dollars a year.

And he says it's not the money that drives him. It's serving others. And it's like this is amazing.

I love this and I love people like him and I love people like you who have that same mindset.

And that's another thing is you know how many how many times have you heard something negative said about someone wealthy I mean really there's this jealousy component there's this hatred of people who have money and they think that the people have money that are wealthy that are successful are just all into themselves and they're not going to help you and they just want to go about their their life and you're nothing to them. And the thing is you're looking at one right now right here Dave I'm putting on the screen to Dave that would give you the shirt off his back if he you know if you needed it because he loves helping people he loves helping people and most of those that have access that I have met personally are the same way the exact opposite of how they're portrayed on television and media. And from your friends from your family there they're amazing people. Most of them yes there are bad apples there always bad apples but for them you know for the lion's share of a big part of them they are just amazing serving individuals would you. Would you agree with that Dave.

Well you absolutely hit on it because I do enjoy helping people and like going back what I said originally that's what I've done all my life you can go back decade after decade after decade and look at my careers.

Look at the places I've been and you can talk to other people don't just take my word for it. There's a lot of people out there that have worked for me. They don't tell you a they've had a kick out of what he was doing. I enjoy whatever I was doing because that was the premise on which I started I started by with my talent taking the best talent I have artistically. And so I went to school whenever he would ask me what I was doing I Grow Up To Be An Artist. I mean everybody knew I just since I was a little kid I could draw better than most people and it was kind of a fait accompli that I was full of you and others. But. What happened was when I graduated with my degree and my portfolio in 1970 there were no jobs out there right. There were no art jobs so I just tore up my knee for the first time and I was looking for a place to rehab it and this community center was just built that had a weight room. I said perfect I'll go there and work on my leg and it's gonna buy my time so I can go out and show my portfolio around. Well somebody saw me there recognized either I had been all Sinno Valley basketball with high school and they said hey would you like to coach kids basketball.

And if they can you can pay me to coach kids basketball. Here's the deal. Yeah I'll do that. And so I have fun. I really like coach kids. You know the names of these kids because they went out to the NBA. Do you think I was having fun doing that. When I went from coaching to that they put me in charge of this facility.

You know that was 40000 square feet at a basketball gym a weight room a sauna bath a shower a pool tables ping pong tables are art classes.

Are you kidding me. And you're going to pay me to be in charge of that.

So my business model starting way back it's forewords big big. Have fun.

And so that's that is the form of success. And so every one of my jobs and that's why you identify. Because helping people is fun me.

I mean the reward comes without the money.

Brian it's the success that your advice or your inspiration or the passion you share with them that brings about their success. You know how vicariously we are sports fans and the success of our teams when they win the World Series or the NBA championship or a golf tournament. Well that that happens on a regular basis with people I help are successful.

I don't need to get any money for the six. The the value of the satisfaction comes from helping people. That's what I enjoy doing. So I've done things I've enjoyed my whole life. You just get measured monetarily at all. It's not possible.

I love this just watching you listening to you. For those of you watching on Facebook Live. All of you probably noticed for those especially for those who have been on since the beginning. Did you just notice the level of Day's passion just go up about five notches when he started talking about helping kids. I mean the guy the look at him smiling right now he's just beaming are great.

And the thing is I got a wonderful honor to coach kids in sports too. And I completely get what you're saying.

You have. It is so for even Anthony Gary. Hey Anthony my buddy who is on watching us he's actually going to be our next guest next week. He said coaching kids is always fun he's commenting on Facebook. It is.

It is so rewarding to coach kids and watch them blossom in front of your eyes.

Because I got to tell you Ryan real quick. I mean people that know we have heard this story before but this will this will focus on just what you said there. The first team I coached was they had you were given players you didn't get to pick your own players that was boys league basketball 10 or 11 year old boys. And I was given 10 players that are not of my choosing. And I had to you know build those into a team. So my first practice I go to the gym they all all tend to show up and I said Here boys here's a few basketball shootaround for 10 minutes I'm going to watch you guys and then we're going to talk.

And the key to this lead Brian was that they said of these 10 kids and remember you can only play five at a time each kid had to play one one half of the game two quarters. So that meant that of the 10 players you had. But you know they were all going at least half the play half of the game. OK. So with that in mind Watson is these kids you see some kids that are pretty good.

I had a couple a really good one kid that was good news either had a little 11 years old and he was really good and some kids that weren't so good.

And Brian there was one kid that was so bad he couldn't he couldn't reach the basketball the hoop or the neck with a basketball.

Not only that he couldn't he didn't have any coordination. He's a little kid with no skills whatsoever. But you know what he had Bryant and I noticed as I'm watching he's having fun out there.

He's running around having a good time. Think of this as this is probably the first Wordsley he's ever been in.

So I'm thinking myself how can I progress. So. I lined the boys up against the wall right. And I say I walk up a battle like I'm just about to go boys.

You guys are in school together you guys know. You know players that are good some of you know that you're pretty good. Some are really good some knowledge about some good and some you guys know like I looked this year. I said somebody just don't have the talent but you all have one thing in top.

The ability to play defense. I don't want you to go crazy on defense.

I once waved your hands and scream yell and let's just go up the guy's face just to give me everything is going deep. Can you guys do that. Look this kid was all excited. His eyes are open up. I could do that. And so the first game I put them in I put them in the second quarter. Right. I'm telling you boy. He went crazy because he's is round the court like this and the guy he's guarding is going away from me.

This is the what this is a windup toys is a must. I don't know this this and this fly right.

The corridor that he was in the game the whole level of the defense came out. So I got this idea the this particular league we had that the bleachers up above and none of the parents or anything were down on the floor. They were all up at the police. So we had a pretty good crowd because 10 11 year old kids you know all the parents come out and the relatives and stuff some good some pretty good crowds and they would get us. I saw them going to kick out of this kid come of the game.

So I would kneel down next to him Brian and he came he came right here and as I'm ready to put into the game I look up in the stands and I and I do this like I'm Lidy.

Right. And then I look at the crowd. NICOLE OK go crazy and shoot them out on the court.

I'm telling you this kid was going nuts. And the whole and the whole team would raise up and that crowd would get into it. Andy a doozy. So as the season went on it was we were doing pretty good for them. You know it wasn't that good every time. And the whole defensive atmosphere and attitude of the team was great.

So we get to a championship game right there. And there's one kid in the league that you know these are 10 11 year olds right. What kids 30 points a game and we're going to be playing against him for the championship. So I get this idea. I said you know I'm going to play up blocks and one which is four guys play in a zone and then one guy chases the ball.

Who do you think that kid was up a little while ago.

Troy. I had them after that the superstar there is no one over this guy God I'm not here to tell you I'm such a great coach Brian.

That's the point of this story. It is I learned that the early days is that of the past that made a difference. We won the championship. That guy will was 30 points might have heard his name was Byrons.

Oh my gosh. I love it.

The good kid on light teamed up the guy took it to him with Jay Humphreys he went on to the NBA too. But this little kid. Falls flat this kid. His parents came up to me right after that after the last game and they said. This was the greatest experience he'd ever had. Score a basket the whole year because he couldn't he couldn't get the ball up to the hoop. But his energy his passion go up the level of our team the defense and the excitement and that taught me a great deal about the success of passion excitement and energy and everyone in the business and especially in sports and in team sports so I just had to that story.

Thank you for telling us a story that loved that story. And I love that closing statement about you know the passion and the energy and how that in your business because how many people do we run into that seemed to go about it listlessly. There's so many and they just don't they don't feel like they want to get out of bed. They look like they just like I don't want to be here. And you just hit the nail on the head my friend. You Your talent is a master motivator. I mean just talking to you on this on this show. It's become very clear that it doesn't matter the age either you have the gift to motivate think the way you're thinking out of the box. I mean there are still defenses like that's genius.

It's so simple so genius that you can play defense and I was like wow. Because everyone's always concentrating on offense aren't they even in business. You know I love it.

I love it and it's a great day for ice.

And the thing is I love the fact that you know so you got one. So he's like an underdog. You got one kid to really buy into your system.

I never would've thought about that had I not see his way. He taught me something you know. And I just use that and the whole Coldstone Grimley thing came afterwards. You can see the connections. Yeah. I've learned from my experience and that's what I love to do with people in other businesses and show them how these little pieces exist.

Like you said might just escape the average one. You know I don't I don't look I looked at the business when I look at your business. I look at the opportunities that you might not be getting. You might not be doing anything wrong but you might be missing some opportunities.

There's always room for improvement. No one is perfect. I agree completely. And the thing is you found one person that was an underachiever to most people's eyes. But when you motivated him to become an incredible defender what happened that passion it became infectious to the rest of the team and all it took was that one. It's just like I used the story often like where have you ever been to seminars you've been to workshops right. You've been some convention centers where there's rows of vendor tables you know. So it breaks during seminars and go talk to the vendors or during conventions they're always out there big floor. Well what if you're walking around and you see this big crowd around one table and you see a couple tables over there three people that one and there's nobody at any other table which table are you most apt to go to where the energy is with the crowd.

Exactly. And the same thing is true here.

That's a huge lesson that's huge is to find and get one person motivated and it becomes infectious. That's that's a big takeaway literally for me personally. So thank you for that.

That's called volumes their businesses are team sports Sprunt.

Yes sir. Yes sir. Well we're coming up. I can't believe it. It always comes up to them at the close the hour. I do want to ask one more question before we reveal how to get to enter into that contest to get a five day vacation in Mexico.

All compliments of power texting dot. I want I just had to ask this question Dave. I would feel remiss if I left everyone without it even though what you just provided us was gold nuggets I hope everyone if you didn't catch it. Be sure to play this back. Share this. Like it. Love it. Comment on it Dave. What is your favorite aspect. You've been on. OK so you're going on both sides of the fence. You know you've been a corporate employee and you've also been an entrepreneur. When it comes to be an entrepreneur what is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur.

Without question it's autonomy. You have to be able to choose your environment choose who you work with churches when you work how much you give to do whatever it is that you're chosen. You don't have that choice when you're working for somebody else. It doesn't come easily either. There's there's risk and gambles in it. You don't have the security of a job but you do have the ability to create your own environment. I always think of when we talked about earlier in this interview about this what do you define success. I always think it was the fact that Hugh Hefner was so rich eventually that he had a concept he created some that was was perfect for his environment. He didn't have to go to work. He brought the work to him. He ended up working out of his home the whole Playboy empire was built. And he is this little bachelor pad that he's created for himself. So everything was created around his environment. He ultimately had a mansion in California too. But it was ability for him as an entrepreneur to create his own environment his own work. And that's the other key to success is because if you put eight to 10 hours a day and something if it's if it's something you really excited as part of your life your culture your being. It's a wonderful experience. I remember when I went back after my years of the city workers of the city of recreation they knew I was doing the ice cream store. They gave you you miss you missed the point. Well let me explain the difference between an entrepreneur and working for the city.

When I worked for the city and I did a good job you know what it gave me Broin more work they could do well you could do that. Now when I work harder as an entrepreneur I make more money. I have more fun. That's the difference.

Wow. I love it having corporate experience myself I completely get that. What we would often refer to that is you know those in a corporate. And look I've I have nothing against people that work in a corporate environment. Neither does Dave. I know that for a fact. And just know that when we make comments like I'm about to make which is you know one of the things that that I remember most about it day in and day out was I felt like I was amongst the walking dead. And the reason is is many of things that Dave just pointed out the biggest one being there was no choice. You know if you're given something and you're given no choice then you are kind of dead inside aren't you. You have no creativity you can't blossom you can't flower you can't you can't really make an impact beyond what they tell you to do within the confines of their rules and what they tell you to do. Like you said what how where when you hit them all. As far as you get autonomy as an entrepreneur and it's so invigorating. Richard McLinden it seemed very true he says he talks to you a couple of times several times a month.

Richie is a magician. Brian a great magician.

And he's in Cleveland and I'm trying to talk him come out here to California get a really because excessive wrecks come on. Come on outrage is welcome to those of us it's going to be a big boost for him but I know he's good to be.

This is the place to be. He's going to be something special. You'll hear Rich McLennon or the magic sometime.

Come on out for a week. Give a good trial run. And I know there's somebody that might be able to help motivate you to stay a little longer.

We don't know who that could be. Well fantastic Dave I want to thank you so so very much.

We're not 100 percent done with the show but I just wanted to give you my gratitude for spending this hour with me for those that aren't familiar with this kind of show. There was some set up and time that Dave also sent with me a set with me. We spent probably a couple of hours before the show getting prepped in total and I so appreciate your time your energy your experience your knowledge your wisdom. And I know this is going to really have an impact on those that watch it that experience it. And I just want to say that and I want to thank you very much and I love you brother. You're like I know you you're a little older than me but you could still be my older brother right.

Well put that way a lot of thank you for this form Brian because I think people today you can see how you can get different points of view from different entrepreneurs. This is just the way you structure. I love your prep work because it shows that you dedicate yourself to this. You weren't just going to go through the motions of this and just because you had a little technological knowledge but you really put this together well. And I think it's really beneficial I think people are going to reach their peak. Do you mind body business is a great combo.

Thank you so much I appreciate you. I really do. All right. So we're going to jump into what many of you have been waiting for. The prize the giveaway so here is how you enter to win a five day stay at a five star Mexican resort.

You can do it in one of two ways one is go to reach your peak LLC dotcom for Shlash vacation do that on our Web browser or if it's easier for you if you're on your phone just text the word peak. That's PJAK to the number you see on the screen 6 6 1 5 3 5 1. Two 4 and we'll pick a winner and announce it. We see them coming right away. We might announce it before we go off the air. But go ahead and do that. Brian you're alive. Thank you Richard. I appreciate all the comments. He said this is a good forum. He's got an ad running in L.A. parent magazine. He's given a Web site out RW magic dot com I will give you a shout out about that record. RW magic dot com go check him out if he's an amazing magician. According to my good friend Mr. Dave Sobecki then he's gonna be a phenomenal physician. There's just no two ways about it. So go ahead and go to our w magic dot com. Before you do that. Be sure to enter to win this prize.

As that screen is up just a moment I'm going to pull up to see how we're doing with the entries and so don't forget reach your peak L.L.C. dot com for Slash vacation or simply text the word peak to 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again this is sponsored by power texting dot com. An amazing amazing feature or service that my good buddy Jason Nast has put together. Would love to see you guys take that for a test drive. It's an amazing amazing platform and by the way when you go to either one of those if you go to reach your peak see that com for Slash vacation you'll see an opt in form there that is actually powered texting dot com at work. The same with texting peak to that phone number on the screen. So go ahead and do that. We will announce you will be chosen and we will send you a text message showing you how to claim your five day vacation. And with that let's get back with Super Dave on the screen. Once again I want to thank you Dave and thank you all for coming on live and I look forward to seeing the comments of those that come on afterwards. Tina Wang like you that give a thumbs up thank you so much. So many people watching and listening will see along or you'll hear us on the podcast coming up and we have this. This will be recorded and in many platforms for you to to witness and remind ourselves.

Yes you may I be glad to damaged my role currently as a board member of music and kids and you talked about giving back and the fact that I enjoy what I can give a band by the name of Chuck Murphy a local moujik musician here who's been on the Billboard charts a very successful last couple of years has now decided to give back to the community started in the Antelope Valley with his expertise he's put together forward we're giving out scholarships to kids three full year scholarships to hone their musical skills. It is a wonderful program. Music and kids dot org. And I'm just so proud of what Chuck Murphy and his team as boarders put together because it's really helping give kids an opportunity to make music a professional lifestyle was a profession that is a great organization. I'm just so proud to be a part of it.

Fantastic. Love it. So there is this promoting others as usual. And before we go what's the best way to connect with supernal Sieminski. What is your what's your preferred form of connection.

Almost anything you can reach me on Facebook if you can spell salinski or just look me up on Facebook. You can drop me e-mails I respond to everybody so I'm welcoming anybody that wouldn't do e-mail that com win zone Duke WY zero in the wind zone. That was our corporate name and the ice cream business in Dubai was my nickname Winslow Dukha G.M.. I'll help you out any way I can.

And then after the show is over well while you're watching this as a recording. Depending on where you're watching that you can go to reach your peak L.L.C. dot com and look for podcasts on the menu. Up on the top and you'll see Dave's show there you just click that link and they'll be links there to connect with him on Facebook and go to his website directly. So lots of ways to connect with them but just want to make sure to give you the opportunity Dave to put the way you would prefer folks to get to you. So fantastic. All right. What was that. That is it. We are done. Love you all. It's been exciting. We'll see you again next week on the next edition of the mind body business show.

Until then be successful Tothill later thank you for watching and listening.

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Dave Siemienski

Dave's many careers have always been based on his passion and enthusiasm for whatever he is doing. The early positions he held mainly dealt with helping young people through gainful activities in recreation & parks. His degree was in the art field, so he always incorporated his artistic and creative skills into the promotion of his programs. This transitioned into being an entrepreneur in retail ice cream stores and related businesses in multiple Southern California cities, then to film and theater producing, and ultimately into business mentoring and a life coach. Dave now utilizes those varied experiences to demonstrate to business people how integrating passion into the workplace can increase excitement that translates into increased sales.

Dave is also the author of Something Special About Plato

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