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We are delighted that you are interested in appearing as a guest speaker on our LIVE

Before you begin filling out the online form, we want to ensure that you understand what the show is about, what we at Reach Your Peak stand for, and our philosophy and mission for our audience and guests.

The mission of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show is to provide our audience with supreme value.  Our mission is to help both new and established entrepreneurs to achieve greater success as a result of the information provided on our show.  To that end, please recognize that we do not allow pitching of products or services by our guests (unless you are specifically asked to do so by the interviewer).

That being said, you and your brand WILL get the exposure and recognition that it deserves.  Brian will, at opportune times during the show, promote your product and/or service (agreed upon beforehand) to the audience on your behalf.

Please recognize that the main focus of this show is to provide value for our audience.

Okay, if you’re still with us, let’s go over the details of the show so you have an idea what to expect.

First, you must fill out our comprehensive pre-show form (we’ll get to this in a moment) so there will be less work putting the show together.  Once you’ve submitted the online form, we will then make the final determination of whether or not to accept your request to appear as our guest.

Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll then receive additional instructions, including how to allow Brian access to your Facebook Page (business page, not profile).  Not to worry, you only need to grant temporary access.  Then, once the live show has completed, simply remove Brian from the Page Roles (we’ll send you an explainer-video regarding how to do this).

  • Professional Interview - Brian Kelly has interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs from all over the world. He will make you feel like a star during your engaging conversation, which will attract audience members to want to connect with you.
  • EXPOSURE! The show will be simulcast LIVE to a multitude of platforms, including Brian's Facebook Profile, his Facebook Page, YOUR Facebook Page, YouTube Live, LinkedIn, Periscope (Twitter).
    Then, once the Live Show has ended, the resulting recorded video will ALSO be uploaded to the MIND BODY BUSINESS Podcast directly in iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, and a multitude of other podcast platforms!
  • Your show will appear via On-Demand Television devices such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV, who's combined viewership is currently over 175 Million and rising! And, we'll soon be adding Apple TV and Chromecast channels as well. If you own a Roku and/or Amazon Fire TV device, look for our channel named "Mind Body Business"
  • You Will Receive Your Own Copy of the show, including the Written Transcript!*
    After the show, you will receive a copy of the recorded video along w/ a Transcript*, and the accompanying code you can then embed on any of your websites! Also, you can re-purpose the transcript by quickly creating an eBook to give as a free gift offering to your contacts, to include in your paid membership site ... the possibilities are endless.
  • Your show will also Appear on THIS Website, under the "Past Shows" navigation menu you see now at the top of this page. The show will be available as an audio-only, or as a video with real-time transcription (the words scroll in sync with what is being said at that very moment!)

    * Written Transcript Version (Embed Code) to be provided after the show for a nominal fee (optional)

What To Do

There’s only ONE thing left to do … Fill out the online request form!  This form will take very little time, about 10 minutes or so.  Now just click on the button below.  We look forward to seeing your request form.

AMAZING Exposure For You And Your Brand!

Your show will appear LIVE on multiple Facebook Pages – Simultaneously!

Your show will also appear LIVE on YouTube!

Your show will also LIVE on Linkedin!

Your show will also appear LIVE on Periscope!

Your show will be instantaneously shared to 5 ADDITIONAL Facebook Pages AND 7 Facebook Groups!

Your show will also be instantly announced to over 129,000 of our Twitter followers!

Your show will also be instantly announced to our entire email database!

Once Your live show is over, it will be made available as a Podcast on iTunes to our ever-growing subscriber base!