Special Guest Expert - Jason Nast

Special Guest Expert - Jason Nast

Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show! The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Hey, hey, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show! I'm so excited, so excited to bring the show to you because we have a phenomenal, phenomenal expert guest with us.

Before we dive into it, The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show ... what is that all about? Well it comes down to the fact that there are three pillars to success. Three of them. And if you don't master all three of them then you are setting yourself up for a struggle. You may succeed but it will be more of a struggle than is necessary. So let's say that you have mastered a positive mindset and you've mastered that skill but you have basically let your body go and you're not putting all you can into your business well you're going to struggle. Or if you've done two of the three and you've done them well and you've mastered them ... let's say you've mastered business and you've mastered your body - you've exercised you eat right and everything is going well there but you've done little to nothing and neglected your mindset in improving that. Well again you're going to struggle. So this is all about putting all three pieces together. It's like a tripod. If you have three legs and you kick one of those legs out. What's going to happen? Well that tripod is going to come tumbling down isn't it? And so that is what this show is all about is to help you to build all three legs of that tripod to keep them firm and standing. And that's why our next special guest is such a perfect example of that. Before we do that I want to run into something a segment I call bookmarks and we'll show you what that means in just a moment but here it comes. We're up for bookmarks.

Bookmarks! Born to Read. Bookmarks! Ready, steady, read! Bookmarks! Brought to you by

Yes ReachYourPeakLibrary. That's a site that I put together for a very specific purpose. And as you can see there the number one reason for lack of success is not simply a lack of reading books but it's a lack of reading the right books and some don't read any at all. I was one of those that read ... if I was lucky to read one in a decade. I kid you not. There's a story on that website. I won't go into it here. But the bottom line is I got enough of those signs from very prominent and successful entrepreneurs that ALL said read, and read the right books and you will see a dramatic result in your life. So that's what I started doing and I started doing it voraciously and you'll see on this site as I scroll down so that you don't have to go there now. Stay with us. There's just book after book, approximately 40 of them. I have read every single one of these. Not to boast or brag but to present them to you as being vetted as high-quality books that you can just simply go in and acquire and read it in whichever form you desire. Audible, hardcover, Kindle, you see all the different variations there and it just goes on and on and on and on lots and lots and lots of books. Those are there for you and the beautiful thing is I love to listen to books. I found that this was for me the best mode to ingest the information and retain it. And I noticed while listening on Audible, an actual app, that there was the ability to actually just tap a bookmark symbol. I could be driving and tap it and it's no different than changing the dial on our radio, if you remember those days, as far as safety goes. And I just press the bookmark and then I can go back later on the Internet, on the web or even on my phone and replay that. And so I started doing that and bookmarked those areas that I thought were pertinent. And so that's what we're going to do right now as I show you one of those bookmarks and that's from Grant Cardone's The 10x rule. Very, very popular book. This is very fitting especially for the gentleman you are about to meet that I brought in as my very special expert guest and I've got to tell you he's one of my best friends in the world, and he's just a phenomenal, phenomenal individual. So here we go. This is Grant Cardone in The 10 x Rule.

I thought it would be perfect for this chapter since the purpose here is to discuss the idea that crybabies. I said it, whiners and victims just don't do well in attracting or creating success. It's not even that they aren't capable it's just that people who typically succeed are required to take big actions and it's impossible to take big actions if you don't take big responsibility. It's equally impossible to do something positive when you're spending your time making excuses. Look it's not even that these people aren't capable. It's just that people who typically succeed are required to take big action and it's impossible to take big actions if you don't take big responsibility. It's equally impossible to do something positive when you're spending your time making excuses because look man making excuses is just being negative. You must understand, as I've already stated countless times success is not something that happens to you. It's something that happens BECAUSE of you.

Boom. I love that. And if you did not by chance hear that. Here is a summary. Are you a whiner or a winner? You can't be both. It's impossible to take big actions if you don't take big responsibility. It's equally impossible to do something positive when you're spending your time making excuses. Success is not something that happens to you. It's something that happens because of you. and the epitome of positive mindset is with us right now. Right here. And I would love to introduce you to him because this man was the beginning of the turning point for me and my life and positive mindset, when it comes to a positive mindset. I remember a, short story here, one of the first times where I met them about eight years ago. Then we went to a mastermind together and at this mastermind we were given some task to go out into the town and achieve these tasks. And I remember there were some hiccups some speed bumps. And I know my reaction was not a positive one internally and I watched Jason because we were paired up to do this task and at every step of the way no matter what hurdle befronted us. This guy took the positive road every single time. Didn't get flustered in the least and I thought wow this guy is amazing. I want to I want a drink whatever koolaid he's drinking. And so what I want to do. If you don't mind is bring on our special guest expert. Right about now.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight! Savvy. Skillful. Professional. Adept. Trained. Big League. Qualified.

And there he is to my left the man, the myth, the legend. Let's learn a little bit about Jason before I allow him to talk (laughing). Jason has over 35 years in direct response marketing including As Seen On TV, film, radio, print, billboards, direct mail, online email, and taking that experience and matching it with the right talent it has contributed to over 100 million dollars in net sales. I said that right. One hundred million. Nod if you agree if that was the correct number there Jason. For those of you listening on podcast, he nodded ;-). He's now serving a new generation of marketers via direct response mobile text-based marketing to increase consumer engagement into the third decade of the new millennium. Jason is also the author of Crowdfunding Secrets Unlocked - The Right Combination to Unlock and Unleash Crowdfunding Success. And just a second! Before I actually bring him on I want to make sure you understand. Watch this show until the end. All the way to the end for a chance to win a complimentary stay at one of six 5-Star luxury resorts in Mexico. I kid you not. And a 250 dollar 30-day tech services opt-in list conversion package. Both. Both of these compliments of Jason's company called With that at last finally - Jason. I would like to bring you to the forefront and meet this wonderful crowd we have. How're you doing today my brother?

I'm doing great. Thank you so much I appreciate the kind words and the introduction. I'm blushing over here I'm all beet red. Thank you so much. Thank you. I want to say real quick because I got to hear it and now I'm getting to know Brian Kelly is truly one of the best things that ever happened to me. This man has so much energy and so much to give and complete selfless giver. This guy gives, gives, gives, without expectation of return, he just gives and that is such an amazing quality and so many things have improved in my life as a result of knowing this man. So, I've got to go with that. This guy is great.

It's a love fest I tell ya.

It is. It is. We get in a room it's the way it is.

Well awesome, awesome. Well let's get right into it. I want to get this show is all about bringing value to you the listener to the audience. So, you get something out of it. We charge nothing for the show. The plan is to never charge anything to view the show. This is just absolute value. Jason Nast was not charged any appearance fee, nor is he being paid an appearance fee.

Don't get me wrong I tried (laughing).

It's a hundred percent giving and that's our philosophy at Reach Your Peak and I know it's Jason's as well because I know him. This guy gives. Talk about giving - this guy. I mean we could do a contest right now.

We could do a gush-fest (laughing).

I'd say, wait a minute but what about this and he'll say ya what about that. And we'll just keep going back and forth. We could do that all night. But here's the thing. Let's get right into it. You just started somewhat recently this brand new business called I know now having been involved in as a customer, how amazing it is but I'm curious because you've been involved in so many businesses over the past and successful ones. What ignited you to start a new business? What was the spark that got ignited that you said I'm going to do another one?

Well there are a couple of things Brian. As you mentioned earlier been 35 years in the direct response business so everything from TV, As Seen on TV products infomercial marketing, the whole nine yards and for 35 years literally my job has been to get the word out to get the message out to the masses and as we move into 2020 it's easy to get your message out. Nowadays people can post on Facebook and it's really simple to get the word out. Now the key is getting the message read and about five years ago, I was part of a committee studying mobile marketing with the Electronic Retailers Association which is kind of the governing body for the infomercial industry in direct response and we found that by being on the committee I found text response, text messaging was so responsive and so immediate knowledge. You know right away your customer got the message they respond to you. They're very interactive and engaging. Things that we want to email to grow into but unfortunately email kind of lost its luster. And so, our goal when I saw that was to develop a marketing system that would actually get read where messages to get read and actually get taken. So we spent the last two years 24-25 months now developing a complete marketing system that mimics email with response rates of literally getting 99 percent 97 and 99 percent open rates within the first three minutes and our action taken rate, it's a wide number here but it's 38 to 72 percent. And that's a significant statement to make because getting your customer to engage with you or take action with you really as a business person, it doesn't matter whether you're in retail online sales whether you're a coach whether you're an author whatever you do really as a business person, as an entrepreneur. Our job is to just engage with our customers and this is the fastest most effective way to do it which is what inspired me to create.

And thank goodness you did. And I remember you and I talked about this how it was almost that at that mastermind I believe.

Eight years ago we talked about how we can only figure out how to do this Mobile Marketing might be really cool. There is a lot of stuff that was working but not well at the time and I tell people it's 24 months in development. But the reality of it is it's truly been about eight years in development, at least in the back of my mind right.

Right. And it was also at the time cost prohibitive.

Very cost prohibitive.

Yeah, the text the message the text and that's what we were doing. There's got to be a better way. I mean we were we are scaring WordPress plugins. I remember that. There's got to be a way! Come on! They do it with email. Why are we so technology challenged in this area? And finally, at last the solution is in place and I've used the system. Some of you will use it. All of you that are watching live. We'll use it because you stay on long enough you will have a chance to enter for that prize we mentioned earlier and that we'll go through Jason's system (

Yeah well we actually we develop a system this is what we use for our customers actually. Our customers and clients who have a really big email lists and they're not getting read often enough they'll send literally a number of them out of the series to get them to engage. What we do is help convert those email list into actual text messaging lists by saying listen we love for you to be able to communicate more effectively. Give us your cell phone number. We'll enter you into a prize draw a drawing or a raffle or give away item and then capture or cell phone number their mobile number and then we can text them relevant information. And our clients do that now. So, I figured hey we're going to be on this live, I've got this I got this 5 night beautiful, gorgeous resort down in Mexico. Let's go and give one away on this live as well.

Love it. Yeah and it's a big it's a total package and this is not a pitch fest for protecting.

I don't want to I don't want to be there. I'd like to give value. Yeah.

I brought it up and I'm not here to pitch. The concept is phenomenal, and I think it's of high value for those of you that want to actually get your messages read. You should consider it just be blunt about that.

And the thing is Brian to step aside from for a moment. The idea is if you take a lesson away from the last few minutes it's really not about It's about communicating effectively with your customer. If you engage however that is. I just had a conversation today with the lady who runs a storage facility nearby and she communicates with every single one of her customers every single month. She calls them text them or emails them and if she does not get a reply back in an email that's when she moves to a call and if she doesn't get that reply, then she texts them. So literally this woman takes the time and effort to engage her customers every single month at least once a month. That's the beautiful thing. She doesn't even use our system. It's not about It's about - you should be engaging your customer and however that works for you. However you're able to do that.

I absolutely love it and I've been in discussions with several entrepreneurs putting the show together. I've got some interest, let's say, of other entrepreneurs that want to be on this show and discussing on the phone with them about "OK how is the best way for me to contact you to send you the information that I need to fill out to get on the show?" Guess what their answer was? It was one of two things every single time?

It was text me, or text me (laughing).

It was Facebook messenger or text me. Consider this. Your public, every one of us that's on Facebook is out there for anyone to find so anyone can message us when it comes to your phone. though. That's not the same case. They must know your phone number. So, what do you think the odds are that they will pick up and read a text over a Facebook Messenger?

Ninety percent of the time within first three minutes actually is the industry statistic (laughing).

So that's just another way to clarify and illustrate and every one of them says you know, I don't look at my email. I mean they do on a rare occasion or they have an assistant filter through them. But what Jason is saying is absolutely correct. I've witnessed it. I've experienced it as well. And those other prominent entrepreneurs I've spoken to do the same thing. So, it's all about modeling success.

If I could just ask every single one of your listeners right now, it's a simple question. If I get asked two questions actually. The first one is how many unread emails do you have? And the second question is how many unread text messages you have? And if your answer is how many unread emails - you roll your eyes and you can't answer it because you don't honestly know if it's a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand, you know your answer in terms of marketing. And when it comes down to your text messages I'll tell you you're in a meeting with locked doors for an hour, Your text messages probably zero.

Nice. Love it. Love it. Absolutely true too. All right let's move on to a topic that is pertinent to everyone no matter if they're looking at this for business purposes or for personal advancement. And that is about the whole concept of maintaining a positive mindset and that's something that you Jason Nast have mastered. And when it comes to maintaining that positive, productive and successful mindset what do YOU do personally on a regular basis to sustain this? Because let's face it it's not that easy to be positive all the time.

It is difficult. And you know I've posted several times in a variety of ways I'll tell people that there are days that I wake up and I'm not in the best mood. But then I just decide to be awesome instead. And that's pretty much what your choice is every single day. I wake up every single day with the idea that the day is a brand-new day a brand-new start and brand-new things happen. And there are days that things just don't go right for you. I get it. It happens to everybody. And sometimes you feel like it happens to you more often than it should. But the reality of it is that you choose the way to look at anything, anything. And every single day I take a new positive look at it. The old saying is you take lemons and you make them into lemonade. But that's really, it's a true statement. You have to look at the way you can turn it into a positive mindset, a positive thing of some way. And there's always a bright side. And my daily routine is very simple. I do read a lot. As a matter of fact, you brought up Grant Cardone's 10X book. That's an amazing book. A great book I highly recommend it as well. I listen to a lot of books. I meditate. I put the right kind of influence on in terms of music in terms of work. When I work. I have my google mini here in the background, I'm always playing classical music or inspirational music for that. I love to get energized in the morning with some good old 70's kind of Classic Rock, and every once in a while I'll dip into the 80's hip-hop is to keep it real. The idea again is to just influence yourself with the positive things in your life don't turn on the TV don't watch the news, God forbid, don't watch the news. If you're looking to keep up to date on the cool happenings around town then engage with your customers, engage with your clients, engage with businesses and ask them what's going on around town. Ninety percent the time they'll never tell you about the accident on the freeway, they'll just talk to you about what's really going on in a good way. That's my motto. I actively stay away from negative news and I really try to surround myself with the positive influence of my own area and then positive influential people as well. Like you!

And remember you were a catalyst for that starting, for me changing from the Negative-Nellie I used to be. You know it is just more fun to be positive isn't it?

It is amazing, and you attract more positive people when you are. I find it really fascinating when I go into a large conference room and you've got the guy over there who's kvetching about "Oh, this thing is going to go on till six o'clock tonight? Oh my God, we got here at eight o'clock in the morning." That guy was like you know nobody around him, but when you're dancing, you're up, you're shouting. I've had several speakers I've been speaking to on their stage and actually the events that we met that I remember one time I was a speaker on the stage of and I've been to his conference several times. He actually had a speaker table at the back of the room and he came at the break and he goes "It's so dead up front I need you to sit up front for the next step you know the next round." You've got to bring some energy in it and you know it's funny when you do that everybody starts to move forward everybody gets involved in your circle. And that's really what I do. And when you surround yourself with other positive people who circle just grows it's just incredible.

It's just like whenever you go to a trade show of any kind or even a seminar and they have those vendor tables around the edges.


You ever notice that if there are no people at one table but the next table over, there's ten - which table are you going to go to?

Yeah, you're going to go to the one that has 10 people or the hot chick in the short skirt.

You know the positive mindset. They're going to be coming to you as a magnet.

I'm sorry I didn't mean to go there, I apologize (laughing).

And that's what you are you're a magnet.

Well I try to be. And that is magnet for positive energy and you know what, magnets are interesting is a great actual analogy. Magnets are great because you have a positive side of that magnet and it attracts everything. The other side of it is going to push away and propel. And so you want to make sure you're the right side of that magic of it.

Great metaphor. Hey. For those of you watching live we have a lot of folks saying hello, Johnny Cash (commenting via Facebook).

Hey Johnny! Great to hear from you.

He said, "lots of unread emails no unread text messages." Marryan Efua.

Hey Marryan! Oh, she's amazing. We actually did a conference together and she's an amazing woman, powerful woman brings a lot to the entrepreneurs here locally in Phoenix.

Justin Larson.

Justin. Yeah, he's a great guy. Web marketing guy has an amazing process and good guy he's out of Mesa so love that. Hey I'm so glad you're part of this show. We love it. Johnny by the way, Brian when you're in town. I got to introduce you Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash, just if you want to know somebody you need to know Johnny as he knows everybody. This guy is amazing.

So now you guys are seeing in real-time what Jason is all about. He's connecting everybody with everybody because that's the way he is 24/7. And it's always a positive connection. It's always somebody that, you may not end up doing business with every single person but at least you know if you didn't have someone like Jason that's out there ... there are others but if you didn't have that who would you ever get to meet and meet and form a joint venture maybe do business with let's see a couple more? Joel Remandaban on, my personal friend Joel.

Hey Joel! I hope everything's going well with you. My heart goes out with you everyday brother. You're always in my prayers.

Ditto, and Miss Waller is on.

Hey, all right is that Trase Waller? All right, Trase hey! I'm getting excited now, all kinds of cool people out there out of this perfect.

Ronda as well.

Hey Ronda!

Just making a quick shout out. For those listening on the podcast, we're looking at live comments coming across from Facebook and other venues. Jill Lauren Smith says, "Jason is awesome." Marryan Efua says #teamJason.

Yeah go Team J, alright!

Lots of loves and likes coming, flying. Thank you all. Thank you all. Unbelievable. NOT unbelievable. It's absolutely believable given the current person I'm sitting next to.

You can see the caliber of the interviewer as well I was going to say here.

Let's get back to the topic of books really quick.

Yeah oh I love books. I literally read constantly I have books everywhere around me. You should see my library. It's incredible.

Yeah so, I guess that answers the question I was about to ask you're like a mind reader too (laughing). Would you consider yourself to be an avid reader? Of course, the answer is yes.

Of course, and the answer is absolutely yes. And here's the thing it's fascinating to me is that I read I read a little bit of everything and I also really enjoy audio books. And it's different it's a different way to absorb things so I've read books and listened to them and vice versa. And everything, I'm looking around because I have books on my desk here. And this is one of my favorite magazines (holding up International Living) I subscribe to certain specific magazines, so I have certain magazines that I read. The idea is you want to constantly stimulate this part right here (pointing to his head). If you're not stimulating your brain at the end of the day, you're not going to have one left. Reading is the way to do it. It is absolutely the way to inspire your life. Whether it's Sci-Fi, Fantasy, whether it's Fiction, Nonfiction, it doesn't matter as long as you're constantly stimulating yourself. Reading will generate ideas about your business, about your life that you've never even thought about because you were never exposed to it. And that's how you get through reading. And again, audio books are so amazing. I know you talked about Audible Brian, how you listen to audio books as well. It's a great way to just ingest information and to open yourself to new ideas. It's phenomenal.

Absolutely. And one of the things I found you know I'm in the car quite a bit a lot of us that live in California. That's our mode of getting around. We don't jump into a subway or a tube in England. But either way if you're traveling what are you doing with that time? If you're listening to music and relaxing that's good. There's nothing wrong with that. I started listening to Audible on every trek, every segment of where I would drive. If there was a book I loved I'd be sitting in the parking lot at my destination going "I don't want to stop."

Waiting for some breaking point.

I'd hit the bookmark button a couple more times and then go "OK, I've got to go." It turned out to be a just a game changer. In fact, it's amazing because I actually became more alert while driving because my mind was active listening. It doesn't sound like it should happen, but it did. So, it's actually safer to listen to books than it is to just drive and listen to music that you've heard for the 30 thousandth time the same song.

Unless you're singing along. I agree 100 percent.

And I have nothing against music. I myself will play music on occasion. It's not every single time, but I have read through so many more books driving in the car than any other place. My car is my rolling success library.

And there's actually another point about that I find interesting. So, I work out and I go the gym. I have this hour-long motivation thing. It's really inspirational quotes driving music all kinds of snippets taken from movies and things like this that inspired me or drive me, and I've listened to that same 1-hour motivation while I work out for years and it's really, really inspiring. I wake up to it in the morning and I work out to it. What happened was I got so used to that energy of that music and those quotes that I felt like I had to work out to it and then I started listen to audio books when I work out. And what's interesting about that is it's just as motivating in driving. Because I guess because I've done it so many times I still hear the driving the music and the beats going on in the background even though I'm listening to someone talk and tell a story. And so it's not just in the car. It's when you're taking a walk, it's when you're at the gym. Anytime you carry your phone with you constantly you might as well be learning from it you know.

Absolutely agree. Could not agree more. Yeah, I would listen to it in the gym as well. Like on the treadmill where you don't really need to concentrate on flexing that muscle (flexing bicep) which I like train, teach. You want to concentrate on that muscle that you're working and think about it and not be listening to something that's going to distract you. But when you're on a treadmill, there's TVs usually at all these gyms and you could listen to that or plug in and listen to it or watch it mindlessly or you could do something proactive for yourself to grow.

I have to admit that that doesn't work because at my gym, they actually have a movie theater. A black, dark movie theater with all your treadmills and all that and they play full feature motion pictures up on the big screen and surround sound Dolby and it's just like you get lost in that. But you could literally watch Wonder Woman six times in a row. (laughing)

They need treadmill blinders for you. (laughing) Fantastic. What book are you reading right now?

Well I'll show you. Here is actually right here at my table. So, this is one I just started it just picked it up. It's called Shambhala, and it is The Sacred Path of the Warrior. So, this is my latest book. It's a little bit more spiritual but very inspirational, very driven. So, I am excited about. This is my new read right here. The author of this one. I couldn't even pronounce it here I'm going to show it to you because I can't pronounce it. (Chogyam Trungpa) I'll take a picture of it so that you can post to people and I'll actually give you a summary of it too. I just finished reading now, this is a great book. I have two books I want to tell you about one of them. Pardon my French right off the bat the name of the book is called Asshole.

Ok. I'm fading to black on that one (goes off screen - laughing).

No, no. It is what it is. It's about a guy who says you know how I made a fortune not caring about anybody and stuff and of course that's not the lesson in the book, but it's a great book for really looking at how to approach different subjects with a different mindset. How to take yourself out of your normal personality and to change the view of it and act upon it. It's not really about being that. It's about learning about the world and education. He's a marketing guy. He's actually a direct response marketing guy and he's working on getting new accounts and he watches the different types personalities and uses the different types of personalities to leverage his advantage and it's really a good book. And another one is Cashvertising. I don't have the authors of those two, I lent those books out already. Cashvertising, which is really a great book again about how to wordsmith, write copy around your advertising. So, it's about weaving stories into your advertising.

Nice. And we've gotten comments (on Facebook Live), people asking and you're answering the questions as we go. What's your favorite personal development book you've read lately? Others say, "will check it out."

My favorite of all time, I have two that are kind of my go-to. Obviously Think and Grow Rich is by far the absolute best personal development book you will ever read a hundred times plus. This is one that you want to read over and over again. Now me, personally. It is a tough book to read. I have to admit so I like to listen to that book now. I have read it several times, but I like to listen to that book now. Another one is my mentor a friend of mine worked with him. He's a terrific man, he's retired now. T. Harv Eker's Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. That is another go-to book, I have probably five copies in my library which I gift out often because it is such a good book. It's about the psychology of wealth. And it's not psychology of wealth in terms of dollars, it's about like Think and Grow Rich is. It's not about just rich in terms of financial riches it's about wealth in your life and your prosperity, health, wealth in your relationships and everything. So those two are my go-to books. I can list off 10 more that I absolutely love rereading over and over again but those are my two go-to. And by the way Grant Cardone ANYTHING, just would say Grant Cardone "anything" in it. You're going to love it. I promise you will love it and he's an in-your-face guy though, he is. He will tell you ... one of my favorite things that Grant Cardone said, I think this was from 10X, by the way. He talked about marketing, he talked about email marketing. And he said he was emailing occasionally and he decided to send out like another email I got like two days after his first one out and someone said oh my god we can't do they'll unsubscribe and he figures, his marketing ploy or tactic is email them until they quit you or they buy something. Because if they're quitting you it's because they were never gonna buy and you don't want them on your list and you want to get rid of them quick. You want to get rid of him as quick as possible. But if you're providing valuable content that that person is going to start reading your stuff because it's valuable and that's like, don't ginger-foot around it. Get in their face and tell them hey, leave me please! God, unsubscribe from me if you don't like it! I love that.

It is a huge lesson. It goes hand in hand with, if you have a customer, or a potential customer that you foresee is going to be a "suck" on your business, take your time - even if initially they seem ok but then later they don't, fire them and fire them quickly and get them out of your life and out of your funnel so that they're no longer taking your time from you. It's a similar concept where Grant Cardone says, yeah, carpet-bomb email, text, do everything you can and those that want to stick with you are the ones that were meant to. So, it's OK. He actually is happy to see all the opt-outs because that's saving himself a lot of time and anguish and a lot of times.

Yeah, I agree 100 percent it's great.

Because you're never going to please everybody and that's what we all want to do right, as human beings we want to please everybody. We get one negative comment we're like oh I better stop doing it. No! That's a good sign that you're weeding out the garden. Getting out the weeds.

There's a great girl friend of mine on Facebook. She's quite amazing and her husband and her sister the most, really when I see these two, I say to myself "That's the kind of relationship that everybody hopes for." And she posted some pictures out there. Very loving pictures her husband was taken of her and they were sexy poses. And he's gushing about how he's the luckiest guy in the world. Anyway, some guy out there some loser guy out there is hating on her and I'm just like wow you know how do you do that? How do you how do you hate on somebody you don't even know? I mean gosh, bless her. Push her forward in life because she's actually taking, you know she's proud of who she is all you know and proud of her relationship. And so, I texted her just like maybe an hour before this show and I'm like, oh my god it's so incredible what you're doing I am so, just happy and proud that you're out there and literally I am envious. Not envious I guess. I said I was envious of her relationship but really what it is that I'm JOYOUS about her relationship with her husband. And he texted me back. He's like "Hey thanks dude (laughing), I appreciate you." It's like it's important to prop people up like that and to get rid of those haters man. I told her also, said if you don't have haters you're not trying hard enough.

You know you're absolutely right! Having haters is a sign of success.

That's right. You're doing something right.

Well talking about haters. Let's move on to another topic, where you know we love, every one of us, all humans love to win, we're winners. We like to win arguments. We like to win our point of view. We like to win where we're going to go to lunch or dinner. We want to win at all times and if we don't there's that hint of failure in life. I didn't succeed. It can knock you backward, and often does and I know what your attitude is about this but I want everyone else to hear what it is about what happens when you fail Jason. We all fail. And so be it straight up. What happens when you fail? What have been some of your failures and then what have you learned from those failures?

I've had many. Let's face it I've had many failures. Before we get to what my failures were. I'll talk about the greatest lessons I ever learned from failures and that is actually I learned this not only reading but being part of Thinking and Grow Rich workshops and part of the Napoleon Hill Foundation and working with some of the people who are actually authors of the New Hope Foundation, and what I learned is this. If we learn from success. Anybody that's ever read Think and Grow Rich would be incredibly wealthy beyond their wildest dreams in personal relationships, and in intimacy, in health and finances because the secrets are all there in that book. We don't learn as well from success as we learn from failure. So, I'm actually grateful for every single failure I've had because that gets me that much more information that much closer to the ultimate successes that I've had. And I've had many failures over my time. And they include business failures and personal failures. I mean every single person on this live (show) right now and listening after the fact you can look back at your life and I'll just say I'll be blunt. Even if you're even if you married your high school sweetheart you probably had a relationship failure in your lifetime. And that is either a friendship that dissolved or got torn apart or it's a business relationship that just didn't work or clash. And I'm grateful for every single one of those because I learned something from it. So, the key is not being afraid to fail. The real key to success is be willing to fail. But be afraid of not learning your lesson. To me that's the most important part. And. You know I've had several business failures. We have a product that we developed for As Seen on TV. It was an amazing product, did very well. No one believed in it. We were tenacious we we're going to make sure that people saw this product. It's known today, you can actually find it everywhere. The Pushup Pro, The Ultimate Pushup, we have about five or six different names for it. But that device went on to sell 40 million in sales and revenue. And we developed other products after that and around that and some of those products still aren't out. I remember one of the products that I was absolutely confident was going to succeed. It was like oh this is like brilliant and it was one called Body Jazzel and it was a gem Swarovski gems that you actually felt was really cool, hyper allergenic glue that you attach these gems to your body and sparkled and they lit up when you went into a club or the bar that made the sparkle shine in the light when you're dancing. It was phenomenal, and it was a great product. But it didn't sell. And we put a lot of money effort time into that. It didn't sell. Was I discouraged and "I'm never going to do that again." Thank God I didn't. Because we created products that generated millions of dollars and tens of million dollars as a result of saying OK what did we learn on that? Who do we market to? We did the wrong marketing. We targeted it differently. It's about learning from your mistakes and learning from your failures and a failure by the way doesn't always result in YOUR mistake. We have a follow up product to that Pushup Pro. And it's called the Pushup Max and it is a really cool product. And we just don't release it yet because the timing is not right. The world isn't ready for a harder push up product (laughing). And there's a small segment saying that it's ready for it but the world is not ready for it. We've kind of inundated people with push-up products for too many years so sometimes you're absolutely right, but your product fails because it's not the right time, it's not the right market, it's not the right demographic. So, whether it's personal relationship, whether it's business whatever your failure, I say you embrace that failure. Be proud of it. I've stood on stage and very, very humbled in front of people saying listen you know I did this and it didn't work. It just didn't work. I can tell you, honestly my last email campaign did not work at all. I got like less than the industry standard reads and open rates and that's terrible. But that inspired me to create a texting service. So, you know in that failure there is brilliance and you just have to look for it.

And I think there's one word that really sums up what you just described, and that is, that came to my mind anyway. And that is resilience. Resilience. We've learned, and we've been taught through all the successful people in our lives you and I both Jason that you know it's not about not failing it's about failing as fast as you possibly can. It's about taking action over and over and over without going through paralysis by analysis where too many of us are trying to make it perfect. Before we go on. I want to make the show perfect every time before we go on. And as you know Jason as we were preparing for the show we had a few technical glitches happening and I was not a happy camper, in a positive way of course (laughing). But the beautiful thing is the resilience. You just you get knocked off the horse, you get back up. You get knocked off the horse, you get back up. I mean, how many people like Abraham Lincoln - how many times that he'd run for president (should be "Government office"). I don't remember the exact number, but it was an unreal number before he actually won. Or for office I should say, government.

By the way another great book comes to mind as you're speaking. And it's called Go for No, I don't know the author. I wish I had my book sitting here, they're over there. I'd have to leave out of the camera view, but Go for No. Great book. Look it up, it's a small book you can read it literally in one sitting. And it's a great book and it's about - Don't worry about getting the yes. Yes will come. Go and get that "no" as fast as possible get that what people perceive as failure as quick as possible.

Yeah, I just think we could be here all night with books something in the Go Getter, it was similar.

Exactly. We really could talk about books all night and that's not a bad thing.

Maybe we should. I mean it's the highest value. Think about bang for buck. How much does it cost? Let's step back from that. Can you even read one for free? I think they still have those things called libraries.

I have my books from the library right here. I have a note that I have to take it back today.

One of the most valuable things that you could do for yourself for your own growth in both business and personal is to read, and read valuable books so one recommendation is to reach out to people like Jason and myself and say What are the books you'd recommend to do X, Y, Z, to help me in this area. And if we don't know we'll find out because we know, Jason's is far more connected than I am or between us we're very well-connected.

And here's a brilliant part about it Brian is that is the cool part about it is is that for every connection I have. It means that you have them as well because you can take whatever connections you have, and you can multiply it by essentially buy all your friends because that's the beauty of this kind of a recommendation and your bookmarks by the way, how brilliant is that? People can go right into your bookmark page and just go look, I want to know what's worth reading. So I'll find out from somebody else what they've read and you make it easy like they have to call or text me you they just go to your web page (

And the story on there was phenomenal. It was a CEO of the company and I'm not going to tell the whole thing, but he told me many, many years ago that was the secret, that was the key. He said if people only knew if all they just did was read. And I still folded my arms in defiance for years after that and did not heed his advice and then I kept getting told by my mentor after mentor and successful entrepreneur after successful entrepreneur. And finally, finally, actually the one who really put me over the edge is my other very good friend and mentor Mel Cutler. That's when I dedicated myself to say you know this guy reads and he's successful and I want what he has. So, I'm going to model success, and that's all you need to do. Everyone out there listening. Model success. Model is a fancy word for copy and most of us don't want to do that because in elementary school. Could we copy? And you and I Jason we're probably old enough to where they actually would physically whack you if they caught you copying. So, it's a negative anchor. Well as you become an adult that's what you need to do, is copy, is model those who are successful. And people like Jason & myself. Most successful people, especially the ones we know because of the connection circles we're in we'll do the same thing.

Yeah just ask the question that's by the way that is commonly the biggest failure right there. People don't ask. They don't ask for help when they need it. They don't ask questions and there's an old saying there's no such thing as a dumb question. That's not necessarily true. But the dumbest question of all is the one that doesn't get asked and I've seen it all the time. I know people who are struggling in their businesses and it's not a sale, I'm not going to try sell everybody on what I do. But they could ask me like hey what would you do in this circumstance? And if I have the answer then I just tell people like, here is a great example, it just happened too it's really, really cool. Her name Alisa. She runs a really cool company called Sherwood Adventures and she does traveling archery party kind of things. It's like playing dodgeball with a bow and arrow and it's really cool as a really cool and I was like hey I just said I just looked at her Web site and I went to her and I got to tell you do this, this, and this, and by the way just text me and I'll send you this document over, it will tell you how to rank in google and get your website you know on google search stuff. And the whole time you could see her kind of like stand back, like OK he's going to sell me something. What she didn't realize is that I literally gave her the keys - all of the training, all of the links she's going to need, every single piece of the information that I would normally charge people hundreds of dollars to do. I literally gave it to her. And she's like why would you do that? I'm like, well because I know it'll help you. Simple

And there you go you ladies and gentlemen, that is the essence of Jason Nast, and I'm not saying that kiddingly. I'm saying that absolutely truthfully and sincerely. He is a man that loves to help people. And the thing is when you go to ask people a question someone is successful don't go in expecting to get something for nothing. That's a mistake many others make. You know it's like whoa they won't even help me it I was like well, their time is very valuable. Offer them something of service in return. It doesn't have to be money. If they do seminars. I've done this and Jason you've done this where you make a connection with the main speaker and say, "Look is there any way I can help you?" I will I run microphones for you. I will collect forms for you.

Dressed in 70s hip hop disco kind of uniforms and rundown the center of the isle.

Yes! Did crazy things and they were crazy fun and crazy value added.

That guy, right there (pointing at Brian), he did that.

Yes. And we have footage to prove it.

We have pictures to prove right.

That's it. Just show up over and over. The thing is though is to bring value. Do some research on the individual find out maybe they are champion of a charitable organization offered to help maybe with your time. Because you know they are not ... this conception that people who are successful who are rich are all about money is so false.

So false.

It's so false they want to help people. That's the bottom line and they're giving value. The reason they are successful and wealthy is because they gave value and are serving others. It's beautiful.

And that is key right there. You know I will charge for a class training class. I have one particular class I'm thinking of I charge eight hundred dollars for. But I have I have someone come to me and say I really need this class and I want to be part of it. How do I help you? If they volunteer their time, they'll be part of that class because I value time way more than money. It's really important that if someone is willing to do the work, that to me is what I'm really all about. I mean we have to eat at the end of the day. But really, it's about time. You invest your time if you don't have the money your time is worth more than the cash you have in your pocket. No matter how much you have.

That is so true. Time is the mother of all value, really.

Can't get that back.

That's a catch phrase, I need to trademark that. No one else steal that that's listening :-). Ken Spohn, thumbs up (Like). Marryan is all over it. I love it. Anthony Gary came by and wanted to hear Jason Nast. "Tell Jason just check his email tomorrow." I'm sure you'll see all these comments later.

OK. Anthony, the best way to reach me is text me. You know that (laughter)

I love it. That was nice, underhanded. I love it. But you know what. Coming from someone like Jason. In all honesty I love that it does that bothers me this much (showing a "zero" with hand). In fact, I'm happy for him. And I want to help. And that's what one of the purposes of this show, just to be transparent was for me to have a platform to promote people like Jason. And so, this is being live streamed on seven different platforms simultaneously right now. Several on Facebook. There's one on Periscope, YouTube Live, Twitch, There's more, Mixer, and when it's done it's going on podcast. And so, the reach is going to be phenomenal, eventually, if not right now we're getting a lot of good comments and are going to build a following are going to have more phenomenal people like Jason. We'll have Jason on another time because I know he's going to have more value to bring. You could sit and talk to Jason for a couple of months and only get about a tenth of his knowledge. It's phenomenal.

And we love telling stories so that's a fun part about it. They say facts tell, but stories sell. We tell stories. It's not about selling your product it's about selling you life. It's about selling you lifestyle. It's selling you imagery and it's fun.

You hit the nail on the head. Fun.


That is something that you and I, every time we get together we have fun together. I mean we just have a great time. And yeah. So, Jason is somebody who is really my friend, not just a Facebook friend. (laughing) We have spent time together.

It's a new definition of friendship. Right.

Exactly. You've come to California. My gosh, this guy flew to California for a two-hour Meetup that I was doing

That was your first one.

Yeah. First one that I ran for myself. That's right. And I was just I cannot believe it when he walked through the door. He told me he was doing it but I was like, "Are you kidding?" What an amazing friend. You're amazing guy.

Here's the way I looked at it. I had no idea how much you promoted it and what you were doing with it like that. But I knew one thing for sure you would not be in that room alone no matter what.

And I brought a guest. And she won. Trase she's on, Trase's watching (live on Facebook). She won the gift of the day.

Speaking of winning, stick on. For those of you who are still watching we have a giveaway at the end of this. For those that didn't catch it in the beginning let me just briefly recap that and then we'll move on. We do have some time by the way I want. I normally was going to schedule these for an hour. But as long as you are getting value online that you're watching, if you're watching live right now. Give us some thumbs up and say yeah, we're getting value, please continue because we have more to cover if you'd like us to or we can just say well we're done we'll give away the prize which I know a lot of you want the prize. How would that be? Let us know give us some comments back. So, what we're going to do on Jason's nickel from, his company. Those of you that stay on live, yeah, Trase is saying it was awesome. Those of you that stay on live to the end. We're going to show you how you can win a complimentary vacation stay at a 5-Star luxury resort in Mexico. And you will also get 250 dollars of 30-day text services. It's an opt-in list conversion package using his system. It's phenomenal. In fact, this is a funny story. I used it to automatically text him today right before the show.

By the way a lot of the people who are on today, I hope that they're on because they received a text message from me and that's exactly what it's for is to help get the word out that you're doing something and that you're responsive to it and that's the key. We love it. And by the way with that give away that 30 days texting service that we're offering. I also want to let you know that comes with me. It comes with the real ... you're going to get me and I will help you through the process of writing your campaigns or your texts and how to convert things. You get all that coaching that's all part of our package. One of the things when I was developing this and I'm working, Ronda by the way worked with me on this as well, we really wanted to kind of create a local thing where we got to know our customers. Not just like this you know blind of national, international types of sales that I've done in the past. It's really been nameless and faceless. We want to know every single one of our customers personally. So, you will be in touch with me directly to help write that campaign. Write your responders, your auto-responders and getting it all set up. You're never alone in this process and that's really important to know.

Ok. I didn't even know that was part of it personally. And that just raised the bar to a phenomenal value. I don't even know what dollar amount you'd put to both the vacation plus the texting service and the complimentary coaching. This is all a giveaway. So just stick around to the end. I promise we won't go more than, I don't know 15 minutes, 2 hours I don't know. N, I'm kidding ;-). We'll wrap it up soon. Just hang with us and we'll announce how you can ... You know what I'm feeling like I'm feeling like a giver right now. How about we just show them how to do it right now.

How about now let's give something away right now. Tell ya what, I'll up the ante and I'll do two. I'll do two, one in Vegas and one in Mexico. So right now, I want to give away the Vegas that's going be three nights three nights in Vegas happen right now. I know you're not you're not prepared for that because you don't have like slides for the various giveaways. But I'll give away three nights in Vegas at the Westgate Resort. It's beautiful. If you've ever been to Vegas the Westgate it's right over by the Convention Center will give away three nights there first and, then again, we'll give away the final five nights.

Good, good. So here it is I'm going to bring up information on screen and I will verbally say it for those of you that aren't able to see. Can't even give it away, look at that. So for those of you to enter, there's two ways you can go to our web site and there's an opt in form there. You just click on it so you can go to and the vacation is all lowercase no caps or if you are on a phone and it would be easier for you to ease your phone simply text the word peak - that's P E A K to 6615351624. Very important. Once you do that it will automatically ask you also for your email address so be sure to also type that in because that is how you officially qualify is to provide that. Again, both of these end up going through's system. Now you can actually experience it firsthand from an end user standpoint. And I've got to tell you under the hood this is one amazing, amazing system. So, there you go. We can continue on. Let me bring Jason back over with me.

Thank you for that by the way Brian so really quick on that subject. Two things. One, I love what you're doing here and bringing value to people through this show and not charging for it. If you would let me do it. And this is an offer I'm making life so you if let me do it, what I'd like to do is I'd like to sponsor your show going forward for the rest of the year and provide you a vacation for every single show that you do to give that away every single show you do in the future if you'll allow it, if you'll allow. If not, then I got my promotion out anyway (laughing).

Done. (laughter) Thank you very much. I so appreciate it. And again, another example. Giving guy. Again, if you are not familiar with Jason and you're meeting him for the first time don't just walk up to him and say hey I see you give away stuff to everybody. Can you give me something? Don't do that. Just go up to him with respect, give a big smile and say Jason everybody in life has struggles in different areas. I don't care how successful you are. In fact, the more successful you become the more issues you end up having. It's just the way it happens. "Jason what one area if I could help you, could I help you with?" come up with that instead of hey, come give me, help me. Give first and then watch what happens. Especially with Jason. He'll go OK and he'll give you the moon.

And you might be surprised it might not be for me I might ask you to help somebody else, somebody else who needs help because that's really how we ... you know as Napoleon Hill says if you if you give enough people what they want you're bound to get what you need.

Yes. Love it. Love it. Love it. I love you brother. And I mean it.

I love you. I love you.

This one can go right between the eyes. This is a question I love. A lot of people will go to a great extent to become successful. So much so that they might even tempt going out of their window of their own values and doing things that they probably shouldn't do. And I think without saying what those things are I think everyone understands what that means going above and beyond what they should do selling out, selling out to become successful. How far are you, Jason, willing to go to succeed? But first. I think it's important to frame first how do you define success and then let us all know how far you're willing to go to succeed.

Well there are different rules of thought on that but I actually kind of back up in time a little bit on that and when we were first, we, I tend to always involve other people in my project so I just you know that up front. So my partners at that time were Paul Cannon and Andreas Hesse, he's in Canada. Paul is in Florida. I was in California. So we're really working trying to figure things out. And we had this discussion. We had this very discussion like what are we willing to do. Our goal was to make money. We just want to make money. How are we going to make money? How are we going to make the most amount of money with the least amount of effort the fastest time? And, when we started that project you know there's a lot of ways you can make money and break the law. There's a lot of ways you can make money and bend the law. There's a lot of ways you can make money and maybe not be morally and ethically sound, and if you're truly looking to make the most amount of money the fastest with the least amount of effort, some of these things may be tempting to people. We agreed right off the bat that we would always remain within our integrity on every single project we did. But we wanted more than that. And so, we developed a checklist of things like is it marketable, is it trendy, you know we kind of have all these things. Can we remain an integrity? Will it fall into our moral compass and things like this? And so, every single project that we take on since then and I've taken on since then has to meet all of these requirements. But there was just still something wacky. We couldn't define it. So, we created a word. And the word that we created was Soulular. It had hit you on a Soulular level it had to. It had to make your soul fill with joy and become pure in that sense. If your soul was fulfilled by it, then it was a project worth taking on. Now you might ask yourself like how are fitness products filling you Soulularly. We were contributing to people's health. We were contributing people's wellbeing how does text marketing fill you Soulularly. Well because we have people out there that have very important messages that are not getting read. So, they're getting read. It's not about justifying it, it's more about like thinking about it from a position of how do you really engage people and make them and bring that, that, bear your soul to them. And know it's going to still be safe and effective and feel good and so Soulular is our checklist word. We have to look at it as if it meets the Soulular test then it's then it's definitely something to do. How far my willing to go? I'll literally go to the ends of the earth for success, but I won't hurt people along the way. I'll never compromise my integrity and I will always have the check off that Soulular box. If it doesn't hit that box. It doesn't happen for me.

I love it. Love it. And I believe you when you say you will go to the ends of the earth as long as it doesn't bring down your integrity.

If it doesn't compromise my moral compass, my standards, my integrity. And again, it has to hit me on that Soulular level I have to be able to say this is a good thing for people overall.

I mean think about what I know about you and how far you go to do even the smaller things. And I don't mean this to say that it's small but that example earlier you flew to support a friend. You flew for a two-hour Meetup and then you flew back.

I'm looking at all of you out there right now watching and I'll just ask the question is what would you do that for your friend? I hope your answer is yes. And maybe you're not financially able to do it at the time but that doesn't mean you can't be there in heart and spirit and live online like this. I mean there's ways to be there for your friends no matter what it takes. And that's what I think is important. No matter what it takes. You got to stand up for your friend.

I think it takes you know the business part and the success and the connections to the next level is establishing bona-fide relationships. If I was not involved in business and Jason wasn't involved in business I know we'd still be friends. I know we would be. I know it. We just have too much in common.

We have this entrepreneurial connection which kind of ignited the fire between us but the reality of it is that there is again, does it hit you on a Soulular level? Does this man fill my soul? Every time we get together it's like, it's just so uplifting. It's like literally just hanging out with this guy is like going to a spiritual revival and you just walk away like FULL of energy ready to go. You came to Scottsdale. We hung out a couple of days and it was so powerful was such a great time. You're right. Our friendship, it knows no bounds.

That's right. And that's not to say that you need to be that solid of a friend with everyone you meet and every connection you make but it just is it's a genuineness about it that as long as you have a relationship like with Mel Cutler. He's become a very dear friend of mine very quickly and I loved helping him and his wife Kate in any way I could at any time. If they had a personal issue. They were a probably a three-hour drive with traffic. I would, in a heartbeat I would be there. It didn't matter what I was going what was going on if I was busy talking to a client. I'm done. Friends and family and the people you love are more important than everyone else.

I literally say that every single day. There is a time that I run into somebody or people who work for me. Mary may be watching. I don't know. But Mary, absolutely love her, she is my assistant. She does everything for me and there are times when she's got to take off and she's got to take care of her kids. And she knows because of the long time we've worked together. She knows my view always 100 percent across the board. It's family first, family first. You have to take care of your family first. You communicate with your boss let them know hey I've got to step out. But I never questioned why. You know literally, never question why. After she gets back she says you know this is the thing I'm always like. You know I feel Family First that's how it works.

That's beautiful. That makes it that much easier to be in a work environment with you to know that you have their back and that's all. I just think that should be a characteristic of one who has a team. It just seems it seems natural and it just seems default. Why be any other way? Yeah. All right let's bring this home. Let's bring this home. We've been on for almost an hour and 15 minutes we're getting close. I appreciate you first of all for taking this time to not only be on the show to help me because I know that's your heart but your heart even bigger than that. You want to help all the people that are watching you live or listening later on podcasts or watching later on recording. Appreciate you my brother. But I want to know, this one. I'm really curious about your answer to this one.

Oh, OK.

And the thing is it's going to be challenging for you because you're very you love to be expressive and really get the most you can.

You want me to answer in five words or less (laughing)?

And that's the thing. I don't know how you knew that, but it's going to be less. In one word Jason. You ready?


In one word. Characterize your life as an entrepreneur.

One word, one word would be BLESSED. Truly blessed. It can't be just one word has to be explained right. My mother, when I was very young my mother told me, and she said you can be anything you want but you have to promise me that you'll be the best at it. You'll do the best you can. Whatever you decide to do you will always work hard to be the best you can do that job or that position. Now, me as a little kid, I know people hear something. They hear it differently. Two people can hear the same exact statement and totally interpret it differently. I always interpreted that as in you have to be happy in what you're doing. You have to be passionate about what you're doing because in my opinion if you're happy and you're passionate then you always will do your best. So that's how I interpret it. So, because of my upbringing of my mother who was very inspirational to me telling me constantly. Do anything you want. Just promise me you'll be the best you can at it. I interpreted as in follow my dreams. So, I truly am blessed as an entrepreneur. I started as an entrepreneur when I was 12 years old and I started my first business. I had my first employee when I was 13 years old. I had five employees by time I was 14 years old. I've just been blessed to have a supportive family. I've been blessed to have supported people in my life and I've been blessed to always be encouraged to be the best I can and to do the best I can. So that's my word.

Blessed is probably the perfect answer. I don't know if there is one. But coming from you it's perfect. It's perfect it's genuine it's right from the heart. I love you brother. I appreciate you. Let's give the folks out there that information. So, this time it will be for the resort in Mexico.

So, we're going to give away a five night resort stay. It's a complementary stay at a 5-Star resort in Mexico. I'm actually going myself, going down to Rocky Point Poral Penske, and it's a gorgeous resort. I'm taking my daughter and I'd love to have you guys come out and you be there when I'm there or you can be there on your own and it's a great thing. Text PEAK, P E A K to 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 you'll get the links that way or drop on onto the website. Either way to enter go ahead. Enter now. Brian, it's up to you. How are you going to give this away or the way you're going to do it. But I have one favor to ask and that is of course, once you win, if you're not already friends with Brian Kelly by the way, you're going to be able to reach out to him through social media if you're pleased when you win. I want to see that, I want you to tag when you hash tag #ReachYourPeak and I want you to share the package you won, and more importantly when you're on vacation you gotta come back, you gotta come back and share your experience and take some pictures and share it with my everybody because that's how we help each other (chimes).

Oh, did you hear that? Guess what. It's time. It's time. In the background I'm bringing up and so it came in. And we have 1 2 3 4 5. Gene Miller. Don't forget to supply your email address. You should have gotten a text that asked you to do that so your next text back and reply should just be your email address a valid one.

Yeah. So, the way it works is you get qualified to win by texting in it, but you have to provide your email address. We'll notify you won via text but in order to give you the actual gift it has to come via email, so we do require the email because I haven't been able to convince my partner on the vacation side to switch over 100% to texting that.

So, the beautiful thing I can see one person did it on the website and the remaining 4 did it through texting What does that tell you? Huh. (laughter).


I love it. Yes. It looks like one came in twice. We have. OK I'm not going to go through all that.

I think it's great. I love it.

I won't go through the final emails but what we have so far just so you guys know that you made it in as a registrant, is Marryan.


And then there's jcash47 I won't give the "at" part because I don't want people just emailing you out of the blue. I've got Gene Miller with no email address still. Go ahead Gene. Come on. You can do it. mcash830. And then Gene Miller says "I'll do it. I didn't want to drop off the show. I love it.

We've got people entering that's the way it's supposed to be. We appreciate you out there. So fun. So, you get to give away two vacations.

There's two with the word "cash" in it and I wonder if Johnny is doubling up on us ;-).

Husband and wife. Husband and wife team. They're great, they're amazing. Johnny's wife actually does essential oils and man it's incredible.

Two different phone numbers so two different people are or Johnny's walk around with two cell phones. Either way I'm impressed. (laughing)

OK, here's the cool part about this. We were at an event just not too long ago and Johnny was there, and it was late. It was a late. It was like 10 o'clock at night. Of course, it was out kind of in the middle of nowhere to a great place though. And everybody's kind of little tired so he comes around with his essential for peppermint and he's just like just to go with this before you drive because that way you're safe going. And sure enough you get all energized. So yeah, the stuff is beautiful. Thank you, Johnny, for that, Appreciate that.

Johnny I could use essential oils. I have a diffuser. (holding up a bottle of essential oil) I have a diffuser that it was empty when I started the show and I usually have this thing running all the time I love this stuff. I love the essential oils. But Johnny if you've got some really amazing oils I'd be open to looking your way for a refill. But that's about the show for today.

Excellent. I am so excited. Thank you so much Brian. This is just such an incredible opportunity for anybody to bring value and you're just the man to make it happen. I'm honored and blessed to be part of your world.

Thank you my friend. Thank you, my brother. Man, I'm gushing. All right. With that we're going to finally say ... "he got me hooked" (Facebook comment by Gene Miller). He's probably talking about Johnny's oils. So, we will be announcing the two winners, we'll be emailing you and texting you let you know who those are.

And don't forget the hash tag #ReachYourPeak please. That's how we know that you're celebrating with us.

Please if you would also just share this show, just share it right now. They'll get the recording at the end. They'll be able to see it if you share your profile. They'll see the recorded version of it. I would love that because we want to spread the word and bring value to as many people as we can. That's what we're all about. It's spreading. There's enough to go around. Trust us. OK. We don't have to hold secrets to ourselves and that's why I'm bringing on Jason, I've got a great lineup coming. I don't know if they can hold the bar up to Jason, but we'll see.

There's some great people have seen the list it's incredible!

If you go to that Web site (, you will see the list of people we have. There's actually two more that I haven't put up there yet. That I'm really excited about it. Actually three, I take it back, there's three. So, it's filling up fast, once a week. So, we'll see next week I hope. Same time - 5:30 as we used to hear when we were kids same bat time, same bat channel. That is it for now. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show is signing off. Thank you all for coming on and contributing and talking and commenting. Thanks so much. We'll talk to you again next time. Bye-bye for now.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been The MIND BODY BUSINESS SHOW with Brian Kelly.

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