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So here's the big question. Our entrepreneurs like us, who have been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward. Only two steps back, work, dedicated, determined.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show, we have another phenomenal guest lined up for you tonight.

Can't wait for you to meet him. His name is Alex Koon. He's an amazing young man from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Steelers almost did it, but maybe next year I'll write the mind body business show. What is that all about? It is about what I call the three pillars of success. About ten years ago, a little bit more than that. Now, I began studying only successful people. And during that time, these are people in between, people I knew personally that were my mentors, that I would share the stage with them and speak on their behalf and train their students to authors, some who I met, some who are no longer with us, and all every everywhere in between, but only successful people. And I found that the they had these three patterns, these three patterns kept bubbling to the top and it was bar none. And you can guess what those three patterns might be. Mind is the first one. Mind is each and every one of them had a super powerful yet incredibly flexible mind set, very key. The second was body is literally they took care of their body nutritionally through exercise. Now, look, if you're a guy that didn't mean that they were becoming then Arnold Schwarzenegger back in his heyday and working out to become a bodybuilder. Nor were they as a female, they were a supermodel.

It just meant they took care of themselves and they exercise on a regular basis. And that's phenomenal because the mind and body, let's face it, the mind and body are routine.

And more importantly, they are your team. And if any one member of that team and my guest will know all about this one is not doing what they should be. If they did not come to the table operating at a peak level of performance, then the entire team suffers, doesn't it? Yes, the answer is yes, it does. And business that is multimode, a multifaceted area where these successful people had mastered the skill sets that are required to operate a successful business. And there are things like marketing, sales, team, building, systematizing leadership. I mean, it goes on and on and on. The list is almost endless. And here's the thing. Yes, they mastered each of these areas, but the key is they didn't master them themselves.

There is one skill set that if you're a master at all and we have a master in the house tonight. Yes, he's coming on very soon. Alex Cohen in one area that if you master this one area, then all of those other skill sets are not necessary for your master personally. And that one skill set, as you might guess it it's leadership, leadership. And if you master that's one skill set of leadership, you are now able and empowered to delegate to those who do have those skill sets that have mastered those skill sets. So there you go. The mind body business show. It's a show for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. And we only bring on the best of the best, the most successful entrepreneurs that come on the show, like Alex Cohen. He's coming on here in just a moment, I promise. And another phenomenal trait of very successful people is to a person, they're very avid readers, readers of books. And with that, I'd like to affectionately move over to a segment I call Bookmarks.

Bookmarks, Hornsey, read bookmarks, ready, steady, read bookmarks brought to you by Reach Your Peak Library Dotcom.

There you see it, reach your peak library for those of you watching live, and even if you're watching the recording of the video or even on audio podcast, I would like to just give you a quick tip, and that is take out something to write with and take notes. I'm going to be doing it here. I'm already doing taking notes here. And the reason is, is because a lot of people want to click away. They'll type in these resources and try to click and go find out and look. And when you do that, you're taking your attention away from the show, more importantly, away from Alex Cohen. He's the expert. He's the one I invited on the show. He's the one you want to listen to. And I would hate for you to take your gaze and your concentration away from the screen at that very moment that he gives that golden nugget that could have changed your life forever. And this has happened in the past. That's why I bring it up, especially on physical stages. I see when from the stages I'm speaking, I'll see a student get up and leave the room to go to the restroom or something. Right when I know a very important nugget is about to be spoken about because I'm the one doing it right. So please stay with us as much as you possibly can, take notes and then visit all of these resources after the show.

That way you get the most out of the show. The magic, as we say, happens in the room. All right. Up on my soapbox. But that's really for you. And another thing that is for you is reach your peak library. Dotcom, I literally had this built with you in mind. May sound cheesy, but it is the honest truth. This isn't here for me. This is here for you. And what it is, is a collection of the books that I have personally read and I vetted that had some positive effect, mostly profound in either business or personal or both of my life life style. So that is there for you. There's book after book after book. Here's the thing. I didn't start reading voraciously until about the age of forty seven or so. I'm fifty six now. I didn't realize the importance of it until late in the game and I'm so blessed that I learned and then took action because it's a game changer. So reach a big library outcome. That's a resource for you to go to and just click those buttons. That takes you straight to Amazon and you can buy the book in the form you like, audible paperback, Harbeck, whatever is available and get to read. And speaking of reading and get into it, let's get to it. Let's bring on the man, the myth, the legend right now. Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight.

Savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league qualified.

There he is, ladies and gentlemen, it is him, the one the only Mr. Alex Cool Ryan, so good to be here.

Thank you.

Is going to be a lot of fun.

It's awfully bright over there in Pittsburgh and it's dark here in California. What is up with that?

I was took your recommendation and we've got some incredible lighting here.

But I will tell you, everything that's set up that looks makes this my office and studio look amazing has nothing to do with me.

So that's the first lesson is that when you're a leader, you can't do it all by yourself. And in fact, when you know, when you really think it's something, you just let the people that are going to do it.

So off to a blazing start. I love it. All right. So we're going to take care of a little bit of housekeeping first. This show is sponsored by you see them up right above Alex's head, the big insider secrets dot com. It's on the red circle there. And what they have offered and provide to us is the ability to give away each and every show, a five night stay at a five star luxury resort.

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So you can start streaming high quality, professional looking live shows for free with streaming right now. OK, not right now. Stick with us on the show. Write this down. You'll want to go to the website, our WIP and Forward Slash Stream live one more time. That's our whippy.

I am for Slash Stream Live. And now we will finally, officially, formally welcome this amazing young man to the show, Alex Kun, the founder of Born to Lead. He helps impact driven entrepreneurs start, grow and lead six, seven and eight figure businesses manage to see.

Already, over the past three years, over two hundred clients have at least doubled their business in twelve months. That's results, ladies and gentlemen, with his clients generating more than get this thirty million dollars. He's been featured in Entrepreneur. He regularly writes and speaks to over ten thousand entrepreneurs on a weekly basis on the topics of online leadership, business flow and resonance marketing. Now, having failed in his first three ventures, the key for him and his clients has been discovering their quote unquote success DNA that's trademarked, by the way, or learning how to build the business model around the leaders unique, innate leadership gifts. This sounds awesome. He wants every big vision, heart led entrepreneur to know that they are not that far off and to never forget that they were born to lead a legacy. That is a powerful intro of the man, the mythology. Mr. Alex Cohn. So happy you're here, my man. This is going to be a great, great show. I can just feel it.

I know it can be the best one, Brian. I always want to bring the best. And especially when you deliver the best, let's just make it happen, you know?

And when we first met literally half hour before we started the show, I just instantly I felt your energy. You just came on and I could tell you one of those amazing, authentic people that has great integrity and great character. It was so obvious and evident right from the get go. And the fact that you went through what you did just to get on this show, that tells a lot about itself, because there's quite a process, isn't there? We won't go into that right now. But that's a part of building a high quality show. And it's not the show is not for me. This is for him. This is to bring Alex to the forefront so that the.

Those that have never possibly heard of him or his company before now can learn not just what he does, we're going to learn that also what he does to make it successful. That's the key for everyone, because we all have different businesses.

We all do different things. And the good news is, if you're in business and you need help, you're in the right place. This is the man to come to. And he has a team and they've done this. You heard in the intro he can do it.

He can get your business to the next level, give him 12 months and they'll take you to the stratosphere. And you'll be you'll love this guy. You'll want to take him home with you. So Alex is a very impressive byul and accolades and experience and all that. And I love that. And what I love to do is I like to dig deep. You know, that was kind of on the surface. I like to go a little bit deeper, go inside that big, beautiful brain of yours, your brain. And, you know, being an entrepreneur, it's not easy. It's not for everyone. And it takes a different special quality and a different mindset. So for you, when you get up every morning, you have a team, you have multiple businesses and multiple clients that you're working with. So there's a lot of moving parts. There's got to be issues every single day. And, you know, they're coming. What is it that makes you so highly motivated every single day to get up and just go after it and crush it day in and day out?

I think it starts from the very beginning, Brian, when I always like to tell people that it's easy for me to say you can do this right now. But I can tell you that I was I was not supposed to be where I am today with my business. I was not supposed to be the successful entrepreneur. I was not supposed to be this guy that's flying around internationally. Speaking to the world's top leaders about this topic. I grew up on a small farm just outside of Pittsburgh. I was supposed to marry the high school sweetheart, get the local job, spend 30 or 40 years there, and and just really appreciate how few kids, you know, have a barbecue drink on the weekends. But there is always been something about me. Brian and I even knew it at the youngest age of nine when I could literally remember my dad joking with me, calling me a follower and me getting irate and mad. And that was the moment whether I realized it or not, that I was born to lead. And what I have found over my career with the ups and downs and all the different things, is that when you really understand that you were born to lead and when you truly find the way that you were meant to lead the way, that you're your impact, impacting the way that you make the difference, it makes it it just makes it easier, even on the tough days, easier to get up at four o'clock to go work out for those two hours, then to see my little two year old there and see him before he goes to daycare, then get to the office and talk to the teen and talk to the clients and get online. I think this is the hour number 13 of talking today. So you do it because you remember the story, you remember the why, but more importantly, you invest even more into making sure you become a master of what you're helping people.

I can feel it. Oh, my God, the passion is there. We got a bunch of people commenting, Jason. That's all right. This is the founder of the Big Insider Secrets who gives away that vacation state every week. Are you doing, Jason? Mind and mind, body and business is a synergistic living on who was getting excited. Can't wait. We have Bonnie Roberts. Yes. Love reading. Oh, good. Good. And she wanted to say hello to both of us. How are you doing, Bonnie?

Hey, Brian and Alex know about me. And Jason said the same thing. And another gentleman named S-T is on. Hey, Alex, it's great to meet you. I know Steve personally. He worked with my company for a while as an apprentice and amazing young man who's always looking to up his game in marketing and writing and books. So phenomenal, phenomenal people coming on. Keep those comments, questions coming throughout the show. We'll get to as many as we can. We want to get this guy. We want to get inside that brain. We want to find out more because did you see the passion as he was explaining what he does? He loves getting up at 4:00 a.m. to work out because that is that leads into the rest of his day where he makes an impact not only on his son's life before he goes off to work, gets to say goodbye and bye, little one, and head off to daycare and then go to meet with his team, who is, you know, his extended family. You know, these are people that he cares about and he's there to help them so they can help build the business together. I just feel a team synergy about you, Alex. I don't even know you, but you come off as a person that's there to help everybody involved, not just yourself.

Yeah. The biggest advice I tell people when it comes to having a team, because it's actually the first company I started and sold true story.

The team I had, I didn't give them a single dollar for eight months and they showed up to work every single day and doing the work that we had. And when we finally sold it, even though they didn't quote unquote have equity ownership in the company, I gave them so much of it because it would have not been possible if it wasn't for them.

And the advice I would tell everybody, regardless if it's a business team or if it's your family team, it grows. If you're a sports coach is said, listen, our job is not to have them work for us. Our job is to help them make their dreams come true, because if we help them make their dreams come true, I assure you they will do anything to make your dreams come true for teams, anyone.

I love it. It's so in alignment with everything I believe as well. You know, it's about I'm a big fan of positive reinforcement versus negative as one example of where even with coaching little kids, I love kids. I have since I was a youngster myself, I just a young adult. I loved working with them, with sports, teaching them, coaching them. And if I had a kid that was doing everything they could, but they weren't making a basket, for instance, in basketball practice, I never got on them. I said, you're doing everything you can. Don't worry. It'll come the other end of the court as an adult guy like a much older thirty forty year old man coaching his his team, yelling at them for every mistake that he perceived to be a mistake. And I thought, wow, those poor kids, I wish they could just come over here. And and I always say this with my team, Alex. I always say, you never work for me. You work with me. We are in this together. And so when you said that about focusing on them and what they're looking for, that's what I love to do as well. And you're right, people will love working with you and building that together because they feel like they have a piece of it, even if you haven't physically given them one. And I think that's why it's working so well for you. I love this, this is phenomenal. So you have a unique approach to business and I want to get into that in a little bit. But what got you to you came through as a you were a coach, a swimming coach at one point, and you ended up getting into these businesses and crushing it. How did you tell me about that from being a swimming coach to where you are today? What was that transformation? What led you to where you are now?

The one thing I talk to every single leader about is your intuition and what you feel is the right path. And I believe it was Steve Jobs at the Stanford graduation who said you don't know how you're going to connect the dots looking for you got to look, you're not only going to be able to connect the dots looking backwards. And one of the things that I found from my coaching career was that at the end of the day, it didn't matter if I knew the best known technique, it didn't matter if I knew the best recruits.

What mattered was my ability to be able to lead men and women, and particularly at that point, young men and women and particularly the most talented swimmers in the country who had high expectations for themselves. It is not a concern. I would imagine. Most people don't think of the path of being a swim coach to a business entrepreneur to build multi-million dollar businesses. If that doesn't even make sense, like shouldn't you have done this and shouldn't have done that? The internship. But what I found, what it allowed me to do was focus on what I really believe is the skill that every single person that's listening to this right now has, and that is they were born to be a leader. And for me, I was able to discover what I call that success DNA, that specific leadership traits that were for me, that work for how I lead and ultimately how I can best impact lives. And what I honestly discovered was when I failed, when I didn't achieve success, I was going against those traits. I was going against what came naturally to me. I was going against the best way for me to operate. It wasn't until I just basically went all in on that.

What works for me and what I find for most entrepreneurs is that they're just fighting themselves. They're building businesses that are fighting against them. And honestly, all of this comes back from when I was a swim coach. And just to give you an idea, there's four strokes in swimming. There's butterfly ballot, breaststroke and freestyle. And so it's natural to see somebody was better at freestyle than they were at butterfly and et cetera. So, yeah, but we talk about building business as if it's just a one cookie board. I like to call it the IKEA direction steps. Basically, there's only one way you do it. There's only one way, and that's how it works for everybody. And yet if you look at the industry, four to five are not going to make it past one year and four to five of those and making one pass, you're not going to make it past five years. We need to change the way we focus on how actually people build successful businesses. That's my vision. That's my mission. And that's why I know time and time again we focus on leadership.

Fantastic. Goodness sakes, it tells you why he's so successful.

He's thinking about different businesses in a different way. It's not about him. All about him, all about him.

That's that's key in so many businesses. And in fact, here's the thing. You get so much more done when you're not thinking about yourself. Because isn't it true, Alex, that we would do far more for others than we do for our own selves? I mean, over and over and over. I mean, how many times? I can't tell you. I'll be talking with a buddy like like Jason who's watching right now, Jason or another business entrepreneur. And we're just talking and talking about a certain marketing technique. Oh, why don't you why don't you try this and you just rattle it off like it was so simple. It just came easily and happens all the time. But then when the tables turn, they ask you to look inward on your business. What would you do for yourself?

I don't know. It's so weird. But you can do so much for others. Yet when it comes to doing it for yourself, it's like freeze.

That's what that's why it's beautiful. If you just concentrate on others, then you can create a thriving business. And one person said something really great.

It's like they actually think about when they're working with somebody. They don't think about their client. They think about their clients, clients. It's like, wow, that was phenomenal. Yeah, go ahead.

If you have something to expand on that know, it reminds me, I think I think the lessons there and everybody's missing it.

And one of my favorite you talked about books and my favorite books is Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. And there is a quote that for everybody that's taking no time to write this quote down, that you're going to make more friends in two months getting to know them than you will in two years, get them to know you. And the example I love to think about is social media marketing.

So much of the focus. And you know where I'm going, Brian? You know, it's literally in my foundational program. It's the same message. They come in and say, Alex, I need more likes Alex, I need more engagement. How can I write a post like this? How can I get what do I need to copyrighter? Do I need better pictures? Do I need this?

And I say, what if you know how many hours you spend? It is amazing. So many social spending, five to ten hours. I said, here's what you do. Spend thirty minutes, create your content for the week and then spend whatever hours you were going to do to create that content, reaching out to everybody, liking their post, comment on their post, being authentic with their engagement, and tell me if you do that for thirty days straight, that you don't generate more business doing that than just trying to come up with the best content strategy there.

It's about then you a hundred percent, right, Brian?

And, you know, it's it just brought to mind, you know, as we're doing this show right now, a fairly new app has come out. That's all the rage called clubhouse. And for anyone who's been on clubhouse, it it is very much like what you just described for what I've experienced thus far. And it is people that aren't there selling themselves. They're they're providing value for everyone listening without looking or asking for business. I mean, we've got Grant Cardone. That's come on several times. I've been in a room with Grant Cardone twice. Where else can you do that? It's a room online, of course, but it's all audio and but it's live and you can converse back and forth. Damon John's from a shark tank was on a while, but I mean, Elon Musk was even on just a few days ago. And it but the thing is, is that one with that platform, it seems to somehow, naturally get people to do what you're just saying, which was more to be more of a giver than a taker is what I was getting from that and to serve others. Yeah. And even Jason. Yes. It's all about who we serve, who, who we serve and who they serve. And there is nobody better that I know on the planet besides you. Of course, my friend James, we're brothers there, whether we Roseline or not.

And he is. Wait, he's my brother first now is a dear, dear friend of mine.

He was literally sitting right next to where I'm at right now here a couple of weeks ago and amazing, amazing man. But he's just like you in the fact that he thinks about serving. This guy's a heart of gold and that's I love working with people like you and him. It's amazing. Oh, Bonnie loves your energy. I love it. So do I love. Oh, my goodness. Yes. You have a great name. My son's middle name is Alex.

So I wish I could I wish I could take credit, but I give credit my parents for that one.

Yeah. OK, here we go. The bromance is on. So brother from another mother. All right, that's enough you two. OK, so I'm just having fun so yeah.

I totally, totally concur with you, Alex, in your approach of serving and. Yeah, I know. And you get on like Facebook and other social media, like how many times have you gotten a direct message from someone you've never met who just. Wants to say hi just to get you to engage so they can they can pitch you, it's happened so many times, they're trying to beat you and I just I just ignore those so I don't be that person. Those you watching, listening mostly that watch and listen to the show aren't that way. But if those times come up and you think about them, go the other way and instead reach out and ask and be authentic. As I said, be authentic and ask how you can help or serve them. Everyone can use help, no matter how wealthy, how successful. Every single person on this planet who is a human being can use some help. And you might very well have the solution to help them. Have you found that to be true as well?

I have. And I actually have a great story about all the direct messages you and I probably see receive hundreds of messages and people selling. And I can remember this was about four years ago.

I mean, I used to just be like the and telemarketers calling it literally don't sell to me. And then I actually took a step back and I was asking myself, what are these people trying to do?

They're trying to maybe take care of their families. They're trying to grow a business. They're trying to achieve their own dreams. And yet the sad thing is at some point they got horrible advice.

They send these sleazy sales tactics. They send these sleazy direct messages. They try to switch and bait your bait and switch you. I always get that backwards. So I decided at that point to instead of be the guy that was going to say something horrible to them or yell at them or do anything like that, I actually changed my approach and I found it's actually helped me make a difference for some people. And what I would do is I whether now I don't do it as much, I'm not checking the investor, but my team does. And I've actually kind of given them that empowerment to do it is send them actually a really nice message and saying, hey, we have no interest in what you're selling, but we clearly know that you're doing this to make a difference in your life and your family's life and those that matter. So we hope you want we hope nothing but the success as you continue to sell. And what's happens, honestly, is we get more messages coming back and it's not about them working with us. I'm not going we've had a few to decide to join our programs. But the reason we did it was because I believe that one of the reasons why they continue to sell like that is because people are yelling and screaming at him and they almost like saying, well, they're just beaten down. So they can't think of any other ways to actually interact with people. And I found that we've had people even tell us later that that changed the way they spoke. That's the way they change, the way they sell. So we talk about this world of impact. All of us are impact. But listen, and that is not income. Always impact is doing things just because you want to make that person's day better. So everybody here think that just five minutes, ten minutes. Ask yourself if you are literally trying to show up, just trying to make people's days better. That's at the end of the day. That's all leadership is. If you're doing that, your business will thrive without even trying as hard as many people are doing.

And. Preach it, brother. I'm just listening and basking in this.

This is amazing stuff. I hope everyone out there is writing like with writer's cramp right now. I'm taking notes as well. Oh, what what would you say? I've got to ask this. It just led me to think about certain books I've read on leadership. What would be if you were to pick just one and you only get one choice that you would tell to one, and I'll ease up on that to start reading on leadership. What would be your go to book to say here? I think you should start reading by reading this book first.

So there's two books I'm going to cheat, but there's two books because I say differently. They explain why. I promise if your challenge is truly creating clarity, connection and conviction and others, I do believe how to win friends and influence people is by far the best book on that type of topic when it comes to leadership. If you're if you're struggling to learn how to operate, then I would say read good to great, because I believe the hedgehog concept and how they operate the business really aligns with many people's patterns. Those are my two favorite books. I'm going to basically shamelessly plug that. I will be reading writing my book, which will be coming out this upcoming holiday season, will be called Success DNA. And I will tell you it will knock the blocks off both books. I respect those books, but the one thing I'm telling you about leaders, and this is my big theme with most leaders, is that just like you said, the mind only works well if the body is appropriately able to work, and yet the leader is not able to lead effectively if the body, a.k.a. the business, is not aligned with how they're supposed to lead. And that's what my book is going to be about. But right now, those are the two books I would say go to Rod to read them. I literally read those books every single year, every single year. And that's twenty years going on. Twenty years.

All right. One more time, if you don't mind. What was the name of the first book?

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It's not, quote unquote a leadership book, but it's the best book when it comes to creating clarity, connection and conviction in others. And in the book, if you want to learn how to best operate a business as a leader is good to Great by Jim Collins, Jim Collins.

And the third book is going to be success.

And I didn't catch the last part. That's DNA. So I guess. I guess so, yeah. So look, I can be trained.

It is possible and this is great stuff, you know, a lot of people don't recognize. So here's there's a couple of things. You know, there's a lot of solo partners out there right now.

They're just getting started that they're like, why would I even worry about leadership right now? It's because you're going to need it really fast if you're going to succeed. And the only reason you're doing this is to succeed. You're going to burn out so fast, you won't you won't know what hit you. And it's great to learn and be ready and have leadership skills at the ready. So when you do build that team that you will need to help you to grow, there's no doubt about it. So definitely heed Alex's advice and read those three books. So in order to get the third, in fact, I forgot to mention the opening show. Alex has an amazing gift for all of you as well. So stick on to the end. You do not want to miss this. It's a very high value gift. It's valued at five hundred dollars. I cannot wait to spring it on everyone. So stick around till the end and you'll see it then. Along with how to win that five nights, say, at a five star luxury resort. I'll say it again, compliments of the big insider secrets dotcom. My brother Jason West is the owner of that company. Just had to put that through that little dig in there again. Oh, we got some people talking. Yes. Look at this. The SI says I'm ready to help. He's got the helping heart. I know he does. Incredible way to handle it. I'm not sure what we were talking about at the time. Good to great is amazing. Brandon Sheppard, thank you for that for bringing that in. Yes. Sales leadership at MTV gave it to the entire team. Wow.

I'm not sure what is MTV Music Television or you know, I don't know if I think he's talking like he gave the book to his entire team. So has to that's that's great.

And then communication is important for leadership. That is so true. And the other thing about leadership in a company is as you're building your company even as a solo partner, what is your business culture going to be like? How are you going to treat people? Are you going to be someone who are you going to have an inviting culture? Are you going to allow people to be creative and take ownership from that vantage point? Are you going to be lifting and promoting people or are you going to be one of those oppressive, oppressive people that rules by fear? If you don't do this, then you're not going to get that raise or you may get fired. There are all these different leadership skills. I found a sweet spot. It's always positive based. Is there ever a time where you have to instill discipline? Yeah, still happens, not everybody is perfect, but if you do enough up front labor work on yourself in screening individuals, that's part of leadership to ensure that there are fit for your company before you hire them, then you have far fewer of those problems. Am I getting anywhere close to the mark with any of this from your vantage point?

One hundred percent. And what's so interesting, Brian, when we talk about this idea, leadership is so many people want to categorize leadership. They want to talk about authoritative leadership or they want to talk about servant leadership. They want to talk about peer to peer mentorship and all these different styles and as if we need to put a label on leadership. So let's let's let's put the label here and let's just create a definition, a very simple definition that we can start with.

And very simply, the definition I give everybody about leadership is this is that leadership is using your talents to deeply impact lives. Now, if we keep the definition that simple, what it means is it gives you the breadth to use what your talents are, what your gifts are to impact lives.

We've talked so much about soul openers. And my challenge for everyone is to start calling yourself solo leaders, because even if you are a little proner right now, listen, why do you think a client's going to want to buy your services?

Why do you think it is going to want to work with you? Why is that big name going to want to partner with you? They want to partner with people that they know, like trust.

But most importantly, respect isn't about money.

Respect isn't about position. Respect isn't about authority. Yes, I understand having some of these things does help. But I can tell you, even with the clients I work with, you know, some of them have no clients and they are getting sponsored by companies like Google and think EFIC and all these major organizations, because they are excellent role models that these organizations want to give the high leadership to me forget marketing sales. I know. I know this is a bold statement because, listen, I own a digital marketing company. I can appreciate it. But if you ask me what's the only thing you need to be at least successful in business, it's leadership. It's the one thing that you cannot get rid of in an organization.

Man, preach it, this is amazing. I knew this would be a great show and you have not disappointed in the least.

I know you would never get disappointed by any of my guests, but you're bringing it and I love it. You have a great unique view on leadership. And I'm just I'm guessing you're actually pulling from your own book right there. That's going to be a phenomenal book. I love everything you're talking. I love how you said no, I can trust and respect. Oh, that was huge. Massive, very powerful. Like I always I added one to what was it taking action. Right. So you must take massive, immediate and consistent action. And so when you said respect, I was like, yes, that's it. No, like trust. That's a different that's a whole different ball game. That's a big leap from just trust is respect, respect and trust must be earned. That's a powerful one. Leadership is using your talents. To deeply impact lives. I hope everyone wrote I wrote it down, I'm running the show, you know what, I'm the director, the producer, the talent, the host, the creator, all that fun stuff. And I'm still writing. I'm doing camera switches and looking at comments and bringing them up. If I can do all that, you can at least write notes, can't you? I'm talking to everyone else, not you, Alex. I know that you don't need to write these notes you're giving them to us. This is phenomenal. I do.

It's funny. I wanted to say I do you know how many of us have like everyone else here, just like literally in the comment box type one, if when you're whether it be an interview or you're talking to somebody else on a great idea, pops in your head, all of a sudden something genius comes up.

So literally, if you saw my desk, it is a whiteboard and you'll see me like occasionally.

Sometimes you'll see me. I literally will say something and I write it down because it's something I want to remember. It's something that I trust.

Oh, this is good. And it's not because it's like it's gold is words. It's literally something that could spawn a huge idea. I was telling Brian before about the investment firm I've created, and that was based on an idea that I literally read in Harry Potter, literally read the Harry Potter.

There was a line in Harry Potter that made me think of these things.

So the end of the day, we don't know when innovation and spontaneity is going to come. So always literally carry something around.

You carry something so you can just write it down as a reminder for you to make sure you capitalize on brother, you just open up a whole new line of furniture.

Ikea should sell those a whiteboard desk. I had not heard of that one before. That is phenomenal. I love this. I believe to serve Karen, inspire my clients. Done bridge. That is so true. I happen to know him as well in this family.

He's a head of a Chamber of commerce here locally to where I live. And this guy serves. I mean, I you if you have a business in this area, you're in great hands. Not good hands. Great hands because of Don is an amazing man. And I love how you say carries something everywhere you go, because to take notes, this is called a remarkable two. It's actually a tablet that's built just for notetaking. And I can store multiple massive numbers of of of notebooks in your pages. It's OK to carry one instead of five or six like I used to like. OK, what is this is a bootcamp or this is another one. I just want to get one on one coaching. That's a different book notebook or depends on. So now I've got one, I just take it everywhere. So that's my whiteboard. It's all my desk all the time turned on. I love the whiteboard, that idea. Do you ever like put your arm accidentally though, down on the ink and get it all over your arm or.

Yeah, every day. So literally like you listen to people are like I always I'm like, yeah, could I dress up nicer?

I mean, listen, the bottom line is I'm done with suits. I'm done with ties.

I'm done with literally being like the neat, you know, executive, whatever. Listen, I'm me. I'm an athlete at heart. I'm a believer. And people I want to see everybody lead. And sometimes that means getting dirty. So you're right. Like a client calls I like, I will literally stop because I think at the end of day, one of the things about leadership is it doesn't have to be polished. It doesn't have to be this picture perfect moment that we see everybody try to do an Instagram. And I'm going to confess, I got a photographer coming in next week that's going to take the best shots of me that probably have ever been in my entire life of maybe ten times better looking than I am today. But the point is, is that we got to also show the other side. We also got to show that the dirty side, we also got to show the messy side and you. And then one thing I will tell people is that we sometimes get so into comparative analysis of other people's front pages. Look like that as leaders. I believe we in a moment where we need to shift the paradigm, it is time to open up the back stage.

It's time to open up what it looks like there. And when I talk to people about, listen, that you can build a multi-million dollar business only working two days a week. And the reason why it's important to do that is because I know even when you hit that mark, you're going to have even bigger dreams. You're going to think of different visions or other ideas. You're going to need the freedom and flexibility to be able to go and capitalize on that. So at the end of the day, what I show and what I share about me is not to say do it like me. It's really designed to say, listen, what I'm doing. Yes, took hard work. But it also means I could do other things in my life without having to feel so stress and so anxiety, but also show there are some crappy days. So I hope people understand that this is not easy and it does not because we have to spend our whole lives doing it, but because emotionally it challenges us as leaders to be more honest with ourselves, show up with greater levels of integrity and to truly take courageous acts that we may have never done before.

I mean, I have a mic that I could drop right now, but I'm not going to because it will ruin it, but that was phenomenal and it's so true about authenticity is so important. You just said it in much greater a much greater way that people want to know that you're a human being.

If you're like all that, like you are saying that they're perfection on Instagram and there is not a hair out of place. And the lipstick isn't perfect if you're a lady and there's just no flaw in your life to others, well, they're going to look at you and go, well, you're perfect and I'm not. So I can't achieve what you have. So I'm probably not going to be a good fit to work with you. They want to be able to work with somebody that's like them, you know, that's what what part of no like and trust is not just to like you, but to be like you. Give them the ability to be like you. I love that part. And you said, don't be like me. I say be like Alex. And here's why. Here's here's the thing. For those of you that have not yet found a recipe for success, here's the thing. If you were going I've never baked a cake in my life ever, but I'm sure I could I could make a really darn good one if I had the right recipe. And I love German chocolate cake. I haven't had any in years. But as a kid, I love that stuff. That was my go to.

And if if I were to go look, I bet there are 20 very successful recipes out there that I can create a great cake, 20 of them. When it comes to success. There's no there's no difference. All you need to do is find one one recipe that works, one successful recipe, follow step by step and model it, copy it, follow the instructions. Here's one right here.

All you need is one. So you found one. His name is Alex Koon. And all you need to do is model what he's doing. That means get involved with him, get involved and learn what he does, how he how he goes about business.

And in a moment, we're going to give you a great way to connect with him at a pretty deep level through a phenomenal gift. He's offering everybody who's watching the show. So I highly recommend you take him up on that. And when that comes up, which is coming up all too soon, this show is flying. That's always a good sign. But I say model success, which means copy. So, yes, be like Alex. I say if if you don't have yet a recipe for success that you're not already following, if you are following another proven recipe for success, stick with it.

Don't go crazy and going off the shiny ball objects because then you'll just never make it because you'll start over, keep going down the path. If you found one that works that you know, works, you're certain of it. And if you have it, you need to contact Alex and we'll give you the way to do that here in just a moment. That's my two cents on.

Don't copy. Come on, man. They got a copy of you. You're the one to copy. Yeah, there's the mic drop. Thank you, Jason. Dropping mikes, all kinds of mikes of it. Yes. Fantastic. Yeah, great. Great information. Great advice. You know, there's nothing wrong with taking professional headshots. I show up on the show the Blazers. Do I wear this every day? Heck no. I'm in I'm in workout shorts and a tank top most days in my home office studio here. And I only change for this show. But I want to put off a professional appearance and I am a professional and I work professionally when I am working with people in business. But yeah, there's no tie. Forget the tie. No way. But that is me. I mean that is I like to wear blazers. My wife will attest I'll grab one to go to dinner instead of a jacket, a traditional coat. Because I just want to, I just, I feel good in it. I feel right.

So I love it because the point there and my wife would like me to wear more blazers, so that's care. So she needs that.

She needs to call your wife and say, listen, come yell at me when you get this recording, cut that part out so you don't get in trouble.

I don't want to I want any rift going on in the Coon family, and I don't want to have any part of being responsible for that.

So I'm a family guy, big and true, and I love family. And congrats on your two year old, by the way. That is phenomenal. Thank my gosh. What an age. Whoo hoo! Oh, God bless you all.

He's it's you know, I say this with this understanding that, yes, I could probably work out a little bit later in the day. But just having this thirty minutes at the beginning of the day when he's ready to go to school and I always I leave the office at five o'clock. It doesn't matter what else I could have taken. I leave the five hour because I have a couple hours. At the end of the day, I think just a very personal story.

About four years ago, I didn't know if I was going to be able to have a family. I didn't know if I was going to be able to do this because I used to think mentally that the reality was, is that there's so many messages out there that you had to hustle and sacrifice. And grind your life away, that I said, maybe to achieve my business related to my professional dream is going to require me to give up this family and I have a great family growing up. So family is very important to me. And so if there's anything that anybody listen here that you feel like, mean, if I if I try to build a great business, maybe you have to give up something. I really also want and let me just give you advice. Don't that's what makes you you that's what's going to be part of that story. You may not know how it's all going to work out today, but trust and understand that the things you really want in your life, they will all fit. They will all fit because it's your paradigm. It's what you want to create. That is the essence of leadership is creating what you want, for whom you want to live, how you want to remember that.

Wow. Oh, my goodness. And ladies and gentlemen, I didn't pay him to appear, but I could have and you could have paid to watch this show. It is that impactful. I'm not kidding. I'm not playing around. This is absolute truth. This this young man is full of wisdom.

And I call him young man because I just happen to be older. But that doesn't matter. My mentor is actually younger than you, Alex. He could be my son by age, literally. That never has ever. I mean, race, religion, gender, age. I don't none of that plays into my psyche about whether I end up liking a person or doing business with or hanging out with none of it. It's about what does that person made of the values, the inner what makes them tick?

Like you, Alex, you're amazing. You're just frickin amazing. And I would love to hang out with you. You would be one of those people were out. I thought you were much younger than you are. You shared your age with me earlier. I don't know if you did it on the air. I'm not going to. But I thought you were younger than your you profess to be. So, yeah, you're the Dick Clark of business moment.

So that's big deal. And you're so humble, you know, and you get it.

You didn't have anything to do with the genetics for that, nor did any of us have anything to do with the God given talents we've been given. We can make them bigger, brighter and brighter by practicing and getting better at those. But, you know, we're all given certain gifts and we're not giving all of them. And once you realize what those are and you can emphasize what those are and get better at those and then give off the other core competencies to those who do have those gifts, that comes, by the way, of leadership, just like we talked about in the beginning.

Yeah, Bonnie is agreeing to all of this, probably what you were saying earlier. Thank you, Bonnie. I love this is a lot of fun. I want to find out more about your business. My gosh, we're getting back to the end of the show here.

So who is your who do you who do you work with? Like what? I know it's business people. It's it's entrepreneurs. It's is it companies? At what stage are they in their business? Are they just starting out or are they established or all the above? And then what is the process that you take them through? How do you help them to establish leadership and how do you help them to crush it in 12 months? And that's a lot. But you have two minutes. I'm kidding. You can go longer now.

All right. So and I think it's important. You know, what's so funny about this question is that sometimes I'll answer it completely differently. But let me give you the full scope of how I run my organization, because they believe at the end of day, one of the biggest challenges I think most businesses have is they are struggling with capacity.

They are creating too many product lines or creating too many service lines. They're trying to reach too many target audiences or trying to spread their marketing sales message. So the first thing I want to know is that I run my business with simplicity. It's very simple. And in fact, for those of you running a multimillion dollar organization, I have not paid for an ad. Even literally one of the things anyone tells you, you have to scale. We don't even use ads. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. It's just giving you an idea of how we run our business. Meaning I only have two programs. I only have two programs, one called Borna League, which is our foundational program, and the other is called the vault. And very simply, I work with those entrepreneurs who are really sick and tired of the hustle, the grind, the entrepreneurs that and whether they built a successful business or their stock at that low five or six figure business. We helped them, number one, find their unique leadership talents and making sure they build a business structure that works for them.

The second thing is to show them how they build a leverage product model that is not only perceived as the best in the market, but more importantly delivers the best results. And then the third thing we do is we make sure that we show them what we call our experiential marketing sales. It's what I use to build a 30 million dollar digital marketing agency. It's what's at this point, we help with people generally. Fifty million dollars in their business. At least that's what we've accounted for. Their our vision this year is that make twenty five new millionaires to have over one hundred. The six figure mark at the end of the day will focus on those three pieces, because we know just like a basketball player, if you work on your shooting, dribbling and rebounding, you're going to and you basically continue practice three things again and again and again and again. You can build the business to the vision that you want, whether you want to be a solo partner with only one team member working two days a week and having as much time with your family and loved ones as possible, or you want to build a multi-billion dollar organization. Yes, some of the people I do work with are running those types of organizations. But at the end of the day, we keep it very simple. I run my organization very simply and we do those three things better than anybody else on the planet.

Well, there you have it, you heard it right here. It's the best on the planet. And you know what? I have no reason to doubt that that is true. Honestly, because I can see it and hear it and feel it, as Alex is talking, he he lives, breathes, eats and he is full of integrity.

His business model only works on results. He's got he is vested in that business in your business, if you become one of his clients at such a deep level that if you don't win, neither does Alex or his company. That's what I love about these performance based models, if I can say that. I don't know if that's what you would call it. OK, cool. And that's what I love about that because. That tells you they cannot fake it and be successful, you know, does does he have a one hundred percent success rate maybe? It would be difficult to have that dependent, there's so many variables when you have different people in different companies and organizations, but given his background, Alex's background, his leadership skills, the fact that he knows to dig deep and and have them go through an ongoing process and filter out those that may not work, I'd be I'd be surprised if he's not a hundred percent. And it's amazing. I love the the model of performance based. There's there's no way to hide behind it. You know, I don't know if you make guarantees or any of that, but the bottom line is, if they don't if you don't make it or if they don't make it, you don't make it and you're there helping them along the way. You said something about a 12 month program. Is that one of the two that you just mentioned that you have?

Yeah, one of the things that we we base our success not there's a lot of metrics. And I'm going to show you the one metric that actually matters to me, actually, I should say to one, is lifetime value of the client. So for every man that doesn't know, that basically means is how much revenue is that client generated for your business over the lifetime? And two, is retention percentage, very much simply how long are we retaining clients? And we have a goal with our industries, just so everyone knows in the coaching and training industry, the average person, the average person, lifetime value. I think it's like thirty five hundred or something like that. I read a study somewhere, but on average, most coaches are training organizations keep about twenty five percent of their clients after the first contract. So very simply, they keep them for one out of four. We have a seventy eight percent retention rate with our clients and we keep them on average for three years.

We also have a very massive high level lifetime value. And let me explain why we do it this way. And these are the metrics, because there's a couple of things that are hidden in there that anybody in the business think is going to be really important for you. So, number one, this is going to impact your reputation. And for anybody that doesn't really understand the monetary value of reputation, bad reputation kills businesses overnight. There's a reason why restaurants hate Yelp and they also love it depending on how they look at it. So reputation is important.

So if you're looking at the metrics that increase your reputation, ultimately it means you're going to run your business differently. Number two, and this is actually just as important if I am keeping clients within my organization longer and longer and longer.

Number one, they buy into our messaging, they buy in the way we think, they buy into the way we actually do business. They buy, they talk the language to a certain extent. There's a cult like feeling within our born to lead family in our family.

They speak the same language to their friends. Literally. We had a client sign up. He showed up to one of our calls and he said, Alex, I joined up because one of your clients basically gave me your whole system and I implement it. It is amazing. So I said, why better pay this guy better join? Because, like, he's already making me money. So the point is, is that they spread the message not because you're trying to force anything referral base.

It's this organic referral. And one of the things I always tell all of our clients and the same thing our business for every client we get, the often bring three to five clients themselves without us doing anything, without us doing anything. So if you want to understand what our model looks like, think Amazon in the service business. Nobody is doing it like us because the more clients we get, more often it kills most people's businesses because it kills their time, it kills their energy. But for us, when we get more clients, it actually feeds us more clients. It actually feeds them a bigger network. And ultimately our clients win bigger because they bring in more people.

I'm just going to bring you on the show every week from now on. I'm here every Thursday night. It'll just be the show.

We can do whatever you want then, you know, maybe you can probably tell I love talking about this. I'm a geek about it. I'm obsessed about it. My wife is probably going to hear me talk about the show afterwards. And she's going like, that's great. Wonderful. Listen, we got to get ready for our son's birthday party this weekend, so that's great. But those of you that love talking about this the best, obviously you it always. But come to my website. Come on. My Instagram, they're even with the twenty thousand people now that are on our list, I, I'm still the reason I built the business in ways I have a team of eight. What they allow me to do is interact, build relationships, talk to people there. And of course we scale it at some levels. But everybody on that list probably I would say 90 percent of the people that are those twenty thousand people, I've at least had one personal message with them.

Fantastic. So we're getting near the end and I want everyone to basically have the opportunity to grab that free gift of yours now before it gets too late, if that's OK with you. So I'm going to bring that up on the screen and just to have you walk them through this amazing gift. So, everyone, this is the time to write this down quickly and then right when the show's over to go and fill us out because we have another prize after this one as well. But I'll put that up on the screen and go ahead and take it away there, Alex.

Yeah, sure. So very simply that I'm a big believer that information should be available for you. And so I know that the impact I can have on you the most is giving this information to you so you can start it. And hopefully, if there's a point in one day you want that mentorship, you can always join us. But if you go to Alex Dash cam dotcom for mind body business, I'm going to give you literally our entire success DNA portion of our program for free. I it's it's five hundred dollars. I don't know if it's for I think it's worth way more. I know the difference. It's made in most people's lives. But what we're supposed to do is to put a value on it because we only even sell content, we give content away and just and we don't. But this is the thing we don't give away. We don't give away the success of a program. This is only because I love Brian and love his mission. I love the type of people he's working with. And I want to make sure if you literally were courageous enough to listen to me for an hour.

Then you need then I want to give this to you, it's Alex Dash, Kim Dotcom for it's mind body business. And if you have any questions, I have an incredible team here. We have to support you.

Oh, yes. And just for the folks that are listening, this is also good once the live show is over, for as long as Alex decides to keep it there.

But if you listen to this on a podcast and this is not available, reach out to him and see how you can get your hands on this. This is phenomenal. So his name his last name is Coom. That's Q each. And just for those of you listening, only Alex Dasch, Koondrook question dotcom fortyish mind body business altogether.

No spaces there. Thank you my friend. I am definitely. Look, I am going to fill that out right when the show's over. So I'm going to be one of those because I'm a raving fan already, just in the short time I've gotten to know you. And this is phenomenal. I appreciate you for doing that. This is above and beyond. And everyone that's watching this, whether it's live, I mean, get to a quick if it's a recording, if you're watching this going recording, get to a quick before it's no longer available. So I appreciate that so, so very much. And then before we close the show and we still have one more gift to give away. I haven't forgotten. Alex, I love to ask this one question at the end and ask it of every guest expert. And I've really learned that this question has become very powerful and profound. This because I started asking to start realizing, wow, the responses are quite amazing. And I like to end the show that way because it's like it just it's a zinger and it ends in a very powerful way.

Before I do that, I did promise that final prize. Everyone's been waiting for that five night stay at a five star luxury resort. So go ahead. You can now take out your phone. We give you permission just for now. If you're not watching on your phone to bring out your cell phone and bring up your messaging app, I'm holding it up to the screen. You can't see me. That was pretty smart. So bring up your phone and open up your messaging app and where you would type in the name of the person you're going to text a message to. Instead, put it in the phone number of three one four six six five one seven six seven. So you may want to write this down because I'm going to take the screen down in just a moment. Again, you must be watching live for this particular price, three one four six six five one seven, six, seven. And then in the message area where you would actually type in, hey, how's it going? Or put an emoji in there instead, put in two words separated by a dash in those two words, our peak. That's a K dash vacation, no spaces, just peak dash vacation. Then watch your phone for a response and it will ask you for one more piece of information for you to be officially entered into the contest. And it's not a big deal. It's just your email address. That's all it's asking for. It's fully automated. So go ahead and write that down or take care of that right now. And we're coming back to Alex for this phenomenal, heavy hitting, incredible, amazing question.

And there's a lot of build up to that. But, Alex, here's the thing. There is no such thing as a wrong answer to this question. It doesn't exist. It just flat out doesn't. And the exact opposite, as is the case, is the only correct answer is your answer. And that's what kind of makes it a bit personal, because it is it's a personal question. So with all that build up and that hype and everything, are you ready?


Here we go, Alex Cohen. How do you define success?

I love this question because at the end of the day, to me, success is very simply this success is your vision, only your vision doing what you want.

With whom you want with how you want to do it and in the light you want to do it in, so many people look at other people and say they are successful, which ultimately says they don't see themselves as successful.

The only person who ever has to define success for themselves is that person, not the teacher. It's not your parents, it's not your brother or sister, it's not even your spouse's nobody. You're the only person that gets to determine what is success mean to you. So I would ask everybody, instead of listening to what I think success is for you, just ask yourself that question and continue to trust the answer that you keep hearing and feeling day in and day out.

Aye, aye, aye.

That is some good stuff right there, ladies and gentlemen, we got let's see, I'll take it one less GHANDOUR. Yes, here we go. Look at this Bonnie action taker getting started with the question immediately after the show. Bonnie, be sure to hit the contact link on there and let Alex know what a phenomenal course it is.

Give them feedback. Let him know how that's going for you, because feedback is what makes programs continually better and improved. So give them the good. And if there's anything can be improved, give them that as well. I know you will do that, Bonnie. You're an amazing person. And yeah, our sponsor. Where do you want to go? To Mexico for five nights? He's been several times, yes. And he has he's actually gone. He's tested these destinations himself. The sponsor has gone to these destinations and proven to himself that what he is giving us to offer to you is not some slimy little timeshare, that they're going to pull you into the back for five hours of your weekend, that you're there however long you're there.

No, it's a it's a bona fide vacation. Stay up for the LA County to work transportation to and from and just the hotel. I think the resort fees, I think they're called very little amount of money. And then the resort is on on Jason. So just do that. Oh, yeah. Bonnie says she'll be sending you her testimonial.

Fantastic. That's how it works. All right. This has been phenomenal. I hate to bring it to an end, but, you know, out of respect, I know. My gosh, it's like nine thirty in Pittsburgh. And you've got a two year old that's probably already asleep. I hope not. So you can say good night. And your wife's probably tapping her foot saying, where is Alex? You said you said nine thirty. You are going to be back. Come on. So I appreciate you and Alex, please. In all seriousness, tell your wife I said thank you for allowing me to share you with her for this time and giving us this wonderful hour of unbelievable wisdom. You are wise well beyond your years. And I'm not kidding in the light the slightest on that. You are an amazing gentleman and I look forward to getting to know you deeper as the years go on, my friend. So this is just the beginning. Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Cohen, be sure to take him up on that offer. If you don't if you haven't seen that, then rewind on the recording and the audio. Go back and listen to that. And we will see you on the next edition of the Mind Body Business Show on behalf of this amazing man, Alex Cohen. I'm your host, Brian Kelly, and we will see you again next time. Until then, so long and be blessed, everybody. Bye bye for now.

Thank you for tuning in to the mind body fashion show podcast at w w w dot the mind body business show com.

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Alex Kuhn

Alex Kuhn

Alex Kuhn, the founder of Born to Lead, helps impact-driven entrepreneur start, grow & lead 6,7 & 8 figure businesses. Over the past three years, 200+ clients have at least doubled their business in 12 months, with his clients generating more than $30m. Featured in Entrepreneur™, he regularly writes and speaks to 10k+ entrepreneurs weekly on the topics of aligned leadership, business flow, and resonance marketing. Having failed in his first 3 ventures, the key for him and his clients has been discovering their SuccessDNA™, or learning how to build the business model around the leaders unique, innate leadership gifts. He wants every big vision, heart-led entrepreneur to know they are not that far off and to never forget they were born to lead a legacy.

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