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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hey, everybody. Welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. We have an amazing, amazing show for you tonight. I have an amazing guest. Her name is Alexis Haselberger. She is a productivity expert. And I love the fact that she's coming on because so many businesses require and need her services. Mine included. The beautiful thing is what she does is enables you to be more productive and have less stress so you can live a more free life, an enjoyable life. And we all want that, don't we? Absolutely. There's no doubt. And I'm so excited to bring her on in a moment. But before I do that, real quick, The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about? Well, in my now 55 years on this planet. Well, coming up close to it, I've began focusing on those people that were successful, particularly in the last decade or so. And I started learning what made them successful. You know, what were the what were the intangibles that made them successful? How did they act? What did they do every day on a daily basis? And I learned and found out that it primarily fell into three different areas. Three primary areas that I like to call the three pillars of success. And that would be, of course, you guessed it, mind, body and business mind. That's mindset. Mindset, which means a rock solid, empowered, powerful mindset, flexible in all situations. And that we're talking at the subconscious level. And that's a whole topic in its own right. And then there's body. Body is about taking care of yourself on the outside and the inside. So it's about exercise and it's about proper nutrition. And what I say exercise. It doesn't mean you have to become a champion bodybuilder as a male or a supermodel as a woman at all. It just means move. It means move and exercise on a regular basis. And then when you're eating and drinking to ingest those things that are going to serve you better. And we all know if we're doing that properly or not. And I'm not casting judgment on anybody, believe me. But this is what I've noticed of successful people. And then there's business. Now, business is multi faceted, multifaceted. There are many things in business that that you must learn the skill sets in order to operate at a peak level of performance in it. And those are things like sales, marketing, team building, systematized leadership skills. The list goes on and on. And the thing is, if you master just one of these three areas, just one, you will see a profound improvement in your professional life and your personal life. And so if you've not mastered any of the three, I highly recommend you start with mindset. And then also at the same time, there is no excuse not to to go into body at the same time. And we might discuss each of those areas tonight. We may not. It's kind of an organic show. Often we can go into business. We will see. But past shows, we have covered it all. And all you have to do is look back at and look at the past shows, pull down and watch those shows because the value has been immense from people just like the one you're about to meet. Alexis Haselberger. I can't wait to bring her on. I promise. She's coming on very soon. And so with that, one of the things with successful people that I also noticed was that they are voracious readers. And I you know, it hit me right between the forehead or the right, between the eyes on the forehead. At one moment, because I had not read anything. I mean, my entire life I didn't read unless I was told I had to. And finally, I realized I should be. And I began reading about a decade ago voraciously. And I listened to Audible a lot. And so with that, I like to segue into a segment I like to call appropriately Bookmarks.

(Informational screen) Bookmarks. Born to read. Bookmarks. Ready, steady, read. Bookmarks. Brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yes, You see it to the side of me, and by the way, real quick note, if you're watching this, it doesn't matter if you're watching it live or recorded or listening to it. Be sure to get out a pad of paper and a pen and take notes instead of going to another tab on your browser or jumping onto a computer if you're watching on your phone and going to the Web sites and resources that we mentioned during the show. And here's the reason why. And this goes back to the early days of seminars and boot camps, because the magic happens in the room. In the room. And I would really hate for you to miss any single word that Alexis has coming up very soon, because it may be that one tidbit of information that could literally transform your life. And I'm not kidding that all here, because I've seen it happen where people would literally leave a room, come back and go, oh, my gosh, what did I just miss? It's like, sorry, it's over with. So don't don't leave the room. Stay with us. Take notes and stay with us. Sounds good. What is that? It is a website. I literally put together with you and mind you, the entrepreneur, the business person, the one that's trying to improve in their business, because as entrepreneurs, we never stop trying to improve our business no matter what level we're at today either. If we're just starting or already, super successful entrepreneurs have it in their blood to continue to strive to improve. And so what I've done is I've put together a list of books that I personally have read. And so they are vetted by at least one successful person. So you can at least go to a library, quote unquote, of books that you know or have a very good idea will not be a waste of your time, because not every book I've ever read is on this list. Obviously, only those that had impact on me, either through business or personal or both. A long list, a love. I loved all these books as I see them scrolling up and down. And so that's my point there. It's real short and brief. It's, you know, one of the. You see it on the screen. You know, the number one reason for lack of success is not simply a lack of reading books, but it's also the lack of reading the right books. So be sure you pick the right ones that will nurture your mind, help your skill set, and also propel you into a much more firm and fit body to go with all that. Some good. Speaking of success, I think it's time we bring on our very special guest expert. Shall we do that? Yeah, let's do that right now.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy. Skillful. Professional. Adept. Trained. Big league. Qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there she is, ladies and gentlemen, the one the only Alexis Haselberger. Yes. I'm so excited, so happy that you have agreed to come on the show, Alexis. How are you doing this evening?

Alexis Haselberger:
I'm doing great. Thanks for having.

Brian Kelly:
Fantastic. Fantastic, fantastic hair. Right before I jump in and formally introduce you. I want to remind our viewers and our listeners, mostly our viewers who are here watching live that stand to the end and you'll learn how you can win a five night stay. There's the five at a five star luxury resort in Mexico, compliments of our good friends at Write that one down as well. And that will be at the end of the show. We do this every single show. We give away one free vacation state every single time. I kid you not. And I promise you, it is not a lure to get you to sit down and watch out for our 8:00 hour time share pitch. None of that happens. It is a legitimate, wonderful vacation. Stay with that. Let's bring on our guest, Alexis Haselberger. Here is a time management and productivity coach with a background running H.R. and UPS in startups through her coaching and consulting practice. Alexis helps people with big jobs, big lives or both to do more, to stress less and to create the balance. That's right for them. I love that intro. I love that bio. I love that it's so short because we can get into really learning about you.

Alexis. And on that note, what I'd like to do is when I open the show, each and every time is dig deeper and find out more about what makes you someone like you that's very successful. What makes you tick. And so others can relate be you will be relatable to them and they can go, oh, my gosh, I can do that. So for you, Alexis, and this is very personal for each person, because it's unique to each person because it's something that we're trying to hide. But it's just unique when you get up in the morning, like if you're anything like me, I'm a little groggy when I get up or a lot. And, you know, your body swings around your feet, hit the floor you're starting to come to and the realization starts to calm. You're regaining consciousness, so to speak, and you're like, wow, OK. Here comes a day. The drive starts kicking in. The motivation starts kicking in for you. What are those things that start kicking in that really get you motivated to not just start the day, but to sustain you through out the day and each week that you go at it? So it's a great question. I think very first thing that comes to mind, right? Right now, my family have a life that I want. And then what motivates me, what sustains me is really the. Right. Part of it is about me.

Right. I want to be living a life where I'm using my own time in service of my own goals and value. And the other side of it is that I get excited to talk to my clients to help them do that. And, you know, I started this business because I found that, you know, I, for whatever reason, was able to not burn out. I was able to be productive in my jobs, get things done, did not work crazy hours and not be super stressed. And I started to think about all the readers and all the techniques that I was using. And I saw that there was a way for me to show that they could offer that, that they could accomplish what they wanted to accomplish, but also a life at the end of the day. And so that's what really keeps me going through spreading that gospel truth. And that's what I love about you and other entrepreneurs I've had on this show, is it's always about other people that the drive is very rarely about oneself. You know, when it gets down to it, it is because when you get when you help other people, that's gratifying to you as a person. But the focus is on helping others and helping them to understand and recognize they don't have to have a stressful life because there are techniques are skills that, you know, that you have imparted upon your clients that helped them get past that.

I mean, there who doesn't want that? I mean, if there is somebody out there that doesn't want that, show me who that is. No, I don't want to do that is I don't want anything to know about it. So it's fantastic. And I'm appreciative of what you do because I have had a similar coach that did something in my mind that was similar to what you do. I don't know all the details of what you do yet, but it sounds very similar as we were talking off camera before we started. And I just love what you do because of the result it had for me. It's like what a service that you provide because it is liberating. That's the best word I can come up with. It's liberating. It's like, wait a minute. I used to work my absolute ever loving butt off for eight, nine, 10, 12 hours. And get very little done. And now I can get it done in four, five, because just because I changed a few habits and because someone on the outside could look in and tell me, oh, yes, it does make these little adjustments and they weren't big ones. I'm like, wow. And I got to enjoy time with my wife. More time on one, on one. And the phone was shut off en route dinner. It was awesome. So I love what you do and the service you provide for others.

I can just imagine how happy so many people have been by employing your services and how many more will be as a result of your getting out in front of them. You know, it's like the show helping the market. You know, it would be a phenomenal gift for everyone to enable them to get to know you. Now, in the beginning of the show, I mentioned the importance of of reading. And I can only imagine, you know, because of your success, that you're probably also a good reader. And I was just curious, what would you say is your favorite? You like your go to book that if you were to say that anybody just starting out or maybe just one that just had a huge impact on you, it doesn't have to be business related, but it really helped you in the personal sphere or the business here that you would say this would be the book I would start with because it really had an impact on me. That's going to be really off the wall. That's right. All right. I think it would be a stranger by. Oh, there. This is the book that have the biggest impact on me when I was in high school. And I know kind of how our musical taste doesn't change. I think are, you know, what affects that's when we're young girls. Right. And the reason I say this is that, you know, I also studied existentialism in college.

And existentialism is what some people find to be an incredibly depressing viewpoint on the world. But I actually think that it's the most fruitful viewpoint that there is. I just think that we make her decide how would likely impact and move around. So anything that comes from that sort of an existential mindset is something that is very powerful. And if you haven't read it, I think it's just no matter what you get of that, love it. You have to look that up. I have not heard of that one. The stranger. Fantastic. Yeah. And often when I as soon as I get off the show, like when we're done here, I'll go on my phone to audible directly and download that book, you know, whatever I get from a previous guest. And that's actually gone quite well. There's one the biology of I have to remember what it is. It's an amazing book, The Biology of Life, while yourself I forget. It's a really great book. It's so great. I can't remember the title. Right. But there, you know, there's certain books as I read them. Some can actually surpass ones I read in the past. And that's what happened with one. It was like, wow, this one's amazing. And it's in a completely different space, too. You know, it's not direct, it's not business, it's not personal development.

It's just understanding of one's body and how it works at a cellular level. And it's really, really interesting. So, yeah, you're right about that. You're right. It's that I mean, I don't read that many business, but I read a lot. Yeah, I've read four books last week, but not that many of them are business books because I think you can grasp things related to your business or anything else. Absolutely. They definitely can complement and help and assist you in in going forward because business is a relationship. It's a relationship. I mean, people like to separate business from personal lives, right? They're really very similar because you're not going to have a transaction unless you make a personal connection most often unless you're a very avid Internet marketer. But one of the most prolific Internet marketers I know personally today, Tom Antione. He has a very strong personal touch connection as part of his model of his business. Even though it's an automated business, Internet marketing, he is very big on personal outreach and touch and incredible with support. So I think when it comes down to it, it's all about personal relationships. The human beings, how we operate, how can we effectively communicate with each other? Very important. Hugely important when it comes to business and sales and marketing for sure. So amazing. Now, I I I can only venture to guess you look pretty darn fit to me. How important would you say? You know, we talk about the mind now we're going in the body.

How important would you say physical fitness is to you and why would it be important to you? So I would say it wasn't always as important to me, but not for the last eight years or so. I've been running four to five times. So it is pretty important to me now. And I think the reason that it's important to me when I think, you know, sometimes you have your best thoughts when you're out there, you're not thinking about anything. Also, you know, it's important for me to be healthy and strong, so. Long time for my kids. So, you know, it's not as much about looking a certain way as it is about actually having the stamina to keep going and feel good and be able to walk a lot and, you know, not be out of breath at any time and things like that. So I think it's really important and I know that a lot of people get a lot of mental health benefits from it as well. I'm one of those rare people who did not get any endorsements from Romney. Yet I still do it. I don't think you're alone in that genre. Kessler running can be not fun for a lot of people and endorphins. I normally would notice that happening when doing lake strength or resistance training or you're lifting weights. Either physical weights or your own body weight where you're actually really contracting your muscles.

That's when I feel the biggest, you know, endorphin rush. I used to be in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, and you said it perfectly. I mean, you just said it perfectly. You talked about a couple of things. One was having a clear mind. So you're kind of all by yourself. So it's in a way, therapeutic. It's just you and yourself and your thoughts and your body moving and then being around longer. Right. And being more. What did you say? Productive or cognitive? He could concentrate better. All that. And the thing that you did say that was the most powerful for anyone to have a reason to do exercise is not about looking good. That was not. Oh, that is not her number one reason. It wasn't. It's not even on the top. So Alexis gets it. That is exact. So most people, especially guys being one, I know they're out there to look, you know, they're out there to beef up and look great and have a six pack. And, you know, attract the women. And the thing is, if you go in with that as your primary objective, it is so much harder to finish the race. And that is because it takes a long time to sculpt the body. A long time. It depends on the workout regimen that attrition if it didn't take a long time, that would be it would be, you know, everywhere you look to be a bodybuilder walking down the street.

It takes a lot of effort and time when you have the right mindset. As Alexis does, toward nutrition, toward the body, that's when you get the results that are going to catapult you, not only in your business life, but in your personal life. Because now her mind is clear. She's got the stress is gone. She's talking about productivity and reducing stress that way. Well, she's doing it already to prime herself to help you to go farther, to reduce stress when she works with you after she's done running. So it's amazing. Great man. I almost did a backflip of joy right there when you said not about looking good because most of the people do it for two to look good. Right. I'm getting a little I look do I look fat in this dress or guys are saying, man, I can't see my belt anymore. And, you know, stuff like that. Well, those things are good, too, you know, to get healthier. It's just harder to sustain if that's your primary reason. That's what I found in my years of doing a personal training and fitness so that you hit the nail on the head on that one. That's fantastic. And so you've been doing this. You've been doing this productivity coach training for some time now for over a year, over a year, two years.

I started this business in January of 2010. OK. This kind of work for 20 years. But I been doing that on my. Gotcha. Thank you for that. OK. So what was it? So whatever you did before, you know, you're working with start ups and that and human resources. I can only imagine what that was like. But I'm sure you learned a lot and that helped catapult you. What what was the thing that ignited the spark in you to do this? Just to branch out, to start your own business and do it on your own? What was that? Yeah. So I was all these were you know, I worked with startups. Startups are just full of way too much to do and not enough people. And so you've got people kind of burning the candle at both ends, burning out. Always you're trying to get as much as we can, but not really understanding that we need breaks. You know, it actually helps us to work twelve hours a day. Nobody is concentrating for 12 hours a day. You're maybe getting six hours in there. And so while I was doing all this work and each hour work, I became kind of the go to person a her productivity and more for court systems implementation. I was trying to make things easier, more streamlined. So let me ask you, what's hard work, right? So then we're can have more time for himself.

And so, yeah, I became really good at that. And I started getting a lot of positive feedback in those in those rounds. And when the last startup that I worked for when you decided to shut down. I realize that not only was the productivity and time management stuff the most fun for me. I'm a huge geek about all this stuff and not only was I good at it, but I started to kind of pull it from all sorts of different traditions about different techniques, etc. But also it was the most impactful thing that I've been doing for other people. I was getting a lot of feedback from them that what I had done for them really helped them.

And so that's when I kind of decided, you know, I don't really think I want to spend my time anymore working towards somebody else's goals. I think I wanted to spend my time working towards my goals. And my goal was to bring that same kind of piece of being able to accomplish what you want. Being able to spend more time on the things you want to do, less time on the things you don't want to do, and decrease stress and bring that to more people so that more people can experience the kind of life that they want instead of this kind of stressed out rat race that a lot of.

Fantastic. And was there any trepidation, fear, doubt going into this? I'm gonna do this on my own.

Yeah, of course. Right. I knew it would. I would not be lying if I said no. Right. But I think what I did is I gave myself a deadline.

I have to be making some money by X date. And if I can prove to myself that I can do that, then I can go out. I also talked to a lot of entrepreneur friends who told me, look, you gotta give it three years. Really? No winning something or not. So I don't know. I feel like I'm doing pretty well a year and a half proud. But yeah, of course there is trepidation. But I also really believe in what I was doing and I knew that I was just a matter of my field skills and marketing skills. I didn't really support and getting into an uncomfortable putting yourself out there. I think that's that's the key, right?

You can sit around all day like making your website, get out there and make yourself uncomfortable by e-mailing all those people who you haven't talked to from high school into a business. You know, you're not going to get you're not going to. You're not going to have people know about you. And how do you get Francis? People know that you know you exist.

Exactly. Well, so many golden nuggets there. I hope everyone's taking notes. My goodness. I love the fact that you were giving the advice to give it three years. I'm glad that that was the advice you were given. It may take longer. Sometimes it's five to 10. Depends on the types of mentoring and coaching you end up getting and then how much passion and drive you personally have. And you have the latter for sure. There's no doubt about that. And you're already on your way. So it's fantastic. It's a wonderful ride. You'll you'll grow and learn and change over time. That's a beautiful thing. You also talked about getting out of your comfort zone, which is paramount. So it sounds like you've gotten some coaching somewhere, whether through books or through people, because that is a key. That was one of the keys to always going farther in your business to growing is to get out of your comfort zone on a regular basis, not just once here and there, but continually because it's like it's like a ship in the water. If if, you know, if you don't move, if you're not moving and you're a sail ship all, can you change the direction that you're travelling? If it's not moving in the water? No, the oars in the water.

But there's nothing moving around it to make it turn. The only way you can turn and correct course is if you are moving. So take that step. Go out and get uncomfortable and you might start off pointing in the wrong direction. But because you are moving, you can actually steer it and change the direction and keep refining where you aim that ship until you start aiming right down the middle of where you know it should be. The other thing you said that's really important for people to understand is you didn't just come up with an idea and then go. I love this idea because I came up with it. I'm going to go make a business out of it instead. You had something that has already shown and proven to be effective and more importantly, the market. Either people telling you about it told you they wanted it, right. So many people want to you know, we all have great ideas. Every one of us, every human on the planet. And, you know, we think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. And we put it on the market and we hear crickets. It's because we need to find out if the market is open to it.

If they're ready for it. If our messaging is proper to bring them in, to get interested in it. If it's a proven market and it's something if you're doing something that people want, then you're way ahead of the game. And so many people just throw these things out there. I'm gonna do this new app. What does it do? Oh, it does. X, Y, Z. So does anybody say they'd like it? Oh, my buddy thinks it's a great idea. Like, would he buy it? I don't about that. You know, you got to you got to test the market first and you've done that. So kudos to you. Fantastic. You're on a great, great path already. And I know that, you know, being a entrepreneur solo for an hour, that, you know, it's real easy, right? Everything's easy. It takes no no effort. Piece of cake, all just autopilot. Right. So if you were to if you were to quantify it, you know, if you were to write down, if you were to think back how many hours a day and maybe I should rephrase that. How many hours a day and night maybe. Do you work on your business right now?

So I know the exact answer, because I track my time for know a couple months every year just to see how I'm nothing. So I last tracked a couple of months ago and I was working about 35 hours a week, actually wound up at. Not that. Now, that doesn't mean that there are some days where, you know, I'm putting in 14 hours because I got a big deadline or a big workshop I'm doing for a company and I love that. But on the whole, I'm I'm really not working for you.

You know, it's almost like you're like a product of a product or something, huh? Not right. I mean, I don't teach anybody anything. I don't do myself. That doesn't mean.

Oh, thank you so much for saying that. And please, everyone listening. Write that down. How many goodness sakes I can count. I can think of so many. One in particular that looked me in the eye. I remember this one person. I'm not going to name any names or anything or give it away, but because I'm not here to tear people down.

But just for an example, one person I thought highly of, really highly of, and that person just finished the segment on stage talking about different incredible things. And I remember at one point I was able to have a chat with this individual. And I asked I said, hey, that one thing that you talked about at this time and you know, I'm not going to talk about the details of it. I said, so tell me, how exactly do you go about doing that? And the response was, oh, me. Yeah, well, I don't actually do that. I just think it's good for other people. They should do it. I'm like, are you kidding me?

And that was the beginning of the end of my praising and following this individual, because right away there was a there was a disconnect, a value disconnect between he and I thought, oh, my goodness, this is not right. Thank you for saying that you are a product of the fact you practice what you preach. And I hope everyone listening. If you haven't started, start that way. If you have started and you're not doing that, stop what you're doing and do it with integrity and only promote and teach those things you yourself either are doing now or you have successfully done in the past because you can't be doing absolutely everything at the same time every single day. Right. But or it could be someone very near and dear to you that, you know, with all every fiber in your being that they use that technique successfully as well. But beyond that, I would say don't even don't even promote it if you're not a product of the product. So thank you. I love this.

It's actually a really good thing to bring up about other people because in productivity, not everything that works for me is going to work for you. And not everything that works for one of my clients is going to work for me. But I definitely never tell anyone to try something that I don't know that has worked for people, you know, or someone else. Right.

That's that's great. Yeah, and that's true. Different people have different responses to different stimulus going through a net that has an a big part to do with their personalities and that that could take us down a whole another path. And I could talk all night. And this is about you, not me. So you are a family woman. You have two amazing young men in your life. And then a third who's. Well, he's a young man, I'm sure, too. But he's your husband. How has it so you've made this shift almost two years ago?

It's a year and a half plus. How is being an entrepreneur is making that shift? How does that have an impact on your family, on your personal life? If it has it all?

Yeah. I mean, I think actually I am working a little bit more than I do because for a long time I worked 30 hours a week. I'm working a little bit more.

But I think what has been really nice about it is that I've had the ability to show my kids what it looks like, something in my shirt. It's nice to be able to show your kids that there are other things, you know, working for other people.

They've also seen that's working very well. And so they have additional models of what that's like and what kind of work it takes to make it.

Oh, so they're living learning great life lessons by seat, by nothing more than your example, which is phenomenal. This my gosh, I think we were separated at birth. I think you're us. My sister by another mr. Because we have so many things in common. It's amazing. I I came up and cut my teeth in the corporate world as well and didn't know about this. This wonderful world of entrepreneurship. I just thought there was something wrong with me because I hated working for anyone else. I hated doing things that I was being told to do no matter what it was. Then I really hated being told when the dorm and when they were due. Then I even more hated when they were telling me how to do. I'm like, come on, I'm not a robot. And so then I learned about this thing and my eyes were open about entrepreneurship. And I've been going gangbusters since. And the same exact thought process went through my mind. Lexis, which was now my kids have the ability to understand there is more to their choices and whichever way they choose.

I am perfectly fine with. I just want them to know there is this other world out there and for me, it's an amazing, glorious world. For them it may not be. And that's okay, but at least they know. I didn't even know my eyes were shut. I didn't know. And that's not a fault of my parents. They only knew what they knew. They loved us. They did everything they could. So thank you for bringing that up, because, you know, some would say, well, you know, I have less time to work on my build my family and go through the negative. And you went straight to. Well, actually, this is helping my kids. It's like phenomenal. I love it.

Right. Like, I wouldn't be doing something I felt was doing the opposite.

Yeah, that could be different for different people. Others, you know, have the best intentions and they say, well, for a little bit, I'll allow it knowing that I'm gonna give it this much time until it succeeds. But going in that way right away, it's obvious now to me and probably everyone listening that you knew you loved what you were about to go into and that you knew and you had a very good confidence that you were gonna succeed at it very quickly.

And that's again, because you had already tested the marketplace, whether you meant to or not, you already had done that. And that's a beautiful thing. You are one of a rare individual in entrepreneur space and a phenomenal oh, gosh. Is a blessing for you to have that already going in. So. And then what you do. I just love the fact. I mean, talk about something that is serving in nature. I can't think of many things that aren't as serving in nature as what you do, because I've experienced it. Have I not experienced that? I wouldn't know what I'm talking about right now, but I do. And it's a game changer. I think we're talking off camera and I was talking about hard work, my butt off for hours and hours and hours, like 10, 15, 12 hours a day and then got a productivity coach like you. And then when I was done, I was getting everything done in four hours and had the rested day to be with my wife. And my kids are like, this is amazing. Or I could spend that extra time working more. But he he was smart, said, don't stop.

Set your boundaries. Right. And I think, you know what he said to you about people who go into entrepreneurship and things like, well, I'm going to do this for a while. You're setting your boundaries. Right. And if you don't stop them, then you're not going to somehow pull back later.

Yeah, absolutely. You're right. I mean, that's exactly. Very down the same path. My coach told me, was he basically like just basically looked at Mike. He said, what do you do every day? And he wrote it all down. He goes, OK, let's talk. I'm going to help you. And he was blown away. He's like, I've never seen anybody work as much as you do, Brian. You're crazier and say you're crazy. You just said, I've never met anyone in my life that puts so much into every day that you do. And I didn't know if that was a good thing or not. You know, he said that. But what I want to ask you, I'm very curious now that you are going through you have clients that you're helping, you've done it before in the corporate world. What do you what are you finding? Are there any common things that are keeping your clients from before they meet you, from being as productive as they can be? Are you noticing any kind of pattern developing or are they all different and unique?

I mean, yes. And yes, they're clearly dramatic.

Right. I think a huge thing that that many people are. When I started working with people and I was say that most of my clients are very successful, they have their, you know, engineers, doctors, lawyers, working parents. It's right. There are people who have had success. Right. So are people who are by all means are productive, but maybe they're a little stressed out on wait hours, etc.. One thing I find pretty commonly is that people are trying to use their memory. Did you all this stuff? Right. They're not using an external system or not passing out your lines. They're trying to keep it all on their head. And it is really hard for us to prioritize and even see what we're getting through and what we're not getting to. That's a big one. And then then there's like some external thing today. And one of the reasons people who were is too many and not only too many meetings that are aren't serving them, that are not showing up at perfect time to be there. And then also on a mountain and all of the notifications and all of that stuff that kind of like this all day long. One of my favorite and also the most horrifying statistic is that a study showed a few years ago that when we get interrupted, when we get distracted from something for whether that's the thing going on on our phone or even when we just interrupt ourselves by going to check our email and we're in the middle of writing a document, it takes us on average twenty three, not second 23 minutes to regain focus on what we were doing. And so we think about how many times a day we're. Interrupted or distracted and we'll do that. You can see why people feel like they're going, going, going, going, going all day long. And yet they get to the end of the day and nothing.

Ouch. Twenty three minutes. That that does actually ring true with me. You know, I was thinking about that when you said it. It it. I mean, it does it knocks you for a loop, especially if you're deeply into something that requires a rhythm to continue to then complete. Oh, my gosh. So much of what I do is technical. This hits me personally perfectly. You know, I'll be in the middle of updating one of my automation and there. Some of them can be complex, you know, in the middle. And then I get a notification or I left my e-mail open and I see it either caught my eye like and then I go off to it and I look down like, oh, my God, I just lost an hour. What happened?

Right. Right. Or when you go on your phone to check something and somehow within an hour you even check the thing you meant to check that you're completely up to date on Facebook or Reddit.

So true. And so do you. I don't know if you do. Do you do you recommend any kind of tools or anything like help people with those types of interruptions, like maybe set aside certain times during the day to say this is the way you shut all that off and then you could focus and then you're you're OK and you're approved to turn them back on after you do something like that.

I know everybody turn off all of the notification. All of them. That one's on your desktop. The ones on your phone or e-mail or slap. Turn them all up.

And it's not that, you know, you can check your e-mail every 15 minutes if you want to, but you want to be making the decision.

You want to be checking e-mail, social media, whatever it is that you're checking for. You want to be doing that on your own schedule because somebody else decided to send you there. They could be sending that message about you and your work. Right. They're just getting it out there. And so, you know, in an ideal world, I think checking and processing e-mail three times a day is great and processing it down to zero every time you go in there. That's something that I help a lot of my clients get. But it's something that, you know, takes work. Right. A lot of the stuff that I teach is simple, but it's not easy.

Right. Everything to work together. But turning off those notifications so that you can take back control of the technology instead of it controlling you. I think it's really important. First step.

I think that's sound sound advice as well. I got an interesting thought. A question to ask you, I'm sure. I would imagine it's come across once before at least. So I'm looking to become more productive and get more time in my day, Alexis. So wait a minute. You're telling me I have to now spend more time with you, the time that I don't have in my day to free up more time. How is that going to work? Right.

Right. A lot of people who work under you say we don't even have time for this. I feel like I need this kind of thing that I can always assure everyone is that the time that they spend is going. They're going to get that back and say, there you go. Start out there. I think that says that for every one minute of planning, you save 10 minutes an execution.

And I think that really, you know, that that has so many three lines to, you know, all sorts of areas of our life. Right. So it's not just about planning our days. It's also about planning what we're going to spend time on. It's about learning the techniques that are going to help us to gain hours back later. And sometimes, like a lot of things, it gets messier before it gets cleaned. Right. You know, eat your heart for that. You know, the four months or so that someone may be in my program working with me. But by the end of it, the thing that almost every single person says is I feel in control, which is, you know, maybe they're not even working less hours. Hopefully they are, but maybe they're not. But they all say, I feel in control now.

Yeah, it makes sense. It's it's kind of like I think about, you know what, if you're remodeling a kitchen, you know, you're going to improve the kitchen. But to do that, you need to tear a lot of things down and make a big mess. Not saying that you're making a mess with these clients, but you have to kind of go back where before it and go forward. And the beautiful thing is, when you're done, though, you look bango, man, the whole thing was worth it, because now I have this incredible smart kitchen now with all these automation and I get more done on my kitchen than I used to. I just thought that metaphor, that was pretty fun. But I think it sounds similar to something like that. And I get it because I've been through the process. It's like, you know, you might have to take them through some uncomfortable situations because what you're doing is you're changing their habits. You're recommending they change their life because they're changing their habits. And many people I want to do that. But all you need to do is understand and recognize that Alexis gets you the. Results you're after. So whatever it takes to get those results, all you need to do is say, yes. How do I do that? Where do I start? Show me the way.

Right. Right. And we experiment. We try a lot of things. Not everything works. Right. And then habits. You talk about habits, which is really important. Habits take time. You're not going to overnight say, oh, I'm going to just change this behavior and then the next day that behavior change. We all know that I wouldn't have a job.

You wouldn't have a job? No personal trainer wouldn't have a job if it worked like that. Right. And so it takes it takes work. You have to be committed to it.

But what you get out of it is so valuable because it lasts for the rest of your life.

So there you have it, a service that is provided that lasts your entire life, not just, you know, you have to keep coming to me and paying me for months on end and you can if you want, if you need to have the you know, we could go off track on occasion. And the beautiful thing is there's someone there like Alexis who is our coach to catch us if we're falling and say, OK, I'll help you get back on the track. And so but the beautiful thing is, you know, you're going to set them on the right path. They won't need your services for ever afterward. But they know that you're there in case they do.

And that's an amazing thing, to have that comfort zone to know that they can come back and if they do get off track at that time. So you have gone through both sides. You've worked for someone else. And now for almost two years, you have been an entrepreneur. What do you feel now that you've been through this experience is the major difference between being an entrepreneur and those who work for someone else. What does that tell you? What's the difference? Well, I agree.

Well, I I think I would say that's right. I used to say I would never be an entrepreneur. I'm a very risk averse person. And I actually still think that the primary thing that divides people who want to start a business is that level. You have to you have to be willing to know that it might not work out. You certainly hope it will. And you're going to do everything you can in your power to make it work. But there is that level of risk tolerance. And I don't know why she didn't need to make me a little bit more able to see the value in that red. I do think it's a good thing. And then the other one, I think is optimism. I mean, I think you have to give every entrepreneur I've ever worked with, no matter how long or anything. And including myself, you have to believe in what you're doing and believe it's going to make a difference and believe it's going to see it. There's no room for pessimism. I don't think for yourself. You know, the person you baby this business is you don't believe in your heart that it's going to work. It's not. I think it's like that level of optimism where, you know, when you working for someone else. You know, a lot of times you're not feeling great about a company. You work for people, you work hard. You know, it's just not not a super optimistic environment business for yourself.

And that's absolutely true. And that's one of the things that was like a big, massive loving magnet that sucked me into entrepreneurship was as I went to seminars and networking events and I went through the doors and I looked around, talked to people like, my gosh, you guys are different. You're always like can do versus can't do in the corporate world, which I was so familiar with. I was like, oh, but we've always done it that way. You know, in the corporate world. So there's no way we're gonna change that. Like, why not? And then you go to an entrepreneur event and it's exact opposite. In fact, one of the most positive people I ever met on the planet is watching us right now on Instagram. Jason asked who is the founder of Power Texting, our sponsor for And I I kid you not. He was one of the first guys I met as I began my walk in entrepreneurship many years ago. And I just and I told him this. I said, you're the most positive person I think I've ever met. I I can't think of anyone else I've ever met that's more positive than you. And then that that really rubbed off on me and it took time. But I became that positive person. I don't know if I'm as positive as he is to this day, but I'm way more than I used to be.

And you're right. Optimism is key and and belief. Like you say, belief in what you're doing is going to work and that you're in it. You're in it. Like all I'm all in it. And then risk that's inherent. Todd's partnership, you know, risk is inherent to it. Entrepreneurs take risks. And God bless us entrepreneurs for taking risks, because without those, there would be no businesses for employees to work at. Period. End of story. So it does take a different mentality, a different view on life. And it takes some getting out of a comfort zone, doesn't it? Alexis? Because when you're not used to doing that and you know, if you're corporate, you're used to being told what to do, when to do and how to do it. You have no you have to worry about and you're never you're rarely optimistic, are you? Because everyone's at the watercooler complaining about their day that they're not getting paid enough and that they're going to another meeting that's wasting their life. So I agree with you on the meetings, too. By the way. Big time. My goodness. So given all that, if you were to if you were to think of one thing about being entrepreneur that you love the most. What is your absolute favorite thing about being an entrepreneur, about making that switch and now doing that full time?

For me, the absolute best thing is.

I only do thing I want I want nobody there telling me I have to do a lot of great work for a lot of great. But at the end of the day, I was not always doing things that I wanted to do. I was doing things that sometimes I didn't even think were the best things to do right. Because I had different ideas. But when you're not the boss, you don't know we've got to make a decision. And, you know, I work in a lot of great places. I didn't have a lot of people.

There's a huge difference between getting up on Monday morning and knowing that all the things that you're about to do are things that you decided to do yourself. First coming in on a Monday morning and knowing that that are going to be serving.

Oh, yeah, definitely big time on that one. And you know, the commute is a bit better, isn't it?

I was lucky enough to work from home for the last six years before I opened my. That's nice.

I got used to it. It's good in.

You know, that's interesting. You bring up the fact that you get to do it. You know what you want to do when you want to do it. And that's always a huge attraction factor to those who are looking at a branch on their own. And I remember this so vividly. I used to I used to go to seminars and networking events like boot camps that were entrepreneur base, business base. I mean, a lot. I was a junkie in a good sense. And I just remember there were there were so many times I would develop a relationship with someone who would then be the primary speaker at the next one said, hey, man, you should come out. Okay, cool. When is it? It's it's on this date on this month that I looked it up. And I know that's Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, bro. I can't do that. So why not? Oh, man, I have to say it. I work. I have a full time job. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. And they'd give you that look. I'm like, I don't like seeing this anymore. I know. I got to the point where I never said I had a corporate job. I didn't want anybody to know. It was like a blessing to have the money coming in.

But it was a curse because I couldn't establish a deeper relationship with those I wanted to because it was holding me back, because they are doing things on days where, well, when normal people are working. And I miss so many opportunities. I remember Jason who's on right now. He's still talking. He says, yeah, we love you on Instagram. And I appreciate that, Jason. And I know on Instagram, if you're watching, The View is very different. It's very narrow, but at least you can hear us. And that's the important part for now. Fairly new technology on Instagram, live streaming. But it's so important to know that you have choice. I think that's the beautiful thing. And that's what I always I would watch these people and see the freedom they had by what they were saying, you know, listening to them. Yeah. Tomorrow, I'm gonna head off to New York and I'm like, wait, what? Tomorrow's Wednesday. How do you. Oh, yeah. You don't have to report to anybody. You know, back then I was just like, oh, I so envy what you do, not knowing what it took for them to get where they were at all. But at the time, just that's what I want. I want. I want.

I want that Kool-Aid. I want what they're drinking. So I totally get that. When you say to be optimistic, you know, you have to be optimistic and go forward and be like it. You could not succeed if you're pessimistic. It isn't gonna work. It isn't going to work. That's mindset right there. So work on your mindset. And I did that. I actually utilized something called an LP neuro linguistic programming. That's what I learned many years ago. I became certified in it. That is the one thing that transformed my life. And I don't say that about anything else. I'm not a dramatic, dramatic person. But that helped me to write that negativity. Ship and man, what a world it is. When you have changed into that, it's an amazing world. I love it. As an entrepreneur. So you're you're going out, you're looking for clients. You're also I would imagine you're you're recognizing what works and what doesn't. As you're going through, you know, these sessions with your clients and taking notes. How do you generate new ideas like brand new ideas that just bubble up and say, you know what, I can do this and enhance my business going forward or maybe enhance my marketing? How do you generate new ideas going forward?

I mean, I mentioned before, I can't tell you the number of times I've been out on a run stop for 10 seconds, like write down an idea that I have. I think I definitely make sure to have a couple of other entrepreneurs and I meet with them on a regular basis. And that sparks a lot of ideas. We hear about something. Somebody's doing its work. You know, I could try that work for me reading, you know, reading a lot of books. I read a lot and I feel like I will often have it sort of like, oh, you know, I'm not even I'm reading a novel or something. But I'll also be like, oh, that's interesting. Like, I wonder how I could integrate that. So I think that ideas are all around that. And the important thing is that. We actually collect them to keep track of them and then have them away. Right. I me, I keep track of all of the ideas about things that I'm maybe not going to prioritize tomorrow, but then I will figure out a good idea, I might add, on a quarterly basis. I called through all of that and decide what I'm actually going to do.

Oh, well, and I'm sure I'm seeing the brilliance of you and the productivity coach big time right here, because that's the key. Like you said in the beginning, that one of the biggest issues that most people have when it comes to lack of productivity is they are relying on their memory too much. And you just said it. I mean, literally, you're running and you're stopping to record and document the idea.

Very important and very powerful tip right there, meeting with other entrepreneurs. That is a huge one. Some would call those masterminds. Depends on how it's how it's organized and how it's run. That is by far. That's one of the biggest because it's great to have the input of others. Oh, it's so great to have the input of others. Just I kid you, not just the other day I was talking to my good friend as we speak of him. Jason, next, we talk often and he gave me some great ideas on ways to tweak this very show. This very show. And I did make those tweaks already because of someone else's vantage point. Right. We're you know, we can get so in our business that we can't see above and over and what others see to help improve and to have other people come in. That's phenomenal. That's phenomenal. Let's see. I'm looking at my notes because. Yes. So if you're watching right now or listening and you can see this, which you can't if you're listening on podcasts, but I'm the host of the show and I'm taking notes. So what's your excuse if you're not? Fantastic. My goodness. Here's a cool one. Now, if you were if you were the person, let's step back in now. Alexis is the host of the show.

And you're now able to ask any question you wanted. And the person on the other side is also Alexis. What question would you ask of yourself? And then as the guest, Alexis, how would you then answer that question? How would you respond?

Yeah. So I guess the question that I would ask, what types of things or what your business did you do to write? Right now, maybe made a mistake. But why did you wait too long? And you know, again, my business is more than open here. So I present many things that I should do. But I think one of those things where I really tried to sort of back a language, you're reaching out to people. I kind of waited to reach out for a little bit longer than my name. Maybe only a month or two. But I think, you know, the sooner that you can tell people what you're doing and get yourself out there so that people can even start making connections. Them I know like productivity. Oh, I have this friend over here. So they were really stressed out. The more connections you can make one more quickly, the more your network grows, the more people find out about you. So I would say, you know, over the past several months, I've done more and more of putting myself out there. And that just generates all these seeds that you have no idea which ones will grow. And so I would say I should have done that.

And the good news. And so there's a couple thing there's some great takeaways from this. One is I always say this, especially I did with my fitness clients. So let's say one of the exercises was something as simple as push ups.

And that's the. The program was calling for 10, do 10 and the client did it and could only do four. And the thing is that they they did those four. And we're trying with all their might to do number five. And what does the client do? Just like any of us would do is they start mentally kicking themself in the butt for not doing 10. And what I always say is I give you the right I give you permission not to kick yourself in the butt.

And rather pat yourself on the back for the reps. You did do. Right. And so you're learning as you're going and improving along the way, because the next time they built up a little bit more strength, they might do five the next time, maybe six. The next time, they might fall back to five. It just it's a little bit of an ebb and flow. But knowing that's OK. It's OK. Just let it go and keep moving forward. And I love that, you know, where you talked about, you were trying to perfect your message. And this is a great message. I'm glad you brought that up. It's not really procrastination. It's it's just there's a there's an acronym and it's misspelled. I know many of you are looking to go, that's wrong, Brian, but it's beige, which means better is the enemy of good enough. And often times we as humans want to be perfect and we spend more time trying to perfect something than just. Going and doing it. And that's called being an action taker and you have become that, you know, now that you've gotten over that and many people might still be hung up in what you are doing.

That's why this is so great that you're sharing this, Alexis, because you're helping an untold number of people to know that they can break through it. And it's better to make more mistakes faster than it is to wait and try to perfect it and get it. You're never gonna be right the first time. Let me say again, you will never be right the first time. So get it over with. Do it and find out from real life experience. That is the response you get. That tells you how to refine it and do it again. Quickly, do it again, quickly. Fail many times so you can succeed that one time much quicker than if you were to spend a month or two perfecting your message and then starting that process. And so that was valuable. Very valuable. Thank you, Alexis. Fantastic. I've been through that. I mean, every entrepreneur who started from the beginning has been through that very, very thing where we're trying to be too perfect shoe because we don't want to be wrong. We're human. Right. I'm not gonna be wrong. That's my ego. Come on.

Obviously, some of it's a little bit about your brain. Yeah. Now then, that's that. It's real. Right. But it's like you didn't get it out. You're right. It's never going to be perfect. Exactly. 100.

You're right. In fact, it will never be perfect, will it? But will it be better? Absolutely. Very much. Very possible. Maybe not. Every single change you make will make it better. But the trend line will be, yes, you'll get better. That's why we do it. It's called practice and you just continually do it. Another thing is to get a coach or mentor. If you're writing if you're crafting a message that's a marketing message, you may want to look into someone who's very prolific and copywriting and they know the right ways to assemble the language and the right steps and what to say. First paragraph second. That would be very beneficial. It saves you time. Delegate, outsource as much as you can as soon as you can. I learned that the hard way myself as well. And now I have five people helping me and my team. And it's like a godsend. I am. I'm like, wow, how did I do this without them? And now you can do so much more. That's the point to that. You can scale. Fantastic. So I do have one final question. I love to ask every one of my guests, and it's a wonderful question. And it's it can get a little deep, but it doesn't have to. And it's just interesting because every one of my past guests have answered this question and I've always been very intrigued by the answers I've gotten. But before we do that, I would be remiss if I didn't remind everyone and give them how they can now enter to win that five night stay at that five star luxury resort in Mexico, compliments of So just for a brief moment, just for a brief moment, you have our permission to pull out your phone so you can enter by doing what you see on the screen right now. And that is first type in the phone number (661) 535-1624. And then down on that little message area where you would normally type your message to text your buddy, your spouse, your significant other type in the word PEAK - P-E-A-K- and then tap that little that little symbol. It means send that sends out the text. So go ahead type in the number (661) 535-1624 and then put in the word PEAK in the message area - P-E-A-K - and hit send and you will be entered to win. We give away a vacation, stay every single show. And again, this is sponsored by our wonderful friends at Jason S. And Rhonda, they do a phenomenal job. This is using their very system. When you do this, when you text the word peak, you are using So I highly recommend you check them out as well. All right. Back to the woman of the Hour. So to demystify this a little bit. Alexis, the thing is about this question, just so you're aware, there is absolutely no such thing as a wrong answer. It's impossible. There cannot be one. The reason is, is it's a personal question. It's not, again, digging into your personal life. It's it's something that is a personal you'll have a personal response. It's unique to you again. In fact, just the opposite is the truth is the only correct answer is your answer, because it's unique to you. So now that you can just shrug off any like, OK, now I can relax. Well, when I ask this question, you may get it. You may have the answer right there. It may happen. I've seen both. Or it may is like, wow, I don't know. I mean, I need a second. Either way is fine. And so not only is there no wrong answer, there's no wrong way to answer the question. Makes it all right with all that. Alexis, are you ready for this question? All right, Alexis Hassler How do you define success?

I think that for sure, at the end of the day that I did that, I spend my time in a way hundred percent important with my own goals and my value for making sure that what I'm doing, what I'm spending my time on, what I'm doing with, you know, who I'm talking to, all of the things that are going on in my life that I'm doing, that an important stuff like that.

Oh, and here's another wonderful observation. So here here's a couple more, actually. One is no two people on this show yet. I sure I'm sure it's going to happen. But no two people have answered it the exact same way. And still, that is the case after yours.

And then the second is none of them have made that thing, you know, success. It's never been a focus on money.

You know, it's not just, you know, want to get my first two mil, then I'll be successful. It's never that. It's always something more deep, more personal, because if you think about it and many have, what does money do for us? It gets us the results we're looking for, which is freedom of time. Freedom to do what we want when we want it. But it's not money. That's the success. It's what we do to get there. Like you were just saying and yours is, you know, the certainty at the end of the day. Right. Certainty that you spent the day 100 percent congruent with your own values, that you've done everything in alignment with what you knew you wanted to accomplish. And that's awesome, because everyone's definition of success is different. And that's what I'm finding so mindblowing. It's so great.

I'm literally going to compile a book with these responses and yours will be included. I'll reach out for to make sure I have your permission before once we get some more in the queue. But thank you so much. What a phenomenal response. What a phenomenal evening. Thank you for coming on and spending an hour with me. You're in San Francisco area. I'm down south near L.A. so we're on the same time zone. That's a good thing. So it's not really late for you.

Are there any left? Oh, one more thing.

I almost forgot you have a gift to offer as well. And that is what I would like to do is basically handed over to you, if you don't mind. And you can describe to people what it is you're your giving to them and how do they acquire it. And I'll bring up your Web site as you do that, if that's OK with you. Sure.

Absolutely. Thanks so much for having me. I'd like to offer to your listeners is a free consultation. If you have heard us talking today and but, you know, I would like a little bit more of my life. I'd like to be able to accomplish what I want to and not sacrifice my personal life. If that sounds too good to you, if you want to leave work at work at home, if you want to know that you're also spending more time in accordance with your own values, which may be very different from mine, I would like to talk to you and offer you a free consultation that 45 minutes. And it's just a chance for you to get clarity on where you are and to see if there is any way that it would be helpful. Right. So everyone, you know who takes me up on this offer? You don't always end up working together, but I always make sure that you get to.

I love it, so that means there's no hard sell he can tell right away. And so I'm highlighting the button there, schedule a free consultation. And for you to get to this Web site, simply go to Alexis. That's A-L-E-X-I-S HASELBERGER - H-A-S-E-L-B-E-R-G-E-R - .COM

And you can just go to the website, The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. You'll see her name there. Underpass shows, you'll see Alexis just look for Alexis type in her name. or you can click on the little looks like a WordPress icon beneath her in that patch shows area and they'll take you straight there and you'll get a free consultation. You see it right there. It's it's flashing again. Know how that does that right on cue? That's amazing. I'm just kidding. I'm playing with a mouse here. And the other thing, as you mentioned, maybe a coupon code for something if they do take you up on going forward and working with you.

Yeah. So if anybody any friends here, we have a complication. We decided to write right. To work together. And you mentioned The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. So I'll give you 10 percent. What?

So. All right. So forty five minutes of free consultation time. That will not end up in a hard sell. You'll know if you're a fit. She'll know if you're fit and you'll come to come to join then. And then she's going to say and when you decide, yes, I'll give you another 10 percent off. So that's amazing. I so appreciate that, Alexis, and I appreciate what you do specifically and especially one way for people to contact you. If they want to have a chat with you, maybe send you an email to get some upfront information or just to reach out and say hi. Would you say the best way would be go to your Web site for that?

Right. You see that little hamburger icon right up in the top left of my Web site. There you'll see contacts right there. And that will give you every modality to contact you. No, my e-mail address, a forum on the Web site. Subscribe to my new whatever. Go there.

Perfect. So they have choices. That's nice. Fantastic. Oh, I love it. I love it. And I totally, totally recommend everybody who is stressing out at any point in their life during their day working too hard. Go for that. Get the 45 minute free consultation. No obligation, not a hard sell. But if you are a fit, definitely consider going forward with her and her services. I have done this with a previous productivity coach and it was phenomenal. Again, it saved me a ton. I got more done in less time. I figured there's no way nobody could help me to get more done in less time because I was one of the guys that was working like a maniac figuring I can't cram anymore and what I got. But it worked. It happens. And that's what Alexis does. And so definitely reach out to her. Do it for yourself. But if that's not enough reason, do it for those closest to you, because for me, it was phenomenal. Freed up time to be with the one I love the most in this world. And that's my wife and my kids. So phenomenal. That's why this hits me so close near the heart. Alexis, because of the result, I know it gives people it's not just about being more productive, but business is about giving you your life back. That at one point we used to have one, especially when we were young kids. Right.

When we knew how to play it.

Exactly. Yeah. You know how many times people ask, hey, what do you like? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I could not answer. I'm like, I don't know. I don't do that anymore. Wow. It made me like, oh, that was that was like, bang. And so think about that. What Alexis does for you is helps you to become more like a kid again and enjoy your time because you gonna have the time to make that time to enjoy life as if you are a free, emotionally free kid child with nothing but fun and joy ahead. Oh, man, I'm ready myself. Let's do this. All right. That is it for our show tonight. Thank you once again, Alexis. I so appreciate you. Do you have any final parting comments for our audience?

Yes. Thanks so much. And again, now if you are interested in me. Yeah. No problem. Right? Right. You can do what you want and have a life. I'd love to talk to you, right?

Oh, yeah. You can tell she's a gentle person. But the thing is, she knows how to get the job done, get to the results you want and you deserve. So definitely reach out to Alexis. Thanks once again, Alexis. And for all of you watching and listening live and on recording. I appreciate you and the time you've invested in listening here. A ton of value. Hope you took notes. We'll see you again on the next edition of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Good night for now. Bye bye.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show shows this show with Brian Kelly.

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Alexis Haselberger is a time management and productivity coach with a background running HR and Ops in start ups. Through her coaching and consulting practice, Alexis helps people with big jobs, big lives, or both, to do more, stress less and create the balance that's right for them.

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