Special Guest Expert - Amélie Hoeferle

Special Guest Expert - Amelie Hoeferle (transcribed by Sonix)

Announcer: Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly: Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show! My goodness, we have a phenomenal, phenomenal show lined up for you tonight. Not because of me, but because of our special guest expert. She is an amazing, amazing, extremely talented young lady and I can't wait to introduce her to you. Before we jump into that, The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. If you're new to this show then let's explain what that is. What is The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show? Well in my 54 years on this planet circling around the sun. Thank you for every single one of them. And to many more I hope - I have learned many, many things and one of those is I started following and focusing on successful entrepreneurs and business people. And once I started focusing on those people, and that's through going to seminars and networking events, becoming personal friends with many, and by reading a lot of books, I found that there were three main patterns that developed to their success. And the three areas as you might guess are in the areas of mind, body, and business. So with mind that's mindset. You've heard and read undoubtedly many times the power of a positive mind and it can get even deeper and better, and you can get a much more greater result if you were to be able to tap into and reprogram your subconscious mind. And thankfully there is such a science that enables us to do that. And that's called Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP for short. Now we may not go into that tonight. We cover various topics each and every night along each of the three main pillars of success, I like to call them. and then there's body. What does that mean? Well those successful people that I have focused on I recognized a pattern of they take care of themselves. They really take care of themselves with the body. They exercise on a regular basis with consistent discipline. They also feed themselves with nutrition. With good nutrition. They eat clean to a person. So, successful people have developed a very rock solid mindset either through NLP or not. Others have done it without it. And business. What is that all about. Well those that are successful have mastered the key major components of business and that's things like marketing, sales, systematizing, team building, scaling, all of those. And that is what this show is all about. We bring the best of the best to this show each and every week for you. This show is for you so that you can get value so you can take these incredible golden nuggets of information wisdom from our guests and immediately apply them. That's what it's all about and I'm excited to bring on our guest here in just a moment. It just reminded me of the fact that one of the things that I made a big mistake in earlier in my life going back it's gonna be around eight nine maybe ten years ago where I was invited to a gentlemen's office. He was a CEO of a company. A multimillionaire, and we were we were about to cut a deal. And he flew me out there pick me up in a limousine, put me up in a hotel there for a couple of days. And at one point we're just casually having a conversation. And at one point he said to me "Brian. If people only did this one thing. If they just did this one thing, they'd all become rich."

I'm like OK I'm ready. What is it. So I was sitting on his couch in his office at the time and he was standing and talking to me in front me. So he turned around walked back to the opposite wall and there was this floor to ceiling cabinet and this cabinet had two doors and he grabbed the handles of both and he opened them up. And what was revealed behind was very similar to what you see right behind me. And that was shelf after shelf after shelf of books. And he said that's the secret. Now these weren't just any books. These were books on business you know on marketing sales team building on personal development on mindset. Everything that makes successful people just that successful. And the mistake I made was i absolutely discounted that advice. I said no way to myself. I didn't say this to him but in my mind I'm thinking that's. It. All you have to do is read books. It can not be that simple. Now granted you have to put in effort to read a book and learn. You need to actually put it into action. But to be the beginning point of becoming you know very successful just read books and go to the library and you know get a book for free. Any of those books. So there's no skin in the game so I'm thinking there has to be some kind of pain involved beyond just the time it takes to read. So anyway fast forward many years several years thankfully. Another mentor of mine that I became very close with worked with him side by side spoke from his stage helped train his students was in his house many times and one of those times he's walking around and he's got a headset on.

I saw him. And what are you doing. He kind of lifts it up. Huh well. Oh I'm I'm listening to a book and I said what you're listening to a book that's a new one on me. What. Tell me more about that. And so explain it was a book you can listen to you can listen to books on something called audible. Very common now back then it wasn't so common. I thought wow I have to give this a try. And I did. And I learned that I love listening to books. I don't particularly like opening a book and having my eyes scan pages I find I get fatigued and tired. I'm not interested after a very short period of time. And but listening. Oh my gosh. All day long every day. No problem. And a beautiful thing with this. This application is I discovered that you can tap a button on your phone or whatever device you're listening on and it will instantly bookmark set. Set a space a spot in time. Of what you're listening to instantly. So if I'm listening to something a book and something really is compelling I tap the bookmark and I can do as many times as I like depending on the book. And so I started doing that and I started reading voraciously book after book after book. And so what I like to do is segway into a little segment. That I appropriately called. Bookmarks

Bookmarks for you to read bookmarks. Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com

Yes reach your peak library dot com and for those of you a quick reminder if you're watching even if you're listening on a recorded podcast later or recorded the video is get out a notepad and be ready to take notes and we're going to be discussing several resources both myself and our guests are gonna be discussing their different resources. The best thing for you to do now is just write those down. In other words don't run off and visit them. Stay with the show. If we give you a Web site address write it down visit it later. Sounds good. I hope that comes through loud and clear because I am the show host and I personally take about a page of notes myself which means that everyone watching should do at least three. So that's my challenge to you. I hope you're up for it all right. Reach your peak library what is that. I put this together personally personally not for me not for anyone but you. There's the entire story of the gentleman. That's all there in video form if you want to see the longer version. But here we are. Book after book after book of books that I personally read. These are books that had an impact on me not necessarily every book I've read.

Has I had an impact on me. And if they don't they're not in this list. And so this is a resource for you. You can go on there and you can read either through audible or hardcover whatever is available. I put it on this Web site. And this again is my gift to you 1 percent totally because what happens if you haven't started reading yet. Where do you start. This would be a good place because at least you can say one person one person is successful has vetted these books on your behalf and if you're a voracious reader like I I am already. You're always looking for more resources more books and perhaps you might find one or two or even more on this site that would intrigue you to get to get your next book right there. And so what I'd like to do in each show is play a little snippet of a bookmark from one such book that I've recently read. And tonight I've chosen a book on neuro linguistic programming because it's all about mindset. And our guests expert is the epitome of a very powerful mindset. So go ahead get out those pens and notebooks. This is about a minute in length. Not very long. And get ready to take some notes.

Here we go as early as 1983. Time magazine recognized that an LP has untapped potential for treating individual problems and has become an all purpose self-improvement program in technology science digest thinks an LP could be the most important synthesis of knowledge about human communication to emerge since the 1960s. Paul Hershey Co developer with Kenneth Blanchard of situational leadership points to an LP as a way of improving our ability to influence others. And Norman Vincent Peale recognizes A.P. as a truly new and unique approach the power to reprogram your own thoughts and behaviors. And LP offers you proven effectiveness. It's already been successfully applied to personal change organizational development sports sales and management to name but a few.

Yeah and there you have it and the reason I picked that particular snippet because of on occasion I will run into someone that's either number one Never heard of an LP or number two isn't really sure it's a real science or a real thing or beneficial. And here's the thing you just he just heard how many people back it. In addition to that there are star athletes. Oprah Winfrey has talked about using A.P. on her show. Heads of State actual colleges institutions. So A.P. is on the rise of in use because it's a proven science and a phenomenal tool. And it just provides you with a way of reprogramming your mind to serve you better much quicker than any other form ever discovered that I'm aware of. Literally within seven minutes. As an example you can go through a process that will. Clean out the weeds in your brain permanently. I've been through it myself. I'm an LP practitioner myself. So just wanted to give that snippet to you so you can go research that you can reach out to me later if you're interested in learning more. You can reach out to our guests expert because she might have a connection for you. That would be phenomenal.

And speaking of our guests expert enough of Brian blabbing it's time to get to our guests expert because that's what this show is all about. So let's bring her on shall we. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified. And thank. You

Ladies and gentlemen. I'm a leap of faith and a hope I said that last thing that I'm getting practiced. You did. You did. Little wait.

Oh thank you so so very much for coming on this show this evening. I'm really I cannot tell you how excited I am not only about you but for you because of what we're going to reveal tonight.

Thank you so much. I am so thankful to be here.

There's is gonna be awesome. All right. So a quick intro homily is a 16 year old student in Atlanta Georgia. You wouldn't know by looking at her 16 and mature B on. Years. I cannot tell. Just talking to her before the show came on. Phenomenal young woman. She finds joy by spending time with like and open minded souls and always loves a good laugh. And that's true too due to her passion for Mother Earth and smoothies.

She has recently founded Atlanta's first sustainable smoothie service. And this just in another phenomenal accomplishment by this young woman is she's just recently starred in a short film called the boogey woman and

It is going to be premiering at the world's biggest short film festival in France this coming week. That is amazing. Congratulations on one and all.

Thank you.

Thank you fantastic. And so. As. We get into all before it was one thing I forgot to remind everybody that we do have a special

Giveaway for tonight and that is stay on to the very end and I will reveal how you can win five nights day there's the five at a five star luxury resort in Mexico all all compliments of my good friends at power texting dot com and Stan to the end. And we will announce that so all you have to do is stay on and then you can enter to win that. It is a phenomenal phenomenal vacation stay. It is high high caliber high high color. All right. Back to the guest of the hour. Oh my. There's so many things I want to ask you. You know. I'm trying to go back to when I was 16 and it's just you know honestly too far for me to go back. So I'm curious really when you get up and you think about your day. I mean you have school. You still have you and you're also an entrepreneur. And now also an actress. And that's what you're a very active young lady. So what is the driving force behind all that what motivates you to get up and get move. Each and every day doing so much. The thought that

Each day there are endless opportunities out in the world for me meeting new people new opportunities. Just. Go out into the sun. It's. What motivates me. Even if that means I have to wake up at five thirty and deliver through these that I enjoy making so much I am still. There's something. So motivating about a new day a fresh start a clean slate. I just I love it. I love the feeling of getting up and being excited about a new day where I don't know what's going to happen. Even though. I know for sure that I'm going to have six hours where I will be in school maybe something happens there maybe during my lunch break when I go to the cafe I meet someone who might change my life.

What a great attitude. And you know part of that I would imagine is because you decided to go venturing down and have you know start your own business. Yes. Gives you more of a focus and a drive something to go toward. And it's not just that that would drive I mean I think other things drove me to get up at 16 as well. My then girlfriend now wife.

Yes that's right. I was. Oh that made me get up every day I was like yes I've seen her again. It still works to this day I tell you.

And so many things but your you and your entire family because I have now met both of your parents. Not in person but on this show because they're both so amazing both they are highly successful entrepreneurs in their own right and in their own genres. So in your you come off to me as also a very very positive individual. And you know I remember going back to those times I wasn't always positive because those are turbulent times. They were fully you know growing up so many things were changing mentally bodily. And and you're getting close to now reaching adulthood. A lot of stuff going on you know because you're getting to the point of college right. If that's in your path. And so when it comes to you I'm only maintaining a positive and productive mindset a successful mindset. Is there something you do on a regular basis to sustain that.

The first thing that comes to my head is a physical activity so working out. Going to the gym and yoga.

I find even if it's just five minutes a day getting my stretch and really clears my mind and I'm feeling overwhelmed with school or whatever it's on my plate it gives me some space and time to breathe and center and ground myself.

Wow you look like you took my next question out of my mouth. That was awesome.

Thank you. Great.

Yeah I get the fortune of seeing the posts from your your mom and your dad and you guys as a family you have a sister as well is that correct. Yes. And as a family you guys often go to the gym is that correct.

Yeah we go about five to six times a week.

Wow that's impressive. Wow. It's impressive for one person to do that but they'll drag for an entire family of four that are will. So are we not always willing. Is that what we're seeing. Oh there are times where we're not always willing.

You know that's that's just human nature and no matter what age I kid you not. Yeah it's. That's just normal and thankfully your parents are instilling in you a habit that's going to last a lifetime and I know that we're endlessly grateful for that as well.

Yeah yeah. And see you're always grateful she said this many times as we were talking behind stage before we came on here and I love that that's going to take you very very far. And the thing with that the influence of so the beautiful thing is Emily when you end up with your own. Family in the future. And you still have this habit of health of healthy exercise of healthy nutrition because it was handed down to you because what happens is you find you you you very you you waive off from it. To get the right word and on occasion as you get older this happen to me I was deep in exercise working out eating right and then I got out went to college and I started exercising less then I got a job. Oh my gosh exercising less then married then kids less less less less. But I remembered it was always there. Man I feel so good when I was doing it on a regular basis so I kept coming back. It always brought me back in a great wonderful way. And so just think about the seed they're planted in you is going to be the seed you implant on the next generation of you and those around you and your colleagues your co-workers those that are working for you and maybe those co starring with you on certain things like a movie or a short film.

Yes that is something that is something beautiful.

Yeah absolutely. You know I think that's a good place to segway. I want everyone to be able to see this young lady in action because literally this this film is just now going to be

What do you call it. What's the world premiere. Thank you premiered in France. At the world's biggest show film festival. It's called the boogey woman. I love that title in these star. The headliner star is. This young lady right here. Oh perfect timing for her name to pop up. Look at the star the one and only would that be all right with you if we brought that up real quick. Of course. Yeah. Oh so wait. Let me bring it up. And everybody have a look at this. This is this is pretty cool stuff. Right. To. Get. Oh yeah. And there it is on deposit there look at the top name. Oh yeah. Overlay. So so happy for you. If I was a parent I would say so proud of you.

I was just ecstatic about the fact that you have that and I cannot wait to hear the backstory. How did this come to fruition. How did you become quote unquote discovered.

So it all happened when I was so I was doing online school a few years ago about two years ago and I was so sick of my at home environment. I said I I need to get in the house. So I went to the local coffee shop in Cleveland Tennessee. Very very very small town. And I. Sat myself down put my head down worked studied and about half an hour and I realized that there are a set of eyes on me and I saw am lingering there and I go back to my work.

And every few minutes I look up and this woman keeps looking at me. I finish up my work. I head out and before I get to walk out the woman's stalks me that was looking at me and says the most cliche sketchy thing ever does. Have you ever been interested in acting.

And I go I.


I didn't exactly know what to say.

I had done a few theatrical things but nothing serious. And so she gave me her card. I was I was pretty scared. And. It turned out to be fine it was very professional. After that we emailed back and forth and I ended up going to an audition where she told me that she was writing a screenplay and as soon as she saw me she

Saw the girl that she was picturing in her mind for her movie. And so I auditioned. It went really well. Three months after she sent me an email saying that had been wanting to tell me this for. And since three months but that I finally got the part. And we held the actual casting in my house. I met some wonder wonderful people and then got to

Act with them in the movie.

I mean is that a Cinderella story or what seems a little surreal. Yeah. I'll bet you there are a lot of actors and are aspiring actors and actresses right now that are not happy with you

But one thing that I really did that many would not because she was in a situation that was of discomfort. Who wouldn't be when you have a stranger coming up and and saying that cliche line. I mean gosh just think if that was a male doing that it would be neck.

Absolutely I don't think you would have gone the other route. But the thing is you were open enough because you're not even you don't have like formal training in act in being an actor correct. Yeah. Before that. No I don't.

And so most people that I know that I've been around you know before I started focusing on those that were successful most of those people would just say oh you know what I'm not good enough. That's probably not. I probably don't know. You made the decision you made the decision the right decision in this case you said yes. Right.

And so many things are not happening in people's lives because the unwillingness to decide yes and to stay in the comfort zone and stick with no. And that's the beautiful thing about what you did. So in my book you earned the right to have that rule. Not only did you do that then tell us what happens next. I mean you had to go through so you went through the casting you went through you got chosen wasn't I mean we're talking and you told me it was a short film. It's a 17 minute film. Yes. And so that must have taken like what a day or two to shoot right.

It actually took 10 days. Yeah yeah.

Quite some time for 17 minutes. It was as it was.

I had the time of my life absolute best time and I met the most wonderful people ever. And it was also difficult at times. There was a full day where we shot exactly one scene

Over and over and over again and I was confined to a stall your regular not very wide stall with the camera man either behind me standing on the toilet or in front of me with on either side a sound and another sound guy. And then somewhere in the mix some lights. And on that day I didn't have any dialogue. So it was purely me acting with my body.

So I didn't get frustrated at times during that day. I can confidently say what did that kind of experience teach you. It taught me a lot.

It taught me patience. And. I had to shoot the exact same thing over and over and over again. Patience and. Also a lot of admiration for the work that goes into it outside of acting. They had to do the exact same thing over and over and over again. And. It. Taught me. To be gentle with myself because the more I got frustrated the worse my acting got. And when I had a few minutes to center myself and come back and feel what my character was feeling in that moment. That's what really made me get into the moment.

So staying in the moment was a big thing that I learned on that day and did it stretch you a little bit to have to like portray what you're thinking and feeling without words and just use your body and facial looks. Oh yeah.

Oh yeah. It definitely stretched me. And it was it was a good learning day. It was definitely amazing. I I know I know how to express myself without saying a word.

Fantastic. And so this this will only serve you for the rest of your life. It will be the first stepping stone. And so excited because you're going to France here this weekend you're heading out for over an eight day event.

Yes it's an eight day event a day event multiple screenings of your film along with others. And I can only imagine that great things will happen. I don't know if you can say or not but have any doors opened as a result.

Yes stores have opened. I should not say more than that the door has actually opened.

We'll respect that and the point of that was the answer yes because once again Emily said yes she decided. I actually teach us from stage at my life events in the importance of one word and that one word is yes because so often again it's so easy just to get back under the covers and do our little comfort zone. No not today I'm just gonna stay where I'm at all cozy and because you did it you know. I mean don't say yes to any stranger out there. You guys watching listening just to say yes. Be sure to you know give me a good once over make sure that the right person if you're someone of Emily's age. Be sure to check with your parents and have a meet and all that stuff before you go any farther. But definitely just the fact you went that far says a lot about your mindset. You know some people may think Well Brian it's no big deal as you say yes it's like you'd be surprised how many would default the other way a larger percent much larger than would say yes. Good job. So proud and excited. I can't wait. I can't wait. And you just Oh I got to say it. This is your first live interview after being a movie star huh.

It sure is. I believe it's my first live interview ever actually.

There you have it on the mind body business show. You heard it here first. I think you're awesome. Hey you know we're talking a while back about reading and I talked about my mistake and I didn't read for a long time and then I got into it and it's changed my life. Would you consider yourself to be an avid reader do you enjoy reading. And if so what are you reading now or maybe what's your favorite book. I

Was the biggest bookworm you could imagine while I was in middle school. I read everything that I could get my hands on. And. It's sad to say that I have gradually read less and less but I found that each book that I do read now it's a very good book. The latest book that I read was. I believe it's called Memoirs of a boy soldier.

It's a true biography of us written by Ishmael Bayer. I don't believe I'm saying his name correctly I apologize. He it's his story of. Being

A 12 year old boy. Being forced to fight in the civil war in Sierra Leone in. I believe it was 2003. A very moving. Touching powerful book.

Excellent. And did you have takeaways from it. Learnings

I learned a lot about the civil war in Sierra Leone and a lot about child soldiers which is a terrifying thing on its own. I could not imagine that I. Could not. Imagine that

So. All right we'll lift it back up. That's good. And keep up the reading. It's just phenomenal phenomenal thing to do. One thing I loved about audible is I don't have to be sitting anywhere to listen or to watch it or to read it. You know I want to be you know with a book you have to have it in your hands a physical book or even on a Kindle or on a device but you have to be reading it. And so when I'm in the car which I am in often I can listen. And that's where I my main library is is in my car instead of listening to music more often I will listen to a book and it's right there I have it sitting in a nice cradle right there so I can hit that bookmark whenever I'm driving. I just glance down pop and keep going. And so that's one way for anyone watching or listening right now that thinks I don't have time to read.

Everybody has time to read when they're in a situation like that. What a perfect place is the car especially even if you have a passenger. They're gonna benefit from what you're listening to as well. As long as you're listening to something good. So that's another tip you. So you started a new business your first that is delivering smoothies locally that are it's a. What was the key word. It's a sustainable yes sustainable smoothie service. Explain what that means by a sustainable smoothie service.

So we try to create as little waste as possible.

I use reusable jars that have a one dollar deposit on them.

So when I deliver the smoothies to a local gym I make sure that the person knows that there is a one dollar deposit on this jar and that they can either keep it and they I will keep the dollar or they bring it back I pick it up and they get their dollar back.

That way either they will use the jar or I wash the jar thoroughly and we use it for a new customer.

That's phenomenal.

And what actually ignited the spark for you to even go into that venture to begin with so I ventured upon the organism about three years ago and I started making smoothies and so much I loved I still loved them. And in the summer of just as an 18 I was thinking of making a business out of it. I love making them. I've gotten great reviews online and I saw a potential summer job at the time I thought but now it's ventured off to be more.

That's phenomenal. And so with smoothies being all natural and fresh ingredients you probably can't ship them too far yet. Is that true.

Not too far yet. Yes I will try to keep it local for right now. I don't think that the taste would be quite pristine if I were to ship it.

That's that's fantastic. Have you thought of different ways to expand your business outside of your local community yet.

I have. It's a lot of word of mouth right now on school gyms near me. If they were to work with any other gyms in the area I would branch out to that. But I think I will keep it in Atlanta for right now.

Yeah I mean you just have a little bit on your plate right now. Just a little. You know I'm only a full time student. Yeah with their own business and she's now an aspiring actress who is heading to France. Poor thing. I love it. I love it. You poor me. This is exciting stuff. So yeah.

So expanding and scaling is always a cool thing. I mean it's exciting and I love when you said gyms my ears perked perked up because what a perfect place for this idea this concept. And then once you get your foot in the door in one how many more can you and then how do you replicate yourself now in you know mixing up the recipes getting the proper natural ingredients and all that. And now you can scale that and not necessarily have to be there you could be taking that final exam and making you know another 50 bucks for the next four sales made at the gym. And so I can see that going far. And so you could. Now what about all the actors and actresses you're going to come in contact with that you know you'll be out there and maybe finding the ingredients. I don't know France has all the natural gradients you're looking for. You can mix them up and have them taste test it and you know maybe even spin off a whole nother franchise in a different country while you're there. Yeah. I mean why not. Because it's good but it's good to have options right.

Sure is.

Sure yes. Although I have a feeling you're going to you're gonna go far in the ACT acting world. I do. I mean look at the poise and composure of this young lady. I mean she probably doesn't like me reminding everyone but she's only 16 years old. I find that impressive. I don't see that to say look how young she is. I think that's impressive at her. The way she's holding herself. What she has done she is an adult already. I mean completely.

And I don't know if her parents would agree that we can have those talks later down low.

But I am impressed with you young woman. And so in your corner for this acting career and for your entrepreneurship going forward. Absolutely.

Thank you. Thank you so so lot.

Oh yeah it is. I mean I have two kids of my own. They're both a little bit higher in years twenty six and twenty three. I think I'll have to look back. They just they just keep spinning so fast the years but I feel that you know I feel what I'm feeling for you through them like they're my kids. Does that make sense. It just excites me when I see young like people who are driven like you. My son is so driven. He goes to the gym. If he misses one day he goes seven days a week. If he can do it if he misses one day he literally gets upset.

It's so awesome my goodness. He's driven so everyone has their their thing that they're driven.

Yeah I was losing. Could be more than one but yeah it's. It is. He actually inspires me in many things. I learn from people like you. I do. I kid you not my mentor. Just to give you a quick aside. When I first met him is still a case he by years by age difference. He literally could be my son. Oh wow. And I look up to him and I learned a ton from him. He's the one who I spoke of my mentor I had the audible listen. Amazing amazing young man just makes her happy. Age does not matter to me nor should it to anyone who is looking for success. You find someone who's successful regardless of age race gender doesn't matter if they have success if their values are in alignment with yours then what I like to say is grab onto them both ankles and do not let go and say How can I help you. How can I help you and will you please help me. And that's how it all started for me with this gentleman. His name is Mel Cutler. I love him. I love him. Yes. All right. This is. This one might be you may it may take some time maybe it won't. I'm just curious because I in my life have looked up to many people. I've been on the earth quite some time now and there've been a lot of people have crossed my paths and I have people that I love and I'm inspired by and I you know I look up to like like Mel being one of them for you right now. And it doesn't have to be a person. What would you say at this point has been your greatest inspiration.

You're right. This is a good question.

Someone who has always been an inspiration for me. Very cliche answers about to come your way. My mom had such such a power such a woman. I think about this a lot. How we moved

From Germany to a little town in Tennessee when I was 2 with little to nothing but my mother's a vision of building a story school and helping others get the education that she wants for her future children is beyond incredible and her motivation her.

The sacrifices that she made is I have no words. It inspires me endlessly and with everything she does every day inspires me and motivates me also to get up every morning that leads back to the first question. That she is

Not only a vision but a power. You know that's it's


I am speechless because I know she is incredibly proud of you. Incredibly proud of you. You are such an achieved young lady but she's she's brought you into this world she's raised you.

Her room is meeting husband your dad Christian area power couple power family power couple. Yes. Wow. I was I was actually glad that was your answer that it was at least one of your parents and so many. At that age. That's the last thing they want to have anything to do with is their parents. No. I want everything there. And so that's that's endearing that's rare.

And I'm glad to hear it because that's not the typical approach that just says volumes to me. And this is no surprise to me about how your mom and dad raised you all. Well. I mean. Just

Phenomenal phenomenal. Gosh I bet she's gushing right now if she's watching

Maybe a Tier 2 I would be I'd be bawled like a baby.

Oh my goodness.

So it's been a short time. Have you. Have you actually worked or held a job maybe a part time job while in school before you did a smoothie business. Yeah I currently babysit on the side as well

So. Oh yeah. Not not a steady. Part time job as you might think.

It might be the definition. But I do. Babysit on the weekends. Or my feet. So

Is there a difference between doing that and doing your smoothie business from that to doing entrepreneur you know where you kind of call your own shots. Yeah it's it's different in the sense that I babysit in order to

It's not something that I love doing.

It's something I enjoy but it's not the equal amount of passion that I have is behind my Santosh smoothies. It's more of us. Saving money for the future

Adds I will need it. So if given the choice which would you rather do full time to earn income.

Which of what. Babysitting or smoothie business for now. No. If I knew the answer I was just thrown out. Now what if you could. You've done one film. If you could earn a living as an actress. Or. Continue with this smoothies. What if you had the choice to get to choose one. That's a tough one it might be a tough one but it's just words play acting here. Well I would think I would. If I was

A shoo in to be an actress. I think I would. I would take that right.

That's very cool. Very cool. I mean I didn't know that. I wouldn't know which way. Any any person would go whichever way they want. It's up to them right now. Everyone has their own vision of their life going forward but. What an opportunity. What an opportunity. And that's the thing about you you're seizing it. You know and you gave that deep thought. That was an authentic answer. It wasn't just to me they're all acting because everyone else would say that right now. This is because Emily says. That's what she wants to do. If you thought about it and said yeah acting. Now

And even you know if it that's not a guarantee nor is a successful smoothie business is it neither right. Yeah. So neither one will be a shoo in or a sure thing. Mm hmm. Right. And even. I mean there are even really prolific actors that cannot find work today. Right. I am still looking for work even after they have had success so. Same thing with entrepreneurship. There is no difference. Ask your parents. It's a it's an up and down wonderful roller coaster ride.

I wouldn't have it any other way. But. Interesting interesting answer. OK. I want to learn more about the movie but I don't know how much you can tell us. Can you tell us the plot.

Yeah. So I can I can tell you I am. Not very sure that you'll understand it to its entirety. It is

I'll just start. The plot is. About a 15 year old girl who. You might say is a late bloomer. In. Bodily wise but. Mentally

Is ahead of everyone else and her friend group. And

It's the movies her journey of going into womanhood and seeing a strong powerful woman seize the opportunity. It's. Stepping into. What others might think of as

No you can't do that. You're a woman. So the boogey woman represents. The. Ideal. Powerful yet unexpected. Woman and the 15 year old. Kind of is inspired by this and follows that. And. Yeah it's it's her journey. To. Becoming a powerful independent strong self-assured woman. That scares. Others around her

That scares others around her. Yeah. It's interesting. It's like a plot twist within it. Oh yeah. So. OK. So who would be the Who do you think would be the intended audience for that. Like male female age groups that kind of thing.

Male female I am any gender. I don't really believe that matters. In each group I do think that. Any one year younger than


Eleven might not fully understand what's going on. I. To be honest if I were to watch the movie without having filmed it I think I would have to watch it about two times to. Fully grasp all the meaning behind the 17 minute film

Because there is so much said in silence that for me I wouldn't be able to pick up and one feeling sounds like a powerful film only 17 minutes.

But you need several times to view it to get the full meaning that it's got a lot. It's chock full of goodies. It is fantastic.

Yes. All hats off to Erica Scoggins the producer. Amazing amazing woman.

Yes you have Roxie Aguilar. I a legacy out there Silas has chimed in. Does that name ring a bell.

Roxie. Yeah. I don't think I don't want to.

If I thought I thought I saw that name somewhere connected with the movie maybe not. That's a different person. I'm just going to Facebook comments and then Jay Leno's shirt.

Jay Leno where she is the owner of the gym.

I deliberately said she said great job Emily we're so honored to partner with you. You've got people in your corner cheering you on. I love it. I love it. And yeah. Keep the comments and the loves and legs are flowing. We love that as well. So now you have embarked on this wonderful journey called Entrepreneurship. Yes. And you've you've gotten a taste of it. No pun intended. If you could characterize it right now in your current where you are now just beginning in one word characterize your life as an entrepreneur what would that one word be new Lou.

Yeah Lou I.

I think I've always been one for exciting new things. I when I find something new I tend to stick with it and then something new comes out of that and something new comes out of that new thing.

Yes that is a refreshing answer.

I love it. I love it. And you know there's a lot of things that we go through as entrepreneurs. The end goal typically is often and it's one of these difficult to grasp concepts but it's happiness. You know everyone you know like you see competitions and pageants and they ask them what the biggest goal is and everyone's always seem to be happy. But what does that mean you know. What is happiness really mean. And to each person it might mean something different. You know a lot of folks will tell you that money does not buy you happiness.

I can attest to that money by itself just gives you the freedom to go pursue more happiness in my opinion. But for you right now at your current age what makes you happy. What makes me happy. When I'm surrounded by

People that truly mean a great amount to me. And. We're out in nature

Surrounded by the things that are naturally given to us. And there's laughter in the air

And it's a bright sunny day. I think that that is exactly what makes me happy. Being surrounded by. Those who I love and who loves me

And nature.

That sounds like a pretty nice picture of happiness to me. Yeah. I'm a big family person myself. So that resonated really strong with me. I love that as a great description of happiness. And the interesting thing even at your age I find this really cool. That you have that entrepreneurial mindset. And one of the things you did not mention was well if I had like five million dollars in the bank I'd be happy. You know something like that which very often I'm seen and. It's it's become a very materialistic world in large agree.

And it's not everybody but good majority are materialistic driven and want the car and want the house and they want the money and believe that's gonna buy them happiness. So that that was really cool because we didn't script any of this. Did we. Know you're not reading from a script like you did from your short film No no script. Yeah. Look her hands are free. And so these are authentic answers by an authentic young lady. And look she's 16. I can learn from her. You can learn from her. Listen to her. There are certain things that we are doing in our lives right now that could be changed for you something may have resonated that what she said. Like what about the woman that came in and just started staring at her. Kind of weirdly and then asked her to do. Do you like acting you know have you ever considered being an actress. I mean would you have said yes you the listener you the viewer would you have said well let me take this next step or would you have just said you know what. I mean really deep down you want to do it. You've always dreamed of it. But. You know I better pass because I'm probably not good enough or something to that effect. That's something you can learn from Emily is to say just say yes. Just step out there see what happens. The only thing that can happen is something will change in your life.

And possibly for the better. But it's never going to get better unless something changes in your life. That is the key. Change is good. Getting inside your comfort zone. All right. Off of my soapbox preaching. You all set like that. Thank you. Thank you so much. There's one question to wrap this keep believe it is two minutes away. We're almost done. Wow. And this is how they go each and every single time. I could go on for another hour. I mean everybody wants to stand for another hour we'll just keep going if that's OK with you. I know it's late. In Georgia there and that's a you know what is it. It's nine thirty there. Yeah yeah. So I know you got to like get up you got to start packing. You got friends coming up. But I do want to ask you one final question and. It'll be interesting I can't wait to hear your answer and it was a lot like what makes you happy. It's very unique to you. And before I do that though I wanted to real quickly for those that I promised that are watching live is how they can enter to win a five nights stay want my hand there is right there five nights stay at a five star luxury resort in May he call by our good friends at power texting dot com. You see it on the screen if you're watching live.

There are two ways to enter. First way is to go to a Web site and that Web site is reach your peak LLC dot com. Forward slash vacation. Reach your peak LLC dot com. For slash vacation or if it's easier for you. Go ahead and pull up your phone and text the word peak. That's p e ak to the number 6 6 1. 5 3 5 1 6 2 4.

Again that's the word peak text that 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. And we will announce the winner. We will choose the winner. And text to write back and give you the details of how to secure your vacation five night vacation at a five star luxury resort. Again by power texting dot com my wonderful friends Jason and Rhonda have supplied this wonderful gift for us so that we can keep the show running. And now back to the good stuff. So go ahead and do that now. Go ahead and enter now. Now is the time to do that. Open up a new tab on your browser. Keep us going so you can hear this phenomenal answer to this pretty heavy hitting question. Oh no it's actually not that stressful. So here's the thing. Once again Emily there is no such thing as a wrong answer. There's not. So it just takes all the pressure off in fact the only the only correct answer is your answer.

Isn't that cool. So can there be any less pressure now.

All right. So all in all let's bring it down a little bit. For all seriousness because I want to I really want you to. Think about it if you need a few seconds that's cool don't worry about dead air time. It's not a big deal. Just really want to know what your feeling is on this one question and that is are you ready for it.

I'm ready. All right. So Emily how do you define success to.

I need a couple of seconds I believe I define success as when I am done with a certain task or a certain day or I just lay in my bed at the end of the day and ponder over what I did.

If in that moment I feel bliss or happiness or fulfillment I think that success in itself.

The I think what I did today is in alignment with what I believe in.

I think that success powerful and I didn't mention this earlier. I have I don't know how many I have interviewed now I have to go back and count event interview quite a few entrepreneurs now on this show and it's interesting that not too. There are no two of you that answered the same way. And to date you are the next original answer. Yeah. Yeah. So it's a very personal. And that's why your answer is the only right answer and the other thing is in addition I already talked about this with happiness is the other very the one common thing I should say of all the past guests including yourself is not one of them. Listed. Or mentioned money as being

One of the highest elements of success of their definition of success. And that's an interesting thing because I think that comes from the heart of an entrepreneur and that's what makes an entrepreneur an entrepreneur. Say that three times fast it's getting more and more difficult as I do it as you know because entrepreneurs are here to serve others. That's the first and foremost thought in their mind. And as we serve more. We make more money. And as we make more money were then able to serve more. It's a beautiful. Cycle. That just continually grows and so a lot of people will say you know. Money is the root of all evil. Well that's a misquote from The Bible actually but a lot of people will believe that the thing is is money is not a bad thing. Money is a very good thing. Entrepreneurs should seek to earn more and more money because entrepreneurs want to serve and help more and more people. It would be a disservice to not make a ton of money. There you go. That's my last soapbox moment. I wanted to give people a way a means for connecting with you for contacting you. You're gonna have directors and film producers beating down your door now. So what's the best way for them to connect with you is at Facebook is it your page. Is it your email address. What would you what would you prefer. Either Facebook my email

Or lastly Instagram. Honestly

Instagram. OK let me bring up Facebook. I just like to give folks a visual so when they go there they know it's you. Yeah

I used to have this preloaded.

There you are. Lantos Georgia. That is the one. So we want to do

All right look. And we're even live right there. With the watch party going on. Mom is hosting a watch party. Way to go. Oh yeah. This is what you'll see. And you can see the correct spelling that has that little tick or accent mark above. That's right. That's it. Mark in Spanish. In her name and it's Emily not Emily. Yes openly. And so this is what you'll see for now.

That's her profile picture. And you dig into some of other pictures if you're not sure if it's her and then message her with the next greatest film that you would like her to star in and also message her with your order for sustainable smoothie.

Because she'll she'll get that out to you. Does that sound good.

Sounds amazing. All right. Well thanks so much for coming on Emily. This has been just so refreshing and amazing. You're an amazing woman. What fun. Yes I think I had more. Time sir. Oh come on. I want to go. No I did. I did. It's been wonderful.

I appreciate you. You're just a breath of fresh air and say had a mom and dad. When we get done here and for all you watch you're listening live if you're listening to the recording and Pat podcast or watching the video post live show we appreciate you and your time and be sure to check back in with us next week on the next edition of the mind body business show. For

Emily of openly. This is Brian Kelly saying good night for now. Blessings to all.


Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows this show with Brian Kelly.

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Amélie Hoeferle

Amélie is a 16 year old student in Atlanta, Georgia; she finds joy by spending time with like and open-minded souls and always loves a good laugh. Due to her passion for Mother Earth (and smoothies) she founded Atlanta's first sustainable smoothie service! And, more recently, she starred in the short film "The Boogeywoman" which recently debuted at the World's Biggest Short Film Festival in France.

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