Special Guest Expert - Anthony Gary

Special Guest Expert - Anthony Gary

Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. How are you doing this evening? I cannot wait. I cannot wait for you to meet our expert guest tonight. I am so excited. I can't wait for you to see what this man has to offer. And he has many, many, many clues and tidbits and tools and things that you can walk away from and use immediately. And we're going to ask him some pretty amazingly digging questions you don't want to miss this. And yeah he's an amazing guy and we're going to hold off on bringing him on just for a little bit. No that's not an open loop. That's the design of the show a little bit about mind body business what does that mean. What is that all about. Well really what it comes down to over the course of years I've noticed patterns develop and those patterns are those of successful people. And I notice that those that are truly supremely successful have those three key elements or mastered they've mastered their mind their mindset through tools advanced tools like NLP and hypnosis. One of which we're going to discuss a little bit tonight. I'm excited for that. Body. You must also take care of your body. You know you need to eat the right foods the nutrition put the right fuel in your body and you need to exercise the greatest drug on the planet. It's free and it has no ill side effects. It's called exercise. I kid you not. And our guest will agree with that when I bring them on and give me the opportunity to say something. And it's about business. So this show is built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs and if you have a small business even if you're a corporate employee this show will give you some incredible tidbits for going forward. Improving your life both personally and professionally. I'm excited. Very excited. And what I've found over the years is one of the key ingredients to success that I often shunned from doing myself was reading high quality books high quality books have literally catapulted my success. They've changed my life. I know I could say I wish I had started them sooner but I didn't. And one of the things I love doing is listening to Audible books books on audio so that way I can take all that extra spare time I used to have in say a car maybe at the gym when I'm working out and instead of listening to music each and every time point in a book and that is how I've read through a multitude of books and as a result of that I bookmarked certain segments of books that I found of interest while I was listening to them and due to the amazing technology we have today I am able to bring those bookmarks directly to you.

So that's what we're going to do is we're going to segue into a little segment that I call you guessed it bookmarks.

Bookmarks for those who read bookmarks. Ready steady brede bookmarks brought you by reach your peak library Dakang yes reach your peak library dot com it's just a website that I put together myself.

And here here's the caption. Here it is. The number one reason for lack of success is not simply a lack of reading books it's the lack of reading the right books. And in my case going back just a few years it was really the lack of reading anything. I did not read books like I know now. No. I could have been doing and should have been doing. And so over the past couple of years I've put together a collection of books that I personally have vetted. I've read them all. That's around 40 books. Let's move down to where they start. And you'll see it just goes on and on and on about 40 books or so. And this was put together solely for you so that you would have a one stop resource to go to that you know that at least at least somebody at least somebody read this and thought that it had an impact on their life and thinks that it might just do the same for you. Now you're not me and I'm not you and I get that. And there may be books in here that do absolutely nothing for you. At least there is somebody that listen to it and you have that going for you. So it's all about efficiency of time doing things quicker smarter faster and getting to those results as success.

We all want and deserve. Now as we scroll down I'm going to speed it up a little bit because the book that we are going to be highlighting tonight is this one A.P. the new technology of achievement by a series of authors. And what we're going to do is play an audio snippet right from the book by the author one of those authors is going to talk to you. So listen intently because a little bit later in the show I'm going to be talking to our expert guest about this very topic. So let's dive right in and go ahead.

Have a listen been learned Grindr had created a way to model human excellence. They then took that model and found ways to apply it to the lives of all of us. They created step by step programs detailing how talented people think what they see what they hear the feelings they have and their successful behavior. They found that they could teach this to other people making dramatic changes in their lives. And help is like software for the brain. It allows you to have the kinds of experiences you want and I'll be trainers and practitioners can teach people to relieve their phobias and traumas in as little as 10 minutes help them create positive feelings about themselves. Change lifelong habits relieve inner conflicts and change beliefs in less than an hour specifically and I'll be comprehensive Trainor's Tumahole boom Susie Smith.

All right well stop it there. Amazing. Very valuable tidbits and just that very short segment. I know our guests would agree. I can actually see him right now. You can't have him on a different camera. He's over there and smiling and nodding in full agreement. Opie is it's I don't want to seem magical but it really is. It's the science of success. It's a proven science. I am an old certified as a practitioner. I use it on my clients with my clients for my clients. And the reason is is it gets results and it gets them extremely fast. And what you heard just a moment ago was you know getting software for the brain it's like reprogramming your brain and it happens very very quickly in a matter of 10 minutes or less. You can release phobias. You know there are people that have phobias of say reptiles snakes and within ten minutes after going through an IP process no more they can walk up and darn near pet the snake. I kid you not. I've seen it. It's happened and I've actually put it put this into practice trauma's limiting beliefs. This is this is the way to reprogram your subconscious brain for the better. So you can get success quicker. This is the mind part of mind body business and I can't wait. I'm not going to wait anymore I'm not going to hold you off anymore because it's time to bring on our guests expert and have a talk about this very topic. Let's get to it. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional and deft trained legal age qualified

And there he is ladies and gentlemen it's Mr. Anthony Garry. He is a very dear friend of mine.

In fact this is a little known fact about Anthony before I tell you about how wonderful he is beside all that is. He's actually my twin brother. We just got reunited. Not too long ago. And you could tell. Look at the amazing resemblance. I mean it's just it's unbelievable.

And we say that partly in jest but also partly in truth because one of the things I noticed something that I actually do know each other were personal friends. I love them like a brother. And I said you know what we're like twins because we would have the same thoughts at the same time just too many times in a row. And our values are so lockstep. He loves and adores his wife. And I find that the extremely powerful and endearing. And I have the same quality I love and adore my wife and she's my why for everything I do my way. Anyway let let's just. I want to. I want to let Anthony talk here in a minute so let's let's talk a little bit about Anthony. All of his life he has known that he was different from those around him once he got around the right people. He was able to understand why it was different and embrace it. He uses those skills. He has been blessed with to help others reach their goals and change their life for the better. So there's a common theme with everyone that comes on the show. They all love helping others. It is the goal of Anthony's company.

It's called digital strategic marketing to have a positive impact on the people they touch. And I kid you not. They do. And a big part of that is because of Anthony's leadership and before just one more thing quickly I'm sorry. I'm sorry I apologize Anthony but for those you're watching live right now on Facebook Live or or youtube live or many of the other streaming platforms 7 we are streaming on seven of them. Wait till the very end. Watch the show all the way through. And at the very end you will have a chance to win a complimentary stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico that's for five nights. All compliments of another friend of mine who was on the show a couple of weeks ago from his company called Power texting dot com and that friend's name is Jason Ness. For those wondering power texting com don't go there right now but write that down power texting dot com super powerful tool. OK. Finally at last Ryan's going to be quiet for a little bit. And ladies and gentlemen the man the myth the legend. Anthony Gary Anthony how are you doing tonight buddy.

I am fantastic Brian. Happy to be here happy to be talking to your tribe and sharing some of the things that helped me wake up in the morning just started with my day. And keep it moving throughout the day.

So yeah I know you and I we always have fun and have great conversations.

This is going to be a good time for all.

And it's that smile that keeps me going because many of our most of our meetings that Anthony and I have and it's about weekly almost weekly are over zoom and that smile lights up my room here in Southern California. He's in San Diego right now. Up north from there by a bit of a stretch. And I just love this guy through and through. So Anthony would be OK with you if we just jumped right in and started asking these really hard hitting questions so that our viewers can get the value they came for. Let's get to it right. And by the way Anthony is in a very warm room at the moment. So if you see him dropping off his head and all it's all good he's just trying to stay comfortable. And we're just going to be talking to friends by the way for those who are watching live. Be sure to comment chat throw some loves and likes.

We will be monitoring those so that you can interact with us and if you have questions go ahead throw him out there if you want to say hey to Anthony please by all means we would love to have you interaction. So on the topic of books Anthony I think I know the answer to this because I kind of know you but I'll ask it as if I don't that's uncle. So would you consider yourself to be an avid reader. First and foremost and then second what is one book that really sticks out that that really has compelled you. I know there's many. But what's the one that would just come to the front your mind.

Well let me answer the first part. Never read her. Yes. And let me illustrate that you know we come from a generation where as a punishment you get in trouble your parents send you to your room. Well my mom stopped doing that because she would send me to my room and I was going to read. And she'd come in there and I'm comfortably laid on the bare bookcase from our room and just was reading a reading. So it never was punishment to me and never was a hardship or something or a stroke to do. I've been reading all my life. I love it. And I highly encourage people to read in some way shape or form. The power is giving me the ability just give me the communication capabilities the mind set everything. A lot of what I be has come through reading so I'm a huge fan of it. And the last book kind of read you touch shot the you know the technology of achievement of a book club actually technically the last book I finished was called rooster barn which is a good book out. Who wrote it right now. It was a pretty interesting book for a book for our club. But you know the technology of achievement that book it's so if you get a chance to read it listen to it. It's an amazing Kickstart. 2:00 p.m. We're going to touch a little bit more on that. But that book illustrates something for me something I kind of heard before but didn't really grasp it throughout my life. People said you know it takes time of long things are hard you got to go out for a long time.

This book along with some other people communicate with me let me understand how fast and how powerful our brain is and how powerful this concept is. One of the things that the illustration for me was when you're young and you touch a fireplace you touch electric you touch your hand to fire you immediately.

Most people anyway immediately he learned that that is dangerous. And again most people don't do it twice. So if you think about that that tells you right there that you have the ability to learn something immediately that fast you stick your hand in the fire. It burns you the heat. You say OK this is hot. I don't have to do it again. So all this crap about how hard it is and the ability to learn not to me is pretty much crap. We have the ability to do it. Now whether we put that ability in action and take steps to it that's a whole different process. But that ability is there. And that was solidified for me going through the book in terms of the exercise they teach you the things you go through. And let me tell you this I actually attended a two day event that Bryant put on. And this is my first time experiencing Pian person. And again if you can get it persecution find a practitioner and learn from them directly. It is so much more powerful that energy that being a person change. And we went some exercises and I lunar data phobia fear I had made some huge strides within the next day based on getting rid of that phobia and all that was a tribute to Brian showing me the power of OPM person and helped me implement it. So just a huge thing. And that book is amazing you got to get to it.

I love it. I can't I remember that event vividly. It was called the reached peak summit the two day live event I put on a couple of times a year. And you know Anthony walked in the door as Anthony Gary and you know he's a really nice guy smiling a little bit reserved at first and then we went through this one primary process that has the biggest results. I usually see from stage. I love taking the audience through that and then so we went through that process went on break and then here came this guy through the door and like way it looks like Anthony but it it's a different guy. And so I said Anthony Leptis himself Anthony Guera he came back as Anthony Garry version 2.0. He had just released fear the root cause of fear from a subconscious mind and he was like this glowing complete different individual had the resistance was gone all the resistance that was holding him back in his life up to that point. And he was just this amazing new person. And that's the part that I so deeply love about what I get to do is to help people with the processes like an LP again. Keep that in mind. This was done from St. Anthony was one of many in the audience that all got benefit of and it can be done in so many different venues. I've done it on Zoom I've done it on a phone call where a guy pulled over and practice car and needed help quick took him through more than just fear releasing the five major negative emotions. I've done it in my home with an individual using also hypnosis. It is an amazing amazing suite of tools that we have based on you know given to us by Richard Bandler John grinder who both basically came up with the concept of A.P they took many things that already existed refine them and and then made them into something better than anyone has ever seen before.

So the changes are instant and they're permanent and that's why I love about it and I can talk all night about this but this is about Anthony not about me.

Let me add on to that real quick because this is foreign port. Yeah I've been studying in LP and reading about it for a lot of years and trying to learn it because I knew the power of writing.

I understood it was important I wanted to learn it to utilize it for personal and business reasons. But the difference was the strikes were huge. I made larger strides faster by doing it in person so I know we're talking more reading and encourage you definitely start there I do. I still read I do a lot of stuff. But you know if you can get to Hands-On With a practitioner it will accelerate your strides and that's you know that's part of what we're going to talk about some of the skills necessary to be an entrepreneur and accelerating your process is accelerating your journey. Is one of the skills that I believe a successful entrepreneur needs to have.

Interesting you brought that up your next question is going to be very on that topic and the beautiful thing is this is one of the reasons Anthony's business and personal life began to take off not just because of the event he went to.

It was because he took action. He was an action taker and he showed up. That is why that is why he has now achieved greater success than he did before because he repeatedly shows up and that is one of the skills that I found to be one of the most valuable was to continue to show up to what what are you showing up to to live seminars and workshops like Anthony said if you do it in person not just in Oppy but if you go there and you're sitting there next to a person in front of you you're talking and establishing a relationship.

I've made so many relationships just by showing up that have been phenomenal over the course of years. Friends joint venture partners the list goes on and because Anthony is doing just that and he continues to do so that's why he's seen that success. On that note.

So this is the next question let me I've got to keep adding bra for keep. You know you're talking two things came to mind.

One of the purposes of this is to give value to give some actionable items so one of the things that I try to do my Prysm model when I go to events functions webinars phone calls any of these things I've got two two goals that are my personal things I want to do. One I look for. I look for purposely one nugget one something that I can take away that's going to help me with my journey. So I've got an open mind. I've got a mind of actively seeking not just passive I'm not there because the wife dragged me to it these type of things I want to spend my time if I'm going to do that I'm going to find something that's going to benefit me so I move on purpose. Look for one thing at least I usually get more going to make sure that I take away one thing that's going to help me on my journey. So I got an open mindset. The second thing you kind of elaborate on that too is I talk to people I make sure I introduce myself because again a lot of it is you got think about this. Generally speaking at these functions these events they have a theme or title and you are there with other like minded people. That's what you want. You want to have people that want to take take the same type of journey you're taking now want to grow and expand that want to be better and prove themselves. You're surrounded by other people. Why not say hi introduce yourself. So those two action items. I do it events seminars webinars whenever I can. To help me on my journey.

I am so glad Man Okay we're done. The rest of the show is just and this is how this goes. You know we have some.

So I have a list of questions that I want to ask Anthony but I don't need to ask them all. It's about providing you guys the value in Anthony's taking us down a very very cool path. One of the things that he talked about was you know always going there getting you know just get one nugget and my mentor taught me a very similar concept there was basically no matter what exercise you are about to embark on whether it's go to a seminar or maybe it's you going to start writing a book maybe it's you know something is going to take time effort or money or or all three.

What you know first. Do it with what is the outcome you desire from that activity. I'll never forget this. ANTHONY This was amazing. I was at a seminar. I was like a seminar junkie. I just kept going and I went I went to this one gentleman several times I found value in it. And for me it was just to meet the people you know and I remember I was sitting there and I got a text from my mentor at that moment while I'm sitting there and he says What are you doing. And I said Well I'm down here in Southern California I'm at this event and he goes What's your outcome.

I'm like oh you know sitting there and I'm pondering and I'm like hey goes you should you should just come over here.

I was literally five miles if that from his house at that time.

He says yeah you should just come over here said OK the next break I left because I didn't have an outcome. And from that day forward I always have an outcome in mind. So for that as a concrete example and I don't know if this is one of yours. Anthony but one of mine going to events one of my major outcome is always to meet and talk to the main speaker of that event if that's my. And guess what. It seems to happen every single time. Every single time when you set that outcome the other one was talking to people and right there how many people be honest with you I don't like to talk to people. I'm a little bit introvert. Well here's the amazing thing. Dive into an LP learn it. I used to be that way. I know it's hard to tell I'm kind of an outgoing goofy guy right now and I love it because what happened was I learned this one skill many skills through an app but one in particular was how to build rapport instantly. And I just had fun with it. And over time I ended up realizing I actually like people a lot. I didn't think I did because I was so shy and introverted didn't know what to say I was uncomfortable. Now that I have this skill it's like being religious. I mean I'm Christian but it's it's almost like being reborn again in in in a body right. It was just opening it just freeing liberating. Now I can just be who I was meant to be and be a social butterfly and have a good time. I talk to everybody now just like Anthony Lasseigne.

Excellent tips excellent tidbits. So I may have a guess on what one of those three skills you're going to come up with when I ask you this question. But Anthony and I really honestly from your point of view and only your point of view Anthony what would you say are the top three the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

Now that's not fair to limit me to 3 3 3.

Well I thought about this for a while. And so to come up with three here's where here's where I'm start my number 1 My number one is have a big dream. I'm trying to put the right words in. But that's not to Poonoor as a person. You've got to step out and you've got to dream things you've got to look at. Look at the person in the mirror and look at that person and say you know what. You're a CEO of a company. You're all your professional football player. You're a professional model. You're whatever you want to be. You have to have that dream if you don't start there. You were where do you start. What do you do. I talk. You know I run a digital marketing. So I talk to business owners every day and big large business small business just different sizes. And I hear quite often they're limiting beliefs. They don't have that dream they can do stuff. You know I go young lady I'm talking to. She doesn't think she can go to 2 million dollar business. Why. Who told you that you can't. I surely didn't. So if you don't believe it yourself. If you can't look in the mirror see it in yourself you have no where to start.

You really have no where to start. You need to start with that dream and you need to start with it has big because it can be. It's got to be a dream that's got to scare you it's got to be you know how can you you know have a child. Wow. Your wildest imaginations if you're not wildly imagining something. Let me give an example. When you're a kid you've said we had all kinds of things I want to. Please don't be a fireman I want to be a football player I want to be this I want to be that nowhere has a kid to you got older and people started telling you you couldn't do it. Did you start thinking that. I tried to build a robot. This was in the 70s guys. I took my mom's backyard fence Pardos a wooden fence I took it apart and nailed it together and I took her vacuum and I was going to motorized this bad boy. And you know in the 70s I was going to build a robot in my back yard. Nobody can tell me I couldn't do it. She did eventually because she beat my up for taking her kids and vacuum cleaner apart her type of thing but I had no no.

There was no boundaries there was no limitations and so my number one skill you got to have you got to start with is a big dream if you don't have a big dream big you go somewhere you're going you know you have nothing. As far as I'm concerned so start with that big dream. That's huge. The second one. This is interesting and I'm going to you need to have the ability to communicate. And. It's a combination thing. I actually got written down fearlessness confidence and communication. And I know they're not complete the same but limiting me 3 was just too much I can't do that I got to I've got to expand so again as entrepreneur you need fearlessness you need a compass because you are going to have doubters now. Haters gonna grab naysayers people are going to try to tear you down. And the more you start making wrote the move before more people come come attack you. So how fearless and how they say I am going to do this. I don't care what you guys think. This is what I'm going to do and have the confidence to go out and do it. And if it doesn't work you make mistake you fail things happen. That's hey that's OK. You can learn from your mistakes learn from your failures pick yourself up dust yourself off. Keep moving have that confidence that you're going to achieve your dream. You know the people that are in sports the people that cheat. The four minute mile how many people sit down and go back to Columbus guys the world was flat accordant everybody.

However they were like No we're going to go prove it. And they kept going and kept going so keep doing that keep that confidence and third know that the piece that goes down is communication. This one this is this is one that just I wish I knew a little more about this earlier and I learned it later with experience. People generally taught at people. People don't communicate to me my definition communication is that understanding. So you know in my life I've been managing most of it you know guiding different people and have someone do a task and then they come back and look and say you did it wrong or it wasn't right or it doesn't look like what I. I realize it was partially on me it was my communication skills. I did not learn and understand later that I need if I want something to happen if I want someone to help me realize my dream or help them realize their dream. I've got to communicate what I can't talk at them I can't really talk with them or just talk to them. I need to communicate communication to me is the understanding element and that is part of that's going to be recognizing people's learning skills. Some people you can tell something and they'll get it. Others you've got to show them. Others can see something and get it. So if you really want to achieve a higher level of success in and dealing with people learning how they want to be communicated with and then communicate with them at that level you have much more success you have much better results.

And take that responsibility part of its own you get that get your message across if you don't get your mouse across and people don't do the things you want them to do or look you for them to do it might be a communication issue. And then the third one and the third one again kind of goes back ties back into the books and. Kind of say need to grow and become an expert in your field whatever your niche is whatever your market is become an expert be the best adult you can be in my life I've had some coaches I've got great coaches sports coaches and life coaches and just I've I feel I've been surrounded by incredible people that have helped me to grow. And when I'm early early I'm like basically said if you're going to do something and do it your best or don't do it at all and I'll try to to live by that very well. So you get me. I try to give I give all that I have 100 percent. Some days I'm injure another thing so I don't get best. These are my football planned days you know but I remember I play with a broken wrist. I play with a broken ankle.

I'm going to go out there and you're going to get everything I have so become an expert in your field. Give it all. I spin on a regular you know we're talking about this reading. I spend a regular amount of time literally probably an hour every day reading absorbing. I have. And we'll talk about practice later one of the sacrifices I kind of it's not the sacrifice it's an essential step to grow. For me one of the steps I do is throughout the week I gather up information and resources. I see all kinds of articles and stuff that relate to my business and I'll kind of him in a document for me. Then on Saturday morning I spend my time early in the morning going overdose and learning and saying you know there's webinars I've missed I'll record them in astar plan those articles and content I'll read those now start understanding. So every Saturday morning is my education time my time to improve myself to learn and hone my skills. You know very recently as a matter of fact we do Facebook ad marketing for clients and Facebook rolled out a new process where they're actually allowing you to have a tab to see what ads other people are doing. Guess what. This just rolled out basically in the United States. The second of July so guess what. This Saturday I'll be doing I'll be in-depth study how that works and how I can take that to my advantage and advantage of my clients so I can do that. You know a couple of weeks ago the EU nation rolled out the GDP which is some privacy regulations of stuff. And please don't be confused if got an online Web site you're doing business online. You are potentially exposure to that. I noticed. European nations right now.

But I'm telling you I know actually in California I just got the article that I'm going to peruse and learn this Saturday. California's got to propose legislation for their own version of it coming out. So yes it is hit it has hit us. You need to be aware that this is what I do to be on top of my game in my market. I allocate time I collect the resources I go. I share with others. I chat with other people. I'm a part of various forums and groups and just I'm I'm I'm going to be an I am an expert. I'm going to continue to elevate my game and the benefit to everybody is the more the better I get. I'm happy to share what I know and have everybody because it just makes everything better if I share the information. And you grow and you get better and I get an email or call or text sent have I started studying to and guess what I did. You know that's just warmed my heart. And I know Brian feels the same way that multiple conversations us helping people is learning. Brian you know you touched on how he started to read stuff and Brian sherbets back and forth you'll say I just read a great book. You've got to read it in the synopsis service. So become an expert. Those are my top three have started to have a big dream. The fearlessness and confidence to go out and strive and reach your dream community make sure you communicate with those along your journey and become an expert in your field grow and be the best. And again nobody can tell you you can't be the best. No I can tell you that you're not the best so be it.


So we asked for three and I was counting as we went along. And I think I lost Ken around 7:00.

And I say that kind of jokingly but there's a serious note to that. That is Anthony Gary. That is him to his core. He loves to give. He loves to give. He's always giving. You can see the passion in his face as he was going through this. He loves this and he loves helping others. He's learned a lot in his time on this planet and that's the thing with guys like us who are you know we're not old. I don't want to say we're old but we've been on the planet long enough to have quite a bit of life experience and the more life experience one has. I I tend to think that person is even more valuable not less when people like the elderly you know we had this talk with the last guest a week ago. The older you are doesn't mean you're worth less. I think just the opposite. You're worth far more than you were maybe 20 years ago to to the people if you utilize you know and you know if you spread the wealth so to speak and teach others gosh dream big so that scares you as taking notes.

I love that part. Dream big so that it scares you and that's all talking about getting out of your comfort zone and doing it on a regular basis every single day. Get out of your comfort zone get get used to being uncomfortable and you'll see you'll see huge things happen the ability to communicate which also included fearlessness and confidence. All three of those communication fearlessness and confidence you can improve drastically through the use of an LP through the use of an LP by itself. I kid you not. Those fearlessness would be number one because the resistance that we all have some of us that used to have like Anthony that's right. That used to have this thing these things holding them back. We can you can release them within seven to 10 minutes each. So it's an amazing thing. Communication yeah understanding learning skills.

This is something I know Anthony does this every Saturday he tells me he he sets it aside and he does and he's on webinars whatever he needs to learn at that moment. Become an expert in the field. And yes I agree Anthony you are an expert definitely an expert. He's got a team that's digital strategic marketing and it's a phenomenal team of incredibly talented team in fact one of them is actually on chat Thomas.

You might notice that Thomas Richard Berrier has been on and giving us some loves in DC Milak Vermaak. I can't even pronounce the name but he waved his hands. And thanks for being on and commenting and and loving and liking. Appreciate you all. Let's see roads right. Yeah. Become an expert in your field. One way is what Anthony look. Anthony is successful entrepreneur. All you have to do if you're not where you want to be right now and you see that Anthony has achieved a level of success you aspire to achieve. You have to do just one thing.

It's real simple and that is just model Anthony model him copy him. Follow him play this video back again take notes if you're not taking notes already take notes. Get out that pen and paper tape it on your notepad if you're on a computer take notes. Thumbs up says Richard barrier. Yes definitely take notes and follow. That's how I learned it you know. I hereby give you permission Brian Kelly gives you permission to copy. That's what model means means copy.

You know when we're we're in elementary school we talk about this last show too. If you're if you're taking a test A.J. I would both attest to this. We're taking yes and if you happen to your eyes veer off of your paper and of your partner paper or your your costume over there and the teacher caught you what would happen to you Anthony.

And I'll get that ruler. There you go. Ruiner on the back of the hand the bony part where it hurts. You know what.

And so what did that teach us. Growing up copying was bad and it's that's cheating right. That's cheating. That is bad.

That's not that's not good. But in all it just told us copying period was not a good thing.

And so then we became ego driven and say I'm not going to copy that one I'm going to do it myself. Right. How many how many. I mean if you're guilty that's me. I'm raising my hand.

Definitely the key the key is model's success copy someone.

So you know if you don't get it reach out to them connect with them and just grab onto his ankles and don't let go. That's what I did with my mentor and he still has my finger finger no imprint because I still haven't let go. I will not let go.

Let me share.

Let me share a story because because I have you know a lot of mentors but you know a handful of years ago you know my wife has a business. And again my background I've been in management. So I've had a man who training a lot of courses stuff and so I understand that the way to get where you want to go find someone is doing what you want do and model them and so the approach I had I've always take is when I found someone that has a level of success are going to ruction want to go to I literally go to them and ask them you have what I want. Were you sure to me. And so a handful of years ago my wife's business I knew a need to grow and need to do some stuff but I didn't know what it needs to do specifically. You know Mangi I've always had a team of people underneath me that perform an enviable task but I never had to do them so the marketing side. I basically days early days of Vescio. And I went to an event and there was a speaker and a speaker within five minutes of him getting on stage and talking. I knew he knew what he was talking about in terms of CEO and marquee online and stuff like that. So there were other speakers schedule but soon as he finished I immediately ran to him on the side of the stage and basically said I need to know what you know. I know you know your stuff. Will you teach me.

And long story short he agreed to teach me. And you know I really started applying the lessons he taught me and how amazing we all started to happen and I was like wow this is too easy. Everybody should be doing this. So you know I hung my shingle out and said I'm in business I'm gonna do this for four clients and her body.

And literally I'm not turn my turn. Turn back from that process. I like to get my hands on my mentors ankles hang onto them and let me tell you this because you kind of broader right. Everything he has told me to do and I've actually done is work very well on occasion more than I like to admit. I've decided I know more and I've decided to go off on a tangent and never never would be aware that I want to be. So I honestly say if you find someone who is going in your direction doing what you want you have the love just the things that go to them ask them to show you what they're doing. So these type of normal people these type of successful people they will do that to you as long as you put in your skin in the game as long as you put effort alone as you show them you're respecting their knowledge their time their effort and giving again 100 percent of the process. I know if I go to my mentor and I'm just slacking off he's not going to care he's got other things he's got to he can go do. But I'm there he tells me to go do I go do it. I learn these things and I've had amazing results and it just it's so much more easier so much. It's actually fun because someone says try it this way you know they've got the battle scars and they figured out you do it and it works like it's supposed seeming like wow this is great. So you know get that miniature model home. I love Sharon membra and I have a mentorship relationship. We have such a good relationship you can't even. I don't quite qualify. You know we're friends we're mentors we're we're we're family. You know I try to keep an eye out on his daughter you know make sure she stays out of trouble. You know just so you know but get you a mentor.

Find someone who can teach you and help you learn and get some shortcuts. You know life doesn't have to be hard. You don't have to go to school of hard knocks anymore.

Find a mentor and learn from them and move axillary your progress accelerate your journey.

Perfectly said and how does one find a mentor. Well the best way I've found is again show up so you're investing. Yes you're investing your time to day a three day maybe a four day workshop or seminar. You don't have to just pick one blindly fine you know Facebook you'll see a ton of them out there. If you follow the right circles and just ask friends that you trust that maybe in that area or asked myself or Anthony and say do you guys vet this person or this seminar workshop do you find it of value. We of course will help you help you select. Once we feel or give you the best value for your time and your money they cost money just so you know they cost money and so we call that an investment. It's an investment in our future. I've invest oh my gosh I need to quantify at some point tens of thousands of dollars over the years in seminars advance courses training programs books you name. It's just a lot and I have this much regret of doing any and all of it were some of them bad experiences or not. Did I not get enough value or the value I thought I paid for. Absolutely. I'll be transparent. I still have zero regret for doing it because I learned that was one avenue. I would not go down again. So it was a valuable learning lesson.

There's always something positive to take from every experience and I have to tell you I used to be a negative really where anything and everything I would go to the negative side and say ah that was crap I didn't get anything out of that I was terrible. I don't do that anymore.

I look at the positive and say I just recently spent several thousand dollars on a marketing team and I didn't get the results I expected or wanted and never wants that I hold that against that organization because others were getting those results that I talked to. So it just happened to be specific to my situation and it wasn't their fault.

And we worked together on it to try to remedy it as fast and as hard as we could. We just couldn't. And I don't hold any any shred of ill will toward that group or organization not any because they did what they thought. You know they tried hard. They tried very hard. And I appreciated that. That's a thing you get with Anthony and his group Digital strategic marketing. These guys go above and beyond and look here was one of my rules for Anthony coming on and all my guests they are not allowed to pitch directly they can't pitch on my show. But this is my show I can pitch on their behalf because I've vetted Anthony. I've worked with Anthony. He's currently working on one of my primary Facebook campaigns and the Uptons are coming in left and right. And because I know him I know ThomasA I know the third guy whose name is escaping me for some reason right now.

Martin I've met them and I know him and I remember his name. So it's great that Brian. Good job there.

They're a phenomenal team incredibly brilliant. They know what they're doing. And I would say yes if you need any help and getting the word out in marketing get in touch with Anthony. He is an amazing heart centered loves to help person. And I can't wait to help him in any way I can to get the word out to promote because I want to see this guy scale so big he needs to get out of his office into a bigger one another and continue to do so because he has so much to give and that's what it's all about right. Anthony it's about serving more people and if we're able to serve more people then we're doing better on this planet you know because you know I know you come from a place of integrity and we need more people like you and I appreciate you. All right. NFL first so this is a question I think is pretty heavy.

And if you need a moment to figure out the answer to this question that's OK. There could be many things you only get one this time. All right.

What is the number one thing you do a lot of things. Anthony you're very busy.

You you learn constantly. You work tirelessly. I have messaged you late at night. You're still up you're still working. I see you early in the morning. Texting Facebook whatever you're always up and doing something. So something must be really driving you to do all this. So if you could think of just number one thing what would you say is the number one thing that motivate you to get up in the morning and do what you do every single day day in and day out.

That's a tough one.

I think I'm going to have to say the love of my life.

And you were talking earlier about something and we were talking about dance and stuff like that and how much money you've spent. Here's here's why. I'll elaborate more on why a lot more like the wife. What motivates me. But here's who she is to me. She supports me going to all these different events these events take time from different sometimes it takes time from us are spinning them. We can you I've gone you know I look to your two day event not him. I had to stay the night you know two days out of the house and stuff like that. Things like that. So she supports that and there was the money issue and she does not balk at that either she allows me to go out and do these things she actually pushes a lot harder. Sometimes like I don't know where I'm going to get funds to go do this and she's like you'll just do it. Just go and so she pushes. So I wanted to serve that support that person behind you and I know your wife Karen is the same way. That is a huge part of it. And so it's her and. And what happens is guys you know I want to see her smile. I want to see her laugh I want to have her giggle and do fun stuff and do some of these things she likes to do.

And so it's easy to get up and go do these things because you know because I know the end result you said earlier you know how you Elkanah your wife. The end result is I get time I get to see the glow on her. I get to see her laugh. I get to see her giggle. She's she's a funny gal at least that's where she says she cracks herself up. But it's really all about. How I can put that smile on her face how I can be a part of that how I can help her do the things she likes to do and have fun. And so you know none of these things you know having to stay up late at night having to you know go long distances having to read stuff that's not sometimes not exciting to me. But you know part of the part of the task. All part of what. Makes me all part of getting her to where she needs to go getting heard the smog getting her to be the woman I met and fell in love with and still love to this day and will continue to so you know and again I'm going encourage you guys

Find your wife. You know it could be it could be otherwise. I mean I limited me to one but you know there I have actually in front of me on my list here the love of my life.

Then next my family my my nephew Thomas you know we're partners in this. And and I got two other nephews that are you know. Part of my life my mom. You know who I feel is the smartest woman I know personally. I'm sure there are other women that claim the child they're pretty smart but I don't know. But I know my mom is smart.

I got incredible friends. You know the list of friends is just too many. And reality of it again you know I'm with Brian on my Christian side. I have been blessed to be surrounded by just good people all my life I've been surrounded by good people and so they all motivate me but the one that kick starts my day and gets me out of bed and doing things that I probably wouldn't have done anytime anywhere any way other way is the love my life the wife. She really gets. She.

So just to be clear are you saying what motivates you is your wife.

I know some flak in that but hey I loved it because you know we're so we're two peas in a pod.

Same thing. I've been through. There's an exercise that I went through. This was by my mentor gosh how many years ago it was and it was to find what was your wife to help you determine your way.

And you know they play some music and we we just start writing whatever came in or ahead and that was it. My wife's name just kept coming up over and over and I knew I knew without even starting the day of the process.

If there's something even bigger I don't know.

You know and I've done it several times and you know same thing. And you know that doesn't mean that a spouse or significant other has to be your why are you watching or listening to this on the podcast. Later on it does not mean that everyone has a different way. It doesn't always have to be your significant other. It is it's your why not. Not mine not Anthony's it's yours. And that's one of the things we would we went through during the Richard Peak summit to the live event. It's very important. It's not important if you don't have your Why do some research. Grab a book. There's one by a gentleman. Marianne Hey Marion. How are you doing. I'll put that up or yakin. How's that. Nice. We've got some some comments.

You can watch and read there Anthony. So yeah very true. Yeah. My mentor wrote a book. Believe it or not it's called the big boom. His name drumroll because I haven't mentioned it yet is Mel Cutler Mel Ethan Cutler is the name he goes by and the author of his book it's called the Yes it's on reach a peak library dot com Amazon wherever in there you will you can read through the process of finding your way. And that's where I learned how to go find my way was through one of Mels live events and it just it's another life changer. And when you start modeling success what successful people do what they read. Oh my goodness. Any time I see a Facebook post by mail of what he's reading I don't question it. I go and get that book immediately it's in my audible library that moment. I kid you not. I'm I don't care what I'm doing. I'll have my phone and I'll go to audible or purchase the book right then and there. So I don't forget. And if I do I'll just text them later and say hey man what was that book again. The last one is no different. The one I'm reading right now is an amazing book and I'm learning a lot from it from the body aspect some from the mind as well. Always learning more of phenomenal individual won't go into that one right now will have a mental bookmark segment later. But yeah we got some great comments coming in.

Richard thank you buddy you've been on for quite a while since the beginning.

Like Ryan I think Richard's asking the question. Let me see if I can answer that. I think he's asking what is the intention of the outcome. I'm taking that as a question Richard so if you're asking as a question why you want to do that and why you kind of look at it you know knowing your outcome is ill keep you focused. You can go to any of event and you can hear a bunch of different stuff. You know I go to events and it's like multiple speakers and each year comes up there and they got their own sake minister and you can get confused you can say that's a good idea and that's a good idea. What if you have a specific outcome a specific focus you're trying to achieve. That's going to keep you on that path. And it's just too much noise.

We get e-mails we get text we have phone calls every day all day and that there was just so I found that I start to again accelerate my journey accelerate my process by narrowing it down to one hour. One thing one specific outcome that's something for so again I finding event based on what I want to I'm going to have been on how to do basic message which you know so I'm going to learn how to use you know set up or capture leads with a Facebook message but that's my focus.

If anybody's talking about anything else I kind of listen but I'm really honing in on getting my outcome. And then like I said if you're not getting your outcome you're not seeing it if it's not there then why be there. There's other things you can do. There's other places you can be you can be with a loved one you know if I'm not gaining and move before I really want to be at the way that you know that's kind of my life I love hanging out with her. She like you say she swears she's funny. So you know I would be a part of that.

If I'm not going to do that then I'm over here learning something that's going to give me more of that later is going to give me more time to do that later. So I hope that's what you're asking. You know the intent of the outcome was foreign.

It just keeps you focused it keeps you laser on you're on target on point. And that's going to actually accelerate your results.

Excellent. And Marianne yes the big boom here is a picture of it on your library dot com.

I even wrote a personal note to it. I did for those that I had one I said This book was written by the most influential influential mentor of my life whom I spent years learning from and eventually became the lead trainer for his company. I would not have achieved the level of success I currently enjoy without Mels guidance leadership and friendship. And I mean that truly can't wait to see him again. I got to spend some time with them about a month or so ago. We got together had some lunch and just had just it was like it was like an energy replenishment to just be with this guy. He's an amazing amazing young man. He had a big boom by M. Cutler. All right. Now let's get it back to you know what we're about three minutes from the top of the hour.

Everybody's cool with it. I would like to press on a little bit longer and I know some of you have been hanging on waiting for. How do I get that. Trip. Well you know what. Because we're so close to the end of our hour show I figured let's just do that right now and then I'll ask you one final question before we close is that song that you Anthony. I'm for Stuart. All right remember this is for a five day vacation stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico and to to enter.

It's a contest. It's a drawing. We'll put it that way. You can do it one of two ways you can either go to what you see on the screen if you're watching this video. It's reach your peak L.L.C. dot com

Forward slash vacation reach your peak L.L.C. dot com for Slash vacation or if it's easier for you you're going to simply text the word pick. That's PJAK peak to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 member that's text the word pick. Doesn't matter lowercase uppercase whatever is best easiest for you pick 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. I'll be monitoring those as they come in we'll pick a winner. And this is all sponsors you can see in the lower right of that screen by power texting dot com my good friend Jason asked. Amazing amazing system. How do you recommend you go check that out after the show is over. But that is how you enter to win. I'll bring it up one last time before we break off for good for the evening. But again just text Peke to 6 6 1 3 5 164 sounds like one of those commercials that just keep repeating the number.

I love it. So drum roll. We are coming down to the final question of the evening Lissa's.

Yes Marianne is texting messaging.

She said I won on the show before. Can't wait to use it. She did when she won the inaugural trip when Jason himself was on the show.

Thank you. Good good Marianne. Loving your your commenting and you're you're.

I'm trying to think of the right word. What does your participation. Thank you. Thank you Anthony. This is it buddy.

I'm saving the best for last. I know we could go on literally to three hours. There is no time but I do I'm curious to know what this last question is.

Yeah just kind of keeping your hang and got to have the suspense.

And this is actually turned out to be one question I've closed the prior two shows on with my other entrepreneur guests experts and it's different for every person. There's no wrong answer. It doesn't mean there's no there's a right answer because it's yours. Whatever your answer is is right because it's for you. How do you Anthony Gary define success. It's not the one I was looking for. But I have some for my now a lot of a lot of. People. Have

Helped define success ahead of me. So mine is this is my version of it this is kind of what I think of it and. I like to believe Soludo fluid. Well my definition of success is the progressive realization of a dream and to me to translate that into an action statement action. When I had the ability to replace an image of my vision board. That means I've achieved that one and replaced it with something else knew that success to me. That's that's what that's what that means to me.

Wow. I absolutely love that one. Another unique one and yeah I'm going to have to compile all of these. These are like that. These are the biggest questions the deepest rate.

It's really another thing of what drives you. Another thing that motivates you and that's the thing. What if what if you were to achieve everything you ever wanted in life. Anthony and there was nothing left to achieve. What would your life be like then. Wouldn't it. Would it be boring. I think it would yes. You don't have anything to look forward to nothing to strive for. You know there's this word called retirement. It's not in my vocabulary. I don't believe in it. I don't understand why anybody would want it when they have so much to give and what is the best feeling in the world is when you give something to somebody that utilizes it and improves their life. There's nothing more fulfilling that is not. I didn't notice I didn't say and they paid me for it. No doubt about giving someone imparting your knowledge or experience your wisdom. Something you've learned to train for over the years that help them. That is the that's my biggest reason for getting up in the morning besides my wife is to help others. I love it. I know that's the way you are to Anthony. We know this from talking so much over the last few years here. It's an amazing thing to be able to give and to help and I just love. I love people like you Anthony because well you have to your family. My twin brother. We talked about in the opening and that that's a phenomenal answer. I mean because now you've reached you've reached a goal your vision board. You change it to a new one. And when you continue to do that there's always always something to look forward to. And that's that's beautiful. It's amazing. I love that. I'm going to steal it

Away. I'm going to model that. Yes.

I like that little refrain. Yes. All right I was just checking the final messages and here we go one last time to get that wonderful five day vacation stay in Mexico.

Five star luxury resort. Simply go to reach your peak L.L.C. dot com for Slash vacation. And there's an opt in form there just entering information or text the word peak aka the 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and you will get an automated text immediately following that you will need to provide your email address. We had some that did not before to qualify. We need your email address that's how we get you the information for the winter. We need your email address. I will say one more time. We need your email address and you will be asked to give that to do this texting system by and by the way both. Either way that you go through this. Both are utilizing this incredible system called Power texting dot com by Jason asked in his company. All right well that is about it.

That is our show for this evening.

Anthony I want to give you up just to draw Hanby on your head and just a big old bear hug. I love you man I appreciate you.

You're my brother. You gave a ton of value as always. You rocked it. I appreciate you I have to have you on again for sure. Thank you. Thank you for coming on.

Thank you for inviting me. Let me share with your tribe. Again I know your heart and I know you do this from a standpoint of giving so I am happy to be a participant in and do what I can to help you.

Also thank you so much brother and thanks all of you that were watching listening on Facebook Live. And if you come on later and add comments and you're watching this recording go ahead comments we'll continue to monitor them and reply to those as well. But for now and this will be on podcast's going. It's all over the place 7 platforms are streaming to multiple pages and groups in Facebook for more than seven. So if you are an accomplished entrepreneur someone that's reached a level of success that others aspire to reach then reach out to me looking for more guests to fill slots and just message me on Facebook. That's the best way to get to me.

Let me take one last thing out there because again this whole idea and the whole part of this is improving our my improving our you know mindset. I know you're putting these episodes on high casts so again put on Facebook.

Brian your Facebook page your podcast links folks can go out there and pick it up. One of the again another thing I use another nugget out there is when I used to have a job struck 54 miles one way to work. So I made a career and I worked 14 hour days. I made a commitment that during my work days in my car I only play motivational stuff. So I was giving myself an education four days a week and then on my days off I play other things in music and all that stuff. But I made a commitment to educate myself during my work time during that four mile one way each way drive. So I did that were cast basically an audio book. So Brian's got these things on podcast. Pick them up put them in your vehicles put them on your phone your iPad whatever but I want to throw it out there that people know that you got these on podcasts so they can continue the journey.

Excellent thank you for that reminder I did post that one time a week or so ago we the link to the podcast Sorkin can actually get that as a resource and listen and learn as they drive. Thank you. That was a great reminder. And this is what we do. We're helping each other all the time. I love it I love it. All right Marianne says good night. All success you are thinking. Marianne as are you. All right. With that we are actually going to close the show. Thanks again. This has been the mind body business show. I'm Brian Kelly That's Anthony Gary the man them at the legend. Until next week we will see you next time.

So thank you for watching and listening.

This is beyond the mind body shop with Brian Kelly.

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Anthony Gary

All of Anthony's life he has known he is different from those around him. Once he got around the right people, he was able to understand why he is different and embrace it. He uses those skills he has been blessed with to help others reach their goals and change their life for the better. It is the goal of his company to have a positive impact on the people they touch.

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