Special Guest Expert - Batista Gremaud

Special Guest Expert - Batista Gremaud

Welcome to the mind body business show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly

Hello and welcome welcome. Welcome to the mind body business show. I am so excited.

Hey there I'm your host Brian Kelly and we have an amazing amazing guest expert in line for you to night. Stick with us. We're on a special night. It's Monday night instead of Thursday. So this is a special special show so stick with us. Mind Body business what is that all about. Well the thing is I have come across many many successful entrepreneurs business people or my now 54 years on this earth and I realized and recognized over that time that these patterns starting develop you know patterns of success that all of these successful people seem to concentrate and exceed in three main areas. And you can guess what those mean areas are mind body business mind being mindset like there are phenomenal phenomenal proven scientific tools to help you to reprogram your mind for the better so you can achieve more and less time and do it without resistance. And that's called an LP neuro linguistic programming. And then there's body. What is that all about. Well it's very important. All successful business people and entrepreneurs know to maintain your bodies take care of it. Our special guest expert tonight is an expert in this arena as well. And that is you need to take care of what are you eating the nutrition you are putting into your body your fuel and.

What are you doing with your body. Are you sitting on the couch doing nothing or are you getting up and exercising. Each and every day. And then there's business of course business. That's what entrepreneurs love to talk about and that comes down into three main areas and that is sales management and team building. And there's marketing a big big segment of it is marketing without marketing. You know there's no reason your business when it would not exist if you were not good at marketing. And so the key is to attempt to master all three areas. And once you've gotten to that point of mastery then that's when I notice these people that I've met that are highly successful they've done just that. And so that's what this show is all about. I love to bring on wonderful entrepreneurs like Batiste whom you're going to meet here very very shortly to talk about those main areas. We don't go through all three of them every single show. It's pretty organic and we'll just see what happens.

But I have a feeling fitness and body will be there maybe even a little mind maybe business because Batiste is so well-rounded has such a diverse amount of experience. It's amazing. And then there was this time I remember gosh many many years ago one of my mentors I I've had several over the years quite a few now. And one of my mentors this is going back eight nine years ago at least I was in the East Coast. He invited me to fly out to his or had me flown out to his office and we had a business deal to talk about. And I was there for two days in his office in the corner office big massive office multimillionaire. This guy had me that you know he had reached that level. And he said Brian you know he want to give me a lesson here is it Brian. If people only knew and did this one thing that they just did this one thing they would all be rich. Thought wow this is pretty compelling. I can't wait till he reveals a secret. And so at that moment he stepped away I'm sitting on a couch in his office. He steps away from the couch and heads to the back wall right directly in front of me away. And right there is this massive Cabinet with doors two doors floor to ceiling massive. He goes back to it grabs both handles looks back at me and opens it up. And what do you reveal that was inside was what you see right behind me was shelf after shelf after shelf absolutely filled with books C.D. audios you name it. They were all on personal development self-help business personal relationships everything that would take to make a person successful in the business arena. If it was written he had it on his bookshelf. And I just remember thinking That's it come.

That's it. That's got to be more than that.

And I just counted his incredible advice. I made a huge mistake. I know this now looking back and I didn't read a single book four years after I got the advice I should have taken and thankfully later I met another mentor who basically said a very similar thing and use the word success instead of rich and he not only talked about doing it and showed me his library on his phone but he also walked around listening to it all the time he had headphones on like wait what are you doing. He said I'm listening to a book. You can do that. Well phenomenal. And so what I found out is many of you are aware already that there's an app called audible from Audible dot com that you just download onto your phone and you can purchase books that are spoken to you. And so I thought I'm gonna give this a try. And I found out that I loved it. I retain the information better than reading physical words because I would get tired my eyes would get fatigue. I could listen all day and all night. And so I got the app I started listening to books voraciously reading reading reading and found out that you know this is amazing and audible came up with this ingenious little thing called a bookmark. You can just tap this little icon and it will instantly store that location in the book so you can go back and play it back. Now I thought Wow now you don't have to reread an entire book. I can just hit the bookmark on those segments that I thought were you know thought provoking life changing. So I did that I started storing a lot of bookmarks. And so what we're gonna do now is segway into a section that I appropriately call Bookmarks bookmarks for and to read bookmarks.

Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com Yeah.

What you see over here on my side over here to my left your right is. Reach your peak library dot com.

And for those of you that are watching or listening whether it's live whether it's recorded Stay with us take notes don't go off to any of these resources we will mention a few while we're on the air. Write them down and visit them later but definitely visit them later. What this site is is is a collection of books and this is actually you're seeing my story if you're watching this you're seeing my story in written form you can watch it in video form the one I just gave of the CEO and in this web site are just book after book after book. Approximately 40 here. I've read quite a few more and I need to update this but this is for you.

I put this Web site together for you the entrepreneur the one that might be looking for that next book or maybe even the first book to read. And each and every one of these that's in this list had some. Impact positive on my life and or my business. And not every book that I've read is in here. And that's why I say that so these have been vetted by at least one person. And I know from experience by having done several these shows many of my past experts seem to recognize darn near every one of these that scrolling up on the screen what we're going to do is actually pull up an actual bookmark of a book that I've recently completed and it has a lot of bearing on this show because of Batista's background and experience and that is by a gentleman some of you might know named Arnold Schwarzenegger from his book called Total Recall.

So I'm going to play an audio snippet. It's about a minute in length. So go ahead and sit back take some notes listen intently. He's gonna be talking about a gentleman named Freddy and that's the dad of a friend of his. It's not that important who he is. Just listen to the message behind when he gets farther into the message. Here we go. Take a listen.

Freddy was the source of the gladiator idea. What do you guys know about strength training. He asked us one day. Why don't you copy the Roman gladiators. They knew how to train. Although he was pushing Carl to go to medical school he was thrilled that his son had started working out. The idea of balancing the body and the mind was like a religion for him. You have to build the ultimate physical machine but also the ultimate mind. He would say. Read Plato. The Greek started the Olympics but they also gave us the great philosophers and you've got to take care of both. He would tell us stories of the Greek gods and about the beauty of the body and beauty in the ideal. I know some of this is going in one ear and out the other he'd say. But I'm going to push you guys and someday the penny will drop and you will realize how important it is

There you go. This is from Arnold's autobiography Total Recall. And it's very pertinent to tonight because you know he talks about you have to build the ultimate physical machine but also the ultimate mind. You know this was advice he was receiving as a young man and obviously he took that advice he heeded that advice and put into action. And the reason it's so pertinent is because that is also exactly what our special guest expert has done as well. With that. Let's bring our own Shelly. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified

And there she is ladies and gentlemen. But Mr. Graham Oh she is on the show. And what I'm going to do is quickly give you her Quick bio so you get a better idea.

For those of you that don't know who she is just yet but you're gonna get to know her very well.

Batiste is a number one best selling author co-founder of the International Institute of body design and co creator of the feminine body design prescription strength training system. She's also the co-host of the Esoteric principle of bodybuilding a 13 part series sponsored by the extraordinary healing arts academy that airs on Facebook live every Friday at 2:00 p.m. Pacific 5 p.m. Eastern. But Tuesday's expertise in strength training includes structural realignment of the Spine Injury Prevention and is also certified in personal training. A former international professional performer in ballet and Spanish dance Batiste Graham Hall is a visionary also certified in hands on healing Intuitive Readings and energy clearing but teach to Graham's longtime passion and dance quantum physics and metaphysical science inspires her to help busy women over 40 to achieve greater integration of body mind and spirit through the practice of strengthening the body and the mind with the body designed formula prescription strength training coaching system.

Yes powerful powerful bio o real quick before Batiste. Just Batiste just one second before we bring you on and let's learn about you in depth for all of you watching and listening live. You can later on the show. Enter to win a five night vacation state and a five star Mexican resort so stay on live. We'll be announcing that live and you'll be able to enter to win that right here. Back to finally Batiste the star of the show. How are you doing my friend. It's been quite some time since we've seen each other.

Yes I'm doing great. Thank you. I'm excited to be on your show and have some fun and share all that great wisdom with you and with the listeners.

Yeah. And judging by you know what I know of you you have a lot of that a lot of wisdom a lot of value to provide. And you know so the bio is fantastic extremely powerful. If you don't mind help our watchers and listeners get a better idea of you and what makes you tick so to speak. You know we all hopefully get to sleep and then wake up each and every day and for some more than others it can be a struggle just to get out of bed because what they have to look forward to each and every day for you. What is that one thing if you can pinpoint it that really motivates you to get up with vigor with positivity and just say I'm ready to take on the day and then real quick if you don't mind with all of that I just read on your bio. What are you up to these days.

Okay great.

So you know the thing that I'm feeling very fortunate about is that my whole life I was brought up you know when I was younger with parents that were artists and entrepreneurs and I was always taught and brought up to really follow my passion you know and I can't tell you that when I see people that go to a job they hate every day and that just I I don't know that I could actually get up in the morning and do a day if it wasn't something that I love to do. And and really follow my life's purpose and I love

Learning I love helping people. And my whole life I was a performer performer. And for you know the longest time it was all about dancing and teaching dance and dance education and and all this and now I'm still working with a body from a different perspective. Now I help people to regain their use to recover from injuries and with this wonderful program that I teach and just you to see the transformation in people's lives that that is very exciting and that really gets me going and it gets me up in the morning. So that's. You know that's about that and the things that. I'm working on now and it's something that's been in the making for a while.

But the thing that's really shaping up right now in the business is that I've changed the business model from working more one on one with people in the gym to an online business model. And it's something that I've been working for a long time to set it up and put it together. But it's up and running.

And this is very very exciting because now I am able to work with so many more people. And there's no more frontiers no more borders no barriers of

You know distance. So I can really actually

Help more people. So that's really really exciting. Yes a matter of fact. Now we're going to setting up mastermind so we work with groups of people. So. You're not taking advantage of technology and really being able to. Goal with the technology and to make these improvements in the business model. I think that's really really really exciting. So that's what I'm up to.

Amazing. And you said it twice. So this is what another one of the patterns. You know those three patterns I talked about mind body business. They they have subcategories in every single time one of the driving forces between any successful entrepreneur like the DEA is. They love helping people. You said it in the very beginning and you said it at the very end like bookends. That was amazing. And I love the fact that you're changing. You're taking your business that's successfully been operating on a one to one basis and now you're scaling it so you can bring in and help more people which is incredibly important when you have something that works that helps people. It would be a disservice if we didn't scale wouldn't it.


I mean it was for me you know and I don't know if you know a little bit of my story of how I even came about this business but I can kind of tell you briefly so that you can see where you know their transition and what happened what happened is I was a flamenco dancer when I was a ballet flamenco dancer I had a very busy career I was traveling I was teaching in the in the school arts education and actually I was teaching a thousand children per day through the school I had a dance company a dance studio.

I mean I was just such so busy you know. But what happened is it's kind of hard on the body. And when I got to be in my late 40s eyes my body started to really pay the price.

And I have a lot of injuries from from dancing basically and then of course you know the hormone changing. You know women 40 and things start changing. And I was really losing the grip on my body and I didn't know what to do anymore because I had already done everything I had. You know I was already fit and dancing so it's not like I was a couch potato and I I had tried all the healing modalities with chiropractor acupuncture and my my passion is in physical science and quantum physics.

So I was already using mind you know mindset to try to help my my body and it wasn't it wasn't working.

I was really kind of going down and one day I decided that I was too far along in my journey where I if I could find something to change that predicament then everything that I've ever known about the power of the mind and and all these things then it was it was just going to. It was negating everything that I've learned for the last thirty five years.

So I decided that that wasn't going to happen. So I set up like a super mega intention and I used just about every tool that I had ever learned in my entire life to actually manifest something that was going to change that predicament. And the very next day that's when I met Stephen Hersey Dr. fitness USA and e it was you know coincidence which I don't believe in coincidence but when we connected.

He you know he he I said well who are you and you said well I'm an international body designer and I had just come about to make this big contention. So I just said that's what I need. It was like a sign from God. You know that answered my prayers. So to make a long story short the conversation that I heard that he was telling me was very different about anything else that I had heard in fitness. Being a performer everything that I had ever heard or done was no pain no gain.

The show must go on. You know like boot camp you have injuries like forget it. You gotta go dance over the hips just and what what he was telling me was things like never doing anything that's uncomfortable like working from a female perspective you know. And when it has to do with strength training and lifting weights. That sounds pretty uncomfortable to me. And I was very injured and I couldn't lift anything and I just didn't know how I would fit in.

But it was different conversation that I had not tried. So I jump in. I've hired him and I started on his program and I could tell you that we've seen two weeks my back. He was gone. My my bad shoulder which I could not move at all. It took a little longer maybe a few months but basically in a very very short time I completely recovered from all my injuries and I got my body back and I got very very intrigued. OK. That was the transition to the starting point of this new journey where I said I have to really figure out what's what's up with this. So I started researching studying I became a personal trainer because I wanted to know everything and then I may I read him you know.


So it came but I came from dancing to being completely injured to where I am today where I have been able over the last ten years to take all that knowledge and actually put it online.

I love it. I love it. So you know you went through what a lot of people would coin as a as leaving your comfort zone. Big time. You went from dance to an injured woman to now looking at a guy who's saying well you actually need to do strength training which most people attribute that with men you know to build muscle. And for you to just say let's do it. And so you left your comfort zone so that now you can be in a more comfortable zone with your body with all those injuries. And I always say this it's like I've got so many friends I'm 54 so I have friends that are my age or around there and so many of them just say Brian why do you keep working out. It's like you're just gonna wear yourself out. I said Buddy it's the exact opposite. You know a body in motion will stay in motion a body at rest will stay at rest. That's you buddy you're not going. You know your injuries your inflammation all the issues you're going through right now will not only stay but they're going to escalate if you don't get your butt off of that couch and start working out. And I'm a strength training person as well. That's what I promote with the women as well. It's about building muscle it's about strengthening the joints and you can do it using body weight. I'm not familiar with Dr. fitness U.S. is and I'm going to learn more about it but it's all about moving if you move you'll get better and yeah it'll be painful at first if you have injuries of course but what would what would their reward be at the end of that rainbow of going through that time. It's like I've been through physical therapy before I've had both shoulders operate on an ankle and it's a painful process but I know at the end I will be recovered. And so the the end result is far more powerful than the daily pain points that I have to get to get there.

So it's about looking at the big picture as well that you had a lot of great insight in that in that description just by your story. I have a similar one I'm not going to talk about it now but it's interesting how we get to a point based on our life experience that changes everything in our lives for the better because now we can help others. And so that's why I'm so happy to have you here on this show and can't wait to hear more about this program you two have developed and I love the fact you able as mindset background that's what really intrigues me about you and that's again a very common trait for entrepreneurs who are successful. Now you can tell by you know we were talking right before the camera went live and you have a very nice positive demeanor you're always smiling. You actually laughed at a couple of my jokes which is pretty good because they're pretty bad. I appreciate that. But when you know it takes it really does take a commitment to be a positive person to be successful. And so when it comes to maintaining a positive productive and successful mindset such as you've done what do you personally do on a regular basis to sustain that so.

I do several things. Well there's a lot of things that I do. OK.

The way the way I came about learning about this I'd share that with you briefly is I was in my early 20s and I had a series of car accidents. OK. To be correct I had to but like I think nine in the period of two years that's how come my backache you know. And and it was like this karmic thing. And the last one almost killed me and I knew that it was a lesson for me that I needed to learn and that I wasn't getting because it kept happening.

So I ended up with a therapist if you like.

And she was in too positive mindset and in things like this. And she this it was the beginning of that journey in to these quantum metaphors you can science journey.

But she was she started telling me about the power of the mind and positive affirmations and you know all that stuff to this day I still use an affirmation that she taught me all the way back then where she said if you touch your finger right here between these this area right here and you repeat I am full of positive I'm full of strain hell and vibrant health and energy and you know to this day I still use this when you program your mind to to think positive the model what eventually it sticks. Something happens and that's something that I do every day on daily basis all the time. It's always if I think a negative thought I have to completely reset let it go and change it into something positive. This is this is almost automatic in the beginning it it's a little hard because you know sometimes things are not always easy and sometimes it's easier to just say pour me whatever but that is like a snowball just getting through more pour me more for me.

So that's the first thing I do. OK.

But throughout that's what my my journey in to this area I've learned certain tools that I use on daily basis. And one is through meditation and visualization and it's like I can give you a small quick example. It's using like the image of a rose in front of me and just letting all the negative energy or not just the negative energies but the energies that don't belong to me because you know we absorb a lot of energies from other people from things around us and then we say Why do I feel that good. And really in in the matter of fact is that we just all these energy sticks to our aura to our being you know. So I learned that actually using these visualization tools to to just kind of just hear the energy and ground the body and let all the energy supposed to the center of the of the earth. This is something that I also do quite consciously almost every day like on automatic pilot like you know these are tools that are using and learning over the years.

And of course the one thing that really always bring me back home. Okay. It's my program my strength training program because the way we do it it's so empowering because with the doctor fitness USA program you can increase your strength 20 to 50 minutes you can just literally get in the gym and in one exercise get your strength back. And it's such a powerful way to just really lose the stress get back in the body at ground and be present because what I found to be true. OK. Is that a lot of times we we are not able to to kind of get out of the funk because we are actually not in our body.

We are actually in our head or we kind of are living kind of outside of our body thinking with our head and we're kind of operating over here. And when you can kind of bring your son back into your body where you're grounded centered focused then. Then there you go. You know it's. So that's what I do. And I can tell you that with all the metaphysical tools and the energetic tools that I've known over the years I apply those to my strength training practice to where I belong.

I don't just go to the gym and do a workout with my cell phone or with you know I I I say son Jordan focus. Then

I avoid multitasking to the most of my ability because that's another thing that people think it's cool to do multitasking.

I'll get my staff asking my dad asking is is is proven to be completely detrimental to your productivity. Absolutely. No.

Absolutely. I mean people there are so many people that actually boast about how great they are at multitasking and those are the ones I say Well I don't wanna work with you because that means you're not focused on the task at hand usually.

And I don't want to interrupt you there but there are some amazing things you brought up like when you talk about holding your hand at that particular There it is that spot you know an LP we have that we'll process called anchoring. That's very very similar to that where he basically you bring up not only that the words but you go into that emotional state and then you plant the anchor. And then when you want to fire off the anchor and feel the juice that's what I call it. You have put your finger back on. And I do that with a finger to thumb. I do it every time before I come on stage or a show like this. I just get a little bit of juice right there and AMP me up. It's amazing. It works and everything you just said you said changing your negative thoughts and do it immediately and automatically and in an LP we call it reframing. And so one of a great example and this is a horribly negative but just as an example many of us will say well you know I can't I can't come over right now. I've got to go do the dishes.

And so I've got to do the dishes. Do you really have to. Know. And is that kind of a negative thing. Kind of a constraining thing in a way yeah. What if you just reframe that quickly to say I get to do the dishes. Yeah total mind shift. Now you're thinking about well why do I get to. Well it's because well that means I have dishes in the sink of dishes that are dirty in the sink that means I probably had food to eat. I'm blessed if I have a sink that means I might have a kitchen if I have a kitchen and I have an apartment or house. I have a place to live. I'm blessed you know. So it just it completely reframes literally and changes that thought pattern. And you do like Batiste is doing. It becomes automatic. At first it takes cognitive thought and and it's good to have someone nearby to help remind you. I do this all the time with my clients with co-workers with entrepreneurs buddies of mine. I just say I'll quickly tell them reframe you know and I'll given the reframing. Oh yeah thanks thanks. Meditation visualization again. Write down the MLP right down the pipe visualization a guided visualization in another forum is also called hypnosis which we utilize in an LP and then the strength training and you lose stress see it's mind and body you're going through everything right here.

The blueprint and what I'm saying that and repeating it all as I hope you that are watching and listening are writing all of this down. I am the show host and I'm taking the notes so what's your excuse if you're not doing it take notes on this and then put them in action. These are she's not only giving you just well I do anchoring and then I reframe a negative thought that I do meditation but she's told you exactly how she does each one. Not just this is what I do with this is also how so thank you for sharing all that is powerful powerful and when it comes to fitness the one thing you were kind of on the finishing up with there about losing stress I take it that physical fitness is a little bit important to you but how how important would you say it is to you your business and your personal life as a whole. It's it's I can tell you that it's just about the most important thing at this point because. You know. How do I say that. We a lot of times we use sayings kind of like they are profound sayings but we don't know what we saying we like

You you heard the body is the temple for example. Well the body is the temple folks that's it. OK.

Without the body you don't you don't have that Mohican you don't have a house to live in and you don't have anything. So we say health is wealth. If you don't have your health you don't have anything if you if.

Ok but why do people spend more money on their car on their iPhones on their computer and when it has to do with their health they have no time they have to do just one more thing about their business they have to go to one more seminar they don't have the money because they people have so many excuses about why and how they can't just do it right now take care of their health and see you know and the truth of the matter is the body is the temple. As a matter of fact I put together this 13 part series The esoteric principles of body building and I actually did a lot of research because every time and anytime I write about something or I do a show about something or I write a book about something or a report is like a research I research I research I read you know because I can think all I want but I want to kind of have the background. And I actually did some research on that body is the temple thing you know. And it took me back all the way to Leonardo da Vinci and movie trivia man.

Ok. And when you look a little bit deeper in to it then what you learn is that in the ancient civilizations book tempos were actually built at the proportion of the perfect man which is illustrated by Leonardo defense chief.

So it has to do with sacred geometry the body is the temporal folks.

So in my in my world since I've become more and more aware of this because you know my life was about metaphors you could science learning meditation and I was a dancer and and all of a sudden in this time and age I am in this place with this mission you know with this understanding of things where things kind of come together it was like a piece of the puzzle that was missing and now is the time to really own that you know we we actually people say we are a spiritual being in the physical having a physical experience.

Have you ever you heard that. Oh sure. A lot of people say that. Well I want to I want to say one thing beyond that we are in the stage of transformation now and we are not only going to lose the body to go back to the to the spiritual world. We are this is like increased that in Christianity is called ascension. You know Jesus ascended in all spiritual beliefs. There is that we're talking about that in different words. But what that means. That means that we are actually transforming the physical body into something else.

And you can only do that when you take care of your body and when you treat your body like a temple.

Yeah it's like it's a great way to really hone in on. So we talk about mind body and business really without the body. There is no mind and without the mind what's the use of having that body. And so what I what I always talk about is say the mind and body or a team. More importantly the mind and body are your team. You know. So let's take all three of those together mind body business and let's say you have a team of three. And they are working together for a particular task or goal. And one of those three is not operating at a peak level performance let's say it's the body. And the team goes to. Engage in this activity and you have this one part of the team that's not pulling their weight what happens to the team as a whole let's say your mind is at an absolute peak it's doing everything Europe you've got everything going right. Positive thinking you've reprogrammed your mind and business you've got everything laid out perfectly but the body is suffering what happens to the team. Well that suffers doesn't it. You know I say this I know it's a domino effect yes it's just a perfect segway because I always say you know it's like a tripod a tripod that holds up say a camera or something you have three legs

The mind the body and business if you're not one of those legs away in this case the body what happens the tripod. Boom. And so yes. I'm like really leaning in and listening intently on everything you're seeing. And I love that physical fitness is the most important part of your life right now. And that's the thing. In the same thing happened to me is I. It wasn't that important to me although I had been fairly fit most of my life. There was a period where I let it go bad. And the thing is we as human beings don't really think about it until we see something going wrong do we. I mean you had injuries. I had health issues and it's like a smack in the face like Well Brian you better get back to the body part and start taking care of that thing because it is your temple. It's only when you got it that's all you have as long as you're on this earth. You better treat that body with love and kindness and do everything that Battista is talking about which is workout eat healthy and then also also get your mind straight. Do those thing. You notice she does this every day. The positive mindset tools and techniques every day. You know some people say Oh I'll do affirmations for 10 days or something then they kind of drop off. Well it's not even just affirmations it's much more than that every single day. So it's like practice.

You know what it is. It's a state of being. So you start by saying Oh I forgot to do this or let me do it. And you know in the beginning you can put little things on the wall to remind you you know because until it becomes a habit. So having a reminder earlier is a good idea. But what it what happens is it becomes a state of being. Yes

Yes. So it's a combination. I look at it as a combination of subconscious activities and conscious activities one of those being affirmations. I read a list of my mission plus affirmations that takes literally 20 minutes I have eighty three affirmations I read all the time every morning and it takes 20 minutes but I notice when I do that things great great things happen when I don't. I see stuff sliding in every area of my life. It's amazing. That is a conscious activity. However it's instilling to my subconscious because of the repetition and it's you know it's putting that confidence level in and everything else. I can't believe it. We're 15 minutes from the end of this already but t staple happens every single time.

So I'm going to jump to. Let's see. You know I think one of the things that. It's really intriguing. You mentioned I forgot his name already. DaVinci Leonardo da Vinci. Yes.

So I'm not trying to implant that name in your head right now but you know there's there are a lot of people that are no longer with us that if they were here wouldn't it be intriguing to sit down and have a chat with right.

And tell me what what was your life like. How did you succeed. What were your failures what did you learn from so if you but you took a talked to one person from history that possibly isn't here anymore with us. Who would that be and why.

Well I have to say that Leonardo da Vinci could be would be probably one of them and not only because of the insights within the human body and the sacred geometry and all this but he was an artist also very interesting man artist painter.

And yet when you research him a little bit you see that you already kind of had a drawing some I think you might a be for even being the first one to have a vision of airplanes you know before it way way back then you was like a scientist but such an artist and with like amazing insights and I've become more and more fascinated with him as I research more through for the series that I was doing the esoteric principles of bodybuilding and because I think that he's just a lot more than what we we we know the Mona Lisa or a couple of paintings.

You know what I mean I think that there is a hope or a whole gap of far of information that it would be really interesting to sit down and have a chit chat. I would not do that.

And you know I kid you not.

I seriously think that he would be very compelled to ask you some questions as well because you know we have so much more at our fingertips that exist today. There probably wasn't any writings or learnings on the metaphysical world back then at least not the way they are today and things have grown so much like one that be an interesting conversation where you go with learn from each other.

And what of that. If we had that conversation you know like you put the view trivia man on on a drawing. But what about if we took the conversation further and say OK now let's see the system this trades training system that can reach shape and we so the body into the perfect dimension of the perfect man. You see that's where my mind is going. It's like several Lucian right. So during the times that we learn that we progress and then different knowledge comes into play. And this is where I'm going with this story.

You know I'm like I'm like on a mission to put that picture of your man in to reality and your passion is obvious and everybody that's watching this on video can see that. The second you started talking about the strength training program. Your face lit up your body straightened up your smile got big your voice got louder. Everything was going on. And that's the beautiful thing is you have found something that you love to do. You know it works you know it helps others. And I love that you're scaling and that you've already put forth going on line. That's something that my fitness business is entirely 100 percent online so that I can reach out to more people regardless of where they live. That was the reason I did that on purpose from day one because I didn't want to drive and I didn't want to force others to do the same. And let's make it as convenient because let's face it working out is literally painful at times.

It's painful. I mean like why do they have no pain no gain everywhere especially for body builders where I'm going with that. But it's not something people yearn to do if they haven't made it a habit.

Once they've made it a habit and they realize the result and how phenomenal they feel after every single workout that becomes the memory and then they know the result. And so you know all those little all the exercises that are difficult makes me sweat makes me hurt a little bit maybe stretches my muscles but it's so worth it because I feel phenomenal when I'm done.

And that's where the mindset works can come in you know to help reprogram their mind to look forward to that end result.

So I have to say something about that because there is something specific and different about the doctor fitness USA program because all the exercises. It's it's really different. OK. There is a sequence of exercise that's it's very specific but the ergonomic or the way the body is placed in the equipment the way we live the angles of the feet the angle of the bench. And I have to tell you that it's not painful. Oh that's good. That's fine. That's bad. Well as a matter of fact because we work with injury and things like that and we work to strengthen the senior genetic muscles around the injuries or around the the weak point we work on restructuring the posture we work on correcting vestibular imbalances. And usually when people go through our program

Aside from maybe the first week or so because if they have never worked out with that you can muster that might be a bit of soreness.

Sure but usually the response what people say is it's not paid for. It's actually quite simple and easy. And people often compare rich to meditation because it's very grounding. So it's a little bit different what we do than what you think. All right. As I speak and it's not that we don't lift heavy weights like do you know that I went to the gym last week and I did a late press. With

6 plates on each side. That's like six hundred and some pounds. That's a lot of weight. It is but when six hundred or so pound you know I couldn't lift anything. Now I can chest press like 35 pounds dumbbells you know I'm strong. But when you do it when we with the right

Where the body is placed in the right way and you're doing the right technique then it's almost like a massage. It was such as the body and it actually puts the body back into alignment. Love it. So that's how we get rid of pain. Yeah it's a little bit different than what people know as fitness.

Yeah it is it's very intriguing. I want to learn more. In fact I know you have a gift to offer our folks here we're going to talk about that in just a moment but you know we're getting close to the end and so there's this there's this one burning question that I really really really want to ask you. It's it's probably the biggest question of the show. It's a doozy and it may take you time to think of the answer and if if that happens that's OK. You know and I know it's like well Brian G's here being all secretive about it and I'm getting stressed and I'm sweating I've got to work out now to get rid of the stress but oh but before we do that real quick I wanted to remind our viewers and listeners that they can enter to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. So real quick if I may I'm going to switch over to that and let the folks see that on your screen if you're watching you can see there are two ways to enter. One is through the web. Just go to your web browser and type and reach your peak LLC dot com. Forward slash vacation. So let's reach your peak LLC dot com for Slash vacation or if you are a person who prefers the phone and we can just text something to a number you can just text the word peak.

That's p e a k to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 again. That's peak PTA K to 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Go ahead and do that right now. Do it quickly and all of this by the way is sponsored by an amazing amazing company and service called Power texting dot com. A good friend of mine runs that business and it's amazing. I use it for this very show. I sent out many notifications using their their service. It's phenomenal. So definitely check into that. So go ahead enter that information enter to win and we will announce the winner either at the end of the show or shortly thereafter. I will get in touch with you directly if you are the winner. Sounds fantastic. And by the way this isn't Little fly by night vacations. This is like no kidding bonafide because the very sponsor power texting dot com. My buddy Jason nest actually tested it out by going to a five star Mexico resort from this very program that he offers and he said it was amazing just a beautiful amazing five star resort.

You said it was everything they said it would be. So go ahead and do that now. And now quickly finish up because we're going to get the answer to this very crucial question that I'm going to ask Batiste and then she's kind of giggling that might be a nervous giggle there but I want to I want to kind of like ease the stress or pain or anything that might be going on which lets you said you know this isn't her first rodeo she's she knows how to be on television she knows how to be on the radio she's not nervous at all she's getting out of like. Right. And so but just so you know it's just there is no such thing as a wrong answer to this question. There isn't. You cannot answer incorrectly. And in fact the only correct answer is your answer. And the reason I say that is I've asked every single guest that I've had on this show the same question. And to date until now at least until now not a single person has answered it in the same way. And I honestly think it's going to happen at some point because there's only so many answers to this question but I find it really really amazing. But what I wanted to do is get into it if you're ready. Batiste we'll ask this one final question and then stick on with us because we want to also give you the contact information for Batiste and how you can obtain a wonderful gift that she's offered for our viewers and listeners. But here it is are you ready Batiste. I am ready. All right. It's a real short question but it could be a pretty deep answer depends on the person Batiste How do you define success OK.

Well success is the ability to fall and get up again and again and again and again. I had so many opportunities to band myself from scratch because of tragedies because of fire and so many things. And if I didn't have the ability to pick up the pieces and get up and do it again or reinvent myself to continue then I wouldn't be here talking to you.

Ok so to me success is your ability or my ability or anybody's ability to get up over and over and over again because there's no failure. The only failure is when you fall you get kicked down or something happens and then you don't get up again and then you've gotten.

So as long as you are getting up and doing it then continuing it.

And then there's always new opportunities that present themselves. And to me that's the definition of success as a matter of fact a friend of mine one time call me the Phoenix because all my business caught on fire.

I mean I had so many things like this wow in it I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that let's I work for you my answer Oh yeah.

Every answer works and that one was yet again an original answer. I have not heard that one before and every single one of them are as equally as powerful as that one because ability to fall and get up again and again and again that is amazing. And that is that's like that's like a definition of a successful entrepreneur isn't it. I mean yes that's part of being an entrepreneur. We fall down over and over and oh so many people they see the end result there is but use says she's successful as she scale her business she has online she's a phenomenal expert in her field man she's got it easy I bet it was so easy for her as well. Are you kidding me. It took a lot of time a lot of money investment a lot of research has Batiste said several times she's deep into research and she's actually applied everything she's learned but it doesn't go perfectly. Even then never. And the cool thing I learned and I'm sure you're gonna test this the TSA is the more you become successful you know the people think that the more success you acquire and the higher level you achieve they think that the easier your road becomes and it couldn't be.

You're shaking your head. He couldn't be farther from the truth. More and more stuff happens more you fall more and more and the key is how.

Batista and people like with TS to myself where successful have learned to become flexible and how to react to those situations. So it's not about the situation it's all about how you handle it by how do you react do you make an excuse or do you handle it. And it's and you get to that point because you have practiced it daily. Batiste is doing mindset techniques and processes daily. This is how you become successful. You work at it. Sorry for those of you that wanted a quick easy fix it just doesn't work that way it takes it takes so much drive so much passion that is why in my humble opinion there are so few entrepreneurs on this planet compared to those who worked corporate jobs who worked for someone else and not judging anywhere on either side of the fence. God bless both sides without entrepreneurs then we wouldn't have jobs for people to work and without the people who work in the jobs we wouldn't need an entrepreneur. What we mean there wouldn't be jobs to begin with. It's just it's a great synergy but yeah it's a difficult difficult thing but I call it a challenge. And and you said there's no such thing as failure. I love that. We clean it. We talk about we say there is no such thing as failure only feedback. So when you fall off that is feedback. Why did you fall off. You got feedback. OK now what's the lesson I learned and now how do I get back up. It's only feedback. And here's the thing I say it's important to fail. Over and over and over and over and over again as fast as you possibly can. So even get to the point of knowing how not to fail less Oh not to feel that.

I think that's right. I'm put myself into a circle here. Oh we're at that time I wanted to definitely and thank you that was amazing and powerful truly powerful Batiste ability to fall and get up again and again and again. I wrote that down. I write them all down. Fantastic and no such thing as failure. What I want to do is give the folks the ability to connect with you and you we were talking before the show and you had a couple of resources first if you don't mind I'd like to pull up your main site so people can see that that gives them a visual.

And then we can tell them exactly how to get there. Let me get this over to that screen. And so yeah how can people get in touch with you what is the Web site for them to connect with both you and your amazing husband and then we'll go to the offer in right after that. Just tell me when and I'll switch it over to that.

Yes. So the website is Dr. fitness USA dot com doctors do ya. Just like it's shown on the other screen Dr. fitness USA dot com. And you know on the homepage you can book a free consultation there free reports. I mean you know that's very expensive very expensive Web site with a lot of information and and already curves whatever.

I'm always writing and doing stuff and our beautiful some of our beautiful testimonials that we have. My husband has been doing this for 55 years. He's going to 71 on January 1st. So this is not a fad type activity it's been proven research tested and there's just nothing like that take it from me. I'm a product of the product actually.

Well that's amazing. I did not know that he was 71 years old. That's amazing. I've met him in person several times doesn't look anywhere close to 71. So what does that say about him a lot and likely phenomenal. And then so what's the best way for them to contact you is it through Facebook or through contact through this Web site.

Yeah I'd go to the Web site then book a free consultation heats up the home page on the front banner and of course we're on social media everywhere. My personal social media is about t stock. But again if you just google Dr. fitness USA anywhere we have over 300 videos on YouTube we are on LinkedIn. We are not too much Instagram Facebook. I'm pretty big on Facebook and you just have to google Dr. fitness USA and then you know we'd pop up like everywhere. Don't use that. Don't forget the USA though because sometimes people Google Dr. fitness and they forget the USA and you know. But Dr. fitness USA. That's it. And the easiest way is just to go through the West Web site and take advantage of that free 30 minutes consultation.

Because say why not.

Yeah why not. Absolutely. And you have a secret area of your Web site where people can go to get a phenomenal gift that you wanted to provide. And bring that up right now.

Yeah. So this is up of just just for the viewers of the show.

This is actually the entire full copy of my number one best selling book feminine body design empowering fitness for a pain free life. OK. And that was a book I bought specifically for women. And it addresses kind of all the myths about fitness and he talks about things like spelling no time. Myth myth no time is just a myth. You have time. Trust me in the book I explain how that works.

And and this is specifically for the view aren't the show so unless you have to have that exact thing to access that and that link is for everyone listening it is doctor.

That's D.R. fitness USA.

Dot com forward slash feminine Dash. Body dash design dash book one more dash gift against Doctor fitness USA dot com.

Don't forget the USA doctor with D.R. Ford slash feminine dash body dash design dash book dash gift. And that is yours free gift of Batista and an amazing thing is you know this is not available you can find this on the website through any other link you just have to know what that you all is. And we appreciate that you are doing that for the guests for the people watching and listening. So those are you listening on podcast. Pull over. If you're listening in the car and write that down play it back and write that down. Grab your copy and then definitely go to their main web site and book that consultation. Yes.

Yes. And if you forget the link then just contact me and say I heard you under the Brian Kelley mind body business show and I you want to claim my put my free gift and then I send you the link if you forget and test stick band tested Batiste.

Thank you so much. What an amazing amazing show you've brought so much value. I knew it I knew it I knew it. You're an amazing woman. Thank you. Please give your husband a big old bear hug for me. Seventy one. That's amazing. I can't wait to see both of you again. We've crossed paths several times and just keep doing what you're doing. It's a blessing to everyone that needs it. Especially women and guys like me that are not as young as we once were to keep moving to because that way we can be a more contributed part of the community because you know what the older people get I. Society has it wrong the way people view old age is they you they view it as they're losing their value in society. And I look at it as you've got to be kidding me. It's the exact opposite with all the life experience and things they've learned and the mistakes they've made and the victories they've had.

How much we can learn from people if they're having physical ailments that are reducing their overall performance then go see Batiste and Dr. fitness USA and let's get it taken care of so you can serve more of this beautiful world of ours with all the beautiful people in it how's that.

That sounds great. Sure. Hey come on down.

All right. Well we're going to end the show for now. I love all of you being on. Appreciate you Battista. Thank you for watching and listening closely on the web and on the podcast. We'll be back again next week it's Thanksgiving coming up this week. So no show this Thursday following Thursday. We will be back. We will see you then. Have a wonderful wonderful rest of your weekend a wonderful Thanksgiving. You too. Batista thank you so much for being on.

Thank you. Bye bye.

We will see you all again next time. Be blessed.

Thank you for watching. I'm listening. This has been the mind body business she was Brian Kelly.

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Batista Gremaud is a No1 best selling author, co-founder of the International Institute of Body Design, and co-creator of the Feminine Body Design prescription strength training system. She is also the co-host of the Esoteric Principle of Bodybuilding, a 13-part series sponsored by the Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy that airs on FB live every Friday at 2:00pm PST / 5:00pm EST. Batista's expertise in strength training includes structural realignment of the spine, injury prevention and is also certified in personal training. A former international professional performer in ballet and Spanish dance, Batista Gremaud is a visionary, also certified in hands on healing, intuitive readings and energy clearing, Batista Gremaud ‘s long time passion in dance, quantum physics and metaphysical science inspires her to help busy women over forty to achieve greater integration of body, mind and spirit through the practice of strengthening the body and the mind with the Body Design Formula prescription strength training coaching system.

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