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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. I say this every single show and every single time it's absolutely true. I am so extremely excited for this very show. We have one of the most expert individuals I have ever met in my life. When it comes to technology and I love the niche that this man is in because it's something I honestly didn't even know existed until just a few months ago. And I'm excited that it does exist number one and number two he has solved a crucial crucial issue for people like you entrepreneurs marketers. We are going to get into it and get deep and get ready for a wonderful ride. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about. It's about the three pillars of success. In my time on this earth, I've learned by following those who are successful and I realized there are patterns that developed for each of these successful individuals. One being mind. Otherwise known as mindset - how to reprogram your mind for better to serve you better. There's a lot written on the subject and we might touch on it tonight. Body - that's about nutrition, eating right, exercising on a regular basis. Just moving getting up and moving. And then business. That's a multifaceted arena. And we're going to go into some of that tonight. And that would be marketing sales team building systematized. And we're gonna get in deep into technology and automation and how to really fine tune your business. I'm trying not to give away the best part. So very very soon I'm going to bring on the man the myth the legend Mr. Chris Lang and one of the things I love to talk about is the importance of reading. It's something I learned many years ago. I was actually told by another multimillionaire in his office while we were signing the contract the importance of reading and I decided to ignore his advice and thankfully years later I met another person who would become my mentor and work with him for several years spoke from his stage taught his students and at one point in his house I saw him walking around wearing a headset headphones and this is some years ago as well. And I remember seeing him and what he up to. And he says to me I'm just listening to a book. I said wait what. Listening to a book it was a new concept back then hang with me. And so he said he said "Yeah, I'm listening to a book." I said oh my gosh - I don't like reading because I get fatigued with my eyeballs so that I don't give this a shot. I began reading by listening to books and holy moly. It was amazing. I absolutely loved it. And the other thing I found out was by listening and I listened through something called audible very very popular. There's an app that you listen to it from I do it on my phone in my car. So it's a university on wheels and you're able to tap a little bitty icon called a bookmark. And I didn't realize that that was available right away. And once I saw it and realized the power of it like my gosh I've just had this icon and that means I can go directly back to the spot I found to be of interest the first time I listened to it. And so now I don't have to reread entire books. I can just go back and review the bookmarks just jump right to them and so that being said we're going to segway over into a segment affectionately call you guessed it bookmarks bookmarks born to read bookmarks.

Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com yes reach your peak library dot com and real quickly for those of you watching live right now.

Brian Kelly:
And those of you that are maybe listening after the recordings over or watching the recorded video just relax and take notes on what I mean by that is. Stay with us because you don't want to miss Mr. Lang when I bring him on right after this segment. He's coming on in just a minute literally. So take notes. Take out a pad of paper or open up something on your computer or tablet or wherever you're watching or listening from and just take notes and stay with us. In other words don't go to the resources that we are going to be giving you during the show. Take note stay with us because it all happens in the room as they say. So stay here with the meeting. So reach a peak library dot com real quick. That is a collection of books that I have personally read that I personally vet to say that they have had profound effect on me and my life. And so there there's the list. You see it. And if you scroll through there is about 40 or so and all I'm way behind in updating the site. But these are a great place to start. I literally put this together for you the entrepreneur that is looking for a filtered set of books that they know that at least one person got impact from and that's just to save you time. Otherwise I always go to books that are recommended. Many many are recommended to me and to our audience on this very show. I've read mint in fact the book I'm reading right now is from a recommendation from a past guest expert. And so what I want to do is just briefly real quick playback a snippet for you. And that is from a book. I love this book called The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. Now this snippet is literally a minute in length. So go ahead and get those pens ready then notepad ready and just take notes. We're going to listen to Stephen Covey for just a minute and then we're going to come back and bring on our guests the expert cannot wait. Here we go. Take notes listen close.

Stephen R. Covey:
Our basic nature is to act and not to be acted upon as well as enabling us to choose our response to particular circumstances. This empowers us to create circumstances taking initiative does not mean being pushy obnoxious or aggressive. It does mean recognizing our responsibility to make good things happen over the years I have frequently counseled people who wanted better jobs to show more initiative to take interest and aptitude test to study the industry even the specific problems the organizations they are interested in are facing. And then to develop an effective presentation showing how their abilities can help solve the organization's problems. It is called solution selling and is a key paradigm in business success.

Brian Kelly:
I love that solution selling and it's all about taking initiative and it's about going out and doing action. It's often you know a lot of people will learn but many people will fall short and not do. And there's actually three components to learn do. And then the ultimate is teach. So when you read a book you're learning. Then when you put it into action you're doing. And then when you come back and teach it now you're really integrating it completely. And I love that little snippet by Stephen Covey. Speaking of loving little snippets we've got a big snippet coming up a big section coming up on this show right now. I can't wait. We're not going to wait any longer because I want to bring on our special guest expert. Hang on. Here it comes

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified

Brian Kelly:
And there he is ladies and gentlemen the man the myth the legend Mr. Chris Lang. How're you doing Chris. My buddy.

Chris Lang:
Great great great. Fantastic.

Brian Kelly:
Chris is coming all the way from Colorado. I'm in Southern California. By the way share some love give us some likes if you're on Facebook Jon Periscope. Click the heart. I think that's what's over there. We're all over the place where on many different platforms as we speak right now nine and all going live. So comment ask questions and if you're one of the lucky chosen ones we'll give you a shout out and bring your question up live on the show. Real quick I want to introduce this man before I do real quick before I forget. Stay on with us live to the very end and you will have the opportunity to win five nights day at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. Instructions for that will be given near the end of the show. So stick with us live right now all the way through. Real quick let's bring up Chris let's let you all understand a little bit of his background so I'm just going to introduce him and then we'll take it from there. Is that cool Chris?

Chris Lang:
Sounds great.

Brian Kelly:
Awesome. Chris Lang is the most sought after and one of the most high profile e mail deliverability experts in the world. I'm excited already just from that. I hope you are too. He is an expert at breaking down complex deliverability issues and getting to the root of the problem. His g mail delivery skills are second to none. I'm getting goose bumps. I kid you not Chris's list are Chris his client lists rather reads like a who's who of the brightest stars in technology and digital marketing including click funnels Lady Boss dot com even pagan Dean Grassi Rosie and many many more. For the past few years Chris and Mark Goldman combined their super hero e-mail powers and launched an S.M. TV service catering to marketers. One called Send thirteen dot com and a list hygiene service. I love that word like none other called Clean with a K clean 13. Their goal is to dominate the email intelligence landscape and help email marketers get into the inboxes of their lists. Oh my goodness this is so so needed so timely and I'm so excited that this is what you two Chris and you are an expert beyond experts.

We're gonna dive deep into the people you've worked with the effect you've had with your technology with your knowledge with your expertise. Before we do that one of the things that always makes me curious about someone as super successful as yourself and I ask this of many of my guests to come on the show is is maybe Could we dig a little deeper and kind of find out what makes Chris link tick. And by that I mean you know when you get up you wake up your feet at the floor and if you're anything like me you're a little groggy and it takes a few seconds or maybe minutes depending on the quality of sleep the night before to kind of get in the rhythm. But when that starts to happen and that motivation factor starts kicking in you know the drive and you know that it's the next day and you're going to hit it with everything you've got for you. Chris what is it that motivates you to take on each and every day.

Bell bottom line.

It is I want to be the best at what I do. I've done a lot of things in my life but I've never been number one before into the last four or five years hanging on to number one is not easy. This show is a lot of people you know when you're king of the hill there's a lot of people that want want your spot. I just get up every day. I mean news there's some guys some guys go go to the gym some guy. So I have this should meditate in words. I get up and ride the wave. I get up and I start my computer. And I've got five different chat channels. Of course Skype incoming are requests she and many of my clients and I speak whole heartedly in Facebook Messenger. I just get up and start all the applications and honestly I just ride the wave for that day in a niche part of being a CTO and run and run in a on a softer network. Some days you get all in in game shift go on a little off the off the rails in well then you're focused on repairing it. Some days you just go by. Quite honestly I have a lot of no notoriety a lot of success a lot of people call me the king a g G.M. delivery. I kind of want to maintain that for a while and I want to take that success.

I want to take it notoriety and I want to turn it into money in the bank. And is it is our core business being. That's that's the way I look at running your business is your. You shouldn't be doing anything to make those who make you money. Show the beginning of my day starts with dealing with anybody that needs me. There may be fires there may be problems your data may need to be questioned you need to be in when I wake up at a morning news show rolled over and going back to sleep because I need to get out get up and find out if any of these data suggest it's a very different type of world than say an entrepreneur entrepreneur is really get to enjoy the whole thing a whole lot more when it comes to running read it a software network you know a lot of ideas just pitches monitoring the network making sure everything's flowing well you know I mean some days it just runs for twelve hours a day some days you're like everything is perfect day two it gets me up every day is number one you know producing a legacy for my family it's getting more after me. Secondly making sure my debt my my network my software my my email platform and all my clients are happy after that's all settled and done then I get to move on with my day absolutely love that.

Producing a legacy first and foremost and the thing is you know a lot of people might look at a few things that were said like it sounded like money was very important and DA. Of course it is many people might look and say well gosh is so money centric. Well here's the thing to anyone who might be thinking that if Chris Lang makes money he can serve more people. If he serves more people what he does for people helps them to make more money. So it makes nothing but sense. I want Chris link to make mountains and mountains and mountains of money so that more people can utilize his services. So he has that wherewithal to reach out to more to do with marketing to find more people that need a services. I didn't know existed just several months ago and this is one he is the premier Email Deliverability expert on the entire planet. Ladies and gentlemen and this is phenomena I'm so excited that we get to meet and that you're on this show and I appreciate you for being here by the way. What is the latest project that you're working on right now what are you focusing on and what are you trying to get out to the market at this moment or improve on that.

Well we're at work. Any email platform here is huge automation behind it within delivery his is huge package of data show we're we're leveraging the data that we built up after the last two and a half years of running an airship GP network two years Chef running our once private clean 13 Schefter you know we're looking to make deeper inroads into helping people with delivery. That's something that's very rare on an email platform being actually able to get it voice a kind delivery at a quickly target a problem. All all my emails you're going to spam and we're going to talk about this a lot to come here tonight. It needs to package a lot of that weight of determining where your e-mails are placed or not the e-mail platform so much anymore. It is much more do more to do with thought the from a domain in you is the sender in of course your your diversion in how they interact and honestly how much they like you. So we're making deeper inroads into proving that that is occurring or not occurring to our clients. We don't have users you shouldn't continue into. We don't use you to have users H create your team. We have clients in an I.D.. You don't buy twenty dollar a month. Quite to be just as important is you know the two thousand dollar a month big share. But being able to help these people really makes me happy because there is a lot of years when I started did it was kind of like you know you press shed and you just wondered where the e-mail went.

Now that I know where it goes I could actually help people. So there is a good point. I'm not so much a ya money hard you know I'm after freedom and I'm after the time to be able to help people where we're trying to build more automation into our e-mail platform to be able to give people that feedback in them to be able to contact support and support quickly give them documentation that show expenditures.

Fantastic goodness sakes I've got writer's cramp already. I am actually taking notes so for those of you that are watching listening I implore you do the same thing. Yes this is a recorded video after it's over and I know I have it and we can always go back to it. But writing notes is a very powerful thing to do and get in the habit. But my goodness.

Leaving a legacy. You said it a couple of times you love helping people and you said that helping people makes you happy and that's what I find as one of the common denominators of a successful business person. Successful people love to help others. Other successful people that don't care about others and wouldn't help them. Yes of course there are but the ones that come on my show all tend to have this wonderful heart of loving to help others. And I'm so happy that you do what you do Chris because there's this there's a bit of controversy brewing that's been around a while and we're not talking to think deep but it's that of text based marketing against email marketing. In other words email marketing. We keep seeing. I keep seeing it all over the place. Email marketing is dead. You know all your emails going into spam. Well that's why we have Chris Lane here to show us how to keep it out of there. And it's not deliverable nobody reads it nobody opens it. Well I don't think that's true. I know individually I know personally people that still utilize email list primarily and are very very very successful with it and so wanted to put that out there what has been what has been something that you've encountered along those lines as you're promoting this service and providing this service to others who might be suffering with their Email Deliverability.

Well certainly I mean this dish is the way I think about it. Jim is is very different from any other e-mail platform and Gmail has really exploded within the footprint of your list if you haven't looked into that. You definitely should. But let's let's kind of let's talk about you know how I think about e-mail. You know I call these sage Chris Lang mind experiments. It sure it's an easy way not to talk Jack but you kind of get across how I view e-mail is a very machine learning based on Gary's work environment I'm going to be going deeper into the shot shot later on I've actually got some secrets a secret speech that's coming later this year that's going to be rather interesting.

But let's talk about e-mail cause right now Brian G.M. is having a sales contest did you know that no OK so first place it's the primary tab. That you win first place you're going to get you see is video opens if you will.

Other places like second place the g mail promotions tab e-mail promotions tab second place know what you get when you go to e-mail promotions tab a set of steak guy third place GMO spam for at this point GMO is basically fired you is the salesman for your own product.

Indeed this is this is how I think G.M. is it's a sales contest. You've got to be the great salesman. It gets to the primary tip. You don't want to be in a promotion step and many times you'll climb out of it the spam folder is many of my clients to do just to end up in the promotions tab which is darn near just too stiff. Don't want steak knives do you know.

A great analogy I love it. I love it. Yeah. The thing is this. I didn't realize so I've actually encountered and fic found that my emails aren't making it through to more often than not. And it's like really discouraging because these are people that literally opted into a list organic they came onto my Web site. They put their name they put their phone number some of them many of them and their email address and they still don't get my emails delivered to their inbox which drives me nuts because it's getting harder and harder to get it to their inbox. And so that I would imagine is something that you are expert at helping to improve.

For those that are doing this for business has certainly abated within my private business. I'm an e-mail delivery sold as well. I only take on clients that are in g mail spam because you read the value that I can return and that position is 10 times anything else and it's far easier for me to fake spam than it is all the other variables that could cause a placement in the other two tabs primary and promotions. My blitz kind of lets talk about what you emails doing to hear it define the space before we go any farther. So you think of your list is your list you own it. These people opted in. They are your people the way Jimmy looks yet it is these are really their people. These are their Google users. These are not just Gmail accounts they're Google a catch to connect to Google Docs. They may connect to YouTube. Certainly you're seeing you know unique customizations for over a decade now in Google search. Again connected to who you are in your Google account in your likes and preferences. Google array is vast. We used to call it Google grid it was so large there are so many applications.

But but these are Google's users. Your just raining space in the inbox. By being a good salesman in you really have to look at it. It did. G.M. doesn't think of this as being your list even though we all do. I certainly do. I work hard to build lists many times in the last 20 years but G.M. does it look upon the fact that you have permission is permission to be in any of those three various tabs or folders. You have to make some effort to get there. It's not like the old days where e-mail was easy. You either went to the spam filter or you went to the inbox today you may go to the inbox one day you may go to the promotions tab do next. You may be in spam another in fact that mind bending moment. When I came to see the team and started skating set of filters but highly old algorithmic and predictive. Once they started to think about that then I knew I had to be back in email business full time and I had something new to say that nobody else talked.

Fantastic and we were talking just before we came on live. You and I were talking back and forth and I wanted to bring up another thing I thought was very very interesting and intriguing and that was something that related to a recent launch that you were talking about about a couple of mean big websites but one in particular mastermind dot com.

If you would mind kind of going back over that with our audience and letting him know you know what the mindset was going in and then who's involved. If it's OK with sharing and public information and then the results that came from the end what happened that would be phenomenal because it blew my mind. This is amazing stuff.

It really surprised me to show Degrassi oh she has been a client of mine for two years. Together his team and I learned a lot through heavy split testing and ISP level software analysis testing mostly Dejima promote should stab a lot of what we know factually about the GMO promotions tab came from my work with with his team their great team smart guys at times they challenge me which makes we better show we were coming into the mainstream icon lunch and I we started shaking the hands on guy with delivery I was you know what I truly am which is an email every architect should we change some things about the way the e-mail launch who's going to be handled. Now we already hear in great shape. Mr. Michael was a rather new domain. So we made some adjustments. The launch went extremely well. Well when you talk about e-mail being get dislodge was 100 percent on. I mean never. There is plenty of our creatives you know copy that. Affiliates could use things that they could use in your Facebook edge. This is a really great launch and a really the affiliate change and provide him with all the tools that they need. But really you went to the site and you opted in.

This was definitely an e-mail based launch in 2019 and they're not going to tell me how much money was made but a lot of people have asked me and made some guesses. It was definitely a lot and it was one of the biggest launches we've ever seen and I was proud to be just a small part of the team but what was really interesting at the end is the way we ended the launch very very quiet behind the scenes pre setup the delivery on both and all the domains and the IP addresses yet mirror post with the we shit from it missed you Michael and on and on the delivery indicators actually went up at the end of the launch.

Have we ever seen a launch that didn't get so many spam complaints from seeing English affiliates apparent in your inbox. The delivery went up. That truly amazed me I've never quite seen anything like delivery going up of course when you're talking about lots of great cartoon from Jody Robinson Dean and Russel chiming in is it shot the the color guy almost behind it you know behind the initial videos it was such a great hippy. Confidence filled launch I think that had a lot to do with the delivery going off as well. If a Dean's own list is in better shape than it's been in in a year because it's such a terrific watch that was handled so professionally I thought that each show your questions.

Yeah that was hitting it on the head the part that you know well two things that was a large you know a large site a large launch some 20 prominent names were involved and that it actually improved after a lot of e-mail was being sent out which is pretty awesome.

There's a guy named Christopher Darden affiliate e-mailed this.

This is where complaints come from. With mailbox providers as we call free e mail box providers mailbox providers GMO Microsoft AOL Yahoo. And you know when you get a spam complaint case John an email in the link in the e-mail is actually hit it pointed towards mainstream my dot com that that's where you see declines in delivery in these big launches because you're getting spam complaints because affiliates are reports pounding every every inbox a lot of overlap. When a domain appears through whatever redirect Lake it's saturated you know G.M. knows the destination there is no masking your links in G.M. not knowing where that where they surely destination is on a click that usually hurts to domains you question and makes your mind icon being a new domain and its reputation actually rising and measurement with my software that it's truly amazing that that's cool.

Thank you for further clarifying because that even makes it more remarkable because I know from experience using you links like shortness and things where things just don't get get delivered as well as they normally would like Facebook itself will filter things out and you won't get as much visibility. We have a gentleman by the name of Christopher Dilts has been watching then right at the onset. He said Chris Lang is the Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi rolled into one of email delivery for marketers. That's phenomenal. And then he does have a question. So I wanted to pose that he said what about the updates folder. He said so many of his emails to clients end up there too. And they are not being open.

Sure it is great to hear from you. Christopher. Great question. Show the G bail by default these days comes with a primary tab a promotion step in a spam filters for is actually buried down in the left side you actually have to expand to find it. That's a dangerous situation it's got really something we've seen before. But when you enable more carbs than the default three you may see some spurious placement across him. Well the way we look at things Christopher is most civilians OK you know us marketers were a little different. We tend to try to be more organized and we try to try all the options to see what's there and how things work. But what we're talking about here is civilians in. When civilians use software they never change the default show. I go on the assumption that all of my subscribers are only using the primary tab get promotions tab and of course she has the dreaded spam for waiting force. Now why they go to these different folders. I don't think it's something you really have to worry about because the largest part of your list it is using captured may not have turned off the social and promotions tab they only have to three to come by default. And I wouldn't waste a moment worrying about placement outside of primary promotions and possibly spam for appearances.

There you have it. Awesome. I mean nobody knows better than Mr. Chris Lang for sure. And that's another thing is. Yeah we want to make sure every single email we send is always read and I don't I don't think that's ever going to be the case unless you find another glorious machine learning or A.I. approach to make that happen. So yeah. B I love your advice. Not to fret if it's a few for sure. Definitely. My goodness. I wanted to dive a bit deeper it isn't just me talking because I love this stuff is into your service called Clean 13. If we might. Is there. Could you give our listeners a quick overview exactly what that service does and I'm just going to shamelessly plug on your behalf to give you the opening to plug. Why would people want your service. What type of business owners is this targeted for those kinds of things if you wouldn't mind expanding on clean 13.

Well to begin with we my partner Mark Gordon that I built claim 13 two years ago. We never built it with any interest in making a public shelf sheer repetition. We built it because the other services that we were already using for our big ticket clients. And believe me Mark is shy. My church is a lot more than I do and we felt that we were just serving our clients well at all for having never use other other services. Shall we build clean 13 privately for our own use suite. We never built it to make money off of it. We became so busy doing lease grants privately you are manually available software to the market. I did Mark trying said I'm just going to make this a public show. Chris you could get back to being a CTO. It roared in our networks like you're supposed to show we open to taking up a huge public God beginning of 2018. We feel it's the most evolved of scrub software there is. We own it ESB so we have a lot of data and a lot of knowledge coming back to us. Show what makes you clean for you. That's what we really have to get to here is show many telescopes especially less expensive ones tell you that you've got good bad in maybe show we don't tell you that anything's good or bad. We give you 13 different segments sadly enough clean 13 13 segments. So we tell you what the email address is made of it. Then you're allowed. Then you can go on to make decisions whether or not you want to use that segment or not use his check. Certainly he was a real big heads up and this is something no one has probably ever shared publicly and I'm just now going to start saying

Removing not endangers is not scrubbing your list. Why. Because spam traps lots and possibly undeliverable e-mail addresses that somehow don't bounce out all engage with you to this day. Open e-mail spam taps you open emails spam taps click links. Otherwise how do they know to blacklist the destination Lake. In an email that they feel is spam. So removing on engages will well. Of course you need to do that it lightens your list it saves you money and your you send faster and it makes e-mail happier with you. I think everybody is run into at some point being told by the compliance department if you haven't already done it at your email platform you need to remove someone engaged and she kept be mailing people they have it open in humility you're an ass but they'd start scrubbing your list and most people think that oh spam traps only register a ding against the if they get an email from me. Well actually spam traps and especially change kickboxer are usually labeled botch it in what in some other email shit. I'm not going to go into the secret sauce chef but these emails highly engaged. They open the email to reach the body copy the footprint for spam in a click delay to buy click the link so it can get through the reader into the destination where it's actually going. These highly malicious in detrimental emails so it's called detrimental emails actually come back as super engages in in your you've never removed them because they open every email. So these are some of the things that we find we don't tell you you have to remove anything from your list.

We tell you what you list is made of with a deep list analysis and then you can go on to rather than just reinforcing say like most of what you'd say gee I scrub relish in it I import the good e-mails back into a note with another list. Now instead we want to go back and tag the entire list with our segments and then you can decide to make decisions on what to keep and what not to keep. There's many segments that are returned is as negative and you think you would want to remove him but you might find out that they are gauges. They just happen to be negatively labeled. Now here's what's really interesting we have a segment called complainers. These are people that argued the case for the 50 spam complaints and legitimate emails that they signed up to all of my emails come back as a complainer. Now that's interesting because I am a complainer in I own an ISP and I have many friends within the 80 spam community I should be labeled as a complainer but you should not be tape removing everything unless you've got a cold old list a list you're trying to revive a list maybe you're moving to a new ISP where you want to impress the delivery department quite a department get a good eyepiece then you might want to only mail you know the verified 100 percent glowing e-mails that we love and tell you we love if you've got to establish a list.

Well you don't want to cut the list off at the knees and it goes to safety with removing not engages which is part of list hygiene you you should be finding out what your list is made of. I try to move to the most detrimental quickly removing not engages is what I call cutting your list off at the beach. Sure we're a progressive process. You learn a lot about your history. We learn a lot about the quality. You could talk to a support team which will tell you even more if you have questions in and we teach you what you list to speak of. We don't just say good bad or maybe I don't like the word baby.

That is quite a differentiator. 13. My goodness. Instead of just good bad or maybe or maybe ugly could've been a one I wonder where you are. L came from the domain name the name of the product. Just for that for the purpose of everyone watching including myself because I heard you say it a few times ESPN that's an acronym obviously I'm beating my head over here trying to figure out what does that stand for in this context.

Well at ESPN she like got a Weber fusion soft supported state your email service provider and now that term gets used a lot to identify mailbox providers. Delivery guys call a mailbox provider's Gmail Microsoft Yahoo AOL the big 4 show rightly you know an ISP is Shaw your CRM your email platform. Mailbox providers are in your little niche stage a good topic you brought up too because you know five six years ago we were blocking free email addresses and demanding it owned domains. Nowadays your sister stating get free e-mail providers. I mean the game has really changed in the last 60 years.

It certainly has. I've noticed more and more people are starting businesses and sticking with a Gmail email address instead of utilizing their own domain name to continue the branding which baffles me because it's not difficult to brand your company you're using your email address and it used to be not long ago frowned upon and I would do that I'd get a card a business card and it's a legitimate business and I know it is because I'm talking to this individual. And then I go into the email and it says Yahoo or Gmail or something else and immediately their authority status in my mind dropped a couple of points. Exactly. But that's not so much the case anymore because it's just everyone seems to be using email and they throw in their business name and before the app of their email address and it seems to be more and more accepted these days and I see more more prominent individuals that are successful using them. And that's that's my measure of success.

Yes right here the two most used email apps. There are 60 percent of email being read on a phone. The two biggest day apps are neck and neck. That being the iPhone in the iPad the default mail app that comes with the machine and the Gmail app and of course G.M. in the browser that sketch what has made to change is these apps are very powerful. Are there free to install. You don't even have to configure them you just put in you use your name and even if you know your username and password and there is your app on the phone you're familiar with it. It's free to spam filtering and organisational features are highly featured. I'm a dinosaur. I mean I still run on my. Twenty is the 17 year old domain. He would get a dot com and I still use one but then I'd need Microsoft Office to be able to run my business. I need to be able open a million not a million records in a spreadsheet so I IP a hundred dollars a year for office. Now I've been using outlook forever. I like to divide the two. I'm a privacy not too I really don't trust free applications with the ability to recover my password etc. So I certainly use Gmail for a lot of things. I was a beta tested to test for as one of the first few people with invites

But when it comes to my email I'd prefer it not be on my phone it sits on my highly secure desktop at home behind a hardware firewall.

I'm not really into a studio carrying a phone around it's my life in it until I can manage to possibly shut the google account off for the phone. Sure. But but real people are civilians. Civilian Jews. These glowing easy free apps and they love them and a G.M. is really taken over the market in fact it's something I I felt was so important I printed it out. It should let me just read this report with you. Just to be what her Christian Eckert in 2015 I began talking about how I believe 40 percent of GMAC indicator quality ft Touche infielders were based on the from address domain you're from address domain. We're talking about list mailing in Dejima at that time you know four or five years ago G.M. was maybe 40 percent today I believe that those quality indicators of quality filtering this dish know four or five hundred algorithms should make it up but the quality filtering of your emails are more like 70 percent based on your from address domain and now your list is 60 to 80 percent G.M. So you know at the end of the day you've got to learn to play the G.M. the G.M. game. G.M. is getting bigger and bigger in I think it's going to continue to get bigger.

I'm seeing some of my clients list coming in at 80 percent to now in the fresher list. The higher the G.M. percentage now there's some ditches that they don't trust you will don't trust you know the survivalist niches when they come in at a much lower percent. Almost everything else comes in at 50 to 80 percent. So the days of ignoring the G.M. and not playing the game are pretty much over at this point.

This is so engaging and so informative because for business owners like myself I'm thinking now I had to go back and see him in my list. Our email e-mail addresses. Do you also you mentioned the beginning because I honestly don't know the answer to this question. You mentioned the beginning that you targeting those that have large Gmail user base or or opt in lists and that those are the ones you're going into clean. You also provide the service for non Gmail hosting provider emails all that which we cover every note.

The reshaped ISPs become used highly as the word ISP is not a word any one understands.

Again this this little device changed all that. So we cover everything there is.

I mean we can we can find out the quality of your list whether it may be a European list where they may not use Gmail so much English speaking non English speaking is some really strange USPS data right. The Pacific Rim that's something I'm more and more about through a client but wherever you list is and this is again what are the straight 16 30 in one of the reasons we built it is we want to be able to look deeply into these free email networks these free mailbox providers in it be able to tell you about goodness that's on free providers. Now a validation service became a reality of free. I mean Gmail has Gmail it's got to validate you there's no there's no law records to look up in and tell you that it's real validation means that we look to see if the domain has email on it. If it does it's a good address then it's just the way it works anymore. You've got to be able to find more bullish emails lots shofar parts to opt in year this just to watch. Should you spam back things like that. Should we have lots of data we've built up over the last two and a half years and you know basically you know we talked to email and in India. Tell us what's going on in I think Gmail likes us to remove absolute garbage things that for some reason I knew I had the biggest viewed signal that I find great is emails that are undeliverable that do not bounce out of your list.

That's a really strange segment where we have some theories as to why it's not something we could talk about but finding these e-mails to digest it or just hanging around it types to use a good case in point if I don't log into my AOL account in within 60 days in possibly end or not use my email saying let's just say I go off to log into my AOL account in 60 years. It's a known fact achievement that AOL will turn my own inbox into a spam chat within 60 days. You know knowing that DMA were in it knowing you don't want to remove 60 date on engages you want to keep your engage you segment around ships months the poor ones debating on what is the sweet spot for your list. I think that every list just given by you know if for add 30 days my AOL inbox has become a spam trap because I opted 60 days ago. You probably want to find it out and remove that email address and not continue to send to in a band in a carriage. He has been turned into a negative indicator a quality in some small percentage of a thing against your list is naturally important as finding these band in EMEA. Free email provider a carriage in getting rid of them or at least suppressing. Certainly if your delivery is bad well you want to find out all the lowest quality 12 possible segments and you don't want to be there for a while. Then you just want to be all the better for you to get your delivery backed up and get back to E inbox. The idea that you know the idea that you have poor delivery in it you need to dump everything that you do and move to another platform and get another domain. It's just ridiculous you want to rehab what you have because your timeframe to rehab is much less fantastic.

I can't believe this Chris or 10 minutes away from the end. Can you believe that already. And that's what happens when you're having fun right. That's great.

The more talking you do the more value people get. It's more you than anything. I appreciate this so very much. I want to touch real quick on.

We started a little bit in the beginning about talking about texting and emailing and I am a believer in hitting any and all avenues that work period. I know email marketing works or what we're learning why right now and how to make it work better for you. I know text marketing works so I use them both. And you know having a service like clean 13 just makes it that much more powerful. I'm always about optimizing and improving and hitting you know if another channel comes up another marketing platform that's different than texting an email that becomes prominent. I'm on it regardless of what the naysayers might say. And so I just want to bring that point up because I'm a very big proponent of. I coined the term called carpet bomb marketing. Basically you got it right. It went away I could see that it's saturating your market with your message just by and we'll use the analogy of planes dropping leaflets not bombs. You know with the information as they used to back in the war days drop posters and things and you know it's about getting your message to the market that you're looking for but saturating every nook and cranny of that market that's beneath you as you fly over and that's what I'm talking about with mail email and texting and Facebook Messenger another one very super high deliverable stats have shown it's number two behind texting and now with email being still probably the most important list and most of what he called valuable list that anyone can own is still an email list. Is that correct.

Certainly you know why you search something out the other day. Anyway. I kind of want to use you in to show but I do want to certainly rip off the source. I mean it's public J. We've heard of it rain day shit D mean three or four days ago if you if you're on this list you're probably fighting your own batch. The average American gets a hundred and forty emails per day. He should do you know your job is cut out for you. He also said that for every dollar spend on email marketing it's by far the highest hour away. Are I at forty five dollars and 20 some odd sets. If Riot dice shows that with all the data and businesses he has it's absolutely true. And again and again we prove that it's great to have many roads leading your business but in the end it should. All roads should lead to your list because it's portable

There. Oh. Another road. Yeah and I'm always I'm always a person that dives into the details so I just real quick. If you could take someone through the process like me. So we have an e-mail list. How do we extract it to get it through your service for the quote unquote scrubbing with the 13 segments and then get it plugged back into or have those cleaned out of our list. What does that process entail. Do we export and then upload and all that. Or is there integrations involved. How does that work real quick.

Well certainly it depends on the email platform. What are the best things. Did she click photos and genetics she ever did was give us a nice global unsubscribe easily usual feature. Now that would be that platform are a Weber he assures suppression shouldn't segments just like God male champion or garish parchment. Now let's say you're on a platform like confusion and we're all talking about existing lists where you're not moving somewhere else. So what you want to do is you want to export the email address. That's all we really need have some platforms like say infusion soft prefer a customer idea as well. Now if you're not moving you want to export Doshi e-mail addresses into a CSP file to upload them to your claim thirteen account depending on the size of the scrub it runs very fast to very differently. But now if you have the option to tag emails like got a moderate email platform a one list with tags type platform you want to run the list and then you shot that that e-mail address to tag the emails with it will be returned with. One of those 13 segments right next to what you upload interest. It shows that's kind of the problem you need to know the email platform that you're on in if you're sure you could always just speak to our support team in life check. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Eastern Monday through Friday right in any app. And if they don't quite know the situation don't ask me at all. Tell them sure you want to know the email platform that you're on. Are you unsubscribe and it's different for each email platform. So we can't say one size fits all. Secondly if you are moving the list then you want to give us what you want back. If you hear first name last name phone number address whatever in that row that you need associated with that email address you want to upload that along with it. Should it when we take all of these emails back to you in a CSP that it just shows that you have all the data associated with each other. That would be if you're moving the list importing the list reviving a cold list whatever. Sometimes it might be better depending on your email platform to import segments of what we return. Email platforms are different some are more evolved some are catching up some or shimmer a little stingy still with with the ability to do this but most modern platforms allow you to take e-mails too you should export the e-mail address and then use based on the email address tag the image correctly in your system and then you can decide to mail certain segments or not mail certain segments based on the tag. Is that clear enough for me.

Totally totally use your concept unless you've done it hundreds of times like yeah I totally I use a I use a white label version of active campaign I call Pete connector and it does that it gives the ability to tag and does a lot of phenomenal events features. I was a web client for over a decade and and then I kind of by accident stumble on active campaign as a client of someone else. They used it. I looked at it and got to using it and said oh my gosh this is amazing. And so I did that I switched over sometime ago and it's it's my number one go to automation platform that everything else feeds into and out of it. It's amazing.

Yeah I've been with you ever since day one 1999. But then again I'm a broadcaster. I don't do heavy automation. I send broadcast to my list. It's just my old habit of how. Sending e-mail to your list work started 20 years ago and it's just how I've run my thing. I don't have a lot of follow up. I don't even know what I would take. People on my list

But certainly I mean a website is still a very viable easy to use platform. Some people want to go to the Great Lakes to learn automation and really love it. In the honestly it was Ryan Dyson's platform or product about five years ago called The Machine that Changed Everything. It taught people about automation. Fat Tuesday was where everybody moved in that direction in in don't be AI induced. Broadcasting email is still the key. You've gotta mail the large bulk of the list. I had it not used to much follow up otherwise you know certain emails that should bound shot of the list or hanging around and then you go to launch you if you're not mailing the full list for three much and all of a sudden your mail and a lot of e-mails this simply don't exist or the inbox is small and you deliver it goes to heck and say your campaign is unhappy with you. So you've got a broadcast a list just to keep it clean through the mechanisms that are out there and he had been for 20 five years of e-mail to move. Got it. You stupid bitch.

Yeah I totally agree you need to be have discretion when emailing your list. I use it very I don't like email. Time after time after time I make them interactive and I actually tell them if you've already completed that step and I just miss made a mistake. Please click the red button below to say you've done it so I'll quit.

Quit bothering you. All you have to do is click the button and you know so and I only follow up a maximum of four times on any one subject. Waiting for them to do an action and then I'm done. I see this the last time I got a body I don't leave the button there anymore. So if you don't want to respond I'm cool and I worded better than that but yeah. So just be intelligent about how you do it. Automation is just it's the best. That's my forte is the bomb I love it I'm a geek. We need to close this bad boy up. I cannot believe this. And on that note we're going to shift gears into a question that I love to ask all of my guests.

It's it's quite a gear shift because I'm going to ask you a very short question Chris and the cool thing is your answer is most likely gonna be unique amongst all previous guests that I've had. It's amazing. Up till now at least till now no to have been the same which I find quite intriguing.

I I envision at some point they will be there will be a match somewhere but it's really neat. Before we do that I wanted to really quickly remind those still watching live. Thank you for hanging on. We've got an amazing guest as you know Chris Lang as it's been just pouring out the value about email deliverability. He's a genius to enter to win the five night stay at the five star luxury resort and you're going to love this Chris is sponsored by my good buddies at power texting dot com. Yes Jason asked Rhonda. Amazing people yes he's a fighter and I love this camaraderie so I'm going to bring up on the screen real quick how you can enter to win.

So there you have it on the screen the quickest way is to simply text on your phone and you don't have to pull away from watching the show. If you're watching on a different device either way you have my you have my permission to go ahead and do this right now so I can monitor the entrance. So go and text the word Pete. That's Pete AK to the phone number of 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. One more time. The phone number is 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and you type in the word peak and hit send the other option is to type out a very long you URL The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show dot com forward slash vacation it's a great you or l it's just long The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show dot com forward slash vacation enter now and then we're gonna come back and get with our man our myth and the legend Chris Lang and ask him that heavy hitting question that isn't so heavy hitting and just to kind of level set it a little bit for you Chris there is no such thing as a wrong answer you probably have surmised.

In fact it's just the opposite. The only correct answer is yours. It's a personal question. When I go in deep in your personal life but it is a very personal question and I'm just curious and what I'm just so you know ahead of time. I'll get your permission in advance but I'm compiling a list of all the answers and we'll make it into a book because it's fun Oh you'll see why in just a moment. So are you ready. Yes I love love. Of course you are. You're Chris Lane All right. Chris Lang here it comes.

How do you define success how you define success by margins margins. In March there's a huge mindshare within the online business world. We don't worry about margins we're just going to make some money. The bad news is just just how you find yourself next year wondering where the money went and how you're going to pay the taxes. I know how much money I'm going to make before I do anything. And I know I'll watch Jake's liability I'm going to have and I know how much it's going to deviate. I appreciate it he's back and forth. I don't do anything with all our already knowing exactly how much money I'm going to make.

That's actually great advice for everyone watching. Very rare and true to form no one before you had answered that way. I love this. This is awesome. It really comes down to I think in one term is what you are saying is money management in a way. Yeah. And I love how you said I know how I'm going to make before I even embark.

It's like I'm CTO not a not a marketer I am huge on margins in predictive analysis before I do anything I have a pretty good idea what's going to happen before I take any action be it money or anything else so margins can be kind of a generic good man.

I think there is an entire course on that one topic by itself that you could teach and people would come by the droves I think would be high value if you're so inclined to go down that path at some point. I think that's a high value as well to learn how to predict and make sure you know if once you predict it is it going to be worth your time and effort and investment to get to that point.

Certainly huge. Who could G.M. G.M. is predictive software they predict whether or not you're going to open the e-mail and how much you're going to interact with it. It's part of the algorithm that placement.

They're fantastic. And so we just announced the gift which was winning a trip to Mexico five nights stay a vacation. And by the way it's not one of those where you go and you have to sit in and listen to a timeshare for six to eight hours of one of those days. It's a legitimate your vacation stay. And it was tested by Jason Nast one of the founders of power texting dot com personally. He took his daughter and said it was amazing. It was just go into a resort. There was nothing being sold up cell sites sold down sold nothing. He just went and enjoyed his trip. I noticed and understand that you also Chris have a little gift to offer our viewers and our listeners. If you don't mind I'm going to turn it over to you once I bring up the page that we were looking at a little earlier. And go ahead and explain how people can get to number one and what it is that you're providing our wonderful viewers and listeners OK so that you are there is clean. Thirteen or landing die clean thirteen die car landing clean thirteen Dakar with a K in a one three cam

We're gonna give you a hundred free credits to come kick our tires upload the worst e-mails out of your list that you can imagine and let's see what they come back Yes I did this for someone the other day she hit about 50 emails that she thought were just dirt of the world in fake e-mails. Guess what. Two out of three came back is good deliverable e-mails show leading clean thirteen dot com hug and free credit you get to see my CEO Mark Goldman again demand the legend Mark Goldman talk a badge what list scrubbing in list hygiene will do for your list. Good to see Mark guy coming out of retirement a bit and talking to us there in the video in you don't have to give a credit card you don't have to sign up for anything just create or get a cup kick our tires in I'll be really interested to see what you do with that and what kind of data you get back.

Fantastic and just before the show began I personally signed up I can't wait to give that a little world see what magic you guys provide. It's so intriguing to me and I'm a I love tech. I just love it. And real quick. One final thing Chris. What is the best way for folks to get in touch with you is at Facebook is that phone is it e mail maybe or website contact. What's the best way.

Yeah I love Facebook Messenger freedom. You know friending somebody on Facebook might not be all a successful unless you friends somebody and then send him a messenger request saying hey I saw you here. It's such a I love Facebook I'm on it all day. I communicate so much to my clients. But where you really want to go to kick my tires a bit see some of my success to see what people are saying about me is better call Lang dot com.

Oh Lang dot com I'm going to check that out.

Better call Ling so there's three L's at one point. Yes. Make sure you can tell her detail oriented can't you yes.

Excellent excellent. There it is.

Better call Lang dot com and just go there and there probably call. There it is. Apply to work here and ditch.

Just a quick update to a list. You'll get a quick questionnaire back just telling me about your list what your problem jar. Me A you are all the log in India would be the first step in pursuing your chart.

Ok. Fantastic. Yes. And go ahead. When you do this. He was watching listening. Even if it's a recording. Glad mentioned that you saw this on The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show so that Chris has some background and knows where he came from. Not not to plug the show but just to give Chris an understanding of what you heard from him. And that always helps businesses love to hear where their people are coming from. Well fantastic Chris I can't believe our time is up. We went over a little bit but guess what. It's a live show and I own it and I can go as we go as long as I want. But in respect for you and for our viewers and listeners we'll call it an evening. Normally I would just go another hour or two because there's so much more I'd love to extract from you but I'll leave that to our listeners to contact you and get that information. Do definitely take him up on the free hundred credit clean list offer that is phenomenal at clean 13 that counts a landing dot clean with a k 1 3 dot com and opt in there and yeah Christopher Delta's asking what do one hundred credits cover one hundred email addresses. Yes the not is there and so I. If you have additional questions go ahead and connect with Chris fill out that application they're on. What was it again something calling better call letters to me.

Better Call Saul from Breaking Bad feel better calling.

Fantastic. Well Chris I appreciate you my friend. Thank you so much for just a value packed hour plus I know so many people are going to get so much from this you're going to peak so many people's curiosity that didn't watch us like that are then going to see it later and they're going to listen to this. Also on podcasts it goes to 15 different podcasts platforms.

After the show's done airing live it also will eventually go up on our brand new channel on on demand TV through Roku and Amazon Fire TV both channels are up alive and active right now and this show will end up there as we upload the remainder of the shows that we've done. And so you're gonna be out there my friend and that's a good thing. We want to spread the word about Chris Lang what he does with clean 13 and everything else. So I appreciate you my brother.

Oh my pleasure. I should really appreciate you for getting me to come out from behind the scenes for the first time in three and a half years. In Asia you get out and talk to some people instead of sitting here in my science.

My maid made me mad scientist lab say yeah you're your information and your talents and your experience deserve to be shared and known and enjoyed because what you do is just going to help the bottom line of anyone who employs your service and I appreciate you for doing that for. For giving a service that is so badly needed that I didn't know even existed and that there was a guy working me on the scenes for years and years and years figuring all this out.

Fantastic. I'm so excited. Thank you my friend. And for all of you watching listening and let's let's give a big hand for Chris Lang. Thank you my friend my sir my my oh the man the myth the legend I'm just so excited that we had this show I'm still I stuff goose bumps on under the jacket I kid you not. This has been amazing. Thank you. We will see you all again next week on the next edition of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Until then be blessed for now. We'll see you then. Bye bye now.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows this show with Brian Kelly.

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Chris Lang

Chris Lang is the most sought after and one of the most high profile email deliverability experts in the world. He is an expert at breaking down complex delivery issues and getting to the root of the problem. His Gmail delivery skills are second to none. Chris' client list reads like a Whos Who of the brightest stars in technology and Digital Marketing, including: ClickFunnels,, Eben Pagan, Dean Graziosi and many many more. For the past few years Chris and Marc Goldman combined their superhero email powers and launched an SMTP Service catering to marketers,; and a list hygiene service like none other, KLEAN13. Their goal is to dominate the email intelligence landscape and help email marketers get into the inboxes of their lists.

Connect with Chris:

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