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Welcome to The Mind Body Business Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The Mind Body Business Show. I am your host, Brian Kelly, and I am so extremely excited tonight because of our special guest expert. Oh, my goodness. I got to see this young lady in action. Live from stage. And she rocked my world. She is an amazing professional speaker who has really honed in her craft. And her message was spot on, delivered eloquently, professionally, perfectly. And I cannot wait for you to meet her as I was able to do a few weeks back. And now again tonight. So excited, so excited. The Mind Body Business Show. What is that all about? Real quickly, in my 54 years, almost 55 on this planet now, I have begun focusing on several years back, focusing on just successful people, trying to find out what is it that makes them tick? How do they become successful? Are there patterns? I kept hearing those recipes and then I discovered, wow, there are patterns that are recipes. And what I noticed in successful people, they have mastered their life in three different areas. One of mine, that's mindset where you can develop a powerful, unstoppable mindset, change your mindset on a dime. Like our guests expert will reveal to us that she can do the same thing. It's amazing. And they all have this trait of impeccable mindset. Negativity is rarely, if ever, there. It's an amazing thing. And I call a positive mindset or a profound mindset. The cornerstone, the baseline, the foundation of success not only in business, but in personal life as well. And then body those that I've followed that were successful take care of themselves physically. That's what body literally means, its nutrition. It's about eating and drinking those things that empower your body. It's about exercising, moving on a regular basis, because all of these things really help to fuel your mind. Your mind and body are a team. And I like to say your mind and body are your team even more importantly. And when both members of a team are operating at what I like to call a peak level of performance, then you your odds of succeeding are greatly increased greatly. I cannot if you don't have mind and body in in shape right now than those are the two areas I would concentrate on before you do another thing in business and learn another skill set. Which brings me to the next of the three pillars of success, and that is business. And business is multifaceted. Its sales, marketing, building, teams, scaling, systematized and becoming a of a leader, a good leader. Every there's a lot of skill sets involved in business. And the good news with business is, yes, there are a lot of skill sets that should be mastered. It is difficult for one person to master every facet and it's OK to outsource and delegate to those who already have mastered that and bring them into your team. And so when an individual has mastered these three areas, then they are operating at what I'd like to call a peak level performance overall. And they are very, very successful like the individual you are about to meet. Very, very soon. Speaking of success, you can see behind me an array of books. Another very, very important aspect, a very common aspect of those who have achieved a high level of success is that they are avid readers. And it's not just reading any book. It's about reading the right books. And so we're gonna segue real quick into a section I appropriately named "Bookmarks."

(Iscreen) Bookmarks. Born to read. Bokmarks. Ready, steady, read. Bookmarks. Brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yeah, there you see it. And by the way, real quick, take out a pad of paper and a pen and take notes. In other words, I'm going to be giving you several resources during the course of the show. And Jenny will be doing the same resources in the form of Web sites, et cetera. And it's often kind of we want to actually go and look at them or we're watching something, don't we? We like to multitask. Well, no, we don't. We don't like to do that, because if we were to do so, we might miss out on that one golden nugget that Jenny has to say that could just change the rest of our life forever. That's all. And so you want to stay here with us. As they say, the magic happens in the room. So just take notes throughout the show and I recommend you do this anyway. Take notes of everything Jenny says, because what you want to do is model success. So just take notes on how Jenny has become so successful, what she does on a daily basis. And then you have now have the recipe for success and that beautiful. And guess what? It's costing you big old zero. So That is a site that I personally put together literally for you. It's my gift to you, entrepreneurs and business professionals who are looking to take it to the next level. And what I found is after reading many books, I thought, you know what, it would be a great idea if I just put them all in one area and made them available to others who are searching for the right books to read. That will help them in their journey, in their business and personal lives. And so these I've read every one of these personally and I personally vet them, meaning I stand behind them because each of them had a profound or even a light but positive impact on my life. And so those are there for you. All the buttons are there. Makes it super simple for you to select which form of reading you like the most. I like audible. You may like hardcover. You may like Kindle there if whatever is available is there. And this is not to make money for me at all. This is simply a resource for you. So if you're not reading, if you haven't been reading, get back on that horse and come to and just start picking books to read and do one at a time and get with it because you're only become more successful once you do that. That's all. And speaking of becoming more successful, how would you all like to learn how to do just that? Good, that's everyone there. Fantastic. Just making sure everyone's raising their hand. So what I would like to do without further ado. Guess what time it is? It's time to bring on our special guest expert. Here we go.

(Guest Expert Spotlight screen) It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy. Skillful. Professional. Adept. Trained. Big league. Qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there she is, ladies and gentlemen, the one the only Jenny Harkleroad. How are you doing? Harkleroad. Got it. Harkleroad. I've been practicing that for so long. I can't tell you, Jenny. And then I just flipped it up. That's all right. How are you doing this evening, Jenny?

Jenny Harkleroad:
I'm great. I'm so excited to be here. It's awesome to share my passion with the world. And I love that you are already on track with it all. So we're going to have a great time talking about this. Mind body business success is going to be great.

Brian Kelly:
Fantastic. Yes. And what I'm really excited about for all of you watching and listening that I've seen this before, you know, that sometimes we don't hit on all three topics tonight. I think we will. And the reason is because Jenny is a mindset expert. I'm going to introduce her, introduce her formerly here in just a moment. Mindset expert. She's also a incredible entrepreneur and she is very much into taking care of her body. So this is a this is an all in one right here. I love it because she has mastered all three of those areas. You're in for a huge treat. So stick with us. Before I bring on Jenny formally, I want to remember, remind everyone who's watching that you will have a chance at winning a five-night stay at a five-star luxury resort in Mexico. So stick with us to the very end and you'll get the details on how to do that. We give away one vacation day, every single show. So stick with us. Don't go anywhere. You don't miss out. Let's bring on Jenny officially and formally. Are you ready to create? Ready? Yes. Are you ready to create ultimate success? Are you ready to tap into the power of your mind to create more money and more time and more freedom? Those are powerful words right there. Are you ready to learn the greatest secret of the 21st century and how you can put it to work for you? I'd better see some hands raising up there. I want to see him up high, raise them in the comments. Tell me your hands I raised Jenny Harkleroad is a subconscious mind change expert, speaker and a very good one. Number one best selling author, success generating, big-hearted entrepreneur, business leader and professional juggler. That's a juggling four kids, two dogs, and a ferocious appetite to transform lives. That is awesome. Helping us to transform and succeed. Please join me in welcoming author, speaker, coach and Cliff Diver. You heard it all the way from San Diego, California. Jenny Harkleroad. Yes.

Jenny Harkleroad:
Thanks, Brian. I'm so excited to be here. Oh, right.

Yes. I am ecstatic to have you here again. I mentioned at the beginning of the show, I've seen you in action onstage. And let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, you're going to get the opportunity. Maybe I might be giving away something shouldn't be right now, but you might be given the opportunity to actually see this young lady live. She is a master at what she does, both in her craft of mindset, transformation and in speaking from stage. So eloquent, so authentic, high integrity. It's all there in one package. And you're going to get the opportunity. I hope if Jenny allows it later, you're going to get the opportunity to see her life. And I can't wait for you to experience that. And wherever you live, even if you're not near San Diego, I believe that's where the next one's coming up. Do whatever it takes. Get on an airplane and do it. It's it's beyond worth the value that she is going to impart upon you. I know you only had a little bit of time when I saw you speak and the value was losing. It was everywhere. I was like, my gosh, this woman is on fire. And so now it's time to let you share some of that with our audience. And one of things I like to start off with, Jenny is I really like to dig a little deeper. The bile is phenomenal. I love that. I like to dig a little deeper and really dive into what makes people tick, especially on a day to day basis. Like when you first get up in the morning and your feet swing around. You hit they hit the floor. You're feeling a little groggy. You're still coming, too. And then, you know, you start to become more aware of the day starting. And then that drive that that motivation, it starts to kick in. Now, for you, everyone, it might be unique for you. What are those things that kick in that helped motivate you to take on the next day and go serve more people?

I love that. And so it's before my knee, my feet hit the ground that I'm like, oh, here it comes. I'm so excited. And, you know, I was speaking last week in Texas with Michael E. Gerber, and he and I were having a conversation and he said, you know, you are the Mary Kay of the subconscious mind. He says your job is to raise the subconsciousness of humanity. And I said, a man, that is my job. So, I mean, can you have any more motivation than that than a goal and a purpose? That's that big. That is a huge job that I am so excited to fulfill. And that gives me more motivation than I need, because I do want to change the world. And I have found a way to do it. And I'm so excited to share with anyone that's willing and wanting to listen.

And I'll tell you right now, anybody that gets the wonderful opportunity to see you speak love, it will take five seconds and they will be hooked. And they want to stay the entire however long that the event duration is, even if it's 10 days, they'll say, I'm changing my whole schedule. I am sitting here. I'm going to listen to Jenny, because it's it's original to me what she does. I have an LP background. Hers is different. I don't know if you can say what it is on the air, but we'll get through the explanation of it before the show is over. It is amazing. It's an amazing science. And I love learning new mindset, skills and techniques. And you did a demonstration, I remember, on stage, and I can't wait to find out where she's at today. But there were some changes right there on stage. We got to see it. That was phenomenal. I remember the arms going up and crossing and things like that. That was pretty phenomenal. And so I can't wait for people to experience you in person. And again, we'll get to that in a little bit. But what I want to do is back up a little bit.

And we talked a little bit about or I did about the importance of reading books. And I was curious, just wondering if perhaps maybe someone as successful as you have a business book that that just jumps out, that a business book that most inspired you or maybe was just your favorite book. Do you have one of those in mind?

I do. And the books that I'm going to tell you about is probably not a book that you would be thinking about for a business book. But what happened was I read so many business books over 25 year span. And then I read one book that change at all. And that book is called The Biology of Belief. It's by Bruce Lipton. He's a cellular biologist. And he basically taught me how to change myself at a cellular level. So all along building a business before I learned mindset, before I got into this business, I was very successful in the real estate industry out of business here in San Diego, we were producing double digits in the millions and it was all about working hard. But I wasn't really happy on the inside. I had the houses and the cars and the travel and all that fun stuff. Although my greatest claim to fame is my four awesome kids who are now 20 to 1915 and twelve and my sweet husband of almost twenty five years. But I had all this stuff, but I was struggling with so many other things in my life besides money. I was struggling to my my marriage relationship. I was struggling with my health. I suffered with chronic pain. I had all these health conditions. I wasn't really fulfilled in my career. And I wanted to be happy and I wanted to be healthy and I wanted to be terrific. And so I would tell myself that every day in the mirror. And then it would just like me. That's not true. That's a lie. That's not how I really feel. It's how I want to feel.

And when I read this book, I learned about the power of the subconscious mind. I learned that the subconscious is ninety five to ninety nine percent in charge. And. We we're only in charge 1 4 percent of the time. I learned the subconscious processes 40 million bits of information per second and I learned that I was programmed basically from in utero till about 8 years old. So all these struggles that I was going on. Having an experience into my life were a subconscious program. And then I wasn't going to build a break through this until I changed my subconscious mind. And Bruce basically explained at a cellular level how it works. And, you know, I'd never been that into science before, especially quantum physics. But when I read that book or listen to it on Audible, many times it fascinated me. And I realized that I had a whole lot more power than I realized and I could tap into something huge and literally transform any struggle I was having in my life or business. So that book was really the key for me, because I think the main thing you got to work out to be successful in business is your thinking. And then you're thinking and then you're thinking you don't get the thinking right. Nothing else is going to line up and be as successful as we want it to be. You're not committed to change the world that you're getting in your own way. And he explained at a cellular level how you could do that. And that opened the door to some fascinating discoveries for me. So favorite book ends down.

Yeah. Thank you so much for actually explaining how important are thinking this to us and that it's all centered around the subconscious mind.

Many will think that's a little woo for me, Jenny or Brian. Where do you go with this? It's actually not.

It's a science is a proven science. And both what Jenny is, well, adept and get in. I want to say the name of it, Jenny, but I won't. And and also an LP, which I'm involved in. It's just done nothing but change my life. And I can see and know from Jenny stories. It has changed hers. And on that note, you talked about struggle, Jenny, if you wouldn't mind. I'd love to hear the story real quick, if you don't mind about the diving incident and then what happened as a result of your training and why you are where you are today?

Yeah. So what happened to me was, like I mentioned, I was super successful, but had all these internal struggles going on and I did my best to put on a brave face and have everybody thinking life was great. But on the inside I was really struggling. And then on August 10th, about what was the year 2013, about 11:00 in the morning, my husband and I were hiking with a group of friends. We had camped out overnight where Mount Laguna, California. And we got to this rock ledge. And my husband looked down and he said, if I was young and in shape, I'd jump off here. And I was like, I'm young and in shape. And I jumped. And while I was in the air, I thought, oh, gosh, I'm like, going to land on a rock. I need to bend my knees so I don't blow out my knees. What happened was because I bent my knees when I landed, I landed on my feet, but also hit my butt because my knees are bent so much. And I just heard this crunch in my back. And long story short, Lifeline had to come get me. There's a line me up to a hovering helicopter, pump me with morphine because I was screaming, took me to the hospital and I woke up to be told that I had broken my back.

That is bad news for really bad news, especially when you're a go getter, entrepreneur, mother involved in everything. It's hard news that you're gonna be bedridden. The good news was I wasn't paralyzed, but the bad news was I had a long time to sit there and heal. And they told me it's going to be six weeks, which sounded like 60 years to me. Right. Because they couldn't hold still for 30 seconds prior to this. What happened was it just wouldn't heal. I would I could walk. I wasn't paralyzed, but the pain was terrible. And it just kept getting worse and worse and worse and worse. Every day I was seeing chiropractor, acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, pain pills, pain injections. I was always trying something every day, trying to get better, telling myself I was getting better meditating and it just was getting worse. And I couldn't figure out what was going on. I thought there still has to be something structurally wrong with me, right? Otherwise I'd be better by now. So about two years after the accident, I decided to have major surgery. I thought they got they had missed something. There's maybe some bone shards in there. You know, something's hurt. And so they cut me open five places down my back, down my side.

They put a rods and screws and a synthetic disc. So we all back up, send me home with a back brace and a walker. Seven months later, same pain still can even sit in a chair. And they said, you know, sorry to. You've done everything, we've done everything. You're just gonna be like this. And I was like, you don't understand. I can't be like this. This is not my life. This is not my plan. This is not possible. So I'm going to find a way to get out of this. And so I asked everybody, what do you do for back pain? What do you do? What do you do? And I was introduced in the power of the mind, the subconscious mind. Now, I didn't think that was going to help me. I'm like, this is structural. Look at here's my MRI. Here's all my medical records. This is something structural going on. But fascinating. I met a medical doctor turned integrative medical doctor who helped me tap into the power my subconscious mind and find out that my pain was in fact, not structural. It was emotional pain from my past that I'd never dealt with. I thought he was totally crazy. But six sessions later, six hours later, I was completely pain free. I mean, I can sit.

I can cartwheel. I could do anything. And it fascinated me. I became obsessed with the power of the mind. How had nobody told me this? I went to so many doctors and specialists. How we thought, how come nobody said anything but your body, your body, your body, and just like your show. You know, there's more to it than your business. We're a bean of mind, body and spirit, I believe. And so if we don't address all of that, then we're missing half the blocks. And so I was able to learn how to tap into my mind and then my real estate business, I decided to sell it. I was just so fascinated with the mind. I couldn't even think about doing anything else. I sold my big house. I stuck a for sale sign in the front yard was the last house that I sold. And I started learning about the subconscious and how to reprogram it and how you could literally change your life with the power of your subconscious mind. And your subconscious is just what you're not aware of. Like your eyes blink, your heartbeats, your hair grows, your nails grow. It's just happening. It's your programming. Well, you have a program for success. You have a program about money. You have a program about relationships. You have a program about health.

And all that programming either supports what you're trying to accomplish or pulls you backward. The problem is the power with the subconscious mind is so powerful that you can't fight it. So if you want to go on a diet and you say, starting Monday, I'm going to do this, and then Wednesday, you're no longer on the diet. Why not? It's because of your sub conscious programming. It'll overpower you every time. So I learned how to tap into that power. And now anything that gets in my way, I just reprogram it. And we teach our clients to do the same thing. And it's so awesome. I mean, business owners, they hire us now to reprogram their minds for ultimate success because most their second mind chatter, self sabotage, limiting beliefs, invisible glass ceilings. So we help them set up a new automatic operating system. It's simple, it's powerful, it's effective so they can accomplish their goals. And what do entrepreneurs want? More money, more time, more freedom. They don't wanna be a slave to their job every day. Write them as well. Just go get a job. They want freedom. And that's what we help them create by getting rid of the blocks that are holding them back. So did I answer all your questions? I hope so. Who wants freedom?

Yeah. Me, me and only buddy on the planet.

And that's actually when you chunk it all the way up or down, whichever way you want to go. That's the ultimate. It's freedom. It's that the money affords you the time that gives you the freedom. So it's about time, freedom that everyone I talked to that when they when it gets down to the nuts and bolts. What do you want more of in your life? It's freedom. Freedom to do what you want, when you want, how you want. And what Jenny is describing is it's not a magic pill. But, you know, when you go through the process, you might think it is the only thing that matters, though, is the end result. And I saw on stage with her doing it live with an individual and I saw the result before my eyes. And so what she's talking about is is actually real. Just in case you have any doubts whatsoever. And what she says is absolutely correct about the power of the subconscious mind. I love this topic so deeply. I don't know if it shows Jenny, but I love this topic because it is so true and it's something that me too. I didn't realize that this existed till later in my life. And it wasn't like, where have you been all my life? Luckily, I've been through all these life experiences that helped me appreciate it that much more now that we can reprogram our life. And just what a blessing to have someone like you, Jenny, going out and helping people to transform their lives, to reprogramming their mind, to serve them, to serve them better.

They can serve more people if that's their desire. If they're an entrepreneur and they want to serve more, I think every every human being on the planet has an innate drive to help others, other humans. So this will just enable you to do more of that. And that is why what you do is so precious. And I appreciate that.

Yes. I want an end to be happy. Yes. Rise like we want to experience joy in our life. And we don't want to have to did it from something or someone. We want it just to come from the inside out. And we have all these limiting beliefs about ourself and our worth. And we're not good enough because of whatever somebody told us when that program just keeps running. It's hard to be happy. And so this process literally clears all that junk out so you can live your best happy self and share that with the world. I love that.

And I love your story because, you know, you had this you had this amazing real estate business. You are, by all intents and purposes, super successful from many people's eyes. And yet there was still something more. And you didn't know it yet until you went through this horrific accident. But that took you all the way through the process of learning this amazing science. And now, you know, just tell everybody to show everybody and give an example of someone who is truly passionate.

She gave up a lot of money in real estate like that to pursue her passion. And she has since done everything that is supposed to be done by a successful entrepreneur. She's hiring coaches. She's bringing on and scaling business, her business by bringing in other others who are trained in her craft to help her builder. But she's doing everything that I've read of successful people. And that's why I say if you just model Jenny, I hope you're taking notes. I'm taking notes every time I go off camera. And so I'm the host. I'm running the show and I am taking notes. I do this every show. And Jenny is bringing the juice, the big juice, the mindset juice. I love it. I was wondering, you know, we were talking about patterns of success and, you know, a lot of mindset work has to do with patterns at times, at least in an A.P. world. Do you believe there is some sort of pattern that you could follow or a formula that would help you to be calm or help others to become a successful entrepreneur such as yourself?

Yeah, I think the first thing you need is the biggest dream. The biggest goal, the biggest to understand your purpose. Like, why are you even here? What are you supposed to be accomplishing? Because if you're just a technician, if you're good at computers to start a computer business, it's more of a job. And I'm not saying that any computer business is just a job, because if that somebody is purpose and passion awesome, they can turn it into something huge. But most businesses fail because people are just technicians and they're not living in their purpose and their passion. So I would say find out what that is and then use a process like what we do, a balanced view to reprogram your mind, to get rid of the blocks that are keeping you back. Because when you scale a global business, it's a little scary. Things will jump up. Fears will pop up. Some people don't like public speaking and you can reprogram your mind. So you do something a little like making phone calls. You can read, program your mind, say you do. Some people are you know, they think I can make this much money.

But how much money? I don't know if that's the right thing. We have all these interesting thoughts in our head. And if you're to live your purpose and passion and you can get rid of all the blocks and just get to where you're supposed to be and build the measure of what you're supposed to create, it's powerful. So start with that. What is your purpose and look at it in a global scale? What are you here to accomplish and let that drive you to your next step? What you need to do? Don't look at starting a business on a small scale. Design it at a huge scale so you don't have to keep rewriting it and redoing it. Design it right from the beginning and and go for it. And if it really is your purpose, it's going to work perfectly. And if you're able to reprogram your mind, it's going to be so much easier, so much faster, so much less stress and heartburn, trying to do things that maybe aren't comfortable for you because it goes against your subconscious beliefs. So have a purpose. That's the best.

I sincerely hope everyone is taking notes now, especially these. You said so much right there. Jenny, just want to paraphrase real quick, getting out of the technician mode is very paramount and important that scaling your business. Michael Gerber in the e-mails talks about that from technician, the manager, the investor. All the phases of an entrepreneur basically says if you don't have system. In your business, you have no business and systems, one way of developing systems is delegating and bringing on help, which Jenny has done.

Automation also helps in that area and design it huge from the beginning. Beautiful. I love that another way. Another thing I've heard is build it to sell. In other words, build it as if you planned on selling it when it was done. When you got to that point doesn't mean you have to sell it. It just means with the mindset going forward, build it as if you were going to sell. And that pulls you away emotionally from the business. Less egos involved and you can really take it much farther, faster because your ego is out of the way and you can bring in more people to help you as a result. And then blocks. You talk about blocks. I'd like to refer to those like our brain as a beautiful, just wonderful garden. And sometimes weeds crop up in midst of those flowers and choke them out. And these weeds can be limiting beliefs, negative self talk, all that, all the things that are holding you back and what Jenny does. She basically gently, lovingly pulls those weeds and they never come back. And all you are left with is a beautiful garden. Beautiful roses. And you can now move forward faster with less resistance and hesitation. As a result of her mastery and her team's mastery. So, wow, a lot there, Jenny. Thank you so much for that. I knew it was gonna be phenomenal. You know, you weren't going back to that injury. Now, I can imagine that rehab had to head to take some time with all of these things going on, the surgery. Oh, my God. I cannot imagine. Jenny, what you went through? I've had two little bitty surgeries on each one on his shoulder. And I was a little crying baby. I can imagine what it was for you. So I can imagine that it's very important for you to stay as physically fit as possible. Is that true? And if so, how do you go about doing that, given all the trauma your body has been through?

Yeah, absolutely. I love exercise before I broke my back. I was a gym rat for sure every day. I was in the gym and that was so hard not to be in the gym after I broke my back. And I discovered something now. You know, this accident was really the best thing that ever happened to me. I learned so much. I was very confused about what was the right diet. I didn't know there were so many different methods and beliefs. And so I studied that while I was stuck in bed with a broken back and couldn't go the gym. And I actually wrote a book about it's called One Hundred and 101 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Said My Children. And it's all about eating plant based. And that's what I think is a very healthy diet. And that's what I eat. I have a garden and that's where I make dinner out, know 50 yards out my front door and I grab stuff out of my garden and I make all sorts of stir fries and soups and and salads and healthy dishes like that. So I think food is huge if you're eating something out of a package and you can't read what's on the label.

It's probably not the best thing for you. So I'm a huge fan and putting good things in your mouth. And then I'm a big fan of, you know, because of my back. I have a couple limitations now that I'm all full of metal. I don't twist as well as I used to. I like to walk where we live in San Diego. There are very steep hills everywhere. And so I walk out my front door and there's there's mountains and hills and trails. And I take my little dog every day after work. And it's an awesome time to just settle my mind. Think about the day. I think about my goals. I give my heart heart rate up with all these hills. I'm going up and take care of my mental state and also my body at the same time. So that's what I do most. I do some yoga stretches, I a pull up bar and, you know, crank out a few pull ups, that kind of stuff. But I'm nowhere near as intense as I used to be with the gym. I'm more intense on what I put in my mouth and then taking care of my body as well.

And thank you for bringing that up. I used to be in the fitness industry. I recently transitioned and a lot of what you say is hitting the nail on the head with me so much. And as far as not being, you know, going crazy about it like you didn't used to in the old days in the gym, that's the thing. You don't need to. You don't have to. And so many people think, especially guys, if I don't look like Arnold Schwarzenegger did when he was in his late 20s and I failed. It's not about bodybuilding. Of course, we all love to look good. But the most important part is how you feel. And if you're working out enough and exercising enough to feel good. I guarantee you you're going to look good.

Look at Jenny. It works there. Think proof. Proof right there. And then you talked about. Yeah, about. I love it. If you can't read the ingredients, don't buy it.

Don't. And I used to instruct. And coach my clients and say, when you go into a grocery store, just get in the habit of shopping the perimeter of the store along the walls. That's where you'll find most, most, not all, but most of the natural, organic or or better alternatives, especially the produce section. Obviously, when, you know, Jenny has herbs in her own yard and that's fantastic. Even better if she has full control over what's going into those veggies. That's the ultimate way to go, if you can do that. If you're in a climate that allows that. But yeah, and all natural. If you're a meat eater, that's where you can get the meat on the edge, not in a can where the ingredients in there are preservatives. So great, great advice. And yeah, just just move. Do what you can do given whatever limitations you have, because I guarantee you every single one of us has limitations physically to some degree, some more than others. Just get flexible. Tongue in cheek and do it.

Yoga is a not as easy as it looks if you've never done it. I've never sweat so dang much doing nothing in my entire life. I mean, holding a pose and I'm like, this is not easy. And I am dripping everywhere. It's like a leaky car. I'm like, what is going on? I'm sweating like crazy. So, yeah. Is doing it. So, you know, get off get off the hump if you're not doing it yourself and get with it. So fantastic.

So Jenny there. You know, it's really simple and straightforward. There's never any issue. Its success is so easy being an entrepreneur. All right.

So easy. Everybody can do it in their sleep. He grins.

Yes, of course, we're being or I'm being sarcastic and Jenny is being such a gracious person going along with it. It couldn't be farther from the truth.

We know that. And most people to know that something someone love to think. It's super easy that once you hit a certain level in your business of success, that it's just autopilot from there. Which. Oh, no, no, no, no. It ramps up the need for more help, more scaling and more personnel to help you get through it, but to get to become an entrepreneur. There are many, many, many skills that are required to get to that point. You've acquired many, Jenny, and neither you nor I have acquired every single one of them yet and never will. There's just too many.

But for you, what would you say are if you had to name three of the top three skills that worked for you, that helped you to become successful, that others could also model to become a successful entrepreneur? What would those three be?

Yeah. So back to what we talked about a little earlier. Knowing your purpose, that is so huge. Why are you doing what you're doing? And that will give you a lot of motivation. The second one is find a process like what we do where you can get rid of your blocks. I mean, if you're trying to build something and you have all this brick wall in your way and you're like, oh, this is so hard to get rid of the brick walls. That's huge. And then the third thing I would say is hire someone who is where you want to be. And it doesn't matter what it cost. It will be worth it. And I was telling Brian this earlier, my speaking coach, you know, when she told me her cost I about fell on my chair and I said, I don't know if my credit card goes that high. And she's like, why don't we try and see if it works? I was like, OK. Oh, my gosh. And I just met somebody else over the weekend that I'm going to start working with. And.

And same thing. I mean, if you want to really create an empire, not for yourself, but to change the world and for yourself to have the freedom. And I'm not talking in this prideful I'm better than you kind of kind of thing. I'm just talking like to create the time and the money and the freedom. And what can you do when you have that? I mean, you can do so much good in the world. It's it's amazing. So hiring somebody who's there and can tell you what to do, because if you're trying to navigate it yourself and you've never done it before is just going to take a whole lot longer. You're gonna have to backtrack so many times like, oh, you know, I was supposed to do it this way or I should've gone that way or I wish I would've known. So just go straight for hiring someone who knows what they're doing and is willing to help you. And you have a good connection with and trust and can jump on board and work with them. I highly recommend a coach.

That's phenomenal advice. And the one of the biggest reasons I think is the number one reason anyone does not hire a coach. It is not money, it's ego. And I'm not saying it's like one of those horrible manly type egos. It's just ego. I can do that. I know how to do that. I can learn how to do that. And you know what? Every one of us, every one of you are phenomenal individuals. And yes, I truly believe you could do anything set in front of you if you had the time, if you had the money, but mostly the time. Look, you're one person. You're one person. You can only do so much. And the cool thing is, yes, you can do it. However, could you do it even? Better by someone who has spent many more hours at it and is absolutely truly expert at it and gets every angle and can get you there much faster than if you learn it on your own through trial and error. Cannot agree with you more.

Jenny in the importance of coaches, the best of the best of the best on the planet have gotten there because of coaches. We have Michael Jordan, you know, the most often talked about sports figure out there, Tom Brady. They all have multiple coaches, even a chess champion has coaches. It's amazing. If you don't have a coach, man, you're really doing yourself a disservice. And like Jenny said, you know, look at your credit card. See what the balances and go find a coach and fight it out.


In fact, forget about their credit card. Actually, turn that around. Find the coach and then make it work. Work out a deal. Do a payment, whatever it takes. I, too, have done it. Jenny, I've spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years. And looking back, I have zero regrets. I mean, zero. So, you know, are you are you guaranteed to have zero regrets in your life? No. Me, personally, I've just been very blessed. I've had very, very good coaches that I have spent money hiring. And the results have been phenomenal each and every time. And I know years have been. Jeff, because again, if you have not seen her speak on state live and then also demonstrate what she has mastered, the skill of reprogramming your subconscious mind, you have got. I cannot tell you the importance of of learning this, of becoming a client of hers to at least get your feet wet and understand what this is about. And it's not just getting your feet wet. It's only going to change your life from the ground up in a great, profound, amazing way. I'm so excited to be able to use this platform to spread the word about you. Jenny, and what you do in your business.

And so, again, we will give you the information on how to access Jenny directly. She has a amazing gift for all of you. Do not go away. Do not go away. I'll say it one more time. Do not go away. Stay with us. And it's coming soon. It's coming very, very soon. And, you know, going back to those skills. Thank you for that. I mean, know your purpose. Very important. Get rid of blocks. Yes. It's like limiting beliefs. Those things that are holding you back, resistance. And again, hire somebody, get a coach and pay them. Here's the thing. What if someone offers you something for free that normally they pay, they charge you, you'll say 10 grand for? How are you going to treat that coaching? You don't have skin in the game and it's human nature. Well, it's free. So I really don't even need to show up every day because I didn't really put any money toward it. You know, you got to take it as serious. So be happy when they charge you a large amount of money because that's going to get you greater results. Yes, Jenny, I love that. Yes.

What's it like that. That's kind of like me. Like, why do I have to break my back to learn the lesson of the night is learned an easier way. It's our car. Human nature, I guess.

Yeah. And so things will happen to us, all of us that are not the greatest things in life. And the cool thing is, especially with you, Jenny, is how you've turned a lemon into lemonade. I mean, you've just completely turned it around. Used your situation, which this is, you know, so many stories that go back of success stories where they take a horrible incident or situation and turn it around into a beautiful success story just like you have. And on that note. So we talked about the three skills. You greatly detailed what those are for you to become successful. So everyone watching Model Jenny again, I'll say it again. Model Jenny, go to her event that you're going to get access to here. Just a minute. So just as important as it is to be to know the skills, to be successful, it's also just as important to know what to avoid. And in that light, aside from jumping off a cliff that we all know now was a mistake. But at the time, you didn't know that you got near the waters, that, oh, what would you say are some of the biggest mistakes you've made that you've learned from? And what did you do to adjust and learn from them and actually propel yourself forward?

Yeah. So the stuff that I talk about, the power of the subconscious mind, it's just that it's subconscious. It's below the surface. So someone wants you might think like, well, I don't have any blocks, but in fact, the person who says that, like me, I said that probably has the most blocks because you don't even you're not even willing to recognize the blocks that are there. So look inside and think about when you were a kid. What kind of messages were you getting? Were you getting? You're gonna be the most successful business builder entrepreneur. There's no limits to what you can do. You're going to have time, freedom and money, freedom. And you're gonna be able to support all these great causes like what was told to you when you were a kid. Because that became your programming. And now what happens with your subconscious mind is it prints out your programming and that becomes your life and your business. So you look around and you see your success and you want to take it to a higher level of success. Or maybe you haven't found that success yet that you're trying for. And maybe you're like, oh, I don't know quite which path to take. All these things that hold you back are your subconscious programs. And so figure out what is getting in the way. And if you can't just think about what you would rather have different, how would you rather it be? And that's the first step in our process is asking, what do you want? What do you want? Different.

You can literally program what you want into your subconscious mind. And then it's kind of like a tidal wave of power coming at you, supporting you to get to your goal. Now you still have to do the work, but if you can imagine a tidal wave pushing you to where you want to go so much faster and easier, would you get there like crazy? Right. It blasts you to your goal. And so when you can figure out what you want different in your life and reprogram those things so you're automatically finding the success you're looking for, it's going to transform your life. So look at your thinking and realize that the thinking in the subconscious. That's out of your awareness is causing blocks. And my team and I, we can get to the bottom of it in seconds flat. I mean, it's really easy to tap into you with the process that we use when you're just trying to think about what it is. It's sometimes impossible to find out because it's flow conscious level. So thankfully, we have a little trick to get in there and transform things. We want to dig into your past. We don't have to relive your childhood, but we can transform things and move forward quickly and help you get on the path you want to be with your mind and with your body, with your business to reach your peak. So thanks, Ryan, for setting that up perfectly for me.

And that is it resonates so wonderfully because, you know, it's all about if people haven't gotten it by now. Jenny, I think they should have by now. But your life depends on your positive mindset, your quality of life. And I didn't realize this till, gosh, it hasn't been that long ago, eight years ago, nine years ago, when I realized there was a tool that I've used as well. And that's why I'm so intrigued about yours. Can't wait to learn more about it at a deep level because, gosh, could we have it? You just want to get up and hug somebody and love them and whisper in their ear, let's go fix your mind. And it's not that it's broken. It just could use a tune up. Right. It's not being on all cylinders. Yellow sputtering the engine. Let's let's clean out the engine. Let's clean up that garden. Get the weeds out. And no pesticides here. It's all natural or just gently pulling them out of the ground, out of your brain so that you can go farther, faster and forward much quicker.

As Jenny said, and yeah, she did a demonstration on stage. It took minutes, not hours, not days, not months, not years on a couch telling about, oh, back in the day my mom did this to me. My dad did this to me. Don't need any of that. It's quick, painless and nothing but positive things result.

So I mean, a hand and we don't even have to be in person. We do it remotely. Most of our sessions are done by our private mind reprogramming experts online on Zoom. Just like we're on right now. And the process works the same. It's a form of applied musicology. We use body postures, it open the brain bridge and build new neural pathways in the subconscious mind. And literally you can learn about it on our Web site, but there's a lot of science behind it. There's a cellular biologist for an hour on her Web site describing the science behind how this process works. So it's it's fascinating that you can do it in your own house, in your pajamas.

Change your mindset powerful and please at least wear pajamas. But yes. Oh, yeah. That you do that on a case. OK. So there's no travel involved. You get to do it in your jammies if you want. You can be comfortable and just have your life changed for you in literally minutes and in multiple processes. I'm sure that address different areas that really clean out the weeds and oh goodness, it is just one of those liberating things that if you had never heard of mindset work or even if you have and you haven't actually pulled the trigger, so to speak, and going forward with getting with a practitioner, I don't know if that's a term used in your industry, Jenny, but with one of her experts or her directly, I cannot recommend this enough. And look, if you have questions, we'll give you contact information for Jenny. Reach out to her and her team. Ask all the questions you want because we get it. Sometimes it can be a. Strange at first, it's not strange at all. It's phenomenal proven science. And if you need anything, just look at Jenny. She is proof. She is living proof that the science is it works. She's you know, her body had been broken up literally and cut open and sewn together and artificial things put in. And she was an immense pain and only when she addressed the subconscious mind. Only then did she see dramatic results.

And now she's taken that, thankfully, you know, held the baton up high and taken the torch. And she's out there to help you. Who wants to be helped? And that's it's going to be your choice. It's gonna be your choice here in just a moment. Oh, my goodness. Jenny, seven minutes out. It's unbelievable how quick these go. That's because you are so amazing. And I've been so enthralled and I'm like running out of ink with my pen. Ready? No. So you're here in a great way. I'm ready for that tidal wave of power, you know, to push me forward. Always. I'm always looking to learn something new, something additional, something complimentary, whatever it is. If if the results are there, just do it. It doesn't matter how, doesn't matter how much, doesn't matter where if you have to travel or not. So for her life of it. Yes. Travel to San Diego worth, you know, every step or every mile in your car. Every dollar in the airplane. So do that. Make sure you get there. We'll give you that in just a moment. There's one more question. Yeah. I want to give you some extra time here to explain that. That wonderful gift, Jenny. So what I want to do is jump to this amazing question that I love to ask all of my past guests, experts. And the thing about it is it's very profound.

It can be very profound. It's powerful. It's powerful. That's the one word. It's powerful. And the cool thing is. So when you hear the question, Jenny, if it takes you a moment. Go ahead. Take a moment. There's no dead air is not going to cost me anything. You know, they talk about don't do don't have that air. That's actually pretty cool. Have dead air. Sometimes it gets their body like what is going on. But if it's if it's instant, it's instant. Everyone acts and reacts differently. But before we do that, I would be remiss if I didn't remind people of one gaffe. There's two now. So it's going to be this gift and then stick around for Jenny's gift. But I want to let you now know how you can enter to win that five-night stay at a five-star resort luxury resort in Mexico. So I'm gonna bring that up on the screen right now. Take out your phones. You now have my permission just briefly to turn your attention away and on your phone type in the phone number (informational screen) (661) 535-1624. And then in the message area, just type the word PEAK, P-E-A-K, and tap on the send icon on your phone. Again, that's (661) 535-1624. And type the word PEAK into the message area - P-E-A-K - and hit send. This is brought to us all by amazing, amazing technology and friends at In fact, the very text you are about to send will be utilizing their service, their engine. It is amazing if you're in business. I highly recommend that you bring on a resource just like this one. Specifically this one So now back to the woman of the hour of the week of the year. It is Jenny Harkleroad. Jenny. So I wanted to kind of level the playing field a little bit, let you know that although this is a profound question I'm about to ask you, I also want you to know that there is no such thing as a wrong answer. It's impossible to answer this incorrectly. So if there was any, you didn't look worried in the least. You're just smiling and relaxed. If there was any trepidation whatsoever, even on a micro amount, that can be gone too. And the cool thing is the very opposite is the case. The only correct answer is yours, because this question, the answer to it is unique to every individual. So are you ready? Ready. All right. And then we'll get into your wonderful gift in just a moment. All right. Here we go. Jenny Harkleroad, how do you define success?

Jenny Harkleroad:
I love that question. Success to me. And we've talked about it today is living your purpose. And when you live your purpose, you find joy, you feel happy on the inside. You're not looking outside of you for something to make you happy. You are truly joyful. You're living your passion. I think about animals. When a snake outgrows its skin, it sheds. When a crab gets too cramped, he picks a new shell. When birds fly south for the winter, like we've got this thing inside of us, we know what our purpose and passion is. And sometimes we ignore it because we need to pay the bills and we need. You know, we have these needs. But if we look a little deeper. We're gonna find true happiness and success when we chase our past passion every day. That's where you find joy. So that's my answer.

And I love that, because every expert before you that's been on the show, every single one of them has answered it differently. And you were as equally as different, which is phenomenal. It's unique to you. And the other thing I love is there are no guest experts that have appeared on the show where their core reason was money or money related. One didn't did actually answer money, but the bottom line reason for money was to liberate himself, to serve more. So the real reason was the real definition of success was serving more people. And that was interesting. When you dig down, you find the real reason behind these answers. But no one has really money has not been the center at the center of the real reason behind defining success. And you're right in that lying living your purpose. I've written that down.

Definitely going to compile if that's come. So you don't have to think about it. Yes.

Part of it and I'll definitely compile a book with all of everyone's answers is going to be how do you define success? It's going to be awesome. I'll get your permission to add to it if you want additional exposure. It's up to you.

I don't want any celebrity.

Yeah, absolute. Thank you. That was a phenomenal answer. And what I want to do is now give you the opportunity to let folks know what your wonderful gift is. It's actually. So when Jenny was first accepted to come on the show, she had one gift lined out.

She's added to it. It's bigger, better, badder. And so I'm excited because you right now have a decision to make. Which will it be? And it's an easy decision. It's an easy decision. Just make the one that serves you best. I'm not talking to Jenny. I'm talking to everyone watching. And so, Jenny, if you would, let me pull up the juice that is your website and let you take it away and show people what they can get with you working with you right now.

Awesome. Thank you, Brian. I'm so excited this October, October 3rd through the 5th, 2019. We have a three day event in San Diego. It's called Beyond Limits Live. And at this event, I am going to teach you how to read, program your own mind for business success. So this event is for business owners who want to get out of their own way, but they want to learn how to do it for themselves. They want to learn about the power of their subconscious mind, how it's literally controlling their success, and they want to change the trajectory of their business. So I'm going to be there. My team of mind reprogramming experts is going to be their my business and speaking coach and sales coach, Jane Powers. Brian keeps telling me what an awesome speaker I am. Thank you, Jane. Who taught me some great techniques on speaking. She's going to be there teaching about how to speak with confidence and sell with authority. We also have some other business special guests that we'll be speaking about, setting up your business for the most profits. So my gift to you is we have an early bird special going on this event.

Jenny Harkleroad:
You can go right now to and you can basically get a free ticket. You mean free ticket for three days of training on reprogramming the mind. All you have to do is put down a refundable seat deposit when you get to the door. You get your money back.

So here's the thing about this event. Many business events are mind set, but not mind reprogramming.

So we're talking a lot a lot more about your actual thinking. We're talking about reprogramming your subconscious, getting that tidal wave of power behind you in your business. So we're going to teach you how to reprogram your mind at this event. So each day builds on the next. Techniques on how to reprogram the mind. We're gonna have so much fun. So like Brian said, plane, train, automobile, bus, however, hitchhike to our event because it will be that life changing. Plus it's free. So come on. There's also a great discount on the hotel. Make it a vacation. I mean, here we are in lovely San Diego State. Couple extra days at the zoo and the wild animal park and SeaWorld. Then enjoy our beautiful coastline. So come to our event Beyond Limits Dog Live. We are going to help you take your business to the level of success and the profit level that you've been hoping and trying in Washington. And not sure why it's not getting there.

So go to that Web site and Grab your ticket. Now, before the price changes, you'll want to reserve your seat.

Also, if you want to learn how you can work with us at balance, do you get a free 30 minute call with one of our mind reprogramming experts or myself? You can also do an exercise to reprogram the mind. All you have to do is text the word BUSINESS BRAIN - and we're going to make that all one word, no spaces - BUSINESSBRAIN to 555-888. 555-888. BUSINESSBRAIN.

So if you text to that now, you're going to get a link to this three day event linked to our schedule, the schedule of free 30 minutes and a link to a brain change exercise because why not start tonight?

You can start right now. So that is our offer to you. I hope you'll take advantage of this resource. And whether you realize it or not, the subconscious is controlling your success in your business. So why not give it a try? Stick your little toe in and try a little bit of mind reprogramming and see the difference. And if you're like our clients, you're going to say like, oh, my gosh, I wish I would have known about this sooner. Why didn't I know? Why didn't you tell me? And as I say, when this student is ready, the teacher will appear. So here we are to share this message with you.

You can literally transform your success. We'll teach you how to do it. So thanks, Brian.

Let me talk about the power of the mind today and sharing this great offer with all your audience. I appreciate you guys listening, tuning in. There's a lot of things you could be doing right now, but this is a powerful message and I'm excited that you're listening to it. So we hope to see you in October. It'll be great.

But I just wanted to tell people and is absolutely take her up on this offer. And rather than go the Web site text, do the text option.

I wanted to repeat that now is put in the number of 5 5 5 8 8 8 and put in the message. Business, brain, business brain. All one word, no spaces. Just like this is something that's not available to people very often. And you know, I took advantage of a similar offer back 70 years ago, Jenny. And the result was it changed my life forever. And I hope that those watching, listening do the same right now, those that stuck with us through my silence and definitely text that number. Don't just dip your toe, dive in, dive all the way and text the number and get everything Jenny and her crew has to offer. It will. I cannot implore upon you enough. And then just think about the wonderful time you're gonna get to spend in San Diego. It's beautiful there. My daughter lives there. It's an amazing place. So 555-888, BUSINESSBRAIN or Highly recommend you do the text option. There are three things you get rather than just one. But if that's you you want to go to Then go ahead and do that and get your ticket with the refundable seat deposit that you get back when you show up. So definitely take her up on. This is an amazing offer. Thank you, Jenny, so much.

Thank you, Brian. So great to have be on the show today. And I love all the things that you're sharing about the power of the mind and you truly live it. So thank you for attracting me onto your show because of how you are and how you live your life and your business.

Thank you so much. Appreciate you. And I can't wait to see you again in person. Well, your mastery on stage. And she is a woman of integrity and character and connect with her whatever it takes at all costs. And what I asked at the very end that you couldn't hear, Jenny, is I want to give one opportunity, one more of. How can people connect with you directly outside of the two methods we just discussed?

Yeah, you can go to our main Web site, which is You spelled out while you And you can jump on our schedule there. You can schedule a free 30 minutes any time our 800 number is there. You can give us a phone call. There's all sorts of resources on our Web site explaining this process, how it works and. How science works, how you can reprogram your mind for success. So check it out.

Brian Kelly:
Fantastic. Balanced with a D at the end, So. Pardon. .org. Oh, I'm sorry, dawg. Thank you. .org. O-R-G. And get in contact with Jenny and her team. You will not regret it, I promise you. Jenny has been an amazing, amazing little over an hour tonight because I was silent for so long. I appreciate you for coming on. I truly do.

Sincerely. You've been amazing. The value has been immense. We could go on another hour, probably too easily. But in the interest of time and respect to everyone involved, your you included. I like to call this an evening and I appreciate everyone watching, listening who are giving all the likes and loves and comments. Appreciate you as well. Take advantage of her. Amazing, amazing, amazing offer. And I can't wait to hear your story after you've gone to her event and once you've talked to her wonderful, amazing team.

Brian Kelly:
If not herself right there. All right. So, Jenny, thank you once again. And for everyone out there on behalf of Jenny Harkleroad. This is Brian Kelly saying goodnight and be blessed all.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been The Mind Body Business Show with Brian Kelly.

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