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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Carey.

Brian Kelly:
Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. I say this nearly every episode and I mean it. I am so, so excited because of our guest the expert who's coming on very, very soon why I'm so excited is because what this gentleman is expert at is the very area that I consider to be the foundation for all success whether it be business and personal life all of it. It is the foundation and we have an absolute true expert in the house. With us tonight and we are going to go deep into some wonderful mindset topics you are in for a great ride. And I can't wait. I cannot wait to bring him on and we'll do that in just a moment. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show the whole purpose of this show is to help people like you entrepreneurs and business professionals who are looking to find that one recipe one recipe for success. And the thing is the good news there's good news is that recipe exists. In fact there are many recipes just like a cake. There are many successful recipes to make a cake. How many do you need to make a cake. Well it's even better news. You just need one. So all you need to do is find one recipe that works and follow it. And that's what this show is about is giving you those recipes that you can take and follow and model. And so what you're going to be able to do is listen to this guest expert his incredible insights and wisdom and follow what he does to achieve success at the level he is. That's all you have to do.

You have our permission to copy. So it's fantastic. That's about mind mind is all about mindset. It's about from a sub conscious level. That's why I'm so excited because we're going to go and explain this at a deeper level. This very evening. So get excited yourself. And also when you're on love having you on. Welcome everybody who's watching live. Be sure to comment. Say hi. Give us some lights and loves and we'll give you a shout out on the show as we see you come in. We love to interact with you and body. What is that about. Well that's about literally your body and taking care of it. Successful people I have found follow three pillars or patterns for success and that's in areas of mind body and business. The second one is body and that is taking care of yourself with nutrition fuel and taking care of yourself. Also from the external as well as internal. By exercising. Yeah that long four letter word many of you think about it is amazing how you will see your productivity increase just by moving despite doing it on a regular basis. And then business business is multifaceted. We're talking about mastering skill sets such as sales marketing team building scaling systematized you name it.

And that's the thing. The people I have focused on over the last decade or so are those that are successful. And I found that those three traits each successful person has mastered two or three of all of those traits. And when you are able to master mindset which I personally believe is the absolute number one that anyone should focus on if they haven't done it yet before the other two I'll have to use master mindset. And the other two will definitely follow. I kid you not. And in that realm we're going to bring on a guest expert. It's not just me talking about it. We're going to bring them gentlemen on who knows this stuff inside and out no pun intended. regarding puns. There are a lot of books written on puns. I'm going to segway into books. There's books are very important for success. One of the other great key ingredients for successful people is that they read and they read voraciously and we're not just talking any books. We're talking very specific books that are helpful both on a business and personal level. And with that I'm going to segway directly into a segment I properly call Bookmarks.

(informational screen) Bookmarks. Born to read. Bookmarks. Ready, steady, read. Bookmarks. Brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yes, By the way for those of you watching right now live or if you're watching or even listening to the recording later on podcasts stick with us and just take notes. If you're driving please don't take notes right now. But if you are watching this live and you're in an environment where you can take notes do that instead of running off to check out these resources that you see during the show. Just write that down and stay with us because all the magic happens with this as they say in the room. So stick with us. So That is a website I developed literally as a gift for all of you. It is my gift to you and what it is is a compilation of books that have had profound impact in my life personally and in business. And so what I've done is I compiled a list of about 40 or so. I'm way behind there are many more beyond this that I need to add. But the beautiful thing with this is is if you're not reading avidly right now this is a great place to start because at least one successful person has vetted these by reading them and got some results from them. Yours truly. And if you're if you already are a avid reader you might find a book in here that you have not yet read. That's another great resource for you to come to. I love getting recommended recommendations from other entrepreneurial friends. We're gonna have a book that we're going to be showcasing tonight by the very gentleman that's coming on who's authored that sad book. And it's gonna be amazing. And speaking of that I want to get to it. Let's get to it. Let's talk with our guests expert because this show is about my ex my guest not about me. And I cannot wait to share this amazing man's value with you. So let's jump right on to it shall we. Yes let's show you.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified.

And there he is not. He has just disappeared from the room. Oh what a great entrance I want to make. I want to make one of those good entrances the grand entrance.

Ladies and gentlemen Mr. John James Santangelo as it says right there and the friends.

Yes my buddy good buddy Welcome welcome welcome. I'm so so happy that you're on the show right now. Oh this is gonna be amazing. Before I formally introduced this amazing gentleman I wanted to remind everybody watching right now live that you had the opportunity if you stick with us till the end you have the opportunity to win a five nights stay at a five star Mexican resort all compliments of my good buddies at . There are other gifts coming in addition to that. A little birdie told me with a blue shirt that standing with his hands together said that there's another gift that may be offered. Yes it definitely will be at the end of the show. So stick with us to the end and because it's an amazing valuable gift. I know about it. I have the gift and I got to taste it a little bit and it's very tasty. So let's bring on our gentleman for real. Our guest expert this evening is a dynamic and entertaining Gentleman which you will find out in just a moment. Who comes to us from Westlake Village California. He is a communications skills expert vital to a business or personal life.

Both certified and LP trainer doctor of clinical hypnotherapy and a professional life coach. But wait there's more. He's a volunteer for the Big Brothers and Sisters of America Association. So he's a giver. He's a he has a serving heart. I know this gentleman now personally and I can attest to this and vet him for you that everything I'm reading is absolutely spot on and Chrysalis. A homeless rehabilitation program as well as a spokesperson for the Make A Wish Foundation. I love this. He's coached and worked with companies such as listen to this list. The Learning Annex. Xerox Mary Kay City of Hope WellPoint Microsoft Multiple Sclerosis Society the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and he works regularly with the Teamsters Union. Thank you very much. That's our show for tonight. I am exhausted from that all. I'm just kidding. And weeks after 9/11 as head trainer teaching lie detection skills to the U.S. Army counterintelligence team. My goodness it gets better. Here to help guide us with his wisdom and magic on discovering an LP. I cannot wait for this. The methodology of achievement. Please help me welcome John James Santangelo P H.

This shush. Yes. What's up buddy. A who.

Mel finally I've been like stressing out for two weeks about this show. You know so hair look good there. I got the right shirt. You know this. Oh my beard. Oh I shave my beard. You still have your hair. We're good.

Yes girls like that a couple of hairs out of place. But I won't point them out right on top. So we love to have fun as you'll find out during this show Jon and I we're like We're like junior high school kids at times where we just are going back and forth joking around.

We're going to tell the story though because that story is funny so you did a live show for it for a friend Noah and then her roommate Bart and then Bart said hey you have to go.

Contact Brian because he's crazy you're going to love him and you had to get on his show. So Bart - Bart Smith, - help us write my couple books anyway not plugging him in any way. I'm just saying we were crazy enough. We said. we had to go to this guy's house to see what this guy's all about. So we drove up an hour and a half to see Brian and him his wife wonderful people God love you buddy seriously. Oh what a great time we had. And it's just made such a relationship grow through the camera now as well because we know each other a little bit.


It was a blast and I was just so humbled that two of you who had come driving although especially you coming up with ideas I can go I want to go see I want to meet this guy before I get on line with this guy.

Can I play.

Oh I love it. I love it. So hey man I love that. The Bible itself speaks volumes about your accolades your accomplishments your spirits and its trip. It truly is impressive.

And a lot of work to get there. And you know as well yeah as many people as you have is. getting. I started in the professional speaking business first and I started with some of the greats Donny Walters tenets only seminars webinars like you learning. There wasn't the internet back then in 1984 when I started and. You know how to do this on my own. I thought OK what are my accomplishments so I went out and did all this volunteer work. A lot of work. You know what. Why human cares real. Here's the real question WHY ARE PEOPLE GONNA LISTEN TO ME.

Right. WHY THEY WON'T LISTEN TO ME. YOU KNOW WHAT. I know the answer. Why. Because they want the results that you have.

That's true and that's you know you've got to do the work first right to get the results that you want and that's really what an old piece about the modeling of success and then being replicated and then teaching other people.

Well here's the thing with that whole thing I'm glad you brought that up is you know it takes a lot of work. The issue for many and it was for me for decades was Yeah I worked my ever living butt off on everything I learned at all these seminars and I still saw nothing as far as where I wanted to go and what it came down to. It's still all about working hard but it's knowing what to work on. Yep. And the recipe. That's why I brought that up in the beginning. It is so important to at least have a known path that you know the odds are really great. If all you do is follow it yes work very hard and get get stuff done. But if you follow it you will definitely achieve success like that cake. You're going you can have a success cake at the end of it.

Yeah you got you. You definitely have to work hard. I mean that's the thing I think you mean we hear it so often now is the children that are growing up there you know they're catered to their parents cater them they're catered to and they don't want to work hard. They don't want to put in the effort. They want immediate gratification which is fine. We all do. Then you realize you start older in life. Like why don't I have what I want. I'm 40 years old I'm 50 years old and 60 years old. I haven't accomplished the things I wanted in life. I wonder you've got to plant good seeds. It's like a great garden. You've got to do the work in the beginning and plant good seeds and take care of it till the soil pull pull the weeds. It's one things Tony Robbins says you've got to pull your weeds you know.

And so true and the good the good news is though there's never it's never too late to begin. It's never nevertheless gloomy because for me personally I didn't even learn of MLP. I had heard the letters. I knew nothing about it but I did learn about it till about seven years ago. Oh really.

And it has changed my life immensely profoundly and I never I don't say I'm not a wheel guy and all right. It would changed my life and everything that happens to me. It's helped change my life for sure.

Well. You know that that's that is that's a perfect explanation of. I guess the results of what an LP it really is because if you go into the computer you type in an LP you know Wiki Leaks shows up first wiki What is it called Wikipedia. And it has such a negative connotation to it. Oh it's a pseudoscience this and that. Well that's all great you can say that about medicine too. You can say that about a a has a 3 percent success rate. So if we're talking about results total different issue. Right. It's the results you produce. So if somebody gives you the recipe you do a cake you can make that cake Exactly.

Why would you want to go out and do it on your own right. Why do you want to go out and lose the weight by yourself. If somebody can teach you how to do it why do you want to go out and go through thousands for relationships to find the right one if you can find somebody that has what you need. and they can tell you how to do it seems kind of mindless to me. But it worked in my walk I found there are two primary areas that keep people from doing what you're saying in that is one ego.

Right. They just they just their ego gets in the way and I can do this by myself. That is why they're not doing.

Number two is we were brought up because we're not calling this modeling something or someone. What is a what. That's a fancy word for what. Copy Right when we're little kids. What are we told about copying. Right. It's mad. Don't do that Johnny or you're going to get whacked on the hand with a ruler back when I went to school we got whacked. And but there's a there's a very distinct difference between modeling and copying and what they are calling and what it truly was was cheating right. Well that's different. And but many people associate modeling and copying with that whole experience because of ego and they're afraid they're afraid because of the negative anchors that have been set with cheating or copying. They just never branch out.

So John and I give you permission right now to keep talking about our beliefs that we learn to keep talking to my screen looking at Brian here and the cameras up here sorry we learn these beliefs at such a young age and it's what before you know seven to eight years old we model everything about what we know you know they say and there's there's objectionable advice about this whether. Things are learned everything's learned in life. Or do we grasp some of it later on. Hey I personally believe that the majority of who we are and what we become are taught by our primary caretakers before 7 years old whoever that was for you could have been your grandparents could have been one your mother could have been both parents going to be your father. It could have been you lived in an orphan home. Whatever those beliefs are that you learn you've modeled that success. Now success is interesting words. Brian and I were talking about because success could be a bad thing as well. Success in modeling whatever that is it doesn't mean it has to work because bad habits are learned that we take on later into life as well that we try to get rid of and those are the students I guess it's like OK I'm better relations I'm bad at my financial abundance I'm bad at being this I'm bad at this I'm to this I'm not enough of that. So we learn all this at a very young age and it's so hard to unconditioned that later on in life because those things are kind of hardwired in our system after a while. Seven eight 10 years old what do they say. There's literally a quote that's 85 percent of who we become. Eighty five percent of our personality or attitude is built in by the time we're eight ninety five. By the time we're 18 by the time you're 21 years old you are who you are. Very little room for change. Interesting quote. Just saying.

And I love the fact that the good news is there is this the science that's comprised of three letters that we can change it can now. You can now access and tap into what you had learned way back then. Yeah. For me it's way back then.

Boy Brian I'll tell you it is funny is it is that we're talking here. You could say it's fortuitous but the fact that you and I have gone through the same thing almost is some of the stories you tell me. Well that was me. Oh my God. And one of them was. growing up just like you said. You learn the right things to do. Like I said you've read the books you've done the webinars you've done the seminars you're doing the live events you learn what to do but you don't know how to do it. You get out of the webinar you get them reading the book and nothing changes as you just said no while.

And that's where the reprogramming has to come in. It has to. There's a gentleman I don't know if you've heard of this doctor's name. Bruce Lipton you're Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief. Well check it out. He says there's three things there's three things. There's three things to change.

One of them is you've got to bypass the analytical brain the conscious mind and go into the subconscious. And that's usually done through some form of hypnosis because at some point folks we're all hypnotized by the things in life. The second thing is by practice how do you learn how to drive a car how to learn how to walk. We practice those things and we're not very good at them but after enough practice it gets into the muscle like one of my instructors used said It's muscle memory you get into the muscle and pretty soon the brain just becomes like an automatic pilot. And we replicate these habits or strategies over and over again. Think about it folks you know learning to drive a car. It's just the best analogy.

You know the first time you got in the car driving it was like hands tended to make sure the mirror sounds off the radio.

Everybody nobody's talking but then not no. Now what 20 years later. you could be putting on a high shot or if you're a woman if you're drinking with the radio on a pad and check things out in the backseat and the is basically on autopilot because you the brain learns on autopilot. Unfortunate part is we take these same negative strategies that are on autopilot as well and we can as Brian was just saying we can condition or recondition better strategies and we can reprogram those negative strategies.

That's a perfect segway. So I want to do is back up to one thing you talked about and then I ask you the question that will kind of bring us together for everyone watching and that is when you talked about the Wikipedia definition of an LP I went through that I mean my I learned an LP I realized how amazing it was then I went back to see well what do people see when they search for it right. Wow. I was disappointed in what was being reported about an LP because it was naysayers. So right now John let's let's set this ship right. What exactly is an LP from you know. I know you're an expert. I'm a master practitioner. We know what an LP is. But tell the layman what is an LP and why should they learn more about it.

Here's the definition by a CO developer an attitude and methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques. To comply students go. What does that mean. My mom still doesn't know what I do. So here's really how an LP started. It's actually really simple. It was a 20 year old math genius. in the early 70s up at Santa Cruz University was asked by a therapist Hey could you transcribe some of my therapy sessions. His name was Richard Bandler. He was just a young kid and he took down notes and he said My God. I could get the same result using language that this therapist is getting. So Richard started teaching classes at the university. He was a student there as well he commandeer a classroom and he'd go out meet market a little bit and he'd get kids in and they'd learn this and they'd go out and change the world. Well then one of the V linguist professor that was actually on campus came to one class and one day says hey I can help you with that. And then then they started combining their efforts and really getting down to distilling out the garbage in the language and using the specific language structure better commands. You know we can get into anchoring things like that. That's a little bit more complex for this program. And they took it and they modeled some of the best people best teachers. Beth at best athletes best salespeople. Anybody that was doing something at a high level they could model what they were doing use their language their physiology and their beliefs. So neuro linguistic program means neuro the mind body how we're connected here and by the way did you know this that the mind body was separate a separate entity in the medical field and so Deepak Chopra came along and he coined the term mind body or body mind then language the linguistic part the languages. everybody does this. how we talk to ourselves inside that internal self dialogue whether it's inhibiting. or it's propelling you forward and then programming means the strategies that we run.

We have millions of strategies that we do every day. You have a strategy for brushing your teeth. You have one for going to the bathroom. You have one for eating. You have one for talking to people. You have one for being on the microphone you have one for everything you do in life because if you didn't you have to relearned it every single time. So neural linguistic programming means how we use our mind body to communicate with our self and other people to produce the results in the world.

That's really what it is.

And the beautiful thing there's so many beautiful things about an LP is number one it is truly a science. Number two it works. We're products of the product. That's number one and number three. It is very very fast. In fact I remember my first time ever experiencing it in the audience this thing was the thing that made you go lol. Yeah. Some in the audience and my mentor who is going to this gentleman who is to become my mentor and who I was going to go on stage into the very thing he was doing for me later. But he was he was taking us through an LP process and it was timeline and it was basically releasing fear and without hesitation resistance kind of fear not fight or flight fear. And I just remember sitting there and going through the process it literally took six or seven minutes the whole thing.

And then we got finished and I didn't notice like Wow I feel so different at that moment I noticed I could tell something was different. I just couldn't figure it out. And I just let it go. And I did since I mean it didn't take long when I realized that I had this sense of liberation. I felt free. I felt uninhibited. I felt really good. And this was just one little process. And then since that time of course went and then I said I have to not only do more of this for myself I was thinking way more for all the people I could help. Not for myself but my kids my wife my my colleagues my clients my everybody I came in contact with because you know when. You.

Know there's a great quote. You change your mental attitude in the world around you will change accordingly. That's Napoleon Hill and thinking we're rich.

And when you change the world changes because you look at it differently and then you behave differently and then obviously people are going to respond differently to you. That's the key. It's amazing. You've got to effect the results in the outside world which most people don't really understand.

They think if I work hard on someone else or something else I'll get what I want but that's not the case. You can only get what you believe you're capable. And here's the real. This is what I've come to learn most of the people and I would almost say all of the people in the world every single one of us the reason we don't have what we want and we need and we desire is because we don't feel worthy of it.

That is the core essence of who we are our worthiness. Not just so much your self-confidence or your self-esteem but your worthiness. When you feel worthy then the world is your oyster. You go out and you want to accomplish everything because you can at that point. There's nothing to stop you.

Literally right. Absolutely. It's like I don't deserve that right. That's how many people say that to themselves. Yeah. Oh I'll never have that much money. I'll never drive that beautiful car.

I'll never have that perfect wife. Honey come in here. Let's show you her.

She's in the other room. There's proof you can't. Harry.

We've got it coming into the room right now.

I just I just got married in November right after the fires here and I I obtained one of this. This one of the kids 9 year old stepdaughter. Breathe breathe hybrid. So that's part that's part of thank you. That's part of what life is about as well right. I mean because success isn't just about having things like money and cars. It's it's nice. Definitely. I think for men it's more important the news for women and women more than one intangible things as well. Men say they don't want the nice car in the nice house and the clothes OK maybe a closed shop. For sure the shoes.

But let's let's hit the nail a little more on the head for folks walking out. So we're giving it kind of a what we'd call a pre frame we're framing it we're saying we're staying. This is what an LP is. It's not woo woo it's real it works. There are lots of things we could say about it you don't actually have to drift off into sleep In fact you need to stay awake in order for this to be a figure of gnosis. Even with hypnosis the same thing. But let's let's dive into the exact types of things that an LP can help people with what other types of processes I mean what processes help. What kind of issues that people have that once they clear them up in these seven minute or less or slightly more different processes. What things can be cleared up. What what are they suffering from that an LP and you can help them with.

Now from a therapeutic standpoint there's plenty. I'll give you one story which is that don't you think I told you this morning it was so funny. One of the gentlemen that was going through my first practitioner class like 20 years ago he he he was already a therapist. He was a doctor and he said he turned to me one day and I was literally fell on for laughing. He says Oh my God he was you know how many people have phobias. He goes I could cure a phobia in like 20 minutes. And I'm like Yeah OK. He goes you know much I could charge I could charge like three hundred dollars I go no one's gonna pay you three hundred dollars to get rid of the phobia. That's ridiculous to this day. Robert mental charges $8,000. You know why? Because if you have a phobia getting on an elevator and you walk in a building where you can't get to the top and you've got to take the stairs everyday or you need to go see your kids back you can't get on a plane or you can't get out of your house because you have a gora phobia doesn't mean you live in a gora you can't get out. You ask you you have a social phobia. You will pay whatever it takes to get rid of that thing.

The unfortunate thing My aunt has a phobia this snake. Right. This was ridiculous. One night we're having a party at the house I had.

I told a friend I had a plastic snake sitting on the rock out front. My buddy comes and says Your aunt is running down the street and it's midnight. I'm like What. I go running after last minute she's running down street. I mean what is the problem. There's like there's a I can watch you. I said slowed to a snake and I'm like a snake where.

And I went Oh my God it's on the front porch when she walked outside. She saw it. She bolted down the street. Now if you have a full view if anybody has a phobia you get it. You understand that there's no rational explanation to it. And maybe one time you know somebody threw a plastic snake out or she saw a real one. And it's called a one trial learn and that's it. It's ingrained. It becomes automatic habit. There's no there's no reasoning between seeing the snake and bolting down the street. It's what's called a synesthesia. We just boom it's over. And I said I can take care of that. No no no no no. I don't even talk about it. That's how fullbacks are. They don't even want to talk about it. Well we're Richard was putting this strategy together. You modeled some of the best. Say the best fullbacks. He said some of these phobic that had bypassed the phobia on their own he said What are you doing now that you didn't do back then. He goes you know what. Because I see the pictures all in black and white in my head and I run it backwards. Well he started distilling out what all these people did and that's basically what happened that's how he invented the phobia cure. you run the movie in your head backwards in black and white and then run it forward as fast as you can.

It's some 20 minute process but it works every single time. So that's one thing. Right. Phobias. Negative self talk. How many of you ever talk bad to yourself. Right. Like I can't do this. This will never happen. I'm too fat I'm too skinny. I'm not rich enough. It's all negative self-taught. It's probably one of the most. It's the word I'm looking for it's probably one of the most destructive elements of our psyche is our negative self Tom. Right. I had a woman in class recently that analogy to cats and people think oh my God. Once I have allergy it's over there. So we have a process that's a half hour get rid of it. She came back next weekend and she's like oh my god she's getting a cat. I'm like wow. That's amazing. We have ones for nail biting it's called swish pattern right. It's amazing things because.

The brain is a it's a simple computer it really is it's just a simple computer. And once you understand the mechanics of it it's like he'd be like mean. Brian going into our computers and being able to change the software will the hardware is already there. That's the mind body. We change the software you're going to get something completely different that shows up on the screen of your mind.

It's kind of a great metaphor for a great analogy. I love that. Yeah there's so many things one of my favorite there are so many limiting beliefs was one of them limiting beliefs which you named a couple like I'm too old I'm too young I'm a woman I'm a man because you know whatever whatever your limiting beliefs are. And it's like like you said earlier it's plucking weeds from the garden and letting the right those beautiful flowers flourish.

One of the most amazing ones for me personally was creating instant report that isn't like that has helped me so much. Yeah. Specifically in business. And then that that moved over and crossed over into personal life as well. Yeah I used to literally John you may not believe this because you see me as this outgoing crazy man probably really shy worry.

I was extremely shy I didn't like I did not like interacting with people I love people I just didn't want to talk to him I didn't know how I didn't know this then but I'm like shying away from if I got in an elevator there's only one other person I'm like freaking out because it's it's uncomfortable because it's quiet and now I'll get in an elevator with 15 others and I'm the only one talking you know because I'm building rapport and it's fun.

It's amazing it's amazing and that's so that's one of the things you said before Brian is you in order to do that you also have to get past your own ego to think that people are judging you and ridiculing you and you look at one of the things Richard Bandler said I love it. He goes when we get into an elevator we go into elevator hypnosis everybody stands there and looks up at the number. It's so true. Right. And it's it's great. My wife she's in here she is testament to it. I'm crazy. I will I will test people I'll say weird things to him just to see how they're going to react to test my rapport skills what test my comedy. Sometimes just a test to see if they're paying attention because most people. most people want to feel like they're part of this world they're part of you know they're engaging in it. And if you don't engage with most people they're not going to go out of their way to engage with you. So what these reporter skills that you're talking about my God that that's a great story Brian. Seriously. If that if that got you out of your shell you know whatever that that Shell you call it that got you out of your comfort zone let's say and help you step beyond your ego as well guaranteed it's going to return you tenfold as far as business and relationship already has.

Yeah right. Oh no doubt. Absolutely. To me life is now so much more joyful. As a result of just that one thing now just that one thing and you know like we'll be in an elevator and if somebody happens to scuffed their shoes and the thought it makes a weird sound I say. Excuse me. Actually that wasn't me.

But you know and it's like wow did anybody smell that. Oh no that wasn't. Know just just to break the ice and that's the interesting thing is if you have a line right up and you do that and beginning your best friends all the way up instantly. That's true. Incidentally just to have a little fun sometimes sometimes just say you know because when you say they're all like this right and their eyes are up it's like don't make eye contact don't do it. Don't you feel you're telling yourself not to look at the other person.

On a serious note with reporters we're talking about a jokingly on a serious note. We're human. we're human doings.

Not so much human beings we do behavior in that. And people look at us and they look at that behavior and they they judge us through that behavior unfortunately just the way life is right and we want to be connected to other people. And one of the things that I say in class I do a 12 day certification class gets about how long it takes 120 hours. Is that think about this. And I'll say to you too nobody cares about you. Nobody cares about you nobody because answer this question How many people throughout your day that you meet throughout your day actually get your attention that you give them some of your attention units that you give them some likability. God forbid you give them love. How many people. Very rarely. Most people probably one if none. On one hand how many people touch us throughout the day. And I believe in this one thing that I teach in all my. my courses as well as when I'm out Professional Speaking of corporations is build rapport with people. It's going to be the single greatest. asset you have that if you can bring people in. And bring them into your world because one of the presuppositions of an LP is respect the other person's model of their world.

Zig Ziglar said you can have anything you want in this world if you first helping other people get what they want. And I truly believe that wholeheartedly.

Truly love it.

We're getting coaching from your buddy Bartman what's his Arab art is he's given us camera tips and telling us both to look into the camera.

I know I'm sorry but I keep looking at Brian on the screen here OTHER GUYS I'M I'M WORKING. I'm learning this the first time I ever done a live interview before I'm sorry it was my hair.

So Bart is a close friend of John and now mine that came over to my house together and spent a day and we had a blast so. Love you Bart. Love you a lot. Man you're an awesome dude and always there supporting John and myself.

And by the way I just wanna give a quick shout out to that thing behind over John's left or right shoulder on our left side of our screen. That's a book he just authored recently published called Discovering LP as you can see there. I have a copy of it here and I highly recommend you grab a copy because it's it's not one of those superficial just scraping the surface types of books. It literally goes in deep into the advanced topics that you will learn by going to one of John's boot camp seminars. I don't even know what you call them but gathering for application trainings. Yeah. And the thing is though I highly doubt it really unless you've done it once before. You need to go and do it in person with a master trainer such as John I kid you not. Nothing wrong with reading the book first at all but definitely then partake in John's class. He lives in the Los Angeles area and the name of his Web site is L. A for Los Angeles L.A. and LP. So it's just letters for no neuro linguistic programming so go check that out and in a moment we're going to. Don't tell that onscreen Bart says in smiley face and in a moment we're going to talk about how you can actually get a piece of John and take it home with you and learn to see if you want to go farther with him. Because I listen to it and it's it's actually quite a lot that he's gonna give to you for free here in just a moment ram the whole three hours into one hour. Yeah. It's an amazing. And I was just I was listening to it and are thinking oh my gosh John is really good at this. Really. Really good at this because I've been through two different trainers myself learn. Yeah and I've seen others. And so I get to compare and I thought you compared very well against the other.

It's interesting to explore. Like try to explain to me what an LP is before you took a class. Oh Reimer and now try to explain it after you got certified. You've gone through a couple of courses it's changed your whole being so there's no way through this camera or even listening to audio I could explain to anyone unless you've gone through the certification course. It's like learning. It's like starting out driving a car and you've never driven you've never been sat behind a wheel. And then after months or maybe years later you're like Oh yeah. Now I got it. It's you have a knowing about what it is and there's no way to really fully explain why I might.

Robert Dilts you say you've got to get it into the muscle to really understand what that is.

I just tell people the best way to understand it is to experience it and yeah and I know that the remarks are going to come back oh you're just trying to sell me on coming to the bigger course I'm like yes I am.

And you know what you do this is what Brian does. It just drives me crazy when people when they do that.

Oh you just want to sell your products. I like to eat. I like the roof over my head. I like to make money. I like to share my gifts and how I do that is through the products that I do. And I give them most of them away which I usually do but that's how we that's how we cultivate a better world folks.

But the thing is it would be an absolute disservice if we did not know.

Absolutely that's the way I look at it from another aspect which is well what would it cost that individual if they never go through it like I know I've been through it. I paid the money. Look just me as an example I spent thousands of dollars many more than I'm sure John is charging because back in the day they charge a lot more. And ice and I have zero regrets I right. I would have like you said eight thousand dollars to release a phobia in a heartbeat.

Oh God yeah. It's costing you.

Exactly. Exactly. There you go. What is it costing you the state savings to see your kids.

What's that costing you may be emotional pain right physical pain. Right. But it's no. Look at folks. I even tell you this. You come I'll give you e-mail me We'll send you a bunch of free stuff about the courses coming up attend the first week and if you don't like it I'll give your money back. I don't care. It's your loss not mine. This is what we do. Right. It's reciprocity we give and hopefully receive in life.

And for anybody so that's that in itself can be a limiting belief that people have about money. And sure if you force you to feel that way about giving money to someone like John or myself That means you feel the same about receiving it right yourself and say the faster you get past this in your programming the faster you will then get to success.

And you know I know this makes sense to everyone consciously right now when I get the subconscious work done then and then you truly like wow I get it I'm liberated. This is freaking awesome.

And how many days before how many negative beliefs do we have around relationships and around money.

Look at money I can't afford it. That's the biggest one. I can't afford it. That's too expensive or with relationship least I'm not good enough or they're not good enough. You know about our health. Oh I'll never be fit and healthy I'll never feel good about who I am limiting beliefs.

Yeah. Grab another preventive for that and another keg of beer and you know and making money is hard. That's another one. Yeah right. And that's the thing and it. And what I learned is if you go to an event and you're going around to the vendor tables right. You go into a seminar event and in your mind you're thinking I'm not lettin anything out of my wallet. That's no way I made the decision. I'm not spending the time. That's a good one. And then later later you then decide well your business is starting to grow you're developing it. And now you want a vendor table you put it up there and you can't figure out for the life you why nobody is buying from your table. That's funny Brian. Right. That's funny. It's true though. So I make it a point when I go I go to look and talk and listen I'm not going to spend money at every table but when I see something that's compelling. Absolutely.

Well it's out because I know that when I do it that it's going to affect my results.

If that day comes where I want to do it you you know it's funny it's funny that you saying that because one of the things Bart talks about a lot is as much as he reads and he does a lot of work online researching uses. If I find one nugget of information that helps me I'm like father had no matter how much money I spent. You know that's true. Whether it be because this is probably this a plug for Napoleon Hill but thinking Grow Rich was the first book I read wise 13 years on it changed my life from that on you know in the next one because you're going to ask me about books later was unleash the power personal power. Tony Robbins. Those two books changed my life and that's where I learned about MLP and look where I am now.

Right yeah. It's a lot. What a wonderful right it is to to take out a magic carpet right through your mind. And again it's not Woo. And you're going to do this over and over and go through processes at John's event. And when you do it you're gonna go wow that was is it really that easy. Because it is. Yeah it's just they have figured out the proper language and the proper techniques to elicit change in your mind for the new better for them better. That's the you know a lot of people. Real quick. A lot of people are curious. I was this way I was very defensive and say no one's gonna touch my mind and change my beliefs. I believe in God and I'm not letting anybody change that. And the cool thing I learned is this was attempted in the Army decades ago using real very extreme methods including hypnosis including sleep and food deprivation supreme cold weather everything you could think of.

And they found one thing they could not could not change someone's internal value belief system. If it was that one great if you're already a murderer then you will continue and you'll do it they'll bring that out in you. But if you're not going to happen so don't worry about that and know that what John does obviously is for the better for good for you.

Well that's the question I get asked a lot. You know I've been working on my PTSD and clinical hypnosis like oh you know what about hypnosis that's it mind control snuffed out. That won't work on me like really every single day. You drive your car go. past your exit. That's hypnosis. It's called trance. Your reading a book you get to the end of the page you're like Oh my God what did I just read or you're watching TV and somebody comes tapped me on the shoulder and you don't realize it right away you like oh you're in trance trances. We're in trance actually every single night before you go to bed. It's called the theta stage. Like when you know that point when you're no You're awake but you know you're asleep right in there. Best time to reprogram your mind. Folks we've talked about before those three things hypnosis repetition and the third thing to change is you're going to have to go to my Web site sign up for the newsletter and I'll send you out.

But that's what it is. Right. Put on some great music before you go to bed. Put in the audiotape. Don't listen to the news on God. You program your mind with that garbage or watch a scary movie before you go to bed. You have to wonder why you wake up with these horrible dreams. Your mind's a basically a sponge. It's a computer and SBS is absorbing. All this energy throughout your day. Who do you surround yourself with right. We talked about that. What do you surround yourself with the books are the best thing. I mean you know unfortunately I don't read a whole lot anymore because I get into a lot of audio because I don't have time to read it one still reading because I don't I don't relax that's still reading. Technically I'm still reading and most people think reading is like a book I'm working on now. This book Start With Why yes I've read it. I'm saying I love this book. Is like one of the first books I bought in a long time and I'm going to probably give you an audio and plug it into my phone and do that. Yeah that's the one thing so you've got to reprogram your mind like crap that most people listen to really nowadays you watch. Jersey Shore. No disrespect actors if you're watching this they're making a boatload of money and that's awesome but it's not good mental food.

Yeah. It's like you're saying in a nutshell it's basically what environment are you immersing yourself in right apps on a regular basis. And you know you could just call reading you could just call it in the ingesting of information. no matter which way you do it you're still reading. I mean absolutely. I listen to audible. I don't read anymore on a physical book with my eyeballs and I just because I learn that that just makes me tired.

It's not my style my modality for learning. And once I learned that there was a single audible I was like. oh it's a godsend. Exactly. And I can listen to it in the car.

I really love to sit with a physical book and that's great too. You know as long as you're feeding your mind never works you know you do it before you go to bed.

You know it doesn't matter which which way. Just just find that one way and do it.

Let me make a plug for you. OK. Because I know very few you guys make a plug for you because I was at Brian's house I understand the complexity of what he does.

He just doesn't turn on his camera and a microphone. He's got hundreds of pieces of software that are sending out texts and emails and video conferencing and you know you go in his office and he's got this green screen back there and his jacket hanging up getting ready for his show. It's like watching if you were sitting in the room with him right now it's like.

It's like a symphony going off. Seriously it really is. It's it's artful because I spent two days just doing this setting all this up and I can imagine you doing it professionally getting people on every day so not mistake buddy. God bless you. You do great service to people. And I know all your guests love being on your show and know we're gonna we're gonna get you so far up there. Every one of your guests that you bring on people you know I remember when Brian used to do this in his shorts.

I love it man. Thank you so much.

You're the you're actually the first one that's ever done that and I never expect it and I know she shrew and the old me would say just just just move on. You know I'm going to accept it and embrace it and I think that I think there you go. Gratitude yes. Thank you. So advocate that. And that's why you know when you and Bart came to my house this is a true story when they came to my house. I had never met either one of them. Bart barged in right. And it was awesome it was like it was like having my buddies over for play day when I'm in elementary school because when they came in that's what we did.

We just frickin played while we're on the same page where we're sharing the same information we're doing the same thing. So it's kind of like that you value this I value this and he values it was like Oh we've known each other for years.

Exactly. And we were joking with each other as if we knew each other for years. I mean that was a lot of sarcasm and a lot of you were probably making more fun a bar than him making fun and he visibly loved it I could tell he loves the attention he loves attention so wrong. In fact I think we're giving him too much right now. This is a giant game Santangelo show. There he is totally. He says Oh I'm gonna get back in that mode and. What else do you need to learn. Yes exactly. I got to get out of this laughing mode here.

I just love talking about the benefits of an. Are there more that like here. OK. Let me just let me put this out there. One more incredible gift that A.P. provided to me and I think of it as a gift even though I spent thousands. I'm talking over 10 grand of money with no regrets was ultimately when I went through all these processes the thing that came out for me was an incredibly increased level. of confidence absolutely unbelief. And it was a calm yeah not a not an ego or boastful type of. It was just I'm sure it's it's surety it's certainty. That's the word certainty yet. And so because of certainty my confidence level went up and everything in my life changed for the better. Just please. You know John is in Los Angeles. Do what ever you know some will say well I'm over here in Florida and I'm going to fly in a plane. Good. Do it. You're more you would invest the more you're gonna value it the more you're gonna get out of it.

Because you don't. I've had students one flew from Norway spend six weeks here another one from Iceland people from Canada. What. Whatever it takes. Look at it. If you have a certain idea in mind a certain destination you want to get to you. It's it's your human obligation to do whatever it takes to get you there. to share your gifts with the world. I mean that's what we're doing here. Everybody has my wife's works in the hospital that's her gifts. My daughters work on CNN and follow in my footsteps along the way. We all have those gifts to share with the world. And that's it's our responsibility as Wayne Dyer says I love how he says this. It's called response ability. Responding with ability that's your ability to respond to the world around you and most of it. You know nowadays we've talked about this is so negative it is to share those gifts with the people around you to better your world as well as bettering the world that you live in. I mean it's not brain surgery folks. Simple stuff but where were you taught this. You just learned that in elementary school in high school. Most parents don't even understand this gift right. So it's up to people like Brian and I and and others that are out in the self development world to to share our. And whether you want to pay for it but it's not up to me or you. It's up to them. Right. You can. There's a lot of free stuff in the market.

That's the thing though John. If you if you offered it for free. That's how they would value.

You wouldn't value it as much as well anyways.

And you know I bless. I love my mentor for charging thousands of dollars. Yeah I am happy he did that because yeah I took it seriously. And I was so in. I mean I was intense in every hour and they were long days in this particular course and I loved every second of it. I was very intense and I I I I squeezed every ounce of information experience and everything out of it that I possibly could.

I got the most out of it because I had skin in the game.

I had absolutely I have thick skin and think know look you're not going to you're not going to treat a you know a piece of crap Volkswagen as well as you do a convertible Bentley the same it's just the way it is folks that you have as Brian says when you have more skin in the game especially when you have money because you've fought so hard to get it. You value it more you value your time you value your effort you value the results that you're going to get more. So go with that.

And the other part I'll just reiterate one more time is you know think about what it's costing you not to change your life for the better.

I mean think about if you continue with your current limiting beliefs what if you can mutations with your current negative thinking. Right. What if you don't improve your business anymore because you haven't done the work the mind work. What about leadership persuasion presentation skills presentation skills that what is that selling. You must be a seller. If you're going to be successful in business and everybody selling all the world's most successful people are salespeople. Exactly. We are all every person on the planet as a salesperson. We just don't want to admit it. Many are right. People who are the best at it kids they're relentless. Yes.

Right. We've got to model their behavior.

And I would add to that women because they're fearless. Yeah definitely kids and women. Absolutely and I was just talking I have four apprentices now three of them are women. And I was lifting them up because I don't know how they do what they do. Any of you women I love you. I love my wife dearly. I I'm very vocal about that. And women you're just you're special in so many ways. I appreciate you all. You know all those things what is going to cost you. How do you know building confidence like I was talking about for myself which is huge. What's it gonna cost you if you don't learn how to create instant rapport instant report. I'm telling you ladies and gentlemen it is instant. It is amazing and it is so fun.

Because here's the thing here's the thing about rapport because it's the basis of everything that we do in life. Everything.

Everything because in order for you to accomplish anything in life somebody has got to help you get it. And if you're able to build rapport if you can make a connection with people in this fact I wrote A I wrote a chapter in my book about getting free stuff because when people like you they want to.

It's called reciprocity. They want to give back. And whether it happens in a restaurant or I get a free drink or free dessert I got free tickets to Disneyland once when I was there was hysterical. I looked down and I was maybe a minute conversation with the woman at the gate. I looked down I got four tickets in my hand I'm like whoa. I mean I've had amazing stories where people like there was a Tony Robbins actually taught this in class once. He said I'm going to give you twenty five cents and an apple. And with your rapport skills. This was in Hawaii. You've got to get back to the mainland and a couple people did it right. Another gentleman I said. Go out go get something while you're on lunch. He came back with a car came back with a car. Brian said I'm not going to keep the car but I got to use it for free for an hour. I'm like There you go. REPORTER skills use are the basis of everything that we do in life. And you get good at it and miraculous things show up. People call it abundance whatever you want to call it reciprocity whatever it is I think it's really communication when you're good at it. People want to they want to give back and you hit on a key point rebuilds.

You hit on very key point there on everything you get in life is due to the fact that you got help from somebody and that's the result of rapport building. But that's the key is getting a help. And most people don't get help due to that Big E G O ego and this is another thing that an appeal will help you with. It will release that egocentric ness of yourself in a such a wonderful way. We are getting to the N word. We're already there but I've got another deep diving question for you.

And then as promised to everyone will also let me do that right now. This is how you can win that five night vacation stay at a five star resort in Mahe Kong and put it up on the screen right now for all of you to follow along. And there are two ways there. But let's let's keep this brief and use the bottom technique which is text. So take out your phone if you're not watching on your phone. If you're on watch you on your phone. Bring up your texting application. You have our permission to leave for a moment but keep listening and typing the phone number (661) 535-1624 and then in the message area type the word PEAK. That's P-E-A-K. So, one more time: (661) 535-1624 And then type in the word, the message PEAK. P-E-A-K. hit send. And again this is all brought to you by And this texting service that you're using is through them. It's an amazing service. If you're in business you need a texting platform I highly recommend you hook up with Jason Nast and Ronda and just drop my name. That's all I need. All you need to do. He's a dad. Dear people I love them dearly. Go and do that right now. And I choose a winner every single show. And that winner could be you. All right. Here we go.

The big heavy hitter question John I love to ask this of all my past guests and it's it's something that's very personal to each individual. And so the thing is what I could say is there's no such thing as a wrong answer to this question. And it's actually just the opposite. The only correct answer is your answer. And so I just wanted to kind of pre frame it that way to let you off in case you were letting me off the hook. Yeah. Before I do that before I ask you that question though I wanted to give opportunity for you to offer your free giveaway prize which is very valuable if you want to just take it away and explain what that is and I'll bring it up on the screen as you're describing it because I went and did the very same thing and it's pretty phenomenal.

It's really simple. It's a seven day an LP mini course. You go sign up for it. You get it in your email. There's an audio program attached to it. There's seven simple mind hacks seven simple mind hacks. And if you're really smart and you get to the seventh one I'll give you an hour of free coaching. and my hourly rates about one hundred and fifty dollars an hour to coach and it's a three session minimum. You're talking almost five hundred dollars to get me on the phone. So if you get to the seventh e-mail and you like it.

John James Santangelo:
We get to chat. So go to Thanks, Brian.

Brian Kelly:
And then they will see what I'm showing on screen there. Is that correct. Yeah. Then just enter their name and e-mail right there. There you go. And that's what I did and I began listening. I spent a good over an hour listening and I was in awe of your skills, John. You're an amazing practitioner. Amazing teacher. You keep everything interesting light but you're also very very serious about your craft and I can tell that you are heart centered and you're there to get results for the people who are coming to your events and this is this is a great fantastic way for everyone watching and listening who has not yet experienced an LP. This is a great intro.

It's really simple. It really is not something complicated. You'll be able to do it. I'll give you a teaser. Here's three words immediately. You should eliminate from your daily vocabulary but the word but the word try and the word problem in the email I tell you what to replace it with. So go check it out. But the problem with that is I try so hard John and.

I try so hard when I don't but I have these problems.

We have fun with language. You remind me another buddy I got Jay with.

So let's get to that. That big heavy hitting question because we do need to close this out to respect everyone's time including yours. And so I love to ask this of every single guest that's been on the show and here's something I found really amazing about it John and that is there has not been yet two people answered at the same exact way which is kind of mind boggling to me. I'm I'm absolutely certain at some point this will happen but until now it has not. So are you ready. Yeah you sure. Yes. All right John. James Santangelo. How do you define success.

How do I define success.

Ok here's a negative word. Most people aren't going to like this. But for me but for me negating the past money and the unfortunate thing is as soon as they see that all this negative stuff comes up in people's minds like Oh that's wrong it shouldn't be about money.

But here's the reality folks. Money brings freedom and that's probably a higher chunk answer that I should be saying but I'm not a monk and I'm not going to sit on top of the mountain pray all day. I love to work. I was given that gift by my dad.

He loves to work. I love to work but I also love the value that I place behind it and the value I get and the results I get shows me the monetary value. It's like Tony Robbins says you don't want a bunch of green pieces of paper with dead presidents on it. You want what it can bring you. So many can bring what freedom security. Here's a big one. Lack of stress. Don't tell me anyone listening and this has never gone to sleep stressing about money or waking up stressing about money thinking they don't have much how much they're going to pay the bills. They can lose their house. You need to send their kids to college.

It's not woo folks.

It's money in a way that it's a good thing that it produces. The thing that you want here on this planet. thing that you want to give back to others I don't know what that is for you to decide right. Become a student mind and hope you coach you through that. But for me it's about the value that we place on money and what it can do for me. And I love that I get to share that with look at the equipment that I have here. the things that I've learned as Brian and I were talking about the money that I get to spend. on the classes and the books and the webinars and the seminars the things that make me a better person so I can share my gifts with the world.

There you go.

I love it. I appreciate the brutal honesty and I love how you quickly really framed what you meant by that answer because at no one point in that description did you say.

Because I want I want fancier cars I want a bigger house or I want a yacht.

It wasn't just people want that and it's nice and I'd like to have it too. You know I work towards I work hard so to you Brian you work hard for those things. It's okay to have those. So you're talking about the ego right.

The limiting beliefs I have. I'm not allowed to have that because that's that's money and I don't make enough money.

No it's certainly OK to have those things. But when you are describing and I said but when you are describing what it meant what you meant by money it wasn't about material things it was about freedom. It was about time freedom it was about what it can bring you not materialistic Lee but what you could do right and get it around. It's a vehicle and I'm paraphrasing but you would say it's a vehicle that enables you to fill in the blank which is to serve others.

Wasn't that I just talking about before I go to the call is that you and I have two businesses we run and we both like to let go the other one and do this full time and run but get Hey. Right. It's about money in some way. Time and freedom.

Brian Kelly:
Exactly. Love it. Appreciate you my brother. You were an amazing guests. Thank you for dispelling some of the myths around NLP. It's not woo it's proven science. Go to and he also has another one with the forward slash, /free-ecourse or his much more elegant domain name that he earlier said Glen repeat John.

John James Santangelo:

Even if you've been through a comprehensive LP course it's always good to hear it from another struggling earth always because you will learn more repetition is the key to mastery. As I'm sure John teaches at some point in that course as well and of one last thing John before we let you go is what is the absolute best way for people to get in touch with you who want to have a chat with you.

Well, literally go to the Web site or if you want to email me directly it's info, I-N-F-O, Real simple.

Brian Kelly:
Fantastic. Thank you so much John and for all of you came on. Thank you Bart for all of your support and your fun little thanks for my wife. Thanks for your wife. Yes. Thank you for all the women out there for my daughter helping me out today. We're getting on car on car more or more in the chats. Part Two. When's it coming. Yes it's coming soon to a computer screen near you and see my baby my Barbies. That is the one that put all of the microphone in the computer and everything together.

John sighed. All right. With that we will say good night for now. God bless you all. And we'll see you on the next edition of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. So long. Good night for now. Thanks Brian. Thank you John.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show with Brian Kelly.

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Special Guest Expert John James Santangelo on The Mind Body Business Show with Brian Kelly

John James Santangelo

John James Santangelo is a dynamic and entertaining gentleman who comes to us from Westlake Village, CA. He is a Communication Skills expert, Certified NLP Trainer Doctor of Clinical Hypno-therapy, and, a Professional Life Coach! He’s a volunteer for the Big Brothers & Sisters of America association, and Chrysalis – a homeless rehabilitation program as well as a spokesperson for the Make-A-Wish Foundation!
He’s coached and worked with companies such as: The Learning Annex, Xerox, Mary Kay, City of Hope, Well-Point, Microsoft, Multiple-Sclerosis Society, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, And he works regularly with The Teamsters Union.
And weeks after 9/11, as head trainer teaching lie-detection skills to the US Army Counter-Intelligence Team!
Here to help guide us with his wisdom and magic on “Discovering NLP! - The Methodology of Achievement! Please help me welcome: John James San-tan-gelo, Phd

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