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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The Mind Body Business Show. I am over-the-top excited for tonight's show. We have the most special guest on the planet, my dear friend, Kent Emmons. We met years ago because we were both speaking on stage at an event and we were hanging out in the back and just kind of hit it off. And then many years later, we kind of ran into each other at another event and we both pointed, said, hey, I know you. And we started talking again. And yeah, it's been awesome. So we'll get into that in a little bit. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about? Real briefly, what I began doing was focusing on those people that had success, you know, success that I looked to achieve. I was looking at those two model and what I found over the course of years of studying successful people, talking with them, hanging out with them and reading about them is that they all seem to have three similar patterns in common. That was just across the board. And the first was mine. That stands for mindset. They all have a rock solid, powerful, very positive mindset from sunup to sundown. And you're going to love our special guest, Kent Emmons. He's one of the most positive people I've ever met. I've never seen him, not yet, not once, without at least once smiling. But it's usually most of the time. It's like he can't take it off of him. It's awesome. And body. It's about taking care of your body. Most successful people do. You'll see Kent. He's very, very fit. It's about, you know, exercising. It doesn't mean you have to be a bodybuilder or a supermodel. It just means you have to move. And also to take care of yourself on the inside. Nutrition to feed yourself those things that will propel you forward. And then business. Businesses is multifaceted, there are things like sales, marketing, team building, systematizing, leadership skills. When you put all these together and if you've mastered all three of these, then you are what I deem one of those that are successful because they all have these three traits. And that's what I call operating at a peak level of performance. Hence the name. Reach Your Peak, that's my company. And Kent is no stranger to any of this. He follows all three of these to a tee. Very successful gentleman in the radio network and television network space amongst many other things. I can't wait for you to meet him and learn about him because I'm going to I'm going to peel apart his his brain so he can see what's going on in there. Not literally, figuratively. And then we might do something a little different that I've never done on this show ever before. We might have a beverage and it's a adult beverage. This has a little bit of something in it that I'll let I'll let Kent kind of bring that one up. That'll be fun. So The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. It's all about success. On that note, one of the things I found that successful people do in addition is many of them read voraciously, read voraciously. And with that, I'd like to segway into a little segment called Appropriately Bookmarks.

Bookmarks. Born to read. Bookmarks. Ready, steady, read. Bookmarks brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yes. There you see it on the side. Reach your peak library dot com and by the way, for those you watching live, even if you're watching the recording or listening on podcasts, do yourself a favor and stay here on the show. In other words, where you're going to be getting some resources in the way in the form of Web sites, et cetera. During the show, and it's best for you to just write them down, get a piece of paper and a pen and do old school and take some notes. And the reason is, is the magic. It happens in the room. So if you stay with us and you're concentrating on the show because you do not want to miss a single word that Kent has to offer tonight, the man just loses value. I've got to spend a few hours, more than a few hours at his home twice recently. And the guy is amazing. You're going to love him. So stick with us. So reach your peak library dot com briefly. What is that? That is a Web site I put together literally with you. And mind you, the entrepreneur, the business person, the person looking to either get ahead or advance farther than where you are right now. If you haven't started reading, I recommend highly you get started. And here's a good place to start, because here's a collection of books that I personally read. I vet these personally. They have had an impact on me positively, either in business or in my personal life, sometimes in both. And so if you're not sure where to start reading, this would be a great place to start. It's a one stop shop. Reach your peak library dot com. And that is it. It's the number one reason for lack of success, as you can see on the screen, is not simply a lack of reading books, but it's the lack of reading the right books. So if you're not doing that on a regular basis, I recommend you start doing that right away. I started listening on Audible because I didn't know it, but I didn't like reading the physical book. I mean, I kind of knew it, but I didn't know there was another way that was better for me. I would literally start nodding off and my eyes would get irritated and tired. But with audible, I just listen. I can close my eyes if I need to, but I usually don't because I'm usually driving when I listen. On that note about driving and about success, we've got a major driven individual here and a major successful individual that I would like to introduce to you right about now. So let's bring him on, Shelly.

It's time for the guest expert, spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there he is, ladies and gentlemen, the one only the man, the myth, the legend. Kent Emmons. How are you doing, buddy?

Kent Emmons:
Oh, my God. That introduction is going to be a lot to live up to.

Easy for you. Easy for you. Oh, Mr. Scott Shell into this pair of powerful.

It was that very circus here. You know, here he is coming in.

Yes. Pump up the energy, baby, because that's what you bring. You bring a ton of energy all the time. Before I formally bring you on, I want to remind our viewers, though, that remember, every show we do this, you can qualify. You can win a five night stay. There it is a five night vacation. Stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico, compliments of my good friends at power texting dot com. So be sure to stand to the very end of the show because I'll give out the details of how you can enter to win. We give out one trip, every single show. No kidding. Here we go.

You look for that one. Yeah. Right now I'm ready for a vacation. Here we go.

All right. Owning radio stations and networks over the years. Kent Emmons discovered early on that there were big bucks to be made by running spots for products that sold directly to customers by having a good idea to spot products that would sell, that would sell well. He started dedicating a substantial portion of his media outlets ad inventory to direct response that easily carried over to television. Emmons founded Kent Direct Inc. An international direct response television and digital firm. That, along with its affiliates, has generated billions in sales over the years. That's with a B. Ladies and gentlemen, B billions. I can't even comprehend how many zeros are in that. In 2018, Kent, along with some like minded friends all across the business spectrum, saw a massive hole in the media market. News on both sides of the fence was not only broken, which I firmly believe it is as well, but the big networks were totally ignoring the 18 to 34 year old crowd, which is also the most profitable media demographic. I love this guy's entrepreneur of mine, entrepreneur in mind. It's amazing. Recognizing a very clearly wide open and very profitable hole in the media space, Kent and his posse formed something called Crave News, which is a very edgy, hip, live interactive digital news network. And it is set to launch from its downtown Los Angeles studios this coming 2019, around mid 2019 or so. At least that's what he says. We'll see if that's still true, I hope. I hope so. I can't wait. Finally, Brian's going to stop talking and say welcome to the show, Mr. Kent Emmons. How are you doing again, my friend Brian?

I'm great. It's good to be here. And could you do my funeral, too? That was awesome. I could do my way. And it's all done.

Well, man, I don't want to go down that road. Don't think about anyone's funeral, but I appreciate that. I'm humble. Thank you so much.

So, Kent, man, you're always so upbeat, positive, big smile on your face. I mean, you're not you're not just this is you. It's really you. You're not making up somebody else that you're not. I've seen you in different areas. I've seen you in the hallways during networking events where it's not even a break time and you're out there smiling, talking to somebody. And so I can tell that you're very motivated and driven guy. And I was just curious and I loved asses of every one of my guests when they come on the show, because it really gets those that are watching and viewing and a little bit deeper of a view of what makes you tick, so to speak. And so like when you're getting up in the morning and I know you told me your routine was pretty cool, you get up and you go out in the front of your ranch home there and have some fun and do the first half of your day working outside in a beautiful setting. But right before you do that and you're starting to wake up, you know, you're starting to come to conscious and then it starts to hit. The day ahead is coming. And then that motivation and drive hit hits you. For you. What is it that does that to you? What? It motivates you to hit the day, day after day after day with all of this energy that you have.

You know, there's a lot of things that motivate me, but I think everybody kind of wakes up the same. I think everyone wakes up. And the first thing that hits their mind, just because it's the way God does this, I think is, oh, my God, I've got to do this today. I've got to do that today. I've got to do this. And if you have a little bit of a rough patch on something, then you get a little. And so my mind immediately over the years, I've just trained it to go to what am I thankful for? What are my blessings? Remember the old song and church? Count your blessings. Count them one by one. And you think about how many people this morning didn't wake up. They didn't get out of bed. And I started start thinking about, wow, you know, these amazing book that help that energize you and keeps you up for the day. And then as far as what really motivates me is I love building things.

I love, you know, taking broken things and turning them around as far as business school and things like that. And I love hanging out with my daughter and doing that kind of stuff. So those are things that motivate. But, you know, the upbeat thing I think really comes from just, you know, being blessed and just recognizing a lot of people don't you know, you take a look at how many cases of depression are in our country and stuff like that. But if people really started looking at their blessings and didn't worry about what everybody else was posting on Facebook and this and that whole game changer.

Yeah. Yeah. And stop watching this news, the things they call news on television, because, you know, my wife and I are we literally we'll see it. Come on. And we change the channel as fast as we can because we know it's just gonna be an onslaught of negativity, of skewed, opinionated reporting. No matter what the topic. It seems it's just to improve their ratings. I think it's we were talking about this while we're at your house a while ago and you said this, that it looks like it's primarily money based. And I believe that. I mean, I think that money has a lot to do with what is being reported. We don't want to go down that big rabbit hole yet that I just started this down.

But no, I'll give you the two second on that one. I mean, everything is driven by ratings. And, you know, on the right you've got Fox and they, you know, drive their base on the left. You got MSNBC and CNN and they drive their base. And it's really about how fired up they can get him and get him. Just stay tuned in for the next segment and that kind of stuff. And, you know, it's it's they they pander to their audience. That's what they do. That's why I would, you know, like it like you mentioned, we're launching a new news network. It's a much younger, geared news network live. And we're doing that. It's gonna be right down the middle is going to be a lot of fun. And but it's gonna drag it's gonna bring the 18 to 34 year old who are just kind of being force fed news now into being able to call and talk, text Skype in and participate in the news.

And it'll be fun.

I love how you both brought in that genre of age physically into the fray and and integrated it with the technology that's being used today, which seems to be something that is slowly gaining steam. But with with you doing these networks online, it's going to be a game changer. I can just see it. I can't wait. I can't wait for it to come out. I'm antsy to say something about it, but I won't. I promise. I know it's coming soon.

I will make the announcement here pretty soon.

Fantastic. I'll help you get the word out on that, buddy, because I appreciate it, man.

It's a game changer and I'm really excited for it. So fantastic. Now, I talked about the beginning of a little bit about the importance of reading in all reading books. Has that been something that's been part of your life? Is it really? And if so, has it impacted you in a positive way towards your business and your personal life as well?

Absolutely. I've always got a stack of books. I mean, you've been out here to the ranch. I've got you know, I'm always in the middle of two or three books I'm constantly reading. I also download books like you do. You mentioned you like the audio books. I love that. I'll be taking off next week. Could be on a long flight. I've got three or four downloaded already and excited to jump on and take a listen.

Yeah, I love that. I love traveling for those moments because now I'm by myself and I can just really get into it and listen. And I could be in the car as well as in the plane when I do a lot of listening on the plane. And definitely in the car. And I'll mix it up. Primarily it's books and then a little bit of dash and music now and then just relax a little bit.

But you got a jam that music again, music gets you gets it, sets the tone, you know, kind of sets the mood. And I've got that playlist from everything from back in the day, like, you know, 38 Special and Aria Speedwagon all the way through suffering today. All the way to old country stuff, new country stuff, you name it. There's so much great music out there. And depending on your mood, you know, with tunes or whatever years, Spotify or whatever, you can build your own playlist and just be rocking out, get the mood and then they kick the day off.

I can't tell you how many times I used Pandora and I'm fired up in the park or in the driveway as I'm backing out or in the garage. And when I'm backing out, I hit the pavement of the main street to get out of my house, and I'm already done with the music.

So that's another that I want I want to listen to. But it happens more often than not. Yeah. It's so funny since that little bit of juice.

It's me going such great stuff out there. Amazing stuff.

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Now I can tell by looking at you, brother, you're pretty fit, dude. We're about the same age.

In fact, by the way, I often ask you, what's the last book you read? I know you read a lot, too.

Oh, bro. I read so many. I have to look it up. But it's the biology of belief. I don't have to look up the biology of belief. It's a game changer. All right. Pardon? I heard it was great. It is amazing that I learn about a lot of books from guest speakers like you that come on to the show. And that was one of them. And it it's a it's a dynamo.

Talks about DNA, our genes, and it actually tells us what they've learned beyond what we've always thought. And it's not a controversial thing. It's all science based. It's phenomenal. I would recommend it to everybody because it'll shift the way you think about yourself and how you think every single day and what what impact your thoughts have on you. Deepak Chopra was big on this, right? The mind and body. They're not separate. They're actually intertwined very finely. And every cell in your body is a part of your mind.

It's amazing. It's amazing. So, anyway, it's an amazing book. Dr. Something or Other, I can look it up if you want it, but. Yeah. This is me later. The biology of belief is is the title. It's probably only went out there. It's amazing. Thank you for asking, because I just I just finished it. I started reading another one that the tone was much different. And the second one and I'm already starting to lose the feeling from the biology of belief. So right when I'm done with this something, I go back and re listen to the biology of belief. So it's ingrained deep in my mind because it is that important. It's a it's a great book. Great. I get it. So you're very fit. I mean, you're wearing a polo shirt there. So I imagine you've been atop a horse or two. You might have a horse or two near you, maybe just because you're on a ranch or something. And I remember trekking up the way they are.

Yeah, they're there. You know, they're big manufacturing machines. That's what they are. But I don't want them. So, hey, look what I mean. They may go and they make a lot of stuff.

A big production plant out at the Emmons ranch. Here we go. Of.

So you're very you're a very active person. I notice you just you just you're moving all the time, whether it's in your house or, you know, we sat together for several hours and it's like, hey, let's go get somebody. And it was like, bam, let's go.

I was like, all right, I'll just give up lunch do at night tower in Hollywood. One of the Hollywood power power lunch places in and out.

Yeah. That was great.

Was that the last of the big times? Hollywood spenders. Right here in and out for. Only the finest for my buddy Ryan.

Well, it's a cool thing. You know, everything is like a hundred percent.

Or it's not if it's organic, but it's fresh. Right. It's all fresh in and out as a cut above.

It's amazing. And it's very tasty, by the way. It's really good.

So what what level of importance do you put on staying healthy?

You know, I've seen fit in your life. Do you do something on a regular basis? Do you just do it when the time permits? How do you stay fit? Because you're about the same age as me. About a year younger. So weren't. Neither of us are young pups. I can six. I'm older than you. But how do you stay fit at that age? And a lot of people would like to know that. I know many men and a lot of women as well. We'd like to know. How do you stay fit going into the latter years of life?

You know, hopefully this is not the latter year. It's kind of interesting. I got, as you know, I get my health care done. I'm never sick, but I get my health care done at the top. It is the top international hospital in the world isn't Bangkok of all places. And for year, I've gone there for my physical for eleven or twelve years. Do it every year. And they do an age indexing on you where they can you can get an index. You know what your you know your body. Okay, you're 54, but your body is you know, the index is you know, my particular ones. Thirty five thirty six. So I'm my body's at 35, 36 but I'm actually 54 years old. And then they can also kind of figure out, you know, provided you don't get hit by a bus or some crazy cancer, you know, about how long you live. And I was 50 when I got my I mean, I had my physical every year, but 52 and I. And it said that, you know, a hundred and four has always been my age index. And every year I was back at a hundred and four.

So I got to hit the halfway mark a couple of years ago I think. And so I don't know that fifty four is the later part of life. I mean I think I'll take a look at 54. It's very young and I take a look at my dad, who's 80. My dad still walks three miles a day. Sometimes you'll walk three miles and two miles with my mom later. He's an amazing in better shape than I am and very active. But, you know, a lot of the physical activity for me is hiking up in the mountains up here behind the ranch, just a lot of hiking and a lot of walking like a mountain bike a little bit and that kind of stuff, cause I love water sports and that kind of thing. But then a lot of your you know, your physique, I think really has to do with your mental state. In other words, I think if you look younger and you you're motivated to go out and exercise and and do that, you know, your mind kind of drives your body to stay in shape and drives you to want to stay in shape.

I love that because, you know, we were talking about that, how the mind and body like to see the mind and body are a team, but more importantly, they're your team. And if one member of your team is not. Brain at a peak level performance. Then your team as a whole is suffering. And so it takes both the mind so and they do follow each other. You're very right. I mean, if you don't think in a manner that's commensurate with going out and moving, then your mind is going gonna win. You're not going to go out and moves like, you know, I could just sit here and eat another Snickers instead of easier.

Think about this, Brian. Think about how many people that are way younger than us. But, man, their physique looks older because their mind is older. They you know, they they they already kind of picture that they've got that one foot in the grave or whatever it is. And you see these people that don't age well. And a lot of it it all starts right here. I think it really does start in your mind. I look, I get like my mom and dad and those two are like kids and dad's 80 and mom's 75 and they're like kids. But they think that way, you know, they're always active. They're always out doing something, helping people, you know, very active in the community and stuff like that. And I look at them, you know, people can't believe it's my dad. They go and he actually tries to pass me off as his older brother and some people.

But then I see to get this sense of humor from. That's also a very ugly truth. I actually believe it. A very comical that, too. So we have a lot in common umbrella. Yeah. So I totally agree with that.

There have been so many countless accounts of people literally healing themselves through that through thought, you know. Yeah. People that are stage four cancer and they survive without chemo based on changing their mindset. Big believer in the biology of belief is one that pushes me even farther over to that that side of the thinking about the power of the mind, even though I already was a believer, it just solidified it with scientific backing because they're able to test at a deeper level. And I don't think we're done. I don't think science has done it's ever, always improving. You know, we have nanotechnologies and things that go down deep and small and tiny. It's gonna keep going. They always think that we've hit the end, but I don't believe that.

I think, though, I know some of the things that are on tap right now. I actually had a friend of mine who's in India right now, me. And he's it is actually one of the shareholders of my network. Big, big, big business guy. And he's a big thinker, big, big, big picture thinker. He's actually meeting with medical experts over there that do brain mapping, but they're taking it to a whole nother level. And they're doing all the stuff that's out there that we don't even know about is, you know, it's mind warping. And, you know, I've been out here in California. I know the medical community. You're pretty well. There's a big research community and stuff. And some of the things I hear are just you sit there and go. I had no clue. I mean, it's stuff that's beyond, you know, beyond science fiction.

Yeah. Yeah.

And I can't wait to hear what what they find when you when they come back and he talks to you. Yeah. I'm always so deeply interested in the mind, especially since about eight years ago. That's when I first came into knowledge of neuro linguistic programming and LP for short. And I used to think I would sit in the audience and do one of these and go, you know, get back from his seat and get this woo woo stuff away from me. And I found out very quickly, it is not nothing close to that. It's not it's science. It it it works. And I believe in it so much that it became an LP practitioner certified. And it changed. It changed my life.

I don't you know, so many people go if you go to every year, beginning days of an LP, you had a cane that had a snake on it when the eyes went like this.

Oh, you know, that was jungle. But never mind, that's all.

That's right. And those eyes that were doing. Yeah. That's right. Yeah. That's. Yeah. That's what a lot of people think of it as that with hypnosis and other things.

It's just. And just like me it's because you don't know what you don't know until you you dive in and you get the details of it. You can only surmise what you can based on what you've heard from others who also don't know what exactly. Right. As typically happens. And so it's an amazing thing. The mind is I think it is the foundation, the cornerstone of everything we have today, whether it's success or not success.

It's what's going on up here is is the outward results that you have out here for a thorough believer of that. Because once my mind started changing, so did my results. And then I, like I said, onset when I follow people like you. I see that this pattern of success is so inherent, especially with someone like you can't because you have that incredible, powerful, positive mindset at all times.

I just love. I just love observing you when like I was in your place, honest, kind of checking you out, watching that. Don't worry, I'm married. It's all good.

But us watching you.

Yeah. And you're is an amazing guy. And you're you're cut from a special cloth. And I'm so blessed that people get to meet you.

Everybody has been and everybody has it in him, it's just really recognizing how blessed you are.

I mean, just think about just, you know, if, you know, a lot of people get to present, but if you just think about all the great things in your life and all, you also look at what's going on with other people and how how many people would give anything to be in your shoes, you know, and really, if you that if you count your blessings first, everything else falls into place.

Yes. That's like the attitude of gratitude. Right. It's like you have to start. You start. Each and every day being thankful. And if you've forgotten the beginning, then go back and be thankful whenever it comes to your mind. You know, learn things like. It doesn't matter. I'm like, I'm thankful that I have I have eyesight. And I can see. I can see. Kent. Yeah. I'm thankful that the car that I was able to drive to Kent's ranch and I'm thankful that I'm just thankful that Kent's here. You know, I don't know anything sinful about Kent. That's pretty good. Oh, having fun. Speaking of fun, do you think it's about getting time for whiskey or 30? Are we getting.

Yeah. You know what? I'll jump over there in a little bit. I'll mix one up. Cool.

Cool. So we were just having fun before we started on the show.

And I've been over this place, you see as nice array behind him there of adult beverages and came over and we did some cool show called Whiskey Politics. And it was obviously themed around whiskey. And so that was kind of cool. So we decided let's let's pour one. And one of the reasons is the cool thing is you get to do this as an entrepreneur. If you're a corporate employee, how many of you can drink while, quote unquote, working?

Well, I don't work. I'm a monster drinker, but I'm a big fan of Jack Daniels and tab of all the I mean, I come from southern Illinois, so I'm I'm a redneck through and through, still AM. And so Tab and Jack is my thing. Nice. So I got to love it. Yeah. You know what? You probably best not doing this if you're sitting there working for somebody else. Don't do it till you get home.

That's true. Yeah. The point is the freedom that entrepreneurship grants each and every one of us think about, you know, if this was actually on television, like traditional television, they wouldn't allow it at all in the log. All right.

And here we are. We've done it.

I remember we were doing no whiskey politics. That's hosted and produced by my friend Dave Sussman. You met Dave? Yes. You set him as we were right here at the ranch during the presidential debates. And, you know, we were doing a network show out of Washington, D.C. during sit back. And I happened to be Dave's fiftieth birthday and he brought a great bottle of whiskey. I said, come on. So this is let's just do it on air. All right. Let's do it. Like the guy from Whiskey Politics is here. Do the seat back, rack up, wrap up, Joe with us. We got to do it.

It was awesome. I was so much fun. Thanks so much for inviting me out to be a witness of that and be involved in that. That was a lot of fun. It was a hoot.

And speaking of that, what was a network like more streaming? But it was sure fun. And that was a good thing. Dave, Dave and some of those crazy guys for putting it together even earned some of those cats who were cool.

Well, speaking of redneck. This is money.

Give me Jeremy. Oh, I get it. I get a little whiskey.

This is my redneck wine glass just for people watching. So it's a mason jar on top of where?

The wine drinking. All right. Seriously, what's that? All right. Hang on.

I have a mace. Can I can I take a break for one second? I'm going to watch this. I'm not going to.

So Kent's taking a break.

He's stepping away. He'll be right back. You can probably still hear us. And it's an amazing thing. He's an amazing guy.

Just like I said, so positive out outgoing.

Thanks, Scott Schilling. Actually, my fridge, actually. Let me read you a little Jack and Tab. There we go. So full disclosure, I got the deal.

I got the Mason Jar idea straight from Kent from before the show. I thought, oh, I think I got something like that. It actually says Mason on the jar. It's money.

All right. You know, I think that part of this is Jack here.

But I always had an interesting couple of weeks ago, my daughter and I were invited over to Graceland. You know, that Elvis house. Wow.

And Memphis buddy of mine, Morris, not use a banker down there. Memphis real character. And he yeah, he's one of the owners of a company. He's a partner of Pat Benatar and her husband Spider in a company called Record.

They're doing. It's a new kind of bourbon. Hang on a second. I'll show you the.

So, yeah, I'm not. We did a lot of it over. Great. We had a lot of fun and grace. They gave us kind of the run of the place and then Pat put on a concert. You remember Pat went over from the 80s. Heck, and of course. Yes. Freaking amazing.

But on top of that, the whole night was around a tasting, the private tasting of this record. And it was just unreal.

I can imagine. I love Pat Benatar areas. I'm not gosh, going through high school, I wore out records. You know, remember those vinyl things that they used to have and yeah, cassette tapes wore them out because I just love every one of her albums that came out. That man, Sara Nuts Festival years ago.

Talking about positive. Amazing. Just unbelievable personality. I mean, she is great. And what is she? Sixty five? Sixty six. She's on stage. He's like a kid. She's running, jumping, singing.

And Spider, her husband, you know, is our lead guitarist. And, you know, they've been together for a hundred years and she's like a kid.

She's got be what, sixty five. Sixty six. I don't know. Something like that. And she's a lot of fun to just hangs. You just really, really, really fun.

You know, I think that is absolutely so awesome. You know, number one, that a legal task and a lead singer are married. Number two, that the lead singer is a female and they still get along because it's usually the other way. Right. And number three, they're still together. That is a testimony to them. Amazing. Amazing. That's so cool. It just means they enjoy each other. They did it right. So kudos to them. And man, I'd love to meet her. She's amazing.

Cool. Cool. So. All right. Back to you. Well, you know what, buddy?

Cheers. Salute. Think I'm a little tavern in a mason jar.

So let's see. I think it's whiskey, ginger, beer and lime. I'm not much of a whiskey drinker. I actually looked up a recipe right before coming on the air.

And as a ginger beer from about a month ago, someone else in my family had that said, OK.

So it's actually kind of good luck to go through this real quick. You know, all of it before the show is over, get a little loopy earth.

So your pick, Warren, set you back up in your chair. No problem. Exactly.

So, you know, being an entrepreneur. I'm sure you can attest to the fact that it's super simple all the time and it just comes naturally and it's a piece of cake every day.

Now, you know, being an entrepreneur is tough. I mean, you know this. I mean, it's it's a great life. I mean, to me, you know, that's all I've known. I've always been an entrepreneur or, you know, I started off and my mom taught me how to do a lemonade stand when I was a little kid.

And then, you know, I did it on the golf course. And then, you know, when I was old enough to start mowing yards, I started mowing yards and doing that. That's all I've ever known. I've never, like, you know, had a job. We sold a company to a great big, huge entertainment company. And I had the opportunity to go run one of their divisions or actually be second in command at one of their divisions. And I sat there and wait it out. And I was like, you know what? I just I don't know that I could do that.

It just didn't, you know, I didn't didn't bring all of it. But, you know, it's like it's kind of like walking a tight wire in a hurricane. You know, it's like doing that.

And there's that challenge. And you have to stay so focused on the very end because all these crazy distractions and stuff like that. But, you know, when you make it to the end, like when you finally get there to the end, it is such a fulfilling, like deeply fulfilling, you know, orgasmic sweetness. It's so sweet when you get to the end that it's worth every bit.

It's probably like like women always talk about, you know, right in the middle of having a kid. You know, it's just that they're thinking, I'll never do this again. I'll never do it again. And then, you know, they get their kids out and they're like, they can't wait for the next. And it's kind of the same way because there's all that pain that goes into stuff. And then but then when you get to. And I don't think, you know, people really can't understand what that feeling is until you've done it like you. And I can never understand that childbirth. Right. You know, you haven't, you know, can't physically do it.

But if you haven't ever done a business and launched a business and gone through those steps and through that heartache and it makes no difference whether it's a big business or a small business makes absolutely no difference. You know, you go you go through with everything. And but it's so worth it. And it does give you that freedom. And you're out meeting new people every day. And exciting people, especially in our business. We're in the media business.

So, you know, the people you meet, I mean, you never know who you're gonna be. Yeah. I mean, you know, some of the people I hang out with. I mean, you never know who you're gonna be sitting with and where you're going to be sitting with them and you know who you're gonna be out with or on their plane with or doing whatever it is, really. It opens a lot of doors. You know, being an entrepreneur.

Yeah. Yeah. So we were talking before the show, and that's the very reason I created this show. And that was to have people like you basically tell it like it is. So here's the thing. It is not easy. You know, it takes work. The key I found is knowing the pattern or recipe to follow to get to that success point that you described as being at that point, that makes it all worth it. And then once you've reached that point, yet you're back to doing it again and then again and then again. And that's the thing. You know, it takes. I don't know.

It takes a mentality that's not common amongst a lot of people. But do you do believe that that mentality can be learned?

Here's the thing, and I'm interested because you set a pattern. I don't know really what that pattern is. I mentioned to go back and pick up on that.

But one thing I've found is that really separates the successful entrepreneur from the non successful entrepreneur is you have to stick with stuff. In other words, it's like, for instance, you know, we're launching this network. It's a major launch. The big thing and you know, it takes, you know, a year and a half of going out and raising money and pitching investors and, you know, talking about as an 18 that, you know, pitch it's an 18 to 34 year old, very young, very edgy news network center may skew a little center. Right? Sometimes a little center left, but mostly center center right. And, you know, you sit there and you look at some of these guys and and, you know, my group investors are freaking amazing. They're great. They're visionaries. And these are people a lot and we've been in deals with before. But you also have to go through those ones, you know, sitting there, the billionaire in Dallas, and he's looking at this thing, he goes, man.

That sounds pretty good, he said.

But Devin, words that I've come to hate during this pitch, especially in Dallas. It was why hail? There's already a Fox News. Oh, my God. So you and you sit there and you go through that.

And so when you're pitching and you're pitching hundreds of people and, you know, you're you're you finally get down to where 20, you know, 20, 25 people. And most of them are, you know, very, very ultra high net worth individuals buy in. That's a lot of work. So it's a lot of it's a lot of no's or a lot of ridiculous.

Well, there's already a Fox News look, by the way, an actual phrase by hail. You that was a lie.

But but you have to stick with it, you know, because you walk out of some of those meetings and you go, man. Those are some of those interesting people in the world. A lot of big names.

But, God, I just felt like, you know, you come out of there and you just laugh and then you go to the next one and then you get one that gets it.

You go, oh, this is great. That energizes you for the next month. And you get to the next one and it's another one.

You know, it's like, oh, it's you know, it's one step at a time in it way. It all gets back to sticking with it. Like literally sticking with it. And you can go back home, beat your head against the wall, which I do on occasion, and then you go back out again. And then when you have that good meeting, whether it be with a Ophelia or a, you know, investor or a private equity firm or whatever it may be, you have that one good meeting that super charged you for the next couple of days. And that's how you do it. But where everyone seems to fall off is they get two or three bad meetings and they say, you know what, screw it, I'm done. Either they go back to their paycheck.

Yeah. It's become an instant without either. By the way, there is its thing.

And I think it's become because part it's due in part just for lack of knowledge of knowing that it takes that much to do it. And if they knew, they may never have started to be honest, you know, because it it takes, like you say, persistence, diligence. You have to have thick skin. You have to have a very strong mission, a very strong purpose. A very strong. Why? Because you're going to get knocked back a lot more than you are, you know, propelled forward like you. So when you get those four propeller. Those are like huge, huge. And they overcome all the the negative ones. But it's not for the faint of heart. But the thing is, if you have if you know that you're going down the right path and you know that these things are going to happen, or if I have a good inkling because it's just the way it works, then you can be more apt to muscle through it.

Right. And there are so many factors that go into that.

And it's you know, you can have, you know, a regular person probably has a range of emotions. This is just an example. But, you know, here. So, you know, they had a bad day at work, but every Friday there's going to get a paycheck. So you know where the entrepreneur has I just got the shit beat out of me all day long and nothing went right.

And I've got to make payroll for three hundred thousand dollars on Friday.

Oh, my God. We just signed the biggest deal ever. This is the greatest thing ever. So you go through these things.

That's why it's like that tight rope in a hurricane. You're like this the entire time and you're getting shot at from all angles. But you're also looking down at the end of that tight rope and you're seeing that sweet smell of success and that sweet smell of accomplishment. That feeling, that warmth of accomplishment.

And so, yeah, if you if you're if you're asking the formula, I don't know. There's a formula as much as that is. Just stay stay true to your mission and be persistent.

And if you've got to take a little time off, I got. I'll take time off if I just get, you know, to just frazzled. I just take time off. Well, there's a day or two or a couple of weeks. I'll go golf to an island. Right. Do whatever. Come back in, recharge and keep going.

Yeah. And you say for me, that's part of the pattern. What you just described, the discipline, the persistence. That's part of mindset. Those were the three the three pillars I call the success of the things I found in successful people. And that's dead on in the mindset arena to have that kind of, you know, fortuitous to stick to it, to be able to go through it, knowing that, look, if you keep going, you're going to succeed. If you're if you. Found I think they're you there. I have been down the path so many times can't and I've done I've been that person that quits too soon, but I quit too soon because I didn't have the certainty knowing that at least I'm going on the right path to begin with and I'm doing the right things.

And then I started learning because I did come from the corporate world and had to re learn or learn how to do entrepreneurial as a minute. It took some time because I was Mr. Ego. Trial and error do it all on my own. And finally, I learned the best way to do it was to get away from myself and model and pattern myself after those who have succeeded and throw the right and get accounting that I achieved.

So you know about you. Pardon? I love this. Something I find so interesting about you. And I love this. And we've spoken at the same events before and we've been on a big stage. But I find this so interesting. People a lot of people don't realize this.

You you're in. You start in the aerospace business. One of the geeky businesses on the planet. And then you use. Then I watch you on stage and you just go, holy cow. You know, where did this come from? This is not a geeky aerospace guy. You know, this is this is a hard core communicator. I mean, this is a great communicator, but you don't see that very seldom. You see coming out of a deep corporate scientific world like that and then be able to really communicate like that. I just I.

Meyer, thank you. So it is so funny. It brings up a quick thing.

I just made there was a a manager of mine years ago and it was in the software arena. I used to write software for it, went on airplanes and stuff that I can't talk about. But he got to know me. I came up. I would visit his place on occasion because I came from another area and we got to know each other.

And he just one day he just came up to me, goes, Hey, Brian. I said, What? He goes, What's wrong with you? I said, what do you mean? He goes, There's something wrong with you. And so what do you mean? Because you're too normal.

Because, you know, I'm a geek, you know, and I'm in the geek world.

And I guess I came off as not a geek to him. But yet I I've I've really put in a lot of time and effort to be able to do what I do and speak from stage. And I love it. It's a passion of mine. And I will go back to the stage like physical state. I've been off for quite a while now. This is kind of that bridge to get to the next time to scratch itch, you know, and help help him impact more people in any way I can.

And that's the goal for me. I love helping people. That's it.

Nice. And you do. You're amazing. And you're fun to do business with, too. You're straight up. You're honest. You're very you're very forward thinking. And I think one of the things that that really works for you that a lot of us don't have is you've got that aerospace eagerness that allows you to really dig in and get automated systems down. And, you know, the way you're automation is it you're at your media company. It's really amazing to me. And you talk about discipline. You know, most of us media guys are just, you know, by the seat of our pants and you've got this thing just dialed in.

And that's the cool thing about all successful businesses, though. If you don't yourself have that possess that ability, you just bring in those that do. I mean, you outsource it. I can't do everything. And I'm the first to say it. And there's no way I'm going to do everything. And I'll just I outsource. And I have apprentices now on my team helping out. And it's been a godsend that I can just kick back and kick back, but I can now go forward faster with more fervor, knowing that everything else is taken care of that I used to despise and they love it. So I'm good. It's a win win. And so you just find those that are talented in the areas. But you know, this is a show about Kent Emmons. Stop it already.

I don't want to keep talking about Neil hearing about Braddock Kelly, because I've known it for so many years. I just love hearing about it here. You know what, Bryan? You're the only person that I can take to in and out for a high powered Hollywood luncheon and stay for three hours. Now, granted, I'm going to I'm going to tell you that part of that is because it's unlimited Diet Coke. So I can go back and forth that machine that I want. But we get so enthralled and conversation and, you know, leadership theories and different things like that that it's. Yeah, I could do that. I'd like to do the Brian Kelly. I'm going to turn it back around and start interviewing you. Right.

Well, cool. That means I'll be invited on your upcoming shows so I could look forward to that. Absolutely, man.

All right. You got me gushing over here. So, gosh darn right we got to go for another couple hours if you're okay with that.

Hey, I'm in. Listen, we need that bottle of Jack is huge. And by the way, you brought me. I got to show your audience what. It was. I'm not. You get back just a little housewarming gift.

You really look at the big gentleman, Jack. Holy cow.

Was interesting because I, in fact, told somebody that I was done on a show with and you've got a hold of them and said, hey, what does he drink? What kind of whiskey is.

Very sneaky and sneaky.

Yeah, I actually saw previous. I think it was whiskey politics. You had a month prior to that. I was researching and I saw, you know, researching that show and I found it and there it was. And you guys had all these whiskies lined up in front of you. I thought, well, I wonder which one can't. Because I knew you were drinking something. I know what it was. But I said, I wonder which ones is. And it turned out to be the one farthest from you on the table. So I'm glad I asked because I didn't want to, you know, bring a what I call the peace offering or a housewarming gift to you that you didn't like or at least like an Indian tribal thing. Well, I do have. I didn't have a peace pipe in my trunk. I didn't bring that in.

I think a couple of those guys had a peace pipe that night. I think I smell something.

I thought it's legal now. I think I smelled something, too. It's all good. It's all good.

Everyone's having a good time. Everything was under control. Kickin know plugs out.

It's the funniest thing because I walk outside, you know, some of the crew or somebody is doing that. I mean, they are hired immediately, just gone. You can still smell it in the air.

So it's so funny. Oh, man. So you know what?

A lot of people, including myself, I know a little bit about it, but a lot of people I like to know the person like, what do you do on a regular basis? What is describe a typical day in Kent Emmons. Like you get up, you get coffee, whatever you do, and then you what do you do next?

And then what is your might like? How many calls do you get? Right.

Well, that you know, if I'm home, you know, I've been to Los Angeles. I don't have to go into the city. I work in the city a lot. And we tape in the city, too. But if I if I don't have to go into the city, I line up phone calls.

So they're usually lined up, you know. You know, a week or so in advance, you know, in the mornings. But I get up, you know, do a nice through it for a while, whether it be a hike or a walk or whatever. And then, you know, my table out of out on the front. I go out there and said it's in a great shade spot. And I sit there, I lay my work out. And I work right outside. And I love it. You know, I'm overlooking the ranch. And if you've been out to meetings before, you know, I love having people out. Will have breakfast. Correct. That will, you know, have coffee or whatever. And we'll sit there, meet right outside. You know, it's a great area. And, you know, it's provided it's in the shade even right now when it's hot outside. It's still a great spot to be. And you can get a lot of work done that way. And that's my day. So, I mean, that's that. That's the morning. Afternoon. Hanging out with my daughter. She likes horses and stuff. So she's a horse person. Love doing that. Love movies, that kind of thing. If it's a day I have to go into the city, I get up extra early and I beat the track again. So I leave the house at five thirty and do that if it's if I'm traveling. Same thing. I'll get up and just walk like crazy and do all I know. Just try to get lost.

And yeah, that's kind of my day. But a lot of it is just I try to knock out.

I try to take the things that I least look forward to and get them done first. Nice though. You know, if I'm you know what? I'm up that early. When I'm up early, I get, you know, just stuff that I just got to get cleared out. So I don't to be worried about the resident do that first and then on to on their phone meetings or video meetings or people coming out here or me going into the studio or whatever.

Very cool. There's a book out Eat that Frog that talks about that, where you get rid of the things you don't want to do first.

Like the best, which I highly recommend you do about the rest of day. And you'll do anything to get to that point where if you just blow through it like, you know, a problem is like a circle. You know, you can sit there and you just go around and go around and go around it or you can just go right through it. And I just didn't bite the bullet in her eyes for I don't throw it.

And then then you're not worrying about her and thinking about the rest of day and you're free to enjoy it.

You know, there's also that sense of, oh, my God, I got that off my shoulder.

You know, that's like a lot of people like to work out in the morning because let's be honest, it's inflicting physical pain upon yourself most times. And let's get right with and let's now you have all that energy for the rest the day after working out. That's the beautiful part. You mentioned your daughter. You have a power family here and many people probably don't know. But would you mind letting everyone know what your daughter does and what they might know her from?

Well, I have two daughters, two amazing daughters. My older daughter is a real estate broker in Kansas City. And she's talking about a personality that she and her mom is the same way.

She walks into a room and all eyes just go shook. Is she one? She's beautiful, but she's got this magnetic energy, this personality and this warmth about her that is so wonderful and, you know, great business.

She's got back in Kansas City and she's just smart, as can be really, really cool. Twenty nine years old and just, you know, one of those people that I aspire to be and she's mine. You know, she's my daughter.

And then my younger daughter is an actress. She's 12 years old. And she's on a.

You show and and very, very fun and also just a great heart. An amazing, amazing, amazing. You know, just a great young woman and a businesswoman, too. It's it's 12 years old. She understands business. She understands politics. Very smart girl.

Well, I think the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree there, my friend.

Tune into Modern Family Wednesday night at 9:00 on ABC. I love it. At least that's my plug.

My cheap ABC board, Modern Family. And you will see Kent's daughter. That is amazing. One of his two daughters. I love how you mentioned both. And you're equally as proud of both. And, you know, I you know, when you talked about her entering the room, that reminded me of you like whenever I whenever I'm scanning around and I saw you like especially in Vegas just recently. I like it. You have that. You have that factor. You know, there were like three or four other guys around you and you were talking. And I remember. Oh, my gosh. I just want to I gotta go talk to Ken. It's been so long. I've got to do it. And so I stood right next to you politely, not saying a word because I don't wanna butt in. And then you kind of noticed.

And then and then then I but you know, is you and I are both the same. We all love people. I'm so interested in people. I don't care where they're from, what they do or whatever. It's just so interesting, especially like in that particular setting, it was a higher end setting. You know, a lot of a lot of CEOs, a lot of very, you know, hiring folks and some you know, many I knew, but many I didn't.

And it was great that a lot of us got to meet each other and stop at just the energy of meeting new people and or seeing people you hadn't seen in years and that kind of stuff. So that that that energized you. Oh, let me just.

You know, like you said, I had pretty much resigned myself to not go to many events anymore just because I've been to so many of them over the years. And I went to this year already, and both of them were deeply rewarding in many different ways. You know, meeting people, some that I knew, some that I didn't know, like you said, forming new relationships. I actually got quite a few of them to come on the show there. They're booked and on the calendar to come on the show some sooner than others, like the person you're looking at right now, not me, this guy over here. And it's it's just been an amazing ride. And, you know, I used to go to so many events. I like to say I don't know how many. Remember Mr. T from Rocky. And, you know, he had all those gold chains when he wasn't, you know, being an actor. He was walking around. He actually in his own element, he had massive amount of gold chains like I can't imagine how much that weighed. But I went to so many of these events that I used to say that, you know, because they give you those lanyards like we got him at that last event. Right. With the badge that I kept him all as many as I could. And so when I speak from stage, I actually have someone bring them up.

And I have a picture of Mr. T on the screen. And I put these on and I say, look, I put Mr. T to shame because there were more sickness in the land.

You feel as crazy as any I've done that year and I counted over the years. And it's I got to know four or five hundred of these things. And I've even started hanging them in random places, like there's a moose, you know, a moose head up above the main fireplace here in the mirror.

And he even that he would Liberace back here, my bartender has got money.

He's got my sea pack badge. You have the all access pack badge on last year. It's everywhere.

Yeah. I still have the one from our Vegas event sitting right here on my desk.

How funny. How funny is that? That was a great event. There was that. They put on and a lot a lot of power in that room was phenomenal.

Yeah. Sherri Brigitta Overlay was the emcee of the event. And she's been on this show. That's how I met her. It was quite a powerful group of people. I was so elated by being invited to that. That was phenomenal. And how did not happen? You and I wouldn't have met up again.

So, so many things were not with you again. I hadn't seen you in years and yet a long time out of nowhere.

And so, like you were saying, so many things to be thankful of. That's one of them for me personally. Definitely. My goodness. We were four minutes out, my brother. I want to you know, there's one question I love to ask every entrepreneur, and it's what it's like as important as getting to the clothes on stage. You can't finish the show without it. One of those. Yeah. And so there's nothing more important than getting through the clothes.

So I'll tell you, the answer is, despite the the heart my daughter plays on Modern Family, I am straight. I'm assuming that's what you're getting at. Right.

Yeah. That's how you. That's how you had two daughters. But yeah. You know, I'll drink to that. I.

But yeah, there's this one question I ask this of every guest on the show, and it's a really interesting question, not because the question itself, but the answers I get and it can be deep. But for some it's not. And if it takes you some moments to figure it out, that's cool. That air time is nothing. Doesn't cost me a dime. And that's fine. So it's kind of. It can be very deep, though. But before I jump into that, I did promise everyone that is watching live that I would give them a way to win that five nights stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. So I'm going to do that right now. I'm going to put that on screen and I now give everyone sodas. Can't we give you permission to actually take out your phone, take your gaze away from the screen or look at it if you need to get this number and punch in this phone number as if you're going to call it. So 6, 6, 1, 5, 3, 5, 1, 6, 2, 4. And then down on that little message area type the word peak as if you're texting this to somebody peak and then tap the little sand icon there on your phone. So again, that's send a text to this number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and into the word peak peak.

And you will be automatically entered to win a five night state of five star luxury resort in May. He call by my buddy Jason asked at power texting dot com. And just so you know, just so you know, there is no time share pitch awaiting you when you arrive, which so many wonder how can you give these things away?

I was looking forward to a good time, Sheriff Jimmy, and I can't get one if I had sex.

I mean, I don't think they would even prepare one for you. And the reason I know this is because it's so awesome. Jason himself tested this very thing that he is sponsoring us with. And he went and he brought his daughter and he said there was nothing of the sort. It was just as if he was a guest at a resort. It just happened to be all paid for, minus taxes and fees, some kind of resort fee. And you got to find your own way there. You got to fly there. But the stay is a hundred percent on them. And there's no ulterior motive whatsoever going on. It's just you get to go enjoy yourself. So that's pretty phenomenal of it.

But getting back to the main question here, Kent is one of those Barbara Walters things I want to start crying about. Will you do the question?

Well, I don't know.

Or like get a Buick and open a Buick. What am I going to get here? What's going to happen? Everybody gets a grip and a Buick every week.

Only if Kent cries. Oh, man, I love it. So here's the thing.

Just to kind of let you off the hook and ease the pressure off if you're feeling any. I can't tell half the time because you're so funny. It's awesome. The thing about this question is there is no such thing as a wrong answer. It's impossible. You cannot answer it incorrectly. It's just the opposite. Because the only correct answer is yours.

It's a personal thing. And to each person, it means something a little bit different. And I just know that from asking this question over 50 times now and every time it's different. So now the pressure's off and you can just relax and and really sink into the answer when I ask it. Are you ready for it?

Brian, I'm telling you, this is going to be a doozy.

Oh, now. Now I feel like I'm gonna let you down. So here we go.

Kent Emmons, how do you define success?

Happiness. Everything is about happiness.

I had so many friends that are worth billions that are miserable. I have a lot of billionaire friends that are happy as I do. And but I define it as happiness. I look at, you know, I don't look at success as how much money you made or having the bank or whatever. It's all about are you doing what you want to do? Are you happy? Are you looking forward to tomorrow or are you looking forward to tonight or are you looking forward to what you got going? Later on today, you know? Are you happy? And that's really what it's all about. It has nothing to do with making money. Making money is just kind of a byproduct. It's a you know, it's a nice security blanket to have. But, you know. But practically. But I mean, it's really success is just really. Are you happy?

It's phenomenal. And that's the thing. So many so many that are not like grizzled entrepreneurs would be more apt to go to the money side. You know, when I make my first mil. But here's the cool thing. There is not a single person I've asked that question, who's true? You know, if you peel away the whole curtain, their true answer was never about money. And if money is even part of the answer, it's only because money affords you that liberation, that happiness.

To then do what you want to do. It's not about the money itself and the material things. It's about the freedom that that avails to those who went down that path. When one person talks about money but continued on and describe the reason behind it. Oh, that makes sense. So it's not like full of money for money's sake and it's important, but it's not the defining result of anyone's definition of success on this show to date.

No. And you know what? Look, a true entrepreneurs, especially guys like me, serial entrepreneurs, where we you know, we love to start businesses and then start another one is our.

And, you know, everybody who's been in the financial take a time or two. If you haven't, you've not earned your stripes. And I look at that and I I recall you get financial pressure and things like that. And you're looking at millions of dollars in that and you're trying to figure out how you get out. But even during that time, you know, you're not missing a meal.

You're looking forward to, you know, tomorrow because, you know, tomorrow you're going to dig a little deeper. And then now when you you know, when you're on top of stuff and you're still looking forward to this and that, but you're not as afraid of that other thing because you know what? You're happy back then do maybe miserable. You know what? I headaches ago at that kind of stuff. But it all comes down to. Are you a happy camper?

And I just know I embrace challenges. I love the challenge. I love going through it. If you know, if it was so easy, what would be it wouldn't be that great. I mean, you wouldn't have that that crescendo that you feel every time you're successful. Right? You would just. OK, well, that was easy. Do it again. What do you do?

What is that old joke about there on the joke was kind of a story, parable or whatever about the guy who's in Las Vegas who died. He died and he went to Las Vegas. And he ends up he's a gambler, is a big gambler. And he goes to the blackjack table and he gets twenty one and then he gets twenty one. And this goes on for days. And he has just stacks of money.

And all he's getting is 21. And he looks over at the waitresses. Man, he said if this is heaven, I wonder what else. He said well how do you know you're not. No.

That's like a twilight zone right there every single day. Tomorrow morning, I have no idea what's going to hit me, but I know it's gonna be fun. It's gonna be a challenge. And if it's something that hits me from the side, you deal with it like you said. Is that challenge? And it's it's it's, you know, moving the ball forward down the court.

And that's why I can't I don't I don't I can't conceive of this concept known as retirement. I don't get that. I don't get it. All I can get.

All I can do is reframe that and maybe into transitioning from one career path to another, but not retiring outright. I've got to continue to help people no matter what, as long as I can. As long as I'm capable.

You know, it's kind of interesting when you take a look at let's take a look at Bill Gates for it. So I've got a chance to meet him several times. And an interesting cat. And, you know, with him, you know, the guy at one time was the wealthiest man in the world, still probably one the top two or three or whatever. And, you know, he's retired from the company. But again, I'm not wild about his politics. But what he and Melinda do out there, you know, trying to change the world and trying to make a difference in everything. They stay active in that. So it's not retirement is that he's moved on to another mission. So it's always mission didn't have to be a moneymaking mission as long as it's a mission.

Yeah. Having a purpose. Yeah. I could go on forever about corporate people. I knew as one in particular comes to mind and I've asked this question, Kent now of more people as they reach their retirement years and I ask him. So you've been working most of your life. You've been waiting, working for this moment. What are your plans for retirement? And you know, more often than not, what the responses.

I get one of these. Really? They have no clue. After all these years, what they want to do after they retire and one just so I know it. I love photography. I think I'll just take photos like that's it.

I'm thinking that didn't say that they'd be rude that it turned out I saw him at a. And this is after he retired, just not even a year later. He was in a convenient little store is like a pharmacy store. I don't know what they call him all over the U.S. but anyway, they had a patio furniture setting sitting out in the middle of floor, very close to the front. And there was this old man sleeping in the little wicker couch. And I was like, oh, my God, it's him. And so he must have been like waiting for his wife to get the prescription from the back.

And then literally like a couple months later, I can't for Agora or Ambien or do you think? Well, the sad part is about a couple of months later, we found out he passed away, really, because he had nothing to live for.

And I've seen this time and time again, you look at the obituaries, it says retired five years ago, ten years ago. I mean, nobody lives very long after they retire because they have nothing to plan for, rest their life. And it's like we'll think about this.

Think about how many opportunities there are to go out there and help people, whether it be in our country. If you're not in international travel or out of our country. But I mean, you know, you've got areas in that, you know, in the country here, you know, you can go on with church missions. There's all kinds of great missions you can go on. And whether it's building houses or infrastructure for people or whatever, it may be volunteering, you know, going places. My older daughter as a particular charity, things you like to do down in Haiti. And, you know, there's all these great opportunities that lets say that like say you and I both say tomorrow somebody came and said, you guys have to sell your businesses and walk away from it. You would you would never get back in business again. You could have a career of doing nothing but helping people. Doing nothing but helping people build things. Helping families, helping educate people. There's so many things to do and that, you know, I feel bad for the people who, like you were talking about. You read the obituary. They died five years after they retired. And it all had to do with the boredom. They were just bored to death, had no mission and no purpose.

That's the sad thing is, you know, they're all up in their 60s, some late 50s. But I just think about the life experience that they could have a part of upon maybe a youth, somebody younger, even a colleague, you know, and say, hey, I've learned a lot in my life. I want to help you out because I made this mistake and I want to see you make it. There's so much to give. I have more to give then than younger people because of their life experience. It's the opposite of what we are told about the aging workforce and people that are older, they get they have more to give than you and I because we haven't had that extra 10, 15, 20 years of life experience under our belt where we can help people. So you get off my soapbox.

Yes. I was up at Reagan Center. Reagan Reagan Ranch Center up in Santa Barbara.

And you know, Art Laffer, Art was Reagan's economic adviser. He he was the author of the Laffer Curve. The Economic Curve, which is the which is the literally the gold standard of basic economics. And it was something we had got to spend a lot of time in there. Very funny guy. And he's 79 years old. And this guy, I think I'm energetic, dude. I can't keep up with this. This guy's freaking believable. And I got friends of mine that are, you know, business guys and stuff. I got a buddy of mine here is a broadcaster here in town. He's 98 years old.

You think the guy was 50 and he's doing this. He's always looking at new deals. Always this, always that. Always there are always things going on.

And it's this mind that just keeps going and going and going that that that forgets to tell the body, hey, you know, you're ninety eight. It's like not we're well past that. You just the body the mind is saying, you know, forget that whole thing about your body. Just keep on rockin.

What a phenomenal way to end this puppy. And you know what? Cheers to you, my brother.

I so appreciate it. Great to be on here with you.

Oh, I'm so blessed that you have come to grace this stage with your presence and so on. So is everyone else. We've had quite a people.

Your diploma. And don't forget, you get to do my funeral. That was such a great introduction. I want you to do the greatest, greatest wave of all time. The big headliner, it'll be Brian and then Frank Sinatra.

Well, then I'm going to up my mindset game to ensure that I outlive you to begin with, because that has to be there.

You know, a not looking forward to that day for either of us, but I am looking forward to the next time we get to do some more things together. Thank you for bringing such incredible value to this show to our audience, because Ryan is my blood tough guy.

He's got a lot of fun going on here.

Yeah. And before we leave, is there any is there any way people can connect with you that would like to to learn more about what you do, maybe pick your brain about being an entrepreneur?

Yeah. Yeah. You know, I'm pretty pretty liberal about giving out my. Email address Kent Emmons at Gmail dot com. Or even easier. Kent at Kent Emmons dot com.

There you go. It's a lot of Kent there. I have a Brian. Brian C. Kelly. That's good. Well, once again, Kent, thanks again so much. And on behalf of everyone watching and listening as well. Thank you for coming on, spending your time with us. That's it for tonight's show. Oh, it was wonderful as everything that I had hoped it would be. Thanks, man. We're gonna raise the glass one last time and say goodnight, everyone who's gonna be black out, get the stem on it, though.

That's just too nice. Good night, everyone.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business with Brian Kelly.

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Kent Emmons

Owning radio stations and networks over the years, Emmons discovered early on that there were big bucks to be made by running spots for products that sold directly to consumers. By having a good eye to spot products that would sell well, he started dedicating a substantial portion of his media outlet’s ad inventory to direct response that easily carried over to television. Emmons founded Kent Direct, Inc., an international direct response television and digital firm that, along with it’s affiliates, has generated billion in sales over the years.

In 2018, Kent, along with some like minded friends from all across the business spectrum, saw a massive hole in the media market. News, on both sides of the fence was not only broken, but the big networks were totally ignoring the 18-34 year old crowd, which is also the most profitable media demographic. Recognizing a very clearly wide open and very profitable hole in the media space, Kent and his posse formed Crave News, a very edgy, hip, live interactive digital news network. Crave News is set to launch from it’s downtown Los Angeles studios in mid-2019.

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