Special Guest Expert - Lori Hart

Special Guest Expert - Lori Hart (transcribed by Sonix)

Announcer: Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly: Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Oh my goodness I am tingling all over because we have an amazing, amazing guest expert for you tonight. I cannot wait to introduce you to her. But before we do, real quick, The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What the heck is that all about? Well in my now 54 years on this planet. Well now a little bit more than 54. Each and every day and that's a wonderful thing isn't it? I have come across so many wonderful people. Successful and unsuccessful. And I decided at one point in my life to start focusing on and hanging out with those who are successful because that's what I wanted in my life. And so you get what you focus on right? And so I focused on that and I started learning from books and from these successful people directly. Why and how they got to their level of success that they had achieved. And it was interesting because patterns started developing and I realized that they came in three primary areas and you can probably guess what those are by now. The name of the show is a hint. Mind, that stands for mindset. There is a wonderful, wonderful science that had been basically invented as a collection of other sciences and then improved upon a little over 30 years ago, and it's called Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short.

And I'm excited because our guest is a master practitioner in NLP as well as yours truly this is gonna be so much fun. And the thing is an LP allows you to reprogram your mind. At the subconscious level

To serve you better. It's amazing and it's nearly instant nearly instant. And we may go into some of that during the show. It's organic. We're going to just have a chat. Laurie Hart and I hint hint wink wink. That's the guest name and body. What is that. Well it truly is about your physical body. It's what I noticed with most successful people in addition to them really honing in on their mindset just as Laurie has done. Very successful woman. They also are very in tune with their body and they treat it accordingly. You know your body is your temple. It's the only one you've got. It's the only one you're ever going to have on this earth and you're going to want to take care of it. And one way to do that there's actually two and that's through one be an exercise and two through incredible nutrition. It's simple eat clean a lot of people will do one and forego the other. Well I worked out today so I can go grab some donuts to offset that wonderful workout or you know I don't like to work out so I'll just eat healthy for now and I'll be good. No really. You need both to get to optimal or what I call peak level of performance in the body area. And so it's like this the mind and body are a team. And more importantly the mind and body are your team. Think about a team like professional sports I talk about this often maybe there's a basketball team there's five players on the court at any given time and they go through a season and then they have what they call an off season like the summer.

Some choose to continue to stay in top physical condition others choose to go have fun and come back a little well flabby. And I've heard I've seen and read reports of this time and time again of premier athletes. And so the thing is they take the floor. There's five of them. One person decided not to. Maintain a peak level performance because of that one person. How do you think that affected the entire team as a whole. Well of course it did affect them in a negative way. And so it's just like your mind and your body if you don't master or even start looking into mastering your mindset and a peak level of performance in your body. Then the same would be true of you because your team has you. It's really simple. And then there's business business. Many of these successful entrepreneurs that I met and talked to have mastered different areas of business the main ones being sales marketing scaling team building. And once you've mastered each of those areas along with your mindset and you've got your body at a peak level then what I say then you are then working at a peak level of performance all across the board. And that is what this show is about is to bring out and elicit these patterns that I've noticed and it happens every single show you're going to hear them by the way get out your notepad and paper whether it's a physical one or do it on a computer whatever you like. Take veracious notes because this woman is going to bring value tonight. Laurie Hart I can't wait to introduce to her to you which come very soon I promise.

It reminds me of something that you see behind me and that is a mentor of mine many many years ago he recommended something he said that if if everyone just did this one thing if they just did this one thing he'd look to be dead in the eye. They would be. Rich. They'd all be rich. I said wow what's that. And he had this large floor to ceiling cabinet. He walked behind me in his office. It's a large office he's a CEO multimillionaire corner office. The whole thing you get it. He went back grab both handles look back at me and open the doors and what I saw was very similar to what you see behind me which was shelf after shelf. After shelf of books. And so the message was read. And not just any books we're talking business related books personal development mindset physical everything. And I did a stupid thing and I'm the first to say it. I ignored that advice 100 percent. I said You can not. You've got to be kidding me. That's the secret to getting rich reading books. I mean there's no skin in the game. I can literally go to the library and pick those up and read them for free. There has to be much more work effort and money involved. That was my thing that was wrong. Thankfully thankfully many years later I became acquainted with and started working with a mentor of mine for several years I actually shared the stage his stage taught his material to his students and really got to know him at a deep level.

And I just remember one day I saw him walking around at his place I'd be at his house on occasion and he had headphones on. I saw him. What are you doing. He's like What. I'm just I'm listening to a book. Wait what. You're listening to a book.

He says yes. Oh yeah. Tell me about this. So he told me and he she showed me and opened my eyes to the world of audible. This was several years ago. And so I started looking into that. I said I gotta give that a shot. So I downloaded my first book and I said oh my goodness this is it. This is the way I love to read. I love to hear it. If I open a book and my eyeballs are going back and forth across the page I start getting tired I start getting fatigued and I just lose concentration. I don't want to go any farther

But when listening. Oh my gosh. And then I thought oh my gosh I drive I'm in the car quite a bit and all that time I'm just listening to music. What if I did something productive like maybe listen to a book. And so I started doing that. And the cool thing with audible is you can tap on the screen. There's a particular little symbol there where if you tap it it instantly stores what's called a bookmark just like you know a paper bookmark would go into a real book at that exact location. Right at that moment. And so you can then later. Go back and play that bookmark. And so now I don't have to reread entire books. I can go to them all my bookmarks those profound moments and just click on the bookmarks and play those back and I can finish the book in a fraction of the time. And so what I want to do tonight is share with you a particular bookmark that I stored while reading a book. And it's it's pertinent because it will lie and it will be in line with our ness our guest expert who's coming on very shortly. So in just a moment let's switch on over to a little segment appropriately call Bookmarks

Bookmarks for to read bookmarks. Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com

Yes and as you can see on the screen if you're watching is reach your peak library dot com. Again take notes write down the resources write down the Web site addresses in other words stay with us on the show because you do not want to miss my guest expert who's coming on right after this. So stick with us. Reach your peak library dot com. It's a Web site that's basically a collection of books that I personally have read and they're not just every book I've ever read. They're books that actually had a positive impact on my life personally whether it be personal or business. And so you can see as it scrolls down there's roughly 40 books on there I'm way behind on updating it with new books. And what I wanted to do is take one of these and play a snippet for you in just a second. And so for those of you that are avid readers this is a good place to come to see if there's a book that may not be in your. I've read it list. And for those of you just starting another perfect place to come and just there's no perfect place to start. If you find a book you read the little description about it and it talks to you then just read it start right away. Don't don't go analyzing looking at all the other books. The first one that jumps out on the page. Go for it. Take Action massive immediate action.

And so what I'd like to do is play a little bookmark snippet from t ha vector which is an amazing amazing man incredible entrepreneur held seminars all over the world. And this this man gets it when he talks about the mind and mindset you want to talk about someone who has mastered mindset. It is T.R. Becker. So what I want to do is play a quick snippet. It's about a minute in length a little more than a minute. Take notes. Listen in and then we'll move on and bring on our guests the expert. Here we go. Listen close.

In every forest on every farm in every orchard on Earth. It's what's under the ground that creates what's above the ground. That's why placing your attention on the fruits that you've already grown is futile. You can not change fruits that are already hanging on the tree. You can however change tomorrow's fruits. But to do so you'll have to dig below the ground and strengthen their roots. Here is a wealth principle I firmly believe in. Money is a result wealth as a result health. As a result illness is a result your weight is a result. We live in a world of cause and effect of cause and result. Have you ever heard someone assert that a lack of money was a bit of a problem. Now hear this our lack of money is never ever ever our problem our lack of money is merely a symptom of what's going on underneath. What ever results you're getting. Be they rich or poor. Good or bad. Positive or negative. Always remember that your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner world. If things aren't going well in your outer life it's because they aren't going well in your inner life. It's that simple.

That is so supremely powerful. I hope you took notes all about cause and effect my goodness cause and result. And where you are now and if you're having a problem it's merely a symptom of what's going on underneath and what he means by underneath is your mind your mindset. What what a beautiful. Beautiful book this is from beginning to end. I have been riveted. I think I have more book marks on this book than any other I've read thus far. I'm not kidding. It is it's a gold mine. Thank you Jeff Fagan for pointing that out to me several months back. He Jeff Fagan will walk around with this book everywhere he goes. It's like most people's Bible it's worn it's got dog years it's got notes it's very yeah it's worn it's been around and it's amazing and he epitomizes everything that TR vector says and it's just an amazing amazing book. Pick it up. I highly recommend it. And now without further ado I would like to segway into another individual has an incredible mindset. Oh my goodness I'm so excited to bring her on. Let's just do that shall we. Let's bring her on. It's time for the guest expert spotlight. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified. And there she is ladies and gentlemen the one the only Laurie Hart. Such an amazing woman it's been so long since we met in person. How are you doing tonight.

I'm great. Thank you so much for having me here.

Oh fantastic. Thank you so much for coming on. I know it takes some time out of your day and and because of the prep work leading up to the show it takes even more time so I truly truly appreciate you and what I want to do is help you to shine even though you don't need my help. That's what we're gonna do tonight. That's Uncle Bill. All right. So let me give you a proper introduction then we'll get into the real essence of Laurie Hart. Laurie started her journey as a portrait artist. She's got a great story beginning in New York. Laurie studied pair medical makeup for being of service to cancer and AIDS patients after losing her mother to cancer. I can relate to that. The same happened to me using beauty for transformation. She then went to work with celebrities in movies television and magazines. She realized no matter how successful people were they mostly all felt insecure about their appearance. Isn't that interesting. After struggling with her own image and studying personal development she realized everything is an inside job. Cool cool. That is when she started merging the two. She is one of the pioneers of mineral makeup. She has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine Los Angeles Magazine NBC CBS ABC FOX and many more. She has worked with A-list celebrities and speakers and specializes in safe healthy beauty without harm. Loving yourself as you age. Whew. I love that and I didn't write it. That's just amazing. Thank you Laurie. That was a beautiful bio. Oh real quick before we jump in. I almost forgot.

For those of you watching live don't forget to stay on to the very end because at the end or near the end we are going to reveal a way for you to qualify for a five night vacation stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. And this is not something where you go and you're going to sit and listen to a timeshare. This is a bona fide resort. You will pay only the taxes. The room is covered. It's an amazing it's a resort. We're not talking about a low five star five star. So stick around for that. OK. Now I'm almost done blabbing I want to get Lori on and get her magnificent brilliance spread out to you wonderful people watching and listening right now. Lori if if it's okay with you I love that that bio is phenomenal phenomenal. I'd like to dig deeper and get more into the essence of you and what by that what I mean is you know we all we all get up out of bed every day our feet hit the floor and then you know we start to come to that consciousness of not sleeping anymore we're awake and now it's time to get busy and we all know it. So we all have different things that motivate us to get up out of that bed and start going toward and forward through our day. So it's curious for you personally what motivates you each and every day to get up and go after it again and again and again not to sort of start off on a sad note. I see so much internal suffering that men and women have about their appearance

And unfortunately we know this beauty is skin deep.

But people are generated by how they feel about the way they look. So what gets me up and excited is I know that the minute I show somebody a mirror and I show half their face completely different than the other cast and they see that there's hope for them and they see that they can feel beautiful. My God that keeps on going all day long.

It's obvious can see it all over you all over your face. You're an amazing woman. We've talked briefly. I mean we met.

I know it's been years ago and we were both trying to figure out where that was neither of us can remember. But we think it was at a networking event like a seminar or workshop.

Pretty certain about that one. And that's another lesson that we often talk about on the show is just show up and and go to those if you haven't yet.

Topic for another day another seminar and another workshop. Yes. What do you get out of those. Yeah.

And so do it with moderation. I used to be a seminar junkie back in the day and I don't do that anymore. I do go but only if I have an actual outcome that's strong enough to pull me into it. Rarely go anymore but I will say I learned a ton and the more important thing is I met and meet so many relationships as a result of that that it was well worth it. Absolutely. So I say if you haven't started doing that then that would be something a very good thing to get into because then you get to get into the mindset of those members talking about how mentally successful people that was one way to go to these events. That's where they all conglomerates like a herd of animals chasing a piece of meat and all it's awesome because they have incredible mindsets. And you just feel like you're at home the moment you walk in.

It's just that one on Sunday. All right. It was like Oh my God it was. It was unbelievable. But the pitch fest it was. Yeah. But if you go with the mindset that you're going to grow and learn and take the morsels and some of the nuggets you know and the connections you make with people and then follow up Oh my God it's wonderful if you're going there for instant business she probably wasting your time. I agree.

And many people do that don't they Lori. They come with their their you know fanned out thing of business cards and they're throwing them out like ninjas ninja stars and everybody that breathes and like this isn't the place buddy stand down.

So I totally agree with that. I just had a client last week that I probably met five years ago. Well you know and it's you know now she's become a very dear friend but it's about cultivating relationships and not about what are you going to give me. And think about what are you going to bring in who are you showing up. And what heart are you leaving. And what am I going to get. What's in it for me. That's like you. Well speaking what's in it for them. Well you know it's gotta be about us. You know the trilogy of you when I went in the world when if somebody is out of it then. Something off balance.

Yeah collaboration is key. Competition is really a thing of the past. I have no might. My business centers around physical and mental fitness and I'm not talking about someone that's not mentally fit. We're talking about Opie of course and. I work with and I'm working with right now as we speak someone that everyone else might look at as a competitor. We're working hand in hand. And it's amazing and we're learning so much from each other. The differences. There's no scarcity in what we do. Every other country there's none. And that's part of what drives people away from collaborating. Is that mindset of scarcity. If they only knew how many millions upon billions of people on this planet there are.

But it's OK. And when you collaborate you open doors it doesn't closed doors it opens up it's the opposite of competing.

I totally agree. Collaboration is so much more impactful and it's so much more

Rewarding. First of all the idea of having a team vs. being on your own off the ground. Bounce ideas off of and to share with and you know. It's a whole different journey. Doing it all by yourself. The whole part of learning is to create the right people to play live.

Oh I love that. You should trademark that one right there. That was beautiful. I did that just blows you taking notes. Write it down. Anybody watching those you watching on Facebook Live typing in the comments. That was gold. That was beautiful.

I kind of look. I kind of look at life like a bumper car

So it goes chugging along and a little car of life. When you bump into somebody and it feels good. Well I like that I liked more of that. Well then you bump into somebody chugging along. You know in their argumentative or abrasive oh maybe I should give them another chance.

Oh they were they were having a bad day. You know usually had a gut feeling whether you should go further and you know if you don't listen to it and most of us don't. You know usually those are the relationships that you have. Not as easy going. A time was yes really. Quality of life and ease is a very high value. You know one of the things I get to be when you get to be a senior like me. I just turned 65 last week and I'm proud of it. So many people are afraid of their age but all kidding aside when you get to embrace who you are and what you've accomplished at at any at any age really. If you've made good choices. Then you have to answer to your highest

Power. That's really you.

Well stated well stated. And God bless you for senior age. We were talking about that right before the show that it's interesting how so many hide behind that I wear it on my sleeve I talk. I say it every every show every year is a victory. It's like I own it. Be happy for it. And it's like it's an interesting culture is what has been developed that has caused people to think that age is not a good thing to boast about. I'm like Are you kidding. I'm gonna brag about it I'm 54. I made it that far and I'm going to make it a lot further. I hope God willing and that's the thing that's like enjoy. Like you said you're so positive that's what I love about you. And that's why I want to ask you is that is it for some people that's very difficult to do is to remain positive because you know stuff happens in life and it can bump us back and it's all about how we react to it isn't it. It's not so much that oh that happen to me. Well that's the reaction right there and it's a negative one. What if. Well that happen to me because well that happened for me not to me because now I can learn from it. That's a whole different. And you're a lot like that. I can tell this by talking to you right before the show and way back how many years ago. I remember meeting you then. So when it comes to that positive productive and successful mindset is there something you do on a regular basis to help you sustain that.

Well so many things. First thing of having any kind of day I first think of gratitude.

That's the first thing and the first thing I think of as I look at my little dog is my little five pound bundle of joy. Lily says she's the first thing I think of when I think about all the things that are. All the things. That I get to make choices and do. It live. And the way I get to choose how to live and where the air that I breathe and then I'm sleeping on a bed and I and I listen to YouTube but I go and I I listen to frequencies because I'm very into frequencies and I'm always in a grounded bed some grounded to the Earth's magnetic field that I do a lot of things with you know a little while but everything that I do is based on hard science.

You know it's funny and I'm glad you said that. I'm glad you said it's a little woo woo. I used to think that way when anything was new like grounding. I love grounding my son and I we tested it out by putting bracelets on our ankles when we slept and put that you know plug it into the wall with the ground only please don't do this at home because you probably you may not do it right. You've got to research that. They they. They offer Earth blankets like grounding blankets and I forget the video I first saw where a guy the most unbelievable video.

Yes. Where the guy kind of buries himself in the dirt pretty much naked and then then just and then shows a plant side by side one that's earth grounded. No it's not. It's just unbelievably amazing.

And so I'm sitting on a grounded chair right now. See there you go. A product of the price. And if I do makeup on the ground my feet are grounded. At the computer. I mean every place you have on the bed and on the bed that I do treatments that I have. One where I sit and when my feet to a certain things I mean more is better girl.

So there you go. There's the secret to sustain beauty at the age of 65 because she is a well grounded individual. How's that. And that's built. And so many other things it's not just the ground.

Here's the thing. Look all aging starts with inflammation. So the easiest thing we do and the most thing that we do the most well Germans everyday we sleep or sit. Why not be grounded. It keeps your blood flow so even if you're not active physically it stops you from being stagnant.

It's truly an amazing amazing. I don't even know I guess you call it a science but it's a natural occurring phenomena. You know we all walk with shoes and soled shoes and that's actually a deterrent for us from being grounded. You know we live in concrete jungles. There's no dirt or soil or natural earth for us to put our skin in contact with. And so what Laura is talking about is there are certain devices because every outlet has something called a ground. You know the plugs with the three plugs the three prongs one of those is ground literally goes into the ground. And so that by virtue of a wire coming up puts you in contact with the ground to put it in a very basic way. And so Lori has device those things all around her office which I think is genius. And for those of you that think this is woo woo once again let's look at this.

The patterns of success we have not yet even ventured on this topic once before thank you for bringing this up Laurie which is grounding because when you think something's Woo then you're going to block your own mind from ever even examining it trying it. What's the worst that can happen. There is really no downside to it. So do some research on grounding and awe and at the end we'll give you a connection. Contact information with Laurie where she can help you with those resources and more. We'll get into what she does as an amazing person herself for her business a little bit later. So thank you for bringing us up. Yes. Thank you for bringing that up. That is phenomenal. One of the things that you know in all of these travels so to speak where I was learning all these things from these amazing entrepreneurs and gifted speakers from stage one thing I noticed that you know they were all talk about the Supreme importance of marketing right. And that that's the lifeblood of your business. And they would talk about it and talk about and talk about it and then leave you hanging because I never got one concrete example of a successful form of marketing. And I get it. You know it's a very wide and diverse skill. I mean marketing covers so many facets but really just to get examples would be more advantageous. So I was wondering if you could think of one particular you know as one form of marketing that you have found for yourself personally in your business that you could share. That has been a successful form of marketing for you.

Well first and foremost we always hope that it's word of mouth marketing that people that are satisfied with you will refer you. That being said that's not always the case. So again I mentioned relationship building relationships of people and and friendships. Not to get business but to really create relationships and be interested in other people and see how you can help them. And and then things. Ebb and Flow and sometimes you know put in my people's mindset. What you're looking for and you know you have a give and take relationship and over time things happen. The other thing for me I find I joke around and I say the only thing that makes me feel old is loud music and social media. So I'm learning that social media is key now to market and I'm learning Facebook and Instagram and I'm gonna be doing Facebook lives and things that were done before are not current and they don't work anymore. So it's a whole new way. And being present and showing who you are. I see people on Facebook now made vague promises of doing a Facebook Live every day. Well where do I come in the idea even for me sometimes it's our find that I have to show you who I am in all states of being in front of everybody.

And I don't like the way I look like it help me with that. But

You know the time for marketing is to be present and show who you are so people can and want to connect with you. They know things look four years ago I read a book called How to choose your people you know who your people are. And I know who my people are not

As powerful. You said many many amazing things I love I love all it because it is so true. So many people think that they can just get on you know buy say a massive email list which is really horrible to do and then email and they'll just instantly become rich because they have a link and a product that everyone's going to love or they'll get on social media and friend people for the sole purpose of the moment you accept the friend requests what happens. You get a message from them with a pitch about their product and a link to go to it and say oh goodness unfriend you don't get it. And so what you're saying rings so true. Laurie the relationships is what it comes down to. That's how you get word of mouth advertising and referrals. Referrals are one of the most powerful ways of growing a business. Yes you must first get a client that's going to refer you. We get that. And that is what Laurie is telling you. Build that relationship. Social. Oh this was fun. How you talked about social media and your dislike for it before and now you're saying well it's the way for me to achieve even more success. So I'm going to be flexible and learn and then dive in. That's phenomenal. There is a pattern right there ladies and gentlemen someone who is flexible too open minded you know to look at things that formerly were things that would give her a bad taste in her mouth and now she's gone. You know what. I need to learn this because I see it's beneficial to growing my business. And the thing you were talking about you know going on Facebook Live and many are doing that. One of the greatest things about that is people are being transparent and that's a huge word going around. And it's so important because when you're transparent that means you are are authentic. I can say it. You are being authentic and people love authenticity because they can relate to you because now you're you're coming down to their level.

They think we're all the same level we're all human beings but they think we're up here.

And when you go to transparency mode then they're like Oh no I can Oh I know I know one person who often comes on. She's beautiful and comes on not regularly but quite often with no makeup. I'm like Whoa that's so transparent. Right. And she's like just being herself in pajamas sometimes and walking out and she's a high profile woman not just.

I mean she's for many a household name I'm not going to give her name out here but amazing. How's that for transparency. But I don't like to be transparent for others. OK. Let's just put it that way. Yeah. How to choose how to choose your people. It's like phenomenal. Those are all golden nuggets I hope so this is what I say on the show all the time. There are so many unbelievable pieces of advice given by people like Laurie that seem on the surface as being so subtle and so maybe meaningless to you right now. Maybe you're not at that point in your entrepreneurial path. I guarantee you write those notes down.

I wrote them myself. I kid you not. I will show you proof. I wrote notes as she was talking and I learned from every guest every single one. I learned from everybody that I come in contact with. So those were phenomenal phenomenal. And so I don't know if you've already noticed you watching we've already covered things on mind body and business isn't that cool.

Not so much body yet. We'll get into that. She's she's touched on that. She we're going to get into that too. Oh you have. OK. I want you to. I want to give you the opportunity to say that tagline that I said oh my gosh that was phenomenal. The word Jim was in it.

So what you do for people is my face is like going to the gym for your face.

It's like going to the gym for your face. I mean Lori has worked with some of the most amazing celebrities on the planet and they come to her. There we go. She's the go to. So you know she knows what she's doing. And at the end of the show I want to give you contact information so you can then seek her out because she's all about not harming your face not putting poisons into you. She's all you can see she's grounded at all times. And I don't mean that as a pun. She's always grounded for a reason and she's there for you. She loves people she loves loves helping people it's obvious. And so yeah we had to get that in because that's kind of like the body the gym before your face.

I love it so. Thank you for that very very honest answer about how you're successful in marketing because when it comes down to it that's often the case. It's about the relationships we build.

And it's just about you you watching listening figuring out how to get out there and build those relationships networking through seminars and workshops is one great way. If you haven't started yet

I will just leave that that there and then for me too I listen to what other people need. So I have a client whose boyfriend bought a new house and this place was flooded. So I was able to give him an amazing contractor. Yes I listen because I care and I have a great referral source because I care and I have my little stable of people that I think are excellent at their craft. You know when you're around as long as me you know you know who is good. Yeah it's mouth people and sure they know that you're in it for them. It's not about you how many people you want people. My God they're so selfish. You know there's a different difference between self-centered and selfish and there's a lot of mixed meanings for the word selfish and a lot of women have to learn that selfish is NOT a dirty word. Because a lot of women don't take care of self. A lot of people don't take care of self. They think other people are more important. But then there are people that are self-involved and self-centered and those who want it kind of like. Push them away somehow.

It's funny you say that it must be nice but women are are very often that way because of you know the way they were designed was to you know they they're raising a family they have a husband so they're always serving someone else and always putting them first. And it's beautiful that they do that but you're so correct in saying that it's time to take care of yourself because the more you take care of yourself than the better you can take care of those others that you love if that's what you love doing.

All right. You're giving from fulfillment versus being a martyr and being so depleted. So there's more of you that can really give fully because you're more full you're not like them grind out this drag.

Yes. And that's why I think we connected such a deep level Lori because of your mindset of being there to serve others to help. There was a gentleman I met you may know him because it was back during that era. Where were you and I met. And his name is Jabez libretto. Does that ring a bell at all. OK. He coined the term called contribution leadership. Oh I like that. Isn't that cool. And so he was there we. I was there with a business partner at the time and we were attending an event a seminar a workshop. Back in the day imagine that. And this gentleman was running around running mikes to the stage. Very busy working very hard. And at one point there was a short break and we just started stirring up conversation and said hey what do you what are you doing. What. Well I have my own business. What are you doing. Like I'm thinking why are you back here running around like crazy and working like crazy and young. You

Own your own business and then he explained the whole concept of contribution leadership. He was there to help the main speaker. And here's the key though and I know you're this way Laurie is to help someone without any expectation of something in return like completely from the heart. I give and expect nothing back. I love you and I just wanted to help you with that attitude with a heart centered attitude. Amazing things will happen but it needs to be authentic. He can't just. And you might need to practice if it's not natural to you but definitely want to go at it with a heart centered approach. Like Laurie does. Absolutely.

I joke around and I say my business is my only way to be legally legally codependent.

Cool man. There's another one trademark.

Ok now I wanted to ask you a question more along the lines of what it takes to become successful because you are very successful you have an office in Beverly Hills catering to celebrities and by the way she also caters to non celebrities as well for you listening of course she does. And

There you've been doing this for a while and you've been very successful for a while. What would you say you attribute most to your success. And if you could think of. I was gonna say five let's just try three. Let's go quick. What would you say are three key elements for starting and running a successful business from your vantage point.

So the first thing you have to have is what is your why. Why is this important to you. Why is this more important. Because you know people say oh you just run your own business why don't you just get a job. You know it's much easier to have a job. So your Y is what gets you up every single day. It fuels you. It makes you have a reason for doing every single thing that you do or not. That's number one to

What do you have to have stamina. You have to know that it's going to take more than a couple of weeks and you know that if you're going to do something you have to be in it for the long haul and you have to have the mindset and you have to have patience and you have to know that this is it for me. And three is to be in service. And to be able to help people

And to be there and to serve. If that's your craft then you better be really good at what you're doing. And that better not be routine. Every time I do a treatment I find new ways to pamper my client make the experience even better. They laugh at me. I've always tried to improve I'm always taking classes I'm always learning I'm always growing even areas that I'm older than most of the people that are doing it and I'm still taking classes in it. Because you never know you're going to pick up something else. And I'm taking a class in two weeks on stem cells

And how skin care and the gut affect each other. You have to stay on top. Don't be. I think dumpy passive active.

And the thing is keep your heart open and keep growing and learning and giving and sharing. I could go on and on and three five.

That's right.

And the good thing is for those that aren't really haven't really dove headlong into this thing called Entrepreneurship yet they would be looking at this going what is she talking about. What is this stuff. And it's only the stuff that will make you successful in life and in business.

And so the key is is to keep an open mind as you're listening to Lori throughout because everything she has seen is absolutely spot on with all the patterns that I have noticed through successful people. Been around a while myself. And the thing where she started what is your why. That's one of the most powerful things you could do on the planet and that's something I've taken my students through through life seminars where I take them through as an exercise to determine what their way is. I've been through it several times. And for me every single time my wife comes out the same way it just does. Even though I go through the exercise open minded. And for me it comes out to be my wife. Everything I do everything I think everything I want in life revolves around my Y which is my wife.

And so and I say that on bashfully I mean I love her beyond. I don't know how you describe love but more than the definition of love can be defined. And so that's my wife. And so when I think about oh my gosh you know like you said stamina you know there are times. How many times do you feel like giving up. I mean my gosh I feel it so many times. And then the Y comes in I'm not giving up. I'm doing this for my wife. No way. And then have to be in service. This is phenomenal. You know to help people to be giving of heart you know it's not she didn't come out and say well you need to get a portfolio get a good investment manager and start accumulating wealth by compound interest. No. She went through all the right stuff which is where you start you know the mindset is like the foundation to everything not just business but to life. And most of what she just talked about had to do with mindset. If you know what the right mindset. What you just outlined may not work too well for you. So one would now be the right time to start really digging deep and mastering this thing called mindset for all of you watching and listening. This is just I'm having so much fun. I hope everyone is too. And you Laurie as well. The thing is with every business you know and every entrepreneur you know it's is it like this and always getting better all the time Larry. You know in your life and your business is always just phenomenal and always going up like this.

And then sometimes it goes like this. Yes we go like this. And that's something like we. Yes.

Long as you're at least kind of even an upward. Yes. Sometimes it's like this and you just have to know. So I choose things that get me by these are two magical things I picked up at a seminar that changed my whole life more than probably anything. So it's really amazing. One because security used to be a big thing for me. You had to let that go because I realized that by meeting security so badly that I put a wall around me and I was actually getting anything but that. So the stopping my freedom and receiving and growing by needing to feel secure. So I say. OK I want a magic carpet and I imagine myself because viz. I kind of elevate my body and I look around and I go. OK. I feel safe

I'm safe. And then the second thing I say

Is no matter what crisis I've had up until now I've survived. So there's no reason to think I won't survive this too. I'm good. And I say move on.

Yeah. Powerful. Powerful and that you know what. As an entrepreneur this happens more often than people think because we're always like you just said you're learning you're going to learn something new you actually gonna try it right. You're gonna implement it. And sometimes those things don't work out the way we had planned and though so it's all about how you react to them. And you know because of the past crises that you've been through it's like there's nothing. You know I can get over that no problem. Before you might have gone through one that seemed monumental and because of that it's a blessing that you went through that you look back and go man I'm glad that happened to me because now nothing fazes me and I'll just keep going forward and serving and helping people. And. Very powerful. And I hope you know of the resentment and the anger and even the anger is like

That you feel towards yourself which is primary. That's what eat you up. You have to let that go. So first and foremost. You have to figure out forgive so forgive yourself for making different choices. Being mad at yourself for doing things. You know when you are not as wise forgive yourself for. Not being ahead of the game worse and just stop judging yourself. Except that every thing your every place you're at is a learning place and you need to be there for some reason and then you go OK. And yeah and this is really important for me. I always say it's always great to have goals and focused and to strive to have more.

But if that's where you're always focused then you're never going to be happy where you are. So you have to be happy where you are because otherwise you'll never be happy because once you get there you won't be happy there either.

Absolute words of wisdom. You know forgive yourself. How much.

How many of us continually beat ourselves up for something that happened years ago. And like I stupid Brian why the heck did you do that back then. It's like you know what. Knock it off. That was way back then the past where does that exist. Is it real. No. It's in our mind. So let go and the cool thing is that one of the keys to success is to fail more

The more you can fail and the faster you can do it the quicker you will reach that level of success you are a tick. Wishing to attain. And guess what happens when you embrace that mindset you no longer feel the need to be perfect and it just liberates you. And now you can be creative and go for it with reckless but not reckless abandon but more without resistance right. And you can go forward and then really blossom and share your gifts to the world without any hindrance. And that's the key. It's the exact opposite of what we all do to ourselves. I've done it. I'm not any different anybody else.

And so one of things I like to say to my my clients when they're in the fitness part of the program is you know I'll I'll have them do let's say pushups as an example and let's say it's 10 pushups and they say Well Brian I really failed. So what do you mean. Well I can only do five pushups so I'm just terrible. I'm sorry but I didn't make the grade. So wait a minute did you put in everything you had. I mean you did five and you just could not do a sixth or seventh. Yeah. And I didn't make it to ten so I failed miserably I said no you succeeded. So instead of kicking yourself in the butt for the reps you could not complete pat yourself in the back. Literally I tell them to do this for the reps you did complete because you put everything you had into it. And guess what. Next time you'll be able to do more. And the next time more it's not about achieving this one number this goal but it's striving toward it. And as you go like Lori just said it's the it's the journey right. It's the journey. Enjoy each and every day each and every accomplishment. And to me that five reps was a huge accomplishment not a failure. So anyway I get off my soapbox here.

I agree. I could say that the same thing about age you know people that are getting to be elderly are getting passed over it because they one think that they're something they think themselves that they're old. Well I don't know. We talked before that I'm way better now than I was 30 years ago. I wouldn't trade who I am or how I look you know. You know and and really it's about embracing all you are. And what you have accomplished. You stop beating yourself up and things that you don't like about the way you look. There are answers that make and make your choices from knowing. And if you don't know find out and don't just listen to media find out what the truth is. Find out what's safe and don't make choices from fear.

I so hope everyone is taking really good notes right now because this is all pure. I see it a lot but it's pure gold. It's still pure gold. I can't believe this. Laurie we're seven minutes from being done which happens way too fast every time I have a couple more I want to run by one of them's kind of a doozy a heavy hitter. But don't don't sweat it. I'll walk you through it. I know you won't sweat it. You're a you're an amazing flexible entrepreneur mentally flexible and you always you just go with it. And you've been there done that but the T-shirt. It will not phase you. It truly won't.

And I wanted to shift it around to more of a positive note right here because being an entrepreneur is a struggle. It's a daily grind. But if you have the right mindset it's one of the greatest rides on the planet. I mean there's nothing like it. It's so exhilarating. The ups and the downs everything included. It's phenomenally. Fulfilling. I guess is a great word to put for you.

Laurie what would you say is your absolute favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur.

Freedom of Choice.

So I get to create the life of my dreams. I get to create how I want to be in the world. I get to create who I want to touch and how I want to touch them. And I have a fascination like I still have this. Childlike capacity to

Really be sincerely interested in people. And what makes them happy and so I have people to confide in me in some of their deepest insecurities. And I make them feel beautiful.

And how that helps the planet is that when I noticed when my mother was a makeup artist when I was growing up and I noticed that when women went into salons their posture their head was down.

They were slouched over. Nobody talked. Nobody made any eye contact and that's what made me start studying transformation. And then when women had their faces on and they felt good the posture changed and their eye contact and they smiled and then connection was first available before it was an even and then it was even deeper. So a connection will always be something that drives me and helping people feel better so they can go out and bring their gifts to the world this is something that keeps me going day by day because talk about collaboration if you have a hunch a bunch of people just feeling good and saying hello and connecting and saying and saying how can we support each other to make this world a better place.

Instead of fear being fear based we're all look in 50 years we're gonna be it.

I don't know how old anybody is let's say a hundred years we're going to be in the ground with bugs or burned to death and none of us is getting out of here alive.

So we get to choose the quality of how we want to live this life. And when goes through grace and ease we can go by suffering too much goddamn suffering.

I'm sorry. Be grateful be happy be mindful and aware of how lucky we have it. Well then if you're somebody who doesn't.

Yes yes. And so that just defined the true essence of Laurie Hart not one moment. Did she talk about. You know that the thing that she loves about being an entrepreneur not one moment did she talk about money. Or. Or material things. It was all did you notice everyone listening and watching. It was all centered around how she can help more people. And the fact that she gets to do that that makes her fulfilled as being an entrepreneur. And that is I think that's the epitome of most of us an entrepreneur. The definition is entrepreneurs love to serve and give and the thing is that is literally how you successfully then make money when you start with a serving helping heart you make money and is money important in a business absolutely.

I'll answer for you all the watching. Yes it is extremely important.

So I don't want to skate over that and say that money isn't part of it. Because here's the thing. When Laurie makes more money what can she do with that. She can now serve more people and scale her business and bring in more clients and bring in employees and do things that she wants to do which is spread the love of what she does to help others. Isn't that amazing. Isn't it beautiful. So of course she's deserving of making more money. Any entrepreneur who has that kind of mindset is more than deserving.

So bring on the money. Show her the money. I couldn't resist that one. All right. So we have one more.

This is it Laura. This is the. Is the question I have asked all previous entrepreneurs. You may already have guessed what it is. I know you've seen the show before a little bit of an unfair advantage there but.

But the cool thing is every single entrepreneur that I've had on this show up till now there isn't one that's answered it the same way. A couple were similar but not not the same actually. And the cool thing is you know it's kind of a deep question and we'll get to it a moment. But I just remembered that we haven't told everybody how to get or apply to or enter. I should say to earn that not earn but win. I'll get it right here in a second. That five night stay at a five star resort in Mexico so let me just go to that real quick and we'll come back with the big heavy hitter questions that some cooler. Early right. Here we go for you. Those you watching the way to enter for your five night vacation stay at a five star luxury resort. This is all sponsored by power texting dot com. That's my buddies Jason and Rhonda power texting dot com phenomenal service. There's two ways.

One is to go to the Web site you see on the screen. It's reach your peak LLC dot com forward slash vacation reach peak LLC dot com for such vacation. Or if it's easier for you just pull out your smartphone and yes you can do this. Now open up a new tab in your browser. If you're on a computer or on a phone if you're on a phone just do this text the word peak. That's PPACA to the phone number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again is the word peak PPACA the 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and Ross Slaughter says Boom.

Thank you. RAZ And we have a lot of people have joined us. Joel Raimondo born Elliot SIEGEL Steven Hersey. Ronald grew Grigor. I hope I said that right. Dave Henry. Jeff Brody ski Brian Renteria. Nice nice. The list goes on. So back we come to. The star of the hour which is Laurie Nami. Star is Laurie Hart and this heavy hitting question and just so you know there is absolutely no wrong answer. It doesn't exist. It's just the opposite. The only correct answer Laurie is yours because it comes from you and it's how you interpret it. And so are you ready.

Are we ready. All right I figured you would be it you know.

All right. In all seriousness and if you need a moment to collect your thoughts on it that's totally cool. So here it is. Laurie Hart how do you define success. Well first of all I have to say what's really important to me is

In our piece.

So I've done so much inner work on myself that I am not run by the demons and hurts and pains from my childhood.

So I'm able to make healthier choices in a conscious way. That being said. Success to me is

Freedom. Freedom to make a difference. Freedom to. Touch the hearts and lives of other people. The ability to see that my work has a lasting impact. Makes me feel like I'm here to do my lot. I'm doing my life's work. It's not about how much money I make. It's about how much impact I have in the world. And when I think I look around at everything I've accomplished and the hearts that I've touched. That's success to me. What do I what I like to be more financially solvent. Of course but I say the minute that money became becomes the driving force of how I live my life. That'll never be me. Never ever never.

So it's making a difference in people and how I touch their hearts and how I'm like a little bumblebee on the flower turning caterpillars into butterflies. And then I'm bringing my little. I'm creating a movement to change the planet by helping people feel good.

And thank you for doing that and for continuing to do that. The world is blessed to have you to making these this different so look at the beautiful look at her as a beautiful woman obviously. And now you've realized what a beautiful heart she has as well and can't thank you enough for being on the show. A couple more things I know. Well one is true to form you answered it differently than everyone prior. That's so cool. I find it very intriguing. I'm going to compile a book about this specifically and like you said you said it out loud. It's not about the money. And that's what's held true with every single one before you as well that's been on this show. That's why I love what I get to do. I'm associated with super powerhouse people like you and I mean that in a loving sense powerhouse like you're just such a. Such a light. I just I'm really excited. I'm still excited and we're about at the end of the show.

You also you know tribute to your you're giving heart you wanted to also offer a gift for the viewers and listeners so I wanted to turn it over to you and let you describe exactly what that is what they put up your website for people to take a look at. So I've been working in Hollywood for over 40 years and I've accumulated close to a half a million dollars worth of technology that will tighten the muscles in your face and body and help your skin

And help your body heal itself from the inside out all say healthy noninvasive no botox no fillers no poisons everything is to to regenerate and make you look younger without hurting yourself. So. I have stuff that

I have stuff that's more invasive I have stuff that's not invasive and so what I'd like to offer is one a consultation to anybody that's listening or if you think somebody that is really suffering about getting to be a certain legacy h a free consultation. And then if you mentioned the show a 20 percent discount off of any services and then a percentage of that will be donated to some charity.

Mm hmm. Imagine that you know you're not only you're getting. You're getting help from someone who cares about you. She's not going to put poisons into you or anything that is not good for you. I mean look at the pictures on the screen with you know you have lights shining on the face and there's also other technology she's very on top of the latest technology you can see that that's that's your office is it not my office. And look at that.

I mean she knows her craft. She's been doing it for many years she's an expert absolute expert so you can trust in her and her abilities to treat you with tender loving care and she was telling me how well you can tell him as well how you treat people when they come on how they get peppered

They come and pamper it and Donald Sutherland walked in here and he said Oh my God I thought this was something you had dabbled with. He goes this isn't dabbling it's quite serious.

What is another magazine called me the fairy godmother of beauty. So if it's safe and healthy and non-invasive and it's gonna end it has to work.

So people always say Oh is it natural. Well there are things that are natural that don't work or are harmful. So one it has to be safe and to ask the work

Fantastic. And so for folks to get in touch with you once a real quick let me give the website that we're on so we can at least go there. And that's Laurie Hart and it's Laurie with an eye it's l o r eye and heart is h a r t. Laurie Hart dot com and you'll see the same thing I'm looking at right now that we're all looking at one way I guess would be to contact you through the contact link on your site and there you can see e-mail address and phone number there. Is that one good call.

Yeah I'm calling is always great. Actually you know. I like connection so feel free to call. Leave a message. I'll call you back and we can always do a Skype consultation that includes I'll go through the products that you're using. You know they're good. You don't have to get them from me so I'm willing to help. I think education is where we're missing the boat people don't know to listen to. And I think that a doctor knows everything well we didn't get to talk about why I'm in this business.

We'll have to have a follow up show to do just that. That's fine with me.

And so the phone number is it OK if I announce what your phone number is. Yes. So reach out to Laurie Hart for this wonderful amazing gift at 4 2 4. 2 4 9 3 8 0 9. Now is that a landline or a mobile number. That's a landline. OK. So you want to pick up the phone. Old school way and literally talk to her which is a good thing. That's one thing that's missing a lot these days and also supply phone this thing.

Oh man. Then if you decide that you want to make an appointment I'm going to give you a 20 percent discount discount towards any services suite.

So just mentioned Mind Body business show and get a 20 percent discount and then your e-mail address one more time if you wouldn't mind.

Lauren HARTE At Lauren Hart dot com.

Pretty simple with lower I H R T in front and behind of the symbol. Excellent. Well Lori this has been a ton of fun. I've enjoyed every moment of it. I hope our I know I know our listeners and viewers have done the same and enjoyed the heck out of it. I just want to say one final thank you very much from the heart no pun intended for you coming on the show so great to see you again. Even though we're not like sitting next to each other it feels like it. I appreciate you. And please continue serving the way you have because there's so many people that need the uplift that you give them.

Appreciate you. Thank you. Appreciate you. You're doing amazing things.

Thank you so much. All righty. All right everybody watching and listening this is Brian Kelly for the mind body business show signing off. Be blessed and have a wonderful wonderful rest of your week. So long for now

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows this show with Brian Kelly.

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Lori Hart

Lori Hart started her journey as a portrait artist. Beginning in New York, Lori studied paramedical makeup for being of service to cancer and aids patients after losing her mother to cancer.

Using beauty for transformation she then went to work with celebrities in movies, television and magazines. She realized no matter how successful people were they mostly all felt insecure about their appearance. After struggling with her own image and studying personal development she realized everything is an inside job. That is when she started merging the two. She is one of the pioneers of mineral makeup.

She has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and many more. She has worked with A list celebrities and Speakers and specializes in safe, healthy beauty without Harm...loving yourself as you age.

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