Special Guest Expert - Mel Cutler

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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show!I am beyond excited for this show and there's a lot of reasons for it. One is deeply, deeply personal and that is because of the young man you're about to meet. He has literally. He is responsible for changing my life in such profound ways. I can't tell you and I met this gentleman some time ago. We'll get into the details of this amazing guy and bring him on very, very soon. But before we do that really quick, The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about? In my now. Fifty five years on this planet. Wow. That's kind of weird to say. I have learned a lot. And I I began focusing on just successful people in the latter decade or so. And what I found in that latter decade was those who were successful always seemed to follow three different patterns. And you might guess what those are. Mind being mindset. They had a flexible, powerful mindset body. They took care of themselves nutritionally and they exercise regularly. And business. Business is multi multifaceted from sales, marketing, team building, scaling, leadership. That list goes on and on. Successful people have mastered all three of those areas. When it comes to business, the good news is they didn't personally have to master each area. They master leadership so they could scale and bring in a team that could take care of those skill sets. They may not have or had the time to acquire because their business needs them and they need to grow their business. And so that's what the show's about. It's a show by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, that being you watching right now. And we have an amazing guest coming on. And I just want to say a few words about this guy in a moment. Yes, I know. That's right. We have another beautiful pattern that successful people always follow. And I'm excited about this one big time, because a story I often tell on this show is because of the young man you're about to meet. Reading. Reading books is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your business. And I personally did not read hardly anything at all until about eight years ago or so. And what changed? Well, I was talking to this gentleman, Mel Cutler, who you're gonna see. I was in his place and he was walking out with headphones on. I said, hey, man, what are you doing? He says, I'm listening to a book. And back then, it was a fairly new concept, at least to me it was new. And I said, wow, that's phenomenal. I started listening to books and I've not stopped. I've voraciously read a ton of books. And with that, I would like to segue into a little quick segment I like to affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks, born to read, Bookmarks. Ready, steady, read. Bookmarks. Brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yes. There you see it to the side of me. It is And by the way, for all of you watching live right now. Do yourself a favor and stay here with us. And what do I mean by that is you're going to be listening and hearing about a lot of different resources, both for myself and from Mel, more from Melvin from me. And rather than jump over to another tab on your browser or go looking somewhere else on your phone at that moment. Just write it down. You know, old school, get a piece of paper. And, you know, one of the things they call a pen writing instrument and write it down so you can stay with us and hear us and see us. Because I would really I would really not like it if you missed one of the golden nugget smells about to provide to all of us, because I know from firsthand experience. Just one nugget from this young man can literally change your life for the better. And so stick with us to the end. Looking forward to seeing all of your comments, your questions, your suggestions, everything that comes in. I see they're already coming. And we'll get to you in a moment. Keep him calm and keep him coming. I love you all. Bookmark. So it's all about reading books. And what I've done is I've compiled a website and this was done with you in mind. And I'm not kidding. I kid you not. This was all done with you in mind. The person that's looking to increase their success, whether it's business or personal. And I'll scroll down a little quicker. And what you'll see is a list of books that are in here that I have personally read. Every single book that's in this list has been personally vetted by yours truly. So what does that mean for you? Well, if you haven't started reading like I had not some time ago, you can go to this list very quickly and at least know that at least one other successful individual has vetted them, meaning they've read them and got positive results from them. That's one reason right there. And if you're already an avid reader, you might find a book or two in here that you have not yet read and you can just go grab one there. This is not a money making website per say. It is just simply here to help you to grow yourself and your business. It's my gift to all of you. Speaking of gifts, we're gonna move into bringing on our special guest in just a moment. And I am so excited for that. This young man, he has formed, I think, eight companies. His wife corrects later from wrong. To date, we've all lost count and a couple of them have reached seven figures. Very, very successful. And I want to tell you guys something by age difference, if you were to took my age minus his age and I'm not going to reveal his, I've already revealed mine. But out of respect, he could literally be my son. And why is that important? It's because even though that's the case and he's much my junior in age, I look up to him in so many ways because he is my mentor. He taught me so many things I cannot tell you. He had a thriving seminar business. I met him. That's when I met him was in 2012 at his then signature two day life event called The Entrepreneur Revolution. And I went to those two and three day seminars for a good number of. Years, I guess, a couple of years. I went to everyone that he had going that I could make it to. Ultimately began to go into all of his advanced courses. These were courses that delivered. They were just massive value. Changed my life inside and out. I cannot tell you. I took all those courses and then ultimately became part of his inner circle of his company all the way leading up to ultimately becoming the lead trainer of his company. And then, you know, getting an award like this to say entrepreneur or Train of the Year, all because of what I learned from this amazing, amazing man. So I literally attribute my success to what I have I have now is from what I've learned from this man. He's he's also a very, very funny guy. And I will just lead you to go to his YouTube channel. We're going to talk about that in a moment. And you'll get to see his personality and how he loves to have fun all the time. And when it's time to be serious, he's serious. But he does have that wonderful, jovial side to him, especially when he sings. That's the part I love the most because of his beautiful high pitched voice. And the thing I think that stands out most about everything to him, about him, to me, is how much he absolutely to his very last cell adores and loves his wife, Kate. And Kate is his everything, his partner in life. I mean, I was I was blessed to know them before they were married. I've been blessed to know them since. They are just inseparable. And she is also his business partner. She is amazing in her own right. We'll probably have her on the show and put her in the spotlight because she is the glue that holds Mel's businesses together and sometimes even Mel himself. We'll talk about that, too. I love this. It's gonna be fun. So I think it's time. What do you think? Yeah, let's do this. Let's bring on the man, the myth, the legend. Mel Cutler. Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert, spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big-league qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there he is, the man, the myth, the legend, the one the only male. Cutler.

Mel Cutler:
Where's the confetti, Brian? Where's the confetti?

Brian Kelly:
I forgot to load that graphic talk gun and I'll do it now.

Mel Cutler:
Thank you for that introduction. I really appreciate that. And man, after that introduction, I'm curious to hear what I have to say.

Brian Kelly:
Oh, yeah. You and me both. I remember the story you told about. I think it was Richard Branson where he was very curious. And he started peppering you with questions when you met him and you were seeing him. And you're successful. One, I want to ask you some questions.

Mel Cutler:
Yeah. Yeah. Humble guy.

Brian Kelly:
Tonight, I'm going to ask you the questions and the comments are flying. This is amazing. Laurie Hart's on.

Mel Cutler:
Hey, Lori Hart!

Brian Kelly:
Oh, yeah, we got Kate. Who's this? This is awesome.

Mel Cutler:
Kate Cutler!

Brian Kelly:
Yes. Claire Karrasch. She is an amazing young lady. Used to be part of my team who just crushed it.

Mel Cutler:
Hi Claire!

Brian Kelly:
Yes. And just amazing. Thank you all for coming on and continue with the comments and questions as we talk. We're gonna get a lot of great value here tonight. We have fun, too. It's all about having fun in life. And you can have a great thriving business as well. And this is testament to all that right here. This guy always has fun. Doesn't mean every single day is perfect and glowy. And, you know, he's in a hammock swaying back and forth with an umbrella drink that's only, you know, six out of the seven days a week day. He's working hard all the time. Yeah. I just for sure.

But, Mel, you know, you've been by your own admission of the posts I saw is, you know, to others, it has appeared as maybe you are hiding under a rock truth. And by that, it's like used to have that seminar business. And Helena. I was thinking about that. How long ago did you do the transition officially over to what you're doing now?


So before we jump into that, which I'm happy to share. I really want to say, Brian, that you yourself are an amazing guy.

And one of the many qualities that you have that I sincerely respect is your openness and flexibility to continue to be growing and learning and always adjusting and being very curious. I believe that your curiosity is why you've done so well. And looking at age is something that is just a number and living every day and just making consistent progress. And I see that in you that you have that heart of a true champion and somebody who's just like, let's the past go and continuously moves forward. So I just want to credit you for that. And that's why you built an amazing community. You've had some amazing guests, experts on the show. And I just love that about you, Mayor.

I appreciate that. It's a love fest. I'm going to give you a big ol hug the next time I see you. Probably a sloppy wet kiss to.

Warning, warning, warning.

Back to you. My brother and I do appreciate that.

Appreciate that very much. Thank you so much. This ride with you has been an amazing one. And it just will continue. It's not going to stop. Yeah. You did a seminar business. I met you in 2012, but you have been doing it for I don't know how much longer before that. But for a while.

Yeah. So it all started in when I came back basically out of retirement in two thousand and eight. And at that time I was twenty five years old. So.

Outsell a company, and then it started just to have the passion and have the thought and kind of wanted to just give back give back to the entrepreneur community, people that wanted to start their own business, that wanted to step into their purpose and passion and figure this thing out where how can you do what you love and make money?

How can you create time, freedom? How can you live life on your terms? And I got to tell you, it's not is it sounds lovely, but it's a serious a serious endeavor, because the moment you step into figuring out doing something you love, challenges happen.

They happen right in front of you and they happen often and they happen consistently. And you kind of pay the price to do what you love and to live life on your terms.

There are certain challenges that pop up that you may you may be ready for or you may not be ready for. And your ability to overcome those challenges is what's going to dictate success.

You know, in my mind and so at that time, I I've read a bunch of books and I had grown a very successful company, exited out.

And now I started to do seminars and workshops. And that was phenomenal because I got to meet so many people who just needed the right direction and the right. Message and basically the right strategy. And they were making things happen. Which was amazing. And all of the sales and marketing and team team building and growing a business is absolutely crucial. But none of that matters unless the foundation in your mind is healthy and the right seeds are planted in your beliefs and your thoughts and your emotions to even be able to motivate yourself, to motivate others and to be able to sell and selling. I see. Is just being able to ethically, incongruously share your value in a way that's more than somebodies dollar. And they're willing to exchange that for your product or service. And that's also marketing, right? Marketing being able to get your product and service out there to more eyeballs. So I develop this entire educational system and the mindset part of it was all based in LP neuro linguistic programing, which I'm sure will get deeper into how that can change your mind and change your life just by.

We have a freeze frame on my end. So, Mel, if you can hear me, then just refresh your pages and come back on, we'll get this thing going. We have a disconnect here. So this is amazing because this gentleman, you can hear what he's saying. What an amazing guy that I have had the privilege, the honor to actually learn under. I mean, this guy has been.

The number one mentor in my life, you know, I met him when I was he said so Souto 2012. So I was about eight years ago, I was forty six, forty seven. And that was like the biggest amazing shift in my life was not until I was forty seven years old. And so it's never too late. Never think it's too late. Mel will be joining us back here in just a moment. Had some connectivity issues and just know that, you know, no matter how old you are, it's never too late to start. The gentleman that started Kentucky Fried Chicken, I can't remember the exact age, but he was in the 60s, I believe, when he first started that franchise. And you can see where it is today. And so amazing, amazing things that this young man, Mel Cutler, has done in his very short career. And did you hear what he said? He started at the age of twenty five, twenty five, not starting in business, but starting the seminar business. He had already developed several businesses before that. And so the flip side of the coin is you're never too young to start either. And when I first met him, he was about 28 years old.

And at that moment, I already was looking up to him, very young man, and had just. There was something about him that really stood out to me very quickly, instantly that I said, I got to know more about this guy.

Quick story. First time I saw him was at another seminar that he was not the main speaker at. It was a another individual who invited him to be a guest speaker. And I just remember seeing him walk up the middle of the aisle when he was being called up to the stage to speak. And I saw this young guy he had a fedora on. The same kind of look you see right now with his long hair and glasses wearing a nice blazer, came up down the aisle and just he hadn't said a word yet. And I said, there's something about this kid. I'm thinking to myself, I want to know more about him. And I can't I can't wait to share more of him with you. And hopefully he's reconnecting with a soon to come back onto the show. The thing is, I could talk I can't talk all night about him. And I may end up doing just that if we don't see him soon. And that's OK. This is another thing he taught me very well at a deep level is being flexible and being flexible with everything in life like right now is a technology issue.

And you just go through you just roll with it. That's all you do. And it's not a big deal. I mean, I really want to share him with you. Really bad. I mean, a lot right now. The thing is, he's not available at this moment. He's coming back. I'm sure he's crawling his way back on. And in the meantime. He is an amazing guy and he has been doing so many things, he's got the seminar business ran from two thousand eight, he said. So I didn't meet him for four years after he started that. That tells me a lot about why I saw the quality that I saw the first time I went four years later. And then I think it rantel about 2016 or 17 right around that area before it finally moved on to what he's doing now, which was part of the big reveal that we're going to talk about when we do get him back. I'm going to pull up there. I think he's coming. We have devices not connected. He's making his way back.

All the way back. All the way back. And there he is. Ladies and gentlemen, once again, I introduce you again to the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Mitchell Cutler. Welcome back. Where you go get another introduction.

You got one.

So that's the show everybody had. Appreciate you all for coming.

I'm just getting on. We're just getting started. Just get started.

So we left off around. Well, you were talking about the entrepreneur revolution. He said 2008 it started talking about mindset and LP. That's kind of where we left our mindset, the importance of it.

Yeah. Absolutely. So, you know. At that time, starting up success academy, I created this body of knowledge of entreprenuer education really from eight is the. And that's where my path crossed with Brian and really blessed to find some buddy who is such a dedicated student, an amazing father and amazing husband just well. I mean, you should see his biceps. He's somebody who takes care of as he lives it. You know, he he what he preaches he's doing, which is very respectable, because oftentimes you don't meet a lot of people like that. And we we taught a lot of students and had a lot of success. And it was a lot of fun. And what happened was, is it took everything out of me and it was something I loved doing. I love speaking. I loved doing interviews. I love educating. I love pouring into people. And it took it was every it was financially good. It was fulfilling my purpose and my mission. And at the same time, it took all of my energy. And once your energy gets drained in, your adrenals are shot. Well, when you're at the top of the hill, you start rolling down the hill. And I have to say that my mother was a blessing is a blessing. And she is somebody who taught me the value of health and being well. And I never listened to her when I was younger. When I was younger, I was very resistant, very resistant patient. And till I ended up in the hospital. And, you know, sometimes I can be a little hardheaded.

Just ask Kate and I. And so we the seminar company, we grew, we built it. It was successful. It was a seven figure seminar company. We did that from two thousand eight for about five years. Till about 2013/2014 and right at that time, 2014, I remember doing an advanced course we did as a six day course, and at the end of it I couldn't I couldn't walk. I couldn't. I had. It took me a week to recover from that event. Shortly after I had my gallbladder taken out, I had my appendix taken out and I had something called the pair tonsil liver abscess, which I don't wish on anybody. And that was I couldn't even talk. It was like I'm just. I had searched. Luckily, I didn't have surgery on it. They shot me five. But I was hospitalized where I couldn't talk. I couldn't swallow. Pain level was an eleven out of ten. It sucked. And I I thought to myself, something has to change. See this business? The seminar business, phenomenal business. But it just wasn't scalable because people wanted me. They wanted me and they wanted my attention and they wanted me to teach them. Well, whenever a business depends on you, you can definitely make a good living. But you can't really make a fortune because it's not scalable. And scalable means that it does not run without you. Well, a very interesting hat thing happened during that time is during these intensive seminars I'm talking about three days, four days, five a six day seminars.

I would lose my voice and I would lose my voice. And when you lose your voice and that's your moneymaker, what are you to do? Well, I went to a guitar center and found valley close to my parents house. And I said, what? What are the singers using? What are the professionals using? And from behind the counter, he pulls out this bottle right here. I actually just use some before the interview. Vocalise basically an all natural extra strength t in a convenient bottle and I sprayed it and I used it and it saved my life. It literally helped me keep going and it reduced inflammation in my voice and in my throat. And it was a lifesaver and I loved it so much. I literally called the phone number on the back of the bottle and a gal picked up the phone and I ended up chatting with her.

And I'd like your stuff. What? However you formulated it. It's a miracle and it's got to get out to more people. And I had a lot of friends in the industry that were speakers. I had friends that were musicians that were going on to work. A big thing that they would all tell me is that they could lose their voice and they need they needed something. And so I said, hey, have you heard this thing called vocalists? And they would be like, no. And I said, well, go get yourself a bottle. And I started reselling vocalists, just the throat spread and basically Woodbine wholesaler and then resell it. Well, this relationship, I like to call it a cosmic bond that I built with the gal who formulated the product in the first place. She was transitioning out of that company and wanted to sell it. And I looked at Kay and I said, look, this could be an opportunity here because this is a product based business. It doesn't really require us to be present to sell the product.

Once we set it up and we sell it, we can sell it online forever. Right. They can just sell by itself. Basically, what if we bought it and Kate gave me one of her very, very inquisitive looks.

And I love her for this because I have ideas all the time, every day, consistently nonstop. Hard for me to fall asleep sometimes. Actually, that's why she got me this mug right here.

Have ideas. I haven't thought of it. I have ideas about it for sure.

Laughing My butt off over here. That sounds so familiar. He's yelling.

She's records. Line of defense. Are she and she she shoots down some ideas of most of my ideas. Very gently. Very, very gently. And she's my partner. She is not. I mean, nothing happens without her. She's just amazing. She's my travel partner, the love of my life. She is my social worker. She's she's everything to me. I just wish that everyone could, you know, have a have their own cain't life. I like it better.

Can you. Can you figure out a way to sell that so we can all have our own Kate? Yeah. I mean, you are the marketing genius, so let's figure that out. I know Kate's probably watching back there somewhere, so, you know, she can start formulating ideas with you right now. How can I kill myself and others? Hey, do you know this person? Hey, mama.

She is so amazing. I love your mom so much, it was so great to spend that time with her in Big Bear. Get to know her better. She is such a wonderful, beautiful person. I love your dad, too. He's hilarious as heck.

And here we go. Yep. Kate's watching, trying to figure out how to do it myself. In trouble myself. Aren't we all, Brian?

I got say, I'm I'm very fortunate to have two amazing parents. And these are these are very special people who immigrated. From Russia and basically escaped persecution from Russia, fled. And thankfully ended up in California via Toronto. So I was born in Toronto. And when I was born, I was born with something called cystic fibrosis, which is a genetic disease, affects the lungs and digestive system. And actually when I was growing up, the life expectancy was 13 years old. And now it's thirty seven years old. And I'm proud to say I'm thirty seven years old. And I have a long ways to go. And it's because of my mom, because my mom always pushed me to stay healthy, be healthy. Pay attention to what you put into your body. Your body is your temple. It's going to give you feedback. If you put crap in, you're going to get crap out. And I had to learn that lesson. I'm still learning that lesson over and over and over again. And, you know, both my parents, they're Russian immigrants and they came to the US with basically nothing. And they're the hardest workers. And they always, always told me, Mel, you're in America. Like this is the land where you get your butt up and go out there and make it happen, because other people in other countries don't have that opportunity. They can't just start up a business one day from a night from an idea.

They just can't do it. The government won't let them do that. You know, if you're you're born into a certain class, you stay in that class. You don't evolve from there. Here in America, there's no such thing. You just need to get your butt up. Follow a proven blueprint. Follow other people who've been successful. And is it going to be easy? No. No one said it's gonna be easy. As a matter of fact, when you align yourself with your purpose and passion, it's gonna be hard. You're going to be tested over and over and over again to make sure that's what you want. So it's going to be challenging. But both my parents, you know, by all means middle class and a vey vey financially didn't have the answers. But they always push me. The answers are out there. Be resourceful. That's the number one gift that my parents gave me is the gift of resourcefulness. Go out there and figure it out. You want to make more money, go out there door to door and go start selling stuff. And that's what I did as a kid because I wanted stuff. My parents couldn't give me that stuff or they just didn't. And I had to get resourceful. And sometimes I got angry at them. But that didn't help. And I have to finally figure it out myself. And I now I thank them for that.

Yeah, and parents are amazing if they are supportive.

And the cool thing about your parents, like you said, is, you know, even if they had the financial wherewithal, they might not have said, here you go, son. Here's some money and go enjoy life. They probably would have said continue to figure it out on your own, because that's what we all need, is that that kick in the butt, because too often and I'm guilty of this being a dad myself, I would give too much of myself of my resources and not require that they go through the heavy lifting on their own. And now that they're grown, I'm getting tougher in that regard. It's it's a little late, but we'll still work on it. It's never too late. We have a ton of people coming in like this as early on the show. This is a do. Only 10 minutes. And we already have too many knowledge bombs. I can tell you.

Yeah. You know what you guys are listening to this is I am so blessed to be able to share this man with you, Mel, because he's back in his element. This is like watching him on stage again, listening to him. I'm getting goose bumps again because it bringing back all these amazing memories. I remember cramming night before it was my turn to go on stage and train as material.

In fact, I would use the loops, I would use the Bible as an entrepreneur or revolution, which was the big boom book to do that. You know, and just scour this thing, listen to his audios and everything. And I've heard him talk so many times about topic of business, personal development and all this, and it never gets old.

And that's one of the things you also taught me, Mel, was repetition is the key to mastery. I've never forgotten that. And I teach it myself.

This is what I found out. It's not only his repertoire. You're absolutely right, Brian. Repetition is mastered. And as you get older, because we all do that, more repertoire, more rapid, more repetition. Easy for me to say is the more important. Because we tend there's a tendency this is a human tendency is to fall into our deep rooted negative patterns as we get older, we become more complacent, our brain becomes more hard wired as we get older and. That's why repetition and reprograming your brain as to who you want to be and who you should be as opposed to who you were is of the utmost importance. And that book, man, that book is not just saying this because. The earth to that book, but that book is one of my favorite books. And the reason is, is because I added a lot of interactive elements for you to actually take part and be a part of that book. It's not just something you read. It's something you do. And then become.

Yeah. It's actually got like almost like what we call a built in workbook to certain sections of it where you actually participate and actually write some things down. There's a quick snippet. I'll go that way. And so you can go through use this book and without ever having to go to one of Mel's seminars. Now he's now you can replicate yourself and scale through your book and. Well, you've got some other amazing resources that I know you're talking about bringing back to the table, which I'm really excited about to that all cover everything that's talked about in this book in an advanced way. And like I said in the onset, I've been through every advanced course.

This gentleman put on I spent many of thousands of dollars and gratefully. So I have zero regrets, not one. In fact, I would tell Mel that you're not charging enough because the impact on my life is so profound. I won't say was so profound because it continues to be. It's a life long. And so stick with me. I'll stay connected with him because he's going to be able to avail the very resources I experienced to you in the very near future. And I'll be helping in any way I can. Mel, to get that out there, because it's it's that important for people to get their hands on this. It's amazing stuff.

So during the times that I was doing events, I don't do any events anymore. And during the time that I was coaching people and I don't take on any more clients. I had a coach myself. And this coach this coach told me, Mel, why don't you look at buying businesses and flipping them? Doing you know, we hear about that in real estate. You can buy a house and fix it up and then sell it. Why don't you do that with a business? Right at that time is when I was I was getting sick and I had surgery and I couldn't do workshops anymore. And I made that phone call to the phone number on the back of Vocalise. And that gal who created that company wanted to sell it. She wanted out. And I said, OK, well, why don't we buy it somehow? You know what? What is that going to take? And we started that conversation. And my mentor at that time was somebody who is an expert at M&A mergers and acquisitions. And he mentored me through this process of actually buying my first business. And we ended up buying the assets to vocalist's. And this was in 2000 at the end of 2014. And what ended up happening is when I couldn't when I couldn't do any more seminars, I couldn't do any more workshops.

It was just too it was taking too much out of me. We acquired a company and then started to grow that and stepped into a product based business as opposed to a service based. And as opposed to an info based company, which is completely different. And we had to learn manufacturing. We had learned about distribution, warehousing, logistics, chain supply management, all these supply chain management and all these different things that we never knew. I mean, how does one learn all this? Well, you just jump and do it. And thankfully, we have Google, thankfully, we have YouTube. Thankfully, we have audible. We got books you died in and what becomes unknown and scary then becomes known and familiar. I'm going to repeat that again. What becomes unknown and scary because oftentimes with unknown is scary, then becomes familiar and you become confident and then you carry on like you knew it. That is the process of learning. And if you can actually enjoy that process, you'll enjoy life because that's what life is, just very cyclical. You're going to have your ups and you're going to have your downs. And when you have your ups, can you enjoy. Can you save some money at that time? Because you're going to have some doubts and and your downs.

Can you enjoy that? And can you get back up and get back on the horse and do it all over again? And so we acquired assets to vocalize. I was just recovering out of the hospital and we started this. We decide K 9 looked at each other and we're like, look, we want to build something that doesn't require our exchange dollars for hours and we want to build something that is more product based. So it sells like we can work it and sell more. But if we just have if we don't and we want to take a week or two off, it will run without us. That was a very, very important. And it's almost like we were forced into it, really. And when you're forced into it, you have to make things happen. So at the time we were growing vocalize, it was doing very little in terms of e-commerce sales. I mean, like like under five hundred dollars and we grew it. Today, I took a look at the numbers before this call. Last month, we did over twenty one thousand dollars in sales. And that's month after month, month after month after month.

And so I'd like to interject that that is due to the mellen Kate hussle. They are hustling all the time nonstop. They are going to all of these massive musician conferences, Nam and both in Tennessee and in California nonstop. These guys work tirelessly. The work ethic is incredible given what this young man is going through every single day, both health wise and everything that's going on with him. I just wanted to re lift you up again and let people know that this is an example that you want to follow. I always tell my my team model of success, just model success. Don't reinvent the wheel. Don't reinvent it. Just model success. So when I found Mel, I I grabbed onto both of his ankles and I haven't let go. He still has the finger. No marks because they're always there. And just do that. Find someone like Mel. He probably doesn't have time to do it for any other people at the moment. He's got a whole different shift, as you can see. He needs to take care of himself and his wife and their lives. And the thing is, though, I've learned everything I know from him. And so just model success. Please don't try to reinvent the wheel. There were a couple of things you said didn't mean to cut you off there, Mel, but I wanted to jump in and say, you know, you said 2014 and I know that the entrepreneur revolution did not stop in 2014. And so I want to put that out for folks to let them know that it wasn't like chop off one arm to grow another. It was grow one steadily until it was time that they could make that transition. So that's very intelligent. It's it's like I liken that to I've seen gurus on stage actually tell people that had full time jobs to quit their job that day.

Quit their job and become an entrepreneur. I'm like, wow. That is the worst advice ever in. You got to be prepared. It's got to be responsibility. So that I loved. And then you talked about the downs, ups and downs, you know, and that one thing I remember from your teaching.

And then I I I reteach this, you know, learn do teach is the three the three pillars. And that is, you know, you will always think something's happening to us. You know, all that happened to me or he did that to me. Well, if we just reframe that and say that happened for me, then you can use that as a growing moment in moving forward. So I'm just parroting what I've learned from this gentleman right here. So imagine his mouth moving and he's saying all this because that's where I got it from. He's an amazing guy. And I wanted to real quick give people some props for coming on and saying hi. Remember this young lady?

Yes. 80 years.

Yes. Is in the house. Let's see. Your mom was giving some great additional words of advice and wisdom, but she was also your R.N. or not your wife, your mom.

And then she also said definitely, she agreed. Don't spoil your kids. All right.

And then Claire, she wrote us a nice book. She said, My friend's daughter is fighting.

It is so encouraging to see how well you are doing. And the wise words of your mom, I'll be sure to share with her for hope and encouragement. So she's got a nice link there so far as you know. Watch this. Later, you can watch the recording. You could just posit there and grab the link and use that to help donate for a great cause. And then, yeah, your wife. I did mention her name, but I had that up a little earlier. She's on there. I don't know if you saw that. She said that you're an inspiration to everybody, everybody you touch. Even this guy, Richard Barrett, who's superior.

And I don't know if you saw this young man either, but Mr. G, stand G.

Stan Grant, thanks for watching.

It's fun. It's like a reunion because all these people I know them personally and it's fun just to kind of hang out with you and them. Oh, and I don't think you saw this one, but this is another one of my team at the moment. She is crushing it on YouTube. I'm going to connect you with her now because she has found a way to do it in a very short period of time. One hundred percent organically. It's just amazing, people. And that's another thing to say is like, you know, when you when you're not trippin, aren't you have friends like Mel and your friends like Fumi Lola, who is the name behind this one extra step CPO is you help each other when you can. You get resources out and you give each other a hand. Mel, I've told you many times that I still to this day will. Any time you need help, anything.

I'm a phone call away and I'll help you out, brother, any way I can. But I just can't interject a little bit of additional wisdom that you project that has permeated my life. And because of the love you have, I am where I am today. And I appreciate you, brother.

Thank you. That means a lot. Coming from someone like you, Brian.

Appreciate it.

I'm going to start crying. Don't do that.

Why should I share a little bit about how we've grown the company since acquired or like we say after?

Should I share a little bit? The answer's yes.

All right. Well, I'm going to share a little bit about how I literally applied, what I put in this book, how to grow and build a business to the company that we bought. So the company we bought was a company that really needed help. Also, it was in retail distribution, but it wasn't really online sales were low and it needed it needed from sales and marketing and branding help. That's why we actually got it for a really good price. And once you know these skills, you know these skills and you can apply it to any business. Now we live in a day and age where. There are baby boomers that are retiring. They have successful businesses and their kids don't want to take over their business. So that means that there's an opportunity for you to potentially acquire a company that is already in revenue, move that it's making money. So how do you take either a company that you just started or one that, you know, has legs, you're making money, it's doing well. How do you take that and amplify? So let's talk a little bit about that.

The first number one thing is mindset, but I'm sure you guys hear that often, but it's very important. So you need to look at what your limiting beliefs are. You believe it can be a million dollar company. Do you really believe it can be a 10 million dollar company? And if you don't believe that, then it's never going to happen. You have to believe it and then you need to put a plan according to your belief system. So let's say you have the mindset down. You have your limiting beliefs out of the way emotionally. You're able to grow a team. You're somebody people want to follow. And you you have the skills in sales, marketing and team building. Right. As an entrepreneur, you kind of need to be the jack of all trades, especially in the beginning. And you at least need to know about a little bit about a lot of things. So, you know, you know, when you're talking about and you can make sure that you're managing people to do the right job in the right timeframe.

So the key here is to as soon as we acquired vocalise, we said we asked ourselves some questions. And remember that the answers are always in the questions. The answers are always in a well-stated question. So if there is something you're missing in your life right now, it's because you're not asking yourself well crafted enough question.

So if you if you if you keep asking yourself, why am I not making enough money, that is not the question. That's not a powerful question. A more powerful question is, who am I not serving with my products or services? That takes us to marketing. So market.

To serve.

Who is the who is the demographic that will be raving fans of your product or service? That's who you want to go after. For example, musicians love our vocalists, singers, choral groups. They love our product. So we and they and they need it, right? They not only want it, they need it. Right. There's a big difference between somebody who just wants to and somebody who's singing three, four, five, six days a week and they get saw, can't perform. They need something. That's when we want to catch them. That's when we want to offer them our solution. So that's what we've been focused on. And that has worked very well with social media, Facebook and YouTube. Instagram is a big one for us. You find your clients where they're at and then you position yourself to offer them your product and service in a way that you're serving and not selling. What that means is it's more of a collaborative and you need something that you are offering them first to build trust, social proof. So social proof in any business is absolutely important to make sure that somebody else is saying, hey, this product is great. So we're always recording testimonials. We're launching videos with artists, not about our product, but about them, about sharing their mission and journey as a musician. And then what are the challenges they go through and then weaving in our product. So it's actually a video that's of value to other artists with our product placement. So how do we find a market that that means your product not only wants it, but needs it and then become the expert in education and educating in local? For us, it's growing to be a vocal wellness education company. Here it is for vocal coaches.

So vocal coaches have our customers. They are our customers. They're already the appeal whi which is a person of influence. And how can we add enough value to grow their business? If we can help them grow their business, then taking on our remedies and selling them and supporting their customers is going to be a no brainer. And then that builds our salesforce. So that's something I want you to think about is how can you empower others, grow their business through your business? And that is really the science of marketing. The next step to think about and look, you know, I'm I'm still growing. I'm reading books all the time. I'm still learning. I don't have all the answers. All I've all the little that I know, you know, that's worked. I'm sharing with you. And hopefully you take a little bit of that and you can make that work for yourself. The second thing is to find a product that's selling. Right. That's that's a big one. You know, entrepreneurs, often times they think that they need to invent something or or figure something out. That's you know, we we think our ideas are the greatest ideas since sliced bread. Well, that may or may not be true. Isn't it easier just to find something that's already selling, maybe make it a little bit better or sell that exact thing and then, you know, that's already selling. So a big part of our business is on Amazon. It's on Amazon. And the throat spray vocalise was not doing too well on Amazon. But there was some interest. So this past year, we focused on we knew Amazon was a channel we wanted to get involved in. We knew that it was like we ship them product.

They sell it for us. And we knew that the brand was recognized a little bit on Amazon. So we wanted to grow that. That's what we did. Now we started to sell one bottle. But the thing is, is people started to like that one bottle. We knew that. Well, then they might want to buy two bottles. They might want to buy three bottles.

So we created different packages of the same product and it kept selling more and more and more. And then we thought to ourselves, let's take focus. What's our core brand message? The brand message is bringing natural vocal wellness to visionaries, people that are out there hustling on their mission. They're on their purpose. They're trying to make it. They're doing their best. They're going against the grain. They're they're people that are just bold.

You know, that they're there speakers, they're teachers. They're empowering the next generation. They're musicians. They're sharing their gifts.

How do we how do we put the brand around that? What is the message around that? And so for vocalist it specifically vocal wellness, everything that we make is for vocal wellness. And we our goal is to leave that category.

We're really we're really creating that category because it didn't exist really before us. And one thing that's in that vocal wellness category that I was keeping an eye out that I knew was I basically almost was certain would sell.

We're throat drops, lozenges.

People love lozenges. And that fact, people love lozenges more than the throat spray. And so we took the best of the best ingredients and made the best Druckman throat lozenge, in my opinion. They're delicious. They work really well. And we took the maduka Honey, which is a high quality honey. We put it into a throat drop. We'd launched it on Amazon and it took off. I didn't come up with that idea. I reverse engineered it really. You know, like I I just looked on Amazon. I saw that was selling and I kind of reverse engineered it. Find a distributor or find the manufacturer or find the packaging, put it all together and then it turned down, hired a designer, and then it turned out to look something like this. And do you see it specifically for dry, scratchy, overused, sore throats? So if, you know, you get a dry scratchy over your sore throat. This is for you. And at the top helps fight vocal fatigue and soreness. So it's the messaging on the package is for people who use their voice for a living and rely on it and need it. And not only is it's it's all about preventative care. That's what we really want to hit home. So we launched that. We launched a couple other products, some Malukus honey sticks.

And before you knew it, we vocalizes now become a trusted brand to people who need to keep their voice in tip top shape. So we brought it to market. All of that. What I just mentioned is how do you bring more of what your market wants to market? And for us, Amazon was a big way. And then we brought on somebody to manage all of our Amazon business. And then there's you can go deep down the rabbit hole into one sales channel and do very well. And that's another point that I want to bring up, is that sometimes we spread ourselves too thin on things that are working well. In every business, 80 percent of what you do is going to be. Well, I'll say 20 percent brings 80 percent of the profit. There's 20 percent of what you do could be picking up the phone and making the calls. Bring in 80 percent of the profit. 80 percent of the revenue. So for us on the e-commerce side, because we're also in retail stores, 20 percent of our efforts back in the day were focused on Amazon, but it was bringing in a good amount of revenue. So we're like, well, let's focus on that.

And it was difficult for me to say that because there were so many other things I wanted to focus on.

And then Kate came into the picture. We all needed Kate and she said, now let's focus on this. Let's grow this. Let's build this to where it can be, you know, multiple six figures a month because it did have that potential. And that's what we did focus on Amazon. We're still focusing on Amazon. We haven't even got Amazon to where it can be or where it should be. And that's just one channel focusing on just that. So as an entrepreneur, you ask yourself, what are you currently doing, 20 percent of your efforts that are bringing 80 percent of the money? And just do more than take that. Imagine if you took 20 percent and did 250. Imagine if it was 80 percent. Wow. How fast that would grow. How much faster.

That's amazing. You know, you took a completely different industry. You went from a seminar business into selling physical goods online and you just found a way to make it work. It didn't happen overnight, but I wanted to bring up the fact that it's all based on everything you'll find in here. And so anybody can do this. All you have to do is apply the principles and do the work, actually do the exercises that are in this book. It's called Big Boom for those you listening on a podcast. It is. It's gold. It is your. It's like a you know, I've heard the EA myth revisited. It's called the business bible.

I think this one is more of a business Bible than that. And it's also, you know, business is about relationships. And so it's not just going to impact your business life. It also will profoundly improve your personal life with everyone. It did for me. I'm saying it as a product of the product. And so many things. My goodness, it is awesome being back together, brother, because the nuggets are flying. I've got writer's cramp. I'm taking notes and I'm running the show mindset.

You start over mindset. That's why I brought the book up. It all starts with that. This is the differentiator that you had when you came on the scene into my life, which was you were on the scene much longer before I even met you, about four years. But the first time I saw you speak, you talked about things that no one else I ever saw talked about from stage. I've got lots of lanyards and badges to prove. I've been to many seminar events and you know this as well. Well, before I even met you and then after I did a few more, but no one ever, ever went as deep as you did into the mindset part of the equation.

And once you know, it just clicked. I said, I'm missing something. I'm missing something. I'm missing something. They keep giving you the tools, you know, how to crank the handle, but they don't tell you how to reprogram your mind for yourself. And I didn't know it existed. I didn't know it was possible. And then this guy walks into my life and I thought, this is it. This is the missing link. And I'm here to tell you. That is absolutely the truth. It is.

The missing link is getting your mind cleaned out and permanently reprograming your mind for success and in both business and personal life. And yeah, I got I got writer's cramp, delegating minutes. So, you know, you you just learn you went and you hustled. You figured out how to do all this stuff, fulfillment. I mean, I watched as you filled a.. What is the warehouse floor with pallets of this wonderful stuff called vocalise. And, you know, it's just been so fun watching and following as you guys progress. And then when you told me not too long ago that you were pulling in that much a month, I thought, good lord, this guy is amazing. And this gal, you and Kate both. What a team. The thing is, is there's hope for everyone out there. All you have to do is model success.

And I don't know if I've said it before, but you should read this book, by the way.

You know, I do have. Let's see. Here we go. Let's put that up for those you that want to grab a copy of the book and go to that link.

And Mel's got a gift for you. We'll talk about that in a minute. For anyone that picks up his book and then e-mails him the receipt, we'll give you the information here in just a moment. You know, we're already at the hour, but because you fell off or you fell off for like 52 minutes, we're gonna go another 52 minutes to make up.

Let's do it. Let's do it. There's so much work.

And this is the thing, you know, I got to spend two and three full days with this man multiple times a year in his seminars.

And, you know, the message was similar, but not always identical. And repetition is the key to mastery. It just was it was like food. It fed me my brain. And then going through all those advanced courses, which I'm excited to hear.

Well, I'm not going to let it out. But there's a great thing that's going to be happening with that as well. And I just want to say, I'm a product of the product. Here's the honey. It's it's an open package. I actually do consume it. I love it. Vocalise. I have this at my desk at all times. I'm on on-camera quite a bit. Working with my team with Xoom meetings as well. And I'm constantly using that. And then I also love, love, love.

This thing called Lip these you haven't talked about that yet. These this is a lip balm and it's oh, my goodness, it's so creamy and just. And it's all natural. That's the thing. Another thing I love about it, there's nothing in here that's going to harm you. It's just going to help you. The whole line. And I'm out of drops. I love those drops to those erm. I was telling them before the show I just wanted to point out that, you know, just I have to smell success.

Please, please, I beg you don't try to reinvent the wheel. Get the book and start there if you have any questions on it. And if Mel doesn't have time to field questions, come to me. I know this stuff inside and out now. Thanks. Thanks to this guy right here. Oh, here's a question. All right. This is a great question from. I do. Any tips on how you go about researching a business idea or for a particular product?


Go to the number one.

Go to the number one store online that people are buying from. Which does Amazon we get on Amazon. And you can start actually typing. So first of all, you can use a search as a tool. Right. You search. You can search. Right. You can kind of do it the long way because there are tools for this and I'll give a resource of a tool that I use. So first of all, you can just search. So let's say I knew that like when I would type in vocalist throat spray into Amazon, there would be ancillary products that would pop up, that Amazon would give me the information thing that, hey, somebody who bought vocalise also bought this and also about that and also about this. One of them may have been like, you know, they bought vocals, but they also bought this t they bought vocals, but they also bought, you know, lozenges. So right there, it kind of got the wheels turning like, OK, well, if they're buying a throat spray, they're also buying lozenges. They're also buying a T. I probably want to dig into that a bit deeper. Then I would and I would find the best products. And then I would read the reviews and I would read the reviews.

But I would read the negative. I would read a product that was very heavy on positive reviews, but have some negative ones. And I would read those negative ones and like, OK, well, that's how you make the product better. Don't do those things. The menthol was overwhelming. So we didn't make the menthol overwhelming. We made it very well rounded. You know this. And that was what? However, like, you know, the honey tasted artificial. OK. Well, we we got the best time. And so it tasted like high quality. So that's the way that we did the research. How if you're looking for a product and you're you're starting from scratch, I would. And you're interested in Amazon. I would research Jungle Scout. Jungle scout and jungle scout. If you've just gone to YouTube and type in jungle scow, million dollar case study. This guy, Greg Mercer, teaches you for free. I love the guy who teach you for free. His step by step process, how to find product, how to source product and get it made, how to make it a little bit better. And then how to ship it to Amazon. And it's literally all hands off. Amazon sells it for you. Now, you do need some money to do this.

You need at least five grand to do this. I mean, not like you're not paying him five grand. You're paying for the product. So you do need some money to start up an Amazon business, for sure. Because it's a product based business and you need some capital for inventory, among other things. So definitely make a little bit of money and then you just reinvest it into buying more and more. But you can look at jungle's Scout million dollar case study. Greg Mercer. He's phenomenal. They've done maybe four or five of these case studies, which are amazing. I mean, I watch them. I learn something new every time. And then and then he does have a software. It's like a plug in. I pay for it. You don't have to, but it just makes finding product and sourcing product and figuring out who manufactures it and finding out actually how many sales are on Amazon. Very easy. So it's a plug in and you click on it. When you're an Amazon, it brings up all the data and data. So he does have like a paid software that you can use as well. I hope that answers your question. I do.

My goodness of it doesn't. I don't know. Is that like a chrome extension then the plug in there? Yeah. Yeah. Wow.

I can't tell you how many amazing extensions I have acquired that do some amazing things that that automate and help me grow my business. So that is actually exciting to hear, especially for anyone and everyone who's looking to sell product on Amazon. It's a very it can be extremely lucrative thing to do. We've got we got proof right here. Many have really crushed it on Amazon. And it does take strategy. It takes time. You can't just put together a product, slap it up there and expect a rake it in. You've got to put some work into it. And this is a perfect example right next to me that that has to happen and like to be honest and truthful with people that, again, you know, success takes work, it takes time, it takes effort, it takes the ups, it takes the downs. It can strain relationships for sure.

I'm saying that from personal experience, it just if you don't have the right mindset to handle all of that, if you're not prepared well enough and I'll do it again, if you haven't read this book and applied to everything that is in here, then yes, then be sure to go out and get the book. There's the link again. We'll talk about the wonderful gift in a moment.

Your gift. I want to give a gift for you.

This guy loves gifts and now he's given a gift. Yes, let's do that.

Ok. So a friend decides to get my book. Follow that link, you know. You know, it's it's you can find my book for probably under ten bucks. I think that takes you to Amazon. Just get it. You'll love it. If for any reason you don't love it, I'll send you your money back, even though you know there's other. Just just get the book. Just get the book. But I want to do it. I want to do a very special gift, because, first of all, I want to reward action taking because nothing happens without taking action. You got to take action. You've got to fail fast. That's how you succeed. You fail, fail, fail. And then you'll do something that works and then you just do more of that. And hopefully that leads to more success. But you have to fail and you've got to fail fast. The only way to do that, you've got to take action. So for people who take action, get the book.

I'm going to hook you up with. Actually toothe totally free gifts. These are this is these two books. This is actually. This is what you're gonna get. So I can't do this for everyone who gets my book. But when you get my book, so get my book, send Kate the receipt that you got it on on Amazon. So just take a screenshot, send her the receipt. What I'm going to do is I'm going to ship you these two extra books. Or three. I'm going to pay for shipping. I will ship these to you and I'll pay for the books.

They're both by a gentleman by the name of John Warlow, who has, by the way, an amazing podcast by this same name built to sell. All he does is he interviews people how they built up their business and then sold it for 10 plus million dollars.

It's less about the amount that they sold it for, even though there's people on there who sold it for hundreds of millions. And it's more about how he interviews them and the mindset that he elicits from these very successful launch. So this book is How to Build a Scalable Business.

This is like a story and how every product should have a service that it sells and every service should have a product that it sells. Very powerful book. If you run a service based business right now, it's very hard to scale that. He teaches you in this book how to do that, because typically a company that you sell, which eventually is when you actually get the major are a Y is when you sell a company, is when you'll receive your biggest return on investment. He'll teach you how to sell a service based business. Very, very, very good book. That's in this book. Then in this book, the automatic customer also buy a jump on morally, which, by the way, I paid a lot of money and I did a two day event with him. I'm talking about ten thousand dollars to do a two day event with him in Toronto. And this book, The Automatic Customer. Create a subscription business in any business, create a subscription business, and then the industry is all about. How do you make a re-occurring money? How do you make money that comes in month after month? And how do you. There's nine ways to create a re-occurring revenue system. Nine, nine, nine kind of concepts how you can apply them into your business. He talks about it in his book. I'm going to send this book to you free. I'll send this one also to you. Totally free. Totally free, totally free. All you have to do is go to that link. Go on to Amazon and get the book.

So you got it. How do they notify Kate?

All the hostages? Email Kate at Green Peak Wellness dot com.

Put there just like magic.

It's you speak it and it appears.

I got a. I just wanted to reward people who are massive action takers and want to support their education. Those are two books that made a big impact for me. And I know it will for you.

That's phenomenal. Yeah. Stan agrees. His great books. I've got and both of those are on which a big library that you just brought, all three of them so built to sell automatic customer, big boom.

I'm sure I got those references from you back in the day when we were doing our fun stuff together and yet consume those. I should go back. I want to reread the both of them, actually, but built a cell that was a game changer for me mentally. Like, wait a minute, this is my this is my baby. I don't want to sell it. You know, and that's often how we all go into business to begin with. It's everything to us.

And the cool thing is, if you take a step back and realize, well, even though you may not even sell it. What if you put that mentality that you are building it to sell? It removes that emotional connection so that you can crush it. Because when the emotional connection is there, it's gonna just do nothing but stymie your efforts. It's just going to hold you back. And that was a huge learning moment for me.

That's that's very, very key. Brian, is maybe your cell, maybe you won't write. Maybe you will. Maybe you. It's OK. Either way, that's just like a personal decision you'll make. But every business should be built as if you're going to sell it. And then that makes the business scalable, not reliant on you. You put teams in places, sales and marketing are automated and things are moving and running without you. You're not micromanaging. And if you wanted to take a month off, you could. Well, that's a type of business that will want to be bought by somebody, whether you decide to celebrate. Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Great. I mean, incredible advice. Claire was saying her brother's an audio engineering and having artisan home or him someone to have in hand. Well, you know what? I think we have something for you, too. Claire, let me pull that up, because MLA set something up so that you can get 15 percent off if you want to grab it. And so this show was not put on here in order to sell stuff. It's just that these are resources. I know personally can help you. This was my idea. Not Mels. It's his company, his products. And I want to share the wealth of these this amazing line of products so you can get vocalise Libby's the honey sticks that the lozenges, any or all of them. I recommend all of them. I've tried them all and they're all amazing. I had a honey stick right before we came on the show and it soothed my throat and I put vocalise in there. I've got Libby's going. And when I get off the camera, because they're drying out everything, you need to run a business and do it with a healthy look at that.

Yeah, like the product placement. That was good.

It's it is a great, great resource for you. You're all speakers, whether you think you are or not. You're on the phone. You're talking to people. You're you're pitching your your where's your pitch in your service? We're all salespeople as well. By the way, you're always selling where we're gonna eat or who's gonna do the dishes.

There's so many things, nuggets that I've learned. And every one of these that I am verbally saying out loud, I kid you not.

I learned it all from this guy right here, because, you know, I I made my stamp in the corporate world. You know, it's just I hate corporate world.

And everything about entrepreneurs was appealing to me, especially the risk taking part of it. I love that part. I'm like, let's go for it. You know, whatever happens, happens. I'll still be alive. God will take care of me. I'm going gonna be all right. I'm to do it smartly, of course. But let's just go have fun. And if we don't go have fun, if we don't, after we actually go for it, nothing's gonna happen. It's like a ship that's in the water that's still not moving. Cannot reconnect its course because it's not moving. If you're moving in, you're going in the wrong direction. At least you can correct the course. So just go forward and step off that ledge and just be amazing.

Oh, yes. Woo! woo-hoo! Thank you. Oh, oh, I better read this before. Okay. It's it's your wife may be taking herself. How have you taken yourself from health challenges in the past to taking charge of a health and wellness every day? Good. Nice.

Thank you. Yeah. That. If I were to answer that in one word, is or I have two words. Conscious awareness.


Is being aware of what I'm putting in.

So that starts with.

You know what? That's with awareness. Right. Change starts with awareness. So my body was giving me a response that wasn't I didn't like. Right. Because it was it was letting me know something was wrong. And that created pain and discomfort. And then, you know, surgery. And it was just, you know, it sucked. And so sometimes we need to feel that pain. To make a change. Hopefully it doesn't come to that. The smart people will change before pain. But for me, you know, health wise, I needed that challenge. And so I drastically set started to do a lot of research. And there's a lot of different research in every body as every body is different. Right. So it's really just testing and trying and seeing really what works for you and how it makes you feel.

So going from my old diet to my current diet and taking it easier, easier on my digestive system and fasting one day out of the week and really getting rid of dairy and seeing how I felt and getting rid of, you know, eating meat three times a day and seeing how I felt and going to the gym, seeing how I felt. Even though I was resistant to going to the gym. Right. Because that just wasn't the habit for me. I didn't do that every day. Well, now I can't go without it. And getting the blood flowing throughout the body because dis ease likes to hang out and stagnant blood and you have to move. You have to move to stay healthy. And that's a very important thing, because I've suffered from gout, which, you know, I will wake up in the morning and my foot will be inflamed. Usually I get it in my foot and it just it's it's very, very painful. But I've noticed that happens. That's already a result of certain things. Right. It's not like I just wake up and suddenly I have it. I'll then reverse engineer. OK. Well, how did that happen? Is it. Did I eat something? Did I over eat something?

Did I use maybe, you know, too much meat or too much oil or too much caffeine or something? What was it?

And I'll have to deconstruct that and figure it out for myself. Really? And then eliminating certain things and adding more nutrients in and taking vitamins, supplements.

It's an ongoing it's an ongoing adventure. You know, it's an ongoing challenge. And that's the way I look at it is like there there is an answer. It's just I got to figure it out. And like Brian says, you you got it. You got the experts. And you have to find somebody who already has the results. You want somebody you know, there's plenty of people that we follow that have cystic fibrosis that are doing phenomenal and we follow them. And then people who are just healthy and fit and we we test out their regiments.

So it's a great resource I learned about from you that because of you, I created one that was called fitness therapy is hypnosis. And the thing is, you know, this is not just a shameless plug. It's something that works. I used to be in the fitness industry as Mel and many who personally know me are watching now. And part of that was getting the mindset right. And that was one of the reasons many people failed in any kind of fitness program. They would stop working out. They would go back to eating, you know, of Twinkies that are no longer available. Thank God there are so many other things that they'd go back to. And I remember one client of mine who is a mutual friend of Melanie's who went through the program and listened to the fitness therapy every night.

He told me that. So part of it is when you're in a grocery store is a perfect tip for everybody can use this immediately.

When you in the grocery store only shop the perimeter, don't go down the middle aisles. That's where all of the nasty stuff is. There is some nasty stuff on the perimeter, but there is far, far less. So there's a lot of great natural fresh produce, intense wink-wink on the perimeter. And that was part of the hypnosis C.D. that my client listened to. And he said the craziest thing happened to me. I was walking down the usual aisles. I always went to my started down one of those middle aisles. And suddenly something just said, stop.

And I just turned around and went back to the perimeter.

And so mindset, it's all about mindset. Everywhere you look, it's amazing.

And that's where to make things that can seem difficult now into a unconscious, effortless pattern and habit. Is that one of the tools to do that is hypnosis? And so that's why fitness therapy is really a gift for the mind and a gift for getting you to where you want to go because it's reprograming the unconscious mind at the deepest level.

And the cool thing with this is another lesson here, because all I did to create physical therapy literally was to model what Mel had done before me. He had c.D on confidence, on sales. What was the third? It's escaping me at the moment.

You had 3-0 as well. I'm snatching them all up. And I mean, I kid you not. I listen to the one about sales the day before, and that's when I was on your team and not yet speaking from stage yet. But we were helping to close some clients at the end of the seminar.

And my confidence was unstoppable. And I made sales. I never thought I would imagine I could ever do before because of the price point for me. Used to be uncomfortable now is like it's just a price point, who cares? And the stuff works. And I know that that's the only reason I went as far as modeling and spending the time, the effort, recording it. Getting c.D made, getting graphics made, just like males talking about building Amazon. It's a process, but once you find something that works.

Be sure that first number one, please be sure it's something that works that has impact on people's lives, like melded with vocalists like you did with this seminar business. Because it's so gratifying. It is gratifying to make money. It is even more gratifying to see the result that you have had a part in in improving someone's life. So please keep that in mind and always, always be a product of the product. Don't go selling something that you yourself don't use or never would use. That is another piece of advice I like to throw out there in. We're just met the halfway point of our show.

So the 24 hour marathon, right. You know. Hey, a good buddy of ours.

I tried to get him to come on to said he was busy. Chris Burns has been through. He does a 12 hour marathon. I think once or twice a week. It's amazing. Dude, it's just that's the energy for it. He's a young, young buck. Laurie Hart. I think she was talking about the book. Yeah, I think she was talking about the book. And Stan said absolutely great books by Mel and John built to sell helped me turn my service into a product. Yeah.

So that's the thing. These books are empowering if you know the right books to read. And that's what Mel is giving you is the right books. Goodness sakes. Before we go any further, I've been flashing a banner. I've not mentioned it verbally, but for those of you that stayed on with us, live to the end and we're getting there. We're not there yet because there's one one lovely question I'd like to ask each of my guests before we part ways. And with you, Mel, you're never parting from me.

You know, you can't choose your family because the thing is, I've been flashing on the screen as I like to give away of five night vacations, stay at a five star. Notice the partner resort in Mexico. We do this every single show all year.

Actually, Brian's house in Mexico City is where that girl. Never mind. I'm not going to go into my Spanish.

I actually dreamt in Spanish once I kid you not in high school. And I always like to say it was a hundred percent Spanish. So then I followed up by, well, it was a very short dream. No, it wasn't. It was normal. But watch your screen for those you watching that are here live, whether you're on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Periscope. The list goes on Twitch. Here it is. And I'll remove the banner so you can see that a little better. And all you have to do is take out. You do now have our permission to take your gaze from the screen very, very temporarily and pull out your cell phone and type in this phone number in your text app and type in 6, 6, 1, 5, 3, 5, 1, 6, 2, 4. And where you would normally type that message to say, mail, I love you. You put the word peak PJAK and hit the send button. So once again, as Mel is doing it right now, you do the same type in 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4.

And then follow that up with the word peak in the message area, PJAK, tap the send button and we will pick a random winner. And yeah, I always consider and leave in the bucket. The guest speaker themselves because this happens every single time I can see him on camera. You cannot. And he is joining and he's an action taker and action is rewarded, like you said. So he's definitely in the running. So everyone do the same. And I can't wait to see who is the winner and to give that to the wonderful lucky person. All right. So, Mel, you know, let's see. We've covered a lot tonight. Thank you so gosh darn much. What a wonderful. It's been a treat. Oh, man. Man, oh, man. You know, I was alluding to the fact I'd like to ask this one question at the end.

And it's kind of a I don't know if it's a zinger, but it's it's it's an interesting Semien powerful question that a lot of my guests answer. And I love to bring it up at the end because it has a profound effect. And I hope you haven't seen any of the previous shows and already know what the question's gonna be because the most the best questions are the most genuine. And in the moment, and they're just phenomenal. And I know you're. You're a you know, you're a pro. You're not like there's no anxiety going on right now, like thinking, what the heck is he going to ask me, is building this sucker up? No. Look at Mellie's stone facing a smile. Bring it, man.

So here's the thing. This question. There is no such thing as a wrong answer. It's impossible to answer it incorrectly. It's just the opposite. The only correct answer is yours, because it's a personal question. And I'm not going to get into your personal business. It's just a personal question. Are you call? Go.

All right. Just want to make sure because we're going to lay it on you. All right. In all seriousness, I cannot wait to hear your response to this one.

Mel Cutler. How do you define. Success.

You know, I define success as doing the person that popped into my mind is.

Making every day better than the last.

You know.

If you can do a little more, if you can be a little more, if you can help out a little bit more, if you can grow your business and help that extra person just a little bit, just a little bit extra. Then the day before or the week before or the month before or the year before. And you have seen that growth for me. That is that success. You know it. And I actually didn't think I was gonna ask for it like that because my 20s. My 20 something self would have definitely said something where, you know, millions of dollars and a house on the beach and this car and back, you know that. And now. Being 30 something that's it is just as. Every day there's some sort of success happening.

You just got to find it. And at the end of the day, success is being healthy. And with the person you love know, like waking up in the morning is the frickin success and a huge one because there's many people who don't and camp and haven't. And we have a very small period in time to enjoy this thing. We call up life. And if you can enjoy playing with family and the people closest to you, then that's it. That's success. Like being able to drink that cup of coffee or tea. That sucks being on this show right now in this time and space. We will never get back the time we just spent together. This will never happen again where all of us are on this right now, in this moment. That that's success. And if you can find a little bit of success and happiness in those moments, then you can't not live a successful life. You know, money, it'll come in. It'll go, you know, everything comes and everything goes. It's very cyclical. So as long as you can fix it, at the end of the day, money is just a measure of how many people you're serving. If the more people you serve and the more people that you bring value to that are willing to exchange their dollars, you'll make money. You can always make money doing anything. That's my belief.

But success is is.

Is just doing a little bit better every day and seeing progress and smiling and just living. Living life and being happy about it. And when you get into those moments, because we all do. I know I do. Where you lose that, you lose that momentum.

Being able to snap back into it immediately and reminding yourself, hey, I'm I'm a lot like I'm frickin alive right now. How? Like I have two arms, two legs. I can talk. I can see things like this is magic in itself. And then everything else is just a bonus.

That that was gorgeous. Does so well said and you talked about being in your twenties. That's the interesting thing. All of the guests on my show. There isn't a single one who the answer the focus of their answer was money. And I often bring it up to say that would be a different answer if you were just starting your business. But I have successful entrepreneurs on my show. And success means something different to every person. As I have found, the interesting thing, Mel, is no two people yet and I'm over five show or eighty shows into this have answered it the same way.

Isn't that amazing? And the other cool thing is not one has made money. The centerpiece of their reason for success with their definition is. And I wanted to put up something your lovely wife was putting up. She's got Amazon on the brain and she said Amazon answer. And it was amazing answer.

That was a fun moment.

And yeah, I just wanted to let everyone know what a gem this gentleman is for you to spend this amount of time with me here and just me with everyone who is stuck with us the entire show. I mean, the numbers just say staying solid. And I appreciate all of you for coming on and watching. I hope you got in your your text message to win. I hope you bought Mel's book so you can send them a receipt if you don't recall any of that information. Just watch the recorded video. And fast forward to that section or ask me directly, come to social media and find out. And Mel, is there any way you would like folks to. Oh. Before we go, I want to bring something up that you have a great. So here's the thing. Everyone out there. How many of you are ever curious about what is it like to be to have a day in the life? What is it like to live in their house? What is it what they do for breakfast? Where do they go to celebrate? How do they hang out with their family? When do they.

Do they ever go to like really cool, serious, somber places to everything? And in between the good, the bad. I won't say the ugly because none of it's ugly. But, you know, the highs and the lows. Let's put it that way. Even so much as bringing you into their lives and you can watch as Mel is getting treatments for a C.F., I mean, how many of you would be interested in actually getting into he and Kate's lives? I mean, in a in a healthy way where you can actually watch and follow their their journey as they go through this life together. I know I am. I watch every single one of them. Always curious about, well, I wonder what it's like to be in that house. I mean, I've been in your house before, but only for small stretches. And then when we leave, I'm sure you're on your best behavior until we leave. And then then it gets real. That's the thing. They're real on this. I, for one, would love to share this. If you're OK with that, Mel, with your permission, adoption.

So we really made these videos and this YouTube channel for ourselves, kind of just like have a time capsule of our adventures. And you know what we do and kind of just to just rewatch and how a lot of fun.

It's been a lot of it's just been a lot of fun to do it. But obviously it's for the public. We want we want to build just fans and people and welcome people into our lives and the challenges, because there's a lot of challenges. And, you know, especially with CGI in the clinical trials and the medication and the therapies, I do all of that. It's just bringing a little bit more awareness to cystic fibrosis and hopefully just gives people a little bit of inspiration and and some giggles and so on.

So it definitely has it. And, you know, everyone just go and subscribe it. You know, they're not there to sell anything. It's just to share their lives and to get connected with someone who, you know, you're you're just you're cut from a different cloth, man. You're you're just you're always you know, you you priest a lot of things from stage. And the difference between you and most others, not all but most, is that you practice daily what you preach to this day. You're still stepping out of your comfort zone. I mean, that's one thing. Of all the things about you that I notice that really sticks out to me is you're a fearless guy. You just keep doing it. I remember I remember that you read a book on one week and the next week you're having an impromptu training where you're training the content of that book. I mean, in-depth with PowerPoint, whiteboard, everything. I'm just sitting at my jaw on the ground like this guy is freaking awesome because he he learns that he this time he skipped the do I think and went straight to the teach. And that was so telling to me in so many ways. I just thought, yeah. It's about taking action, ladies and gentlemen. Just do it. Just take action and make like he said earlier, make mistakes.

Make a lot of him, make him quickly and learn from them. Don't just make them to make them learn from them. And realized that didn't work. Let's move on the faster you get through that process. And guess what? That will never go away.

That will never go away. So the faster you get the habit of doing that, the better for you, your family and everyone around you.

And for her, the best thing you can do, though, is look up Mel's personal address.

Go stop by and give them flowers and love and say, I'm here.

Got an extra room.

I love it. You know it. The next time in the area I am going to even if I don't know your address, I will find you.

There's that movie, right? And when I do, I'm not going to do anything bad. I'm going to I'm going to love you. But yeah, please go check out the Van Cutlers dot com that actually goes directly to a YouTube channel. So it's easier to remember. And it's called the band Cutlers. OK. For those that may not know this. Why is it called the Van Cutlers?

Well, it's it's a combination of our last names. So Kate's last name is Van Sprain. And mine as Cutler. And so we put it together and we came up with the band colors.

That speaks volumes, right? There are not many men would even think about allowing that to happen.

And you probably within the recommended it, I don't know. It's just that's the way the two of you are. You're just you're like this inseparable. I love you both equally. I know you're still watching, Kate. I love you. I know it's late there. It's 10, 0 7. We went a full half hour over. But, you know, that's what you get when you fall off in the beginning of the show.

We are we punish you by keeping you on until it's going to be like at least midnight. Now we're going to wrap it up. Appreciate you, my brother.

I love you like a brother.

You have changed my life and so many others. And I know that we've seen a lot of them. Come on. Thank you, everyone, for coming on and giving comments and questions. Appreciate you as well. This has been something I've been looking forward to, as you know, Mel, for a very long time. And I so I'm happy that, you know, this was the right time. It was the right time for this to happen. Because look at you, man. You're you're the epitome of health. You're a handsome devil that, you know, you're just getting more good looking as you got older.

So this was the time, maybe a few more wrinkles about it.

That that's a sign of wisdom, baby. Welcome proudly. I know I do. And they get deeper and greater in quantity as you get older. Just love it. And thank you, Fifi Rose. You said you both rock.

I can agree for at least half of the duo here. Yes, definitely. Appreciate you all.

We're going to call it a night and let you all go to sleep and get that very, very deserved restful night. And until we meet again, I just want to say once again, thank you, Mr. Mel Cutler, for gracing this stage.

It's just been an amazing ride for me personally. It's filled me to the brim. That's it for now. This has been The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. We'll see you again on the next episode. So long for now. And be blessed, everybody.

Bye, guys.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows. The show was Brian Kelly.

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Mel Cutler

Mel Cutler is an Entrepreneur and Marketing Genius. He has created eight companies with two of them hitting over seven figures in revenue. Mel is a speaker, and he's the author of The BIG BOOM, a revolutionary book that will help you to be passionate and excited about what you do, impact others, and to be focused on a product or service that brings about a bigger good to the world and will allow you to leave a legacy that makes you proud.

Mel Cutler is the co-owner and “Chief Voice Saver” at Vocal Eze, where he and his wife and business partner, Kate, create and provide natural vocal wellness solutions for musicians and those who use their voice daily to make an impact. After consistently losing his voice and ending up in the hospital due to a severe throat infection, Mel began to study and focus on natural and organic ingredients that fight against inflammation and infection. This commitment to holistic wellness evolved into growing Vocal Eze into a full line of vocal wellness remedies that soothe, protect and lubricate the voice for those who need it most.

On a more personal note, Mel and Kate have created a YouTube Channel called "The Van Cutlers," where Mel and Kate invite you into their personal lives as they navigate the ups and downs of Mel living with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). In this amazing video series they leave nothing out and include the wins, the losses, and everything in between.

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