Special Guest Expert - Richard Ward

Special Guest Expert - Richard Ward (transcribed by Sonix)

Announcer: Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly: Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Oh my goodness. We have the most amazing guest the expert lined up for you tonight. I cannot wait for you to meet him. We're going to bring him on very very soon. Before we get into that : The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show, for those of you who are not familiar what is all about real quickly. It's about the three pillars of success that I call it. And the thing is is during my 54 years on this planet I've learned a lot, both from successful and unsuccessful people, and toward my later years of late, I've decided to start concentrate on just those who are successful and learn from them. Yes it's important to learn failures and how to avoid those, but I chose to focus more on success and doing that I realized over time, there were patterns that each successful person had that were in common with each other and really they are the three pillars of success. And that's what the title of the show is it's all around mind body and business. So for mind it's about that champion positive mindset. We all have choices. We have things that hope that that happen in our lives don't we? Not always good. And we have choices on how we react to those. And if you're able to program your mind, to reprogram your mind in such a fashion that you can react to that by getting over it much faster and moving back toward your goal, your focus that's positive then you're gonna move forward much faster. And what I found with successful people is they're predominantly positive people. They look bad stuff happens to them too. It does. And it happens does it happen to everybody. It's all about how you react to it. And then there's body. What does that all about. Well it's really about your physical body and taking care of it. Most successful people I ran to have very healthy habits in their life and they take care of themselves both physically by exercise on a regular basis and through nutrition. And that is by eating what was made for you to eat. In other words natural foods is one of the most amazing fitness gurus of all time. He was the godfather of fitness. His name was Jack LaLanne. Some of you might remember that name. He said one phrase that all you have to do is remember this one phrase doesn't matter what diet regime you follow. It doesn't. He just said one phrase one sentence that if you follow it you will rewrite your health if you're not eating healthy now. And that is, "If man made it don't eat it." Pretty powerful pretty profound very simple and brilliant all at the same time. And then business the third pillar of success. Those that I have followed that have been know resoundingly successful have mastered the key areas of business like sales marketing team building systematized. All of these things together. You know this does take time to master all of these areas. And the thing is if you master any one of them you are going to see incredible results. Now concentrate on mastering all three Mind Body business and so that is what this show is about and that is why I bring on guests like Richard Ward who you are about to meet here in just a moment and about successful people. It reminds me of a story of well the stuff you see behind me is reminding me of this. It's the books. I met a gentleman. This goes back quite a few years about a decade. I met a gentleman was flown out to mean we we had a deal lined up and there was a contract negotiation and he took. He hadn't flown out there picking up in a limousine it was and it was a really cool experience. Spent two days in his office corner office multimillionaire and very successful gentleman. And at one point I was sitting on his couch. This is an office. It's an office is a couch. Nice couch full blown table everything. And at one moment he's looking at me standing up and he turns and goes Brian. If people just do this one thing if they knew to do just this one thing they would all be super rich and he kind of paused and like I'm thinking I'm ready bring it. And so he turned coyly walked toward the wall directly in front of me behind him and there was a cabinet from floor to ceiling very large two doors double doors. He grabbed both handles and swung them open and what it revealed the contents was very similar to what you see behind me and that is shelf after shelf after shelf after shelf of books. And he said if people just did this and they just read books and these aren't just any books of course these are you know personal development their business books books about fitness everything I just discussed and I made a horrible mistake. This is about a decade ago because I decided at that moment to not heed his advice because I thought it was too simple. Come up read some books and I can become rich. I can go to the library and read these for free with a library card. There's not any skin in the game except for my time. There's no way this could be true. So I I defied that logic and decided I'm not gonna do that. And so thankfully luckily and just blessed beyond belief many years later I met another gentleman who became my mentor much younger than me and there was one point I was at his house. We worked together for several years and at one point I was at his house and he was walking in with headphones on and I said Hey man what are you doing. It was the morning and he was listening to a book. I said, "Wait, listening to a book?" And he said "yeah." I said Well he'll tell you about that. I've never heard of that. And he said it through audible. It's an app called audible. Long story short many of you know what that is already at that point I did not. I decided well maybe I would be more apt to digesting information and enjoying it more if I listened. So I started and I found out I loved it. And so I began reading voraciously book after book after book and what I also found while listening to books on audible that you could tap the screen on an icon and instantly store what's called a bookmark just like you would a physical book and put a piece of paper you know what I mean and between the pages. And so I thought this is brilliant because now I can just hit the tap that you know that icon bookmark though those points of interest and rather than having to go back and reread the entire book which many of us do. I can just go to those bookmarks directly and and digest the important information and glean out of the stories and metaphors that that are powerful. But I wanted the information itself. To that end what I've done is I've compiled a lot of bookmarks on online. And what we're going to do a segway into a segment appropriately named bookmarks bookmarks for and to read bookmarks.

Announcer: Ready, steady, read. Bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com

Brian Kelly: Yes, reach your peak library dot com. And by the way right. Take notes write things down and in other words stay with us right here live. Take notes. And this is recorded and you can play it back later and find out these resources we're going to be giving you resources myself and Richard included. Just take notes. Take out a pen and paper type them in your notepad online or on your computer. But stay with us. That's the key because you do not want to miss Richard. And the value he's bringing tonight I kid you not reach your peak library. Dot com is a resource that I I developed for you literally for you for entrepreneurs and small business owners and people that are just looking to get ahead in life and what it is is a compilation of 40 or so books. I'm way behind in updating it because I've read many more but these are books I've personally read and I personally vet which means that not every book I've read through audible is in this list because not every single book had an impact on me personally. And why did I do that. It's because you know it's all about efficiency with me. And for you so that you can go to a list of books in a library quote unquote that you can at least have some assurance that at least one person saw that there was value in these books. And so that's why I put it together solely for you so reach your peak library dot. And each and every one of these books I have stored bookmarks inaudible. And that's what we're going to do at this very moment is switch over to one such bookmark and this is by a gentleman of the name of Chris Hogan. And the book is called Everyday millionaires. It's interesting because I was listening to a podcast and he was a guest on a podcast and I got intrigued and they talked about this book and I thought I got to go check this out. Normally I read books that are referred to me by other acquaintances of my colleagues entrepreneurs very successful people. In this case it was very cool. I found this book and I thought there's a lot of nuggets in here. And what I'm going to do is just play for you a very short snippet one minute and so listen really close take some great notes and then I promise I promise right after it we're going to bring on our special guest expert. So go ahead lean into those speakers are those those earbuds and take a listen and take some notes. Here we go.

Chris Hogan: A race you can win if you believe you could never become a millionaire then you will always prove yourself right. You'll never save enough or work hard enough to overcome that core conviction. However if you open yourself up to the possibility the probability that a million dollar net worth is within your reach then you'll already be halfway to the goal. Your success will follow your beliefs. It's up to you to decide where you want to go. You have to believe that you have what it takes because you do. Of course if you set your goals toward millionaire status there will be plenty of people who try to convince you that it can't be done. They'll explain all the reasons why someone like you can't become a millionaire. I've got a trick for dealing with people like that. It's a secret that I use to make them disappear. It's easy to remember too. In fact it's just three little words prove them wrong.

Brian Kelly: Love that prove them wrong. But what I love even more is what he said near the beginning leading up to that. And that was that you needed to have the belief. And what does that come from. Mindset. The first of the three pillars that this show is all about. And that's why I love that that particular particular bookmark from this book because it spoke volumes to me with the mindset. And then now prove them wrong because how many of you have been told you're never gonna make that happen. I mean my goodness I'm one definitely many times. All right. Guess what time it is. You got it. It is the time that for our special guest expert spotlight. So let's bring him on right now.

Announcer: It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy, Skillful, professional adept trained big league qualified. And there he is ladies and gentlemen the one the only Richard Ward Richard.

Brian Kelly: I am so happy that you agreed to come on the show. Thank you so much on behalf of myself and everyone watching. How are you doing tonight my friend.

Richard Ward: Just great. Just great. Great to be with you Brian.

Brian Kelly: Fantastic. Hey before we dump jump into it I want to quickly remind our viewers that they have if they stay down to the very end I will provide a way for them to win for all of you watching and listening. To win a five nights stay at a five star Mexican resort all compliments of my friends at power texting dot com. Amazing amazing business amazing service. Check it out. I use it personally many of you have received texts about this very show from that service so stick with us to the very end. And now let's get to the man of the hour Mr. Richard Ward. I just want to introduce you real quick Richard and we'll jump on into that some good. I'm going to be fantastic. RICHARD WARD holds the certified financial planner professional certification and has a passion for helping people find their purpose in life with more than 35 years of industry experience. Richard believes in taking a holistic approach to creating a financial plan that offers fulfillment and possibilities. I love his take on this it's very different and unique. Many clients he works with are baby boomers and their business owners and executives who are considering a transition out of the business world or financially secure pre retirees who have little interest in traditional retirement and are looking for guidance for the second half of their life. I just got chills reading that because that is so profound. How many people that are out there they're just going to retire and go play with their hobbies the rest of their life. It's not a fulfilling life for us. Me and I love it that these people number one get it. And number two there's someone there like Richard to show them what else there is out there for them. So Richard is very active in his community and has supported countless non-profit organizations both locally and nationally. He has personally learned that some of the greatest rewards in life are earned while helping others grow thrive and prosper and continues to live his purpose on a daily basis by helping others who we. That is a man I am so proud and happy to have on this show because he epitomizes everything about an entrepreneur. That is what entrepreneurs love to do is help others period. And then all of the rest falls into place if you will come with a serving heart like Richard does. That's when you breed success. And Richard I I thank you for being on the show and I also thank you for what you do for others.

Richard Ward: Thanks Brian. It's always a pleasure for me.

Brian Kelly: And you know probably it's probably already pretty obvious. But I want to ask you you know like we all we all live we're all human beings and we all go through ups and downs in life. And you know it's sometimes difficult to maintain that level of drive every single day. So for you like when you get up in the morning and your feet hit the floor. What is one thing you would say that motivates you that if you maybe you're feeling a little down that day but that that thing comes back in your mind is like it's OK I've got this I'm going forward I'm taking it on I'm crushing it. What motivates you each and every day when you get up.

Richard Ward: Well it's it's really being able to live out what's meaningful to me was purposeful purposeful for me and knowing that my schedule that day and every day is filled with the kind of things that I want to be doing whether it's helping individuals find the right place for their engagement or helping some of the organizations out there that need some of these people and need resources to be successful.

Fantastic. And so you have a lot to motivate you because you get to help inspire and change lives. And that's enough for many people right there. Is there something you do personally and some people do. Not everyone does. But when it comes to maintaining say a positive productive successful mindset is there something you do on a regular basis on purpose to help sustain that well obviously there's lots of things we have to do to sustain it through time.

I love the concept of your show because obviously having the right mindset is important. Taking care of your body is important being physically active and able to do the things that you want to do. It's really critical. And of course business generally is a product of doing the first two things. I think very well. So knowing what drives you what what your purpose in life is what you're why is or why you do what you do is really important and for me being able to pursue that on a regular basis and know that I can fill my calendar with those kinds of activities and events making sure that that's what I'm focusing on is really what sustains me that that you know I get to the end of the day and say wow that happened pretty fast and I enjoyed all of it.

And I want to do it again.

That is absolutely phenomenal that I mean you feel you literally fill your calendar with your why I've never heard that before and that is so profound. I've taught it from states that if you don't have a strong enough why it's gonna be a tough road for you to finish the race and become successful at whatever you've chosen and you have integrated so deeply it's on your calendar every single day because it's exactly in alignment with your why and that is that is I mean that's beautiful. That is just incredible. You're pretty lucky. Pretty fortunate. Absolutely. And so you are helping other individuals to determine their purpose in life. If if that sounds proper by you know they've reached a certain point in their life and like what. What else is there. I want to really do more I want to. I want to associate maybe with a non-profit or you know serve others. So what is what ignited this spark in you to start this movement to go down that path of helping others to determine what nonprofit or other organization that could help fulfill them in the years they have to come.

Yeah that's that's a big question.

Well I had been doing this kind of work for many many years and generally you know the role of a financial planner is to help people accumulate enough money to where they can stop working and pretty much do whatever they want or do nothing or all that matter. And I got to a point where I was getting to that point in life as well looking at my second half of life and wondering why is that really all there is is to get enough money so that you can stop working and then you know what.

You sit around or you go to the beach every day or you know what's going to be fulfilling in it. I saw too many people that that really didn't look like a great model. I mean they really really kind of becoming detached and a bit bored and headed downhill. And I really thought you know that's not the ideal way to finish our lives. We all want something more from that. So I really had to think about whether I wanted to stay in this industry whether I wanted to continue to do that or look for something else. And I did search and I did find some people who were really doing some amazing things. I mean they had used their skills and experiences to make significant contributions they had gotten to the same point in life. They were a bit bored with what they were doing and found some new ways to contribute. It really was inspiring and I thought this is the coolest thing I heard was people actually using their experience their knowledge or resources to be able to make significant contributions and help other people to pick a cause that they were really interested and really work at. Help it guide it support it whatever way they want to go about it and that that would lead to the fulfillment that is oftentimes missing in our lives. I think just a great answer for the second half of life. And I've been working to really promote that pursue that and help share that with anybody who wants to listen for the past several years.

For anyone who would want to listen I think everybody in that planet would listen to this personally. This really hits a chord with me a good one.

I have a scene and it's not I didn't invent it but I don't believe in retirement. I don't think it exists. It might be a transition from one career to another but retirement to me it's my definition of retirement is giving up you know giving up on life giving up on serving others. Is it OK to indulge in hobbies and give some time for yourself. Absolutely absolutely. The thing is though a lot of times as folks grow older they are looked at by society as devalued they are undervalued based on what they bring to the table. Could you just nail that on the head. It is their wealth and breadth of experience their time on this earth they have they have so much wisdom compared to those that are in their 20s 30s and 40s that it would be a disservice not to share that experience and being of entrepreneur mindset and loving to serve and help others. I'm excited. I'm excited for all the years ahead because of all the people I get to continue to help with ever increasing experience base. And so what you're doing is so wonderful and amazing and it's going to impact not only those you're working with to help them find their way for the remaining years it's going to help everyone they touch in a profound way. And so kudos to you I just cannot say enough how how awesome this is what you're doing. RICHARD It's amazing.

Thanks Brian I think you're absolutely right about that. So many don't want to retire and there's good reasons for that. I mean that's the path I'm on as well. You know who wants to do that when we have so much to contribute. But listen boomers and others should grow and contribute for the rest of their lives and a renewed sense of purpose is really the key to this growth as well as to health and happiness and longevity and I've seen and witnessed how well this purpose can be realized when people are focused on helping others learn and grow and prosper. So this is really the key. And by pursuing this route I believe people can really live a rich life and continue to grow for the rest of their lives.

I think the key to happiness and fulfillment absolutely growing for the rest of your lives never stop growing never stop learning. I mean that's living that's living right. I've actually known several retirees that they had a hobby in mind and they said that's all I'm going to do when I retire one comes to my in particular who decided that and in less than a year he was gone. It did not fulfill him. I actually met him after retirement and there was no life in this man's eyes because he had no purpose and it was sad because he had a lot to give. And so I implore upon. I don't want to be a scare tactic and put that out there for people but consider what it would be to live your life to its absolute fullest to the very end versus check out and just get in a hammock or go hit the golf course or fish or whatever it is you do for the rest of your life man to me that's a life to me personally that's a life of sheer boredom. It's not including you know impacting other people's lives as long as I'm able to that's what I personally want to do. And it's just I don't know I can't see it any other way personally. So I see you have a nice shelf of books behind yourself. That's pretty cool so I would imagine I'm just going to guess that you are also an avid reader right.

I probably should take your lesson pick up the audio books but I try to read when I can. And obviously there's always something out there that's worth learning and experiencing so I try.

And so if you could actually recall one one business related book or something that was just inspiring to you that just comes to your mind just bam I can think of that one book that inspired you the most. What book would come to your mind.

Well as far as inspired me the most I think. So a year ago when I was going through this re-examination of what I was doing I read the book Half Time by Bob. You heard in favorite book.

These days I've been around for 20 years multi-million copies sold. But it's a terrific book of describing this period in life when people often stop and question what they're doing and whether they're finding fulfillment and what they're doing is still what they want to do or what what they can and should be doing for the years ahead and they reexamine what what it is that's important to them.

And it's very commonplace. It happens to lots of people and through this process of self-examination they can hopefully and sometimes with help find the right answers and turn to where they want to go with the rest of their lives and find it and make it the most fulfilling part of their life.

I love this halftime. I mean what a great sports metaphor for you know we're at that point where it's like OK there's a pause we're transitioning to the second half Now what what do we need to do to adjust to finish the race finish the game strong and win. I love it.

I'm gonna check that one out for sure. I have not heard of that one. So thank you for that resource. And by the way ever you will I'm I'm taking notes myself as I'm you know directing producing and starring and all that. I'm not the star. Richard's a star but I'm taking notes. So I hope you're doing the same. I'm writing down notes as we're talking because every single time without fail Richard is by far no exception. The value that comes from the guests experts is immeasurable. I mean I'm going to compile all of these shows into a collaborative several collaborative books because the value is too great not to share. And what Richard is saying right now everything he's saying is unbelievably amazingly valuable because a lot of entrepreneurs are at that point right now and they may not be advanced in years but they may be at a point where am I doing what fulfills me. I've met many that have second guessed you know hey I thought this was what I was passionate about and I realized it wasn't. And as a matter of fact I personally literally as a few weeks ago went to the same exact thought process I thought I was passionate about what I was doing and I realized through a wonderful blessed sequence of events over a period of time like wow I'm not.

It's it's something I'm passionate about but it's not the thing. And so I'm in the middle of a transition of my own in my business and I'm loving it. But it's so cool that this is this is the timing of this could have been more perfect Richard. This is phenomenal time here right. So you're a very successful businessman. You're also helping in addition while I should say yeah. In addition collectively within that you are helping folks to find their way their purpose. And so I'm always curious about successful people like what is it you do on a typical day day in and day out. Now maybe you have a routine maybe you don't maybe it's different each day but I'm just always curious and I think listeners are as well on end viewers. What is it that successful people do on a typical day. So I will ask you that very question what is it. If you have something that you do on a typical day that you do regularly.

Yeah. I guess I'm his routine perhaps as many. So I get up early and I hit the gym for a good hour each morning and me. You got to stay strong. You have to have the vitality to be able to put in these kind of days and do the work. So that's always at the starting point for me reading and catching up with the news and that type of thing. Here's what I do next and then I start my business day either headed to the office or two appointments to meet other people. They're often appointments I've made but people that I want to get to know find out what they're all about how I can help them in one way or another. There are meetings and other organizations that I participate in that are looking for guidance and help and assistance and hopefully I can provide them some of that connections that help get off the ground get started and sometimes finish up with a social event at one time or another at the end of the day. If not I relax try to catch my breath catch up a little bit on reading and prepare for the next day. But each day's calendar looks different based on what I have going on at that particular day. But it's all aimed again at that same purpose of helping others or helping the organizations I cared about.

I love the theme helping others helping others always there. And I love how it starts off with a gym. So notice remember mind body business he's already hit two of them and we know the Third's already there. So do you see the patterns. Richard Ward is one of those and I highly recommend.

Even if you're not getting advanced in age whatever your definition of that is if you're if you're hitting that point and you want to know how you can continue to help others and you're ready to go and get involved in nonprofits specifically Richard is the man and we'll give you his contact information at the end of the show so stick with us and be sure to continue to take notes I cannot stress that enough because when you know that what is it the longest memory is are the best memories as long as as long as the shortest pencil is something to that effect where the more you write the more you remember it's a proven fact if you write it you remember it much better you retain it so right take notes and then you know an hour of reading. I love it. Jim reading is not like Jim and then slam right in business day. Then start the business day I love the gradual approach and then I love the ending of well social event or relax. Isn't that cool. You know the unwinding time and that is so important because as entrepreneurs and busy business professionals we just go go go. And sometimes we need someone else to tell us to slow down. I mean my wife's great at that because I overdo it so many times. It's so important to have that downtime. And so I like to just sit with my wife and relax at the end of each night. She is my wife. And so I get to end the every day hour every evening solely with my wife. And I love it. So great advice work. I see. So what you just said Richard was your your regiment each and every day. And I look at it as great advice because you have the success that others are looking to achieve. So why not model success.

That's all it takes. Ladies and gentlemen find somebody that is successful and model. That's a fancy word for copy right. And how many of us were told that we shouldn't copy in school. So it's a completely different thing copying in that context was also referred to as cheating in this context. It's just referred to as collaborating and you know doing something that someone else is willing to allow you to to model. And I know Richard is open to that. Listen to him. I want to do it. Oh people all the time. That's all. Just help people. It's amazing. It's one thing to achieve short term success. Right. A lot of people can do it can do it repeatedly but oftentimes you know doing it over the long haul can escape most people. I've seen it. Oh especially in say the arena of network marketing. I've seen some. I mean I know personally who became phenomenal at recruiting others into the business and they would that's all they did and then will not support their people and then they would fizzle out and have to go back and recruit a lot more. There was no long term strategy to that. And so I was curious Richard from your standpoint and I don't want to to steer you in the wrong way by bringing up network marketing it was just an example it came to a head. What is one of the best ways you found. I mean you've been doing. You've been in an industry for 35 years you've achieved wild success regardless of industry. What would you say to the viewers and listeners is the best way to achieve long term success.

Well in the business context of that's what we're really referring to it obviously takes a commitment to it. You have to feel like you're in the right arena that you like the kind of work you're doing the people you're helping the clients that you have attracted. You have to be fully committed to them and their future.

It's about their their welfare that you're really trying to make an impact and putting their interests ahead of your own. Looking at it over the long haul and letting them know conclusively that you're there for them for the long haul this is not a short term one time transaction. This is a long term relationship that you're trying to build on. You're trying to grow with and you'll be there for them through thick and thin for the rest of their lives. That's really what it's all about.

So for me sustaining a business success in addition to all other things you have to do network marketing and other things of course are part of that. But it begins with that real really knowing where you're going what you're doing in your your business world being committed to that being professional and on top of your business. And then of course we're making sure that your clients know and understand and see every day that you're putting their interests first for the long haul.

It is so refreshing to hear that spoken out loud. It's so often not done. And it truly is all about the long term the long haul. And there are many that are in it for the quick kill that you know we have a society of instant gratification. Right. And people are used to that. We have fast food we have fast. We have instant everything we have instant news now gone the Internet and just search for what you want. It's there instantly and then so it's very easy to get caught up in the fact that oh well if that's so easy then I can become successful and very financially free very quickly. And that's just not the case. It takes time it takes effort takes consistency discipline and putting others interests first rather than your own because it's building those long term relationships that are the key versus the quick kill get in and out and take the money. It's just not a long term strategy. And so thank you for bringing up the fact of putting others interests first because that is the key in building a lasting relationship. And the cool thing is is when you do that and you do it on a consistent basis and you do it from the heart what you typically end up finding is you find just those people that are just like you don't you Richard and kind of have this you attract them almost and I don't want to get into that whole attraction thing it's just that I think that's what happens is you are exhibiting the behavior that you then end up getting those people in your life. And it just makes it a great synergistic thing moving forward.

I think that's such a good point. And if you are behaving exactly how you want everybody else to behave then you've got some wrong.

Now it's like you can read my mind because there were certain things I've been doing of late that weren't like on par with me and I reached my I reached my rewards which were not good ones of late.

And so you know it's continual reminders. So you know I'm human. I'm a positive person. Most of the time most people would attest to that. I have my moments. Believe me we all do we're all human beings right Richard. I mean the more successful one gets a lot of people think that once someone has reached a really good level of success in their eyes that their problems are dissipating and going away. It's interesting that it is it's exactly the opposite. The more success one achieve the more issues and problems arise that you must deal with. And the key is primarily how you react to those and you just learn over time to react the appropriate way and you continue to climb the success ladder and I see Richard nodding in agreement with that.

So true. You know a lot of people think money takes the problems away. And it does. It multiplies them. I can tell you it's a lottery winner stories that you wouldn't want to hear about because it's so sad. You know what it's turned out but it is you know how we address these issues rich or poor. We're going to have our challenges and our issues and we do need to face them with clear eyes and straightforward approach and knowing who we are and what we're all about. And it will do that oftentimes we'll make the right decisions and get through it.

Yeah absolutely. A mentor of mine reminded me this was several years ago. I used to teach from his stage.

I helped train has events and then I started do my own after that. But I remember this distinctly that he had one of the topics during one of these events he said you know if you're not a great person now and you make a lot of money you're gonna be a you know money magnifies who you already are. So if you're a great person you're going to be magnified and even greater you're gonna be a serving person a giving person if you're someone who likes to do bad things to people you're going to be exemplify. I'm not going to go in examples of those is just money money magnifies who you already are. And I can think of one person by name that is a great example of that. And that is Mike Wolfe. He was a previous guest a real estate genius and this guy is so amazing he is so philanthropic. But he's still I should say and he's still teaching how to achieve financial wealth using his exact strategies in real estate while he's not doing that. He's helping others. He's literally going to other events. And Mike running at those events and I don't know if any of you know what that means but you handle you you are holding a mike the entire event waiting for a question scanning the room. If somebody raises their hand you're off you're running literally run to get that microphone in front of that person the audience members in front of their body to ask the question.

And it's a taxing position. He volunteers does it for nothing. That's the type of you know money magnified him because he's already a golden hearted guy. I just want to give a positive example of that because there are so many like that Richard I know is one of those. Can you not tell everyone watching listening. I mean comment to say yeah I can tell immediately. Richard is one of those magnified awesome guys. Go ahead take that in right now. I'm like I'm waiting for you. Before we go the next question I'm just getting. So you've done a lot. You've seen a lot. You've experienced a lot and you still have a lot more to give along a lot more time to you know express your wonderful gifts to so many people now looking forward and seeing that you're one of those guys you can't wait for the next day next year next decade next two decades because it's only going to get better because of all the people you're serving and helping. Where do you see yourself in this business in say 10 years or even 20 years down down the road. Have you given that any thought.

Thanks for giving me that time I appreciate that longevity.

But now I see myself continuing the day to day effort and things that I get to be involved with are just that rewarding that I enjoy doing it every day I'll probably do more of the counseling and helping and assisting the organizations that are making a difference in our community helping the individuals that want to be connected both in their own business areas as well as in doing this kind of work.

And you know I'll probably spend less time in the financial planning arena doing that kind of work day in and day out. But let somebody else spend a lot more time there but I'll keep my hand in it. So I intend to do this as much as possible and and to see how it evolves into the areas I want to support and help because I want to keep that calendar full of those kind of activities on a day in day out basis for as long as I can possibly do it.

That's phenomenal. You know that your vision of the future is more of the of the present. Right. It's the present probably exponentially magnified. That's that's open desire that you can reach even more people on a larger scale if possible.

That's your goal your mission and purpose. It's an amazing mission and purpose. My gosh it's you're a gem you referred to me by another past guess and I I'm so thankful for that because you know it's amazing how how we travel in packs right. You go to seminars you go to networking events you go to workshops and boot camps. And if there is if there's any common thread to them in it whatsoever like it's a business related or entrepreneurial related. You see the same people that nearly all of them.

Not the whole crowd but you run into 10 15 20. Hey I remember you from the last event hour across town or in Texas or in L.A.. And it's amazing how we kind of it's like a herd of animals following a piece of meat. Right. And it's the best. I use that analogy when my kids used to play soccer when they were little bitty kids because there was no rhyme or reason or strategy or structure they just all followed the ball like I heard following a piece of meat. It was so funny but it's very true entrepreneurs are very similar.

And I love it. I love following that meat. I love following because I know that herd is gonna be there. You know that herd is my family my extended family right. They they exemplify the values the positive thinking the mindset the success oriented ness the focus on success. Everything that epitomizes people. I want to be associated with and so it's just amazing to go down that path and and be around those individuals and what you're doing Richard that you can be I don't say you could not be surrounded by those individuals because of the people you're reaching out to help they have achieved a certain level of success to be where they are to want to get back in a positive manner. Is that what you're finding.

Yeah absolutely. I mean that's that's some of the greatest part of the rewards of all this is being able to associate with and deal with those kind of people day in and day out. The ones that have the big heart the ones that are committed to helping others and and being able to you know call them your friends column your associates and colleagues on a regular basis.

I mean it's a terrific tribe if you will of people they hang out with and be part of. And they inspire motivate me day in and day out.

And you know the same exact thing happens I think of everyone that has ever seen this show or experienced that or witnessed it.

I am the most blessed of all because I get to meet and and get to know. Fantastic phenomenal individuals such as yourself. And it's just such a blessing. I have met so many incredible life changing people who are changing lives of others who are serving who have that servant's heart. It's just an overflowing of abundance of blessing the sick comes up showering upon me and I feel so grateful to be able to do this and to have you here Richard and to you know my purpose as I was telling you before the show is to help people to see you and to know who you are and to get in touch with you. And again we'll go over the contact information here coming up pretty soon. But the whole goal my goal for this show is to put the spotlight on Richard Ward and other guest experts that come on because you guys have so much to give and each individual has their own talents has their own experiences has their own lives to pull from to then impart that wisdom and experience on others to help them and that's what I love about this because the variety of that has been unbelievable. As you can imagine everyone is different.

It's just an amazing blessing. OK here's one that might be a little thought provoking and it's a cool question because it kind of puts you in the driver's seat and that is if you Richard were actually conducting this interview if you were to trade places with me but you were looking at yourself as the guest. What what question might you ask of yourself if you were hosting the show right now and then and then what would your answer be. Let's put that in there to get the answer.

That's it. That's an interesting question.

I think I'd want to ask something along the lines of You know I'm still in business is it really about giving to everybody else that I'm supposed to be involved with or that really the key to all of this. Isn't it more about you know what I need to do to grow my company my practice whatever it may be. Is that really more of the key and how I am going to get through my life and accumulate the resources I want and that type of thing.

And I know what you learn in time is that the great rewards really come from giving. And it's about what you can do for others and how you can help other people that you really get that they're really kind of lasting rewards that you really don't find in other places like money and success in your business and achieving milestones is all great. And we all want that as well and I think it's if you do it right kind of a product of the giving and the helping of others so you can accomplish both. It's not like you have one or the other only. But but this idea that giving of yourself to other things and causes and people where you can help and provide some of your knowledge and expertise skills and that I think is really the critical thing.

So I want to ask about that and whether that's really the key or you know maybe what should I look forward to in my retirement years. You know is it going to be you know golden for me and an answer really as well depends on how you spend those years not how much money you have.

Oh man that is so powerful profound and wise. I hope people are getting writer's cramp right now for writing notes. My goodness so many nuggets there. I don't even know where to begin on on responding. Not that I need to respond because you said it completely and so well already is just giving you know. What a great question to ask of yourself.

Number one and then number two the answer was just amazing amazing. So giving is greatness are great rewards come from giving was what you said I wrote it down and it's so true. And here's the thing a lot of people think and I've run into them where they're worried about charging too much money for their services. And we're talking about people that do things that are serving of others like you do Richard but they are at that point where they're not confident in what they're charging people. And my response to them is always you know think of what you want to charge them and double it because because

It would be a disservice if you did not charge them what you're worth because if you don't you won't be able to scale and help more people. So what you're doing is just basically undermining your ability to reach more and serve more. So it's your duty your duty to earn money. It's okay to earn a lot of money and just scale your bit you know pour some of that back in your business and scale it and help serve even more people. And so it takes a whole different frame on it and it takes the guilt off of their their mind and their chest and it gives them permission to move forward and charge what they're worth because I'm not saying you know gouge people don't price gouge people just charge what you're worth and you can do a lot of research you can do comparisons from others who are doing the same thing you are. And so that you're right. You know you're just charging what you're worth. A lot of people under charge and undervalue what they do. I just I felt the need to say that I don't know why. One thing. There's one more really what I call a heavy hitting question and this isn't a freak you out or anything Richard it's just it's such a a deep profound question for some and others. It's like instant on the tip of their tongue and it's something I've asked every single guest on this show. And the the really really interesting thing is is. There is no wrong answer. You cannot answer it wrong. So it kind of takes the stress off of it. However it is a very profound question and I want to ask it before we we sign off for the evening we're getting very close to that moment.

But before we do that and so stick around. But before we do that it's time to show and tell our folks how they can enter to win that wonderful five nights stay at a five star luxury resort that has been brought to us by power texting dot com. So just give me a moment and we'll pull up the information for you. For those you watching live there are two ways to enter. Two ways to enter and go to the Web site or the URL that is reach your peak LLC dot com forward slash vacation. One more time reach your peak LLC dot com forward slash the cushion or if it's simpler for you and use want to take out your phone and text the information then go ahead and text the word peak. And that's p AK. Text the word peak to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Pick which one you want to do. Write it down in your notes because I'm going to pull the screen down in just a moment. But go ahead and text the word peak PTA K to 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 once again brought to. You by power at 16 dot com. Amazing amazing company and by my dear friend Jason Nass and his business partner and we are so grateful and thankful that they have put this resource together. And by the way this is a true blue no kidding vacation. You're not going to be put into a situation where you're listening to a timeshare which many might think it's going to be one of those.

It is not in fact the owner of power texting dot com himself tested it so he came back saying Oh my God it was amazing and there was none of that and it was just a great time he took his daughter and had a wonderful time. So go ahead. Enter that I will text you directly because by the way either way that you choose if you either opt in or you type in information at the Web site or you text it. It both goes through the power text income service. That's what's running under the hood so to speak and so I will personally text the winner who gets to take that wonderful vacation remembers a five night stay at a five star resort in Mexico. So go ahead do that now and then we will come back which we are back with Richard. And he's a star by the way if I mentioned that he's a star we want to ask this one question Richard so I'm going to pull a humor down a little bit and let's get a little bit more into just not seriousness but let's humor and. It's a question that I love to ask as I said earlier. The cool thing like I said there is no wrong answer. And the opposite is true is like the only the only correct answer is yours there's only one correct answers. It's what Richard Ward thinks it is. And to date I've interviewed quite a few entrepreneurs in the past to date not one entrepreneur has answered it exactly the same way as one prior. I I I'm almost certain it will happen. But yet it has not. And it doesn't mean if you do that there's anything wrong it's just your answer is the only right answer. I just find it interesting that all the answers to date have been different. And it's very cool. So are you ready. Right. With that kind of build up is like oh man you're going to make me sweat. Not now. It's gonna be fun. So. Richard Ward the question is how do you. Define success

Success to me is doing exactly what you're supposed to do. That is what is your purpose for. Thinking clearly about. What it is that matters to you in this world in this life. Defining that purpose and pursuing it with all of your might. Day in and day out doing it because you know that that's the right thing to do that that's what you want to do. And if you fulfill it to the best of your abilities you will have left the world a better place than you found it. And I think for most of us that is a pretty satisfying thing. And we'll look back. Fondly at that eighty fifth or ninetieth birthday celebration knowing that we've given what we should be giving to others and that to the world and we pursue that purpose with vigor and with determination hopefully integrity day in and day out and have left it all on the field as they say and really done our best to make a difference in the world. And to me that's as much success as I would ever want to have.

Man it's so inspiring. I literally I'm not kidding. I got chills I got goosebumps on my arms. That was beautiful. And again different than everyone else. There are similarities here and there but that was very it stood out as quite different to me because you know doing exactly what it is you're supposed to do. And I love how you added that off or added to that with with purpose and then you said pursuing it with all of your might. Wow. That is one variance that I've never heard. I know the previous I've thought it but you verbalized it and then you reinforced it by saying and then left it on the field. I love that. And that's that's that's a man. This this is a man on a mission. He's on a powerful mission a powerful purpose and this is the time that I think is a perfect time Richard for us to reveal how folks can get in touch with you to pursue that next step in their lives. What. It doesn't matter. I mean it doesn't matter what age they are. Does it. I mean it's just what stage they are in their life and they're pondering what to do next does that.

That's right. OK. When they're ready to turn their focus from themselves on to helping others.

Oh. Oh man. Zing. Another power win.

I love it. And it can be to take your focus. That has been on others and redirect it for those who are in the same boat who are looking to take to find out what they want to do next in life.

That was good. I love that.

So what is the best way is it a telephone number is at Facebook which is very common. Is it a Web site. What is the best number one way for folks who are in that current situation to get a hold of you and have a conversation

Well there are obviously multiple means that they can do it. I guess I would direct them first and foremost to a personal website. We've established to share a lot of what I'm involved with and what other people are doing in this arena as well. And that's just success with purpose scored and go there learn a lot. Get my contact information call me email me whatever it is they would like to do.

All right. Fantastic. I'm pulling that up as we speak. And let's do the other so that your beautiful faces on there and look at that. So you know you're in the right place. If you see that handsome guy with the microphone right there at the top beautiful Web site by the way success with purpose. Learn more about Richard so go to contact with that. Oh and there's a phone number there. Everything's there. Look at that Facebook Linked In. You cannot not find a way to reach Mr. Richard Ward. Fantastic. And so again that Web site for those of you that may not have heard it clearly is success with. Purpose. Dot org or G not com or G. Success with purpose dawg org Philly's you watching listening even if it's on the recording go and type that into the comments to help others out and be like Richard and be one of service and help others to just have to click instead a type that would be awesome. So sweet. Richard is there anything else you would like to leave as a parting word to our guests that are watching before we sign off for the evening. I've got to say you've been phenomenal. But I wanted to give you the last word because your wisdom and experience has just been unparalleled from past experts that I've had on the show. So I appreciate you my friend.

Well thank you Brian. I'm not sure I have anywhere to go but down from here. But I guess I would say you know I really do believe this refocusing on the needs and help of others really are the key.

Money is an important part of what we all are involved with day in and day out. We know our businesses produce that. We all strive for that course. But I want people to think of their money and their success in that arena as not the end but rather the means. Mm hmm. You earn a decent living if you make a good return in your business and so forth and you have the means to be able to do more than most others. And I really believe you have the means now to reach out and help other people. And that's what I'm hoping more and more and our community will do is get involved. It doesn't have to be money can be time. It can be. Expertise can be leadership and support and it can be those resources. But we have the ability to help others with that. And I hope more and more we'll look into it find out about it and and learn how great both rewards can really be.

Absolutely amazing. And again success with purpose. Dot org connect with Richard. You can see and hear and feel this man. You can tell he comes from a heart space and so reach out and connect with them. He wants to help you. That's all he wants to do is help you. So once again Richard thank you so so very much for all of you watching the live version of this. And for those of you watching the recording and for all of you listening to the podcast afterward. So appreciate you as well. We look forward to bringing you yet another show coming up very very soon so keep an eye out for that. Until then we are going to sign off and I will say on behalf of Richard Ward so long for now and be blessed. To carry. One

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows show with Brian Kelly.

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Richard Ward

Richard Ward holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional certification and has a passion for helping people find their purpose in life. With more than 35 years of industry experience, Richard believes in taking a holistic approach to creating a financial plan that offers fulfillment and possibilities. Many clients he works with are Baby Boomer business owners and executives who are considering a transition out of the business world, or financially secure pre-retirees who have little interest in traditional retirement and are looking for guidance for the second half of their life. Richard is very active in his community, and has supported countless non-profit organizations both locally and nationally. He has personally learned that some of the greatest rewards in life are earned while helping others grow, thrive and prosper and continues to live his purpose on a daily basis by helping others.

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