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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello everyone and welcome welcome. Welcome to the mind body business show. Oh goodness gracious me oh my as I like to say we have an amazing amazing show lined up for you tonight. Our guest expert you are going to love this person she is an amazing woman who has so much experience and success in the area of entrepreneurship in branding taking offline to online your business. I cannot wait to bring her on and I will very very soon. But first real quick the mind body business show. What is that all about. Well in my now 54 years on this planet circling the sun I've noticed over that time and most recently I started focusing on just successful people learning about successful people what do they do what is their what are their habits what are their recipes for success what are their patterns. And that's what happened I started noticing patterns patterns of successful people and I thought my goodness if there's a pattern and I followed that pattern i.e. modeled it modeled them could I also achieve success. And the answer is absolutely yes. And it's amazing. So did you know it only takes one recipe to have to make success in your life. You can have five successful recipes to make a cake for instance but you really only need one. You don't need all five this one. All five are successful if you have one recipe and you know that that person successful and they do with integrity and character then follow and model. So I found these patterns in successful people one was mind mindset. They have an empowered rock solid positive mindset all the way rooted down to the subconscious mind not just the conscious mind. Very very important. Think and Grow Rich is a great place to start if you want to know what that's all about. Also neuro linguistic programming which is called The Science of Success an LP for short just over 30 years old. It's a proven science I am also certified in that and know that it works. So those are two great resources for you to look up and body. What I've noticed with successful people as they take care of themselves both inside and out. And that means inside by putting in the proper nutrition things that fuel the body in the proper way. Nothing processed all natural and exercise get up and move get up and move. If your joints hurt it's not necessarily the best thing to do is not resting your joint. It's the opposite of what many tell you. It's moving moving and strength training. But the bottom line is if you're not moving start just start and get get moving. And that's another successful trait of entrepreneurs that are successful and then business business that is multifaceted. We're talking about sales team building marketing systematized scaling many different skill sets that you can learn over time and we'll discuss really easy way to do that in just a moment. A hint is from what you see behind me on the back wall. And that is once you master. If you just master one of these mind body or business you will see profound improvements in not only your business but your personal life. To me the first the the baseline the foundation of all success without fail the number one if you were to start in any one area would be mind mindset. Bar none. And that may surprise some of you. I kid you not. You could have all the skills in business and be really good at them. But if your mindset isn't straight you're not operating what I call a peak level of performance. Hence the name of the company. Reach your peak and that's what it's all about is helping you the viewer the audience the listener to reach your peak. And I bring on incredible experts like the one you're about to be introduced to. Her name is Rosita Ghazi. I can't wait to bring her on again really soon. But I just wanted to give you a brief outline of what the show's about and concerning success and great easy ways to learn skill sets. Right now is by reading books simply reading books and many years ago I was given this incredible advice by a multimillionaire who had flown me out back east picked me up in a limo had me picked up in a limo. I stayed in his office. We met for two days I stay there but we we met for two days to sign a contract. And in that time he told me this story about you know one of the greatest ways to become rich Bryan is to simply read and I ignored him. I flat out said no in my mind no way could that be that great. I mean come on. And it's like just reading any books you got that right. It's reading the right books. And so with that I want to segway. Into a little section I appropriately named bookmarks.

Bookmarks born to read. Bookmarks. Ready, steady, read! Bookmarks. Brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yes real quickly quickly reach your peak library dot com you see it next to me and by the way for those of you watching live right now or even after the recording is done and or audio on podcast. Do yourself a favor and stay here with the show. In other words continue listening continue watching and get out a pad of paper and a pen whatever your method is for taking notes and take notes. So when Renita or I give you a resource write it down do not go off and visit it because what happens then is you may be concentrating on that instead of what Romney was about to say and you could miss out on the one nugget that could propel you to superstardom. And I kid you not. It all happens in the room quote unquote. So stay in the room. That is my advice to you so reach your peak library dot com. That is a site I put together literally as a gift for you the entrepreneur or the business person that is looking to take it to the next level. And what happened was after I discounted that one mentor's advice luckily years later I had another mentor come into my life.

I ended up working with him for several years. I spoke on a stage for two of those years training his students his material and he showed me by example not by words by walking around and listening to books. And once I found out you could listen to books I went crazy with it because it turns out I love listening to books far more than reading because I would get eye fatigue and I didn't know there was a different mode to ingest this information and tell. My mentor showed me by walking around his house at that time with his headphones I'm like What do you do. So I'm listening to a book. So what. And so I started listening voraciously reading voraciously that way. And as I did I started cataloging all the books that had an impact a positive impact on me either through business or personally mostly most of these are dealing with relatable topics of business. But look business is a relationship. It is still personal. There's really not a big divide between business and personal relationships because in order to be successful in business one must develop relationships and nurture those. And so I began reading these and then I would bookmark sections as I listened to them.

And I just wanted to give this out put this out there and let you know it exists. It is. I don't charge anything above and beyond these are links to I think Amazon where they go for you can where you can purchase the book and either physical form Kindle form or even audible form if they exist if they're available. So that is for you. My gift to you if you haven't started reading. Just pick one book whichever one jumps off the page first. Don't go crazy over analyzing all of them. Grab one because if it's there I've read it and I've read it. I say it's a good book. It doesn't mean I guarantee it'll be good for you but the odds are increased that it could be because at least one person said this had a profound effect. So there you have it. Speaking of having profound effect Oh my goodness. Guess what time it is it is time to bring on our special guest expert because this show is about her tonight as it is every night with my special guest expert. It's not about Bryant It's about Renita Godsey who is coming on right now. Yes.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified.

And there she is ladies and gentlemen the one the only that beautiful row needa God say yes. Welcome welcome welcome. How are you doing to night row Nita. Thank you fantastic fantastic.

This is only does international television debut and she is just look at her she's so so radiant and smiling and happy. She can't wait to get this going and neither can I. Because Monita I've talked to her several times in the past and she has a lot of value to give to you the audience. And we're just gonna have a chat. She and I are just going to talk together and this is the way every show goes is where it's two entrepreneurs having a chat. And very soon I will kind of stop talking as much as I have been and let her need to take over. But just before we do that I want to quickly remind everyone that's on here that we do have a wonderful giveaway and for you to know how to get this wonderful prize which is a five nights day at a five star resort in Mexico. Compliments of my good friends at power texting dot com in order to know how to or how to enroll or enter to win. Stay on to the end and we'll give you that information all the way to the end. Fantastic. Let's bring on our need.

I want to introduce her to you and then we'll dive in and and actually see what makes this woman so successful that so good to everyone on good I see the nods I don't but I'm just acting like I do. Ron NIDA is an expert at branding web development sales funnels and marketing and is the business development director of a design and that's spelled i d e z z i n e. I thought I was pretty creative pretty clever. A company that helps businesses from creating your unique brand messages to designing meaningful experiences for your audience that grows your online business real need. It is fully dedicated to helping entrepreneurs across the globe to realize their potential and to achieve success. She has helped hundreds of coaches speakers authors and mentors build step by step direction driven strategies so that they reach more clients. And here it is. Make more money because that is what really is important to entrepreneurs. Not because we're money mongers but because the more money we make the more people we can help and serve and there is absolutely everything right with that huh.

With that role Nita welcome. Welcome to the show.

So that was a really cool intro that was something you wrote and is a great. It gives people a good idea of where you're coming from what your skills are and what I love to do every single show is elected. Dig a little deeper and get into what makes a successful person like you I say tick. Which means what's going on under the hood. What is happening. And one of my favorite parts is like you know to open that up with is what happens when you open up your new day. When you get up you know when you wake up you slide over your feet hit the floor and if you're anything like me here like groggy and you're coming to. And you know you're starting to realize that okay. And it is coming. And then it starts to set in. And what is that. It's the drive It's the motivation it's whatever it is for you that really gets you going in the morning to tackle the day and go out and serve more people so for you to specifically what would that be if you have one maybe more.

Either way I do that there's something that I do every day and I am I know when when life starts to get a little bit challenging the first place I'll look is if I've gotten busy in the morning I'm not done that.

And that's really waking up in the morning I have a journal where I I write down like three pages full of what my vision for the future is as if it's now the mind. I'm very visual person. So the the the act of writing it down really makes a difference. And then once I've done that and that goes to all the areas of relationships and clients and money and who I am as a person Why show off that's in life. And then I'll set three intentions for the day. What a way. What we need and want to look back at the end of that day. What do I want to have achieved. And then I go into gratitude of just everything that I am grateful for every little thing that's happened that's happening now when I.

There's just so much to focus on. So when I start my day that way and that's my form of meditating I'm not very good with all the meditations that have the audios that take you through but I'm. I just get very lonely and it's. My intentions and that sets the day and especially when like certain mornings like this morning just so happens. Woke up with lots of interesting conversations going on in my head. And to get out of that space was doing this practice and really one of the things a really long time to get. And we practiced. That is the belief that things happen for me and not to me. So with that mindset when we were talking form that mindset I totally agree with you. So that when something challenges challenges me during the day. Something with one of my daughters or something with my hands or just anything it could be there's always like once I've gotten myself out of that rabbit hole. Really look like what is that here. That's a gift. Why is the lesson. Where is the skill that I perhaps need to develop for the next phase of my life. That shift as the theme around shifts the perspective around to look at what what can I do here to learn. I believe that life is the outside is a reflection of the insights with the something on the outside. It's just reflecting back something that's inside of me. And where can I look in there and find the gift that.

Sits to your question that was phenomenal phenomenal. And I'm curious so you talked about your journal 3 pages you set 3 intentions and you go through gratitude. I'm curious as a person because I'm so deeply interest me Renita. I love this about how long each morning does it take you to get through that process that you just described it. It takes you through.

How long 20 30 minutes.

Oh that's it. Well you write three pages in and all that in 20 to 30 minutes. You're a speed writer. I love it. And so one of the things that I'm taking notes as we go along so I see those that are watching listening I don't ask you to do anything I don't do myself. Let's just put that out there so. I love this are either because this follows another pattern of successful people entrepreneurs business people athletes you name it. And that is there's a couple words that come to mind.

One is discipline and a softer more empowering word is routine and that you have a routine that you do every single morning and you do the same. You know you follow same steps that the results are probably different each time. I doubt you write the exact same words three pages long each three intentions are probably different maybe some overlap and then gratitude is just being thankful for everything around you. And I love how you framed things about how things happen for me not to me stat is so powerful. That is mindset at work at play in Nina's mind. And that's why she is where she is today. She's a successful entrepreneur. And for those who are watching or listening if you don't have a routine put down either. I've heard many I've had many entrepreneurs on the show Sunday morning. Some do it in the evening. Some do it both and do a different routine on each end. The bottom line is having a routine not just to have a routine but to have something that's empowering that takes that gets you farther and forum Nita and this is a personal process. And so you may have to play around with this for those of you watching listening. But start with one model one person model on the journal one page if three pages is too much sectarian tensions. That's pretty easy. Can you give an example of an intention. So people have a good idea.

Touch based on what we've said before I think goodness. When I started my first mentions it sets me to actually fly moron and it was I started off with two minutes and it was just doable it was manageable. I know when the thing landed two minutes I was done so whatever I managed to write in that time frame and has done the same thing.

Reading would happen quite down platitudes for two minutes and read for two minutes. Sometimes I find that when when one starts going off on negative tangents I'll look I'm either not doing my my morning ritual or not reading other books so nonsense is nonsense.

But interesting conversations are going on and to get back into the routine I'll still put a time on for five minutes and just read for five minutes so that it's bite sized pieces that I'm setting myself up for success. So I love that you mentioned that two people were listening. You don't have to do half an hour. That's Romney's point. You know it feels overwhelming. Once I get into that feeling of when I'm creating. He comes so real that it's my whole nation.

While simple yet brilliant I kid you not. So you've got some great advice and I love that it brings it down to bite sized chunks. That's my first thought you know three pages in 30 minutes. You know if I were to follow your model I'd be like stressed because I don't know if I could do three figures in 30 minutes by itself. But the thing is and that's why you know you make it your own.

But you just said back it off. Break it off in chunks. And I love how you can just reset your day by just going back. I'm gonna just do another five minutes of reading. I've never heard this by anyone before you and this is I love it is genius.

It's my one of my early moments. This is very true. It was amazing.

I mean we know where I come from because I came from such. No judgments on anything but just a victim mentality. So he had me as a man thinker like James Allen.

Yes. He didn't like over 100 years ago. But this whole concept that we are what we think is so outside of the box with me I thought that I lived in this space and that had no single concept we could go out with that. So one of the things that's very important to me now. Because like so many decades in that victim mentality things happen to me. Why what am I doing. Becoming one hundred percent responsible and accountable for my life regardless of what's coming in front of me.

It's a game changer that's taken me is too much.

Still it's nowhere near perfect but it helps getting back contracts you don't stay down as long.

No I didn't I didn't get on track instantly and it's easier to bounce back.

It's all brilliant because I mean my goodness as a man. Think so though this is a great resource for everyone. Everyone pick up that book as a man think. There are a couple other books I'd like to throw on the back end of that. Think and Grow Rich. Of course is one that hits mindset pretty hard. And it starts to make it more tangible for you to use in your business. And then they take it yet another step to make it super intensely tangible is Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind by t heart. That was a book I could not put down. It was just unbelievable off the charts amazing information. What a page turner. I would actually do it in that order though because as a man think of as you said was written a very long time ago. Think and Grow Rich was a long time ago but not quite that long ago. And the secrets of The Millionaire Mind are pretty much based on today and very relatable to business people.

If you're open to two others I would put in to The Science of Getting Rich I mean this is the precursor to to be rich and creating money.

The keys to abundance which takes all of that stuff will be asked to hear all of that attraction on breaks down to such.

It makes so much sense of it. That's a book that's really what's reading that's when I'm delving into now at the moment.

Fantastic. So and just for folks that are watching. Look these are recommendations that are coming from a successful entrepreneur. If you have an account on Amazon these are things I do when I'm sitting I'm white. I'm in a seminar and I see a speaker on stage and I see that they're successful like you run either and they start giving recommendations of books. I'm on my phone literally buying them at that moment.

They're the same.

And so for those who you watching listening I implore you to do the same. Do similar things is to just take action all the time. Get in the habit of that as you can tell Ronnie that is an action taker and one of the reasons she is she is very well read and she has had mentorship and coaches you know Renee you've got everything you've got the whole package. You are where you are because of what you've done. And that is a combination of it's your mindset. Number one and then you're an action taker. There is no doubt. And because I know that because you had coaches and mentors many people the ego would get in the way I could do it on my own. That's just a recipe for failure right there.

But you are the opposite and you're going to be getting better. I know I did do it on my own.

I learned the hard questions you would ask is like what would you do differently and it would absolutely get mentors in earlier because if they can they can you can find anything that you wanted to do. Someone has already done it. If you could just approach them in this they are so happy to show you big time paying forward and you just have to step in their footsteps. You're going to create your own. You're not going to be a carbon copy of but the there's such wisdom that you can glean from anyone we're talking to. So I absolutely encourage that. Yeah. Mildly I would not do it that way again.

And you know that's okay. I think I have not yet myself met one Renita entrepreneur that's made success that didn't start out trying to figure it out on their own. I get it. It's rare but what I love the message you're giving right now is do it sooner rather than later. If you know when you start if you're doing it on your own it's not if but when you'll begin struggling which will be very quickly and just be racket be in recognition of that but be aware of that and then find the help and you know what. You have a connection right now right here. Reach out to Ronnie There's every need. Do you have any recommendations of people. I could hook up with and model and or hire as a coach or a mentor that you have done you can reach out to me and reach out to any of us.

Because like Anita so properly stated These people want to help you. They can't wait to share with you how they became successful and guess what. The way they became successful was that they modeled someone else too. It's amazing.

So why reinvent the wheel why go through that struggle. Very powerful message for Anita. So thank you so much for bringing that to the front.

Very very powerful. So I can tell you're a very avid reader so are you reading a book right now.

I'm actually really focused on the sweet money the keys to abundance one and he really found some faces. Joseph Campbell's work.

I find this fascinating just to understand. I'm always fascinated. You mentioned that the beginning how what makes people who they are and the perspectives that they have getting into their shoes and understanding. Because you could do that shift for them one percent you change the whole trajectory of their life.

And there's just so much you can I can learn from talking to people and understanding their model of the world.

So that's that's a big one for me.

And in neuro linguistic programming we call that the IRR internal representation. And it's a fascinating topic and it makes nothing but sense and what you just said was absolutely on point if you could understand what they're their thought processes are their patterns and how they react to certain things you can communicate more effectively with them because you can now they will understand you better if you know how to teach to speak to them and you know that that covers business. That also covers personal relationships. So it's a I.

I mean it didn't just be a mom of four girls being able to. And it took me to child number four to get this one. No B E C they wore their way and all I think everybody really what they wanted the heart of it is to be heard and understood and acknowledged.

It doesn't matter whether you see the world differently. I think once you're able to do that they can take a breath and then there's space in them to hear another perspective that you don't have to agree that that was that was a very interesting lesson to learn to parents that don't over into everything else.

And all my all my relationships with people you know our reality is the culmination of our experiences and our learning says we're growing up and everything combined going through and no two people's realities are identical. And so there is no such thing as a single reality. Everyone has their own. And that's kind of a mindblowing concept in its own right but it's so true. If you think about it I mean you could have two people go to a wonderful event maybe go back to college a great party and two two guys go to the same exact party. They are standing side by side and experiencing and seeing and listening to the whole thing they get done. One guy says Man that was a phenomenal party. Oh my gosh the music was great. There were so many beautiful people. How did you like that the other guy had an experience the same exact thing says it was horrible. What do you talk about the air conditioner it was too cold an area it was too loud and that person annoyed me that one that was talking to both of you know just amazing how two people can have a total different reality from the same exact experience and they could be standing literally side by side. So very very own point. So there's a lot of good.

I wanted to go back to something that you did ask before about giving tips to entrepreneurs and I wanted to share something on that one of my mentors Ken Cortright credible gentleman owns the income store. He has a podcast that's on just brilliant. Information and a few years into my business my 6 7 years ago. Doing this for about 15 years now. He said Take what you do and look for other people who are serving the same clients collaborate. There's plenty for everyone to collaborate together while serving not that client and so much better that it becomes a win win for everyone and that's how I built my team over the years. I just wanted to put that out there as well.

I think that's a golden nugget as powerful because so many are in the competition mindset and it's amazing how it doesn't take much for two individuals as businesses to be different. Very little. And in the cool thing is if you're both if you're both going after say the same exact client it turns out that that client will probably only want to work with one of you and if they didn't have both of you in front of them and you weren't the one they chose you know and you were the one talking to them then they'll have nobody to work with and so you're doing the person a service by bringing more talent in front of them and someone that matches their needs in a in a better way or maybe they just feel better with one of you versus the other you could be the greatest person most friendly and you get that right that personalities we we are attracted to different people for different reasons and when you do that though and you're lucky that's an abundance attitude right. Renita you know it's not a US scarcity mindset at all. And when you do that there are a lot of people in this world there are many people to sell to.

And when you do a collaborative approach you're just opening up not only the possibility to get more clients for both of you but that. But you're opening your mind to the openness of abundance versus scarcity. Yes. Yes. Thank you. A great great tip. I wrote a note. Collaborate. Yes. That was the other thing. Joint venture partnering. If you don't if you're just starting and you don't have say a master list like an email list or a big following on social media then start following someone like you several needed that somewhat in a similar niche and then see what you can do to help them reach out to them offer them help. Offer to give a shout out to the next upcoming event. B B if someone of service give them value and then ask you know hey is there any way I can work with you or learn from you. Always ask and just be just be professional about it and and be helpful along the way. It doesn't matter how much money someone makes. They still need help.

And my point is that because it's I think taking the time to understand like whipping that meant that you want to work with and understand what to do and really take the time to see where you think that there's a gap that you could contribution to an offer that to them that's phenomenal.

That's that's a heart centered place to come from only comes back to you when you fold. It may not come up to you in person but you'll see it come back from other places.

Just getting along those lines what I learned was you know find out do some research on that person get to know them as much as you can. And now it's easier than ever with social media assuming they're active on it and find out what their charities are and then get there. Make sure they're in alignment with you. I mean you don't want to just be false about it and then maybe donate time or even money toward it and just that you'll have that thing in common when you do make that personal introduction and it will go that much smoother and but be genuine about it. Be authentic is my advice. Just like Roni to look at her.

Can you tell this is one authentic integrity filled character based woman. And I'm so happy to have her on this show because that's all I have on this show are people like Bonita that they're superstars in every way and every step of the way and you can tell why she's got it all. She's got the whole package she's got mine she's got a body and she's got business all of it all in one package definitely is very skilled.

What's a constant day froze.

I mean you've got to get to any place to stop the slump in sight. That's always what it is like doing this today.

So outside my comfort zone this is important for me because it's definitely not something I would do.

And you know what I'm going to tell you right now. You're a natural. I mean I know there's stuff going on inside but you're absolutely natural. And this is just the first of many watch for Anita. You know the world premiere of Anita's interview show coming up soon near you because this is you know this is just a spark and what a great example you're setting over Anita. You know in all seriousness you know that you're actually stepping out of your comfort zone. I know that personally. And isn't that one of the recipes for success is to do that cognitively on purpose over and over and over and you did it because you knew you knew that this would be good for you. You just knew that and that's subconscious tells you it's good do it. The coaches are saying you have it. Dang it I'm nervous. I don't want to be in front of people right now or whatever the thing might be. The thing is you you listen to the subconscious and it won out and because of that you are going to win out even farther each and every time you do this.

I've got to say that I had another baby blessed with incredible mentors and coaches in my life and one of them David Corbin said to me you know your comfort zone is your confidence and it just read landed Whoo hoo.

I'm just like oh my gosh I didn't like that.

So it gave me a little bit of courage to push through it.

I am writing that one now that is awesome. Your comfort zone is your coffin zone. Wow. Wow. I've never heard that before that he coined that phrase. You know.

He said David the credit and I'll get the spelling of the name from you later because I want to give him credit for why David Coleman or Corbin gotcha he got called in.


Thank you David and thank you for sharing that role either. That's another incredible nugget. My goodness you're full of nuggets tonight. I love it. Golden nuggets we have.

So as you go on and business as we all know being entrepreneurs doing this every day it's really really simple to to be successful right. Exactly. And it takes struggle it takes like you said repetition. You know what. If if we did ever reach that point that you kind of describe that you know you don't just get to a point you stop. But what if you ever did. What have you got to that absolute pinnacle of success.

You could go no farther. Personally I would be bored out of my gourd. I think you ever get that.

I think that's the sign on the pass and another ladder up against another building.


That's what you said about how difficult it is. Thing to me is it's almost like three things that are important like taking 100 percent accountability to whatever is happening. It's a challenge in the business. This is a phrase that someone said to me once that communication is the response that gets your response from somebody is coming back that is and it's not what you won. Look first at you and how you're communicating whatever it is. So now that was very. That was a mind shift for me.

I think being present and having that's why that journaling for me in the morning and reminding myself what I'm doing this for and where I'm going to is really important which Lipton talks about were inspired by some thing. It's not a place to get to but it's a place to come from because the fact that you have that desire within you I believe is divinely inspired. It's yours. And if you have that desire within you to create whatever is in this room as an entrepreneur then there's the wherewithal all around you and the people and the resources that need for you. Hill talks about you just have to take action and start moving forward and keep your eyes focused on that clarity of what you are doing and your why. I think if you don't have your why you mentioned before about just making money and making money is absolutely important because you can do so much good with it. But you use why is so important and there are times where I I don't want to do something and it takes effort to remember what that why is that promise I made at that time to step into all of this. So I think that's very important.

So Renita has given everyone in this short amount of time just about everything we teach her what I used to teach from stage on a two day live event. It's just amazing every time you say something else for a leader. It's another amazing very attainable achievable learning segment. You keep talking about being accountable. And yeah I mean that's like we call that being at cause same thing where you know if something happened it happened for me not to me and use that kind of mindset and then say Well whatever did happen I wonder if in any possible way that was somehow one shred of a way I could be partially responsible for that particular thing happening.

I mean we train all the things you're talking about us. It's phenomenal communications the response that you get. That's so true. It's on you if you're at court. So here's a great one like Anita. How many times have you gone to a public event where there are business people around and you see business cards being exchanged left and right. Right. And how many times have you ever had someone just come up and come out and reach out with a card without even saying hello first. Like here's my card. Take it. Yes. Yeah that's right. And what does that make you feel like. Like get away from me. What are you doing. I didn't ask for your card. I didn't know who you are. And so along the lines of communication you know I don't carry business cards anymore because of what I learn and train and and and if you do carry business cards the rules to follow.

That makes us so powerful or oneto just said is don't give a card to anyone unless they ask you for it. That means you then did communicate and you have something of value that they want. That's because they're asking for your card. Someone will just say hey give me your card I'll give you mine. That's that's a different thing. But you know what I'm saying there. So communication is a response you get so spot on.

And the cool thing is look if someone doesn't ask you for your card. Great. Move on to the next person. They're not a fit anyway. It's OK. Not every single person you run into is going to be a business prospect.

They're not. But I take a slightly different. Coach on that. It's like. I really believe at this point that whoever's in front of me there's a purpose for what I do. I mean looking back and especially with so many coaches and then doesn't see the journey that they take. Looking back it's much easier to see nothing happens Randi. Everything is I believe divinely put intricately put together for you. For you to grow and expand somebody is in front of me. There's even a lesson I can learn from them. There's something that I can say to them.

It's just an upon to see so many. But no one walks away not feeling better for having had that contact with you. It's not always about you know who's my next client. I don't believe that's how business.

When I've been successful in business it's not been based on that it's been based on real building real relationships with people. One conversation at a time even when you scale online it's based on one conversation of time that you've perfected offline. That's because the online is only going to scale whatever you've managed to achieve offline.

Absolutely. Yeah. And that is as well said beautifully said. And that shows me what a servant's heart you have run need. You are one of. I won't say rare but one of the hot you know one of the smaller percentage of people that I run into that really gets it when it comes to being one that is there to serve first. You know I'm not in it for me I'm not in it for gain. Yes. Ultimately that's what we need and what. But when you go at it with the servant heart and say I'm here now how can I help you instead of vomiting all over them about what you do when you walk up to talk to somebody is like Hey how are you doing. And tell me what you're doing. Maybe I can figure out how I can serve you going forward and help you. Yeah. God you love it. I love it. OK so. So going along the line of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Like I said it was super easy to become successful we all know that. I'm kidding of course. And along the way though some things have to take a backseat in your life for you to achieve that success because a level of commitment must be all in or it doesn't happen. So for you personally and I don't love the word sacrifices is a good word but we'll go with that for now and you can rephrase it if you like. But what sacrifices have you had to make so far on your road to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I've always been an entrepreneur of sorts.

I was a team and my Latina single mom for a long long time. And I worked for a little bit and that was hard.

My lunch child was taken to go pick up the girls from school take them home and come back to work. And then when I decided that I just couldn't. I am very much a free spirit and independent and I just I wanted to just branch out on my own. I was sitting with girls down and just saying look I am not quite sure how this is gonna work but two weeks I was holding down through four different jobs just to make ends meet. There was so you know sacrifice sacrifice time sleep.

Even after the goals it was not easy. Not pretty.

It is this fall out all the time but I am so incredibly grateful to be where I am today and have an opportunity to spend more time with them. And it doesn't make up for everything that's happened in the past but it's up to them to learn how much I love them.

They really took the brunt at times with what it took to build that business. And it was tough. It's not easy.

And you know I know for a fact that they're going to look back on this and be so grateful for you and everything you've done. And it's difficult. And the thing I like to say is the past is the past. It's still in our mind. But the cool thing is we can now focus on what is ahead of us. And you know and then your your kids are just going to. If if they haven't already expressed it they're just going to. So thank you.

So yeah that's been an interesting journey to get to here. So it's not it's not it's not going to change. I think you key to me is remembering my why. Yes. And that fuels me one time at tough and when I set myself up for success rapid or whatever you routines are whatever you need as a human being to to stay centered and to stay.

President and to set yourself up for success whatever it takes. It's trial and error and it may shift and change and evolve over time. Your best to to create that business. So I think people want to do business with people.

And that's who you are energetically that the rest of the world well said.

And on the topic of finding your way. For those that may not understand that beyond what we've just talked about is it's finding that one thing that you know so you started a business you're passionate about it you're excited you're enthusiastic emotionally charged and then you're going to start realizing.

But this is still work. And when the work hits and when you have days where you don't make sales and you have days that are bad and you have clients that leave that this stuff happens and that can that can etch away at your emotion at your charge at your drive. And what Renita is seen as if your way is solid.

What that way is something that you can go back to and say I will never quit no matter what because of this why this is what keeps me going. And for each individual it's unique it's a personal thing for me it is my wife my wife is my wife I do everything with her in my mind and I will not ever give up in achieving even greater success because I want to live an even more empowered loving than I don't know how it could be even more than it is today because I'm so blessed as well. But I know it can because I always get surprises but she keeps me driven without saying a word because she is my wife. I went through a process and your way might be your kids it might be something else. Might be a charitable organization might be something that just is that thing that you would do anything I mean anything maybe even lay down your life for that way and then go back and say well because of that why I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing and become successful because when I become successful I can now empower and further nurture that way.

So I just want to expand on that a little bit but I wanted to just add a little bit. Than I. Speaking and not speaking to people and trying to understand world why is it so much worse than that. And it's invariably not always but invariably it is born out of a difficulty that they've gone through.

Whatever their wound is that ends up being what they cannot not do for someone else because they wanted it so much for them. So just as a little flag pole with you you're having a hard time finding your way.

Love that. Love that now for those watching everyone watching. By now they know they want to work with you Renita.

I know it because you have that much for them I don't know until we've had a conversation.

No. But but based on everything you've said and how you go about your life and where you are today the experiences you've had what you've overcome your mindset the fact that you're serving heart everything put together I can't go through it again. Right now it's a full package. I know there are many many people that would love to connect with you to see what exactly is it you do and how can you help them. So if you don't mind I want to give you the floor and just say what is it you're looking for who is your Who is your avatar. Who is your perfect client. Who are you looking to help and serve and how can you help them.

Well I love working is actually a privilege to work with the small entrepreneurs who have the talent out of their own but they have a gift that they share.

And by the time they come to me or to be connected they are so frustrated and overwhelmed because they are trying to fit their business into a model that somebody else has given them. And you can't fit that square peg into that round hole. It doesn't work. So being able to step in and give them the support that they want and that they need I'm a huge believer in hiring up their weaknesses and have done that with my own team. And that's it's challenging at times to do. But being able to free yourself from things that are draining you and focusing on on what that gift is. And the gift of being able to see that light come back on in their eyes when they when there's someone there holding space for them and believing in them is key. So really stepping in and looking at where are they in their business now. What do they want to scale online. Many times it's it's premature because the online is only going to magnify what you are offline and if you haven't perfected that yet offline that's where we step in first. Not just me but the whole team and helping you articulate what it is you do and getting that feedback that going through that feedback learning curve. Once you've perfected that then taking it and scaling it online so that you reach more people is is pretty easy to do.

It's technology and and taking your gift and automating it and systems using it and duplicating it. So that's easier to do that the hard part is really understanding who you are in your business and what it is you offer and why it's so important. I think if you think about how many times we as entrepreneurs just like I wish I could find X Y and Z person to come in and help me. There are people asking for that with your particular whatever your gift is they are asking for you to show off in their life. So it's helping entrepreneurs who have a a service or a product that truly touches another person's life. Those are the people that I'm looking for and they have to be heart centered. Coach ball action take cause take a hundred percent responsible have some success already it's very hard to scale which you have not had success already so by success I mean have eight to 10 clients paid or not paid. Doesn't matter so much good eight 10 clients that you have served successfully because whether you know it or not there's a system and a process that you used in the early and intuitively and then that's our job to take that and then break it down automate IT and systems it so that you can go on line with that.

That's an amazing yeah it's an amazing service you offer. My goodness I could have used your service about seven years ago. I recently transitioned complete 100 percent transition from a fitness based business into an online automation and marketing branding business basically an entrepreneur training company. And instead of personal training now it's actually automate our business training.

And I didn't realize my passion and my gifts that you are describing like how you extract that. Until just literally about three months ago and have been doing a complete rewrite of the business model and strategy and loving every minute of it. I now found my core competency and I love doing what I do and it's been a great way to reset but seven years ago would've been nicer if I had known Roni the gutsy I would said I would have been. That's OK. I don't look in the past and go crying over spilt milk. Never do that. Those experiences I went through for seven years have done nothing but empower me for what I'm doing now and I look at all the great things I learned the struggles I went through they're there for a purpose like you're seeing you know when you meet somebody you know there's a reason why that happened.

I'll give you just a little. No I'm 42. There's good news in the marriage but one of the things that I the gift you give to me and that. was being able to listen so deeply to what was not being said.

When I talk to people it's just like zooms in to where what they're not saying that I can pick up on and just shoot them back and kind of give them just clarity on that. So anything bigger subversive person adversities there's absolute gift in that it's not done to hurt you it's done to this gift or skill that you have that to to polish.

Fantastic fantastic. And you know this happens every single show Renita. We are near the end. Did you know that. Just like that already there is one more question and this is a question that I like to ask every single guest expert that's been on the show and it's truly remarkable because of the answers I've gotten to date. And you're gonna love it. Before we get into that I don't want to forget.

I need to remind everyone that right now I will give you the information on how you can enter to win that five night stay at our five star luxury resort in Macau compliments of power texting dot com and I'll bring up the information on the screen right now. If you're watching live you can see that there are two ways to enter if you want to use your phone and text use that way that's quicker and easier for you than go and do that or you can go to this Web site. The mind body business show dot forward slash vacation. Yes it's a lot to type I get it. Open up a new tab. Go ahead and do this right now you have our permission to jump off the show for just a moment but come right back. The mind body business show Ford slash vacation or you can type in the phone number of 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Do that on your cell phone and then put in the message. Peak peak and then hit the return button. So 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and type in the word peak and you'll be automatically entered to win that five night stay at a five star luxury resort Emiko sponsored by power texting dot com my good friends Jason and Rhonda put together a phenomenal system by the way. You will be exercising that very system when you enter and you'll get to actually engage and experience their phenomenal system and I highly recommend you take another deeper look if you have questions about it you can contact me as well but go ahead and enter.

I can't wait to give away. I give away a trip every single show and I love doing that because it's just fun to give isn't it real need. It is just fun. And now for that wonderful game changing question that you know here's the thing I need. The beautiful thing about this question is there is no such thing as a wrong answer. It's impossible. And in fact it's just the opposite. The only the only correct answer is whatever your answer is because it's kind of personal that deep personal but it means something different to nearly everybody. And on that I will say not one that I should say not to past guest experts know to have answered it exactly the same way yet I'm kind of blown away by that. And it's neat it's awesome because it's it's personal in that way. And that just goes to show and prove there is no such thing as a wrong answer. And the only right answer is yours. So are you ready. It's gonna be fun. OK. She's ready I said I love it. No pressure whatsoever it's your answer it's yours it's just unique to her own it. And I know it's going to come to you very quickly Renita.

How do you define success.

Uh um.

I think feeling fulfilled inside feeling like a. Touch the line doesn't really match with its one thousand two hundred four million. Just being able to touch the person's life in front of me. That success and true to form.

True to form once again unique. No one else has ever answered it that way. I love what I get to do and you know what I'm going to do is I'm. I'm literally going to compile a book with with all of these incredible answers yours included and I will reach out to each of you personally to get your permission to do so. And that was a a profound answer.

I have to tell you you know the fact that you said that just to know that I've touched a life and I'm not talking about ten hundred a million it just the one in front of me and that's taught me you know that just epitomizes how you live in the present and how you are there for that person when it's that person that is in front of you. And another reason why I like you so much love you so much and that you're on it on this show helping everyone to learn what it's like what it is to become a successful entrepreneur. So thank you so much for that.

And you too. We're not done with the gift giving yet because this young lady right here also has a gift for you and I would like to bring it up on the screen right now and and let Roni to take it away and let you know what she is going to gift you tonight as well so take it away.

Ron Nita thank you and my gift whoever is open to it too just to our conversation.

Let's get on a conversation and just see where you're at and what you're looking to achieve and if I can give you some insights into what might be what path you could take and connect you with resources that will help you get there. It would be an honor to do so.

Listen to this woman's language and will be an honor to do so. I mean they're two so genuine and wonderful. And this is a to do actually contact her and sign up for that.

Go to the phony Web site and I'll spell it after I say it. So it's a design dot com and so I design. I'll spell that.

It's the letter I then D E. Xie xie.

I ANY. SO IT'S A D E Double G I any dot com forward slash I like this part a lot.

Mind Body business all together mind body business. You go there if you see what you are looking at on the screen right now with a picture of some guy that looks kind of familiar then you'll know you're on the right page. Thank you Anita for putting that together and then you get to pick a time that's that's actually convenient for you that she has available for you so it's a phenomenal thing. So I designed dot com for flash mind body business. And thank you so much to our. My goodness that's a lot people recognize this. This is valuable time and Renita. You can tell she is a giver. She's there to serve two hours. Very few people that I know personally would do that. It's phenomenal. So thank you for that Renita. That is amazing. I thank you on behalf of those who take part or take advantage of this. Go ahead and do that type that in right now as we close this out. And I wanted to ask one more thing of you Renita. And that is what is the best way for folks to get in touch with you directly is at Facebook. Is it your Web site. What what is your preferred method.


The Web site which is I designed dot com correct. And so go there and there you'll see probably a contact. I'm going to look right now just to make sure I won't be very specific and let people know exactly how to connect with this amazing amazing woman.

We'll link to a link to the CEO linked in. OK. It's connected.

And then here I see. So what we do why how to work who we are our clients book session that would be one way. So yes.

That would be the easiest way to connect link to this. It's easy.

Ok. Go to Linked In and look up Renita Ghazi That's r o n 88 a g o d s I and get connected there. I know she will accept your connection request without hesitation. Awesome Renita.

You did an amazing job you were phenomenal what incredible value you provided. Thank you so very much. I cannot tell you enough and thank you for everyone that watched and listen live. And for those of you that are listening or watching as the recording later I appreciate you all. And that's it for tonight. We've we've hit it. We're going to be back next week and can't wait to see you all with another phenomenal guest expert. But until then this is your host Brian Kelly along with Roni Ida Ghazi the one the only the amazing saying good night for now and be blessed are.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows with Brian Kelly.

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As a business strategist and consultant, she helps coaches, speakers, authors and mentors who are ready to take their consulting, coaching, and speaking business to the next level, and do so in a way that is aligned with their strengths, core values and lifestyle.

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