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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. I am so excited. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. We have an amazing, amazing guest expert on tonight. I have met this magnificent woman on two separate occasions and experienced what she has to offer you firsthand. And all I can tell you is it was magical, magical, amazing. And we're going to get into what it is this amazing woman provides for a lot of people, corporations, teens, adults, families. Amazing, amazing. The results are just off the charts. And it for me, it came to mindset that really ingrained into my mind some wonderful things. And I'm not going to give away the farm because we want to learn it from her. And her name, you lover Terilynn Werner cannot wait. Oh, I'm excited. We are going to soar to new heights tonight. There was a hint there. And. Success. This show is about showing you how to model, how to learn to follow successful people because it's that simple. People make it too hard. They want to make it too hard. I used to try to make it too hard. What I found in my now almost 55 years on this planet birthday is this month just saying that when I followed those people that were successful versus, you know, hanging out and learning from those who may not be where I want to be. I only followed people who were successful at a certain point in my life and began noticing patterns of what makes them tick, what makes them different. Why are they successful? And I'm not. Well, I began to find patterns developing, and they those patterns usually bubbled up into three primary categories, which you may guess that is of mind, body and business mind as mindset. And typically I like to go into the subconscious level, but it's really both the conscious and subconscious levels that most successful people have developed a very rock solid, positive, empowering mindset. And they keep it that way. They're human. And things happen. But with this rock solid mindset all reprogrammed in their brain, they are much easier to have a much easier path towards success. And then there's body that's about taking care of your body. It's that simple is about putting in good, wholesome nutrients. Those that were designed for humans to eat, not those that were processed and chemically altered and also about moving, exercising. And the thing I always say is the mind and body. They are a team and more importantly, the mind and body are your team. And if your team, any one member of your team is not playing at its fullest capability, then you as a team are suffering and you are not operating. What I like to call a peak level of performance, hence the name of my company. And then there's business. Business is multifaceted. There's sales. There's marketing, team building, scaling, systematized. The list goes on. There are many, many facets of business to master. And the thing is, is those that I found are successful, like the young lady you are about to be introduced to on this show, have mastered all three of these areas. They master. And Terilynn is one such individual. And I cannot wait. It's going to be very soon, I promise, that we're gonna bring her on. One of the thing about successful people, there's so many things, but all you have to do is learn and model one person, you know, that has the results that you want. That's it. That's what I did. And Terilynn knows who I'm talking about. I had a mentor that I came to her facility with at one point. I said, I want what this young man has. And I modeled him. And that's why I'm achieving success I've never seen before in my life. All you have to do is model. It's simple. It's not easy. Not great. You have to reinvent the wheel. I'll make it. You know, you're you hereby have my permission to model us. Copy. That's what it means. It's a fancy word for copy. Just copy success. And when it comes to success. Another great trait of successful people is we love to read and not just any book, but pertinent books, books that really make a difference in our life. And with that, we're going to segue over into a section of appropriately named Bookmarks.

(Informational screen) Bookmarks. Born to read. Bookmarks. Ready, steady, read. Bookmarks. Brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yes, and real quick before we continue, take out a pad of paper and a pen and take notes rather than taking off and typing in Web site addresses, because we're going to be giving you some resources as the night goes on. Please resist the temptation to go elsewhere, because honestly, the magic happens, as they say, right here in the room. You do not want to miss Terilynn Warner and her amazing value that she is bringing very, very soon. And have some fun, too. So don't get me wrong, it is gonna be a blast. Stick with us. So is literally a website I put together for you. It's my gift to all aspiring and even current and successful entrepreneurs to give you a place to go where I have actually sorted through and filtered many books down to a small list here of 40. There are more than I need to add here, but these 40 I've personally voted to give you actual value to have an impact in your life. I wouldn't put them here if they didn't have impact in my life. Many of them are business centric. Some are personal development. It's it runs the gamut of different categories. So for you, the entrepreneur, whether what? No matter where you are in your in your walk with entrepreneurship, there are some books here for you. If you're not reading voraciously now, then consider getting in the habit right now. I found that that out the hard way. There's a story at the top of this Web site. You can find all out all about that there. I'm not going to go into it here. I waited a long time in my life to become a voracious reader, and I'm so glad I started. I am so glad years ago and now am consuming books left and right. This show, though, is not about me. This show is about our special guest, the expert. And with that, I think it's time we bring her on. What do you say? Yeah. I say let's do that. Here we go.

(Guest Expert Spotlight screen) It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy. Skillful. Professional. Adept. Trained. Big league. Qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there she is, ladies and gentlemen. They one, the only Terilynn winner. Yes, I can. Oh, I'm so excited to have you on here. Terilynn, it's been so long since we've last seen each other. Welcome to the show.

Terilynn Werner:
Thank you. You've got me all pumped up just listening to you. Just to let you know.

Oh, right.

Speaking of being pumped up, I mean, no one's more pumped than I am because I truly mean and I can't wait to get to the details of this. We will in a moment.

You know, the deep the the results that you and read, both imparted upon myself and my wife who came to the first event out at your facility. And I'm being coy for a reason. And then the second time with my son. It had profound impact on all of us. All three of us. And I just I can do nothing but say thank you for you and read and what you guys have accomplished through your company called Soar. I love that company. So real quick, I want to formally introduce you to Berlin. But before I do that, I want to remind everyone watching and listening. That's here live. We do this every show stage to the very end where you can find out how you can win five-nights' stay at a five-star luxury resort in Mexico. This is all compliments of my good friends at Amazing, amazing platform. All entrepreneurs and business people should be using If you're not already. Terilynn began in human development and became a transformational trainer. She started working with teens up in Big Bear, California, on the ropes course. This is an amazing course. And they the teens stole her heart. She closed her gift. Where? Manufacturing company in Beverly Hills. So she was a big decision. I do not doubt. And moved to Big Bear to work with youth. She realized that the parents of these youth needed as much growth as the teens. So she started working with corporations and adult groups throughout the country as well. Thank goodness she did, because I got to express her experiences today. Her company saw provides programs indoors and out for schools, universities, leadership and corporate groups, church groups and many more. The theme always comes back to being in relationship and being an authentic, courageous human being. With that, I want to now finally formally introduce Terilynn Werner. So, so blessed that you are here tonight. Can't wait. Thank you. Yeah. And one of the things I love to open up with on this show many times turn in. The thing is that bio is phenomenal. It shows who you are, how you love people you love serving. You gave up a business, a flourishing business in Beverly Hills, moved to the hills that the woods, literally. It's beautiful there. I see why you did it. But what what a big shift. And the thing is, you're very successful. You have you have facilities in different areas of the country and you're very successful. What you do. And I always wonder, OK, I read the bio. I can see on the surface what she's done. Her accolades, her experience. But I love to get a little deeper and find out. And this is a victory of everyone I've interviewed is to find out what really gets you going, especially at the start of each day. So let's say you're waking up. Yes. You're getting up out of bed. You swivel over your feet, hit the floor, you're already going through it. I see it on your face and then you're coming to and if you're like me, you're a little groggy in the book in the beginning and you're starting to come to and then you realize it's the start of a new day and awareness of everything starts. And then you begin going. I'm ready. I can't wait to take on the day the drive kicks in, the motivation kicks in for you. Terilynn, What are those thoughts that are going through your head? What is driving you and motivating you to get started? Each and every day to go serve more people?

Terilynn Werner:
Fantastic question. For sure it is the thought that goes through your mind. And the question I ask myself is if today were my last day. Who am I? Why do I want? Well, why do I want to stay happened and to see the faces of the people knowing I have an opportunity to make a difference. It is a cup of coffee. First, I cannot lie. And then the hiking boots out the front door. But that's what it is. And I'm on the planet with a purpose, and I have no doubt about that. And I've chosen that for sure.

Brian Kelly:
And I can attest to that. Having been around you. There's no doubt your posit you just you lose a positive presence. Always. I've even seen you, you know, when we're in between what you like, call them exercises. I don't know what to call them while we're going to the rope course. I can look off and see you and read having a chat and I can see you smiling the whole time. You're just nonstop, even behind closed doors. A positive woman. I get you're also a human being. And there are times where I'm sure you're not feeling that positive. But that's OK. It's all about maintaining it. And I'm just curious, is there anything you do specifically like maybe routine wise, maybe discipline wise, maybe something you learned in the past that helps you maintain a positive, productive and successful mindset and to be able to sustain it on a regular basis? Is there anything you do to do that?

Absolutely. And I think you kind of just alluded to it and that I don't. I feel that if we base all of our action on the way we feel.

Guess what? We're gonna be in big fat trouble because not always is that cup of coffee. Exactly what I wanted as I rolled out of bed. So it's really important to have a commitment that is so passionate and that there you know exactly what the why. Never, ever lose the why of what you're up to. And so that's that's really what keeps gets me going. And sometimes I do have to kind of bop myself in the head and say, OK, who cares? Let's do this.

So I love that. And the why. Thank you for bringing that up. There's actually a process that you can go through. I've done I've gone through it several times to determine what my why was I went through it once. OK, I know what my way is. I went through it again. Huh? Same thing went through the third time. Just out of curiosity, would it change? No. It's the same end for every person. It can be different. It's very unique to each individual for me. My why? Why I get out of it, why I do this show, why I exist on this planet is because of my wife. It came that way every single time. And I love her beyond words, beyond description.

But that's my way. What is your why are you watching this show? Are you listening to the show? What is your why the why that no matter what happens, you're now in this new maybe you're on a new venture, your new business. And there is a lot of stress, a lot of unknowns, a lot of limiting beliefs. So many things are flying at you. What is that one? Why that you will you know, based on that, why you will never quit, you will never give up because it's too important to you to go forward and that. So thank you. That's a powerful, powerful statement. I just want to expand on that a little bit because it is that powerful. If you don't have a wife, you know, we go into a business, right. Terilynn, you just you you made a big transition. I can imagine the turmoil at that moment in your head and then for quite some time passes that I make the right decision. Oh, my gosh. I got to build this thing and everything that goes with it. But your why was obviously solid or you probably wouldn't have made it to where you are today because you did that. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago. And you're already very successful in a short period of time, relatively speaking. So it's obvious you have a very strong way. So that's a very good point. Thank you for bringing that up. Well, sure. I want to you know, I want to ask you a little bit before we go any further about what you do, what you and read do out there at Saw. Just to kind of frame it a little bit so people understand where you come from, how you love serving people, what results you've seen. You know, the kind of people you cater to. I know that's a lot. But if you don't mind, I would love to hear more about store like what's what got you started?

And then what is it? What does it entail? You know, we've been talking about these road courses. Was that and then how did what kind of results have you seen transformation of people? Would that be okay?

Oh, absolutely. Thank you. And yes, this is exciting. So like you mentioned, I originally be gay. I came up to Big Bear to work with inner city youth. And and I said, I I refuse to work with adults. I don't even know if I like adults very much. But the kids I can handle. Right. So I moved up to work with them. And as I was finishing with these these kids, the parents would come and I'd take a look and go, oh, do we have another set? Because we're sending these young people who we've just opened up a container, they've just made new commitments in their life. They've just learned all these tools. We're sending them home to their families. Families love. Yeah, but we don't they don't always know what to do. So from there, I started working with a lot of corporations, a lot of leadership, adult groups and judges and lawyers and Home Depot executives. You know that that type of a thing. So that what we do is we work with organized groups. And it does. Let's say from middle school through high school, up through college groups again, then stepping into leadership groups, adults and then corporations.

So we really crossed the entire gamut. And so these grew way they could come in groups of 30. They could be covered in groups of bus kids of 200. I have an amazing, amazing team of people. They are sore. I will tell you, they they are it as far as I'm concerned. And there's about 30 of us. So the groups will come and we start with some activities, like you mentioned, that are all done like on the ground and learning how to work as a team. Developing leadership along the way and the coolest piece, Brian, about it is that we're outdoors half the time. People don't even know they're learning anything because having so much fun, they're being challenged and they don't realize that the way they're behaving and interacting is how they operate life. And so our beautiful facilitators are trained to ask those questions. And sometimes a question could be as simple as this. And it's a great model. So write this one down, you guys, is what worked. What did it? What's next? So with a group of kids, they may say, well, what did what worked was we got the ball in the bucket. But what didn't work is we didn't have a plan. We jumped on top of each other. That wasn't working. So moving into this next activity, what do you guys want to take with you? As we build on this and they'll they'll answer the question, well, I think we should listen to each other. I think maybe a leader should rise up. We should have a plan. And there you go. So we're going to take that on to the next activity. So deal with that.

We do that in the the front end of the day. And then we have a nice little lunch booklet. But 45 minutes, then we suit up. And what that means to suit up is put on harnesses and helmets and ropes. And you have the opportunity with your team on the ground, on your rope to climb maybe about 40 feet near. And those activities, again, are processed and debriefed. So you're not just jumping for a trap piece for your feet near. We have you identify sometimes. What are you jumping into? But what do you leave them behind? And then to to identify what that trap piece means to you and then you go for it. And then, of course, you're looking down at your team at the ground and said, you have me, you know. So that that's what we do. Everything is processed and debriefed. And I think the thing that so does brilliantly and I love it so much is they transfer it into practical application. So when our groups leave the mountain or whatever site we're at, they don't have the question, well, why? That was really fun. You know, what was that hula hoop about or why did I have to jump off of something? So we transfer it back in to saying, for instance, what something in your life that you really want? Well, I wanted a better relationship with my family, but I realized I had a hard time live in that tree. I had a hard time embracing that fear. But I wanted it so bad. And today I got that trap piece so it never gets old. Ever, ever. So that's that's what we do.

And I'm going through the memories, as you're saying, all that. And I'm just smiling ear to ear. And Kate Kutner, by the way, is watching. And CIT are two amazing people with heart, heart, heart.

She is one of the wonderful human beings that I got to experience this with. It was amazing both times and both Kate and Mel, her husband, Mel is my mentor, his amazing young man. I can't I cannot speak highly enough of the experience. Both times they were both uniquely different and both uniquely powerful emotions. So I don't want to scare people off. There were emotional times, but those are only emotions that come up within you if they're present. It's not like they're being evoked. There was at one point I'm I'm like a six to kind of a big guy. And at one point, I was literally bawling like a baby out of out of sheer gratitude and happiness. And it didn't bother me at all in the least. I didn't know. I didn't know was coming. They just hit it. Just something that I needed to release. It was phenomenal. Had to do with my son directly. I remember it so well. And it was just such a golden, beautiful moment. And I was there amongst family. All right. It's the people you're going through this with. You become tighter than ever. So this is phenomenal for corporations. It's phenomenal for I don't know if you deal with families directly. I got to do this with family members of one each time.

I separate fact, once with my wife, once with my son. It was phenomenal. I mean, phenomenal. And the extras, they were fun. It was challenging. It stretched us both, not really physically sometimes, but mostly mentally. And that's what I loved about it, is there's a lot of just so much talent. I mean, I could go on and on. The trust that you that you mentioned you need have trust in your teammates at times. And that's a great thing, because not everybody trusts other people. There's a lot of people that have the ego is kind of big and they just won't let go. Let go of that ego. Yeah. And all that. And the result was just so profound. Cherilyn, what you and Red do and and then the in-between talk. Oh, gosh, so powerful. You know, you do the exercise and then there's either you or red or both taking you to those questions similar to what you said and then going deeper. And you guys do it so soulfully, so lovingly, so genuinely, there's just no way to describe it. I will love you both for. Ever. Forever. Just those that the first time was all it took.

You had me at the first one today, but I work a magic. Came back around to me too.

That was wow, wow, wow, wow. Phenomenal. So, yeah, I could talk about this and all all evening long. Saw is the name of the company will give you the contact information before it saw team I think is the full name and we'll give you the contact information. Stick with us. Don't go Googling it, so go ahead and write down saw s O R that's an acronym I believe.

It's all caps and then team TSM and then go look at that later. We'll give you a contact info here in just a moment. Want to dig deeper and get back on track with business and entrepreneurial ism and how you achieved your success. Everyone achieved success in their own way. Oftentimes similar ways though, and I'm always very intrigued on how that path develops and what worked for you personally versus someone else. I mean, it's it's only your life and it worked for you. So what was that? So when it comes to developing skills as an entrepreneur, if you were to pick three, the top three that you have developed. What were the top three skills that you developed that you needed to become a successful entrepreneur?

Vision, I would say for sure, having a vision that you can taste and feel and wear and scream about nonstop. So it's it's more than just an idea. It's it's that vision and to the degree that you actually see it already done. And now we work backwards and it sounds crazy. But I saw this company and then I I actually saw the facilitators, the whole thing. I said, OK, this is something that happened in here because I can. It was burning in my soul.

So then I went through the steps and they let go of how I felt like there were times. Oh, my goodness. I was so afraid. Like, what the heck have I done? I've stepped into that feeling of what? Now I can't get out. Which was probably the best thing that ever happened, because I had all I was in all fours.

And then I shifted to the get to Bryan. And they get you, I think is a really big piece that you don't have to do it. You can go work for somebody else. You can do something, whatever, you know, go sell real estate, whatever it is that you want to do, but to keep committed to that and always do it as it gets you. So when you're feet it the more in the morning you don't have to get up. You get together because there's good stuff waiting for you. So that that was a big piece of it. I love people. So my wife is very, very clear. I see a bigger view of this world. I believe that people are good. Without a doubt. Do I think their behavior necessarily lines up with their goodness? No, I don't. Not because they're bad people. I believe after working for twenty five years doing this and that's hundreds and thousands of people later, that people want the same thing. And that is to be in relationship so badly, so badly. That's where the tears come from, Bryan, because they want it so bad and they get out there and they start getting a little taste of it and they don't know how. So to always, no matter what, hang on to that. Why? Because that's what's going to drive you. And you can make the most amazing difference. And in my I say it kind of big, but change planet, you know, and that's that's what people are looking for, to feel significant, to feel special, to live their greatness and to be in relationship in an authentic way where you can feel that there's not that void. So again, that you can tell just. And again, this I've been doing this for a long time. But that I know it's like it's a knowingness and it's a passion. And I have chosen it as my responsibility. And it's so fun to say because it's my responsibility to I'm off this planet. I am feeling responsible to make that difference because of the gifts I can get for sure.

I was taking notes you weren't supposed to. And yet I think you don't believe me. I love it. Oh, my.

So please, if you're taking notes, if you haven't been taking notes, please do. And write this down, because this is amazing value. I mean, 25 years success, just obviously huge success and vision. You know, actually seen it done. How many of you have looked at the end result and said, this is where I want it to go. This is where it's going to go? Not where I want it to go. It's going to go. And I love how you said and then work it backwards and see it in your soul. And, you know, it it's it's awesome to take that vantage point. Haven't actually heard this in quite some time. And it's a nice reminder, you know, whenever you're visualizing something to see it at the result that which you deem it to be successful, that you're looking for the end goal. And really, I mean, see it, feel it, smell it, taste it, everything. I mean, put yourself in the moment. I love that. And then. Oh, oh, get to instead of have to. Oh, my goodness. I preach this all over the place to my apprentices. And I say, look, you know, if I hear him say, I have to do this. Let's consider reframing that. And so I use a story of, well, you know, I have to go do the dishes, you know, even then I'll say, well, I just said, I have to OK. In my mind, I say, well, I get to.

And that totally changes the whole the whole landscape, because now it's a blessing, not a curse.

It's like I have dishes, which means, well, I have something, have a kitchen and that means I have a sink and I might have a dishwasher in my case. We do. That means, you know, depending on your situation, I have a house. I have a place to live in. I'm blessed. And all these wonderful things start coming up even subconsciously, if you just say it and don't even think about it. It just changes your whole frame, your whole mindset. You become a more positive individual on a regular basis automatically by simple reframes, just like Terilynn mentioned. See, I get to rather than I have to. And just I love how you also said it's my responsibility more than Brian.

Brian, I I can't tell you how exciting it is to say that. And it was I was just recently that I really got it. And I. Nothing would stop me. It doesn't matter how I feel like I said it is. It's so exciting. And to get to and all of that is fun. It put the joy back in it. Which piece in there. And it's fun. Doggone it. You know, we're you know, it's this is our life. We don't get to lay back. Right. So let's have some fun while we're doing all this. So, yeah, it's it's a neat, unique feeling to have that you have fun.

What a concept. What you mean you're giving us you're giving us the permission. Have fun. Terilynn, come on. Yes, yes, yes. I thought it was this four letter word.

Word. You know, work. But no, I'm kidding. Yeah. It's so important to find something that you can have fun in even if you're doing something that isn't inherently fun. Find a way to make it fun. I always say this. I brought my kids up this way. I said, you know, I've been around too many serious people. I mean, they're serious at all times and they're just dead on. And I'm like, man, that's almost not human. And so I tell my kids, there are times, there is a time and a place to be serious and there is a time and place to be jovial and have a good time. And there's far fewer times for the serious part than there. Is that the happier part. So enjoy your life. Be serious when it's necessary. And only then, you know. But do be serious. There are times when you need to be serious. I want them to understand that. But I want them understand. More importantly, life is about joy, about having fun and enjoying every moment. If you can and we can write terribly, we have choice.

Yes, we have choice and everything that we do. Yep. And that's that's the key.

Everyone goes all my life.

So I'm certain the other is like, well, you chose for your life to suck because that's your own internal representation of where you are today. You can easily right now on at this moment say my life's pretty fantastic. Actually, I am above the ground, not six feet under.

When I when I work with teens, they'll say, oh, I'm so bored. And then they they want to wring my neck. Was it? You know what? Cause you're really boring. They're like, you really just say that to me.

And that is one of the many traits I love about you is, you know, you get right up. I mean, right here. And you like look into. I can just pick from my own eye. We did compare notes, but it's like you can look into our soul and you have this an unbelievable ability to really get people very quickly.

I remember you were looking at me and you actually looked back at red and go and looked at him go. Are you seeing what I'm seeing? And he's like nodding like, what are they talking about? This is kind of freaking me out in a cool way. I was like, excited. What are they doing? Oh, you told me what you told me. I was like, how did you know that? Oh, my God.

So it's it's it's deeper than just a rope. Course, there's so much to what saw the sort team has to offer. It's hard to put it into words. And I just recommend everyone reach out and connect with Terilynn and read after the show is over. Know, write down the information, connect with them and get more information about what this is all about. You will not. You will. You will not regret it in any way. And you can tell just by talking to her right now, looking at her, listening to her. She's a wonderful person. She loves people. They're going to just do her anything that's the best for you. That's all they have in their mind. She's responsible for you to write your relationship. She's responsible. That's that's her. She's saying I'm responsible for this. And she takes it very seriously. And I know this firsthand. Twice. I'm getting goosebumps. Again, just thinking about all of it encompass, you know, everything, the camaraderie that the team play, the just the outpouring of love. You read your unbelievable, undeniable care of other human beings is just off the charts. I wish there were more people like you on this planet. Many more.

I just love you guys dearly. Let's see.

You know, you mentioned some keys to be being successful and maybe. Can we. I guess I know it's a chunk up or chunk down or sideways chunk. But when it becomes you know, I mentioned the beginning. There are patterns to success. And I found three of them. That's mind body business. And that doesn't mean those are the only patterns. I just found that being a commonality, there are other ingredients to the recipe for success. Do you personally, Terilynn believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur? And if so, could you outline one?

Shifting our thinking of what we're going to get from somebody or anybody and to ask ourselves, who do I get to be?

What can I contribute? What can I give? And I was thinking about someone's thought about Einstein. Can't even figure this one. Couldn't figure this one out either. But it comes around the abundance and all this. All of it. It comes around when we're operating from that place. One of the reasons I can see, like your mentioning into the soul and I'm very humbled when you say that or when others say that is the willingness to look at that human being that is standing in front of you deeply. Dear, let me tell you everything you need to know. But to be so present and it doesn't matter if you're asking someone to invest in your organization or your enrolling somebody in your company, they know people know they don't necessarily know what they're seeing. But if your ego is in the way you and you're having a conversation really based in fear, that's what comes across. It comes across as authentic. It comes across as doubting your own self doubt in your own vision. Instead of being so present with another human being and it feels so good to do it, to be able to connect. And again, like I said, all of our groups. And it doesn't matter, young or old. When I ask them, what is it?

Why are you here? What are you looking for? They're seeing a relationship connection.

But how can we connect unless we are authentic? So being an entrepreneur, you're gonna be in front of a lot of people and with a vision that's pounding in your heart, get present, get so present. And again, get your ego out of the way because it doesn't serve you in any way and it keeps you from really, truly knowing who you are and living your greatness. And we all as far as I'm concerned, I believe when we embrace it, we're all made for greatness. So the question is, what is that to eat? For each of it, each. Each person has their idea of that and to never stop dreaming. Don't. When you do a vision dug a little go big, why not? So and and surround the other thing, it could have a whole bunch of things that really work. The other is your tribe to really look at who you are surrounded by, who you're bringing in is what we call our friends or our mentors. And just like were saying, you have a beautiful male mentor work people who watch you. Get asked excited about you being successful. They care about you as a human being. And that will be. Be honest. That's the other thing. I'll call you out. You know, that kind of a tribe. This is Arcadia Island. That didn't go so well. You probably don't want to do that one again. You know that that kind of a person. So I think that's extremely important. And you have somebody who holds your account because there are times that we go sideways. And, you know, you have that person who says, OK, you said you're going do these last five things. Are you on number three yet? And it what's in your way? Watch. What's the excuse? You've come up with what's your roadblock? Which roadblock? Let me be with you in that. So I think those are all really key components to it.

I love them all. Accountability. That's one of things I used to be in the fitness industry. I recently transitioned, but it holds true no matter where you are. You need an accountability partner. At least one. And oftentimes that can be a coach. And I highly recommend hiring a coach, paying for a coach, because that's when you take it seriously as when you have skin in the game. And then what? Who do I get to be? That's so wonderful how you said that. And what can I give? You know, take it away from what am I going to get from this? And I love that there's an exercise I started doing. And it's it's it's default that to help others that might not be there yet. When you're seeing a circle of entrepreneurs, you're at a networking event, a seminar or a workshop, a boot camp, et cetera, and you get a break and everyone's around the circle and you're just itching and dying to tell everybody what you do because you need to get the business right. And the thing is, is to resist that and instead ask how you can serve them. What is it you do and how may I help you? Yes. Right. And then listen, don't just keep thinking, what am I going to say? How am I going to react and tell em what I do? Wait for them to open that door. They will. It works every single time. And it's a wonderful thing. And what you say is absolutely true. It always comes back just that attitude, whether it's in that situation or others, always look to what you can do for others and then circle back. It'll come back. It just does. But don't do it with that in mind, don't do it. Thinking, well, if I go this way, I'm going to get it back. Do it without even knowing. It's coming back, knowing there's nothing coming your way. Do it completely pure and then, oh, my gosh, look out. It's amazing.

I will tell you, I know this resource. So it's a little selfish on my part. I cannot lie because I get so much joy when I contribute. I just do. So I'm all filled up. And what I get back is knowing that I contributed to somebody else. So I do get some. No matter how you slice that banana.

That's phenomenal. Yeah. Good luck, ladies and gentlemen.

This is success to find Terilynn Werner. Listen to her. She is telling you these are the recipes, the ingredients for the recipe of success that has taken her and catapulted soar to new heights in continually growing and getting higher all the time. Authentic relationships, all there's so much going on here. Friends who you hang out with. Yes, that's big. I actually I didn't literally do it, but I did fire a friend several years ago. I just became toxic. Actually, two of them know that. Think about it. And I still love them dearly. It's just I don't need to hang out with them anymore because it became toxic and it wasn't serving my purpose or my family. And it wasn't I just you just got to move on that. You have to. And it can be tough. But. And I love that, you know, you guys are honest. You you are always honest during these these events that we went to of yours. You guys were brutally honest with us in a loving way. And that all that did was get the results we needed. And that as an entrepreneur, isn't that really the important part? Terilynn is not really that the pieces that get you there, but the results at the end are the most important.

So even if your feelings might be hurt a little bit along the way, but you got the results at the end. Guess what? They're going to love you. Like I love Terilynn and Red. They're going to love you immensely for taking them through that process. At the moment, it may not be comfortable. It's like it's like not really asking and disciplining your kids because we weren't being disciplined. But you do that from love to correct on a behavior that is not serving them. That's it. You're just correcting a behavior, helping them to correct it themselves. That's what you and Red do. And it's amazing. It's just so I knew this was going to happen, Terilynn, that you were going to just lose value throughout this show. I appreciate you so much. We're far from done. I just want to point that out real quick because I so appreciate you so excited and looking forward to this and so happy that Kate came on. And hopefully Mel's there by her side watching as well, because I love them dearly as well. Another thing you have done very successfully, very masterfully, is you've created your organization. You know, the people that.

Around you, your facilitators, I think you refer to them as they are the ones that are carrying the torch and actually implementing the rope course rope courses with your clients today. All right. Across country, different areas. How do you find these people? How do you find the right people to bring into your organization? These are like ones that truly, truly care about the organization that you do, because in your case, I know, I know from going through it, they have to care about it as much as you do in order for your clients to get the results like I got. How did you do that? How did you find those people?

Well, I this is my favorite part of the show. Just like, you know, I have the best team ever, ever, ever. And like I mentioned, there's 30 of them. And that what we're looking for is not someone who has technical skills about how to work with ropes and harnesses. We're looking for people who wear their heart on their sleeve that when I call, I love this. They're saying is that when they that client shows up, we say, let's get naked. Right. Then that means authentic and available and kind and compassionate and just really bring in a man. So we run ads just like a normal organization. And a lot of our people are teachers that they just kind of gravitate towards this kind of work. But in the interview process, that is extremely unique and we warn them before they get that, we're not going to ask them where they want to be in five years. That's not the kind of interview actually when they walk in, we see them at a desk and give them a piece of paper and some crayons and we ask them a question and ask them to please drop it.

And then from there, they present this picture. And of course, it's a heartfelt question. And then they present the picture and then we take the interview from there. And we're looking for authentic, authentic people who want to be a contribution of people, people who believe that we really can make a difference and change this world. And the interview goes to that level. And we don't hire everybody that we interview. And there are just certain people there suited. And again, my team, I wish I hope every single one of them are listening. They probably are. They have that same burning vision to making a difference with people. And at the end of our programs, as we do our debrief, we sit and we it's it's hard because we do have to go home sometimes. But we asked the question, OK, your highlights and the tears that just come out of the staffing. I date a little boy today that was extremely overweight. We got to the team wall. He didn't want to go.

And I and he couldn't do it. And the team behind him said, I believe that you can. And then he. And then my voice came in as the facilitator.

And I said, you know what? I think today is your day. And I have no doubt if you surrender to this team that you're going to go with that team wall and doggone on it.

You know, this trip, this child's life changes as they surrender into their arms and you goes that team wall.

So those stories are nonstop and that's what they want to talk about at the end of the day. And it happens with adults, too, like Ryan, like you mentioned.

It's not just with the kids when the kids rock, by the way, but it's also with adults that may have realized that they had sunk into being inauthentic, that they were based in fear. And they say that's why I can't even keep a relationship. And the tools that you gave me and the fact that you said that I'm really a nice person today and that you saw my magnificence.

That's a voice of a staff. That's a voice of a person who cares. So that, you know, that's desired to say what you are. Who is my team? You're a bunch of people that care. Like, no kidding. They get you. And the other thing I love is when they if they're not working often enough, they'll say, I need to get a sore fix, is what they call it.

I figured out I would love to fix tears.

So that's how we find them. Get people with hearts on their sleeve. Right.

So that is remarkable. Terilynn, especially the last part. What does that say about your leadership? What does that say about what you have created that they want so desperately to work more?

They want to come back and get another fix of that wonderful thing they get to do, and that is give back and to serve and to help young young men, young gentlemen like that, to overcome obstacles. I mean, just to be a part of it, whether they're a facilitator or not, I'm sure they get a great fulfilling joy from it. And the one word I loved you said as a keyword is surrender. You know, that that that speaks volumes in so many ways that surrender from your ego, surrender from the way you always thought it should be done. Surrender to allow others to help you. So many things that that can go into that that are so appropriate for what you do for people. Oh, my goodness. In the fact that you onboard them or interview them by starting out to see what makes them what makes them tick from the tick her heart. And that's amazing. And you don't look so much of their technical abilities. And it's interesting because I now have four apprentices. I'm looking for a fifth and I have a similar approach and it works very well.

Yeah, there's got to be some sense of technical skills. They want to be the exact ones I'm looking for, because if they have that, if they have the heart that drives that desire, they'll learn much faster than someone who already knows it, who has no heart in doing anymore. And they'll surpass it's happened. That's why I say that I have I've had Apprentice that came in and just crushed it, had no video editing experience at all, and created the most amazing videos that I had ever seen from No Experience to Superstar because she had all those qualities you're talking about. So that I'm reiterating that only for people that are looking to scale their business to, you know, consider this approach. And maybe if Carolyn's willing to share her secret later about what those questions are to draw those pictures, that would be awesome, too, because there might be somebody sitting across from me right now that might be a little curious about that, because I was like, oh, come on, say one. But I don't I don't want you to I don't want you to give that away here.

Maybe later when we're talking after the show, I'm just having fun.

You have an amazing culture. Obviously, that's what stem. You know, that's what gets people so, so motivated to really kick butt. Not just for you. That's the thing. Right. Terilynn, you're the leader. They're not there to kick butt for you, even though they love you. And they are partly there to get your approval.

They're more there for the people to give them the result, the change, the shifts in their lives. Because once the experience is probably like, you know, a drug, a legal drug that you just you have the only way to replace it is to get that sore fix. Right. Right. Right. And so it's amazing what you do. Here's here's a a big one, OK? You've had many, many glorious. I cannot imagine how many just wonderful moments in your business doing this. Do you have a story of what you would consider to be the absolute today? And this isn't to compare compete with anyone else and say it's a better moment than anything else. What has been your most satisfying moment in your business today?

Well, my gosh, that is it. That's tough because there's so many are going through my head. I think applicable to the corporate world, I think is I think that a applies to probably a lot of the listeners today is, oh, my goodness. So it was a small organization of men and women, you know, just average men and women. And they came out to a ropes course that we have in Malibu. And up goes. And I have to I have to describe this because it kind of makes me chuckle. Mr. Hummer in his logo, you know, shirt with his cruel baseball hat and all of it. You know, you know that the whole thing is. So he climbs up this 40 foot pole and he's going up step by step in the teens below on the ropes. And I'm standing below watching, thinking this is going to be interesting how he goes about is he going to scale it quick is not feel anything, you know, what is he going to do? So up goes the CEO and he gets to the top.

And you're supposed to stand up on a very small desk. And he turns around and he sits down and he looks down at his team and he has this kind of sick look on his face. And he says, I have a favorite ask you. And he looks down. He says, I would like I'm going to cry. Oh, I'd like to climb down. I like to climb down. At this moment, I realize I pushed through everything and always was seeking approval. And today, I want your approval by allowing me to climb back down this pool and just be a regular human being. That doesn't have to be Mr. Hummer CEO.

That team starts clapping their brains out. They were so excited. And that's what they wanted. They wanted to connect with this man. They didn't care about his wealth or his looks or his Hummer. They wanted to connect and be a part of something. And, you know, Downey gave into their arms. He went. That now was many, many years ago, but for some reason that really stuck out to me. It was awesome. So awesome.

Such a powerful story. I mean, not that's tugging on the emotional heartstrings here because I remember that poll.

Oh, yeah, I remember you.

I remember you specifically because I don't want to give too much away. But you already mentioned it's a 40 foot pole. And I made it to that top a little bitty disc thing. I don't know what you why you call it so. Mean, I was like, that's it.

When I get up there and then wait, I got a turn. Oh, come on now.

And I just remember that everything my legs and earning were just telling a lie, lie, lie, lie like crazy. And it went on for a little while. And you masterfully waited that just the right amount of time. And you looked up. You were looking at the whole time. You said, Brian, breathe, just breathe. And I did that. And immediately the pulse stopped. And I was like, man, this is awesome. Because before that, before that moment, climbing that pole, I thought I was afraid of heights. Right? I thought I was afraid of heights. Read, actually, after it came down, clarified that I wasn't actually afraid of heights. I was more afraid of falling than I was of the height I was at. I was like, holy moly. He's absolutely right. Absolutely. Absolutely right.

I was like, man, that's been a game changer. That's why I'm able to go up to the Eiffel Tower and stand at the top and, you know, just be a little bit of a fear in the very beginning. But just for a microsecond, I'm like, oh, I'm good. And because now I know it's I'm not gonna fall. I'm good. I love being up high. It's fun. It's a great view.

We call that embracing the fear. I don't know the fear. And people say, well, why are you here? Oh, I'm here because I'd like to get rid of my fear that we just laugh.

Well, we probably can't give you that today, but what we can is the opportunity to embrace that fear, to propel it forward. And it sounds like that is what you did, Brian.

Yeah. It helps you to push through it. Yes. It doesn't disappear. You're right.

That's that's fantastic. It doesn't go anywhere. But thank you, billionaire. If I could get rid of everybody's fear.

Yeah, well, it's thankfully I mean, some of those are like instinct and their good fears to have. You know, it's like I shouldn't be up here. This isn't safe. And there's the fear. OK. Thank you. Fear. I'm gonna get out of this spot. You know, I'm being I'm being chased by a lion. I should have feared a run. It was good.

That's what our ego is. OK, right? Yeah.

The cool thing it taught me was you can break through those barriers that you used to think were so powerful and had you in their grip. It's like, you know what? That wasn't that bad. That was actually the way you guys do it. It was fun and then exhilarating when you get past it and, you know, hit the end of that, which that part was a lot of fun. I can get that part of me that was too good of the ending of that is amazing. So if you're not, the ending is to a 40 foot pole, stand on top, hanging with your legs, make a turn and then there's an ending, if you know what that is.

Call Terilynn and read and find out what that is. They won't tell you either because you have to go and experience it. And I hope you do. That was the defining moment for me. And then the rest was also very dumb. Oh, gosh, I would love to recount everything we did, but it was so fun, so fun and so results generating and so humanizing. Just, gosh, I don't know. All that additives that come to mind are just they seem not to do it justice. They're just so many great ones. My goodness. I you know, gosh, we're already five minutes away from the end. I cannot believe it. You know, when it comes to being an entrepreneur, you've been doing this quite a long time. Yes. And if you were to think of that, compared to maybe not being an entrepreneur or maybe working for someone else, if you could.

This is kind of another challenge, if you could, in one word, for everyone watching and listening, characterize your life as an entrepreneur. What would that. Just one word, be it.

Ok. Purpose. Mm hmm. Purpose. Purpose? Yes.

That hits to the core. I love it. I mean, that just hits the core of you. That's what I mean. And that is a great thing because it's so yeah, it's obviously you. There's no doubt there is. One more deeper question I want to ask you, and this is something that I ask every guest who comes on the show. It's really I'm so blessed to get to do what I do. Terilynn, you have no idea. It is amazing because of people like you. Amazing, amazing, wonderful people like you. And that is I ask a question, the same question. And the answer is really interesting. I'll just say that. And before I do that, because I will be the closing question of the show, I want to first make good on my promise earlier to let everyone know how they can win that vacation stay, five-night stay at a five-star resort in Mexico. (Vacation informational screen) Call luxury resort compliments of And here, if you're watching, you see it on the screen. This is for you watching live. What you want to do is take out your phone and first enter the phone number (661) 535-1624. And then down in the message area, right where you always text your buds and your family type in the word PEAK, P-E-A-K, and then hit that little send icon that's there on your texting application. Go ahead and do that right now. (661) 535-1624. Enter that phone number and then punch in the word PEAK, P-E-A-K, and hit the send button so you can get the opportunity to win a trip. We give away every single week to a five-nights stay at a five-star luxury resort in Mexico. And I promise you one thing. I promise you that you will not be snared into a timeshare or anything like that when you arrive. It is nothing like that. And the reason I know is the owner, the founder of who sponsors this and gives us this privilege to give these vacations away, tested it himself with his daughter and reported back. It was the most amazing trip they had had together in a long, long time. And there were no shenanigans going on in the back, so to speak. So back to the woman of the hour, Terilynn Werner, founder of Soar Team.

Amazing, amazing, amazing woman. Amazing power couple with red. Red is her significant other, I guess. Can we say that?

Well, he is he. Oh, he's significant. Yeah. He's here to say my hero lie. And I say I'm not even joking. Oh, yeah. Now he's my husband.

Yeah. And he's my hero too, because he was often holding the safety harness rope line when we were ripe and in heights we shouldn't be normally. But it was also I felt I never, ever once I just say this and he he can probably hear I never once felt that my life was in danger or that I would even get injured. And I knew I'm not a small dude. I'm like six to 230, close to 230. And I could jump and no, he was gonna have he was at my back and do all the things that we did. And so that was a wonderful comfort to have this big lumbering dude name Red with his big red hair. And, you know, I was like, oh, he's got everybody here. Yeah. So it's a very safe thing that you do. I want to throw that out there for anyone who might be curious. A 40 foot pole. How safe is it? Very. Oh, my gosh. They take this seriously. Terilynn and read saw team does and they would never put you in harm's way. I know that there's just too much at stake in so many different ways. It just wouldn't happen. So, no, that you're safe.

No. That you're going to have great results and give her a call and we're gonna give you that contact information. I promise. We're still doing it. Well, I want to get this one last question before we do that. And here's the thing, talent to kind of ease the moment in case there's any trepidation whatsoever. I don't think there is. You look pretty calm. Here's the thing with this question. There is no such thing as a wrong answer. It is impossible. And the reason is because it's very unique to you, the individual, to put it in a different light. The only correct answer is your answer. So it doesn't matter now if you just let it all let go. And here's the thing. If it takes a moment to come off the answer, cool. Don't worry about it. Just relax. Like you know how to do. And if it comes immediately, then say what it is. It's just gonna be unique to you. It's phenomenal. Are you ready? I am so ready. Fantastic. I can't wait. There's one of my favorite parts of the show. All right. Here we go. Terilynn Werner. How do you define success?

When I'm full of joy, when I know people are winning around me.

When my family's happy and when I'm with you, my greatness, Brian, and I think we all know when we're living or greatness and or not. When I'm with my greatness.

Mm hmm. Deep and oh, I didn't even mention this. No two people have answered that exactly the same way and neither did you. I mean, it just I at some point there has to be someone that answers it the same way. That's what I love about this question. It is so unbelievably unique to each individual. And, you know, par for the course.

You along with every other one. It was not about money. No, no. Those that are more scarcity mindset, that are more in the beginning of their entrepreneur walk might say we'll all be successful when I make my first mil. You know, it might be money centric. Yes. And even when or if they see that, that's still not the real reason, is it? It's what does money provide you? It provides you deliberation. The freedom and the power to serve more people. Yes. To change more lives. Not only yours, not for the nice cars and great houses and whatever it is that you personally desire. Not you, Terilynn, but everyone watching, listening. It's really. That's what it to me. That's the essence of a true entrepreneur or someone who wants to serve. Because I've not met a successful entrepreneur that does not have that in their blood. Successful entrepreneur being the key, successful being the keyword there. Those that are on their path to become successful are learning. Some of them are learning. I need to shift it from what am I gonna get? Like you said earlier, Terry, too. How can I serve? How can I give? What can I do to help them? And once that happens, watch out. You're gonna see magnificent changes in your business. That's why I love everything you've said tonight.

Terilynn and I want to give folks a way to connect with you to really and really people. When when terrorism gives you this information. Connect with them. Be respectful. Know that they are professionals at what they do and know that she has a service that gives results that no matter what. If you if you're a fit and you decide to go forward, which you should, I highly recommend it. No matter what the cost. No matter what the location, no matter where you're coming from. Do whatever it takes to get there to soar with her and her team. Terilynn. How can people best get in touch with you to make that initial conversation happen?

Terilynn Werner:
Ok. Thank you. Info on the best way is really an email. Then it gives me an opportunity to look at who you are as a group. And so when I do call you back, then we can talk about what you're looking for and all that. (Informational screen) So it'd be INFO - I-N-F-O - @SOAR - S-O-A-R - like a bird. So, INFO@SOARTEAM.NET. The phone number is (909) 866-7627. If you forget that it's 866- SOAR - S-O-A-R. And please, I would love to hear from you and talk about what it is you're looking for.

I think that we could provide that and author if they have any blessing and luck like I did. They get to do it in Big Bear, which is such a beautiful. But I'm sure Malibu is to a big bear. Oh, my goodness, what a gorgeous setting. You guys have their pristine like Mirror Lake. They're beautiful woods. You smell nothing but nature, which is pine and fresh air. And it's cooler than where I live right now, which is brutally hot. It's one hundred and two there in Lancaster in the desert. And it's what, any five or so you say you're going through a heat wave of your own. And I just saw it coming right. About eighty five. Exactly. That's fantastic. Thank you so much for everything.

Brian Kelly:
Terilynn. My goodness, I can't believe we've hit the bewitching hour, but we have the end. I cannot express my gratitude for you anymore. I don't think I'll try. I'll do my best because I still want to. For both you and your husband read you guys are phenomenal. You're changing lives continue to do so for as long as you desire that. You both desire please, because you offer something that is such a gift. That's the best way to say it. You offer a gift. Both of you, collectively, your entire organization, think them again on behalf of myself and everyone has gone through there. So appreciate you. Gosh, I just wanna keep going all night. But we do have to call it at some point and respect those that are watching and listening. Any last parting words before we call it a night there, Terilynn, huh?

Terilynn Werner:
Yeah, I think that I want everybody write this one down. It's not rocket science, but it's really important to put it down. Love your neighbor as yourself. Everything you do. Love your neighbor as yourself. And that's just start there. Just start there. It's not rocket science and then build on that.

Brian Kelly:
Perfect. Thank you so very much. All right. Well, that is it for now. As much as I want to carry this up for another two or three hours because I easily could. And I know Terilynn could do. I want to say once again, thank you again, Terilynn. Thank you all for watching and listening. We had a good audience tonight. And for those of you that watch and listen after the show. Please be sure to reach out to Terilynn and read through INFO@SOARTEAM.NET at the email address. INFO@SOARTEAM.NEt Or call (909) 866 - SOAR - S-O-A-R, OR if you want the number, it's 7627 at the end. Thanks once again, Terilynn and all watching and listening. Until next time. Be blessed and we'll see you then. Bye bye now.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show with Brian Kelly.

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Terilynn Werner

Terilynn began in Human Development and became a Transformational Trainer. She started working with Teens up in Big Bear on the Ropes Course and they stole her heart. She then closed her Giftware manufacturing company in Beverly Hills and moved to Big Bear to work with Youth. She realized that the Parents of these Youth needed as much growth as the Teens so she started working with Corporations and Adult Groups throughout the Country as well. Today SOAR provides programs indoors and out for Schools, Universities, Leadership and Corporate Groups, Church Groups, and more. The theme always comes back to being in relationship and being an authentic, courageous human being.

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