Special Guest Expert - Tom Antion

Special Guest Expert - Tom Antion (transcribed by Sonix)

Announcer: Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly: Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. I say this every show. But tonight is even additionally special. I am so excited. I have goose bumps poking through this jacket. I'll give you a close up if I could. Oh it's a reunion a reunion, reuniting, reuniting that has been too long in the making. I'm so excited to bring on this special guest expert. You have no idea the value this man brings every single time over the past decade that I've known him is just over the top. Always always brings the value and can wait for me to meet him. And we're going to do that in just a moment. Before we get started though for those of you that have not heard of the mind body business show just want to give you a quick overview mind body business. What is that all about. Well there are three pillars to success that I have found in my now 54 years on this planet of patterns of successful people and most successful people have mastered all three and the first would be mind. In other words mindset they have a very positive like champion mindset and can get through the hard times. I'm going to go more abbreviated tonight than normal because I want to get our guest on this show body. Successful people take care of themselves. They eat need the proper food they exercise and they are at the top of their game in body and business. Business is multifaceted. Their sales there's marketing there's team building they're scaling there are so many facets. If you were a master just one of these three pillars then your business and your personal life would skyrocket. I kid you not mastery though it takes time it takes repetition it takes experience and that's what our guest expert has definitely a multitude of of experiences in his life that have led him to super success that you're going to find out about here in just a moment. So what I'd like to say is it's like a tripod. Mind, Body, Business. Each one of those is a leg. If you kick out one of those legs what happens to that tripod? It all comes tumbling down. Now I'm not here to say that you must have mastered all three but what if you were in the process of mastering at least one to start and then move on to the next and then the next. If you're in the process you're on the right track and that's what this show is all about. It's about bringing on guests experts like our man Tom Antion who's coming on very soon to bring in he is The Man in two specific areas Mind and Business. No doubt this guy has crushed it and is super successful and I can't wait for you to meet him and that reminds me of success. Looking back behind me reminds me of that and that is many years ago I remember being flown out to the east coast to strike up a deal to sign a contract with a gentleman. He was a CEO of an infomercial company crushing it a multimillionaire. He had a corner office of course had me flown out there pick me up in a limo put me in a hotel all at their expense and I met with him for two days in his office and it was amazing amazing experience. And there was at one point where I'm sitting in his couch in his office not his house his office and he's talking to me and he's standing and I'm sitting and he's looking right at me he says Brian. If people only knew if they only knew if they just did this one thing it just is one thing they'd all be super rich. And so by now I'm leaning in it's like OK what is it. And so he turns around coyly and walks to the opposite wall and there is a ceiling to floor to door cabinet and he goes and grabs both handles looking back and spreads them open opens them wide and he reveals something very similar to what you see right behind me. And that was shelf after shelf after shelf of books and we're not talking just any books we're talking about business books about personal development books about fitness books about mindset books you name it anything to get him to that next level of success. It was on his bookshelf and I made a crucial error at that moment I decided to discount that advice. In fact I ignored it because to me I'm thinking I could go to the library and check out all these books for free so there's no skin in the game. It can't be that easy. That's what's going through my mind and I decided to discount that completely. And so thankfully thankfully many years later I ran into another gentleman who would become my mentor many years my junior literally could have been my son by age brilliant brilliant young man. And I ended up working with him in his company for years spoke on a stage for several years. And at one point I'm in his house and he's walking around wearing. I said Hey man what are you doing. It's like oh what. Oh yeah I'm listening to a book now. Wait what you're listening to a book. I've heard of this before. This was a little while ago. Tell me more about that. And so I said yeah Genesis this app called audible that I use and I download them and I listen to books I said oh my gosh I'm going to try that because personally me opening a book and reading it physically on paper I get really tired I get fatigued and I can't stay with it that long. And my attention span goes with it. And so I started I started listening I said this is awesome. And I became a voracious reader as a result. And now finally full circle back to the very advice that I should have taken many years ago. I'm not here to cry spilled over spilled milk. I'm just happy with all the experiences that happened in my life in the exact order they did. The beautiful thing is I was introduced to this amazing concept called reading and in so doing audible you can tap on the screen at any point while you're listening and it instantly stores a bookmark. And I thought this is genius because how many have you out there listening. Have ever read the same book more than once and I'm sure just about everybody's hand is going up. What if you could just zoom straight to those moments of interest and save yourself an extra hour and a half to two hours of listening or reading by going to these bookmarks so that's why I started doing. And what I want to do with you right now is share one such bookmark in a segment I appropriately named, well, bookmarks.

Announcer: Bookmarks, born to read. Bookmarks. Ready, steady, read!. Bookmarks. Brought to you by

Brian Kelly: Yes, there it is and for those of you watching and listening. Be sure to take notes. Do not. In other words do not go to these resources while you're watching the show you do not want to miss Tom. That's why and he's coming on very soon. I promise I kid you not and what we're going to do is quickly go through. Reach your peak library dot com. What is that. It's a resource I built literally for you. For you it's my gift to you and what it is is a compilation of those books that I've listened to over the recent years and there are around 40 on this list. I'm falling way behind there's a lot more that I listen to that are not on this list. There you see them scrolling up now and I give you a link to go purchase them. This is not for me to make money it is for you to be able to filter out books quicker and know that these have at least been vetted by one successful entrepreneur at least that way. You're not just throwing darts at a duck editor at a dartboard and hoping it sticks in the right area. That's going to be good for you. So every book I've ever read is not on here. These are only those that have had impact on me and what I want to do is Segway over into one specific bookmark on one of these books because it's so appropriate for the gentlemen you are about to meet and that book is everyday millionaires by Chris Hogan and what I would like for you to do right now is take out a notepad and so and a pen a paper and a notepad and a pen of paper a pad of paper and a pen and take some notes throughout this point forward and take notes vigorously because everything from now on is gonna be super super high value so go ahead take a quick listen it's a just over a minute in length. This is Chris Hogan once again in every day millionaires.

Chris Hogan: The idea the notion that wealthy people are simply lucky lottery winners married into money or have some genetic advantage that normal people don't have is a myth. And it's one of those that will keep you from ever becoming a millionaire yourself. If you believe it. Waiting for Lightning to Strike the myth that millionaires are simply lucky takes a lot of different forms but they all come down to one main idea obtaining wealth as random people view wealth like lightning strikes as though they have no control over when and where the million dollar lightning bolt will strike next. They see things like only special people strike it rich. Not me they think the only way to build wealth from nothing is to marry into money or invent the next iPhone. Since wealth is random they see the lottery as a valid strategy paid in building wealth is simply a game of chance. Why not. Even if they don't play Powerball or mega millions they may believe that wealth comes down to a DNA lottery a random mix of intellectual or physical advantages that enables only some people to become famous actors athletes models or inventors. I think that every one of these things is an excuse.

Brian Kelly: Powerful powerful. How many people do you know that won the lottery as a strategy to become a millionaire. There are many. I've met many myself and the cool thing is we have a bonafide multimillionaire waiting in the wings. He's chomping at the bit to get on this show so he can speak his piece and I can't wait for him to come on as well. So let's do that shall we. Let's bring on the one and only Tom Anton. Here we go. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified And there he is ladies and gentlemen the one the only Tom Antion!

Tom Antion: Brian How you doing?

Brian Kelly: Oh man I'm doing really good now. Now that we are reunited and it feels so good.

Tom Antion: Well well wait a minute. One second that I noticed when you earlier you said okay Tom's got the mind and the business and you specifically ignored the body. I got plenty of body to go or not.

Brian Kelly: You've got a rockin' body buddy.

Tom Antion: I got extra for everybody.

Brian Kelly: Well you know what though in all seriousness you are an avid tennis player and we were talking before you went down to injury recently that's kept you from doing that. So you've got that going it's exercise. It's exercise.

Tom Antion: No, I lost 100 pounds since the last time you saw me. And that's not a joke that I lost the girlfriend. Actually I've been on a ketogenic lifestyle so a low carb up and the only thing that's ever worked for me.

Brian Kelly: Congratulations and excellent. I'm so glad to hear that because you know even though I love it when there's more of time to go around I don't mean not physically. So real quick I'm going to intro you properly here Tom but before I do I want to remind our guests that are watching live especially those that are watching live that stay tuned to the very end so that you can enter to win a five nights day at a five star Mexican resort. Compliments of my good friend Jason Anderson his incredible company called Power texting dot com. And so stay on to the end. And it's not one of those things where you go and sit and watch a timeshare. Trust me and I guarantee it because the owner of the company has tested it himself and went and took his daughter and said it was amazing. So stay on. And I hear there's a little whisper in my ear saying that Tom might actually also have a gift for you as well.

Tom Antion: It's very possible. And I'm going to pile on because I can't be outdone. I'm going to add one more to it. I'm sure it's nowhere close to what Tom's offering. But you know I gotta, I gotta give. I've got to get. So Tom. Tom Antion, the man right here. This guy has never had a job. Never had a job. He's an Internet multi-millionaire. He's like the guy next door. And founder of the only licensed dedicated internet marketing school in the country. This is amazing. He's the subject also of a Hollywood documentary called The American entrepreneur premiering later this year. And now that just opened up a can of worms of so many. Oh my gosh. I don't know if we are enough time to go through everything because there's so much you want to catch up with you Tom. It's been a long time since we've talked. My friend. I just I wanted to go a little deeper if you don't mind and you have one thing before you get started.

Tom Antion: Luckily I know you and know that you're a good guy because this trip to Mexico worried because you could you could only make the winner somebody you don't like and then ship them for good and then not so.

So I don't think that's going to happen in this case.

It would be like reverse marketing. I love it. No it's not not the case in this case or I would pull that offer from the table in a heartbeat. Thank you though.

And here's this is one thing I got to share with everybody I love about Tom is he has an infectious sense of humor. I love it. And he's so authentic and integrity based and that's on a serious note that you know the humor is just always on spot. And the guy is so freaking talented in so many ways. He's also a professional speaker and he's been all over the world. I'll let I'll let Tom go through this a little bit more. But I just want to let people know they have an unarmed unbelievably amazing individual in front of them right now. So definitely take notes get active on Facebook. Say hi to Tom so that he can then look you up later and we'll give you a way to look up Tom at the end. But now. So what I want to do is find out a little bit more. Go deeper. Tom as much as you're willing to go to find out so people can get to know you a little bit more. And in that light like you are super super successful in in most people's eyes there might be some that might say well I don't think you that's successful but I'll be like Richard Branson I think that you know so you've already reached a super high pinnacle of success in most the planet's eyes. What continues to get you going like when your feet hit the floor when you wake up in the morning. What is it that's going through your mind that says I'm ready to tackle and take on a new day versus while I can just go back to bed and let that and sleep for another two hours. And then if you don't mind to adding onto that please let us know and me as well. What latest projects you're working on.

Okay. So the absolute first ovation when I get up in the morning is to make sure my dogs don't pee on the floor.

I get them out the door. That's the number one you know you've got to have priority in your life.

So that's number one. Number two which is carried with me most of my life is a Japanese principal called Chi xen. Which is continuous improvement. So that's that's exactly what's going through my mind. Get my shower get the dogs out taking care of them and then get busy taking care of customers. But it's always involved is continuous improvement in fact. We have two weekly meetings with my staff by Skype. And at the end of each person tell them what they're accomplishing. They have to tell something personal that they are improving on. So it's everything with me and everybody around me that's has to be part of the deal. You're not moving forward you're moving back. So that's pretty much it is continuous improvement as powerful as powerful.

I love that how you get them into the personal space and get them in the habit of doing the very same thing that has helped you to become so successful why not. I mean have your own. Yes. So you're basically injecting a culture into their lives of your business model at the scene.

Yeah. And a lot of them have been with me for many many years but I don't necessarily encourage that. I encourage them to keep growing. And if they want to take off on their own they've got all the tools that they learned while they were working for me. I don't know if you remember. Yo yo yo yo Posen with my original geek in 1997. He's the millionaire in Los Angeles. He's probably doesn't live far from you. He's involved in Pluto TV and he had sci plex a major web design firm there and he started with me in high school. So I'm always wanting to see people grow. They're not. I'm kind of wondering you know why. You know what. What's their life like if they're just cruising. You know I always want improvement.

There's a lesson right there Tom for so many people who are working with people you they're apprentices or vs our employees. That's a huge lesson to teach them to be able to spread their wings and not worry about them leaving. Give them the tools so they can leave and you can just repeat the process with another person who has the talents they did. Yeah and yeah it's a little bit of a hassle on me with retraining and starting over but the thing is as I make deals with them I've trained them and you know I've no

We go on and on and on for lifelong associates and friends after they they leave. And so it's you know when you try to hold people down they're gonna resent you in the long run and you're probably not going to get the most productivity out of any way. So this isn't the atmosphere in the world that people are waiting for their gold watch. All right. So my deal is you know we help each other as we're together and then we go our separate ways and we're still friends. Know a lot of them and they're way ahead of the game because to me. So I like that.

I think that's a model for success for any company no matter what size no matter how many people you have. I love that. In fact I'm using a similar approach with apprentices that I've been working with and it just does nothing but give you better results period from every angle every angle.

And you know Brian I love to give tips you know actionable tip. Yes for people out there. So this brings up one right now is my hiring practices and you know you don't want to age discriminate but I really as the tech business internet marketing business don't want a 55 year old MBA that had secretaries then and can't really do anything. I want a young tech savvy kid. So I make ads for Craigslist that are kind of mean a little bit but the main table of it is what I want everybody right now. Hey internship. Paid internship. Because nobody that's you know super overqualified and older and not tech savvy is going to apply for an internship

So you can get only young people and you don't get in the situation of offending people and probably what I'm saying now is offending some people that are in the older age groups but there's no longer acceptable for people in our age group to say oh well I'm not technical knowledge. You know you. It doesn't count anymore you've got to get technical and be able to operate your darn cell phone. And and I saw I saw a cartoon once where this kid went up to his dad in this house and he said Hey Dad if you increase my allowance I'll give you unlimited in-house tech support.

That's the way it is with these kids nowadays.

So I teach people how to recruit young people out of high school. I like high school best because they don't have as much drinking going on and parties and sororities than and they're thrilled to death that they're not flipping burgers or cutting grass. They're doing the stuff they love on computers so that just when I recruited my first kid in 1997 my God he stood behind me and watched me on my computer and he's ready to explode.

He's like how could somebody make so much money be so stupid just click here.

He was always right to set up but I think now I'm screamingly fast on the computer because of the good stuff.

So the bottom line is this recruit young people and your business well can really take off because they'll get something done in two minutes that will take you two months. Have you ever figured it out. Yeah it's an important tip to get the young people involved.

Totally totally agree. I use a resource for acquiring apprentices that are typically in college or or recently graduated college. So they're they're younger but they also have a little bit of life experience. Yeah they might have been doing the drinking and stuff like that. But I do a lot of pre enrollment or pre hiring if you will questions to make sure that at least it looks on the surface that this is going to be a fit. And so far it's been it's been successful and yes I used both.

I used Craigslist to get the a little bit older people and I used a blue collar high school. I don't go to a fancy because they got more money than I do.

So this stuff needs me.

I go to a blue collar high school. And you go down. By the way this is another good tip. Don't just go down to the high school and say hey I'd like to have some kids that does that work.

Policemen told me that. You got a call up ahead of time and make an appointment with the guides.

I could see time at the chain link fence looking at. Come here.

I got something for you. I got a lollipop there. Oh my goodness that's so funny. Ernie I said I got a knife.

Oh well. Well hey you know we didn't get to this.

I want to know too is you there. You have been doing so many things. And I follow you. But what is the latest thing that you're working on now that you're really passionate about that you want people to know about.

Well the latest thing is. And first of all I mean when people see my resumé it looks like B.S. because I never had a job. And you can live like two or three lives if you aren't in you know commuting to work and and still with your audible you can make it a traveling university and you can use your cell phone to record things that will end up in books and your videos and other products. So. So don't waste that what we call a throwaway time. Sure. But the latest thing that I'm I'm working on there's and it's and it's never just one Brian so I'll just give you a couple of them. But you saw what I was doing on Roku TV which is a on demand TV service and people like us can put channels up now. That's a little bit geeky and you're really good at geek stuff. I had the scratch and crawl and you know figure it out. But but you know in my terrible topic of public speaking which most people hate. Twelve hundred people signed up for my channel the first day that blows youtube and i love youtube for certain things for sure.

But twelve hundred people in the first day signed up and there's 18 hundred people in the first couple weeks for a terrible topic like public speaking on TV. All right. So we're coming out with other channels that have a protection dog company. So dogs are really big. Some people have put dog channels up or get eight nine ten thousand people to sign up for their channel in the first week. I mean so this is really powerful. And then we took the same stuff and took it over to Amazon Fire which is another kind of you know a little technical stuff. You got to work through but once you get through it like I'm sitting here I haven't looked at the channel for a week and thousands of people are watching many hours of my stuff when they're starting to buy stuff. So it's a whole new market of people that I never reached with email which has been my primary source for over twenty years so. So that's the latest thing we're doing. We're also doing chat boards.

Like if you go to my Facebook page that's Antione and Associates and you click message you'll meet my little chat board screwy. He's he's my little buddy and go up you ask him questions then he answers them and ask you Hey you want to look at this. Do you want to look at that. And if he can't figure it out he sends the message to me and then I answer you. So that's why we usually get an instantaneous feedback rating for answering questions on our business page because crew is there 24/7 doing it so you can have a lot of fun with it.

I don't pretend that it's really me I have my little characters screwy and he's the he's helping you out of media. So chat bots are going crazy. And here's another tip for you folks. The course that I took on chat boards. They could have easily charged two thousand dollars. It was one of the most comprehensive massively great courses. For Free. Free. And I happen to use the service called many chat and it's the pro version is ten bucks a month. You have a free version but they give you this course by two luminaries. I mean it's it's probably a 20 hour course and it's free. So another good tip for you if you want to get into chat boards and the other than the ten dollars a month for the Pro version of many chat. It's just a little bit of elbow grease to make this happen and maybe you have a little character made up my already had the character from my screw the commute which is by little screwy guy you know you know pounding on cars. All right. So I just named him screwy. Put him on the chat board and. People get taken care of instantly for me instead hoping someday somebody answers. Wow that's you've been a busy guy

As usual.

Those are those are just the fraction of the things we do around here all the time.

It's interesting you brought up Roku because I remember it was just a couple of days ago I think that you actually did a live webinar about that.

Yeah. I was telling people about the opportunity I don't have anything for sale other than you know I offered to help make the channels form but it took me about four or five months to looking at the forums and asking questions to figure it out because I'm not that technical. But but you can do it. Very good people to help you to do it but that's a really powerful new medium and people are quitting their cable now because for 40 bucks you can get a Roku box and have thousands of channels out there. I mean I binged watched The Equalizer 88 episodes from the 80s

And it's really cool so for those of you that aren't familiar with Roku think of Netflix if you can think of that.

It's a streaming through your Internet connection like you or your own home connection or office service in this case Roku and Amazon Fire both are like literally like sticks like US Beef sticks but they are a different connector that goes into your TV and literally it connects over your wireless Internet in your home and you control it as if you're sitting in front of a TV with a remote and you now because of the way Thomas is describing. You can have your own channel on television because of Roku and Amazon Fire and there are more than those coming out.

The cool with Roku you might even buy a Roku TV and don't even have to buy the extra Mark if you're in the market for a new TV and you think you might want to do this get a Roku TV and it still has all the other functions but it's already preplanned.

Be ready for a rocket.

And the timing could have been more awesome Tom because a close friend we both know him told me about you know we had talked about Roku almost a decade ago when it was in its infancy whenever it was just coming out and I went looked into it he goes Hey man you're a tech guy you can figure this out and I said I might be able to but I don't want to go it's way too much work and now there are tools out there that make it much easier.

It does still take some time and effort. Believe me however the beautiful thing is it doesn't cost you more than just you have to have the device. That's it. You have to have the device and that's a one time cost. And then you upload your channels and you're not paying for traffic as if you were on Facebook ads or on YouTube ads. It's they're not you're not paying for and listen to what Tom just said. How many thousands of people. What was it 12000 on day one.

No. Hundred and twelve hundred under public speaking. But I have other people that I know had eight to ten thousand. Yeah.

Their topic being a pub people don't go on TV is they think I'm going to take some public meetings right. So it takes a little bit to get going with that channel but still the. I don't need as much traffic because I have a whole bunch of my own products to sell. But some people you know put a code on there and ad agency sell ads for you and then you split the revenue with USA. Now there is one other cost involved in that. You probably want to get a vimeo Pro account to post the of the videos because that's. They don't do that for you. And if your channel takes off really big that's the best bargain right now.

And if it goes really big at that well you should be making enough money to up your hosting. But for 200 bucks a year Vimeo is got you can get hundreds of thousands of views for that amount.

Absolutely. And it's serving dual purpose it's similar to YouTube. They've gone to a paid model which keeps the ads out which is awesome and you have more control of the player now that you're paying for it and you can repurpose it into Roku channels. It's amazing. And they don't have limits on the amount of bandwidth like others do that would cost you an arm and a leg. And I think Tom is inferring about those are more of the big players that are out there for when you need to expand. So phenomenal tips for those you watching contact Tom. He will help you set up your channels on get going on Roku. I'm doing it myself I'm not. As far as Tom is by any stretch I actually went and watched his channel the other night.

Wow this is awesome. It was like being there back when I first met you almost almost 10 years ago.

Yeah I there lots of older speeches and training and how to be funny and all kinds of Oh yeah and the wonderful opening of touching touching touching love right.


For those of you that don't know what that means. We'll get on Roku.

And what's your channel name public speaking channel the public speaking speaking channel perfect or you can do if you happen to be on Amazon Fire you can find it there too I forget it's a little harder to find on there because they have a bunch of different categories but if you do Amazon Fire I'm hosting on YouTube and I don't know why YouTube's doing this but all my hosting is free for the videos on Amazon and on their remote. It's like a mini Alexa.

You push a button and say Hey play the public news channel and it's not listening all time like an SO which a lot of people are afraid of that. But you just push the button and

There it is. Yeah I just got nice my systems. Three or four days ago and went crazy and getting my channel set up I'm one click away from publishing but I was doing that is playing with the my good friend my wife she's like. Did you do. But yeah you have to press and hold out on like button. And so it's not listening and you know it's getting ready to come and ransack your house the Roku remote has a cool feature you can plug a headphone into it

That's a really cool feature. So you have like a miniature wireless headphone and a rope remote right in your hand. So yeah it's it's a new world out there folks. Twenty seven million on Roku people and 30 plus million as of January on Amazon. That's 50 some million people that I'm being exposed to. You know

Pennies for pennies. Exactly. If you were to compare that to getting similar traffic on Facebook ads or any type of paper click system pennies or even getting that many people to subscribe on YouTube which is totally saturated now again.

I love YouTube research purposes but this is a you know a wild west opportunity that you can really grab a lot of market share right away.

Sweet sweet sweet man. We could just go on blabbing all night and I think we will because you know Tom said. So he's on the East Coast. So it's like 9:00 p.m. there right now 95 on the west coast so I can stay up as long as you want to a time.

I can go.

I go out forever. Read a lot of people I don't know your your listeners have never heard of but can't. But I've got a bootcamp coming up on April 27. And you know I got a call I came from a comic background and so everybody started begging me to teach this Internet stuff run in the late 90s and this is you to have a boot camp and I'm like and now everybody has boot camp.

I can't do that I'm funny and crazy.

So. So I said you know I'm sitting here making all this money sitting on my rear end. Oh but I did. They caught on. That's one of the top three longest ever running. I think it's probably because the other ones fizzled off the longest running Internet seminar.

It's got a goofy name but it's very very intensive on all this stuff that we do.

And really the only place and I've done them in 11 countries except in England they made me call it bum bum camp.

That's great. Well I hope you got the domain and you're good there. Yes.

Oh yeah. So we we do it at my school in Virginia Beach and then people buy the videos that come to Virginia Beach. It's not one of these enormous seminars. We keep it small because I hate the logistics. I like to speak at other people's big events but I don't like to set up all this stuff.

So we keep it small and then just sell the videos around the world and then your training is intense and it's one on one because it's a smaller venue smaller group of people. So they get you know people get Tom they get all of them and you know Tom is so diverse. I mean what. You had a book out. I recall it have the name of it but it was like five hundred thousand pages thick.

Oh really. The ultimate was the ultimate guide to electronic marketing. Yeah it was a thousand forty two pages and I I wrote the whole thing at the airplanes and layovers because I'm a real big on your throwaway time. Don't waste on you know take. Do something listen to your order learn move forward. And so I wrote that whole book there and it was went through four editions in ten years before it got so big that you know there's a concept and this is another one for folks out there. A relatively new concept in marketing called glance simple marketing. Glances civil. You know thousand forty two pages people is just overwhelmed with it. So now I've broken it down into a whole bunch of smaller e-books but danceable means that you can instantly see something and get the idea. And it's very important on tablets and cell phones because they're small screen size. We okay.

You look like you're stressed out I'm trying to figure out how do you spell that.

Oh glancing all with a G Yeah. Glance Apple like you can just glance real quick at the GLAAD and see a BLT or something like danceable marketing.

Yeah. So I looked like I was in pain. Yeah yeah I was like Oh I follow the stream Twitter stuff.

So. So that's important. But yeah this is just the it's just the beautiful time to be in business. I mean it's the best time ever we have these tools. I mean you can go to my website and leave me a voicemail. Just click on a button and just talk to my screen and I'll get an email with your message and I can hit a button and call you and give you a voicemail back. And you can start out free I think big services like fifteen dollars or something but speak right. SPCA KP IP you might notice folks that you better have a pencil when I'm around because I'm going to lay it on you. I don't like to just sit here and hear myself. Yeah. I mean I have fun doing this. But if you don't get anything out of it I'm wasting your time and everybody stop. So it's not how I roll.

And that is Tom. That's how I remember you talking telling you that before we just before we went live that Tom is one of most integrity based authentic people I've ever met. That just everything he does even how he goes about selling at the back of the stage which I'm not going to go into the details there. He does have to experience it. I hope Tom that someday you get back on stage so I can come and witness that mastery once again because Tom is an absolute expert as a professional speaker. He's an absolute expert as an Internet marketer as a tennis player a dog owner and a jujitsu artist which that last part probably not right but he's some kind of self-defense. Yeah the guy is amazing. I don't know how one person can have so much talent.

I think targets like you can live two or three lives. I told you I was a charter pilot too. That's right.

I got I got bored. I had five apartment buildings in a hotel before I graduate college start. And then I got bored and I said you know I like to have my pilot's license. I got my pilot's license became a charter pilot which was more like a high class show for basically. And. And did that for a while. And so it's just like said the world is out there for you. You just grab it continuously improve yourself. Sell really high profit products like digital stuff that's available now. I've been selling e-books since 2001. Ninety seven percent profit. Folks if you're interested in business I mean what business is ninety seven percent profit right. So you have online courses and membership sites then all of these things are super high profit recurring income. I wrote one e-book that's that's brought in three and a half million dollars in a four hour layover at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas and it's still brings in eight to ten thousand dollars a month after years and years and years. That's like two hundred thirty five thousand a year average for the past. I don't know 15 years which you know most people would say that's a rich man's salary right there. But this is all available to you if you just grab it and it's not hocus pocus but there are a lot of scam artists out there so you've got to be careful who you deal with but God The tools are so powerful Bryan how many people right now.

Look what we're doing right now Zach.

I mean you can't imagine all the technology that's making it easy so I can sit here and run my mouth and let him do all the work.

I'm so happy to do the work and you run your mouth because when you open your mouth there's nothing but gold coming out.

And how many of you watching either live or on the recording even on podcasts later or on Roku how many of you would like to know how to do it. Tom just described I think that again it does.

I said hi to get it before we started it. Yeah. It's amazing. She's an artist.

She's not the one we had a brigade in my self-defense class one time with the she beat the heck out of everybody was a little but as big as the bar of soap which eat well.

This brigade could probably do the same. She's very fit very a very ham and an amazing mother and wife and has a great family. But what you are just going through it. I mean it was like I'm back at the seminar I'm leaning in I'm interested. I want to know more. And please stick on to the end because I want you all to have the ability to connect with Tom. He can't take all of you. There's no way he's one person but if you're a fit and he makes sure that you're a fit before bringing you on then maybe you can work with him but you can't do it until I do that.

I'm done. I go to and the thing that I'm gonna give you.

I'm just gonna give you a little teaser. It has to do with 7 million and you can do well.

I'm gonna tell you at the end when I give you my freebie seven million.

I'm sure what that is. The open loop the o an LP open loop. Oh well it used to be known in the commercial world as a garlic effect is the garlic effect. One of my favorite. Yeah. So you probably know Mark Mark Joiner. Do you remember that name.

Oh Mark Joiner is a buddy of mine. He's gonna be on my podcast as you are too pretty soon.

Yes Mark Joyner is the only guy on earth that's been able to fake me out like an email is personal to me directly from him. And I open it up. Oh he got me. Yeah right.

Guess you. But yeah. He's brilliant isn't he. Yeah he's gonna be on the podcast. The screw the mute. And so are you.

Yeah he's. He's known as the godfather of Internet marketing. He's a site call psychological genius.

Yeah he is. And I know a lot of people tease that. It's an oxymoron. But the army intelligence. Right. Yeah.

Yeah. That's where he cut his teeth and all this stuff. And then he took it and his stuff was so cutting edge I got the mark Joiner farewell package. It was like he he quit for a while.

Yes. New Zealanders somewhere.

And now he's back with simple ology right.

And the reason you sit in that paradise spoke for him years and years ago is me and Ted Nicholas and Joe Sugarman.

These are math the other militaries at the worst I think was the Western Hotel in Los Angeles. And. And a lot of people that saw me there I got I got them started. You'd recognize their names. They were in the audience at the time. And but he's. Yeah he's he's brilliant really brilliant Alan Skidmore is in the house.

How you doing a big owl. What's going on man. And way too long. Hey you're on.

You're close enough to Tommy. Just go gotta give me a high five man.

He's my West by God Virginia buddy I've got to say by god if you say West Virginia I spent 13 years there one one decade or one levee of oh man gosh this has been amazing there's so much so we're just we're not on how are you.

Nice to see you. We're on we're approaching 45 minutes and we've got about an hour and I didn't say anything. I

Mean Mean get warmed up. No we're not going. We'll go as long as you want describe outline. So

I'm curious and I think a lot of people watching are curious of someone who has achieved multimillionaire status. Now those that are watching this might go. Come on let the guys in like a plaid shirt. How can you be a multi-millionaire. Because he can choose what the heck he wants to do when he wants to do it and he doesn't care what people think and that's the way to go. That's the way everyone should want to live is to make well.

Yeah. Oh oh. Couch that a little bit that I don't try to offend people but if they do you know sometimes that's that happens. But but the thing is as I grew up very frugal I mean my dad came on a cattle boat. In fact that's one of the basis of the American entrepreneur documentary it's about me because the American entrepreneur and based on my dad coming from Syria on a cattle boat into Ellis Island and then becoming an entrepreneur making me an entrepreneur and I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs. And my name is like an accident because he came from Antioch Syria and they named you from where you were born in the early nineteen hundred. So he was someone from Antioch. When he hit Ellis Island. And they're like they can't read it. They said OK you're Sam Antione.

Wow. Who spoke my name.

Yeah. So he put the first electric light bulb in Carnegie Pennsylvania. Talk about continuous learning. He was ten years old shining shoes into barber shops. Saving up his money to buy information thanks from the American school that was then the eighteen hundreds started and he bought an electrical engineering course put the first electric light bulb in Carnegie Pennsylvania and have an electrical contracting firm at 13 years old.

Wow. So. So.

Oh I should show you. Excuse me. I'm going to grab something. Hold it up.

Yeah. And you became a chip off the old block.

You see that right. Yep you got it. All right. Well did you ever hear Johnny Cash. Yes. All right. Well Johnny Cash had a

Had a song called A Boy Named Sue. And it was about an old drunk who figured he wouldn't be there to take you know grow up his boy. And so he named them sue. So the kid would be scrappy and get tough.

You know as a child. So my dad was 50 when he had me. And he thought that he wouldn't be there and he had only went to the second grade education. But he was just brilliant. So this picture

When he tells me when I was the baby he would put my toys on the other side of a pillow to teach me how to overcome obstacles. And to this day I am unstoppable now I won't cheat anybody or step on him to get where I'm going. But if you tell me I can't do something what that means is somebody that tells you that folks that means they can't do it has nothing to do with you at all. So he instilled that to me when I was a baby crawling. And they said he only went to the second grade. And I remember when he retired at around the 70s he sat down and read the entire world book Inside the beach. It's been 20 sick boy thing. So he was just brilliant. There's other stuff over here that is too hard to study here but. But yeah. So. So when somebody tells you you can't do something or you're crazy. I mean you know you're on the right track and it just means they can't do and you need to hang around with better people that are more upbeat that will support what you do.

You know that's that's one of the downfalls that people have is they figured that people were jealous of them and they don't want them to succeed. They want him to stay down and watch football all day and get drunk and you know who that stuff. So so you might have to you know get some hang around some different people. Doesn't mean alienate all your friends. It just means that if you want to succeed you have to to do the steps that it takes.

Yes interesting topic in its own right. I have. I have fired some of my friends eight and go and see you're fired. But I would basically step back from for that very reason. But you mentioned a couple of things about like watching TV sit around getting drunk all day. I'm I'm very curious and I'm sure others are too. What would be a description of a typical day in the life of Tom Antione like you get up. You start by doing a shower. You make sure you stay in bed neat bonbons

Like hey from that. Married with Jill. Scott. So.

So seriously when I get up my main concern is get my act together in a hurry to get the dog. Because I have a protection dog company I have two German shepherds that are up in the bedroom with me and they can turn me into Swiss cheese in about five seconds or so. So the main thing is to get them taken care of. And then. I don't really eat anything until noon. I've lost about 100 pounds and I'm on a ketogenic lifestyle with intermittent fasting so I don't eat after eight o'clock at night all the way till noon the next day. And and but as soon as I get the dog squared away I'm right into the computer I'm checking the e-mail check in overnight sales and that but more than overnight sales. I'm interested in are there any customers that are having any trouble.

That's all I care about because I'm a killer stickler for customer service. In fact here's something else you can write down folks. I actually wrote a book on this which is kind of funny. It's my one sentence business play one sentence business but I wrote a whole book to tell you how to do the ones that. But here it is and I've lived this since I'm 10 years old selling stuff door to door matchbooks and advertising and you know all the stuff I did as a kid. So here's my one sentence business plan and I swear if every company on earth would just live by this one sentence they wouldn't have to pay one hundred thousand dollars to pay a consultant for a missions they here's my one sentence business. I create quote products. That people actually want. At a reasonable price and I serve as the customer after the sale. That's it.

Think about it. It's a simple quality product at a reasonable price that somebody actually wants and I service them after the sale. So that's the way I've lived since I'm 10 years old. And that's why I don't have chargeback on my credit card. I don't. I can hardly remember how to do refunds because I go way overboard. Putting quality into the products at a reasonable price so people don't want the refund. The only time I get refunds is the bag Bentley ordered twice or I have a eulogy book that people cry and when they order then they forget they were 30 days now. But you know

If you just live a positive life and take care of people you can make enormous wealth for yourself and sleep at night because you're taking care of people and have a wonderful business and do all the hobbies that you like and spend the time with your family and you know spend fifty thousand dollars on a cricket ball if you want it.

But yeah it just it's just such a great time to be in business. So they did about helping people.

Yeah I always say it's such a great time to be alive with technology today. And it's not just technology but it is helping a lot. It's helping to bridge the gap from the major corporations to the entrepreneurs who have the skills they have the mindset they have the drive and oftentimes it's just the bank account that keeps them from taking that next step.

I would like to see people watch that a little bit with the young people with the technology because they're great at it but they're actually open and rehab centers for because the kids you know you see four of them sitting at a table in a restaurant and not one person said a word to anybody. They're sitting there looking to hear their get next drain they're going they're having to go to rehab because they're addicted to the stuff. So I don't really like that. But but if you can find a balance for your young people I think that that would serve them in the long run but still for us business wise these tools are unbelievably power and going back to something you said a little earlier here.

So I teach and preach all the time but one way to achieve success is to model success and what I want to tell everyone watching and those that are listening is you have just found one person right now that if you modeled which is a fancy word for a copy if you modeled Tommy ante on then your chances for success go through the roof because listen this is one person I want everybody to model because of his integrity factor is authenticity. I mean what he talked about that one sentence that was like for a lot of people that he may as well spend been speaking Chinese. What are you talking about quality what you do about customer service. Because it's a lost art and it's not even an art. It's just something you should always do. And now we're talking to someone Tom Antione who has proven that that approach that recipe not only still works but it works better than all of the other ways which are shady and underhanded and if you're not going to give them quality and if you're not going to support them and service them you shouldn't be doing it to begin with in my personal opinion.

And you do it you're just gonna send me all the money so well.

Or you might end up on one of Tom's scam sheets that point you out.

So and in developing in Hollywood called scam brigade because I've always been what they call a sheep dog you know I have the capability of being really tough if necessary. Don't try to be it. I don't go looking for trouble but I'm a sheep dog. I take care of people and I saw so many people get robbed in the seminar business that I decided to do something about it so you can see the trailer for that scam brigade dot com. But the big Hollywood production company and they said Tom we love the show.

Don't quit your day job. So they're trying to sell it but I don't know. Who knows. Hollywood

Men love it love it love it.

Oh my goodness. We're getting close to the end. I'm going to ask a couple more though because they have to know you've kind of alluded to a lot of things but I wonder if you could put it in words.

You have been successful for a very very long time. I mean at least ten years I've known you. And that's a long time.

That's like a half of a lifetime to many watching maybe a third actually been in business 42 years and then since I was 10 years old I'm actually going to be 64 this summer.

So you believe it was my baby face here but what happens when you are you know let somebody else your boss breast you out. You know you know it was spelled backwards right.

Double also be of for.

So you've achieved many people just want to achieve short term success but I think that's the wrong attitude and approaches to look at the long term because it'll be sustainable and you can continue with it it's like winning the lottery. That's short term and most people self sabotage and lose all that money.

But I've never bought a lottery ticket ever.

Yeah. Why you have that in front of you is called a computer and it's not a lottery it's a guarantee. What would you say to those listening is the best way to achieve long term success if you were to give it a description persistence.

It's hard to come by nowadays because of the generations have been getting softer as the parents want to give them everything.

So if you're not doing your kids any favors by by making stuff too easy for them because when they get in the real world it's too easy for them to quit.

In fact that an example of this as I was probably 50 years old a big fat guy on the tennis court and we pick up games at the tennis courts and I think it was 14 or 15 years old and he was on the tennis team and he's like Come on let's hit some with you. And I'm like tearing him to pieces and he's get really mad. He slams his racket down run walks off the court and his mother's chasing him Oh Joey it's ok it's ok. If I had done that when I was the kid I'd be running laps till I'm 40 years old right. So. So Joe he wasn't persistent to say hey this shouldn't be happening. What can I learn from this old guy that I could use to beat my friends. No he just left.

So persistence is something that you could if you really instill it in your kids is going to take them a long way.

And consistency. Mean people know what to expect from me. I mean you haven't talked to me for years but you knew what to expect from me. You knew I was going to be on time. I was going to do a good show for you. You know all you know you just know that because you know my reputation. So that's what you want folks as you want people to say wow I know what to expect from that person. And then they won't go looking for the magic bullets all the time. If it's iffy over here and they can depend on you you will get the business say so persistency and consistency and then the other thing is frugality. And that's not being cheap because I am not cheap by any sense of the imagination but I'm frugal. I don't throw money away.

In fact I grew up Brian in this two horse town amused five hundred people in my home town Claes Bell Pennsylvania. You can look it up on a map. There's still five hundred people there. And it's named after Henry Clay the statesman. I mean he didn't really sleep there aping his horse took a dump there on the way through and that was good.

So we lived in the suburbs. So we're totally in the sticks. Right. So.

So I had already made it pretty big and I'm coming home and this big Mercedes Sudan when I lived up in D.C. to pick my mother around and she she always went to go to the thrift stores. So I drive up to this big thrift store pull up in this big Mercedes and my mother is in there arguing with the lady she wants this blouse for 15 cents because it had a stain instead.

It was listed at 20 bucks. So that's what I grew up is my dad.

You don't waste things we had that he'd buy used lumber and make us scrape the nails out knock him out and use the nails over again. We had. 13 wells on our property and to this day I can't let the water run while I'm brushing my teeth. Because I hear my dad don't waste things don't waste water. Yeah. So people were you know come up to you and say oh well you need to spend ten thousand on a Web site. Well I guess we need it. No. We teach you how to do a world class Web sites for one hundred and fifty dollars. All right. I and I beat up three.

This really made a lot of CEOs that I had a website at the time it was six hundred fifty bucks. Now we passed 150 and it beat out the INC magazine had a best of the web thing and these CEOs picked my site out of all these million dollar sites. They said well it was easy to get around and we could find what we wanted fast and I beat up million dollar sites with my six hundred dollars site. So this is why I'm talking about not cheap. You want things to represent you well professionally but frugal don't throw stuff away and the frugal goes with knowledge. So the more knowledge you can get not enough to be dangerous like a lot of people come to me and trying to tell me web stuff and I'm like Oh my God. God help you. But if you get the the deeper knowledge you can do this stuff for pennies.

I'm serious and you can reach and have around the world with this stuff. So persistency consistency frugality and knowledge is my wallet. My bottom line on that

Don't leave me here. I'm Ali Velshi. I'm taking notes taking notes.

That's my secret weapon I had a key to put you on camera and then I can go take notes. No one knows.

And then I come back OK. So they don't see what I'm saying. That's right. That's right. Not everything. All this tech stuff.

I'm only a name. OK. So we're getting down to it. I want to respect your time Tom and everyone who's watching and listening as well. There is one final question though that I must ask because I asked every previous

Guest on this show the same question.

So I'm not special without you sir.

Well the cool thing is your answer will be special. Oh yeah. Because it's something that I found very curious in asking this question that was kind of a heavy hitter. If it takes you a moment that's fine. Dead air time is not going to tear up or anything. Only if it takes you there. I mean it's not the intent. Let's put it that way. But it's a good one and I almost forgot I gotta remind the folks watching right now live. I promised that you can now.

Let's do this now. You can now. You can now enter to win a five nights stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico and all I have to do is follow the instructions on the screen and that is you can do it in two ways. How do you recommend the second which is text the word peak to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again that's peak PTA k 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. That's something you can do and I recommend you do right now as you're watching this if you're watching on your phone. Open a new tab on the browser and or just open your your chat or your text or see the kids that they know what to say. The messaging app right now and they can flip back to this and then the other way is to go on the Internet on your web browser and type and reach your peak LLC dot com for such vacation. Let's reach your peak LLC. Dot com for such vacation just any information there. I will receive that personally and choose a winner. You could be the next person going to Mexico for a free five night vacation stay. And I also want to. Throw out another gift if I may. I'm also known as an automation master not my words not my words. Thank you Brooke Guida who is on now she coined that and I like to give away things and so if you want to learn how to automate your business and scale it I'm not going to go deep into this. Just go to the Web site you see on the screen. It's a shortened U.R.L. it's our Y P stands for each peak hour WIP Dot. I am for such automation.

Go ahead and go there. Just opt in you'll get the list instantly through e-mail and then a little bird told me that there's a guy on this show right now that also had a gift that he was very eager to impart upon everyone.

So Tom if you wouldn't mind Go ahead take it the same idea and you probably have a different set of tools and things that I have. But this is an e-book that we sell for twenty seven dollars. And when I said seven million just one of the tips in here we've figured it out about two years ago. So it's probably way more than seven million saved me seven million keystrokes since I've been online. Seven million. And that's just one of them. We got automate all the stuff we use in my business. I've had as many as one hundred fifty thousand subscribers 40000 customers. And the only time I started hiring a lot of people was when the accountant called me and said Hey Tom you have too much retained Bernie. I said What. What do you mean. I said I've been keeping my nose clean and I've got to pay more taxes. Yeah that's right. So I started hiring people I mean I had one temp person to run this place to get one point two million a year years ago. So. So this is a book that shows all the tools that I use all the tricks of the trade with my email signatures and all kinds of stuff like that. And it's got tips for your cell phone. I mean a lot of times you think oh well I could just talk. Well no in certain places you can't talk of yourself. But there's the automation tricks that you do send the whole message just by a couple keystrokes. So the whole book is like that. So you can get that by going to screw the commute. Dot com screw the commute dot com slash automate free. Screw the new dot com slash automate free. I've got about a 30 second little message there for you that you can listen to and then you can download the the e-book there you'll be reading it and saving yourself time in no time flat while you're over there you might as well subscribe to my podcast. Screw the new bomb. We've got over 100 episodes now and really great reviews going I think is phenomenal thank you so much.

There it is there's that voice message you can send Tama a nice voice message as well.

No that's that's not that's just the little message to them. But on the home page. Oh yeah. The bottom you're right the yellow box. Right. Just say Hello how are you. And I'll respond to you directly.

Thank you so much like gift. I was about I was trying to get over to type in the URL on Facebook and I realized I'm sharing that screen. So that was not good for.

So let's switch it back. Yeah.

And then I will share on flash automate free and OK so that's up on Facebook Live on my profile for those of you watching listening. That's it Brian Carl Kelly. If you're going to a Facebook profile I've typed it inside so just click on the link. So great free resource. Thank you for that Tom. Appreciate that. And now drumroll for that big question. Oh yeah and this one's 9 million. No I'm kidding. It's a

It's kind of you know it's one of those questions I've asked every guest expert before you.

And the interesting thing is to date up until now not two people have answered it in the same exact way. And that's a good thing. I predict that that will not last forever that at some point there will be a duplication. But until this point that does not happen. And so that kind of takes any pressure off if you're feeling any. I mean Tom's approach doesn't feel pressure is like give it to me Bring it on. The other thing is so there is no such thing as a wrong answer. That's my whole point. It's just the opposite.

The only correct answer is your answer. There is no other correct answer because this is what it means to you. So are you ready Tom.

Yep I'm ready. All right. Tom and John. Good Listener. Tom Antione How do you define success

How do I define success.

Success to me as I was put on this earth to help people. And so every single time I help somebody if it's a quick call that somebody screwed up their email. To. Somebody is having some other kind of trouble like for instance there's people staying with me right now. That. Launched the premature baby

So I can help them. That's success. So pretty much it's all based on success. Me continuously helping somebody do something that they need help with that I'm. I was build strong and I up to a physical and the guy said You should have been a Clydesdale horse. If I got people half your age falling apart you know. So I got the good genes from my dad and it was pretty much that success to me is I'm always helping somebody.

Wow. And true to form it wasn't exactly like anyone else said and it's similar to some but here's the here's what I love about what I get to do with this show and bringing on amazing people like you Tom and that is to a person not not a single one including yourself used money in any part of the response. Isn't that interesting. It's I think it's because the caliber of people that are coming on this show are those that care about and it's always the theme is usually about helping others it's always in there. It's always part of it. It's. Either prominent or under the. He could just hear it as their talking or they'll actually say it as part of their lengthier excellent success. And so that's the wonderful thing. I I get to know someone really deep. I already knew you. And this does not surprise me in the least. You know like it it really shows the true essence of a person when you ask that question and I've asked it now numerous times and I'll go back and compile a book of these answers out to today's top entrepreneurs and get your permission to include you that you're OK with that. You know I don't think Tom wants more exposure. That's not what he does. I'm kidding. But thank you for that. That was from our and. I would be remiss if I did not allow people to understand or know the best way to get in touch with you to maybe strike up a conversation and say hey I want to learn about all of this stuff. You

Talked about on this show can you please help me.

Yeah. The simple place to go is screw the computer com and there's a resource page there that has all my products my free webinar lots of free stuff there base stuff. And you can contact me through the voicemail there or send me an email. So that's a good repository for everything. I have hundreds of sites but that's the one that's the latest greatest. It gets you everywhere. Screw the commute. Com you can listen to the podcast. You can get our podcast app screw the at dot com slash app and it makes it really easy to take us with you on the road on your cell phone and tablet and.

Yeah. Leave me a voicemail there. I love to hear from you. OK good. More now you can skip it.

No. He's a buddy of Al's awesome.

Ok. There's one. So either put it in that opt in form or send a voicemail at the bottom which is barely visible to those why they can go to the up and.

The podcast section and listen to the podcast and they can subscribe when I tunes. And we have all the major places have have screw the you then you know the resource page. And I don't think you can see it but there's the little blues thing at the bottom it says Leave me a voicemail.

Yeah. Know very low right there it came in a little bit better but send voicemail.

Yeah it's kind of you can get the you know get the free automate book so screw the computer complex automate free Yeah that's how you leave the voicemail you just click on it and. And you've got three minutes. Leave me a message and if he calls me out it only gives you two minutes. Sweet

Hey Tom great show I love you brother let's do it again sometime soon I hope you don't delete this voicemail. Yes I'll do my email right now. This is Alan Skidmore. He's kidding. All right. And send your e-mail. OK. Sweet. And so that the center name and send your e-mail there and letter up.

Yeah I'll grab an e-mail. We're going to listen to you right away. I can get my e-mail in response to you right back.

We don't mess around. We do it live. You got to love it Tom. Man I got to tell you. Thank you so much. I know you're a busy guy to take out over an hour hour and a half actually hour 45 now because we went over but I'm not on any clock.

I'm hoping people like you know that what they heard here. Good. Try to help them get ones business plan go.

I'm good at. I know for a fact it helped me and I'm looking forward to working with you in the future. Very very very soon as we talked about a little bit and beginning for those of you watching reach out connected Tom you see what you see and hear right now is what you get. This is the way it is every time I've ever seen him whether he's on stage in front of a crowd or he's in the back of the room or he's in in a closed door room. He's the same person in all three scenarios. So true true wonderful warm hearted loves to help people you just heard it. That's his definition of success. It's amazing. Tom thank you so much once again and can't wait to see what the future holds. Working with you my friend. I cannot believe your 10 years my senior. That's crazy. That's awesome.

Think people are going on. Well

That's that's the definition of success right there. All right.

Well that's it for this show. I can't wait to see you all again on the next episode. Until then everyone on behalf of Tom Antione the one the only be blessed and we'll see you again next time.

Bye bye now thanks for watching and listening.

This has been the mind body business shows this show with Brian Kelly.

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Tom Antion

Tom Antion has never had a job. He's an Internet Multimillionaire "guy next door" and founder of the only licensed, dedicated Internet marketing school in the country. He's the subject of a Hollywood Documentary "The American Entrepreneur" premiering later this year.

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