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Welcome to the Mind Body Business Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show.

We have an amazing, amazing show tonight and we have a guest that is coming to us live all the way from the French Alps. That's right. It is very brutally early in the morning there.

Two thirty in the morning. So show your love when you come on and watch. And as you're listening as well, go ahead and share some love, some like some comments. Let us know where you're coming in from. Amazing young man who's accomplished a lot. And I can't wait to dig deep to find out his secrets to success in just a moment. The mind body business show. What is that all about? It is wrapped around what I call the three pillars of success. And what I found in the last decade or so after just studying only successful people is, you know, I wanted to know what made these successful people tick, what got them to the levels of success that they have. And three patterns kept coming up to the top. And you might have guessed what those are. Mind being mindset, each one to a two. A person has a very positive and very powerful and most of all flexible mindset and then body each and every individual that I studied took care of themselves physically, both inside and out. And by that I mean the exercise on a regular basis. And they took care of themselves nutritionally. And then there's business. Now, business is multi, multi multifaceted. There's sales, marketing, team building, systematizing leadership.

The list goes on and on. And the thing is, is it's very difficult for one person to master every skill set necessary to not only develop a successful business, but to have a thriving and maintainable and sustainable business and one that you can continue to increase and scale even further. So the key skill set there that each of these individuals had was that of leadership. So they had mastered mindset, taking care of their body and leadership. And they had also several other trade skills in the business realm as well. Each of us are unique in those areas. And so with those, they achieved massive, massive success. And our our guest is coming on Tyler S.. Clark is no different, no different. He's a he's crushing it and he's doing it all from the French Alps. I love this. He's from Philadelphia originally. And we'll get into that story in just a little bit. Another phenomenal trait I noticed a very successful people is to a person they are all very voracious readers, readers of books, books that actually empower them to improve themselves through business and through personal means as well. And with that, I'd like to segway over very quickly to a little segment I affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks for him to read bookmarks. Ready, steady, read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com.

Yes. There you see it, bookmarks. Reach your peak library, dot com and by the way, for those you watching right now, even if you're listening. Please resist the temptation to open up another tab and type in your Web site, you, Yarl's, and information that are provided here on this show, especially when Tyler starts talking. And the reason is this is the magic happens in the room. So you want to stay in the room and I get it, it's a virtual room. But that is all about having your attention on the topic at hand. And many like to multitask. And that's usually not a good idea when it's coming, too. When it comes to ingesting and retaining extremely valuable information. And I will tell you this without any hesitation, my guest experts have immense value to a person. Tyler is no different. I cannot wait. And so instead of doing that, rather take out that very old fashioned thing that you may remember from days gone by, it's called a piece of paper. And with that very old fashioned thing, there's also another thing you need is a writing instrument, like a pen or pencil. I know I'm being a little funny here, but go ahead. I literally do this myself while on the show.

I'm hosting, directing, producing, acting, everything. And I'm still taking notes as well. So I never ask anyone to do anything. I don't do. And I will be taking notes. I can even prove it later if necessary. But reach your peak library. What is that? That is a Web site I put together, had it put together. And I'm not kidding with you in mind because I was not one of those voracious readers. Not until about a decade ago. And then I started reading. And once I learned that there was this this way to read by listening through Audible. That's when I began really hitting the books, because reading a physical book or something online or anything that caused my eyes to strain, I did not last long and it just fatigue me and I. I did not enjoy reading whatsoever. And once I learned about listening to books, then, you know, open the barn doors. I start listening everywhere in the car, in the house, everywhere I was. And so I began reading voraciously. And I put this site together because what this site represents are about 40 books of books that I have read personally and I vet. Not every book I've read is on this list. And these are here for you, the entrepreneur, the person looking to advance themselves in success no matter where you are, if you're super successful now.

Odds are you will find a book in here that you have not read yet that will speak to you. That will be the one that's right for you at this time. If you're just starting out, every one of these books is applicable. Just read the description on this page. Grab it and it takes you straight to Amazon. This is not here for moneymaking purposes. It is here to give you a gift, a gift of saving you time in trying to figure out what a good book would be to read. Now, I can't guarantee it's going to have the same impact on you as it did on me. We're all at different stages in our business and personal lives, but at least the odds are greater. So reach your book like library dot com. Write that down on that old fashioned piece of paper and using that old fashioned writing instrument called a pen or pencil. And guess what time it is now? I don't like to shrink these things out too long because this show is about our guest. So let's bring this wonderful young man onto the show. Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league qualified.

And what is down there? There is, ladies and gentlemen, the one the only.

Mr. Tyler S. Clark. Yes. All the way from the French Alps. I cannot thank you enough for holding true to your commitment. You've got to be like, go on. Oh, I can't believe I'm doing this. It's 2:00 a.m.. It's sounds like a good idea when I first signed on. All right.

Look, I'm absolutely honored to be here, Bryan. Regardless of the fact that it's in the wee hours in the French Alps, I made a commitment and I knew what I was getting myself into. And it's an absolute honor and pleasure to be on the program with you here. So thank you for having me.

And you know what? It just comes to mind. That's another that's a very big trait of highly successful people, is they honor their commitments. And I'm not getting. And so, you know, it's obvious. And we'll find out in depth that you have attained some a great deal of success, a high level. And there's reasons for that. And that's one of them, because you're true to your commitments. That's very important to all successful people. And before I formally introduce you, Tyler, real quick to remind everyone watching that, if you stand to the end of the show, you will have the opportunity to win a five nights stay at a five star luxury resort. And that is brought to you all compliments of our good friends up there of the big insider secrets. And they are an amazing company. They provide this for us on our show. We give away a trip every single week. And yes, I do believe at some point you'll be able to cash in on those those tickets and that vacation stay and you'll be able to move about the country and the globe freely. And so be sure to stay on and we will tell you exactly how to enter. We announced that near the end. But now for the most important part of the show, this young man right here, Tyler S. Clark, is a serial entrepreneur after successfully adding six figures to his accounting firm two years straight with digital marketing and successfully selling it. He launched his digital marketing agency, Dream Firms, the number one digital marketing agency for accounting firms. I love how it's niche down. He also is the chief marketing officer for Crescent. I hope I said that right. A luxury. Apple Watch strap companies. So strap that goes with the watch that he has doubled its revenue in just one year. That's pretty impressive. And Tyler is an avid digital marketer, as you're going to find out. A click funnels certified partner and a dream car winner.

We might find out a little more about that. What does that mean? Recently, he was recognized. Get this as one of the top 15 click funnels affiliates in the world. And ladies and gentlemen, there are a lot of click funnels, affiliates. I know this personally, and that is quite, quite an achievement. He also successfully funded his first company on Kickstarter, raising over twenty six thousand dollars. So now officially, welcome to the show, my man. Tyler Clarke, how are you doing?

I'm doing very well, and I feel like I should hire you as my hype man, Brian, because, man, I'm fired up right there. That was awesome. Thank you.

Cool. Anything I can do to help wake you up, brother? So, hey, you know what?

That's a very impressive bio. It gives us a great idea of the fact that you're a hustler. And I mean that in the best sense. Right? You get out. You get it done. You're successfully executing everything you do. It doesn't matter from where. Now you're in France. You started in Philadelphia. And you're successful wherever you drop. And that's because much of what you do is digital, which is a great lesson for many people to learn right now in cases like this, in times like this. The people that are online, digital marketers like yourself and myself are the ones that are thriving in this environment, not suffering like unfortunately so many are. And so it's something that all of you watching and listening take this deep to heart. Listen to Tyler very intently. If you don't have a digital side of a business, a kind of digital run business, that's all digital, then you want to really listen closely. And I think Tyler has some resources for you near the end of the show that you'll definitely want to take a look at. And this gentleman has helped a lot of people. I was I was stalking him earlier and figuring out and finding out more about him.

And so this is an amazing guy, and I can't wait to share his brilliance with you. The thing is, everything we saw are everything you just heard is phenomenal. But what I like to do, Tyler, is I like to take it another step, please, because I'm a firm believer that the foundation of everyone's either success or lack of it all comes from the nugget, that thing up there. And what I like to do is kind of get a look into that big, beautiful brain of yours and find out what it is that's helping you to get where you are today. So, like in the morning, like this morning, when you got up like and you know, but the day is ahead of you. Some days are harder than others. Those are easier. This one might be. Harder because it was so brutally early. What is it that's going through your mind when you wake up? When you come to your conscious, you know, the days in front you? What is it that really motivates and drives you? Day after day to continue to go on this entrepreneurial grind that we're on.

Well, you know, that's a that's a very interesting question, Brian. And I appreciate you asking it. And to me, it comes down to impact. It comes down to legacy. It comes down to choosing to lead and live a life of significance. And that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

But you had something earlier when we first started the show that I want to kind of key in on where you said, well, you honor your commitments and some people don't really necessarily feel the need to do that sometimes, or they will come up with reasons why they don't need to do that. And if you're looking to be an entrepreneur or I believe that you are usually one of two things or you are at best both of them, you are someone who identifies and solves problems. And when you're looking to set reasonable expectations for your clients, and I believe that mismanage expectations are the root of all failure and disappointment. Well, if you can identify and solve a problem, you effectively have a business as long as you can do it profitably. OK. And then the second part of that is that, well, if you can do that and you can do something when you say you're going to do it, you're also a professional. And so if you can be a what I like to say as a professional entrepreneur, you'll be able to lead a life of significance relatively easily. And that starts by just recognizing, OK, I can be productive. And if I start my day a certain way by just I always think just knocking one thing off your checklist. Right. One thing that you know that if I can just do this one thing day over day stretching, meditating, creating my checklist, making my bed like I think so. So oftentimes, Brian, we we imagine that we have to do all these enormous things. And in reality, what we have to do is we have to stack up little things over and over and over and over again.

And then they turn out to be magical things with consistent effort and enough foresight. So I know that was a bit of a long winded answer, but if I had to just kind of say, well, you know, how do you start your day? I start my day with just a relatively easy task and that allows me to build momentum through the rest of the day.

I love that because that just takes the pressure off of a person that has set all of these goals for themselves. And they want to, you know, solve the world's problems after five minutes of being awake in the morning and take on too much. I love that. And I was trying to think of the book that I read, and you probably read it, too. Or, you know, it's all about doing the little things and they stack up, like you said, two big results. And it just takes time, commitment, discipline, repetition. We have some wonderful people coming on here, as my buddy Jason Nasse from Facebook saying, woo hoo is excited. Oh, you're gonna love this one, Tyler. Here we go, goat.

What's up?

Hey, what's up, girl? Sup, bro? We call each other, bro. I know it sounds weird, but thank you. Chime in any night.

Yeah, that's awesome. And goat, for those of you that may not be familiar with that acronym because it's a somewhat a relatively new acronym that came across primarily in the sporting world, I think is greatest of all time.

So it doesn't mean that he's a bad person. It means he's a good person. Yes. I couldn't resist. I'm sorry. I was just too, too easy. And we have the big insider secrets our sponsor is on. And he's very excited to hear about Klick funnels and how you've crushed it. There we are definitely going to get into that. Promise everybody. And we're gonna go through a little bit more of a mindset, maybe talk a little bit all about body and then only business, and we're going to be in business, so to speak.

So here we go. I'm guessing that. Well, I'll ask you, are you do you consider yourself to be an avid reader?

Yes. And what's interesting about that question, Brian, is that I think a lot of people often associate like reading with specifically like business literature. And I do enjoy business literature, of course, but I'm a huge fantasy and sci fi like I love fantasy books and sci fi. And that's my brain's way of being able to turn off and honestly, just like relax and get to sleep. So I do love reading. And the book I think we were referencing earlier is Atomic Habits. That's like a gift to essentially all my clients. And the major quote from that that I love is you don't rise to your goals. You fall to the level of your systems. And so when you have the right systems in place, ultimately you get what you're searching for in life. But yeah. So, yes, I do love to read.

And combine that that very quote with Michael Gerber's The Imus Revisited that talks all about systems, and I'll never forget reading this, listening to it as I listened to all my books. And when he said these words, he goes, basically, if you have no systems in your business, you have no business. And at that moment, when I first read it, this was going back some time.

It was like like, oh, I better get this. I got to figure this stuff out. And thank God, since then, I've created quite a few systems that are working quite nicely. He's absolutely right.

If you don't have systems, you're more of a want to open or even more than a soul opener because you're in a burn out way, way soon if you don't have systems. So, yeah. Thomas, I was that was that. Thank you for reminding me. And everyone else, because powerful, powerful book so highly recommend somebody write that down the atomic habit's. Do remember the author, James Clear? Of course he remembers the author. Yes. It's his go to book. Yes. Oh, wait a minute. There we go. All right.

He's got the Up Companion Journal also for anyone that's into journaling or looking for something that's a little bit more than just your standard notebook. There's some really cool features in this. I've never been much of a journal, but this book has this specific one is kind of cracked code for me.

Sweet. And I just love how you write off about your scene. Keep your life simple. Start at simple. Don't. Don't give yourself too high expectations. That's what I'm reading into it to help you to be able to achieve each goal. You know, like micro goals and make them achievable. Don't make them too hard. And and every time you do it, like you said, you're stacking pebbles and pretty soon you're gonna be, you know, up in the in the clouds with all those pebbles that have you stacked up over the days, weeks, months and years. It does take time. And you living in the French Alps. I'm I'm assuming I don't know. Maybe you don't. But I would guess there's access to some pretty darn good skiing out there, smoking and higher elevation and all that. So there's probably a lot of opportunity to keep physically fit. How important is it to you on both a business and a personal level to keep up your level of fitness to the highest you possibly can?

You know, I.

This is this. This question is also very interesting from the standpoint that it was something that was not as big of a priority for me until relatively recently. I don't I I grew up in practicing the martial arts with my father. I became a black belt in tank. So do play varsity basketball and football. And then in college, I became very invested in Taichi. And then as I got into my working career, as I think for a lot of people, often times that those physical activities end up taking a backseat because of how hard you find yourself working and how tired you become. And also, it has a lot to do with your diet, as you indicated in your opener. Right. It's not just how you're exercising. It's also what you're taking in. So long story short, I weighed about one hundred eighty five pounds in high school and that was always sort of like my ideal weight. Right. For most people, I think that's kind of how they they envision it, or at least for me. And fast forward to about about six months ago, I've been I had started to experience a lot of joint pain and shoulder pain, pain in my hands and I. Hard to figure out the reason, right? It's just know blood tests.

Not sure. And so I made a decision with my fiance say that we would go through a detox. We would change our diet regimen, regime mix using and. I lost. About 20 pounds, Scott, back down to my ideal weight, have been eating almost six. I won't say exclusively vegetables, but a heavily plant based diet and I've, I, I maybe work out or stretch three, four times a week. I really don't overdo it. It allows me to get a sweat going and stay limber and and my pain. I won't say it's completely gone away, but it certainly lessen. I mean when you lose 20 pounds, like imagine you carry 20 pound weight around for your entire day, it just spread all that weight out over the rest of your body and you're going to you're going to quickly realize how much energy you're losing. And my energy level since then and the things I've been able to accomplish in my business are just like it's crazy. The difference. Like, it's it's it's so hard to explain until you experience. But once you experience it, you literally will go. Like, I can never go back to that.

Yeah, that's a great point. I mean, how many times so there's all these yo yo dieters, there's also yo yo gym rats, they go and workout, they fall off to the workout wagon. I like to call it. I used to be a fitness for seven years. I was a certified personal trainer. All that good stuff. And it is so true that, you know, everyone's taking medications or they're ingesting high doses of caffeine and energy drinks to get the energy when really all they need to do is exercise. It's got the greatest side effects you could ever have. And they're all natural and they're all beneficial, all of them. You might get a little sore. Your muscles get sore. Get over it. You'll get past it. They will they will not be sore forever if you keep going three or four times a week, whatever works for you. All of you. It doesn't mean, guys, that you have to go and work out seven days a week, three or four hours at a time, twice a day, like Arnold did back in the day. I don't know if that's exactly true, but they worked out a lot. And you don't have to do that.

You have to do this to become an Arnold Schwarzenegger unless you really want to be one. You just need to keep everything going, the system running and fine tune. I'd like to see the mind and body are a team because remember, the mind is the foundation for your current situation right now. Sorry, it's no one else's fault. You got to look in the mirror on this one. And what's going on in that wonderful, beautiful brain, Airds is what's resulted in where you are today. But for those you that want to right the ship, get that going. And your body, like Tyler has been doing and the mind and body are a team. And more importantly, they are your team. And when any member of a team isn't pulling its weight, the team as a whole suffers. And so with that and then you have business which we'll get into in a moment. But appreciate that because, yeah, nutrition is actually I most cringe to say this from being a personal trainer, but nutrition can be more important than working out. If you finally workout and you're not, you're your time limited.

There's really no excuse for it. And I don't want to give people excuses for it. But if you're going to put more importance on one over the other than please do it on the nutrition side. Please don't rush and say, oh, this is weird.

I've got a comment from my own Facebook page, someone saying my type of interview go. Brian Kelly. Oh, it's probably one of my apprentices.

It's logged in. That's so funny. I have to show this. This is am here to up, man. Wow, this is awesome.

Earlier, big insider secrets were saying shine, shine shoes saves lives. Yeah. I think he was talking about when we were talking about atomic habits, that topic.

And then. Here's your your BFO. Thanks for sharing that seems like a shift and a purposeful focus on ballots. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yes, we're going on and on. All right, we're going to keep moving on. So definitely physical fitness. You heard it right here, Tyler S.. Very, very successful. Going to dove into that as well. So you've built a business, then you've sold it and then you sell your business was originally in the accounting realm. Is that true? Correct. So you figured out how to grow it through digital marketing and then sold that business and became a digital marketing firm for accounting firms? Am I getting that correct?

Correct. So there is a there's a little bit of a story behind it, of course. Would you like to kind of go into it a little bit? Please do. Please do. OK. So essentially what ended up happening is I was a little bit born into the accounting spaces. You know, we don't always choose the circumstances we find ourselves in. But long story short. Grandfather was an accountant, very successful accountant in the 70s. He was essentially an enrolled agent, built up a million dollar firm, which was pretty impressive during that timeframe. And after he won, he his technique to grow that was using my father as his sales representative. And the idea of a sales representative for an accounting firm, it was it was very unique for the time at the time. Right. It's almost like kind of common knowledge now that you can delegate and manage and have a specific salesperson to go out and find business for you. But my father and he would cold call the market. You would sign up monthly clients, write up clients, and they did fantastic. My father took those techniques, build his own firm, further, refined them and hone them. And then he launched a marketing consulting firm known as New Clients Inc., the first marketing consulting firm of its kind, specifically for accounting professionals. Now, he started that business 30 years ago. I'm 30 years old, so I like to tell everyone there's literally never been a moment in my life where sales and marketing, specifically for the accounting industry, has not been a part of it. So I would like grow up around the dinner table like, mommy, daddy, how do we get our accounting clients better results? Those words came out of my mouth, so I.

After graduating from college, I joined New Clients Inc. as a growth consultant and really started to recognize the power of the Internet and how things were starting to change and shift and how cold calling while still a very viable tactic.

Even today, there was a different way potentially to be more efficient with your marketing dollars or how you chose to invest certain types of clients. And so what we did is we started to test a little bit of that inside of New Clients, Inc. and what I did with my father that said, hey, why don't we start our own accounting firm, we can use it as a hotbed to test new marketing concepts, these new digital strategies that we really want to start to deploy. And let's see what happens.

And so we did and we grew it very successfully. I was really the equivalent of what my father was for his grandfather. And now I was for our accounting firm. And so I've been on the front lines. I know what it's like to talk to small to medium sized business owners of the value of having that accounting, bookkeeping and tax firm in your corner on a year round basis and the value of what that can provide to a business when it's done successfully. So. So, yeah, we we deployed a lot of different digital strategies. I can talk a little bit more about those if you'd like. And essentially what we did is we realized that almost nobody in the market was doing anything like this. And so we started to package up those ideas, those techniques and strategies and and brought them to a to a broader market.

And the answer to if I want you to go into that. Heck, yeah. Are you kidding me? Is a thing in your. You're being very respectful. And I appreciate that because there were some preconditions about coming on the show, shall I say, is I love to really put people like you on a pedestal. People need to know what you do and how to get in contact with you so that they can get the help they need and deserve from people like you. First, I want to ask a real basic question. I love how you've targeted it. You're very targeted, focused on the accounting industry for your services. Do you also cater to those outside of that in any way?

So this is a I think one of the trappings of entrepreneurship is that since we can do anything, we often do everything that we possibly can. And I think that's a huge mistake. And one of the best ways to avoid that mistake is to be willing to say no. And I often ask my clients when I'm when we're engaging in conversations.

Very simple question. Why did you agree to speak with me? Right. There's a lot of people who can teach you about sales and marketing, digital marketing. But you're on the phone with me specifically. And so oftentimes people need to realize that you, you, the people listening right now, you're your own best coach for what works in sales and marketing. Like you say no to thousands of things every single day, every single week. But you say yes to a small fraction of those. And if you just take a minute to say, why am I listening to Brian? Why am I. Why did I agree to buy X, Y or Z? Why did I open that email and start to just ask why all the time about your buying decisions? What you're saying yes to and what you'll find is there's usually very common elements that run through all of them. And one of the most common elements is what I like to refer to as relevancy and relevancy as well. You're speaking to me if you're an accounting professional, speaking to me because I consciously say no to essentially everybody else. Right. I don't break away from this. And that allows me to have a specialty and an expertize that makes me very, very appealing to a smaller subset of people. But that's totally okay, right? That's a totally amazing thing to have, is you want efficiency in your marketing processes and you have efficiency when you have a target and when you have a target, you're more likely to hit it.

So, again, I, I say this from the standpoint that these were things I learned inside of my accounting firm when it was originally, well, we work with small businesses. Right. But we have a veteran who is doing our processing for our accounting work. And so we realized, well, what if we targeted veteran owned businesses? What if we started to realize the power of reviews? What if we started to use platforms like Bark or Thumbtack where they're already doing the heavy lifting and we can just come in and essentially access the leads. And if we have better messaging, they'll want to work with us. If we have better reviews on the platform, we'll look better than everyone else and they'll be willing to speak with us. And so all of this really just starts to steam roll. It starts to snowball when you start to pay attention to it. And like we said earlier, specifically for, well, when you start the day with the task and it builds on itself. It's also true in digital marketing where every single asset, every single win, every single review, every single new platform, every system you build to be able to manipulate or utilize that platform to generate leads. It all builds on itself. And the only way you have increased efficiency, in my honest opinion, is when you pick in a vertical or in each.

I love it because how many times have you talked to an entrepreneur and said, so what kind of people do you serve? And their answer is everyone.

And at that moment when I hear that answer, I just kind of shake my head and say, I know you're gonna have a tough road here because it's very important to niche it down.

And that's, you know, in going over your bio. That's where I could see that you had done just that. And the cool thing is, like you're saying, it's focused and targeted. Once you have a target, you have a better opportunity to hit that target. And, you know, there can be for those you that have other businesses in a different genre, you can actually, you know, if you market to just that avatar we like to call it, or ideal client base, there will be others that will be interested. And you just have to make that decision. Are they the right fit for you in your business?

But many people will just say, well, I will take people outside of my core if they fit. And then that gives gives them more business if they don't have enough already in their core area already. So just want to put that out there that it's very important. What Tyler is saying is to be very, very focused in what you do and know who your ideal client is. I mean, detailed. And that's what he has done. And he's very successful. And to get successful in any business, one must be pretty darn good at this thing called marketing. And I have a feeling that this guy right here has found a way and cracks some kind of nut. I mean, I know it. There's no question being the top, was it. Fifteen affiliates in the entire click funnels affiliate network. I don't know. There's got to be multiple thousands or tens of thousands of those. I used to be one as well. Like, wow, that's impressive.

So I'm curious. Marketing is the lifeblood of any and all companies. As you know, Tyler, obviously, because you spent a lot of time perfecting that craft. What would you say has been the number one marketing approach that you have utilized to date? And it doesn't have to be. I mean, like what is the most recent marketing form of marketing that you've utilized for your company that has worked the best?

So I think. Well, I'm definitely going to answer the question directly. I have no problem sharing my my best traffic source and my best techniques. I like to say there are no secrets in the information age. And if you think you have secrets, you're fooling yourself. What you need to do is you need to be open and be willing to share things. And when you're willing to do that, amazing things happen. So. When it comes to efficient or successful marketing, I like to always tell people there's nothing mythical about it.

It's actually extremely methodical and a lot of people, especially accountants who are highly analytical, they like to follow checklists and procedures. And it's true, there are essentially formulas or things that you just need to understand that go into creating a successful marketing plan and implementing that plan. And to me, it comes down to three primary things. OK. We talked about the importance of your market, like actually having a defined market, understanding why you say yes and and almost have always has to do with someone is understanding your uniqueness and what makes you special. Right. That's market number one. OK. The second thing that you have to now hone in on is your message. Why should someone listen to you? What is the pain point that you solve? Right. If we go back to even what we said just a little while ago. Entrepreneurs solve problems. What is the problem that you are solving for that individual? Right. What is the major thing? What is the major benefit that you're going to be able to do? And I'll tell you, one of the things I love to just reinforce with my clients is that if you're in the service business, like Brian and I are, for the most part, we effectively sell the same thing. I sell the same thing as an accounting firm. And that might sound strange, but what we sell is an improved quality of life. If I can get you to believe that your quality of life will improve as a result of working with me and my services, whether I'm offering marketing and sales, coaching and training and system building in that area of your business, or if a mall offering some form of accounting, bookkeeping and tax help in the finance pillar of your business, we're both working under the assumption that should you choose to do that.

If my message resonates with you, the pay back of that will be ultimately an improved quality of life. OK. So again, just to review marketing. If your message matches your market, the final one. If your message is at the right moment in that person's life. So, for instance, you may not necessarily want to grow your business right now, although it's hard. Find you for an hour, grow and you're shrinking. You may not necessarily have an issue related to accounting, bookkeeping or tax, but then you get a letter from the IRS. But then all of a sudden it's time to file your taxes. But then all of a sudden the moment changes. And if your message is almost omnipresent or constantly in front of that person's ability to now say yes, whether e-mail lists advertising, where they invest their time on line, guess what? They're going to go. I've seen this person. Oh, they've got good reviews. Oh. And again, there are certain elements that go into building trust online that get someone to go from to click to schedule call to take their credit card out of their wallet and buy from you. And if you have those elements and you continually build on them and improve them and find home them, you get to make the forfeit. Right. Marketing message moment. You make money. Marketing message moment, make money.

So that's a very just like that's like my my go to strategy. Like if you can just understand that, you know. You know, basically everything you need to about marketing. Yes. There's fine details. And when it comes to like traffic source, when it comes to how does that how do you actually attract people to you? Well, go back go back to studying your marketing. And I'll tell you how it works for me. So and this is effectively how I won the Click Funnels award. This is this is our go to traffic source. My market needs something very specific or known as S.P. credits. Continuing education credits. There's a number of industries that require this. OK. And there's a certain number of hours that they need for per year. Financial planners need it. I believe lawyers need it. I think even nurses need it. I think real estate professionals may need it in certain states. And CPA is needed. Enrolled agents need it. And so they have webinar providers online where you can go and you will put on your webinar your message. OK, that will then give them a free S.P. credit for attending your webinar. So you have a very captivated audience. You're building reciprocity into your entire message. Because they're getting something for free in exchange for giving you their time. They're getting also value from your message. If you're coaching and educating them and then you have a tremendous opportunity at the end. To convert them into something meaningful for you and your business. So that's one. I mean, I've talked about this strategy a lot.

Again, there's nothing to hide about it. These companies are widely available. Feel free to come compete against me. I really don't care. And. Yeah. Like, honestly, that's that's that's to me one of the top strategies in the game right now.

I love the forums and really the the big home run, I think is. The attention to detail of creating and giving value. And, you know, you're coming off and giving it for no cost or very little cost initially to wet their whistle, so to speak, to say this Tyler guy who knows what he's talking about. I want to do more. I want him to take me to the finish line, to the promised land and help me to get past where I'm at today. And that's a very obviously is a proven strategy. It's yours and it's working. I've heard this time and time again from many successful entrepreneurs. It's, you know, provide value. I've heard recently and the interesting thing is happening, I've heard recently, some people are like shunning the word value and saying that it's being overused. Well, that's an opinion. And I think it's maybe it's being overused because possibly they're not actually doing the same thing that they should be doing, which is provide value. It means different things to different people. But for, you know, in your case, you said it already. Is it targeted? Is it something they need? Is it something they can that will help them get to the point they're looking to get to know? In your case, you're helping them by getting them those credits and that's helping them. And so that's value. So if it's targeted towards your market, like you said, the very beginning. So, yeah, it's a phenomenal sounding system. Yes, go ahead.

Yeah. Just one thing on on that point you made about value. Right. This is a word that is definitely I, I, I could say it's almost getting abused. Right. It's almost the equivalent of paradigm shift from like a couple years ago.

It's like, OK, like you've got to let that term breathe for a little bit. But honestly, you're right, it's. It means different things to different people. And I think this is one of the the major things that you can do with your with successful marketing is make sure your audience understands what you mean when you use certain terms. So I always clarify it for my audience. I say value means one thing to me. It's a synonym essentially for results. Like my value is my ability to help you get better results or tangible results. And so when you talk about your value. Well, what does that mean? All it means to me is you get results. So I just had to clarify that because I completely agree. And if you want to differentiate yourself and still use a powerful term, just give it a little bit more. Me.

And it is being used heavily across many spectrums, and the key is, is how is it being used? And so, you know, that's it. You just clarified by telling them this is what value means in in our context, because that's what it is. It's results. If you're not getting results, you're not getting value. And that's really a great definition of the way it should be used, is to basically elicit results. I love that. I love that. So let's talk about Klick funnels a little bit. That's got a lot of people are interested in hearing about how you how you did this. So that's a whole different spectrum of value there.

There's a whole different audience. It's not accountants, per say, unless that's. So you targeted this as well. What was the secret sauce behind becoming the top 15 in the world as a click funnel affiliate?

So I'm happy to go into details as always. But if you're very interested in pursuing this, there is as being part of this illustrious fifteen. They had us write a chapter detailing our strategies. So there is a new brand new click funnels affiliate boot camp where I. I lay out I think it's the 11 steps. I can't remember the title off top of my head, but it's the eleven steps that got me to one hundred and one paying click funnels affiliates in less than one hundred days. And that's like click funnels, like big claim is like you can get to the Dream Car Award. We'll explain that in a second. But you can get to this illustrious award, recurring revenue in your business. And if you want to know exactly step by step, you can check out, you can get that it's a free download, it's a free it's a free resource. Just again, it's click funnels, affiliate, boot camp. It should be pretty easy to find online. And there's there's a Billie Jean there's some some very powerful marketers, Ping Jun, that have also done a Spencer Meecham. So some heavy hitters that I can't even believe. My name is next to, to be honest. So pretty cool stuff in there. But again, if you're if you're looking for how it worked, if it comes down to the market, like I didn't say, click funnels for businesses.

I said no. I've cracked the code for how Klick bundles work, specifically for accounting professionals like that. And so I built a my message, my entire webinar, my four secrets to online client acquisition was built, my webinar on CPA Academy where I go and I give the CPA credits.

And then at the end of it and I say, you get this irresistible offer where you get by Snell's Master, you get my click pulse template, you get the bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. You get all these things all.

Like all my best training when you become I click formals affiliate. And we signed up. I don't know, like. Five, six hundred people in a year. Unclick fondles with that offer. It was super powerful. So, again, I don't want to like harp on it, but it was like we had a good we knew our market. We had a fantastic product that a lot of people were already aware of. And we created a message that resonated with why this mattered in their life and how would help solve a problem.

And they have it worth. Is it by chance. The Bitly link you provided?

It might be for the affiliate bootcamp?

Yes, probably. Oh, at. Wait for us.

I'll put it up on the screen. You can type it in and see if that takes them to the location you're talking about there, because I do know that on those Web site. Click funnels, related messages there, and that's I know when you apply to be on the show. Was that like five years ago and you finally are now appearing today? I'm kidding.

It was several months ago now. So to expect you to remember that. Yeah, I didn't think about that, but yeah. Someone go ahead and type that in and try it and see what happens.

Something valuable. I can guarantee that much.

Absolutely. And then I love. So what I took away from that, Tyler, is something that so very, very few people do. And it's it's it's a constant that is in your strategy. And that's what I'm really taken away from this. And you are like beholden in a way to your market in a great way. I mean, you are focused one percent no matter what it is on the accounting market and the accounting clientele.

And that's impressive to me because it's so easy to see that shiny ball and go. Yeah. But you know what?

Affiliate marketers would really love this. And so would digital marketers. And so a digital ad agency that you could just go crazy with it. And I think the point for everyone to learn here is that because Tyler was so focused on just one niche, I call it a niche. That's how he became successful, one of the greatest ingredients of becoming successful. You know, the forums. It's all part of the forums. And just take that to heart, really, you know, whatever niche you're in, target and market to them only and see what happens. Like you said, when you're focused and you have a target, you can actually hit it. And that's a great, great advice. We're getting some comments here. No, it's not the affiliate. It's a click funnels free trial. OK, thank you for tick checking on that.

Appreciate that. Yeah. So if you want to check out, I think it's probably that our hundred K challenge and what it does is it will allow you to to really just you know, there's a term known as funnel hacking where it's like, hey, if you if you want to figure out how we've, like, set all of our stuff up. And just like understand why it works and how we keep people involved and where all the value, the results come from the synonym for that. Well, you can come check that out. Like, honestly, we'd love we'd love for anyone to a funnel like us. I've no problem with that.

Yeah. Just reading your notes, sign up for clicked phones and gain access to our hundred K Challenge link.

So let me ask you just on that point, Brian, about knowing your market. So one of the other digital marketing strategies that's becoming increasingly popular is having a Facebook group and having a Facebook group dedicated to a specific niche and what you're looking to do for that niche. So we we started that. And one of the we didn't start that trend, but we started a Facebook group and we we essentially had. OK, well, one of the questions to Cameron, to the group was what are your growth goals and when do you want to achieve that growth goal by?

And what was fascinating about that answer, Brian, is that about 90 percent of all the people who answered that question said somewhere right around six figures in twelve months. Like, it was just like it was so clear when we looked at the data, I was like, there's something here that would resonate with our market. So we're like, well, we have to include this as a part of our message. And what it ended up becoming is like we refer to it as like sex defying our offer like you want. You don't say, oh, click funnels for accountants. It's like, no, it's the hundred K challenge. And they're like, oh, that's my growth goal, oh, this can help me reach it. So I don't mean to go off on like it's a tangent here, but I just thought it was important to be like, well, why is it called One Hundred K challenge? And how does that relate to your market and how does it relate to your message? And it's all uniquely tied together.

So what you just said is, is sheer genius. It's simple, yet it's genius. Because this is right down the alley of knowing what your market once and what a fantastic way to find out what they want by just simply asking them and then and then take what their answers were and form them into your marketing message. That is gold. Ladies and gentlemen, please write this down, please. And oh, how simple would it be to set up a Facebook group? And part of their entry. You can set this up if you're not aware of this, like he just said, where you ask, what is it, three or four maximum questions. Three. And then use that as your data to then market to them. And people like them. Those obviously want to join your group. And answering those questions are obviously your target market. Unless, of course, the messaging on your group is not good to begin with. But definitely great stuff. Oh, hey, we found something here. Remember this? Now, we know the culprit because it is one of my apprentices, Jerry Rivera. I have to give him a shout out because this is amazing young man, who is really crushing it with digital marketing specifically at this moment. Facebook as he's doing it with my company. I want to give him a big shout out. And for anyone looking for help in that area, highly recommend this gentleman look him up. You see his name there on Facebook and you had a point to make. Go ahead, Tyler.

Yeah, so. So there. So there's three questions on your Facebook group. And I just want to make sure that if you do decide to pursue this strategy, there's two tricks I want people to be aware of. The first trick is that when you have this group of three tricks, don't let people into the group who do not answer the questions because they will not engage in the group. You just immediately decline those people. They they will sap your engagement because they're never going to participate. Ever. Just don't. Don't make that mistake, because once they're in there, you'll never remember who they are and they'll just be in there forever. And your group is screwed from the beginning. The second thing I want to share is that of the three questions, one of those questions should be an email capture. You should have a free lead magnet that you're offering that would resonate with your group. So we say to five social media secrets for accounting professionals. Right. Enter your e-mail address now if they don't give you your e-mail address. But they answer the other two questions. I still let them in. Like, I don't make that a requirement of joining the group.

It's like, fine. You don't want to. You don't want it. That's fine. I've no problem with that. However, the third strategy is talk about systems. We talk about automating things. So what you want to do is you want to save seconds, seconds, add up in the minutes and hours. Our state, Bob. And one of the best ways to do that is you can make a one time investment in a software known as Group Funnels. It's a chrome extension and group funnels will automate the process of collecting those email addresses, pulling them into a Google spreadsheet.

And as long as you have a xabier set up yet where you're now pulling that Google spreadsheet into active campaign or wherever, you can now automate the delivery of your free lead magnet and get them onto your email list. So I know that with some digital marketing like Babble Speak. But if you can if you follow along with that at all, like that's it's one of the most powerful things you can do on Facebook right now.

I think we were separated at birth. I'm convinced. Convinced now my geek needle is pegged, bro. I was somewhat recently coined the automation master by a friend of mine because I live, eat and breathe automation and everything you just said. I was just lathering. This was awesome. Zappia and some say Xabier, some say zap. It doesn't matter. Tomato, tomato. You know, Google sheets, all of that. The automation put an active campaign. There you go, baby. I have a white label version called Peak Connector, and it costs the same as active campaigning. But you also get my support on top of it. So shameless plug. Perfect timing for it. All of that and all so many other things as wufu forums and all of these things that I used today, my scheduler, 10 to eight. Everything is in there to be automating, to automate my business. It's my system, one of my one of the parts of my systems, and then the help with my wonderful apprentices like Jerry that as part of my systems as well. Oh, you're gonna shout out here. This was from a while ago. But she said honestly couldn't believe that the cost was so low. Super extraordinary value, though. Not trying to guess, Tyler. Honestly, it's real. I've been getting results since we met. That's what it's all about. She said the keyword. She actually typed that. And before you talked about results. How do you how do you pronounce our first name in a.

It's like what it's like reneg without the R. Yeah. No, your name is A is awesome. And I'm going I have to go to sleep after this. So you gotta, you gotta stop gassing me. I've honestly like I've got stuff to do tomorrow like coach you and help everyone else.

And this gentleman, Mike Mastrianni is a good friend of mine. We go way back. Twelve, thirteen years ago, if you're in a network marketing industry at all, you know what it is to have to recruit people that it can be very difficult to do. This guy is one of the best recruiters on the planet, and he does it in such an integrity based way. He's never chasing people. He's going to learn a lot from him. Recently, we just got involved together in an amazing infomercial based opportunity. Look up his name. It's very unique. You can see on the screen mastrianni m.a s t r oh I a in an eye. That's for other people listening and look him up on Facebook, reach out to him, say, hey, what does that infomercial company you're part of. I want to check it out because if you're work, if you're with Mike, you're gonna get the help to build a big organization and then Jerry's coming back. Thank you. I say thanks for your gems, Tyler. Much of. Initiated, yet Jerry is the real deal, man. He is an awesome guy. Awesome.

Oh, my gosh, you are really getting me lit. I love automation, y'all. Oh, she is fun. I like I like her in a fantastic.

Yeah. And I can see why you love Tyler too. And because he he's an amazing young man. He's achieved so much. Only 30. Come on. I thought you might be 26 by looks, but you know, that's cause you keep in shape and you're that high altitude. Right.

So, bro, we only have two minutes left.

This is not right. But I'm not running time clock. And I know you have nothing but the rest of the day in front of you because what is it, three thirty or four thirty now.

Three thirty three thirty but thirty one a little longer. Bryan, I'm more than happy to hang out. It's up to you man.

Tyler. Ask Clark again for those you that just joined or came on a later is joining us right now from the French Alps where it is three thirty in the morning. We started at his two thirty in the morning. That's because he made a commitment. I don't know, several months ago to be on the show and recently started getting reminders that that the fact that he was committed to be on the show and he's human probably had second thoughts and said, God, it's gonna be two more.

It felt like a good idea back then. Now it's like I'm not so sure he stated his commitment and came on. And I so appreciate that. And it's just a quality again, a very successful people. That's one of the main qualities. But there is one question, Tyler, before we leave. And and again, we're gonna give folks a way to connect with you. So don't let me forget that I won't. And it's one question I like to ask of every successful entrepreneur, which means everyone it's everybody on my show. Before we call it a night. And it's it's a really telling question is a deep question. And if it takes you some time, does it come up with an answer? That's cool. There's no horrible thing with dead air time on this show. It's OK if you need a moment. Some will get it instantly. I've seen the whole gamut. But before we do that, I would be remiss if I didn't let people know. What I promised in the very beginning is how they can win that five nights stay at the five star luxury resort, compliments of the big insider secrets they are watching right now as we speak on this show. And here is how you do it. So before I said no, resist the temptation to go multitask, but now both Tyler and I give you permission to get out that that other very high tech instrument called your phone your smartphone and pull up your messaging app. And when you do that, where you would normally put in the name of the person, you're going to send that message off.

Type in this number six six one five three five one six two four. And then down in the message, Jerry, or you would type in your email. Jeez. And your message itself type in the word peak p e a k and just hit the send button. Go ahead and do that. Right now we pick a winner every single week. Again, you want to send that to six six one five three five one six two four and just type in the word peak. Hit the send little send icon. And again, this is sponsored by our wonderful, wonderful friends over at The Big Insider Secrets. Dot com. So be sure to check them out as well, because they have given us a wonderful gift here that given you a wonderful gift. And I can't wait to see who wins. Bring it. Let's see who wins. Speaking of winners right here, that man right there. Yes. It's always fun. So I kind of built up that question. And I just want to let you know, Tyler, that there's there's no such thing as a wrong answer to this question. It doesn't exist. So that'll help. And then exactly the opposite is true. The only correct answer is yours. It's a personal question. It's not a deep personal question, but it's personal nonetheless. Are you ready? I am is what is curious. You can see him just think in a way I love it.

All right. Here we go. Tyler Clark. How do you define. Success.

You know, I have an answer that I was ready to shoot off right then and there, but it's the type of question that requires reflection, even if you're confident in your answer.

Because a success is what we're all striving for. And I think that's one of the major trappings of trying to define success, is that it's almost defined as a particular point in time.

So for me, successes, like I said, for value, they're synonyms. Right. Success is a synonym for progress. I believe very much in the idea of dreams.

Dream firms and the representation of what a dream means is that you're capable of imagining something better or something different from where you are. And if you reflect on one of the most powerful statements of all time.

I get goose bumps. Just everything you almost bring. It almost brings tears to my eyes. Right. I have a dream. And that means something different to everyone, but needless to say, I'm quoting Martin Luther King and the power of that statement for changing social justice, for changing your personal world, for changing your business, for helping you to change someone else's life that requires you to have a dream. And when you have that dream, when you have that goal, when you have that target and you're willing to make progress, even if it feels small, even if it feels insignificant at the time, as long as you're making progress. You are finding. Success.

Stack those pebbles, baby. That's right. I love it. Thank you so much. That was a great, great answer because it was yours. And here's the thing. I've had over 90 guests on this show, and I'm still stunned. No two people have answered it the same way yet.

I mean, I expect it to happen someday. I mean, odds are there. Come on. It's going to happen. The other thing I did find very, very interesting, Tyler, because the people that I interview are successful. There isn't one of them that focused completely on money or in some most not on it at all. To define success, it was more being free to do what I want. The answers were everywhere, but they were not money centric. And here's the thing. When you're just starting out in a business, your mind has to be money centric for you to survive. And it's OK. So you have permission to be money centric when you first start out because that it's your survival. But as soon as you get to the point where you are able to serve more people because you're making money, that whole mindset shifts and becomes one like tilers, where now you're thinking of things like progress sucking those pebbles. And that's his definition today. That definition will most likely change in six months, maybe a year from now. It changes for everyone. So there is no one right answer. The only right answer is yours. And it's gonna be yours multiple times through your life because it will change as a bit. I just learned so much by asking this one question, Tyler. It's kind of by accident. Blow my mind. So I'm actually compiling a book with everyone's answers to date and pled out and get that published. Of course, I'll get your permission first. I know you don't want the extra exposure, but I'd like to help you in that area. I'm just having fun. Kidding, of course. Oh, my gosh. Do you want to. Do you want to talk to the dream firms dot com website at all and give a brief overview of that?

The cobbler's children have no shoes. Is the honest answer. Dream firms dot com will ultimately lead you to either the practice ignite or challenge, which is a seven day challenge that we offer to our accounting, bookkeeping and tax clients. That gives them an understanding of online lead generation effective sales techniques, as well as online scheduling, which is something about 80 percent of the industry currently does not embrace. When you think about your most valuable resource, it's your time. So there's something for everyone in the practice. Our challenge is only forty seven bucks. So feel free to check it out if you'd like. There's a chance it drives you also to the Five Shifts webinar, which is a 40 about a 40 minute webinar that we offer that guides people through what we believe are the five fundamental shifts you have to make to be able to systematically add high quality clients to your firm or six figures of new growth year over year. So there are a number of a number of things that we'd like to offer at this point in our business that dream firms dot com website will change in the next two weeks dramatically from a simple landing page on Click False to something a little bit more robust and descriptive of what we have to offer.

But that's a good place for everyone to start right now.

And I love the fact that you have all these testimonials and we've had one repeated tonight live from an A and that's been it. Oh, goodness. Here we go. Guess what? Another one, that 70s Show challenge gave me life. Let's go right on cue. Phenomenal.

Here, you know, this is one of the things I noticed for successful people as well, and that is they have built up a fan base and they built up raving fans. And that's what they is showing right now. And all of these testimonies that we just saw earlier, and that is another key to building a successful business. So always work with integrity over deliver. It's obvious you have. I read those testimonials in a is a perfect example. She's just like, you're your biggest raving fan of all. It's phenomenal to have those people. And I can tell that it's a mutual respect that you have for each other. And that's because Tyler gives value. And he what he means by value is he gives results. And that's important. I could go on for another five hours and I want to, but out of respect for everyone, including yourself, probably want to get back, crawl back in bed, maybe take a nap after being there. It's almost 4:00 a.m. in the French Alps. Mr. Taylor S. Clark. I cannot thank you enough. What is the best way for folks to get in touch with you? Is it through our website, Facebook and email?

Honestly, I'd say for any accounting finance professionals, join us on the proactive accountants Facebook community. We do free trainings every Friday on their free software tools. It's it's a blossoming community. Is almost two thousand active members in there right now. So I'd say for anyone in that space, that's a great area for those of you who may want to connect. Talk a little bit more about even affiliate marketing, how to do that successfully. I'm more than willing to have those conversations, but the best platform would be LinkedIn.

Tyler S. Clark. And just another trick. If you put s in your name, first name column on LinkedIn. It allows you to figure out who is using bots and who does not and helps you make more meaningful connections as opposed to connecting with people who don't really appreciate what the platform can do.

So just thought. So your first name is Tyler Space s period. Yes, correct. I'm going to add my middle initial. That's really cool. That's really cool. So, you know, use nugget after nugget. So definitely, definitely reach out to Tyler and connect with him. Probably the best, easiest ways to go to LinkedIn, because you can see his name on the screen. Tyler S. Clark. It's hard to misspell it. It's very straightforward because he's a results oriented guy and you're gonna get results when you come and say hi to him. Ted. I can't thank you enough. I mean I really mean that for, you know, getting up brutally early because I know you to get it before 2:00 a.m. to get on this before we got started. The show officially have nothing but respect for you and I. I love the fact that you have these raving fans and. Well, you're welcoming. Wow, that's nice, yeah. Both peace and blessings, a massive growth saying to you. Same to you. Yes. Thank you so much, Tyler. And on behalf of this amazing guy. I want to say thank you all for watching and listening that have been out there watching us live or maybe even later on recording, whether on video or podcast. We are on twenty five different podcasting platforms. We are everywhere. We are doing it the Tyler S. Clark way. We are getting exposure and any and all possible means and formats we can get to. So follow this guy. He knows the secrets to success. The forums get to know him and watch your life change you. There's just too much objective evidence and proof on everything I've seen about him. So definitely get in contact with them and improve your life until the next time. I am Brian Kelly, your host of The Mind Body Business Show. This is Taylor S. Clark, the one the only the amazing young gap young man from the French Alps. We will see you again on the next edition of the Mind Body Business Show. Have a great, great evening and be blessed for so long for now.

Have a great night, everyone.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body position with Brian Kelly.

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