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Show Date: Thursday, March 30th, 2023

Show Time: 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST


Christopher Loo

Dr. Christopher Loo is a physician who became financially free at the age of 29, and retired early at the age of 38, as a result of making strategic investments after the 2008 financial crisis. A graduate of the MD-PhD program offered jointly through the Baylor College of Medicine and Department of Bioengineering at Rice University, he is the author of “How I Quit My Lucrative Career and Achieved Financial Freedom Using Real Estate”, and is the host of the Financial Freedom for Physicians Podcast. He is a regular contributor to KevinMD and has spoken about the importance of financial literacy for Passive Income MD, the White Coat Investor, Board Vitals, SEAK Non-Clinical Careers, SoMe Docs, Doximity, Medpage Today, FinCon, and other high-profile financial brands geared towards high-income professionals.

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Show Date: Thursday, April 06th, 2023

Show Time: 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST


Chara Rodriguera

With the heart of a mystic and the mind of a luminary, Chara is a natural born inspirer. Since 1997, Chara has been a teacher of Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Inspired Living. She shares empowering messages and practices that will help you live with greater awareness, skill, peace, joy and love. As the Creator of Sol Path Yoga and The Optimal and Dream Life Programs, Chara has spent the last 25 years guiding others to step into their full potential and onto their authentic path. Her extensive training and experience also includes specializing in relaxation exercises, mind mastery techniques and effective ways to reprogram the mind for success. You could say, Chara is a facilitator of DREAMS COMING TRUE! Known for her intuitive, poetic and loving style, Chara inspires people all over the world to shine their divine light, live their unique magic and honor their authentic path. For more information and a life-changing meditation entitled: BREATHE…And Let The MAGIC Begin!, please visit: Some fun facts about Chara:

1. She’s the Mamma of two sons: Von (13) and Zan (11). They give her daily opportunities to practice mindful breathing! ;)

2. About a year and half ago, her family got a mini labradoodle puppy named, Dream, and she’s become one of those obsessed dog moms.

3. She started taking self-portraits back in 1990, when no one else did that. So, she considers herself a “selfie pioneer”.

4. She’s a big Harry Potter fan and believes in magic.

5. Her arms are always open for real and virtual hugs.

6. Her all-time favorite quote is: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud, was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” –Anais Nin

7. She can sometimes be bribed with really good chocolate!

Connect with Chara:

Show Date: Thursday, April 13th, 2023

Show Time: 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST


Elizabeth Power

Elizabeth Power, M.Ed. is a speaker, visionary, and educator. She is also the founder of The Trauma Informed Academy, the premier 24x7 online program that blends trauma-informed care and emotional intelligence. A leader in helping people become trauma informed since the mid-90s, Power's work reduces the time, trauma, and costs of healing for everyone involved. She's The Voice of Lived Experience!

Connect with Elizabeth:

Show Date: Thursday, April 20th, 2023

Show Time: 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST


Travis Winfield

Travis Winfield military career began when he enlisted in September 1992 and attended basic training in Orlando, Florida. After graduating, Travis served at several commands that included USS TICONDEROGA (CG 47), USS San Diego (LPD 22) and USS Freedom (LCS 1), where he served as the Command Senior Chief. In June of 2016, Travis Winfield made the challenging decision to retire from the Navy and pursue his passion in the Real Estate profession. In 2011, Travis obtained his CA real estate license and began learning the business while on active duty. After retiring from the Navy in 2016, he started growing his Real Estate business full time. Since then, he has grown his business and team into one of the top producing/rated Real Estate teams in the Country. His team is unique in that he only hires Military, Veterans and their families, specializing in Military benefits. March of 2021, Travis ventured into the brewery business when he purchased the military themed Inland Wharf Brewing Co that makes amazing beer and caters to veterans and first responders. He has since stepped down as CEO but still maintains an investment in the brewery. In addition, his civic activities include serving on the on the Board of Directors as VP for the Enlisted Leadership Foundation devoted to teaching leadership to our active duty military. He has also helped educate military families as a Contributor for Lastly, he is a Best Selling Co-Author of “A Veterans Story”! His personal awards include the Navy Commendation Medal (three awards), Joint Service Achievement Medal, Navy Achievement Medal (three awards), Good Conduct (six awards), Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal and various other Campaign and Unit awards. In Real Estate, his awards include 2019 Sentry Residential Agent of the Year, the Five Star Professional Award; SDAR Recognition of Excellence Platinum Award; Big Block Realty Winners Circle Top 5%, San Diego Real Producers Top 2%, America’s Top 1% Real Estate Agents and California State Senate Recognition of Excellence for his support to our Veteran community. Travis Winfield has been married to his beautiful wife, Maria, since 1998 and have two incredible children, Sebastian and Felicia. They are his “WHY”!

Connect with Travis:

Show Date: Thursday, April 27th, 2023

Show Time: 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST


Tony Stark Policci

Tony Stark Policci got his start in direct response marketing and advertising in 1994 as co-founder and former VP of Piranha Marketing, Inc. In 2002, he founded Absolutely Brilliant Concepts Inc., which has generated $500MM+ for many of the world’s leading companies, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs. He is a bestselling author, and his work has been published in many trade magazines and publications, including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur Magazine. His “ Wise Guys Copywriting Handbook” is an Amazon international bestseller and was voted #9 of the best 100 copywriting books ever written by Book Authority.

Connect with Tony:

Show Date: Thursday, May 04th, 2023

Show Time: 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST


Lisa Montgomery

Lisa Montgomery is a name recognized by some of the most prestigious women in business, and that’s for good reason. Starting her career in 1999, after leaving her government job, Lisa began her own business in web and graphic design. As the fates would have it, by listening to her design clients, she noticed a gap that needed to be filled in the travel industry. Going on to bring in $1.5 million+ in sales annually, Lisa worked in an industry that she loved, got to travel extensively, and still had time to make others a priority. She has been involved in women’s leadership, she’s spoken at conferences, and she even received a Leadership Excellence Award from the Women’s Prosperity Network. Taking her years of experience and expertise, Lisa now coaches women in business, using her toolbelt full of gifts, to lead entrepreneurs to their highest potential.

Connect with Lisa:

Show Date: Thursday, May 11th, 2023

Show Time: 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST


Tanner Chidester

Founder & CEO of Elite CEOs, Tanner Chidester has generated over 50 million dollars in the online coaching world. After discovering powerful, repeatable strategies, (which he used to create his first million in a B2C model), Tanner's success went on to disrupt the coaching industry forever. Upon request, Tanner began business coaching others on these same strategies, and paving the way for simplicity in a traditionally complex online arena. Since then the sky has been the limit, especially with his two brothers by his side, who joined the business early on. Tanner's business has organically evolved into the coaching empire we know today: Elite CEOs. With his team by his side, Tanner is now on a mission to turn as many online coaches as possible into millionaires. Recently Tanner has stepped out of CEO of his company and moved into an advisory role only as he looks to expand into other areas.

Connect with Tanner:

Show Date: Thursday, May 18th, 2023

Show Time: 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST


Dr. Holly Donahue

“My goal is to help patients find joy in good health so they can perform at their best and thrive.”

As a licensed naturopathic doctor, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to my patients — helping each one of you to develop tools and strategies to create healthier, more balanced lives.

As a naturopathic doctor, my approach to medicine places emphasis on prevention and personalized care. Working with me will always be collaborative and give you the opportunity to give your body exactly what it needs so you can perform at your best and live a healthier, happier life.

I understand the journey.

In my own life and in the 10-plus years I’ve been a licensed naturopathic doctor, I’ve seen first-hand how we can make better choices for better outcomes with our health. That’s why we started Simple Health. I want this to be your go-to resource for healthy living.

I’ve been where you may be right now. Nearly 30 years ago, I found myself overcome by headaches, severe menstrual cramps, hormonal fluctuations and depression. My “A-Game” was slipping and I felt completely lost, exhausted and quite frankly, hopeless.

It wasn’t until I began working with a Naturopathic doctor that I was able to regain my previous vitality. In fact, with the help of a customized naturopathic treatment plan, nutrition counselling and common-sense advice on how to exercise, I became healthier and happier than I had ever been before. The life-changing experience propelled me toward a new career in health. I decided to become a board-certified, licensed Naturopathic doctor myself so that I could help others get healthier too.

Helping people get healthier is not just my pleasure, it’s my purpose. Let me help you experience the power of better health naturally. Getting healthier is a choice.

Connect with Holly:

Show Date: Thursday, May 25th, 2023

Show Time: 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST


Richard Villasana

We decided to talk about foster children. I can talk about overcoming obstacles and achieving great outcomes, both necessary for any business to succeed.

Connect with Richard:

Show Date: Thursday, June 01st, 2023

Show Time: 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST


Adil Amarsi

Adil Amarsi is known as The Underground A-Lister as he's been in the copywriting world for most of his life, starting at age 12, Adil went pro at 18, and in 2023, at the age of 33 - he's on the verge of breaking $1 Billion in sales for his clients. Seeing as copywriting as applied psychology has allowed Adil to work and consult for some of the biggest names in multiple industries and his impact has been felt by many.

Connect with Adil:

Show Date: Thursday, June 08th, 2023

Show Time: 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST


Evan Mestman

"I found my passion for helping things grow when I was a kid in my garden. Now, I grow lasting habits with my business, ProAttitudes. "

As a health, wellness, and mindset coach, Evan works with business leaders who thrive at taking care of everything, except themselves. Evan discovered a unique and SIMPLE way for them to lose weight while becoming best friends with themselves. It's the quickest way to see results and it works by quieting the INNER CRITIC and introduces them to their BEST FRIEND.

Evan Mestman started his career in nutrition with a passion for knowledge and a motivation to help those who struggle with being their best mentally, physically, and spiritually. As a teenager, Evan was bullied for being out-of-shape and overweight. With his own need to lose weight, become healthy and stay fit, he found a way to focus on habits, not diets. When he took his first nutrition class in college, it resonated to the point of becoming his pivotal moment and his career path was set. After receiving his master’s and becoming a Registered Dietitian, he worked in hospital ICUs with the most critical of patients. He saw their fears and vulnerabilities and realized that having the right attitude was half the battle. He started studying the psychology of behavior and change which led to the development of his first nutrition program Appetite and Attitudes. He became a diabetes educator, and an adjunct professor teaching Nutrition and Disease as well as Nutrition and Performance for over 10 years. Now he works to help build habits that last a lifetime.

"It's the simple daily actions that lead to lasting habits and powerful change…one choice at a time."

Connect with Evan:

Show Date: Thursday, June 15th, 2023

Show Time: 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST


Margo Lovett

Margo Lovett (luh-vet) is a podcast producer. Besides hosting her podcast, she's currently co-hosting Inside The M.O.B; an insider's look at the inner workings of a successful podcast.

Connect with Margo:

Show Date: Thursday, June 22nd, 2023

Show Time: 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST


Reed Maltbie

Leveraging two master’s degrees—sports psychology and early childhood development—and 30 years of professional coaching experience, “Coach Reed” Maltbie has dedicated his life to creating the most effective environments for achieving peak performance. His passion for coaching methodologies, mental "fitness", and high-performance communication is matched by his mission of Developing Leaders Who Transform Lives. His book, The Spartan Mindset, due out in April 2023, focuses significantly on the impact of language on performance. It is a must-read for anyone who strives to be a more effective and supportive communicator in the sporting world and beyond.

Connect with Reed:

Show Date: Thursday, July 13th, 2023

Show Time: 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST


Tim Branyan

Tim Branyan is a good dude...

- Dad of two beautiful kids

- Husband of 1 kickass wife

- Investor

- Built multi-million dollar apps/software

- Empathetic leader

- Proud USAF Combat Veteran

- Gamer 🤓

- Aggressively Curious

Connect with Tim:

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