Brian Kelly Interviews Expert Live-Streaming Panel

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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. I'm gonna tell you right now, this is gonna be one of the most fantastic shows we have done to date. And we've been running for going on two years. And the reason I say that is because I don't have just one guest expert. None. Not not even just two guests. Experts. I lost count, actually, two, four, six, eight. We have nine guest experts that are here with me right now waiting to come on and share their brilliance with you. And I'm just so unbelievably blessed to have wonderful people like this to jump on. This was a last minute request. As of yesterday, I had a guest who canceled last minute and these wonderful people stepped in. And so they are all users of a phenomenal studio software that I'm using right now. We will talk about that. And that is why I brought them in, because I wanted to talk about all things. Live streaming tonight. And this group we were just talking right before went live in. That's some phenomenal topics to cover. And so we want to help you to get through this situation and then to expand your business through life, streaming well into the future, because I'm here to tell you, it's it's here to stay. It's been here for a while now. There is going nowhere, just like podcasting, an audio only. I never thought that would last. And now it's back with a big vengeance. And this was well before the pandemic hit. So there we are in great times when it comes to technology. And we as a group tonight are here to help you. Real quick. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show that is literally a show by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We are here for you to help you to learn the secrets to success. And traditionally, I interview guests from all over the world. Successful entrepreneurs who share their secrets, quote unquote, for success. And tonight is no different. We have an amazing, amazing group of people, some with a lot of experiences in life streaming, some who have started recently. Yet have really mastered it in a short order because of need. And I think that is phenomenal. So, yes, please come in. Comment. Love, like interact. Ask questions as we go forward. It is going to be a rock and show. This is a much shortened intro because we are going to bring on all of our special guest experts a few at a time. So get ready. Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there they are, ladies and gentlemen. Almost everybody is here. We are going to go real quick. We're going to do speed intro here so we can get into the juice. This is a one hour show. Stick with us. Stay with us at the end, by the way. I don't want to forget to stick around to the very end because you can win a five nights stay at a five star luxury resort if you stay online to the end. We will show you exactly how to do that. Very simple. But you must be here when that announcement is made. That doesn't mean run away and come back later, because I may cut it short just because now I won't do that. All right. Let's go around the horn real fast. Speed intro. Sarah Nicolas, the amazing, young, incredible mom.

Sarah Nicolas:
Oh no I'm not a mom. I'm an aunt.

Brian Kelly:
Oh, that giraffe was someone elses. OK, an inside joke from earlier. Sarah. Go ahead. Introduce yourself, if you would, real quick and tell us what you do.

Sarah Nicolas:
I'm Sarah Nicolas. I write books for teens under the name Sarah Nicolas and they also write romance books under the name Aria Kane. And I am on the board of directors for a literary nonprofit called Pitch Wars, which mentors young and upcoming writers. And I was also the lead video producer for Everywhere Bookfest. And I run my own publishing talk show called Hub Talk Live. That's the second and fourth Saturday of every month.

Brian Kelly:
I'm really curious what you do with all that spare time.

Sarah Nicolas:

Brian Kelly:
Phenomenal. That's phenomenal. Thank you so much, Sarah. Mister Shane Trammel, you are up next.

Shane Trammel:
Yeah. Yeah. Good afternoon. Good evening, everyone. Shane here did a lot of different things. I kind of have a day job and then I have my hustle's that I do is is a lot of people say so I am a supply chain expert. And of course, right now that's that's a big thing with Kobe, not teen and all that's going on. And I help small businesses market their their businesses, help them with livestream, which we're going to talk about a lot tonight. So I'm just happy to be here on the show. Looking forward to bringing some value to the audience.

Brian Kelly:
Fantastic. Thank you, Mr. Trammel. And Joseph.

Joseph Jaffe:
Hello. I'm not. Yeah, I'm happy to. I'm happy to be here. I'm an author. My latest book is called Built To Suck - The Inevitable Demise of the Corporation and How to Save It. And yesterday, I won an award. I won best in category and current events for the Independent Book Awards. I was pretty chuffed about that. I am the admiral at the HMS Beagle, which is a consultancy and I'm the host of Corona TV.

Brian Kelly:
Wow. Did you say Built to Suck?.

Joseph Jaffe:
Built to Suck.

Brian Kelly:
That is a pretty cool title because there's Built to Sell. I love it. Nice. Nice. All right. My geek brother, Justin James.

Justin James:
Hey Brian, I'm Justin James. I'm the founder and the chief nerd. Let your nerd be heard. We actually take YouTube and turn it into a marketing engine for your business. I'm also the co-host of the Let Your Nerd Be Heard show you find on YouTube. You can find it on all the podcasts networks as well. I also am part of an organization that's a nonprofit where we give back to other non-profits through software development, creative stuff like graphics. And that's the Couple of times a year we won run weekend long events. We bring a whole bunch of people together to give back to nonprofits they typically can't afford software development and graphic design and copywriters. And we give back to that. We can totally free for them, totally free for us to participate in as well. Easy gift camp dot org. All right.

Thank you so much, Mr. James. All right. Tom Brown, please introduce yourself.

Well, good evening, everybody. Out there in digital land, Tom Brown. I'm with Media Barker. I specialize in digital marketing, which is pretty much anything nowadays. My focus for most of my clients is helping them create a strategy because most people come saying, I want a thousand Facebook likes and I'm like, great. What do you want to do with it? And they're clueless. So, you know, giving them a strategy that actually gets them results, usually dollars in the wallet. Sometimes it's amazing how much you have to drag people into success with this kind of stuff. I also very active in nonprofits. I'm on a couple of boards and I work with the Elmira Rotary Club. I'm a Rotarian. It's a wonderful organization, international right now.

And you happen to be part of a charitable organization doing things for charity. Yeah, that's correct.

Well, we're actually we've got an event coming this Saturday at the Elmira Beer Fast, and we're doing a virtual beer fast as a fund raiser to help three different organizations that are feeding the community. And so they are putting out between the three of them about eight hundred meals a day. No charge. And so their budgets are starting to be hit. So doing a beer fest virtually seemed like a fun thing to do.

That sounds cool. I've never had a virtual beer before, though. It'll be interesting. All right. We're going to we're going to rotate the dial here and bring in some more some more folks and introduce them. Here we go. Give me just a moment. This is pretty fun watching by move around. And Brian, if you have camera on, go ahead and bring it back on or bring in your. Oh, what time? This guy is right on it. Let's take Aaron McCoy.

Hello. Hello, Brian. Thanks for having me on. So excited to be here.

Thank you for coming on. All of you. Every one of you. So who are you? We know your name. What do. And tell us what's what's going on in Aaron's world.

So my name is Aaron McCoy. I'm a branding coach and marketing strategist who works with inspired, gifted but struggling female entrepreneurs to get results faster in their business. And I've been doing that now for almost 10 years. And you can catch me on Facebook doing Monday Marketing Minutes Live. That's how I got my first first streaming experience. So I'm super excited to be here and share value to your audience.

Now, men are already doing it. Thank you so much. Jennifer Zemko.

Hey, Brian. Thank you for having me. And I'm Jennifer Zonk. I'm the executive director of T.C. New Tech based in Traverse City.

And every month, the last five years, we put on a pitch event at a local venue, have a couple hundred people show up and we have investors. We have startups, we have entrepreneurs. We have people interested in I.T. We have people looking for work. And we select five entrepreneurs to get up and pitch their idea. And we the audience votes on one to win five hundred dollars. And hopefully we can connect these startups with the investors in our audience to how did we get sure you are all for that.

I don't recall.

It's teeny tiny new tech or is.

Thank you for reminding me.

It's free to apply and if you're selected, it's free to present. And it's always been a local event until the world was shut down in the end of March. So this is how I came to be involved in light streaming. Right.

And local from Michigan area. And by the way, you guys from all over the place, we might get into that later. I love the fact that you're helping startups because now more than ever, they're struggling. As I was saying before, we came on life dealing with two of them right now. And luckily, they're still making it through this tough time. And what you're doing, I'm sure, is is phenomenal. And it's going to help a lot of people to do the same.

So I appreciate that. Yeah, it's exciting.

And then the man with the hair, my brother, by another mother, Ridgeway.

Hey, aloha. Thank you for having me on, Brian. I'm really excited to contribute. Hi, everybody. My name is Brian Ridgeway. My my friends and clients call me the spell breaker. I'm probably the weirdest out of the presenters today. I don't know. That's a dubious honor or what. But I was involved in self-help. My my life really was just suffering after a really rough childhood. So I spent my life on a self-help journey only to find out that I had a really strange gift. So what I do, I call my company Level five mentoring. I accidentally became a best selling author and a few other things. I help people who are ready to end their entire self-help journey and actually cut the crap and admit that they are an infinite being and they're ready to step in and actually live it. So I work with entrepreneurs, experts, leaders, therapists, psychologists and people that just want to step into the best possible life. And I've been live streaming for about nine years and I love it.

You know, I met I met you a couple of years ago. I think it was on a marketers cruise out of Nashville. Was that out of Louisiana, I believe. Yeah. Yeah. And it's funny you you talk about being the weird one, but when I talked to you in person and just now listening to there's nothing weird about you or your brother and thank you for coming on and for sharing your wisdom tonight. And back then as well. Great to see you again, my buddy.

Yeah, I'm grateful, reconnected with you, man.

Yeah. All right. And all the way from Hawaii, by the way. All right. Risks.

Hi, everyone. Hi, Brian. Thank you for having me. I am a marketing specialist. I help businesses establish and maintain their online credibility. I'm also a huge sports fan, so I got into live streaming by doing the video podcasts. And now I help sports media professionals with their credibility using LinkedIn and live streaming and showcasing their expertize to the world outside of just sports fans.

So, wow. I think I want to talk to you later. I am. Oh, my gosh. As a kid, sports was my life. It's not anymore. But I still. Still near and dear. Oh, my goodness. Thank you all for coming on. We're going to flip it back to the original Brady Bunch here in just a minute. We'll start getting with it on all things live streaming. So just one moment. I remember I left off here. This is actually quite fun. I think that's it. Do we have the reference group now? I missed one. There we go. All right. Let's go to a square. It's like juggling some dice and see what numbers come out. It's pretty fun. So, all right, let's get this thing going. So we're all using a certain platform. And I've used many over the years. I've done I've been life streaming for a grand total of about four years or so. Not for your solid. I did two years some time ago when Facebook Live didn't exist. Periscope didn't even exist at that time, which was one of the first social media based platforms. It was Ustream and Lifestream were the only two in existence that we knew of at the time. And we'd like to bring back then for actually two years then and did a lot of shows and had a lot of fun. Those a lot of technical, interesting moments.

And now fast forward, I've used many different software platforms, some that run on the computer, some that are running off of a Web browser like the one we're doing right now. And I've got to I've got to tell you, I have not seen any nearly as good as this one. There are certain things that they are working on that still can be improved. But I made the decision to switch wholeheartedly to this platform. And I want to get all of your guys his take on this platform, what it's meant for you, how it's enabled you to do what you do. Let's start with Sarah, who has been doing life streaming for some time now. She's a bit of an expert in her own right. What do you think of this amazing platform we're on? And do you recommend that others use the same thing?

Oh, yeah, I well, I actually have. So I started live streaming with pictures. We do these mentor chats where our writers can ask us questions and we used to do it on Google Hangouts. When getting Google Hangouts, you select your broadcast. And then when I was looking for a new solution last spring, I came up on Stream Yard and I used it for that. And and actually, it's kind of what inspired my show. Like, I decided to do the show after using streaming art for the charts. And I've convinced a lot of different organizations to use it as well. So I'm an event planner for a library and I convinced them to do it. And so we're using it now for virtual programs. You know, libraries are switching over to virtual programs right now. And everywhere book fast, which I mentioned earlier, I was the one who actually branching into them and showed them how they can use it. And they fell in love with that as well. And several different people have started using it because I recommend it so much. I just love how easy it is to use. Like even if you're not super tech savvy, you can still make a pretty good show of stream married.

Totally, totally agree. And Shane is nodding emphatically in agreement. So, Shane, what's your take? What do you think about.

I agree. I mean, I you know, back in the day of Periscope, I never really used it. But of course, I participated in some of them and that had its challenges. And I actually downloaded Stream Labs and started looking at that. And although it has a lot of capabilities that I would say that it has a learning curve. And so for the average person in a room, maybe not the so average person, I think got string artists, just amazing. And literally have not been using stream yard more than three weeks and had a nonprofit organization come up to me and say, hey, Shane, can you produce this virtual basically concert with six different musicians and with, you know, different businesses sponsoring them? So we put we produce that show. I ran that for three hours, had one hiccup that was based on the Internet. A problem with the Internet in the downtown city that we were in. But it ran flawlessly. And I don't know what to look at. Thing else right now, it's just amazing. Yeah, I totally get it, and I'll just say one other thing like it was already mentioned. I'm starting to show a lot of people how to use this and the fact that there's a free version of this, you know, and we talk about value or that's what this show is about. Among the many things that it's about tremendous value that you can use that for free and learn it, learn how to use it and.

Yeah, it's great. And the guys I call on, the kids behind it that are running this whole thing that started this company that developed this, they are amazing. They're little geniuses in my mind and my eye. Andrew Floto, I know this man personally. We're both. We were both. I was in the fitness industry. He still is. And he just started using it and loves it. Of course you do. And then Besse has giving given that. Woo woo woo single woo cohosts.

Some of my shows, I think.

One of our guests, David Chapman. Oh, is this the same person? Yeah. Oh, yeah. All right. We got a ringer. This is awesome. Live streaming inception. All right. We're having fun. As you can tell, we love to have fun. It's okay to have fun. And speaking of fun, the next person in line is Joseph Cheffy. Tell us, what's your take on Streamliner thus far?

Well, first of all, you know, I'm in the zombie bunker and I've got Lucille with me just in case the zombies come out. So, you know, streamy allows me to do. That allows me to be in the bunker. But, you know, it's been a great learning curve for me. I only started last month and I started on Zoome and it was good. It was interesting. But once I started streaming on or wanted to stream live on Langtang, it became a no brainer. And and I agree with my fellow panelists streamy. It's just been an absolute dream. Very intuitive. And it allows someone who's a newbie, quite frankly, to put out a show that looks pretty professional. So it's been a great ride. And of course, they're innovating all the time.

I think you hit the nail on the head with professional part, because that is definitely the case here. And now my tech geek brother Justin, and we're going to go through every person on every question. We don't have time to do that. Just so you know, you're sweating in the back. I think not. I don't know if I'm going to save this one. But Justin, we'll just we'll finalize it with Tom here and then we'll move on to the next topic. And by the way, just cause I'm running the show, I will take those suggestions and recommendations. I've got some written down that we can go into. And for those you watching live or. Yeah, just life, you can put in a comment to say, hey, what about this? What about this? When it comes to life streaming Don Hopper. Oh, thank you. My buddy Hopper. It's he's a phenomenal local man, businessman here where I live. Thank you, Don. I'll take that any day. All day. So. We're over to Justin. What is your experience been thus far with Stream Yard? And how much have you used it so far?

So the experience of Dreamgirls has been fantastic. And I've recommended all the time to clients. The majority of people I work with are entrepreneurs that want to be seen, but they have video anxiety, the other tech anxiety. You run it. They're not even sure how to get started. Then I show Scream your name, go. Oh, this is totally understandable. All through the browser, you really hooked your camera, hooked your microphone up to your computer and it just magically works. You want to throw the overlays like Brian has up here right now. You really create the graphic. Click a button and you really magically shows up. You don't even have to know how to make it work. You have to know how to actually upload the image and click a button. Can't be any easier than that. And it's super easy to bring in guests like Brian's doing. So on my show. My co-host is actually in Vancouver, Canada, and I'm in Phenix, Arizona. We've literally just connected the streamer. And it just works. No tech failures, no having to worry about how any of that stuff set up. Anybody can run. Extreme nerd livestream and not have to worry about their tech any longer.

I totally agree. I mean, you and I go back with the OBSS and the I had done expert as well, which is similar. And it's night and day. The ease of use and plug and play is basically what it is. You're right. Know, speaking of you and someone from Vancouver, so we have Tom Brown is from New York. Josh Shane is from Texas. And we have Sarah from Florida, who is off camera at the moment. I believe she's there. She moved. I moved her. And Justin is from Phenix, Arizona. Joseph is from Connecticut all over the US. We almost had one from Britain, but it didn't work out from the UK. We got Aaron from Washington who is not on at the moment. They're coming soon, Aaron. Don't worry.

Jennifer from Michigan and Marissa from San Diego. Yes, Southern Cal. I love it. And Brian Ridgeway from Hawaii. I love way, too. So it's that easy. And you guys had never been on this show before. You'd never click the link to come onto my stream. That's video before. Was it a simple process coming on? Tom, what are your thoughts on streamer?

Well, Wolf, I've only been using it for about two months. We've been using Mevo to stream straight to Facebook and Vimeo. And I've been sort of happy with it. But this is so much better. We immediately started using streaming art for the last four episodes and everybody that's been watching the church has been loving it. It's been so easy to bring different people on. The worship team is on one screen. The pastors on another. And we can just go and stream to different things. We turned on YouTube because that ability now exists and we have some people watching on YouTube. It's just been so phenomenally easy to bring different things. And that's what kind of brought up the beer fast idea is like if we can do this for the church, I can do it elsewhere. And so it was my bright idea. We're gonna be doing it with Zoome. Someone actually bring in zoom in as a guest as part of the beer fast thing. So a lot of people are buying Zoome tickets. They're going to do the Zoome meeting and then come in using the power of streaming art. It's gonna be quite fun.

Cool. And before I bring in the other guests. I wanted to do a quick around the horn before I forget and ask each of you, starting with Sara, roughly how long have you been, like, streaming from beginning to end? It doesn't have to be with streaming.

I mean, we've been listening since last spring, but I did an on and off before. But someone else is like running the show. I was just answering questions.

So about a year. OK.

And Shane, I've been doing Facebook live for the last couple of years and streaming hard for about a month. So I'm Nayda Street Nard, that live streaming for about two years.

So sweet, Joseph. I started last month, but that's only because they told me I had a face for radio. And so I've decided to prove them wrong.

So I'm the newbie. I love it. And I got to say. So you just started and you can hardly tell. But he's got a green screen back there and he's got a different image. And that's another thing that you can do, a streaming art. And I've. I have. Oh, my God. I've toiled away trying to get the settings right on. Oh, yes. Exploit all the other platforms that I've use. Even Zoom does not look as good as the green screen here on. You're messing with me on here on stream. I mean, you know, Tom's making me thirsty again with those nuts that brew behind him. And it's a phenomenal, phenomenal tool. All right. And, you know, we're not getting paid to talk about stream there. But you know what? It needs to be shouted from the rooftops because so many people could benefit from this in helping them with their respective business, their charitable organizations, churches, you name it. It's phenomenal. Justin, how long for you, my buddy?

It's been a couple years that I've been playing with it. And I've mainly helped other streamers actually get started. And then in January, we actually watched our show using streamers. I was kind of what we. On New Year's Eve, me and my co-host recorded our first episode and wants to end on January 1st.

Amazing, amazing.

And Tom, I've actually been doing webinars for about 10, 12 years on anything from digital marketing emails and all that other stuff. And so this was just a natural transition to make it like this. It's almost a webinar, but it's much more interactive. I love it.

Yeah, totally. Totally. All right. We're going to switch over and do the juggle. Here we go. Ready?

You'll be back. Don't worry.

This time since we brought you on a little late this time, we'll leave you up there, Joseph. So, Aaron McCoy, welcome back. I know you never left, but now you're on camera. So we had several questions to go over. What what would most intrigue you to learn having started?

Not a whole long time ago, Aaron. What's one thing that is really burning a question for you that you would like the panel to maybe address and answer?

Oh, my gosh. Well, I'm new to stream yard. A colleague of mine. We've been collaborating on a show weekly now since the Kofod came about. So I guess best practices are are what I'm looking for. I've been doing Facebook lives for three years on my own, you know, and I'm I'm fairly comfortable on video, but, you know, the whole the whole collaborative space sharing. I think that a lot of people could benefit from understanding from season streamers. You know, what are some best practices in using the platform for sure. And, you know, it's not an advertisement for this particular platform. But in general, you know, as we move forward, what are what are some things new people should be thinking about and doing?

Totally. Yeah. I mean, there's so many topics that can be covered on that one question. But there are a lot. But for me and I'll just start it off and the rest can trim in, one of the biggest things for me was making it of supreme quality, the highest quality you can muster given your resources. So I'm not saying you have to go out and spend thousands of dollars on the top end equipment. Just do what you can within your budget, but make it the highest absolute quality you can get. Great graphics to go around it. Graphics are just part of it. Lighting doesn't cost that much anymore. Microphones don't cost that much anymore. You can get nice USV mikes that are studio quality. I have a C nine 30 E Logitech webcam. That is phenomenal. It's very clear you don't need a DSL or canon or whatever a camera for your lives. It would be nice, but you don't need it. But you know, best practices are for me. Oh great. Joseph, I love this guy. Great graphics are just part of it. It's for me. It's all about quality because how many times have you seen it by that phone? And you could tell her shaking and there's wind blowing, you know, have your environment secluded. I have blackout curtains in my studio so that when it's sunny or when it's dark, it looks the same in here. So my lighting doesn't vary, little things like that. So who else wants to chime in on that? That's been around the block. Like, I don't know. I'm not going to point anyone out like Mr. Ridgeway. Who's that? And then Marissa will be next.

Yeah, I'm with you 100 percent on the quality thing. Is a good camera to see this. The people that have original video and audio quality is really amazing at one time. But that's our topic today. Right. So lighting camera, a really high quality audio as clean as you can get. And you can do that cheaply these days. Another really big deal for best practice to me is really driving the highest possible engagement and really communicating and connecting with your audience. I do. I use live streaming. I started webinars like Tom about 10 years ago, nine years ago. I've done everything from live sessions with clients on live video to conferences with, you know, where I was working with hundreds of people at one time, basically live events, too. I do all of my group programs now using either Zoome for just a couple other reasons. All those are moving everything to streaming. This is just the way to go. But when you're working with a public broadcast, really engaging, really connecting, finding out what people are wanting. I can have, you know, 100 people on during a alive and have literally hundreds of comments and hundreds of engagement factors. And that will get so much more. You'll get so much, you'll get so much more value to your people and you'll get so many more later views.

I think really focusing on engagement is an area where a lot of people miss it and can really leverage it to the man who was engaged in the private chat going on in the back because we did have some background noise. And here's the thing.

We got a bunch of pros on this show and people in private chat saying, hey, I hear somebody make a noise in the background and get the right person muted, I think, and it took care of it. So that's the thing to deal with as well. Are flexible and book flow one. One method I learned from speaking from stage is when there's something that's out there that might be distracting. It's literally incorporated into your talk, you know. So if someone were to slam a door and you could say as the next door opens for like that, it's just everyone, everyone hears it. There's no doubt. Right. But if you read it, it softens a blow and get them back in what we call state and moving forward on the topic at hand.

And I would add, you know, even though I'm new to streaming. I've been blogging. I've been podcasting. I've been writing. I've been speaking for for 20 plus years. Find your authentic voice. That's the first thing. And then the second thing is, if you're in it for the long haul, then just put your head down and realize that your superpower is endurance. Don't worry about the numbers. Don't worry about how many people. Facebook says all are watching at any point in time. The long tail is gonna kick in. You know, if you're in it for the right reasons and if you're in it for the long haul, you know, just focus on the quality content, focus on the integrity of the content, focus on meaningful relationships and connections with your audience and everything will take care of itself.

Totally concur, even with the guy looking over your shoulder right now. Joseph, I go through that because here's one thing.

Gosh, LOEs, I forgot his first name. You may know what I'm talking about. Something loes elo e. W. S. I think he's big in the entrepreneur space. Former athlete. He he made a statement in an interview that I watched some time ago. It was very telling. So they were talking about podcasting, traditional podcasting with just audio only, but it's pertinent. And the interviewer asked him, well, what's one thing you would tell anyone who is just starting out? And I loved his answer. He said, well, if you aren't in it for at least if you're not going to commit for at least two years, then don't even start. And I almost fell out of my chair in being of thankfulness because it is so true. It took nearly two years to gain traction with this live show. And since. And now I'm getting clients coming left and right. But it took it took a lot of empty lives. There were one and two life years. There were hardly any watching at the end. I just kept going. And it's perseverance. Like you said, Joseph, thank you for that. Definitely stick to it. Don't just started as a hobby. This is not a hobby. Yes. But don't do it if you're gonna do it as a hobby. That's OK. You can do it as a hobby. But if it's for your business, don't treat it as a hobby. This is part of your business. And stick with it.

You know, I think another thing that is important that you do really well, Brian, is being very organized in advance and going through a run of show and great communication with your guests so that they know what they're what's expected of them and what they can expect when they get into the program. So I do a run of show before our event so that my co-host knows what slides are coming up a little bit about everybody that's coming on to pitch and the timing of everything. So then then we communicate really well to our guests that are selected to pitch as well.

Yeah, I run a show. I'm guessing you mean like setting expectations. This is the order in which things will happen. So prizes and I've got an idea what's going to happen, that kind of thing.

Yeah. This one for our non. Yeah. I think I just want to add on to that because I feel like, you know, being on for, you know, if you're on in it for two years, a lot of people will not start because they think that they have to do it for two years. And I think that you should also give yourself a little bit of grace if it's not perfect from the beginning. And I think that's it depends on how you learn. Like, I can watch a video, how to do everything from A to Z, but if I don't actually do it, I'm never gonna learn. That's my learning style. But other people learn differently. Right. So, like, if you're thinking about doing live streaming. Think about what you're going to deliver. Like what Joseph said, like, are you focusing on what your goal is in terms of delivering the content and its content that's gonna live on YouTube or Facebook or whatever? Or are you focusing on how many people are watching? Because if you're going to focus on how many people are watching, well, there's other factors. What's your strategy behind promoting it? Who's the guest? Are you sharing the information to them? Like there's so many other things? I think that if you are focusing on delivering the energy that you have, then it will succeed as long as you give yourself grace.

That is impeccable advice. And I would say for anyone who's just starting, who has not yet done it or just kind of dabbled in it, is is follow what Marissa just said and do it with your phone shaking in the wind. Just do it. Get started. Yeah. Whatever it takes. Don't wait. Don't. Don't wait for perfection. Because guess what? None of us are perfect. I've been doing this for four years. Brian's been doing web webinars and done online for ten. And have you ever. You got it now? Brian, you're absolutely perfect, right? No way. Right. So be OK with not being perfect, cause you will never be. You'll never be. And that's great. We're human beings. People will actually. You know. They will. They will. They will. I can't think the right word attach, not attach. But they will be more congruent with you. They will they will really be in alignment with you if they see that you're another human being and you're not perfect. They. Well, I can do that. You want to be qualities that resonate with me.

Well, like I said, is have as much quality as you can absorb. I mean, as far as financial resources, time and everything else, do the best you possibly can with what you have. And when I make money in my company, I reinvest in my equipment all the time. All the time. I'm always upgrading. I have two massive 38 inch curb monitors in front of me. One on top. The other I just got the second one recently. It's just always moving up, raising the bar. You know what? To start that way. Just start. Thank you, Marissa. Great advice. Who else do we have? We. I think we should bring back our friends back from behind the green curtain. I hate to get rid of Joseph, though.

I love his background or something awesome. But. All right, here we go. The juggle. We'll have one more of you up for a little bit. I hope I do this fairly throughout. We'll juggle it. See how they come up, all that different order. That's cool, except for Tom, he's always down there, the beer man. All right. Hold them up. So thank you, Aaron, for that question. Let's see who else. Let's see. What do we have, Shane? Change just starting out with a stream yard. Let's see. What else would you like to know more about Shane? Just as a video like video streamer. What would be one if you could think of one thing that you really would love to hone down or know the answer to, what would it be?

Yeah, I think I think one of them is maybe. And maybe there's no single answer. But, you know, some sense of an optimal link for a for a livestream.

You know, I realize it may depend on your audience or your or your subject. You know, again, I did a three hour fundraiser, but that's a little bit different. But, yeah, I'd like to have some discussion about a optimal link for a livestream video that we're good. Don't go too long. That people just start dropping or too short. And, you know, you don't get the momentum.

And I think and everyone please chime in as well. But I think that that is a very subjective. It's it's gonna be case by case. It's gonna it's gonna matter what your content is. It's going to also matter if you have guests on and what their pull is. Are they influencers or not? There's a lot of factors that go into it. I would start personally minimum of 30 minutes. I went I came out of the chute doing an hour and you learn more as a video streamer, a life streamer faster because you have more things to deal with. It's an hour long. For me personally, I've I've had many people I'm not many saying, Brian, an hour's too long and I get that. But that's my format. I'm sticking with it. And because I stuck with it this long is beginning to get the traction that I've been looking for. So who else who else wants to chime in on that as an answer? Justin.

So I typically don't even look at timelines and frames. It's more about the value in what you want to provide. Back to the audience. So as long as it needs to be in order to provide that value and no longer, that takes you 20 minutes typically to provide that 20 minute episodes don't go 40 minutes and just ramble for 20 because you set a time. It's all about the value that you want to put back to the audience. And that really does determine the length ultimately.

Just thank you. You're my new best friend, buddy. Go ahead, sir.

I definitely think it depends on your audience, your content. I think for anything that's like entertainment based, it's not necessarily, you know, information base.

40 minutes is probably a maxim. That's just because that's the way TV has trained us. That's how long, you know, CBS trained us to hold our attention for. But if you're doing something that's like kind of more instructive or informational, I think up to an hour is good. Once you go past an hour, I feel like you really start losing people. People really start paying attention. They drop off. And also, if you have different segments, you can go for a longer to. So if it's just me talking to the camera like this, you're not going to sit there for an hour. I'll do that. But if the visuals are changing or if who's on screen is changing all that kind of stuff, then people will watch longer.

I agree with that. And in the case for my lives, when I was doing them by myself, they were called Monday Marketing Minute. And so my audiences want a quick marketing tip and they want to get it into their plan for the day and they want to go. So literally, it was like one or two minutes. And then now in a different sphere. You know, three years later, my colleague and I are having guests on our show where we're talking to small business owners on how to pivot during Cauvin 19. We're taking a little bit more time to let them tell their story and to let them ask the questions and making it way more about what they need and what they want than what any timelines that we've set up. So that's been, I think, really valuable for business owners that we're working with right now.

The other thing to keep in mind is not all your content is going to be live. I mean, you're producing at Livestream, but then you can come back to it and people will watch it in segments. So you could say that at the end, it's very important that you put on the bottom in the text what is in this particular stream. So you could say at 12 minutes where you have this and it's 18 minutes is this. And so people can jump to what they're looking for at the very end. So back to what I believe it was. Shane said, you've got to keep you don't want to babble. As long as you get your data out, your information out, you are respecting your viewers time. And if you start streaming on, if it takes 20 minutes to explain something, then just be concise. So it takes three, then that's fine. Then you jump to the next one.

That was a very concise explanation there, Tom. Good job.

Brian could expand a little bit on you may leave my brother. So Tom mentioned repurposing some of that content trend or putting that table of contents in there as well. You could actually, after you my streaming chopped that video up through each of those segments. Each question could become its own video. Then you get titles, descriptions, all the FCO that goes with different thumbnails so people can actually watch just a portion they're truly interested in. And if they want to see the rest, you can drive them in the descriptions on YouTube to where the bigger video is. People watch those little bits and it's easier from to find it than to go, Hey, this is our Livestream Episode 10. Well, that's great. But if I have one video on this, as we answered what software you need to watch just that one video.

So I have a resource for everyone watching. That will blow your mind. I'm going to be as brief as I can because I know I want to bring back the others. I wish we could have everybody on it once. This is. This is awesome. You and you are all phenomenal. I cannot thank you enough the value your answering questions here. Are you. You're provoking thoughts in my brain that haven't been exercised in a long time. And I appreciate that. But this one resource does exactly what you just said. Justin, it's called lately because the name of it and what it does is it comes at a cost. Believe me. But you can make a video, a resulting recorded video of your show uploaded to this service. It will automatically, in the background, transcribe it. It will use a. That's a very overly used term at the moment. That the way they're using it. I think it truly is A.I. artificial intelligence, because it transcribes the word. It can use those words and then it goes and searches all the social media platforms and all them Facebook linked and the big ones looking for the trending topics and the hashtags, everything, you name it, comparing it to the keywords and the buzzwords in your show, extracting 15 second snippets. It gets better. It auto does this and chops it up into multiple pieces. And it also cuts the video in the beginning of the end and gives the video piece with the text as well. And you can then use it and enter in different things, like manually have someone from your company, an apprentice, a V.A. type in hash tags, tape and tags, things like that. And then you can schedule to post them all from then this tool. And so I've been talking them since last October for months, getting ready to pull the trigger on getting that resource, because what a timesaver.

And Tykwer, a repurposing magician right there, that in addition to podcasting, Roku and Amazon, fire TV, all the rest that we do on this show, you guys are lucky you're going to get all over the place. And I'm like, how much should I charge? You guys want. I want to know how you do it. Just give it to maturity. We'll do, actually. OK. There's nothing for sale. There's nothing for sale. But if you want to go on the list to find out when that's coming. I do have a very comprehensive info product in the works on A to Z, live video to repurposing, to getting help apprentices and the system behind bringing them in. How to hire them. How to hold the meetings. I leave no stone unturned. I'm going to take that away because I am not advertising here, but I just want to put that up real fast. So let's bring in the other wonderful people. Ines, you have one final parting comment for the moment. It's six, 16, and like you said, about time. I hope you're all good. We're gonna go another, I think, two hours. Some good. I it. Well, I got know where. You know, I'm having these thoughts, like, man, we should do this weekly. This is this is actually high value. I know a lot of life's dreamers would love this. Maybe we'll talk to the boys, the kids I column and see if they want to spawn another one. The phenomenal thing. And have their own users talk about them, of course. And then everything else. All right. So let's bring in the next crew again. We're going to do some juggling.

It goes the Biermann. I don't remember who we had left anymore. Now it's just there. They're there.

And I think Jane hasn't had a second run yet. So we have an odd number. We guys think it's so far, Joseph, you are muted just in case you don't know.

You know, I was thinking about another great feature of Stream Yard, which is the only one that I've used, but is the fact that we are not on a stream yard group on Facebook. And the information that everybody shares back and forth, whether you're a newbie or you've been doing this for 10 years, is amazing. And I've connected with so many great people through the stream. Your Facebook page.

Yeah, I think a lot of a lot of tech companies could take a take this playbook out of streaming art. And I don't know how many others are doing it. I'm in the marketing space, so I'm seeing tools all the time. I know of another one called Quick, which is a captioning tool. And they basically built their community through Facebook. And they now the potential they like I know Stream, you're just like is launching like an affiliate. They have the referral program, an affiliate program and all these other things. But it's like we're are advertising them over and over all day long because of victory from many the mainstream.

Well, yeah, those that might know what that is. Message your marketing. That's another really good community if you're doing that for marketing.

Yeah. And it's just like the well, you're getting all the info and then you decide if you're a pro at this or you've been doing it for a while. You can decide to give the value and build relationships. Like I've gotten a few people that have reached out wanting to work with me because of the the stuff or that the value that I'm providing. Not that I'm pitching. Oh, this is what I do. But just because of that community, it can open up doors. And now it's like something that's part of my arsenal of services.

So it's it's a great marketing mochtar strategy to model, which is have private Facebook groups and just have the people that are have skin in the game who are about your product or on the free product in this case. But now you have this synergistic group that are all there. And the thing with the in the Dan, they're just amazing at how they handle these weekly town meetings. I watch them in all because of all the questions that come in. I would be if I was one of them, I would be utterly exhausted because every every request is another week's worth of work, because I'm a former software engineer. I get that everything that's been requested is going to take work. They're building their team. They've got help there. They're still crushing it. They're amazing. But yeah. To your point, Marissa, I completely agree that they got it down and everyone should model and get community going because look what's happening. They're not advertising right now. And how long have we talked about them on this show? How much do they spend for us to advertise their product using their product on the show? So, yes, definitely follow this their their model. And if you're not involved with streaming art and you want to live or if you're already using something else. Oh, boy. Let me tell you, I've not seen one person say that anything else is better than streaming art unless they're using something like Obi. S or or, you know, one of the more very complex type platforms. It takes a lot more to get started for ease of use and quality. Nothing beats it that I have seen in my many years of doing this. Boy, we went right back to streamer. You guys are private chatting like crazy. And thank you again. My goodness.

Where were we? Who wants to bring up another topic? We've got like nine minutes for one hour.

But, you know. You know, I have something that I figured out. And I think I'm doing this the most effective way. But to get our for me, it was our. Our board members. But anybody that's supporting what you do. Get them to host a Facebook live watch party just before you're about to hit the air. And it seems to me that we're getting more traffic because of that. And I don't know if you all have any comments on if that's working or not.

Wow. I'm intrigued. So you have people watch your watch party right before you go life. So watching two videos.

No, they they. So they're hosting a watch party to their friends. And it's a watch party, your livestream.

So that's what we did. Brian, I think I know what Jennifer's talking about for our fundraiser that we did. Those people that were joining not as guests like we are, but those that were joining the Facebook Live.

We actually when we went live, we encourage them to start a watch party so that, you know, their friends could also see it, which may not have seen our our Facebook page or our website or our email promoting it. So it has the effect of hopefully bringing on a lot of other. I mean, Eric. Worry, which maybe some have heard of lots of your well-known folks out there. They do that a lot and it makes a big difference.

That's like video viral marketing. I love it. Yeah, that's a great idea. So anyone watching this right now, please start a watch party of this very video from.

So I want to pretend that I did. Oh, my God.

Okay, everyone. Jennifer is my new favorite. Is the new favorite. Joseph, you're still second with that background. I love that guy looking over your shoulder. I know who that.

I'm a I'm a silver medalist. I'll take it off.

And then Brian man with the hair, I've got to give you number three. It's just this just this stuff. Cool. Cool. So what else? What else? That was a great. Thank you, Jennifer. I was so mean. What a marketing tip everyone is. When you're on your show. Shout it out. Put up banners. Right. Say, hey, go ahead. Start a watch party. Spread that. Spread the value. It doesn't take long. I mean, maybe do a quick how to 30 second. 15 second video to show them exactly how that's something I learned on stage is you need to take people by the hand and tell them step by step exactly how to. I kid you not. We would say we're gonna break for lunch. Everyone stand up. Is on the life stage. Head out that middle door. Turn to your left. Your left will be boxed lunches. They will be labeled this, that and the other. Pick up your box lunch labeled this that. No, don't go the bathroom. Pick up your box. Come back in the room cause we're gonna start bakra. I mean every step and you would think gushes for kindergartners. But if you don't, they're like cats. They go. They're all over the place.

So, Brian, maybe you maybe you talked about if not now before the show's over, talked about for the audience, talk about multi streaming. You know, of course, Stringer has the ability with the two different paid versions of the software to multi stream. And I think for people that are out there wanting to get their message out, marketers or people trying to build a personal brand, I mean, you know, it's pretty amazing to be able to seamlessly multi stream to different platforms.

Yeah, that's great, but because you can do it a number of different ways, streaming out is one streaming. It also integrates with something called restring that I know, which literally gives you the ability to stream even more platforms currently natively. The difference between the two is the comments that come up on the screen like this one. You cannot bring those directly industry Myard if it's going through re stream. And I know I'm probably having Isarel on the back of the head of some people stream yard maxes out at five platforms currently. And you didn't hear me say this. I have a secret. I did not say this, OnLive, until I've shown on recorded audio or anything, but I had seven through streaming.

I think I think you should also like I don't know, I don't I don't string to all the platforms, but that's like a business decision and a brand decision. Right. Like, do you want it on all of them? Because all of the all of your audience is on them. Or do you want to be very targeted to the content you're delivering on the platforms you choose? Like, I just choose LinkedIn and YouTube mostly.

I've heard both arguments on that. Not arguments, but choices. I personally so I'm a fan of absolute market saturation. So anything that I can stream to, I'm getting on. Even if it's the former gaming like Twitch that's just opened up to regular talk shows. I coined the term carpet bomb marketing and that's the name of my course that I talked about earlier. And that's about saturating the marketplace with your message. So I hit every avenue. That's why there's podcasts. Well, is Roku, Amazon, fire TV, every life streaming platform that has an ability to be connected to? I used to use restraint before streaming, and I just love that I can do everything within streaming art so I don't use it. But I used to stream to many more other platforms from re streamed audio than I do now, but as many as you can possibly get a hands on. That's my philosophy. What are you guys say?

And then we'll switch the category if it's okay to say. I mean I think with with few exceptions and what I think you can do if you have multiple things going on is maybe stream to multiple platforms within those channels. And and what I mean by that is I have three different YouTube channels, for example, on I have probably four different Facebook pages. So depending on the message, I may choose to leave one of them if it's very targeted. But generally speaking, I will say for me, I'm I'm really working on building a personal brand because I think that's the at least the right approach for me. And I think there's a lot of momentum behind that and a lot of people out there, you know, saying the same thing. So I'm trying to go everywhere and as well. That's that's play.

I want to add something to that as well. I'll go. Joseph.

I was I was going to say, when you frame that idea of of two years as a timeframe. Everything falls into place because if, you know, I'm streaming to Facebook, to YouTube and to link to it now, I've I think I have twenty thousand contacts or connections on LinkedIn. If I just focus on connecting with those 20000, it's going to take a while to kind of cycle through them to be discovered either serendipitously or not. So that's kind of phase one, right? Phase two is every time I bring a guest on like, you know, like you're doing with us, unduplicated audiences get exposed to a new brand. And so that's another way of kind of growing your audience over time. And I think if you have a marketing plan and if that plan focuses almost on a two year plan, there's gonna be a lot of smart and steady, you know, slow and steady wins the race. I think that's kind of how I think about it, which is it's a marathon, not a sprint.

All right. Final word from Brian. I know he has another another integration here. There's a tool called Lively that I was actually using for quite a while before jumping over to the stream yard. I was using a lively with belive, and I've recently brought Lively back in to integrate with Stream Yard because it's got integration where when I go Leive, it will auto send an email to my list. It'll auto's in an S m.

S message to everybody on my estimate's list. Brian's going live right now. It'll send those at the same time. You can integrate multiple email systems. And then I have a membership area. There's maybe a thousand people on this membership area. So a lot of people will be on my Web site and or in my membership area lively while it's sending out to Twitter and all the other platforms, email and estimates that I just went live. It also puts a notification on my Web site in the members area. So people it just really brings a lot more people. You can really mushroom your your reach really easily. But with one time setup.

And I use it as well, Brian. And there's another way. In addition to all that, which is phenomenal. I do the same thing is also because we only have five max on three Myard. Now, go to those additional Facebook pages. It will auto share to your pages and it will auto share to LinkedIn for you. So for those of you that are on LinkedIn live, that's one of the big reasons I ended up on Lively, is that it does that and it's instant the second you go live. Lively is there, listening to your Facebook account. And the second you go live and you can set it up if you go and live on your profile or a Facebook page that you own, it will detect that and kick it out to all the other places that you set up. And it's instant and it's effortless and lively.

It's like somebody typed his live leap. Ellie A-P. Yes. Dot com.

Hey, Brian, I have a question for you. Which Brian. Brian Kelly, the host. Oh, yeah. So you talk about all these tools and all the software and everything and all the stuff we need to know to livestream. What would you say to someone who might not even get started? Because they they just feel overwhelmed with technology and they want to do live streaming. But what would you say?

I'd say, again, like I said earlier, just go start with your own cellular phone and go live on Facebook is the easiest way to do it.

Just do it. Yes. Yes, I will. I was trying to say, because there's a lot of people that understand the technology, like all of us here understand it because we've done it right. We're doing live streaming. So what's coming out of Cauvin and everything is everyone wants to go live streaming when they just don't have the time to figure it out and they want to talk to people that are in. I've already done it. So there's like, Ramogi, live streaming producers that are coming up. There's like these people that are doing trainings on how to go step by step. Like what? You know. So there are people out there that want to help you figure it out, whether they're doing it for themselves or I mean, they're running it or they're going to teach you how. Teach your team. Right. So it's it's not a matter of necessarily, OK, like, I'm not going to do it because I just don't have time to learn or time to start. And there are people there that will do it.

And I have a power tip for you, which is if you're starting a syndicate alive, but you can syndicated. So it's not public, it can be just for you or for you. And maybe one or two colleagues can actually be experimenting as if it were alive. But no one's seeing it except one or two people. And then the second part of that is just take advice, you know, get you know, you need a thick skin, you know, and just just accept the fact that every bit of criticism is going to build you up and make you stronger.

Right. So now, if I could just make one quick comment. I figured upstream you are in one night. I mean, so in other words, it. Yes, I'm not maybe I mean, I'm pretty tech savvy, but I think the point is this. Even tonight, it's just my laptop, literally. That's all I have. I don't have a separate camera. The laptop has the camera. It's the audio built in. Certainly there's something better. But I go live with my son and do a video podcast.

Author streaming are super easy and it has begun to ching ching ching. Who else do you need to bring in here? Oh, there is the beer, man. All right, one more. So this is phenomenal. And another thing is one one thing I want to just say is you're either in it to win it or you're not at all. And that's a mindset not that you have to have everything in place before you start. But what is your intention? What is your priority? And I do want to say this, that having this life show, it has done things for me that I never anticipated.

And there are some are intangible. Some are tangible. And by that real quick, what I mean is seven. I had a fitness business for seven years. Last year, I decided to switch it on a dime. And now I'm into automation, as many of you have been experiencing. And yes. And. What happened was I went to an event, a live event, and at a break, you know, they do 90 minutes of seminar talk and then they break in the hallways and you do that. You those circles, those huddles, I call them, where you're all saying, what do you do? What do you do? What do you do? And they came round to me and I'm like, jeez, I just wish I know what to say. But I was doing a life show then because it mind body business stuff that with fitness. And I said, oh well, I interview successful entrepreneurs such as yourselves on a live television program. I stream it live to seven platforms simultaneously. I didn't finish my sentence and I'm not kidding. Everyone reached for their business card and put it from my face. I am not kidding. And then it happened two months later, another seminar. So that one was predominantly men.

Then I went to another one that was predominantly women. There was one guy in this huddle. They asked the same question. I gave the same answer. And I kid you not same exact results. So no matter what your business is, get a life show going, interview other people and it becomes a lead magnet that you never even realized that could happen. And so you're providing value, building your platform. And now you're also getting clients without even asking for clients. Does that make sense? And so if you're it, it's more than just get on and blab and provide value. And all the people I'm meeting right now and you're meeting each other, the lifelong relationships that result, the things I learned from each guest that come on are just mind blowing. There are so many examples I could go through. I won't know the the benefits of doing it far outweigh the costs in the time. So anytime you start feeling, God, this is a grind, I go do it again this week. Like think about the benefits that are going to come. They will come if you stick with it. What are your thoughts or ideas of the remainder of the remaining crew here?

I think that commitment is sorry, Jennifer. I was just going to say, I think commitment is everything. You know, you got to set your mind to it and you've got to commit. It's committing to yourself. It's committing to your business. And it's really it's committing to those people out there who who have pain points that you can serve and with the value. So I totally agree, Brian. I think mindset and commitment are really key.

Yeah, and what we were saying earlier when Joseph talked about having a small audience, we actually practice our event or just the technology through a private Facebook page, a private Facebook group. So that's another way to get comfortable, too, without going like you go live just in a private group. That is just your support team.

You guys are amazing. I'm just going to say it right now. Phenomenal.

I will say so in my I'm in the book publishing industry and my show is definitely a great networking tool.

If even if nothing else, it allows me to contact people that I have a great amount of respect for and have 30 minute conversations with them. And a lot of times that leads like further opportunities. So even even if only a handful of people are watching. I still get that benefit out of it. And I think that other people, because I multiple people on my show at once, so they get to network with each other as well.

Yeah. And that's we have these five startups that pitch their business idea on our at our events. And we kind of missed that one on one networking, not being able to get together, but doing it virtually. We're reaching a much wider audience and they can reach their reaching investors from all across country.

So one of the things one thing we've talked about a bunch was tech anxiety, video anxiety. One of the ways when you're starting out, if you have to get over that, is don't just turn the camera on and go. You're a say that a bunch, but that will give you that anxiety. Instead, spend 15 to 30 minutes, jot down the two or three things you really want to cover, the questions you may want to ask and answer and then go live. So you actually have a little bit of structure and you're not just trying to figure it on the fly. What the heck to say? If we can do it because we've been doing it for a while. But when you're just starting out, there's no way we could figure out what these questions are. Brian's going to ask us. And on the fly, I have some response.

Let me say let me ask all of you, was there a structure before we started? Did you notice any structure of any kind? Oh, absolutely. I'm not saying that the pat myself on the back has to reinforce what just just insane for a high quality, successful show. You don't. Again, you got to do all this right at the get go, but have it in mind and improve every single week in one way or another. Get involved with people like this group that's here tonight. Come into the community, reach out. I mean, I don't know about you guys, but you seem like you'd be OK with helping a fellow new streamer coming on and give him a few tips before you send him that invoice for thirty thousand dollars for the next hour. But in all seriousness, yet everyone here is look at them. They did not get paid a dime to be here. They're spending their own time, were over an hour already. And they are here to help you, to give to you, to really help everyone to improve their business, improve their lives, improve their church organizations, whatever the case may be. These are the wonderful people I love being associated with. And I've never met any of them except for Brian Ridgeway before. And I love Brian as well. So I'm really glad I've got to meet all of you. Let's let's get this wrapped up soon. A couple more comments that I'm going to give away. The fine night vacation stay that's trickling along the bottom of the screen and Ts and everyone. Who else?

Tom, you had something I wanted to mention. We've focused on a lot of the video streaming today, and that's fun. But a lot of people sometimes look at the flash and forget, how do I monetize this or how is this going to help my business? Whatever you're going to do and a lot of the social channels out there. One of the things I want to remind people is we don't own those. So you your plan or strategy, whatever you end up doing, should include capturing email addresses. And the important thing about capturing email addresses is now you own it. You have permission to email people. And I do a lot of my clients when I tell them to say I don't want to be a spammer, I was like, you're not a first of all, if they give you an email, they expect to get an email from you. They don't say, here's my email, don't email me. So they want to get an email from you. It just needs to be a valuable email that's sending the emails, not spam, sending tons of emails and or exceeding the expectation that can be spam. But there's strategies involved in everything.

That's a whole nother topic about spam. I have a very strong opinion of it. If they ask for it, they're going to get it. If they don't want it, they can opt out and not call it spam. It's very simple to me. But on your point, this is what I do all the time. It's a you're right down the right alley, in my opinion. Tom and I have people register for this show. I have an opt in form. I have a show, Web site that's just for the show. Only for this show where all my guests are coming up, are listed there, their bios, pictures. I mean, it's it's all put together. And I allow people to register and I have another system in the back that will automatically tell them as that show's approaching, who's coming on, how to go watch it, hold them by the hand. And that's building my e-mail list right to your point. So right on spot on. There is so much more we could do. So much more. Laura, any any final parting comments?

Yeah. So I'm back to kind of like the barrier to entry. Technology wise. So my manager, she would hate for me to say this, but she's one of those that the names are about. She can't rotate a PDAF, you know. And I taught her how to use. So she can do it, I think any.

Fantastic. And for anyone curious about all the tools and things that we've been discussing, yes, it's a shameless plug, but again, nothing is for sale. If you go to this, you are all on the screen, are wiped out. I am for such automation. You will get an email back instantly with all of the resources. I personally use everything. I use darn everything. There's a couple things that might be missing. These are resources. I don't own. They are services like Streamy Art and others that are in that list that will help you to understand what is ahead of you possibly. And again, you have to do it all at once. You can do it piecemeal. Let's you know what? Let's bring up the price now and then. I want to give everyone a solo shot to do a 10 minute goodbye. That's Uncle So nice and warm. And then everyone back in the green room who's got a comment. Let's see if there's any. This is. Yes. Thank you. Nutt's both sports. Hey, I wonder if Marissa knows them sports. I love it. All right. So for those you have stuck with us, we appreciate you. And to that end, we're gonna reward you potentially if you are the winner. So it's now time to reveal how to get that five nice day at our five star luxury resort. And all you do is watch the screen and I will also tell you how. So you now have our permission to pull out your cell phone if you're not watching on it or if you are. Bring up your text app and in your text app as if you were gonna type in someone's name in that field. Type in the phone. Number six six one five three five one six two four. I see all my guests doing the same thing right now. Texas put in the number six six one five three five one six two four.

And then in the message area where you're gonna type in that message emoji, all that good stuff, you just type one word and that's peak PJAK tap on a little send icon. You'll be automatically entered. This is sponsored by my good friends at the Big Insider Secrets dot com. Amazing, amazing educational platform. And I know the owner personally is a dear friend of mine and thank you for this amazing giveaway that we get to do every single week. So one more time, six six one five three five one six two four. And text the word peak hit send and you'll be entered to get a randomly drawn number to win. And guess what? It is coming. You will get to move about the country and out of it very soon. We just I know it's going to happen.

And here's the thing. When you win this thing about this. Who's gonna be the first one waving that ticket and everyone else is facing? I'm already out of here. I've got mine. That'll be fun. All right. So with that, we're gonna go around the horn. And first we're going to we're going to say and stick with us. Everybody that's on here. Even after we do the little outro. But we'll start. I'm just gonna go with the order. I seem beneath me and then we'll bring in the other folks. All right. So let's. You know what? I'll do it this way. I'll remove everyone except the person. I think. We'll do it one more time. All right, Sarah. Ten seconds. So long, last minute. Whatever you want. Anything.

We'll just find me on the website. Sarah Nickless dot com. Sarah has an H. Nickless has no H. I'm also Sarah Underscore, Nicolas on Twitter and President Sarah on Instagram.

Awesome. And next up. Mr. Shane Trumbull.

Yeah. I just want to thank you for allowing me to be on the show tonight.

And I'm just going to end by mentioning, which I didn't mention at the beginning. One of the charities or non-profits that I'm involved in, it's a county organization, but it's Hood County Substance Abuse Council. So that's h o o d c0 S.A.C. dot org. So we try to not only help in our community, our immediate community, but literally, you know, United States, we're just trying to provide information that can help people in that area. So just give them a shout out. Come, come, like our page, Facebook, all that. So you go to the Web site, you'll be able to see all the other ways to connect.

So thank you. Thank you, Shane. And thank you, Sarah, also for coming on. And next in line is Mr. Tom Browne, the beer master himself.

Beer. He keeps mentioning. That's what the charity. It's going on this weekend. Elmira beer fest, dot com. I personally am with media barker, but either way you get a hold of me.

All it is, is about strategy and having fun. Always have fun if you are struggling. You're losing the fight. I can help you find it. Let's go.

I do not doubt that for one minute, my brother. All right, Justin, you are up.

Thank you. So you can find me at. Let your nerd be heard. Dot com. And we also have a Facebook group. Nerd Herd United, where we actually have other entrepreneurs and business owners and we focus on making video. Easy for you. Love to have you join the group.

Love the nerd and. That's a great rhyme, that's phenomenal. He's my brother. I'll tell you. All right, Joseph, hello.

Well, this is the book Built to Suck. As you can see on on the cover, prophetic J.C. Penney and says, I guess I was right about both of them. You can find out more about me at Joseph Jaffe dot com. And if you want to find out about my show, Korona TV, Korona TV talk show. All right. Thank you, Joseph. And before you dig me. Thank you for having me on. Really. I appreciate it so much.

Yeah. I appreciate you, my brother. Thank you, Joseph. Thank you. Justin and Tom both. I was remiss in saying thank you for coming on. And then up next, we have the beautiful Aaron McCoy.

Oh, thank you so much for having me, Brian. This has been so informative and meeting all the other panelists. You guys are awesome. You can find me at Aaron McCoy coaching dot com. And if you're on Facebook. Aaron McCoy coaching is my Facebook page. And every Monday at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, me and my buddy Sara from Rocket Work Social are doing our show. Don't panic. Pivot, 11 a.m. talking with business owners to help them and support them during Cauvin. Thanks.

A wonderful. Don't panic. Pivot. Thank you so much, Aaron, for coming on and spending an hour with us. You are all rock stars, I tell you. And let's get me out of there. All right, Jennifer.

Ok. Thanks, Brian. Yeah, you can find me on LinkedIn, Jennifer Koldyke, Zongo or through T.C. New Tech. So they're either investors or startups out there. That's who we love to quit together. Go to T.C. New Tech dot org and you can apply to pitch or you can find startups that are looking for investors.

That's it. Thank you, Jenna. VAR Zonk girl, you guys are phenomenal. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right. And next up is the one the only Morissa. Hello.

I just had to check to see if I was muted or not. You can find me on all the platforms at all the social or I prefer LinkedIn. So LinkedIn got all the social dot com you can. It'll take you right to my profile. Send me a request and tell me hello.

Fantastic. Thank you, Marissa. Thank you one and all that is going to be it for this edition of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. I hope you enjoyed it. And just be safe out there and continue to Lifestream. It's all about life streaming. It's all about video. We can't wait to see what you have in store your next show. Reach out to us if you need a hand. Appreciate you all. Appreciate every one of you who join us as a guest expert tonight.

You were phenomenal. Phenomenal. This has been one of the most fun shows I've ever done. I kid you not. I appreciate you all. All right. That's it for now. I am your host, Bryan Kelly on The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Until next time.

Be blessed, everyone. Bye bye for now.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business, SHOWBIZ Show with Brian Kelly.

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