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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. We have a bit of a different show for you tonight. Our special guest expert who was scheduled to appear had some technical difficulties. And so, as they say, the show must go on. And I've got something really special for you tonight. Running solo. And we're gonna have a lot of fun. Gonna give you a lot of value and talk about the subject of automation versus personalized touch and which is better for your business. It's a highly debated topic. And I can't wait to dig in and reveal some details from actual experience by yours truly in-depth for decades to help dispel some myths and clarify which of those two approaches is actually better for your business. Before we do that, The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. For those of you just tuning in for the first time, what is that all about? Well, it's about what I call the three pillars of success in the last decade or so. I began studying only people that had successful lives, those that had achieved a high level of success and began wondering, what is it about these successful people that makes them successful? And what I found over the course of those ten years is three things kept bubbling up to the top each and every time. Like patterns. And as you may have guessed, those three areas include mind, and that is having a very powerful and empowered and flexible mindset. And to a person, each individual that I studied and these are people I knew personally included those that I have seen on stage that maybe didn't know personally. Also book authors that I had followed and read about. And they all have this incredible positive and flexible mindset and then body that is literally about taking care of your body, both from the inside and the outside, inside being nutrition, outside being regular exercise. And again, highly successful people. Nearly every one of them had that trait. They had mastered the art of really refining their mindset. And they have also taken care of themselves on a regular basis. And like I like to say, the mind and body are a team. And more importantly, the mind and body are your team. And if you have a team and one player is not holding up to his or her full potential, then the team as a whole, it suffers, doesn't it? And there's nothing there's no different with the mind and the body. And then there's business. Business is very, very multifaceted. There are things like marketing, sales, team building, systematizing, scaling your business leadership. The list goes on and on. And these people had mastered these areas. Now, the good news is that. They didn't master every single one of those areas by themselves. And it would be difficult for any one person to do that. It would take a lifetime to master every skills that are required to not only become successful, but maintain and increase one success. And the one skill set that really stands out above all, that's the most important is that of leadership. And when you have honed in that skill, then you can scale by bringing in those that have those skill sets or that can attain those skill sets. And then you can master all of them indirectly by being the leader of those who have them. And so that is what this show is about, is about helping you, empowering you with incredible advice and tips, mostly from my guests, experts that I have on the show again. Our guest is unable to make it tonight. So going to take you down a wonderful path, so to speak, and a great topic that has been widely debated. And I can't wait to bring it up before we do that. Another great aspect of all very successful people is to a person, they are avid readers. I myself did not read at all. I mean, nothing for many decades. I am now 55 years old. I finally started reading voraciously around the age of forty six or so. So not very long, but I will tell you that since I started and have continued that it has definitely had very profound impact on my life, both professionally and personally. And so with that, what I'd like to do is Segway very briefly into a segment I like to call affectionately bookmarks.

Bookmarks for to read bookmarks. Ready, steady, read. Bookmarks. Brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yes, bookmarks. There you see on the side, that is And for those you watching and listening. Be sure to stick with us. And what I mean by that is resist the temptation of running off and go into another tab on your browser. On your phone. And punching in the the you are all of this address. Just watch and listen and hang with us because all the magic happens in the room. And I would hate for you to miss out on something very valuable by being distracted in looking at other resources. So go ahead and write them down. Take notes. Actually, take out a pen and paper. Bring up your notepad on your computer if it's an apple. I'm sorry. I don't know what that apps called and type in your notes as you're watching and listening. That is a Web site I developed and had developed specifically with you and Mike. I kid you, not with you in mind, the entrepreneur, the set, the the business owner, the person looking to achieve greater success. Maybe you haven't even started out yet. Maybe you're already a grizzled veteran and already crushing it. There are still books in here that are like the ones that you have not yet read. And so I put this together as a list of books. These are books I have literally read myself, all of them. There's about 40 on this list. I'm way behind. There should be many more in here. And these books have had a profound effect on me either. Personally, professionally. Not every book I've ever read is in this list. In other words. And so what this is here for is designed to help you to find one place where you can go and know. But these books have at least been vetted by one other successful entrepreneur so that your search is easier so that you don't have to throw the dart at a dartboard hoping that you find a bullseye. And so this is there for you, so go ahead, peruse that list and all those buttons go straight to Amazon to buy the book. So this isn't really a money making website. It's really here for you to help you to succeed faster. And if we scroll through this, there's many phenomenal books, phenomenal authors, and the list goes on and on. And each one of them, as I see them myself. The memories of reading them come through. The E-myth. I constantly go back to that one. And actually we'll be talking about it a little bit tonight in our topic for the evening. So, Go ahead and check that out after the show is over. I invite you to go grab a book that you have not read that's on that list. Just take the first one that leaps out to you and just devour it and have a good time doing so. All right. So what we are going to do is we're going to segue over into another segment. And what I'm going to do is start talking about a really cool topic. Which includes, as you'll see in a moment. Includes an amazing topic, which is all about what you see on the screen, that's automation versus personal connections, which is which one of those is better for your business? Which do you think? I would love to hear your comments on that. What you think. Hi. All right, Martin Shine. How are you doing from London, England? I love it. Thank you, buddy, for coming on. Yes, definitely. Everyone contribute by giving comments saying hi. I love interaction. Ask questions along the way. I will do my best to monitor and bring you on. And we will address your questions as we go. Love it. Or International Baby. Here tonight from London, England. Welcome to the show. So we are going to talk about automation versus personal connections, which is truly better for. Your business. And here's the thing. I started my career as a software engineer for over twenty five years and long since I turned entrepreneur. And the thing is, as I've always been a huge fan of automation. So I was on that side of this fence, if you will. And last thing I wanted to do is literally pick up a phone and talk to somebody. It's like, no, I don't want to do that. I'd rather just stay in the background, send them some automated messages, you know, by way of something like an auto responder and literally let those do the work for me. Yes. And. That was that was my mindset during that time. And so. I was convinced I was totally convinced that I can make it work 100 percent, that I can make this work and that. I spent many, many hours, a ton of time and an ungodly amount of money over the span of two decades in creating, tweaking, assembling and testing automated software solutions and services. And the thing is, with all that toiling and struggle, the result was you see it on the screen. It was not good. It was a failure. It was a difficult thing to do. And it was just. Yeah, it was just that. It was just an uphill climb, and I did find on very rare occasion that it would work on a very rare occasion. But overall, it it just didn't. And I emphasize very rare. And sure, there are some industries where this human less approach can and does work online. Retail is a great example. Think about Amazon and Spotify. You know, that's where physical goods are the focus of transactions. And then we have relationships when the rubber meets the road. Here's what I found. I found that the most important and most successful strategy in building a business is doing so by creating actual relationships. Yes, you heard it right. I was in absolute denial for a very long time. And this was primarily because, again, I didn't want to have to talk to anyone. And I thought it too cumbersome and way too time-Consuming to attempt to build a business just one person at a time. I think many of you can feel where I'm going with this. And, you know, doing that instead of blasting emails to thousands out of time, you know, instead of doing one to one now one too many. Well, the thing is, about seven years ago or so, I ran into a gentleman who would ultimately become my mentor. And I gotta tell you from him, I learned the absolute importance of building professional and personal relationships to help grow a business. And I learned that, yes, it does take time. Yes, it does take a lot of work. And yes, it does take showing up to seminars, two workshops and networking events. And, you know, just one of the quick fix I wanted the instant gratification. You know, we all live in the instant gratification society, you know, just build the lists and e-mail them for my business. And, you know, my business would absolutely explode. And that was the hope. Well, the thing is, with my mentor, I learned firsthand the sheer power of relationship building and the importance of maintaining and nurturing those relationships. Once they were established and here's the thing. I started getting clients in my own business and I could see growth was soon to come. And as a solo partner, I was now faced with yet another problem. So now I've got clients coming in. But I can only handle so many. I'm just one person. And at that moment at that time, my business was not scalable. I had no systems by which to grow my business. There was simply too much to handle on my own. There were things like building and growing, my social media presence, you know, on all of the major platforms, which many of us do. Scheduling new guests, experts for this very show. That's very time consuming. Setting everything up for the show. Handling all the post show activities. And that is things like following up with the past guests, updating the show Web site, editing the audio from the video, and then repurposing it and uploading it to our podcast platforms of which are there are twenty five that the show gets automatically uploaded to once the show's over. Well, not automatically, but I upload it once and it goes at twenty five. And the list goes on. And then on the client building side of things that were tasks such as adding leads that came in from Facebook ads into my CRM, that's a customer relationship management system and following up with these potential clients via text and email. These are all manual processes and scheduling Strategy Session calls and the list goes on and on. And I just realized I was an absolute serious need of systems. And as Michael Gerber states in his book, The Imus. If you have no systems in your business, you have no business. And I have to tell you, when I first heard that and I was I had no systems that hit me right between the eyes, it really hit home. And so leaning on my background in software engineering, I started building and piecing together automation sequences and quote unquote funnels using a variety of the spirit services. And I needed help from actual humans as well. So if we were to talk just about this very show that you're watching right now. I needed help in managing my social media accounts and I needed help in correcting the transcriptions of each of these shows. And I needed at least one sales rep. And so. When we talked about automation versus personal connections and which is best. The real answer, as you might guess, now on the screen, is literally both. It's not one or the other. Sorry, I know it was a trick question. And yes.

Thank you, Martin. We'll switch over. Martin, just stop by to check out the show. Allanson support all the way from London, England. Thank you. Indeed, failure can at first appear to be a negative occurrence, but people are too quick to judge this and forget how a failure means are one step closer to the next. Yes. Next success and your goal. Thank you for that, Martin. Various Stewart. Very correct in my opinion.

I love that. Thank you so much for that input. And so it really is both. You see, we need to establish and nurture personal relationships to build our client base. It's absolutely necessity, you know, to reach out to them for referrals to form joint venture partnerships. Very powerful. And to expand our connection base. Because when you get a new connection, that person is also connected. And if you're doing everything the right way, building rapport in it to serve them and not just looking to find out how they can help you, then you'll see some amazing things happen. And I just know this from personal experience. So on the other hand, we also need automation in order to scale and systematize our business. They are both absolutely a necessity. And so when it comes to animation, there are a lot of choices out there. I mean, you can see that look at the screen, lot of choices. There are what are called full blown SAHMs. You know, the ones that do Web site building, funnel building, email and text, follow up systems, online schedulers, affiliate systems, shopping carts, and the list goes on.

And here's the thing. Over the years, I've used many, many of those aforementioned services and more and more. And the thing is, is I've seen several all in one services that combine all of these aforementioned services under one roof. You know, these are companies who started out specializing in usually in just one area, and then they would branch out and add other services into what I call a one stop shop model. And I saw an and I use one that started out as just nothing more than a website builder. And then it branched out and it started, including an auto responder system. And then also added a shopping cart system as well. And yet another started out as yet another service started out as a webinar platform. Then they added a website builder followed by an auto responder, then a video hosting service, a help desk system, a membership site, and back in analytics of all the above.

Good Lord. Oh, but wait, there's more. And they've added an entire affiliate management service along with a full blown e-commerce system. I mean. Wow. So I'm not going to name any names here, but I've actually tried both of these aforementioned services and they each did a great job marketing. I'll give them that. And we're each able to really snare me into their diabolical trap, as I like to say. And this is not the first nor second time I have fallen for the All-In-One shiny object. And here's the thing. Any one of the aforementioned services by itself. I'm talking about the individual services. Any one of those is by itself difficult enough to pull off, let alone combining two, three. And even more, if there's one thing I know from my past as a software engineer, automation in any form takes a lot of time and resources to create. And then once it's created, it takes a whole other round of time and resources to really dial it in, which means test it and make sure it's working properly and to make it into a quality product or service.

Then given the fact that these services are all technology driven, there's constant R&D, which means research and development because technology is always evolving and advancing. Many of you have seen it. Just go to Facebook one day and come back to it another day and you'll see it looks completely different. You can't find the menu items that used to be there. I'm not knocking Facebook. They're growing. They're changing because they feel that that's going to help everyone's experience in the long run. Nothing wrong with it. It's just a fact. And to top it all off. You need a highly skilled team. You need a highly skilled team in place to support all of these services. Each of them requiring its own specialized skill set. So in other words, you need an absolute army of software developers, beta testers, support reps and more. It's just simply too much for any decent sized company to pull off successfully. I'm not talking to smoke a large company. This is difficult to do because it takes it takes an army just to have one service by itself to be operating on what I like to say on all cylinders, being on all cylinders. So that's why I've begun.

I've steered completely clear from these all in one solutions. And I have over the years taken many separate services for a spin. I mean, I don't know how many. I haven't quantified it and have determined the best of the best. And I'm just talking about those that work for me. So you might know of others that are better for you. And that's OK. But for me, each one must meet a certain set of criteria. And so I'd like to run over those with you. So this will help you. And when you're determining which services to utilize for your own business first, it's kind of obvious.

And I get it. But it must work.

So to dig Dallow deeper, let's take an auto responder, for example. There are many of these on the market. There's MailChimp, a Weber get response, constant contact, active campaign, and the list goes on and on. So an auto responder, what it does is it sends or another term for it as it drips a series of e-mail messages over time to e-mail it, e-mail messages over time to e-mail addresses that have been collected through, say, an opt in form on a Web site. And so an opt in form for those you are unfamiliar. That's where you go. Fill out your name, your e-mail address, optional phone number and hit submit. That's an opt in form. And when that happens, you're being you're being stored in an hour responder system. In most cases. So the thing is, the emails that are being sent must arrive that are being sent from his auto responder systems, must arrive at their respective destination without a high percentage being blocked or landing in that recipient's spam folder, which we're seeing happen more and more often as time goes on, even for folks who say, yeah, I'm opting in, I want to email. Oftentimes that goes straight to their spam. It's getting really difficult as our responder companies to get them delivered in a high percentage superhigh percent rate.

Used to be nearly all of them won't make it. So it takes a lot of time and knowhow for an auto responder service and company to get on and stay on respective e-mail services on their respective waitlist. And we're talking like Gmail, Yahoo! And the like. And it doesn't take much to fall off of that list, to get off that wait list that becomes you become blacklisted. And when that occurs, they then need a time, a team of very highly skilled technicians to jump in and take the necessary steps to get it waitlisted once again. So you see there's so much more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye for us as users. We really don't want to take to know about this. We don't want to have to be bothered with the details. Just find that company that has all of these these qualities, skilled technicians and knowhow and experience in place and just pay a monthly fee for that and be happy. And that's the beautiful thing about it. And this is just one example of what is required to keep one service. Again, banging on all cylinders. And so that is it is must work.

And then the next criteria is it must be user friendly. Now, what does that mean? Well, let's just back up. Let's face it, if you provide a service that is confusing to the end user that, you know, like you, if you're confused and you're the end user, then you won't stick around very long. It just makes sense, right? If it's hard to navigate their user interface, it's called with the menus and the drop downs and the tick boxes and the buttons. And where do I go next? It can be very difficult. One that comes to mind whose very nickname contains the word confusion. This is a nickname in the spoofed version of the company name. It has very confusing tools and resources. It takes way too much time to navigate and complete the task at hand. I've used it personally. It's one of those many that I've had on my list. And as the saying goes. Time is money. The more time it takes you to figure stuff out. It's costing you money. And if it costs you more money than you're already paying for a service.

And let's face it, the services are not that inexpensive anymore. To add more money in in the form of time, it just doesn't work. It's just that it's time to move on. And so it's important that the. That the platform that the service that you're using is user friendly as navigator, while it's intuitive, so you can get through the tests. You need to get through in a timely manner, whether you're a solo Bernau or whether you have a team. It must be easy for the team as well, because the longer it takes your team, if you're paying them hourly, you get it. It costs money, more money, and it must have flexible pricing. Again, these are my criteria. These criteria have proven to be very beneficial to me. It must have very flexible pricing. And so most services I've come across already have this as part of their core offering and many more are coming on board with this. But there are still a few out there that you start off with an exorbitant price schedule that are built for larger, more established companies.

And one of the greatest things I've seen that I actually like the flexible pricing on many that are going to this model is I'll give you two options, either monthly or annual, and give you quite a savings if you choose the annual and you pay every year.

If you were to pay that the monthly fee every month for 12 months, you add that up and compare it to an annual fee. Typically, you save quite a bit of money. So I always choose annual. If there is a considerable difference in savings on the back end. So definitely. And then this one is super, super important. And that is they must have Stella. Stella support and.

That's it. They've got to have somebody that's going to answer you. On the other side, many times I've gone through services and.

I submit a support ticket and I don't hear of anything until the next day because it was sent while I was asleep, because there's a port department lives in a different time zone, completely different. And oftentimes, if I sent a support ticket and they misunderstood it and came back and either didn't answer it or misunderstood it, then that's costing another day because now I'm responding to that support ticket. That person or that department is asleep across on the other side of the globe. And I won't hear back until the next day. And if they still miss the boat, they still don't understand it or solve the issue. There goes another day. That's just one example. Stellar support, the very studio software I'm using right now. Unbelievably, Stella. Stella support incredible support. They are quick and I've even had help on weekends, which really stunned me because most don't do that. And for those you that might be interested in wondering or wondering what that is, I don't normally do this. But I thought it would be a good opportunity to share certain resources as I go.

And so if you go to this, you are all that's on the screen are AYP dot. I am forward slash stream live. You can see the very studio I'm using right now. It's a software as a service. Web based. Phenomenal. I've used several of these to some on my computer directly. That took a lot of computing resources. And then this beauty came to the forefront just on.

It's been about six months ago or so that I've been using this one and I love it. It's the best out there, in my humble opinion. So stellar support. This is a great example. This company is called Streaming Art. It's got incredible support and very forward thinking engineers, owners of the company who have already expanded their their base of people, their team. And they're really crushing it. They've done it in a very short period of time. So I'm very impressed with them. I love what they do, how they do it. Just phenomenal. That's just one example. So go ahead and write that down. Don't go to it to our AYP sensor to reach your peak, which is my company, our WIP dot. I am for such streamed live on one word. Go check that out at a later time. Stellar support. So you must get support, responsive people and also not just responsive, but those that actually solve the issues at hand. More importantly, they're both equally as important in in my humble opinion. And then another fantastic item of criteria that I have is it must have integration capability. Well, what does that mean? And here is the thing, there are there must be a way to integrate with other what I call disparate services and what does that mean? It means another service that's run by another company that that is their whole focus. So I use something called Peak Connector. As my auto responder service and full full disclosure, that is a white label version of active campaign.

And so its peak connector dot com. You get the support and service of active campaign. In addition to yours truly for the same price, I don't charge any more than they do. It's an amazing setup. So that is one. And you. Iowa I. I have many automation's where it is passing its data to and from other services, maybe to Google Sheets online automatically. Also from a scheduler program that I use called 10 to eight. That automatically will detect when a certain event is coming up and automatically will send out an email through my P connector. There are many things you can do. There's a there's a tool called Zappia ze ap i e. That is one of the the most incredible integration tools I've ever worked with. It is complete. It is sound and it is amazing. It is called Zap Yarragon ZIRP, i.e. ARCOM. That one is what I call the glue that basically connects all of my services together, and it does it seamlessly. Many of the posts that went out just before the show went live, I had nothing to do with them because I set up the automation to do that on my behalf before. And so zappy are also integrates with your Facebook accounts and you can post things automatically to your Facebook pages. As an example and groups, it's phenomenal.

And so this is where the true automation magic comes in. And for me, the two to two key tools are Zappia and Connecter. And by the way, if you're interested in all the tools that I use, in fact, I was going to do this at the very end. But this is a perfect time to display that. You can go to this. You are l it's a 100 percent free. I'm not a buyer. I'm not selling anything on there that the euro is our Y p that I am for slash automation. And you just opt in and you will get an email that will come right back to you with links and information to all of the major services I use every single day. And I use them with zappy or with the connector. Those two are also listed in there and they are all running automatically every single day 24/7. And I think you'd be amazed about all the things you can do with automation that helps me to work on my business more and less in my business. It requires fewer people. So I don't need more employees because of the automation that has been built. It's a godsend and there's less room for human error because it's automated. Many great things about it.

So it's it's phenomenal. So this.

That is a great example. This very system of services that I'm talking about ran flawlessly.

My wife and I were away on a 10 day vacation and we went to the eastern Caribbean and leaves were coming in at that time through Facebook ads. And then they were being dropped into my peak connector out of responder's system. Yes. Automatically. They were then given an automated online scheduler to choose what time was convenient for them to hop on a call with me. And in the meantime, I had a sales rep in place to feel the calls and staff in place to continue keeping all of my social media platforms current and responsive. Some things you do need to have that personal touch with. Now you're seeing that combination and all of the detail information for each lead that came in through Facebook ads. And again, this is automatically due to my automation magic. I like to call it was added to an online Google sheet. Now, think of that like an Excel spreadsheet. If you're familiar with spreadsheets and it's like that, but it's accessible from your browser. And so literally, if I had an Internet connection when I was on my cruise, I could go look and see who had dropped into that because it's there on. It's like in Google. It's like a cloud service. So this would include things like their first name, last name, email address, phone number, time and data. They opted into the ad in addition to notes that I put in there for adding follow up and call results status by either both my sales rep and I or them alone. And it's all accessible with one click.

So that's just one example. And so all of this is proven to be an absolute godsend for my own personal business. Have you similar strategies to automate the onboarding of my guest experts for this very show combining online forms? Again, using one service to do this and automated online scheduler, and that's through another service and then another responder, yet another service, and you get the idea all integrated together to form one smooth automated operation. All once a setup, all with very little or no human intervention. So reminders are set to go out. Again, this is all automatic, too, to my guest experts who are coming up on the show. And this is going out during the days leading up to their scheduled appearance. They're also sent a comprehensive 20 minute overview video along with suggested resources know things like. Like audio, like camera, how to set up their respective studio, that's for, you know, lighting, audio, camera, everything suggested wardrobe, even how to smile when on camera, because oftentimes we think we're smiling. And you look at the cameras like I wasn't smiling at all. We have to smile much harder to actually show a smile to other people. It's amazing. And all of this I'm talking about happens automatically four days prior to their appearance. And then each guest expert will continue to be reminded to complete a 20 minute overview video. And again, this is automated. Each day they will get this reminder until they actually do it. And that video is taking them through all the steps of how to prepare.

Be prepared for the show. Make sure you have good lighting and make sure you're in a place with limited audio in the background as silent as possible. All the things, the Internet connectivity, make sure you have a wired Internet connection if possible. Just get the best you can. And so once they've completed the overview, the video, the system stops sending them the reminders and you guess it automatically. And then the following day, there's just an example of the day following the live show. The guests expert is then sent an email and a text, again automated, thanking them for being on the show. And it also asks them for three referrals for upcoming shows of mine. And this is done by providing an online forum for them to fill out. And they fill in their respective referrals, information, and once complete, the system kicks in and notifies each of those three referrals. Yep, you get it automatically via text and email that their friend has recommended. They look into appearing on my live show. It will continue to remind them each of them, until they either apply through this online forum or to appear as a guest or a or they indicate they're not interested. And I give them buttons to make the super simple all the way through. That's another thing. You want to make things as simple as possible for the end user. And if they do say they're not interested and then the system will automatically stop sending them reminders and that over the end of that.

So there was one past guest expert that I had on my show. She's amazing. Her name's Raghida, hopefully. And she had experienced all of this magic from her end as a as a guest expert. And she recently coined me as the automation master. And I kind of like that. So I'm gonna go with it. I didn't like calling myself any great up first, but I thought, you know, hey, why not? Let's own it. And, you know, I've I've I've covered a ton of information here and.

Kind of information with respect to how personal relationships and automation are both key to growing your business, and if you were to ask me, given all the tools and services I use. Which would be the best of all of them to start with. And I have to say, and it took me some time to figure that out. Is that. There's only one, and it's called Peak Connector.

Again, that is that white labeled version of active campaign where you get not only active campaigns support, you also get my company support on top of that. And it's interesting the story behind that. And thank you, Martin. Yes. That's where that link is on the screen. Maybe you put that up before or after I put it up. I'm not sure after Lybrand cash, but all of you are El's that you're mentioning the description of the video on YouTube and other platforms being used. Yes. And so I have that available right here. Martin, thank you for that tip. And if you just go to that this you are owlets on the screen. Our IP that I am for such a mission. And it's an opt in form. It is filled out. It will tell you what to do. It's real simple, real quick. And you'll instantly get every link through email. And that is that. Thank you so much once again. We pull it down now so we can see the screen a little bit better. And so big. And after this, I literally stumbled on this as a result of being a client of a digital ad agency. So at that time I go to autoresponder site. CRM was a Weber and I've been using that service for years, I think around a decade. And while working with this digital agency, I discovered that they used a service that I wasn't all that familiar with and it was called active campaign. And the more I used it and learned about it, the more I loved it.

In fact, over time I came to love it so much that I became a reseller. And like I said, a white label that as peak connector and they are one and the same. And the primary difference between the two is that subscribers get additional support. As I said before, from a grizzled Internet marketing veteran, yours truly and my team and the number of usable features offered by Connecter is unlike any previous service I've ever used. I'm not saying that lightly. It it allows for automations in ways or automation, ways that I've never I've never seen before. In fact, because of its additional advanced features, I've developed a proven hack that will increase your email views by upwards of 50 percent. And we talked about this a little bit ago, how emails are being dropped in spam. So studies have shown that even emails that are being sent to opt in subscribers, those people that want it to those that actually said I want your email who are asking for it, are now only being seen by fifty five percent of those who had opted in. That's crazy. You, as a business owner, you're paying money for these services and only fifty five percent are actually being seen. Some never see them at all. Because there's there might be poor deliverability by the service itself. Now, that's not a web or active campaign. They have great deliverability, but others are late. They fall shorter of the mark.

And the rest of those the other forty five percent or so land in the recipients perspective spam folder due to the poor ongoing management of keeping the service off blacklist. So you see where I'm going with all this. So here's the thing. No matter how great the service provider. There will always be some percentage of e-mails that simply don't get seen. It's just too much to keep on top of. And when something does occur, it starts going to spam. Then these companies, you know, they fire up their technicians and say, go fix it. It takes time. Once they fix it, they get it done. It's working smoothly. Then it happens again because there are the services out there, like I said before, Gmail, Yahoo! They're changing their algorithms. They're changing their criteria for declaring something a spammer or not. And that's why technology is such a difficult field to be in for many, because it's ever changing. You need quite a support system. So using one of Pete Connectors advanced features, I have seen a dramatic increase in e-mail opens. And I love to show this technique as well as many more with you directly. And. If you'd like access to a 100 percent free training on how you can tap into one of the greatest automation services of our time, then simply let me know, just say yes in the comments below. In this life feed or you can send me a direct message to Facebook. I met Brian Carl Kelly with a sports bra.

N c r l k l l y sent me a direct message actually to the best way to get a hold of me, because we're streaming live on many platforms right now. And if you comment there, I may or may not see it. And by the way, if you're thinking that you don't want to even consider the hassle of moving over all of your contacts, lists and campaigns, there are several segments to an hour responder to another service like The Connector, which I was I was worried about that. But here's the thing. Worry not because the good folks at active campaign will take care of all of that for you. I was blown away. I can't tell you how many different campaigns and lists I had with a Weber because, again, I was of them for 10 years and all of it. Every bit of it was moved over fairly seamlessly. So what I did, and this is why I recommend you do the same as is you keep your current service if you have one already for as long as you need to ensure everything was ported over, successfully, transferred over, copied over. And so I only kept a Weber literally for a few days after the migration. It's called migration. When the active campaign went into my Twitter account and grabbed everything, brought it in, I checked on active campaign side and said, my God, everything is there. Everything. It was amazing.

And then you'll be all set. And as I mentioned before, I use a collection of hand-picked, proven services to create automations that streamline systematize my business. And that's, again, the free gift that I wanted to put up once again that I've already put up once.

Is that is go. All right, Peter. I am for such automation and it's a free gift. There's nothing for sale there. No, there's not gonna be an up sell side, sell down, sell cross-sell or sell upset. Nothing. And so. That is it. We got 15 minutes left. I want more questions if you have questions. Bring those in. I do have a little bit more we can talk about, but I do want to hear from the wonderful people out there watching right now. And so to recap the answer to the big question of automation vs. personal connection, which is best for your business. Who can tell me what that answer is? Which one of those is best for your business? Is it automation or is it personal connections? I'm looking and waiting. I know there's a delay and I will wait for a moment and then I will reveal the answer. We are not quite done yet.

Yes, it is both automation and personal connections. The one two punch. So just continue to show up, show up to networking events, automation events, not automation events, bootcamps seminars, entrepreneurial events. That's where I was thinking and continue to show up. And I'll tell you a little story real quick about what happened. Let me switch this over.

There's no. And there we go. So tell you a little story.

So I started doing this show almost two years ago and have been very good about doing it every single week consistently. Again, remember, that was supposed to be a guest expert on tonight. Last minute cancelation. The show must go on. In my humble opinion, I say I'm going to be on every week. Those that follow are expecting me to be on every week. So that's one lesson for you. In case you're thinking of doing a live show. And if you're not thinking of doing a live show, consider this.

I've been doing this now for going on two years, about April, May, June, July. So little more than half a year ago, I went to a actual physical seminar for an entrepreneurial seminar, which I hadn't done in a long time. It's been quite a while since I had done that and I just finished switching are not finished.

I started transitioning my business model from a fitness based business model into what it is now is automation what you're learning about. And there's a long story behind that. I won't go through the details of that. So I just freshly started a change. And that's like almost starting over, except it's not because of the connections I'd already built. And this show. It turned out that it was a perfect bridge between the two because it talks about mind and body and business. And my show was directed toward entrepreneurs. Then as it is now, just then, the body component was there for that purpose because I was in the fitness industry. Again, I never pitched or sold anything on the show. It was there for value, value, value. So it's about building a platform. An interesting thing happened when I went to the seminar. You know, if you ever been to one, you have those 90 minute sessions or so and then you take a break and everyone mills out the hallway, goes the restroom, gets a drink of water and usually huddles up. Ultimately, you see all these circles and huddles of people either talking to people they know or getting to know new people. I saw several people I knew there, but I got in this one circle and inevitably they go around the circle, say, hey, what do you do? What do you do? What do you do? What do you do? You know, introducing people. And when I got to me, I said, well, I also don't know what I was going to say because I just transition. And so instead of saying I'm a former business or a fitness expert and now I'm moving into automation, I didn't use that at all. I said and it came instantly. It was just you had to say something. So I said, well, what I do is I have a live show that I stream or I have a life show where I interview successful entrepreneurs such as yourselves and I stream it, stream it to seven platforms live simultaneously.

And I kept continuing to explain. But I didn't I didn't have to. I kid you. Not at that moment. Everyone in the circle was thrusting their cards out into my not in my face, but close to it. They were all just saying, I've heard enough. Give me your information. I want it. And I want to know how to do what you do. And I was kind of blown away. Yeah, you're right. Martin, thank you. Yes. Show must go.

I'm looking at the comments a Jason sorry, Jason, there is an amazing guy. Oh, my goodness. He was on my show.

Check it out on The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show dot com. Just go to that web address and then you'll see two navigation menus on the upper right. Go to past shows. Find his name and watch that show after this one's over.

Amazing, amazing video editing company that he's running. Just really enjoyed that immensely. Thanks, Jason, for coming on supporting. And Martin. Yeah. Nothing compares to life video. You are right. Exactly. Unless you're meeting in person. Very important distinction. You must be the person that is even more important. And then a. Jason, you're prepared for Plan B, which is awesome, the lesson here for anybody yet. And thank you for bringing that up, Jason. Yeah.

Because, again, I had a guest scheduled and I always keep a go to subject ready it if that didn't happen. I also went out to a Facebook group that I do when this happens. This just happened way too late. Before the show went on. But typically I'd go out, say, who wants to be on a live show? I'm, I guess, just canceled. And these are people I know that I can trust. It's already a trust factor built in. And I've done that, I think, twice in the past. And I have multiple people on the show, so I have to fallbacks. And I've literally built automations around that last minute ness so they don't have to go through the very long, arduous, normal process that leads up to a full blown one on one guest expert coming on.

But the story back to this story, these people were handing all these business cards out to me and then literally a couple months after, I think it was maybe a month and half later, I ended up going to another seminar. And I promise these are from because of people that I knew personally that I really respected and love. I just said, yes, I'll go all for one. It was to support and for another it was also to support. But also I wanted to learn more and get to meet the executives of the company. And that happened. But again, same exact thing. So one was at an event that was predominantly women.

And the circle that I was in was predominantly women. All those business cards came flying out. And then the next one was a mixture of men and women. But the circle I happened to be on was all men. And that came around again. They asked inevitably, what do you do? And I said, well, I interview successful entrepreneurs from all over the world, just like yourselves on a live show. And I stream that live to seven platforms simultaneously.

And the same I kid you. I can't make this. Or I could make this up, but I'm not making this up. The same exact thing happen. They're all reaching the men into that.

Well, this is all men. So reaching into their coats before the women were reaching their purses and and wherever they had their business cards as well.

And the same thing happened. And I thought, oh, my gosh, I never really thought of it this way. But this life show and this is a secret for all of you. Don't tell anybody else a life show if you do it right. If you do it with quality.

Is and can be one of the greatest lead magnets for your business that you ever imagined possible. And I have a whole nother talk. We could go on. I could go on for several more hours about this very topic. I will be succinct. There are two main ingredients to these are the two. This is a secret sauce. If you're going to do a live show or if you are doing a life show now, consider these two very important elements. These are crucial for you to have success not just in a life show, because that's the thing. It's not about the life show.

That's unless you're monetizing it directly. Which most don't. Is there to provide value as a platform for you to be known, liked and trusted by your peers. And it does a great job of that. But there are two key elements that any life show must have in order to bring in the raging success. I'm now seeing I have people coming to me. I don't I don't market anymore. I have people coming to me saying, hey, we want to do business with you. Just happened the other week. I just signed on with a infomercial company, of all things. I'm also involved in a brand new online streaming news network. And I've got others that are coming out of the woodwork, real estate individual. It just keeps going. And it's amazing. And it's all because of these two two factors. And that's that's all it is. If you want to know, those are just a yes in the comments. No, I won't, T.J. I'll tell you what those are. Number one. Is it must be of the utmost quality that you can muster? And by that, we're talking live show.

What I mean is, yes, the graphics you can see we spent a lot of time and making this MIT match our brand, but also to be appealing to the eye. And also be informative. You can see it streaming live up here. You can see that we're going to be on these podcast platforms. Just twenty five of them. I can't fit them all there. So there's a mixture. And then over here, it's a Roku and Amazon fire TV. We also upload this show to On-Demand TV where there are over 170 million subscribers watching that. But the thing is, the quality is in the presentation, the preparation. And this is all done behind the scenes. And to do the preparation in a high quality manner, you need a lot of automation and it's OK. You just get started, you know, go grab peak dot com, go get an account there. Let's have a chat if you want to take it to the next level. I'm not here to pitch. I'm just here to inform you that it takes a good deal of time and effort to put something out that is of utmost quality. I got tired myself of seen, especially in the early stages when light became available.

It's gotten a lot better since. But in the beginning, I saw a lot of people doing it with, you know, holding up their cell phones and, you know, a handshake. It's just it was horrible quality sound. The wind was blowing because there outside things like that. And they're doing this. Some of them to represent themselves in their business that I'm not really that I'm going to put my name or face in front of that. And God bless them for taking action. There's a lot to be said about that. I don't I'm not shaming anyone here, but quality is so important. And the reason I. I know this to be true. I'm not I don't just it's not an opinion. I know it to be true is because oftentimes, more often than not, when I'm finished with a show with a guest expert, would be, you know, right to my side over here. Normally each week when we finish the show, I do a debrief with them. I keep them on video like this. We just stop the Lifestream. And I can't tell you how many times they would say, I have to tell you, Brian. I've never and I've never experienced anyone so organized and professional and high quality as your entire system.

And and I'm not saying to pat myself on the back. I'm just helping you to realize that the more quality you can infuse into your life show, the better your results. On the back end are going to be. And that is, by the way, of people coming back to you and saying, and this is what happened. My past. Yes. Experts came to me and say, Brian, can you show me how to do what you do? And the first time that question was posed to me, I had not yet made that shift from fitness into automation as my business model. I had a lot of automation running. Don't get me wrong, but my focus was not on an automation creation business. It was on fitness. And so at that moment, I thought, I don't have the bandwidth to do that and to take care of my fitness clients and to market both. I don't have time for that. And it's all technology based. And I know how many services are involved and the complexity of it all. It just wasn't in my wheelhouse. And then when I made the decision to switch and I got a team to help, I realized, oh, this is what I love doing.

I love it more than I love fitness, but I love this more. And so I I started taking the advice of my self, of things I used to teach from stage. And one thing that I'm talking about here is, you know, listen to the marketplace. Do you know, only create products that, you know, are proven, that are wanted, that are desired in the marketplace. Yeah. Martin. Yes. Let's do that. Remind me of every one of seven platforms currently it is Facebook. My my profile, my page, one of my pages, LinkedIn. YouTube, Periscope and Twitch. And one more. Which would be another Facebook page. Typically my guest expert. I also stream directly to their page. They give me X editor access for a couple of days to set it up. It takes. It takes two minutes to set it up on my own. Once they grant access and then then I usually do that as as just a way to add value for them. Because now they don't have to share it and they can promote their page before the show goes on. Instead of promoting my I'm all about giving give, give, give.

Thank you. Yes, that that's a good point, Martin. About a call to action. I appreciate that. I like you, man. You're a good guy. You have great insight. Yeah. Call to action. My original model of this show was nothing but value and no real marketing of any kind. I'm going to start shifting that slightly. In fact, tonight I did. You saw several resources that I normally don't share on this show. And I think it's it's a neat and necessary thing to do to help people, not just for Brian to get, you know, to build a list and for potentially building a clientele list, but just to help people. So, yeah.

Yes, Jason. Thank you, Jason. Let's get real or let's not play. I started reading that book. Thank you for that. Yes. He recommended that book. I think it was on the show. You recommended either then or after. Yeah, it was. It was during. I remember writing on the notes. Oh, my goodness. Jane, stop. I seen you for a long time, my brother. Where are you staying these days? Thanks for coming on. This is amazing.

I love this. It's a friend fest here. Martin, I've not met you yet, so I can't wait to to get to know you a little bit better. Thank you, Jean, for coming on and. Yeah, having a blast. I know we only have a minute left or so. That's the beauty of doing life. You don't really have to. You're not beholden to any schedule, really. And so I'm just trying to recall now where I left off when I started fielding all these wonderful comments. It's important to have quality. Yeah, that was it. And quality is the key. So just start doing the things that make your show of higher quality as you go on. And you're absolutely right. Martin Graphics. They are not the whole thing. They just everything adds to it. You know, and I would say even more important than I mean, graphics are really important to have something that puts a brand on it that looks decent instead of just a green screen background of some kind. Which I currently have right now. I literally have a green backdrop behind me and very powerful lighting around. And all of this I include in another here's another resource. Let's just do that. It's not even out yet. So it's not even for sale yet. If you're interested in that. So let me bring that up. I think I have a link ready for that. Yeah. There it is. Our y p dot. I am forced ICBM coming soon. ICBM stands for carpet bomb marketing and that is a very comprehensive from beginning to end.

I mean, every key click, key press and mouse click is included all the way through on how to do exactly what I'm doing right now. And not just this, but everything that led up to it. How does that conduct the light show during it and what to do after it? The post show, there's a lot of post show production that goes on, doesn't take that long, but takes you through every step on how to repurpose it.

Then also add to that how to build a team for literally pennies on the dollar. I have four people or three officially right now that are working with me that literally cost me barely over two dollars an hour each.

It's phenomenal.

And so this program is called Carpet Bomb Marketing. You can go to carpet bomb marketing dot com. This one will take you straight to a link that will put you on a list to say, hey, let me know what it's like and if it doesn't fit for you when it's time, don't worry. I'm not going to battery to death. Just just opt out. I don't play those games. Just it's OK.

I won't take it personally, but it is very comprehensive and very complete. And Jean Stump has moved to Las Vegas. Wow. That's awesome.

Thank you, Carol. Yeah, you got to be ready. Got to be ready, I think we have you coming on soon. Yes, Carol, we'll be on the show soon and looking forward to that.

There's the other thing. So called. He was one on one. Give me number two. I did say there were two and then we'll wrap it up. And this is just from my own personal experience of doing this for this. This show coming up on a couple of years and I did another show prior to this before Facebook Live existed. I was doing another show with a partner live and we did a similar concept. And what is the most important fact? Number two.

So one is as high quality as you can possibly muster. And that takes time. And that's OK. Start with something as high quality as you can do now. Improve upon it. Each and every week as you can as time permits. Keep going. Don't stop. I to this day make refinements. I kid you. Not just. It's all about quality. So the second key factor is. Simple. It is simply to have an interview style format for your show. That means there's you and either one or more guests. It can be more than one. And there are so many upsides to this and benefits to us.

It's hard to quantify sitting down here with already being over two minutes for the show being over. One is when you have a guest expert on. You're not just like I am now a talking head. You know, that's what this is, is a talking head and it's more engaging, more interesting when there's someone else involved. Because, you know, you might get tired of Brian's voice. You might get tired of Brian's face, might get tired of everything.

Brian and I get it. I would do. I mean, I got to look at myself. I'm doing these shows because I see the monitor. So it's OK.

The best thing to do, though, is to have interview style format, because there's two things that there's a lot of things that happen. But one thing that happens is that guests usually has great value. Always on my show, every single one has immense value. They also have great services.

And what I tell them all through this automation, it's all automated, I say no pitching is allowed. None. I don't want them to come on and be a pitcher. Then right as the show's about to start 30 minutes before they get on, I'm talking to him on this very platform. We haven't done live. And then I clarify that I said, look, the thing is, I don't want you to pitch because I will do it for you. I'm going to ask you questions about your service. That will give you the, quote, unquote, permission to answer the question and talk about it. I want to help. Wonderful entrepreneurs and business people to get the exposure they want and deserve. And to that end, it. It does no good.

They can't reveal what they are working on, what services they have, what they can do to help serve others. And so I tell them, look, I said no pitching, but I just meant not from you directly. I want you to wait for my lead in. And here's the thing. It comes off much better. It's more of an interaction now as you're watching. If I was just a talking head on, that person has a service. Hey, I want to tell you about all my services come by my stuff. Right. Well, if you have somebody interviewing and asking them, it has a whole different dynamic. It's much more powerful. And as you're watching, I oh, they didn't just come on to sell me something, but now, you know, they're giving all this value because I don't bring that up easily till after they've already given a lot of value. Tell me about what you do specifically and who can you help and serve and how do people get in contact with you? I wait until they've put in the value and then that's a great time for them to be able to share. And there's what they do is not going to be a fit for everybody watching. We know that. Everybody knows that it's OK. It's not a problem, but some will. And why not? And they're gonna be, again, on seven platforms simultaneously. They're all stored and saved automatically, except for, I think, Twitch drops it afterwards. But YouTube, Periscope, LinkedIn, Facebook, they all keep them long after and then repurpose it to twenty five podcast platforms. So they're getting exposure massive. I don't charge anybody for it. I do have a secret hack for that. Those who are interested in that's incredible marketing as well.

But that's it. Those are the two. So high quality. High quality. Oh, Martin's lead me with something high quality. I'm curious. What is it, Martin? Go ahead, reveal it. That's one thing I always love learning, and I'm not shy to take advice from people outside of my company because usually when it's good advice, it just does nothing but help. And I don't know everything there is to know. I never I will never say I do. I know enough to make a very high-quality very successful show that has great business behind it. But. I love the emojis he put in there. What is the number three, I love the misspell that happens lot time brain instead of Brian. Oh, he's done it several times. That's cool. It's like, what a great misspell to have. Right. So while we wait for that, I know there's a little bit of a delay here. I just want to wrap it up real quick, though, and I'll take that last one off.

Oh, very, very right. Very astute, Martin. Thank you. That's so true. That's definitely one of the qualities I was just talking about. The top two. Top top two, definitely. Just as important is to be consistent. And that's. Kind of what happened tonight, isn't it? So I. This show is live every Thursday night. Five thirty Pacific. Eight thirty Eastern. Come rain or shine or guest not showing up. I've done them with severe head colds and I just do what I have to to minimize the nasty stuff of it where you can hear it.

You just keep going. The show must go on. You're absolutely right. Be consistent. Whatever your your schedule is, if you do it once a day, once a week, whatever that time is. Be consistent. Show up. And also, I would add to that, be consistent in your format, because if something's working and people are watching, then it's OK to change things up and test things. I know. Think of Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. I never watch it live. We watch recordings on occasion and they're always not always. But on occasion I'll try something new. I love that about them. And so mixed in a little bit. But keep the overall format the same if it's working so great to. Great to. Yeah. Unless there's some major technical issues. Yeah. There's so many things you can do. And what I've done in the past is if we can't go live on that Thursday, then if the guest is available, we'll do it the following Tuesday.

One of those reasons is I am booked solid. Through August. It's now. April 30th, I think. And September is the first open time I have for another guest.

And so I keep Tuesdays open for emergencies and or for very high profile guests that are influencers that I will allow to jump the line. I call it and come in earlier and we'll do a special Tuesday edition. I don't do that very often, though. But yeah, Martin, very good. Very Stuart. I love all of your input. Appreciate you, Jeanne. It was great to see you again, my buddy. I mean, I know not see literally, but it's always good to hear from you.

Thank you. Carol and Jason Anderson. And I just appreciate you all. That's going to be it for tonight. If you have any questions, if you want to reach out again, it's best way is through Facebook. It's Brian. Carl Kelley is the username B-R and c. R l. E l. L. Y. And I appreciate you for coming on hanging with me. A solo artist tonight. It was fun. I enjoyed it. I hope you got some value from it. And I hope you take advantage of those resources that we shared earlier. And I just appreciate your. And I wish you a wonderful evening and a blessed week ahead and stay safe. And let's get this this whole thing behind us that you know what I'm talking about. And let's get back to a life of normalcy. But in the meantime, keep keep that chin up, keep positive and keep crushin, keep serving people. And we will see you again on the next edition of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show next week on Thursday. That's right. We'll see you then. So for now, this is Brian Kelly, your host, saying good night and be blessed, everyone. All right. So long for now.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows show with Brian Kelly.

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