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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. I am beyond excited this evening. We don't have just one guest. No, no, we don't have to. No, we're not stopping that. We don't have three. We have five guests for you to meet to night. These are amazing individuals. We were just talking off stage, so to speak, and getting to know each other. And I am really, really pumped about this because they bring value, they bring experience. It's a very diverse group. They have so much experience and so many different arenas and they're from all over the place. We have one that's in a yacht in Florida. We have another in Michigan, another back east in Virginia. And I know I'm missing one or two, but they're from all over the place. I'm in Southern California. Another also from Southern California. So we're coming to you from all over the United States tonight. And what I'm going to do is just jump right into it and start bringing them on one by one. Introduce you to them. And we're gonna have a great time tonight because we're going to discuss all the things that help make them as successful as they are so that you can simply model what they do. That's it. That's the whole purpose of the show, is for you to understand and realize what it takes to become successful. It's really not that there's there's no secret sauce. It's not secret. It's been out. It's available for all to consume. It's just about taking action and finding the recipe that works. If you find a recipe that works like I don't cook. I mean, I don't cook from a recipe book. I do cook. I grill. I do things like that. Nothing complicated. But if I had a book in front me had all the ingredients, the time to put things in the oven and follow it step by step by step. For, say, a cake, which I've never cooked in my life. I know I can make a really darn good cake because I have a proven recipe for success. And the same is going to be up tonight. You're going to meet five amazing individuals who are going to give you those secret tidbits. Those those ingredients, if you will, to that recipe for success. So I cannot wait to bring them on The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What does that mean? It's about the three pillars of success in my now fifty five years on this planet. I began studying only successful people. What made them successful? And when I started discovering was that there were patterns. And those patterns, as you might have guessed, it came in the form of three pillars. Mind that is mindset. A rock solid, very unstoppable, flexible mindset. Often from the unconscious level, which we may or may not get into that tonight depends on where this goes. This is a natural show. We go organically. We have a good time. It's gonna be six entrepreneurs is having a great time talking and giving you value the value you want and that you deserve. And then body that is all about literally taking care of your body about exercising. I know that's a four letter word for some people exercising on a regular basis. And that doesn't mean, guys, that you have to come out looking like Arnold or a bodybuilder just means move. And same with ladies. You don't need to be a supermodel. You are all gorgeous in your current bodies. It's about feeling better. And then as you change, then shift into wanting to feel better and produce at a higher level, you will naturally start looking better. If we just make that little shift, I used to be a certified professional or a personal trainer and did that for a number of years and found that that was one great tweak to help everybody get past. You know, everyone wants to look good. It's more about feeling good and living the life that is empowering for not just you, but others. And it's also about the nutrition that you take in. And then there's business. That's a multifaceted topic right there. It's about sales. It's about marketing, team building, scaling, systematizing, sailing on yachts from one place to another for to live wherever you want. We'll get into that later business. It's multifaceted. And the thing is, is the folks that I have studied and followed and worked with side by side on occasion have mastered most of the areas of business themselves or they've outsourced that to others. And so if you don't have the talent, the skill sets that are necessary to build, maintain and grow a thriving business, then it's OK. Find someone who does and delegate that to them with mind and body. Sorry. That one's up to you. Take care of yourself. Those are the Foundation Mind and Body Foundation with that setting the table. Let's start bringing on these amazing, amazing people that are sitting in the wings, smiling, yelling, clapping, clamoring. Let's bring them on, shall we? Yeah, let's show.

It's time for the Guest Expert Spotlight. Savvy. Skillful. Professional. Adept. Trained. Big-league. Qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And up first. Yes. The heck out of our look is Miss Erin Strayer, you can see the name on the screen. How are you doing this evening, Erin?

Erin Strayer:
Hey, Brian. I'm fantastic.

Brian Kelly:
Erin and I literally met probably an hour ago on the phone and then on Zoom and instantly hit it off. This happens so often with entrepreneurs. It's like I called her my sister by another mistake. I have such a huge family because of that. It's amazing. But what I want to do is formally bring on Erin so that you all have a good understanding of where she comes from, a background of, you know, what she does and what her experience level, what her expertise is in. Is that cool with you, Erin? You're awesome. Erin combines over 30 years of experience crossing five different platform specialties and then throws in a bunch of spidey senses and the magical intersection occurs. Getting you clear, focused program alignment and true authentic direction, leveraging you to optional outcomes. Female entrepreneurs who are ready to scale beyond their current growth mindset. There's that word mindset. Who are looking for more than a Band-Aid solution to their businesses. Hemorrhages and holes. Higher, Erin, to provide executive level scaling strategies and accountability. That's a big one. Accountability. We talked about that a lot. Her clients credit her to strengthen their business mindset, creating easily implementable growth strategies. I like the word easy and a get it done attitude to increase their bottom line, build on their strengths to scale, and avoid the pitfalls that up leveling in business can bring. Owen, welcome to the show. Miss Erin Strayer. But that's where we are. And next we are going to bring up Who Shall I bring up? They don't know who is coming next. I think we'll just have to go with Christina Catherine, how are you doing, Christina?

Christina Catherine:
I'm just fine. Thank you so much, Brian, for having me on your show tonight. I am so pleased to be here.

Brian Kelly:
And I got to tell everyone that's watching and listening right now and you'll you're gonna meet three more amazing individuals. The other three, maybe four. I don't know. I'm losing count. They came on with very little notice. I literally had a show cancellation. My assigned guest expert cancelled earlier today. And I just started looking for people out there who said who wants to come on and provide value? And they knew that before they came on. They are coming here to provide value, not to pitch what they do. That being said, they're definitely gonna get the opportunity to tell you what they do because it would be a disservice if I didn't allow that to happen. And I'll help in that arena. And these are two beautiful young ladies that have come and graced the screen. And I'm so blessed to have both of you and the rest of you that are waiting in the wings. Don't worry, I'm not leaving you out.

Let's do a quick intro of Christina. Is that cool with you, Christina?

I own with decades of experience in the corporate and creative worlds across at least a dozen different industries. Christina now brings her expertise online to help professionals create impactful businesses that stand the test of time right there. By that itself, tells me Christina is a woman of integrity, the test of time. So many want to go into the quick kill and just make a big buck and then sell and run. That told me a lot in that one sentence. Christina, that's phenomenal. Christina helps creative entrepreneurs work smarter, not harder by monetizing what they know so they can be more profitable without burning out.

Powerful, powerful. Anyone out there that is looking to write a powerful bio model at one that was a great one. Both of them are fantastic. Straight to the point had a very powerful message, that undertone both. So appreciate you both. All right. Let's keep the party rolling. Should we bring someone else? Yeah. Do we have a vote? No, we can't. It's gonna just kind of be a surprise, right? The prize. I'm thinking something that's a little bit buoyant.

He's muted. Adam Wynns. Welcome to the show, my brother Brian.

Adam Wynns:
And thank you for having me. It's a real pleasure. A real pleasure.

And just so everybody knows, the reason I said buoyant is because Adam is coming to us on his yacht in Florida, along with his family of fifteen hundred kids. And I don't have many wives, but one wife. I think he's he's got three amazing kids, I believe, on board with you at the moment.


And one Dorne wife and hopefully and a welcome man. I'm gonna introduce you.

And I appreciate you having me. It's a really honor to be here. And what you're doing is amazing. So it's. I appreciate that.

You bet. Thank you. It means more to me than anything coming from a guy with a golden microphone. I'll tell you. So Adam brings intelligent information for all investors and financial professionals to take their wealth to 10 X levels. He is leading the way to new technology, new mindsets, new gains, new strategies to lower risk and realize unprecedented growth. We're gonna go deeper into each of these individuals, businesses and what they do more because I'm curious. I'm definitely curious personally because I love. We just have such a great. We have a great variety of expertise right here in the room, so to speak. And I'm going to have more fun than anybody. Sorry, guys. I'm just going to have a blast. All right. Up next, who could it be? Could it be?

I think I'm just going to go by the tip of my chin, chin, chin.

And let's bring on Toya and how are you?

Toya Glenn:
Hey, family, how ya doing? Toya.

A Toya. OK. So we found out before the show started that Toya is the grand prize winner of the most kids in any family on the planet. She has six. Six. Holy moly. God bless you. That is amazing. I don't know how.

I honestly don't know how women do this. I know what they do with one, let alone six. Even if you have help from a husband or a spouse or a better half. God bless you. That's that's an amazing responsibilities. A huge, huge job. And your kids. You know, that's something. Yes. It's a lifelong relationship. We know that we are. Others of us have older children that are now adults. And you just you never lose that. So good job. Toya for bringing in six wonderful lives. Oh, my. So let's bring on Toya and actually. Well, I'll do it in a moment. You know what? Should I bring you one with a Nokia? That's my apartment. Oh, I think so. Let's bring Nokia on now. She's smiling and ready. There she is.

Nokia Whitaker-Woods. Welcome, welcome, welcome. You your muted. Go ahead. There you go. So you are partners, correct? Yes. Sweet.

So Nokia and I met on Facebook. Oh, that's awesome. In a group for new virtual assistant business owners. Oh, that's sweet. They saw a need for a collaborative learning community for w o. What does that mean? Women of color love it. Women of color who are now oh, sorry. Who were new and aspiring virtual assistance and started that group together. Nokia and Toya love doing social media work and other admin services for brands and decided to partner up to form. Go kiss that social. I love that providing a platform to help business owners simply and consistently manage their social media marketing. Welcome through the stage, Nokia and Toya. Thank you very much. Yes. We are going to have a blast tonight. We're going to go round robin and talk about various things, some that will be in the mind, body and business arena, probably all of them, because business always comes up when you put you know, this is going to be like herding cats. I already know this. Six of us entrepreneurs are very opinionated by usually by trade. And that's cool. I want to hear what everyone has, what they use, what they do to become successful. And so with that, I think I'm going to pick on Erin for the first go around. And then we can all pile on, so to speak, and bring out our two cents as well of the rest of you that are on.

And so, Erin, here's the thing. In my opinion, because of all the studying I've done on the research and now I've become an LP, certified neuro linguistic programming certified. I learned that and came to the realization that everything starts with our minds, our minds. What you are thinking is basically going to have a huge impact on your results. And that's a very high level description. I think it's very deep for you. So your bio is phenomenal. And now we know that at a little bit of detail what you do and how you operate. What I like to do is dig deeper and go into the mind, because that's where it all starts. And so what I like to start off with is like literally how you start your day. So you're waking up in bed. You wake up, you spin around your feet at the floor if you're anything like me or a little groggy for a little while. But then you start to come, too, and then you're coming, too. And you're you're realizing and becoming aware of environment is like, OK, this is the start of a new day. All of you that are on the screen right now are very driven individuals or you wouldn't be here. So for you, Erin, you know, you get up. What is that one thing? Or maybe there's more that motivate you that keeps you driven to take on each and every day with all of the wonderful things and obstacles that come our way every single day as an entrepreneur. What is that for you?

Well. I.

I'm going to jump in here real quick. And I have opportunities, not obstacles. So in my world, every single thing is an opportunity and I choose to make it an opportunity instead of an obstacle. So with that and the mindset around that and flipping everything to a positive instead of to a negative, my world, I have a very, very strong morning routine and my fly is to always uplift up.

Level promote, elevate other amazing human beings.

Whatever that looks like in the moment, whether that's support, whether that's encouragement, whether that's coaching, whether that's cheerleading. And my whole mission is to do that. And I have a I have a very tried and true that works for me.

Routine in the morning and I call it our P.M.. So it's just like our PM's in your car, right? They get your car running. So our PM for me means rise P meditate and I do it in that order. I don't turn a light on. I don't go make myself a cup of coffee and then sit down. I don't talk to anybody.

I rise IP because you gotta do that. And I go to my space where I sit and I I set my day. So I'm very, very big on that. I have requests with my creator and I also get to take the time to listen for the answers. So for me, the request comes with how can I serve? How can I serve my community today? How can I be of service today? That's my request when my feet hit the ground to go rise and pee. And then I'm gonna go sit and meditate to hear the answers. So I go into my routine that way and that sets my day up and it stretches my day. I end up having more time in my day because I said it with intention. So and I start Raavan, my mock revenue, my motor.

How can I serve more? I mean, that that's one of the common factors I've seen and noticed in interviewing so many wonderful people like you, as well as one of the most important factors in any business is the ability to go P.. That's what I love most.

I'm kidding. I'm having a good time. It's very important. We must all pee. That's no new T-shirt for an Indian. You know, if you're not peeing, you're not being right. Okay, here we go. I'm here till Thursday. I waited Thursday. All right. Thank you for that. But in all seriousness, that she has an acronym built for it, even though there's some humor in it.

It's also very authentic, isn't it? It's very truthful. And she's open about it. And that's the one thing I've noticed about successful entrepreneurs, is they are predominantly authentic individuals, not afraid to share what makes them tick up here. And thank you for that, Erin. You did everyone a big service that's watching, listening, either live or recorded. By doing that, because they now have permission to do the same thing, and that will only result in more success for them. I see a lot of nodding heads. That's phenomenal. Toya I would like to hear from our Cheaney girl there that yes.

Flouncing. Tell her you're no slouch. Yeah.

How how would you answer that same question? This is like the dating game, isn't it? How would you answer that same question? What gets you? What drives you when you get up? You have six kids. I can imagine what it would be like to take care of that. Plus run a business, which is like having six more kids. What is it that motivates you each and every day that you get started? OK.

What motivates me to get my butt up early in the morning is so I can get it for the kids. Get up. That's why I'm motivated to give it up so I can do those things that Erin mentioned in a mandatory. I like to do the vulture and have a loti have low for your time and just get and just look at my schedule before the kids get up. Because as we talked about before the show, a lot of kids and homeschooling is just the best way for me to manage weekends, to work a business and make sure my kids are being educated. So I rise up early so I can have a little time for me. But immediately after that, about 7 o'clock, it's all about children from seven to twelve. When we when we work, because I found out that as much as I love my business, Mr. my children feeling a little neglected. So I work with them first. So they understand that they are first and alive after after God and so on. And so that said, my motivation to get up so I can get up and do me before I have to help them. And that's it.

That's wonderful. And here's what you're gonna notice. Everyone who's watching and listening to the show is everyone has a different routine. Not I've not seen two that are identical that are the same. I'm sure there are some that have modeled others and followed it to a T. And the key for everyone watching, listening is not to necessarily pick one of these routines and follow it. It's to find out what yours is. And you can choose these two model to determine what works for you. Some of some people love to get up really early in the morning. I just spoke to a international supermodel. Yesterday, two days ago, and she gets up every morning at 4:00 a.m. or a.m. and she was a supermodel in like a while back, a while back, but she's still very driven, very entrepreneurial. Others, you know, they're not gonna they're not gonna see it the daylight until 10:00 a.m. It's all about what works for you. It's very personal. But the key is, is to have the discipline and have that routine in place to begin with. Right. To begin with. OK. You guys are phenomenal. How many of you by show of hands are avid readers? Oh, beautiful.

We get to pick on the buoyant one here. So Mr. Wynns, I'll stop saying that because that could be construed wrong. But Ataman. That's another thing I've noticed you see all the books behind me that's there for a purpose, there for a reason. I didn't used to read a lot. In fact, I read zero for most of my life. I kid you not. I only read if I was made to read in read in school. Otherwise, it wasn't happening. I wasn't gonna do it. And then I realized later in life, because of just being blessed by having the right mentors, I realized firsthand how important it was and began reading voraciously. And I see you guys nodding like crazy. I love it. So just curious, Adam, if you can pick one book, that's all you get. One book that you could call out to be your major go to book. And we realized that it could be a different book today than it was two months ago. That really stands out because we all grow and change. And the books means change to us as we grow. But for you right now, Adam, as you're sitting on your yacht pondering this with that golden microphone, what would be that one go to book that that has made such an impact for you that others you might think would benefit from as well?

Yeah, it's thinking grow rich. And that's that's a very easy answer. And the reason for that is I believe it's on page 3 or page 8. You don't. Don't quote me on exactly what page. But it says if you understand.

That this is the most important book.

And you understand what you've been taught. From Page 3. Okay, I'm going to give all the secrets away. But if you understand what that is and it really comes down to knowing what you want, if you understand that you don't need to read any other book, you don't need to do any other thing on the. You can stop reading the book right now. It actually says that if you understand the key to getting what you want is knowing what it is. And, you know, I'm I'm gonna be a little let's say. Honest about everything, and you said, you know, entrepreneurs are really a, you know, a little bit overly transparent, but, you know, I'm always about taking care of myself before I could ever help anybody else. I'm always about the self care and whether it's a morning routine or whatever it else is. I've always got to make sure that I'm OK before I can help make anybody else, OK? So really, from thinking grow rich, it's taught me all of the principles that I can live my life, you know, spiritually, business wise, raising my kids every aspect of my life, I can apply it. And now I'm actually homeschooling my children and I'm teaching them from that book. So it's no one.

Home-schooling on a ship. I love it. I mean, there's no other way to get an education but on a yacht going between destinations that you choose to live is your home. And that part I'm not kidding about. Adam was telling us before we came on, that's what they're doing, you know, rather than getting an RV. They chose to do it on the water. I think that's phenomenal. You're from or you're from. You call home like Puerto Rico. Correct.

Well, yeah, we've read we've recently moved to Puerto Rico because of the financial benefits that we find there. So it's one of the requirements that I must live there. So in order to live there, I wanted to have the best possible experience for myself and for my family and get what I want. And one of the things that I want is a nice, beautiful beach. One of the problems when I went supportto Rico and my first move was that our beach got filled up with some not so nice things sometimes because there's all sorts of environmental things that are going on that not all of us are completely aware of unless you're on the beach all the time.

So I wanted to be mobile where I can go to cleaner beaches and really keep myself happy and do that self-care because it's it's for me, it's first. No one is about self-care. Like I said, like taking care of number one, cause I can't take care of the kids. I can't take care of my business. I can't help my business partners or my clients if I'm not right here in mindset and embody body and and in business, everything that you encompass. But it all begins, starts and ends right here.

It's so true. So true. Thank you for bringing that to everyone's attention, because, you know, if you don't have your the basics, the fundamentals in order. It's true of anything in life, even in sports. I played a lot of sports. I hated fundamentals because they were boring. But if you didn't have the fundamentals down, then you are not going to be very successful as an athlete. Same thing with business. Same thing with life. The fundamentals, mind, body. Get those in order first, then maybe consider jumping into that new business. Because let me tell you something. Well, I'll ask you guys. It's super simple and easy being an entrepreneur, isn't it? No, no.

I tell you. Great face. Yes. It's not.

And it's not for the faint of heart either. But you need to be in prime, not just physical, but also mental shape to really thrive, to succeed at the highest level possible. That's why I coined my company name. Reach your peak. That's what it's all about. Offering at a peak level of performance using the three pillars that we're talking about right now. And guess who's up next? Nokia. No. I'm just gonna drop a little hint here. That was going to ask you a question. Nokia. You know, on that note, mind body business. So we've covered a little bit of mindset. Thank you both. Erin and Toya and Adam and all of you wonderful, fine peeps. Christina, we're coming to you. Don't worry. Don't worry. Nokia is a partner with Toya in their business. And so Toyia covered a little bit of mindset. So now we're going to shift over to the body aspect and just, you know, all of us, everyone here has family. We all have kids that can really make it difficult to carve out enough time to stay healthy ourselves, because we often want more for others and we want for ourselves, especially our kids. We will go to the mat for them. Everyone here emphatically nodding. But when it comes down to it, like Adam just said, it all starts here. If you're not playing at that high level, then how are you going to be able to serve others? And for you yet you know, how important is staying fit? Whatever that means to you. I mean, how important is exercising, staying fit, eating right for you and your family and your business?

Well, this is very important for me because I have bipolar disorder and ADHD. So I have to have a specific type of diet. I have to make sure I exercise. I have to make sure I have self-care. I have all those things going on to make sure that I stay in tip top shape to do everything that I want to do. So it's very important for me.

Yeah, absolutely. And again, like I've always say, it's not about looking you're looking like a supermodel or a chiseled body builder. It's it's what it does. So exercise and nutrition make you feel better, make you operate a higher level. Your mind is clear. A lot of people just completely discount the whole idea of how important that is when it's really of primary importance. It is the most important that you could possibly think Happy World Mental Health Day, says Toya. I love it, Sheila. She's secretly sending messages in the back over here. I love it. Thank you so much. And yeah, mental health. Physical health, business, health. We want it all, don't we? Yes. All of it all together. Let's see. We're doing a juggling act here. We know who's up, who's up next. Don't we?

Christina, don't we have fantastic and then what I want to do to prepare you all, I want to do a quick round robin and go deeper into each of your businesses, what you do, who you serve, why you serve them. I'll let you just take it. And we'll be brief about it. But get that point across. I want. And then we'll give everyone the ability to reach out and connect with you. As you've seen, I've been flashing your website addresses on the screen. Adam, I didn't get yours up there very long. We'll do that again.

And so, Christina. Let's see, what can we get for Christina?

Obviously, a very successful woman. And look, I love this topic right here. Success. What does that mean? That's personal. And I know that after you know, I know that I ask a certain question at the end of the show that proves it. Of 60 plus past recent interviews. It's amazing. It's amazing. So every one of us in this room right now, we are monumentally successful in various ways. Whether it's financial or not is to me not important. I don't know what any of you make, really. And you don't know what I make. But success to me is a mindset as well. And it can be. And that could include money or not. It matters what's important to you. But you are in your own rights, a very successful entrepreneur, would you say?

Cristina, thank you. Yes. I mean, I I think success for me is, as you say, it's subjective and everybody is a little bit different in how they define that term for them. And it can be success. A lot of people look to making money as a definition of success in their life. And that can be maybe a benchmark in their career or in their personal life. But it's not the only marker. At least it isn't for me. So success for me is when I have a healthy balance in my life where I'm not too stressed out, where I do have a business that's running on all cylinders and things are doing well. But as a mom and my kids are grown even as a mom, for me, success is also balancing that family life. I still have obligations and responsibilities and which I love to do. So for me, success is more about balance these days than it really is about financial. And maybe that's just my place in life where I am with my kids. Or maybe it's just the fact that I have gotten to this age that I am now and I've learned so much.

Up until this point, though, I love how you added at this point. Isn't that telling a truly is a correct way of looking at it? Because success? What? What was what defines success for you? Five years ago is probably completely different than what defines the day. Absolutely. That's a great insight.

Yeah. Thank you. Definitely. It only comes with experience, though. And like I said, everybody's experience is different. It depends on where you are in your life. Both personal and professional. Those things are both considerations as to what you define as success for yourself. And it can also change day for day to day. Your success, one day, maybe something that you celebrate. And then the next day you have a different type of success. And I love encouraging people to celebrate those successes, those Wynns, those things that we should be so proud of, just not for ourselves, but for the benefit of others. Because when we celebrate our own Wynns, we are in a byproduct of that is naturally going to uplift and encourage other people because they will see that success that we had, that thing that we're celebrating. And we'll say, hey, I didn't realize that was such a great thing in my own life. I'm going to celebrate that, too. And it rubs off.

Absolutely. That's the love that I love. That is like a great philosophy to live, by that way. It's also more fun because you have variety, right? Yeah. Less pressure, too. I'm not yet an entrepreneur yet. That does not like variety. I'm sure they exist. But that's that's core. You've got a variety or I don't think you could be an entrepreneur if you didn't thrive on variety, to be honest. What do you guys think that's accurate? Oh, yeah, definitely. OK, so let's shift over in the business. And I'm just going to let whoever wants to chime in first do so. Just some cool that I cover. Everybody already wants everybody get a chance so far. OK, good. I want to be fair. I'm not keeping score here. So one of the things I'm always so deeply curious about and this is perfect to have all of you on at once is because you all have very different businesses and do different things, which we will get to that, I promise. The thing I'm always curious about is because with business, the number one most important aspect we're in the business pillar now, not mind or body is marketing, because if you don't have marketing, you don't have a business. If you're not able to market, get exposure, get the word out, get people to come through your door, so to speak. There is no no sense in building the business and having the products available for people to purchase when they don't even know it exists. So whichever one of you wants to pipe in first, this is what I'm really curious about, like right now. What do you find? What has been the most successful form of marketing that you have used for your business to date? Who wants to go?

Ok, guys. So last year this time I was not doing any videos. I was scared I would tell my kids to start screaming or fighting. And that type of thing. So I did not get on on. I would not be alive at all if I did video with them to record it. And I would start to do that. But my wonderful partner here, Nikita, she just to we have a Facebook group. And one of the things that we do is we highlight members every Tuesday. We do interviews that she would go on, but she just left me and made me do it. And from having to do them in the group, I sort of build my confidence and establish some lives on my business page. And then out of nowhere, I would meet people in my community. Hey, 20, can you help me with this? Can we do a Web site and even create Web sites that they just stigger that did because I did not this others you know, I talk about how to do things logistically under my videos. And, you know, just that this happens all the time. Someone comes to me and asked me, can I help them with this and have can hire me to do this. And it just based on some, you know, some very 2 minute, 3 minute videos I did on my Facebook page are on YouTube. And so for me, the video, live video in particular has been super beneficial for me. And then in the Facebook groups, just engaging Gaber in this to help somebody with something that, you know, you don't you know, not know that, hey, well, can I get in the car with you? I would like to hire you. So engagement and live video.

I love it, and it's, you know, video isn't popular anything right now. Right.

So, you know, you want to go with the trends that are successful. And right now, live video especially is very, very popular. And it's also you can you can actually do a lot with marketing using live video. And that doesn't mean you have to go on and just go on live and spew all about your business. I mean, personally, I have not said a word about what I do for a business and I'm not going to do this entire show. It's about bringing value. And that becomes a lead magnet in its own right. And people will want to and do reach out to me and ask for help in doing things like this live show. I've gotten that question so many times. It's amazing. Toya, you were one of them. Who else? This is my favorite topic, Erin. I was a quick one.

I know. I totally second what Toya just said when I started doing like video. Also, exponentially, my business grew and out of a need and a want and a desire often. Then poof. Now I have a show. And again, people just like Toya continue to come to me. But in addition to live video, collaboration has massively helped grow my business. And because I'm open to collaboration. I'm not competing like there's enough to go around for everybody. There is enough people on the face of this earth that need a business strategist.

I mean, that's like every single business strategist is in their own unique lane and they have their own unique specialties and areas of expertise.

And we all get to play together in the same place, in the same sandbox, man, like we all get to play together.

And I think that for me and the being open and the ability to work together has has second and been a nice sandwich with the video is collaboration and having that togetherness and that we are all better together and that we need each other to continue to grow. And, you know, buoyancy got Adam over here like, you know, all ships rise together. Right. Like, why don't we all put all the ships in the in the in the lake at the same time and in the water. Lynn, let's all rise together kind of mentality around the collaboration and that we all we all get to help each other and let's lean on each other. Let's tap resources. And it's really been a beautiful for me and my business and and the people that I choose to collaborate with. And it's I have one plus one equals many mentality.

And I I love it. Like I want to play with all you guys now. All right. Like we just met and I'm like, I dig you guys. Let's all play together. Like, let's play together. How can I help you? What can we do together?

What do you need? What kind of service do I have that you need? Who do I have in my resource bucket that can help you with whatever you're struggling with right now?

Let's play another. Let's lay together. Who can I connect you with? Absolutely. And you're so spot on, both of you. Live video and collaboration. You know, it's that it's that abundance mentality versus scarcity. Yeah. Because, you know, now that it's been years, now decades, we're starting to realize there are a lot of people on this planet. When we when the Internet wasn't there, when we didn't have access to, you know, texting immediately, instantly anywhere in the world, then it seemed like there were far fewer people. And there was a scarcity mindset that I'm not going to share my business with you because you'll steal it all. Now it's like that. The opposite is true. If you share your business, your ideas with them, then someone they can possibly not cater to. They will then refer to you. And if they can cater to them, great. Then you did them a service, and you can feel good that you did that. Either way, it's a win for one of you. And it's usually both of you. Right. I mean, you feel good for helping someone else out. I'm going to put somebody on the on the on the spot here. Adam, I'm curious about what your go to marketing scheme is. You know, being the one with the golden mike and being on the yacht and all, we got to hear what your strategy is.

You just you just said it. So it's referrals. So I'm a very results based person. I do a show and it's about the math and science of getting richer and what what that really means. It's just like the definition of success. What does that mean? You know what is rich or mean to you? That's your own definition of it. But there is a math and science to all of it. And on the marketing side, I find the science of it is actually. Having a real result, not just talking about it or saying it. Having people actually experience it to see it for themselves. And then after they do that, they're going to tell their friends, their neighbors, they're gonna want to get everybody interested or wanting what you're doing because it's working for them. So you've got to have the great product that works with the results. And then you time that with really working with people who will speak kindly of you because they're they're grateful for what they've got in the product. So if you're if you're selling a junk product, you're not going to get a lot of those things. So you have to be very careful. I mean, if you're just starting out and business picking what that product may be and, you know, if it's your own product, dedicating yourself to perfecting the product and the results so that when you do have clients, they will experience and they will have a very great experience so that they can actually tell others about that experience. So it's referrals, referrals, referrals.

Fantastic. Anyone else have input into this? This is, I mean, live video collaboration and referrals, all very powerful, all very current. Christina, what have you found to be your go to when it comes to marketing? What's the best form I can think of some more, but I'm not going to give them away. This is this is a this is like being in a class. You're next.

No problem. I like this. I really love this question because marketing is something I'm really interested in and passionate about. And I've done it for so many years. I would say, like Erin said, with collaboration, collaboration is amazing and it depends on your business. If you are a primarily online business, you are marketing is going to be very different than if you are an in-person business where you serve people face to face. Right. If you have a brick and mortar business, you're going to do things a little differently. And I've been in both sectors and they both are very unique and different. And when I was doing a particular niche that required me to find local clients, I had immense success with networking locally. And that was a form of collaboration. And I would find people in that networking group that were offering a complementary service or product to what I was selling at the time. And we would get together and have events. We would do advertisments together, we would put out marketing videos together, both online and in person. So that was really effective for me. But then when I had my online business where it was only clients found online, then I changed my strategy. And like Toya said, I was doing live video and I had to learn to do that. I had to learn to get past a lot of insecurities and learn how to talk to a little camera in my house. That's a challenge. Those are hurdles to overcome, especially as an entrepreneur and especially as an entrepreneur who might be a little introverted. Admittedly, that can be a big challenge, but overcoming that will lead to so many great opportunities. You can take that live video and repurpose it to Facebook ads. You can repurpose it to YouTube, to your Facebook page, to a blog. You can take the transcription out of that livestream and make a blog or social media post. There's so many things you can do with that. So I have used all of these things and they all work really well. I think it just really depends on you and your business and what your goals are.

While you said a lot of golden nuggets there. All of you did. And mckeough. You're up next. But real quick to touch on that networking in person. This is something I stopped doing for quite some time. I've I've been to networking events, you know, seminars, entrepreneurial events where you have anywhere from fifty to five hundred in the room.

And then, you know, you have the breakouts where you go out in the hallway, you have your breaks and that's when you do networking. And here's an interesting thing. I think all of you a little really lean in on this one because you're all in the video space. Here's what happened. I'm transitioning from being a certified personal trainer into the automation master, which is completely different. I'm in the tech field now and I recently this year went to a networking event that I and I hadn't been in. Gosh, how a long time. And that inevitably came up where we're in the hall. We're in a circle. And that inevitable question came up. They looked at me and says, So, Brian, what do you do? And I'm thinking at that moment, I'm like, oh, crap, I know I'm going to stay here because I'm not really. But I did this show while I was a personal trainer just for the building, my platform, part of the business to be, you know, to get out there exposure and it easily transition into what I'm doing now. And it just turned to me and I said, I looked around everybody in the circle, you know, they kind of huddle like it's a football game at all and it's all going to circle. And I looked at the individual that asked me the question. I said, well, what I do is I interview for entrepreneur, successful entrepreneurs such as yourself on a live video show. I lifestream it to nine platforms simultaneously. And I didn't get the rest of it out at that moment. I'm not kidding you.

Everyone in the circle grabbed for their business card and put it out in front of me. Right. What does that mean? That means every one of you has a incredibly powerful lead magnet that may have nothing to do directly with what it is that you do for your business. Is that cool? Great point. Yes. So let's like being on the Yellow Pages. Right. But no one's seen you. But now if you're going out. So I'm like, wow, that was. And then what was really interesting is about a month later, I normally don't go to events, but I was supporting two friends, one at one and one or the other. And they are dear friends. I'm like, I'm going to go. One was in Southern California and the second was in Las Vegas. The first one was all a group of women. And then in a little huddle, the second one was all men. Same question came up. Same answer. And guess what? Same exact result. I am not kidding. Business cards.

I mean, they couldn't. One guy almost tours. Jacket is getting to it so fast. I mean, I was like, man, I'm on to something. I didn't try. I wasn't trying. So take that to heart for marketing. Networking is still very powerful, whether you're online or not. And that's the thing I learned. I would rather I'm back in the day be online versus seeing people in person because I can affect more people. But really, you if you're not personally making that connection. Both are just as powerful. So keep that in your marketing tool belt. That's so I just I had had a lean on that question a little bit. So great input, Christina and all of you and Nokia. I forgot about you.

We have a agree with everyone in there. I personally am introverted and I have been dealing with some imposter syndrome issues. So I personally make it a point to go to an in-person networking event once a month. I also engage in Facebook groups. All of my business comes from collaboration and referrals. So that's how I've been marketing.

And so I would like to officially hereby declare you Nokia, no longer an introvert.

All the time when I am nervous, all the time, you're cured.

It's OK. You're a human being. Yes, we are. OK. Let me let me help you with this one, because we've all we've all been through this. Every one of us has been through this to some degree or another. The reason I say you're not one, you're here right now. Yes. I'll tell you, I'm a real introvert, would not have even thought of coming on here. Not even not even pondered it. But the thing is that how many of you remember a guy named Johnny Carson by SHORTHANDS? How many of you do not? And that's OK. Well, good. I've had someone say no. So you all know he did a do this. Everyone else watching, listening. He did. He was the face of The Tonight Show that didn't turn into Jay Leno. Then to my man, I can't read his name. Help me out. Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Fallon. I don't know why I get stuck on that. I love that guy. So Johnny Carson was and it wasn't the very first. Anyway, he did this every single night. His job was to go on stage in front of millions of people on television. Millions. There was no Facebook lie back then.

There were no text messages. It was a lot more frightening back then. Do expose yourself because it wasn't the in thing to do in the day. And he did this for I don't know how long? A couple of decades, every single day. And he admitted standing behind the curtain before they called his name. Before Jim McMann or not, Jim. What's this again, Jim? As a football player, Ed McMahon, have your. It's always a here's Johnny. He admitted every single night he was nervous as but gibbers and he did this for a living. So be OK with it and own it. That's for everybody here. That's for everybody watching this. Everybody listening or reading for all that repurposing that you're talking about. Christina, great. Put on that. So you're OK. You are not an introvert. And I would I would love to see you now. Say I am a wonderfully blossomed extrovert when you talk to people because you are in my in my from my vantage point, you are not an introvert. What are the rest? You don't know her thing. What do you say to that?

Nothing like it. The whole time I live nearby.

So we're taken to we're taken turns. Nick, another introvert friend of mine mentioned that for some, for whatever reason. What video is on video? You just talking to? Just talking to the computer. Such a good video.

Yeah, you know, there's different techniques to calm the nerves and those are good. You're gonna do you think I had nerves coming on here with five people I never met? Hell, yes.

But you know what? They were positive. I was. I was so pumped.

I was out there talking to my wife right before I went on. And she's you know, I was saying, you know, I don't know. I just wanted to do this. I could have just like done a watch party from a previous show because I had to cancel it. I thought, that's not going to make. That's not gonna help me grow. Someone was talking about that or we want to get out of our comfort zone. They didn't say those words. But it's important to get out of your comfort zone. Each and every day, multiple times every day, or you won't grow up. All right. So I did this with absolute excitement when you guys started saying, I want to do it. I want to do. I was like, yes. And I just knew because you guys raised your hand and gals that it would come out kind of like this. And Erin and I talked right before and I thought that was the right thing to do, because you're all amazing. So thank you for playing with with me and and everyone else in this little sandbox we call The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. It's phenomenal. Now, I want to go around the horn because we do have a little bit of time and there's no time limit on the show. But I know some of you are, you know, what is it? Nine, 30, almost like the boat man and Christina. But no, not Christina. Erin is over there. And Toya and Nokia and everyone else watching it live right now because it's so riveting. They don't want to go to bed. I love it. Let's go around the horn. Let's start unless you go round the horn with Miss Erin Strayer. If you wouldn't mind briefly, let everybody know who does you serve, why you serve them, and then how can they connect with you and take it to the next level.

If you are a match for them, if I'm a match for them, I'm a match for everybody that wants to grow and have fun doing it.

Yeah. So I am recovering corporate's and entreprenuers. How you're me really when they're stuck and they want to take their business beyond the basics. What I find is most of them are pretty indecisive. They're held hostage really by fear. A lot of people are in that same category, whether they're stuck in a specific space in in their business.

And really it's fear that's holding them back from crossing the line, go on to the next level, hitting the next mark on their and their pay in their pay back pay grade. They've settled. Right. This is comfortable. They've settled. They're OK with a C plus average kind of mentality. The balance really, instead of finding harmony. You know, when you find in a scale and you feel like you're balanced. But as soon as you know, one grain of sand goes one way or the other, well, then your balance is off. And so if if we focus on really being in harmony instead of balanced, then a lot of times you we can scale quicker and faster and overcome our fears and stop being indecisive and really start setting some attainable goals and plugging gaping holes in our businesses where really money is passing by us. And I know Adam would love to talk to those people who are walking past money on the street and help them help them like do a little bit something extra with their money. And really, bottom line, I'm a peak performance scaling strategist for growth minded entrepreneurs to take their take their business to the next level and really up their ante. And out of that also has come the need, want and desire to tell stories about these amazing, amazing entrepreneurs that are have discovered a new, better, different way to do business. And their stories are spectacular. And there came my my show my show emerged really out of my personal need to tell my story.

And I was so new in the online space that I didn't have the requirements that most shows have to come on board with them. And I kept hearing, no, no, no. And a very, very dear friend of mine said, I love you, Erin, but I can't hear you complain anymore. So you have a choice.

You have two choices. You'd need to stop complaining to me about it. And you need to figure it out. So you have a month to figure out what a show looks like to you. And that was almost three years ago.

So that's a kick in the butt right there, isn't it? Yeah, that's a really good friend. That's cool. You know, so many entrepreneurs, probably everyone on this panel right now, we've all been through that period of stuckness. We can't get out of it. So how do I get to that next level? My God tried everything. I worked so hard. And often the answer doesn't come from within. It comes from someone like Erin who can look from an outside, you know, outside of your house looking in the window to say, oh, well, I see, that's wrong. And your couches, you know, it should be over there. And, you know, you've got to let your rug is it needs to be clean. You need to take care of that. They live in it every day and they don't see that because it's the same to them every day. Same with business. Yeah. And so it can be that. And she's she's a hoot. So what a kick in the butt. I love Erin. You're like you might be a fefe instantly. So definitely reach out to her. We had her site up on the screen there earlier. It's Yea i n s t r e y e r dot com instead of doing that. Here we go. But that's for the audio as well. Thank you, Erin. Thank you. Up next, we will go around the horn to the muted, beautiful Christina back and back.

How did you do? Who do you serve? Why? And how can people get in touch with you?

Well, I have done so many things over the past few decades. I have been in the corporate world, sales and marketing, management and advertising. And all the while I was always doing something creative. I'm a creative Nate at heart and by nature. I love doing crafty things, artistic things. So but because I have that business mindset for me, I always wanted to monetize everything that was a hobby for me. So I have been doing that for a couple of decades as well. And did that through lots of different niches. And because of those two worlds, I am now at a place where I want to bring them together to help people who like me were in that creative space, making things, maybe selling them online or offering services, whether in person or online. Those creative solo pro-North is just like my Web site. People who are wearing all the hats in their business. They are an island unto themselves a lot of the time. And so things don't always come naturally, especially with creatives who are really good at being creative. They love that part of it, which is why they're in business doing the thing that they love. But oftentimes what's missing from that is the business side or all the fringe things that are sort of the grunt work or the tasks that they have to do day to day. So with my knowledge of both of those things, my desire is to help creative solar pronouncer sort of fill those gaps and help them push through their business in all the tasks that you have to do.

But then also because I know as a creative solar producer myself that in order to achieve a certain income level or to achieve just a consistent income level, you have to be either finding money from somewhere else or making more products or offering more services. And you do hit a threshold. And any creative who's in business selling what they make or the services they offer will tell you there is a personal threshold. They can only offer so many services that make so many products to sell online. There is a cap. So then what does that person do to create a more sustainable income so their business can last for years to come? And there are some strategies I've developed, some things I've done in the past for myself to help fill those gaps, which are things like right. E-book tutorials teach in person and online and things where you can monetize what you know, basically instead of constantly having to work, work, work in order to try to make money in the thing that you love to do. You can take what you know how to do and monetize that. And so that's really my focus right now is to bring that opportunity to other creatives, especially creative solo pioneers like me who are wearing all those hats in their business and just need that push, that help, that support somebody to come along with some strategies and solutions for a change.

That's amazing. And I love the fact that you cause the creative space. We've all met creatives and it's hard to get out of that head and get into the minutia of running a business. Yes, it's great lutely up there to help them. And what a great idea. And this is actually a phenomenal idea for everyone out there. And that is we all have great experiences. We all have great talents that often are unique to us. Not always. The thing is, is we know how to do things, certainly in ways that nobody else does that could be beneficial to others. Not get that information out there by way of like literally information products.

Yes. Absolutely. It's a great way to make a supplemental income. It really is.

It could be primary income. Literally could be. Yeah. Because you can serve, you know, if you're creative, if you're creating physical art in that in that specific case. You can only create so much even with a team. If you do an info product, you can serve hundreds of thousands of people instantly on the Internet as long as you get the reach. So yeah, it's a great a great add on. People love information. That's why YouTube is normally powerful. And you know, you see all these how to videos. Those are the ones that are going viral. Those are the ones are getting the thousands of views. Like I want to know, is Adam's channel has a lot of views. I was checking him out. Yeah. I stock each and every one of you as much as we came on. You better believe it. Speaking of Adam, guess what? The golden microphone you are. Up next, my brother. So what is it you do? I'm deeply curious.

Being that it's floating around in Florida. What is it you do? Who do you serve? OK. And how's that working for you? Give us more about that. How can we? Well, that's where it's working. Great.

So should who we serve and who. Myself and my team serves as we serve successful people. And we serve people that after you have made it and made that money. My primary job and my primary function is to help you keep what you've made. And that really is a challenge for many, many entrepreneurs because were attracted to shiny things. We all are. We're attracted to the yachts and to the lamp bows and to the big houses. And through that course, we we haven't been really. Through life in school and wherever we've been, we haven't been trained properly in how to manage those, to make them work for us and have an income source for life, so we we serve entrepreneurs. Let's think of it as an I.R.A., an entrepreneur's retirement account. OK, we serve entrepreneurs and people who have already gone the step from just getting started to they've accomplished something. They've saved maybe it's they've saved one hundred thousand. Maybe they've. And that's a big accomplishment. You'd be surprised that the numbers of how many Americans haven't saved only one hundred thousand dollars. Okay. When they say things like retirement, you need between five and ten million dollars to retire successfully over time. And, you know, without working. So it's it's my job to educate people and educate entrepreneurs and help them have a better life by having more knowledge, more access to technology and really show them the way and teach the things that we should have been taught in school.

Most of us haven't been taught. And then provide some solutions if it's just too much work for them. So we've got every aspect of it from, you know, a serving and educating people if you'd like to do it for yourself. We serve clients and we do everything for them. There's at the end of the day, we serve anybody who wants to be helped. So if you don't have money and you haven't made it yet, I serve you by telling you that you need to start saving. And I'm going to give a little nugget here, which I think is huge, huge, huge, especially on the wealth side, because it's not only about wealth. We've got health, which is way more important than wealth. That's the health is the new wealth. And then we've got love and relationships. But on the wealth side, which is primarily how I served directly, but you have to be again, as Christine mentioned before, you have to be balance for us to work with you. So we're very choosy in who we work with and we want to make sure that it's a right fit for everybody.

But you have to be very balanced in that. But one little nugget here is that save half of what you make, OK? Don't don't go for the Lambo, don't go for these other things that you may think you want or you need, save half of what you make and then you got 50 percent over here. Cut that in half and save that, too. So you're really trying to live off of about 25 percent of what you make and have enough and keep saving and saving and saving because life is all about time compounding and growing. And all of this for everything everybody talks about takes patience. You know, whether it's you, you've got some type of, you know, you're an introvert or you've never started a business before, your business is really great and you want to grow something. It's really about patience and understanding and taking the time. So I serve anybody willing that has the patience and that has the time that wants to make a difference in both their health, their wealth, love and their relationships.

Love it. Thank you so much for clarifying. And we had the Web site up there for a good amount of time. So is how you can reach out.

Work with Adam C just you can tell he's a pretty approachable guy. Is is a pretty nice guy. Hopefully he's like that in real life, too.

Absolutely. I give my direct telephone number to everyone.

So if you want to reach me, you're not you're not going to some big name brand company. You're actually able to speak with me and my entire team and get us directly on the phone. We're very approachable. It's very important to us that we have that relationship.

Phenomenal. Phenomenal. Thank you, Adam. Fantastic. And I love the one part you said. I loved all of it. But there was one that jumped out at me is that you're choosy with who you work with. And that's that's in its own right. For many, especially those just starting out where every single client is like gold. Oh, my God. I've got to make some money. And so you're willing to take people, you know, deep down you should not take on as a client. And then there's times when you take on a client that seemed good at first and then, no, not too far. And you're going, oh, my God, this is a this is a cancer. It's my business. So we've all done it. Yeah. And it's OK. And it's not just OK. It's vitally important that you get in the habit of firing your clients that aren't working out.

Oh, look, you know what? I'm gonna give you your money back, whatever what the deposit was, whatever you guys agreed on. I can't do this. I'm gonna move on. Maybe I have some connections. I will need some connection depending on the issue. But look, it's time to cut the cord and move on to someone who is ready. Who's ready, because those are just what we interview.

We do psychological tests and they have to be healthy because otherwise, if they're if anybody has an issue in their life, it's kind of like when you get a birthday present that you don't like, your first instinct is to return it. And when you get something in your life, like a health issue or, you know, some kind of psychological issue, your first instinct of most humans is to give it to somebody else. And the last thing I want is anybody else's problems. So we really screen people and make sure that there are people that I would like sitting right here next to me and we'd have a great time together. And we're we're all a family.

And you got me nervous. You do a psychology test. I don't think I'm going to call you now because I may not pass a kid.

Oh, yeah. Your pass for sure. You're a great guy, right?

And we have fun, too. It's okay to have fun in your life and in your business. And so Toya and mckeough, which of you would like to go? Just kind of do this in tandem. One of you talk. I'll bring you up. No one wants to talk. I'll bring you up. Toya's raising her hand. She's ready. Here we go. What is it you guys do together and who do you serve? And how can we get in touch with you to take it to the next step?

So first, Adam, can you pass me the golden Mike? I love it, Mike. So so we as you know, me and Nikki are our partners. So I'll tell you about the services and I'll tell you about the platform. Okay. Yeah. Right. OK. So first of all, it can be it can be simple. I'm doing this this business thing can be simple. But you need a team. You need to collaborate. So after you strategize with Erin and Christina, Christine, after you've strategize with with those ladies. Nikki and I can help you work with the business at home. We like to collaborate. We like to help you after getting that strategy. We could help you to implement whatever needs to happen to automate processes. One thing that we really like to do, because business is always complex needing help with is a number of the social media is really managing it. The. You are consistent. Because as we most of us know, consistency is really the name of the game on social media. So we're the business backbone. We hope you were virtual assistant. That's what we do. We can help you get everything together. So you're not around crazy trying to do everything. We recently had a discovery call with one of our politicized and she just carsand and tried to grab his own and a Texan and needing her. She didn't send out her PR PR report. She didn't know the obvious things. But once we started to talk, to be excited to have some how simple it could be, you know, when we came in and help us, we helped her right away. So what will I do to help you get things out of simplified by being your team collaborating with you?

All right. And the Nokia the evening to follow up with that.

No, I think she contributed all she covered it well, we do offer administrative services as well in addition to the social media, so we do do that as well. But I am going to talk about go kids, that social, which is our social media platform. It is basically mark management software system to help you with your social media. So you would use it to schedule out your social media. It has a gallery in it that connects to your drive or your computer where you store your graphics so that you don't have to constantly be looking for where your things are when you're posting things. It has a hashtag generator. It has lots of different features. I think is really cool. It has helped me tremendously because I am in charge of content for the Facebook group that we have to have two hundred and fifty people in it. And I use it twice a twice a month, twice a month and schedule my whole month. So it has taken my social media completely off my plate so that I can manage our clients.

I love that whole concept because I've sure you know how you're getting these. All this advice from everyone saying, well, Facebook is a place, build your Facebook following and no one comes. YouTube is a place builder. YouTube and then one comes. Well, it's on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the place. Go get that built. I like how you pick one number one, let alone cover all of them. And what you. Sounds like the two of you do is help to bridge that gap and do that for them and help to hit different platforms that they need. And you could probably scale them with your various fronts and services that you offer. Because I have I have apprentices doing that for me this very moment. You know, they're heading Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest. I was doing Pinterest for a little bit. And so it's a vital thing. And you really piqued my geek needle there when you said that this is a kind of a software go focused social. So I'm definitely gonna check that out and see what you guys have under the hood.

You guys are amazing. You're wonderful. We hit everybody else. Is the final one person. Whoever is first. One final word of advice for anyone watching who's trying to become successful. Raise your hand if you know where it is. Oh, it is the extroverted one. Nokia. All right. Yeah.

What is your plan of where it would be to just start? Don't worry about someone else's journey. Start your own journey. Let it be for you and get what you want out of it. Just start.

That is phenomenal advice. Yes. Hi, Neal. I nailed it. Yes. Yes. Perfect. Perfect.

Well, I have to say, I truly appreciate each and every one of you for coming on such short notice. Once again, some of you, it's really late right now. Adam from the boat, Toya from East Coast in the KIYA. And Chris Krystina from Goodo, California. Erin from Michigan. You all are now, whether you like it or not, your my friends. And so it's like family. You can't get rid of me. Thank you. Obviously, you guys are amazing. What we're going to do is we're gonna close out this show because we went over a little bit of time. But that's okay. It's not a radio network. We can go as long as we want. So another two hours. Good with you guys. I going to sing? Sure. We can sing.

I'm not good.

Somebody with talent can sing. I'm not going to last for sure. All right. Thanks so much.

One and all on on behalf of these wonderful, amazing people all around me. This is Brian Kelly signing off from The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. We will see you again next time. Good night for now.

Bye bye. Hey.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. This show was Brian Kelly.

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