Special Guest Expert - Adrian Shepherd

Special Guest Expert - Adrian Shepherd (transcribed by Sonix)

Announcer: Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show! Oh my goodness, I am so excited. We have an amazing guest coming to us all the way from Osaka Japan live here tonight in just a moment. I cannot wait for you to meet him. Getting to know him myself before the show and I got to tell you this is an amazing gentleman and he's going to bring a ton of value. And we might just have a little bit of fun to boot. Would that be all right? I think that would be good. All right. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about. For those of you that are new listeners it is all about three pillars of success. And the thing is I have started to recognize over a course of time in my life as I began focusing on those entrepreneurs and business people that were successful - when I began focusing on those people I started realizing that there were three things that kept coming up over and over and over again. And it was like patterns, patterns to success. And when I realized by talking to them interacting with them taking seminars and workshops with them speaking from their stages working with them side by side that these three things are what you see. This show is named for. It is mind, body, business. Mind - that is all about mindset. Those with a rock-solid, powerful, unstoppable mindset tend to be the ones that are more successful than others. So those who are successful that I studied, that I worked with, had all of them, to a person, a rock solid mindset and there's a beautiful science that can help you develop that if you don't have that already. And that is called Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP for short. We may not dive too deep into that if at all tonight we cover different topics each show. We're definitely going to go down the trail of business for sure. Body. Body What is that? Well successful people take care of themselves. It's just true. You don't see every single person on the planet that you look at with the eyes of they're successful because they're rich. There are some that really don't take care of their body. We know who they are. We can think of a few right now. But, predominantly - those who I focused on, they all did. They cared about their bodies who took care of it. They nourished it with the proper food and they worked out the big -

It's more than a four letter word exercise. And the thing is the mind and body they are a team and even more importantly the mind and body are your team. And then let's add to that one final component and that's business. So folks that I've noticed that were successful over my years were masters in not just the mind not just body also in business and business itself is multifaceted isn't it it's sales marketing systematized team building scaling. All those things so these people that I met that were highly successful. And studied from all had mastered all of the areas of business. Now look I get it. We only have certain talents only certain God gifts and talents by mastered. They either themself had the talent in certain areas and they also delegated to those who did have the talents in the areas they didn't. And that is a form of mastery in its own right. So they had mastered mind body and business and that's the purpose of the show is to help you and to show you entrepreneurs successful and maybe not successful yet to take it to the next level. And that's what it's always about is striving to the next level no matter where you are you could be on top of the world successfully. There's always more there's always more. That's the beautiful thing about our life on this planet. We get to continue to improve to the very end. That's what makes it exciting. And I remember not it was many years ago actually.

Now it's getting to be more and more as time goes on that I had a mentor. I was actually in his office in the East Coast. I was flown out there. We had a deal to discuss. I flew me out there pick me up in a limousine. It was a wonderful experience. I sat in his corner office giant office bigger than most people's apartments. And I was there for two days two full days and I just I remember during one of our conversations kind of casual I was sitting on the couch in his office and he was talking to me standing up and he said Brian if people only knew. If they only knew if they just did this one thing if they just did this one thing

They would all become rich. And I remember thinking well I'm ready. The students here come on. Teacher What is it. And so at that moment he turned around and slowly walked back to the wall behind him and there was a cabinet from floor to ceiling with two two doors. And he went back grab both handles look back at me and opened them up. And what I what he revealed and what I could see was very similar to what you see behind me right now. It was shelf after shelf. After shelf of books and we're not talking just any books. These were very focused. It was on personal development. It was on business finance anything and everything to help him to succeed.

And the interesting thing is at that moment I'm watching him in utter disbelief. I kid you not. I'm like serious this is your big secret to becoming rich and successful reading books. Anybody can do that. This is my internal thinking going on. So what did I do. I absolutely ignored the sound advice. Big big mistake at that moment and literally did not read a single book for years following that that eventful moment. Thankfully thankfully I continued working with other successful entrepreneurs and business people and it came back full circle. I was working with a gentleman and speaking from his stage very often working with him on a daily basis. And I remember being in his place one time and he's walking in with headset on that same how what he doing.

And he kind of lifts it up. He says I'm listening to a book. I said wait what. You're listening to a book. Yeah. I said well. How did you do that. And so this was several years ago and he said well it's through this app called audible. I said I'll check this out. And so I did. And I'd begin I realize the moment I started listening that I loved to learn in this modality of audio versus reading a physical book where I would literally drift off I get tired and fatigue my eyes and start hurting. I didn't enjoy reading that much until I was shown this amazing app called audible. So I started reading voraciously by listening to books on audible and a beautiful thing about audible one of the things they provide. Is the ability while you're listening in real time to just tap a little icon. And when you do that it instantly stores what's called a bookmark much like a physical paper bookmark you would slip inside of a book where you last read where you left off. Well this way I can store multiple bookmarks and then go back later and go directly to those bookmarks and listen in again. So now instead of reading a book multiple times more than once from cover to cover I don't have to read it cover to cover once and in subsequent times I can go back and just visit the bookmarks for the highlights that I knew had impact on me. And for me. And so what I'd like to do tonight as I do on every show is share one of those specific bookmarks with you. And this has a lot of meaning because it's right down the alley of what our very special guest Mr. Adrian Shepherd and I are gonna be discussing this evening. So to that end I'd like to segway over to a little segment appropriately named bookmarks bookmarks for to read bookmarks. Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com

Yes reach your peak library and by the way for those of you watching listening. Whatever your mode is right now because this is syndicated all over the place through live video now recorded video later and through podcasts audio only all over the place.

If you're watching or listening no matter live or recorded please stop what you're doing and get up a pad of paper and a pen and start taking notes. I cannot implore enough to you the importance of doing that. My mentor taught me this and I didn't used to take notes either that many. And once I started taking notes my retention went way up. I continued to retain the information and it's a habit I have to this day. In fact I will be taking notes during this very show that I am the host of and I will show that to you later. So take notes. You can be on your computer if you're watching on computer. Pull up a notepad or whatever your your application of choices and just take notes. And by that I mean stay with us. We're going to be talking about resources as we go and rather than you know succumb to that desire to go check it out right then and there. Just take the note write it down. Reach your peak library dot com and later after the show go check it out. Definitely. So real quick reach a peak library dot com what it is is a Web site. I personally put together and it is basically a compilation of all of the recent books I've read that have had profound impact on me one way or another personal development business finance. The very thing that the gentleman who opened his cabinet showed me. I'll bet many of these are were in that cabinet and it just goes on and on and on. I think I have around 40 in this list and I actually am falling way behind.

I probably have closer to 60 total that needed another 20. The good thing with this is it's a one stop shop for you if you're either just starting and you're not. You don't know where to start reading or even if you have been reading and like well I wonder what else is out there. I'm always curious for those that are voracious readers that are successful. What do you read. That's next on my list. I have several set up that I've downloaded already in my audible app that are waiting to read. I'm just going right through them one after the other. And the thing is I did this for you not for me. This is a 100 percent for you. The entrepreneur the business professional that's looking to get ahead in life because I learned the lesson the long way I should say the hard way the long way I waited years to start doing this. No regrets. I have a pretty cut up pretty well I would think by reading many many of these books and what I wanted to do is take one specific book that I read that's on this list that is really pertinent to our guests coming on. So let's switch over that right now. So as you're watching and listening get ready it's about a minute about a minute in length and I'm just going to play it. You're gonna hear it. And go ahead and take notes as you listen to Stephen Covey from his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Here we go. Take a listen.

To begin with the end in mind means to start with a clear understanding of your destination it means to know where you're going so that you better understand where you are now and so that the steps you take are always in the right direction. It's incredibly easy to get caught up in an activity trap in the busyness of life the thick of thin things to work harder and harder at climbing the ladder of success only to later discover is leaning against the wrong wall. It is possible to be busy very busy without being very effective. People often find themselves achieving victories that are empty successes that have come at the expense of things they suddenly realize were far more valuable to them people from every walk of life doctors academicians actors politicians business professionals athletes plumbers often struggle to achieve a higher income more recognition or a certain degree of professional competence. Only to find that their drive to achieve their goal blinded them to the things that really mattered most and now are gone.

Isn't that so true of so many of us. Yours truly included at times you know we get so caught up in and just being busy without a real focus or outcome in mind and we think that we're achieving a lot because we are busy. You know I'm so busy. Well that was like held above your head like a trophy of some kind. Like it's great to be busy but it's not great to be busy unless you have laser focus on what you are trying to achieve at that moment and why I'm so excited about this passage this bookmark is that our guest who's coming up right about now is an expert in productivity and time management. So I cannot wait. In fact we're not going to wait any longer. Let's bring on our special guest expert. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified

Yes and there he is ladies and gentlemen the one the only Adrian. All the way from Osaka Japan live with us right here and now. How are you doing. Adrien my friend. I'm doing well thank you Brian. Oh fantastic. Thank you so much for joining us from way across the pond.

So excited to have you here. Real quick what I want to do is give the folks a quick background about you for those that didn't read his bio on all of the many areas that I put it. But in my team Adrian Shepherd started his career as an ESL teacher in Japan that stands for English as a second language. I looked that one up. I did my homework there Adrian. But today focuses on consulting with individuals and companies on productivity. His background in education helped him develop the one bite time management system which is a revolutionary new system based entirely around simplicity. I love the way this man thinks small bites that people can digest easily. Adrian is based as I said at the opening of the show in Osaka Japan. It is about ten forty seven in the morning as we do this live. And real quick before we jump in I apologize it's kind of a tease right Adrian but I wanted to let everybody know that at the end of the show stay on to the end of the show. Why.

Because you will have the opportunity to win a five night vacations day at a five star. Lots of fives Mexican resort all compliments of our wonderful dear friends at power texting dot com. Jason and Rhonda. I love them to. Infinity and beyond I guess. Try and think of something different. So with that Adrian man.

That's a cool quick intro about you. We're going to get deeper and deeper into what makes you tick and on that note. Maybe we start there where you know. As an entrepreneur as someone who is out there basically starting on their own and then ultimately building and scaling your business you know it can be a daunting task and it takes a lot of drive. It takes a lot of motivation it takes a lot of perseverance it takes discipline it takes a lot of really cool things. And I was curious with you Adrian like when you get up out of bed you know and you get up you're waking up you're rubbing your eyes your feet hit the ground. And then it's go time. What is it at that moment or maybe shortly thereafter after you've kind of cleared the cobwebs that you feel is driving you to take the next step in growing your business and helping more people.

Great question Brian. You know you said that the entrepreneurs journey is sometimes tough.

And you know there's no joke about that because I mean when you decide to go down the entrepreneurial path one word resonates with me and that's the roller coaster I mean you'll have days where you think you're on top of the world and there's days when you know you just can't get do anything right. And it can be frustrating. And so one of things you need is a strong mindset and a positive mindset. So for me actually it's not that hard because I think of always one number and it's a very important number for me. Is always changing a number from me today is five thousand one hundred and forty five. And what is that. Well that's the amount of days since my life was almost taken from me and in the tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004 at that time you know I wasn't sure I was going to make it. And yet here I am. It's been almost 15 years now and I I feel so blessed and honored to be here and so for me that's where I start with. I just appreciate that. I have another day to be able to contribute to be able to share ideas with people to make a difference in the world help my family to help my son with his homework to see my wife succeed and see my clients do better.

And really you know that's for me. I just appreciate each and every day for itself.

And that's one of the things I do first off after that I do a little light exercise to really calm my mind and get rid of all the noise maybe that I have in it just I want to focus on something you talk about laser focus. Absolutely. You want to start that right up front to get your mind in the right mindset or frame for the whole day.

And really that's how I get going. That's phenomenal phenomenal. I love it.

Starting your day off with gratitude. Wow that's an amazing story. Savannah and Thailand. Holy smokes. Yeah. That's something to definitely be grateful for to survive something like that. Absolutely. And I hear this very often of very successful entrepreneurs like yourself and that is a key element. You know the patterns we do what we talked about opening were Mind Body business and we're in the mind segment at this moment and that is definitely one of them.

So if we chunk down and get more detailed into each of those areas this would be one of those areas that I see as a pattern of successful people just like you Adrian and that is you know starting your day and continue in your day within what we call an attitude of gratitude. So right on point perfect. And then the exercise to kind of shake off the physical cobwebs and it releases the stress. And it just start your day so fresh and new and energy minded. And on that note because you know I love fitness myself. If we dig a little deeper into that in the fitness side of it for you personally how important would you say physical fitness is to you your business and also your personal life.

Well you know in my youth I would say I would have said not that important because I just kind of thought you know my body was fine and everything was OK but over the years I've learned that's unfortunate not the case because as we get older you know life takes its toll and our body definitely feels it. Last year I actually had sciatica and that really was a pain I never experienced something like that. And it took me months to shake that off and I never want to go back there. You know for me it's really the key because you can only I love this quote by Jim Rowe who I consider to be one of my mentors even though I mean I got to talk to him once I'm on the phone but I listen to his audio podcasts his podcast his audio C.D. and really read his books over and over and over again. And one of his quotes that he says is some people don't do well because they don't feel well. And how true is that. I mean when you've got a cold or the flu or you're hurt your leg.

I mean how productive can you really be your focus goes to that pain. You know and so many of us don't do preventative care we do. After the fact. Care. So after we have the injuries then we go to the doctor and say hey cure me. Well OK doctor can do so much but it takes time. Whereas if you just took the time each day to just stretch and release those endorphins and you increase your chances or you reduce your chances of hurting yourself and that's you know professional athletes know this. And I think although most of us on this lying on call today are probably not professional athletes but if if. I mean we should treat our body like it's a professional. I mean this is the vehicle that we have to do everything with. This goes down everything goes down. So you know for me fitness has become a big part of my life. And I do some martial arts. I do some stretching and I do a little bit of yoga. And it's definitely changed everything about my life and my business.

It only changes everything. That's all. Yeah I agree. That's fantastic. It was like you were the billboard of my company right there. Thank you so much. That was phenomenal. And I love the quote that you just brought up with Jim Roan some people don't do well because they don't feel well. And that's again and you're just you're sticking it in different words about the mind and body being a team. So in this case you talked about the body not feeling well. So when that happens that affects your mind. It's directly tied. Think about pleat. Well don't go back there. Remember a time but don't go there when you had pain somewhere in your body and what that felt like to you emotionally because which I talked about neuro linguistic program programming by one of the co-founders His name is Richard Bandler and he would say something to the effect of bad feelings bad decisions which means bad results good feelings good results. And he at that moment is talking about just your attitude in your mind and the programs you're running inside nothing at that moment to do with physical pain that is driving those negative feelings. It's all about feelings. The mind is the it is the base the baseline the cornerstone of everything in your life everything. And if your mind isn't straight you're not going to go work out you're not going to exercise.

It all starts with the mind. And this was an epiphany for me personally when I realized and learned this at a deep level in my training with an LP I was like my goodness this is it. This is the key. And once I learned it and then put it in practice everything started falling into place in unbelievable ways. So I recommend everybody listening to reach out and find someone that is proficient at A.P. and get more information you can reach out to me or you can Google. Either way do it either way. So very on point because it's straddled you know it started with body but it also helped me to remember to go to the mind as well. Very on point would you consider you know we talked about all these books you know and their importance which I now know is so important. My goodness I had no idea what I was just scoffing at and shoving to the side thinking that hey I could just go to the library and check out a book for nothing. There's no skin in the game for me so that it can't be this easy. Well it is that easy. You just have to do it. So for you Adrian do you consider yourself to be an avid reader and if you do what book are you reading or what's a recent favorite that you just finished.

Well you know I can totally relate to what you just said Bryan about not really realizing the importance of reading and when I was young you know in school I read because I was forced to and books that I really had no interest in reading and I as soon as I got out of that I was like OK I'm done. I don't need to read that much. I just you know maybe a few mysteries or Agatha Christie's which I really enjoyed but besides that I was like yep I'm done with that. And. When I was in my 30s I ran into some business trouble.

And so I looked Frances and I didn't I didn't have anybody I could talk to. And so I thought you know what. I bet somebody has written a book about it. And so I started reading and I became a voracious reader. I got like you I've got a library of about 700 books all business personal personal development self-help. And it was definitely mind blowing.

The difference in my life from reading these books you just you know realize so many things that you know I mean he's smart these people have been there and done that and you're like wow. And just sometimes quotes that stand out in your mind that just can change your life. There's a great quote by Harry Truman who said not all readers are leaders but all leaders are readers. And I was like wow when Tony Robbins mentioned that I was like oh my gosh that is so true. I mean you're going to you know a CEO's office and on the back wall you'll see books. Why is that. I mean it's a hint. And just as you said you just got to do that one thing you've got to take the time and you don't have to do it through book form but you can do it as you said through order or through audio and articles and things like that. It's a fabulous way to acquire knowledge. I also like YouTube as well just to watch film. As for books that I'm reading. Well one book I just finished which is the fattest book that most people have never heard of. I was introduced to it by Dan Kennedy one of his lectures and he talks about thick foot thick face black heart. Can't remember the author's name. Ching ching meeting Chou or something like that. It's a difficult name for me but it's a fabulous book brings a lot of Eastern concepts to Western business and everything. It's really deep and definitely a great book to add to your success library. What was your name. Real quick thick face thick face thick black hair.

Okay so thick as in not thin but thick. Yeah. OK. Just make sure I got that right. I'm right. So like I told her buddy. I'm taking notes and taking notes because I want to beef up my library. Whenever you get. So if I might interject Rook quick Adrian follows you watching listening when you talk to someone who's successful like Adrian and they give you a book recommendation get that book and read it immediately.

Don't. I mean I'm going to go to audible right after this is over. That's what I do after every show when I get a recommendation from a guest. I'm on it if I haven't read it yet. I'm going to get it. It's gonna be in my cue. I don't put it in my wish list. I buy it. It's a commitment. And that's another another whole train for a whole nother day. But. Yeah. Thank you for that thick face black heart. And you can just search and usually find it without even knowing the the author name and just know it's a name it's hard to pronounce. You'll find it pretty easily then right. So fantastic.

Well what book have next song is the third door. Mm hmm. And that's also an interesting take on success and what it takes to be the journey of an entrepreneur and the setbacks that you'll come across. It's a it's a great book. Yeah.

Yep and I remember that that one was by no I don't have a lot in common my brother because when it comes to the names and authors of books after reading so many it's like ya just look it up on Google I'll find it. That's cool. Appreciate that. I'm going to check both of those out and I recommend everybody watching and listening do the same do the same this See here's the thing. You know this is where I learned the long way. What was. It doesn't take a ton of investment of money to get the right mindset to get the right skills. You know if you read something and you learn it the next thing that most important thing to do is to take action and do it. Isn't it is to do it. It really serves no purpose. If you just read and learn elect the next step is do. And there's one more beyond that one more that will solidify it forever. And that is to teach it. And so you know Adrian coming from a teaching background knows this better than most. The second you teach something you now know it at a much deeper level. And it's almost an automatic. You know just press the button and it's there. And so learn to teach as a is the three steps to mastering the material of a book. So do what you can to. And so if I may a real quick. One of my things. One of my mentors His name is Mel Cutler by the way. One of my mentors who I worked with on stage spoke at his events. He was a master at this. He would read a book one evening and that next weekend would have a live event at a hotel. And he would teach on the topic. Amazing. And he did a phenomenal job. And you know he had everything ready PowerPoint. And he he's just an amazing man. And so that's one way you can do it set up a meetup of small meetings get on live to do a Facebook Live just love yourself and teach.

Hey I just read this book I just wanted to talk to you more about what I learned from it. Zippo. All right. That's my tips. I'm going to go off my soapbox. This is about Adrian. Let's see what you know. You were sitting. You were there as in English as a Second Language Instructor. And then at some point something sparked in you and said You know I think I'm going to start my own new business venture. What was it that ignited that spark. What what what took you down that road.

You know destiny I guess. No I mean like most entrepreneurs I mean something happens. And I think what happens is they get frustrated. They get frustrated with either their boss or company policy or they feel restrained or restricted by what they're able to do and how much they're able to help people. And they they think to themselves you know there's gotta be a better way and I do believe this about everything in life. There's got to be a better way. You know we can always improve. You know I love this story about a man. I think the 19 I don't know a 20s who said that every great invention has already been made you know. And we can laugh about that. But you know there's always ways to improve. I mean even the greats can always even get better. I mean they're I mean look at Federer and Sampras and all these famous tennis players or basketball players they have coaches. Why. I mean they're the best of the best but they they know that they can always get a little bit better and they need to work harder. And there's always something extra out there that can take them to the next level. And yeah so for me I just got frustrated and said You know it's time and it's not going to work here. And so I moved on to. The franchise and I started there. And that went. That was great but I just realized I want to make a difference in people's lives. Change is great but it takes many many years of serious time and money not money but especially time. And that's that's hard. And I think the reason I love productivity and time management is I can go and teach for three to six hours on a topic and really make an impact in people's lives. You know like that. Because simple ideas can be so profound. If they're as you said used

Yes put into action absolutely. And I appreciate your talking about the importance of coaches because that is a topic near and dear to me because we all have this three letter word that's lingering very heavily in us some some more than others. For mine it's finally lightened up quite a bit but it prevents us from achieving success. We want and deserve and that three letter word is called ego. You know we think we can do it all. Look you probably could do it all. I'm not psyched about you Adrian. I'm everybody that's listening. You could probably do everything. You have the gifts the skills the maybe if you got the skills you can learn it and figure it out. I've heard so many people say oh I'm going to go learn how to do that. Like why you don't really need to that takes a lot of time find somebody who already knows how to do it and either have them coach you on it or have them do it delegated but but don't do everything and get coaching Oh my goodness I resisted that for years.

Just like the reading of the books right. And the moment I hired a coach.

And interestingly enough he was in a similar realm as you Adrian in productivity and he pointed out these things that were so obvious so simple but so brilliant and they worked so monumentally well. I was like He's my best friend for life. It's it's amazing what a coach because they give you a perception a reality that you don't have.

We're looking at it through tunnel vision individually with our big egos and I can take care of this I can do it well yeah. Do you want to take seven years to complete something or would you rather do it in one. What is that worth to you. How much money is that worth to hire a coach pay a coach to help you pay someone like Adrian isn't Japan. Look he's awake. If you're if you're in America he can work with you. He can work International. Look at this guy. He's got it together. I love it. I love it. I'm having a ton of fun. I hope it shows that yes. One topic we talked about the difficulties of being an entrepreneur the struggles the trials you know you have to have really really solid mindset to continue on. I mean how many times have every one of us thought about I'm done. I can't do this anymore. That was the last straw. Geez Louise when is it ever going to turn for me and for those that do not ever quit and keep persevering. They might be ten feet from gold at that moment and just not know it. So been there so many times I'm sure you have to Adrianne. I mean I wouldn't want it any other way. It's exciting. You know it's like the struggle and then when you achieve and overcome the struggle then there's gonna be another one. It doesn't go away just. Spoiler alert The more successful you become the more issues you you come in front of it's about how you react to them but for you. Adrian what I want to get out was you know as you're going through this progression of these speed bumps is a good word for it. What is something that you know we all have to do and spend our time being an entrepreneur we become successful often at the expense of other things because we need to spend time on it. So for you personally what sacrifices come to the top of your mind that you've had to make to become successful at what you're doing now.

You know quite simply I just had to invest the time to learn. I mean that that's basically the thing. And when if I'm investing time into studying had to take it from somewhere. So one of the things that had to go were some of my hobbies. You know I mean video games or movies or TV shows. I mean I love that stuff. But nowadays I rarely do that I one show a day if I'm lucky. You know before it was three four hours back in my 20s and I loved it. You know 24 was one of my favorite shows. But today 24 would take me more than a month to get through. I just before I could binge watch things that that's gone know as you get older there comes a time I think where you have to say you know what do I really want. Do I really want to just watch TV shows or do I want to make a difference in the world. I want to help people do I want to do something for my family. You want to change my life. Do I want to write a book. I want to travel around the world all these things you have to ask yourself. You know you have to weigh them which is more important for me. You know TV or traveling the world. I mean to be honest it's an easy sell when you put it that way. If you compare them you know I don't know what our vices are. I mean everybody has them and we love doing our hobbies but we can just tone it down just a bit.

Instead of let's say going rock rock climbing for eight hours you do three hours and then five hours you've got there to spend investing in your future building your dreams changing your life. And so I just said OK those things have got to go. And I also started applying some simple techniques such as chunking which is basically you take two separate event and two separate things and to do them at the same time is not multitasking. It's basically what you're talking about audible you know Brian Tracy says Turn your car into a mobile classroom. I mean what great advice is that because our commute. I mean in America people spend fifty point four minutes a day in the car on the way to work and yet most the time. You know rock into beyond say or you know jammin to Metallica. Yeah. OK that's great. In a year though that's 2000 minutes or I forget I think something like that 2000 hours that could be invested in your better future and all you have to do is just turn on podcasts and a lot of them are free. You don't have to spend any money. And then when you get serious you can get audibles and you can get stuff like Jim Rone or Tony Robbins and just throw that in. And I mean in my car I have no music. I might on my phone. I've got like 60 gigabytes of personal development stuff. I have no music on my phone. Why. I just don't have the time for

Perf fact. Yes. Oh my goodness. We could write a book on this one alone and I'll co-author it with if you want. Well with so many great things you mentioned there about sacrifices.

You know you talked about the the the crutches that we often go to or vices I guess is a way to go to the good ones. I mean hobbies and video games is nothing wrong with that at all. I mean we all need downtime don't we. That's fine. I went down a path a deeper path long ago a year ago I started sacrificing and didn't know it but I was sacrificing my marital relationship and wow what a loss that would have been if I had not been woken up thankfully by my wife and righted that ship. So if you start going down the ridiculous path like I did of I mean I I was I was upset when I was when they said dinner was ready. You know they being my wife and kids all saying Hey Dad come down dinner's ready. I'm like oh I got too much to do.

Ridiculous. You have other sacrifices as well. And the key there was you were saying weigh them and I use a term called prioritize right. That's what do you find that it's the same thing it's you know prioritize what is important to you. One of the scenes that I've heard is you know you can sacrifice it's your choice would you rather get the short term pleasure now. Or sacrifice that and obtain the long term gain which would be much greater much bigger than those short term sacrifice or short term pleasures would be. So that's exactly where Adrian's going in podcasts. Hey I know of one. There's a really good one it's called the Mind Body business show. It's there everywhere I tune Spotify Google Play. You should look that up. You know everybody's listening and then audible Yeah. So I love what you said about a Mr. Tracy Brian Tracy I love his first name by the way here. That's exactly what I do. I listen a podcast or I listen to actually audible books more than anything. And the thing is that you can make that icon for the bookmark really big. So it's ultra safe I just found it hard I have to look at it. I hear something bam I'm tapping on the screen. So yeah. Golden nuggets I really sincerely hope people are taking notes take notes write this stuff down because it may not seem like much to you right now as the reading advice I was given back a year ago that I thought wasn't that big of a deal. Let me tell you something. This everything Adrian is saying is following those patterns.

Those three pillars of success in mind body and business all everything he has said is the same patterns that run in every successful person I've ever met or study. Kid you not. So take these notes and take them to heart. Then take action on them. We'll keep repeating that because as many astute students know who have been through any of my life events on stage or otherwise that repetition is the key to mastery in anything mind body and business. It's beautiful. Sweet. Oh my gosh. No way. We're like 15 minutes out from the end. I never like seeing that. It's always goes by so fast. Man I just I have so many questions I want to ask you. So a lot of a lot of times we will only talk about the great things the good things the victories the wins. We touched on the sacrifices that's a little bit toward the other one. Let's take it a bit further and then we'll get back on the positive train here. But it's very important for others to recognize and realize that even those that have achieved success like you have are still human. We still make mistakes and the cool thing is to become successful. That just tells me right off the bat. You've learned from them and that's how it works. If you don't learn from your mistakes you will never become successful. So to that end it's what comes to mind to Adrian. Just thinking back maybe recently maybe a long time ago. What are some of the biggest mistakes you can recall that you've made in your journey as an entrepreneur.

Fortunately for me I'm a trusting guy. I always have been. I believe in the best in people and it's cost me a few times quite painfully so I've lost more money than I care to admit I've lost friendship over it as well. Trusting people is one thing but you've gotta understand that you know when it comes to business you can't just you know work on a handshake from most people. There are those people you can and that's great because you know thank goodness there are still those people out there. But most times you know you've got to treat business very very seriously. It's like a partnership. That's for me and went awry. We just basically started as friends. That's what often happens with partnerships you get a few buddies together and you know we're going to change the world and do everything but you've got to have a rock solid contract in place so that everybody understands just you know the ins and outs of it pretty much everything I mean who's gonna be paid and when and what. Because if you don't have something written down that you can refer to people will just alter things as they go. And oftentimes they offer them in their favor and that's something that was quite shocking for me because I always thought that hey if you're building a business with a buddy of yours you know don't you both want it to succeed. But I realized that unfortunately people don't see eye to eye and they just see what's good for them and they don't see that it's actually hurting the other person or not exactly what the other person wants and because you didn't hash it out in front and it can cost you big time. As I said it cost me a friendship and it cost me a lot of pain and suffering but you know money was the least of the issues.

But on the flip side that's how I really got started on my journey of books because I was the trouble I was talking about earlier. It forced me to go and look for answers and you know so that was one of my big mistakes and unfortunate I made that mistake again trusting another person. And as Jim Rollins said again he says that sincerity is not the test of truth. A lot of people are sincere and that that's great. But since you mean they can still lead you down the path to failure if you're not careful you know as you said it's all about what people do in the end and their achievements and what they you know how they succeed in life. I mean I read this in a book somewhere you know if Bill Gates called you up on the phone and said hey I've got a business opportunity for you. Would you say. Mm hmm let me think about that. Let me get back to Bill you know I'm not sure this is not really a good time. No I mean Bill Gates chances success pretty dang high. You probably you should throw all your money into it pretty much. Well you can afford to lose anyway but because successful people know what it takes. You've got to follow those people. That's why you know you talked about mentors. Yeah fine people who've been there done that. Can guide you through the process because it will you know if you do it all yourself or try and do it all yourself it it can take years off your life. You know so yeah I mean that's my mistake trusting people sometimes too much.

And it's a fine line because you need the help. So you go to people you trust and then you trust them and you just have that heart where you're looking to me things work better for them first and then you think about yourself second. So that it's a win win for everybody.

And like you said not everybody thinks that way and has driven that way. I can relate to. I know at least one incident like that. And you know no big no catastrophic things happen but and we're friends to this day. But it did result in the completion of something we were working on together. That was really cool. It was actually going to be a smartphone app and a really nice guy. In fact I just met with them a couple months ago up in the St. Lewis area and just had a blast talking with them and we were scheduled stories but I can relate so much to you.

So there's this fine line and what it really comes down to which I know you're an expert in with your productivity training and coaching is one word and that is communication. You know there's different forms of communication one being a contract that you write out and sign and so there's expectations are known ahead of time.

I've made the same mistakes Adrian. So I love that you brought those up because it helped me to remember those mistakes and further solidifies not to continue to make those in the future. And that's a beautiful thing like I said it's how you were you react and learned from those mistakes obviously you've done that. I went through more than one as well. So sometimes it does take several you think well this personally be different and better like wait a minute this isn't working.

I'm going to stop doing this. Oh my goodness. OK. This will be fun.

So oftentimes I'm asking the questions and you you and the other guests are just answering but I'd like to turn the table a little bit and just basically say Adrian if you had a question that you wanted to ask of yourself on this interview. So what question would you like. Would you have liked me to ask you that I haven't yet. And then go ahead. You can be the host and you can be the guest on one. How's that.

Hmm. The question I would ask myself I think any successful person. I think I've got to ask them you know if if I've only got one minute to talk to them I'd probably say you know what's best piece of advice you could give me. That's basically you know if I'm never gonna see them again it's my chance. You know you've got to take a nugget away and I think I would ask that of everyone including myself. For me I think the answer to that question is tough. I've gone back and forth over the years. But I think I've sat alone on the concept of you know balance. You know you need balance you need take care of your family and you take care of business you need to take care of your health. They're all important. You've got to take care of your clients you've got to take care of your and your son's needs your needs everybody's needs. It's it's not you don't want to focus too much on one thing although you know we should become specialized in something but we can't lose the big picture. And you said you had trouble because you're focusing so much on your work that you were neglecting your family and that is you know to me that that's is a person really successful if they've made all the money but they've lost their friends in the process or the family which is can be devastating. And so for me I think you know balance is the thing. You know we we neglect certain things in our life. And later on. At first it doesn't feel like much. It doesn't feel like it's going to cost us. But over time that neglect builds up and that neglect can really cost us as we get older because it's just built up so much whether it's stress or neglect or just not taking care of the people that we we should. So for me I believe in balance and that's where it all begins.

Balance is key as I personally found out the hard way because yeah. Thankfully though. Again I was confronted. And thankfully my ears were open big enough to go. I don't wanna lose this. This is the most amazing woman on the planet and I had two amazing beautiful kids. I still have them. They're just not little bitty kids anymore. They're grown young adults. So yeah balance is very very important. It's so important. And it's a non-stop job

You know to keep that balance going because you know you're working very hard in your business. You also are working very hard to maintain your relationships and being one that's willing to sacrifice to be flexible to make

Decisions that help both of you. And sometimes at the sacrifice of you working on your business it goes both ways and you're so so right in on it. Well we'll get into this later. There's there's one question at the end I'm dying to ask you because it's a doozy. It's a big and and we'll get to that in just a moment. But what I wanted to find out is a lot of times I hear this thing like Well if I had to do all over again I would

Blank for you. You know. You don't look you don't look like you're you still have very very young to me. You don't look like you have been many years on your belt but going back to a point where you know this pick a point your life what would you go back and change and do differently knowing what you know today.

Great question. Yeah you know we all you know like look look back at the life and go you know I should have done that earlier on. And for me when I start on my journey I wrote a book called I succeed and that's what I really got. You know got everything going but at the time I I had a mentor and blogs were kind of hot. And so he said just you know write two blogs a week or more if you can on the topic of personal development and self-help I thought OK I can do that so I wrote I think about 500 articles on my own page. Some great some know so so but I was just motivated to do it but I didn't get much traction. And later on I I read a post on Facebook by one of my mentors commands Muncie constantly and he talks about how he was using. Online publications and I thought huh. You know I've been writing for my own blog and I'm not really getting out there but they've already got an audience. All I need to do is tap into it all I need to do is write them and see if I can contribute and share my thoughts through their publications.

And that's that really helped me in so many ways. Number one they have editors so they can go over your material and you can learn and improve and edit things as you go. If you're doing your own blog you might not get the feedback that you need to help improve. And the other thing is as I said you've got they've got the audience. And on top of that you know when type people type your name in you'll hit the search engines like like that. It's great. I mean my name Adrianne Shepard okay I'm competing with Half-Life character Adrianne Shepard and I'm competing with a British cellist who died in 1960 or something like that. If you take a look and just type my name and you'll see I'm on the first three pages of google you'll find my end my name I think 10 entries or so. I mean that's not bad and all because I shifted from doing on my own blog to using these publications.

That's amazing that's a story about leverage right there. And it's the bottom line was you just didn't know what you didn't know right. And I kind of chuckled when you first said I didn't get much traction because that's the age old problem isn't it. It's like we're told to do all this effort and work and that's a lot of post 500. God bless you. And but then to hear crickets on the other end nobody's reading nobody's commenting. The thing is people tell us how to do the end result but they never tell us the way to get the traffic or the eyeballs to the result. And it just drives me nuts when I see this on stage at seminars at workshops all the time do split testing do a funnel write some great ad copy use these colors but hold on.

How do we get people to come to see the Web site to begin with please. And that's all too often left.

So I think I'm gonna have a chat with you after this is over to find out what some of those resources are those online publications that really piqued my interest big time and everyone here. If you're open to it. Adrianne sharing it with them if they ask on this video or later after we're done recording. I'll leave that up to you to respond. I hope you respond to me though. OK. This is it. The big question. It's it's it's something I've asked all of my previous guests on this show and if it takes you a moment Adrianne after I ask it to come up with the answer. Cool. No problem because it's really going to be your answer and it may take some thought and I'm really excited to hear what yours is. Well before we get to that I want to make sure that I let our audience knows been hanging with us live this entire time that there is still a way to win that five night vacation stay at the five star resort in Mexico. And here's how you enter. There are two ways. One is you go to the Web type in a web address reach your peak LLC dot com forward slash vacation that's reach your peak LLC dot com for Slash vacation or if you have a smartphone this might be the best way to do it if you're say watching on a laptop or a desktop and you have a phone nearby.

Grab your phone. Go ahead and do this right now and text the word peak. That's p e a k to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again tech sword peak to 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 A winner will be drawn randomly. We may do it right here on the show before we depart. So do that now so we can monitor our line and see who that great winner is and announce it right here on the show. Go ahead do that now. Keep this keep us going so you can hear because you don't wanna miss Adrian's response. You don't. And by the way again that was it is sponsored by power texting dot com and those resorts are top notch. It is not a way to get you to go see a timeshare presentation or anything like that. They are top notch.

So go ahead and enter now. Good. So we're gonna come back with Adrian and Adrian. So this is that that question that everybody is leaning in now they're all leaning forward saying my goodness what is this question going to be Adrian's Oh there you know kind of wiping the sweat of his brow on Jiminy Christmas What is this question going to be it's it's a it's gonna be a bombshell. All right I'm going to let you off the hook because here's the thing Adrian. There is no such thing as a wrong answer to this question. In fact it's absolutely the opposite. The only. Correct answer. Is your answer. Some call

So you can relax the shoulders down and just get them get just get in a moment and then here we go are you ready. Hit me with it. All right. Adrian Shepherd how do you. Define


No I don't think there's a better definition of success than I think the one that Tony Robbins said. I'm trying to get myself let myself off the hook here I guess. But you know he says success is doing what you want to do when you want to do it. If you want to do it and how you want to do it. I mean I mean how can you improve upon a quote like that I think I'm paraphrasing maybe but you know I mean success is what is unique for each of us.

For some people it's climbing mountains and you know living in the wilderness and for some people it's you know a high rise apartment and multimillion dollar deals and you know moving and shaking and all that stuff and so other people is just seeing their kids succeed. I love my son. I love my family but I'm also very motivated personally because I want to achieve great things as well.

I want to help people do great things. It's what drives me. I love seeing people change their lives. And that's why I do what I do.

And true to form. Every single time. So here's the thing I didn't share with you earlier but there has not been one guest before you who answered the same way you did and know to have answered that question the same way.

Isn't that interesting. And the other thing that is that is common between all of you including yourself Adrian is none of you stated the primary reason in your case. I don't think even mentioned it that the primary reason was making X amount of dollars. It wasn't money centric and you're right you're exactly right. Success means different things to different people. You know as you were talking earlier about success and you know I was I was looking to achieve success and working way too long at the sacrifice of my relationship. Well that is not success in my eyes. Even if I was making a million dollars at that very moment a day. I'm not successful. If I am ruining the thing that I hold nearest and dearest to my heart that's mine. That's my picture of success.

It may not be everyone else's. So thank you for that. Thank you for being so authentic and it's OK that what Tony Robbins stated it just helps you to verbalize the same thing you're feeling about success. There's nothing wrong with that and then you went on and elaborated which happens every time that's the other thing I love about this is the first that comes out and then they every guest including you elaborate. That's the part I always wait for. The first thing is not always the real answer. And that's the beautiful part. I love it. OK. I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to connect with you. So very important. Adrian what is the best way for folks to connect with you is at Facebook is at email text Web site.

Well these days I'm on LinkedIn a lot. So if you track me down there you'll find me. I think it's LinkedIn slash I succeed. Look I think you'll find me there on Facebook I'm also around. So Adrian Shephard Japan. I think you'll find me there. You can e-mail me directly at info at I succeed book dot com. I'm approachable. Just say hi. I'll see if I can help you out. I mean I'm always I love to help people and see if I can make a difference in people's lives so yeah I should reach out to me anyway.

And it's. It can't be more obvious to me personally that that's what drives you you love to help people. I've got on the screen your LinkedIn page there so people have an idea that you know hey when I see this I know I found him. He's got that cool profile pic nice professionally done nice smile just like he's doing right now. I mean it's like a spitting image except he's turned one way and yeah he's on Facebook. I am so happy and so grateful that you came on this show. Adrian I cannot tell you just another another example of a successful person revealing the patterns that. Helped you to achieve success. And I just love it because they're always it's always a synergy it's always a similar set of patterns yet described in slightly different ways from your own experiences. That's what makes it so powerful to me.

And I just appreciate you for spending the time all away from Osaka Japan. I mean come on now do you got all or done what you got though I think is how you do it.

I don't know if the accent was anywhere near it but a as long as it's understandable. It's funny. I'm proud of this. My wife is part Japanese as well. Me majority Japanese and I love her to pieces I love her so much and so and. I won't go into that. I want to go down the personal train. I want to though because I just feel so wonderful about her. Anyway Adrianne I want to say thank you and respect everyone else's time as well. That's it for our show tonight. Blessings to all who came on who are listening or watching and we will be back next week with another great edition of the mind body business show. Adrianne thanks so much my friend you have a wonderful rest of your day in Japan. Thank you. Thank. And we will see you all again next time.

Bye bye for now.

Thank you for watching. I'm listening. This has been the mind body tissues show. She was crying Kelly.

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Adrian Shepherd

Adrian Shepherd started his career as an ESL teacher in Japan, but today focuses on consulting with individuals and companies on productivity. His background in education helped him develop The One-Bite Time Management System (TMS), a revolutionary new system based entirely around simplicity: small bites that people can digest easily. Adrian Shepherd is based in Osaka, Japan.

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