Special Guest Expert - AJ Rivera

Special Guest Expert - AJ Rivera

Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The 3 keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. We have an amazing show for you tonight. You are going to be amazed by this gentleman that I have coming on. His name is AJ Rivera. We're going to bring him on in just a few moments before we do that. Real quickly just set the table. What is The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show all about? Well, first and foremost it's a show by entrepreneurs, made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and small business owners and, the mind. The mind is, in my opinion, the cornerstone. The foundation by which all of our lives are ... the results we have in our lives are completely a result of our mind. And what do I mean by that? What are our daily thoughts? This goes very deep and I'm not going to go through the entire process right here right now, but just understand that the mind is incredibly important and any time you hear any mentor, expert, successful person bring up the topic of mind. Well, then listen intently. And another thing is you'll find that every single person that has been successful knows the importance of the mind, and that's the part of MIND BODY BUSINESS is that I realized after years and years. Now 54 years on this earth of reading, of working with mentors like AJ Rivera. Like what I've learned is that these patterns kept coming back and surfacing. Everyone who's successful seemed to do the same basic things and one was they mastered their mindset. And you can do that through various ways. But one of the most powerful is through a science called neuro linguistic programming or NLP for short. Because it will help you to reprogram your subconscious brain to get you the results you want and deserve much faster in life. And then there's body. Of course, body. You want to be at top physical shape physical shape will also help you to be at your top mental game. So we're talking about exercise nutrition the things that we all know we should be doing better don't we? Yes. Me included. There are times I, tell you. It's got to be improved. And the thing is the mind and body are a team the mind and body more importantly are your team. Now think about this what if you have a team say there's five players on a team and one of those players is not making the grade? They did not prepare. They did not put in the work, the time and effort necessary to be at the top of their game to be operating at the peak level of performance. Well what if that was either your mind or your body which are your team? If either of those are not operating at a peak level of performance then you as a whole are suffering as well.

And then comes the final component. All three of these equally important is business. That's when it comes to sales marketing building teams systematizing getting scaling your business if you haven't mastered each and every one of these areas in business. Then again I say you're not operating at a peak level of performance. Now I'm not here to judge you. We're all every one of us every single one of us and there's nobody that is left out of this statement. Every single one of us has room for improvement don't we. In every one of these areas we can always improve and that's the fun and beauty about being an entrepreneur is you never do reach that end game. If you did I think life would be extremely boring. So another incredible tip that a mentor of mine gave me many years ago. Was he said Brian if entrepreneurs and business was looking right in my eyes if they only knew if they only did this one thing if they just did this one thing and did it on a consistent basis they would all be rich. Those were his words they would all be rich. And I said wow I'm thinking. Well tell me. And so he proceeded to step back. He was in this large corner office multimillionaire large corner office. And he stepped back to the wall and on that wall was this large cabinet floor to ceiling two doors.

As he stepped up to it he grabbed both handles at the same time and he started to pull it back and he looked back at me and as he opened the doors what I saw was shelf after shelf after shelf of what you see behind me books. And he said Brian if people only knew of all he did was read. They become rich and his books were on personal development business. Anything that would help him get farther faster in his life both personal and in business an interesting thing occurred in my mind at that moment. I discounted it. I said it can't be that easy. I don't have any skin in the game. I mean a book is what I don't even know what that cost at that point. I'm like I don't. I didn't read back then. Like come on I can go Library in Reno for free. So you're telling me I could for free learn how to become rich like you and in my mind and I thought No way. So I ignored that advice for years. Luckily thankfully another mentor came into my life by the name of Mel Cutler and I got the extreme privilege of working with this gentleman for several years and I got to see not only you know he said the same exact thing he said if you read you will become successful.

That's it. And not only did he tell me but he showed me because I worked with him on a weekly basis and I got to see he did it by example. He was always listening to audible on a headset and I thought that's interesting. Audible I'm going to give that a shot because I'm not much of a reader. So I did and I loved it. And so I began voraciously reading on Audible day after day. Every time I'm in the car became my rolling millionaire. Library and I just would read and read and read. And I was able to retain this information great and the cool thing about audible one of the things you can do as you're driving along on the phone there's a nice big button there where you can tap it and it will actually store a bookmark at the very moment that you tap it. So if I see or if I hear something that's really interesting thought provoking and something I want to share later or just go back and review. I just tap that button and a cool thing. I decided hey what by doing that. Why don't I share these snippets of incredible information with my audience being new right here live on the show. So with that we're going to swing on into a little segment that I call Bookmarks bookmarks foreigners who read bookmarks.

Ready steady greet Vogues marks.

Brought to you by Reach Your library Dakang yes reach your peak library dot com you see it right here on the side of the screen. And by the way if you're watching live even if you're watching the recording or listening to it on podcasts just stay with us. You won't want to miss this special guest expert we have coming up. Stay with us. Just take notes.

Definitely take notes. I will be taking notes all evening long because I know the value that's going to be brought by Mr. Rivera just a little bit later on the show that's coming on soon I promise. So take notes. Don't go. Don't leave. Don't head off to another Web site. Just stick with us and take notes. That is another key to success that I've learned over time and I know my guest would agree that when with out hesitation you can't see him I can. He's nodding and throwing thumbs up at me. So definitely. So what is your peak library. Real quick. It's just a compilation of books that I have personally vetted so I've read more than you see on the screen the ones that you see on the screen are those that had an impact on me more than just a minor one. And so

The beauty of this is I put this together for you so that if you haven't been reading if you're not reading on a consistent basis and you want to get started here is a great place to start. On the other hand if you already are reading go through this list and see what books are there that maybe you haven't hit yet. I'm always discovering new books in fact age. Who's coming on told me of two phenomenal books that are actually in this list because I learned from other people mentors of mine and people who are extremely successful. So what we're going to do is we're going to pick one book from this list and you see it on the screen right there. It's one of my recent reads. It's called Living with the monks by Jessie Itzler. It's a great read. I highly recommend you pick it up. He also has another one called Living with a seal. That was the first one I read it was another amazing book. I loved it. But what I want to do is play this snippet it's about a minute in length and definitely listen intently take notes on what he says he's going to be talking about his wife Sarah who many of you may recognize she's been on Shark Tank. She's the founder of Spanx. So here is Jessie Itzler talking about his wife Sarah. Here we go.

Still having a big idea and turning it into a big reality isn't nearly the same thing. Here's we're having experience can be a dream crusher. People have great ideas all the time but they have just enough experience and they've seen just enough failure to start to believe their chances of failing are too high. No enough to think her chances of succeeding were a lot besides failure is never a big thing for her. At the dinner table growing up Sarus father had a weekly ritual where he would ask her what she felt that that week. Maybe she had tried out for the school play cheerleading or a sports team when she'd tell her dad how poorly it went. He would give her a high five. Whether she had succeeded or fail wasn't important. All that mattered was that she tried. That ritual chain Sarah's definition of failure and failure became tied to not trying rather than the outcome.

And we'll stop it there. Amazing amazing words of advice from Sarah's dad. Unbelievable. What a great lesson to teach her. At an early age to tell her that you want to fail you want to fail often because if you're not failing you're not trying. Isn't that true. I mean we all fail. And we fail more often than we succeed to get to that level where we are now becoming successful. And guess what. You think it gets easier as you get more and more successful. Well certain things can but most often no. Because you're going to be stretching yourself and scaling and reaching for that next level. Always looking for how to improve your business and to do that you need to step out of your comfort zone and continue to nonstop consistently fail. Failure is a good thing. And I bring that up because I learned a lot of this from our guests coming up now because this is an example. This is a product of the product. AJ Rivera has been there done that bought the T-shirt and continues to go through this and fail time and time again. He's OK with stepping out there and trying new things and seeing if it works and if it doesn't just revise and move on. So with that it's time ladies and gentlemen let's bring on our special guest expert

Needs time for the guest expert spotlight savvy school food professional trained Beagley qualified.

And there he is ladies and gentlemen the one the only. AJ Rivera. Yes. Real quick A.J. He is the founder of a multimillion dollar company called Fit pro hero. The number one paid media agency on the planet helping fit pros never worry about leads again. I love that he's been featured on business insider entrepreneur Barbell Shrugged Success Magazine CNBC and as he says a few other places. I love that. Real quick real quick before I bring A.J. on be sure if you're watching this live. Be sure to watch the show to the very end because you each and every one of you get a chance to win a complimentary stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico compliments of power text income. My good friend Jason Nast who is one of the cofounders of power texting dot com literally just returned from such a trip using the very thing that he helps sponsor us with and said it was amazing. So you want to stay on for that and even more importantly you want to stay on for this man right next to me A.J. Rivera my buddy my friend. How are you doing. Yep.

That way that will be one of these we forget the mirror. I'm doing fantastic Brian.

Thank you for having me on. I'm really excited to be here. Hopefully I can offer some sort of value to you if not to use somebody else out there in the ether are watching this.

There's no doubt in my mind that extreme amounts of value are about to be bestowed upon any and all right here right now. Hey I just give you a very quick intro to everybody using your bio. But if you wouldn't mind could you give us a little bit deeper a little bit more about you what your. You know what your business is about maybe and also what are you up to these days. What are you doing currently.

Sure yeah I can give a little bit of background. I as you said I run a multimillion dollar agency I run a lot of different companies I owned a few gyms in the Chicagoland area sold over a million dollars and training there.

I then transition into coaching consulting and helping gym owners and business owners grow their business using things like paid media and just strategies that often get ignored and oftentimes not chasing other rabbits that come along when you're so close to catching this rabbit. So that's a lot of what I do now. We are very very focused on building continuing to build around our paid agency for prose and we also are now selling business tools and CRM tools to help them be even more successful in their businesses. So that's what's new in my world and that's the elevator version. I don't know how much deeper down these rabbit holes you want to go into if there's anything specific you want to cover.

Yeah. There's a lot and as deep down the rabbit hole as your mind takes you seriously. I love that again and I said this to A.J. off camera but this show is about him. It's not about me. And so I'm here just to stir the pot so to speak to ask the questions that actually get the value extracted which I don't have to ever extract value from any of my guests. They are just so full of value that it just comes out and it's like having a conversation each and every time. Oftentimes before the show when I talk to the next guest coming up we'll end up doing an entire show without going live. We'll just be talking on Zoom doing some free shows set up and things and that's just the way we roll. So yeah A.J. And it's an open canvas blank canvas. You're the artist and so we'll let you paint away. So I'll start off by asking a question which I have a feeling. I know the answer to but I want everyone else to be able to hear it as well.

Would you consider yourself to be an avid reader. And if so what book are you reading

Now. Cool. Good question. I am an avid reader. I wasn't always a reader.

I think that is the story for a lot of people who own businesses or who are entrepreneurs or or just trying to grow in any way right. Success can be defined in lots of ways. I yeah I wasn't always a reader when I was a kid. I thought it wasn't cool to like reading and then as I became a grown up and I wanted to start succeeding all of my mentors and the people I aspire to were all avid readers. So I both use like audible and listen to audio books and physically read books. I feel like you get something a little bit different from actually tangibly reading it and I also like taking notes and things like that. Right now what am I reading. I'm reading a couple books the one that's probably most relevant as I'm reading Influence by Robert codine which is about it's marketing it's about how to influence your audiences and how to also protect yourself against manipulative marketing if you can believe that. So it's a pretty interesting book and then I'm reading other WUI science books and stuff as well. But that's that's the main one I'm focused on that I think is directly related to you know what we're talking about here today.

Excellent noted that one that will be next when I pick up because last two you referred to me were also gems and my goodness and their on reach peak library dot com by the way stay here don't go there take notes. Fantastic. And so fit pros fit pro heroes. I mean I've worked with you A.J. your staff.

You have an amazing amazing team. I mean from top to bottom. Well oiled machine and incredibly you know what I noticed was a lot of people and they bring on additional staff and they will sign them. You know coaching positions and oftentimes that doesn't work well. But in your case it did because I witnessed it I experienced it my son and I both did that. You brought on and train these people to be amazing. And I don't want to mention their names. They might blush but there were two of them. Two of them that were phenomenal and that not that I got to interact with and talked to.

And also your your marketing guy that does the actual strategy calls brilliant. He's a brilliant man. You have you ever assembled an amazing team and it's all around.

If you don't mind I help tell people what your company does not go out there for helping people who have a fitness business to do many things not just to get leads not just to you know there are so much more that was delivered than I ever expected. Teaching you not only how to get the leads but also how to how to form your business how to how to scale your business how to properly and what are the key elements and areas you need to concentrate on. Most business people don't that are small business owners. It went really really deep and it was very impressive. And but being a fit pro's and fitness based entity I can only imagine. But I'm going to ask how important is physical fitness itself. So we went from mind. Now we're going into body right right into it. How important is physical fitness to you A.J. to your business and also to your personal life.

Yeah. Good question.

You know that's that's an interesting question because I'm not like a world champion bread winner or professional power lifter bodybuilder or anything like that. So I often will get asked that question you know how. What's your workout routine look like. And how important is that to you. I it's pretty much been important to me so long as I've been a gym owner. So a decade I have fluctuated through all different types of training. I think you know when I was a kid and I really started I was trying to get huge as I get a little older. Not a lot older but a little older. I want to stay strong and functional and healthy. And it's a very important part. I kind of regiment my time based around it which is why it's very challenging to get beyond shows that in all my time. But yeah I still workout you know. Right now we're going on five days a week. Generally it's like two three and it's very important.

I think it's one of those shoulders that you need in your life to keep progressing in whatever goal you are setting out to accomplish. So it's super super important. And right now I'm doing like a strong strength so powerlifting regimen written by a dude named Johnny Cândido so I'm pretty excited about that new unstimulating. And yeah I think it doesn't have to be anything as complicated as that. It can be as simple as just moving around for a job. So I'm going to kettlebell. But yeah it's super super to me. Pretty obviously.

But yeah yeah I kind of figured out the answer would lend go that way being that that's what you represent. And I've seen you in person very fit and that's the thing not everybody who works out gets big it's a genetic thing as well as you really have to want to get big. You really have to get big. You need to supplement nutrition protein powders and all the things that get you to that massive size. We have a parallel there A.J.. When I was young that was my goal as well was to get them big and everybody wanted to be on hold. Back then found that my gosh just takes a long time to see even a millimeter of of change in my arm. What is going on. And so similarly I'm in.

I mean I don't I don't want to call it preservation mode but it's it's continuing to be productive mode where I work out and I'm doing it more carefully now that I'm 54 joints and things are not what they once were. And so I don't need to lift a stack of weights when I'm doing a press with a seated leg press. And I'm not there to impress anybody except to impress myself that I can get through without getting injured. So take things slower easier but I found recently I'm now lifting more weight than I ever have in my life just because I've taken a much different tack to it. I didn't just go after it you know like Arnold and it's interesting how that occurs. And it's fun it's fun to get through it and then like you said it's the it's the foundation right. The endorphins. It's the biggest natural high you could ever get. And it's legal. Yeah. So why not do it. And it doesn't cost that much. You could do it for free in your home like like you just saying just move right.

Yeah yeah. You know to add to that I. The main reason I still workout obviously when I was younger I wanted to be Jack huge.

And that was that I would say the reason I've continued to do it is more for mental health than anything. That's why I would encourage other people to do it. Like sure you want to not be overweight. Sure you maybe want to have abs but maybe you know protecting your mental health especially in a world where we're seeing everybody at their behest or at their most Photoshop or whatever. Right. And the best time of day for them it's really for me important to be able to work on something that's sort of just for me that like you said boosts your endorphins but also gives you measurable progress. So that stuff carries over like growly in one area of your life carries over and everything else your business and your personal relationships and all that are equally important. So yeah and that's the main reason I I would recommend it to people and this is that's my motivation behind it.

I love that. And yes it creates a momentum if you will. Like you said if you increase in any area like if it's physical then you're going to be helping yourself in all of the other areas. If it's if it's mental you're going to be helping yourself in all the other areas it all feeds each other and that's the beautiful thing about all three. The mind body in business in any of the. And all of those areas. Any improvement will affect positively the other two. That's an amazing thing. And when it comes to business I know that you work extremely hard A.J. I know your schedule is jam packed and sometimes certain things have to give way in order for the business to still thrive. It just it's a fact of life. Sacrifices must be made as we go through our entrepreneurial lives. And I don't know if that ever does stop to a full degree or a full amount of sacrifices but sometimes there are times where for me for instance that work out that I make a priority in my life. You have a life event come up you just simply can't do it. There's something that's more important a family issue whatever. So those things happen. But more to the point when you're building a business and you don't own it for the long term and you're building a successful business. I know the sacrifices I've made over my life. I'm curious. And this brings in like the human element if you will. None of us are perfect but what kind of sacrifices would you say you've had to make along the way to become a successful entrepreneur.

Yeah the sacrifices I've had to make. That's a good question. You know you kind of told me that you were going to ask me that earlier and I still not sure I have a perfect answer but I'll do my best. I think I mean you have to kind of sacrifice your certainty for a minute is a really big thing is you. That's why people are a lot of people don't want to start companies right. They they get rid of all of their certainty especially if they've never done it before. And so that's kind of a sacrifice you have to make. You obviously invest in your own business.

I mean that's an obvious one it shouldn't really be worth mentioning but I'll do it just in case like if you're not willing to invest in a business. Long term I gots and see what it can do for you. You're going to have a hard time being successful because you're you're hoping essentially to strike oil and your first swing of the axe. So I don't I don't know that that is maybe what I've sacrificed. I think what I really really actually sacrificed is kind of old beliefs and my ego and even old relationships that I used to have. I think the friends and people you surround yourself with really impact what your life is going to look like and if it's even if it's just being reminded of where they're at potentially in their life. I think and this certainly isn't everybody but a lot of the people in my life before I had made it. Whatever that means were often stuck in a sort of a victim hood you know kind of blaming the world for their failure. And even if you don't believe that if you're hearing it all time it's hard to not internalize it. So I had a really separate myself from anybody who has anything really that was working against where I wanted to go. My life at the time and I had to distance myself. And that's not just with likely relationships like I stopped watching any TV that game you like put me in a bad mood. I started reading I stopped eating or drinking alcohol that made me feel sad. And so really you have to be willing to jump into a new life that you want in your life right. So that's that's where I always think about when it comes to sacrificing and that's what I would highly advise anybody who is considering or stock like examine the influences in your life and think about if you want to hold on to them.

Amazing. I so hope that everyone watching live listening afterward on a podcast or watching the recording video is taking notes right now again every time I bring on one of these guests another amazing one right here the goal that he just dug out of the ground and handed to you is insurmountable. All this I've never heard this one before. Maybe it's very common. But A.J. I love when you said sacrifice your certainty. Man that hits home and I know everybody watching it. I am because there is no such thing as certainty comes to running your own business. You can be more certain in certain things if you follow words of advice like from people like this guy right here. A.J. Definitely. And read the books. And do you know put in the work and the effort and research and study and practice and fail over and over and then invest in your business. Yeah it is an obvious one but I'm glad you mentioned that. Definitely invest if you're not willing to invest so many people want to start a business for free. How many ads do we see no money off to sell like then. It's not a business sorry. And they're probably not telling the truth just to be honest. And then the positive sacrifices. I love how you went from you know sacrificing something that actually felt like to something that when you do sacrifice it it does maybe initially at the for a very short period time it feels. But you're actually taking yourself to a more positive space and that's when he said sacrificing relationships

Old beliefs and old ego. That's powerful stuff. Ladies and gentlemen that are watching and listening right now. These are positive sacrifices these are sacrifices made for the good. In fact I would venture to say I wouldn't even call them sacrifices right. I love how you you. You did that A.J. that's a great reframe of how you termed it a sacrifice because at the very beginning it is because you're sacrificing your old your old way of life it doesn't feel good. It's a struggle sometimes. You have beliefs there your beliefs and you're trying to change your beliefs for the better. It doesn't happen that quick. Most of the time your ego. Oh my gosh. We'll have that and that definitely takes time and we all still have some degree of ego. And it's always a constant iteration of working on releasing that ego more and more and more. So yeah this is people. This is gold. Write this stuff down. Keep it in a notebook and watch every show and write a ton of notes and keep it in one notebook. I would recommend that something you can go back to time and time again. And thank you. Thank you A.J.. That was just off the charts.

Thank you. You're glad it's helpful.

Oh man. That's the thing I noticed working with you with your team.

So you know the culture of a company. It all starts at the top and at the moment I met you. You were the top. You were the CEO you were the guy running everything. It's been a while since we've connected. I don't know if that changed any but you are the man at the top. You were the face of the company. You were the voice of the company and I noticed that that permeated everyone that worked in your company. I mean everyone told you this before that your your culture your mindset it positively affected your the people that worked with you and for you. And it came out in their words and their in their behaviors and their

Emotions everything and how they handled life's ordeals which some of them had life ordeals going on when I was working with them. And so you're a very. Positive individual. Any time I see you and I've seen you you know behind the curtain so to speak you know when the stage has been cleared at an event and we're you know just chatting walking down the street going to lunch you're always positive. So when it comes to maintaining a positive productive and successful mindset like you have what are some specific things that you do on a regular basis that help you sustain that.

So I'm happy to answer that one.

I think on touch on you talking about my team which was really nice I appreciate that I don't deserve the credit for a hook for their amazing work ethic and the amount of productivity and passion and positivity that they have. Maybe the only thing I did correctly is say yes it would be of course wonderful to have you here but it is not often many of those people I didn't even higher. So it is not a me thing. It is that they are amazing people and I happened to be working with them which is really good but I certainly wouldn't want to credit him making a positive culture. I know I contribute I'm not being degrading. I know I contribute to it. But it is because they are all such amazing people who really care about what they're doing and having a huge amount of integrity and their work ethic is insane. So it's very little. Certainly I contribute and I am part of it but I am not the reason that there are amazing people there amazing people have their own reason for being amazing like they are. They are amazing this is independent of me. I'm just fortunate enough to have them in my organization.

Very awesome. Yeah. I've seen a lot of organizations over my life both in corporate world and outside. And you definitely do have an influence on them. You may not.

I mean to me make it sound like you created them and who they are.

Definitely you have to come to the table with some great qualities there's no doubt. You certainly do have an influence because what you find or what I find is people actually start talking the same way that the leader talks using the same words even to the point of using similar inflections on their voice. It's pretty amazing how that happens. And all that's good especially in this case and so yeah and this is the way Jay is he's always deflecting the praise off of himself and putting it back onto his team. Another great quality of a great leader and he'll probably say no that's not me that's them doing it but that's a great quality of a great leader he's very humble very humble and an amazing guy. So I hope you're taking notes and listening and learning about that as well. And you know it's it's something that to be said of your level of success A.J. you wouldn't be where you are with multimillion dollar agency with multiple gyms with all the success you're currently bringing to the table unless you did something right and did a lot of things right. And I know it didn't happen overnight. I know there were mistakes made. I mean I get it.

It takes a lot of time and effort and it takes consistent continual effort to continually change to be creative what you do.

You do all of those things and you know so there's a certain limit that a lot of people will go to say well I'm going to succeed at all costs or I'm going to succeed up to a point where it will cost me this or sacrifice that for you personally. How far would you say you would be willing to go to go to that next level because you've reached success. So I don't want to say how far you are willing to go to succeed but how far are you willing to go to take it to the next level so you can serve more people and then thereby make a bigger movement and help more people become fit and healthy as a result.

So I think like that's an interesting question. I think you know having audacity and really wanting to go after as a really good quality I think your resilience certainly needs to be high.

If you're going to continue and continue to aspire to more and having that growth sort of mindset and that that vibe about you it's going to lead you to continue growing. I don't know if there's a like a threshold you need to have to succeed. I think one of the things you do have to do which is going to sound a little whatever are like wishes you need to really like Believe in yourself. I know that sounds like such stupid dumb basic advice but so many people like they believe in themselves for a moment and then they see all the challenges of starting a company which there are going to be challenges. We all have this uninformed optimism before we start Izmit and then when we were in it we have a little bit of Inforum pessimism because we're like oh no we have to do work. And this is going to happen. This is going to happen and getting through that and being able to internalize that you're gonna make this happen or something better. And just kind of almost accepting that I think puts you in a position where you start behaving as such and leads to your success. And at a minimum it's going to come across in how you communicate with people and potential co-workers and potential clients. Yars so I don't know I think internalizing that like it's almost already happened. I know that's very rude. But putting it out there a little bit and caring so much wishing for it but also internalizing it and caring yourself. Has worked for me and work for people smarter than me. So that's that's what I would share in that.

That's perfect right down right down the middle of mind and mindset. You know it's about you know believing in yourself is an artifact of confidence and I think you even said that word. And it also brings with it for you a level of certainty that go with it. It increases that level of certainty say hey I did it. And one of the things that I think is also very important especially when not even just when you're first starting out but throughout your entire life of your business is to bring on someone to help you a coach a mentor and yes invest in that.

Pay money for that because the amount of money you spend on that will reap rewards far beyond what you pay. Will pay you manyfold you'll be told and get get the feedback you need and deserve to know up at another level.

I was so fortunate to work with my mentor for those years I was talking about the amount of feedback I got from not only the mentor himself but his team that he trained. There is no price tag he put to that none and it's been it did nothing but changed my life much faster. I got much higher much quicker as a result. And you just you have to like like Id already said is sacrifice your ego. You know you get that ego out of the way so you can take this advice you can take these feedback. Sometimes it doesn't feel good when you get the feedback. They're basically telling you you're wrong at something. So get used to. I could not wait. I got used to it. I could not wait to be told I was wrong. I felt empty if I didn't get feedback after speaking on stage of it just. It's very very paramount and I know being a coach himself AJ knows exactly how to get the best out of himself and his people. And so here's a guy right here. You want to connect with someone will give you a way to connect with him later and if you're in the fitness industry especially more. More specifically definitely reach out to AJ and his team and he'll send it down the right path so you can get your business excelling at a higher level than it is right now.

So Mann notes notes notes so when it comes to so there's one thing you know it's one. It means one thing to become successful you know means a different thing to so many people. What is success. I don't know. I mean to one person it may be one to another another but you know we all get that. There are certain levels we set goals. I want to make certain amount of money by this point and this year I want to have impacted so many people and serve so many people by this time this month in year. And you've been at this for some time A.J. this isn't just you know you started this three months ago. You've been doing this for some time and you know that takes a degree of larger degree of stick to it Ines a thicker skin or resiliency like you said. So and maybe already answered the question but maybe you can enhance on that is what is the best way that you see there is to achieve long term success not just short term but long term sustained success.

Yeah that's an interesting question. Wow that's a good question. How do you get long term success. I think you have to think long term is probably the first thing right. Also oftentimes people compare themselves to other people all the time. And I get it you don't have anybody else to measure if you're doing good or bad right. But staying focused on just moving the needle a little bit every day is likely going to serve you a lot more. It's just like with S or anything else. Right. You don't if you're 100 pounds overweight and go to the gym. Don't compare yourself to the bodybuilder. Just compare yourself to your yesterday and try to get a little bit better. I think with business sometimes we see people who

Are quote more successful whatever that means right. Maybe they make more money than you and so you think you need to just do what they're doing and you need to catch up to them because. Because right maybe it don't make you feel fulfilled. But we think what is it all for right. Because we often get into entrepreneurship because we want a certain amount of control over what our lifestyle looks like and how much money we have. It's to some degree you know we abandoned short term surgery for maybe long term certainty and the ability to make money. But then what is it all even for. Like what. What are you doing or are you doing it so that you can travel. You know I have a client who their main outcome is just they want to be able to travel. So their goal is a lot different than somebody who was like I want to start like the greatest personal training chain of all time and I want to license this out of 100 locations. And you know it I think it has to have a real meaning because once you reach a level of no longer needing to be filled by let's say money buy whatever you want you're going to need something else to stimulate you and Bill you and I would highly encourage all people all entrepreneurs and all people to find it in something besides their job.

And I know we all work our passions and that's cool but you should also have things in your personal life that are awesome because you can't find your entire fulfillment in life and your. Because then if you're having a bad day or a sad day. Right. Like I've gone through bouts of depression. Right. And if I would have been connected to my business then my business would have tanked. Right. And I've seen this happen to friends of mine who implode their own business because literally they're depressed million dollar businesses destroyed because. So making sure you're fulfilled in your personal life as well as your business is running the way it's supposed to and being clear on what the long term outcome for your life is not comparing yourself. Those are all things that are going to really serve you if you want long term success. In my experience maybe my opinion will be changed five to 10 years. But as it is now that's when I've learned that serves me.

And as we grow our own opinions do change. I've noticed that not just to myself but others as well that you know as you grow and you learn and you take the next step in a different set of challenges comes in front of you that you need to address and react to. And that's a good point. Is to have what. Oftentimes I hear the word balance you know more balance in your life like you know I love love what I do. And you know oftentimes that could be a vicious thing because I want to continue to go back to it. And I thought Wait I got to I've got to shut down. I've got to go I've got to go see my wife and have dinner with her and spend time with her. And you know it's not like I need to be reminded of it. But there are times where I'm going so hard and so fast and loving every second that time will elude me. And so now I've got schedules and alarms and things going to to remind me to say because I've been on this path. You know the same thing where you were saying how depressed lost multimillion dollar companies.

I almost lost my marriage as a result of my idiotic idiot Iddi idiot ness. I don't know. Yeah. And it was on me. A hundred percent on me. He got ridiculously stupid on my part and that's just something I went through. Thank the Lord that my wife stuck it through that she told me and we've we've come through it and I love her more than I've ever loved during my life. I was many years ago and we're going strong and I can't be more fortunate. So I really really really resonated with me A.J.. So thank you for that. Because a lot of people will not. They'll discount the fact that there is a personal aspect to their life when it comes to success. There is also there's business and there's personal. In my humble opinion. I think they need both. So that was phenomenal. I'm not going to throw a little teaser at you and if it takes a second or two to come up with an answer that's cool. Dead dead air time can actually be very positive for a reason it's curious and it may come to immediately

If you were to think of just a single word. Now that you are where you are the success you've achieved the triumphs the failures the everything that goes with it. In one word how would you characterize yourself your life

As an entrepreneur.

Not. Probably just like I don't know the word of all comes to mind. I like that word. I like the idea of just getting one percent better every day. So evolve is likely the word I would choose. Growth also came to mind but that kind of was covered by it just focusing on you getting better and in all areas. Right. And in all situations. Right. May have to improve your personal life. You may have to improve your Russian alive. There are certain aspects within your own business that may you continue to grow in at all. And you also have to evolve as the market changes. Live your life now. Right. Everything is going so fast that if you're not adaptable and ready to do all of that to the new coming changes you're going to be left behind. Like so many entire industries not just companies industries are happening to them now. So that's probably the one word that comes to mind right now. You asked me a week from now it may not be the same but as it is right now that's been pretty important.

Yes that's a great one evolve. That's all encompassing and you started by saying helping others. I don't know if you caught that you started with outside of yourself and. That's one key component. Another pattern I've seen develop for those who are at a level of success that's higher than just a minor level is always about others first when it comes to you know being successful. That the mindset always seems to go outside of themselves like you and you're always looking to help others. And I notice that that's a key trait of successful entrepreneurs that they serve others. That's their goal. That's that's what drives them that's what gets them to wake up in the morning. You started by opening up gyms in the fitness arena. Right. And that was I would just assume that was there to help people become healthier that you wanted to see people and help them to become healthier and whatever their goals were if they wanted to lose weight if they just want to feel better if they wanted to get big and massive. But the end result was they were going to feel better and you serve them. That's what I love about you A.J. and others like you that I've interviewed that you're always about serving others first before you think about anything for yourself. I mean perfect example is when you were saying that it's not I'm not the reason my team is amazing they're amazing because they came in that way and. That's another trait of successful leadership and successful entrepreneurship. So. I just want to make that point because I hear it over and over and over. It's phenomenal. OK let's have some fun. We're having a lot of fun already. Let's have some more fun. If you were actually conducting this interview yourself what question might you come up with that you think would be interesting that you would ask of yourself so if that were coming from me. What question would you want to have asked that you think it would be beneficial.

Yeah I like asking people what their biggest mistakes have been. Just talking about failure earlier rhyolite you learn a lot from failing. I think you know the only thing that stops us from failing faster failing more often is our ego or insecurity or barriers of looking bad.

But I think a question I often ask often I pretty sure have asked almost all my mentors and guides and colleagues people that I respect is you know what mistakes have been made lately like what's the what and what mistakes have you made long ago that I can hopefully avoid because you shortcut years of your life by not making the same mistakes others are. So that's a question I really like asking people. And yeah that would be a question I'd be fine answering if you're interested.

Yes so now I like to turn the table and actually ask that of you. So what would you say you can say some time ago or recently what what is some of the biggest mistakes or one big mistake that crosses your mind that you've made that will benefit others by not doing the same thing.

Sure. So again this is maybe an obvious one but I think for the people who are potentia who are who are watching and who will potentially watch a replay. The biggest mistake I think is not taking your dream or your business or your goals super serious. Right. And I mean that in lots of ways like oftentimes OK for me. Right.

I had my Gem's and I struggled for years before I was very successful with them. And the reason I struggled is because I was afraid to bust my guts because I didn't want to. Like I wasn't taking seriously basically even though I had the businesses I had two locations that were both barely making money at first rate. I wouldn't invest with different companies are different. You know yes I've hired consultants and mentors and stuff like that. And I waited for a long time to take action on those things and you know some of those things that I used were really great and some of them weren't so great. But even the ones that weren't great coming closer to about what eventually helped me break Earl. And so. If you have a business and you're stock like don't don't just stay stock and expect it to change right. That's the definition of insanity. Like we've heard a bunch of times is repeating something over and over again and expecting something to change.

So don't be afraid to ask for help and don't ask for help that's appropriate with your level of success like if you're training somebody out of your garage. It's your first time. I was going to trainers that's who I mostly work with. You train somebody out of your garage just got sort. I have no clients like three months right. If you have a gym and you don't want to get clients up 20 in one hundred you'd have to hire somebody to help you do that. Maybe a consultant maybe agency maybe your clients aren't getting results maybe get some certification or have a specialist come in and train you.

So like just looking at the obvious problems and not being afraid to invest time energy or resources of them that was a big mistake I made that took you know it cost me some time. I would have been mishear faster had I moved sooner and that's the one that's like the biggest mistake that I don't make it as much anymore. And so I think a lot of times we get stuck and paralyzed in inaction.

So just pick a direction and kind of go because even if it's the wrong direction at least you now know that it's the wrong direction and you're getting a lot closer to getting to where you are go where you want to be.

Yes so not taking action is what I read into that which was definitely means another one that rings really true with me as well as until gosh six or seven years ago I didn't I was not an action taker and then I learned actually through an LP that helped me to become an action taker went through a process similar to the one I actually took your audience through there A.J. back some time in Southern California on stage which basically releases and we call it fear. But it's really that resistance. It's not the fear of fight or flight or scared of something it's really the resistance of you know that little devil that pops up on your shoulder says Hey you're not worthwhile doing this or what are you. What are you thinking you're going to invest money on this. That's crazy. You know that voice. Well that took that voice completely off. It just flew off. And from that day forward I've been able to take action easily and effortlessly as long as I know it's going to be good for me I think. You know you never know. We don't have a crystal ball but if you take no action you will go nowhere. I just made that up that's pretty good. A trademark that. And so take notes. And I'm not going to tell you doing. I don't do. This is from tonight. This is just from tonight listening to A.J. I keep all of these in a file.

This is gold. And I appreciate you beyond measure for coming on. I know you're very very busy. And it's just amazing to have you to listen to you. This is the longest you and I have ever had a chance to actually converse in one sitting which is really the reason I did this just so you can feel it there. Yes I'm a stocker baby. So there's one more question I want to ask you before we close out the show A.J. And it's a heavy hitting one and it's one that I've asked all of the preceding guests the same question and it's a doozy.

And so again if this one takes you some time to come up with the answer. Not a problem. I know folks will wait for it and they will be really leaning in and interested to see what your answer is to it. And before we get into that real quick again for those of you watching live this is that time. We're going to show you how you can win that amazing vacations states five night vacation stay at a five star resort in Mexico again brought to you by Powertech income. So let me give you how to enter to get a chance to win this amazing amazing prize. There's two ways one is just go to the website they see on your screen. It's called reach your peak L.L.C. dot com Forche slash vacation. And just remember that vacation just as you see it on the screen is all lowercase. The rest of that you URL or website address. It doesn't matter of the case but just take it in with vacation lowercase. Alternatively you can text the word peek. That's PJAK to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again that's text the word peak. PJAK 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Go ahead and do that right now and will either announce it right before we close a show or a little after. I'll do that on Facebook connect with you. I'll have your your number to text you back and we will announce the winner publicly. It will be amazing and fun. All right go ahead do that. Do that now and then come back. Because now we've got

That amazing question that A.J. sitting there going oh my goodness what the heck is Brian going to ask. I have no idea. The cool thing is every single person so I bring on the best of the best onto the show. I kid you not. And there isn't a single one of them. I see them right now I'm looking into HA's eyes. I looked into the previous guest size not a single one of them seemed fazed in any way because they are so true themselves they have a character they have integrity. They don't care. Bring it.

Whatever the question is I will handle it and that's what I love about what I get to do on this show. I get the most amazing people. And so I know I've let you down this path for a while. Jane you're probably going Come on get to the day in question already. And now to take the pressure off for everyone watching for you A.J. free listening is there is no wrong answer to this question. It's impossible to answer it incorrectly cannot cannot do that because the only correct answer. The only correct answer is yours A.J. it's yours. So that just took all the pressure off you can relax and take a deep breath and. No you don't need to because you're not fazed. Look at him he's relaxed already he's almost asleep look at him. So A.J. Rivera here it comes. Are you ready for it. I'm ready. A.J. Rivera how do you how do you personally define success.

How do I define success.

No it's a good question. I think I probably define success as just you know kind of like what we were talking earlier. Getting a little bit better every day. I don't think it's as arbitrary.

Being that we aim for. And you know people like to set arbitrary numbers like six figures seven figures eight years and you know I have some friends and colleagues who hit seven figures or a figures and then they kind of look at me. We all you know they look at me they look at each other and they're like What do you do now. Right. So it's going to be different for every single person. I think what's important is that you're just getting better and using what you're good at or whatever that is. It doesn't always have to be like it's definitely not just money. Like I don't think somebody who makes a million dollars is more successful than somebody who makes me a million now or whatever. We each have our own sort of definitions for what we want our lives to look like your greatest success in your life might be raising children who are terrible. Right. Like that's pretty hard to do. And and so that might be something your or you could qualify as a successful life. Your goal may be to have a yacht. Yes. And that might be cool. I think overall as long as you're growing instead of shriveling up and not growing and that would be that's what's important to me getting a little bit better every single day and serving other people and watching them get better too. It's personally where I find my own fulfillment. While I love succeeding whatever that is. I love watching my clients and my co-workers. Succeed as well. That is what really stimulates me personally and when I see them happy all of them and them thriving that for me it feels like I'm succeeding. True to form every single show

I told you this before the show A.J. that not one of you two to this day has answered that question the same way. And that's why I said the only good the only right answer is your answer. And I took notes on that as I always do on each of. This is for me this is the biggest question of them all the crescendo. I mean we we went through a lot of great unbelievable value tonight and this is the cap.

This is it. This is the icing on the cake. I know. Don't eat cake. We're in fitness and getting a little bit better every day and then you you. You bookended that with using what you're good at to serve people. And see that's again we already talked about this earlier on the show that's one of the common threads I've seen through all successful entrepreneurs is that words serve to serve others and and also true to form is something you did not say it was

For you personally and that was you actually said quote unquote. It's not about money. And that means for you it's not about money it may be for some people that's one other a common thread amongst everyone I've interviewed thus far not a single entrepreneur on this show yet has to say that money of any kind. Like six figures eight figures was their definition of success. Doesn't mean that's wrong. Absolutely not. It just means that was their answer and that that you and those values serving others more than money because it's money necessary. Absolutely. Is that important. Yes. The thing is is what drives people like A.J. It's not that it's serving others that will produce the money. And as that money comes in that gives them the ability to serve more and the scale it's business larger and to help more people. That is what I love about what I get to do is in her interview people amazing folks like A.J.. It's just phenomenal. And so before we let you go A.J. And I appreciate you for sticking on a little bit longer. Just a couple minutes. And that is what is the best way for folks to get in contact with you and please be respectful of this when he gives you contact information. Especially you know he's he's a busy man and he's primarily in the realm of helping fitness professionals build their businesses so that you then that's probably a good fit to reach out to A.J. and I'll leave it up to A.J. to screen out if others come that are not looking for that but want advice in other areas. Maybe you have a business I'm unaware of that you can help in other areas. So I don't want to also filter that. So what is the best way for folks to get in touch with you A.J. is at Facebook text or e-mail.

Yeah I mean they can you can go to Major Garrett dot com you can go to pro hero dot com. You can go to the for pro hero Facebook page and you can find me on Facebook and stage everywhere any one of those things work.

And you know we have people whether it's me or somebody else who responds pretty quickly to all. So yeah if you want. There's no other websites up for you to Wall Street guides on how to get leads for germ free trainings that you can just devour. Yeah those those are all over there.

So yes I mention that one of the things he does is over deliver. I did mention that I definitely did. But I get videos and e-mails from you all the time and they're all value packed in Europe standing on white boards or flip charts or actual PowerPoint or you're just walking on the beach given nuggets. I love it all. So this is a guy you want to follow if you're in the fitness industry.

I kid you not. So reach out to him reach out to his team and don't be disappointed if you don't get to him directly just be persistent and be professional when you do that. That's my request of you because I love this guy. All right well that's it for our show there my friend A.J. Rivera. Thank you once again. So so very much for coming on. I appreciate you my man.

Brian is an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for having me.

Absolutely and all of you watching listening to live on the recording later. We thank you as well for joining us. For The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show that is it for now we are going to check out of here we'll see you again on the next show. Next time be blessed everyone.

So long for now thank you for watching and listening.

This is beyond the mind Poggi visit show with prime Kerry.

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