Special Guest Expert - Alex Branning

Special Guest Expert - Alex Branning

Welcome to the mind body business three keys to your success. Is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Hey there welcome welcome welcome to the next edition of the mind body business show my my my.

You picked a wonderful night to tune in because of our guest expert. This young man is going to rock your socks off. It's a good day to be alive. It is a good day to be alive but I'm especially excited because this man brings so much experience and talent to the table he has a thriving business and a full employee base. You find very few entrepreneurs these days at least in the circles I walk that have that kind of established business a successful business one that can run literally when the boss man isn't there and will actually touch on that a little bit on this show but before I bring on this amazing amazing gentleman the mind body business show. What is that all about. Well in my walk of life through entrepreneurship through many events networking events reading books meeting experts multimillionaires face to face. I started noticing certain patterns developed for those who had actually achieved that level of success that I aspired to achieve. And those were those three things the mind which is mindset. You'll hear this time and time again. In fact if you go look at our past shows all are available if you go look at our past shows and listen to those you will notice the same thing there's a pattern with every guest I brought on. They're all successful and every single one of them always without fail ultimately talks about mindset and the importance of it and working on it and making a powerful mindset reprogramming your mind. Another component is body. Now this one is not that often discussed. I noticed that it is growing a bit but one of the keys to our ultimate success ultimate success is to take care of your body and that is by exercise nutrition and you know your mind and body are a team.

Your mind and body are your team and if any team member is not pulling its weight. If you think of a baseball team football team any kind of team then the entire team suffers doesn't it. And it's no different with your mind and your body. So it's all about becoming an optimum human being. And then there's business of course. For business this is what the show is about as entrepreneurs a show by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and if you are really you've mastered sales marketing and systems building systems in your business and you're doing very very good. If you haven't mastered all three then there's room for improvement. And I'm of the opinion there's always room for improvement in all three areas and the key for this show is to help you to operate at that peak level of performance every single day every single night all the time. That's why I named the company reach your peak. And another amazing tip I was given it was a gift many years ago from a mentor a multimillionaire. I was literally in his office. It's a long story it's on a website you'll see in a moment. He flew me out to his office. I stayed there a couple of days. We had some talks in his big massive corner office. It was amazing. And he said Brian if only people did this one thing if they only knew. They just did this one thing they would all be incredibly rich and successful. Just this one thing I like. I'm in. Come on tell me what it is.

And he turned around and he walked back to the wall behind him and there stood a cabinet with a couple of doors and went floor to ceiling very large cabinet. He looked back as the swings the door's open and all I could see was shelf after shelf of books on both sides all the way up just like you see behind me all on business and personal development. And he said if people would just read and read the right books then they wouldn't have the issues they're having today and you can't see them but I can guess the guest expert he's nodding in agreement right now.

And with that what I want to do a segue into something I call a bookmarks section of the show and what that is is I love to listen to audible. That is my way of reading books and one great way to read books is when I'm in the car. I have nothing else to do except pay attention to the road of course which I do that very well. But what a great time to add productivity to your day when normally you could not do that. And so while I'm driving along and listening to these amazing incredible books I have the ability because of the application the app on the phone has this little icon that looks like a bookmark. If I hear something I like and I know I want to go back to it. I just tap it and instantly it sets a bookmark and I can go back to it and play it back. And so I said hey why not just do this on the show.

Play a little snippet of a very you know very high intensity great value snippet of a book. It's a little it's about a minute in length. So we're going to switch over to a session I call

Bookmarks bookmarks Fornes you read bookmarks.

Ready steady breed bookmarks. Brought to you by reach your peak library Dakang

Yes Richard library dot com you see that over here and now please stay with us on this show if you're watching live even if you're watching the recording don't head over there yet. Just take notes. I would highly recommend you take notes especially when I bring on our guest expert especially then reach your peak library dot com. What I did was over the course of time I began reading a lot of books voraciously I have over 40 books that I decided to put on this Web site. They're not every book I've read. They're just the ones that had a profound impact in one way or another. It could have been one chapter it could have been one paragraph one bookmark. That was a game changer if that was the case it's in here and there for you. They're here for you. You click those links they go straight to audible Amazon for you to purchase. It's just a service for you by an entrepreneur so that you can filter this as a filter for you so you can look at these books and start here.

And then as you go beyond these then you can start asking other entrepreneur friends what books they recommend. So it's just a way to save you time in picking up books that may not be you know all that. And so what I want to do is jump in to the actual book Mark I've chosen for tonight. And that's from a book called go for no. By Richard Fenton and Andrea waltz. And in this section this book mark it talks about the importance of you know when we were talking about sales. Everyone most of the people I run into their importance that they set on sales or how many yeses did you get. Well in this book it's amazing. He talks about the exact opposite and what you want to do is go for knows when you're going to sales. And so let's expand on that just a little bit by having the author himself talking about the concept of failure. So listen in. It'll take about a minute and then we'll bring on our guest expert right afterward. Here we go.

Failure was the halfway mark on the road to success not a destination to be avoided but rather a stepping stone to get what I really wanted. Most people get to the sign marked failure and they figure they're going in the wrong direction. They turn around and head back home. They think that success must be back in the other way but it's not. It's straight ahead. I read somewhere he continued on that great leaders never used the word failure. Instead they use words like mistake or glitch or setback. This is silly. It's counterproductive. The word fail may have four letters in it but it's not a four letter word. But when people use cute substitutes they treat it as if it were. We tried but we hit a glitch. Give me a break. Just say you failed. What's the big deal is that so hard. No wonder everybody on the planet thinks failing is something to be avoided at all costs because we sugarcoat it and dance around it and talk about it as if it were death.

Isn't that true so often we as human beings we try to sugarcoat so many things in our lives to make it feel better when in fact the very exact opposite thing is what we need to do to give us that virtual kick in the butt to right the ship. We've gotten very soft as a community. In my humble opinion and we're trying to cover everything with oh it's okay you'll do better next time. The best advice I've ever gotten is when it's direct and right between the eyeballs and they're telling me you messed up.

Let's correct that and they do it with love. If you do is love then you're going to serve somebody much better. And speaking of love that's what my next guest Esber is all about. He's smiling ear to ear you can't see him right now. I can is an amazing guy. And on that note. Without further ado let's bring him on up. Here we go with the guest expert spotlight

It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional and deft trained basically qualified.

There he is. There he is the man himself. This is Mr. Alex Branigin my man. Real quick.

Alex is a happily married happily married to his wife. He's also a happily married man and his wife's name is Cathy and they have one daughter named Ali. They are foster parents. They are amazing people. These these two are amazing and have had five little girls in their home. It's just awesome. He and his family moved to Redding California last summer and have loved it so far. Alex owns a marketing agency called the Branning group that serves over 300 clients. Now this doesn't do it any justice. We're going to get deeper into this because it goes way far deeper than this. You're going to be pretty impressed as I am with what Alex has put together before we go to the real quick. Watch this show all the way to the end. If you're watching live watch it all the way to the end for a chance to win a complimentary stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico compliments of power texting dotcom and just be sure to stay on the air and we'll tell you how you can enter to win that. Now without further ado my man Alex.

This is him right here right next to me. Hey how are you doing Alex. How are things going. Maybe if you don't mind tell people a little bit about yourself. Expand on what I just said and then let us know what are you up to these days.

Yeah thank you so much Brian I'm stoked to be here. You know it's hard to describe me as always are. So you have to like step out of yourself to describe yourself. But I. My passion in life is to help family first entrepreneurs make the most of their time and talent by helping them implement technology and marketing that automates the business gets the message out into the world and helps them impact as many people as possible.

We do that by helping entrepreneurs build new Web sites set up marketing systems implement technology to automate a lot of their business like what we've done here Brinegar and identify revenue streams.

They have not yet tapped into and he's built a thriving business around and has been doing it for quite some time.

How long have you been in business again with the branding group 17 years I started when I was 17. It'll be my 18th anniversary I will officially have been doing the Branning group for longer than I have not been doing the breeding group come December 18.

So that sounds like a day that sounds like a celebration time for me yeah it's going to get super stoked. I'm very blessed to do what I do.

I have a great team of guys around me guys and gals and we just love what we do man. As you said we helped hundreds of businesses all over the nation. Right. Drive grow and thrive you go.

New word. I love it. That's a new marketing buzzword.

You help you drive growth and maybe a new book title right. Right. Speaking of books I think I know the answer to this but would you consider yourself to be an avid reader. Absolutely yes.

If so so you are. What book are you reading now or what was the last book you read.

Yeah. So one of the things that I think too many people don't do is read read books that had a big impact on them in the past. And so right now I am really reading two different books. I'm in the middle of expert secrets by Russell Brunson which is awesome I'm actually I love the book so much prime actually doing an online book club for free entrepreneurs all over the world are jumping in and starting next Tuesday or this coming Tuesday we'll be going over one chapter at a time about what we're learning and actually implemented together as a group.

So it's going to be fun. And then I'm also rereading a book by a gentleman named Dana GERITZ called Dream 100 which was a concept that Chad Holmes mentioned in his book The Ultimate sales machine which is the richer people library. And Jane it was really deep in the operating system about building your business around 3 100 and growing your business through power partner relationships which is really exciting. And I'm tapping into that so that's a new thing that we'll be doing focusing on this year is really tapping into our power partners and figuring out ways that as a team we can grow together.

Fantastic. You're one of the first. You are the first guest expert I've had on that actually brought up the topic of re reading books and that is. Isn't that amazing. It's so true because you know I've read books more than once before. And you just said it you pick up things differently it's like well wait a minute. Can I learn more of the second time I read it. How is that possible. Did the pages change. Were there words that were modified. What the heck changed.

Well the reality is it was you meet each person. And so it's amazing how how your eyes and ears open up to new things that aren't new that were there all along but because you had experience that once probably implemented some of the advice through the book and now because of that your eyes and ears are open to the next.

It's amazing how that works. I appreciate you bringing that up because it's very important that if you find a book that you really you really love that that really had impact on you.

For me that would be like 10x rule it would be the first one that comes to my head. And what I mean that's a game changer it's a challenging book. It challenges me because then I think OK I need to step up my game this guy's rock rocking it so love that. Love it. And then your book club real quick. Do you have a way or a name or is it on Facebook. How can people find that.

Great question. Right now I don't know that it was going to be so popular and so I just made a post on my Facebook page. If you go to my Alex Branning Facebook page I listed like Hey I'm doing this book club. You guys want to take part in it. Here's the link you can join my group. I've got maybe 10 people and we get dozens of people I think it's up to 40 maybe 50 now. So if you go to my Alex braining page there's a post there with a link that is as much marketing as I said it last night. It just kind of blew up it took on a life style. So that's where you can find that. But I do want to make a prime real quick for Bluebox. The next point you hit on the head. I think this is what I tell my clients when we push ourselves to read a new book every week every month. Such what we're doing is we are training our minds to look for that next thing to learn and do where a lot of times. Brian we need to focus on what we already know is the right thing to do and just implement and execute that. Like for example with the expert secrets I read that the first time about 15 months ago when we first released it and it had a huge impact on me and I realized that there was it just opened my eyes as a lot of the good books do like 10x.

Open your eyes and goes Wow there's a different way I could be doing as well now as I'm reading the book 15 months later. I implemented it to the best of my ability from where I was when I first read it. Now that I'm implementing it from this new place remounted my business I'm able to unlock a lot more of what he had in the book. One of the biggest things that my mentor said was really really good but at least three or four times. Warren Buffett one of the interviews he did I believe it was with Fortune magazine so that there's a book. I don't know the name of it that he reads every single year. It's an investment book you read every single year. What why he's Warren Buffett man he's a genius. Because the book helps him stay grounded what he know is working and it keeps him on a path to success the same way a lot of us nerds especially when it comes to marketing in the marketing world. I know this for a fact. We always want to try that new thing. But honestly one of the most effective strategies can be just keep doing the same thing that you know is working. Keep reading the book that you know has you on the right key execute strategies that you know is going to work.

To belabor the point I want to share a story about a football team that won a championship and believe it was Missouri. They had the most boring playbook in the world. It would just keep running the same play that work. The last time so they were able to run the ball five or seven yards. They would continue to run the ball down the field every single time. So the other team was able to stop them in the same way and business. We have what we call business Skyhooks writes that Kareem Abdul Jabar shot. It was like unbelievable. We have things in our business that our business guys say just keep working. Time and time and time again don't jump to the next shiny object to try to figure out this new thing that's going to unlock a bigger level for you. Keep doing the same thing and build on that foundation. Throw out what you know is working and go try to find a new thing. Don't don't throw out the old books that impacted you just because you want to get a new a new book that you heard about reread that old one and go back to it because you're a different person now you're different. Businessman you have more skills more knowledge more experience. That same boat that you read it impacts you a lot last year it's going to have a whole different effect on you.

I will get off my soapbox and stay up there as long as you want my brother.

That's gold because you know there is one phrase that I've used over and over from a stage like I got it from my mentor. You just encapsulated that phrase perfectly. And that is repetition is the key to mastery. If you want to master anything it's like practice right.

Michael Jordan the man practiced Kobe Bryant. These guys practice like nobody's business. They would get up at odd hours of the morning. They would do what others wouldn't. And guess what happened. They became two of the greatest players that ever lived in there. So in their field. So what are we as entrepreneurs doing the practice. And you just described some fantastic ways to do that is by reading a book when it really has an impact on you. Go read it again. And then while you're doing that jump into another new book because that might be the next one that you repeat repetition is the key to mastery and that is how you master like business. For instance you know how you how you master your mindset is continue to read those books that are on that topic or continue to go to those seminars and workshops that are on those topics by people that you trust and know that are great in their field. So great great points. I hope you're already notes we have a lot of people join in. Thank you all for coming on. Please Like and Share if you're on Facebook comment Dennis or email us said hi to Alexai. You know this is a good again. Yeah he said what's the topic of your next book you'll write

Unstoppable business. How to create an unstoppable business using marketing and automation.

I can't wait. Sign me up. Where is the presale link. I want it and so that's the thing.

For all you watching listening this gentleman sitting over here to my what would that be. My left. He is a. He walks the walk. He doesn't just talk the talk. He is 17 years of a successful entrepreneur who now has a staff of his around 30 or so. Is that what you said it was.

No. No.

My stuff is 7 7 that's still a lot. That's a lot. I mean it's it's something just to manage one. When you first do it but 7 seven staff members. This guy. Well we'll get into that because one of things I want to ask you about Alex is that you have that mindset that so many would seek to have very positive one.

Every time I see you talk to you even before the show off the show it doesn't matter when and you have stuff going on in your life like everyone else. Recently you were vacated from your home due to a fire in the area and that wasn't that long ago and it upset your life. You turned it upside down. You had to do things and be flexible and stay places that you never expected you weren't 100 percent ready because who's ready for any kind of catastrophe really and in through all that I asked you how are things going. And you were just so positive about it you said really nothing negative just told the truth about what happened. So what is it that you do to maintain that positive productive and successful mindset. Do you do something on a regular basis to sustain that. What's your I mean do you have a routine. What is it that makes you who you are such a positive guy.

Thank you Brian I appreciate that. You know for me every single morning I started off with the routine. I have a read the Bible every single morning I started off with coffee. You know it's funny when I about Rewi about 40 years ago I was a lot more stressed out. I was in a really in a place of deep angst and I was just I wasn't my life was not what I wanted to be right even though I was successful we were building websites for Chrysler and Billabong's doing really cool stuff wasn't happy I was not and not enjoying my life. And I felt trapped and I was talking to my business coach and he said Alex I want to write down your ideal day and map out exactly which one would that look like. Fast forward you know use a magic wand. You have to. And I wrote that I wanted to start my day by waking up at 5 and being able to actually get into the office between 8 and 9 and then in the morning that's my time of genius that's when I'm at my best. So I wanted to do the creative things the things that really bring out that that it's a fun things exciting things that I like to do and then how lunch you know hopefully with my with my wife with a friend and then in the afternoon my mind is slowing down a little bit more important person.

So then I would do coaching calls and appointments and things that don't require me about my max max. Metz Absolutely. Now the time when I wrote that down. I was working from the time that up until the time I went to bed I was stressed out not making enough money not doing the things that I needed to grow my business. And he started to get me on a routine. So starting tomorrow I want you to stop work at 5:00 a.m. which to majus seems impossible. I was working until 8 or 9. And he set up then next week I want you to start your morning routine and I want you to not even think about work which again was very difficult. What should I think about work until 730 or morning. And then don't start until 8. Even if you have to just sit at your desk and read don't start until 8 even if you need to be at the office. And so what he was doing was he was helping me retrain my mind and my habit so that I became a happier more fulfilled healthy human.

And I have stuck with me and today my my life is that I wake up five. I don't start my work day until 8 or 9:00. I get to take my daughter to school to have breakfast. My wife and I'm able to create the life that I wanted. But it started with a really solid boring routine of devotionals. I like having coffee in the morning. I like doing. I believe in affirmations since all say affirmations and then just hanging out with my family puts me in a good mood so that's what I do every single day to keep my mind right stay centered and just you know be ready to take on the day activities that we all challenges and difficulties you know with a team with clients I'm dealing with people and people as much as I love them and as much as we get along. There are times of difficulty and there's mistakes that we make I make mistakes and my team and so we handle it and I have to put on a happy face and sometimes you know get reminded by the clients that we've been a mistake and but we get through it and you know like with the evacuation there are some things that are outside of our control Brian.

And so I have to you know look at the situation and go OK. Is this something that I could have fixed when it came to this fire and as you evacuate. You know go down to Southern California and be displaced have to house surf and you know it was just a really difficult time you know I couldn't control it so I had to kind of go with the flow.

It was really hard to be positive during some of those moments. But you know knowing the important things that my family was safe. You know no matter what happened to all our possessions you know we still had each other and we still had over friends family around us. It helped so yeah.

So that's that's how a positive mindset that's I hope everyone else was taking notes. I'm the host of the show doing a lot of things all at once and I'm taking notes.

Better believe it.

That's why I love taking the camera off myself because then I can start writing like a madman. So. Wow.

One of the things there's several things I like to really highlight on there and that is first of all the the reason you began a routine was because you had a business coach and that is a very very important point because the most successful people on the planet did not get there by themselves. Tiger Woods one of the greatest golfers of all time. He has coaches more than one Alex Branning one of the greatest businessmen of all time he has a coach at least one and mentors. There's a common theme again and that's what I love to point out on the show when we do the show. Are these different artifacts the fact that your coach told you to start a routine. Wow I have heard that so many times read it so many times. And you know those things that's like. Well that includes that requires discipline on my part. Like man I wanted to become an entrepreneur so I didn't have to schedule anything. And now I'm learning. You know this is back in the day. Now I'm learning. I must have a schedule if I want to be successful like. Wait a minute this is opposite the cool thing though. Let's reframe this. Who gets to who gets to plan that schedule. You do. Exactly. So the freedom is still there. You just did it. You just said how you defined your life and you are now happier because you had the ability to do so. It's very scheduled regimented to some but necessary for you to live a happy life to balance the family and the business and the clients and even your employees. You've got to have time for Alex to unwind to do some you know to get into the world. Get your coffee going. Affirmations start off on a positive note. Yes. I wrote notes from. I did a good job. I love the part about don't even think about your business you start.

That's still something I struggle with. I had to be hard. Yeah.

Even to this day you know it's something that I struggle with because you know in the morning after I read my copy all up on Facebook you know messages from people who are reaching out to me and you know I mean so it's hard to get out of that. So what I did was and I'm glad you brought that up. One of the things that I learned was that I am 100 percent a father. I am 100 percent husband. These are not compartments of my wife and I am 100 percent a business owner. And so during different moments I have to be fully present with what my responsibility is in that moment. And so there are times in the morning when I'm by myself. My family is not downstairs. When even though it's not typically 8 I haven't started yet. I am a business owner. I have people approaching me with advice opportunities etc. And so I have allowed myself to kind of wear that. But for a long time I would not let myself even try to think I really can't think about business.

It's not me. Yeah you know but it didn't help me.

You know the really extreme plan that you know that was given to me it helped me recalibrate my mind and also take note of how often I was thinking about my business I mean it completely enveloped my entire life. I was obsessed every moment of every day with my business and that is just not healthy.

If I want to also have a healthy family life healthy relationships outside of my way. It wasn't healthy for me to be always thinking about business. I was completely putting everything else to the side so it was it was really good. He called me out on that and gave me the tools to figure out how to stop. You know letting that control my life and his tool was a regiment where I had to put the business to the side you know. But so lesson learned excellently.

I've been through almost identical lesson the same thing. I get up from the second I got out of bed and my feet hit the ground I'm on it's game time and it's business time and till way too late at night often was at the detriment of spending time with my family to the point where it did put a strain on my marriage. I mean being transparent. That was years ago and thankfully my wife confronted me about it and I was okay. You're right I got I mean I got really stupid about it.

To be honest stupid because it was. The thing is though now even though I'm more disciplined in doing that just like you're doing it is I still want to I just want to because I love it. I just want to. It's when I get up. The first thing I think of is business related because I like it's not work. It's fine.

You know not every day is perfect and every day is glorious and every second of every day is fun. But overall I love. I love it and it's hard to turn that off. I was wondering how you did that. That's like even in the beginning that would be very very difficult for most entrepreneurs.

You know there's some points.

I mean there's those guys that are out there like Ron Kirk get Gary. I absolutely love them. I think they're brilliant but they teach. You know be obsessed or be average. No in that book talks about the exact mentality that I had to walk away from you know to be obsessed about your business. Morning new wife. You're sleeping when you're eating like constantly thinking about it being about it taking action about it. It doesn't work for me it doesn't work for me. I'm not saying it's wrong because we all are wired differently. That does not work for me. It created very unhealthy habits.

Yeah I think it's all it. You can tailor to meet your life. So when eight o'clock hits. Be obsessed with it until 5 o'clock and 5 o'clock over. Now you're obsessed on your family. Yeah I know. I you stay obsessed. It's just you switch gears on what your focus has been obsessed on. But good point. I agree with you 100 percent. There's got to be a balance.

And the more regimented and the smaller amount of time I get myself to get work done the more I was actually able to get done because I needed to put in some productivity in my life to increase my productivity since my hours were dwindled and now I get done more in eight hour day than I ever was getting done for my 14 hour days.

I'll write that down.

Everyone listening and watching because it is so true. If you schedule a window and you stick to it and say I'm done at this time and you look at your to do list you will get it done. You may even exceed that to do list on occasion because it changes your programming your wiring in your brain and it adds that it adds that obsessed type mentality to say I've got to get this done I'm going is going after I'm going do everything in my power and I'm going to finish this bad boy by quitting time.

I set a timer on my phone for different tasks that I have to do. I only get myself like for example 10 minutes to write. Know sales letter or you know whatever is on my plate. I timed myself. Wow.

Wow. You know that would be a fantastic thing. If you're open to doing that is to share that as like an e-book or a resource because I think that so many people could use something like that to help them be more disciplined in how they go about business. Because if you do that then you're not being distracted by a new Facebook post or message that came in on your phone. Right right.

Absolutely 100 percent focused on that test. You have to get it done the next five minutes.

Yeah. So it's I think it's Itzler. What's his first name. Doggone it. Living with the SEALs living with the seal and now living with the monks. It's learned his last name. He was talking about that very thing and he says it's all about unit tasking.

So and that's what he was. That's what he learned. His take away from living with monks for it was a couple of weeks was that they were incredibly focused on the task at hand and they loved doing every task and it was some of them are menial like washing scrubbing the floors hands and knees he said. But they went at it with passion and fervor and they finished quickly. And it was spotless when they were done because they had no outside things coming in. Just like you're describing so interesting. You know you kind of you could resemble a monk right now.

Yeah I know. I get it. The funny thing is he actually shaved his head thinking that's what they would look like and he went there and they had full hair beards a different a different community.

It's a great book I recommend that. I don't think I've put them in the library. It will be up there soon. I've got two more to add to it.

And there was one other point that you mention about when a client might say hey man you messed up and your reaction just now when you said that just a little moment ago. Yeah you know I messed up let's go fix that. Yeah. I mean so many people would would just argue with that and say well no we did everything we could. It's you that messed up. But that's called being a cause and that's a huge trait to have to be successful as well as the more it cause you can be instead of being at the excuse or the effect where you're always pointing fingers and saying well but so-and-so did this well how could you have made it better if there's some way somehow possibly that you could have been responsible in any tiny way for that situation then own it. It doesn't mean you're at fault. It's not your fault but could you be responsible in some way. And that's you just epitomized that with the way you just ran through that scenario. So I knew I was going to be gold man. It's every every sentence you're speaking. I hope people are writing notes feverish.

So it takes many skills to be successful as an entrepreneur and I know there's more than just a few but if you were to quantify it and if you were to rank it down to just three if you were just to think of three what are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

Discipline grit and communication discipline to stay on the path like the gentleman said and bookmarks earlier you know acknowledging when you fail you've got to have the grit to push through that go towards the goal. And then communication communication is so key and if you're what business you're in it is so important to not only communicate with your clients but also your team and communicate with yourself. One of the things that I had to learn to do was take notes and give myself reminders and write things down so that I would remember to do them later. And when I first started doing that I note taking my my own organization was terrible and it was all about me communicating myself exactly what I needed to do or what was what I needed to get up later. So discipline gripped me again.

I love it. So you're actually giving yourself feedback by communicating with yourself.

Yeah I mean one of the things I mean you you mentioned it earlier about practice you know one of the things that I do is I'm not an athlete. But I do look at myself as a professional. And so stay out Professional entrepreneur and not sink back down to amateur status. I practice. You know I practice my webinars. I practice my sales pitches. You know I practice practice practice and then I go back through it. And I listened so you know I go back through it. If I have a podcast if you must you know search for Alex spraining on any of your cast platforms. When I do a podcast sometimes I'll record it. No no that wasn't good of it. Redo it. So it's really important to me that everything I put out there is up to the same level of excellence that I would want if I was paying for it. You know even the free stuff that I so I practice I practiced my webinars I practice my podcasts. So an if it's not good enough then you know I believe and start over again.

I think a lot of problems to be avoided if you just start winging it as entrepreneurs. And you know really looked at each task as is this effort going to put me in a positive. Why is this deliverable going to be the first impression that people see me. And if that is the first question that people see Will I change anything about you know whether it's a blog post or social media post you know Facebook cover photo. I mean when people land on your brand you have no control over what they have seen prior to that whether it's a web and or a Facebook page centrist so you need to make sure that it matches the level of excellence that you're putting out there and the other things that you consider your core deliverables.

Very refreshing to hear you say how much you practice how much you prepare. And it seems to be a common thread of entrepreneurs I have coming on this show. The unfortunate thing is not all entrepreneurs practice practicing.

And I remember even speaking from stage a spoke from stage for several years for a couple of years on my mentor stage Mel Cutler and then I've done a few of my own events and I had my living room set up as a stage.

I had box lights out there. I had my product set up on a table exactly where it would be if I was in the room. I had microphone I had the speakers just the same speakers I use at the events and then I filmed that same thing and it took a long time to settle it up but it put you in that zone so that when you go do it. And now another time that there's very little difference and when there's very little different there's nothing to mess you up or trip you up which not much does anymore to me. But I still like to make it as high quality as possible like you are saying and then say not only did I you know record it for myself and watch it again. But I also sent it to my mentors that hey let me know what I can when I can fix and we can take it one step farther. Awesome stuff. My goodness 6 12 now. All right we have a few minutes left.

So we have lots of ideas as we go through our entrepreneurial life. You know entrepreneurs that's what we do. We come up with ideas. Very creative. It's the shiny object syndrome or it's squirrel you know taking our attention somewhere else.

And when we find an idea that we we have a pretty good idea ourselves is going to go somewhere then you know we might stick with it a little bit longer. And for you Alex I know you're always out there testing new ideas testing new ways about even posting on Instagram for instance how long you know let's say it's something you're sure that's going to be good. But you know there's a fine line. How long do you normally stick with an idea before you actually give up. Because I think oftentimes too many entrepreneurs give up too soon and don't given enough time to gestate and figure out if it's going to work before it has that chance. How long do you do that.

That's a great question and it really depends on what I think the gold pot could be at the end of the rainbow. So for example you know about probably four years ago and came up with an idea for what we called the Avy advert causing a lot of businesses that offered a product on one side businesses that operate a service on another and then we combine marketing efforts and they were both split the leads.

I didn't describe it very well.

Long story short it was a complete flop but I committed to those business owners that we would keep doing it for 90 days. It was a lot for the branding group because we were losing money but it was great for the businesses. But that led me to my best idea which was to give away funnel system which has been a six figure products for us almost every single year since we launched it three years. So you just have to see the idea through. At other times you can see pretty darn right away. It's not going to work out. I mean we're able to identify within about 30 days whether or not we have something that's going to work. It's not about the revenue numbers. Sometimes you can make revenue but it's going to cost you a lot to deliver the product. Sometimes it's about the potential. And so there's little golden streams that we find in the data that tell us whether or not we're on the right track. It really depends on the energy and the market but it's that for me I would say a minimum amount of time to pursue at least a marketing campaign 30 days and that's a role that live in so different products have different shelf life insurance. So it's hard to give a blanket answer to that but are marketing campaigns that have not given in a month you don't know whether or not it's going to work.

I would venture to guess that most entrepreneurs don't give anything a month most and that's part of the problem is you know they'll post something oh that didn't work.


When I hear that for example when I hear you know Facebook doesn't work for me.

I think that they will not let a post go for more than a week.

Yes. It's yeah it's the one and done right. It's like they send out an e-mail blast to their list of how many they have 500000. I didn't get any responses so that didn't work. Well did you try texting. Did you try messaging them on Facebook. Personally did you try. You know it does mean the idea isn't good. It's just that the way your message. And did you try crafting your message so many think subject line. There's so many tweaks we made to it. If the idea is a good one I like that. I think that's a great rule of thumb to follow. Alex is at least 30 days. No matter what your niches or genre at least 30 days and that doesn't mean send it out today wait 30 days and it go nothing happened. It means work it for 30 days work at each and every day find tweeks test different angles. Call Alex and say How do I do this better. I want to join up with you and take your services on because this is too hard. I want a market. I want to be successful at it and I know you can do that. So Alex you helped me out please. That would be the best way to do it. Why. You know don't reinvent the wheel if you don't have to. If you have a resource then just pick up the phone or tap on the keyboard and connect with them and when you said earlier your Facebook page was at your profile or your business page that you're doing the book club.

Good question it was on my business page.

And what's the name of that.

So people know how to find it just Alex Branning. That's where I have my podcast and my other fun contests and promotions. OK. So just go to Facebook. Alex Branning and you'll see my business page. I am sitting like this on a table.

I remember that picture. I like that picture has a cool picture. It's really captivating. Yeah we got time for two more baby.

Two more. Yeah. OK. Yeah.

This will be a good one from a marketing guy. You're successful at marketing that's your business. That's what you do. You do it for other clients. How do you go about marketing your business the branding group and what would you say is just your most successful form of marketing. You don't need to go into every aspect. What would be the what you call lately because I know that could change here for successful form of marketing today.

Well there is no marketing like serving your audience. Without any expectations of a return. So our best marketing is educational marketing where we teach people what's going on. Boy it falls and how to use the latest technology or strategies for their business so we continue to serve provide free training we give insight we offer free strategy sessions to help businesses overcome obstacles in their business. And that is by far our best marketing ideas that we've come up with for us. How do we come up with new ideas. We look at holes in the market you look at common questions we're getting from prospects and clients and you go OK we see a need where people have a common question need to go out answer it provide a solution let people know what's going on or what's Wilhoit and and then let the audience reach out to us and say we'd love to work on the site. So we always give a call to action. At the end of our trainings and webinars they want to learn more or work with us. But you know it's all about we give you know 95 98 percent of the time you do and ask at the end but we let our education our knowledge and our results speak for themselves. When the time is right for someone to reach out to us start working then awesome until then we'll serve serve serve as an example. You know one of the people that just reached out and hired a breakthrough has been following me emailing me with questions you know and set up I think probably a strategy call a year for the past three years and just now hired us and we're just completely renovating his business and we've seen you know some incredible results up to this month. So but we got that relationship by serving serving serve.

So you're telling me you don't like go out and say Add Friend. And as soon as a friend you say hey go buy my stuff here's my link or add me to the group.

Yeah exactly. Yeah. My goodness.

Thank you. That's a bet you're a breath of fresh air. You and your entire business your company because serving. That's where it's at. What kind of platforms do you like for that I know there's Facebook email. The other is that Ely's that helped get the word out.

That's a great question. So we're getting really really excited right now Brian about all the different things we're seeing with messenger marketing. It's massive in relation to bots. And so that's something that we'll be doing a lot more of.

We're yeah. So that's really exciting. I could talk all day about XM super stoats about it but we used Facebook Instagram Google Ad Words.

Those are those are primarily how we get our clients but we also have one of the things that we do and we're so proud of it is we have a really strong referral network. And my podcasts I talk about having three legs and referrals and your business you have your allies betray our partners where you send clients back and forth. You have your ambassadors. Those are the people they just love you want you to succeed. You know you're going to help their friends so they connect to you and you have your affiliates and the affiliates are the ones that go and connect with clients because they know you're going to give them a reward or an incentive like we pay our affiliates really well. And so for us ton of our business comes from our affiliates and our power partners. And the reason why we so many referrals we get almost the referral that the reason why we get so many of them is because we serve our affiliates to the highest level. We empower them with exactly how we can equal the different industries and we are continually pulling out our best stuff and we use it first for our affiliates and to serve them.

I wish there were more of you but there aren't so everyone watching. You have to connect with him directly more than one referral a day is coming to him now. ALEX Good good. Amazing stuff. OK. There's going to be one more question that I need to ask and this is a question I ask every guest expert that's been on and it's a big one. And if you need to take time to think about it that's absolutely OK. Dead air time is fine with me if you just need time to ponder it. I know it's getting built up pretty good here. What's going on.

I want to let you off the hook though and let you know Alex that there is no such thing as a wrong answer to this question that's coming up because that answer is only your answer it can only be or answer it can be no one else's. It has to come from you and it's just amazing to me that thus far I I lost count how many shows we've done thus far. We're right around ten or so. There has not been. There have not been. Two people say the same thing which is really cool. I love that and that's why I love bringing this question up for every show that we do before we get there though. This is that time for all of you people who have been waiting and wondering when is he going to tell us how to win that trip that trip to Mexico. The five star luxury resort in Mexico compliments of my buddy Jason Nasz company called Power texting dot com. Well that time is now. So I'm going to put up on the screen for those of you watching the exact way to enter to see if you win that trip.

One way is go to reach your peak LLC. Dot com forward slash vacation and just be sure a vacation is all lowercase when you type that in. The rest doesn't matter or if it's easier for you. You can do this right now while you have your phone in your hand is text the word peak. That's P E A K 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again reach your peak L.L.C. dot com for Slash vacation or text the word peak 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and thank you for the likes and loves as we were talking about that one appreciate that. And so I will monitor as those come in. And then we want to I want to give Alex a moment here to ponder this most important question he's ever been asked in his life. I'm having a little fun with him now. But in all seriousness let's just pull this back comedy aside. I'm truly truly curious and I know our listeners and watchers are as well.

So for you Alex Branning and you only. How do you find had you built it up and then I fumbled it. So we'll go to another topic for a moment. No kidding. People are going to come on asking already Alex how do you define success.

Being able to live the kind of life that for me success is live in the kind of life that I feel God has called me to.

It's not a money thing. There's really no business. No wait so rate that I think for me to live a successful life is to do what I feel like God's calling me.

And right now I feel like God is calling me to be the best husband and father that I can be as well as certain as many people as I can with the skills that he's given me the skills are specifically marketing and leadership coaching and so I successful life for me is doing what I feel has called me to do and doing it with excellence. I look at the parable of the servants that are given talents one was given five was given 10. The was one more one held onto it buried it deep dogging it all. The one was five investment was able to double the investment ten invested it as well that was double the return. And I look at all the gifts that God given me and I go M-I investing this and by spreading it out so that it will double the return of what I I can say nothing to that other than beautiful.

One thing that is common among everyone that I've asked that question and it was common with you as well is it wasn't about money.

It's interesting that entrepreneurs who are at that level of success that is not the first thing on their radar those that haven't achieved success oftentimes will go to that first and say well when I made my first million. But those that have achieved success that are there you know you got there by serving others not by saying I want more money I need more money. Is money important. Yes. Yes. So please don't take this wrong. It's very important because the more money people like Alex can make than the more people he can serve. Now he can scale his business bring on even more employees and spread his business farther and serve more and actually answer the calling that he's been given to serve more.

In addition to being a phenomenal husband and father as I know he is and he carves out moments in his days particularly specifically for them because it's not important to them. And again that was your answer and yours alone and it was an amazing one as they all are. This one yet to serve others and doing it doing this is the other part not just serve others but doing it with excellence. I love that additional caveat to it because yeah it is one thing to serve others. But what about just putting everything you got into it to give them the best you can give them and that's what Alex Branning does. And this is the leader of the company Branning group. So can you imagine the culture of those employees and people that work with them maybe as some VA is coming in and out and the clients that come on they get to be exposed to this kind of mission this kind of culture this kind of purpose oftentimes well all the times people buy from people they don't buy products or services they buy. They're buying you Alex Branning they're buying you what you stand for your concept. Yes your talent of course and everything you bring to the table. But when it comes down to it they're buying you. And there's a good you right now for them to buy. And so for everyone watching if you need any help in marketing website creation this guy you call him. Talk to him he will tell you if he can help you.

Odds are if it's anywhere in the marketing realm the answer will be yes. You may have to get in line now because his phone is going to ring off the hook but. Amazing amazing answer and I can't rate him and say one is better than another. I'll tell you after the show's over OK because that that was up there in so many nuggets throughout discipline grit and communication the three I mean you said it without hesitation. That's the thing. Ladies and gentlemen you know he's practiced. It's obvious it's so obvious this man has practiced practiced every part of his craft practice his personal life to the point where he didn't know that question was coming. He didn't know that I was going to ask him the three keys to being a successful entrepreneur. And did you notice just like that. Oh discipline great communication. And then he expanded each three and so that is also the culture he's built within his company and that's the culture you get when you bring him on to help you and you now see he's there to serve you. He will over deliver. And if something messes up he will be a cause and say let's fix it. We're all human. We make mistakes and that's OK. But the beautiful thing is the way you react to it the way you did personally Alex so I appreciate you. Let's let's go. What is the absolute best way to connect with you.

So there's two ways that you can do it. I actually have some cool bonuses for people that are on that call right now.

They go to Alex braining dot com slash reach I believe where we put it. Alex Reinach com slash reach. We got some cool bonuses talking about some of the things that we mentioned here on this show that the best way to get a hold of me is to go to Alex dot my name Alex and last name Branning are eight and I engy there you can subscribe to my podcast check out my YouTube channel. Text me on Facebook. There it is. We're in the middle of redoing it. You can actually see the whiteboard. I moved that out of the way right before we talked. It's right behind where I'm sitting. A new Alex is being created it's not ready yet so slight still beautiful so crowded. We are in the middle of a significant upgrade but that is the best way to get ahold to go and go to Alex brand our comic and then reach would that be connect with me the link on the far right.

Yeah. Connect with me. OK. So it's such contact. So it's all explained come forward slash contact and lower that you've got it all right there. Phone number call or text him get on Facebook YouTube linked in. You might be able to get a hold of him. He gives you just a couple.


I tried very available I found that people only want to hire people if they feel like they can rely on and that they can get a hold of.

And so a lot of marketing agencies not naming names. They're very difficult to get a hold of or get a callback that I've been determined since I started the branding group to make it easy to get.

So that's what we'll do another lesson learned see how others do it the way you don't want to and don't model that and make it the opposite better. Oh my goodness. Alex I knew this would be an awesome show. It's exceeded my expectations honestly even though my expectations were already very high. I kid you not. This has been amazing. I thank you for coming on spending this hour with us and for our listeners and viewers. I want to thank you as well for coming on and watching the live stream and everyone watching the recording afterward. I'm looking forward to doing this again. And on that note we do have another show we do this every week and we'll have to have Alex back at a future date but we'll be back again Thursday 5:00 p.m. Pacific just like we were today at 8:00 p.m. Eastern right here Thursday on Facebook or on on Periscope. We're on six different platforms so I'm not going anymore. Here you'll be able to find us. And if you want to get a notification just be given a reminder you can text us the word notify to that same number that I had up earlier which I'll bring that up is just text notify to 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and you will just get a reminder a single reminder 10 minutes prior to the show with a link to the show. And you can you can get off of that list at anytime and we only use that solely for announcing the show. Nothing else. We're not going to be marketing to you and selling you things so thank you once again Alex fantastic been having me that it was fun.

So I got some sun coming in right now. I see that is going to go up and close the blinds. But it was awesome. Thank you so much for having me on the show and I really appreciate it.

You got it. And that's just a spotlight shown you the one should be shown me on. You are the spotlight of the show. All right thanks all. We'll see you again next time. Be blessed for NLCS next week.

Thank you for watching and listening. This is beyond the prime Chailly.

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Alex Branning

Alex is happily married to his wife, Kathy, and they have one daughter, Ali. They are foster parents and have had five little girls in their home. He and his family moved to Redding, California last summer and have loved it so far. Alex owns a marketing agency, The Branning Group, that serves over 300 clients.

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