Special Guest Expert - Amanda Slade


Amanda Slade

When Amanda Slade’s SOUL got her fired after attaining success as a VP of Marketing & Sales for a New York Publishing firm and 20 years in corporate, she did not have a Plan B and knew something was missing in her life. Amanda took a journey to discover she is an Evolution Catalyst and with her background she bridges the ‘woo’ factor with the practical. She is the founder of Co-Create Your Success and Creator of The Diamond Co-Creative System™ which offers Soul-Aligned Possibilities and SOUL-utions, so you can thrive and prosper in life and business. For over two decades, Amanda has facilitated energetic healing, transformation, and spiritual growth with thousands of clients internationally traveling as far as Australia. Amanda is a contributing author to the #1 international best-selling anthology … Empowered Self-Care and has been featured on the Global Summit of The Shift Network as well as other tele-summits, radio shows, and podcast. She also speaks at business and spiritual events.

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