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Amy Mattison

Amy Mattison, with LovelyByChoice, is out to change the world One Random Act of Kindness at a Time. The #LovelyByChoiceChallenge is meant to heal the divide of hardships Humanity has experienced as a whole. Amy's 20+ years as a successful sales professional was driven by financial gain and personal independence. Professional success lead her to discover that money was not the answer to happiness. She had it all and still felt something was missing often asking herself if this was all life had to offer. Amy craved more than what the corporate world had to offer. Through personal growth and discovery LovelyByChoice was born to breathe purpose and passion into everyday life for all. Amy lives a life of giving by knowing she will always have enough to share with others. She releases her fear and doubt to lead by example in order to show where pure, authentic greater good mentality can take anyone willing to try. Kindness is power capable of healing; it drowns out fear, anger, doubt and hate. LovelyByChoice reminds you of your free will to respect others, to choose love over hate and to be the difference that will make an impact. We are better together united under kindness than divided through difference. To be LovelyByChoice is to have compassion and respect for ALL despite differences. Join the kindness movement responsible for healing humanity #LovelyByChoiceChallenge to see the limitless potential of the greater good.

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