Special Guest Expert - Andrea Adams-Miller


Andrea Adams-Miller

Publicist, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Consultant, & a Sponsorship Acquisition Specialist. As a best-selling Author, an International Award-Winning Talk Radio Show Host, and Executive Radio Producer has been recognized for her professionalism, AAUW's “Leader of the Year,” BPWs “Careerist of the Year,” and a Heart of Gold Winner recognized by her 350 of her Digital Marketing peers as the most giving person.

Andrea’s energy and enthusiasm for the betterment of her clients' lives, their future careers, and their relationships is contagious and her loyalty is unwavering. She is engaging, experiential, educational, empowering, enlightening, and entertaining!

She comes highly recommended by some of the most significant leaders including Jack Canfield, co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and by Joe Theismann, NFL Commentarist. She has been seen on 20/20, TIME magazine, WebMD, PBS, FOX, CBS, NBC, & ABC as well as Huffington Post, Forbes, and USA Today.

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