Special Guest Expert - Andrea Adams-Miller

Special Guest Expert - Andrea Adams-Miller

Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show! It happens every single week. I get so excited because of the phenomenal guest experts we have on this show each and every week and tonight is no exception. In fact, the bar is being raised tonight. You are going to absolutely be blown away with this young lady who is going to come on this screen very very soon. Before we bring her on. Real quick. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that really about? Well it's really about the three pillars of success. And what happened was over the course of my very soon to be 54 years now. Actually starting tomorrow I will be 54. I've learned and seen and experienced different patterns of success from successful entrepreneurs just like the very one you're about to meet on this show. And it all starts with laying the foundation and that is with the mind and the mindset that goes with it. And that goes into some advanced techniques that are utilized to help you to reprogram your subconscious brain and so that you can get to the results you're looking for much much faster. And that's through a science called NLP or neuro-linguistic programming. Now we may or may not talk about that tonight. We're going to cover various subjects and we have guests lined up as well that are also deep into NLP arena. As am I, and as is our guest tonight. It's so amazing. And also body. It's very very important to keep your body in tune, in shape. Both nutritionally and physically with exercise. And the thing is the mind and body are a team. They're all part of you. And more importantly the mind and body are your team. And so think about any kind of team a sports team and if one individual on that team is not operating at a peak level of performance, well then the entire team suffers doesn't it? Absolutely. So what you want to do is strive for absolute peak performance in both the mind and the body and the business. And that's where sales, marketing, team building, systematization work comes in. And when you've mastered all three of those elements and you have really become a master at all three on a consistent basis it is then and only then that I say you're working at a peak level of performance. And that is what this show is all about is to help you, entrepreneurs and business owners to operate at a higher level each and every day. And with guests like the ones we have coming on here in just a moment you're going to get raised up that next extra level. So keep watching week after week. Thank you for coming on. Please like love and share.

And we're going to get busy right now. Another interesting thing that happened to me many many years ago was a mentor of mine. I was I I remember vividly I was in his office one of those offices that is almost as large as a house multimillionaire and he just looked at me and said Brian if people only knew if they only knew. They just did this one thing. If they just did this one thing. They would all be rich. And of course I was intrigued. I'm leaning and I'm saying please tell me what is that one thing. He turned around went to the wall where there was this big cabinet file cabinet and actually just a big cabinet two drawer cabinet from floor to ceiling all the way up it went up to it turned around and kind of glanced at me opened both doors and from Florida ceiling shelf after shelf. He had. Books. Book after book. Personal development business fitness everything that goes into being a successful entrepreneur businessman. Was there an interesting thing was in my mind I was sitting there thinking. I can't be that simple. No way. I ignored them. I made a mistake back then.

Thankfully the stick Nagan got cracked open a little bit and was finally accepted the information many years later by another mentor of mine who also said the same thing. And the difference with that was well now it's the second time I've heard it. So it reinforced it. The other part was I worked with this gentleman for several years and I got to see firsthand that he didn't just talk the talk he also walked the walk always had headphones on listening to Audible books and reading books voraciously.

I thought OK I'm going to get into it. So I did several years back. I began reading finally and thankfully. And so I began reading by using something called audible which is listening to books as an audible app. It's through Amazon. And I just found I could retain information better by listening than actually reading a physical book or a Kindle book and I began just reading book after book after book and I was doing this in my car and I found I could get through many books very quickly somehow in a car faster than any other any other place because I'm in the car quite often. And why not turn that on instead of the radio. Well a beautiful thing. Audible gives you is the ability to just tap on the screen. There's a little icon there where you can store a bookmark. So if you're listening and you hear something that intrigues you and you want to store that to come back and play it back later you just tap it real quick it's instant. And then you can play back later. So that's exactly what we're going to do here in just a moment. I'm going to play a snippet of a book that helps you know bring this whole topic together that we're going to be talking about with our special guest expert. So right now we're going to switch over to a segment that I call Bookmarks

Bookmarks for you read bookmarks. Ready steady bried bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library Dakang

And there you see it reached a peak library dot com. Now if you're watching live or even recording right now please stick with us. Don't go to that site right now. Take notes take a lot of notes. I'm the host of the show and I probably take more notes than most of the audience members. Let's just switch that around shall we. So take notes reach your peak library dot com. Get that pen out. Get that paper and get ready for writer's cramp in the best of ways. Because when I bring on this guest expert you're going to be reading frantically in such wonderful ways. Reach your big library. Just real quickly what that is is I decided to assemble a list of all the books that I found had profound impact in my life. So not every book is listed here that I've ever read. The good news with that is. This can be a filtered list for you if you have yet to embark on reading very high quality books that are in the business personal development arena. And so I've compiled a list of 40 or so I'm actually about three behind that I have not put up here yet. I keep reading. But the cool thing is you can use this list as somebody who's vetted them and therefore hopefully save you the additional time and agony of reading some other books that maybe aren't up to par.

And so that's why I put it together. All those buttons that you see there to click to purchase go straight to Amazon it's not a money making website. For me it's completely 100 percent to serve you the entrepreneur and business owner and one of the books that I wanted to highlight tonight. Is a book called The Willie jolly collection. And if you've never heard of Willie Jolley an amazing amazing man started out as a jazz musician played in clubs. Les Brown of all people discovered him and asked him to start opening at some of his events and long story short Willie Jolley became one of the most sought after speakers out there and he's very very good. And this book the Willie Joy collection is amazing amazing. So if you don't have that one I'd highly recommend he grab it. What I'm going to do is play a quick snippet from this about a minute maybe a little less. And he talks about well let's let him tell you. All right. Here we go. I'm going to play Willie Jolley from the Willie jelly collection.

Hard work works. I received a call from our friend Amy Gholson with a quote that she got from her mother that were very helpful in her quest to become an attorney. The quote simply stated hard work works and that is true. There's no substitute for hard work. Success is not the result of luck or good fortune but rather hard work and persistence and proverbs 28 19. It states that hard work brings prosperity while playing around brings poverty it might be uncomfortable but it is absolutely necessary to work hard and persist. If you are serious about turning your setbacks into comebacks the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

I love that the only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary. Yes hard work is the epitome of the guests you're about to meet and that's why I picked that that snippet from Willie Jolley because this young lady just flew from her native state of Ohio into Nevada

To attend an event and then race to someone else's home to be here live for you tonight. She's still in Las Vegas. She's got energy beyond energy.

Amazing person. So let's bring on our special guest expert right now. It's time for the guest experts spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained Beagley qualified

And there she is ladies and gentlemen. Andrea Adams. MILLER Yes you can applaud. It's OK. It's all right. Go ahead.

Give her a big round of applause. Andrea Miller thank you so so much for coming on tonight. I want to quickly introduce you to our audience and then and then have you do the same in your own words if that's OK with you.

Sure. Absolutely. I plan to test it.

You look gorgeous by the way Andrea Adams Miller CEO and founder of the red carpet connection. Dotcom is an international publicist. Keynote speaker corporate consultant and a sponsorship acquisition specialist as a best selling author and international award winning talk radio show host as a best selling author. Oh I just said that an executive radio producer has been recognised for her professionalism as a young W's leader of the year. BP W's careerist of the year and a heart of gold winner recognized by 350 of her digital marketing peers as the most giving person. That would probably be the most meaningful title of all knowing her personality fits perfectly. Andrew has energy and enthusiasm for the betterment of her clients lives their future careers and their relationships is contagious and her loyalty is unwavering.

She is engaging as you will see experiential educational empowering enlightening and as you will see entertaining she comes highly recommended by some of the most significant leaders including Jack Canfield.

Many of you know him as co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul by Joe Theismann former NFL quarterback and NFL commentator right now and she has been seen on 20 20.

Time magazine web M.D. PBS Fox CBS NBC and ABC as well as Huffington Post Forbes and USA Today.

Wow. This is an amazing amazing person amazing woman.

I'm so happy to have Iran. And real quick one last final thing. Be sure to watch this show on the very end because for those of you who are watching live you will have the chance to win a complimentary stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico compliments of power text income. My buddy Jason Nast's and his partner Rhonda sponsored that. That's right.

And actually Jason is one of those resorts this very moment and he's saying it's an amazing place so you want to hang on for that. Now finally Andrea like the folks watching and listening to get to know you a little bit better so if you wouldn't mind tell us a little bit about yourself and what you're up to now. So happy to have you here.

Well thank you so much for having me. I've known I was trying to look back and see how long we've known each other. And you've done some amazing things you're amazing when I met you. Ten years ago and you are becoming more and more amazing every day so I'm so honored to be on the show with so Irete so about me.

Well you know what I really love to do is I really love to support other people. So when you think about what it is that ideal. It's more than an international publicist that's only like one aspect of what I do. Really it's about I love to find people with a great vision and a great dream.

And then I'm able to come in behind them and be that Im a mentor to make all those things they've learned from all these wonderful coaches about what they need to do whether it's right or get on radio and television or to get on more stages or to create more home study products or to do joint ventures or to get sponsors for their event or their product. I mean to do all those things for them and in what Matt said their dreams and their vision comes true. And that's what I really love is being able to get behind other people's dreams to make them think of a reality. And it's very exciting to see them grow and prosper and to be able to do what they're really good at. And that's formulating new creative ideas. The World

Has one of the things I love about you Andrea and almost. Yeah not almost every other entrepreneur I've interviewed thus far on the show is always about giving and serving. And did you see her face light up as she's talking about helping others. I mean you can tell that that is her true passion. There is no hiding behind that. And that's what I love about people like Andrea. You're just a wonderful person inside and out just there for you basically. And therefore to serve anyone that she has the ability to serve and yes she has talents beyond there we would be here for a while we could probably write a book on the amount of talents that she has. Because this is one talented woman. And so we'll give you opportunity to reach out to her at the end of the show and give you that contact information. You definitely you definitely want to get in contact with Ondra. She is if she can't help you she has connections you saw connected that she will find somebody who can. Put it that way. And I know that personally because she's already done that for me and I'm forever grateful. She's just some amazing person. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. You know every time I see you which I know it's been a while I was ten years ago when we met personally. And then I've seen you on Facebook. I've seen you on your Web site interviewing with Joe Theismann and everywhere in between. I've seen you on other stages. You're always very upbeat and positive and you and I had a chat yesterday alone with no stage no one else watching. And you were the same Andrea there that I saw you on the stage and everywhere else. Just full of energy glowing passionate about what you do. So what I want to know and I'm sure our audience wants to know is when it comes to maintaining that positive productive and successful mindset that you have. What is it that you do on a regular basis that helps you sustain that.

Well you know as as all people we have our moments you know where the highs are not there and we have some lows that we have. We don't get the feedback or the expectation that we want from other people. And part of it is is that each time that I have one of those lows it's within a few minutes that I'm telling myself no I am I am capable of doing this. That whatever happened or whatever was you know didn't go the way I wanted. Maybe the expectations were higher than I needed them to be and maybe I could just be satisfied and happy and proud of the things that I've accomplished. And part of it is to spend time with other people who lift me up. So that's you know calling people and laughing and smiling and finding another avenue to do something to use my skills and talents that I know that I can. Conquer whatever challenge that's been in front of me and to use whatever thinking that might have been a negative. And I try to spin it into a positive. So like if you like it let's say you know somebody didn't want to work with me that's you know I was hoping would be a client or something like that. Then I you know turned around to think about that say wow I really need to think that person because because I decided not to go with the maybe it was because

I didn't show them enough that it that on what they're going to get out of you know being with me and for some people it's because I'm too fun.

And so you think that fun because equal professionalism and that's OK because I probably don't want to work with them if we have to be so serious all the time and can't have a lot of play and with our work. So it's really about constantly addressing yourself and saying I am I'm beautiful I'm smart I'm courageous I'm talented. I have the skill set to do that. And while hearing that right now it might sound like wow this really could see that it's only because I know that those are things that I would tell you to say if you're feeling down and low. So my clients I had a client who was having a bad day a bad week actually. And I've been reaching out to him and telling him You are enough you are enough. You have got this you are a remarkable and talented and you know I say all the other specific niche talents that he has to help lift him up. So part of what I do is to be inspirational and you can't help but be happy when you're doing that for other people.

Amazing amazing. Spend time with others who lift me up.

I mean that's a perfect one right there where you know it's also for me and I would imagine for you as well. It's whenever I'm with a group of like minded entrepreneurs. I feel like I'm at home. I feel like I'm where I need to be. I get amplified and energized and Jooste just being around people like you Andrea.

And when you're in a group like that it's fulfilling beyond description to me and the like get you know it's can be with people who you and I were talking about that last night you know because my husband he's proud of me. But he doesn't really care. And I and I'll be home for a couple of weeks and I just at some unusual for me to be home that long and I just ache to get back out on the road to be with surrounded by. Well how can you like when I go on the internet marketers Bruce. I'm with 350 of my closest friends and anybody I turn around.

I love them and I don't know much about them and they know so much about me. And we may not even talk for a whole year. And it's like bubbles and happiness like that.

And the connections you make. You know even new ones even renewed ones the topics that you discuss. You cannot you cannot buy that anywhere. Number one. Number two you can't find a training course that would help you in that.

So I often say this as well as one of the keys to success is just show up well knowledge from the people that are there and people that you have no idea what they know and then you ask them questions. Yesterday I was told by an attorney that I wanted change in my hometown.

He was telling me comparisons between the United States government and the Roman Empire and 400 whatever and it and it was like he's like and they had senators you know welcome the verbiage that I had no idea I was going to get an hour of history.


And I love I love another thing you said you take negatives and spin them in the positive so an LP we call that reframing and that's a perfect perfect model to follow is it. And you also added a little flavor to it.

You basically said well maybe I need to change. So you did two things in one fell swoop and that was reframing it which is very powerful but you also took cause and said I wonder if somehow some way I had some responsibility in that outcome and that is another key trait of success and that's why it's coming out of you because that is you then take full responsibility for everything that I do.

I mean I if if I were to be in a car accident I think even if it was not technically my fault I think you know if I turn left instead of right or if I'd made another decision what how am I contributing to whatever's going on. So why you know access of control in my life is not external its internal locus of control.

That's Franta I've given that very example from stage you know same things like I chose to get up at that time I chose to take that road. I chose to stop at that stoplight legally then get rear ended. You know the ending came on but you know the thing is the farther you can stretch it the more ridiculous it can sound the better you're going to become. Being a cause for those of you that aren't practicing that right now. Not Andrea. She's got it down.

Positive Self affirmations. I used to not believe in those. Believe it or not when I was little believes and the thing is because of an LP. It's a subconscious activity that is permanent. And then I started fairly recently of reading

A list of like called the Brian Kelly manifesto. And then also a list of menace of affirmation that takes a full 20 minutes every morning to get through. And I've been doing it for just over two weeks now and it has been giving you unbelievable results unbelievable results. So I'm back. I'm back to doing the affirmations and I will stay there along with Ann Ulpian hypnosis. What a combo. Amazing. So you're already knocking out of the park with all of these key elements that you know for those of you watching. Be sure to take notes. I hope you wrote those three items down because those are truly some of the traits and characteristics of highly highly successful people. And my guest being one of those.

So you know what to suggest to your audience that you're talking about taking notes as I used to teach college to different colleges several seven different departments and then I taught some of the extra curricular clubs and stuff as well. And a lot of my students didn't realize because they think I'm just chatting or just having fun. But it wasn't until later that they broke down what I was saying that they realized that what I call accidental learning all drop in seed. It's part of the A.P. and art of knowing how to use language see things that you should not be doing in your life. So Brian and I are telling a story that seemingly seems like it's only between us and really has nothing to do with you. If you step back from it instead of listening to it for entertainment and hear what are they actually revealing within that story that it applied to me in a situation that I didn't and apply it to multiple situations. You might find that you have actually been able to change the facts what are you doing in your life.

That was perfectly set. And when you and I talked about this just silly night as well where you know that's that's a great point that you bring up. And I think it's a good teaching point for everyone watching not every show audio program book is going to be entertaining. The key though is is to pick out and understand and realize and recognize is that person who's talking or writing someone that you should be listening to and following and modeling. If the answer is yes it doesn't need to be entertaining entertaining just kind of keeps your focus and attention a little bit better even if they're not they'll focus and be more attentive than ever because I've had I've had guests on the show I'm not going to name any names that you know in all honesty weren't. Actually entertaining but my word the value that they bring to this. Just take notes throughout and like you said it's like we're just having a conversation. But the nuggets that are coming out back and forth are you can't buy this anywhere. The show is free. I'm never going to charge for it. And this is some of the best information you could ever gather. I only know that because I'm the host and I get to talk to these amazing entrepreneurs like Andrea and person after person gives nugget of Nugget and I noticed that pattern is there every single time. It just further solidifies the fact that all you have to do is find someone like Andrea. Grab on to her. You know both ankles and don't let go as a mentor don't do this literally figuratively OK and let her.

And you know say can you help me. And knowing her she'll find a way to do that. And again if she can't you'll find someone who can.

So the first person who comes up to me grabs it goes we'll give you a special treat. It's actually Sterkel. That would just make me laugh so bad.

I want to point out something that Brian's doing that and I'm doing that you guys may not even realize so because this is so webinars and a radio show. How were animated with our faces and how we use the tone of our voice cycle through and I mean if you look at me now now you're not going to see this image now. I used to be called the chicken because when I would seeing an 8th grade I would you know like I love you should let you know like a chicken the way my head was Bob away.

But they always put me in the center because I enunciated my words well.

And I had big eye expression. And the audience could read my lips. So these are a lot of acting things that I bring into my life to be very animate. I am very animated all the time. But these were learned behaviors that I knew worked for me onstage when I was theater. And for him you know musical groups and clubs that I were that I was the end that's been effective and that I had a radio show for 13 years. And am getting ready to come back on again to be a commercial radio show this time. But even if you're not being seen if you're on radio and you're not intimated with your face in your voice then you can fall flat and actually you know people say

That's a great point. And I'll give I'll give everybody insider tip. And this is I didn't have to do this with Andrea because she's a pro. I mean she's it's P R O and that's Andrea is before the show even comes up. Each of my guest gets a guest list a checklist. And the last part of the checklist is right before the show airs right before the camera goes on to you is to smile as hard and as silly as you possibly can. I mean ridiculously silly like to the point where you're going to laugh outloud and what that does is it just it. And you know Senator it flexes or it stretches out all the face muscles. It makes you smile a little harder than you normally would because when you're on camera and you think you're smiling most of the time what they see is not a smile

You think your smile you need to smile harder than normal and really accentuate it. And that's what is talking about. So these are great tips for you doing. Facebook lives a lot of people are doing that now. If you if you want to exhibit happiness and a smile do it with everything you've got. I mean really have fun with it.

You can just fall into your eyes and it's feeling an emotion that's up into your soul as well. So I have some interesting back knowledge of other things that I'm trained that don't necessarily have to do with anything. But try to surface electromyography and egi and a smile.

Like when you think you're holding it and you're doing it if you wait like 20 or 30 seconds and then they smile again the person I suppose like this muscle cannot contain that smile as long as people think that it is and it really starts to sag down.

So yeah it does get tiring. So yeah give it a rest now and then it's OK.

So you're very very successful woman Andrea and your talents. I love one for one thing I love how you've repurposed your talent. I want to call it that. You know what you've learned in the past and so Andrea has that talent from acting singing and being on stage. And I get that not every bit everyone does. However what talents do you have. You have them. You have a ton of talent. Every single one of you watching and listening tap into those talents and how could you somehow forge that into your business. For me one of them was I'm a tech and I'm a geek. I love automation. I'm a software engineer by trade and that's part of what helped me put this entire show together with all the fancy camera angles and graphics and fun things. I love it.

Platforms that this is put out on. I was so impressed to hear that.

Yeah it's like. That's right it's live streaming simultaneously on nine different platforms. This very moment. And it's also being shared too. I lost count more many more instantly the second we went live and it's going on ten podcasts when the show's over ten podcast platforms and I love automation. That's what I love but that's just repurposing talent. That was the point there. And you know you're so successful. I was curious if you could maybe pinpoint three to five key elements that what you would attribute to your success. You know key elements helped you to start and run successful businesses.

Yeah I think the first one that I would say is my ability to connect with people and it's not just about being friendly is obviously important and having a good memory is important. But being able to and this really really. I actually used to shy away from telling people information about me multiple things about me because I was told you're telling them too much and your fire hosing them and they're going to be confused with what you do. And then I talked to Joe Sugarmann. He and I became friendly and though he lives in Vegas at time. And and I had gone out to lunch with them and he wrote the book triggers and he was one of the first person who ever wrote magazine articles and advertisements and he said that one of the things that he really admired about me is that I have these skill sets in so many different areas and that that's what makes me successful is I take I take things that you would normally not cross reference or put together and make those work so that it actually gets different audiences looking at the same thing at the same time. And so knowing how to do that and knowing in your head to be constantly cross referencing people and what they do so that any time that you meet someone you put them in a category. I always used to make a joke that I said like if you pull a drawer filing cabinet on the side or your head and you have a stack of cards almost like a library and they're over here.

Well how you can cross-reference that as you might remember a person and their name is Brian Kelly. And if you say it's silly or brilliant gilded age you know then all of a sudden you remember it in different files because of the wording they used or the dialect or the way you reference something.

I remember Brian because some picture that we show up with some other friends where we were at. And so I have visual memory I have auditory memory and I bring all of those things together so that I can cross-reference who Brian is how I know him. Who was he related to and how I might be able to serve him in the future and what I'm learning about him he might add to that and some of that is physically writing that down. I know people are getting away from local business cards in fact I just wrote a response to somebody last night that says they threw them all away. I actually just found a whole bunch of them and got them all out and literally started mapping out those people and saying Hey I just found your card I have it I got a card that was lost from five years ago how Kolderie connect with you. What are you doing since then. And I'm actually reaching out to people in redeveloping relationships rather than dismissing where I love virtual cards as well but virtual cards are out of sight out of mind. So I don't see them and touch them then they are lost to me sometimes unless I've marked or tagged them in in a in my Rolodex my phone. Boy you told I have my Rolodex that I know them because of this event I know them because of this person. And so I usually try to write all that and the dates and the event so that it's cross-reference very quickly for me to be able to access information. So there's an organizational skill to it as well.

Brian they are using tactics like that as well that are successful for you.

Yeah connectedness definitely definitely on top of my list of sticky notes again Joe Sugarmann triggers. And one of the things I noticed that you kind of alluded to that you're doing that I'm making a habit anybody I'm either a meeting for the first time or again if it's been a while I go back and research them. I do some homework. It doesn't take that long ago. My primary mode is to go to Facebook and you can determine someone's mental state really quickly based on how they post what their words are what their meanings are the graphics. If they're posting about politics and how they're acting toward that lots of stuff you can find out internally about a person before you even meet them or if it's been awhile refreshing to see a looks like they've changed either for the better or for the worse.

But you don't know. But the thing that helps that helps me is to determine do I really want to spend that amount of time reaching out and connecting that person to begin with.

I mean vetting people whether you want to stay with them or maybe stay away or two things by the way if you don't have fun in your life then your life can be fun. And I need to address something that's cracking me up you may see me like trying to dodge and move the light shining on the table here. And I have a plant growing out of my chest. It's almost like a shaft. And so I'm going to lean for I'm going to move it move. But put it Karaite you

Know. You got to be flexible and adaptable and change things when you need to be changed. So this is my friend's lovely.

All right. So what I did there is something that well often don't you when they're speaking once and I can't really do anything about the sunlight right now.

Just have to hold up my left.

Is that people will drop things on a stage or they'll be something there and they don't pick it up pick it up look it up.

It's OK to address the elephant in the room.

At least it relaxes not only you but the audience right. I say I. Yeah you know if you have notes it's OK to read them. You know if you're up on stage and you're on a podium. Yeah. It's like people don't really care as much as you think they do about those little things like you're saying if you drop something if if something goes out of whack you know you can incorporate that into whatever you're doing and a little humor to it if you want. And that just.

Oh absolutely. I'm actually I I've done some informal studies with a friend of mine. We've been looking at people who are most successful and what they're willing to do and the people who are most successful he's a social celebrity photographer. It's a client of mine. And his name is Ken Rashaan and some of the things that we noticed that people are willing to be really really stupid and do really crazy faces and photobombing for us who are people of scary substance that's like there's this woman her name's Chris Evert and Clarissa was an Italian supermodel and yet we have going to put this down to be able to do her face she did this space or she's like

You know she did that in a picture for us with the Keep Smiling cards that are part of the album's going to hold one up so you guys what I'm talking about.

They look like this. They keep smiling

So people like that. And we also encourage people to do goofy faces and stop and the people who tend to make more money and who are more successful in their lives are totally willing to be goofy. So people try to be perfect all the time. And that's not really what your audience is looking for. They want you to be real and genuine. And I think that's one of the reasons I am successful is there is no. Fake ness I see. I don't even always use appropriate words.

But you get what you get. Yeah it's also another word called transparency you know it's just be yourself. We are human we are fallible we are going to make mistakes. Every one of us no matter how successful and how for someone that's actually a really good key there. Andrew is like especially the more successful you are if you are open and showing your mistakes. That just tells everyone else that I can do that too. You know you're not a robot you're not the super human being you're actually a human being just like me. That means if you can make a mistake and still be that successful then what am I. Why am I waiting. Wait. I need to go forward on this.

So this my girlfriend loves Barry Manilow and she's actually paid I think once she took me to Barry Manilow a 250 dollars for me to sit with her and like six Rosie and she's seen him like 250 times. He doesn't know the words to a song. Wow. No one ever asked for their money back. They still pay that much for a ticket. I went with her when she said up front I sat nosebleed it was sixty six dollars and he didn't know the words. And guess what. Everybody helped him sing and everybody still loved the show. People forgive you. So it doesn't. You don't have to be perfect. I mean you're paying a lot of money for something but they're very forgiving. And that's one of the things that people need to see that you don't have to be perfect it's OK to stutter it's OK to you know accidentally mouth spray. I mean. And you know. And it's going to be OK for you. So I work with a lot of people who are speakers that are both new and experienced than I have a lot of. I work through a lot.

Given that just now it's been working for four of them. I love hypnotherapy and I love LPs so it's no surprise these people are the most genuine the most awesome and I've traded most things as well. So I love working with them. And you know they also are just very real people. And it's those types of people that I'm finding are doing better at corporate trainings and are making more effective talks at colleges and who are getting asked to be back again on the radio shows that I put them on and so forth. And that's what I want to bring out in people as that while working hard is important I want them to play really hard too so that that reflects on everything that they do because if they're not having a great time in their business and their activities that people don't want to follow that they want to follow people who are not only great that are engaging. I mean Zig Ziglar and Jim round and all those people yes they were professional but they were engaging and they people like you know you want to be liked.

Yeah. So just become perfect at being imperfect is to embark on that. And so. Don't worry about it don't sweat it. It's better to be imperfect it's better to show you know what's in the closet sometimes you know just to show that you're human.

We have we all have issues. I did a I did a quick special edition not long ago saying you know when you see somebody on Facebook and they're getting all these pictures and they're traveling and they're successful and they're happy and there's never a frown. Well guess what they have issues too. There was a series of unfortunate events not to choose a name from a movie but that occurred in my life recently and it was just like this is the way it is for everybody on the planet. Everybody goes through issues so be it be a human being and then people will be more attracted to if you're a robot and you're perfect. Then people won't be able to relate because there's nobody on this planet that's perfect. Sorry.

And part of that too is you know as a publicist I want you to choose what you want people to see. So let's say you do have something in your past or maybe you have some reputation management that needs to occur because maybe the line of work you're in or an MLM you're affiliated with or some other company you know didn't do well.

Choose the things that you want to pay attention to. So that way they have something to talk about. Others not talking about is a little bit of a distraction there.

That's good deflect the deflect attention onto something you want. Yeah I love that.

One of the most sought after questions I get as an entrepreneur and I'm always the most curious about it myself and curiosity by the way is another big key trait of successful entrepreneurs. Richard Branson one of the most curious people on the planet is the area of how do you successfully market your own business. I see so many trainings out there on how to successfully market your business but rarely do it ever here under the hood. Exactly how the individual themself is really going about marking their business and I get it. Marketing is a broad field there are a lot of ways to market. But what would you say Andrea would be one of the most successful forms of marketing you've you've used so far and maybe you've already said it maybe.

I'm actually blushing because I have a reveal here a big reveal though with my initial business which is now called Ignite your relationships I have a dating and relationship business and I focus on sexuality and I do corporate relationships as well not not beating corporate relationships but corporate relationships like the factory workers getting on with executive board and stuff like that. And I did really really well in marketing so the things that I was the foundation of what I was doing as I showed up everywhere I met people I followed up on those relationships. I listed my key traits on the things that I was doing. I was consistent. I was persistent and I was consistent. Yes. So there was really important so I needed to repeat that again. And

I didn't have like a fear factor. I called I'm the one that got myself on 2020. And CBS and PBS and all those things they didn't happen for me in fact recently I had a woman said Well how much is that going to cost me. How much do I have to pay to get on a show like that. And I said I never paid for anything. I I have never paid for publicity ever in my entire life. It was the way that I knew how to write and. And it was a skill set over time that was both education and street smarts smarts and reading and learning all that stuff about how to write a press release and how to attract an audience or a newspaper reporter or to respond to a story or to just kind of reach out where I offered myself as an information service. And then they followed up with me and utilites me for those things I even did a thing for Pampers for a drive that they had for like mother or fathers or grandparents day or something. So there's you know different things that you can do to be of service to other people like you and made myself newsworthy.

And then when I shifted and also added the other business the red carpet connection the red carpet connection is really about taking instead of work. Work is working I'm focusing on me focusing on other people. And so for the last six years I've really focused on everybody else and let my own stuff slide completely. I was not taking care of me. I was not doing my own social media. I was not following up with people that were my own clients that would want to work with me and do things because I was everything was about my clients. And you know I finally realized that I literally was starting to smother myself by not putting my oxygen mask on my own. And so recently I realized what I need to get back in the game. I and so so what you're really funny about that. So when I made the decision to go this is only a couple days ago. I need to get back on the game. I end up on this show I'm on another show I think it instantly comes overnight when you're following up with people and providing a service or an offer to them that they want to work with you.

And so that's not something you can do yourself.

Then that's when you hire a publicist like me so that you know we can do that for you. We brag about you so you don't have to it makes it a little easier because it is a little awkward. I mean Brian I'm sure you can imagine I'm like I just want to let you guys know that's really cool guy. What you can eat. How about your show. Yeah. BROWN Yeah that's that's my name. That's me. Yeah it's awkward but that's not your forte. You have somebody else do it because that's one of the things that I love to do as I love to work with clients I let them do what they're really good at and I do what I'm really good at and that's that connection fees. You know that foundation of what I'm doing. So in doing that instantly my stuff started going. Get instantly started picking up.

So I mean overnight it was overnight after years of consistency persistency education. So yeah I want to make that clear. Those watching because I noticed there's there's many things you did not see that many go straight to and think that's how they become successful marketers. There's things like funnels and. Websites and Facebook ads and paid advertisements and notice that undera said none of those things. Not a single one. All I heard was she worked her tail off consistently persistently. She made herself newsworthy. She reached out on her own fearlessly and got gig after gig. In fact that's how she got on this show. She reached out to me.

She's telling you exactly how she does it because that's how she does it. It's amazing. I love it to be of service to become newsworthy.

So again yes writing notes. I hope you're doing the same. Watching and listening because you know this is going to be filled on the front back by the time we're done because this is just gold.

Oh so let me give you another example of that so social media. I am active on social media. However what I had linked in but I only had like 500 connections initially because remember I started focusing only on my clients and I had a client and I knew Wallington would work really well for him but he didn't understand social media. He wanted immediate immediate cash and follow through. And for the types of products that he has and the upset that he had I kept explained to him it's a long term game.

You weren't looking to pull people in at 15 thirty five hundred thousand dollar deals. It's a long term relationship. These people aren't going to marry you overnight.

But some of them might be crazy.

So you need to make sure that you have a long drip campaign where they love you when they follow up with you. So he didn't get it. And so after a year working with them he didn't want to do that anymore and that ended up being OK so I had some time. So what I was doing for him on LinkedIn I thought it was a state of mind that I've see how I do and without being a premier linked in person. I did not have Gilling premier because I purposely.

I never bought a lead I never bought a friend. I didn't do anything at about age. Every day that I would be in a car as a passenger I would spend about 10 minutes asking to connect to people are reaching out to people and so forth. And with eight and eight months

I got 30000 followers and connections and now eight weeks ago I'm tapped out on LinkedIn. So now I need to know how to rework my LinkedIn because now I have to do the whole thing with Facebook like kicking people off and adding them mean I don't want to kick people off because I don't even know them yet. So now I'm reaching out and building relationships with people ruling then that I and these are people I don't know where Facebook. Those are usually people who see me speak or have known me from the past. Now I have a story about that as well.

Brian you and I and we talked about how long we've known each other. I had a woman who saw me speak six years ago. I talked to her maybe two years ago I followed up with her on something randomly two years ago. Haven't talked to her since she called me about eight weeks ago 10 weeks ago and nominated me to be in a primetime documentary

Where we're in negotiations to figure out how that's going to work where I'll be in this documentary as a boss woman. So we're going to see how that goes. And she hasn't seen me for six years but she's follows me on Facebook and was seeing me still and when someone asked her Haiti you know anybody she knows the director and she's like oh my gosh I have a perfect person I saw her she always stayed with me I always wanted to do my book with her. And she actually finally committed to writing her book I got a publishing company as well. So she's publishing her book with me now. OK. Six years. It took her drip drip drip for her to reach out to me. I didn't have to sell or anything I didn't have to try to force her to do something with me. She came to me and wanted to work with me. And that's what you want people to want you not have to. I mean it's great. It's perfectly OK to sell people especially when you have something good we want them to have. But it's also even more fond of you.

Yeah absolutely. It's the you know business is a relationship when it comes down to it. I used to be I am still an automation freak. I call myself an automation freak but now I understand and recognize that automation by itself does not make a successful business that you must literally reach out to somebody at some point if you're ever going to reach success. And that could be the phone. It could be through social media but one on one instead of. I haven't used them but message bots they're out there that are automatically responding to things I hear they do wonderful things but I know people well if you want to be if you need referrals for that I know multiple people who are doing a chat or whatever.

And so that means everybody here on the show if you have a question you want to get connected with that just pop it in the comments. And Andrea we'll get back to you because that's the way she rolls and that's the thing. You know it just takes part.

It's about connection. It's only my students don't call me because they'll call me just ask me random question. It's like I'm the information house and I love it. I don't mind.

I loved to hear that and it helps me improve my mind because it keeps me thinking and learning all the time when people are reaching out. So think about that for yourselves as well. You know those of you who are listening like how can I constantly be adding to my skills and knowledge through books and radio shows like listening to this radio show and taking notes like he's saying if you actually. Oh by the way there's a study done years ago if you actually take the physical notes write them down and type them and then later that day read them out loud while you're typing them so that we can keep them electronically if we'd like to but because you've auditory worded them out loud their retention is about 80 percent higher than if you just can't read.

Absolutely. Absolutely. And so everything you're hearing Andrea say that's the key. All of it. It's not just one thing.

It's a lot and a lot of people think there's a magic pill hope there's a magic pill search for that magic pill spend their lives looking for that magic pill only to find out after 10 15 20 years that you know what there is no such thing. It comes down to as Willie Jolley said in the opening of the show hard work and the beautiful thing is though when you find that thing that you're truly passionate about. Andrea has several.

You know it it doesn't feel like work. It's fun. I love doing this show. I love putting together my business and reaching out to people and getting clients.

I look forward to it. It's not worked to me but it's still working hard and it's committing to it has been discipline. There's so many things I mean we could talk for many many hours. Oh my goodness we are six minutes away from the end. Are you kidding me. It was this every single word everything that we were going to talk about. Yes so that means we'll just have to have you back at a later date and fill in the rest.

There is one one major burning question that we always on the show with that I want to ask you. But before we do that I want to give those that are watching live the opportunity to have a. Wonderful time and go on a five night vacation five nights vacation stay in a five star luxury Mexican resort. Compliments of my buddy Jason Asten and Rhonda my buddies I should say of power texting Tom. And here is how you enter to win and this for you watching live. This is what you will want to do right now. So put that up on the screen. There's two ways. Probably the easiest it depends on your taste but is probably to text just text the word peak. That's PJAK to the phone number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again that's PKP aka a 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Or alternatively if you're on a computer and you want to switch over to another tab real quick and then come back to the show right away. Go to reach your peak LLC dot com for Shlash vacation and vacation is purposely lower cased on the screen so be sure it's all lowercase. Just the word vacation. The rest doesn't matter. Reach your peak L.L.C. dot com for such vacation. Go ahead and do that now and do that now. I will see that and the pinning on how we wrap this show up all either announce it live on the show or shortly thereafter in the comments below and I'll reach out to you individually to say you are a winner. So I'm excited about that. And before we hit that really important question a little a little mouse told me that Andrea might have something of her own that she's got up her sleeve that she would like to gift to everyone a view which I thought was amazing. And Andrea I do have actually screen shot of that if you'd like to then describe that. I would love that.

Yeah. So so I'm the red carpet of oh look here's a picture of me standing there. OK. So. Who we are. So I'm the red carpet connection dot com and there's my calendar. I want you to go to my calendar.

Pick a time that's convenient to you. Reach out to me and I will do a consultation with you. And look at what's going on with your publicity your social media or whether it's a book or whatever it is that you need an assessment on.

What it does whatever it is you're trying to overcome or even if it's something with your dating and relationship or sexuality area it doesn't matter to me. If you have something that you need I'm more than willing to spend some time with you because that's how we get to know people. And when you are of service to people that's how your world is better and that's how it becomes awesome. So just go ahead do that right now. That red carpet connection that Prüm get on there on the schedule and pick a time. And I'll reach out to you and we'll see what we can do to make your life better and see how you can move forward and see the things that you can take care of and do for yourself.

And I just want to let you know right upfront when you call me and what we have this assessment. So when you anything because that's why we're having this. This is a gift for brand and we're simply going to talk about how we can make things better for you in your life and what you want to do.

So again that is why I have people like Andrea on this show what a giving person. And again see that button right there schedule a call today that is literally a button I lifted off of her Web site just look for that button. It's in several locations. It's easy to find it's throughout the website and there her her beautiful face is all over that Web site as well. You'll see the interview being done by Joe Theismann with her skip that schedule a call then come back and watch the interview take action. Make it focused. And did you hear what she just said. She's not selling anything. And that's rare these days. Because many of you I'm sure were thinking which is natural that oh well you just it's free because you're going to pitch me at the end. No she's just saying if you're fit and if you want to work with her later then you'll jump back out to her. I mean it's she's not going to chase you down which that's another tidbit isn't it. It's another valuable tip for people now.

And it really it all falls in with the dating business as well as when you teach people they don't like you anyway. The person who has the most love for someone is the one who has the power. And you know so you know there you go. There it is many things that we could have shared with everybody. So I'm like oh but it will be really awesome. Oh yeah. And then we can reach back around him in the world and some of you will we're talking if you like three things you show see me on the show.

There's actually a link on Richard LLC oilseed outcome for you to do just that as a guest guest request is what it's called. So I want to get to that that that you know that amazing question that every entrepreneur I've interviewed on this show has answered it and it's a big one. And if it takes you a little bit of time to figure out the answer that's fine. Take all the time you need to take all the time you need to answer in just one minute.

And so to let you off the hook though there is no pressure on this. There is no such thing as a wrong answer to it. It's impossible to answer it incorrectly. The only correct answer. There's only one correct answer and that's yours as whatever it is to you.

So are you ready. I am ready. All right Andrea for everyone watching and listening. How do you personally define success.

For me success is when I go to bed at night.

Emotional to me when I go to bed at night with a smile on my face and I can't wait to get out to do what it is that I'm doing. God that's it. And love what I do. I never want to give it up.

I really love what I do. True to form perfect answer. Every single person. And the interesting thing is a lot of the passion on this woman you think she likes what she does know she loves what she does the things she loves people and help loves helping people.

Yes the answer is yes. For anyone that might be seen I don't know.

It's obvious. It's oh so obvious. And the really interesting thing is Andrea is so interesting is I've interviewed quite a few before you and not one not a single one has had the same answer yet and that is still that's still the case.

The one thing that there's there's also another thing that not a single entrepreneur did say or refer to when it came to success which I'm finding really intriguing and I love it because that just tells me I have the right caliber people on the show and that thing is there. They never ever bring up the concept of well to me success means money or an certain amount of money. Every single person yours you're about serving and that's what makes you happy and that's what makes you smile when you go to bed and can't wait to get up the next morning because you get to help another human being and you're being successful at doing that you're seeing them rise to the occasion. Isn't that the most fulfilling feeling in the world that you had some way some part to do with their improvement in their life and their. I mean it's it's like a drug that is legal.

And it's it's almost extremely selfish.

At the same time it's not though. Isn't that beautiful. Yeah it's a win win. So be selfish be more selfish than you are. Please do this more. It's ok everyone out there to be selfish. Only if you do it in this context we're talking about right now please.

Serving others. Wow.

Andrea This has been amazing. We've had a lot of people join on the show commenting back and forth Thank you Richard barrier. Tanya Brewster Piddington has been on Arlene krunk Krantz.

I think her yes she loves you back when she won. OK everybody who's watching her here reach out to me because I know people with amazing stuff Richard that will save your family's lives. I mean it should be thinking in this world that people matter that are on here. Wow.

Yeah. The list goes on. There's many. My. My brother in law James Wood is on a gem are you doing. How are you. Let's see Francisco Olvera. It just goes on and on and on and people. This lady in red he says

I am known as a lady in red. And I do want a really quick.

Tell everybody go to that keep smiling movement dot com and we'll tell you about it some other time.

But it's a move that we have and it's about spreading love and acceptance with the universal language of a smile. And we honor entrepreneurs and movers and shakers influencers by putting them in different books and stuff with keeps family heard. So you know we want to make sure everybody is represented in the world who deserves it. So we need to get yours.

Yes yes. That would be phenomenal. So what I was going to do is at the end as well Andrea what's the best way for people to connect with you. But we know what that is don't go to your Web site. Once again go to the red carpet connection dot com and schedule a call. That's the best way. Schedule a call with her and find out how she can help you in 20 minutes without any sales pitch whatsoever.

But I will also allow other forms of communication to ensue that you would prefer as well. Andrea's so what's another great way for folks to get something that people rarely do.

I'm going to give you my phone number. My number is 4 1 9 7 2 2 6 9 3 1 4 1 9 7 2 2 6 9 3 1 and texting me is the best way to reach me and realize I do get hundreds of texts today because of everything that I do that I will get back to you and if I don't text me again because you know you've got to remember I mean sometimes they say it takes seven times to get connected and somebody well hopefully I don't accidentally gory and I'm not trying to ignore you but sometimes I just get lost in the shuffle. But reach out to me and tell me who you are and see what it is that you do. And so Perkins intrigued me. Tell me who you are and what your business is and what you're interested in. So I'm excited about calling you back. Now I'm usually excited about calling everybody back but I don't know if you have my phone or you're trying to sell me some shoes.

And you're right that's rare. Nobody does.

Very few people do that. Tips for all who do text you is what you said is you know introduce yourself first because it's a number she's probably not seen before. Say hi this is and a recommendation for those who really want to take this next level and really show up on her phone is shoot a video of yourself introducing yourself and give her the link to watch it on her phone and make it a three to five minute video and just say hey andrea it's so great to meet you I watched you on the mind body business show how you met and just say this is what I wanted to chat with you about would you be open for discussion.

That sounds lovely. Yeah that's the best way. I love all of that. So multiple ways and connect to people. You know the red carpet connection. Red stands for relevance enthusiasm and delivery. When you hit all three you hit your target market every time. So let's make it happen.

Let's make it happen. Great way to end it. I love it. Thank you so much Indra. Thank you all for coming on and watching this live show interacting with us. It's been an absolute blast. I've had a great time. All right so that is it for tonight.

We are going to be back again next Thursday with another amazing entrepreneur that is under Autumn's Miller. I am Brian Kelly saying good night for now. Have a blessed evening. And we'll talk to you again really really soon.

Thank you for watching. I'm listening. This is beyond the money. Sure sure sure. Brian Kelly.

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