Special Guest Expert - Andrew Honigsfeld

Special Guest Expert - Andrew Honigsfeld

Welcome to the mind body. Your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Hey Hello everyone and welcome welcome. Welcome to the mind body business show. Hey I'm Brian Kelly your host and founder of reach your peak. And we have an amazing show for you tonight. I cannot wait for you to meet this amazing young man and we're going to get into it here really really soon. First before we get moving just for those of you that may not be familiar the mind body business show what does that all about.

Well over the course of my life I have met many many very successful entrepreneurs and businessmen and getting to know them at a deeper level and I realized that there were patterns that kept surfacing and these patterns were repeatable from successful person to successful person businessmen business women. And I realized you know there's something to this and there are really three three primary pieces and you probably guess what those are by now it's mind. And that is the mindset. It's how do you create an unstoppable what I call champion mindset. Not only from the conscious level but from the sub conscious level using advanced tools and techniques like that of neuro linguistic programming or an LP for short which is a proven science for success. It's an amazing science and a rocket to go into that right now but definitely take notes during the show get out pen and paper and start taking notes because you'll be blown away especially what our guest expert has to say tonight.

And then there's body body. What does that mean. Well one of the things you want to do is first get your mindset correct and then you also want to put your body in a state of peak performance. And what I mean by that is feed yourself nutritious food give it the fuel it needs that it was designed to consume and then marry that with exercise on a regular basis. It's interesting that I've recently read that about 50 percent of all diseases can be directly attributed to lack of exercise. Amazing amazing. So exercise. So the mind and the body. The beautiful thing is the mind and body are a team. And what I like to always say is the mind and body are your team when the team is playing together when they are all working at the same level. Then it's a healthy team. If any one member of the team is slacking is not operating at peak level then the team as a whole suffers. And that includes business. The third item the third pillar of success and what is business that includes sales marketing team building systematizing which we're going to talk about tonight. I'm really excited about this. That is what our expert guest is going to be talking about that is his field and the the business part it so really you want to lay the foundation. I call it with mind and body because let's face it you can put all the time and effort money resources in your business but if your mind and body are not at the optimal level of health and operating at a level of performance then your business will suffer because again all three are a team.

It's like a tripod. Think about a tripod holding a camera and you have three legs. What happens if you were to knock one of those legs away with the whole thing comes tumbling down doesn't it. And the same holds true with this tripod called the mind body business. That's what that's all about. And remember it reminds me of quite some time ago. Many years ago actually I had another mentor of mine he actually flew me out back east. I'm from the West Coast he flew me out had me picked up in a limo put me up in a hotel and I met in his office for two days and he had one of the massive corner offices with all of the glitz and glamour and I just remember this one moment through that whole two days this one moment stood out. And he was talking to me I'm sitting on his couch. Yes a couch in his office and here he's looking at me and he goes Brian. If people only did this one thing if they just did this one thing they would all be rich.

They would all be rich.

I'm leaning in saying OK I'm I'm listening. What is it. And so he turned around and he walked directly behind him to a cabinet that was floor to ceiling double door cabinet big wooden cabinet. And he walked back there and as he's walking he grabs the handles both them looks back at me and opens it up up wide and all I could see inside was basically similar to what you see behind me right now is shelf after shelf after shelf of books. You know there was business books marketing sales team building there were personal development fitness books everything was in there. And the interesting thing was my reaction to that was I don't believe you. I don't believe that that is a key to success. Are you kidding me. I can get books anywhere. There's no skin in the game. Costs you know a 10 bucks 15 bucks 20 bucks it doesn't matter and go to the library and read it for free. So how could that be a key to success. So I actually ignored him which was a mistake. Thankfully many years later I met another gentleman who became another mentor of mine. I worked with him on a regular basis and he basically said the same thing he used the word success more than rich. And he said you know if you just read you're going to be much more successful than you are now and I said my goodness I've heard this before somewhere and then the cool thing with this though is not only did he tell me about it but he led by example because everywhere I saw him he had his headphones on listening to books a lot.

Wow. Didn't he know he could do that. Let me check that out. So I discovered by asking him this thing called audible and now I can listen to books and I found my gosh I can I love listening to books more far more than reading them with my eyeballs. And so I began reading by listening and I began doing so voraciously and discovered that know all this time I've been spending in this one area. I spent a lot of time in this one location where I don't get anything done and that is my car and I'm thinking my gosh instead of listening to music I could listen to books and because I started doing that and have done that for some time now I I've completed many books and became very well read as a result. And the beautiful thing is what I want to do is show you a resource for you that I put together and we're going to segue over into a little segment I call appropriately bookmarks bookmarks for him to read bookmarks ready steady breed Vogue marks.

Brought to you by reach vague library dot com yes Richard Peek.

Library dot com and by the way for those of you watching live Yuno if you're listening live or recorded. Take notes. Stay with us. You do not want to miss our guest expert coming on very very soon reach your peak library dot com go ahead and write that down. What that is is a Web site that I put together really for you entrepreneurs and business owners. And what it is is a collection of the books I have read over time that have made an impact on me. Not just any book I've read. In fact not every book I've read is on this list far far from it. So only those that actually had an impact on me are in this website and you'll notice if you click any of those buttons when you go to it it goes straight to audible. But what's on Amazon I believe or Kindle depends on the button you click. So this is not for me to make money it's for me to help you so that you have a vetted list of books. Now does that mean they'll have the same impact or even a positive impact on you like they did me. I can't guarantee that. But at least you have a list that someone that did that if you haven't started reading or if you haven't read all the books in this list you can pick one out and give it a go and have more likelihood and probability that it will do something good for you. And what I want to do is jump over to something so one of the things you can do in audible I found was as you're listening to it you can literally tap a little icon on your screen of your phone your tablet whatever you're listening on and it will instantly store a bookmark an electronic digital bookmark of that very location and you can then later go back and play it back directly.

And I thought this is phenomenal. Now if I want to reread a book I don't need to reread the entire book. I can just go to each of my bookmarks and be done because those are the highlights. And so I started doing that and then I realized Oh I can play these back over the Internet. And so that's what I've done with what we're gonna do tonight we're going to play back a 1 minute snippet from a very very powerful very popular book called Think and Grow Rich and so just enjoy this listen take some notes. It's one minute in length and it's all in the arena of mindset. So the mind body business we're talking about mind and we're going to segue into business later in the discussion with our special guest expert. So go ahead give a listen take some notes and then we'll bring on our guests. Here we go.

Any idea plan or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought. This is why you were asked to write out a statement of your major purpose or definite chief aim. Committed to memory and repeated in audible words day after day until these vibrations of sound have reached your subconscious mind. We are what we are because of the vibrations of thought which we pick up and register through the stimuli of our daily environment resolve to throw off the influences of any unfortunate environment and to build your own life to order. Taking inventory of mental assets and liabilities you will discover that your greatest weakness is lack of self-confidence. This handicap can be surmounted and timidity translated into courage through the aid of the principle of auto suggestion. The application of this principle may be made through a simple arrangement of positive thought impulses stated in writing memorized and repeated until they become a part of the working equipment of the subconscious faculty of your mind.

There you go. The subconscious faculty of your mind and that's a beautiful thing because one of the biggest hurdles I have seen in my walk of entrepreneurship that those who are not yet successful the biggest hurdles I've seen that they've had is one of confidence or lack thereof. And here you have the very means and method to create that confidence. And it's really simple to do. So I recommend you pick up this book if you haven't read it already. If you have read it already then pick it up again and go over this chapter and listen or read it and really sit down and write out that statement that you can. You don't necessarily have to memorize this because I myself read one and you read it every day every morning and it becomes part of you. You can literally speak your success into existence and I know for some of you that sounds like we're trying to get a little off for a little while here.

It's actually true. It's amazing. I'm one of those guys that was like that you will get away from me and I'm no longer that way because it works. It's phenomenal. It's simple. And guess how much it costs 0. Everybody can do this. So there's no excuse for not doing it now. We are now going to bring on our wonderful guests the expert. His name is Andrew Hynix svelte and I cannot wait for you to meet him so let's do that right now let's bring on over our guest expert spotlight. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional and trained Beagley qualified. And there he is ladies and gentlemen. It is Andrew himself. And before I bring him on and you know before I start blabbing like I know he's blabbed a lot already.

I really want to quickly introduce you to him Andrew unexcelled is the CEO and co-founder of Malaya and Harnik still coaching. He works with clients to help them execute on their goals and find more freedom in their life. I like that Andrew believes that everyone should live a life that they love. I think I just got to stop there for a second. This is a gentlemen's bile.

You know the bile that normal people normally put up on their websites and actually this is the same one it's on his website and normally they talk about their experience their accolades their achievements. He's talking about his mission his purpose. This is powerful right away. This is something you should be taking note of in your bio. Consider talking about what you believe in your mission and purpose. This is this is phenomenal. I'll continue. Nothing is more upsetting to him than watching people not get what they want because of simple actions that are keeping them from their life's dreams. That emphasis in business stems from the amount of time that people spend working every day and the desire for people to be happy. During that time of that and before I bring Andrew on. Real quick. For those you watching live don't forget we are giving away another five day or five night vacation stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. Compliments of my good buddy Jason Nast and his partner Rhonda at power texting dot. You need to stay on till the end that's where we'll reveal how you can enter to win that amazing amazing vacation. So now finally Andrew my pal. Welcome to the show. So great to see you. I mean we just went over the bio you wrote about yourself if you wouldn't mind if we could dig a little bit deeper and maybe go into something like. Well when you get up in the morning what drives you to actually get out of that bed. Get you excited to move forward. Each and every day. And what what are you doing these days. What are you up to lately.

Yeah. So first thanks for having me. I'm super excited to be here. This show perfectly embodies how I live my life and what I see it's the mind the body and then you can have the business so it all works together. Couldn't agree more. So what am i up to these days. Is currently we're working on setting up our structures and our business and ultimately we're looking to take what we're doing and coaching and move it into more of a speaker platform as well so that we can really impact more people on a larger scale than what we're doing right now.

Phenomenal if you don't mind. Real quickly briefly introduce what it is you and your partner do.

Yeah. Cool. So we are coaches and we specifically work on the team building process and not just the team building but also like what do you do when you have the team and the way that we see it is you don't have to work so hard to make your money. You know there's the part time there's a point in time in your life when you have to be working on your own for yourself to get your business up and running. And then after that point a really solid team will take care of you and you could actually experience having it all both time in your life for your family your friends whatever it is that makes you happy. And time to be running your business and not have your business run you absolutely love that.

Because I have embarked on doing just that. As you aware Andrew we have a connection outside of this show and it has been a liberating godsend. And so for the service you guys provide I can't wait to shout you guys from the rooftops because what you guys are doing are bringing people systems that they so desperately need and many people don't even realize they need it to begin with. And so it's an amazing thing. And I love the fact that you guys are doing this you know. And it's obvious you're doing it from the heart. Just based on your bio that you put up on the site the mission and purpose and getting to know you a little bit I can tell that that's how you operate. So you're the kind of people time and time again that come on the show. You know integrity base full of character and are there to serve and help others so that's why I appreciate people like you so much Andrew for coming on and sharing your wisdom and your value with everyone. And we were talking I was talking. Earlier about the books you know and the importance of reading and how it really has profoundly changed my life. So I'm curious and I like to find out from other successful entrepreneurs like yourself what business related book would you say has inspired you the most or maybe you have a couple of them.

Yes. First all your mentors I think were right on point. I am on track to read just over a book a month right now and next year I'm looking to double that at least. So yeah reading is really the key to success and I've found a lot of the tools I use in my life come from the books I've read. But I'd probably say the number one book that gave me inspiration was the myth with what we do. We really we are interested in people understanding and getting that point in their life when it no longer has to be about themselves and the image speaks to that going from infancy to adolescence. And it also talks about then why should there be a bad hire or somebody that doesn't quite fit your company culture can possibly stagnate and even worse shrink your business and shut it down altogether. So for us you know that's really we're about not making that higher and actually having great people that work with you so that's definitely the number one. And then some notable mentions. Think and Grow Rich which you read a section from earlier. It's you know basically the foundation with which you need to do everything if your mindset is not working you know. Mind Body business it's it's going to impact you. I also used to be completely anti woo. So it really says something. That's one of the books up there.

And then last two our four hour work week and a book called Who be a method for hiring which I will kind of get into a little bit more later.

Good list. What was the last one again.

It's called who. And it's the hiring.

Yes you got it. That's on my list. It's on my list as well. I was ducking away writing notes so I wasn't near the speaker. Like what do you say. What do they think and grow rich. Yeah. That's like the cornerstone of of what has become the personal development that's come of late. A lot of it stemmed from that as the core Think and Grow Rich. Many have model that successfully. So it's a very powerful book. EMA's I love that because I've I've done presentations from stage where that is good. I don't know how close to an hour of one of the segments talking about going from infancy to adolescence and then beyond that to go into maturity. And for most entrepreneurs especially solo partners you know you just want to go one step you've got to get there and grow one step at a time. So you go from infancy to adolescence which basically means get help and then learn how to manage and then then get into maturity later where you are now manage a manager of managers and they're doing the day to day and you're building the business working on it instead of in it.

So I love that you have those as your reference. And who yeah. So who's that. That's right. So yeah a bad hire. I mean those can those can be costly and I know you know this and that's why your service is so phenomenal because you will help people to avoid those bad hires by using proven methods and strategies so this is going to be exciting show we're just getting started. Ladies and gentlemen thank you for showing up. Show us some likes and loves as you see it flashing up and down on the screen. If you're watching this live or recorded comment give us some comments. I'll be monitoring those we'll see if there's anyone out there that wishes to ask Andrew a question or make a comment. Time permitting we'll give you a shout out on the air. Fantastic. So Andrew you went down this path of forming this business it's a very unique business. What actually was the thing that ignited the spark in you to start that business and which ultimately you know that was a significant change in your life. Was it not.

Yeah no absolutely. I I'm probably one of the few people will say this.

I was really lucky I had a job that I just hate it. And that that really made a difference knowing that I had to wake up every morning and go to a job that didn't fulfill me didn't you know allow me to provide what I wanted to provide in the world. Really. It really made me question like What am I doing and there's got to be a better way than spending 30 years here just to quote unquote earn a living. Right. And then also it was something that I I saw it as a need in the world. I have a family background of entrepreneurs and you know I've seen the difference it makes when my parents have had somebody that works great with them and when they've had somebody that didn't quite work out at all. And the difference it made for their business their success their peace of mind. But lastly and really by far and away the most honest answer here is my business partner literally dragged me out of my business and out of the company I was working for and was like you need to do this. And what do we have to do to have you do this full time. And so really if it wasn't for having a supportive partner I don't know that I would be here talking to you right now. So those are kind of my reasons. That's what started it.

Wow that's powerful and I'll bet your business partner is also grateful because he has an amazing business partner of his own in New York. And luckily for him you were an action taker. You decided I'm going to make that leap and that is not for the faint of heart. For most people you know to take something that is you know you're getting you know every two weeks every week whatever it is every month you're getting a paycheck. It's a certainty unless you really mess up and you get fired or the business messes up and they go under. Typically neither happens that rapidly but you know it does happen. But the thing is your certainty level is much higher. As an employee that you're going to get a certain amount of money on a certain period all the time until one of those events happens when you're an entrepreneur there's no certainty ever and you're just you're out there. And so that's a huge huge leap. And God bless you for making that leap because that takes a lot of that takes a lot of. I can't I can't think of the word I was going to think of extra or whatever it is it's a Greek or slightly a lot of it takes a lot of confidence it takes a lot to do that. I mean you you are very brave to do that and I'm sure you're thinking your lucky stars now that you made that decision today. Yeah yeah. So that's amazing.

So for those you watching you know do this responsibly if you have if you have commitments. I've seen people from stage Andrew and this is kind of sad in my opinion. I've seen people on stage with roomful of 500 plus people telling everyone in the audience if you have a job quit right now and I'm like wait a minute you don't know their situation they might be you know they might have a significant other that is also depending upon them that's not working. They might have children that are going to need to go to school and have clothes and it was like the most unresponsible thing I've ever heard from stage and I've heard it several times.

I think if they qualify it by saying But you know if you have these things you know if you're a single person and you're only relying on yourself and you're okay with taking that risk. Hey I'm all for it. But you know it's another thing what I would tell people is keep your job to help fund your dream and do it on the side it'll take longer. It's just a fact. But as long as you stick with it if you have that drive that you've got a passion you'll get it done you'll get it done. Trust me. So fantastic. It's phenomenal. So you're one of the the Leiper as we call it.

Well just to speak to that. Actually you know I was really lucky. I was 24 when I started my business. My responsibility is for myself and at that just barely. So you know make the decision to leave. I knew I was like worst case scenario. I fail here. Well I still have two more years under my parent's health insurance. I mean really it could work for me if it all goes south. This still works and you know two and a half years later I'm still here so it didn't which I'm grateful for.

That's fantastic. So you did it intelligently and knew the odds you knew what was in front of you. You knew you had a backup. So good. Good on you. I applaud that. So you know now that you've ventured out and you've been at it for some time now and you're successful you know to become a successful entrepreneur. It requires various skill sets. You know it takes different talents that sometimes we personally may not have. In addition to those that we need to have and I'm being very general because I don't want to give away any suggestions because I want to ask you the question. Andrew what do you feel in your personal opinion what are the top three skills that are needed to be successful as an entrepreneur.

Yeah so I actually I think it's going to be really mentality right. So the first one I would say is great if you don't have grit you're just not going to make it.

It's inevitable that you will run into speed bumps and roadblocks along the way. Even with a coach as much as I'd like to say I could prevent that entirely. I can do that responsibly. So just just know that like that's going to come up and you need to be able to say like doesn't matter what happens I'm doing this.

Like I can make it through anything. The second thing is passion if what you do doesn't wake you up in the morning if it doesn't get you out of bed in the morning then you're not even going to have to get to the grit you'll wipe yourself out before the first speed bump a roadblock can happen. And then blessing is courage. And you know obviously doing so responsibly is what we just talked about. But you have to have the courage to burn the boats behind you and commit to being an entrepreneur. Don't as long as you have it that you could be an entrepreneur or you're not going to be an entrepreneur. It has to be something that really drives you and obviously do so responsibly. You know if you have family if you have people that are dependent on you don't just quit your day job and start. It takes a while before you start seeing that paycheck come in. So make sure you're responsible but also know that you have to be able to say when that moment hits when I'm at the point where I can leave I'm going to and I'm not turning back and those years those are really the three things that I think if you don't have that as a business owner you're not going to be successful.

And the good news is that you can develop those. Absolutely. You know especially we've been talking about it already. For those of you that didn't catch that. But you know think you grow rich. That passage from there that will help you develop the grit and the courage. Now the passion that's also in thinking Gurwitch in a certain way were when you called that passion. I like to refer to finding your WHY. WHY DO YOU GET UP. It's a similar concept. And it's you know I I I actually mentor apprentices on this very topic. I just did last night with one of my two apprentices that I'm working with and just was talking to her and saying you know it's really important that you have a solid why. And what does that mean. It means what is the reason.

What is a reason that you would go to any length to never ever ever give up on what you're working on. I mean it needs to be solid and it needs to be something outside of yourself. And what that means is if you say my why is I want to make a lot of money. Well that's really for you or I want to have a large house or I want to have cars or I want to have prestige. Well take it to the next level and maybe there's some something or someone outside of you maybe a charitable organization that you really really rock solid with and you would go to the mat for them. Or maybe it's a significant other. I know for me personally I've gone through the exercise there's an exercise to do this by the way and each time my why was my wife every single time and it didn't surprise me in the least that's why I get up. That's why I smile that's why I drive. That's why I'm hungry. That's why I do everything. And so that one is also learnable. All you have to do is determine what that is and the passion will never die.

I mean you will have your down days once you Andrew those that will happen. But the passion and the why is still there to catch you as that safety net.

And it's like a net where it bows down and then it bounces you back up. Right. I just thought of that what a metaphor. That's pretty cool trademark that safety trampoline Szewczyk prior to. Absolutely. So yeah. Excellent excellent. Three skills. Now you guys. What you and your partner do is all about. Well it's partly about helping people build solid organizations. You know by scaling up bringing in quality hires. And so how do you yourself you and your partner how do you guys find people to bring into your organization to work with you guys to you know people that really truly care about your organization and the way you guys go about your business because you have a great a powerful mission statement which is your bio. What is it you guys do to really solidify that organization. You guys have.

Yeah. So it's this goes back to the book who the method for hiring they really pretty well break it down. I'm going to do that for you right now so it's not just go read the book. Good luck. But the first thing is you have to know who you want in your business.

So what I mean by that is both what you want them to do and who you would need them to be. Examples would be for the what you want them to do. A lot of business owners they look to hire somebody and as an example use they say I want somebody to sweep my force. OK. Well that's probably not actually what you want what you're really looking for is somebody to keep the office clean and to make it more narrow so that it's very obvious as you want them to keep the office clean every Friday when you create that as what you're looking for versus sweep the floors you're able to get somebody who can actually intelligently apply to your job saying I can keep an office clean. And as it turns out my fridays are open so they can honestly say that they can do the job. And then as a way of being is I'll use my business partner. Nice example. There's a reason why I'm here and he's not only one of us wants to be here right now. He's he's much more would like to be on the phone. I joke he's a sales. I'm the marketing. He's he's all about you know actionable and he really loves coaching. He will get in the weeds. He is about that and I'm about actually the face time with people and it's just different whys that drive us really. But I'm I'm really into you know being here and talking to people about what we do and making a difference out of a book like this. So that's that's the first step. Right. What you want them to do and who you need them to be.

The second step is going to be in the interview process. Again this is in the book. I really recommend that you read it. If youre looking at hiring anybody because it just it just makes a huge difference and the second part is the interview process. Most employers will agree that they would like their employees to be responsible generally agreed upon. Most people don't fight me on that. And the thing is when you're in the interview if you're sitting across from them or on the phone whichever whichever you're choosing to do. If you ask the interviewee Are you responsible they're going to say yes they would have to be really irresponsible to say no to that question. So that's not the right way to ask that question. What you would want to say is something to the effect of when I talked to your last your last manager on a scale of 1 to 10 how responsible would they say you are. Two reasons. One is the A.P. that was mentioned earlier by saying the word when they know that it is in fact a fact that you will be talking to the last manager so lying will not get them out of this one. And then also on the scale of one to ten for for myself responsible might be I'm looking for somebody that hits right about five 6 but for somebody else they're responsible might be 89. So it's important to know where do you want them to be on the scale because that then allows you to listen for the answer you need.

So if somebody says four and you want eight nine you already know right then and there this person is not a good fit for you. This person says 89 and that's what you're looking for. Great. Now you know I'm going to call your manager and double check that this is what you get. And this person could really fit the role that I'm looking for. And then lastly the third thing is once you hired them a few things. One is after you hire somebody example of like an assistant when you hire an assistant it's going to take them a while or a little bit anyways. Figure a month or so to really be able to look into and understand what you need on an implicit level. And it's all that you're going to have to outright state all of the things that you want from them. And what I what I find is that a lot of people don't give your new employee the ability to grow into the role and so you know two weeks later when they don't know your coffee order by heart you're sitting there going oh my god this person's just not getting it. And that's when I get to turn back to you and say I see where we've made a mistake. You wanted a psychic. We hired an assistant. You might want to be more specific with an assistant whereas a psychic will read your mind. So just keep that in mind when you're looking at. The new hire and ultimately if you treat your employees well they will treat you well. It's just it's just a fact.

Yeah couldn't agree more.

And what we have both embarked on recently. I don't I won't name names of the resource yet but it's really been a wonderful wonderful journey down that path where it's more so of treating someone as a team member than actually an employee. And it's it's really resulting in some wonderful lessons for me personally as well to show. And it shows that when you treat somebody almost as a partner I get it. There's a pecking order when it comes to a business. You know there is somebody making that decision and their decision is the last word ultimately. But the more you can make it a team atmosphere and give them the freedom and creativity to do the creating as long as they understand your business. I love what you said was you know give the employees the ability to grow. And so by doing tasks that help them understand what your business is all about how you guys literally how you guys communicate what words you use crying all these things that I personally have mine transcribing the show they go in and it's all automated I uploaded it it gets transcribed automatically. But there are lots of errors because it's automatic and they transcribe it and the feedback I got from them is oh my gosh this has been the most wonderful exercise I've ever done. Not really I thought it would be. Wow ok. That's awesome. And they said number one the value of the content of the show obviously was way up there and they learned a lot. But I also got feedback that now I really understand what makes you Brian tick what you are looking for. And it was like wow and I didn't have to do any training.

It was actually on the job training. And so that's just a nugget you know for those of you that are want to do interviews of shows and they're down the path of what you do for a business then consider doing that and have them actually go and correct a transcription and by just doing that they will learn a lot about you what your core beliefs and values are. And these are intangibles that when you know they become what you are talking about that psychic that can almost read your mind because they know you at a deeper level than if they were just doing whatever mundane task outside. As I was fantastic and I love how you broke it down. You didn't just say go read the book. Who are. Although honestly we could have easily done. But no you know you gave the very shortened version of it. And I recommend it. It's also in reach your peak library dot com it's in that list. I've read it as well. And so I highly recommend everyone listening. Go out and pick that up and read it listen to it. Whatever your favorite mode of reading is. So and I've noticed that about you Andrew on this show from the very get go you have reference book after book. And what does that tell the listener the viewer does. Does this thing called Reading actually work. Well you be the judge. He used to have a corporate job. He no longer does. He's been in an entrepreneur long enough to where he's never going back. He succeeded. How did he do that. Well one of the core things he did was he read books that made an impact on his life.

It's that it can be that simple. Is there a lot of work involved is there are up days and down days. Absolutely. He has the foundation because he put in the time and he read and absorb and now he's put it into practice. That's the other key is don't just read and learn but do. I'm going way too deep too far out of it.

I was going to make that comment as well as you can read every book you ever want to read. But if you don't actually do anything with it. What are you doing. So take it time take the time. You know I listen to the books through audible as well. I think that's possibly the greatest resource ever. And then from there I actually sit down and I talk with my partner afterwards and we talk about the book itself and what we like what we didn't like what we want to implement into our business what we want to implement into our clients businesses and so there's more than just reading it and it doesn't have to look as in-depth as maybe I've done it but even just taking the time to write down write down what you got from it. It will make a huge difference because it will start showing up in your life almost automatically at that point.

Yeah it amazingly does. And it's showing up in years in big ways because you're you're reflecting it right now in this entire show. And it's very powerful. You said it's learned. There's a saying we would say from Sage's learn do. And then there's one more TEACCH because you will retain information that the absolute best way to retain information of anything is to actually teach it. One of my mentors was absolutely amazing at doing this. He literally he would read a book finish it the next day he would do a 90 minute presentation on the concepts he learned from it PowerPoint completed everything ready to go. Just amazing. And so for you that are out there that are budding speakers week that want to get on stage that every one of you listening watching including this gentleman to my side you all.

Oh my gosh make it a goal to get onstage and you don't have to jump right up to you're not going to jump right into a big stage. It just doesn't happen that way unless you know somebody really well. But one phenomenal way to get started I was just sharing this with Andrew before we got started on the show tonight was a resource called meet up dot com which many of you have heard of but you can utilize that to create your own stage and people will come and you know create value. And there's a whole process behind how you can do this very simply and if you want to know if that is just reach out to me personally I'll tell you how it works. There's a resource I shared it with Andrew but that isn't about meet up it's just to get you out on stage and get you in front of people and honing your craft and the more you do it the more confident you become.

And then you you just start you become a superstar and literally you stand up on stage. So I got I got to say this once Andrew because I've been I've helped many entrepreneurs during their events in the back of the room I'd run microphones anything they wanted. I told them I will do anything you want except for washing toilets. That's where I draw the line as a killing joke. But I ran microphones I drove prices up on the stage whatever they wanted.

Audio visual and the interesting thing was when they lost my train of thought.

Who are we talking about speaking. Yeah. Speaking is a phenomenal thing to do. I lost my whole train of thought. Well that was a good one to come back to me then that's my first senior moment ever on the show. I kid you not. That's something we can mark down. But speaking is supremely important to get onstage and to be able to get out was it.

I remember now I told you to come back I'll be back there and I'd see some people milling back there. It's the back of the room where the table is for staff only. And I'll see somebody I don't recognize and I'm like well what's this guy doing. He doesn't belong here. I'm like kind of a miffed I'm a little upset but you know it's not my job to get people moved out of there. And it's like well that's that's kind of rude was he standing back there you know so I had this perception of this gentleman or a woman that the penny and then 20 minutes later I looked over again and the person is getting miked up they're putting a microphone on I'm like oh he's a guest speaker. Instantly before he even got on the stage my perception of this gentleman 180 oh wow he's a speaker right. And that is what happens. Any time any of you get on any stage of any size your level of authority status raises just like writing a book. So definitely make it a goal to start speaking on a regular basis start with webinars whatever it is get out there put your face in front of a camera in front of people and just do it. It's some people are frightened to death of it. The only way to do it is to just do it. Get your comfort zone. Anyway enough of that. Perfect.

So now.

So you put your job.

Your business is to bring and build systems and part of that is bringing on quality hirees and employees. Now from your experience now what type what level of importance have you put on having good employees and how does that relate to your success. You know so yeah you got it.

Yeah I think I get it. Well for me the success I have as a business is solely based on my ability to do that. So I put that pretty high but also I think you know everybody here whether you're a business owner or not. You've probably hired someone to do some construction for your house. You've hired somebody to take care of. I mean even keeping keeping your house clean. So you said as an example earlier or anything like that and we can all really appreciate the difference it makes to have somebody who's quality you doing that job.

I know that you know my my parents were doing construction on their house and they had this guy who let's just say he was questionable best way to put that. And so my step dad actually had to take time off of work just to sit there and monitor that what he knew well what was requested was actually getting done. Who's got time to take off work for that kind of stuff. That's not you know it's not like he was sitting around bored. He actually had to take the time to do that. And that's really just it for me a clear example of the difference between a good and a bad hire the bad hire takes more of your time and a good hire almost has you not even realize that the job is being done. Obviously you need to keep managing it. You know it's about delegation not application quote out of that math but you know so you've got to keep your pulse on it. It makes a big difference when you're just keeping a pulse on a project versus when you're sitting there and basically doing it for the person you're hired. So huge huge huge difference.

Absolutely. So you know choosing that right higher than now you can just kind of have a trust factor and allow them to do their job without worrying about them. Number one getting the job done. But number two more importantly going to the gym. Right. Right. And I just experienced that recently with one of the apprentices that I had just amazing. I mean from the first week I had absolute trust in this individual. Not only from a standpoint of they're not going to do me any wrong which you know you've got to get over that real quick or you don't hire them. And the other part was because she came up to speed so quickly on my mission and purpose what my business was about how I wanted things to be I have I put up certain guidelines as an example. I have a collection of Mimi's photo images of people working out men and women and that I gathered from an artist that had a collection of these photos and they put my logo on it. And so I had my apprentice then post these to social media. Schedule them. You did six months worth of them I said there are a lot of them in there and I know I've seen them some of them have women that are just too scantily clad.

They have to please make sure they are fully clothed. I don't want to see anything and I don't want anyone else to see anything they shouldn't. This is where I am now. It's not Europe. It's the United States. Nothing is Europe. They are different. And that's fine but that's not a reflection of my values. If and she took that and immediately she she actually showed me what it was that was out one. What do you think of that when I said you know what. That's borderline but it's acceptable. Thank you for asking. And so it's very important like you say because from that point on it that man and her skill set was just amazing. And when you get that right person you know it right. It's just it's just wow. This is awesome. And eventually I would like to bring her up to be a manager for my company and basically take care of things from a managerial standpoint. That's how good she is. So yeah I completely relate to that.

I just want to touch on something that you did. You talked about how she was showing you the she was showing you images that she wasn't quite sure of. And and it goes back to what I was saying about delegation not abdication. Right. You you've delegated the role to her. But you didn't take yourself out of it. It wasn't like you go through these memes. I don't ever want to see them again.

That's abdication. Delegation is like this is what you're going to be taking on.

And you still have your polls on what was happening and that's actually how you were able to see just how amazing a talent she was. Right from the start. So just putting that in there because I noticed you mentioned doing it and it's huge huge difference when you when you do it that way. Verse

First just giving it up altogether.

So it was actually simple to do because all I did was set expectations in the beginning I really didn't like have to check in on her. She actually checked in on me to see because she knew already what to look for and knew that if it was getting questionable that she and she knew that there was a comfort level she can come and ask me any time any you know I tell her you can text me anytime day or night. I will respond as soon as I possibly can if I'm sleeping that won't be till I wake up but still go out and text me it's fine. So you have this open door policy. We're a team. You put all this together and that's how you get a result. You know that beautiful result that I got. It's not going to be the same for every single person you hire. It's just it's just not what you will find those gems and you'll find them more often. If you go through a service company like what Andrew has put together with his he and his business partner are so very valuable to have that because it takes it can take some considerable time to find that right hire. And just to know the right questions like you were talking about what to pull out of them. Help find out what makes them tick more than just what are their capabilities what's their mentality what's their you know what are they stand for.

It goes deeper than just skills and that's what you guys helped bring out in that way other people can have a much more quality business running with those high grade employees so absolutely. Again I commend you guys on what you're doing. It's a phenomenal very needed necessary service to service. I hope I'm represented properly. Service

Is just fine. OK so make sure.

And so you know we as entrepreneurs we have this most of us have this thing where when we have our when we like birth our company it's literally like our own baby. Right. It's like oh my baby. We would do anything for our baby. We will never give up our baby. And so our business is everything to us for for a good long time. Those that know that if you want to build that to sell you get rid of that part quick that's another topic for another day. So knowing that that you're very passionate about your business just as I am mine excluding your business what company or business would you say that you admire the most.

So I'm assuming that means I can't say your business right that would just about brownie points I'm all for it. Yeah well I'm actually I'm actually going to have two businesses one Starbucks. There's a really good job and the care of their employees. That's a pretty pretty standard simple answer they they really are interested in their employees development. They they work on really even being sustainable with the no straws but plastic tops. I don't necessarily get it but I get that they're taking into account what their employees and their consumers want all at the same time.

So there I have a lot of respect for a company that's willing to do that. But the other company that I like is called Gravity Payments and I'm pretty sure every single person has heard of them and nobody knows the name of the company. But Gravity Payments is the owner of Gravity Payments he's the guy who cut his own salary to ensure that the minimum wage at his company was 70000 dollars up there in Seattle which at the at the time was the cost of living or provide people with the ability to afford the cost of living in his company. And I'm not going to say every business owner should cut their own their own amount of money they're making and pay their employees 70000 dollars. But what I will say is that he heard a problem that was that existed in the company and he actually did what it took to resolve that issue. And so for me that's that's I have mad respect for that because that's what that's what it looks like. You know if you want your employees to really work for you and be there for you you better be willing to do what it takes to be there for them. And that goes back to that team that you keep talking about. Right. It's really the perfect way is that everybody has each other's back then you're going to your company is going to be phenomenal absolutely.

I love those examples Gravity Payments OK. Who is. Who is that.

If I had to tell you his name right now I'd get it wrong so I'm going to have to look it up but. But Gravity Payments is the name of the company.

I haven't heard of that company. I thought it was like a code word for something like Paypal or Amazon or Google or something up in Seattle.

Awesome look that up.

And then one that came to my mind as you were talking was and I think you and I have actually talked about this in the past. Trader Joe's which is a grocery store kind of a boutique grocery store. I don't know if they're nationwide. I know they're in Southern California quite a bit right. And the interesting thing was I was talking to a checker a guy that was you know taking the money and processing all the payment for the food that I was buying. And I just struck up a conversation with him and said Hey I'm just curious.

You seemed pretty happy and you're you're at work. You like what you do goes. I love what I do. All right. I said Really. That's awesome. So what would you say is one thing you love most about your job here because well what I'm doing right now sits down you know the cash register. I don't do this all day long.

In fact every time I come in my shift I get to do one piece of every role in this company. They rotate during the day interest shift. And I thought that is amazing. That what a phenomenal model to have people you're never going to get bored. You're never going to get pigeonholed into one thing. And I thought that's brilliant brilliant. So yeah there's so in Starbucks. Yeah. Great. Great examples great examples.

Hey my goodness. I cannot believe it. We are four minutes away from the finish line. It happens every single show. I get so deeply ingrained and excited and you know I'm writing notes like a madman. I hope everybody watching is doing the same thing I've got notes going on and on and on which isn't easy to do when you're hosting the show. At the same time. But I do it every single show and I have this one burning question for you that Andrew that if it takes you a moment to come up with the answer that's fine. You know dead air time is not. It's not going to be weird or anything. It's going to be fine. Just take what time you need. Because I love to ask this question of everyone that comes on the show and I have and their answers have just blown me away. They've been amazing and I know that you know the it's kind of like you know build up and you're going to be thinking my gosh what is the question already. I mean I can almost see a bit of sweat starting to form on your forehead. And that's a good thing because yeah this is an important question and it's really going to be interesting to see what your answer is to it. And before it before I do that though real quick because I promised everyone who came on live to show them exactly how they can win that trip do you think that's a good thing to do. Andrew tell me again when that trip.

I think that seems like a great thing to do right now.

Well let's do that real quick before we run out of time. For those of you watching live this is how you can enter to win a five night vacation stay at a five star resort in Mexico.

And there's two ways to go about entering one is through a Web site and that's reach your peak LLC. Dotcom forward slash vacation reach your peak LLC dot com for Slash vacation or if it's easier for you to use your phone and you can just simply text the word peak. And that's PJAK to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again that's text the word pick to 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. You know go ahead and open up a new tab on your browser if you're watching this live on the internet. If you're on a computer and go ahead and do that now so I can keep tabs on it and see if we get that. If we have time right at the end I will announce the winner live right here right now. But for now I'm going to switch back and by the way this is sponsored by an amazing company called Power texting dot com. I use their services and literally when you text that word peak to that number I'm going through power texting dot coms phenomenal phenomenal system and I highly recommend it. So check that out as well. After the show's over we're almost there we're almost there. Back to the man of the hour the man the myth of legend Andrew Huntersville. The question the burning question that everyone wants to know how you're going to answer it because they all want to know what the heck is the question just like you do.

What is it. And so I want to let you off the hook a little bit here because this is not meant to be a stressful question at all. In fact to put it in light the only there is no there's no such thing as a wrong answer to this question. Let's put it that way. In fact the only correct answer the only correct answer is your answer because it's unique to you. It's unique to what makes you tick. It's just unique to you. And the cool thing is so far of all the entrepreneurs I've interviewed on this show not a single one. There has not been two that were the same answers are it not yet. I imagine soon there will be the more and more people I interview. But to date not a single answer has been the same as anyone before them. So again it's unique to you. So are you ready for it Andrew. Let's do it. And no pressure man. It's just whatever the answer is it's the right answer. It just is so. And it's it can be a little bit. To take any time if you need it some get it right away others take a couple of seconds. It really doesn't matter it's unique to you. All right Andrew how do you personally. Andrew Hynix well how do you define success. Oh great question.

You know I actually I would say it like this success is being able to live the life that you want to live in all facets of that life.

Having the significant other of your your dreams and being able to be with them having you know kids if you so choose having a business that fulfills you and both financially and spiritually just being able to have your life by design and by your design I think I think that's success whether it's as a business owner or an employee or whatever that looks like for you.

But actually creating what your ideal life is and living that true to form the one thing I love.

Because it just shows me that the people that are bringing into the show are the right people including you because how many how many out there would venture to think that an answer might be along the lines of well. Success means when I make my first 10 million or know money base or when I get a Lambo Lamborghini I you. True to form as all my previous guest didn't even come close to talking about money. In fact you actually started completely the opposite end of the spectrum which I really find interesting.

You started off with to have you know you to be able to have the life you want to live and then you start describing what that was and you started it with the people that you're with your spouse your kids if you want them then and only then then you said business after the fact. Not even business.

I know how we tick you know when we say business we're not looking at dollar signs flashing their eyes. That's not what that means to us. Is money important. Let's get that out on the table yes. It's absolutely important. So you know the more money we make the more people we can serve our business. But it's it's it's important yes but it's never the number one thing right there. The reason I'm doing this is for that mighty dollar. It's for people.

Absolutely yeah if you you can have all the money in the world but if you don't have the people around you that make you happy then what are you doing.

Yes. Yes.

And health. I mean I've heard so many horror stories of people that you know I was I'm actually guilty of doing this very thing we're seeking success in a business Seoul Seoul.

I got so overwhelmed in doing that that I let my own health degrade. And it happened gradually so I didn't realize it was happening. And luckily I caught it in time. And that's not an issue at all. But I've seen others where they'll work a lifetime to gain riches and wealth and success at the expense of their health. So we spent all their time and money and resources building their business up to the point where they get there they find successful but now they're Helsel but now they're spending all that money and time and resources in trying to regain their health. That's very sad. So that's another part of my mission on mind body business is to set that foundation so you never get to that point. I don't want anyone to go where I went nor anywhere close to it. So that's my parting shot. I wanted to give people a way to connect with you Andrew. What's the best way for folks to connect with you personally you and or your business partner.

Our Web site has a contact us portion at the bottom there and message us through there is a great way to do that. Yeah. Connect right there number four.

And then also you can reach out to us. We have our Facebook page which this will be shared with momentarily. And also you can text me anytime. My number is 3 1 0 4 8 9 1 2 4 4. And if you have questions want to reach out. Want to find out more. I am more than happy to schedule time or call with have a call with you and see you we can create Jaen fact or forget to mention that you had a gift.

A free visioning session if they visit your website. And what do they need to type in anything specific and what is. What is the vision for the show.

Yeah just just mention the show and the visioning session is going to look like we'll have well will sit down with you and will actually whether it's in person or over the phone or zoom. Which I happen to love as well. We'll sit down with you and we'll plan out your next 6 months.

What that looks like for you. And you know whether or not you you use us. I think everybody should have a game plan that they want going forward.

And you know I'll give you something to measure. You know a lot of people want to have the chance to do things themselves and I'm all for that and having a benchmark of six month six months five months four months three months two months one month you can sit and you can actually measure yourself against where you want to be and often times that's how you really decide hey a coach like you or myself might be the right answer here so yeah we're we're open to doing that and basically having people plan a life they want and see what that looks like.

That's amazing. Thank you. That's very very generous. For those of you watching live or or or recorded or listening. So the website is Malaya. Am I saying that correctly.

Andrew Moulay but it sounds like the lay people will have an easier time.

And I'll spell it it's late and Honegger. I hope I'm saying that right. Sort of like 30 times tonight. It's spelled m i l l e j that's Molay.

And then the word and all spelled out in D and then Hanak Seefeld is H O N I G S F E L the dot com. So it's Molay and Onix filled dot com. So you want to go there.

Does that sound like a law firm.

It does. So be sure to go there click on either the number four or the connect you see on the website toward the side of us and fill out that contact form and mention mind body business show. And that's worth a lot of value. I don't know if you recognize that but very few people plan any part of their business let alone the first six months and that is worth that's worth a lot to understand. Your path your road map and to have someone like Andrew and his partner to guide you on how to put that together that's phenomenal. I appreciate that and everyone here I know those two. Well that's it brother. Phenomenal show. I appreciate you for being on. Everyone has been watching live and those of you come on later recording and we appreciate you as well for spending the time with us. We're going to be back again very very soon next week with another great show. For now on behalf of Andrew this is Brian Kelly since so long. Blessings to you all and we'll see you again next time.

Thanks for having me. You betcha. Bye bye now.

Thank you for watching and listening. This is beyond the mind body position with prime Kerry.

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Andrew Honigsfeld

Andrew Honigsfeld is the CEO and Co-founder of Millea & Honigsfeld Coaching. He works with clients to help them execute on their goals and find more freedom in their life. Andrew believes that everyone should live a life that they love. Nothing is more upsetting to him than to watch people not get what they want because of simple actions that are keeping them from their life's dreams. The emphasis in business stems from the amount of time that people spend working every day and the desire for people to be happy during that time.

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