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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly:
Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Oh my goodness I'm so glad that you could join us I am super super excited I am not kidding I have goosebumps under my jacket This happens often but now they're there poking through this time I am excited because the amazing woman that we are going to be talking to tonight. Well that's why she's amazing, amazing. Unbelievable what she is doing and I can't wait till you hear her story. It's very compelling and she's she's doing a lot and making a big impact on the world for herself and for others. She's serving others and you're gonna love her. She's got this infectious smile this infectious attitude this infectious personality. And yeah Brian needs to stop talking so we can get Mrs. infectious on the program on front the camera. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show real quick just a recap of what is that. It's about the three pillars of what I call success in my now 54 years on this planet. I began focusing on very successful people and intently and finding out what is it that makes them successful and what I found were three patterns and one was mine. In other words mindset have a positive empowering from these subconscious level mind set. And then there's body. And that's exactly what it's sounds like. It's about your body about putting in the proper nutrition about getting and exercise. Again these are patterns of the very high successful people just like the one you're going to meet in just a moment. And then there's business. Business is multifaceted in a lot of skill sets that one must acquire to become successful things like marketing sales team building scaling you name it managing the business. When you combine all three of these and if you're operating at a high level in each one and you've mastered all three of these areas then you're operating at what I call a peak level of performance. Hence the name of the company. Reach your peak LLC. That is enough about that when it comes to success in business. One of things I always like to open with is the importance of reading books and there's a story that goes behind this. You're going to have a resource suite and go check that story out. I'm not going to tell it here. I know I feel like I just left you hanging. But the beautiful thing is I learned quite some time ago the importance of reading and from a very prominent individual. And I decided to ignore him. And later thankfully much later I was reminded of of this by another mentor of mine and he said he didn't do it by saying so much. He did it by acting. I saw him reading all the time. So what I want to do is quickly segway into a short segment. I like to call Bookmarks.

Bookmarks. Born to read. Bookmarks. Ready, steady, read. Bookmarks. Brought to you by yes.

Brian Kelly:
There you see it that's reached your peak library dot com. And for those of you that are watching or even listening right now. Stay with us. The key is Stay with us right here watching or listening. In other words when you hear a resource or a Web site address write it down take notes and then visit it later because as they say in the seminar industry and the speaking industry and in classrooms it happens in the room. If you leave and you if you're if you take your attention and you go elsewhere then you might miss the most important tidbit. You just don't know of your life. You don't know. So just trust me. Stay with us. Write notes get out your pen and paper. I'm going to be writing notes myself and throughout the show. I always do every single time write notes so reach your peak library That was just a kind of a philanthropic site that I put together if you will. That site I built literally for you the viewer the listener because there are many books to choose from when it comes to becoming successful in business and in life. And so I went through and listened I listened through audible. That's my chosen method too many many books. Once I finally woke up and realized this is a very important thing I should be doing. And there you see a long laundry list of books that I personally read and I personally vet and that just means that those had a profound impact on me. It may not have been the entire book. It could have been one paragraph but probably profound enough to for me to remember to say that goes under my library wall if you will. That's for you reach your peak library dot com. If you're not reading go there pick the first one that jumps out. Look at the description. It could be the cover. It doesn't matter.

Just start reading if you already are reading fine when you haven't read yet.

Odds are there will be one there or more there's about 40 there and I'm way behind on that but I love to talk about reading because it truly has profoundly impacted my life since I started doing on a regular basis in the really awesome thing is most of my guests well not most maybe half are those are themselves authors and our guest that's coming up right now is no exception to that. So what do you say we bring her on. Well right now here we go. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified

And there she is ladies and gentlemen the one the only Angela Marshall who. How are you doing Angela. Hi Brian. I am doing amazing. How are you. Hello to your reach your peak Mind Body business show audience a mouthful. Yes I love it.

Thank you. Thank you. Yes. And for those of you watching and listening interact ask questions type them in the comments you might be on Facebook. We're out we're streaming live right now to nine different platforms simultaneously. That could be Facebook could be Periscope there's LinkedIn is coming soon. I'm excited about that. We're not there on it at this moment. There's twitch. There's. It just goes on and on. Wherever you're at go and comment we will see it. And if time permits we'll give you a shout out on the show. That's how we roll here we like to give people exposure where it's warranted. And look at Angela Marshall my goodness. This woman is so amazing. I can't wait to formally introduce her to you. In fact I'm going to do that just. Well I have to do one thing first. Got to take care of bookkeeping and that is stay on to the end because I want you the listener the viewer to have the opportunity to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. And I kid you not this is a high quality I love the desert back there. This is a high quality trip vacation day. It is not something where you go and you get hit with a timeshare pitcher or anything like that. It's 100 percent your vacation stay so stay on to the end to learn how you can enter to win.

We go out on a trip every single show so come back and watch if you don't win tonight. It may be next week or next to that comes up. All right. Let's go. Angela Marshall. She is also known as Arthur Stone and she is an Augusta Georgia native entrepreneur and positive words powerhouse that utilizes her personal life experiences of struggle strength and success to captivate audiences and readers abroad. Author Stone is a motivational presenter. I love this about her. I love speaking from stage published. Best selling author columnists ex NFL wife and Creative Writing consultant having struggled through a lavish but sorely lacking lifestyle as a former NFL wife. That chapter in her life that proved pivotal to her. It became it became pivotal to her nickname which is now. Wise words woman. It also produced the transparency in her inspiring inquiring minds wanted to know about the autobiography reality to rags to riches. That's that's pretty cool. I've always heard rags to riches. It's reality to rags to riches the story and life of an ex NFL wife. And it rhymes to boot. This is a good flowing title already. Angela has been featured on the world's most influential platforms at long last we get to hear Angela Marshall herself. How are you doing this evening Angela. Thank you thank you thank you so much for coming on the show.

Angela Marshall:
I am doing well and thank you for having me and opportunity to share and just impart and prayerfully and hopefully impact with your viewers and your followers. Thank you.

Oh my pleasure. Oh my goodness it's it's all mine. This is amazing. I think it would be best if if you're OK with this is open up with your story. You know how I got here. I'm. I'm sure you've probably told it maybe once or twice from stage just being a little funny. But truly it's very intriguing and I know that once people see and hear about ex NFL wife Oh lots of questions come up right as I'm sure that's happened. So would you mind telling us you know how what your progression was start from wherever you feel is pertinent. I know you've done this before and let our listeners know the essence of you and how you got to where you are now. That would be all right.

Angela Marshall:
Absolutely. I am Angela Marshall the story your life of an ex NFL wife and I started this platform about two years ago and it all started from just a conversation one final conversation that I had with my mom who was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She eventually died in 2013 and you know she just talked to me about telling my story she knew that I was you know pretty pretty good writer and I had been journaling about my life for so long because people would come up to me or if they knew or had heard that I used to be married to an NFL player you know they were a seeing what they thought my life was like or what they thought that it should be like. So I would go home and I would journal about it because you know sometimes you just get a little tired of trying to correct people or you know telling them a story that most would not believe anyway. So I just set up on this journey really to just tell my story and life of an ex NFL wife. And with that being said yes you're right that most people do hear about rags to riches rags to riches but says I'm a creative thinker and I'm also very unique and rare. I added reality because for me that's an important piece. The reality of who I was where I was and then what I've become now. So it kind of ties in the reality piece kind of ties in with the rags to riches. And then it it flows into the story and life of an ex and I found a wife so I just basically started this platform to tell my story so that I could help other people just to understand my my journey of difference of diversity and determination my goodness.

There are some great teaching moments here.

Angela when you were talking that that came out that I love to segway into you know just to alert the audience to these things so that they recognize the different traits of successful people like yourself and that one thing that jumped out there were several but one that I like to call out was you saying that you are unique and rare about yourself. And I think that's important that people recognize and embrace that kind of approach in their own life because we are too often our own worst enemies always kicking ourselves in the butt instead of really lifting ourselves up in print. Who loves you more than you. Nobody. And why are we the ones that are always that self talk you know hammering and knocking ourselves down. I love that you did that because that just shows everyone out there. This is one of the qualities of success. So get comfortable with it own it. The more you do it the easier comes. You could see when Angela did it. Her face was glowing. Her smile was big. She owns that and that's why she's so successful one reason there's many. She's working very hard. It's not super simple. Everything that we do and then I just want to really quickly say I'm sorry about your mom I lost mine in 0 9 to breast cancer so I can totally relate. Well let's move on to the positive stuff of this show and now that we have actual sound we're going to really have some fun.

So one thing I'd like to ask Angela and I'd like to ask is the most guests that come on because I'm curious and if I'm curious the odds are that the viewers are as well and it's more about you know so the bio was fantastic. We know about you on the surface but underneath the surface like when you get out of bed when your feet hit the floor if you're like me you know you're groggy you're a little you're just waiting for the cobwebs to kind of clear and then they're starting to clear and then you're starting to think about OK what's what's coming up on the day. And then there's that drive factor that motivation factor that hit successful people like you. What is that for you what motivates you when you get up in the morning you're groggy and you start coming to one of those things that come to your mind that say I've got this and I'm going for another day this is going to be amazing.

I the first thing I do is I think about my family. I think about you know just my grandsons my children my close friends. I think about everyone that is a supporter and encourager for me that I do not and I will not allow any see that they planted into my life. I want it to bloom and I want it to blossom. So I'm like pushing forward because I'm like Oh let me get this leap out my eyes and you know I may not maybe a little under the weather since you want on just move to where I I just don't feel as motivated or as driven but looking at them I have their pictures everywhere. It does it automatically reminds me of who I am what I am and why I do what I do which is very important. And then the second thing which is equally as important and I do is I sleep and I know I probably shouldn't be telling this but oh well it's the Brian Kelly the mind body business. Show up Brian. I was gonna tell it. Ask me who is my laptop and so I will reach over and I automatically have YouTube pulled up and I will play whatever motivational video comes up whether there is less brown or Tom Bill whomever whomever is in the queue at that time. And then I just kind of set my mind for that day.

That is amazing. I was writing notes and

That's the first person I've heard that not just slept with a laptop or had it in bed next to him so you could crack it open but that played inspirational videos so you could hear it. That's obviously. So another habit of successful people to the audience that is watching listening right now already we've barely scratched the surface of this amazing woman. I mean think about this everyone is listening.

An ex NFL wife. So all the spotlight's on her husband during that time I would imagine. And she's kind of an afterthought during that time and that's a lot to overcome for many people I would think. You know I can imagine how that would weigh on one's own psyche ego everything that goes with it.

And the thing that I mean look at you look at Angela. She's just look at she's just a ball of energy of light. Amazing has has really built a life for herself and is speaking three times three times a week. I mean how many out there can say they speak anywhere. Three days a week. That's that's phenomenal. I love speaking from staging and she's getting these gigs being called the gigs and that's because she has a message to help serve others. And if you wouldn't mind could you touch on what the message does and what the impact you've seen and noticed with audience members maybe they come up comment to you later now you've done so many of lot. I'm curious just to know how that goes and what your message truly is.

Absolutely so the feedback that I'm getting which I have actually put into a model is they are motivated. They are illuminate it. They are celebrated and most importantly they are liberated because that is my goal is to help free people you know like I really want people to embrace their power their position their purpose their potential their perspective their progress their you know productivity like everything all the P's embrace it. But you know basically people come up to me and they say I had no idea that as a former NFL wife. These are some of the things that you went through because these are things that I'm going through so that makes you just like me and I say of course because I'm a person and I'm human just like that celebrity or that person in you know a position of power that you're idolizing. They are a person as well they are human. They go through different things. It's just that some of our skill sets we are stronger in but then we have weaknesses as well. So from my you know from the feedback that I'm receiving most people are motivated. They're illuminated. They're celebrate. They feel celebrate it because I do celebrate people in my audience or you know if I'm speaking to a bunch of youth we're interacting and we're having fun with different programs that I have created to also impact the youth around the CSX CSIRO and abroad and they feel liberated. They get there they're freer after I speak.

My message is not definitely is not just one of hope but it's definitely one that is helpful and is one that you know is if you leave. An event that I've spoken that you don't have anything you can't take away anything. I don't know maybe maybe you went in with the with a different mindset or maybe you have like you know a little. Little bit more challenges than then than what I what my words can help with at that time because I'm as transparent as they come I've had questions asked of me from here to there about the NFL lifestyle about myself about my ex-husband. And I'm just very very free and forward and in order for me to do that. I actually had to just take a hard look at myself my life and then you know I had to stop blaming the status quo. OK. Well yeah I was in his shadow for some time but at any given moment I probably could have shown my life I just chose not to. And that is another in my opinion. That is another you know overcoming that that most successful people have incorporated into their lives because you know you recognize what's wrong with you and then you just go full speed ahead by any means by all means necessary to make those changes so that you can grow and you can glow and you can so love it.

Oh yes. Full speed ahead. There's no other speed than no time you're stopped as when you're sleeping there is no time to stop. And I'm motivated I feel motivated illuminate and celebrated and liberated. And for me personally the most powerful they're all equally powerful. The one that jumps off the page to me is liberated. You know it's it's just it's a release it's a freedom of you know once you combine everything together now you're free to illuminate and motivate and celebrate even more. I love that. That is a cool moniker there for. And if there ever is a person that attends something then you're speaking they didn't get anything out of it. They were asleep. We'll just get that out of the way. That's ridiculous. I doubt that ever happened. And I can't imagine they. Like you said they know they don't have. No way I can tell already. You've been doing this for a few years now is that is that true.

Yes that is correct. Three years.

And so just like everyone else is successful you've done this completely utterly totally by yourself with no help whatsoever correct.

No. That is not correct for me. I have an amazing team. I have an amazing set of supporters. And if it weren't not for people like you so I'm going to go on their plate. Allow me to bring my platform on. Allow me to speak. There would be no story in Life of an ex NFL wife so I always get a little leery about people that do this self proclaimed what is self-made. Because even with that this can. I don't know a little irony or something. I'm not sure the word that I'm looking for but you have to have there is someone or something that is helping you to get to where you are to be who you are and to do what you're doing. So I believe in my circle. And I always say that I'm so happy that I have these leaks and not kinks. And yeah yeah you got to be careful with that now because some people are leaks and then others are kings. They try to trip you up and hold you up. But I have an amazing circle. And ever since I started out on this journey it's been. If anything has happened negatively it's mostly just from people who don't understand what I'm doing why I'm doing it or they they don't want to understand it or they're jealous of me. Let's just play it for for how it is because the lifestyle that I live in is one that you know a lot of people won't get the opportunity.

I'm not saying that they do like like everybody else that lifestyle but to me in this wall there have been quite a few that I think would probably give their unborn children forward and probably take some blood samples. Which I will say it is an amazing lifestyle. The NFL gave exposure to my children myself that we would not have otherwise we would not have been privy to or we would not have had the privilege to you know to enjoy. But you know there were other there other I guess you know just things that me and my ex just had to deal with growing because we were young. You know sometimes you're thrust into a particular lifestyle and you're still trying to mature you're still trying to find your way and find your purpose and figure out your journey in life. And then that creates an increase in a different kind of a different situation. But ultimately the NFL lifestyle was amazing. It's just me and I'm just going to jump in there with that mindset because my mindset was not where it needed to be at that particular time and that's why I did not enjoy it as much as I could have or should have. But if I could go back in this mindset now with this body now with the business mindset that I have it would be fun now.

Well I think it is phenomenal the way it is right now too. That's that's that's great. And one of the things you mentioned I think it was right before we went on the show was you actually have people helping you like mentors or coaches for speaking right.

And all my guys look when I tell you I had no idea. I just thought people got up they spoke a lot that goes into that especially if you want to be a professional with it. And I wanted to be a professional. Now I don't want to be like I don't want to tweak my words and articulate like an Oprah or like you know young or anyone like that. I want to be Angela. However

You know you do if you want to be the best. They always say that you have to sit at the feet so to speak of the subject matter experts.

And once I did that I will say this when I took on my two mentors and they were training me how to speak how to relate how to watch you know for certain things in the audience and what not my speaking requests and engagements it doubled all because you accepted help.


That was going to be if you had asked me what is the biggest thing I learned along this entrepreneur cruise ship way. It would have been Do not be afraid to things do not be afraid to ask for help and then give help you know share knowledge share knowledge. I don't understand people that are entrepreneurs are you an expert or something and then you have like this green eyed monster to where you don't want to you know help me to get to where you are because you thinking I'm going to make shine a little brighter or what not. I mean I've seen both sides of it. I've seen a hit that should I say happened to me where people have been really really helpful and just overly accommodating and then I've seen other half were people they they talk to they take the initial conversation you don't hear from them they're like call me in two weeks or send me an email or shelter appointment or this or that and you don't hear anything else from them and I'm not saying like everyone is jealous but I do think that there is this this little thing called competition and where I think competition can be a good thing in a positive purpose way. But you know when it comes to it there's another author and she or he must speak or they have a story to tell and they want to be a part of my tour or ask me to be a part of their tour. I welcome that I welcome being a connection as a part as opposed to being in competition but it does more times than not unfortunately it doesn't happen.

Yeah things seem to work so much better when we're in a mindset of collaboration versus competition. And I love that you brought that up because you know it's also comes out to us individually of who we are allowing to spend time in our life if they are just going to try to drag us down for whatever reason they may have then they really should. It's our job to fire them as friends or colleagues or whatever they are and not in a mean way but just say you know you are with me or without me you're not helping the cause I have many people to serve. You know if you want to if you change later Come on back. Just this past week I was in Arizona for a little while in Phoenix and met up with some friends of mine entrepreneurs and they were doing just what you were saying. I mean we just we just started naturally just naturally started talking about what we're doing. Hey what are you up to these days. Right. And the second I said one thing one of them jumped up on the whiteboard and laid out this incredible like they call a funnel sales funnel that helped me immensely. And he didn't ask for money. And that's that's the kind of people you want to be with. And that's the kind of people you want to be yourself just like you are Angela just how fulfilling life is when you help others. I think it's just there's no need for the competition you can do things together it's OK. There's more risk if they take one client that could have been yours. Guess what. There's another one and another.

Like a ton more. Yes

Exactly. Thank you more. Yes. So that would you know come along the line of a scarcity mindset if one is worried about competition well that's scarcity because there's more there's there's plenty to go around. It's what we put in our mind that we perceive to be reality that truly isn't most of the time. So we talked a little bit about. So we've talked business. We talked about your your your transformation from ex NFL wife to super speaker from stage that's getting gigs all over the place. I love this. And so we talked about building business talked a little bit about mindset you brought that up and then this kind of could go down the path of sports but I don't want it to. I want to go to just you Angela about physical fitness and what role it plays in your life. Why is it important to what have you noticed when you concentrate on staying physically fit. Just three questions and one that's all

I know I'm going to like oh OK let me see what I think. Well I will say this physical fitness to me is

Very high on the scale with the mind and spirit like I want to make sure that I am a good steward of all three of those things because those are the three things that I want that will catapult me to be successful in every area of my life not just my professional you know my profession or my career. I personally believe that physical fitness when you're gonna to feel better. So it a no brainer. And then too it's like I think people do pay attention to you a little more when you are about your physical fitness you know you're maintaining your body or you're trying to maintain your body because by no stretch of the imagination am I saying I am like Serena Williams or queen you know whoever has this amazing physical fitness regimen. That's not it.

But I do prop myself and making sure that I get workouts in at least five per week. And mainly it's just for if I can be really really honest is for mental stress. But but fortunate for me because I'm working on the body and is already you know like helping my helping me mentally as well is kind of like a double double bonus. I guess if you would be a physically fit. I think that when you take care of your core you take care of your body just as equally important as you take care of your mind. It's like you know you can't help but be successful I couldn't I couldn't agree more.

You know the mind and body I like to say are a team. And more importantly they're your team. And if either of the two of that team are not at peak level performance what happens to the team as a whole EU. It's not operating at that peak level and it's very obvious. So I appreciate you bringing that up and then you know mental stress. There's so many benefits of just moving a lot of people think they need to do a two hour you know horrible cross fit sweat die a pain hurt can't was home can't drive home everything stiff. No you just need to move on a regular basis. Start slow and work your way up get a personal trainer. Yes another helper a coach if that will help you with the accountability factor because that's always the main reason that people fall off is they don't they're not accountable to anyone else. So many great things about fitness physical fitness. Again that's body and mind body business mind body business show. It's perfect. And you set it mind body and spirit. Right. And that makes total sense to have all three and I kind of combined mind and spirit together but yeah kind of they're all part of each other really gets right kind of permeated through each other. That's right. You get the mind and a body and then you know it helps you to sustain the business because you're feeling good you're feeling great mentally your body physically fitness wise you know you're feeling amazing so it's like you know I can take on the world like I'm a tiger. And you're right. That's exactly you feel fantastic. You get up with energy and if you don't You're lethargic. And guess how much better you know. Are you going to do anything better in business that day. No. Being an entrepreneur is that easy Angela. Oh

Well I'm sure every time you've asked that question most people probably about 90 percent have said no. It is not easy. It is not easy but it is so fulfilling and satisfying. I will say that it is something that has helped me to face myself all my guys and I needed that I needed that in order to grow. And in order to evolve into the woman that I am and not just even if I didn't have the story and life of a of an ex and I felt like I needed to grow. And I think we all need you know some form of evolution. So no it has not been an easy journey is still not an easy journey. I mean I have days I have minutes I have moments where you know I'm like Oh why did I walk this path. Why do I have these shoes on like why do I feel like I'm walking the Green Mile. But when I go back and review everything as far as like how far I've come you know when I first started this journey to where I'm at now and then I also look at where I'm headed is you know if I had to do it all over again and I don't care how many times I have to get in the ring I have to care how many times I have to climb that mountain or you know cannot do the mud dance through the valleys and whatever I don't do it all over again probably a little differently says I'm wiser.

But definitely I wouldn't trade it for the world. It gives me a sense of freedom. It gives me a sense of just being different. You know in my thinking and just just being able to have I guess let me see how can I turn me have what I need for my family and for my friends. And you know that's an amazing part. Like people to me people that have a 9:00 to 5:00 so to speak or where they're kind of stuck on somebody else's time. You know sometimes you don't get that freedom to be able to control your time. And if I had to say anything about being an entrepreneur even though sometimes cash is a little different. The salary is a little up and down from week to week or month month. But I'm just a freedom with my time which to me is priceless because that's the only thing I can't get back. Yeah I can make more money or you know I truly wanted to increase my sales or be a go getter that way I could do that. You know sometimes I probably just get a little lazy on the scene but the answer is No. Being an entrepreneur is not easy but it is the most rewarding especially when you are in a place to where you know what you're doing and why you're doing it.

Mm hmm. That was beautiful. I got writer's cramp on that one. Thank you.

Yes. Yes. And you said freedom that's liberation we talked about that earlier and I noticed that you know so here's the thing. Every entrepreneur I have that I personally know and those that I've interviewed on here that I didn't previously know I'm getting to know Angela now. I didn't know her prior. I didn't really need to spend much time. It was like the first five seconds that I like her. This is a good. This is a good one. She's a keeper.

But let me keep on will you please spread that.

That's right. That's a different show. We'll do that tomorrow. OK. And at the time what you said though the number one thing. So all of this the money the freedom

It all comes down to one thing and one thing only and that is so you can have the time use the word time.

Now you have choice what to do with your time and that's where deliberate it's like it comes back full circle again it's like the other thing also though with entrepreneurship that I love so much is when you work for a corporate job you're working to pad the line and to line the pockets of that corporation. And it depends on what their mission or purposes. It could be something you're in alignment with where you're just there to collect a paycheck because that's the only job you could get when you're not your or you're doing both. You're lining your pockets but you're doing it while serving and helping others and you're making an impact that you want to make. Not what the other company is what their mission and purpose. So it's another form of liberation.

Just choice right.

Hey my mike was on that timer. That's good.

Yeah right.

We like to have fun we keep it loose. And again for all you watch it on Facebook Periscope everywhere. Go ahead. Comment like love. Let us know you're out there. Let's get engagement going. Say hi to Angela. Ask a question if you want. If time permitted we'll put it up on the air and podcast if you're listening to a podcast. This goes on 15 podcast platforms after the show's over. So if you listen on 18 Spotify tunes is going away. By the way it's been renamed and I Tunes itself is going away. Different sidebar and Google Play and all the other major podcast platforms. So thank you for listening to this recording. Appreciate you. And go ahead give us a rating the five star rating any five star rating it would be just perfect and a review would be awesome. But this show is about the one the only. Angela Marshall. And one thing I'm always this is another one of curiosity questions Angela and that is you know I'm always curious always about how other entrepreneurs how they do this how they do this thing called entrepreneurship how do they get the word out they get the branding done. How do they literally how do they market themselves to become successful. And I get that marketing is multifaceted. Many there are many legs to it. But if you were to pick out one form of marketing that was the absolute most successful form of marketing for you in the past it could have been in the beginning to be recently. But if you could just pick out one what would you tell the listeners that is a good place to go look or that just worked for you and that you would share with us. That was really successful for you.

So initially one thing that was really good for me was doing the Facebook and I g boost. So I would make a post and then and it is actually very inexpensive or can be inexpensive it just depends on your pockets. And so I would do these little polls with different inspirational quotes and sayings I would take little excerpts from my book. I would do you know interactive videos and then I would boost it. And before I knew it I had like almost 7000 followers and I had you know notifications coming in like people buying books and then I had people going to my Web site because you also would list my Web site on there and they were requesting me to speak you know just different things. That was helpful initially. Now what I've done if I stepped it up let it be. And so I have a publicist and she is well connected you know in that world and so she helps me to get on different platforms and whatnot. So it has a different associated costs with that. But initially I mean you know I did pretty much all of it myself. I did from I.T. to Facebook and then of course linked in. But the thing is is that anything that you do marketing wise you will need to be dedicated and you will have to schedule it into your calendar you know. Meaning making the post. Being able to let people know what you're doing and why you're doing it like I did different facets for my business.

I do like a personal calls from time to time where I make myself more human that I'm human. But you know I make myself more humanized so I would like do something quirky or you know something funny or what not I may show my family from time to time I make it on Ana on Latin dance because I'm known for my my dancing. Then I'll get on and I'll put my book up there and then I'll tell people how they can get my book. I'll tell you I'll tell them different things that I'm doing different events and I'll be a part of it so I'm just very very active when it comes to social media when it comes to marketing advertising for myself and I just had. And then I have an amazing son. I will say that he helps me as well with my marketing and my daughter. Oh my God. I'm sorry I left out my daughter. So I actually have two children that helped tremendously because they are like social media gurus and they help to share and like and all of that. And then and then the third thing I will say is join different groups that are aligned with your business. And then on the days that they allow you to post you post you post about your business. Post about your book you are you know whatever it is that you're trying to market and advertise you can have the site free advertising.

Who wouldn't want to do that. I think those are great suggestions for everyone listening in. It's interesting because if that works what you just said it works and you'll see there are some very prominent entrepreneurs out there that say you don't need to do that. Just go this other route and pay for Facebook ads which is can be daunting expense for many just starting out in post boosting posts. I haven't done that in a long time. You've got me thinking about especially Instagram. Instagram has really picked up what you said. Oh for you listening. She said Facebook and or FBN I.D. those Facebook and Instagram just to make sure because I got it right away. I thought I wonder. OK that's good. And look the other thing is just as you got help for coaching and mentoring in speaking and all that I got help now I have three apprentices at this very moment that are doing my social media campaigns for me with some guidance. But I know it's hands off. They're creating means. I've uploaded a lot of pictures of myself that we've taken over trips and I've had another apprentice extract quotes from these past shows that they found profound that were out of my mouth and please research and make sure no one else said I'm not put my name next only if I was just parroting like a less brown or somebody and then put them on a picture and create a graphic and then post it schedule and like you said schedule.

Yeah. Genius all of it's the same. I mean so yeah. So the point is to everyone watching you can do this even if you know you you don't need to do it by yourself. That's my point. I've got a parenthesis. You can get them right now for the equivalent of about a dollar an hour and they live in our hemisphere like the U.S. and Canada and they speak our language and they're in your relative time zone. So it's different than a V8. But we'll go into that at some other time. For those you interested reach out and just give me a shout out and ask me and I'll give you the info on that because it's been a liberating Angelo. When you get help isn't that awesome.

Yes it is amazing and it's so funny how we're all usually women more so I think than men but definitely we have this like s on our shirt case for superwoman and we don't we don't want to ask for help because I don't know if this a mindset of feeling like you're weak or is just like let me just do it a thousand times wrong and then I'll figure it out as opposed to asking you know asking for help.

But yes I will say that once I started just going to people were saying please will you share this will you post a book signing for me or we do this will you do that. I was pleasantly surprised. You know you have known naysayers little crabs in a barrel from time to time when you go to start wars or certain ones that you think would help you and they don't. But you know like you mentioned earlier and I can't remember if it was when you and I were just talking or once we got on where four times a night. Yeah it is a tunnel. You have a ton of people at your disposal. Any time that is willing to help you so utilize the help just ask for help you know. And I'm not afraid to do that initially I don't think it was so much as I was afraid as it was like well if I'm an entrepreneur and I'm trying to do this you know being by myself. Does that mean I can just chart this course on my own but about my has enough time and I spend a whole lot of money down the drain doing things wrong. And I quickly learned how to say ask for help.

That's good. And speaking of money down the drain and having issues with a lot of people think it's all a success it's all easy. They're finding out you know they're finding out now that's not the case. And most of them know intuitively it's not. But one of the things I like to also find out is you know so thank you for revealing your your wins on marketing and how you got win about that. On the flip side you know we do have those times many when we don't succeed. Little failures along the road that just get us that much closer to the next success. The best thing to do is to fail and fail often and fail fast because the faster you do it the quicker you'll get to success point. So for you to pick out one or two failures that you would. I mean I don't know. I don't like the word failure but bump in the road and what have you learned from them that helped you to propel yourself even farther into the success realm.

Well I will say this well one that was a little challenging for me mentally when you're standing on the stage or you have an opportunity to I guess you know for someone to choose you out of a list of three or four or 100 people and their credentials seem a little more impressive than yours. It was you know initially that was kind of. It was kind of scary or kind of intimidating I guess for me because I would say OK you know do they really want to hear about the store and life I'm an X and I felt like do they want to hear about my topics and my content as opposed to hearing Dr. so many souls or such and such in which I am a you know definitely a supporter and an advocate for higher education and higher learning. One hundred percent but I guess because I didn't have some of those same credentials I would kind of shriek in fear from time to time. And so for me I felt if I didn't get selected to speak or say the person did not return a message as far as like I was submitted for the approval for the podcast or radio show initially that's what my mind would go to.

It was like OK well my credentials weren't quite strong enough. So from that standpoint I feel like like a failure I guess I felt like I was failing until my mentor one of my mentors mentioned and said listen you know you have an amazing testimony and an amazing story. Not only that like you have a lifestyle not just from an NFL perspective but even just other things in my life. Being able to convert thousand likes to wins and and make. How do you make positive plays every day. Liv I curiously threw yourself like these are things that I am you know definitely actively helping people with and giving them a different perspective of embracing the greatness that is within them. And so from that standpoint. I just looked at it and I was like well you know that's not really failing is just that sometimes just like when I was a kid in different pageants or different things sometimes you win and then other times you know you learn so that you you make sure you get selected next.

Yeah we can often undersell ourselves to ourselves.

Kelly Oh one hundred years in and I was my worst critic I was my hardest critic and then the things that I was worried about you know I'm pretty sure now that may have been the case with some of the organizations or some of the shows that I was submitting that we were trying to get interviews and stuff on. But more times than not that's not it. It was as it was in my mind you know is what made up about myself in my mind and I just had to overcome it and say I deserve to be on any stage period.

I don't care whether I have PTSD behind my name. If I have Doctor these are a period in front of my name. If I had if she misses miss you know young lady or whatever you know I believe that I deserve to be on that stage. And then I just you know I had to like you mentioned earlier in the show I had to go from selling myself short and not tooting my own horn from time to time because you know you brought up and is like well don't vote and don't be being cocky that's being arrogant. But I think there's a fine line between that because I'm very confident I'm very sure about who I am. But then the other piece is is that not only am I confident in myself but then I help other people to become confident as well. So I think that's where you have to kind of draw the line. I tell people I am going to always be you can quote me on this. I'm want to always do two things. This command room and I'm gonna change the atmosphere is just is this in me is who I am. You know and I believe.

Absolutely. Yes. Yeah. Credentials.

I mean how many times in the speaking industry this is so perfect because you know you see Dr. P HD with all of these you know ribbons and everything pinned on him and they go up on stage. How many times have you seen one that's achieved a lot.

Intellectually that puts the crowd to sleep through boredom. Yeah. And it happens. And so that's why that's a big reason why you know you don't need no one. Not you personally but no one needs credentials or certificates or at a boys or at of girls to qualify to be on stage if you can tell a story and you're captivating and doing so then you're on. I mean you didn't have to be a you know an established business person and in many cases depends on the venue and what it's about.

But storytelling is more important than the content that you're delivering. It's amazing. Yeah. And I imagine you have some incredible stories that you could go on for a long time about and you know you have that you have that interest you have that great I guess call it hook about being an ex NFL wife. I mean instantly the second we got on before the show you know I stepped on my tongue and today you could do mine. Tell me the name of your ex I was feeling like I knew I shouldn't ask but I did. I was curious.

Well you know it is a part of it and that is another marketing tool because the name of my book is actually the reality the rags to riches but the tagline story you like both X and Y because of that you know it goes on of people have on a wall or they're going to see reality or they're going to see rags riches and not just another rags to riches story she's seeing more of the same. But when I put that little piece on there that make me a little different you know kind of boosting me up a little bit brought me out front on a bookshelf you know. Then I began to see a little bit more traffic traffic my way so you know you got to use what you got. Yeah. Which one. Right. Exactly.

Yeah. Leverage what you have. Because I mean that's just genius marketing. You I would imagine you could use this the rest of your career and it will do you very well. Yes. Why not. And then all the things that add to it as you and say now world renowned international speaker and everything that goes with it. Right.

Well and then all the other frustrations and whatnot that I went through doing that lifestyle. It was me.

I'm just glad it made you stronger and made you the person you are that's taken on the world in every stage in it. I love it. It's my mental state downturn.

I like it. I like it.

Know some really cool things I'm going to write. OK. OK. It's recorded. I'll get it later. We are almost out of time I cannot believe this.

Angela there's one one defining question I'd like to ask each of my guests and I've done this for a while now. We're approaching 50 shows now live TV shows and I'd like to ask this this question of each guest. And the interesting thing is it can't take thought some of them go into deep thought for a little bit. Others it's instant retrieval and it's like what I like to leave the show with because it's really personal. And it helps get it back to who is Angela. And we close the show more that way. But before we get to that I would be remiss.

I almost forgot. We need to remind our viewers that are watching live how they can win that five night stay at a five star Mexican resort. I'm going to put it up on the screen right now. And here is what you do.

You now have my permission to go and type in a U or L or it might be easier to pick up your phone and text instead but there are two ways you can either go to your browser and type in The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show dot com forward slash vacation The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show dot com for size vacation just enter your name phone number I think yeah name and phone number of there and you'll be interned immediately or you can text the word peak. That's peak to the number of 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. That's peak 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 this entire this whole vacation package is given to us and to you by our wonderful sponsors and happens to be a great personal friend of mine who is the owner of power texting dot com. And that's Jason Nass. He's an amazing gentleman. So all this power texting dot com I use his service as well it's amazing service. So that's another great marketing tool. Just saying All right we're going to come back back to the woman of the hour and get to that. That deep digging question that you know she she you could tell she is approaching. There's not even a bead of sweat. She's not worried about it at all. And the cool thing is though Angela actually there is no such thing as a wrong answer. It's impossible. And it's just the opposite actually. The only correct answer. Is your answer because it is a personal thing. We're not going deep into a personal thing it's just it is what you define it to be. Are you ready. I'm ready. All right.

Angela Marshall how do you define success success is my grandchildren my children my family being able to leave a legacy of an amazing dash for them.

Now with that being said that amazing legacy with that Dash is everything that is good about Angela.

Everything that was bad about Angela everything that was or that is you know that molds me that frames me that helps me to be the person that I am today just knowing that my life impacted or will impact theirs in a way where they will have lots of memories. They will have you know lots of quotes and sayings for them to maneuver through their life. That is the ultimate epitome of success for me and true to form.

I didn't even say this earlier but no two guests have ever said the same answer and it's true even after yours. And another thing that's also I find extremely interesting is someone mentioned the word but it's never the primary word. I don't think you mentioned it. None of them define success as acquiring a certain amount of money. Your first big reason was legacy. I mean you talked about grandchildren children family all for the purpose of leaving the legacy and so that just shows you know true to form who you are. Angela. And there is I almost forgot that you also had a gift that you were looking to give to our viewers. And so I have your Web site up. And if you remember what that gift was if not I can help remember or remind you.

No. I know the first two people to actually e-mail me and they write in either the subject or the body part if they save from stumbling blocks to stepping stones. They will receive an autograph book from me and also you know you have to remember to put your on your mailing address and I will get that book. I don't know.

Over to you. All right. And that. That email address is author Stone it's author like the book writer stone like a stone's throw away at. In other words by Stone B why stone

So its authors don't add in other words by Stone dot com and in the subject line mentioned stumbling blocks to stepping stones and two people will get autographed copies of this amazing new book and I can't wait to get my own copy because I know it's going to be amazing an amazing read like the person we're talking to right now is so amazing. Angela thank you so very much. What. And just to give folks a way to reach out to you what is the absolute best way for them to connect with you if they want to reach out to that Facebook email. What's your favorite

So equally either Facebook or my email went through my Web site. You know when you go to my Web site it does give you the option where you can contact me. So if any of those avenues come straight to me. But I am active on Facebook. So if they want to just you know send me a message be more than happy to respond. Reply and react accordingly.

And I just want to point out real quick to help viewers find you on Facebook because they won't find you by Angela Marshall. No finding. By author stones two words author Stone took me a while to find you.

Well and here's the other piece when you go to my Web site the little Facebook icon it will send them there or. And then also I just recently found this out that when you Google me or you Google and Lamar so there's an actual lead that comes up to my Facebook page. So that was pretty cool too. I mean I knew it would take to like my Web site or some other know social media outlets and there's some other stories and all that just all that great stuff. I didn't know that you know it would actually take you to at least I guess I must be different back in the day. Brian I'm getting like facebook links and everything.

Yes that's part of getting the word out there.

Posting regularly having a Web site being on stage having people talk about you mentioned you at all plays into this wonderful the whole algorithm of getting you up closer on Google and having links show up for you. It's awesome. Just lies. You are awesome.

Angela thank you so much once again for being on. I can't believe it's time to say goodbye to everybody. You know I'm having separation anxiety already but we have to do this to.

So it's very painful for me as well. I guess you know you get comfortable especially when you have an on the job I want to give you have an amazing show host and you have definitely been there definitely an engaging and enlightening and entertaining one might I and educating. So definitely The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show you have my three four five ten thousand thumbs up and I appreciate the opportunity to you know to be in front of you guys. Always thank you.

Thank you long. And for everyone watching and listening thank you as well we appreciate you. We will be back next week for another phenomenal edition of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show for the amazing Angela Marshall this is Brian Kelly saying goodbye for now and be blessed everyone

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows with Brian Kelly.

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