Special Guest Expert - Barrett Matthews


Barrett Matthews

Dr. Barrett Matthews has been involved in media since the 1980s. He served as an Asst. Director for WUSA-TV, a Production Asst for CBS Sports, working alongside Brent Musburger & James Brown. He has directed, produced and hosted several radio shows & podcasts. And after authoring several books, Dr. Matthews came to our show with these questions: Did you know that most businesses don't come close to reaching their true audience? Did you know that many people in business are waiting for their names to be called for exposure? What if I told you that there was a man who can help any business to find their audience? Imagine that if by not listening to what he teaches, you cut your potential revenue by over 50%. Now, imagine if he could not only show you how to attract that audience, but to do it globally. Ladies & Gentlemen, I bring to you the man who can do all of this for you, The Media Optimization Professional himself, Dr. Barrett Matthews.

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