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So here's the big question. Our entrepreneurs like us, who have been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward only to fall two steps back. Work, dedicated, determined and driven.How do we finally breakthrough and win. That is the question and this podcast will give you The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show..

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show.. We have another phenomenal, phenomenal show lined up for you, not because of me, but because of our guest expert. Mr. Benjamin Hardy is in the house. He is waiting in the wings. He cannot wait to just ooze value all over the show for you. This is The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show.. A show for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs to express reason of this show is to provide you with value the things that you can do to model other people's success. Because let's face it. Why reinvent the wheel? Why not find someone like Benjamin who is extremely successful? Listen to him take notes and then simply follow his lead and model his success so that you can achieve the same or even greater level of success than he has. That's what this show is all about to bring you top notch, highly successful entrepreneurs who have made it. And what has made it? Well, that's up for you to decide. That's an individual mindset thing and that's OK. If you see that Benjamin has reached a level of success you aspire to reach. Then maybe he's a good guy to model. That's all I'm going to tell you right there. That's right. Yes. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show.. What is that all about? In my now fifty five years on this planet, I spent about the last 10 or so studying just successful people. And I want to find out what was it that made them either as successful or more successful than me, mostly more successful. What made that happen? What was different about them? And in that 10 year walk of studying people I knew personally mentors, people I've never met through books, others who I've watched on video who had not met others that that I just follow that I knew were successful and I would just pull in every bit of information from them. And what I found were there were three patterns that developed among very successful people. You might guess what those might be,Yes. Mind being the first? And that is the mind set. And each and every successful person I studied that was successful had a very powerful and flexible mindset. And we have a mindset expert on with us to night. I'm very pumped is an expert in many different arenas in all considering that cover entrepreneurship. So it's going to be a great, great show. Can't wait to bring him on. And then body that is literally about taking care of your physical body, both outside and in. So exercising on a regular basis and eating and drinking things that are nutritional, that serve your body good. Because here's the thing. The mind and body are a team. And what I like to say is the mind and body or your team, more importantly. And if there's any one member of a team that is not operating at a peak level of performance, then guess what happens to the team overall? Yes, it suffers. And so you want to keep both mind and body operate at peak levels of performance. And then the third pattern business, business is multi multifaceted. But the people that I studied over those 10 years all mastered all the skill sets that are necessary to start, grow and crush it in business. Things like sales, marketing, team building, scaling, systematizing, leadership. The list goes on and on. I mean, on and on and on. And the good news is no one person actually has to master every single business skill set by themself. It's really just one that helps you to basically delegate that. And that is the one of leadership. Once you've mastered leadership, you can then bring in those who have already mastered the skill set you have not and turn them loose and do it with a system in place. So that is what The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show is all about. And we're going to have a lot of fun discussing various topics in these three areas and maybe even outside of these three areas. It's very organic. We enjoy it. We like to have a lot of fun. And speaking of fun, all of these successful people also had another very habitual trait, and that was they all read voraciously. They read books and to that note, I want to quickly segway into a segment I affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks, born to read bookmarks. Ready, steady, read bookmarks brought to you by ReachYourPeakLibrary.com

Brian Kelly:
Yes. There you see it, ReachYourPeakLibrary.com And a real quick note for those you watching, maybe listening after work. Stay with us on the show. Do not click away and resist that temptation to go check out resources and Web sites, because there will be several during the show. Instead, rather than do that, maybe consider taking up this old fashioned parchment, It's called paper. And maybe this other thing that's an old fashioned thing, writing instrument. Or if you wish, you can take notes on your notepad, on your computer or whatever they call it on a Mac. I don't know what it's called. Apologize, but take notes and don't leave because the magic happens in the room. This happens every time I've spoken from stage many times, and especially in those seminar events in you know, when you're coming to the really meaty part, the juice, when you're on stage and then you see people get up to go to the restroom, for instance, and you just wish they hadn't done that for them because now they're going to miss out on potentially the greatest bit of information that might have changed their life. Benjamin Hardy will do that as well. So please stick with us all the way through right down. ReachYourPeakLibrary.com. What is that? It is a site I had developed specifically with you in mind, and I am not kidding with you, you, the entrepreneur or the business person that is looking to get farther than you are today. More successful than you are. Wherever that is. And what I did was I started compiling a list of books that I personally had read and I read all my books now through Audible. I listen to them. I did not start reading voraciously till about the age of forty nine or so forty eight somewhere around there. And thankfully I did. And then with it, with Audible, I was able to get through them really quickly and absorb and retain the information much better. That's just the modality that worked best for me. So all of these books I personally read that are on the site. To that end, not every book I've ever read is on this site. So only the best of the best made it to this list. And as I scroll down, it just goes on and on and on. I don't remember how many are in here. It's not a ton. It's a little over 60 or so. But this is a place for you to go if you're looking for that next read. Maybe your first read. And just look at the list that they're not sorted in any order of any kind. Just look at the book. Read the description. If it talks to you, take action and get it and read it and stop scrolling. Just get the first one that jumps out and that's your subconscious telling you. That's the one you should get. If it's saying, hey, this looks good. Just do it. Don't don't go shopping for more books. Come back later and get the next one or get it on Amazon wherever you get it. Get the book and read it. That is my advice to you, because reading has literally changed my life in great ways. I could not have even imagined. I'm so glad I was given that advice early on in my entrepreneur walk. Speaking of entrepreneur walk, it's time to not walk but run because we're going to run with Mr. Benjamin Hardy, who is coming on right now.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained. Big league qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there is, ladies and gentlemen, the one the only Mr. Benjamin Hardy. How are you doing this evening? My buddy from Florida.

Benjamin Hardy:
Doing good. Grateful to be with you.

Brian Kelly:
Oh, this is going to be a fun ride. I appreciate you coming on. Before I formally and properly introduce you. I want to remind everybody who is on this show watching live with us right now that if you stay until the end, I will reveal how you can win five nights, stay at a five star luxury resort of your choosing. All compliments of our pals. You see them if you're watching this on video on the upper right of your screen. TheBigInsiderSecrets.com. Amazing, amazing people. One of my best friends in the world is the CEO. This was all provided by them. We give away vacation, stay every single show. So Stand to the end and yes, there will be a time, I hope, very soon where you can actually take part in that and go on a vacation somewhere where we're not locked down. Now to the man of the hour, Mr. Benjamin Hardy. In other words, Dr. Benjamin Hardy. He is an organizational psychologist, successful entrepreneur and best selling author of Willpower Doesn't Work. His blog is read by millions of people monthly and featured on Forbes Fortune,CNBC, chatter, Big Think and many others. He is a regular contributor to INC and Psychology Today and one of the most popular writers on Medium, that's big. He speaks and trains at a wide range of events. He's also trained for his first iron. Maybe we'll talk about that. He and his wife Lauren adopted three children through the foster system, God bless you. In February of twenty eighteen, you'll find out. One month later, Lauren became pregnant with twins. So went from three to five in a heartbeat. They were born in December of 2018 and they live in Orlando. And a little birdie told me. Well, say, Benjamin told me they're expecting number six. Lauren is pregnant again. So congratulations, my friend. Now, officially, formally, I welcome you to the show. Thank you so much for coming on, my buddy.

Benjamin Hardy:
Happy to be with you Man.

Brian Kelly:
There's going to be so much fun. So you have a phenomenal bio. Obviously have succeeded very, very well in your line. And one of the things I like to find out is going a little bit deeper into what brought that about. How did you achieve all that success? How did you appear on all of these high end publications like Forbes, Fortune, CNBC and I have all these accolades. What got you there? And what I mean by that is like when you get up in the morning, Benjamin, you know, entrepreneurship is super, super easy Right? We just get up. We get on our hammock, swing on a swing on a hammock and get an umbrella drink and sip on it. And everything just works out perfectly everyday because we don't have to work hard. It's just entrepreneurship. And I'm being totally facetious Right? So we do we face challenges each and every day. That's why there are so few entrepreneurs in my humble belief, because there are challenges every single day. And you have to be you have to train yourself how to handle them. And that really comes from up here. And I know you know this more than anybody Mr Hardy because. I want to find out from you is when you get up in the morning and, you know, it's another day and you're gonna get up and power through it no matter what happens. Tell the listeners, if you would mind, what is going on in your big, beautiful brain when you're about to start that day you've come to you're fully aware you're about to hit it. What keeps you going day in and day out? Struggle after victory after struggle after victory. What is it for you?

Benjamin Hardy:
A lot of things, I'm very clear on my future self. The person I want to be, the thing I'm striving for. And usually at this point, my life's quite set up where there's many pressing things. And so when I wake up, I already have a lot of things that I need to get done. So I like to just get as much done as possible as soon as possible, because then I'm fried and I need to go home and get to my kids. And so I think for me, I wake up. I like to proactively get myself into the right mindset because it's not like it's just immediately there. And so I definitely get myself into the right environment. I journal. I write about my goals. I get myself in the right frame of mind. I go to the gym and then I start doing my top things. You know, I start right. For me, it's usually writing either articles or writing books. And then ultimately, I've got things scheduled out, you know, whether that's podcasts or things like that. Collaboration's any form of service I can do. So, yeah, I mean, I wake up and I get my stuff in the right frame of mind, but I have to remind myself every morning of my future self, of the thing that I'm trying to create out my goals of my dreams. And so I affirm those and I remind myself of those every single morning to get myself into that states that I can actually go and do it.

Brian Kelly:
So is Journaling kind of the tool of choice for you to do that?

Benjamin Hardy:
Big time? Journaling is honestly pen and pad just I think that, you know, I go in get into quite environments. I love just journaling in my car, honestly, because I can then just go and drive, you know, either outside the gym or in neighborhoods, but open it up and just dump it in just so I meditate, pray before I journal and just get myself in that right frame of mind that I just write and try to ignite my hope and excitement and also just regulate my emotions. You know, there's a lot of research on this, but it's also just a true thing that when you're writing about your thoughts and feelings, they clear up pretty fast. And ultimately you can direct where your mind goes by strategically writing about what you want and writing about, you know, in the affirmative what you're going to accomplish that day and what you're going to accomplish in the next three years, five years, two years. However, whatever time time-frame is relevant and meaningful to your goals. I just barely wrote down recently five year goals because in five years from now, my oldest son is gonna be 18 and is gonna be moving out. And so I'm just I'm now thinking, okay, where do I want to be when he does that? And we're probably on move from Florida at that time. So I just frame that goals for like what? I wonder if this next chapter.

Brian Kelly:
That's phenomenal. Thank you for sharing that, because a lot of people think that mindset just comes automatic. And, you know, a doctor of psychology is telling you that he has to actually work on it every single day, that it doesn't just come automatic, that it takes effort. It's just not like sitting in a hammock and swinging back and forth with an umbrella drink and just letting everything automatically come to you. It takes consistent discipline, persistent effort, massive an action, a massive and consistent action. That's why Benjamin Hardy, Dr. Benjamin Hardy is on this show right now. Because not I just love to share amazing people with the world, you know, whoever is watching and listening, because after this is over, we're going to have this repurposed into a podcast and audio only and just spread the word about amazing people like Dr. Hardy here. And I appreciate your sharing, you know, because that could be considered somewhat intimate by some people about what you do in the morning when you get up. Most entrepreneurs I talk to openly and freely talk about it because they know, like you do, that there's a potential that will help somebody that hasn't established a routine or some kind of habit. And here's the thing I found, Benjamin, is that most entrepreneurs that are successful do have exactly that, a routine. Every single routine differs that I've interviewed on this show. That's not the point. The point for those who don't have one yet, consider following Dr. Hardy's routine. First is the first one you heard of. If it is, follow it. If it doesn't work, modify it to your to suit your needs. Maybe work out later in the afternoon if that works better for you in the evening. But, you know, I mean, he went through things, he journals, he sets his goals, he sets his mindset. He regulators' emotions by doing all of this. He goes to the gym and works out. There's mind and body. First two already hit. I love it. And then he gets into writing and then of blogs and books, there's the business. And he's working on other areas of that and then you get scheduled for things like maybe that's the show, all part of the business side. He's got the whole trifecta, if you will. He's got it all going. So follow this guy. Listen to this guy. I will be quite here in a minute and talk more. I opened up with the importance of books and reading the right books. And I'm just going to guess, I don't know for a fact. Would you call yourself an avid reader?

Benjamin Hardy:
Probably, yeah. I think, you know, I'm sure that that's how other people would view me. I don't feel like I read as much as I used to, but I probably comparatively, I read enormously more than the average person.

Brian Kelly:
Fantastic. What would be one book that stands out in your mind? And it doesn't have to be business related to something that had an impact on you?

Benjamin Hardy:
So many you know, I was looking at your list. I read the compound effect like 10 years ago, that was obviously a goodie. I loved Covey's work. He wrote a book called Spiritual Roots of Human Relations. I don't know. I've read so many at this point trying to think usually because I'm always actually writing a book like I'm now just like studying a specific subject. And so that's all I'm thinking about. But I did like the book. The Body Keeps the Score. That's a very important book. There's one other I'll recommend and that's too soon old,Too Late Smart by Gordon Livingston. Awesome. But you know, what's interesting now is different from what was interesting to me five, five months ago or a year ago, because I'm just focused on something else right now.

Brian Kelly:
And so I wanted to share a strategy with folks that are watching. Listening now. You mean just rattle off several books? And if you didn't catch them and you write them down, replay this video or audio later and get them up. And this is what I do when I hear of recommendations by someone like Dr. Benjamin Hardy that's got that level of success. I don't just write them down. I run out and buy them on Audible and they're in my library and they'll be next on the list when I get to it without hesitation, because you can't get anything better than a recommendation from someone who's achieved success. In my opinion. And let you know. And, of course, make sure that you vetted that person, that they are of integrity and character like Benjamin Hardy is first. But that's a strategy I've used that's been incredibly successful.

Every guest expert that comes on your most of them have recommendations. I'm frantically writing them down and very often I will have them purchased right after the show is over. Don't wait and put it in your library and have it ready to go. If Audible's, what you do if you do kindle, whatever it is, go to Amazon, buy it there, just get it. When Dr. Hardy says it, do it. Hey, I think that's your next tag line right there. So I opened and in your bio, it talked about you preparing for an Iron Man. Has that since transpired? Are you still getting ready for that?

It got canceled due to Toby 19. I was going to do it this summer. So it's sometime in the foreseeable future. I probably next year.

Had you already started training for it?

Yeah, I was training for it.

To some degree, I was going to get ready or really ramp into the training and then covert hit. And so that obviously stopped.

So for those that aren't familiar, sorry to interrupt. I don't know. Iron Man is not for the weak of mind or body. It is intense. Could you summarize what an Ironman entails quickly?

Yeah, it's a triathlon. I believe it's approximately a two mile swim, like one hundred and twenty mile bike ride and then a twenty six mile run.


Let me do one where you had to just break yourself and just train for one over the next year or two and just see what that evolves into.

Yeah. Oh, my gosh. I mean, just the two mile swim I got. I got tired listening to you before you even got to the 120 Vikor. Oh, imagine that was. They probably do that over. Shifting terrain. So it's not just a cruise and you're not going on flat or downhill all time.

And there's different locations. Yeah. Locations. Different terrains. To be honest with you, I've never done one before, so I'm not an expert.

But that's great. There is another great another great teaching moment. He's getting out of his own comfort zone and he's doing it on purpose. And it's a challenge to him. It's a big challenge for any human being, in my personal opinion, even when I was young and in tip top shape. I'm not young anymore, so that's OK. How how long on average do you know it takes to finish one of those?

Twelve to fifteen hours.

Well, twelve to fifteen hours of self-inflicted wonderful pain.

I love it. I love it. So there you go. See, this is not what I'm why I'm asking these questions is so that folks can kind of get a better sense of what's going on in your beautiful brain.

This is what takes what it takes to become a successful business man or or person. And no matter what you are trying to strive for, achieve. He's not aiming for there's like half triathlons, I think others. There's just a marathon. All you do is run, which is another massive challenge in and of itself. I think triathlon is one of the most grueling and most difficult of all those endurance type. Were they called, I can't think the right word.

It's like endurance race, competition, competition.

Yeah. So it's like it's like the Marine Corps of competitions. It's the toughest.

And so I just point out that Dr. Benjamin Hardy is doing this because he wants to because he's challenging himself and that is how successful people think. And now he's not just thinking it. He's he was in the process of getting ready to do you know, he has already said, I'm going to do it. You can see there was no doubt in his mind and a man, where would that have been? Health.

That one was going to be in California. Really? Well, not actually.

I can't remember my honestly at my friend Dre is the one who kind of organized it. And so I just as I was just going with the flow, he knew all the details. He knew all the logistics. I was just gonna do it with him because it's a lot easier to do something that with someone else, obviously.

Hey, man, let me know when it gets revived and I will do everything I can to be there physically to support you in any way you need. Throw you a drink while you're running by whatever you need, brother. That would be fun. I don't know if I'll be out there running with you. My knees are not what they used to be. But hey, I'll be there. Just let me know. So I guess physical fitness is pretty important to them. What do you say?

I think so, yeah. Physical fitness. My brain functions a lot better when I've exercised. Let's just say that there's a lot of research to back that up. I recommend people read the book Peak and that's not Peak Spark. Spark is all about how research activates your brain. And so a lot of research about like if you're about to do like a test or if you're about to like, go write an article sprint right before you do because it flashes your brain. And so, you know, most of my articles have been written immediately following a workout because I just exercise like crazy. My brain's on fire right after I've just done a journaling session. I'll journal exercise extreme intensity. And, you know, that's why the book's called Spark is just because your brain's on a different wavelength. Immediately following fitness. And so I usually just write for like sixty to one hundred and twenty minutes right after fitness. That's all I need to do. That's it's not it's not like you need to work a thousand hours a day. It's about getting yourself in the right state so that while you work, you're actually optimally functioning.

So glad you brought all that up. And, you know, quite often I'll do a quick workout right before the show just to get amped up. You're so right. I used to have a fitness business for seven years. There is nothing that gets you going more than a good workout. And it doesn't mean you have to go insane and crazy and and kill yourself and try to be. If you're a guy, you don't need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. And if you're a woman, you don't need to be a supermodel. It's just about taking care of yourself and optimizing your brain and everything in your body as well. Because, like I said, the mind and body are a team.

Holy smokes. We have a lot of comments coming in here. I'm going to throw up a couple of all. This is one of my really close friends, Zachary Babcock. I think he's talking about you looking good for fifty five. Not getting. That's me. Oh, my goodness. Brought me to cough.

I've been looking for this lovely Dr. Hardy, Timothy McNeilly, who is on the show not too long ago. Fantastic. He said he's reading your newest book. So if you've already addressed this, you can tell me to keep reading. Oh, he's got a question for you. What role, if any, does understanding my past self play in creating my future self? Do we have to figure out why we are messed up or can we just focus on creating who we want to be? Wow, great question.

That's an awesome question. I think that both are very relevant.

I don't think you have to focus on why you're messed up before you can start deciding who you want to be. But at the end of the day, you have to. You have to choose a different view of your former self. How you see your former self is not actually objective. You have a relationship with how you see your past and you can actually change how you see your former self. You can choose to have empathy, compassion and a level of respect for your former self, but also acknowledge that you're no longer that same person. And the truth is, it's just you're no longer the same person you were in the past, even two, three, five years ago. You're a different person, even though you may have already acclimated to your new normal. You're not the same person you were.

And so I just think respect your former self, but also acknowledge you're not the same person. You would do things differently now because you now have more wisdom. You're in a different situation. But I think it's an active process. You're always designing your future self and you're also reframing the meaning of your former self. And we're seeing this on a societal level right now.

We're changing the meaning of even like various figures of the nation because of, you know, recent social, you know, social issues.

And so with new information comes changing the meaning of the past. And so you're, from your view of the past, will always be changing and updating. And that's how memory works.

That's so awesome, because I've done this from stage. It's similar to I love you, too. Timothy, thanks so much.

And Timothy, you're awesome, man.

We're happy to be with you, brother and Prince, while he's in another amazing, amazing young man. I love this guy. Thanks, Brian, for having Dr. Benjamin Hardy on the show. Love you, bro. Love you. There's a lot love going on here. That is nice. A lot of bromance going on. But one of the things I like to a great like metaphore is a kind of similar story is how many times as anyone ever read a book more than once has anyone done that? And then the second or third time you read it. Does it seem like the same book? Is it exactly the same in every person to a person shakes her head? No.

I say, well, way down a different place when you're reading it right.

I'm like, wait a minute. So you're you're you mean to tell me that that book, that physical pages with actual written ink words on it is not just one book. It changed.

And they're like, well, no, no, I did actually, because you changed when you were looking at it.

And that's that's actually the key is, is that it's not what you're looking at. It's it's the eyes you're seeing them through. And you're you're you're now a different person. So that's that's what's cool about it. Even just trauma. As one example, we all go through painful experiences in the past. But just because something was traumatic in the past doesn't mean it has to remain that way. You can choose to give it a different meaning. You can choose to look at it with more mature perspective. And so you are our view of the. That's why the past is never objective from a psychological perspective. The past is just like a book. It's it looks different every time you see it.

Yeah, it's very perceptive. It's like you say it is from a psychology perspective. Yeah. And it's interesting. I love this conversation because I learned a lot of what you're talking about. When I learned and became certified in neurolinguistic programing, I don't think I'm anywhere close to the level you are with your studies, but they are.

I'm hearing very similar things and they're very they're resonating very well with what I learned and then practiced. It's the mind is the most powerful thing any of us have in our own possession. Your mind loves you. It wants to protect you, wants to heal you. Your subconscious brain is far more powerful than your conscious. And if you're able to tap into that in any way for the greater good, then I recommend people do that. Have you. Have you learned about an LP at all? Do you have an opinion of it?

I have learned about it. Yeah, I, I generally think it's quite interesting.

I think that there's a lot of good, good stuff there. You know, I haven't I haven't spent an enormous amount of time studying. I've more studied general psychology. But I think that there's a lot of good stuff in there, a lot of true principles. I think that obviously, as we've mentioned it before, the show, there's a lot of kind of weirdos who, you know, as a weird kind of it is my manipulation. I think that but that's I genuinely think there's so many true principles involved with it. I think it's powerful.

Yeah, definitely. If you're going to anybody, you're going to go down the path of learning an LP or getting trained in it or psychology or anything for that matter. Be sure to vet the person that's that's doing it so that, you know, like, yeah, you definitely want to be careful and make sure that you're getting it from a reputable individual or organization for sure. I definitely did that because my you know, I'm very guarded with my mind, or at least I used to be until I learned that it's going to take a lot to crack this this thick skull and change my value system. And that's that's a that was a comforting thing. But knowing that you're with somebody who's there to care for your love, you just like you would be for all of your clients. Speaking of that, I want to segway over to your business, if we might, Benjamin, because I'm really deeply curious exactly what you're up to now. What is your what is your client base? What is your avatar, your ideal client look like right now? And how do you serve them with what you're doing today?


So I write books, I produce online courses, essentially your long experiences. I've got a course called Apathy Accelerate Momentum program with basically the people I'm looking for, the people who are in should my work are generally people who are ready to go to another level and their self-improvement, creating a future self, actually wanting science based strategies for making immense progress in a yearlong pace.

And so, you know, people who I think are interested in my work are generally educated people. They want actual, like real concrete science based work that's grounded, that actually produces results. And yeah, kind of like you said, just actual stuff that works.

So, yeah, my my business is pretty simple.

I do a lot of blogging, podcasting and writing books. And then for people who want to go deeper, offer various programs on different subjects.

And on that note, right before the show, Benjamin agreed to basically give a gift to everyone. And it's a 30 day training program that you can get for free. He sells it right now and he has a lot of people who have purchased it. So we're looking at high value here. So stick onto the end. So we'll reveal that at the same time or really close to when we do the vacation giveaway. You don't want to miss that because anytime you're given some something of value by someone of Dr. Hardy's stature, jump at it and look at him. I mean, listen to him. Do you think you're going to get hit back up with some hard sell tactics? No. I mean, look at his demeanor, the way he acts.

He's just definitely not here to sell you anything and even. But I would say, please buy my book. Aside from that, we will give you the future self program.

That's totally fine. We would we would love to give you that features our program.

Yeah. And that's the thing. You know what? For me, from my vantage point, I hope you do sell people because that's how you and your business grows. And then you can serve more people as a result. And so it's selling is actually not a dirty word. It's actually a beautiful, gorgeous gem of a word, because without it, we wouldn't have we wouldn't have services like yours at all.

It's an invitation to commit to a bigger future. That's really what you're doing when you're selling someone something is as you're inviting them to commit to a bigger future. And I'd love to see somebody wrote that down. If you if you believe in what you're doing, you're. That's what you're doing, you know. And what's really great about it and I genuinely believe in this because I invest a lot of money in my business and my self improvement in my network and my relationships is when you actually do buy something that someone selling your identity changes you, you become more committed to the future that you actually want and that that obviously changes your identity, which changes your behavior, which ultimately changes your outcomes.

And so I've you know, I've I've invested a lot of a lot and I continue to invest a lot in my education and my my knowledge.

You got guys want to hug him. So Timothy McNeilly says, can I hug you? Powerful. Wow. I love that. Look at our past self with empathy. Somebody we're talking about moments ago, and this is a this is something that I learned to come to grips with when, you know, when you first start out as an entrepreneur. I remember that where you're almost ashamed to ask for the self. And that's a common trait among people starting out, not everybody, but a large number. And that was me. And I'm like, well, I'm asking somebody for money that I really feel right about it. Well, the thing is, if the product or the service produces results, that helps them, then it's not just something that you should do.

It's your responsibility to do it. Because if they don't if they don't take the next step and buy what you're selling and offering, then it will be a disservice to them because they won't improve. And so once I got that at a deep level, it became like super powerful. Like you said, it's not selling. What was the phrase used on somebody type that in the comments? If they're for those that are watching invitation to commit to the future, probably just like an invitation to commit to their own bigger future. That was it. Oh, man.

Yeah. I mean, I've I'm continuing to learn that lesson that you've described. When I recently launched my book, I was I was being I think often people are not overt when it comes to offering their services or selling.

They'll like they'll trued. They'll try to be bold. They'll try to be inspirational. They'll try to be powerful. But they won't just directly say, would you please just get this program or please by my book and want to fit in, like literally the more just direct and honest and simple you can. And just by simply telling someone, get this, this will help you.

I've been blown away. Like, I mean, when I was, you know, in the middle of my book launch, I was trying to inspire the heck out of people to go get the book and all sorts of stuff. And then at the end of it, I just started to like because I had a specific goal, I start to get desperate. I ultimately just said, will you please go buy my book? And when I just started, to be honest, all of a sudden thousands of people went and did it. I think that, you know, I'm constantly learning as well. You know, the power of inviting people to take that next step, which involves generally in exchange of money. And there's nothing wrong with that. You know, money is just a mindset. And so the more the more investments you make in your future self, obviously, the the expanded your subconscious becomes around money, the less you fixate on it and the more you can invite more of it into your life.

Let's just go. Gosh, I can't write fast enough. I'm taking notes myself. I'm running the daing show and I've got writer's cramp and it's a great thing. So money is just a mindset. And everything you just said just, oh, my gosh. A whirlwind of activity went off into my brain about everything you said is absolutely in my my humble opinion, true. The more you commit to yourself, to your future. I remember making those decisions long ago about pain. A lot of money to go through advanced A.P. training. And it flipped the switch in my brain when I said yes and it flipped the switch that propelled me forward, not just pushed before, but propelled me forward in my life and then my future business from that day forward. And after that happened, it's kind of working out of Dr. Hardy. It's like once you've done it a few times and you've gotten past the soreness and you get the feel those endorphins and it feels good and then you stop for a while, like I need to do that again. Right. It's the same thing when you commit to something, you go that route is really a good decision. And if you start to retract later and say, well, I'm not going to commit to that program and go to your old habits that don't kick in, it did for me. And I've always I've said yes to anything that I know is right for me, even if I didn't have the money in the bank account at that moment. And somehow, someway, it amazingly always worked out. Always.

So get the money materialized in some form or fashion.

Yeah. Or you you just have that conversation. Look, I want to do this. I don't have the full amount right now. Can we work out a payment plan? And, you know, they don't offer from stage, but sometimes they say, yeah, let's work it out. You know, you can just get creative, but you have to say yes. If you don't say yes, you'll never know. Yes to yourself, yes to them. So I want to do this. Yes. Fantastic. All right. Gosh, you are so much more I want to cover on that. But we have another question from Robert St. Louis. Is medium still the platform you favor? I'm guessing you have more than one, but is that your go to too complicated answer, Robert?

But I guess I'll say yes.

I haven't actually used medium as much as I used to because I've been so focused on other forms of marketing and other forms of communication.

Mostly I'm deep in writing books.

But medium is still good. I will say it's not as approachable as it used to be. There's now literally I don't even know how many active writers on medium. And so it's it's a lot tougher. There are a lot more controlling of the narrative as far as like the people who control the algorithms.

They definitely have their own political views. They definitely control what goes where. But I. But I will say. It is an amazing platform. I would say it's still the best platform for anyone who's trying to break out as a writer and trying to get an audience and trying to practice. There's a lot of great writers there and there's a lot of great writing there. And it is still possible to get discovered there. It's still possible to have your work be syndicated onto huge platforms like the Forbes, Forbes and all sorts of things. You can get your work capture on many great platforms and also you can still get lots of e-mail subscribers through medium day for DNA. So one of the things that I've done, you know, at the bottom of all my articles, there's a call to action which takes people to a landing page where I give away a free checklist. And that's how I've gotten hundreds of thousands of e-mail subscribers for a long time. They actually stopped allowing you to do that, but they've recently allowed that privilege back where you can actually market on your articles.

And so, you know, if you go to Benjamin Hardy on Medium and look at the bottom of all my articles, you'll see a little link that takes people to my Web site, which is where they can opt in, which takes them to a webinar which ultimately invites them into the program, which is a hundred forty seven dollars, which is the one we're giving you guys for free.

But yeah, I think it's still a great platform and I'm planning on using it a lot more actually on the back half of this year. Now that I've launched the book, I'm going to definitely be. Writing again, a 10 on medium. And one thing I would just invite everyone to do who is thinking about blogging, you're doing any form of practicing teaching of content. Just do it. I love the quote better prolific than perfect, even when you've like literally. I've written hundreds and hundreds of articles. My blogs have been read by over 100 million people. And I still sometimes get I still have a hard time getting myself to just write an article. I still question whether my work's any good. And I started to get myself to just write in. So I just invite and encourage you to just go and do it. Just write imperfect work, study the work that works, you know, study the articles that are going viral or study the platforms that are already succeeding and just throw out throw it out there. Better prolific than perfect.

There's a man who practices what he preaches, you know, taking massive action, getting out of his comfort zone. He does exactly what it takes to become successful. He's uncomfortable in doing it even to this day. I am Johnny Carson.

I still eat there. I've already had a hard time getting myself to blog all week. This week began like, what do I write? What do I say? What would you say about Johnny Carson?

Well, it's amazing because a lot of people don't even know who that is. That shocks me. But he was the predecessor to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show for those you know who Jay Leno is. And before that was Jimmy Fallon. So hopefully that helps. But he did this every night. He came out well every weeknight and came out and did a monologue and conducted a show every single night of the week in front of millions of people. And he confided in someone and told them and admitted that he was shaking in his boots each and every show before the curtain opened. That's a professional. It does it for a living every single day. And it's OK for him to be a little bit nervous and anxious. Then it's OK for you to be as well.

That's what I wanted to impart, that I've actually heard that if you're not nervous and anxious, you're actually doing the wrong thing.

Because if if you're on autopilot, if it then you've no longer then you're no longer doing it with emotion. You're not doing it with passion. You're no longer taking risks. You no longer trying new things.

And so actually, if you don't feel those emotions, then you probably shouldn't be doing what you're doing.

I totally agree that I remember. My gosh, that's amazing, because all the way back to school, I always prided myself on kicking butt. I had a I'm not gonna go into a very good GPA, but I remember vividly if I went into a test day not nervous, I did horrible meaning I got to be instead of me, but I always did not do as well if I didn't have some nerves. And I was like, what is that about? I thought I was I had this right. But it's so true. That's a good sign. And what I love about it is it's like it's productive, nervous energy, because especially like before you go up on stage to do to speak. I get so amped and excited and I use it for the betterment and go up on stage with a lot of energy and transform it into positive energy and just make it about them, not about me. That's what that's what the nerves come from, really. Because you're thinking about what are people thinking about me when I write it. But what if you channel it and say, what kind of impact can this have on them and how can I best serve them, then that you'll see it dissipate. That works every single time when you shift the focus from yourself to those who you're trying to serve. And so fantastic. I love it. The questions are coming in. But I wanted to you mentioned your book several times, so we did not script this. I just was ready to have this at at the beck and call of this wonderful studio we're working in right now. And I wanted to showcase it for just a moment and give you a moment to talk about the book, why you wrote it and why people should read it.

There it is. It's called The Personality Isn't Permanent. Came out last month. And yeah, this is if you read this book, I am confident.

It will rock your world.

It'll teach you really how to let go of the past, because for most people, the past is the thing guiding their behavior for various reasons, whether it's unresolved trauma, whether it's their identity, which is stuck in the past, whether it's their subconscious, which we've already kind of brought up or their environment. And the goal of this book is to teach you how your future self can be the thing driving your behavior. That's actually what you want. You want to wake up and you want your future self to be driving your behavior. Whereas for most people, it's literally the past or their current environment that's driving their behavior.

And so this book, it just teaches you how personality transforms. Personality is a byproduct. It's not it's not the cause. But a lot of people, they they think that their personality is who they are. And there's a lot of research to disprove that your personality is actually already changed. Anyone who's listening to this, think about who you were 10 years ago. You're probably not the same person. You probably want different things.

You probably see the world differently, probably of different habits. You're not the same person you used to be in your future self is actually going to be far different than you even think they're going to be. As a rule, we under predict how much we're gonna change in the future and we assume that who we are right now is who we're always gonna be, which is false. And so this book teaches you how to choose your future self and use that as the basis for your identity and your behavior so that the ultimate so that ultimately you can become the person you want to be and create the outcomes you want.

And so I definitely recommend you buy this book. It's going to I guarantee this book is going to be what they call oh, it's a quick book.

I guarantee this book is gonna be a quick book for most people who read it, even if you've read one hundred self-improvement books. This book's gonna quick. It's a quake book or books that shock your system, because I just think that there's a lot in this book that takes kind of a lot of the concepts to the next level. So I invite you to read it or listen to it if you're not a well person, because I'm an audible person as well. And I'm not the one who did the audio book, someone with a much better voice than mine. I'm just I'm just getting better. Now, the person who did the audio book is a true professional. He's actually one of my favorite audiobook narrators. He's done most of my favorite audio books, and so I requested them in the audio book is exceptional. Is that on Audible? Of course.

So, yeah, it's also available on Amazon and Orrible, I honestly don't remember where this link takes you, but I don't think it matters because Robert St. Louis has already purchased it. He said, I just bought your book. So fantastic. Nice man. And Timothy is telling folks, buy it now. It's so hopeful. Yeah. My gosh. I hope somebody right in the comments. Choose your fruit, your future self. That's a powerful statement right there, because you can literally choose who you want to become. That is basically what Dr. Benjamin Hardy is telling you right now. And get that book and you'll see exactly how you can do that. It's as powerful. I mean, who wouldn't want to choose how they're going to be presented in the world going forward?

What is your personality? Can be flexible. By the way, it doesn't have to be rigid. I think a lot of people, they genuinely think who they are as who they are and they base how they see themselves on past performance.

But what's really cool, just as kind of a last thought, where the whole field of positive psychology is gone. So for one hundred years, the field of psychology assumes that your behavior was completely driven by the past.

Well, a lot of research these days in positive psychology actually shows that your behavior is actually driven by your view of your future. The challenges that most people don't spend much time imagining their future selves.

They're not actively creating a future self and they're not being aggressive. It can't just be in your head. Your identity is the story you tell about yourself. And so if you're serious about creating a specific and valued version of your future, you need to start telling people about it. It can't just be something in your head. You start telling people. This is what I really want. Start getting support. Start investing money into that new goal. Start changing your environment.

But if you turn a goal and in a future identity into behavior and into action and into like a changed environment where you're blocking out things that may be used to, you know, distract you or whatnot, then you you will become that person.

And so that's that's definitely the invitation of the book.

I cannot impart upon the viewers and listeners right now how incredibly powerful what you're saying is, it's just unbelievably powerful. I especially love your statement. Behavior is driven by your view of your future. It's all you have to do is change your own view of your own future self.

You know, it's as if that actually is a shocking, humbler reality. Is that everything that you and I are doing and everything that even the listeners are doing is a reflection of their own view of their future. And so if you look at the behavior of anyone, all you're seeing is, is people acting based on their own view of their future.

And a lot of people haven't spent too much time thinking about it. For most people, their future looks quite similar to their present. But, you know, you know, when someone is making big moves, that they've got a big future because they're actually trying to do big things. And so, yeah, that's it. It's crazy. A lot of people, when they look at people are like, oh, that's just who he is. But what you're actually seeing is someone behaving towards a future. And and so that's therefore what you said is exactly right. We need to really think about the future that we're actually imagining, because that's the thing driving our current behavior.

Now, there's other things that happen that can steal our dreams, and that is oftentimes those that are closest to us will say there's no way you're gonna be all for that massive house. So there's no way you're gonna be able to achieve that dream. And then we will succumb to that because they love us and we decide that that is how we're gonna see our future. So you need kind of a thick shell to be developed. Also, you need a defense mechanism of some kind. At least I think you would. Do you agree with that? Do you address that at all in your book or in your teachings?

Definitely, my friend. Yeah.

I think that, you know, your current environment, which includes your relationships, the roles you're in. Those things are definitely situated to keep you where you are. But I genuinely find that being that's why I said you can't just imagine your future self. You have to actually start having conversations and telling people about who you genuinely want to be. And that often requires changing nature of your relationships.

That rather shifts a longer able to function well because your future self is different from all the behaviors relevant to that relationship. And so, yeah, you have to change your relationship. But I think that one of my favorite quotes actually comes from Alcoholics Anonymous. The quote is that you're only sick as your secrets. So as people were sick of their secrets. And so one of the things you certainly don't want to keep secret is your future self. For the person you want to be, if you're too afraid to admit to people that that's who you want to be and instead you're just, you know, yeah. You're just being comfortable because you're you know, your relationships have seen you a certain way for so long. People have a strong need to be consistent with with who they've been.

And so people will often people will often choose to be consistent with who they've been versus being consistent with who they want to be. But what happens when you start telling people aggressively about who you really want to be? And by the way, I know when someone's getting ready. Overcoming addiction is when they start telling people. I've got a problem. I'm ready to change. And this is who I really want to be. And I want some help. Like, once people actually start communicating their values and their goals and their desires, then they start to materialize a lot faster because you'll have a need or a desire to be consistent with what you've said.

I mean, how many times have you, the viewers and listeners heard the term speak it into existence? Right. Meaning verbally say it out loud.

Incomer works on top works.

Exactly. And now you're listening to an expert in this field that is telling you that's how it works.

So many. Do you care if I just speak something into existence real quick? Please do. I just want to say this because you've said it.

My number one goal right now is to sell 10 million copies of this book. And I'm saying I'm speaking that into existence. I'm just because you said it.

Now I'm just going to say I don't know fully what that means, but I agree with it. And I know it's probably gonna happen now.

I love it. And I'm gonna speak into existence at this show in some 70 year existence right now. This show will reach 10 million daily viewers and subscribers. That's gonna be a crushing it. I love the 10 million. And guess what? On this show, you are already one closer to reaching that mark. That's awesome. We already have a gentleman who has purchased your book while watching. That is a that's an action taken. Robert. Good job for doing that. Commend you for that. You already know about. I know Robert personally. I've met him years ago. Is a phenomenal entrepreneur in his own right. And that's that's the other thing is, you know, surround yourself with people that help lift you and nurture you in a positive direction that aren't going to be naysayers when you speak out these things into existence. That may seem wild and outlandish to them. But when you believe it and you know it's true. The thing is, I like to use it now as a measuring stick, Benjamin. And that is if I say something and someone goes, what are you talking about? I said, Oh, good. I'm under the right thing then. Right. I turn it around. I said, Oh, good. You're saying no. That means it's going to happen, baby, because I'm going to I'm going to turn up the flame on that puppy.

Yeah, that's good stuff, man.

I love it. I just hit order 10 million and put my credit card got declined. That was awesome. Timothy McNeilly, he's there to support. Yes, my friend.

Thank you. That would have been really nice. I would have been a very fast goal. Achievement.

Yeah. And you know, who's to say it won't happen in the very near future? Because, look, this show is going places. I'm not kidding. We got we keep raising the bar. People like you. Dr. Benjamin Hardy.

That you're going to go on here soon. I mean.

Yeah, I don't know where you came from, but I am so glad that you came across, applied to be on this show probably months ago because I had a long list of people waiting not to pat myself on the back. It's just we do this once we get along with them and nothing wrong with that. But it's only once a week. There's not very many shows coming up. But yeah, less Brown just agreed to. Come on. He's coming on Tuesday. I'm very excited about that. So, yeah. 10 million viewers and subscribers.

Ten million there as far as I'm concerned, man.

I love you, brother. And so are you with the book. Because guess what? This the show, when it's over and over, it's gone. It's gonna be recorded video. It's going on twenty five podcast platforms. It's gonna be repurposed into written material and on and on and on, baby. So this will live on long after this life show is over.

There's a lot of there's a lot of there's a there's a quote for I've got a quote for it's from Florence Shin.

Have you ever heard of Florence Shin S.H.. I n s h i.

And no, I have not Florence. This was written probably early nineteen hundreds. But she, she wrote. Faith knows that it has already received and acts accordingly.

I mean, it's a pretty good quote. Faith knows it has already received an ax accordingly. There's a similar quote from Neville Goddard. And he said, Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled as you assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled.

The reason that's kind of vitally important, honestly, is because the emotions that you have on a daily basis are what actually form your body. Your body is actually a chemical system. That's why we get addicted to coke, dopamine. And so when you're assuming a bigger future, it actually impacts obviously your subconscious, which is your physical body, and that changes your physiology. It changes everything. So it's really important. That's what I think. Morning journalling, morning gratitude obviously are very important, but also just literally visualizing your future self and then telling people that that's what you're going to do and then investing money into relationships and skills and things like that that will actually help you get there.

You just sit on a very important element. Well, you have three minutes till we're at the top of the hour. Do you mind going a little bit longer? Because we still got a little bit more to cover. But I hope I'm just going to say you're going to say yes because you can't go anywhere. It's my show. I'm kidding. Fantastic that I assume the feeling. Of what you wish to have fulfilled. Very important about that. The emotion is when you're journalling. Try to get not tried. Get in the habit of emotionally charging what you're writing. And so feel it, be it. Get in the element. I mean, where are you when you're writing it? When you're writing? I just got I just moved into my massive house. Feel where you're at. You know, smell what you would smell there. Feel the sun wherever you happen to be an emotionally charge it in a positive way because it's created for you, by the way.

Pardon. Do that. Here's a protest for you, by the way. Do that same thing when you're writing to people. Like when you're blogging, infuse it with all that crazy emotion that you're just describing right now.

That's what makes things go viral.

Nobody has. I've never heard that before. I'm sure it's been said before. Maybe not.

But think about what you're just describing is writing in your journal with all that emotion. But if you can when you're writing or even maybe you say doing an interview. But like when your when I'm writing it, the goal is to pack that style of emotion in. And that's really what knocked people down with the writing.

I mean, it just made me think of so many things, like how many people could do that on every post on social media. Right.

Here is game seven of the emotional state. Right. Right. From that emotion. And if someone did that, they'd be a lot more effective at what they do.

Well, that's what was gone as you made me think back to those times. Right. How come some of my posts get such great response and others don't? I know it's because what you just said something really exciting. I'm typing it and it's like, bam, bam, bam, bam. Like like like coming down.

The emotion comes through the writing like that. That's why it's such a powerful medium. So like when you read one thing that's good, it's because that the person behind the writing had emotion when they're throwing it on the page.

My goodness, copywriters. Are you listening? Bloggers, are you listening? Social media posters. Are you. Oh, my God. And that was a happy hour. All right. We're getting close to the end. But I like to ask one final question of every entrepreneur that I have on this show definitely still had their giveaways. I'm going to get to that in a moment. I like to end every show with each of my guests, you included with the same exact question. And the interesting thing is it's a very powerful question, and that's the reason I ask it of every guest expert who comes on. And it can be deep. It can be personal. It's entirely. Up to each individual, how they react to it and how they respond. And so I love this question because it's very powerful. But before I do that, I did promise everyone how they could enter to win five nights, stay at a five star luxury resort, compliments of the big insider secrets dot com. And to do that. Stick with us. We still have that big question and we have Benjamin's big giveaway as well. You now have both Benjamin and my permission to pull out their smartphone right now. You can do that. Just temporarily stay with the show, because to enter, you will need a smartphone to do the following.

I'll put it up on the screen. So go to your messaging app, where you would text message someone and instead of typing in a name type in this phone number six six one five three five one six two four. And then where you would actually type in the message where you would put emojis now that don't wear emojis, just type in the word peak PJAK and then hit that little send icon, you will automatically be entered for a random drawing to win a finite stay at a five star luxury resort. Compliments once again on the big insider secrets dot com. One more time that phone number six six one five three five one six two four and then text the word peak PJAK. Send that along and you will be entered and we'll announce it on social media platforms. You'll be contacted directly. So be ready to be responded to the attacks because we will be looking for a little bit more information to send this amazing prize your way on that note. We have another wonderful, wonderful prize by the very man that you're looking at right now. That's him, not me. Benjamin Hardy has an amazing, amazing offer of his own.

And I'm just going to put your Web site as a backdrop up as you explain what this is, if that's OK with you, Mr. Dr. Benjamin Ardie.

Absolutely. So that is my Web site. If you act, it's Benjamin Hardy dot com. If you put your email into there, it would take you to it would actually you would get two things. You would get immediately e-mailed to a future self checklist.

So, by the way, there's a lot of research on this topic now in psychology about future self and about how that should be the basis of your decision making.

But you would get a future self checklist sent to your e-mail that would teach you how to ultimately become your desired future self.

And then you would go to a twenty three minute webinar, which would offer you a 30 day future self program for one hundred and forty seven dollars.

So I'm actually just gonna give it to you because you're on the show. So it's 30 days of emails, coaching videos, journal prompts and ultimately challenges to push your way outside your comfort zone. Because, by the way, your personality and your comfort zone are the exact same thing. Anything outside of your comfort zone is probably to be outside of your personality, which would ultimately create a lot of peak experiences and ultimately a lot of growth. So, yeah, you can get. You can just have the Future Stuff program is all you have to do. I think there's instructions. Is email Bennett, Benjamin Hardy dot com and mention mind body business. That's all you got to do. And just say, you know, Ben said he would give me the 30 day feature self program. We will just put you in the system and you'll immediately get access to that program and you'll start getting thirty hit thirty days of coaching and content to hopefully put yourself in a very different place 30 days from now. So go ahead. Just email. Bennett Benjamin dot com mentioned mind body business. And we will immediately grant you free access to this program, which currently over 3000 people are going through this very moment.

That tells you a lot right there. I mean, there are thousands of people are already going through it. That shows there's a lot of value and they paid for it. You get it for free. I have to do is once again email Ben at Benjamín party dot com and just mentioned mind body business. It could be in the subject line in the body either way works and he will grant you free access to this amazing 30 day program. So that is by itself and in and of itself, absolutely amazing. And other people agree that, Ben, you are awesome. I love your work. Absolutely. Spot on. Lacy Jones. So, yeah, absolutely wonderful.

Wonderful show. And we're not done yet. So stay with us. We still have that very important and very impactful question to ask this amazing young man. So. Benjamin Hardy, this question. Here's the thing. There is absolutely no such thing as a wrong answer. It's impossible.

You got me nervous with all this buildup. I'm nervous. I'm not going to answer.

So, yeah. And it actually the exact opposite is actually true is the only correct answer is yours. Because it is it is personal in nature, it's not digging down deep into personal, it's just personal. It's it's unique to you. That's a better way to describe it. So with that. Are you ready?

Nope, but let's do it one hundred percent ready.

He's ready, is raised and action take. He's gone. All right, here we go. Dr. Benjamin Hardy.

How do you. Define success.

I would say.

Probably just being the best version of yourself, according to what you currently know. So what I'm going to define as success in the future is going to be different because hopefully I know better in the future. But I know I will. Because your future self always is gonna be in a different place. So, yeah, I think it's just living to the best of your current knowledge, the best of your current abilities and the best of your current beliefs. I think that that's that's success and not clinging to where you're at in the present. Your future self is where you should be focused. The present is very temporary. So don't overly obsess about who you are right now and. Yeah, that's it.

Fantastic. This may shock you, but you're. This is I show one oh six one seven, something like that. No. Two people have answered that the same way. No, two people. It's still going. I'm like, there's got to be at some point someone's going to answer it the same way as a prior guest. That's why it's so unique and so personal. I love it. And the other thing that's really interesting, Don Garrity is not a single person. Not one had the answer that was money centric, like, oh, when I make X million dollars or anything like that, no one actually mentioned, you know, the importance of making money. But the purpose of it was for liberation and to be able to serve more people. So the underlying reason wasn't money, it was to help more people. And that's what I found incredibly interesting, because these are coming from successful people that have mindsets of abundance versus scarcity, just like you. So appreciate you, my friend. Is there any final parting words of advice you would like to give our wonderful guests who've been watching and paying attention so well and loving every moment of everything you've said?

Nope, just have a beautiful night. Definitely wake up tomorrow and journal about your future self and do something tomorrow that your future self would do.

And also, I invite you to evaluate your current behavior and ask yourself how many of these things are not going to be part of your future selves life because they're kind of in contradiction to who you want to be and maybe start to remove some of those things and start implementing more things your future self would have you do.

A wise, wise man, Timothy McNeilly, agrees. All joking aside, thank you for the amazing impact you have had on my life and helping me be better everyday. Timothy, you were amazing on the show as well. Go watch up our show. Go to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. dot com and you can also watch Timothy nearly show with yours truly another value packed show. Thanks so much for coming on and joining us and being there with us. All of you commented who participated, most especially this wonderful man right here, Dr. Benjamin Hardy, that gave us his time, the most valuable asset resource any of us have. Don't I never take it lightly? So I appreciate you beyond words. I thank you, kind sir. And all of you that have watched live and those that have you are watching, recording or listening to the recording. Appreciate you as well. I hope you got value. I hope you took notes. And I hope No. One, you take action on those notes, just as our expert, Dr. Hertie, recommends you. All right. That's it. Going to call it a show. I am Brian Kelly, the host of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. on behalf of the amazing Dr. Benjamin Hardy. Thank you so much for watching and listening and be blessed. We will see you again very, very soon.

Bye bye now.

Thank you for tuning in to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. podcast w w w dot. Mind body. Business show. Dot com.

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