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So here's the big question. Our entrepreneurs like us have been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward, two steps back, work dedicated to turning.

This podcast will give you the answers.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show, we have a stellar, stellar, stellar show lined up for you tonight. And it's not because of me, it's because of this wonderful person who's coming on as my guest expert tonight. Her name is Brigada, hopefully, and she is a master at Mindset. And it's one of my favorite topics in our on the planet, because for me personally, about eight years ago, the very science that Brigitta is expert in is the very science that literally changed my life for the better going forward. And so I cannot wait to share with you very, very soon. The Mind Body Business show. It's a show by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and I bring on only the best of the best, the most qualified, the most successful. You get the picture so that you can simply sit back, take notes, listen and learn and then take action. All you need to do is model their success. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. There's no need to go out and do it yourself, as I and so many before me and possibly after me have done and will do, because that's just a waste of time. It's getting out of your ego's way so that you can achieve more, faster and better. And Brigida is going to give us some incredible roadmap tips. He's going to give us a bunch of tips tonight. Get your notebooks out. I hope you downloaded the material that is in the description of this very show. If you're watching this on video, I'll bring it up on the screen as we go through and get ready to take notes. This is going to be phenomenal show. And with that, I'm going to jump right into it. We're going to bring it on right now. Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, legally qualified.

And there she is, ladies and gentlemen, the one the only Brit get up. Oh, hey, Brian.

Hey, everyone. Thanks for having me. This is fun.

While it's been way too long, we were just talking about this right before the show. It's been it's been around three years since I had you on the show originally. And it did seem like yesterday. I've had you've been on the show your your husband, Christian, and your wonderful daughter Emily. We're all on this show at different times. And it has been far too long to bring you back to share your brilliance with everyone, because what you what you know, your experience and your expertize is a gift to the world. Because I was a receiver of that gift of MLP and it has literally changed my life. I mean, for the better. And I've never said that literally about anything in my life before, and I haven't since. It's phenomenal. I can't wait to dig in before we do. Real quick, everyone who is watching live. Stay with us to the end and you can enter to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort.

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And then, yes, there's also this.

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But I've gotten the wonderful pleasure of meeting her in person during an event in Las Vegas not too long ago. It probably is a long time ago now, along with Christian and you guys, what a power couple. You guys just impressed me beyond impressed and and your daughter Amelie, who I got to meet online through the show. And I have not yet met your youngest, but I can only imagine what a power family and the intelligence factor of everyone involved in this family is through the roof. I just want everybody to know that this and dedication, devotion, action, taking everything that you could possibly conceive that would make up a successful entrepreneur is embodied right here, right here, right next to me in the name of Brigitta. Hopefully she is an amazing young woman. I'm not going to read her bio because I think that doesn't do her justice based on what I know about her, because she is an amazing woman. And I think that she should be shared with the entire world and everyone should connect with her because of the knowledge she brings and what she can do for you. And it's it's a game changer.

So, Brigada, I just want to say thank you once again for coming on so many years later. And welcome to the show.

Thank you. Thank you, Brian. Thank you. Thank you for having me. And what a great introduction. Holy cow. I will put you in my pocket and take you with me when when I need to be introduced.

So I'll emcee any time. Oh yeah. I'd be an honor of being honored.

So that really I'm really looking forward to the times when we can go back in person and have in person. Events and classes and courses and be together, I'm yearning for that, I'm yearning for that, no substitute for in person.

Oh my gosh. And I just I so enjoy being on stage with such wonderful people in the crowd.

Isn't it so interesting how no matter how many people are in the crowd, you can tell what every single one of them is doing when you're on stage? You can when you have those when you have those kind of lenses, then yes, that's right. We might be talking about that in just a moment here.

Speaking of that, yes, we want to make this this is going to be a slightly different format, is going to be really, really immersive and educational informative. And it's going to be even more so if you take action and follow along. And with that, I want to pull up a resource. Now, this is something that if you do not have this in your possession right now to go and get it right now, quickly open up enough to keep listening because you want to miss word of Brigada. And that's our program for Success Laws and the S and the L. R capital. In fact, I wonder if I have it. I'll put it in the comments here in a while. I don't have it on me this moment. I thought I did forget I was getting so ready for all this is phenomenal or whipping up. I don't know if someone could type that in into the comments that would be phenomenal are wiped out. I am for such capital s success and laws capital L and that is where you go to get your what are we going to call our worksheet. Your success laws. Temple checklist. Checklist. That's it. That's it. Even check the document. But look at that close.

I saw the whole thing but I didn't look at the top. It's OK to have some fun along the way. But what I will do is basically make this a pseudo mini master class for everyone watching and listening. If you're listening on podcast after the fact, be sure to head on over to our program for such access laws. And right now, as we're doing this live, that is a free resource. Now, you may not get to it until it's no longer free. I think it's it's a very nominal fee. What does it. Nine dollars for Geita. Yeah, nine dollars. And so it's worth far more than that when you combine that with listening to her or watching her after the fact. So either way, go get it now and it's free later. It's nine bucks. Your choice. All right. I'll keep that rolling for a little while. So, Brigada, I wanted to kind of let you walk us through and introduce this amazing resource that you have made available to everybody, this success. Last checklist, open it up however you want. Introduce an LP, whatever you have in mind to help our folks understand what this amazing science is all about. Take it away. Awesome.

All right. Well, how long do we have? Because I can go on forever and ever and thank you for allowing me to have fun, because if it's not fun, you guys, I'm not doing it, so it might as well be fun. OK, so you definitely want to have something to write with and something to write on because we're going to go through some great, great, great stuff. And they're called the success laws. Now, Brian and Brian, you come back any time and you go, OK, going when I'm in a state of flow and we can talk about state of flow later as well. I'm I'm just continuing to go and I forget time. I forget I need to go to the bathroom. I forget I'm hungry. I forget all of those things because that's what's happening when you're in a state of flow and and most of you have probably experienced that at some point. So, Brian, feel free to drink beer at any time. I want to give a little bit of prerequisites to the success laws because, you know, people use the word success often and frequently and maybe even misuse it. So I want to go into what are success laws and how how are they rooted in NLP and what the heck is MLP? Right. So let me start with an LP. An LP stands for a neuro linguistic programing. Now, let's take that apart even further. Let's check that down even further. Neuro, this is your operating system that lives in here in your brain. So your thoughts, how you're processing things, neuro, your mind, linguistic is your communication, your communication outward with your words or your body language, because quite frankly, this is one of the success laws. One cannot not communicate. You watch my face some time. It's shutting up. Just totally separate, right? Some of you can relate. So your communications outward with your words, your tonality, your body language and also your communication inward.

Because when you speak, even when it's not spoken out loud, you're still communicating and you're having. A whole full blown conversation with yourself, I'm pretty sure some of you can relate to that as well. I know I can't. So linguistics is the communication and then the programing part is the behavior that we are programing. If we want to if we're if it's obvious to us or if we're aware of it or not, we're still programing ourselves with the thoughts that we're having and the mind chatter that that we're having with ourselves and the things that we tell ourselves and the things that we tell other people.

So we're programing ourselves and we're programing the behavior of others of how they're interacting with us. So neuro brain linguistic communication, programing behavior. So at any given moment you are in charge of your own behavior. You know you are in charge. No one else is. And you are also in charge of how how other people are communicating with you. OK, so let's let's take that let's unpack that even further. And that's why I have these success laws. So success laws are rooted in your linguistic programing. And a lot of people might say, you know, I don't know what an LP is, but I know I want to be successful. I don't know if I need an LP and I don't even know if I need to be an LP. Well, that's not even the question. Most charismatic, I'm going to say the majority of charismatic people have studied MLP in some sort or fashion. Now, some of them may use it in a very in a great way of integrity and some may use it for their own good without looking at the other people's good. So where I'm coming from as an MLP grandmaster and been in NLP for over almost two decades. Coming from a place of integrity and coming from a place of win, win, win. One for you, as we're having a conversation, one for me as we're having a conversation or closing a deal or whatever it might be that we're doing together and a win for the greater good. So how is it serving you?

How is it serving me and how is it serving the people that we communicate with, that we're interacting with, that we're networking with if it's not a three way win? I want to have no part of it. And a lot of people and that's, I think where some of the communications methodologies might have gotten a bad rap is that they're all about ego. There's only one win. And that win is who themselves. I don't want any part of that. And I do not teach people when I just have the slightest feeling or when I see or hear that they're going in that direction, that it's all ego, that they just want to shove some service or product down someone else's throat just for the sake of the sale, for the sake of the money. I want no part of it. So I want to I want to encourage you to start looking for that. That that when times three that when when, when. All right. Let's go into the success checklist. The success loss checklist. The first law is increase choice and flexibility. What does that mean? And I think Brian said earlier that if you so choose to at any given moment, you have a choice in what you are doing. You have a choice. You have a choice to be here listening to us and learning and taking notes. You also you could also be sitting in front of the TV and being programed. There is a reason why it's called TV programing, because it's programing you with all of its advertisers, mind with all of its opinions, with all of the stuff that's going on.

You're being programed if you like it or not, and you and and you're being hypnotized. You might realize it, you might not realize it. And therefore, you're taking information in and it just goes right into your subconscious mind. So you have a choice in any given moment. So help is also the success laws are also about increasing flexibility. What does that exactly mean? The person and here's the of requisite variety. It's a mouthful for this German girl, the law of requisite variety. But I can say it's somewhat the person with the most flexibility controls the system. Now, some people hear the word control and make it mean manipulation. That is not what that means. That means that if you go to France and you want to have a cafe au lait and I saw you, it would be great if you would do them a service and be most flexible and order that cafe. Olé! And Cossar in the in the in the language that's spoken in French, in Paris and that's French. So when you go and speak to your client, to the person that you want to build a relationship with and you're able to build rapport with them and meet them where they're at, not where you're at and come from a place of.

But they got to understand me. They got a place, they got to play to my game. Know that. Is that what flexibility is? That's what your entitlement is. But that's not what flexibility is.

When you're flexible enough to speak their coded language back, that's when you build rapport and B, you're picking them up and see you're more flexible. The person with the most flexibility controls the system. Therefore, the person with the best quality questions gets the best quality results for yourself and for your and for the greater good and for your client. So with the flexibility, when I will hold up, I call it the V8 engine of communication so you can be most flexible in defining and deconstructing what someone's representational system is. So they're either what do we have here? You might be able to see it, you might not be able to see it. That's hard to see. They might be auditory digital rights. So they use words like think and know and consider and experience and understand. That's that's a clue. You want to start listening for that. Or they might be very kinesthetic and they might use words like feel and touch and grasp. They might be very visual and use words like see or look or imagined or appear or clear or they might be auditory and they use words like hear or sound or resonate or tell or loud. So that is.

One part of the V8 engine communication engine, and then you want to also start paying attention to what is a person's personality type, so are they more? Are they more of a planner or are they more of a knowledge person? Do they have to logically grasp something? Are they more of an action taker and like the best things of all, or are they more of a caring person than they're the nurturers? We are all for codes, we make use of all four codes, we make use of all four rep systems, but we're dominant in one of each. So if you're dominant, say, in nurturing and you're dominant in the kinesthetic rep system, that's great. That is your dominant language. Had a word catalog. But if you're not fluent in the others, you're leaving out over seventy five percent. You're leaving out a whole lot of language, a whole lot of information to then actually have a real conversation with the other person. That you are talking to, so you not having the flexibility, if you can flex between all of these rep systems and all of the personality types, if you cannot flex between them, you don't have flexibility. That's that simple.

And if I could interject real quick for those out there, I mean, think about this. If you're not mastering all of the different modes that people thinking and talking and speaking to to kind of chunk it up there a little bit, then you're missing out on the potential of really building a solid rapport with up to 75 percent of the population of people that you talk to. So put that in perspective.

If you're speaking from stage, if you're doing webinars, if you're if you're talking to any one individual you've never met before and you don't know yet, instantly, as Brigitta would show you how to do what their communication styles are, then you can still ad lib and be flexible and cover all for very quickly, very masterfully and build rapport instantly and have a much more connected conversation just once. Right in there.

Yeah. Thank you for that. So once, you know, once you have fine tune your ear. Because listening is much harder than just shutting up, but once you fine tune your ear, you can start paying attention to how does that person process information internally, more kinesthetically, more auditorily, more visually or more auditory digitally in their head. So are they listening more? Are they seeing it better? Are they are they do they need to feel it or create a feeling around it? Or are they processing it within their brain? I'll tell you a really cool story. And do I have time to tell a story? Brian, please tell stories. So one of my clients a few years ago came to us. Well, it was his wife and she says, you know, my husband doesn't do this and that. Well, turns out nothing but her husband and it's how she perceived it. But that's a whole nother story within the story. But we started training both the husband and the wife together, and they have several businesses. They're like multiple multimillionaires and have created this absolute great empire with their businesses. And the the business owner and the husband says at one of our coaching sessions and trainings, I'm about to kill my CPA.

I'm about to kill this guy that's doing all of our books because he just doesn't get it. And I don't know why I'm paying him all of this money. He simply does not get what I'm telling him. So I'm listening to him. And I said, tell me more. And he says, every morning when I drive to my office and I drive my Tesla, well, actually, the Tesla drives itself. And I'm at that point, I'm terrified. Right. But that's not the story. I drive. And I have a call with my my accountant and I tell him exactly what I need for the day and how I needed in the spreadsheets and where what goes. And I never get what I need. It's like he just doesn't he doesn't get it. And I said, tell me more about your accountant. Tell me more about the CPA guy. And he tells me more and more about him of how he conducts business. Clearly, he's a CPA dude is is a very wise and knowledgeable man.

And I said to my client, I said, sounds like that you might want to not have the conversation with your CPA person in the car. Maybe you want to jump on a Skype call or a zoom back then with Skype. I don't think we had some at the time, a Skype call. And I'm really dating myself now and and have and show him the spreadsheets of what you want, where and how you want it done from here on forward instead of telling him. And he's like he's going and kicking and screaming. I'm like, remember, there's visual people, there's auditory people, there's kinesthetic people, there's auditory. You'll be like, OK, well, it's worth a try. Right? So he comes back next week to our training session and he's like. Oh, my gosh, it's like day and night he gets it. Sure enough, his CPA man is highly visual and just could not hear. I mean, he heard what he was instructed to do, but he had to see it in order to process it, in order to make it right. How often are you talking to people? And you're just the talking head like I am literally right now, but you're not creating a feeling. That's why I wanted to tell a story. So that's how you create a feeling of, in this case, frustration, and then you're suddenly solving the problem. Sometimes it's that simple, that it's the simple things that we don't that we're not able to see because. And what can you see that you don't even know that you cannot see that I just did. That just makes sense. It made sense when I told it myself in my head. I could go on and on just about choice and flexibility, because this is the number one success law and there are, I don't know, twenty three more and then they're way more than that.

Right. The sheer power and storytelling in any and all circumstances.

It doesn't matter if you're on stage in front of a sea of five hundred. It doesn't matter if you're on a webinar in front of a thousand online. It doesn't matter if you're in front of one person. It's one way to keep their attention. And they will get the content at a much deeper level. Because when you tell a story, especially when it has something to do with the topic at hand, as Brigitta just masterfully showed you all how to do, then people are leaning forward in their chairs, whether they're in a chair, they're standing up, they're leaning forward, and they want to hear more. And you are building rapport, again, even more stronger when you're actually adding stories. And I can go on on that one forever. They can be your own. They could be something by someone else. Third person, you could make one up. And I've done all three from stage and they all work masterfully. But I love that concept of storytelling. Yeah.

Yeah. So there's the map is not the territory and the recovering from the distortions and generalizations.

If I go into that all in itself, we're going to be here for another three or five hours. But I'm going to bank on that one and invite you to come to a intro to an LP. And we're going to go deeper into that. And I would actually have a visual that I want to show you with the map is not the territory and recovering from delusions, distortions and generalizations.

One thing that I want to say on that is I was invited. I told Brian before the show, I was invited on the radio show not long ago by Kacey Armstrong, who used to be a producer of Howard Stern. And we talked about recovering from delusions, distortions and generalizations. And he's like her. What? And I started telling a story around it of what I do in the intro to an LP. And he's like, Wow, Brigada, you're a real genius. And I said, well, you know, I don't know if I am, but when you understand that, then, you know, if what someone else then tells you you're a real genius because you get communication and when you get communication on a deeper level and you get people on a deeper level, it's easy to build relationships. And when it's easy to build relationships, it's easy to be successful. It's really that simple. And I get really excited about it. Right. It's the it's the it's the miscommunication that destroys relationships and that destroys people's success, that destroys people's joy and happiness in their life, maybe in their personal life, maybe in their business life, may be in any other area of their life, if there are any other areas in life that I can think of right now. But I like to say personal problems or business problems and business problems or personal problems, it's we're one holistic being. We're one gestalt. And you can not not learn more, because if you start if you stop learning right now, you start dying. And I don't want you to die. I want you to be successful and be happy and be joyful.

It's so true. It's all about communication and it's about building rapport and everything that Raghida is talking about. Because I remember I've always loved people. I just didn't know how to talk to them. So I would avoid talking to people because I was not that I. Could you grab me? I would talk, but I wasn't good at it. And so I learned this this whole technique of building rapport and it's done with absolute integrity.

And once I learned it and then it was so easy, everyone on the planet was my instant friend and that's the way I liked it. And it wasn't for the purpose of personal gain, financial gain. It was for the purpose of connecting with human beings who I love already. I just didn't know how to do it at a deep level. And what I found out, as you've already explained, Brigid, is that now everything is improving. My personal life, my business. Oh, my gosh. Business life, it's all about building relationships. And that was something that took me years to figure out get through this thick noggin that I can't just have an autoresponder list of. Ten thousand people expect to be rich. I have to actually have relationships with many or most of them to make it really happen and make it long term, not short term. And I could go on and on, but I'm not going to because this is a ready to hopefully show tonight.

And I love what you said, because if and Brian, I did not know this about you, I thought you were like me. That was just born without any filter, just started talking to people because that's what I always did in my parents or specifically my mom. And my sister said, what's wrong with you until I figure it out, you know, in my forties, everything that's right with me. So look at what's right with you and how can you build rapport? At the point, though, there is a difference between just talking and building relationships with people and know the well-formed outcome, I think this is one of the success laws on here. Oh, here it is. No, your outcome, right? No. What you're aiming for know what the outcome is for you. The other person know what the outcome is for the for the sender and for the messenger. For the messenger and the receiver and for the greater good. Know what what the outcome is? Because if you don't know what you're talking about and you're just talking for the sake of talking, but there's no real aim. There is no real target. There is no real goal, then you're like the imagine. Brian, have you ever gone out and done this like dart on steroids? The ax throwing they have won here in Atlanta. It's called bad acts.

I love that. I have not ever seen or been near one of those. That looks like a ton of fun, though.

Yeah, I'm terrified because I'm afraid of Accies, because I'm I like my hands too much. But, you know, so you go in and you have this big ax and you and they're throwing it to a target. It's literally like darts on steroids. But without a dart does this little thing and they have this big ax and you just throw it to a target. If you go in a conversation without without knowing the outcome, it's like literally taking that action, just going, oh, let me see where I'm going to throw that. Maybe I'll throw it over here. Oh, my gosh, and too many people are doing that right, and that's where relationships also fall apart because they don't know how to communicate. B, they don't know what the outcome is. C, they don't have all of these success laws that will help them to get clear and strategic in the way that they do, that they that they adopt or that they life, that they do practice their entire being on a daily basis.

Know your outcome.

I have a quick story. Can I can I tell him? Yeah. It's so true about start with the end in mind or know your outcome before you embark on investing either money or time or both.

And a perfect example. I used to go to seminars and bootcamps. I was I was like an addict. I'd go everywhere, anything that was in reach. And so I always get another one. And by this time I now I'm working with a mentor on a regular basis, whom ultimately I would become as lead trainer and speak from his days training his students on an LP. But I wasn't quite there yet. I'm sitting in this another seminar and he texted me out of the blue. He goes because he saw me on Facebook posting what I was doing and he said, Hey, Brian, what are you doing? And I told him, I'm at this event. And he said one word because now I had learned about the outcome and how important it was. He said one word with this text.

He said, Why?

He's right. He goes well, and it turned out this seminar was physically located about three miles from his home, and he said instead, why don't you come over here, we're going to have dinner. My dad just went deep sea fishing with a fresh sushi. He's making it up right now. I want to come over here and sit next break. I'll be there. And it was so true, though. The thing the whole bottom line is when you know your outcome ahead of time, I try to save time. I could have saved money by not going to that seminar. I'm glad I did in that case because it put me that close to my mentor and we had a great night together. It was awesome. But in general, if you don't have the outcome in mind, you may be wasting not just money, but the most valuable asset we all have in this time. That's my story.

Yeah. Yeah. And I love that. And that goes back to one of the success lies here. Know what your mindset is? So when you know why you're doing something or for what reason are you doing it with what outcome it also gives you, you're checking in with yourself. It also gives you the an immediate feedback on where your mindset is right now, your state of mind. So your mindset is in immediate. Has an immediate effect on your results, so if your mindset is coming from, oh, I don't know enough or I'm not worthy or I don't have enough money or whatever it is, that's what you're going to see in your results. So, Brian, I'm curious, what was your thinking back where was your state of mind going into that seminar? I need to know more.

What what was your mindset?

I knew the speaker had been to his event before and I met my mentor at the first time I went to see this particular speaker. So I had this positive anchor. I now know that's a positive anchor. And I just felt a togetherness that I wanted to be part of. And I wanted to network more because on occasion he would pull individuals out out of the audience, up on stage. And I had that happen to me before. And I thought, oh, it'd be a possible exposure for my business and myself. But it wasn't a very strong outcome, to be honest. I didn't have that laser focused since then. I've done that. And every time I have the outcome in mind, that outcome seems to happen every single time. It's pretty amazing. Like meet the main speaker sometime during the event would be an outcome, because that's one of the reasons I go now is to meet the I want to learn from them more than just network with the attendees, although the attendees are amazing. But you asked a question for a reason. So I'm going to show up here.

Yeah. And and I love that you shared that, because when you are clearly when you have your outfought outcome well formed, it's called a strategy and it's called well-formed outcomes. When you have your outcome well-formed, then you know when you have it.

So when you're when you're going into a into a program and you're well-formed outcomes to meet the the main speaker, then you and you then meet afterwards, the main speaker, you can take clear action, very strategic action. Go for the speaker. Do not pass. Go do not collect 200 dollars, go for the main speaker and then when you meet the main speaker and shake hands and go, hey, how can I be of service, you now know, OK, I have literally manifested my outcome. But if you're with the ax in your hand going, oh, where shall I throw it. There's going to be hands and necks and all sorts of things flying, so don't come running back to me. So one of the laws and the success laws is your mindset equals your results. If you do not like your results, you want to check in here, you want to check in what's really going on here? What are you telling yourself? And that takes time. And that takes practice because what's going on in here for the majority of people is going on very subliminally. And it's and you're not aware of it. Most of us are not aware of the stinking thinking and the mind chatter and all that stuff that's going on between our ears that we're telling ourselves, I'm not good enough, I can't do this. I'm just going to try that for for a little bit. And then I hope it may. It may. I may succeed. Look, all of those words already show me if you're thinking that that you're really not you don't have a well-formed outcome. You don't have something clearly, specifically spelled out. What is it that you want? And when you truly want something, you don't try. You don't hope, you don't use the word maybe.

And sometimes and those are all words that show one that has a clear listening skills that there's no there's a lack of confidence. So speak these success laws with confidence. That's why I'm giving you this checklist so you can check in with your mind. You can check in with your actions. Are you doing the things that you need to be successful? And having a great relationship is one of the key successes in your life, because when you can have great relationships, you're going to be successful no matter what. Now, let's take that for an example, success. How do you define success? When do you know that you are successful? So know your outcome, what has to happen? What are you going to see, hear or feel when you are successful? For some people, successful may be know drinking more water. For some people, successful may mean shedding ten pounds. For some people may mean putting five thousand dollars in their savings account. Success is something different for everyone. So define your success and know that it is a strategy. It is a pattern that you develop and you need success laws in order to get to a well-formed outcome to get to your pattern that will make you more successful as you do more of it. It is a not a one time thing, OK? It is an ongoing process. Your life is an ongoing process. Learning is an ongoing process.

Let's see what else we have here. People are not their behavior, I love this one. People go, people are not their behavior. What does that mean? So you can love the person for who they are. But you can also know that if you build enough rapport with them and if you have the right tools, that you can assist them in changing their behavior or you can assist yourself in changing your own behavior. Right. So just because you might be in a resourceful state, that that might mean you're not in the best mindset or you're not in the best mood or you're not in the best state of mind, you're not thinking all of the positive things that someone your therapist or your coach or your mom or your friend or whoever is telling you to think that that has nothing to do with you. That has just something to do with your mindset and that can be easily changed once you are aware of what's going on. So people are not their behavior. So you can love the person for who they are, but not necessarily appreciate the behavior that they're displaying and know that you can help them by building rapport, building relationships and learning all of the strategies eventually that you can assist them in changing their behavior. Now, you can only assist them in changing their behavior when you have built a relationship with them and you have rapport with them. Too many people are going out and they're just now we're going to use a baseball bat boy, we're sure, using some stuff around, hitting people with baseball bats and all sorts of things.

Sometimes people go with their language like a baseball bat and go, but you got to do this, but you've got to do that. Well, that's not how you build rapport, folks. You've got to build rapport first. And that means picking the person up where they're at, where their language patterns with their representational system, with their value language and pace them and and literally pick them up where they're at in their mindset and then take them from there on and lead them. That is a whole strategy that take about a half a day when I teach our NLP practitioner course called pacing and leading. But once you understand that you can do more of that, it's all about it goes back to the number one on this checklist, and that is it's increasing choice and flexibility. If you're trying to pound your your opinion into someone else's head and they're not taking it and they're actually now blocking you may be on social media or on the phone or they're just like, stay away. I cannot handle the communication skills that you're putting on me. That's that's an immediate feedback. That's immediate feedback for you to become more flexible in your communication. That's an immediate feedback for you to to start listening on a deeper level. That's an immediate feedback for you, that, no, you did not fail. You just got to learn to do it a different way.

That's another that's another line in the success laws checklist. There is no failure, only feedback. When Brian, did you want to say something because I'm just I can just talk forever.

I was just remembering back to when I was learning about this very concept about communication. And when you're the scenarios, you're talking with somebody and you're having a conversation and you're talking to them and they're not understanding what you're saying. And then the question became, OK, well, who's that cause for that? Who's who's.

What is the reason for that? Who is it the one speaking or is it the one listening? And so every one of us, me included, answered, it's 50 50.

And he waited a moment and then he corrected us and said, no, it's one hundred percent your responsibility, the one doing the talking, or if you're listening, it's up to you, because if you don't understand them, it's up to you to ask the proper questions, to elicit the answer that will help you to understand. And the flip side, it's maybe you're not matching what their language patterns are like. Raghida was so aptly pointing out earlier with those cards that she had. And I just want to say real quick that this is a lot of talk right now when you actually learn and help. It is immersive. It is experiential. It's it's sometimes physical, meaning you will touch and set inkers. And it's incredibly life changing. It works. It's a science. It's a proven science. It's been around now for over a decade, well over a decade. Richard Bandler and John Gurinder basically formed it from different other sciences and improved on it. And it's just an amazing, amazing science, proven truly that works. And it doesn't take weeks, months or years on a psychotherapist couch to to get the results. It takes minutes. I've done this from stage Birgitta's done from stage, like limiting beliefs. That would be one that takes on in total seven minutes to eradicate a limiting belief one might have. And you are going through several of those Brigada earlier. Like, I'm not good enough, I'm not smart enough, I'm not strong enough. Whatever happens to be those are limiting beliefs and you can literally have that extracted and removed from your subconscious brain. And that will never be a point of resistance or hesitation or a roadblock for you going forward ever again. One tiny example. I just want to let you know that the science is very complete, comprehensive and very effective more than anything. That's the most important part.

Yeah, yeah, wow, there's so much there's so much truth to what you said, because and I want to add to that, and that's another law and the success list on the success of this checklist, your quality of communication equals the response that you're getting. So if you're not getting the results or the response that you desire, like Brian just said, it has nothing to do with the other person. It has everything to do with how you send it out. And remember, communication is not just words. Words is actually the smallest percentage of them all. Your body language speaks so much louder than anything else. That's why I love Tsou. I love to be I, I tried clubhouse. I'm going to be really honest and I don't want to do it. But I, I'm, I'm missing the interaction and seeing people. And as you can tell, I'm pretty.

How do you say I can't think of the word right now.

Not I'm I've gone blank and I think my my dog is trying to tell me I can't understand what he's telling me either. And that's the word I'm pretty animated in my body language. Right. But that's that's a part of me. And that goes if you're just on the phone or a clubhouse or wherever you are and you only hear the words and the tonality, the whole body language part is missing. And I miss that because for me, it's necessarily to see the entire gestalt. Now, let's add some fuel to the fire. If you're texting, if you're emailing, if you're on social media and you're only writing, it's only words. And let's let's let's bring these cards back. If you're only writing in your dominant representational system, which that often happens and you're only writing in your dominant personality type code, you are literally asking to be misunderstood because the other people are going to interpret it in the way that they represent their model of the world and what they value. So you that's I think that nowadays we're seeing that so often that people are just spewing their opinions of how they are picking up what you're writing. From their point of view, there's no right or wrong. It's a different point of view because they value things differently. They let's we could even you know, what I haven't put on here is the culture, Kaat.

Let's add a culture to that.

Different cultures just within the United States, people from different countries, I'm from Germany and my culture to that right now, that adds another filter that's missing that's going missing when we don't know how to communicate via email, when we don't know how to communicate on social media, when we don't know how to communicate on via text. Or, you know, how how many of you have ever written a proposal, an email to someone and your outcome, your well-formed outcome that you have in your mind? OK, when I'm writing this email, I want that person to sign on the dotted line or I want that person to do X, Y, Z, whatever it may be. I want my husband to be at home two hours earlier than he usually gets home, whatever it may be. And you miss to speak that other person's coded language.

You're not getting anything done because they literally cannot hear you. They do not understand what you're trying to convey because you are not speaking their language. Notice I didn't say, oh, they're not speaking your language. It's not what I'm saying. You it is. You have to be I have to be the person with the most flexibility, not the other person. Seek to relate. Not to respond or react, so the relating starts with me, and it's up to me to educate myself and implement what I'm learning, to then create a bigger and greater understanding for the other people that are out there. And there's the good news and there's the bad news. The good news is that everyone has their own coded language and that you can learn it. That's the good news. The bad news is that everyone has their own coded language and people have a choice if they want to learn it or not. And most people have just not made the choice to actually learn it. But to to be come from a place of entitlement and go, well, if they can communicate with me, then I guess they don't have to communicate with me. They're are those people.

Great hair flip, by the way, I know I do.

Wow, I wanted to point out another thing about Brigada that differentiates her from any other Alpay center or practitioner I have personally known.

And she goes above and beyond just the science of NLP by itself. The card she was holding up, the colored ones come from a whole different learning, a whole different avenue. They're not NLP based. It's about personalities. And once you know better how to communicate with the personalities on top of the modalities, which are, you know, the kinesthetic and the it's been a long time.

It's been a long time. And oh, my gosh, auditory kinesthetically.

Goodness, I had a smelly old brain fart right there. Glad there's no scratch and sniff on this show. That's good. So anyway. And that's the other thing.

It's OK to have fun and it's better to have fun when you're doing an LP because it's it's key to be relaxed mentally. I learned that, Brigada. Oh, my gosh. I went through I paid a good sum of money to go through the advanced training, through my mentors course. And for the first two days, not a single thing was working for me. Nothing, I would say we did the the chairs would switch back between practitioner and the client or the student, whatever you want to call it. And every time I was the practitioner and I would do it with a student, they got the result. We'd switch it around. I got nothing. And I'm like, oh, my God, all that money and all the stress. And it was just bubbling up. I wanted it so bad without a problem. Turns out that was a problem. My instructor at the time had been to that very exact same issue, but on steroids longer than I had. And once he explained that to me and he said all you have to do is get out of your own head. Yeah. Just relax and let it happen. I'm like, I'm not sure I know how, but just knowing that you went through this, that relaxed me and the very next exercise and went through it happened and it was on anchoring. It was the best time for it to happen while I was running around the room.

I kid you not. I was running around the room. They're like me. They're still going dark.

But the thing you have to have fun, relax and have fun. It's a science has proven you're not going to lose your faith. Whatever your faith happens to be. It's not going. You cannot be. Your brain cannot be brain washed. It cannot be reprogramed in a way that does not align with your value system. When I learned that that was like doors are open because I was worried about losing my faith. Hypnosis, that's the main thing my mom would say a little stop would go on a television show. She literally told us all to look the other way, my brother and I, because she thought that they could steal our faith if there were subliminal messages and stuff. So I grew up thinking all this stuff was woo woo witch doctor stuff. And it turned out it's the opposite. It's science. And you cannot you cannot reprogram someone's brain into something that is not in alignment with your own value system already. And so once you know that, you can just go forward and just go, let's go. And when you're in the under the guidance of this amazing woman, you know, she's there for your best interest. She's only there to help improve your situation. Now you can just like, oh, my gosh, just lay back and relax and just listen and follow her instructions. That's really all there is to help is following instructions. And if you do it, you're going to get the results. It's that easy and it is easy. It's easy.

It is easy. And you got to know who to do it with. Right. Who to learn from. And and knowing that there is a there's a piece of surrender, not surrender to me or surrender to the methodology, surrender to yourself and don't and don't think you have to be perfect. I don't think it's part of this success loss checklist, but maybe I want to put it on at some point. Perfect does not exist. So any anyone that comes from a place of perfectionism is beating their head against the wall and and set themselves up to not be successful because you're striving for something that is not real. Now, you can always strive for excellence. You can always strive to always do the very best in any given moment that you have. And you can always look at being more resourceful. Right, there's nothing wrong with that, but perfectionism doesn't exist, and as long as you're striving for that perfectionism, it's really an uphill battle and you'll never get there. So surrendering to yourself and always doing your best is a great refrain, reframing is a beautiful strategy that we teach in and help and oh, it's so powerful.

Yes, I agree. And Santos, Roland Junior, greetings from the wonderful Stockton, California soldier of Master. I love it. And I think he's saying you're spot on right on target there.

Yes. Yes. And I love self mastery. And anyone that isn't self mastery also knows learning. We're as humans, we're hard wired for classroom learning from learning from Masters and me coming from Germany. You know, there's a German saying there's no master has fallen from heaven, but masters are there so we can model them. Masters are there so we can learn from them and then step up and become the master. And then you have a responsibility to teach others. Right. Don't just keep it all to yourself and yourself, mastery. Teach others. And you can only teach others really well when you're in direct lineage to the methodology that you were teaching.

And I can teach. I can show that. I can teach that right. I love that. Thank you. Spot on.

But he says surrender and refrain. Thank you, Santos. I love it. Love it. And a little birdie told me you had something, a gift of some sort.

In addition to the very the success laws that we've been flashing on the screen all show long. There is something else.

Yes, so this Cynthia Lieberman, there's no failure, only feedback, love it, and yes, it is being recorded and you can go back to LinkedIn, it will be on the same spot. You're watching it right now. So, yeah, definitely. You want to watch this all the way through to the end. Oh, my gosh. Now they're coming. Here they come, Brigada. Yes. Pay it forward. Learn.

Do you teach? Yes.

Santo's is right on the money.

Learn, do teach. Absolutely. You know, one little. And then I'll go into what the present that I brought for everyone or the little nugget that I got for everyone. I hope that I brought a ton of nuggets last year in February last year. This is. This is February. Twenty twenty little did we know we're going into a pandemic. I said to one of our faculty members, we will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever do online live courses ever. We're not going to do that. We're not those kind of people. Right. Because I. I love being around people. If you haven't noticed yet. I'm a people person. And if my mom is watching probably this, she's banging her head against the wall going, oh, my gosh, is she ever going to grow up? No, mom, I'm not, because the whole growing up thing, that's a total that's that's a trap, I think. But I do love to learn. So we're going into the pandemic and we have a practitioner course on the calendar from March twenty twenty. And we go into complete lockdown like, oh, we we cannot we cannot meet not even we're all at this point, we're terrified and we don't even know what we're terrified of. But we're going to complete lockdown. I'm like, will people have paid lots of money for this course and they're looking forward to it and we've create great excitement and now they can't come. Are you kidding me? What are we going to do with your life online? And the feedback that we've gotten from people, they're like, oh, my gosh, we we didn't think that you could hold the energy like that into some space.

We didn't think that you could do the exercises that you have done with us on Zo. We love the breakthrough rooms. Notice I'm not saying breakout. I'm calling them breakthrough. So we have a practitioner, of course, coming up very soon. But before we go into the practitioner, I want to invite you to the introduction to NLP. So every first Wednesday and the next one is next week, March 3rd at five thirty PM Eastern Time. That's two thirty Pacific time and all the time zones in between. You guys are smart people. So two thirty Pacific, five thirty. Eastern is the introduction to an LP and it's exactly on this link that John that Brian has just put in the box here that you're seeing in our window. So intro to MLP, it is at no cost. I'm going to go a little bit deeper into the model of the world and our human communication and the filters. You get to ask questions. It's a it's a live online introduction to MLP. You get to be there with me, so make sure that you sign up for it. It's a free course in that free course. I'm also going to talk about the practitioner. And because I love Brian so much and Brian's just become a great friend of mine over the years. I said right before we went live today, Brian, for the listeners of your group, I'm going to do a special because I'm a practitioner, of course. Of course. Cost four thousand nine hundred ninety seven dollars. I'm going to give a two thousand nine hundred ninety seven dollar price for the practitioner. That's unheard of.

It is. That's unheard of. It's amazing. Oh, my goodness.

That's a two thousand dollar discount that I'm giving you guys and it will go away. So you come to. So here's the steps that you're going to take. You're going to sign up https our IP that I am intro to NLP and I think you need to capitalize the I and the T and the MLP, right. That is correct. I put it in the already intro to MLP. Make sure that you sign up and then come on Wednesday the third and then from there you're going to get the two thousand nine hundred ninety seven dollar price point for the practitioner course and heard of. But that price is going to go away March 4th, the next day on Thursday at twelve o'clock Pacific Time. So if you're coming at one o'clock on March 4th, sorry, guys, I've given you enough notice. If you're like, oh my gosh, that's a no brainer. I want to do that right now. Go on our MLP website. An Atlanta dotcom and just go into the shop and get it right there, you can send us an email Welcome to send us an email info at an Atlanta dot com and say, I want to take advantage of this incredible, crazy price before I change my mind. Go, go and go to the to the website and help Atlanta dot com. Come to our intro to NLP or send us an email info at Atlanta.

So is there any way they can get to this? Just one way. I'm kidding. So that's that's the key.

Everyone is go to the earliest on the screen first and get enrolled to that. It's free, as you said. And once you're in there, she'll know because she'll get your email address and she'll know that you saw this show and that you are going to be given when you choose to move forward with her. And do the practitioner, of course, which my gosh, I spent more than your full price and it was worth far more than I spent.

And I'm not kidding when I say that, because it's just absolutely. I mean, I was forty seven forty eight at the time I went through. I probably completed all of the advanced courses by age 40 or 50. There were a lot of them, including speaking from stage.

And I got to tell you that I cannot wait to get up in the morning every day because the rest of my life is in front of me. I'm so excited every day, every day, even when there are bad days that used to be like, what was me? Now it's like, well, I can either let circumstances control my attitude or I can let my attitude dictate my circumstances. And when I learned that at a deep level and then all the techniques that you can utilize for yourself is just like Katie, bar the door. Let's go live, baby. This there is no price tag that can be put on there. So the reason I'm harping on this is March 4th is for twenty, twenty one for anyone that's seen this in the following years or listening.

And even though even then forty nine, ninety seven is a discount in my humble opinion, to change your life forever. And look, when your life is change, those around you are affected by your change. I know this from personal experience. I came home and I could there was a different interaction with my wife and I. She did not go through at the same time I did. I went through it first and our interactions just improved. And I didn't tell her why. I honestly wasn't sure why I that time I knew I knew the the main reason was, of course, but didn't know that the real reasons why things were changing for the better. Your relationships change. Oh my gosh. Just going to a restaurant. Brigitta I would practice rapport building skills. I'm sitting down so I couldn't imagine mirror that well while they're standing up. But it was like it got to be like that and instantly you know, someone who looked like they were very reserved walking over, taking your order, they're like opening up like a flower and just friends instantly. And it's just so amazingly rich. What it does, it does it for your personal life. Your business life. Yeah. Life, life, your life will improve. So no matter when you see this or hear this, I implore of you upon you to seek out Raghida and go to this link that you are seeing and hearing about right now.

No matter what their time it is, what year it is, it doesn't matter. Go there, get connected with Brigada and then sign up for the practitioner course because it will just be the beginning of the rest of your beautiful life. I kid you not.

Yes, I agree. I agree. And you know what? Thank you, Brian. Thank you for believing in humanity.

Thank you for putting on this show and and being a great megaphone of of joy and of truth. Thank you for. Having me on the show, gosh, what other things can I thank you for? Thank you for your brilliance.

That's enough. That's enough. That's good. That's no more. No more. We are so alike. It's so scary. There is.

Before we go and then I'm going to remind and put that link up on the screen again. There's one more giveaway here. So for those of you that stuck with us live to the end, it's time to enter to win a finite stay at a five star luxury resort. Again, compliments of the big insider secrets.

If you remember, in the beginning, I was saying pay attention and take note of on that note, no pun intended. I'm running this whole show. I personally am taking notes as well. So what excuse? I should say that in the beginning. Right, but.

You now have both Brigada and my permission to temporarily, just for a moment, take out that smartphone of yours, that's if you're not watching on your smartphone already and then pull up your text messaging app.

You all know what that is by now. And what you do is follow the instructions I'm about to give you and you can enter to win. And so where you would actually put in the name of the person you're going to text instead put in this number, it's three one four six six five one seven, six seven. And yes, Perdita is eligible to enter two three one four, six, six, five one, seven, six, seven. And then where are you going to type in the message where you would say, I don't know, put an emoji and say, hey, how are you doing? No emojis, just two words separated by a dash or hyphen, if you prefer.

That is p p a K dash vacation. No spaces in between all together. Go ahead and shoot that off. You may want to write this down real quick. Take a quick screenshot if you're able, because we're going to move back to Brigada and ask her one final boomer of a question you do not want to miss. This is amazing. She doesn't know it's coming up. Peak vacation. Go ahead. Text that to three one four six six five one seven, six, seven. And then be sure to then later check your phone. There will be additional instructions for you to get completely entered and it's simply to supply your email address so that our automated system can take over and put you in the random drawing and pick a winner and deliver the goodies to you. I hope you win whoever you are watching all of you. Who OK, I'm going to put up the URL that everyone should go and register for this for free once a month. That's all she does that. And this is the next one. March 3rd is that the next one is March 3rd is next Wednesday.


So it's coming soon. Get registered. So you'll start getting reminders. You'll go to an event site, I believe. Do I recall that correctly? And you'll get reminders and then attend and then you qualify to take the next step with Brigada at almost fifty percent off. I mean, that's incredible. And even even if oil prices is far discounted, in my humble opinion. So it doesn't matter when you're watching or listening to this, just take action. I mean, there's no time like the present to change your life forever. So just please go do that, please. For yourself, for your family, for those that you love, they're all going to see a difference in you and you're going to have the greatest rest of your life you could ever imagine. I'm not getting I'm I'm literally getting goosebumps under my jacket. If I could show them and rub them and you could hear them, I would. But that's impossible to ignore. And Birgitta's degassing, wrap it up with a brand. Wrap it up. OK, OK, Phyto, I'm getting there. I know it's not fatal.

So, Brigada, I love to ask this question of every guest of mine who comes on the show. And I find it very compelling. And it's so funny in a good way that you literally teach on this very topic. You mentioned that tonight. And it was I was like, oh, big smile ear to ear as soon as you said it. And it was very important that you understand what how yours is defined. And so I probably gave it away. But are you ready for the big, incredible powerful. Bring it on, Mike. Dropping question.

Yeah, yeah, bring it on. I don't know if I should be scared or excited.

That's excited. OK, I'll be excited. All right, I can be a little excited. Brigitta, hopefully. How do you define success?

How do I define success? Oh, so many things go around in my head right now, I'm just going to blurt out success for me is when people around me are getting what they desire that when they can live their dream and I'm literally having my eyes closed because I'm tapping into my heart rather than speaking out of my out of my brain.

When people get what they desire, what they want, live the dream, tap into know at some point when they were little, they probably said something what they really wanted to achieve and and they had to believe around it.

And then they grew up and the adults around them said, oh, but you can't do that or oh, that's silly. Or Oh, but you're meant to do X, Y, Z.

No success for me is when I can lift other people up, male and female and anything that defines in any other way when I. Can see other people truly being joyful and happy and what they're doing, and I have.

You either witnessed or supported or helped or guided or just watched from the sideline or being able to celebrate with them, just have some part of it.

In in their success, that's how that's how I define success for me.

Hmmm, that is amazing, because you are amazing.

And so, you know, I loved everything, the first thing that came from you was not had absolutely nothing to do with you. It was about others, and that's what I truly love about you, Rita. You always are caring for others. I mean, every time I talk to email or otherwise, you end up with how can I serve you every single time?

And it's not just saying it to say it for saying it's sake. It's because you mean it. And I know that you mean it because you you stand behind it. If I say, well, yeah, actually if you wouldn't mind, could you do this like you're on it. So I just want everyone to understand and recognize what kind of person we're dealing with right here, this amazing one. And that, look, there's no better person that I could think of right now that I personally know that can get you the results you want and you deserve.

So take action, I'm going to put up one last time so that everyone can have the opportunity to have their life changed. And again, that's our program for such intro to NLP. And on the intro to NLP, the I, the Tea and the NLP are all capitalized.

It's in the comments. If you want to come back onto Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, if is still around LinkedIn, it's on every one of those platforms. Twitch didn't allow a comment to go out, unfortunately, but we're all over the place. And if you don't know what that link is, ask me. Reach out if you can't remember. But goodness, if you're watching this, take a screenshot and type it in exactly the way you see it, and you'll be fine. All right. I think we're all Raghida, that was phenomenal and phenomenal. Many Masterclass is so wide and very neat. It's such a masterful job of just bringing it down to an understandable point for people to get a jumping point to understand, OK, I don't know everything about it, but I think I know enough now to realize that this is a life changing science and I want to know more.

That was me telling you, wow, when I first learned of this thing, like I never I heard these three letters, but I never experienced any of it. And then I went to the first of two two day seminars of my mentors, and my mind was blown in a great way.

And like, this stuff is amazing. I got immediate results. I mean, I walked out of the room and I already I knew something was different, you know, like you either. Sometimes you feel it right away. Sometimes it's after you leave the the seminar. Sometimes it's the next day or the next week. But something changes. It requires your brain for the better. And it's it's amazing. And so get connected. Brigitta hopefully you know her name. You've seen her. Let's see. Let's put that up there. Raghida hopefully. And this is her website if you want to get in touch with her through and you can see over the course as she has many more than just practitioner practitioner, Atlanta Dotcom NLP, Atlanta Dotcom accredited. It's an amazing center. And this is what she does. This is her livelihood. This is her life. She's an expert. Her husband helps out Christians, an amazing, amazing guy.

I don't know if your kids help out, but I can only imagine they do. I mean, they're just so freaking awesome.

But this is a heart centered, incredibly, incredibly bright and wonderful woman who wants nothing but the best for you. So, I mean, I don't know how much more I can boost her up before you take action and go get connected with her, get registered, and then watch your life change before your eyes and just follow her instructions and you'll get everything out of life that you've ever dreamed and more. I cannot emphasize that great enough to close us out.

No, no. I think I had fun. I hope that you guys had fun, too. Brian, it's always fun with you. Thank you for having me on. Thank you guys for watching. And yeah, I look forward to seeing you at the intro to an LP next week. That's going to go get it.

That's it. Go get it. All right. On behalf of this amazing, amazing woman birdeater, hopefully I am your host, Brian Kelly of the Mind Body Business Show. And that is it for tonight. We'll be back again very, very soon.

Until then, have a great, great evening. God bless. We'll see you soon.

Thank you for tuning in the mind body business show podcast at w w w dot the mind body business shows dot com.

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Brigitta Hoeferle

Brigitta Hoeferle

As a powerfully engaging and professional international speaker, Brigitta is also known as the fasted-tracked female trainer and retired lead coach of one of the largest self-development companies in the world.

As leading mentor, business coach and author she is invited to speak on stages around the world. Her degrees in marketing, communication, social pedagogy and education science validate her expertise, logic and knowledge, but it is her creativity, humanity and passion which really makes her stand out and lead other credible high quality leaders.

Brigitta was born and raised in Germany and resides in the U.S. since 2004 with her two wonderfully independent and successful teenage daughters, and her husband, the renowned Culture Guy. She is the award-winning founder of the German Language School and the Montessori School of Cleveland.

As the Founder and Shareholder of The Montessori School of Cleveland, and as CEO & owner and Grandmaster of The NLP Center, a global institute located in Atlanta, GA she gives full credit for her success to her unique communication and listening skills, her tenacity and her never-ending desire to take something from good to outrageously great.

To add even more fuel to the fire and more credibility to her work, Brigitta has created Coaching Programs for large Corporations and conducts extensive trainings for Corporate and Government Organizations, leading The NLP Center with knowledge & heart as the CEO and master trainer. Be prepared to learn, laugh and love.

Connect with Brigitta:

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