Special Guest Expert - Brigitta Hoeferle

Special Guest Expert - Brigitta Hoeferle

Welcome to the mind body. 3GS. Your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Hello everyone and welcome. Welcome. Welcome to the mind body business show. Hey how are you doing. I'm your host Brian Kelly. And we have an absolute phenomenal guest expert on the show tonight.

I cannot wait for you to meet her because she is amazing. She's doing amazing things changing lives and making a huge impact on our world. So without further ado let's jump right in shall we. The mind body business show what is that all about. For those of you that may not know or have not seen the show before it's all about those three key elements the mind that's the mind set which hopefully we will dig deep into tonight. Hint hint wink wink to my guest expert that is mindset and by mindset what I'm talking about is not just at the conscious level but also and also at the subconscious level. And one way to tap into that is through a proven amazing science called an LP or neuro linguistic programming. And my guest is an expert at that as you will find out tonight and I cannot wait to dig into that. And then it's also about the body. What does that mean. Well it's about taking care of yourself. It's about eating the proper nutrition and getting in the exercise your body wants and deserves so that you can be operating at what I call a level of peak performance. And I like to say it's like this the mind and body are a team.

They're your team.

More importantly. And so think about a team that's playing a sport. Basketball is going right now let's use that there are five players on the court. One of those players decided during the off season prior to only to get in shape I'll be in good enough shape when when the season starts and doesn't really take care of himself or herself and then the season starts and they play the first game. All the other four that are playing on the court are at their prime there. I mean their optimal peak performance levels both mentally and physically.

But this one decided that I don't need to do that. Well he's going to suffer. And as a result do you think the team as a whole will suffer.

Absolutely no doubt about it. And the same thing with you and your mind and body. So if you have mastered mindset at the subconscious level and you have mastered taking care of your body then you are operating at a peak level of performance.

If not then let's see what there is to work on and let's tackle that and so we will address these topics through these shows each and every week here. And then there's business that comes to sales marketing team building.

Systematizing Your Business when you combine all three you have like what I like to refer to as the tripod. You know you have three legs. Let's say you have a tripod holding up a camera and you take one of those legs and you knock it away. What happens to that camera. What happens tripod. It all comes tumbling down doesn't it. So we need to have all three areas operating at a peak level of performance and this is what I found over the course of my life are the patterns that kept bubbling to the surface. Time and time again each and every time I would talk to someone who had a success at a level that I desire. These three elements were always key to their reaching maintaining and even surpassing their current levels. It's all about mind body business. Let's let's let's just hit the basic shall we. I'd like to make it more difficult for me but this is what we've got right.

Very basic. And there was a time in several years ago it's been quite some time now. I was talking to a mentor and we talk about mentors and coaches on the show a lot. Very important. And it was in his corner office a multimillionaire big massive beautiful office. And at one point he looked at me we were having a discussion. He looked at me says Brian. If people only knew it they just did this one thing they just did this one thing they would all become super rich and they pause and light.

Let's hear it. What is that. What is it. Come on bring it on. Bring it home. And he said well it's like this. And he turned away and he walked back toward other wall.

I'm sitting on his couch a couch in an office and he walks toward this large cabinet double door floor to ceiling because the cabinet grabs both handles and opens it up and then looks back at me.

And what was inside of that was very similar to what you see behind me is book shelf after shelf of books after books. They were about business about marketing sales personal development about mindset. Think and Grow Rich. I mean everything you can imagine that many of you have already heard of and or read was in that that bookshelf. And I remember thinking at that moment it can't be true. I mean there are just books. There's no like. Course there's no study program enough to take tests. I don't have a mentor holding me. I didn't realize that those books there and lied many mentors and I made a mistake at that that moment. And I just kind of sloughed off. I said. That's not going to do it. There's no skin in the game and get a book in the library. Why would that. You know what would that result in my getting rich then. Thankfully thankfully many years later I had another mentor who basically said the same thing. His word was more along the line of success than getting rich. Same connotation though so he said you know yeah reading that I do it all the time. And one of the differences was with him not that the other one didn't but with him I spent much more time with and I got to see firsthand. He would walk around with his headset on. And said What are you doing. He said I'm listening to a book. It's like what you're listening to book.

Wait tell me how that works. And so he said yeah you can do it on this app called audible. That's not really I have to give that a shot. And so I started listening to books and found that I much prefer the auditory sensation we'll talk about that maybe a little later Brigida who is our guest who's sitting in the wings right now and like I really retained and absorbed information much better on the auditory level by listening and by reading and fact reading. If I look at a book and I open it and I scan the page even if it's a physical book or Kindle online I start getting sleepy fatigues me just to read. And so listening is very relaxing and I really absorb the information and the beautiful thing is with audible as you're listening at any time you want that on the screen there's a little symbol there and you can tap it and it actually stores a bookmark a location in that audio presentation of the book that you can then go back to any time you want. I thought this was brilliant because now I don't have to listen to an entire 2 3 8 hour book depending on the size. I can just go back and hit those bookmarks for those highlights. And so what I like to do on every show is play exactly one of those bookmarks on a session. I appropriately call you guessed it bookmarks

Bookmarks Fornes you read bookmarks. Ready steady brede Vogues Mark sprogs you by Reach Your VI library Dakang

Yes reach your peak library dot com. And by the way for those of you watching either live or recording or listening please stick with us and just take notes. Don't go running off. And we're going to share with you some resources during the course of this evening. And it's important for you to stay with this show especially especially when we bring on. Raghida I cannot wait. Cannot wait. And just so you know it's coming very very soon. So reach your peak. Library dot com is a Web site. I put together as a result of listening to all these books and by the way there's the entire story of that gentleman the CEO in the corner office. I just recorded video and I wrote the whole thing out. I didn't want to go through the whole thing here tonight. But you see in this list are book after book after book of books that I personally have read.

And they're not just books I've read. They've also are books that had an impact on me when I read them. So not every book I've read is in this list did not make the grade. And there are many many other several in here that are actually my mentors personally that I know and others that I consider a mentor kind of virtually. Some of them are no longer with us but some of their teachings have just been long lasting throughout my life. And so life goes on and on and on. So what we're going to do is select one specific book work by a gentleman that I know our guest expert knows all about and that is Richard Bandler one of the cofounders of this amazing science called A.P or neuro linguistic programming for short. It will do nothing but change your life forever. That's all that's all. And so this is a quick snippet. It's about a minute in length. So go ahead and take out your notepad and your pen if you haven't already and take notes on this quick snippet from Richard Bandler. Get the life you want.

Here we go.

Getting on and getting back on exercise. One think of something you want to be motivated and disciplined to do. For example going on and sticking to a diet to think of how much you want to be healthy and fit and develop your ideal body by dieting really imagine it in vivid detail until you feel really motivated and determined to go on this diet amplified the feeling by spinning it faster. Three. Imagine yourself going on the diet as you spin this feeling then imagine yourself falling off it at some point in the future and spin the feeling faster as you imagine yourself getting straight back on for Imagine being on the diet and falling off. And then bring the feeling of determination back again and spirit as you imagine going straight back on the diet again.

I just love that section because it hits two primary areas and that's the mindset and body like this is oh this is phenomenal.

And the thing is that was actual one of the techniques used in an LP where they spin the emotion and it's an amazing powerful powerful technique.

And I have to tell you if if there's anything you do in your life all of you listening and watching is if you've never heard of A.P if you've never experienced it then reach out to our guest expert Raghida when this is over and we'll give you the contact information because it is life transforming work.

I kid you not and I didn't learn this until roughly eight years ago. And it literally and I'm not a I'm not a dramatic guy.

It literally changed my life for ever for the better. And I am absolutely blessed to have come across this path with that perfect segue. It is time to bring on the one and only. Guest expert via our guest expert spotlight. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional and deft trained bigly qualified

And there she is ladies and gentlemen. It is broke. Get up play.

And she is on the mind body business show real quick on a quick introduction that will jump right in and get some great insight and value and questions answered from Raghida Raghida is a German immigrant living in living the American dream. She is the owner and founder of the. Overlay. I'm getting better at that group and creator of the four dimensional communication Diamond That's Trademarked. She is known as the fastest tracked female trainer and retired lead coach of the world's largest self development company. She was born and raised in Germany and resides in the U.S. with her two wonderfully independent daughters and her husband the renowned culture guy Raghida as an award winning founder of the German language school of Cleveland and the Montessori School of Cleveland. Raghida has always given credit for her success to her unique communication and listening skills. Her tenacity and her never ending desire to take something from good to outrageously great. I love that line. Today she is the co owner of the NL Peace Center of Atlanta. Hope you're taking notes right now. A certified and licensed trainer as well with a bank code phenomenal system and she has built coaching programs for large international organizations. I'm going to stop there there's more because I want to bring this wonderful beautiful lady onto your screen which is on there now. What I want to hear her voice. But before we do I apologize one more thing for those of you watching. Be sure. Be sure to stay on all the way to the end of the live show because at that time I will reveal how you can enter to win a five night vacation stay at a five star resort in beautiful Mexico. With that at last I want to say Brooke you know welcome to the show.

How are you doing.

Thank you so much for having me. Finally I get to say something. It's hard for me still. I know right.

Thank you so much Brian for having me on. I've been waiting for this day ever since we talked last to bring what I can bring to your network to my network and make it a bigger network.

Yes. I love it. To spread the word. Now that the bio I just read was obviously your bio you wrote it and it's a very great bio I love it. What I want to do is give the audience a little bit deeper knowledge of viewers what makes you tick. So something like you know all of us we wake up in the morning least we hope we do every morning and but then it's time to get out of bed.

So what drives you. Raghida what is the driving force that literally lifts you up out of the bed with vigor with energy and can't wait to take on the day. And then if you don't mind let us know what you're actually up to these days.

Ok. Well there are many questions in that. So what drives me what gets me out of bed. Well there's a great thing called the alarm clock that really gets me out of bed in it. However I love getting out of bed and there are many many things that I have going on in the morning. I have two wonderful daughters postcodes all here in a rental home schooled them my when I am homeschooled them for a number of years before that they went to our Montessori school and it is what really drives me is to make a difference in. Well first of all in my own children's lives my own life and my family's life but really in every one that I can get in touch with you know either physically in touch with or verbally in touch with. I think there's so much out there and that's why I built my Montessori school. When we choose to chose to move from Germany to the United States in 2004 that was my first big desire to really make a difference. I was very successful in corporate America and I started having this idea of building a Montessori school because I knew I hated school. I hated reading. Mom she said the hardest time to get me to read and now I love reading. I cannot get enough books just like you and I need to read all of these books and I'm a big fan of Blinkx just and I thought man if I get Linkous which is only summaries and I'll never read another book fully. But actually the other the other thing happened that now I read all the summaries of these books and now want to read the entire book. Right. So the exact opposite happened.

Why. Why do I do what I do and I'm going to get.

You just really bluntly one ruble. That's who I am and I'm just going to give you the raw data. I grew up with a family that was loving but yet I heard a lot.

What the hell is wrong with you. And I grew up with you know trying to find out what is wrong with me until I figured out.

Wait a minute. There's nothing wrong with me. There's everything right with me and the children that are growing up hearing what is wrong with you. Those are the ones that I really felt for from a very young age on. And I decided to work with children and then also with adults when I was very very young. And I saw an advertisement on TV when when I was a little girl in Germany when I when I did my Montessori training I'm a teacher by trade and marketing degree and a teaching degree. And I did my Montessori three year degree on top of that. I wanted to know more. There's this great stories of great methodology for the ones that are listening and don't know what monastery's look it up.

I'm not going to go into it right now. It's a very one on one wonderful learning methodology and I wish I would have had that. So I decided my children are going to have that. And that's that's you know as an entrepreneur that's where my entire business idea came from of having a Montessori school for my children. We now have. A very successful business in Cleveland and I have someone else is running it. I always fund shares in it.

I'm out of the day to day operations because I found over the years as I was coaching parents his children are actually really good the adults around the children. That kind of spur the children not bright the teachers the parents because they don't know better or not because they're trying. They're intentionally trying to harm the children but they just don't know better and they have a mindset that might not be supportive to them or to their children. So I worked a lot with parents who coached parents. And that's where the largest sort of self development come to the world found me a scout at me you know me on stage.

And that's where I am today because I started reading because I really got to the bottom of my why I saw one of the books was Simon Cynic's book Start with Why. That's where I come from that's really what drives me and mine. One of my mentors and I'm pretty sure we're going to talk about this later. I haven't I have several mentors. I have several coaches. One of my mentors said look if you are not growing and for me growing is reading is continuing to be on the journey of going from good to outrageously great. If you're not growing you're dying and I believe in that then I modeled that to everyone else that is around me everyone else that. I physically touch with verbally touch.

So true so true. You're not growing you're dying. It's so true. You know you talk a lot about getting out of your comfort zone and that's when you're going to understand. You know knowing when you are at those girls periods and there's one thing you know. Honestly I don't know you hardly at all but I feel like I've known you for a long time after a one chat some time ago now. I thought maybe there's something about this young lady she's so vibrant you're so full of energy you are so positive you have a phenomenal sense of humor. I just love that. And so that's not always super simple for everyone to maintain that. And I was curious for you when it comes to maintaining that positive productive and successful mindset on a consistent basis. What do you do personally. On a regular basis to sustain that.

Well first of all going back to my family and that's I think that's where the problem lies. When I was a kid I was just so high energy and so high strung that it was hard for my parents or my sisters to kind of keep me contained. But I'm not someone that you can contain. So how do I maintain that. Well it's really simple all you need to do is feed this girl and you know she'll. Say I'm like the Energizer bunny that runs on solar. I need the sun right. I need that's why we moved away from Germany. I couldn't take the two days of summer anymore. It was record. And now we don't have it and when we move we moved from town you unique a large large city in Germany my husband and I and our little girl back then to a small small town in Tennessee.

We found out once we moved there that it was a dry county at the time and my husband wanted to get some beer. I mean hello. You know he's from the area I'm from the Swabian area in Germany. You want to get him back and he said What the hell. No beer no nothing when you drive over to the next county to get anywhere. That was a rabbit hole that I went just went into.

Yeah I need the sun. That's that's that's what I need.

I need the sun. I cannot be tied down. Someone said you know we want to hire you. You work for our organization. I'm like No I'm sorry I could not be higher. I used to working corporate America and became very successful and created a lot of success strategies there. At least the foundation or some of the foundation of it but I cannot not be hired. I cannot be contained. I need to move I need to travel I need to broaden my horizons and all sorts of ways. And I'd love to work out. I like it. It is Eastern time now here. What is it eight fifty four. Before we went onto to the segment here today I went to my personal coach and we had a training session. The entire family. And that big shout out to mayday. It's an incredible incredible coach and trainer.

Yeah I was going to bring that up and ask you. Now I know how important physical fitness is to you. And it's cool that so often awesome that you brought you so you brought the entire family.

Yeah we always go workout together.

Oh that is amazing. So you're sending some incredible habits for your daughter soon and probably your husband as well. That's phenomenal. So you can continue on because yeah you look very vibrant. You're very slim and trim and you look like you're in shape. You just have that look and there's obvious reasons why it's not easy for everyone to stay in impeccable shape. You know it's not for some weight struggles.

Pardon. However yes it always feels that way. I was an obese adolescent. I wasn't I was an overweight teenager. When I was 17 16 I decided no more. I got bullied. It's made fun of me. I work. You know I said no more of that. I'm done. And we lived in a small village where there were vineyards. So I started walking the vineyards up and down. I start with five minutes walking up and down. And I made a conscious decision that what other people are calling me and telling me does not have to be my reality. And that was the first time I actually went to the bookstore and bought me a book. And my first book was oh my god you're going to get a kick out of this emotional quotient emotional intelligence. And I remember crying over the book and while I was reading it and going oh my god there. There are other people like me out there.

Yes yeah.

It's amazing that you brought that up. It just reminded me my son had a very similar journey and around that same age maybe a little bit sooner. He began working out and it has become a part of his life and he gets upset if the plans that we had as a family with us would get in the way of him going to work out. You know I was going to go work out at that time mom or dad and you know and I loved that I'm never going to be upset with that. And he inspired me literally.

There was a breaking point in my life where I walked in the door and I'm not going to tell a story but I walked in the door after going through a long period of very unhealthy habits working too long too late drinking instead of working out because it was quicker to relax that way. And it just gradually really escalated. And I came home one day and there he was standing in our living room ready to open the door in his tank top and shorts.

I knew what he was doing. I said hey why what are you up to. He says I'm working out dad. And I said that's it in my head. That was it. Snap back no more no more of this ridiculous crazy stupid stuff I'm doing. So I had to make some tough decisions and move on but that's another story for another day. They were the best decisions I made of my life to that point. And so I can relate to that a lot of Regina so I appreciate you. That's one thing. Here's another pattern I see a successful entrepreneurs including yourself and that is the one of being willing to be transparent and more transparent.

And we're not talking about getting into the real real personal stuff here. But the more transparent one can be about their past about maybe some mistakes or failures that they've made the better. And on that note you know we all we all make mistakes yes along the way. I mean unless you've figured out how to be perfect I mean you're probably closer to it than I am. But the thing is with entrepreneurial ism what we've learned or what we do learn to become more successful is to make more mistakes make them faster and move forward faster learn from them and move on. Silverglate on that note. Do any of them stop any mistakes stand out.

What have been some of your mistakes that stand out. And what have you learned from them. Because I'm a stick is nothing unless we learn something from it. Right.

Right. Yeah absolutely. My God. Which one am I going to choose. Because there's I think one of my. And it wasn't a big mistake but it was an ongoing mistake that I made. Right when I. Came

Out again I'll be very open and vulnerable. When I came from Germany to the states to start a Montessori school I didn't hire teachers. And you know being in a very German way I laid down the law. This is how it's going to happen in a small town in Tennessee and people told me Well you know everything's laid back around here. Well you know but not in my business because we're going to do it by the book and we're going to do it by my strategy and by my end by my system. And I bulldozed over a lot of people.

I really did. And I'm sorry today that I did that. And that it took time. It took time that I realized I burned bridges it took time that I realized well it's not just my way or the highway. There are different people doing it in different ways and. Their way doesn't have to be worse in my way. It's just different and it took

It took some time. It took some time.

I had a lot of turnover in teachers in the beginning. There were some cultural differences that I didn't realize. And I was actually my husband's first client when he developed the culture mastery.

And he said look this is how it's going to work. You can't just come in and let's tell them that it's going to be done the German way. You got it. Not the other way around. How often is that that we go into a conversation that we want the listener to adapt

To the sender. But it's not that's not the way it goes it's seek to understand and not seek to be understood. And you know that's almost like a common thread that goes throughout my development personally and on the business side that I have learned from. And yes we all all failures and they're not really failures but all the feedback. And I choose to I want to do something with it or do I want to become a victim around it. And I choose to look at it now that I've learned and really dig deeper. What's the learning in this and that's what I coach my clients into. If they get wound up about something right. What's the learning in this rather than being stuck in victimization perhaps. And

Not stay with the face down in a puddle people have drowned with their face down in a puddle although it's just a puddle.

Yeah absolutely. I love the part where you're talking about listening you know because I'm just now finishing up the book of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and McCovey and he talks about that at length and uses some great examples with his own son. And there are huge examples and there they work not only on a personal level but also on the business level. And when you saying that I went back there and thought Wow that's phenomenal. Because it's so true that most of us are human beings. I'm talking about every one of us when we're listening to somebody we're really formulating what we want to say in response rather than actually listening to them. And when he said that in the book I was just like man he so Rakete guilty. Yes. And yeah it's a skill that needs that it takes work because it doesn't come naturally in the ego doesn't like it. And he explains it very well in the book. Highly recommend that one as well. All watching and listening and when it comes to being an entrepreneur you know so I made mistakes too.

And we all know entrepreneurs are. I think we're cut from a different cloth. You know percentage wise there's a tiny amount of US compared to those that are fine and happy with the corporate life. Maybe some were not happy you just haven't made the choice or decision to get out. The thing is though an entrepreneur one of the definitions is someone who is a risk taker and take greater risk to achieve the rewards that they are seeking. And as a result of that we tend to sacrifice more. There are things that are we give up or that we kind of stop paying attention to. I know I've been through many and just so we're being very real on this show and I love that because this will help those that are looking either to become an entrepreneur or in the process of struggling due to the fact that they're having failures. The thing is with all this comes sacrifices sometimes great sacrifice. So what sacrifices have you had to make that come to mind to to become a successful entrepreneur who so one thing that I share.

Not long ago wouldn't fly with my coach with my business and personal coach was because that same question came up and I had to forgive myself over which another great book The Other F Word forgiveness and forgive myself for really putting a ton of time in and building my business which was a school which had built for my children and I wasn't around for my children. They were 3 and 0 at the time so I was pregnant during the busy building the business literally you know work to the time that I drove to the hospital you know sign a piece of paper that they were released early and went back with the baby in my intro back into the classroom and taught. And now looking back I wish I would have taken bit slower. I think that is my biggest regret. If you will that I just didn't I didn't take enough time to stop and smell the roses during that time.

To enjoy the little moments to sometimes say no no or not but because I am so driven and but because I had such a big vision and have such a big vision. There was never enough. And you know those years are now gone. There's 13 and 16. However I do see all of the foundation that we as parents late for them and me in the school and the teachers late for my children and all the other children that go there.

So you know just keeping it keeping it real. But that was one of the staying present to this day remains something that I must practice cognitively cognitively.

Thank you. Yes. I read your mind. That's right. Oh man that so similar story is that's what happened.

I neglected my family. Same thing and I had those types of feelings of regrets and then I look back and go the good news though is that is now in the past and the past no longer exists. And I have an incredible communication with my wife who is the most important person in my life and without her my children would not exist. So everything in my opinion goes through her first that we come into agreement. And then the kids then see that and they're sponges and kids. There are now 24 and 22 respectively. My daughter literally got married weekend to go to work. Nancy I'm losing track of time. Yeah. Two weekends ago in San Diego. And so but looking back and having gone through that and having that feeling of regret everything still came out OK. The thing is like you're saying Brighid it's important for those of you watching that might be going down this path is really trying to take a step back. Kind of like wait a step away for a day and really do some reflection and say How can I become this great questions a good friend of mine told me that he asked himself every morning how can I become a better husband to my wife and he would sit there and think on that for five minutes.

In the morning first thing. And then how can I be a better father to my kids. And then he would take it beyond that. How can I be a better friend to my friends. And as a result of him going through an exercise he ended up calling me and telling me that story because I was one of his friends at least like I like to think so. And he he also said as a result of that exercise he was so excited. I mean he was almost yelling on the phone. He said because of that exercise since he started doing that. His success in his multiple businesses that he has has skyrocketed. Skyrocketed because he he really honed in on the real purpose of his life. And that was his family. And so that was a great lesson for me to learn and so you're heading right down the same exact path together with what you're talking about. And so again we say this all the time on this show it's about patterns of success. All you have to do is simply follow them model them copy them.

It's all here. It's not copyrighted. None of this is copyrighted. You may copy anything you hear on this show to use for your betterment for and for others to you know climb the ladder of success whatever that means to you and to each person it means something different. Let's shift gears a little bit and I would imagine with your center you deal with more than just yourself as far as running the business like maybe some employees maybe some assistance Virtual Assistance. I honestly don't know what you're nodding so there's employees and there's a part of building a business. When you get to that level and you're no longer a solo printer and you're bringing on employees it just changes the whole. The whole landscape and now you have a whole different skill set that you need to nurture to build to. It's completely different than what you're doing as a solo printer. And so there are

Ways to bring on good employees and there are ways where you can end up bringing on ones that aren't so great and those can cost you dearly for you. How important is it in having good employees. How important is that Ben to your success that you're seeing now.

Oh my God.

Well first of all good employees are hard to find loyal employees especially in the States and there's you know don't get me wrong I love being here in the States and I'm an American citizen. It's a challenge. So I got to what you said earlier what one thing that really triggered me is there's power in being specific and the more specific that you can be and the more specific that you are to yourself in your and your vision and everything that you're tracking. And to others the word choice and flexibility that you have in your communication is clear it's going to be where you're inviting into your personal life and your business life and you know any other areas in your life. So you know when I started creating my my staff I first of all had a person.

I just you know I just went out and I just found whoever until it was like trial and error and entrepreneurship that's what we do. It's true. It never arrives when the only downfall is if we don't learn from the errors. That's that's what we get in muddy waters. But I learn. Wait a minute. So if there was a different communications now then just mine then what are the different communication styles there and how can I communicate to them. You know you mentioned earlier in my bio that I'm a certified bank trainer and I'm actually their number one trainer in the corporation organization and there are four different personality types. There is blueprint action nurture and knowledge. I'm a high action figure. Most entrepreneurs are high action ready fire aim kind of people you know they don't think a whole lot of people ask me what kind of plan B Did you have when you came to the United States to build a school. And I didn't have a plan B. I knew it was going to work. There was not. Failure is not an option. I learned from my mistakes as I move on and I had to deal with the Department of Health. I had to deal with the Department of Education. I had to do a whole lot of.

How do you say red tape to you. Yeah yeah.

So you know I got a few bad apples in my eye and my staff and then I got really clear. OK so I need to be specific what I'm asking for as I'm putting that ad out as I'm talking to people on words. I'm part of a Chamber of Commerce on their board blah blah blah. And I learned to write my job description name that the code of the person that I invite into that position. You know you mentioned earlier in an LP we also have four modalities and four modalities are visual auditory kinesthetic and auditory digital and for the for the very auditory learners Audible is great. Yes I'm a very visual learner. I love to see it. I even look to see little YouTube like Simon Sydney. I love stuff like that which makes it a lot. And then there's the auditory digital learners that you know go in and process it in a whole different way and then there's a kinesthetic learners that take it in and create a feeling around it.

So I started inviting and when I say inviting I really mean I I would banned describe described in The Little Book bookmarks that you started the session out with. I started creating a feeling around it. I visualise that I started talking about it and it became real. That's what manifestation is you know it starts with a thought and that's what normally was the programming is. It starts with a thought that turns into a feeling that then turns into an action that turns into a result.

And I have found that the most loyal employees now and they love working with us and I love working with them it just makes life a lot easier when everything is laid out. There. There are no assumptions and assumptions understandings. You know they create misunderstandings and then everything just kind of falls apart.

And I like to call it setting expectations you know from both sides. So these are my expectations. But what I do first is what do you expect to get from this position. What are you looking for. What do you want to advance what areas. Because sometimes what's on their resume may not be the thing that they really want to do nor are they really talented that they just did it once and got paid for it. But it really didn't fulfill them enough to not fulfill their happy than they won't be as good for you either. The other things were you know really making sure they understood the mission purpose of my company right. So I brought on several apprentices of late and I found by accident this show that's playing right now. I have it transcribed. Upload it to a transcription service and it makes mistakes because it's automated. So I brought in apprentice's to correct it because it takes a long time up to two hours or more if you're just starting to correct the transcription of a one hour show. And what I found is a feedback from one of my apprentices though was because the show is based on the very culture of which my business was founded on mind body and business and all the entrepreneurs that are part of it. Should it come on. She said. I now know what you stand for. I now know what your language is and she wasn't talking about bank coach you just understood how I know because I had her doing social media posts for me as well. So it just it was like an automated. Culture injection into her mind and I didn't really have to take her by the hand and go. So now all of my friends start out by doing this very thing and I just found that one golden nugget. And for others you know they're not doing live shows and maybe other ways to do that but it's very good to know that they're in alignment with your values with what you're doing what your purposes is everything you were just saying. You know it. And yeah. Trial and error.

It sucks because you could take a long time to find those nuggets and you're right.

It's not always easy to find the best ones out there. I've got. I've gone through I have 4 4 principles I've worked with. I currently have two right now and of those three were rock solid. The fourth was pretty good but the three are rock solid and so just loving. Going through this process of having people. And I say they don't work for me they work with me. I have a different way of looking at it and approaching it like positive reinforcement versus negative. Is there time for discipline. Of course there must be at some point but it's not how I drive them it's not I don't motivate them by fear fear of loss fear of Repr. You know what's the word discipline. Fear of of losing their job. I know if you do a good job and you gave it gave it all your all and you made a mistake I'm still going to lift you up.

Good job it's OK. You made a mistake big deal. Learn from it move on. So yeah you. Wow. I talked to way too long because you gave me so much there. That was all because of you. Brighid I have to tell you. Good job.

You know I like to say expectations are premeditated and it's no you know really spelling them out and then again clarity and then beings I think it's only your friend.

Yes. Yeah we think they know what our mind is saying when we're not Birtley writing it. Yeah it's it's interesting I've gone through that already with several apprentices and you know they basically made a comment. Oh I didn't know I was supposed to go on Zoom with a camera. If I would have known that I would have had that set up ahead of time and said you know what. That's completely me. I did not communicate that to you. It's absolutely fine. So she was in the dark and I was on video and it was fine it was fine. I just wanted to show the screen anyway so I talked a lot about on this show patterns and you know modeling but there are patterns. In another word for that is a recipe for success. It's kind of like when you're baking a cake. I've never bake a cake in my life but if I were given a recipe book that told me what ingredients to go by and then how to make some one to make some how to put them into the oven. How long from the fridge all that stuff. I'm pretty certain I could bake a pretty darn good cake just because I have a recipe to follow. And so on that line do you believe there is some core some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful person when it comes to becoming a successful entrepreneur specifically.

Absolutely and that's what N.L. is all about and he says the modeling success patterns.

That's what it is they're 14 lost within Linguistic Programming and yes you learn them but then guess what you get to adapt them to your own personal life and that might take a little bit time and it also takes practice. Like everything else there is a great German saying and in the end it goes like this.

No Master has fallen from heaven so one day you are not just you know you wake up and you go oh OK now I have this success pattern kind of uploaded into my DNA. Well that's not how it works. Like you can first become aware of what are some of the patterns that you're running on that I'm running on that are supporting you and not supporting you. And you used to like some of the nonsupport patterns and sometimes it's not the entire pattern that needs to go sometimes it's just a little tweak within a pattern that will make it a supportive pattern. But we first have to become aware of it and that's really where you know where I start with our clients where we start with within our work and the practitioner of course is all of that is to start becoming aware patterns and for some people that's really hard for me.

I've got many many many many many moons ago when I took my first LP training. I got so mad with my A.P. instructor because I couldn't see the pattern. And he would not tell me. And that's what a great mentor coach does. Here he guides you so you can find that you can go on the journey yourself but he won't tell you because what is that going to do.

It's not going to do anything like you know going on that journey now going on that journey. When I saw it I was like oh my god I was so young. I was so in the pattern I was so associated in the pattern. I was not supporting me whatsoever. And I had this huge huge huge aha. So yeah. I'm all about patterns. It's funny because

When I went through my first A.P. training a similar thing happened and we are very alike I can tell I'm also here so I'm also action.

I did the code exercise with the cards and that's a phenomenal system in its own right. And we were going through all the processes this was the first one and I was I'm gung ho. I'm actually like let's get this done let's go I'm going to go all out and my sons with me. I took him to the course as well and we're doing the process as you know your practitioner and you're in the change chair and you're switching back and forth. And every time I was the practitioner the result was there the person got the result and they're all happy and he had. And then they switched around and they applied the same technique to me and I'm like

My supposed to notice something I don't feel anything. What is going on. And then it happened like three or four times. First half of the first day and I'm not getting anything and I'm getting steamed inside go.

I spent a lot of money for this and I want to make this work and same thing.

My practitioner came over.

How's it going. Brian I said I've got to tell you I'm struggling. He's like. Tell me about that.


So and it's same thing he took me through me telling him why it wasn't working. And I said maybe I'm trying to hurt egos. You think maybe. And then he told me that the best thing he did was told me his story. He had a very similar one that was even more amplified than mine and that that broke it. I was like OK I'm going to relax Very next process making it happen. I was I literally Brighid. I got it. It was stuttering the starting the anchor the champion a.. And I literally got up in the room and I ran around the room.

Everyone else is in their chairs doing their exercises. Like yeah like yelling. So it was like it was big release. Yes. It's amazing. Now they go. Control. Yes. That was it.

That was it. I was just I was trying to will it it's going to work and you just said Lay back relax and let it happen which ok. Took some doing for this guy. But hey it's all good now.

Entrepreneurship we've talked a lot about it there's many aspects to it and we already said you know it's not for everybody. And God bless entrepreneurs and God bless employees and corporate workers because without either you know the other would not exist really. You know entrepreneurs are taking the risk to start those businesses and companies that then provide the jobs for those who are corporate. And if we didn't have people to work at those jobs then entrepreneurs would burn out because we can't scale. And so for you what has been so far your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur. Creed

Oh my God there are so many. The ability to really create something that is that people need and seeing that people are receptive to that. I need your services I need you to be there. I think you know the freedom not just for me but the freedom for my children. I'll say a quick story. And I can I just have to today we were going through a practitioner course right now it's a five day intensive. But today the phone rang and my daughter called from school and she just she's building her own business called Sentosa smoothies and she gets up at I don't know five 15 in the morning to make the smoothies to then delivering them to the gym. She's got a permit. So you know mom or dad have to drive with her. As she's delivering it and her day starts very early before school and you know she goes to school and around 11:00 the phone rings and she goes Mom are you going to be anywhere near here the school any time soon. And I said well I might have to go to office depot and get some ink. I ran out of ink and she says could you just bring me a cappuccino from home.

My husband has an incredible espresso machine. And yes I call my husband espresso machine because he uses it and he makes cappuccinos for all of us. So I said I'll bring you one. You know I made a cappuccino in this big Starbucks container in. And drive it out to the school and you know I bring it to her and she hugs me in and out on my way back home she takes me and she says who has the best parents ever. Oh yeah I do. And my heart was just so full. For many reasons the one reason was hey if I would be working somewhere I would not have the liberty to do that. I cannot just go and meet my kids when I choose to. Sometimes the opportunity is just not there because I am tied up somewhere in a meeting or whatever but I have learned that there are more important things than just business my business or my clients and that's actually my husband and my children and my mother who also lives here in the States. And you know those are the things that really it is that freedom that's that's that's that's truly living the American dream as a German girl.

And I loved how you almost jumped out of the camera out of the screen when you said freedom. It was instant. And you know I used the term liberation. Same thing. It lets it liberates you you know having been in the corporate world for many years myself it's like wow it's when you get to choose your own hours. You get to choose. OK I want to work today on Sunday or Saturday or any.

It doesn't matter or I will stay up till 2:00 in the morning just because I don't have to get up at 5:00 in the morning to go commute somewhere like you know that's pretty darn cool because the choice is now yours and not someone Elsas and the dream you're fulfilling is more toward your results and your family and whatever your wires it could be far outside of that could be for charitable organizations could be for other family members that are not near geographically could be for anything but the cool thing is you get the choice.

That's what it is. That's why so many works so hard to achieve.

It's really never about the money is it. I mean money is important. It helps a lot. But the number one goal is liberation and freedom to be able to choose and do as you want when you want.

And it's just like when you're being a service and now that money will flow. Right. Right.

It's amazing. It's phenomenal. And every person I have had on this show to date has that exact mentality. You know it's always service first and we get it. The money is going to come. This isn't our first rodeo. We get how this works. And you know I'm sure for many of us in the beginning that money was more prominent in the top of her mind because there was a scarcity mindset.

We're trying to make it right. And so of course it's going to be higher on that priority list. But as we go forward we realize you know it's about service and the more service we make even more and more and more.

It's like OK I get it. This is nice. I like this because I know you're the same way Raghida I just love helping people. This drives me I love it love it love it. A.P. A.P. What is your current agency

And help he institute Institute.

That's I can't see. I mean what a gift that is to give others to have them learn a.p. Because of what it does. It's the most amazing science on the planet. You can help people with PTSD within now. I just saw a study about it where people with post-traumatic stress disorder for mostly for military veterans but also others like firefighters policemen who have seen horrific things and they can't get out of their memory.

And that study was basically they would give them a counselor and use some some kind of traditional methods to help them. And the statistics were pretty amazing. Those that went that route the success rate was only around 30 percent and it took quite a while to get there when they started using an LP within three sessions only three sessions. Their success rate was ninety seven percent. So this is a science that is about success and it's about getting that success quickly because one process as an example that I use from stage many many times that had a profound effect on me the very first time was a very first process I ever experienced in my life was when I was an attendee sitting on the chair my mentor goes on stage was doing it it took a grand total of seven minutes.

And we were done and I'm like I feel different I'm liberated something's different. I feel great. I don't know what it is but I'm really going to you know take advantage of this now and learn more and do more and I couldn't wait to get more. Like it was like a legalized drug with no bad side effects they get.

And it never ends. And I love them. You know we get to work through stuff as it comes.


You get to love. You said that that is a sign of a seasoned practitioner right there. Many people say you have to not forget. You get to because it is an honor it's a blessing to be able to have that knowledge and to be able to impart that on others to spread this because it's amazing. You know I cannot believe it. We are already at our one hour mark and I think the good part about this is I'm not beholden to a radio station or someone saying get off you must stop the show now. That was my horrible rendition of a German accent just for you.

I won't quit my day job I promise. But what I want to do.

There's one more one more question I wanted to ask you and it's because I ask every previous guest the same exact question and it's a doozy. And I don't mean that to scare you or put you back and I know this doesn't scare you at all. But it's a deep one. And so if it takes some time to come up with the answer so be it. It's OK that our time because it's just it's a very deep heavy hitting question. And so I like to finish the show with that. And then of course we'll let the folks know how to get in contact with you. And by the way that just reminded me for those of you that are watching still with us live in order to enroll and get a chance at that five day five night vacation at a five star resort in Mexico I know you probably thought I forgot about that. How did you know. Well here it is I'll put it up on the screen real quick. This is how you can enrol to win. So there's two ways you can go to the website. Reach your peak LLC dot com slash vacation that's reach your peak L.L.C. dot com for Slash vacation or text the word peak. That's PJAK to the phone number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. One final time that's peak 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 sponsored by our wonderful friends at power texting dot com. Definitely write that down and pay them a visit. After the show is over I use that very service and we put out notifications for the show using that service amongst other things. Amazing amazing. Go ahead. Enter to win and we'll announce the winner later. And now back to the star of the show. And that's her not me.

It's Brighid Ofili the better I'm practicing.

And it's good because you know I could go on stage and I don't have to do anything but try to speak German and everybody be on the floor laughing. I don't need any skill set. So here it is. The big question. Are you ready. Even taking off her glasses. Ladies and gentlemen that she's getting serious like OK Superman glasses are up here we go OK superwoman sorry. And just to let you off the hook this will help us kind of frame it a lot better.

In all seriousness is that there is no such thing as a wrong answer to this question. In fact the only correct answer is your answer. And just so you know as well there isn't today. I expect it to happen. But to date not a single entrepreneur that's come on the show before you has answered it the same as anyone else who's been on the show yet. I know it's going to come at some point but it still hasn't. So it's very unique. That's why I love this question. So here it is Brigida. Bring it on. How do you define success.

How do I define success. Yeah that is the one. Man Man there's so many elements in that

You know success for me. When you look in the mirror and you're like. I am supposed to do what I'm doing. I'm not just finding something to keep me busy to make money with. To pay the bills with. To you know get some sort of credentials maybe someone saying she's done this that or the other. Success is something. Meaningful

Purpose Driven intentional. Success is a legacy. Of. It

Yeah I could. You know that. Yeah there's so many elements in that but I truly believe that

There is a piece of wood who it also comes up for me. There's a piece of being in alignment trying to

Dig a little bit deeper. What does that mean.

Actually what I've found in asking that question and the responses that come as a result it's typically the very first thing that you say is the answer. That's our subconscious as you are very astute at knowing that that that provided that for you. And it was a big one. Looking in the mirror. And realizing I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing not just going and earning money to help my family but this is really my calling my purpose. And then you went on to further basically chunk it down and you know or a meaningful purpose driven intention legacy that was a powerful one. And that legacy went right with the very first statement.

So we started to see it go back and again congratulations because unique answer number twenty seven whatever it is now that another powerful powerful answer. And really like that. That that is that's it's really powerful. I got to say you know that I know I'm doing what I am supposed to be doing. How many people can say that. Right. I mean give me a break. Even people that are enjoying what they're doing is it really what. They truly their purpose was on this planet. My guess would be

Lower well lower than 50 percent are doing it probably under 30 are actually able to do something to be blessed with being in alignment with their purpose. So I love that answer. And again it's the correct answer because it's yours. Right. And I'll do it and I can certainly. And it's always relatable to that's the beautiful thing. So I get to collect. You know that's another goal is to maybe I don't know if I have an entire book but a section of a book with all of these answers from different entrepreneurs to see the beautiful variety. And here's the beautiful thing Brighid and not one not a single one ever ever says it's about making money. It's never about. And when I reached my first 10 mil you know it's never that. And for those that have that are not as well versed in this world of entrepreneurship you know that's typically their focus in the beginning is the money part. Well as long as I can make my first mill I know I'll be fine I'll be out on my job. Whatever their situation is. But the mature entrepreneurs say it's actually about living life the way I want it to be lived. You know I have another a good friend a mentor of mine who says this almost every day is like I always look is just is just making me happy.

Am I doing something that I want to do. He's turned down big big deals because it didn't align with his value system he said I can make a lot of money with this. But you know what in his heart of hearts he knew they were doing it for the reasons that were not right to him. And so it wasn't a limit. He moved on. And I applaud them for that. You know he spent three days traveled four and three day meetings where he got pitched to and ultimately said no and I was like Good for you. And so that's what it's about it's about. It's much much much deeper than money and income and so I appreciate you for being yet another that didn't even go there. You said not just to make money. I mean literally and I would quote not just get money as part of your your original answer. So I know that you also have a gift for our viewers. And so if you don't mind what I like to do is have you describe what that is and how they can then reach out to you to obtain that gift.

Yeah sure.

So my gift to all of the listeners who are live on her right now are the ones that are listening to the recording at a much later time maybe please reach out to me and I'll give you my e-mail address and a little bit but my gift to you is a 20 minute consultation coaching call. You know maybe just want to go through one or two interventions that you might have and we can you a little bit deeper in the 20 minutes. I'd love to give you my time. My time is very valuable I'm simply write an email to great time. We are actually a weekly top hat for them. Just like you sounded out H.O. F as in Frank aren't all that so great that they feel like that. You also find my name on Facebook as it's being shared here on Brian's posts and it's just my first name.

My last name and in the subject line just put in Brian Kelly and then I'll just you know write a few little sentences what your intentions are and your telephone number and your email address of course. Look to. See what we can do together.

Phenomenal. Thank you so much. I've got it on the screen for those of you to make it a little easier as you can see her first and last name right under her chin her chin chin chin as I say. So then at symbol between those two and then a dot com at the end and you've got the right answer to e-mail her sort of thank you that's a phenomenal gift that you are offering to our viewers our listeners. This is also going on.

This is online platform simultaneously live streaming as well as after it's over it's being shared all over the place different social media platforms and on about 8 podcast platform so if you're listening to this after the live show by all means reach out to brigada. I know how she loves to serve and you know be respectful go in there with a good intention like she said and make that 20 minutes worth not only your time but her time. That's very important to respect those because those that we respect when we're on the other end and doing these coaching calls we're also examining you to see if you would be a fit for us going forward. So it's a two way street. If that is something you want to do and you're in alignment with that for whatever the individual is then that can increase your probability of making that happen. And with Bruguera you want to make it happen you want it to make you want the probability to be very very very very high because of what she gets to do with her A.P. Academy. I see it that time

Is that.

That sent her transformational A.P. business is unbelievable. We're going to be doing some work together after the show's over to see how we can make this work. From Atlanta to my area which is near L.A. and can't wait to have that discussion. But Riggin I just want to say thank you so very much for coming on and is that the best way for people to contact you in general is that what you prefer the e-mail.

Okay perfect. From the dot com is great. That's the email that comes directly to me. If you could help me Atlanta were the first that comes up you can find me there as well. You know if you just look for Brighid I'm. Pretty much one of the first one that comes up on Facebook. There are not that many readers out there.

And that last name too. There's not too many of those.

No no. Say it again.

Goofily. That's easy for you to say.

That's all it's been such a fun time with you we're good.

I hope this is one of many many more and different avenues I'm sure we're going to cross paths many times in the future. I just want to say thank you again for coming on the show for our Parting With Your Words of wisdom. And for all of you are watching and listening we appreciate you as well because we know your time is valuable as well with that. That is it. We're going to sign off and we will see you next week. On another mind body business show until then be blessed and take care. We'll see you later.

Thank you for watching and listening. This is beyond the mind apology business should with prime Kelly.

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Brigitta holds two degrees in marketing and social pedagogy and implements her knowledge with creativity and passion into her workshops, trainings and teachings. Because she is aware that all business problems are personal problems, she has very structured solutions as she teaches in an interactive and inclusive way (providing deeper and accelerated learning). Let her take your sale-ability to buy-ability, because everyone wants to buy or buy-in, and no-one wants to be sold — no matter if it’s a product, a service, an idea, or an opinion. Be prepared to be blown away!

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