Special Guest Expert - Carlos Redlich

Special Guest Expert - Carlos Redlich (transcribed by Sonix)

Announcer: Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly: Hello everybody and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Hey how are you doing? I'm your host Brian Kelly and we have an amazing, amazing show for you tonight. because, not because of me. Not because of me, but because of the gentleman you're about to meet. It's Carlos Redlich time tonight and you are going to be blown away by this young man's incredible talents and value he's going to bring to the show. I've met him several times we'll talk about that more in the show. But right now let's set the table. What is The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show all about? If you've not watched this show before, and you're curious what the heck is that all about, well, I'll tell you. the mind is all about the mindset. Mindset is about getting that powerful ingrained, programmed, positive mindset that will serve you each and every day.

And there are beautiful tools that exist today. It's called The Science of excellence. It's also known as neuro linguistic programming or an LP for short something that has literally changed my life and many lives of clients of mine as well. It's amazing. And then there's body what does that mean. Well like it says it's taking care of your body both physically through exercise and through clean eating nutrition to fuel that body. So what I like to say is the mind and body are actually a team. And more importantly the mind and body are your team. So think about this if you have a team say five players I like to use basketball it's basketball season at the time of recording This is basketball season and you have five players that play on the court at each at each moment and let's just assume one of those players did not do what they should've done in the summer months leading up to and they didn't get themself in prime physical or maybe even mental shape.

But let's say physical shape because that's the normal one people think of. Now the team goes out on the court and they're playing with four that are supremely fit and ready to go but one that just didn't do it. He should have and wasn't prepared. What happens to the team as a whole when just one team member isn't operating on a peak level of performance. You're all Astute listeners and I get it and viewers. So you understand the team will suffer and the same is true with you if you are not operating at peak level of performance in both your mindset and in your physical body because you really can't have one without the other. And I know. I know you know what that means. And then there's business business so we're talking about sales marketing team building scaling systematized all of those things. Now when you combine all three of these and you have made at least an attempt to master them then you are approaching what I call a level of peak performance. And the thing is these three things Mind Body business those came about as a result of many years of studying of being with of being trained by being mentored and coached by successful business people successful entrepreneurs. And I noticed that there were patterns that kept coming up over and over and over of those who were successful and those patterns were those very three elements the mind the body and business they hadn't mastered all three and that's why they were so supremely successful.

And so that's why I formed this show to help you with phenomenal guests like Carlos relic who's coming on just a moment to help you in any and maybe all of those three areas. It's kind of a generic or organic show not pre scripted. So we will cover whatever we cover but entrepreneurs and we get together and talk. It's really fun. You're gonna love this show if you've not seen it before. Sit tight. You're in for a big ride. And you know thinking you know talking of mentors and coaches I remember some time ago going back probably eight nine years ago a mentor flew me out to his office clear on the east coast I'm on the West Coast heavy pickup in a limousine we had a deal to discuss it was a very exciting time and I sat in his his very large office on the corner CEO multimillionaire for two days we were negotiating and at one point he goes Brian we're just talking now I'm on a mat and sitting on his couch. So imagine a couch a full size couch in an office. It was a large office it was nice. He said Brian if people only knew they just did this one thing if they just did this one thing

They would all be super rich. And he kind of paused and like. Come on

What is it. And at that moment he just kind of coyly turned away walked back behind him to a wall on that wall was a very large cabinet with two doors that would open floor to ceiling. And he turned around looked back at me opened both doors with both hands and revealed what looked very similar to what you see right behind me. And what it was was shelf after shelf after shelf of books. Now we're not talking just any kind of books. You get me right is not those. It's not fiction books. They are books that help propel you like self-help personal development business books investing books scaling books you name it. It was there and I made a huge mistake that day I decided not to take his advice because I thought books. Come on. I don't know. They don't cost that much and go to a library and get those. So if I don't have skin in the game how could they be that valuable. And many of you can relate to that if you're not paying for something. If you get something for free you tend to value it less don't you. And so it doesn't cost much. You tend not to value it. That was my mistake. Thankfully thankfully years and years later I met another young man who became another mentor of mine very successful. And he basically said a similar thing. You said yes. You will become extremely successful more than just rich you'll be successful. I was like oh OK well the thing with him was I got to see him actually do what he talked about doing where he would walk around in the mornings. We worked together for several years wearing headphones and like hey man what are you doing.

He goes You're always wearing headphones. He goes I'm listening to a book. So what you can do that this is a while ago. And so I like how do you do that. And he said yes this app called audible and I looked it up and then I started listening to books I said my gosh I love listening to books. I couldn't stand reading them because I would get fatigued reading physical words I'd get tired my eyes would start droop and like I can only do this for a few minutes before I start getting tired with audible I'm like oh my gosh this is great it opened up a whole new world. So I listened voraciously and read book after book after book is like oh this is awesome. And as I'm listening on audible there's a little symbol on the app and I noticed that I said I wonder what that is. And I tapped it and bookmarked that very moment in the reading of the book like this is genius. So I started bookmarking all of the areas of books that had profound impact on me. Now I don't have to go back and read an entire whole book anymore. I can go back to review that book and actually just go to that one section that one bookmark or all of them in that book and go through the key elements and review in a very short order. And what I'd like to do with you tonight is share one of those on a segment that I call well you guessed it bookmarks bookmarks for to read bookmarks. Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com

Yes reach your peak library dot com. Now for those of you watching right now maybe you're listening to the recording on a podcast. Please stick with us. Don't go running off and checking out resources like the Web sites reach a peak library dot com. Just write that down for now. Stick with us. The reason is is because very soon Carlos is coming on and that's what you don't want to miss. So please stick with us. Write notes take notes. Get out a pad of paper. I personally I run this show. I do everything I'm on camera I'm come controlling the cameras I'm controlling everything you see and I still take notes. A lot of notes when the guest speaker comes on especially then because I always always tons of value reach a peak library what is that. That's just a Web site I put together for you. I kid you not. There is nothing here on this site that I put on purpose to make money for myself. So I just want to be clear about that. Here's the stories it's growing above there's a video I tell the entire story about going to that CEO's corner office.

In that video or you can read the whole thing right there whichever you prefer. Here is the magic. Here's the gold. There are the books. There's about 40 of them in here. And what I did was I started compiling books that had an impact a positive impact on me. So not every book I've read is in here. And the beautiful thing about that is is now you can come to a resource where you can at least know at least one successful person has vetted this whole group of books. It doesn't guarantee you will have a profound impact on you as it did me but it does increase the probability of that happening if that makes sense. So what I'd like to do is actually go to one of the books I have read and bring up a bookmark for you to listen to and this bookmark I found to be relevant to our guest speaker who's coming on because it has to do with selling and our guest speaker is a master at selling and you'll find out in what exact way he he's a master at selling it in just a moment.

So what I want to do is place. It's only a minute in length. Listen to it take notes and then right after this I promise we bring on the man the myth the legend himself. All right. Here we go. Sit back take notes and listen closely.

Many sales people who I've met who otherwise could have been great salespeople and have unfortunately been corrupted by those around them and and been led to believe that they should rely on trickery and deception. But you don't have to trick or deceive to sell. You have to be willing to serve. You have to be willing to help people before you ever truly get consistent closing more sales the more you're able to demonstrate that service oriented attitude the easier you will find your job to be. And trust me no matter how much you serve someone you'll still have to be prepared to ask will that be cash check or a credit card because service alone will not separate people from money. Trust me service is the only way to higher prices. Service is the only way to less competition. A salesperson caught in a constant price conflict will never agree with my point because they are stuck in price is their only solution.

That is pure gold right there and you can't see them. But Carlos is often the wings nodding so emphatically I think he might have hurt his neck because he was a green wholeheartedly to everything just said it. It's all about what it comes down to. This is why I thought of this being perfect for Carlos because he talks about the keyword of service. I've met Carlos several times now. We'll talk more about that after I bring them on. This man is all about service and you know what. Instead of just telling you about him why don't we bring him on. Would you like to meet this guy. I think it's time to bring on the special guest in our guest expert spotlight. Let's do that right now Shelly. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified

And there he is ladies and gentlemen it is the man the myth the legend. Mr. Carlos Redlich. And before.

Before I bring him on and let him start spewing his beautiful magic dust all over you of value. I want to do a quick introduction if that's OK with you Carlos just going to nod your head because you're not allowed to talk yet. I'm just kidding. And so Carlos he's become a friend of mine. He is a highly sought after direct response copywriter and marketing consultant. Take notes. Take notes. You want Carlos Redlich RTD allies c h in your camp. He's worked with all levels of entrepreneurs from six figure startups to nine figure mamas. I hope you're taking notes now as he travels the world and learns about new cultures. Carlos his primary mission is to deliver as much value as possible. He knows to be true to his fellow marketers and copywriters in an authentic and straight forward manner. Now before I really bring him on there's one reminder real quick for all of you watching live right now you have the opportunity to go on a five night vacation

Five night vacation stay in a five star resort. There's a lot of fives in there. In Mexico. Mexico and that is all done because of our beautiful sponsors from power texting dot com. My wonderful friends Jason and Lana from power texting dot com have offered this as a sponsorship. So it is a legitimate beautiful resort that you can go to. Jason himself has gone to test it out and so stick on to the very end of the show not tell you how you can enter to win.

We always give away a trip every single show so hang on with us till the very end. Now it's time finally for Brian to stop blabbing so doggone much and ask that first question so we can get Carlos on here. Carlos my buddy that was I love the bio. By the way it tells a lot. I love how it shows that you have had success. You worked with some pretty big players in the marketplace and that's all wonderful. Can we dig a little deeper and get more into the person of Carlos Redlich and maybe you know so we all sleep and we all get up out of bed. We hope every day and. We hope and usually we do. We open our eyes but at that moment what is it that really motivates you to spring up and start hitting the day. Right from the get go because I know that's the way you are you're an energized or you just built with energy. What is it that actually motivates you every single day. And then along the same lines what are you up to. Like recently what's going on in your life.

Definitely. Well first off I really appreciate you having me on the show. It's an honor. I've been looking forward to being on here for the last two or three months or something so I'm super excited super thankful to be on.

So I just want to say thank you for that. But. You know what it's so funny when you ask what gets me out of that it gets me out of bed now is different and what got me out of bed just a few years ago a few years ago I was really broke. I mean really. It sounds common because I feel like most people who you know made some cash online or whatever at one point were really broke and that just tends to be the story. But it's true. I was really broke. I was I was on food stamps that we had our water cut off our electricity cut off and I of stealing water from my neighbors I hated it. I felt like less of a man. I mean here I am with my girlfriend we're starting this business together we have a house and all of this stuff and I told her I'm an entrepreneur I'm going to win I'm going to do all this stuff and it just didn't end up happening. And so that actually I felt super humiliated the fact that I had to go steal water and all this stuff. So the reason I bring that up is because what got me out of bed originally was the fact that I just had to pay my bills and I didn't want to look at my girlfriend in the face and feel like a liar say hey I'm going to do something I'm going to win and I'm going to I'm going to bring home this money for us. And then it just wasn't happening I felt like just another liar. And you know there's plenty of them out there I don't want to be one.

So what motivated me in the beginning was it as soon as my eyes woke up whether that was at 4:00 a.m. to go to the bathroom or 8 a.m. or whatever. I've never had an alarm clock at least not as an astronaut. And but I've always woken up early 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning as soon as my eyes woke up. The first thing that was on my mind back then was I can't afford my those right now. And so that stress and that feeling of pain just pushed me to wake up because I didn't feel like I should be sleeping right now because now I'm thinking of now that I'm awake is how I make money how do I make money. So those habits though really helped me I think if I wouldn't have gone through that I don't think I would have developed the habit of just getting up and getting to work. I would have been more you know mosey into LA. You know let me push the alarm clock or let me just lose the alarm clock or I probably would have had those habits because I wouldn't have had I would have been forced to actually make things happen. So again to answer your question I guess a little bit more is. So let's start it with I guess my motivation back then was just hunger and the fact that I didn't want to be a loser I didn't want to look at my girlfriend and be like Hey I was going to do this for a liar I'm going to do this and I just didn't do that.

And we're forced to just steal water and do all these things that just you know we're in America. At least I am and I shouldn't have to be that I should have this this work ethic that connect that I can apply to money and the fact that I wasn't able to acquire that money just killed them. That was the first thing that got me out. But nowadays it's actually very different. But I still have that same kind of mentality as soon as my eyes wake up I'm ready to go. My my mind just goes and I'm ready to start working I don't want to go back to sleep and it's because of all those years beforehand it just kind of building that muscle of the sea as you wake up you get to work. So you wake up you get to work. So but nowadays I actually now that I'm I'm you know winning to a degree just because I make tons more money than I did. But you know when you start seeing things working you're not so stressed about paying your bills. Now you start trying to make an impact. Now you start trying to do things that are like man what are the things that wakes me up now is when I run campaigns when I run advertising it's to sell my online businesses and now that I start seeing results it's addicting because I remember when I couldn't see any results and now I'm waking up having people pay me anywhere between the dollar to forty seven dollars whatever while I'm sleeping and that just became addicting.

So as soon as I wake up now I'm I'm I'm ready to work but it's not from a stressed out fear based angle like it used to be it's more like I'm just going to be I want to keep like I want to keep this momentum going.

Very cool very cool.

I love that you have to get ready because that momentum figure that I was getting hot here.

Some passion baby that some passion already filling up my paper with notes because two powerful lessons in one right there. You had you have two motivators.

You've got one in your life but you had another one in your life. One was what I call an away motivator where you couldn't afford your bills so the motivation was to avoid staying in that position not to so much to say yes I'm being pulled forward into it because everything's rocking and rolling and getting better but more like whoa I don't want that anymore because I really don't feel right. I don't feel you know my self integrity meter is kind of getting drained and so many people can relate to this. Carlos I appreciate you being so transparent about that because more often than not successful entrepreneurs have gone through something similar. There's always that struggle time some greater than others right. Some have gone all the way down all the way down to the bottom.

Don't have a home to wake up in but it's a very similar occurrence and it's sometimes often takes us to reach absolute bottom before we can start to ascend up. And it just comes out of pure raw need.

And then one thing just on that I don't mean to cut you off but just know what that I think a lot of people used to make and I still do this and a lot of people still make fun of me for this but even when I was dead broke and desperate the friend you brought it you kind of brought this up earlier about listening to the right stuff. I still do that. So I have great credit and bedrooms Cooley and Craig Ballantine you name your favorite guru. I don't have to like them personally but I just brought them on because I know it's better than whatever is going to happen to the outside world. So before. So as I wake up and I'm getting to work in the background I've either got my phone on. I have a I don't have audible I have a I I look for something like that but it's same thing. So I either have something playing in the background from Grant card owner or the book that I'm reading now that I love is it like this and I've actually read it or listen to it I guess. But I love re listening to it because whenever I feel like I'm in this low moment I just throw onto that book relentless and it just gets me going.

I might get back in the game. You're not I mean. So anyways I just want to kind of plug that that a lot of people don't take that for you know a lot of you don't really keep them consideration plugging your ears in your brain with real positive stuff is good. I mean I could go on Tony Robbins all the time and some people made fun of me for it. Oh you're putting on 20 problems aren't you listen anything else I'm like Yeah I listen to break her down. But it's all going to be positive stuff. What else am I going to watch. You know talking about the constant life is to just less do what you look at the news the news is here's the plan. Here's everything's going to hell shift going I'm not saying don't watch the news but if that's the constant in life you have to actively push yourself to put good stuffing into your system. You know what I mean.

Yeah. Good stuff. Is that what you said. Yeah oh I don't know that the other words I got yourself that was go so relentless.

Do you recall the author on that which was relentless was I can pull it up right now. Yes. Relentless chin Grover I believe Tim Grover.

And the reason I ask you to say that out loud is so that others watching and listening can write down these notes. I do this all the time. I don't know every book that was ever written nor does Carlos and when I hear of one that's someone else's look at him watch him when he talked about it. I'm getting that book. There's no question. And you know I also know Carlos a little bit. So that also helps a lot because he's vetted in my circle. But that was then you're toward I love your tour because now things are rocking and rolling. I've been following you. I've been stalking you on Facebook and you know watching you as you bring on that beautiful gorgeous new vehicle that you got the Corvette.

I got into the Corvette Club. Now you have the same circle. I finally leveled up.

You are now officially my brother. That's right.

Corvette stepbrother. They keep that dude over there.

Shameless plug.

That's the bottle I'm drinking out of there. There we go.

Yeah. So beautiful. I love the toward because you know now you're now your motivation when you get up is pulling you out of bed not pushing you out of bed and you're being drawn in and gone man. I can't wait. Like right now you're not home. You're all across the country in Florida and I'm here for like until February actually shit my call.

I didn't realize. See I've been in this whole like internet marketing thing for that long. Right. So

From 25 to 32 whatever that is. Right. Seven years. I'm not good at math. Obviously I'm a good copywriter or either math or writing I am I'm a writer so but it's anyways. I do want to get you off topic sorry about that but we're actually going to bring it up.

You know that is a level of success that many don't have not achieved and that is you know I want to go head over to Florida and I saw you had a picture of you sitting in your Corvette and thinking oh my gosh. He didn't just put all those miles on that brand new beauty daddy. And we were talking right before the show and is said Oh no I had it shipped out I was like. There you go baby.

Yeah. It's a little funny a lot of people. I just didn't realize this is so this is so funny to me it's funny. So I was in an Uber and I was waiting for my car to get shipped and I was picking at so that Google was taking it to where the car was shipped.

You got to. And I was getting there and this person was I also you know did you ship your or did you drive down because I told them I was from Arizona I was like No actually just ship my cards. It's actually over here or you drop me off and. And she was like oh you're one of those rich people huh. That was like soda right. I'm like I'm one of those. Let's go there's tons of people way richer than me. I didn't realize but you know what that what that actually got me thinking you know we do stuff as when you have that that freedom lifestyle I guess you're able to earn enough money you're able to live life on your terms and do all that. Well it almost sounds like a dream because it wasn't like that right now. But now we can kind of do little things like that like ship your car or my girlfriend and we're like well we want to go visit our family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We don't want to go there for Thanksgiving. Fly back to Arizona fly back to Florida for Christmas.

Fly back to Arizona. So we just stay there from like beginning in November so until I don't know February 1st or 2nd and then in the meantime why don't we go to Europe. We booked a trip to Europe for a little over a week. We're going to go to Rome in Barcelona. It was all impromptu but to me that's not weird it sounds we're talking about it now but it's not weird because I'm not the only one doing this. Most people that you and I know actually live a very similar life. One of our friends Brian Dixon takes like 30 day impromptu vacations to different countries. I mean he's he's one of my heroes. So it's actually it's funny once you start doing this type of stuff and you get into the right circle where everyone else is is trying to level each other up what seems so crazy to the normal person is normal to this circle of people. I don't know if that makes sense but I always thought that was funny.

Well it did. I mean that's all that matters. No I'm kidding. But

Good timing right. When you're drinking something. Well yeah.

You hit on so many points right there because all of this circle of entrepreneurs we've all figured out how to scale our businesses as one. We've surrounded ourselves with mentors and coaches. That's the other. So you have that support system and it just fosters a an environment of abundance rather than scarcity. Even before you reach that point because that's what really takes everyone over the top is developing that mindset. Look at that first world up in the title right up there minds that that is the key. That's the cornerstone that is the foundation of success. I kid you not and I used to resist that for years. Come on. It's a bunch of woo woo stuff. You know affirmations and hypnosis and then helping on what is all this weird stuff. It's like it's magic is what it is and it's it's it's a proven science. All of it. And so yeah that's stuff you're saying. I'm just thinking about those are the reasons why it's normal for a group like us because that's how we've fought.

You know that's how we developed ourselves and it's about development like you're talking about you're listening to books every time you go somewhere. That's what I do. It's always in the car. What else are you going to do in the car besides maybe listen to music. There's zero productivity. You're wasting that. We're not really wasting it but you didn't realize that that's time you could be using to be productive. And once that happened like oh you know that the sky opened up and I'm like this is phenomenal in that bookmark icon there's a car mode and they make it bigger so you're you're still safe and you go back and not miss it while you're driving. It's phenomenal. So is that you know our our mutual friend Jeff Fagan has a pretty I'm actually going to screw what he says because he says a way better than I

I've learned a lot from Jeff he's a great guy and one of the things is you know in business you've obviously got to be in the right vehicle.

Right so let's say that's an online business is something that for some time that you can scale easily or it's a right it's a good vehicle for business. Right. But then the other part is you have to be the right. You can't have an amazing business model and have a crappy you inside and buy a crappy you that needs a person who's always thinking what they start is going to fail. Having issues about selling somebody when you if you are offering something good there's no reason why you should be ashamed selling stuff right. But a lot of times we just tap these mental blocks that screw us up. And so it's so true that the mental part having the right you is critical to your success because in any business that happens whether it's a brick and mortar business like the gyms I used to own I was paying ten thousand dollars a month in rent. I know what that business is like or if it's like all my business where my overhead is like less than a thousand bucks a month. Because it's just all online stuff.

Whatever it is you're going to have stumbling blocks and there's going to be something that screws up. When I had my gym I didn't know how to market so I put flyers and road signs all over the place and then I had a roadblock. A cop came and said that was illegal and told me I wasn't going to do that so I got a ticket and I said oh no that's a real leader. But instead of looking at is a failure because I had a friend of mine who was like oh no that's a failure you guys don't know you have no way to know what it was like the end of the world. And then in my head I'm like well maybe we just have to put a Google number so they can't track it back something. I was starting to think you source you know what I mean. So having that mindset of a listen it's going to happen. It's just a question of how it's going to happen. And I don't know how I'm going to get there but I will get there.

And if you just have that kind of just commitment and you know that goes a long way it almost is it doesn't matter what you do because there's so many ways to make money.

If that hurt if you have the right mind you just throw that person in anything. They're gonna be great. It's like a natural in sports. You never know. I mean my buddy here he's always a natural growing up. He was great at basketball great football great at baseball great at everything. So I mean it's just like it's all chance for man.

It's all transferable. I love it.

Love it. I was taking more notes and yeah I go on on tangents.

Man So you got to stop me sometime. Yo smack me across the face

If I believe value is coming out in which it was in droves. And you know like I said this is an organic show we just talk and this is what you and I would do. We were doing before the show weren't we. We weren't having this very similar discussion. And you. And by the way somebody watching looking at Carlos. He had the same level of passion and energy off camera as he does right now on he is the same in person that you'll see here. I kid you not.

Well I just want you know to if you ever see this I get pumped up I like I literally get it. I always start sweating and I had a buddy of mine Luke Grant. I mean he speaks for Tony Robbins and has all these cool things. Wait. An amazing speaker. Well he told me because I was I need to be really kind of nervous about something. Why do I sweat. I'm not even nervous but I'm just drenched in sweat because I do this because you're passionate.

Yeah you just get it. You're passionate so you're passionate you're into it. You're going to naturally you're going to get hot and excited and ready and so you're going to start sweating.

That's a good sign. Look when I get up on stage now it's again going back to the mental thing said stand up and be like Oh no I'm sweating I'm a failure now I go oh I'm sweating now and get started. There you go.

That's that's what we call in and LPL reframe when you start off of the negative frame this re frame it twisted into something that will serve you even better. You talked about commitment level. You know so many people think once you reach a certain level of success and then get higher and higher and higher your problems become less and less and less. And that's so far from the truth they get they go just right with the level of success more and more issues. The key is because of the person like Carlos you're constantly growing and recognizing and understanding that the key is not what happens. It's how you react to what happens. And it's your flexibility. And these are learned traits everybody can learn these. No one was born with all these gifts. Carlos was not born with these. You heard him. If he was he wouldn't be stealing water of his neighbors. It wouldn't have happened if he was born with all these gifts. So you can. That's the good news that's a good news story. That's what I'm trying to impart upon what our viewers and listeners that you know continue on with the fearlessness because you're able to because you've done the homework you've put in the blood sweat and tears. No pun intended on the sweat.

So all you need is what I would call a passion towel and carry it with you wherever you go.

That's so true man. That's so true I love it so sweet.

All right. So I want to you hit on a lot of topics already and that's why I just let this guy go he's still out there.

If we shift it over a little bit just briefly into the body aspect and I know that you have been a physical person when you're doing the martial arts and all that that's that takes a lot of physical fitness. But now going to where you're now sitting most of the time probably in a seat when you're on a laptop. How important now is physical fitness to your business and to your personal life.

Well it's human in every way. It's huge in every way. Right. So I will explain it in a few. So before when I was doing a martial art training I was in way better shape because I had a martial arts school so that's literally all I did was martial arts and training.

When I stopped doing that I went fully online. You're right. I was like Oh man I'm like Tubby over here. I'm not even working out. I'm barely walking doing anything.

And for years I didn't even think it affected me. I just I just whatever I didn't even was even conscious of it. Right but then I went for a hike and I realized that after that hike I felt amazing.

It was as if I had done my martial art classes when I was a kid and that I was just working out I would have this big smile on my face and have more energy and I'd want to go out and I want to do all these things. And I forgot what that was like because I just hadn't worked out so long. I forget you. You forgot to get those little boost in energy and so now. Well right now I don't do it as much I just I just went to a martial art training camp. My buddy has a martial arts school so I go there and train here on my own when I visit but when I'm in Arizona which is really where the majority of my time is I there's a a mountain bike less than a mile away from me and so my girlfriend typically night we go there every morning around 5:00 6:00 in the morning walk five thirty six in the morning and we go over there and hike and it's like a 20 30 minute hike a little bit more than a mile. There's nothing crazy but it's got a little hill was going up and down and it's just really great and it gives me an awesome workout I've lost a bunch of weight doing it for what it does is it's kind of like that kick start. So what I end up doing is I wake up. I do a little bit of work.

When I say work it's almost it's not writing copy it's like replying to e-mails or putting out offers meeting putting out offers to make money maybe that's on Facebook Instagram or our Facebook or Instagram or paid advertising or something. I'm doing that and I do that within the first 30 minutes of waking up. It's got to be something to produce income. That's the first thing. My first priority make money. And then after that 30 or 40 minutes I go on my little hike and it's still early enough. I do my hike and that's just a game that just sets me up for success because now I'm already I've completed something that could possibly make me money. Now I've completed something that's made me feel like I overcame something I mean I'm always tired when I come back from that mountain hike and so I feel great that I completed it and then I go and kick ass for the rest of the day and I feel great because I got my workout in and it's money producing stuff. And so the way it's affected me is just like that. It actually it kind of gives me that extra momentum it builds on my first win which was just doing that first 30 minutes of sending out offers whatever income producing activity I'm doing. And then it builds on that momentum by stacking on another win which is the physical body which is just going on that hike. And personally I mean that's just makes me a happier person.

And I just have more energy I literally can go out more and do more things. I mean my girlfriend I'm like we just want to go do more things because now I just have more energy. So it's pretty straightforward. I mean once you start becoming more active you just you naturally in my opinion you almost become a better producer of whatever it is you feel like you're just more of a go get it type of person. My buddy who said we tend to remember his name now Joseph I just when I met him you know we all meet each other online. But I just met him in person here in Arizona. I forget his last name. I wish you guys brought back is a really cool dude but he's a very wealthy guy eight figure person. He said that he's done studies. I don't know how. I mean I don't know where these studies come from but this according to him that people who go on morning hikes are generally of a higher income level than people don't lie to me. But he said those type of people are generally happier and more productive so they tend to make more money and they go on hikes. That's so. So there's actually a real according to him there's like a direct relationship between people who make a lot of money and people who workout or go on hikes in this case cycle.

And think about all the underlying reasons that they are doing a hike in the morning is because they developed the mindset that puts them in that frame of mind to do that because who is going to get up and say I want to go out and do physical activity right when they get up.

Very few people. That's so funny you say that. Now that brings me to another example I drove my my Corvette. CEOs six to that park. And it was so funny because a guy talking about people who are successful.

Another Internet marketer was there and it's a sick ride. Oh thank you. You know we just start talking say so what do you do. And I just follow he goes we don't know what an internet marketer is. So Mike for like civilians for the normal people I just say I just sell a bunch of stuff on and he's I oh man using like click funnels or Shopify. Oh this guy's in the know. And apparently he's a click funniest person and does all these things and he's like 10 minutes away from me from where I live. And we had a net hiking and he and he had his wife and myself went on a little hike and top business top analysts at each other our Facebook is super cool.

Yeah. So if you want to network with successful people get your butt outside and start walking hiking

On a hike. It's interesting you bring that up because what you just described is really universal. I told a story once about a buddy of mine I used to work at a corporate job where I had to drive over two hours almost three hours to get to my job location. So I ended up staying at a really close friend's house for two nights a week. And so we ended up working out together in the evenings. But that drive and then the toll of ten eight ten twelve hour workdays really took its toll.

And there'll be times at night where he's like you ready to go work out. I was like Oh man I'm just so so tired man. Not tonight. And he did the best thing a friend could ever do a guy talking to another guy. He said Come on you was.

That's right. He made you do it. And so you're not gonna back down to that right Carlos. No guy would like. Ok I gotta go now.

I'm not going to get worse and so I go in you know your dress you change your dressing every moment you go through you start working out and then you start to feel a little bit better. And the interesting thing is by the time we finished I felt amazing. And this happened many times not just once every single time without fail no matter how tired I was. And then a past guest just recently Bourguiba hopefully came on and she said that she's she's very avid into fitness as well and she said she was really sick at one point and she just said you know what. I'm just gonna go and work out anyway. Probably not good for other people because I'm touching the equipment stuff. But she did and she said when she was done she felt great.

And it's amazing. I'm not saying by the way please disclaimer if you're ill please don't just go out and say Bryan said I'd get well if I go work out it's just a mindset thing.

And it it does that it lifts you up the mind and body are a team. So mind body and business together as Carlos is doing. He's hiking he'll get up. He'll take care of business. He hikes. He comes back takes care of business he's got his body gone his mind is definitely going because that's helping his mind when he gets out in the fresh air and he's hiking. It's all a beautiful beautiful cycle. All you have to do is plug it into your life. That's it.

Follow the patterns of successful people and start living the life. It's not gonna happen overnight. Get started now.

If you're not there already one of the things since I plug myself in and we're all we're both talking about playing yourself with all these great you know like Tony Robbins all these great speakers other people can actually influence you in a positive way. And that helps so much man that there's really nothing that can stop you as long as you've got that point. You can do pretty much anything as well. I mean it's you may not succeed at the first time but that unstoppable mentality which again going back to that book Relentless this huge a relentless free flow for timber over I guess no reason I'm going to read it definitely on my list.

I have a couple of credits on Amazon are not evil so I'm in there yet. Let's change gears a little bit more let's actually now venture into a business which is right there and this is always a very very interesting topic and subject because I've seen so many speakers on stage at seminars even on webinars talk about how important it is to be a good marketer and that you must be a successful marketer. I mean think about it. Marketing is the lifeblood of a business if you don't have good marketing. There's no reason to be. You don't have a business. You won't be.

And the thing is though I see person after person describe that you must be good at marketing but they never seem to give tangible examples of exactly what kinds of things they do. And I get it. It's a big wide diverse monumental amount of different things you want to hit in marketing you've got to start somewhere. So when it comes to marketing your business Carlos what would you say to date. I won't put you on the spot for all of it but what has been your most successful form of marketing to date for your business.

Well I guess I'm on a high scale direct response marketing over brand marketing to start my brand brand stuff is usually filled by having a solid direct response base. Anyways that's so.

So the reason I say that is because most people I think would expect me to say oh you have to have this really great Web site or you have to have these amazing business cards and you have to have this really cool video that positions you as this when you don't really need that what you need is a killer offer. So when the things that I mean it was a quick win actually I put together. I talked to my buddy Gallop Gallop though. He gave me the idea. I didn't want to put together like five thousand dollars seventy five hundred hour offer or something and make it look it done for you. He helped me outline what I want to do and he's like just just pitch it go sell it you know what are you waiting for. Because I was in my own head and this is what's so great about having friends who are successful and other people who are in the entrepreneurial world. This is just like a quick stock with a buddy who is like a one hour 45 minute talk and we just had this whole thing. And so the reason I bring that up is because we made like 40 grand and three or four days or something just like a quick launch is like a four or five posts that I did on Facebook very simple but it was just because we had a really great offer and it was under ten thousand dollars so most people had that and it just worked so hard to give any real tangible advice it to make it appeal to everybody here.

We want takeaway is that even if you're not a good copywriter that's totally ok. You don't have to necessarily be a great copywriter to make money. You have to have is an amazing offer and that's what my buddy gallant helped me do I need to create a good offer. So we brainstorm put together a solid offer. And that was it. I literally just made the offer to people. I wrote the sales page in a couple hours instead of weeks. You know what I mean. And the copy was so so but the offer was so killer it turned people on the buyers. So if you're not a great copywriter yet that's OK. Learn the fundamentals learn some formulas do all that. Tons of free stuff on YouTube so you but work on your offer because if you have an irresistible offer something that's a no brainer decision.

It's as if here is a Rolls Royce that's only four hundred thousand dollars you can have a thousand dollars something ridiculous. That's a no brainer a deal. That's what you want to work. I work on offers that are just no brainers. And that's how you can start seeing success quickly once you start having money coming in. Once you see that cash flow coming. That's when I suggest hey let's invest a little bit into building the brand. Let's do some cool pictures or do a cool mastermind or do some videos. But the last thing in my opinion that you want to do is invest in all of that branding without even having any money to show for it just yet because you don't know the whole thing is going to work. Way better to get that money. Learn how to sell learn the pain points of your audience so that when you build your brand it's around real stats not stuff you just kind of guessing and hoping and like I hope people love my brand enough to buy from me rather than hey we've gotten sales from this particular audience and this is how they react let's build our brand based on how these people are.

Right hmm. Very cool. So start with the offer and then the brand later because most places I've gone seminars and workshops train just the opposite. Build your brand shoot a bunch of videos. Yeah. Like you said get the logo business cards up please. And I'm not a fan of it as much just because I mean I came from like I still think of it like practical in my head right

Because I used to pay 10 grand a month in rent. I remember the pain of the pain when I didn't have and going into debt and I needed that. So when I hear people say like that once it's helped me building a better brand once you've put ten grand within the next week into my bank account. It sales. I need to make sales and I need it. It's like I'm in a fucking dog. Can I just I'm so sorry. It's like I'm it's like I'm in a war and I'm getting shot up and I'm barely alive. I don't I mean I just need to get cash the hell up and medevac out of there like a comprehensive crazy surgery on the battlefield. A patch yourself up get the money in and then figure that other stuff out afterwards. But you got to get yourself gotta get yourself some money. So the thing about the focus on brand if you haven't broken six figures in your business Why are you even focusing on brand.

So the good thing about this and this show and the people watching and listening is you know let's say you're not good yet at crafting that irresistible offer. Well guess what. The person I'm talking to right here next to me can help you and we'll give you his contact information at the end of the show. Or you could just google him. Carlos REDLICH You can see the spelling on the screen right now with RTD Elyse H. Even though it's pronounced like a K Redlich. So that's correct. Yes.

You're a person who's caught that without asking me beforehand. So I love that you're so smart.

You're the only person who's ever done that or being a being a show host it's important for me to pronounce the guests properly their names and it's like Brigette as her last name that was probably the best I've ever pronounced and I've practiced it literally.

I practiced with her right before the show so it's just tools of the trade you know and then build a brand later that was so it's very rare you hear this kind of thing. One quick question. I can't believe we're 10 minutes from being done buddy but one quick question if I may. So now you've crafted that irresistible offer you've written it. You have it.

How do you get that in front of eyeballs specific like one. One specific example you probably have many but what's one that one person if they're just starting out where would they start. I have the sheet of paper that I typed on or it's on my Microsoft Word document. Where do I take that so that people will see it and come and see the offer and buy it.

Great question. So I'll give you the first answer which is the free way to do it and then depending on where you are in your journey as an entrepreneur we can do the same way. But let's say you're really new which is what the example you use if you're totally new and nobody knows you. You don't have the money to spend on Facebook guys and all that stuff. That's totally fine. In fact the way I built my business was by getting on shows just like the one I'm on right now with you. And then people naturally reaching out to me to say hey I love what you said on so-and-so show. Want to know if you have a Web site or something or a shop. And that's really how I built my business because I didn't have the capabilities to just run a bunch of traffic and cross my fingers and hope it was going to work. So I had to do is partner up with people and I actually don't even have to partner up with them because they didn't ask for permission. So I would just say hey I see you have a big group of 40000 business owners. Would it be OK if you interviewed me on copywriting and then at the end you just tell people where they can find me on Facebook. And a lot of people are starving for content and these groups are the group owners are starving for content. And so when you do that you approach them in that way you're not pitching anybody. You are you. But in a sense you're just giving pure value and if anybody wants to buy from you naturally just go let's what.

So that's the free market. Putting that on steroids would be doing it still free would be do the interview it would be a two step process first step would be do the interviews give pure value don't ask for anything in return just giving value doing all that stuff and then you go back a week later a month later or so and assume you've done a really great job and delivered on that interview they let the audience loved the host loved it then you come back and say hey would you be open to doing a joint venture with me where I split 40 percent of the profits or 50 percent of the profits of this new offer I've got I'd love to share it with you just to see if it is something you're even open to and a lot of times if you've already done an interview with the person and it's gone well they're already they already love you they already know you shoot them over the product give them access so it's all verified that they actually like the product and it's a very easy way to get joint venture deals and I start making money at least six figures. Jason Carroll made twenty five million dollars without ever running a frickin ad. It was all by doing joint venture webinars with each one presenting his offer in that way so he never paid a single dime. He just paid it to us. So that's one way.

That's the freeway and it's a phenomenal way. And remind me for you watching or listening in. Ken spawn if you're still on. You gave me the resource. There is a beautiful resource that you can go to to get yours your face and your name in front of podcasters and so you they will be looking for that content. All you have to do is put your name in this directory and it's escaping me at the moment. So if Ken doesn't come back on and comment just come in in the comments below. Whichever venue you're watching run seven platforms simultaneously right now and or face direct message me on Facebook and I'll get that information for you because it's a phenomenal resource and what you said about joint ventures. I know this to be true. I was talking to you about it before we started the show right before.

How that is so true that I think I'd benefit more from this show than any guest or any viewer or listener from the standpoint of I didn't do it for that reason. But what's happening are the connections like you're talking about are solidified even tighter for those that had connection. Those I didn't really have a connection with. I now have. And we're all now like in the inner circle together. And yet amazing things have happened. I'm not going to give the details out of respect but I've had some amazing things come to my way without even having that intention. When I first started the show. And so what Carlos is saying is absolutely true. I just want to emphasize what you're saying. You don't have to do anything fancy like I'm doing here make that very clear. You can literally start with a podcast where there's no video and you're recording it off camera. You're not doing it live. You can edit it so you can make this very simple on yourself. So the key is just get started. And now if you have a little money to spend. I'll turn it back to Carlos because I think he was getting a segway into. OK now let's let's put up the flame and put some juice into this bad boy.

Definitely so. So then there's the paid ad version. So if paid ads I have discovered that if you're selling stuff that's fine.

Now they even really like three thousand let's say a five thousand or ten thousand dollar offer or something and let's say again you're not the best cotton writer in the world or anything crazy. One of the easiest things to do is generate a phone lead and close them on the phone. Here's the kicker. When you're using paid advertising to get people on the phone generally they are lower quality which means you have to go through a bunch more to close the deal. That's totally fine though if you have a high ticket offer that's five thousand or ten thousand dollars because just think about it. If you have to get on the phone with 30 people before you close one five thousand dollar deal. Well was it worth it. Because you get 30 people or 30 phone calls done in a week. One that's five grand in a week. You just kind of have to gauge is that good or not you kind of work your numbers. But one of the one of the ways that I did it was by essentially placing my offer as a as a long form Facebook app. So if you don't you have to have a Web site for this really you could just do what's called a lead was essentially a real life form as well as five steps just impromptu the right that long form app. So the reason I say long form is because in that ad you're going to basically tell him what the offer is for the most part. And then if they're interested they're going to click on it.

They're going to put in their bill their name email telephone number and you're going to you know I suggest having like three pre qualifying questions like a do you know what a marketing funnel is know how much do you spend on advertising. How soon are you looking to get started with x y z business or some where I just unqualified questions. But the point is that you're you're putting out a long form ad because if they read all that and then they fill in the info after answering three qualifying questions by the time they get on the phone they may not be the best me in the world. You've qualified them to a degree so you're not totally wasting your time. And when you can do that you can scale up. But again I'm not I'm not going to forget the five things I'm going to show you showing you the I said forum a friend Facebook has launched from Facebook. But as you start generating more leads. For example if you make five to five thousand dollars sales you now have a big chunk of money that you can reinvest in advertising and generate enough leads to now work. Now you bring on fellow closers that work on straight commission. There's tons of people who do this. There's just tons of them and they work on straight commission so you don't actually have to pay a person on salary to close these phone deals as long as you have leads generated are populating their calendar.

They'll try to close them on the phone and that way you can replace yourself and there's no real other than if they close you know 20 percent is legal 50 percent a deal. Now going back to the five step formula for writing a long form app let's say you don't know how to write an ad or any of that stuff. It's totally fine as long as you follow these five steps. You'll have a very good chance of at least getting some kind of result with you're following the actual path of persuasion that makes people watch or learn more. So the first step is you want to ask a yes question for example love water. Yes I love water. Assuming you're talking to people who love water you have to have the targeting. Well let's say that's that that's the first step. Right. I'm selling a water bottle first thing would be in the and. This is a freestyle that's just approved the five steps to sell virtually anything. So the first step is a yes question love water. Yes OK. My story to relate well my story. So step two would be a story to relate I share what I'm going to do to make this easy. I'm going to say the five steps and then I'll give you an example. So the five steps step one is it. Yes. QUESTION step two is a story surely. Step three is a big aha moment step four is our yes set for is suggest a possible solution and then step five is called action.

So yes question love water. Yes step to a story to relate. I remember when I was buying all these water bottles that had this funny taste and for some reason every bottle that I got I'm making this up every bottle that I got just had this weird metallic taste right. That's step two step three was the big aha moment. But then something amazing happen I discovered Dasani water and every time I drink it I get cooler I get hydrated and I don't have that nasty metallic taste that all these other water bottles. Step four suggests a possible solution. Now this water bottle was awesome. It's worked for me it's worked for millions of other people who love Dasani. Maybe it'll work for you. Now that's a really important because what that does is it makes them cross their fingers and hope it's for that. It's a little psychological trick there. That's why this is called action so to see if to sign is bottled water is perfect for you just click the button below and fill in your info and a representative will call you to see if it is good real simple face the guy you put that type of stuff out and you can generate leads and then close up. Love it love it love it so much more I mean we're one minute away from our normal quitting time but the beautiful thing about this this format in this venue is. I basically decide when we're done

And it's not completely on me I want to give a shout out real quick to Regina Tula. She has been commenting like crazy on this show providing great value some great questions and my buddy Ken spawn came on and gave the answer.

See if I can find it real quick scrolling through ice and let me look it up there it is so pod cast guest plural podcast guests plural all together no dashes no spaces go there and that's where you can get on a directory to start making a name for yourself if you haven't already and it's another way to expand your name. I'm actually looking to do that myself. I look at every avenue and if my calendar is open then I do it. It doesn't matter if there's a slot open I go for it.

The other resource I wanted to share because you talked about a commission based sales people same exact thing. I went in found one It's called Time to hire dot com and they provide for a flat fee. I think it's three hundred and maybe four hundred dollars one time fee they will connect you with a salesperson that's qualified to sell your service or product and I haven't taken it past that point yet to see what their commission levels are if they're you know I'm sure time time to hire I would guess time to hire might share in that I don't know. There might be a minimum but at least you can do a commission based only. All you then need to do is really supply them with a script and for all of this if you have any questions on resources like the script itself Carlos can help you craft that I'm sure.

I have another friend that can also add more English language expertise to it. Using an LP in a way that will make it even more. I mean I have resources coming out of everywhere and I would love to share them with you just private message me a Facebook message me get in contact with Carlos and get the conversation started and you know what. If you say well I don't have the money you've got to start the conversation. Regardless it's all about saying yes it's all about taking action massive immediate and consistent action.

I can't tell you and Carlos maybe you're the same where I've sat in those workshops back in the day and I could barely rub two pennies together. My credit card was maxed out. They said go to the back. It's only 10 grand. Go to the back and I'm like I need this I'm just gonna go back there and say yes and see what happens. And so when I started doing that it doesn't mean it works every single time but 90 plus percent of the time it has and I've worked out a deal and I have zero regrets. I have no regrets for a dime of what I spent over the years and I've spent a good amount of money investing in myself and that's something else. If you if you want to sell something even a high ticket item if But you're sure you yourself are not willing to buy a similarly priced high ticket item then you're never going to be able to sell that high ticket item. It's all about the mind. The neurology the psychology behind it so get in the habit of saying yes whatever happen and we're not here to sell anything of you.

We haven't offered anything for sale. Now if you were to call each of us individually and there is a resource we could offer you that requires our time and our expertise then yeah that will be a transaction necessary. It's just the way it works. So be ready. But reach on contact Carlos because you can tell I mean the energy he's sweating like crazy because he's so passionate that's it that's a passion sweater right there. You could probably market that bro passion sweater

But you're always thinking about your next event.

It's instead of never let them see you sweat make them see you sweat. Be sure they see you sweat. That's right.

All right. There is one more question though that I want to get to I know in and then out of respect of everybody been watching that knows this is an hour we're going to go a little bit over. Hope you're okay with that too Carlos. I know it's late there in Florida. It's pushing nine thirty there I think. And there's one question that I just love to bring up. It's kind of a heavy hitting question and I've asked of every entrepreneur on it's been on this show and it's it's really it can be really deep. And so Carlos if it takes you a little bit of time to come up with the answer don't worry about the dead air time because it's worth it. We just we want to make sure you have what you feel is the right answer in tow and don't worry about it being right but oh before.

Before we do that and I know it's late now but I want to remind everyone exactly how they can now register to win that wonderful five night vacation in a five star luxury resort in Mexico compliments of and I'll put up on the screen of power texting dot com Jason asked Rhonda. And here are two ways whichever is the most convenient for you pick it up and do it quick make quick decisions get in the habit Web site you can go to reach your peak LLC dot com forward slash vacation and all you have to worry about is vacation you know if to worry about it just do it. Vacation is all lower case the rest of it can be any case reach your peak LLC dot com for Slash vacation or if you prefer to do this on your phone and again go ahead and do this now click on the tab open up a new tab on your browser while you're listening and do this on your Web site or bring up your phone and text the word peak. That's AK. 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again that's the word peak PTA k 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again brought to you by power texting dot com. And in fact the very the very system that you go through in either case whether it's on the website or by texting that word is actually run by power texting. I have an account and it's phenomenal. Many of you that are watching and listening. Oh you learned about this show because I texted you five minutes before the show and it was automated. It's an amazing system so I highly recommend you check that out. Check that out pretax income. So go ahead do that right now. Quickly quickly quickly because now we're gonna put Mr. Redlich back on the spot the hot seat because he's sweating. He's hot. He's passionate.

So Carlos there's just this question is not being wondered what this question is. What is it.

So I'm actually glad you started sweating before I brought it up because you know then I I now I can know that I'm not the reason I didn't cause all the stress for you. Hey Traci Waller and Jeff Brodsky how are you doing. Thanks for coming on. Yeah. So it's a really really really big important question and the cool thing is. What I will reveal right now is no two people yet. I know it's coming but no two people yet have answered the same way and it to kind of take the pressure off Carlos. There is no such thing as a wrong answer. And to make to make it even more powerful. The only. Correct answer

Is your answer.

So are you ready. I'm ready to roll. Let's do this.

All right here we go. He said you're ready. Carlos Redlich How do you define success

And it's such a simple question too. I thought it was going to be easy. The answer is a little tougher. How do I define success

Relentless pursuit for what you want and not stopping until you get it. The pursuit is I think a success because most people just give up. And the beginning of their journey. I don't know if I was suppose to be more elaborate but that's pretty much it.

And having a ton of money to show for it. So the beautiful thing as I was a kind of a dramatic pause but I was writing notes. Like

The wisdom I could have all of those must be longer so true to form no one else has answered it that way.

With that answer relentless pursuit.

So basically what you're saying is a commitment to discipline and commitment to be relentless during the journey not just once you've reached a point where you feel you've made money. To coin that thing is a success. Is that correct 100 percent.

You don't like the whole life your whole life.

Right. Like most people retire. And then I shortly after I kind of think it's because they retire.

You should just get up and work it is. You hit the nail on the head.

So successful people I think just look at Warren Buffett. He doesn't need the money.

You know it's interesting because you know I talk about retirement and I say I don't believe in it. I don't. What is retirement that's giving up. I mean for what purpose. So what are you going to do. I'm going to go golfing and fishing the things I love for the rest of your life. I mean a hobby is just that it's a hobby. You can't sustain that and feel like you have a purpose in life. If all you're doing is fulfilling yourself and that's just because we're wired to help and serve others. In my humble opinion and the thing is I'm a Christian. Nowhere in the Bible will you find any mention of the word retirement that was made up made up. Baby we were not designed to retire you work. You serve in whatever capacity you are able to let's just be clear. Maybe you've got physical ailments.

Maybe the mind is 100 percent but you're always you know doing something serving others in any way you can. There's no such thing in my opinion as retirement like most people would think of it. It's it's it's a disease in my opinion that that has yet spread.

It's how you sell a job. It's my everything I've thought about this I'm like well that's how you sell a job right. That's just sacrifice. He's only like 20 or 30 years. And then for the rest of the remaining amount of your life we'll pay for it and ship the 1/2 years it

Has it.

And so you know a lot of people a lot of people say they're living the dream that you know they do it so they can live that dream of you know retirement where now they feel that they have it all. Well here's the here's the reality of it. I know many people who have gone through retirement who are in retirement now. The reality is once you retire guest do you make the same amount of money more money or less money than you were when you were working. Hint hint Less by far. So you think that freedom is going gonna be there. Well maybe your house is paid off. Maybe the cards are paid off but the bills there are still bills and you still have to eat. You start to put gas in the car and so you know you don't have that unbelievable glorious liberating freedom that everyone thinks they're going to have when they retire. You'll be lucky to afford a round of golf once a week. You know it's

As an Internet marketer I've been called and my bride Brian Dixon is actually in our buddy actually Brian Dixon is a better example than I am of basically living your life semi retire because I am extremely passionate about what I do I work all day and all night I'm working right now and it's nine thirty at night you know what I mean most people would be like oh my gosh I clocked out at six I can't take another.

All right. But this is like I'm also on vacation and I'm also visiting a buddy of mine house I'm also doing all these. It's like you're semi retired like the rest of your life. Yeah I. So. I rather this right I actually enjoy doing this other that I wasn't doing this would I be doing as a normal person. I'm sitting on the couch drinking a beer watching the news. I'd rather do this.

It's so true. Oh man.

That is so great moral. That's crazy. Do this again tomorrow because it's still spontaneous. You still have a mind expanding freaking discussions and shit. You're not going to get it anywhere else because of it.

I love it. I love it. True true

Very true. Sweet. I was just looking to see what we had for folks and oh I wanted to give another shout out. So Regina Tula. Thank you so much. After this is over go check this out. Carlos. She has like hung on every word and comment on every key point you've made.

She's only getting better. Thank you Regina. Yeah she's writing better notes than I am and I already I literally filled up my entire page.

But she has more than I have because well I'm a little busy too but phenomenal. Thank you Regina. Thank you Ken for coming on and telling us that beautiful resource for the podcasting and for all the rest of you that came on to watch and listen to this. Go ahead. Be sure to enroll for that that five star luxury resort. I want to give it away. Come on let's bring it on I'll check it right after the show to see. Who I'm going to pick for the winner. We'll do it randomly and I can't wait to give you that announcement. And appreciate you for being on the show watching listening interacting. I love that about you know people that come on the show and comment ask questions give us likes and love. Appreciate all that. So Carlos thank you my friend. It's been a wonderful wonderful ride right.

Yes. And appreciate you. I can't wait to see you again. You and I we shared the stage at one point at a fitness professional business

Workshop. That's it. We each got to speak at that. That's first time I met you I was like wow he's a copywriter. You handed out those copywriting books for free.

Oh that guy knows that a market. I love what he's doing.

And then I ran into you again at the millionaire mindset in in the mansion in Southern California and La Hoya I believe. No not La Hoya.

I think we met again in Paradise Valley in Arizona.

No I didn't make it out to that one unfortunately.

No. I was sure it was in Laguna Laguna Hills.

Thank you. That was it. The Castle and. I was like looking oh there was like I know you were over by the side and yet Mr. Energy you weren't sweating so you weren't that passionate but. That's because I talked to you yet and. You and your beautiful girlfriend were there and yeah awesome. So I'm looking forward to running into you and you know crossing paths many more times in the future. And for those watching it's very important. What is the best way Carlos for them to get in touch with you what is your primary contact point is Facebook email phone What's your preferred method

Yet. The best way is actually just add me on Facebook or send me a private message on Facebook and tell me that you listen to this show. But let's connect through there. That's right the best way. And just a he's app. He was saying it's Carlos Redlich our EDL I H.

And are there more than one of those on Facebook to your knowledge.

There's there's actually a few. Here's a little secret. Whenever you get shut down by Facebook because your advertising is too aggressive you just have to create a new profile. That's kind of what I've done. That's. I like five. Just thinking you know the main one you know which one it is.

Is there a specific profile picture that can go by. Are you leaning against your Corvette. Is that the one. Let's see. Let's see. Let's see.

No it's a picture of me and my girlfriend Tiffany. I'm wearing a jacket and she's wearing a green dress. All right.

Let me see if I can pull it up real quick on the screen that way because I want to make sure there are no guests. There's nobody guessing on how to get a hold of you.

Oh you're awesome. I didn't even know you could put it on the screen like that.

Yeah. We have the technology baby. That's pretty sweet. It's just to make sure that I can find you. Oh yeah. There you are dressed to the night there. King Carlos. That you. Yeah. That's me. All right. Let me pull that up as art music.

There we are. You can see the picture of Ken on the upper left. Yeah. There he is the big profile with him leaning against his Caesar C6 Corvette.

That beauty that was at the mansion at the at the castle. I remember that. So that's how you find Carlos type in Carlos Redlich.

And then click on the message button and say Hey man I want to learn more about your copywriting skills your sales skills please let's just have a talk and then you know what. Be respectful of his time and know that his efforts will ultimately cost money. He'll probably talk to you for I don't know how long ever he wants to talk to you. And before he says OK look let's hook up a time and I'll give you more details on exactly what I do and how we can work together.

If it's OK. The best thing to do is because just like you say I'll get messages all the time but the bet and I actually replied Homer Agar final the best thing you do is send a message with your biggest problem you won't solve it.

You think I can solve and I'll do my best to give you that free advice. Oh you don't have to say hey hi. You just cut right to it.

I'm super American just right to the super American love.

I got the Corvette right to the right.

So we love you brother.

Love you too man. I appreciate you having me.

I appreciate you coming on. Enjoy your time in Florida with you and your lovely girlfriend and enjoy your trip to Italy later. Oh man that's awesome. So for everybody watching we appreciate you coming on listening viewing whether you're on live or watching the recording or listening to the recording on a podcast. Have a wonderful wonderful rest your week. Thank you once again Carlos. Say so long to the folks. And

Giving you I. Oh

Oh see we're leaving each other hanging. There we go. All right. That's it for tonight. Be blessed all. We'll talk to you again and see you next week on the mind body business show.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business showbiz show shows with Brian Kelly.

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