Special Guest Expert - Chara Rodriguera


Chara Rodriguera

With the heart of a mystic and the mind of a luminary, Chara is a natural born inspirer. Since 1997, Chara has been a teacher of Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Inspired Living. She shares empowering messages and practices that will help you live with greater awareness, skill, peace, joy and love. As the Creator of Sol Path Yoga and The Optimal and Dream Life Programs, Chara has spent the last 25 years guiding others to step into their full potential and onto their authentic path. Her extensive training and experience also includes specializing in relaxation exercises, mind mastery techniques and effective ways to reprogram the mind for success. You could say, Chara is a facilitator of DREAMS COMING TRUE! Known for her intuitive, poetic and loving style, Chara inspires people all over the world to shine their divine light, live their unique magic and honor their authentic path. For more information and a life-changing meditation entitled: BREATHE…And Let The MAGIC Begin!, please visit: www.Chara.tv. Some fun facts about Chara:

1. She’s the Mamma of two sons: Von (13) and Zan (11). They give her daily opportunities to practice mindful breathing! ;)

2. About a year and half ago, her family got a mini labradoodle puppy named, Dream, and she’s become one of those obsessed dog moms.

3. She started taking self-portraits back in 1990, when no one else did that. So, she considers herself a “selfie pioneer”.

4. She’s a big Harry Potter fan and believes in magic.

5. Her arms are always open for real and virtual hugs.

6. Her all-time favorite quote is: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud, was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” –Anais Nin

7. She can sometimes be bribed with really good chocolate!

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