Special Guest Expert - Chris Burns

Special Guest Expert - ChrisBurns

Welcome to the mind body Biznews three years since he's just moments away. Here's your host Brian Carey.

Hey everybody. And welcome. Welcome welcome to the mind body business show.

We have got an amazing show for you tonight. I cannot wait for you to meet our special guest expert the one and only Mr. Chris Burns full of energy. I love this guy. We went through some very advanced training together some years ago and really got to know him at a deep level. And you're going to love him as much as I do because he's he comes from the heart. He's a man of integrity. The mind body business show what is that all about.

Well I noticed over my 54 years of life on this earth when I started following and really learning from successful people entrepreneurs business owners I started noticing that there were patterns that developed for those people that were successful that had achieved that level of success that I desired. And what I noticed was they all excelled in three main areas of their life and that of course mind body and business mind being the mind set mindset and we're talking not just on a superficial or on the top level or on the surface level of the conscious mind we are talking deep into the subconscious mind. And there are some incredible techniques there's a science called an LP or neuro linguistic programming for short which by the way Chris and I went through the advanced training in that together. So he knows all about the mindset that helps you to reprogram or rewire your brain for better results and it doesn't take long at all and it's proven it's only a little over 30 years old technology and it works. It's the science of success. And so we may talk about that we may not tonight it's completely organic show and we'll see where it goes with our buddy Chris. And then there's body body what does that mean. Well it's very imperative that you take care of yours that you exercise on a regular basis and that you eat properly eat clean. You know what goes in your body affects you. And what I'd like to see is the mind and body are a team and more importantly the mind and body are your team.

Now I'd like to I'd like to put a little metaphor in there and say Now think about like a team of five players maybe in a basketball team a lot of people are familiar with basketball and one player decided that he or she was not going to prepare fully for that next game or that person did not feed himself properly and put in the conditioning so he could last longer during the game and he did not sharpen his skill sets of shooting dribbling passing. And now he's he's playing on this team he's on the floor there's five players he's one of them. If one player did not put in the effort and time and mastery necessary what happens to the team as a whole lay suffer don't they. It only takes one and the same thing is true with your mind and your body. So if you are mastering your mind by utilizing the proper tools and techniques to get you farther faster kudos to you. Good job. And then body. Make sure you're exercising regularly and getting the nutrition you need and deserve. And when you are doing both of those you are operating at a certain level of what I call peak performance. Hence the name of the company to reach your peak. And then there's business for those that are really successful they've mastered the main areas of business and that would be sales marketing and team building which is scaling your business and all of these take time to master. And if you're not Massereene all of them yet then one would now be the time to really start doing that.

That's right. Yes. Mind Body business show that is what it's all about and what you see behind me a lot of books. Something happened many years ago actually I was in the office of a CEO multimillionaire back in Maryland. I believe it was he had the corner office large everything was expensive big desk. And he just said Brian if if people only knew if people only did this one thing that they just did this one thing they'd all be rich. I'm like you know I'm on the edge of my seat. Tell me man what is it. And so he turns around walks away. I'm sitting on a couch this is in an office couch right. He turns around he walks to the wall the back wall and there is this Two Door cabinet that goes from four to ceiling. He walks up to it. He looks back at me. He grabs the handles he opens up the shutters the doors and all I can see from floor to ceiling was what you see behind me were books personal development books business books lifestyle fitness everything that we're talking about on this show was in his book. And I did something that might shock you all and that is I ignored that advice 100 percent. I did not start reading for years. Thankfully thankfully thankfully another mentor came into my life. This is one that Chris knows very well and he said virtually the same thing. All you need to do is read.

That's the cornerstone for everything you've got to read the right books and so not only did he tell me and us the whole team but he showed by example walking around with a headset listening to books all the time I said listening to books. I think that sounds like an idea. So I ended up started listening to books on Audible an application called audible and I began really loving it because it turned out I retain. And my I'm able to retain information much better and I pay more attention listening than I do if I'm reading a physical book I tend to get sleepy if I read a physical book. So everyone has a different mode and that's mine audible. And then I noticed as I'm driving along I can play this in my car. Whereas otherwise I would be doing nothing really productive. I would be listening to music or something else but now I can I can saturate my mind with the goodness of success in business and in life while I'm driving and then I noticed that audible this app that I'm listening to the books on has this little icon little ribbon looks like it's actually a bookmark. And what you do is if you hear something that it's like man I want to I want to really bookmark that I want to spotlight that and come back to it later because that was important. You just tap that little icon and instantly it's stored. And so that's what I began doing. Over the course of several years now.

And what I want to do is write it this time segue into a segment that I call Bookmarks bookmarks foreigners who read bookmarks ready steady greet Vogues marks. Brought to you by reach your big library dot com

Yes Richard pick library dot com there you see it next to me. And for those of you watching the show right now. Please stay with us. Just take notes write this stuff down. In other words don't go running off to websites or resources that may be announced on the show right now. But go ahead and take notes and do it after the show because you don't want to miss Chris Burns. I'm telling you right now you must stay with us. So this is a site I put together for a specific reason and that reason was all of you. It wasn't for me. This is a compilation of books running around 40 right now. I think I'm three or four behind and listing them on this Web site here. Here you see they start on by the way that story I just alluded to the entire story with that gentleman in the corner offices right here on video or you can read it. It's all there. But what it did was I compiled a list of all these books and I I got the links for every type or form that the book is offered in. So in this instance you see there's one for Audible hardcover and Kindle on both of these. If it had it I put it on on the site to make it easy for you.

And the beautiful thing about this is so not every book I've read went onto this list and I so I put a filter in. And that was so that when you come to the site you can at least know that it has been vetted by at least another entrepreneur. And so the odds of it having impact for you are greater. I'm not guaranteeing it will but it will be greater. It'll save you time. And so what I did was I started listening as I said before and bookmarking and I love to pick a section of a book and play it back on this show. Only takes about a minute and I always pick a bookmark that's pertinent and relevant to the guest speaker that's coming on. So without further ado we're going to bring up none other than the 10x rule by Uncle Grant card don't grant Cardone gc. You're going to find out about Chris here in just a minute. Right after this book plays that this book is going to be rewritten by Chris Burns and we're going across out 10x and put in 12 weeks and you'll know why in a moment. It's amazing but it's about a minute. Let's listen to Uncle Grant just about a minute. Listen closely and take notes and then we'll bring on the man himself. CB Chris Burns.

Here we go calling on companies Cole taught me more about taking massive action and then groovin that discipline. There was natural to me anyway and naturally each of you than any other activity I've ever done and has proved more valuable to me in all my other ventures. See when you're taking massive action you're not thinking in terms of hours or calls when you start operating with a fourth degree. Your mindset shifts and so will the results. You'll end up instigating opportunities that you'll have to address earlier later and in a different way than you would on a normal day. So a routine day will become a thing of the past. You understand when you start operating a massive you instigate situations you trigger stuff and make things happen that you then have to say oh I got to be there earlier I got to stay there later the normal Dages drops out routine things are a thing of the past. I continue this commitment to massive action until one day it was no longer an unusual activity at massive but a habit and we'll stop right there. And the reason I brought that bookmark up is because there is no one that I know that pit demises the words massive action more than our special guest expert. It's time for the guest experts spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained legal age qualified

And there he is. Ladies and gentlemen I am so excited or bring on this gentleman.

Chris Burns my friend my buddy my coach student at one point real quickly I want to give him an adequate introduction and then we'll bring him on let him actually move his mouth and say stuff which is what we all want because he brings massive value at all times since hitting rock bottom at an early age. Chris has become an expert in the fields of mindset business and leadership. Now entrepreneurs and leaders hire Chris to reignite their self belief and clarity. So they take massive action and create a huge impact. And the cool thing I just want to segue real quick is you know he talks about taking massive action but this is one guy that doesn't just talk about it. He is a perfect example of it. That is why his following is so strong. He's spoken at more than 90 live events across the United States and since last year Chris has interviewed check this out. Last year one year over three hundred three 0 0 inspirational role models influencers and leaders on his weekly. And this this only could fall out of your seat every single week. He does a 12 hour straight live streamed marathon and boy is it and podcast called Becoming your greatest possible selfie.

Definitely want to get connected with Chris. We'll give you the opportunity to do that near the end of the show. And by the way real quick. Watch this show to the very end. If you're watching live definitely watch it to the end because you have an opportunity to win a complimentary stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico compliments of power texting Tom my good buddy Jason Ness company. And by the way he just visited himself and said it was a phenomenal location and he loved it. So he wants to go. Oh and there might be just thinking there might be an additional gift. I don't know Chris that this guy may have brought to the table that he's willing to give as well so definitely stay on the end because that's when we'll announce that. So without further ado Mr. Burns Chris Burns. My goodness. You know I gave an intro about you from your bio that those were your words. But I would like if you don't mind if you could give the viewers a little bit more in-depth about you know what actually get you out of bed and going every single day.

And you know more about Chris Burns at the heart level and what are you currently up to. What's your most recent project that you're very passionate about.

Thanks you. Thank you so much for having me on. Brian I appreciate you man. It's such a pleasure to be here and everyone who's listening. Definitely stay around to the end not only for the gifts but I believe that in life we can transform in an instant. One idea one new perspective one concept can really transform our entire lives. So for me what gets me out of bed in the morning is knowing that I get to put people on a platform where they get to share their message where they get to impact the world in a bigger way. And I get to put them in the spotlight with the time and the energy that I've invested into this platform to build it up so that they can be celebrated as the hero because growing up I always wanted to be this hero. I always wanted to be there in the video game characters. I want to be celebrated. I want to be you know the powerful hero that everyone wanted to be around because I felt so out of place and misunderstood. And like I didn't belong anywhere. And I had to grow through that of course and built my coaching company about three and a half years ago started it and then launched our 12 hour marathon. So really what gets me up in the morning is knowing that I get to play the game of life. I get to grow my self my character and just go out there and have fun while learning while making a difference while serving and while creating impact in the world.

And a lot of people think that oh you have to transform a million people's lives or you have a million million people following on your show and it's one of the principles that we share at becoming your greatest possible self. The 12 hour marathon that we change one person's life at a time. And if we're too good if too good for one person's life at a time then it's it's really it's not about the person's life it's not about the difference you get to make it's more like the ego it's more like the status and stuff like that so I'm grateful that we change one person's life at a time. We do that through coaching earned up coaching our coaching company. We are entrepreneurs high achievers to really amp up their results get unstuck get that clarity get back into action so they can see succeed like never before. So that's the coaching side and then we've been doing this marathon 12 hour marathon for about a year and a half now. The number is actually above 360 guess that we've interviewed in the last year and a half. So it just keeps growing. Man when I when I sent that to you it's like you just life keeps growing. Life keeps thriving. So that's what's been going on and life just keeps getting better and better Brian.

That's one of the things I truly love about you and I knew from the day I met you because of your energy level that you are an all in action taker and I knew that there were big things in store for you because you had the drive the tenacity the perseverance all in your personality rolled into one. And I thought man this young man is shooting for stardom. He's going to hit it. He's already hit a certain level with that.

He shows. So we were kidding before the show. Real quick story. You know that Chris does 12 hour marathons. And you know so I do a one hour show once a week. So it takes me 12 weeks to put out as many hours as he does every single week in one day. It's amazing how I understand the amount of effort that goes behind building a show and bringing on guests and getting everything organized. And you are 12 Exene it. No kidding because it's a 12 hour marathon and I'm just I'm so proud of you as a friend and because we went through some really awesome training together and we got to know each other to a deep level. And I appreciate you number one for being on this show and also you invited me and I was able to appear on your amazing marathon and I was happy that I didn't have to stick on the whole 12 hours I got to tell you who I don't know how you do it my brother.

That's awesome.

I know we were talking a little bit in the in the onset or I was about the importance of reading and how it can impact and does impact your life if you take it seriously. You read voraciously. I was curious. You know there's a pattern that follows a successful people. Is that also true of you. CHRISTIE You consider yourself an avid reader. And if so what. What's the latest book you're you're diving into right now.

Yeah so I definitely consider myself an avid reader and I love how you talked about audible because a lot of people think that they have to read a physical book to be able to get the knowledge and there's all sorts of different mediums that people can learn through whether it's auditory whether it's visual whether it's kinesthetic first of all find out what's going to work for you.

You know that's that's a key golden nugget that I think everyone needs to know is what what works for you. What's the source that's going to work for you so I just want to throw that in there because you might find a teacher or a person who you look up to a celebrity an influencer a coach whatever that resonates with you and your style and your gifts and how you are committed to showing up versus other people might resonate with someone else. So trust your. Trust your gut. Trust your instincts and be on that constant pursuit of learning about you. So yes I'm an avid reader and right now of course I want to learn how to perform more. So this is high performance habits by and Burchard and I'm on the section right now of raising necessity because I found one of my challenges is even. Even though I have a 12 hour marathon even though I have all these guests in opportunity I still find myself being challenged to raise my bar to get to the next level to to challenge myself to grow even more and get outside of my comfort zone and take on bigger projects and bigger goals and bigger dreams. So for me it's always a discovery process of how do I cultivate that fire even more. How do I create a burning desire within me even more so I go take even more massive action because that's one of my biggest gifts is my energy my presence whenever I'm doing anything I'm laser focused whenever I'm having a conversation with someone I'm present and available with them right there so high performance habits by brining Burchard and raising that necessity is what I'm focusing on right now.

I love this guy.

Truly man. You're a great example for others to follow. And I kid you not of the folks that I've interviewed thus far. There isn't a single one that says no I'm not an avid reader I don't read ever and every single one because I only bring on those who I know are successful because I want that to be. You know this kind of value to be given to the audience each and every time. So a pattern is something that happens over and over and over again.

Now I've already noticed these patterns and now I'm I'm I have the gift of giving those patterns to you the audience by way of people just like Mr. Burns right here and every single one every single successful person I have ever met. If I ask them Do you read on a consistent basis and that they barely they almost want to slap me. Of course I do. Of course I do. Are you kidding me. Speaking of slapping. No no I'm not going to go there. But we are going to go into the physical realm. That is you know so reading is great you're feeding your mind. You're staying on point with your skills. You are Chris Burns and and you know you heard from the onset that the mind and body are a team that they are your team and you know the importance of that. I've seen you up front. You're like you're solid as a brick house. You know built. And I know it's important to you but how important is physical fitness to you and and your business and your personal life.

Great question. And I believe that the answer to the value in that will come from why people want to be physically fit in the first place. For me it was a driver to be to be enough in the beginning I was playing sports in high school I was just really Shrimpy small little kid and I joined football my senior year and I was like oh my gosh is all these people who are benched two plates three plates in Sweden and you know putting up a lot of weight really moving very very heavy objects lots of metal. And I saw that wow these people are so much stronger than me and that cultivated that drive within me to be as good as them. That didn't feel good enough I didn't feel attractive enough I didn't feel confident enough. So that's where that really fires set into me and probably about six seven years or so into it. You know I graduated probably about 10 years ago coming up on 10 years here pretty soon and that buyer set into me. But after a while it stopped becoming about trying to be good enough. And it started becoming about how this actually makes me feel good. It's not just going to the gym. And then as soon as I leave Gym the gym changing my mindset and saying oh I can go eat pizza I can go hamburgers I can go drink coke I can go drink beer whatever it might be like. No it started becoming a lifestyle. Say Wait wait why why am I putting in all this time the gym if I just walk out of the gym and go sabotage myself.

So if that driver started shifting into well I really want to have holistic wellness I really want to perform at my optimum level. So in that in that light I started going to zoom but dancing to get more more flow in my life because I felt like I was really rigid with my with my weight lifting. I went to I went to school for electro engineering so was very analytical and strategic and masculine focus and then I started doing yoga when I was doing Zuba and just really getting this more holistic picture of health in my life because I believe that there are so many dimensions of health there's so many different ways that people can achieve that and facilitate that. So I think it's important for people to find out why you want to be healthy what's the driver who who you want to be around long enough to see it your grandkids. Is it wise enough to see your legacy impact in the communities that you're a part of. So for me I believe that when you when you focus on the Y then you'll be able to take much better actions within your health and you'll want to study it. You want to study your biology. You want to study how the body works physiology you want to study physics how does physics works on on your body how does the science of life the laws of the universe really impact your body in your being and how you show up in life.

So I started becoming fascinated with that along my road of of coaching and really expanding my mindset and raising my awareness of who am I. Why do I do what I do and how do I get to where I want to go.

So that's my answer and that's why you're on the show buddy. Because that was you sounded like me talking to my clients as I was onboarding them.

I kid I kid you not.

That was absolutely perfect because you said it right in the onset. The value is why do people want to be physically fit. And that's a big one and that's what I do with my I have 90 days to performance program.

And it's it's intense and there Y better be more than I want to shed 30 pounds. It better be more than a guy saying I want the six pack abs. And I said well that's all you want then. I can't take you on as my client. You need to have a bigger reason one that's actually you know we will often do more for others than we will for ourselves. Isn't that true. Yes. And so instead of them focusing on how is this going to impact me I will feel better. That's good all that's good I'll feel better and I'll be able operate a higher level. But what impact will that have on your family on your friends on your colleagues those closest to if you don't address your health. What impact will that have. Because the way you show up is going to affect everyone around you. And so when it's those that are closest to the ones you love and you really think oh my gosh I want to be 100 percent holy presently. Chris Burns is with all of his clients with my family at all times not just to live longer. Yes that's part of it. But while I am alive and while I'm with them I want to be 100 percent present with them. And that is a big why.

And that is a reason that will get people and push them through to the finish line of a 90 day intense program or just you know and then after 90 days it becomes a habit. You have the habit Chris Burns. And the thing is it gets addictive doesn't it.

Yes. Yeah it's like it was one of the most easy things for me like when it was at first like I don't want to go to the gym it's like tiring exhausting blah blah. Now it's like I'd rather go to the gym than make sales calls at times you know it's like let me go to the gym weights. That's that's what my body wants do. And I'm grateful for it it feels good it releases endorphins and all kinds of really cool stuff. And I also wanted to mention wherever people are at whether they are at the beginning of their journey and saying Hey I know I want more but I don't really know what I want. I don't know what my wife is I don't know what drives me. Be willing to take the daily actions to get clear on that. Because I didn't get this clarity on my why and what drives me in cultivating this fire overnight. It takes time. It's the compound effect. Darren Hardy wrote the book called the compound effect. One of the very first personal development books that I ever ever ever read and it changed my life because I started recognizing Oh it's not just about today and it's not just about did I do it or if I didn't do it beating myself up and saying all hope lost I'm giving up. No it's the long term it's the micro actions compounded over time that really produce massive results in your life. So wherever you're out if you are crystal clear on your purpose or completely fuzzy just take daily actions on reinforcing that and remind yourself why am I doing this.

Oh that's right because of my kids because of my family because of the people I love more golden nuggets because the compound effect I love that's on reach your peak library dot com of course. Yeah and it's true in health and fitness and mental clarity as is it is in your business life and what you just said is absolutely true on all points. Because so many people get they see an entrepreneur who successful and they look at that person not knowing everything they went through to get to where they are thinking that you know it happened overnight it took them maybe four or five months and now they're crushing it because they got the best sales funnel on the planet and great Facebook ads. Well we're both here to tell you that is not how it works. And it is why micro actions but it is about taking as much of those actions as you can in a massive fashion and continually consistently with discipline. So there there's a pattern that kept cropping up with all the interviews I've done Chris. You're no different. With all this discipline and having a regimented life to repeat and continually add you no money to that bank you know in the form of action. And the more you do it like like Chris was just aptly saying it compounds and grows and then you'll start getting that momentum. But you have to do it consistently no matter how hard it gets no matter how many times you get knocked backward.

Another reason to have an important why not just for getting physically fit but for what is your wife to make that business go. And that's a whole topic for another day. There's an entire process that I have actually taken people through from stage at speaking events to help them determine their whys and like you said that first why. If he goes that process again it may be a different y later. It doesn't necessarily stick and it may not be the one but you're going to have a much better why when you're done. And that really crush it not just in business but also in life. And one of the things I've always loved about you is from the moment I met you man was your you have this such. You're doing it right now. You're smiling you're glowing. For those of you that are watching when the show was started and it was just my mug on the camera you hadn't seen them yet. I could see them the whole time and the entire time he's doing what he's doing right now he's smiling. I mean he doesn't have to smile when he's not on camera but that's him. That's Chris. So when it comes to doing that to you know maintaining a positive productive successful mindset what is it that you do on a regular basis to sustain that.

So I could talk about all the different habits that I engage in. There's a morning routine and night nighttime routine that I every single day without fail go through because that is the cornerstone to my success in the day it's the book bookmarks the bookends. I could talk about that and I'm sure you can find out all kinds of really cool stuff about that and you can go out there you can go out and get and get those answers. Get the habits. What is more important for me that has really made a difference is learning to track learning to track and measure how successful I am with those habits. Because it's easy to say Oh well I didn't do my my my journaling this morning. And then the day goes by and oh well you know I didn't do it yesterday so I'm not going to do it today.

And no day goes by and you know for me when I wasn't tracking my habits I would fall off track for months months and months and months and months and those times in my life where I had picked up personal development and reading but then I would stop doing it because I was like You know I don't need I don't need to read and watch TED talks or I'm watching YouTube videos listening to motivational stuff whatever.

Like I had these excuses and I I recognize that there's a holistic picture that needs to be accomplished in that very first part of the day and at the end of the day to be able to really bring back integrity to how I'm showing up and to get complete on anything that is stressing me out or overwhelming to leave it at the door so to speak to let it go to get complete on it and move into sleep and be at peace and then wake up in the day and whatever I was dealing with yesterday to make sure I left it in yesterday so I start the day effectively. And I couldn't do that unless I was certain about how I was performing. I had to see the scoreboard of how am I doing this week with my habits. And when I have to look at that piece of paper I have a habit tracker that I can tell your audience about or we can put in the show notes whatever it might be best week ever habit tracker. So you get to measure your habits. I track my habits every single day. What are the top things that I need to be doing. How many sales calls did I make today.

How many video messages that I send to people to connect with them. How did I do on my morning nighttime routine. How much money did I earn this week. You know being able to track those vital key metrics in your life is one of the most important things that I've found to be able to be successful. So that's that's that's the mindset of wanting to know how you're doing. Of the mindset of what's the score. What is the score right now. How am I feeling on a scale of 1 to 10. Where am I at. And if you don't know that you're constantly moving that up a little bit inch by inch by inch then you don't know if you're improving. You don't know if you're getting closer or if you don't know what your income was three months ago or at least you're not it may not have to like pull it off the top of your head but if you can't go back and just like pull up a piece of paper and say hey my income was this and this month it's this. If you're not able to instantly access that information to see if you are measurably increasing and improving then you're missing out on a lot of piece of mind.

You're missing out on a lot of certainty you're missing out on a lot of compounded confidence because of tracking what you're doing. Compound confidence that you know that you're on track you know that you're doing your daily actions or at least you know that Hey I missed this day in this day but of yet it. I'll get it back I'll make it back this week. So that's my biggest tip for mindset is of course the morning and nighttime routines and then tracking your habits is the biggest thing that's made the difference for me. And then if you don't have someone to hold yourself accountable with I have a mastermind I have coaches you know if you don't have someone to hold yourself accountable with that that tracking system can just go right out the window. And you'll be using it for a week two weeks three weeks and then all of a sudden boom it's gone. You're not even using anymore and nobody's going to know any any better. You won't notice they won't notice. Oh well you know you just keep going on. Do I also highly recommend accountability plus the tracking

Yes. So I hope everyone out there listening and watching or taking notes as I am I mean you have no excuse now I'm the host of the show and I'm taking notes. And. That's why I take the camera off myself so I can spend time writing as he's talking and tracking. That's phenomenal because when I started doing that that weird neat amazing thing happened I started realizing my gosh I get up early and I go to bed way too late every day. No wonder I'm always tired. You know until I saw it on paper consistently I was like Oh you've got to change that and started actually sketching out my day hour by hour and doing the best I could to stick with it.

And a wonderful thing happened. I noticed I got a lot more done and when I did it. I was much more focused because the deadline of the next hour was was coming up and I'm watching looking at my schedule. And so you're right on NPR and it's interesting coming from a corporate world. You know everything was scheduled for us. You know you punch the clock at a certain time you went to eat lunch at a certain time. If you have fewer hours you had breaks at a certain time you'd leave and go home at a certain time. And I just remembered really not liking that because someone else was pulling the strings of my life.

And then I started embracing the entrepreneur life. And I said Good now I don't have to schedule anything I'm free.

And then I start reading books and meeting entrepreneurs and find out the exact opposite is true that there are more scheduling and regimented than any corporate employee ever could dream of. And I was like going through withdrawal symptoms like please no I just want to do what I want when I want anytime they want. I don't want to have to structure my life I just got out of that and then and then it occurred to me one thing was.

But guess who gets to make that schedule. That's right. That's the key. And once I realized as it is mine I own and I can make my day whatever I want just get a disciplined structure so discipline is the word that comes up in describing everything you just said Chris as well. And it gives a whole new meaning to knowing your numbers. Right. You're always told that no your numbers as a business and they're typically talking about financial in this case it's also what are you doing. I love I love the compounded confidence phrase. I love that. What are you doing on a daily basis. That's counting up you know adding numbers to your compounding confidence number and an accountability partner. That actually hasn't come up for quite some time for a few shows. I used to mention every show. Thank you for bringing that back up because if you don't have help if you don't have somebody you know kind of giving you a little kick in the butt virtual one and you're doing the same for them you're helping each other then you're going to likely drop into a hole and go back to your old habits because there's no one to hold you accountable so extremely powerful suggestions that you follow.

So that's the thing everyone watching listening. He's not just saying you know I think it would be good for you to do that. I don't do that but I think it would be good for you. No he's not saying that he's a product of the product. He walks the walk. He doesn't just talk the talk looms a lot.

It is. Yes.

Proof right here you just saw it for those you listening later on a recorded podcast. He held up a sheet his sheet where he tracks his compounded confidence numbers. I love it. I love it. Fantastic. Switching gears a little bit.

Sure. One of the things that I've always been extremely curious about and other entrepreneurs as well are extremely curious about is how others. What did they use. You know when it comes to business marketing itself is the lifeblood right. It's it's I find it's so interesting and intriguing that when cutbacks come in a company that marketing department is often the first to go which is the opposite. It should be the absolute opposite. They just write their own lifeline. And the interesting thing with entrepreneurs to me though is because marketing is so multifaceted there are so many ways to market and that I think is one reason in and of itself that many have not found a successful model to follow because they don't know where to start and how many to pull from and so on that note I'm curious and I ask this of most guests that come on how do you. Chris Burns go about marketing your business and then well like today. As of now what currently right now would you say is your most successful form of marketing so you can help everyone out who's listening including yours truly because I'm always looking for additional tidbits on improving my marketing.

Yeah well I think you're hitting this one on the head right now Brian because it's honestly through getting people onto my platform. It's learning how to give first. It's learning how to put other people in the spotlight creating joint venture partnerships creating a platform a place where you can interview people a podcast a Facebook Live show whatever and wherever however it is even if it's a live event you know bringing in other speakers and they get to bring their audience to come come visit them and see them and find out about your group your monthly mastermind your monthly speaking engagements or events whatever it might be.

For me it's having all these guests come on the show and I get to give them a platform. We interview up to nine guests a week the first two hours are coaching hours the last hour is like a celebration hour and integration of all the notes that have been taken all day long. So we get nine guests on every single week. So when we have those nine guests on they each share it with their audience. Now I'm not saying you need to have a nine guest long platform and you know every week get nine new guest new influencers people who are changing the world experts to tap into their audience. But I believe that are in this age the social media age where it's so essential to be able to share our audiences. Because even though I may have you know 7000 people or whatever on Facebook following me right now

Friends are followers. Not everyone is going to want to buy my products.

That's just a fact. It's just the truth. OK.

And Brian when he comes on my show one of those or many of those people or most of those people whatever the case may be some of those people are going to want to take the next step with him because they resonate with him because they vibe with him because they get him because he went through similar challenges or obstacles that they are going through and they see him as the credible expert.

So for me I recognize to stop making it about me and to celebrate other people whether that's putting people on your platform whether it's creating a compilation booking you gonna say Hey I'm going to put 20 people in a book and we're going to put it all together you can.

You know you could charge people to be in the book or it's the first one you can have them contribute and say hey let's do this together. Whatever the case might be it's to tap into the community it's to tap into the power of tribes that people have built the trust that people have built and leverage that as a good person someone of integrity and ethics and doing the right thing because it's the right thing and following through on all that that stuff honoring your word. Follow through and you will be able to build a brand of of loyal

Associates loyal people who've come on your platform who you've shared a platform with and you'll be able to reach their audience and potentially bring people from your audience to theirs and vice versa. And I think that sharing audience is one of the best fastest way for someone to go from obscurity and being unknown to being an influencer to being someone who actually makes an impact in thousands or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people's lives. So that would be my guidance is to create your own platform.

That is another gem and I can obviously relate to that one reason that we're doing that this very moment and a live event. And you're right everyone every single one of you watching this or listening to this if you're not doing your own live interview show. I would highly recommend it for many many reasons there are so many unintended intangibles that's the word right. There are so many intangibles. A great example was I have one guest that I only knew on Facebook but I knew him through a mutual friend my mutual friend reached out and said hey Brian's a really cool guy you should be on a show. And he agreed. He came on the show and as a result of that I began nurturing a relationship with him and we now are friends and he then invited me to an exclusive mastermind event in Southern California at a castle a literal Castle and I went because I had this new connection and new friends. And I want to learn more about what he was doing and as a result of that I made more connections. Two of which I will be meeting in Arizona next week all because this show because of what Chris is talking about you know those are the intangibles. So now you're meeting people that are you know that are more successful than you and sometimes you don't even know it till they come on the show. We do our best to vet people. But I don't straight out ask how much money making and how what you're following based on all that. It's about providing value and if I see someone like Chris who has that value to bring who is successful then I bring them on. And yes it's about giving. It's what you just said you're marketing your marketing approach is relationship building. That's what it comes down to. If I were to put it in it would you agree.

Yeah 100 percent. And whenever I want to launch something in the future because I've given something first I've given value first then they're going to be open to that conversation they're going to be open to saying Yeah you know I'm interested in doing some kind of affiliate work with you. Now since I've been doing this a year and a half I have 360 plus guests to tap into to say hey I'm launching this product. You want to help you want to own a piece of the so to speak. There's plenty to go around.

It's the easiest way to develop that know like and trust factor isn't it. I mean you're giving I don't charge anybody coming come on my show presently. I don't have any plans to. Who knows. Things may change but right now I don't. I'm not looking at this to make money directly. I am looking at this to become more of a brand to more. I mean just being transparent to become more recognizable out there and it's working. Because this show right now is being streamed live to nine different platforms all over the place. Three three different Facebook platforms to YouTube periscope streamed me twitch. There's one more I'm probably forgetting and and it gets instantly shared to many more. I'm a technology geek as well. And I found all these really cool tools to enable me to basically multiply myself many times by one click of a button. It's phenomenal. And the thing is though speaking is very important. I wanted to touch on that Real quick Chris because that's the main thing I noticed that holds people back from embarking on this. Now if you if you're worried about being in front of a camera then start as an audio only podcast and start their podcast are they're not going anywhere. They are supremely popular.

In fact many people listen to podcasts in their car just as I listened to audible in the car and they subscribe. I had no idea until I had another guest on the show that told me about this unbelievable old world of podcasts that is still really crushing it and so just show up come up with it. It takes a little time to develop it to put it together. You don't have to be perfect out of the chute. That's the key is paralysis by analysis. You want to make it perfect. Don't just bring on a friend someone you know that you've met knows an entrepreneur or that they have a similar value system as you and just have a chat with them and record it live and start there. That's how I did it several years ago with a business partner when I first started interviewing people live and you know it just it just gets better every single time.

Yeah and I was going to say that's how I started to I started to ask myself multiple times and it came up multiple times and conversations me and new people I was meeting for the very first time very first calls were like oh my gosh this conversation was epic why weren't we recording this. So finally like you know universe is like Hey wake up you know you're listening. It keeps coming up.

I said it's so funny you say that because most of my guests I won't name any names that not all of them did this. Chris Burns but most of my guests will come on. I have them come on with me sometime before the show to test to ensure that technology is up to snuff. I already knew Chris was fine. He does this every single week for 12 hours. Come on. So it wasn't that imperative. The thing I noticed though is during these tech tests I call them Prisco tech test is we end up doing that. We start talking because that's what entrepreneurs. That's what we love. That's what we talk about and I'm the villain. My God I should have just same thing. Oh this would be great outtakes for like a sizzle reel later to say you know when we were joking around and stuff but we're also very serious and we do entire shows during the tech test and I tell them that I said you know we just finished the show. We don't need to go live. I just need to record it next time and it's amazing. So yeah it's funny that you said that you need to record this because. And actually on that note I am going to start recording each and every one. And for those that I get outtakes from of course I'll get permission from the individual to make sure they're cool with it. Because I never do anything to embarrass somebody. Never would building. I'm looking at my notes. Another way to get out I'm sorry was that it's because you're a good guy. Yeah I try to be upper with our man.

One of the most genuine guys that I've ever met and I'm grateful that I connected with you so deeply yet that at the first trainings that we met at because I was like men's guy just really is so committed to the students and the participants learning and growing and breaking through. So I really acknowledge you man you've got a big big heart.

Thank you I appreciate that. Now now stop it. The show is about you.

Please please stop. Please don't no more. Please no more.

Thank you I appreciate that Chris. I have similar feelings about you my brother you already know that it's going to be a love fest here. So I can't believe it's already ten minutes until the end. And the thing is I don't want this one to end. And the cool thing is we're doing this live show format. I don't have to because I can go as long as I want. But you know we're going to we're going to stick as close as we can to being regimented schedule and disciplined about our approach. We got to practice what we preach.

And so there's one final question Chris that I've asked every previous guest and I always save it for last because it's one of the heaviest hitting you know deep hitting questions that I get to ask and the answers are always very intriguing from our guests the past guests. I know it's going to be no different with you.

And so when I do bring that question up I just want to to know right now if it takes you a little bit of time to think about the answer to mull it over perfectly OK. Don't don't sweat that. I mean you're a pro you've been on camera so long you could probably sit there silent for twenty minutes and not get nervous about it but just you know when it comes up next you know that next question then just take your time and see what you what you think.

So that last question actually in a moment we'll bring that up because first for those of you watching live you're probably wondering well Brian what the heck you're near the end where is this free trip giveaway. Oh that's right. You know what. It's right now.

So do this time.

Yes it is time for me to disclose how you can enter to win that exclusive five night stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. Pull it up on the screen right now to give you the info and I will sit audibly for those you just listening. If you have your phone and you're driving hopefully you're not watching and listening and just listening alone. But now would be a time to pull over if you are driving so you can do the following one is either go to.

There's two ways to enter you can go to our website and that is reach your peak LLC. Dot com forward slash vacation and just ensure that the word vacation is all lowercase. In fact just type the whole thing lowercase that way you don't get confused. Reach your peak L.L.C. dotcom force ossification or it might be easier for you if you're on your phone as text just text the word pick. That's P E A K to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. One more time that's peak Piqué 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4.

I will be monitoring that and depending on the number that come in and how steady we may announce it right before we close up the show or I will just reach out to the winner directly through text or Facebook that way. All right so go ahead and do that. Do that right now and then come right back. I hope you're done already because it's time to bring Chris back on. And you know I can imagine the guy guys the poor guys they're sweating bullets like oh my gosh Brian is like throwing this massive you know nailbiter question. But you know actually I actually do want to ask a different question first. Not that big one just yet. I know he's like come on man you're leaving me hanging brother. I like this one. This is kind of a newer question that's come up recently on past shows and it kind of put you in the driver's seat Chris. If if you were conducting this interview which you conducted so many as we heard 360 plus what kind of question would you like to have someone like me ask you number one and number two. How would you respond to that very question.

I don't know why this popped up in my mind but for me what I would ask if I were you is what is something that makes you cry tears of joy.

Ok Chris Burns what is something that makes you cry tears of joy.

It makes me cry tears of joy is those moments where I just recognize how blessed I am how beautiful life is how each and every moment is a gift. And I could be I could have been dealt any other set of circumstances I could have been born without limbs I could have been born without sight. I could have been born without hearing it could you know someone's in jail somewhere spend the rest of their life in jail like I'm so happy and grateful that I am who I am. It's in those moments where I'm I'm with people with another person especially my loved ones my amazing girlfriend the woman of my dreams. Like in those moments where I'm just sitting there in bliss and just able to soak it in unable to have that level of euphoria and not have necessarily a reason to do it and not have anyone to impress or any reason there's no no like there's no script in it. It's just like it hits you. And it wakes you up to why we're really here why we're doing this thing called life and I've never even thought about this this question or never even thought about like what really makes me cry tears of joy. But it's in those moments where I get to sit in Bliss n in love even in the pride of I am and who I'm being who I'm becoming and how life is unfolding around me and all the gifts that life is blessing me with and that the universe God Source creator whatever we want to call it life. You know I just feel so divinely blessed and able able to create my reality empowered equipped to do and have anything I desire. And I couldn't ask for any more. Like were basically given you know the I don't want to say cheat codes but the answers the path the the the the wake up calls to life to say hey you know here's the answer. Focus on clarity focus on the daily actions focus on blah blah blah blah.

It's like I'm just so grateful for all that so that's what when I when I get hit when I get hit by life. Life is so beautiful and amazing so it makes me cry.

The attitude of gratitude will set you free my brother right. And look at the passion. Did you notice the passion Chris his face in his voice. You know he changed the speed in which he was talking. He got very kinaesthetic. That means he was talking slower because he felt this to his core. That's the thing about Chris he's raw and he's authentic. And I know few people that are as authentic as Chris and I. I kid you not. This is like a gentleman. You want to connect with for a long term. And so be like he is being respectful of others. And the reason I'm feeling the underlying reason that you feel so blessed that you have all of these tools is education. Talent and there's people around you so that because you've chosen to do just that so that you could serve more people and help more people to become more successful and learn the life changing attitude that you exhibit each and every day. And so you're a gem. You're just an absolute gem. And we do have that one more question though to go to Oduye resolve.

Hello Heather. But you know I think there was a little birdie told me that there might be one more gift that was going to be given away. I think it was by somebody by the name of Chris Burns if I'm not mistaken. So if you would mind given a brief discussion because we're coming up on three minutes and I want to give you time to really think about that last question. That's coming up right after this. What is the gift that you're willing to give to all my wonderful viewers and listeners.

Man. So I actually wanted to double it up since I talked about the the habit tracker. You know I didn't go 12 x but I did go to X in this gift giving portion Brian didn't even know about this but here's what you can have. It's a strategy session with me you know and because you were on this show the the mind body business show because you were here with Brian because you either found out about it from me from Brian from you know whatever the ether or the Internet the Internet you got here then you can join me on a strategy session 30 minutes complementary because you are here it's valued at one hundred twenty five dollars. And what we'll do is we'll get clear on your biggest thorns in your side. What are your biggest challenges biggest Hains. You know so that you can get clear on what it is that you're out to accomplish in your life if you're lacking clarity if you're lacking energy drive excitement to be able to have the most fulfilling life possible to be your greatest possible self then this is a strategy session that could be your wakeup call that changes everything for you. Not promising it. But if you step up to the plate I know you'll be satisfied and happy. So definitely going to be your GPS dot com forward slash strategy session and you can access this page that's on here actually it's right over here.

Anyone who's listening I just pointed to it. Brian pulled it up on screen. Thank you Brian says beard GPS dot com for session strategy session. That's a 30 minute session. And then you can also go to be your guest dot com slash habit tracker. And then you can get that habit tracker the same one that I use every single week I give it to my clients like me it's my master my members. We all turned it in. It just is the best freaking tool ever Subir guess dot com for its habit tracker you can get that free download as well. And if you have any questions about that feel free to contact me I'm sure we'll let you know how you can do that as well at the end of this. But those are the two things that I have for you. Definitely take advantage of them because they've made a huge difference in my life. And I know I've received coaching calls and strategy sessions from others that really blessed me that gave me clarity that empowered me. I'm excited to give that back to you as well as the tracking of the habits which has completely revolutionized my ability to be productive and efficient in a high performer.

While thank you so very much for those of you listening and watching. Be your GP s and guest dance for greatest possible sell greatness. But so love that because other people are thinking global positioning system what does that have to be your greatest possible self your Gascón forward slash strategy session. That's all one word. No hyphens and no underscore correct correct. Perfect thank you so much. I have it on the screen that's what you will see if you type it in correctly and then simply schedule your free session with Chris. Thank you. That's amazing. We are at that hour. You know it's that time and respect everyone's time.

It's going to be that time to ask you this. This hard hitting question and now I just want to let you off the hook in case you are sweating bullets and I know you weren't because you're a seasoned grizzled veteran like dancing over it's like whatever it is bring it on.

But the cool thing is about this question is there is no such thing as an incorrect answer the only correct answer is yours. Whatever that happens to be. And so one thing I love it when I ask this question like there are certain patterns that I've noticed on other entrepreneurs and I'm pretty certain that parents are going to bubble itself right back up here. So are you ready.

I'm ready. Brian.

It's a very short simple question that may take a little bit of thought but just go with it.

So Chris Burns how do you personally you yourself how does Chris Burns define success.

This moment this moment is success because I'm doing exactly what I love.

I'm in front of a camera sharing my message being self expressed. Love that number one. Number two I'm hanging out with another human being who I absolutely love and adore. Mr. BRIAN KELLY number three is this message is reaching people and making a massive difference in people's lives. And when this message reaches one person most likely many many more. This message just reaches one person and makes a difference inspires them empowers them contributes to their life. Then this is a success in their life too. And I could die happy knowing that I being successful helped someone else be successful too. So that is what success is to me it's being my greatest possible self which I'm doing right now and becoming my greatest possible so if I keep doing this if I keep taking steps or just like this. I know I will die a very very happy fulfilled all used up man.

And that is what is success for me.

Brian is amazing. And here's here's the patterns I've noticed. Not a single entrepreneur yet not one of my past guests has answered that question the same way as anyone before them. That was different and the other thing I've noticed is not a single entrepreneur that I've had on the show has said what many would many would actually go to say that weren't as successful weren't as heart centered. They didn't understand this whole thing about entrepreneurship and that is. And you didn't either and that was you know many people would say Well my my level of success I would define it as having a million dollars in the bank. You know it's money centric. You didn't go there. No one else has either. And that's why I love to do. I get to do what I get to do.

This moment is powerful he said that you know I had goosebumps that was that was like right right between the eyes. Perfect on our part on point. And the other common theme with all the previous entrepreneurs is it's not my focus your focus is not about money. It's about making a difference and serving and helping people. You see that's the thing when you focus not you Chris you in general focus on serving others and helping others and not about what. Can I get from it. But what can I give. That's when that's when the momentum starts to really roll and rise and get bigger and you start becoming more and more successful. And there's so many out there that are just looking for the quick kill how can I make some money today. I've had so many people come and offer me these days. You know you're going to make you know 200 thousand dollars in your first year. Brian you just don't you want that kind of money as well like it would be nice to have the money but who am I impacting by doing that. You know I'm selling coffee cups on a you know a website that doesn't really serve anybody except for those who want coffee. It doesn't it deep enough for me. So it's not fulfilling so thank you Chris. That just shined a light on your persona your integrity your character. In two words this moment that was phenomenal. Well we've gone five minutes over and that's ok.

Overachievers was gullets right.

Yes. Appreciate you everybody. Just real quick. Chris what is the best way for folks to get in touch with you. How do they follow your show though. They want to and maybe you know this will be a great way and this is completely up to you Chris. But if you're not currently doing shows yourself maybe you reach out to Chris and see if he would be open to interviewing you. Maybe he wants to do like a before after case study. It could be something powerful too. But how can they get a hold of you Chris. Yeah great question.

So for me best way is Facebook Facebook dot com forward slash th three burns. That's T as in Tom H N and Henry the number three. And then my last name. BURNS You are an ass Facebook dot com forward slash th three burns. Find me on there send me a message.

I'm always checking my received messages to see who is there and if you heard about me from this show I would love love love to connect you and just let me know you love the most about the show or what you what stood out for you in particular. That's number one. I do my marathons my 12 hour marathons their Facebook dot forward slash teach the burns. Every Wednesday I stream it to my profile. So definitely follow me. Favorite me. Make sure you see me first so you can see that pop up and then if you want to go see the individual episodes that have been broadcasted. Right now we're up to 233 or so on the website you can go to the or GPS dot com. B E Y O U R GP s dot com and then find all the episodes there. Or you can send me an email Chris at your GVs dot com. That's Chris c h r i s at E Y O U R G P s dot com.

Just a couple of ways. So you pick one and now would be the time I hope you wrote all that down because right about now would be the time to go ahead and do that do that before we actually go off the screen and take massive immediate action and reach out to say hey I want to be your friend.

I want to follow your show but just take action. Take that first step if you haven't been doing that. Chris thank you once again and everyone on Facebook that's been following along and and periscoping and YouTube and everywhere else. We appreciate you for coming on being part of the show being part of Chris's life being part of my life. Chris I appreciate you being on measure. Thank you for being on here. And that's it for this show. Until next time everyone please be blessed. All right.

Right. Maybe your best day ever your best week ever and become your greatest possible self.

The end.

Thank you for watching. I'm just saying this is beyond the money. Polls show Prime Kelly.

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Chris Burns

Since hitting rock bottom at an early age, Chris Burns has become an expert in the fields of mindset, business, and leadership. Now, entrepreneurs and leaders hire Chris to reignite their self-belief and clarity so they take massive action and create a huge impact.

He’s spoken at more than 90 live events across the United States and since last year, Chris has interviewed over 300 inspirational role models, influencers and leaders on his weekly, 12-hours-straight live-streamed marathon and podcast called Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self.

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