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So here's the big question how are entrepreneurs like us who have been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward, two steps back work getting.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show, we have another phenomenal, phenomenal guest lined up. This shows about our guests. It is about our guests. They bring incredible value, incredible experience for you.

This is a show for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. And I'd like to bring on the most successful of the most successful on the show so that you can learn from them. The key to becoming successful, I found, is not necessarily doing it on my own. It's just the opposite. It's aligning yourself with those who have achieved success, that have the success you're looking to get and then model them and or ask them to become your mentor. And so on. The show, guest after guest has come across and they've done just that. They provided massive value that many, many people have great takeaways. So stick with the show to the end the mind body business show. It is a show about the three pillars of success. And I discovered those were just by studying successful people. And I noticed three patterns kept bubbling up to the top. Mind is mindset to each and every successful person that I studied had a very powerful and flexible, most importantly, mindset and their body. They'll take care of themselves physically, nutritionally, by what they intake into their bodies and what they do on the outside in the form of exercise on a regular basis. And then there's business that's a multifaceted area.

I love the business sector of it. And that that contains many skill sets that these successful people had mastered are things like sales, marketing, team, building, systematizing leadership. I could go on for quite some time. The good news is you as one individual do not have to master every single one of those skill sets that I mentioned and many more. You just have to master one, and when you master one, the rest fall into place. And I actually mentioned that one in that list just a moment ago and that one is leadership, because once you have mastered the skill set of leadership now you can scale your business. You can bring in those individuals that have those skill sets that have mastered those skill sets that you just, quite honestly, don't have the time to master every single one of them. And so that's what this show's about. We cover all kinds of topics through those three avenues, those three pillars of success and another incredible quality of very successful people is to a person. They are also very avid readers. And with that, I like to segway over into a segment I affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks to read, bookmarks ready, steady read, bookmarks brought to you by Reach your peak library dotcom.

There you see Richard Peek, library dotcom on the side to your right, to my left, that is a website I had built with you in mind. And I am not kidding when I say that this website is for you. It's a collection of books that I have personally read and vetted and so that you can go and find a collection of books in one place that you have high confidence that can have an impact on you either in your business or your personal life, just as it did with me. And so it's from one successful entrepreneur to many others that the knew that I put this together. And a quick side note, as we're going through this show, there are going to be resources like reach your peak library, dotcom, that are mentioned now instead of giving in to that temptation of clicking away and going and looking at these websites on your own. Rather than do that, I would implore upon you to stick with us and take notes the old fashioned way with pen and paper or on a notepad on your computer, whatever the best method is for you. But stay with the show. Stay focused, attentive because. I always say this, the magic happens in the room, the magic happens in the room, and I would hate for you to miss that one golden nugget that our guest, Dan Deacon, has that's coming on very, very soon and miss out on what could potentially have changed your life forever for the better.

And speaking of changing lives, I think it's about time that we bring a man of the hour on. What do you think? Yeah, let's do it.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional and deft, trained, legally qualified.

And there he is, ladies and gentlemen, the one the only Mr. Big and thanks, Brian. How are you?

I'm doing phenomenally well, my friend. How are you? This one? I'm up in the Toronto area.

I'm doing awesome, my friend. I'm doing awesome. Doing awesome. Always. You know, I was just I was just obviously in the back room there looking at you reach your peak library. And I wish I can turn my camera around because I've got oodles of books. I'm an avid, avid reader and some of those that you had there were pretty good. That Steve Harvey Jump is a great book. I loved it. I loved it. And then, of course, there you got Sindarin Harvey in there. You got a little start with why with some Simon. You've got a ton of Grant Padoan in there.

I was just the other day speaking to one of my students and we were talking about longevity and long term client relationships. And Dan, what do I do when I really when I have this big goal and I want to go for it? And I actually shared one of the stories from Ten, and I'm sure you remember it when Grant was talking about does I get a text from this guy on Sunday and I'm watching football and he goes, It's funny because I think in my head, this guy needs ten grand for something he's trying to do in business. So what are you doing on watching football? You get the ten grand and he goes, no, why are you watching football? And and I remember I vividly remember that in the book. And I'm going, ha, he's right. You know, a day of rest, we'll get to ten. And then what I loved afterwards, and I'm sure you remember this was you don't need ten grand, you need one hundred grand because we always shortchange what we need to create that business, that that fulfillment that we love. Yeah. That was like the Grant Cardone moment.

Yeah. I read that one book and I couldn't stop, I read all of them. I think there were ten at the time. I don't know if he's written any more, but I just kept getting the next book. The next book, the next book. Real quick before we jump in, I want to formally introduce you and give you the respect you deserve then and let everybody know who we're talking to here. Before I do that, I want to mention everybody watching live to stick on to the end of the show, because when you do, you will see how you can qualify to win a five nine stay at a five star, a luxury resort, compliments of our pals. You see them up there on the upper right. If you're watching on video, that is the big insider secrets. Dotcom. That's my buddy Jason West and his company. Yes. I do firmly believe we will be free to move about the country and the world once again very, very soon. And real quick, a couple more quick mentions.

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Love this. We should always find out what goals, mandates and objectives are desired clients are after and to be the bridge builder to help them get there with the least amount of friction possible. These are words. This is goal right here, ladies and gentlemen. His passion is helping people think in ways that help them increase their value of both life and business when delivering value to clients. And through his social or training sessions, he always likes to deliver at the highest level of energy. You can see that tonight. And Passion and Marshall his session into strategies that are immediately deployable. How many of you would like to work with somebody like that? I mean, I'm raising my hand right here. So, ladies and gentlemen, formally, officially and respectfully, welcome to the show Dandy. Thank you so much for coming.

Well, you know what? I'm honored to be here, and I thank you for having me. One hundred percent.

This is going to be a blast. I got to tell you a little bit before we started the show, I could just tell the energy, the instant connection. It was like instant friendship. From my vantage point. We were just chillin like we've been talking twenty minutes before that. What I like to do, Dan, when I open this show is no, it's great to understand what you've been through your accolades to read the bio, to kind of get to understand where you come from. And that gets people kind of a more of a physical sense. What I like to do is find out because of your success, what is going on. This is what I did, is how I studied folks is what's going on that big, beautiful brain of yours every single day when you get up in the morning? Because, look, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. And if you're not one yet, look out because it ain't easy. But here's the thing.

If you have this straight, then it becomes easier and doable and fun and and so fulfilling. But for you, Dan, I was just curious, when you get up in the morning, you know all the challenges ahead. And I want to I want to go to that story you just gave me before we came on the air. And that was about the conference you had scheduled and what happened with that and how you had to pivot. I love that story. That's that's called flexibility. And we'll get to that. But when you get up every morning knowing that those challenges could be on the horizon and you may have some the moment you woke up and you know that you have to take care of, what is it that motivates you from your mind? What is going on in your mind when you get up to start the day and keep going every day, day after day, night after night.

You know, Brian. For starters, it's my mission. It's my wife, one of those books that you just had their assignments and start with why I find when an entrepreneur, which in my book is almost any salesperson that's on commission because you actually have your own company inside the shell of another company is the way I look at it and in my business in transportation and logistics. Ninety nine percent of salespeople are commission salespeople. Now, whether that's a salary plus commission or they draw against commission, whatever format they're set up, and really irrelevant. If you're a commission salesperson, you're an entrepreneur. And my mission is to help ten thousand sales reps do a million dollars in under 12 months, and that's gross profit another 12 months. And that mission really came about when I'm a great nine dropout. I don't have any formal education in this. I don't have any letters after my last name, after a comma and my last name, as I was telling you in this story before, I mean, my work experience is transportation and buffing widgets on the night shift and getting my fingers torn up from the wire wheel and saying to myself, there's got to be something better. And so coming from that teaching myself, I wasn't a born salesman. I taught myself everything I needed to know. One thing you were talking about is you follow great leaders, you get great coaches. You do this kind of things to really build you up and bring you to a new level of goal attainment, a new level of desire. But it all starts with that. Why? And I know some people say, well, then come on then. Everybody says, I have a wife, I have a wife. I mean, Napoleon Hill said it eons ago. Right. Like Zig Ziglar.

Are you a wandering generality? It's you have to have that burning desire. And so every morning when I wake up, the mission is to help 10000 sales reps reach a million dollars and under 12 months. And that y goes even further beyond that mission. And it all goes back to the day. I bought my very first brand new car. I was in sales and I'm selling and I started to become successful. I really started to take these techniques and strategies, tools and frameworks and OK, I'm going to take this I'm going to put this here. I'm going to put that there, OK? That didn't work. So I'm going to rearrange it. And I found a formula that worked for me at the time. And I turned 18. I bought my first house and I bought my first brand new car. And most people say, oh, my God, you got your first house. But it was the car. I meant more to me than the house. And I still remember sitting in this car and I remember my boss getting in the vehicle. And I remember vividly it was a Dodge Durango, Artie. And he says he looks ridiculous, man. Nice, right? How's it feel? I know the feeling is unbelievable. Like so understanding a little bit of back in context. The vehicle I had before because I wasn't doing well in life. I mean, I would hit a bump and the floor would lower it. Right. Like literally to the point where I was riveting steel sheets on the floor, because when I went to push the clutch, my foot went right through the floor. I mean, so we're talking probably not safe to be on the road kind of thing. So when I got in that vehicle, it was just like this.

Awesome. So what I did is I started with that vision and that's the vision I want for my students. That's the vision I want for every customer. And when I took that vision to the world of transportation and logistics, everything changed. I mean, think of it like this, Brian. You know, we get a client. But what if we focus on our clients, clients and what I mean by that in my world in transportation, logistics? I could move this right, but I don't focus on my customers need to get this from A to B. I focus on the person that is going to take this and write on a whiteboard and deliver a message to three hundred people that's going to change somebody's lives. Without this, the visual the message doesn't get through. So I go even deeper than the customer. I did a bunch. Of course I was. I was a big time in pharmaceuticals and courts and my mission when I was delivering courts for my customer was I want to serve that person that saved up for the last 10 months to put a new kitchen in, because when they walk into their kitchen, I want that smile and that overwhelming feeling of joy and accomplishment to be there. That's how deep I got into my customers life cycle. Does that make sense? So that's the mission. Every morning when I wake up, it's how do I help people feel that? And do you feel that, Brian? Because when you have a mission like that, those obstacles you talked about, you roll over them, roll over like an Abraham tank man, you just crush it. And you actually the obstacles disappear.

And I had when I when I first in 2005 five, I started a brokerage company and in twenty eight we were twenty two million dollars. In twenty nine we were three hundred thousand dollars and the economy collapse of twenty eight. But you know what, my business didn't die from the economy collapse. My business died because of my ego, because customers would call me up and say we need to do something. Are you kidding me. I broke my back for you. What are you talking about? So in that collapse is where my whole mentality changed. What would happen wherever my business be if I took that mentality and said, Mr. Customer, what do I need to do to help you achieve your goals? How did your goals pivot, how did your goals shift shifted when we're right in the middle of the same thing right now? You know, you look at companies that started out 20, 20 saying this is it. It's what we're going to do. I mean, I did I started out 20, 20 saying this is the number at the end of the year. And let me tell you that, man, I was holes in my shoes pivoting so fast. It's crazy that.

Yeah. So many nuggets right there. I mean, I hope everyone was taking notes here. I'm going to show something to everybody. I don't just recommend things. I do them. I don't say do it unless I do it myself. And I've been taking notes this entire show because this is gold grade nine dropout. Here's here's a wonderful thing that I've discovered. I'm I'm a college graduate and I spent most of my adult life in a job. And I always look to people like you and admired you. Is that crazy? Because here's the thing. What I found is this is the key. It all just sums up in this one sentence. It's not about your the resources you currently have. It's about your resourcefulness. And what I found are those that don't go through the college brainwashing. Yes, I said it and high school are more resourceful by nature out of absolute necessity. We that go through college think we know it all and have it all. And we have that template to follow, to go work for another person until we retire and then die. And I learned later in life, I don't like this. I got to get out of this stuff. And so I love that you say that because to me that's something to be commended on. I'm not telling kids to drop out of high school.

Please don't take that wrong. Anyone watching or listening but want to get to college, think about it. I've been through it and yeah, I learned some skills. They weren't very transferable to the real world. I learned how to party. I learn stuff that wasn't good for me. I did learn, I did grow up a little bit, but I didn't at the same time. Could I have done more outside. Yeah, I think I could have. And then focus all this. This was it. Focus on my clients. Clients, I mean. Oh. That just, you know, so that's kind of like along the HWI and it's for them, yes. Taking it farther away from yourself, deeper than just one level, but a second degree of separation to their clients. And now you are feeding that your client with what they need to get more clients and bring them on and keep them. And you're serving them in a deeper level that that is goal. I hope everybody got that one because that one just went I mean, I just thought of one person in mind and one of my clients when you said that was like, this is that's genius. A genius right there. If you focus on that, it's OK. I mentioned it here and there, but I didn't focus on it.

So I look I mean, when I started moving auto parts, my vision was helping people achieve that goal that I had of buying my first car. I mean, in every business, you just you just a little deeper. You just take that one shovel deeper and it's like, wow, OK. So if I'm going to sequence this out or if I'm going to create a confidence competence loop in my life and just continue running that infinite loop. What would happen if I focus their.

And like instantly it just changed everything to your perspective, brain changes and when your perspective changes, everything else changes. I started stepping outside of challenges and saying, OK, let's do like a matrix where everything goes wrong and we're 360. And I do a lot of sound effects and we're 360 and, you know, OK.

And now watching this challenge as a 360. And I'm saying, OK, interesting, my my original perspective is, A, when I shift 30 degrees this way, it's B, C, and I go through and I say, OK, well, what's the reality of it? Well, the reality is, if we take this, this, this and this and put it all together. Does that make sense, mister customer yet makes total sense? OK, now we know how to solve it.

It was it was just it was gold and it was one level deeper, right. And that's really what it is. I mean, you know, when we when we as individuals, we as entrepreneurs, when we as as guides and really in sales.

Your guide.

When I started operating in that mindset and started saying none of this is a transaction. I want to get customers, I want to work with teams, I want to work with corporations. That's again in five years when we've hit this major goal and obviously milestones to that five years. This is what we're going to do because that's not transactional.

That's long term client retention, long term growth, long term stability, and when we know. You know, this is the end goal and we put markers along the way and check points and milestones and celebrations and say, OK, this is the end goal.

Who do I need to be?

To get that, because who we are today, if you want to triple your business, you can't be the same brain you are today or else your business would already be tripled. Exactly right. And when I when I understood that and there's tons of professional, personal and professional development people out there, experts, gurus out there that say the same thing. And I can't tell you how many times I got it. I got it until I realized common sense isn't always common practice. And when I stopped and said, huh, OK, that makes sense. But now I understand that if I want to achieve this, I have to learn this, this, this, this, this and this. And then that's when we start reaching outside ourselves and start finding the people that can help us get there. And I can't tell you how many people have said to me, oh, well, then, you know, paying for a coach and paying I have three. And each one of them is critical to my success, like each one of them. Every night I go to bed with videos. Every morning I dedicated an hour and a half to education, like I'm one of those structured people where it's literally like this split second I'm doing this, this, this, this and this, and it's bang, bang, bang. And it just getting through. And I find them I'm way more productive that way as well.

Goodness sakes, I don't know what the couple of things that you know, your approach with thinking about the clients clients, they feel you have their back, you know, when you're thinking that farther down the road, it's not just I'm just here to make this transaction. Thank you very much. And move on to the next customer. They get a feeling that I think Dan is in it with me for the long haul. That's pretty cool. And whether or not they they buy or not or the sale is made, but it just fits the bill that I read in the beginning where your belief is that we should ever make a sale and that this is not a transactional thing.

It's a it's a relationship. It's a relationship, and it is a sales relationship. But it's also, in my opinion, it's next logical steps. Like if we look at the function of sales, Brian, I'm going to introduce myself. I'm going to qualify you until people say, whoa, whoa, Dan, what do you mean don't you need to investigate? My primary function is no, I'm going to qualify you and see if you fit my client profile if these massive corporations. Right. Think of any corporation and you call them up to who's your client, like Avatar, who's your client profile, right. They will tell you exactly who they're marketing to, exactly who they want to have as their ideal client. How many times have we got clients that are out to swear on the show? It's OK. OK, that is the biggest pains in the ass ever. That's not a big deal. And you sit there and you go, oh, my God, I've got to deal with this person again. Why? Why you spend the majority of your life working. Rightly, think of the hours we spent, especially as entrepreneurs working, why would we not? Take the effort, take the energy, take the blood, sweat and tears and marshal it towards our ideal client that has the same values, the same morals, the same ethics that want somebody like in my in my case wants a logistics supplier. Again, I want you to take care of my customers customer. I want you to help me achieve my goals. And everything that comes before that, so if achieving the customer's goal is up here, everything here is taken care of instantly, all challenges become obsolete. It's a conversation instead of a screaming match. It's a it's a two way communication.

Instead of you're an idiot, you're screwed up, screw you. Have a good day. There's four years of a relationship gone. I mean, I've been there. I've been in the ebb and flow business. I've you know, when I first started, I would take it most people do, right? Like, I'm going to take every single customer I can.

I'm going to bring them all in close and I'm going to service them and they're going to stay with me forever. And then all of a sudden one's gone like, well, why'd you go? Well, that guy was twenty dollars cheaper, really. But if you did your qualification up front. You would have known when somebody 20 dollars cheaper, they're gone. Yeah, at least you can make an educated choice saying I want to bring this person in.

Exactly. I love that. That's one of the biggest issues. I see people that if someone has a heartbeat and a balance on their credit card, they'll take them as a client. And the thing they don't realize is that approach ends up costing them more money over the long run by far than that transactional amount they just receive because of what you just said, the heartache, the pain, the suffering and the time you have to spend. Mending wounds instead of going out and getting the next customer that meets your qualifications.

I love this 100 percent like my filtration system for my business. Like so I have. I resigned from my corporate career in transportation sales a while back and then so I sell now in transportation sales because I want to keep my fingers on the pulse of the industry. I meet customers, I speak with clients.

I bring people into my world to help them get to a million dollars and under 12 months. But as much as I believe every salesperson can do it, the fact remains it has to be a dedicated salesperson. So when I bring people into my world, I filter them out. And one of my big filters is a twenty eight day challenge. And only if you complete the twenty eight days do I know you're serious. And some people say to me, then you're leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. I said no. Because my life quality, like my equation for business to equal life, I've had the people that have said, sure, I've got to love the way you said I got to balance on my credit card here.

And then I'm getting forty seven e-mails every hour and, you know, and then and then 30 days later the same twenty nine days later saying, I want a refund. Yeah. All right. Whatever. I mean OK, but that happens. OK, let's go back. Right.

Because one of the in my opinion one of the biggest key factors when we transition from amateur to pro is where we start sitting down and saying, OK, I can actually predict what they're going to do or say next. So when we can foresee that, that that is a real show in our world that we're transitioning. So if that's in sales, I know what rebuttals or what objections they're going to have. So I know I'll know what to say. Right. That's key in sales. When you get to that level, when you start realizing, OK, when I ask this question, these are the top five answers I get. So let me perfect my answers on these five. Right. That's when we really move into a next level of sales. But if your filtration system at the front end. Isn't the main focus? I look, I'm a big numbers guy, right? So if I if I contact one hundred people and I get ten real qualified people. I'd much rather than get that, then have 100 people and bring 20 people in and five of those become qualified because they didn't necessarily qualify them at the front.

Right. And it's again, it's a perspective shift. It's a mental shift. It's a it's a a functionality inside of us, we're saying. But if I get 20 people that still want to talk to me, that's awesome. But if you're only if you're only ending at the end, I hate to use these these words, but it is a funnel, right. To have multiple people at the top. You have a big filtration system, less people you filter again, less people. Those are your great customers. But if we don't have that filtration system and we keep pumping these people up, you're going to be busy being busy. You're not really busy creating that long term business that you can help your family enjoy a life that maybe we didn't have, that you can help help other people. And and actually pay it forward and really live the life that we all sit in our beds at night and dream of, like let's be all right, we all get in the shower. And in those quiet moments, our little conversations in our heads, they're going to lose.

But all these things you want, your buddy just bought a new car, your buddy you watch a family on Instagram going away on all these vacations.

It's like, damn, I wish I would do that. We have the power to do it. We just got to get more disciplined.

It's interesting, and this is this kind of sums up for those that are watching, I've been involved in network marketing in the past. I used to own a network marketing company back in the day. And I just remember vividly there were two of us that were approached by the same individual that we both knew of in the past. We already knew about this person. And I said, I don't want this person. You can have them. And that other person said, I don't want them, you can have them. And so be willing to say no, be willing to go to the next customer. I mean, when you say yes to everything, that's a sign of a scarcity mentality, in my humble opinion. And look, when you're first starting out and we've all been there, there is that there is a bit more scarcity. You need you need to make your bills. You need to pay your bills. So you might make a few more decisions in the early going that you otherwise wouldn't have. You had an established business that's already thriving, but it is important to keep this in mind at all times. What Dan is saying is really be cognizant and qualify.

Edify, vet your people that before you you take their credit card and go down this path of working with them coaches. This is perfect, perfect for all of you that are coaching. My gosh, you're spending personal time with them, whether it's in a group or one on one. And if you don't have what Dan is just talked about a filtration system in place and you're going to refine it over time, you're going to find that certain things slip through. I've done this to then I have I have a I have an onboarding process for people that come to work for my company for free. They have to go through an hour of video of me telling them what to expect and they have to submit a video seeing why they deserve to be the next apprentice for my company. Or I won't even I don't even see the results come through my inbox. It doesn't happen because I learn, just as you're saying, how to filter people properly. And because of doing that, the quality of apprentices have gone through the absolute roof. It's been amazing. And so on. Part on par. Go ahead too.

And also so. So I go right back to that, Brian. So anyone that's watching that doesn't apprenticeship group, what would be your starting point? Hey, Brian, I hear you got a great filter, can you teach me? Why go through a year of trying to figure it out when you can pay Brian and figure it out in a week like this is in sales, in business, in life? To me, that's why I invest in myself. I can think about and here's something that I heard and you've probably heard it as well, right? People spend more time planning their vacations than they do their life.

Oh, yeah. So people will spend ten thousand dollars for their family, fifteen thousand dollars for their family to get away for a week to an open bar.

But you're telling me that book is thirty dollars. Are you crazy? I think how crazy that sounds. And then they buy the book and then it becomes self-help. Yes. Because after the first chapter they just happened to be in the bottom of the valley. They buy the book and then just happened that they start climbing out. The first chapter works. Here we go. I don't need the book anymore. To me, it's just it's it's we all we've all done. Don't get me wrong, I've done it. I've purchased things. I've watched the first CD and it sat in my cupboard for years until I truly grasped this and started living it instead of just saying it, you know, like really living it and having you know, I remember when I was 18, I was in jail just before. So I started this business when I was 17. So I was about 15, 16. I was getting a lot of trouble, you know, obviously grade nine dropout. You have a lot of time on your hands. And I remember my dad came to me and handed me a copy of Norman Vincent Peale's Power. Positive thinking and thinking to myself and God that I'm a positive thinker. I want to go do that bad thing. I'm going to go do it like, you know, I don't think what if I get caught? I never thought of that until I got caught and I was sitting there in handcuffs and I'm like, OK, I probably should have done that. I was probably a bad idea. But so but reading the book, I was like, huh?

Huh, and I mean, I still have it, and at the point now, I'm afraid to actually turn the pages because they're so brittle, but it's one of my most prized possessions and it taught me. The power to think through it and and again, it all comes back to perspective, if I change my perspective of something, if I change the way I see it, the thing I look at changes. Right.

Wayne Dyer said it best when he said that a good buddy of mine, Don Hopoate, is on. He's he's actually a president of a Chamber of commerce here locally. And he said, I always have to think about my clients client. And now we work together to make my client become successful so he can satisfy his client. So it bingo. And Don is he is I know that he is to a core that way. He is always looking out for everyone else. He is one of the greatest Chamber of Commerce presidents I've ever run across. He's so active in helping other businesses to thrive, and that's exactly how he does it. So it's obviously a recipe for success. And what dancing tonight? I highly, highly recommend everyone follow. I'm going to follow it deeper as as when you brought it up, I thought, wow, I could really improve in that area and thank you. That's fantastic.

Oh, my pleasure. My pleasure. I mean, it really is. It changes. Don's absolutely right. Right. Like where said help enough people get what they want. You're going to get what you want. You know, if you again, you dig that shovel in a little deeper, if you help enough people, help enough people, get what they want, then what are you going to get?

And I believe it compounds its way back, takes one of this. A lot of this came about when I was sitting here, Bob Procter's I was eating dinner and Bob said to me says, you know, Dan, he said it's not about the money because I really don't do what I do for the money, he says. But the more value I bring to people and I bring to their business and I help them bring to their customers who help bring to their customers because I find the more money I make. Yeah, and I really thought about that and it literally sat like mustering in my head for probably five years. So I mean, and this is the crazy thing is we get information and we say to ourselves, oh, that's awesome. And you go to sleep, wake up. You're like, what was that again? I forget what that was, but I know it was good. I know it was good, you know, and that's why every conference I went to, I buy the recordings. I'm like when I'm in a conference. I mean, have you ever got that where you're at a conference and you're like, oh, my lord, that was gold. And you start writing and fifteen minutes later you look up like, what a mess, what a mess. Right.

Which said, Oh my God, are you crazy? And if that was gold, imagine what the last fifteen minutes was. So I literally with a fine tooth comb go through it. I mean I'll go.

As I was saying before, I've got three coaches and one of them is strictly an online video coach and I'll do a twenty minute video and it'll take me close to an hour to get through one twenty minute video just because it's like writing and mean literally. I have, I have books lined up here of all courses and I've got little tabs on them and then I've got a word document on my computer and when I hit a certain place or I'm at a junction in my growth where I'm kind of like, OK, I'm kind of hitting a little bit of resistance, I'm hitting friction. OK, three sixty perspective. OK, go back to my word document. I do a search I find OK, it's book four and I go back and some people say you're anal and what. But why would I not why would I not be for my own personal growth. It's quality. You know, the one of the times when. I really started to say to myself, wow, look, I rub off is we were at the dinner table and my daughter just out of the blue says, you know, Daddy, I don't know anyone that has the work ethic. You.

And I was like, wow, thank you, honey. And she goes, no, she doesn't want to tell you that. It's just I see what you do. I see how you do it. I see the passion you put into it. And she goes like, it blows me away. I wish I had that work ethic. And I was like, well, come on, let's go. Let's do it. Let's get you to it. Because that only comes with a Y and until we find out what I mean. Listen, I was I was I was lost. Bryan lost. Like, to the point where the majority of people in my life wrote me off to say, look, this guy is going to be in jail the rest of his life lost. You know, it just a Y happened y kicked in y changed. And it's like, OK, and then it gets bigger and then it gets bigger and then the drive, the desire, the move bigger and bigger and bigger. And it just it changes, changes everything.

It does and, you know, your passion oozes through the screen in a good way. It's obvious you love what you get to do. I see what I get to do. I love what I get to do is interview amazing people like you. You have no idea how much I'm sure you do, but how much I've learned and I've actually implemented many of the strategies I've learned from this very show. And that's the thing. We can always learn more. You know, the mind is like a parachute. It only works best when it's open. Right. And it's just amazing to me that, you know, when you say you are anal to me, I thought you're about you're about excelling, you're about excellence. You're about making it so your business goes farther, faster. You're about serving your clients at the highest level possible. You're just about doing the best you can possibly do. I don't call it anal. I call it, you know, this is the way everyone should operate, in my humble opinion, because we're cut from the same cloth. I think I've said had similar things said about the drive and ambition and work ethic. And, you know, 12 hours a day to me is not work. It's it's what I love to do. You know, it's just and I don't do the 12 hours every single day, but I don't have a clock. I just go tell I'm done. I have a checklist, and when I'm done, I'm done. And I enjoy every step it up with the little balance things with life and family. Of course, you got to put that in. That's important. But I love everything you're saying. Oh my God, it's such incredible quality.

I mean, my my notes are just going crazy here. It's getting I'm almost full. I'm almost out of room on my page and you just keep bringing up nugget after nugget back. A while ago you said something about ego and that your business died because of it. Another very important part. And what you're doing now, three coaches that take that helps take the ego out of it. They will set you straight. Plus, you know, again, why try to reinvent success when I have to do is model it. And a lot of times the proper vision for what you need to do comes from outside of your own head in the form of a coach, someone accountability partner, someone else. How many times have you been you've seen you're working with the client and you have the solution for them like that, and you just rip it off and be like, oh my God, I never thought of that. And then you go inward and you're working on your own business trying to do something similar and you freeze. Like, I don't even know what the hell to do. I mean, that has happened to me countless times. And then someone else would come in and go, oh, you should do but little. I'm like, holy crud, why didn't I think of that? I do this for everybody else, but I can do for miles.

Let me ask you this, Brian, because this is something that I had to really, really work on. Did you make it more complicated than it really was? So we're on the same page. I can't believe how many times somebody said to me, Dad, it's gold and Michael, it's gold, but it's got these little ripples in writing in here. And then if you look at the bottom, it's got no, no, it's gold. Just take this and go. And literally to the point, I remember when I first started my first coach when I said, listen, I have to qualify better.

And he says, OK, what's the number one thing that you want in a client? I said. To give me money and he says, come on. And I said, OK. And I said, OK, so to the number one thing, long term client, I have to be a resource to their company says, OK, we're getting somewhere. What do you need to know if you have to be a resource? I said, well, I need to know. Price isn't the number one thing I need to know that I they believe a logistics supplier. So you manufacture this. I bring this to market for you. I'm an extension of your business to get your product to market. Do you believe that's a resource? And if you if the answer is yes, then you and I will get along a lot better. You said that you qualification and I said, no, no, no, no.

I mean, I've got to figure this out. I'm got to figure because no, you don't have to do it. And the next calls, it was like, OK, I'm in. And they're like, yeah, I believe that. And it's funny because then we got along so well. You know, I had a colleague once who he was the first one to say, I'm a horrible salesman. He says, I love baseball, but I suck at selling. So his his his quality buying process. So I said to him, I said, OK, so why don't we try this. It's baseball. It's a come on, Dan, I'm like, just try it. Just try it. So he literally his intro was, do you like baseball? And the press would be like, no. And he'd go, OK, I'm horrible at sales. I love baseball. I can turn any sales process into a baseball analogy. But to do it any other way, I can't. And I call that eight mile or so in eight mile with Eminem came on stage and he totally trashed all of his buddies. He gave the other guy nothing to say.

And so everything I do, I do on an eight mile philosophy. And so when I was teaching this, this young man, he started calling and saying, Do you like baseball? Yes, I do. OK, great. And they would have great conversations. But what started transitioning, Brian, is he flipped it on his head and that's when he started saying, oh, I'm really stuck at sales. So we called it out and the guy was, you know, everybody most of the people that I mean, listen, people that look perfect, you later. Goodbye click and you people are hanging up OK, but they're not your ideal client. Like, again, we go back to that filtration. If I call a customer up and I say, listen, you know, what's your primary and secondary reason for adding or switching a service provider? And they say, price. And I said, well, what do you mean by price? Well, every twenty dollars I have somebody twenty dollars cheaper, you got to understand. And I ship one hundred loads a day. Twenty dollars a load that adds up at the end of the year.

Ok, I understand. I'm very clear on why you do what you do, we're not congruent. Thank you very much. And people say to me today, you're crazy. 100 loads a day.

So, yeah, but just understand, every time that somebody comes in cheaper, you've knocked 40 dollars off your profit. So if you start with one hundred, you get two kicks at the can and you're making twenty dollars. And he's probably going to chew up 90 percent of your time, so can you make twenty dollars somewhere else? With 10 percent of your time and then spend another 80 percent, getting another customer that sees the world, sees business, the world, what we do, how we do it in the same bubble.


Yeah, too close to working in their business that I'm on it minutia, the details, seeing that that gold pen with all the rivets and rivets and.

Yeah, because it's got to be right. It's got to be I mean, just everybody would be doing it if it's not more if it was that easy. No, it's it's not easy. But the framework and strategy is simple, there's a big difference between simple and easy, big difference. It's not easy. Brian, you look at your. I'm an entrepreneur. You're an entrepreneur. We look at our business. I look at the pivoting. And the amount of things I've had to do to change twist just to.

Keep things going. And I have to work 10 times harder to keep my perspective out of the gutter and then just totally somebody had a hobby. Yes. And not only that, let's let's call a spade a spade. Let's eight mile. That's a little bit. You will never get where you want to be if you're at a job and not a career ever. Can you get where you want to be in a career? Absolutely. I believe so.

Now, whether that be for a company or for yourself, I believe you can get where do you want to be? Because if you serve at the highest levels and the present company you're with right now won't give you what you want, need and desire, somebody else will. Right, there's people out there working for brands making hundreds of millions of dollars. It's their. You just have to be the one that says, this is my career, right? This is not just a job. This is a career. And you know what? If you need 10 of these in a day, I'll make it happen. Because our customers need to change 10 people's lives with what they write with them, if you talk about pivoting a little bit earlier.

Let's go back to that, the mindset side of things that that, if you wouldn't mind tell that story, you quickly told me right before we came on about what recently happened, you had something planned, you pivoted. And then maybe and by the way, please feel free to open it up to anyone who's watching this or listening to this to attend.

I appreciate that. So in March of twenty twenty for six months, I was marketing planning my first ever conference. I realized in the world of transportation and logistics sales, there is no conferences, there's no dedication to sales training. In ninety nine percent of the logistics and transportation companies in the market don't even have sales programs for their team. For me, for example, when I got into the business, I walked in. The first day I walked in, this guy dropped a manufacturing directive for Tennessee on my desk says if you can't sell in Tennessee, get out of the business. That was my training. And unfortunately, this big dream is sold to salespeople and transportation. Just so you can make a million dollars, you can make more than a brain surgeon. You can do it. But nobody gives them the tools and strategies to get them from a timeline like this, which could be a decade, which could be five years, which could be 10 years and shrinking to a year. So whether it is I said I'm going to dedicate a full day, I'm going to bring in experts, I'm going to bring in people that understand markets better than anyone. So we're going to bring in people from that for freight waves from all these companies. And we're going to do one full day on strategy formulas, frameworks, all of the above mindset. And we're going to bring everybody into the one building and we're just going to kill.

It started selling tickets. It was two hundred and eighty seats. We had about one hundred and ninety sold. It was two weeks before the event and we were sure probably some 10, 15 tickets a day. I mean, it was rocking. And it we had speakers coming in from Western Canada, from North Carolina, from New Zealand, from southern Texas. And all of a sudden it was like. So I don't know if any of you have ever been at this pinnacle of energy, this enormous vibration, like everything is running so smooth and you're cruising and all of a sudden when you just get hit, I mean, devastating, devastating. I watched thousands of dollars on event centers fighting to get at least credit. Just credit me, because that two week period, you typically lose everything. Audio, video companies. I mean, it was just it was crazy, devastated, saying, OK, how in the hell am I going to pivot here? How am I going to how am I going to make this work? How am I going to launch this? Sales people need it. So we retracted. And I looked at it and I looked at it from that whole the 360 perspective, I looked at it from the customers. So what I did is I started creating mini courses for the people that had bought tickets because they said they already purchased tickets. I need to serve them. I need to help them help their customers achieve their goals.

And so when we did that. Good things started happening, but what I realized in that pivot and in all of that adversity is I now have an opportunity to reach so many more because now people don't have to fly to Toronto to be at the event.

So I'm going to go virtual. And I'm happy to say we have over six hundred and something people signed. Twenty seven people signed up just before I watch this. So we've in essence, doubled the viewership. In the last eight months, I've met many more people than we now have. Twenty five people coming into the panels. We're now about to double the people we serve. And if we look at a ripple effect, I expect that ripple effect to almost be triple in four times the amount of people that have come in from that one pivot. And you start to say to yourself, OK, it didn't happen for a reason. What was that reason? And how can I how can I duplicate triple and even quadruple the output of the day? And again, the mission of the day is to educate salespeople at a level they've never been educated before in the transportation and logistics industry. So my pivot to virtual and I was telling Brian before the show, I actually I'm setting up all the lighting today and I'm setting the can. We're doing tests and we're doing that. I mean, Brian, it taught me a lot because I said, who do I need to be? I need to be that person that understands audio video. I need to be that person that understands streaming. I need to do that. So for the last six months, all I've been doing is testing, testing, testing, educating, educating, educating, testing, educating, educating, testing, educating doesn't work, works.

OK, take this tidbit, take this tidbit. And I put together my own framework for literally launching to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people the ability to scale, I think, for us in any industry today. Is so much greater even than it was a year ago and the technology's been there, right, Brian? Like you look at this streaming that we're doing, technology's always been there. But I look at it a little bit like Amazon when Amazon first started. Right. Actually, I'll even go back before that. So when Dell Computer first started to people buying computers online, I was bringing all of Dell computers into Canada. Every single Dell computer that got sold in Canada touched my trucks. They were my largest customer, and you know what it was, we had forty eight hours to Toronto and we had sixty seven hours to out West. Otherwise, people would want their money back because by the time it got into UPSs impure later system and by the time they turned it around in twenty four hours to their door, they found three days was the time when people refunded in Ontario and six days in western Canada. Now here's the interesting thing. If you put your credit card in today and something you bought took seven days, you'd be pissed because we're used to it now, but you will refund, right?

So our mentality has changed. Yeah, right. When all of covid happened, the mentality shift changed. And let's think about this for a second, right? Everybody's doing Zoome calls everybody to the point where I kick myself in the ass all the time going, why didn't I buy Zoome stock? You know, but but think about the thing about that shift, the amount meetings I've had where the people are 30 minutes away and they said, no, no, no, don't bother coming in. Let's get on a June call now and say, OK, are you ready? Because it's action time. Let's go.

Right. Whereas before it's OK, we'll have a meeting on Tuesday. And I'm like, OK to prepare on Monday or I could prepare on Sunday. Hey, no, I'm good for a and assuming let's go. And all of a sudden before you know it, you might be dressed like this and in your PJs.

I mean we've all been there but that shift, same thing was Amazon started it, but now it's everything else and it's a shift. Right. So we go in these shifts. So for me, the pivot in the shift was people are now used to. A full day in front of their computer watching video know what a perfect I mean, I've been on personally since covid.

I've been on three full day summits, like in digital marketing, in in the graphic design and video.

And I mean, I've been on the mall, you know, and I love them because I'm like, oh, man, this is awesome. OK, it's lunch time. And I walk downstairs and I get my lunch. I hate traveling. I can't sleep in hotels. Like when I when I first started in transportation logistics, I partnered up with a colleague. He was really good at operations. I stopped because I didn't know how to deal with people when things were going wrong. I said, it's A and B, there's no in between. It's A and B, and they're like, no, but these things happen. I don't believe it. So for me, I had a real hard time dealing with that. It was really emotional for me. So he did all the operations I did in sales. What that equated to with me being on the road three weeks a month. Like, I lived on Nyquil just to sleep with me, so I like traveling, I would just sit here and stare into this and watch you on this bed. Do I want to meet you one day? Sure. But if we can do this and then you turn around and you go right back to serving your clients and I can turn around once we hit end and go right back to serving my clients. And I don't have to get on a plane for five hours, you know, a little bit easier now because they have Wi-Fi on the plane. So I can do some work. I can serve on the plane. But before it was I don't really want to watch a movie for five hours. I had no interest in some regards.

It's leveled the playing field because now we don't have to travel in those that could not travel and didn't have the the wherewithal financially maybe to stay in a hotel and spend a weekend can now do it. I'm attending a summit starting tomorrow. Three day, eight hour a day. Can't wait. We're at the time, brother, but for a week before we finish up and I want to make sure we get through before a certain battery dies. We want to I always end the show with a special question. But before I do that, we have to give aways to one that you know about, and that is the five nights date of five star resort in Mexico. And another is by damn who's going to describe it here in just a moment. But before we do that, this question, Dan, just to prep you a little bit, it's an amazing question I've asked every show or every guest on my show. I hope he didn't cheat and watch earlier a previous show. And I've found it to be very profound and it can be even a little personal. But before we do that, I wanted to let everybody know how they can enter to win.

The five night stay at a five star resort of their choosing from a list of resorts and what you want to do is take out your phone, you have our permission to do that for a moment to get your phone, pull up your texting app and where you would put in the name of the person you're going to text instead put in this phone number, and that is three one four six six five one seven, six, seven and down where you would type in the message and send it off, like where you would put the emojis. Just put in the two words that are separated by a dash that's peak peak dash vacation, no spaces. So again, it's peak dash vacation. Again, that number is three one four six six five one seven six seven. And a little birdie told me that there is yet another giveaway here and I'm just going to hand the reins over to you then to help people understand what it is and describe and how they can get it.

You got it. So what we've done here is for every listener, I'm going to give you guys a ninety seven dollars gift. This is the RFP playbooks over twenty seven years of transportation logistics. I've done countless hundreds of RFP originally kind of in that two to four percent closing ratio. When I started really strategizing and figuring out, OK, how do I ask the questions that matter to give me the answers where I can go in and formulate my responses and get strategies in and get things done. I started to close over 80 percent of the RFP. So what it is, it put all those strategies, all those tactics, all those frameworks into a single PDF guide, kind of like a handbook playbook is what I actually call it for you guys. So if you guys want to go to that link at the bottom, you can go grab that for yourself and start winning more our fees. And if I can, Brian, to go back to that summit for any of you that are interested, the tickets are free. It starts tomorrow morning, December 11, at 9:00 a.m. Eastern. And you can go to Dan Degan dot com forward h. P. S hyphen summit and you can register for free.

So we thank you so very much for that. And just for clarification, for dummies like me, just for everyone else, what does RFP stand for?

Requests for proposal? That's what I thought about what a lot of companies do is they take all of their freight and they put it into one big thing and they say, here's an Excel spreadsheet, figure it out. So we go in and we quote on fifty different things and they never wanted to do to change anything. They just want to keep their company honest, which is what most of them are doing, especially now because there's a huge capacity crunch in our industry. Some locations are three to one, three loads for every one truck. So people are trying to buy capacity just with everything with covered. The entire shipping world has changed and shifted shipping patterns, shipping structure, shipping methods. I mean, it's gone completely berserk with Cauvin and with ocean lines parking 30 percent of their fleets and air freight being. I mean, you guys have probably seen it in the news, right? Companies are actually strapping cargo to the seats because nobody's flying in these. They're you like these planes. So, you know, it's a it's a unless you're educated on it and you educate yourself on it. I mean, it's very industrial area.

So those of you watching, you see it on the screen. That's the URL to get this playbook. Ninety seven dollars for free RFP playbook. So go to our wipe them forward slash playbook. That is for audio listening audience. And then let's get back and let's let's get to this really heavy hitting, wonderful, amazing, tremendous, tremendous and powerful question. Is there. And so, like I said, I'd like to end the show with this one just because it is that impactful and the one one truth about it then is that there is no such thing as a wrong answer. You cannot answer it incorrectly. In fact, the only correct answer is yours. It's just the opposite. And that's that's why I made my bet. Yeah, that's personal. So there's no pressure whatsoever. It's it's just going to be what it is for you. And some some respond immediately. They have it right here. Others take a moment and ponder and it doesn't matter. Whatever it is for you is perfect because it's your answer.

So that being said, are you ready? I am.

All right. We go. Dan Deacon. How do you define success?

Success is singular, success is what you internally.

Believe it is whatever you as an individual believe, whatever your perspective is, whatever your underlying. Growth mandates what you whatever your wife is, is success.

Love it, love it.

Well, Dan, I want to tell you, thank you so very much for coming on. I know you've got a big, big shindig going on. First part of the morning. And I appreciate you taking the time, knowing what you have in front of you tomorrow. And on behalf of everyone that's been watching and those that have listened after the fact, I appreciate you. You brought incredible value. Let's give a round of applause. Thank you then for coming on the show. And that's it for this show. Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the amazing, amazing Dan Degan, I am your host, Brian Kelly. This is the Mind Body Business Show. And we will be back again next week with another phenomenal guest. I don't know if they can top this guy. We'll see. We'll see.

Andre, Andre is a great. I know she's your next guest, right? Next week on a recorder. I love her. She is awesome. I did a huge event with her, a big YouTube hangout with her vision to reality. It's going to be a good thing, you guys.

And you were amazing, my friend. Appreciate you. And anything we can do to support you going forward, just reach out.

But until then, everyone, so long. Good night and be blessed. We'll see you next time. Bye, Fraker.

Thank you for tuning in to the mind body business show podcast at www.youtube.com but those people came to me a year later because what I noticed is, is by building and nourishing those relationships and really for those people to feel like you care about them, you're not only going to networking events because you want business, but it's because you see them and you acknowledge them and you see those people as as people and as humans. And and you're building friendships and relationships. So really, I owe it to the people that I have met through and networking events in different, different avenues. Mind Body Business Show.

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Dan Deigan

Dan's passion for his industry and helping salespeople succeed at a higher level they thought possible comes through every word and action. Dan's belief is that we should never "make a sale," we should always find out what goals, mandates, and objectives our desired clients are after and be the bridge builder to help them get there with the least amount of friction possible.

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