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So here's the big question. Our entrepreneurs like us, who have been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward, two steps back work getting.

Finally break through, and that is the question.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show.

I say this each and every week, and this is no different. We have a phenomenal show lined up for you tonight. Mr. Danny Creed is sitting there right now waiting to join. And this is an amazing, amazing gentleman who has achieved so much in life, has overcome much and has been wildly successful in business and in coaching. And I cannot wait to dove into his big, beautiful brain so that you can learn the secrets to success. And that's what this show is all about. This is a show for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. And in my now fifty six years of life on this planet, actually, the last ten or so I began studying just those who had achieved a high level of success. And I wondered what made them tick? Why were they more successful than someone like me? What do they put their shoes on any differently? Their pants? What is different? Why are they more successful? You know, you work hard and you like figuring out your struggle and what the heck is wrong. Well, what I found out were.

Things started, the pattern started coming up over and over and over again, I'm talking about mentors that I knew personally, one of which I learned advanced. Speaking from the stage, I became his lead trainer, spoke from his stage for a couple of years and just had a blast doing that. And I learned so much from him. I learned from author, some living, some no longer with us. I've learned from so many people, coaches, that I've hired people that are on my show. Believe it or not. Yes, absolutely. And what I learned were these three patterns kept bubbling to the top and you might be able to guess what those three are. Yes, they're part of the name of this very show. And that is mind. That means mindset to a person. Each successful person I studied had a very, very powerful and most importantly, flexible mindset. And then there was a body. What really blew my mind was they all took care of themselves. They all took care of themselves physically from the outside and on the inside. They exercised on a regular basis and they took care of themselves nutritionally. And then there's business. That's another very powerful pillar of success.

And with business that's multi, multi multifaceted with business, these are very successful. People had mastered the various skill sets that are required to create, build, maintain and grow a successful business. Things like sales, marketing, team, building, systematizing leadership. I could go on and on. The list goes on a long time. The good news is that no one person has to themselves master every single skill set. One of those that I just mentioned is the key, and that is leadership. Once you have developed the skill set of leadership, you can then delegate. And he could do so masterfully to those who have those skill sets that you have yet to acquire and you may never acquire because there are so many, it would probably take more than a single lifetime for one person to master them all. And so with that, it is time to move into the next segment, because the beautiful thing about very successful people that I learned and then began modeling is that to a person, they are also very voracious readers. And so with that, I like to segway over into a segment. I like to call bookmarks affectionately. Here we go.

Bookmarks for want to read bookmarks, ready, steady, read bookmarks brought to you by Ricchiuti Library Dotcom.

Yes, reach a big library dot com, you see that on the side now for those of you watching of those you listening in on a podcast, stop if you're traveling and take notes as you listen or hit pause and sing for you watching live. Here's the thing real quick. While you're watching and listening to the show, there are going to be many resources discussed. I know Danny has many to share as well as I do like Ritscher Library dot com rather than. Give in to that temptation to click away and go look at these other resources instead, I implore of you to just take notes. Remember that thing, that old piece of paper, that parchment called paper. And there's a pen I've already started. If you saw that, I've got a lot of notes from our pre talk before the show started and just take notes and then after the show is over, go check out those resources. And here's the reason why. The reason why is the magic always happens in the room. Now, this is a virtual room and you get that, you understand that, well, I would really hate for you to go clicking off somewhere at the very moment that Danny drops that nugget that could change your life forever. And because you went off and you took your mind elsewhere, you may not have even heard it, let alone wrote it down. So please for yourself, not for me, not for Danny, but for yourself. Stay in the room. Stay with us. It's an hour long show, so that means we only have 15 minutes to go. So you already 10 minutes into it. So there we go. All right.

Let's have some fun and reach a peak library. What does that all about? That is a website I had developed with you in mind. And I really, honestly am not kidding you. The entrepreneur, the budding business person, the person looking to get to that next level of success, no matter where you are today. These are all books I personally read and vetted, only books that had profound impact on me, either in business or personal or both are in this list. So what that means is not every book I've read made it to this list. Here's another anecdote. I didn't start reading voraciously until the age of forty eight. That's not that long ago, eight years ago. And I began reading through audible and began just consuming everything I could find that I knew would have benefit for me and my business and my and my personal life. So this is here for you as a gift. Reach a big library, dotcom. Any button you click that, go straight to Amazon, grab the book, start reading. If you haven't started reading, do it. Now, if you are reading and you're ready for that next good read. Get on this site, find a book, the first one that jumps off the page. You don't need to look at the entire list. Just grab the first one. Take action. Action takers are rewarded. I say this over and over. That is that. Read your book library dotcom. I hope you enjoy that little gift. Speaking of a gift, we've got a really huge one and it comes in the form of a gentleman named Denny Creed. We're going to bring him on right now.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league qualified.

And there he is, ladies and gentlemen, the one the only Denny Crane.

Let's have some fun already.

So it was so fun talking to you before we even started the show. I mean, you were dropping nuggets, and I kind of jokingly said, OK, that's our show. Even though no one saw and I'm not kidding.

This is I love what I get to do, Danny, because I get to meet amazing individuals like you. And it was like from the instant we both sides on camera, I felt an instant friendship with you, instant connection. And your energy is awesome. And we're very similar in our lives.

School, get them action taken. Before I bring you on formally, I want to give you the respect you deserve. I want to mention real quick a couple of things. One is for everyone watching live, you have to be watching this video live on the mind body business show dotcom. You can go on Facebook, YouTube, where all of you see the icons above me.

When you watch it to the very end, then you can find out how you can win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort. Compliments of our pals up there. The big insider secrets, dotcom. That's Jason. That's my pal and his crew that have given us this trip to give away every single week. And yes, very soon we will all be free to move about the country and hopefully the world as well. And so we definitely stick around to the end. And one final thing for those of you that might be struggling. With putting the show together and it's overwhelming and you want a lot of the processes done for you and still be able to put on a high quality show, connect with great people like I'm doing right now, and grow your business, then head over to carpet bomb marketing. That's over at carpet bomb marketing dot com, and you will learn how you can saturate the marketplace with your message. I cannot tell you myself how much this has meant for me and my business and the people I've met. My business has grown immensely as a direct result of carpet bomb marketing. So go and check that out. Now, this is it. The meet happens now and to the end, no more of that real world business coach Danny Creed is an international business and executive coach, trainer, best selling author, international keynote and workshop speaker and experienced entrepreneur and business owner. There's a lot of ads in there because he's got a lot.

He is a recognized expert in sales and startup business planning. How many of you are thinking about starting a business? The guy he has a business turnaround and marketing specialist with a strong emphasis on business and personal development. I've got to tell you, anyone who has crushed it in marketing, that is someone you want to grab on to with both hands on his ankles or her and never let go. I mean, there should be nail marks digging in to a skin because that is a very specialized skill. Danny is a Brian Tracy, international certified business coach and sales trainer. Coach Dan has logged to date over 15000 business coaching and training hours. That's a lot. If you want to do the math, go ahead. He has been involved with 15 successful start up businesses and over 400 business turnarounds. Do you think this guy is awesome? I do. Coach Dan is the sixth time recipient of the Focal Point International Brian Treacy Award of Sales Excellence and the twenty nineteen focal point coaching practice of the year. Who in any available spare time? Dan is a musician, as you can see, some lovely musical instruments over his left shoulder there. The guitars, maybe we'll get him to play a little tune for us. I don't know. We didn't really check that out for him with that. Formally. Officially, no. Danny Creed, welcome to the show, my friend Brian.

That's great. Thank you. I appreciate it. It's great to be here, by the way.

Oh, goodness. So Danny hails all the way from Phenix, Arizona. I'm just north of Los Angeles in a little town called Lancaster. So I love that. I love what I get to do. And I get to interview people like you and people all over the world that just have crushed it in business, that have the life lessons that are willing to share with those who may not have figured it all out. And that's why I have this show. So totally appreciate you being here, Danny and that. But oh, my goodness, that was unbelievably impressive, I will say.

And a lot of work went it.

And just talking to you prior to the show, I can tell that every word of that was due to blood, sweat and tears, you know, that you put in effort the time it takes a lot to become a trainer and anything, and then to become an esteemed and award winning trainer within such an incredible organization as Brian Treacy's. Wow. Wow.

Well, you know, the whole thing comes down to the reason I've been so blessed with success with my clients is that enough people, people out there don't don't honor their past. And what I mean by that is that we all have experiences in our past that we can bring forward and use in the future. But so many people go, oh, this is new. So I don't know about that. Well, that's baloney. That's just B.S. because we have experiences in the past that we can bring forward and learn from that. And a lot of those comes from mistakes, you know, a lot of them. So you've got to have you've got to have the nerve to go, OK, I screwed up when I learned from it. Right. You know, and so that that's real world. That's where the real world thing comes from, is that there's not a lot of theory in what I do do. And people appreciate that in today's world. They just say, look, don't tell me how to deal with this because I don't know how. So that's where shows like yours to do to to compliment you. That's where shows like this are so important to get that message out.

And the thing is, I think one word is authenticity. And that's what you exude. I mean, it's coming out of your pores. When I first met you, you know, we go way back at least, what, half an hour before the show started. We have known each other for half an hour before we even got on a lot longer, though, doesn't it? It does. And that's the thing. It's obvious to me that you walk the walk, you talk the talk and you walk the walk. There's no doubt in my mind. Oh, and someone here, Travis Lackner from LinkedIn said, yeah, let's go. Great guest. And he's talking about you. The. Put my name on there, Travis. I think we know him and he said, yes, a man success leaves breadcrumbs. Thanks for coming in and participating and please continue to drop comments for those you're watching live and questions. If you have questions for Danny, bring them on, because that's what we're here to do, is to literally pull out of this amazing brain. What is it that makes Danny Crete's so successful? And truly and I mean this because your bio is incredible. It gives us a lot of your accolades and experience and things you've been through and where you have gone to what you've achieved.

What I like to do is kind of peel away that curtain and I want to go to the source of what caused all this success. And to me, that source is always that big, beautiful brain sitting in your noggin. My guest expert, Danny Crede. So based on what is going on up there in your wonderful cranium, like when you get up in the morning every day as an entrepreneur, every day is so freakin easy and problem for you, isn't it? That's right. It's meant to be sarcastic. It is filled with challenges every single day. And it's not for the week not it is not for everyone, but for you, Danny, knowing that those are coming every single day and they nonstop and the more successful, more successful you become, the more problems and issues to be solved that come your way for you when you get up. What's going on in that big, beautiful brain of yours that saying let's go another day? I can't wait. What is motivating you day in and day out?

Well, that's that's that's a great question, because I like I share a lot of stories because the stories come from mistakes I made and success I've made. And I had a chance to talk to I can't reveal his name. I can tell you later. But I had a good opportunity to meet lots of famous people who are highly successful people. And I asked one who runs a 90 billion dollar company at one point was one of the largest corporations in the world. And I asked you, I have the opportunity to sit down and talk with him. And I asked him, I said, what? What do you think about what is your mind? And he goes, There's two things. I think and this was almost 20 years ago now. I think about it every day. He said, I get up every morning. When I get up, I go to work trying to have the same mindset as my first day in business. So what is your mindset? I'm going to protect my money. I'm going I'm going to work hard. I'm going to not waste any money and I'm going to make good decisions or I'm going to hire good. And I'm going to fire quick. And he goes. So I try to have that same mindset every day, even though I'm 80, 90 billion dollar company from the first day. So the second thing I do is when I go to bed every night, I say, you know what, I could be broke tomorrow. So what did I do today at that from happening? And and so it's very important to answer your question. I would say I, I say a prayer every morning that says give me a positive mindset.

Today I have to have a positive mindset because we're living in one of the most dangerous times in history, as well as one of the most important time in history. I believe this is the greatest time in history to be in business. I really do. And some people say he's nuts. But I'm telling you, it's the greatest time in history to be a business because. Because if you have a you know, I don't want to get off another subject, but we have there's two kinds of mindstate. There's a a mindset of survival and a lot of people have moved in that mode. How are you doing today? I'm getting by and there's a mindset of thriving, of possibilities. And those people are going, I don't care how bad it is, there's opportunity here. And they're making a difference today because this is what I was sharing with you before we started. They have the best year I've had in 14 years of doing this and all of my clients knock on wood. I'm very proud that all my clients are having record years while others are going broke. And I believe a lot of that comes back to mindset and how you start your day. We were talking one of the great books of all time is written in nineteen twenty eight, Think and Grow Rich and Napoleon Hill said back then and it's a great big, thick book and I can tell you what that means in one sentence. This great big. What it means, what it's about is what you think about most of the time you become.

So if you're thinking of who will always be the world's coming, you don't have to hold the elections or, oh, I got to step back and see what happens where you're going.

Yeah, OK. I mean.

There's a lot of opportunity here while everybody else is fighting. So what's the opportunity and I'm just telling you, when I get up in the morning, I think it's important for me and what I do. And if you're a business owner and entrepreneur out there, it's important for me to have that positive attitude. I have have I have not lost a client and I have kept many of them. And it's a great compliment. They say, look, you're the you're the brightest spotlight now. I will see all week, while everybody else is negative and they turn the TV on is negative and they're advertising and everything else. You know, I'm coming in with the attitude of maybe going on. I understand that, but I know ways to get around it and go, wow, let's work. It's the law of attraction. Yeah, double. Triple. So that's what I think about.

That's amazing. And I hope gosh darn, I hope you're taking notes. Those that are watching and listening. This is the absolute gold. Because we were talking before the show, Danny, and all the things I often like to tell people is your current level of success or lack thereof is one hundred percent all on you. And it's all about what's going on up here. What Danny is saying is absolute truth, because your life is truly what you make of it. You have the decision to decide of, well, am I going to have an attitude of gratitude or am I going to be pissed off at the world? Am I going to let the circumstances around me control my attitude or I'm going to let my attitude dictate my circumstances like Danny does? What would you rather have a life of success filled with happiness? Look at this guy. Do you think he's happy? You think he's passionate? Do you think he loves getting up in the morning? I think so. Would you rather be like this or. Well, you know, I'm doing OK. I choose I choose Danny over that any day. All day. I am I'm amped right now. And I look, I love what I get to do because I have so many amazing people come on this show. And I just I love to just sit back and listen and learn because, you know, repetition is the key to mastery. It truly is. You know, let's practice your brain is a muscle. You got to practice and continue. Speaking of a brain mean muscle, I'm going to guess that others. I'll let you say, would you consider yourself to be one of those avid readers?

Oh, yes, absolutely. That's that's imperative. That's imperative. I mean, I learned that long ago. But I also my mentor has been Brian Tracy, and I've had the privilege of spending time with Brian. And I've been in his personal library.

And this man reads more. I mean, the great success mine's read all the time.

You know, you'll read four or five newspapers a day and books and everything else. So I have know I love the old I have a sign in my library which is next door here, that it says I buy books with the hopes I have time to read them. So I have a whole bunch of books that I have a whole shelf over here, a book five that are in line. But I, I think it's imperative, you know, it's the it's the Oriental example of kaizen continuous, never ending improvement. You know, the psychologists have proven that you never get too old to learn. What happens is you shut it off Purslane. So you've got the opportunity to learn forever. And one of the things that I stress and I appreciate what you've said is that we have to continue learning because it's the old line of of have. You know, I have I've had a guy go, I'm not going to go to that training because I've been in business 30 years. And I'll say, have you been in business 30 years or one year, 30 times?

I love it.

And if that's the case, you better pick up a book, rather, and you could go in at any time. So, yes, I love to read.

Yeah, I learned a great similar concept from my mentor and we would train this from stage and we would say, look, we're not here to teach you anything you haven't already heard of or seen. We found a way to put those pieces together in such a manner that has brought us immense success there. There's three words that you could utter that many of us do. We're all human. But if you utter them either out loud or to yourself inwardly, you will shut off your brain from learning, period.

And those three words are I know that you know people like that. I know that. Yeah, I know that. Right.

And the cool thing is, look, everyone does know a lot of things. They have a lot of experience. And so the simple way to get over that trap is to simply follow it. First step is be aware that it happened. I just said it. The second one is to do something about it, to rectify the situation. In this case, you to say, I know that. And I wonder what else I can learn. There you go. And that's it. So you can give yourself credit for knowing that and your ego still feels good, but you can also reopen your mind back up to learning because again, repetition, mastery, if you've seen it, done it multiple times. Michael Jordan, how many times these people take the same shot practicing over and over and over and over, and they still miss on occasion, don't they?

So what makes you any better not to practice and repeat and say, oh, I know that I got I got to my soapbox, I'm getting into it now, like, I want to bring that.

That's one thing that you can control, though. It's like the mindset that look like teach it in 12 step programs and every business owner should go through a 12 step program because one of the one of the steps in there is, look, if you're hanging with negative people, you've got to change your friends. It's the same in business of being an entrepreneur. I'm telling you, the success, the key to being an entrepreneur, one of the major ones is that you've got to believe in what your ideas, what your project is more than anybody on Earth, that the people who love you the most maybe going. Yeah, I love you, but are you sure about this? You've got to reset. Absolutely. I've got to get you to being the only person that believes in this. But you better darn well believe it because a banker is not going to believe you. An investor is not going to believe you. Your friends won't believe your board of directors won't believe your staff. Will you talk about leadership? Your staff will believe you unless you believe it. And you need look people in the eye.

So if you've got friends that bitch and moan and gripe all the time about what, you know, elections and the government covid and all this, you need to ditch your friends and go find some do it because it will have an effect up here. And that's something you have control over of what you hear. And personally, I have watched the local news and 10 years. Not because I don't want to be informed. I do I do look at news online of what I want to read, but I just don't need all the negativity tied to it, because if anybody on Earth, my people pay a lot of money for me to be a positive influence or the. And me to be believable. So we need to talk negative, it's constructive. Yeah, versus negative. But the last thing they want is to hire a business coach that comes in and goes, yeah, yeah, you're right. Things do suck. That's not what they want.

I love that.

You know, that you you need to believe in your business more than anyone else. It is so true. I mean, family can be the worst. They can be the hardest. I, I mean, I'm not going to point out any family member of mine, but one would say so how's that business year going? And always with arms crossed and waiting for the the negative response to something I said, well, I'm still working. Also, are you making a lot of money? Not yet, but I'm working. Well, I wish you the best and I don't mean it. I don't mean it at all. I'm like they're just like, oh, I'm glad to see you're still down there because. And they don't they love you. They love you. They want the best for you. But I think secretly they're like, cool with the fact that you're not crushing it yet. I don't know why. Why is that harder? They just seem to be.

But sometimes your friends who say that, oh, I love you and everything else, they may be afraid that if you do succeed, you'll make them look bad. Yeah. For being down here. So that's why it has to be here and you have to cut out all the noise and you have to believe that means you have to also be flexible. Being willing to change, but you've got to believe it or that anything. Yeah, and if you don't, don't waste your money, don't waste your time, don't do it. But you have to believe it. And if you can see that, I mean, it's always a great compliment. Somebody says you're passionate about this, aren't you? I mean, that makes me feel good because that means that I'm you know, I really believe, Brian, that the number one thing that that anybody can sell to someone else is to in today's world is hope as a coach. One of the things I'm selling all time is hope. I want to sell you the hope that I might be able to help you grow your business, that you are the hope that I might be able to save your business, the hope that I might be straight with you and shoot straight, and that I've got the experience to help you get to the next level that you're stuck at. You know, we don't spend enough time selling hope. We spend a lot of time telling. Let me tell you all the reasons why you ought to hire me. But nobody is saying, let me understand what you need and then I want to say you hope that I can help you with that. You know, and that's the missing element in a lot of marketing and a lot of most sales pitches. I mean, the lost art American business today, World Business Today. And I have clients and in Poland and other places, the lost art in business is the art of listening. Nobody listens to anybody anymore. And you can be extremely successful being known as somebody that listens.

I'm sorry. Would you just say I'm kidding? Totally.

But I knew it. I knew it was coming, both of us.

And when I had somebody stop me in a meeting the other day and go, wait a minute, wait a minute, I get what you really do. Try to listen, doGet. I go, I try, but it makes a big difference. It's a differentiator today. So who's ever listening to this thing, remember? I mean, shut up and listen. Ask some questions. Shut up.

Listen, you know, one of the ways to prove to yourself that you, Danny, but in general, the people listening that you are listening is if you're taking notes. If you're writing, you're not talking, you're thinking about what you're writing and you're listening and absorbing and you're getting at a deeper level, especially if you're writing it with your hand instead of typing it. But either way is fine, just in one respect. Yes. Yes. Oh, my gosh. Can you Danny, could you imagine every time you give advice and you're watching somebody and they're like, hold on a second, writing it down? Oh, that is like the greatest thing as a coach or a mentor to see someone actually write it down like, good, you're going to get this at a deep level. This is good for you. It's not for my ego, but it makes me feel good that this is going to have great impact for you in turn.

I had a guy a few weeks ago which I actually fired while I was was I was helping him with an answer to that. He he he does this.

Yeah. Yeah. He's checking email. I'm listening. I'm listening, coach. Yeah. People just don't get, you know, the effect this is going to have. But the power of listening is a differentiator today. And if you learn this, I mean, success is hard if you apply the basics.

Ziglar taught me that he used to say, look up the similarities of a 40 story building and a three bedroom house is that without a strong foundation, they'll both fall over. And it's the same with building a business, you've got to master the basics, Brian Treacy calls it the the recipe for success. And they go as far as to say that this recipe is about 13 things with this foundational recipe is the same for all businesses, no matter what it is, where it's at or what the economic conditions are. So if so, when I work with whether it's a billion dollar company or a startup, the first thing I do is, OK, let's look at our foundation. And the foundations, things like clarity of business, and that includes I've got like an 80 question checklist, but clarity of business, priority management, time management, written goals, and all these things are tied to that. And I'll upset them sometimes, particularly bigger companies. But I'll go look, our biggest gains are usually where we're screwed off, where we're blowing off. Here it up. And it's really true. And that's where my practice is based, is that I'll come in and we'll build from the foundation. And I mark this. Anybody who's listening. There is no app out there that's Bolz solve all. Get your foundation solid and then go look for the apps, but don't look for the Miracle app before you're solid on everything else. That's my service. Thank you for attending.

Yeah, let me get solid on it. And then before you go get that app built, make sure that there's a marketplace that once the damn app before you go spending all that time. The very the very thing I just finished, it's called carpet bomb marketing a year and a half, it took me to build that one and a half years after probably a decade of experience in the field, but a year and a half to put it together, because I won't do it unless it's quality. My name will next be next to it. But I'll tell you, that was a struggle and just got to stick with it. And the only reason I did it, this, Danny, is the last thing on the planet I wanted to do. I did not want to do this because there's so much tech involved in the in every step of the process that I know that tech is always changing, moving and evolving, ebbing and flowing. And I'm one person with no tech team right now to help. And I said, the only way I'm going to do this is when I bring on a team.

And the only reason I did it, Danny, was after the show time and time and time again. People like you, guest experts would say, Brian, can you show me how to do what you do? You know, I trained at some stage, so I listen to the marketplace and I'm dreading it as I'm listening to them, but I don't want to do this. And then I realized that all I need is a great team. I'll be fine, then I can scale it. And I finally just said yes. And literally two days ago, actually, yesterday I posted it was officially completed a year and a half. I would not have done it had I not such a high percentage of people saying, I want what you have. There's no way. So I would kind of the opposite. I backed into this one. It's not like look at this cool thing. I think people will like this, which is what most people do, and then they flounder for six months to a year and not make one sale because no one else wants it.

And how do you feel?

I feel frickin awesome. And so there's the other thing. It took a year and half to build it. And I told I told everybody I knew my wife, my my colleagues and all my friends, my entrepreneur friends, I said. But that isn't the end of it, that's when the work starts. Now it's time to market this puppy and get it out there and start getting on other podcasts and shows and promoting. It's just begun. But it's a new it's like shifting gears and it's a whole new path. I'm so relieved that I'm out of that bath and into another one of those phenomenal. My brother.

Oh, good for you. It looks great. I've looked at what you've sent out, and it's fabulous.

Thank you so much. I'm not here to pitch that. In fact, I want to pitch you more than anything. There's a little birdie that told me we were talking about reading a little bit ago that a little birdie, I think the name of the bird was Denny Creed said that they had written a few books. Would you mind throwing those up on the screen real quick and let me know if you don't mind?

I'd have three this year. One is that's really done very well. It's called Champions Never Made Cold Calls. These are all available on Amazon is called Champi, never make calls. This is a system I put together about thirty five years ago for some of my early startups. And when I went in the coaching business 14 years ago, I customized it to coaching and I've taught it all over the world. It's really simple. It's based on old techniques, but I just formalized it.

And it's based on the idea that that that of who do you know?

Let's identify who you know, that knows people you need to know. And then there's a specific way to work that. And the end result of this system is that I have in 12 years, 13 years, I've never made a cold call in in 12 years. Every one hundred percent of my new clients came from referrals, one hundred percent. And I've been very blessed and successful in that. And so everything's in here that scripts and everything. The other one I publish is called Thriving in Business. It's a it's about a couple of hundred very street fighting oriented business blogs that talks about everything to do with business. So it's very good. It's done pretty well. And the newest one came out about three weeks ago. It's a collaborative book that that I that I was asked to do was created by Eric Savasana, and I did it with a number of other authors. And this has already become an international bestseller and it's in the Library of Congress. And then the other one has done really well. It's kind of a story of something that happened to be four years ago. It's called Life Best Lived. And it's it's done very well. And I'm really blessed with some of the groups and organizations that have picked up on this. And it's its idea of, Brian, is that through a situation that I went through, I realized that most of us sat around waiting for somebody to give us a second chance when everybody has the ability to give themselves a second chance and a third chance and a fourth chance. And if you're an entrepreneur or you're in prison, I now work with a prison ministry just with this book, which is very, very, very rewarding.

But if you're out there struggling and stumbling along, you know, going, oh, my gosh, I wish things were better. Well, look, shut up. You've got the ability to give yourself that second and third and fourth schedules. All it means is you've got to give your self permission to make mistakes and learn from them and grow from them. So thanks for the let me show you that. But I'm really proud of these these books.

I love I love. There's so many things I love about what you said throughout that whole thing. One is what I caught on was you kept saying it's very well put together. It's very well done, these books. And I'm thinking you wrote them and I love that, that you are that proud of them. This is not bragging, ladies and gentlemen. This is confidence and knowing that what you put together is going to have impact, not because he thinks it will, but he already knows it has, because they're telling their best sellers and he's using one in prisons and seeing the results. So don't look at that. Is someone bragging this is someone I'm like, yes, lift him higher. Higher. Let's get the word out about this. If it's having that kind of positive impact, it needs to be told from the highest rooftops and peaks of mountains so that other people can actually take advantage and learn from someone like Danny who has had such great experience in his life. He's he's had his downs. He's learned from every bit of them. And, you know, why not learn and model someone else rather than try to recreate the wheel and invent success on your own? That's one thing I learn. Too late. I shouldn't say too late, but later in life that I wanted to was that I had to do as a model. I was like this. He was saying, you can do it and you can do everything. Well, guess what? You all can do it yourself. Just how many years do you have to get it done? Do you want to get it done in twenty to thirty years or how about five and just models. Somebody else is that can show you the way to get there much quicker.

All you have to do is follow and work, work, work done. Go ahead. Can I share a quick story?

These the life this little was picked up by a particularly major prison here in the United States. And I went back and have done presentations to the prisoners on business and such. And I did the last one I did was in maximum security. And they're there in a program called Brothers in Blue, which has the best recidivism rate in the world. I mean, the average recidivism rate in America is seventy five percent. And this program has 11 percent recidivism, which is people coming back. But I was in maximum security. I had about thirty two men in the program.

I keep a picture of them over here and I was with them all day, maximum security. So there were people in my class that were in a life sentence. And when we finished the course, the class, I said, look, if I can come back, what would you want the topic to be?

Now, this is important. I said, why would you want the topic to be in a fight?

If we were in a group? I would ask people, what do you think they said? But here's what they said. And I, I get very emotional about this. They said our topic that we've decided we want you to talk about next time you come in is goal setting.

No, I'm telling you, you've got guys in prison locked away in tough situations and they still have dreams. They still want to better themselves. They want to set goals and some of them in their own life sentence. I talked to one of them today on the telephone. And we're putting together a business plan for his life. You know, I'm telling you, if you should be ashamed for anybody, listen to this. If you don't sit down and think about your goals and what's moving forward to where your future is going, because I've got guys in prison that do. And they're working on it and they want more they want more of this knowledge of how to improve themselves and make a second chance. I asked one of myself, why would you say that? And he goes, look, I can either be a knucklehead and get in trouble and play checkers all day or I can do to change the world one man at a time.

So so look, I mean, if all the concept that Brian is talking about and I'm talking about is all all of us are capable of, you don't have to be a genius. You have to change once like we were talking. You have to change this eight inches here. You have to change everything you see and what you think about most of the time you become. So what are you thinking about it? Because if it's I'm happy with my situation living in a single wide trailer house back in the woods, you know? Well, have you ever looked at that research about what lottery winners? It's like 80 percent of them within five years are are back in a dump.

So sabotage.

Yeah. You know, so we have the ability to change anything and achieve anything. And I'm not just a big rah rah here. I'm telling you, I don't know whether you're some of you know this, but 70 percent of our society has no goals. It's estimated that. Twenty eight percent says they have goals, but they're not written at two percent of our society has written goals. And there was a research done by a group called Oxfam, I believe it came out USA Today in January that said that two percent, the two percent wealthiest control like 97 percent of all income in the world, all wealth in the world. Isn't it amazing that, two, that there's two percent of the world that has written goals? That's one of the things I make every client of mine do as I work them through a program. Sometimes it takes six or eight weeks, but we work through a program and I sometimes write. I teach them how to dream again. Amazed CEOs, successful men and women entrepreneurs in particular forgot how to dream. We've got to learn to dream self anyway. Thank you for letting me get off on that. But it's really important and it's amazing. The other thing is it's amazing how how you feel can sometimes be the pebble in the pond can sometimes reach millions of people just by affecting one person. So some of that's your attitude.

There's so many wonderful things. Those prisoners and everyone that you've touched are blessed to know you. No. One, I include myself now in that mix, loving every second of this and how you are sharing.

You're sharing your gifts with very with, my gosh, prisoners of all, that's like taking it to the father of the farthest extremes, especially in maximum security, where there's probably very little hope. And you're giving that hope, which is phenomenal. You talked about you don't be a genius. Right. And I love that because it is all up here. It doesn't mean it's smarts that are up here. It's what you are thinking. Are they positive? Are they empowering thoughts? Are they or they negative when they turn you down? Here's the thing I learned. I went to school. I went to school. I went to high school. I had near 4.0, which back in the day that was the max you can get and you get more and more. But if you didn't know that I was crazy and I was one of as brainiac kind of guys, that that's all I wanted to do is just crush it in academia. And I went to college, got my degree. And then I watched as this guy next to me didn't do any of that. And he was far more successful than I was. And what is up with that? Well, it wasn't about the resources that I had accumulated, the knowledge. It was about the resourcefulness of that person. And he was able to figure things out and out of the box. You go to school, your job, I hate to say that out loud, but kind of being brainwashed in a way in following a certain system that doesn't work if you want to get out of the system.

Yeah, well, I think Eleanor Roosevelt said this, but I quoted all the time they said the world is full of educated derelicts, that that the app, that knowledge is not power. The application of knowledge is power. And that's where I'm at. I, I didn't get to finish college. My father died. I was raised on a farm, you know, so everything I've learned is I live by I think it was Jack Welch or somebody who worked on this principle. But I teach this all the time that there is no mistakes in the world as long as you learn something from it.

So I have a four step process. One is what happened is very clear and honest of what happened, not sugarcoat it, not blaming what happened. Number two, why did it happen? What went wrong? What went right? What happened? Why did it happen? Number three is how will it never happen again? So you come up with a solution and then number four is or turn your hand waving goodbye. You don't worry about it anymore that you've learned something from it. And that's my rule. But so many people don't learn from any mistakes. You know, in in it's in it's really, really important that we don't hone in on maybe there's some research that says there's billions of dollars spent every year by corporations when something disaster happens that they say, let's stop everything, form a committee and decide who we're going to blame.

Where are the entrepreneurs and understand an entrepreneur can be a startup or 90 billion dollar company. The entrepreneurs will go, what happened, why it happened will never happen again. See you later. Move on up there, flying past these old companies who only think about. Let's stop and see if we can blame. Yes. So if you're an entrepreneur starting a company again, don't waste time blaming people and kicking their rear end. Sam Walton, who founded Walmart, was famous for managing by wandering around in his added to SBW a hole in his hat. I met him once and but the whole concept was he and he says that that was one of the concepts that made Wal-Mart so great. And what the MBA is about, managers finding employees doing something right versus finding them screwing up a man. You know, and I've implemented this and I taught people this, that for some reason it's not taught anywhere. But I'm telling you, if if you have an attitude, as you said, or an attitude of gratitude, if you have this and people see the boss, come, they go, come your boss. Let me show you what I'm doing and changes.

Everything changes, man.

But so many people go, oh, here comes the boss. I'm going to crawl under my desk. You that if you have that kind of attitude, then people are entrepreneurial. They're not afraid to make a mistake.

That's right. I love it. And we got a good friend of mine, a Kenilworth. This come on, Mr. Biz. He's going to be on the show again coming up soon.

He agrees with that two percent comment. Yes. Harvard Business Review published a similar study. The three percent that have goals and write them down are 30 times more likely to accomplish goals versus those that have no goals. Super powerful. Thank you for your impact. Look at that. You're causing waves of beautifulest right there. And then he said educated derelicts. He loved that of it. I thought that was phenomenal as well.

And so, yeah, everything you're talking about oh, my gosh, this is in such value alignment with me about I call it positive reinforcement versus fear based leadership. And so, look, people are going to make mistakes and there are times when people will need to be disciplined. But if you have cultivated a culture of positive reinforcement, those times will be so far and few between. And before you get to that point, how are you vetting the people you're bringing into your team? That's very important as well, because that will dictate right off the chute how well your team does as a whole. How well are you? What are you doing? What is your process for onboarding? A new employee, a new team member? Are you making sure that they have the values that that are commensurate with your team, with your culture, with you, the owner? Because it all starts at the top. Everybody does what they see at the top. And when you when you have a guy or gal walking around and saying, hey, you're doing a great job. Oh, man, I've been in corporate I've never seen that. And if it had. Oh, my gosh. I could just imagine the massive increase in success any business could have by just taking that one tip you gave Danny and implemented it power.

You know, it's a mental thing to right throughout all the startups that I was involved with, there were times where I was concerned about something and thinking about something. And I was looking at my phone and I'd walk out of the office and go in my office. I guarantee within five minutes somebody was there doing what's wrong, boss? Everything OK? There's a company for sale. Did the stock drop? You know, I'm telling you, people base everybody that they perceive as a leader. They will based because, again, 70 percent of our society are of a personality profile that look to others or how they're going to react, how they act, what their emotions are going to be, what their feelings are going to be. So if you and I think it's even worse dealt with it with code, I believe it's about 90 percent of everybody is over here going, I don't know what to do. I'm scared to death. So I look to that person for how I feel in my direction. So if you're a leader, no matter what you're doing, if you're a leader of any kind of entrepreneur owner, you better damn well have an attitude that that is we're going to kill the world. We're going we're going to win no matter what. You know, I love the line. Again, as Sam Walton quote, I believe that he was asked if this was years before a year before he passed on in the eighties. He was asked at a press conference one time famously he was asked, so how has this affected Wal-Mart? And he famously said something to the effect of, well, it has it. They said, well, how's. He goes, We chose not to participate.

That's the epitome of mindset. Let everybody else go in hiding. Let everybody else pull their head in a shell. Let everybody else set on the beds. You know, I actually did a research piece where I picked the most outlandish nesh in the world. And I said, what if every time you'd call into that nation say, you know, who else in this nation who's dominating all there, Bob? Over there, he's dominating. And so I called Bob up and I'd say, Bob, how can you dominate when there's 10 other competitors? He goes, Well, I just figure there's nothing I can do about what's going on in the economy. So but yet all my competitors, customers, while they're in hiding, they're looking for somewhere to spend their money. So I just said, come on, Dad, I'll take it. You know, he just chose not to participate was what was going on. And by the time anything changed, the economy changed. Whatever change, Bob had so much market, new market share, he didn't have any competitors anymore in some cases.

So it's back to this and it's back the list. How do you get up in the morning where we started? What is your mindset when you get up this morning? I actually might. I have another book. It's called Bootstrap Business. I wrote with Jack Canfield and Tom Hopkins, and I had an interview in there and I asked the guy when I said, you have goals.

He goes, Yeah, I know what is I think about these goals. And I want but he talked for 50 minutes about how he lives. These goals he thinks about are going to work. And he goes to work and he thinks about them and that I've had enough. And I go, why does this go? He goes, every day I get up and I say, Today I'm going to break even.

And I said, What? That's my goal, to break even.

And so is that survival thinking or is that thriving possibility? Thank you. Well, of course, it's survival thinking. This guy's going to work every day with the hopes to break even. Oh, my gosh. And you'd be amazed worldwide. You'd be amazed how often I hear something like that or it's the difference.

It's as simple as the difference in success many times is up here. How much are you reading back to what we were talking about, how much you're reading, how how positive or how much you let other things affect you, friends affect you. How how clear are your goals? How focused are you on what you want? Are you do you allow yourself to dream? I work with a lot of executives of big corporations.

And I'm telling you, the one thing missing in most of their lives is they forgot how to dream. They go to work. I know I work with a guy who had a two billion dollar budget. He worked for a big company and that was his whole life. And he lost his family, lost everything because that was his only goal. He had no dreams. So we spent about two months working on that. And once he got the dreams back, he goes home and he's doing even better now in business. But he has. So I don't believe there's a work life balance. Everybody talks about work life. I think in today's world, if you're going to be an entrepreneur, it has to be this. Yeah, you have to figure out how to make them work together and be happy with. Yeah, and that's that's the key. So everything you've talked about today and asked me about it, it's pretty basic is, you know, it's really basic, but that's the hard part. People don't believe that basic, simple foundational works anymore because we're a society. But I'm telling you, master the basics and then add the apps.

I want to ask you a very point blank, I know there are going to be many people that are going to be going, OK, how do I get in touch with Danny and my business? And I want to find out. I'm very curious. What is it you do specifically and what is your target market like? What is your ideal client now? Is it an entrepreneur or solar panel or is it a medium sized business? Are small size business or is it large corporations are all the above because prisoners I see are involved. What is it? And give us a little taste of what it is you do and the impact you've had with other businesses so far.

I am a business coach. There's a lot of different and I won't get off on my soapbox because it seems like today everybody in the room just decides to call themselves a coach. But I am a business coach and I liked it when I first started. I worked with a lot of startups and people that were struggling. I found my sweet spot, though, to be with people who have established a business. And they've they've taken it to a point where they feel that they're successful, but they're at a point they can't get over the hump, they can't get to the next level. And it turns out I'm pretty good at helping them get to that next level and beyond. So I like to work with people that are entrepreneurs, that are starting startups. But yet I've had a lot of success working with big corporations. I work anywhere two billion to and working with the executives with within those organizations and helping them master other basics than just hit numbers. So I I guess, again, I like to work with people that have been doing it a while, but they just know they're they're stuck someplace. And we've I know one of the questions that we had discussed is what what's one of the more satisfying successes that I can tell you a story that I work with a company that here in the Valley that had just lost track of what they were doing, they were down to about a million dollars in revenue and going south. And I stepped in and helped them work on the foundation.

And in three and a half years, we broke forty three dollars million in annual revenue. Now, the reason that's so exciting is that they had over one hundred employees that that had over a thousand dependents that had over over three hundred vendors. And if that company would have went broke, everybody who lost their job. But we did so well so fast that this company started funding all the following case for people they didn't have to put anything into. We literally I asked them one time what the impact of our work together was, and they said, you helped us change our family tree. And I'm tell you, that's why I'm one of the few people and I hope there's more. But I just love what I'm doing so much. I hope I'm doing this when I'm one hundred years old. If I make it that far because I love what I'm doing. And I think whatever you're doing, the listener, after whatever you're doing, I hope you love it, because if you don't quit, get out of it and go find somebody you love, because life's life's way too short to wait for the go watch. It's way to work. Believe me, we were talking about before and this book is about four years ago I was going to a speech in Canada and I wasn't feeling good. I went to the hospital just to be checked out and they told me I had forty eight hours or less to live.

Now I talk to people. I asked them. I said so. You know what what would you do if you were told that what your priorities?

And if they say anything other than to call some people that I love and tell them that they're screwed up, so get it right now and do what you love and go out and put your passion into it. And people you'll attract people from everywhere.

Fantastic words of wisdom, words of gold. I've got writer's cramp, so I don't I don't ask anybody to do anything that I myself am not willing to do.

It's just some proof there and it's in my hand. And that's why I love to switch it to Solovyov. You then I can start writing like a mad man and it won't be distracting to everybody watching and listening to this this amazing man, Denny Crane. My gosh, incredible stuff. I want to bring up your site on the on the screen here real quickly to show people what is the best way to get in touch with them. By the way, we still have that giveaway. And a little birdie told me that this gentleman does now, but he has something for you as well as in the form of a 60 minute coaching session. Is that still a valid thing there, Danny?

Yes, sir. My my website is Real World Business coach dot com. If you go to that site, there is a place where you can write me a note that's easier than give you an email. Go to the website right now and I'll be glad to talk to you to respond to help you. And part of the offer is I say if you qualify only from the standpoint that I'd like you to have a business that you work with. But I always try to to to do anybody that requests to try to do an hour complimentary coaching session. It's not a it's not a pitch at all. It's not a sales pitch. It's a pure coaching session ended. If you want to talk to me more later, that's OK. But if I can help you a little bit fit into my schedule, if I can help you a little bit, maybe with your business sometimes, like you said earlier, it just takes one thought. You know, to change your business, so I'll be glad to offer that to your viewers as the availabilities are there. So that would be great. I look forward to hearing from some of you and to do that.

Did he just shoot you an email through the website?

And there was a place to send me a note and just do it that way. Or if you want to send me an email, it's decreed DCR at focal point coaching dot com. I'd be open to that as well. Thank you.

Let me put that up to make it a little easier. So decreed at focal point coaching dotcom. And if you're on his website, where specifically do they drop your note just so I can show that there should be right there upper right. You just click on that and fill out this form and say just just drop a note and say, hey, I saw you on the mind body business show. And I know he will treat you well because he's treated me well. I'll tell you what. He was giving me a back massage and it was awesome.

Live from Phenix. So here's the other thing. It's OK to have fun. It is OK. It is imperative to have fun in your business, but be sure, in all seriousness, to reach out to him for this incredible gift. I mean, come on, 60 minutes of his time, I can imagine what you normally charge an hour for coaching, given the fact that you're working with billion dollar businesses. So don't take this lightly at all. Also, what I like to point out to anyone who does and everyone who does take advantage of this is do so respectfully.

I respect his time, know that he's setting aside his time to give you value for nothing and no pitch involved not. Hey, OK, now let's go figure out how we can work together and I can sap you drive all your cash and so you can pay me to be a coach. That's not what he's doing. And you can tell that if you have seen any part of this show, you can tell this is a man of integrity, of great character and immense value for you.

And so I could vet him right now. I've known him for now an hour and four minutes. And these are these are the things that, Danny, that I mean, we can go on forever. We could literally go on forever. But one of the other attributes of very successful people is their ability to judge character very, very quickly, to recognize and know quickly. Is that a person I want to consider bringing on working with hiring as a coach, you name it. That's another trait that are a skill set that I would recommend folks develop. And if they don't have it and aren't there yet, find somebody who is to say, hey, what do you think of this one?

I actually teach that that's I customize every lesson with every customer plan. But it with the exception of the first two in which I teach cool technique of time management, priority management. And the second thing is I teach personality profiling and it works. It took me thirty years. Learn how to teach it in an hour. But look, it's really important. It's really important being able to read people.

Yeah, yeah. I mean a bad read. If that becomes a hire, a bad hire can cost you tens of thousands if not more, depending on what you're paying them, but far more than you would imagine for so many different reasons. And so, yeah, it's very important to have all these things look at it sounds like a fire hose, like, oh, I got to know all these skill sets. I'll never be successful. Look, you do it like an elephant and like how you would eat an elephant one bite at a time. But you do so with direction from someone who can take you through those steps. Will it take time? Yes. Yes. Nothing's instant. There is no instant gratification. A lotto ticket, even if you win that percentage. You heard Danny, the odds are you're going to self sabotage and blow it all anyway because Johnny and Grandma Sue and everybody else wants a piece and you start buying cars and houses and all of a sudden it's all gone and you didn't invest. There's so many things. But I think everything Danny said, it starts up here in your brain. He said this. How many times tonight, many. Do you think that that might be a secret to success? It's not even a secret. It's out everywhere. But a lot of people just don't seem to put a priority in developing and improving their own mindset. And there are great tools and techniques for doing that. One way would be get connected with this gentleman because he's done it and he teaches it. He preaches that. You can tell look at him. I mean, he won't stop smiling. And how would you like to have a life of passion, of joy, of being able to help people and feel so fulfilled like this man? So all you have to do is model success, and sometimes that means getting them into your life.

It's rare that you have access to somebody like this. I will tell you that right now it is rare he just opened the door. I'm spending some time on this for a reason because it is that important. Definitely reach out and connect with. And if you're an entrepreneur. Or if you've gotten stuck, if you've got a business and you've been working at it and you're legit, you're not just a one, Trepanier, it's not a hobby. You're not going to waste his time. You know, if you're at that point work and put in six months, a year or two years, get to the point where, OK, now I know I need help from Denny Crane because now you're ready. If you're stuck after that much, just reach out to him. I got take advantage of this offer. OK, I'm going to stop there if you don't do it. And you heard this and I find out about it. I'm kidding. Seriously, though, please do take him up on this offer. And speaking of offers, oh, my gosh, we're already past our hour. This one blew right by us. Never had this. Awesome. I have I always have one question I'd like to leave with Denny if you have a few more minutes left for yours. If it's an incredibly powerful question, ask every guest expert at the end. And I'm just blown away by the answers. They just have really been impactful for me personally and very interesting. And the cool thing is it's also. Personal. It's kind of it's got it's got a little bit of everything, but right before we go to that, I did promise also that stayed with us live to the end, could win a five nights stay at a five star luxury resort, compliments of the big insider secret. You see them up there and at this point is like The Brady Bunch or The Partridge Family all looking at each other. I think it's The Brady Bunch. You have our permission to take your gaze away from the screen ever so shortly to pull out your smartphone, you have to enter to win. You simply follow these instructions.

You bring up your messaging app, your text messaging app, and where you would normally type in the name of the person you're going to send the text to instead type in this phone number, it's three one four six six five one seven six seven. I think Danny's entering right now as well. You should do the same. It's again, three one four six six five one seven. Yeah, one seven, six, seven. And then when you want to type the message, that area where you would put in emojis and things like that, no emoji is necessary. Please don't put me in there instead. Type the words speak. That's OK. Dash or hyphen, if you prefer, vacation, peak dash vacation, send that off and then watch for responses and just answer the questions. You're going to be asked for your email address so we can officially enter into this this incredible prize. It's an automated system that will take you by the hand. Do not worry. Your information is safe with us. You are never sold to anyone else. And again, this is sponsored by our wonderful friends, Jason Nasse and his crew at the Big Insider Secrets Dotcom. Do that now.

Quickly finish it now, right away, because the man, the myth, the legend, Danny Creed, is back in the house and it's time for that incredible, earth shattering question. Now, here's the thing, Danny. It's kind of a build up there, and that's for a reason. But I just want to kind of I know that you're a vet of being on radio and television and you've been interviewed and you're an interviewer of many years. And so this isn't going to faze you at all.

But just in case, I just wanna let you know that when it comes to this question, there is no such thing as a wrong answer. Yeah, it doesn't exist. I love that. Good luck. And in fact, what I like to say the opposite is true.

The only correct answer is yours, OK? Because that's the personal part of it. That's it. So it's not like digging into your personal life or anything like that. And that's it. It's and some take some time they think about it just because I've had in the past, that's fine. Some get it right away. Whatever it is for you is perfect because it is yours. It's all about you and your interpretation of it.

Are you ready? Yeah. With all that wonderful buildup. Here we go. Danny Creed, you how do you define success?

Oh, good. You know, I define that is maintaining a positive attitude and and that's work that's happened every day because that translates into to my goal of creating positive change in just one person. If I can create a positive change of one person, then it spreads like a tsunami. It's like the pebble in the pond concept, again, that I mentioned earlier. If I can create what I'm speaking in front of large groups of people, I hope that I think one person that will go and then tell to that will then tell 10 that will tell. Or so success for me is when my eulogy is given that they don't say, yeah, he was a real jerk, that they say, you know, this guy helped people wanted to die in large groups and then it spread and spread on my legacy. My legacy is somebody that's always willing to help.

And now to achieve that. Just rewind the last hour, I have to keep a positive attitude, I have to achieve that. I have to read to achieve that, I have to sell hope.

So my definition of success in that and that before they drop me in the ground is that they say, you know, he was always there, he was always available. He always tried to help with the idea of one of the first lessons I learned in sales, Brian, was that in an old mentor, pretty famous guy said, if you look at any client as a commissioned check, you're screwing up. You've got to look at every client as somebody how can you help them? And then your reward will be one of the rewards will be you get a commission check. But so many people have that wrong. And by doing that, I my heart changes. So success for me is being able to do that every day, all the time, because I know that if I help one person just like that one client, I sure they said you helped change our family tree. That still that was a few years ago and still makes the hair stand up on my arms. You know, that that you can have that kind of effect. And so I want everybody listening to understand just by your attitude, just by what you say. I work when I work with executives. Sometimes I'll say, what do you want said at your retirement party or at your eulogy you want to say, boy, he was a real ass? Or do you want him to say, you know, he always tried to do the right thing? So that's what success means to me.

That is amazing. I love it. And not one part of it was when I reach X amount of money, and that's what I found. There is not one guest on the show, Danny, that has that has been the core of their answer. One mentioned it, but it was really just the ends to a means of freedom and time for them so they could impact more lives. So it wasn't about money ever. It never is. For those that have achieved success, for those that are just starting out, that are in more of a scarcity mindset, money means more and it's more in the front of their mind. And that's OK if you're there, no shame there. You have to you have to be focused on money. It has to be part of the equation as you succeed and it becomes less and less and you're more of an abundance mindset, you'll realize that the real goal is in helping people and the reaction you get from that. And yeah, you get a gift to think you have a trait of value. They will give you either money or services. But really the the the wonderful part about entrepreneurship is seen the the face of the person whose life you've just changed. It's there's nothing like it will give you wrong.

My money's good, but I will always strive every day to see money as a reward.

Well, the beautiful thing, the goal.

So I hope the money and the wealth never stops coming to you. And it continues to grow exponentially because I know just by talking to now for an hour and a half hour and forty five minutes total, that what you'll do with that is you will scale and you'll impact more lives. Well, because money just amplifies who you already are. And so if you're a big jerk, you're going to be a bigger jerk. I can tell Danny is not a big jerk. He's the opposite. He's like the male version of Mother Teresa with a lot of business acumen.

Thank you. Thank you. I meant that. Totally positive. Thank you. I appreciate that. Yeah. Now that I know that you kind of reacted that way like that, that did come up from. That's not what I meant, but. OK, thank you. Yeah. I don't ever want to come up that that's not right.

But anyway, I appreciate you brother man. We went over a good deal and I appreciate those who stayed on with us to the end.

For those you listed on the podcast, my gosh, I hope you took a lot of notes. I hope you took a lot notes watching this live, watching the recorded video on any of the thirty thousand platforms we are now on. Can a little bit, but there's a lot of them. Appreciate you, Danny.

My goodness, Brian, you are making a difference. You are making a difference. Let me leave with that. And thank you for the opportunity today. And thank you for everybody listening to this. I appreciate it.

This has been fun. At some point you have to cut the cord. I hate this part, but it has to be done in out of respect for everyone's time, including yours. Danny, appreciate you once again. For everyone here, this has been Mr. Danny Creed on the Mind Body Business Show. I am your host, Brian Kelly, and I can't wait to see you again next week on another edition of The Mind Body Business Show. Until then, have a phenomenal evening. And good night, everyone. Feeblest.

Thank you for tuning in to the mind body business show podcast at w w w dot the mind body business show dot com.

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Danny Creed

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