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Or a son because I thought Zig Ziglar passed away.

Yes Ziegler passed away. His son Tom. Tom Yeah. Tom ran his his dad's business the whole time his dad. So he's been CEO of the Zigler corporation for years and now they have the because you can actually go become a certified. Secular legacy speaker and you can teach jugulars programs. Oh yeah. So that's what they do. Now you know that his dad passed away but yet they still have a huge following and I got Bob Berg who wrote the code giver. You probably heard of him and he's back East and he's a great he's a great guest. So I could I could help you get some of those bigger name people on. Yeah definitely. Let's let's let's work on that and stay with them. I didn't mind it much because you asked for my feedback before but what you don't want them to go yet. Sheesh they're getting interviewed you know 10 different times a week on different stations around the world.

So those are the cases where I just tell them you know look I get it you're busy. Just yeah if you have an assistant please have them take care of. I still need the information. I mean.

Oh yeah yeah. No I agreed. I'm just saying all those little text reminders the stuff they would be like. It's not worth it you know. I mean not that they would cancel on you but they would be like I'm praying going now and again if I'm going to get all those text reminders.

I'm curious did you get one at what time that I have that's enough. So you got one probably an hour before. Yeah I'll tell you I'll go look at it.

And she had one I want to see if this thing signed off because I didn't get one on myself and I'm like come on man. What's going on here. Still says waiting they haven't been sent out yet. So I put a queued up.

I shouldn't I shouldn't rant about this when I already deleted the stream. Yeah. Antenna's.

No they didn't go out. All the ones I queued up I queued up about 300 texts to go out right before the show and not a single one went as scheduled.

This is my. My memory tells me I got like 2 of them yesterday and run or anything and a couple of days ago and I just remember seeing a bunch of them so and I never even stopped to read them. Nothing personal but it's like oh yeah it's a remake it's on my schedule I don't need a reminder. That's cool. You know I so I'd ever even really read it. So if each one said something a little different. I didn't. I didn't get any info from it because I was like oh it's a reminder. Okay so just my feedback you know. Yeah I hate it. Yeah I know Robin.

And even if folks ignore it but they get it they know what it is. As long as they don't say screw this guy who has this case.

Oh yeah I know and I don't think anybody would do that to you. It's just that if it kind of you know gets a little bit you know you don't want to do that either so you get them a little grumpy.

Right exactly yeah yeah like a text coming in in the middle of day waking Denis up from his slumber.

Yeah I know.

I know that's my new. It's going to take some getting used to it. Oh years ago I worked in the hospital and I worked some midnight shift so you know it's it's fine and I'm you know I don't need to. Like put foil on my windows or anything like that if you know when I get horizontal I'm out.

So horizontal yes. Oh man I just we may not know what will cross the bridge later but it would be cool to have you as a follow up guess later on I'm booked through almost September now which is awesome.

Good for you. Good for you. Oh I gotta to tell you I got it I'll hook you up with some of my other experts too that would be cool. I was gonna talk to Josh about that too and hey man let's cross pollinate. Yeah yeah. Because the other people that give another chance for a bit of expert advice to be you know promoted out there again too and makes them look good to that they're part of an exclusive team of experts that people can get in touch with. Absolutely.

And you like several of them are prettier than I am. Show that you you're getting better looking by the day dropping all that weight on that 6 bed not urgent because I Glau dropping it and I'm not losing it.

I'm releasing it. Yeah. Because when we draw up what do we want to do. Pick it up

You may. You may have heard of this. I want to leave you with a fantastic resource and I can send you a link if you're interested to really get down to it. I'm on I'm doing it right now I'm on day 3 or 4. I just had seen way too much evidence overwhelming evidence that this is really the secret to dropping and releasing the fat and the weight and it comes down to a concept that you've probably heard of called Intermittent Fasting.

Yeah yeah. I haven't. I haven't done intermittent yet. I just did a 24 day fast and just water and I lost a decent amount of weight with it. So how are you doing the one meal a day fasting. Yeah.

It's not really one meal a day it's a time in which you eat a one hour window of time. I look at it more of the window of time that I don't eat in that 16 hours minimum. Okay. If you're open I'll send you a resource it's a book that might read. Yeah it's what I. It's how I first learned of it which wasn't surprisingly it wasn't that long ago. I mean it was this year that I first heard of this.

Ok I started you use any you use Alexa. Do you have an echo device at home and I don't. I've got to just have Google. Oh that's good. Oh yeah I got you. Ok google it. If you love my phone to wake up. I know. I know. I just said her name here and she missed it. She missed it so that's good.

Alexa what time is it.

I gave her a little English accent but she's there. There's a smaller one to her by my bed too. And every morning I know one or two. Yeah yeah. And she has a camera on her too careful. I can't I tell her to start my morning everyday and she puts me through a minute of meditation. She puts me through some goal setting stuff some thankfulness stuff and then she has me to get up and do some stretches and some jumping jacks and so there's like this new routine when I wake up. All I got to do is tell her start my morning and you set that up. It's just it's a task that you add so that when you say it she'll she'll do it. So can you put your tests back to back and it just runs through them all or it doesn't let you play with it. It's somebody somebody else builds the skill. They call it a skill. And and so. So it's not really modifiable unfortunately but you can if you've got a programming mind you could actually create your own skill pool.

Yeah you could start from scratch and do your own math and I've got a smart house with all the bulbs that will change colors and do everything I could just tell her to set the mood and all the lights will go down they'll change colors. All this stuff you know. So that might be handy since I'm going through a divorce now maybe later on.

You're going through the works right now. Yeah yeah yeah. Sorry sorry to hear that here. It's grueling and takes like a year and I think so.

But I've luckily I got my about a month after I got served with the papers. I went through and it's all by the way it's just it's all about how we're raising our adult children that I think should have some responsibilities and she thought well if they need to live with us still or 70 for free that's OK. You know just go ahead honey pay the thousand dollar a month electric bill that they're running up and you know they just can't help pay rent. So anyway that's a long story short if I had cheated on her or something I would totally be like Gap. OK. Let me sign this stuff whatever. But anyway so it's unfortunate and I'm sorry. So yeah it only last 30 years. So you know luckily the kids are all adults and you know to be honest I mean the China opportunity came up. Cindy would never agree to that. And I had to say no to this opportunity. So I'm. Not saying it was meant to be right. And I never expected it to happen. But I went to my practitioner training a month after I got the served with the papers and I had already gone through the period of I ran a human tissue bank for years so I was formally trained in the grief that grievance grieving process. And it's the same thing happens when you get served with divorce papers you start this process. And I've actually worked my way through the stages very quickly went through the shock stage went through the self evaluation stage to try to fix it stage the frustration stage and I was getting close to the anger stage when I went and got my training. And you know the teacher was saying like OK well let's go ahead and you know just pair up with everybody pick a small problem that you want to fix. Well I'm an overachiever so

I picked I up some big stuff and I was able to switch my feeling of anger to a feeling of compassion and where I don't understand her vantage point. I realize that from her vantage point she felt this is what she needs to do. So I need to understand that that's what she felt she needed to do and and accept it and hope that the best happens for her. And so it just turned into a feeling of compassion and to be honest now I'm starting to realize that she's such an introvert that for her to step up and do something like that is a big step. Yeah I actually talk to my daughter in law the other day and I said you know I'm actually proud of her. You know I'm I'm proud I just. That is shocking that she would do that. And that's that's a big deal for her to step up and say this is what I want to do. So and I've never I will I learned from my parents divorce that my mom always talked about about my dad and my dad never did. And he said kids it's not you it's us. And we'll work it out. You know. I don't need you on my side or any of that stuff and I've told my kids the same thing. So so I'll get through it you know so and I won't be lonely I get in China and I'm already aware of the danger.

But every 20 year old over there will come and sit with you at lunch and go home. They think you're so cute because Americans look like movie stars to them.

They don't see it. Oh yeah. Yeah. So you know if I wanted to get in trouble and go to jail and China really quick.

I've got a lot of opportunities so that was because you had two women in your place right now named Alexa.

Ok. Yeah yeah exactly yeah. I didn't tell you all the skills that I taught her. La la la la la. TMI DMI know I know. So anyway we will keep in touch over time. Definitely you know a very professional show is not very Mickey Mouse at all. And you know I just had I had a I had a doggone good time. So. You know Mickey I'd like to interview him. Seriously. Ok yeah I'll get them on air. You know somebody else will jump in and interrupt. So I started it. I think the reason I have all these on my desk is because I really corny.

Yeah. Alexa tell Mickey. It right. Mine is I started a program where I'm teaching some kids English in China online. So they play in the little games and stuff. But by being able to communicate with them I'm actually learning more Mandarin too and I'm getting paid to do it. So sweet yeah that would keep them engaged you know with the little laughter yeah it's fun. So the attention going up hey my friend I will talk to you later I'm going to get run and I've got another thing to do here in a second show.

All right buddy thanks again I appreciate you Brother brother brother. You got it man. All right. Take care of my friend. Ok so I can watch the whole pong you know. Yes. That to say goodbye my good friend. See you. All right. So the.

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Denis Nurmela

Denis Nurmela is the "real deal". He has run companies since he was 9 years old. He has reached multi-million dollar levels of success and has also crashed others to the ground at raging speeds. Denis is a Veteran of the US Air Force, has had a career in both the medical and computer industries and now helps other business owners both old and young reach their dreams by speaking internationally, mentoring others and teaching.

Denis has authored several books, including:

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