Special Guest Expert - Denis Nurmela

Special Guest Expert - Denis Nurmela

Welcome to the mind body Biznews she says is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Hey welcome welcome welcome once again we have another amazing amazing show lined up for you. I cannot wait for you to meet the man the myth the legend Dennis Miller in just a moment. How are you doing this evening. I am so excited. I'm beyond excited. I can't wait to show you what this man has to offer. You're going to hear some amazing amazing tips some great value. Stay on till the end and enjoy the ride. Hey my name is Brian Kelly. This is the mind body business show. And real briefly what is the mind body business show all about. Well it's about those three things the mind the body and the business those are the three pillars the three pillars of success the three keys to success and what I'd like to say is if if you've mastered mindset and maybe you've mastered body through exercise and nutrition but you haven't mastered business like marketing sales scaling then you're not operating at a peak level of performance.

If you say you've mastered body and business but not mine once again you're still not at that peak level performance. It's about mastering all three. Much like a tripod. Much like a tripod where if you were to take one leg away from a standing tripod what would happen to that tripod would come tumbling down on it and that is what this show is all about is putting together three keys that I've learned over my more years than you would imagine on this planet by talking and learning from people just like Denison or Mella and other phenomenal phenomenal mentors of mine. And with that in mind one of the key ingredients for success when it comes to mind and business is something that many mentors several mentors recommended highly directly to me that I do and I ignored them for years. For years that was a big mistake to let that amount of time go by. There is just one thing I needed to do one thing and it didn't come expensively. It's very accessible. It's accessible to all and in a moment I'll reveal what that is. Well actually I'll just tell you what it is that all right it's reading books reading books and I finally came to my senses from the last mentor who finally drilled it into my skull far and deep enough to where I woke up and said I should start reading books.

And so I began reading voraciously you know several years ago and as a result I would listen to them I love to listen on Audible. That's my favorite mode of ingesting information especially because I can do it in places I normally wouldn't be able to read i.e. the car I listen to more books in the car than anywhere else that's most often where I listen to audible and a beautiful thing that audible allows you to do it on their app on the phone. They give you this nice big button that is basically a bookmark and when you tap it it stores that place in the audible presentation of the book for you to go back and later play it back. And so I began doing that and I have now amassed quite a few bookmarks and what I'd like to do is share one of those with you right now on this show in a segment I call Bookmarks bookmarks for NZ read bookmarks.

Ready steady Breit Vogues marks brought to you by reach your peak library Dakang yes reach your peak library you see it next to me there that is a Web site that I developed that is not there for the purpose of making money off of you that are watching. It is not. That is not the purpose. I decided after reading a numerous amount of books. Not every book was worthy of the time it took you know time is our most precious commodity would you not agree. Time is our most precious commodity more than any amount of money. You can never get time back money you can make again time once it's gone it's gone. And so I thought you know what. What a great thing it would be if I were to just put up books that I personally vetted. Doesn't mean that you will actually get the same benefit that I did.

But at least somebody did and it might help you to further weed down and whittle down the list to a smaller list that's manageable. And currently I believe there's around 40 books on this site that I've personally read every one of them and so I put them on the site for you to be able to just click on a button and grab it in whatever form you like audible hardcover Kindle whatever form is available it's on this site. And so it's just been a life changer. That's all. It's only changed my life and now I'm going to impart the same wisdom onto you that are watching that was imparted on me. If you're not reading if you're not reading the right books right now then just get started. And you know you look at this and go 40 books. Brian where am I going to start. It really doesn't matter just start. That's the key. Pick one going out list the first one that jumps out and says and grabs you and says that looks interesting. Just pick it and start reading and then go down the list. This is it the number one reason for lack of success is not just a lack of training books it's the lack of reading the right books. And again that is why Richard Peek came to bean because I decided that it was a necessary thing to help out my fellow entrepreneurs and business owners.

So without further ado what I want to do is cut over to the actual book mark. And in this case I've chosen one from a book called The Perfect Day formula by a gentleman named Craig Ballantine. And this book was actually recommended to me by another mentor of mine who is coming up on the show later. He's scheduled to come on in September of this year. His name is Eddie Rivera. Amazing amazing man. And he knows Craig Ballantine personally and he said that's a great book. I highly recommend you read it. And I did. And he was right. And that's the other thing when you have a mentor when you have a coach like a dentist in Ramallah. You can use their knowledge and say what book would you recommend I read. And they will tell you I know. I know Dennis is a big reader too. So what we're going to do is we're going to play a snippet just a little snippet of this bookmark. So go ahead and listen intently it's a different voice than mine. Different volume. His name is Craig Valentine. And we'll just listen for about a minute and then we'll move on to the next segment where we bring our big man on Dennis Nirmala. Hold on just a second.

Here we go. The smartest business decision I've ever made was to hire my first business coach but taking so long to do it was also the biggest mistake I've ever made. Had I not been so cheap and stubborn and procrastinating on getting the professional coaching and accountability that I needed the impact of my business on the world today would be much bigger. We all need a coach Wayne Gretzky Derek Jeter Serena Williams Tiger Woods and every athlete at the pinnacle of performance. Always had a coach. We all benefit from having a mentor. Mark Zuckerberg has one. Warren Buffett has one. Steve Jobs had one or coached not only teaches us what to do but holds us accountable for doing it. And that might be the most important role of all. You need professional accountability. You need to be constantly checking in with someone who can give you expert feedback and guide you to making better choices. Building better habits and getting better results.

Powerful powerful stuff right there. And that is one of the key reasons I brought this book into the fray is because Dennis normal is a business coach among many other kinds of coaches. He's very very experienced in many avenues. He loves to help. He's he's really a champion of helping the younger generation. He's doing some magnificent things and we'll get into that here in just a moment. One of the key things to grab from that is the importance of hiring or getting a coach and so many of us put that off and put it off and put it off saying I can do it all I can do it all. I don't need a coach. And the truth of the matter is you probably could do it all. But how long do you want to keep making mistakes. How long do you want to burn yourself out when you can have someone correcting you guiding you praising you and applauding you along the way. A coach is very very important. And on that note it's very important that we bring on our special guest expert. So hang onto your hats ladies and gentlemen in just a moment. We are going to see Mr. La. It's time for the guest experts spotlight savvy skillful professional and adept trained Beagley qualified. Quit losing and start. Worrying

Site. Get. Ready. Get. In it. And. Go. Dennis Miller changes lives. Excellence

Is attainable. He's a mentor. He's a fantastic speaker. I built some great companies. Reached multimillion dollar revenue. Grass. Under the ground regime. Imagine yourself already where you want to be. I've seen him mesmerized audiences. With. Set goals that continue to be fulfilled beyond your life. Audiences love Dennis. I'm. Talking to the kid inside and. That's

Masquerading as an adult. One person. Can. Change the world. If they only make a world of change

And there he is. Ladies and gentlemen the man the myth the legend. It's like I can reach him he's right here right next to me Dennis Mella. Ah this is amazing. Dennis is the real deal.

He has run companies since he was 9 years old. He has reached multimillion dollar levels of success and has also crashed others to the ground at raging speeds. You're going to love his sense of humor that was humorous right there. Denis is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and by the way Dennis thank you for your service. Much appreciated. And he has had a career in both the medical and computer industries and now helps other business owners both old and young to reach their dreams by speaking internationally himself mentoring others and teaching. And real quick. Watch the show until the very end. This is an important announcement. Watch until the very end for a chance to win a complimentary stay and a five star luxury resort in Mexico compliments of power texting domen amazing amazing company. So those that don't live till the end does just live you can qualify. And in addition to that I think Dennis is going to announce something really really special that you will all have the opportunity to take advantage of and I cannot wait to hear that. Now that is it. I'm done. I'm going to now bring this man in. So Dennis tell us a little bit about who this guy is this guy named Dennis Numeralla. What have you been up to of late.

Gosh. Oh not much just sitting around on the couch watching Netflix. Oh no no no. I guess there's a little bit more than that. So I appreciate the great introduction and showing that wonderful video I always watch that video and think Who is that guy. Well I'd like to know because you know you realize after you get home from signing books and kissing babies and hugging people that you forgot to take the trash out and all of a sudden humility comes back. But I'm happy to share with you some of the things that people appreciate what I've done and kind of give you an idea of what's going on right now and what's in the very near future. So I love. Speaking to people about things that I have learned over the years. And you know I have run companies since I was 9 years old I really had a lot of fun learning how to create and that's really was the key was finding out that I enjoyed creating more than I just love the business. I thought it was business that I love. But when I learned that my real passion is creation and I just used it instead of on a art pad or something I did it in business create new companies.

I realized I have a higher calling now that I'm a little bit older. You mentioned that I like helping the young and the old and I like to consider that I am the young and the old. And I decided that helping to create creators was really what my life's purpose is all about. And I do run a nonprofit called yes please young entrepreneur success place where help youth start their own companies. And as you mentioned Jolimont international keynote speaker. I'm actually guy I just got back from China speaking all over China in Beijing and Hunan and Xu high and Shihan and Quiring Joe and Hong Kong and Macau and none of those works. Could I even pronounce. Before I went there. Yeah it is so busy doing that and works so many colleges and they have such a need for entrepreneurship mentorship out there that in September I will be moving to China that will be my new home base. So I'm very very excited about that. I'm excited to help the world. However I can.

One thing that has been helpful to me too is that in the process of learning how to speak properly and studying the science of speaking I you mentioned reading earlier too. I am a speed reader so in a regular book I'll read about 2000 words a minute and I love listening listen to audio books like you do. I listen at double speed and I try to think OK how do I get through to my audience so they'll retain things and they'll be interested. So I started studying the science of speaking and it's about 30 years ago became an expert hobbyist in neuro linguistics and body language. Now I'm a Certified Practitioner in that and accidentally became a clinical hypnotherapist as well and mixed all that in with my coaching so that I can help people get through imagined barriers that they have so that they can be successful in life.

So so that's a little bit what I'm up to so not much watching chick flicks and moved to China just hanging out chillin eating bon bons on the couch. You know that's right. Watching the soap operas that the laughs I love that man though so many things you said right there that were nuggets help create creators.

That's that's a great tagline right there. I mean I loved help create creators.

That is my passion. You know they say that there's there's only two really important days in your life the day that you're born and the day that you figure out why you were born. And I truly feel the and I've never shared this on the air but I'm going to share a vision with you that I have had that helps me picture what creating a creator is and I picture myself going around the world finding people who either already are or have the potential of being a flag pole to others and help them write their flagpole and run the flag up. I really want to help leaders become leaders. That's where my passion is trying to get away with writing some notes and then you stop talking

And then I run another flag. A flag pole to others.

I love this. And then you talked about the fact that you became an A.P. practitioner and then accidentally became a hypnotherapist. And I love that because I have a similar thing happen in my path and open hypnosis was kind of the last thing that I became certified in that I realized. And I know you realize the same thing you can use that to help in any any business.

Well to be honest I was one of those guys that thought hypnosis was kinda palm reading. Yeah.

If you're into a palm reading I apologize but I'm not into it.

But then when I found out that hypnosis is all about just relaxing yourself to a point or helping to relax somebody else to the point you get the right words. I was like oh my gosh the end saying the right things. You know you're in a state of hypnosis. Believe it or not when you're sitting on the couch relax watch a television commercials. That's how you can remember the jingles from those commercials without ever practicing the words. So hypnosis happens all the time naturally. And what I learned about it is great right.

I was a similar or similar. I mean I was in the audience when I was first learning about all of this where they were combining an opiate and hypnosis and my first reaction mentally was get away from me you know. And since then learning it's really simple. It's not new and it's basically when people think of you you know you're being put in a trance. Well a great way to describe it is. Have you ever been driving along on the freeway and then suddenly realize you missed that off ramp that you took nearly every day.

Oh we carry on the track the last five minutes. Yeah. Yeah.

Now you were in trance and the thing is with hypnosis all hypnosis is self hypnosis it's amazing we could spend probably a week discussing this one topic. I love it. I feel akin to what you do too. But there's so much more that I don't get out of you for this audience as well. Absolutely. But very important for all watching when you see mind body business listening to get my hand right there with the title it's mind body business that is where we come from when we talk about mind. It's the subconscious brain that is far more powerful than the conscious brain and A.P is a proven science that helps you tap into and reprogram your subconscious brain for the better. It's amazing.

And I'll go through it. Let me tell your audience that you like me want to do better with your life and the best way that you like me can figure that out is by learning how to communicate at a higher level with the words that you use with the way you communicate with your your fellow man and the way that you communicate with your own brain. So you like me are going to be successful because you're doing those things.

That's interesting. I've often heard of Opie being called The Science of Success and I I believe it is. I truly do phenomenal. So the concept of reading. We're switching gears here quite a Brachet find.

Oh I love gears switch and unless we could even grind the gears if we can just kind of throw them all together. I've done that too in life work. I got some oil around here somewhere. We'll take care of that if that happens your business related book.

Have you read recently or maybe you're reading it now. Would you say has inspired you the most.

I'm gonna mention two and I think that there's been some recent ones but I want to show you the ones I think that are most effective and they're not even mine.

When I was a young man I read a book called I dare you. And it was written by a I forget his first name but Ralston is his last name. He was from the Ralston Purina Company is a motivational book that kicked me in in the behind when I was probably 15 or 16 years old and it challenges you it's a short read it's out of print but you can still buy it all over the place on Amazon and eBay and everything is called. I dare you. And in fact I've got a couple of the old leather cover copies it's an older book. You'll love that for motivation. And the other thing is you know I was grateful to have read this book too and many people have read it if you haven't read it lately you read it again with a highlighter. And that is the Emmis it's the colon or miss colon Revisited is the name of the book written by Michael Gerber and I was honored to be at his 18th birthday party a couple of years ago. Great mentor. That book is an easy read. Most business books are you know OK. But this has a story line to it it makes sense. It talks about how to put systems in your business how to. Run your business from the press box rather than down on the field. Do not be the worker bee the technician in your company. So those are two books that I would highly recommend for you to read.

Yes the old pie shop I remember it well. That's right. That's right. Gerber amazing guy. I didn't see him at his eightieth. I met him and he I don't think he was 80 yet but I met him briefly and it was a very welcoming individual. He's great. Yeah yeah he was speaking at an event and he had a lot of those tables out in the hallway. He was one of those holding up you know his books and CDs and things and I just went over to chat with him.

He's like grandpa. Yeah yeah. And one of my mentors actually trained with him for free. How long was like a week solid intense training. And so you are highly recommend the e-mail as well. It's like I've heard it called the Bible for entrepreneurs.

It really is. You know when I first joined Vista if you're not familiar with vintage I will recommend that if you run a company you have to run a company which is doing at least a million dollars a year. And it's kind of an invite type thing that you can find out about joining IS A to join you because there can be no more than about 17 members in each group. It's the world's largest Shio membership group. Yeah. There's no competitors no vendors No. You know your spouse can't come to it. You know it's a very kind of not secretive but trusted you know you signed a nondisclosure agreement with each other and you share your profit loss statements anyway. Great great like you like your board of advisers. You know and when I went to my first meeting and they all started talking about stuff it was like everybody was talking about things from the Edith and our site. Oh it was just me. I thought I figured that book was a good book. But yeah it's definitely one you've got to read if you haven't read it.

Definitely yes. So there it is on the beach or library Tom it's one of many awesome books you see right next to it. Another well-known book a few people know about it by Napoleon Hill amazing amazing books. Just that's a great owl. Love it all. Fantastic. Great book. Thank you for that. I dare you. I'm going to look out went up and I hope to have an honorable of all places. That would be I don't know. I don't know if they have it inaudible Yeah. So another thing I want to ask you and this one's really near and dear to my heart at the age of 47 I started an online fitness company and so can you imagine limiting beliefs that were going through my mind at that time. You know 47. Brian are you an idiot for doing this year.

You're too old. Come on.

And I thought well that's the very reason I need to do it. So I did. And that's the one of the things that I found to be it helped me to be accountable not just to other people but to myself because I was doing live workouts on camera all that good stuff. And on that note I wondered how important is physical fitness to you. Dennis Mella and what would you say to people from the business aspect from the success aspect and how important fitness should be for them and their personal life as well. What does it mean to you.

To me it's as important as getting customers to walk in your door for your business because you've got to perform at 110 percent. And I'll tell you I'm still a big guy. But I I have released 80 pounds over the last couple of years.

And while I'm still on a plateau and have more to lose I am much much healthier shape than before.

Last year I ran the L.A. Marathon and I just hiked about five miles on the Great Wall which is not easy it's not nice flat wall there's a lot of steps at the beginning Clydes and all that I'm in really good shape and I think it is so important to have your your body in good shape because your mind then realizes that your capacities have been increased tremendously not only with your body but with your thinking process your body such an example for your mind. So I absolutely think it's one of the most important things to do.

I love that it's so true. I often say from stage the mind and body are a team the mind and body are your team and if the body is in prime shape but you haven't cleared and cleaned out the weeds in the garden of your mind and you haven't changed your thinking process from a subconscious level that fitness goal that you had may not be reached often is not how many people go and make a new year's resolution. I'm going to. Yeah I remember going to gyms on a regular basis and I remember I hated January. I couldn't stand it because I was around it. And then January came up and then the place was flooded and I couldn't get on to the equipment I wanted. And then by I it was a guarantee by as late as maybe March it will be back to normal. And I kept going. Why is that for them. Well it's all about mindset. Unless you have really reprogram your mind to realize that this is something that you sustain and do this for life you're just going to give up most likely but 80 pounds I can attest to that. I remember when. And that's right. I wanted to praise you and lift you up and say you are a product of the product that you're not just saying I think you should make fitness a priority in your life and make it important. You did it and so that's another important point when you say Dennis. For people looking for mentors is to find a mentor that's actually succeeded at something they look they aspire to succeed at rather than someone who just flaps their gums about and talks about it.

I agree I agree and let me go back on your point about it being a teamwork between your mind and your body too. Because I think as a person I like to use that word as your soul your soul is everything. But if you don't understand neuro linguistics body language high end communications if you don't understand how to be in control of your mind and I don't mean control like it's really tough. But how do you guide and influence your mind to do good for you when that happens your soul becomes the coach of that team. And unfortunately too many individuals teams are run by the captain that's on the on the ground the the head the brain. And so we think our brain just does stuff for us and we hope that it's going to your hope we're going to have good luck. We hope that our heads are going to get in gear and we don't know how to coach it or guide it. So I think it's so important to learn some of these things. And I just did an LP for me neuro linguistics and understanding how to communicate at a higher level. Is is tremendous in fact I'm I'm going to open the curtain so to speak to share something that I just said in an LP earlier. Now I know you noticed it Brian because I saw you a little grin on your face but I said three times in a row. You like me want to be more successful in life. Well that was an MLP statement. You like me is what I said in that sentence. You like me want this to happen. Your subconscious mind picked that up. So I said it in a way and I'm revealing it to you so it's not a secret. I said it so that you'll think you know I kind of like that guy. But if you notice salespeople do that and you know that the rest of the world knows how to use A.P then Doggone it you better know how to use it to. Really understand it's being done to you. Right.

And but always deal with integrity in an unethically like you do as well. Exactly. I agree completely. That was a nice little embedded command. We would say like me and. Yeah and aapc you're starting to see you the audience you're starting to see a pattern develop already on this show and we keep coming back to this one concept. It's all about the mind. And you truly truly in my personal opinion because I did not have the mind mastered until late 40s. And once I did I saw phenomenal change in my business life in my personal life. I loved life more I love life more than I'd ever have. I love being around people talking to people I didn't like that before. It's the number one most important ingredient in my personal opinion success is learning something like an LP you know positive and for affirmations they're great but they're at the conscious level. You know you stand in a mirror saying I am rich I have a yacht. I have a house. And you know you're doing this every day. That's fine. Continue to do that. But know and recognize that's at the conscious level and you're not reprogramming anything.

You just have a secret. I want if I want to tell your audience a secret about that. I believe in positive affirmations by so many rah rah coaches tell you to do it at the wrong time. And that is the mirror in the morning. You just got out of the shower. There's a lot of temperature change your thinking about your schedule for the day. Your beta wave is really really high.

So you're very conscious and you're telling yourself I'm gorgeous and your conscious mind set you up for that stick and spot on your face. It's third grade. You know he wants to protect you so it doesn't get in. It gets into your alpha wave is higher when you're in kind of a state of hypnosis which you're in when you're in deep prayer meditation but you're also in when you're almost asleep at night. So if you create a little mantra for yourself and if you learn self hypnosis too you can kind of throw that in there also if you repeat those things to yourself in your mind while you're getting ready to fall asleep you're actually going to let them soak in. Better you could save in the morning if you want but they're going to get thrown off like water off a duck's back too. So anyway I want to share that real real positive stuff with everybody.

That's a great great tip because you're closer to what you're actually going to be in which is your transitive state anyway. You're in review state of relaxation and that's all it is. Ladies and gentlemen hypnosis to be hypnotized. All you need to be in is a state of relaxation deep relaxation.

You would absolutely have to stay away. Yeah you could be in it right now. One two three Wake up. There you go. Exactly.

Hey I got a something I've got to give a shout out. We just had a gentleman come on the air to watch his needs Donald Barrett and this is crazy. This is amazing. He is the one of the first mentors that I was talking about that talked that mentioned the importance of reading books. What I want to hold it up real quick at reach your peak library dot com. Again this is there's things that are for sale there. I'm not making money I might make a few cents off an affiliate link but that's it. But the story I tell in there if you read it or you watch that video I talk about a CEO of a company that flew me out and then basically opened up his cabinet. And he said if people only knew if they just knew that all it takes is this. And he opened up this double door cabinet that went Florida ceiling and it was shelf after shelf after shelf of books. Similar towns that I now have on reach your peak. And I wanted to say thank you Donald for that. Incredible advice because it came full circle when my now latest mentor Mel Cutler finally you know put me in the head and said Go read books. And it's been a life changer. No kidding. Welcome Donald. Yes. Thanks for coming on. Awesome. Now Dennis as an entrepreneur we there's many of us I don't know if you're one of them but we have this tendency to chase things. There's a there's a term out there like shiny object syndrome squirrels. I only. And I know I know that's never happened to you. But if it were actually yes I know. Because that's where the creative juices come in. Right. We're so creative. And we see something that's not what we're focused on right now but it looks intriguing. I can make a business out of that or what people would love this.

So I guess you know and you have had several business of yourself on your own. What actually ignites you to start you know what ignites a spark in you to start a new business. What does it does it.

You know I'm going to answer that question but I also want to talk about the squirrels because I just remembered I just remembered something I wrote in one of my books that I had forgotten about for a while. So the ideas could come from anywhere to spark you to start a new business. My nonprofit was really the spark from understanding that I need to help create creators. But the some of the other businesses have come from chasing squirrels. But one of the chapters in my book The Saturday morning show yo talks about how to have a strategic planning meeting with yourself each week. It's called a river neither one of my chapters or just one of the sections there. It teaches you how to cage the squirrels. So you don't just let the squirrels run off and go look at that. What was that you. You actually cage it. And by that I mean you get you get it ready to go on an agenda to do a little research on it to study it so that you can decide whether it's something that you want to go with or whether you want to maybe offer it to somebody because if you're networking with people this idea might be great for somebody else and you can just give it to them for free or you can sell the idea to somebody or you can just let the squirrel go and you know throw some nuts out there and have it chase them.

So I just think that if we if we get diverted a little bit that's OK but be good about keeping a journal and having a meeting with yourself where you study the strategic value of all these scrolls that come into your life to some might be an inspiration from God from the universe from wherever and others may just be a fleeting thought that came from some bad burrito you ate yesterday. So a able to identify them and then the next thing you do is you filter them against what your core values are. So I try to filter any new squirrel that comes into my life against putting up those flagpoles. You know am I helping to create a creator by bringing this squirrel in and feeding it. And you know

If you're not getting if you're not understanding these are golden nuggets again if you didn't hear that just now you knew the watchers and listeners then go back and listen to that again. He's saying things that I've been hearing over and over and over again and these are the habits of the highly successful people and a couple of them were have a meeting with yourself and journal and I have heard and in fact the previous guest that I had on Alex Branning we're going to have him on again has created a resource for you.

I said hi he's a great guy when you come.

Yes I will. Alex Alex is probably watching right now. How you doing Alex. Hey Alex. And so and you know these are the habits of the truly successful and filter against your core values. Another big one is you know I've seen friends of mine start businesses that I knew were not in alignment with their values and aligned and in alignment with making money.

How many actually do that. Bob you're making a lot of money with this choice for are going to get involved.

You know and I've I've had them approach me and say Brian I think he should do this this will get you to that next step that you want to get and at what cost. I don't I'm not going to do that. It's not in line with my value system. So thank you. I appreciate it. I truly do. They were thinking of me but it wasn't for me. So it's a. You know when there's a lot of entrepreneurs out there that are struggling. I know that because I know a lot of entrepreneurs that Dennis financially and sometimes they will take that shortcut and it's good to have an accountability partner a coach a mentor somebody to at least let them know that you know maybe you want to think about that. You know your decision is your decision. But yeah I did think about that.

Remind me remind me before the end of the show I want to tell people about something because I'm one of those coaches that you know that charges too much for most people. So you know if you want to pay me twenty thousand dollars for the year I have people who do that and I work with them depending on what they need anywhere from 10 to 20 thousand dollars they pay me up front for the year they're accountable and I work with them and they achieve their goals. But remind me towards the end of the show and I'm going to tell people how they can get some coaching not only from me but from some other people who also charge upward Ginta high and for practically nothing. So it just started a new thing. I got together with a bunch of other experts and it will all reveal it here on your show at the end of the show.

Speaking of revealing. And there it is the open loop.

That's right. Another

Lp yes another gentleman by the name of Mark Joiner who's known as the godfather of Internet marketing calls it the Garnick effect and even spells don't ask me but it's what they use in television commercials they use it all the time. And cliffhangers they do that as well. But you know they will end before a commercial comes on when they develop the show.

They develop the show with the express intent to really get you curious like wait and then they break for a commercial like someone's hanging off the cliff. You don't know they're going to fall on their fingers and to come off of the ledge and then break the commercial and you will guess what's going to happen. You're going to stay there and you're going to pay intense attention to that commercial as a direct result of that open loop or ironic effect. Same thing is like give them some you know tell them something really enticing but don't finish it. That's a nice open. Good job Dennis so definitely can't wait to share that resource. You did share that with me. And I think it's an amazing concept.

Well I wasn't sure if it would be ready or not and were ready. So we have a couple more pictures. We're still adding but all go over that in a minute. But can I add something else to it. Absolutely. Please please please be willing to think not only outside the box but think outside the room that the boxes in the I'm getting ready to move to China. Never in the in the world did I ever think I would ever even go to China let alone want to live there. And you know I've got a bunch of college students that I have taught that while I was there and some that have come to the United States and learned entrepreneurship for me and a couple of them have some great successful companies. They're like my kids. In fact they call me their American Dad. You know hey dad I got a question about such and such. And so I move into China with this Shudo family out there and a whole bunch of colleges that want me to put a program on. I never would have thought of that and I didn't go seek it. It found me. You know China found me and it's way outside my box. You know I've got to learn a new language. You know what Quahog the NDA and put on coie. Whoa Zhao Tadesse.

So anyway I said something in Chinese so I said Well you know it's all Greek to me that's OK. That's right. Yeah but you don't now.

Now I'm open to the idea that you know what maybe I'll live in China for five years or so learn the language and then I'll move to Peru or something. Right. Yes but no point. So I don't know. We'll see.

But I'm telling you you need to open that mine because it's a gold mine. But every time you say something you know getting out of your comfort zone get out of that box get out of the box. I was just having a discussion with an apprentice of mine the other day about that were the best thing you can do is get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Someone else coined that phrase I'm not the originator of it but I love yours. I've never heard that before where he said don't just get don't just think out of the box think out of the room that the boss is in that's that's going to win.

I'm going to I'm going to coined that phrase show. And coining things is good because change is good.

Yeah I love that it's like take it another step and just really think out there. And yet China that's a very good example way out there.

China you can say hey I'm going to fly east or I'm going to fly west and go to China and be correct there. There are a lot of things that

Motivate entrepreneurs. You know let's get us out of bed that make us have that drive that keep us going that keep us going. Even in light of adversity because as you know very well Dennis that no business is ever easy to get to that finish line. It takes time it takes perseverance it takes getting over lots of disappointments and you have to have a really strong why reason. What is that one reason. What is something that motivates you so much that you're doing something like you're doing now to take a massive leap to go to China and change your entire life. What is the thing that's motivating you to do things like that.

I'm going to give you two things. One is what's what's my what my wife is and and the other is who is motivating me. I want to throw those two things out there. So the thing that's motivating me is what I've already told you too is that I I see flagpoles landing down all over the ground. You know I see people with some huge potential that need to get their name out there they need to be known they need to be international keynote speakers like myself you know. And so they might have to get over some fear or shyness or the feeling that they don't know enough or whatever that that motivates me to see other people succeed. I don't want to win a Nobel Peace Prize or something. I'd love to have somebody I help encourage when one you know I would be I would feel so much better to watch it from from the sidelines and then I'm often asked Who motivates you. Well a lot of people encourage me just like you and I. Brian we can talk and encourage each other. We've talked about the host of my old radio show put him on here as a guest with you and vice versa. And encouraging each other and growing together. So encouragement happens from a lot of people but I'm really motivated by one person and that is the Dennis inner Mella of the future.

Now this is going to sound a little weird but it's true and I really embrace this. I have conversations all the time with Glenister Mella of the future because Genest or Mella of the future has already gotten over the hurdle that I'm looking at right now going how the heck am I going to get over this through this around this under it whatever. And so I just talked to him and I said Hey how did you get over this. How did you get to where you are now. And then he can look at this from another angle and see that well that's because there's a door over there on the left hand side you know you remember this other person you know will they help you through it. Oh ding that's right. I should have thought of that person. Well I just did. So having this conversation with this person who is your self in the future not only does it help you to look at your own life from a completely new angle. But it creates an assumption that you were successful getting past that hurdle like that and it's so real because you're having a conversation with the guy or the gal who actually got through it already. So you don't have to wonder if you're going to or not you're finding out how you did. So anyway that's my. To me that's that's my life.

And when I when I forget him and leave him that's when I start going spiraling and then I go oh wait a minute sheesh I haven't talked to him in awhile let me find out how he got through the spiral. I don't know how to wind up as powerful. I've not heard of that approach before. That is all. For me it works.

That is amazing. And the Dennis DML the thing there was one thing I picked up on. Now I would suggest that you talk to your brand Kelly of the future at the other because because this is my friend just want you to know

What I right and a picture of Dennis Numeralla of the future. He was a little bit grayer but man did he have a rock solid six pack going.

Oh I'm you know what. I never looked down there before but I will now. Now look at that now.

You've got a nice hexed. I love it. Yeah. The thing you mentioned that your future self told you was they helped you through it. Yep. And guess what. We started out with talking about the importance of coaching for your future self will seeing you just got coached on how to get to the next step. That's right. And so you know he he is a coach and he also has coaches and mentors and people advising him. The most successful of the most successful you heard at or near on the soundbite you know Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods some of the greatest athletes of that have ever played have coaches they don't do it alone. Why should we. Why should you stop.

Yeah. I've got a bunch of coaches I've got you know there's people that I've learned from Ryan Avery is the youngest ever world champion of public speaking. He's given me some great advice as is right for you then help me figure out how to you know how they properly booked stuff and get more speaking jobs. You know I've been I've been inspired and coached by some great you know lush Brown and and and so many other people that I've learned from even even people that I've just like read their books like Michael Gerber and others.

I've got a business coach you know that has helped me who's been successful. So if you find out the things that you want to be strong in get a coach in that area. In fact Ryan Averys really good about that before he when he joined the Toastmasters he won that year as the youngest ever world champion. Public speaking and he did so with a huge big handful of mentors who looked it at speakers who had won before and some that were just so good with their body language and other people that were really good with their voice inflection and somebody else was really good was something else. And he asked each of them can you coach me in just that area that I think you're so good in finding not only just a coach but somebody who's been there and done that and in fact I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a certified coach and the reason I'm embarrassed to say it is because I used to take pride in the fact that I've built multimillion dollar companies. I've been there done that since I was 9 years old and I never had a certificate that said I'm a coach. I accidentally got one when I got my A.P. certification and other stuff. So now I have one I got a certified thing. But I find the people who are the real deal who have really done it and that's who you got to coach you're not the one who's got a beautiful plaque up on the wall with a nice gold frame.

And I don't want to leave it right there. So often I remember being in the audience of events and things and they would say go do this and then then that leads hang in and go. But how I don't know how to do that. And I found there's two as you mentioned one of them and I was going to bring it up is read books. Your mentor doesn't have to even be alive. Literally think and grow rich you can read books and use those as quote unquote mentors virtual mentors. But for me personally the most powerful thing to do was to go to workshops and seminars that were in my wheelhouse things I wanted to learn more at. And I met some amazing people.

As a matter of fact there happens to be one guy right over there that I met at one such event.

I kid you not and most of the people that you will see on this show are a direct result of getting out there of showing up going to workshops and seminars. Yes. It takes investment. Get over it. It is you. It's so so valuable. The investment is so worth that it may not seem like at that moment sometimes but I'll tell you over the long haul if you keep calling you keep going to seminars and networking events that are in your in your genre then you will break through and start making those connections because guess what. It's like a herd of animals that travel in the same circles. You start seeing those people over and over and you establish stronger and stronger relationships and friendships. Sorry you had something to.

No no no I just just wanted to say to it and figure it out. You know Google it YouTube it do whatever. I don't know if it was the event that you and I were at but I remember one event that was a multi day event. We were given some ideas of how to create the right you know website name for our business and branding and stuff like that. And so the next day we came out and I had been kind of chastised by the person from the stage of not having my branding down at the time this was years and years ago. And so that night I figured it all out. And I went and purchased the elves online from my hotel room and on my laptop and the next day when I stood up to ask a question I branded myself and told him I got the website. In fact I had it built already. You know a very simple site but you just go make it happen and if you don't know how then all that means is you just have to figure out how to learn to do it. The quicker you can learn it the more practice you have learning the the the more successful you can be in a shorter period of time.

Couldn't have said it better. My buddy couldn't have said it better. It's important. That's important. You know it's hard to believe but we are already over 50 minutes into our hour show. Can you believe that.

Oh I'm I'm telling. It's incredible. I can just talk forever and so can you. So hey can I tell him about my special deal here.

Well that's what I was going to segue into a couple of things because I want to go there but you know the show isn't over yet. We have one more hard hitting question that Dennis has no idea what this question's going to be oh those are the best ones.

Yes. And it's one of the most powerful thought provoking questions you can ask an individual that has had the success that Dennis has had. You. Stick around for that. In the meantime I want to share a couple of wonderful resources for you. Those you that are watching live right now right now this very moment. You can now enter to win that five day trip and the five star luxury resort in Mexico. And I'll put it up on the screen. All you have to do is one of two things you can either do it on a Web site or you can just text it directly from your phone if you want to go to a website. You just type in reach your peak LLC dot com for Slash vacation and just be sure the word vacation is all lowercase. The rest of it doesn't matter just vacation lowercase reach or be L.L.C. dot com for Slash vacation or text the word peak. PJAK 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again that's Peke 2 6 6 5 5 3 5 6 6 1 Sorry 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and I repeat that for our podcast listeners who are not able to see this at the moment and this has all been sponsored by a great company called Power texting dot com in fact when you text peak you will see power texting in work and when you opt into the form on the website that is also powered by power texting dot com by my good friend Jason Nast's and Ronna his partner. Phenomenal job and just appreciate that. And they the ones by the way offering up this vacation. So it's wonderful to have sponsorships isn't it. DENNIS Oh yeah it's great. And then it gets even better. So Glen do that going you can text while you're cute. Keep listening don't go anywhere. Keep listening. Write that down here let me put up real quick. Give you five seconds.

Ok it wasn't five seconds but that's all you know they can pause it. That's right. Pause playback technology. That's right.

Pause it now if I get that if I get your opt in if your information comes in within five to 10 minutes after the end of the show I'll still consider you for winning the prize. So you can have the opportunity to rewind and all that good stuff. This is the one that I wanted to hand over to Dennis because he yes something extremely amazing too to bring up. And I wanted to give him the floor here and just going to be blown away by this. So stay on this and I will give you the resource here in just a moment. Go ahead Dennis.

There are several coach friends of mine who we all charge upwards of twenty thousand dollars for a year of coaching and I've brought together a team of experts in fact or even bringing more on right now this is brand new but I'm going to tell you about these five people and how you can get advice from all of us for right now. Normally when we started a program it's 49 bucks a month and you can actually get in touch with all of us. But right now if you promise to tell five other people about it you get it for five bucks a month for life. And the amazing thing here is the experts so why is I'm of course on there. P.J. Yixin who you may have heard him speak somewhere. He's in the National Hall of Fame for people with disabilities. He's in a wheelchair. But even though he shouldn't wheelchair he is a martial artist she's 10th degree black belt. This guy is incredible and he's a neuro linguistic group. Oh hey. Thank you. There you go. There he is right there. And then you'll see below that is Rachel and Rachel runs talk Rod Stewart and she you bought her first home at age 24 she made it all through college with zero debt. In fact I believe it was all paid for. She really knows and understands how to handle money. She's a great author and people's pictures you don't see yet on their Web site but it's coming it's Hank and Sharon you lost and you may know them too Brian but they run their own advertising agency. Ash absolutely expert marketers. They're going to be also in this is all a paid membership to belong to a secret Facebook group.

So you'll be able to ask them questions every week they're going to put out from all of us are going to put out some advice for you. You can ask us questions and in the first week of every month the only little catch return for them. Putting all this time in is that they'll let you know about their new products and books and that's not even a catch such great. They're going to give you the same deals that they give their clients. So this is all brand new and it's a way for you to tap in if you're not yet there at the point of being able to get a one on one coach show. This Web site is a bit of expert advice. Dot com. Thank you. We started a bit of advice. Radio show and live Facebook. And we've got 100000 people that liked the page so we had a lot of followers. Well this is kicking it up from that. And this is a bit of expert advice dotcom so you get there now and you're all you got to do is say I promise I'll tell five other people about it then boom you sign up and I think Brian has just signed up on that too and so you'll see him in the group and that's five bucks a month for the rest of your life it'll never go up and you'll hear about some great things from some fantastic coaches handful of the best. So that's something to offer to your entire audience. I hope you all there.

That is truly amazing. I can't thank you enough. I mean my goodness.

Forty nine dollars a month is a steal to get access to someone just if it was just Dennis himself as he said he's charged tens of thousands per year for people that come on. So it's something to jump at. And let me bring that up real quick.

Know we've got other coaches that are coming onto have already talked to a new expert in you know in nutrition and fitness and also in other areas of life relationship stuff and so we're not going to have a ton of experts. I am handpicking a few key people. They're not getting paid they're not paying me. They're not they're given of their time just to have a chance to offer some great stuff to you guys. And we're all we're all busy putting flagpoles up. And if you think you might be a flagpole it's just laying on the ground. A come on and join us.

That's it. Go to a bit of an expert advice. Come and see it on the screen. Write that down. I'll replay this one. I don't know how long

Dennis plans to keep this incredible deal up if he worked forever to grow it like crazy.

The other bit of advice grew up to 100000 in just a few months. And I don't know if a hundred thousand will be our target for this or whatever but at some point I'll go back to the 49 which is still a really good deal. But if you're willing to help us grow it a little bit then you get grandfathered in at five bucks a month forever so there's a lesson right there.

We talked about it on a previous show and that's about referral marketing and that's exactly what Dennis is doing here is there's great value in referrals and it's a great form of marketing that really cost you the business owner in this case. DENNIS no extra money. You just have to set up some systems to automate the process to go follow up with these referrals and that's it.

And you've got other people out and where we actually are just USUN trust. We are even seeing that you're set five people you just promised that you will. And you know it's up to you then you if you don't do it. Oh well. Whatever. But. If you're a good person and you really want to help share the news you're going to love it. Your price shirt with some other folks all you got to do is say yeah I promise and we'll believe you because we have faith in you.

Fantastic. And that's the kind of person Denis's he's a trusting guy. And it's going to be a ratings success. There's no doubt because of mindsets like that right. You're not a scarcity mindset. You're just the opposite.

There's no doubt Yeah we're going to give all the good stuff there. I like move it to China. I'm starting a new YouTube channel and I'll share all kinds of cool stuff on that and it'll be that free for everybody but I'm not sharing the good stuff. And these few experts in here we're going to share some real nuggets on this site because we know that you're paying something even though it's just five bucks a month. We really want you to get some quality advice.

Fantastic. I appreciate that. I appreciate you for putting that together and all your your experts as well. Well let's come to that time Dennis. It's that time for that one question.

Are you ready to do another hour. Yes. Oh is that the question. That's it good. Yeah.

So I like to ask this question of the other entrepreneurs that have been on this show and and other people that are successful as well outside of the show because there's no just to take the pressure off. There is no wrong answer. There is only your answer and that answer is the right answer because it comes from you. And it's interesting to hear the variety of what the answer is. And I think when we compile these over the course of months and maybe years it's going to be interesting to look back and see what everyone responded with. And so here it is Dennis what I'd like to ask you and for anybody watching drum roll please get in close Dennis MLA.

Everyone wants to know. Mostly me. How do you define success.

I define success as your soul. And we talked about this your soul being the coach of your team which is your mind and your body. So it really relates to what your show is all about taking control of your life. And yeah the external stuff is good it's good to have a great mentor. I'm a mentor I should be selling you on the door. Be your own mentor first to know. And so that's my idea of success is when you've got that harmony where you're able to coach your mind and your body and you're able to accomplish the things that you set out to do. So that's my idea of succession. And for each person that could mean money or relationships or you know I'm going to go speak at a an orphanage in Uganda and help help his kids there and single young adults learn how to start businesses. But for him that's his is a form of success is to see that these you know these orphans have a life. So whatever it is to do those things to accomplish those things you've got to be. Coach your soul has to be the coach of your mind and your body. That's my definition of success.

Yes and very original. I love it. And one of our commenters mark you probably know that is say Laurie Yeah yeah.

I shared some real high end stuff with her last night on the phone. So she's great client of mine.

And her comment was always great advice from an amazing friend and mentor. Thank you Laurie appreciate that. Yes. And we'll get some waves and hellos and wishing you well and having a great interview Diana Leemon.

Oh yeah Diana. Hey you just moved to Georgia. Good to see you Diana.

Diana's a great friend. She's wonderful. I'm sure I'll be coaching her soon too. So she's she's got she'll be a great speaker. You'll hear about her soon.

Well I mean all she needs to do is go to a bit of expert advice Tom and that's right.

That's right. I'll see you all there. Fantastic.

Well Dennis I can't thank you enough for taking the time. Very wonderful of you to do this. Very gracious. You spread some incredible golden nuggets across the carpet and just like this golden dust pixie dust as we went along. And I know it may not seem all that impactful to some who are watching and listening. I would just ask you to go back and watch and listen to this. More than one time in fact all of the shows as time permits because of the amazing value that people like Dennis bring to the table. There were so many and there I could not write fast enough because he kept stop talking and I had to get on camera again.

But can I can I add one thing to what you're saying too when you clearly watch this get your head in gear you know and turn on the learning mode. In fact anybody that knows any help you can tell you how to turn on the learning modes in your mind so that you don't just hear the teacher go wah wah wah wah wah wah like Charlie Brown and actually soak in the stuff that's being said because I may be the best teacher in the world. But until the student is ready. Right. If you heard this right. When the student is ready the teacher appears. So I can say the same thing and it can be heard by so many people watching this show but only so many students will recognize that the teacher was there. So if you become the student and watch this you will gain new things not because I say something different when it replays because that's not technologically possible but because you were listening the teacher appeared and the teacher is in your own head.

Excellent Hoca allow my friend Pacala. Yes. And for those who don't know what that means look it up because it's is exactly what he was just talking about Hawaiian term and Michael Stevenson.

I love you. Yes indeedy. All right. Well that is going to conclude our show for tonight. We'll see you again next week same time same bat channel as I like to say thank you once again Dennis. Thank you all for coming on. Audience watching this and commenting even if you're watching this as a recording please feel free to comment. We will respond to you again. Thank you once again Dennis and we'll see you all again next week.

A psyche and Minkey engine. OK. Bye bye for now. Bye bye.

Thank you for watching and listening. This is beyond the mind body shop with Brian Chailly.

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