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So here's the big question how are entrepreneurs like us who have been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward, two steps back? We're getting. This podcast will give you.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show. Well, we have another first tonight.

We are trying something new, always reaching out, testing new technology. We are here live on eight social media platforms in addition to the brand new clubhouse audio only app. And we Welcome each and every one of you. We are live on all of the above. And I cannot wait to introduce you to this amazing special guest expert that is joining us tonight. His name is Derek Jamison. He's an amazing guy. He helps people. That's what I love about what I get to do on the show is introduce you to amazing successful entrepreneurs like Derek who are here to serve people like you, the mind body business show. What is that all about? Well, the name came from about 10 years of my studying only successful people. I was just curious. I'm like, why? What makes that individual more successful than maybe me? I mean, do they put their pants on two legs at a time instead of one? What is it? There's got to be some secret sauce. And I worked with mentors like side by side. I spoke from their stages. I was lead trainer of one's seminar for several years. And I also learned from authors of books, some that were alive, others that have since passed. And I just kept learning and finding out what was it that made all of these people more successful than me. And it all kept coming to the same three elements. It was patterns. These patterns kept developing and they all funneled into the three main, I call them. It's like a tripod. If you have three legs and a tripod holding your camera and you kick one leg out of the whole thing comes tumbling down. So one without the other or the other won't work.

You need all three. And they became the cornerstone of success. And that was mind mine was they all had to a person a very powerful, yet very flexible, more key mind set. And we're going to get into the mine tonight. I'm excited. I love everything to do with the mind. The mind is a powerful, powerful thing.

Your mind is a powerful, powerful thing and it loves you and it wants success for you and Derek, who's coming on later. He's going to show us exactly how to tap into that beautiful inner most realm of your sweet, beautiful brain and help you to get the most out of your life professionally and personally. I cannot wait. This guy's amazing and then body every person to and you'll see this one when Derek comes on. This dude's chiseled. Every person that I studied that achieved a higher level of success also took care of their body literally through nutrition and through physical working, out exercising. And so that is another key component. I always say the mind and body are a team and more importantly, the mind and body are your team. Any one player of any team that doesn't pull their own weight, that isn't operate at a peak level of performance and then the team as a whole will suffer. It just makes sense. Right? So the mind and body keep those both operating at peak level performance and then business. One of my faves, because business is multi multi multifaceted, it the people that I studied that were very successful had mastered the various skill sets that are required to have to grow, to build, to grow and maintain a successful, thriving business. Things like marketing, sales, team building, systematizing leadership. The list goes on and on and on. And we could be here a very long time. The good news is no one person that includes, you know, one person needs to master every single one of those aforementioned and other skill sets.

Really, when it comes down to is if you master just one of them and I actually mentioned which one it was, I wonder if any of you caught on that. If you master just one, then you can delegate to those who have mastered the other skill sets that you have yet to do, because, let's face it, to master every one of those skill sets that I just mentioned, just those alone could take more than a lifetime. I kid you not. And so if you master just one and that one is, yes, already leadership, once you've mastered the skill set of leadership and you can now lead a team that have those skill sets that you have not yet acquired. And let's be honest, you shouldn't acquire every single one. There's just not enough time. So it's better to delegate. And that is what this show is all about, is a show by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. And I bring on only the best of the best. Derek is no exception. I cannot wait. We're going to bring him on in a moment. One thing a real quick aside, is that another component, a key component I found in my study of all these successful people is that to a person they were each and every one of them, very avid readers, readers of books, of impactful books. And with that, I like to segway into a little segment I affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks for and to read bookmarks, ready, steady, read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dotcom.

All right, there it is, reach your peak library, dotcom, one quick word for all of you watching and all of you listening, especially those watching, is please just take your hand off of that mouse, step away from the mouse and avoid the temptation. Resist that temptation to click away because you're going to be getting lots of resources during the show that will be beneficial to you. Some could change your life. And the thing is, just take notes, write it down, get up, get a good old fashioned pen and paper. I have mine ready. I'm running the show. I'm producing it. I will be taking notes myself. And so I don't I don't preach anything that I don't do. I try not to anyway. I'm not perfect, but take notes and then go visit those resources after the fact, because here's the thing. The magic happens in the room, whether it's virtual or a real room. The same is true. And so just stay with us, take notes. And you don't want to miss one golden nugget that Derek is going to bring to the table, because I guarantee you, I've done many of these shows, one hundred and thirty or so now. And to a person, the value has been immense, could literally charge a lot of money for this. I will never do that. This is something for you. And speaking of for you, I had this website reach your peak library dot com built with you in mind.

And I know that sounds cheesy, but I mean it. I built this for you. I have read every book in this library. That is why it's on this list so that you have a better probability of finding a book that will have a positive impact on you in your business life and even perhaps in your personal life. And so not every book I've ever read is on this list. And so these have been personally vetted by at least one other successful individual to help you filter out some of the chaff, so to speak, and just pick the first book that jumps off the page. If you've read some of these, fantastic. If you haven't looked through them quickly and act fast and grab one and start consuming it as fast as you can. I found later in life the importance of reading. I was forty seven or so before I started avidly reading and I'm fifty six at the time of recording this. So it's been a life changer. Game changer. I can't get enough and I love Orrible. I listen to all my books and get a lot more read that way. It's just a better modality pick which what works for you and do it. All right, that's it off my soapbox. And now, ladies and gentlemen, I think it's time we bring on the man of the hour. Would you not agree? Here it comes. Get ready.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league qualified.

There is the ladies and gentlemen, the one the only Derek Jameson. Yes, indeedy. Hello, everybody. Yes, welcome to the show, Derek. We are on clubhouse at the same time and everyone on clubhouse, we are on video. If you want to switch over, fantastic.

Stay where you are. If you want to stay on clubhouse, just wanted to get more people. The ability to meet people like Derek Jamison that is the reason for this is to get more exposure for the guests that come on the show. And if you want to watch this live, go to the mind body business show dotcom. It's a long URL register at the bottom. One hundred percent free. Then you get automated reminders. So stay where you are right now and perhaps check us out next week. We do this every week and we'd love to have you on. And the beautiful thing about live video is you have the ability to interact with us by sending out comments just like Tommy Djerassi. I hope I said that right. He says, yay, Derek Jamison is such a helpful healer already. And we're getting feedback. Dave Doyle says he cannot hear me. So it's our first attempt at this. I did tap the microphone. I see Dave's in the room. I'm going to tap it again, toggle it and see if that helps. Oh, interesting. Yeah, I don't know. So we're not going to we're not going to fiddle with that too much. We'll keep going. The show must go on. Thank you for coming on live. And we love your feedback, your comments, your questions. And just a moment we are going to formally and officially bring on this amazing young man.

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Compliments of our good pals. If you're watching there in the upper right, a big insider secrets dotcom. We give away a trip every single week. It is so much fun. Stay with us. To the end, you'll find out how you can win. And I hope you are the winner. Yes, every single one of you know only give one. All right. Now, the man, the myth, the legend himself. Let's bring him to the front. Excuse me. Derek Jamison is a spiritual life coach. And cue H.T.. I'll let him explain that in a moment. Past life regression practitioner based in Los Angeles, California. He focuses on the intuitive development and self mastery of clients to create powerful and sustainable living practices after being a fitness professional for 11 years. I mean, look at him. You can tell Jamison received the calling to enter back into the spiritual work he had set aside during his youth. This guy's got a great gift by teaching clients to be in the present moment to tune into their innate spiritual abilities and to shed past identities. One is able to create a life that is beyond their imagination. And you have me imagining a lot of things. Derek, thanks for coming on.

I can't wait to dig into this. Is this phenomenal? Amazing. Thank you. I'm excited to be here.

Oh, man, it's going to be so much fun. So I love I love reading bios and introducing phenomenal guests like yourself. It tells us a lot about your accolades, your experience, your success. And what I like to do is dig a little deeper. I like to go to what I call the cornerstone of the foundation of anyones level of success or lack thereof, in your case, success. And so what I like to find out is what is going on in your big, beautiful brain when you get up in the morning and, you know, being an entrepreneur, that there are going to be challenges facing every single day. What is it that keeps you going on a positive front day after day? Because we're all human. We have bad days. We have bad moments for you. What is it that keeps you propelled and moving forward and upward on a constant basis?

Well, I think it really goes back to knowing what your true purpose is and why you're waking up in the morning, and when I allowed myself to fully embrace what my life purposes and allow myself to see that every day you want to wake up, you want to wake up to that. And that's not like a task. And I just started getting up at 4:00 a.m. and that is even earlier than I was proposing. I would be up, but I knew that I would start waking up early because I knew that I had a purpose to fulfill. And then when you make that decision, you realize that there's all these other things that come from making that decision. So like yesterday, I got to see the sunrise and I saw the cityscape of downtown L.A. and it was all orange and the blue. And I literally pulled over on this overpass going through Hollywood. And I pulled over to listen to music and just appreciate it. So knowing that there's miracles and beauty and life purpose, that's really what keeps me going every single day. And it doesn't matter what time I have to get up.

Wow, that's fantastic.

All right, I'm trying to manage clubhouse and everything that's going on, this is like fun. I mean, there's a lot of moving parts. This is this is going to be a great show. It already is, because Derek and what he does and I'm so my curiosity is so we are going to dove into what he does and the definition of courage in a moment. So stick with us. You'll want to know what that is. Don't go looking for it on Google. Just write the notes. Stay here with us. I know how that goes.

So when we talk about or I talked about mind, body and business being the three pillars of success in the opening, and now we've got an idea of your mind and where it goes and how and why you are successful. When it comes to the body, though, how important would you say? I think I know the answer, but I want to hear from you. Is physical fitness to you, not only to you and your business life, but also your personal life?

When I first got into fitness, it was really about the ego. To be honest, I was younger and when I see ego, it wasn't that I was trying to prove something or like it wasn't like I was trying to be something just to prove a point. It was because I was made fun of a lot when I was younger and I didn't feel like I was in the correct body. I felt like I was like I would see a male physique and I'd be like, I think I'm supposed to look like that. I feel like I'm supposed to look like that. And that was a really challenging experience to be made fun of and then also figure out the journey of how to attain that. So along with that journey, as I was doing physical fitness, I got myself a trainer because I didn't know what I was doing and I actually got myself a fitness trainer at twenty four hour fitness down the street from our family house. And in that time that I did that, I realized that it wasn't about my it wasn't about the ego. I was actually discovering one of my purposes, how I would serve others and how I would help them, because I realized that I had it in me the whole time to be what I thought. And so I wanted to teach other people how to do that, that if you have the idea of a thing, whatever it is, that means the thing already exists within you. And all you have to do is ground it or bring it into a physical manifestation. So physical, that's how I started it.

And then it became this beautiful journey of like treating your body like art. And you realize you can mold and sculpt it like like a Greek statue and you're starting to mold it the way that you feel that you want to do it. And it's just becomes this beautiful journey for yourself to see what you're capable of doing. And along the way, you realized that you were that strong the whole time and that you just needed, like, the physical representation to to go with it. So now that I've become more conscious about spirituality, mindfulness, the importance of nutrition and how we eat, I realize that we are in our bodies, we are embodied. And just because we have a body and it's used to go do tasks in our world, that doesn't mean that it is solely for that reason. You hear the body is a temple, but that word temple is so is a very spiritual term and it truly is. Every cell within my body is literally working for the support of my life purpose of what I'm doing here and the health of each little universe. Every little cell is what I can use to create what I came here for. And it was about allowing me to see that the mind and the body actually go together. And so it became this beautiful experience of them being married to each other. So now, even through a pandemic situation, I was like, OK, then I'm going to do it at home. You find a way to be in your body and not to escape the physical experience.

Love it. All of it. So many golden nuggets. I mean, wow, I can relate to that. Growing up, I was one of those what you call late bloomers. And so I was standing next to a guy my age who had a full beard and I didn't have my first little hair coming out of my lip yet. And I'm thinking, what's wrong with me? How come I'm so like behind? It seemed like everybody else that wasn't. But it's just the way it felt. Right. And then you see this other guys walking around all developed, you know, holding it like I'm still a scrawny little kid. Yeah. It's just it just came later for me. But looking back, I'm going to tell you something that I don't say to people much is that it actually became a blessing because I'm often told that I look much younger than I am. And I think that's part of the reason why I took so long. I don't I'm still not mature yet, but I can relate to that in all seriousness.

Totally. And I start working out like you like I think I was I remember fifteen, sixteen, something like that. And I got serious four days a week hitting the supplements. A massive handful of liver pills for this was back in the day when Arnold was still bodybuilding. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yeah.

But treat your body like art and that's the thing you stop and you realize you didn't need to, but I think it's like a wonderful, vicious cycle because it's it's addicting. Working out and exercising is addicting because of how it makes you feel when you're done, when you're doing it. It's kind of painful. You've seen no pain, no gain, all that good stuff. The thing is, is once you're done and you feel the results, not just for a day, but they last you like, I want more of that. It just you just cannot stay away from it for a very long period of time. You just want it. I don't know. Have you experienced that?

Yeah, for sure. And that's why even if like even if I'm really tired, I will still find a way to get a workout in at night or and I just don't give up. Like even last night I was like I literally I was up at four a.m. so I was like, man, you know? And I said, Derek, what can you do? And I said, you can do shoulders. And so I whipped up my little dumbbells. And by little, I mean, they're not that little, but I whipped up the dumbbells and I, I was like, no, you're going to do shoulders and you're going to pick to exercise your shoulders and you're literally self talk. And I use the the thing you learn when you're learning out of personal trainer self positive result. And I was like, no, you're going to do to shoulder exercising and do abs and you're going to do that in three different groups. And then then then you can go eat Derik, then you can go eat. But after I'm done, I'm like and I look in the mirror that's over here and I'm like, yeah, look at those pumpkin's like I'm like, yeah, but not pumpkins. Pumpkins.

Look at the striations I've never had.

I was like, see there it is all worth it. And then you just keep going and you're like this from remember the pumpkins.

And I love how you talked about the body and mind being connected. You know, who was it, Deepak Chopra that talked about that, where every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts because they're all interconnected. So if you have what we call stinking thinking and you're thinking negative thoughts where your body is listening and reacting, and it's there's been so many studies on that about attitude and health, you know, the mind does control or it does take a big role in your overall health, not just mental health, physical as well. And so be aware of what you're thinking. I'm telling others, not you, Derek, because you've already got this down and we're all human. I can always improve myself as well, but be aware of what you're thinking and quickly reframe it into something better. Like how many of you have ever said, I have to go do the dishes or I've got to go do the dishes now? And, you know, one great way to reframe that is I get to do the dishes now and then your subconscious is going to wait. What what the heck was that? Well, now there's all this different talk going on. Well, if I have dishes, I guess I'm blessed enough to eat. And if I have dishes, then I have to clean them. I must have a sink to do it in. And if I have a sink, that means maybe I have a place to live. I'm blessed. You know, this is great. I get to do the dishes. And so it's a very subtle thing. And you don't go through those consciously write all these different ways. But every time you catch yourself, be aware of what you're saying No.

One, and then reframe it as soon as you possibly can into the exact opposite. You know, I have to I get to anyway off my soapbox. I you're that you're the mindset expert here.

And we're going to get into your thing, actually, business, what I believe when flipping it like.

Exactly. So what you're saying and like what you just said is very valuable information for anyone that's watching or going to watch or listen, because it truly is. And it was so simple for you to do that. It literally shifted the word because though each word has a vibration, you look at you look at, hey, that doesn't feel good at all. You look at love that feels really expansive and like really good. So the same thing. You can switch a simple word like I have to. And the vibration that you added to that, it's a whole experience. And then you go, you know, I get to do the dishes so that I have a really beautiful clean kitchen and everything looks nice so that when I'm preparing my next meal, I prepare it with that cleanliness and like you literally flip it in a second. So any situation, you can totally flip it in that moment. And you change your entire experience by just reframing, like you said, the way that you the way that you think about something, because you're exactly right and science is proving it, that your thoughts create the physical ailments and your reality, your thoughts. That's why I tell people and drill it into them. Everything is vibrational frequency. Everything is vibrating, everything that is a science. So when you tune yourself into the vibration of the thing you want, I get to do the dishes. I get to clean that beautiful bathroom of mine. You change the entire experience and you change your reality about it. And then you but you do that with think about illnesses or your life experience. It is the same thing. And you can change the physical cellular makeup within your body just by reframing it and changing it like that.

Totally, yeah, and it's amazing how those times they seem like they're inconsequential and tiny, but you get in the habit of doing that on a regular basis and you'll see some great results. Dorothy White agrees that you are amazing. An inspiration, Derrick. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for coming on. Dorothy, thank you so very much. Keep them coming. Ask questions if you have questions of Derrick, and I can only imagine you're going to want to hear those of you that aren't aware of what he does, those that you do know. Obviously, you might have other questions that go a little bit deeper into more advanced things that he works on with you. So let's let's get into that. If you don't mind. I'd like to learn more about we promised right from the beginning. Hopefully you can fulfill my promise by explaining what he stands for and really what it is kind of in layman's terms. And then from there will go into, well, just do that first and we'll take that into the next step, which is how you use that to benefit the people that come to you for help.

Ok, well, Q T stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique, and it's just a specific technique that was created by Delores Cannon, who did who's written like eight, 17 or 18 books on her experience with past life regression. So he actually is doing past life regression, taking people into their past lives that can be in this linear time, or they're like taking them into a past timeline of this life. To see things that need to be worked on are healed. But most often it's going to be other life times that you have lived before. And but it is quantum meaning. It is not bound by time or space. It can you can see things in a future timeline, in a past timeline, parallel timelines that might be a little too far for some, but that's OK. Just know its past lives. And the reason why we would want to experience that can be a multitude of things you can either want to do it for. I'm just curious, like I don't even know about it and that sounds interesting. And if I have a past life, I would love to know what it is. And a lot of people go in with just open curiosity like that. Some people know that hypnosis and going into past lives actually brings healing within the physical body, emotional bodies, mental bodies, and it can change the physical expression and the physical experience you're having so it can actually bring physical healing into your life. And what happens is speak going back to speaking on vibration and frequency, you are vibrating or having an experience in your life. Now that also resonates with other life times that you've lived. So by seeing those life times, you can have a deeper understanding of the lesson and the purpose behind the experiences you're having now. And it will help you as a healing modality in this particular life.

Going to ask you could be a controversial honorables controversial, but what do you do with people that have a belief system where past lives are not inclusive in that?

Well, that's why I say for people that want to, like, embark on it, like if they want to have the experience, treat it more as like a deep meditation and a curiosity to see what comes forward, because even people that might believe it, I'm telling you, some spiritual people that know that that exists, they'll still judge their experience of the things that they saw or that came forward because there's still human expectations we place on anything and there are religious beliefs where people don't believe in. And that's OK. That's like that's their experience.

But it just for those that are open to it, it is that I mean, gosh, you just said to be curious. I mean, curiosity is one of the. Core attributes of successful people, you know, Richard Branson, I have a mentor. His name is Mark Cutler, and he's told a story of where they were at an event. And Branson walked up to him and they were in a hallway and just started peppering Mel with questions. And Mel was on, he tells us on stage. And he's like, what are you doing? Asking me questions. You're Richard Branson. I want to ask you questions. You know, he didn't say that to them, but it's that that mode of that mess, that curiosity. So, you know, the way I look at it, because I went through an LP and at the time I had a guard up against learning an LP or hypnosis because I was brought up to believe that anything that would mess with my mind would they would say, mess with your mind, especially hypnosis, could result in removing my faith. And I learned since then that they have tried many, many times over decades in the military to do mind control and they failed. And so the only time that someone they were successful in becoming like a crazed mass murderer is because that was part of their value system to begin with that. Oh, I'm good. Let's do this. So I believe I'm a Christian, but I have the curiosity. I would love to just feel what that experience was and what it is. Who knows what happens. You know, it's not going to change my faith. It would just be a really neat experience. And then if it results in positive results for me going forward and it didn't upset my value system, you know, let's open the door. Let's do it. You know, that's the way I know.

That's the question I ask, too. And I guess some people I've been asked questions like, what about people that don't believe in that and say it's fake? And I and I ask the question like, does it matter if it helped you? Doesn't matter at all if you received something from it and you let go of your pain, if you let go of your trauma, if you let go of the way people treated you or some trauma that happened in your life, if something helped you, isn't that the most important thing about it?

As long as it doesn't muck with your value system, your faith, whatever it is that you're guarding against. That's where I'm from.

And knowing what I know now about it, having researched it because I wasn't going to dove into this this woo NLP hypnosis stuff until I did.

And, oh, my goodness, I did this at the age of forty seven or so, and I'm not one of those drama people, but that was, that changed my life. I mean completely and utterly and for the better.

I love I'm fifty six and I'm the happiest I've ever been. I cannot wait for the next day. Retirement is not in my vocabulary. Are you kidding me? I got people to help. I got people to serve. I got life to live. I got people like you, man. You're just amping my energy. It's like crazy right now. It's awesome. We were talking about that before. This is awesome, man. Yeah. You should be able to bottle that and sell it. That is phenomenal. So maybe to make it even less, I don't know, mysterious. Could you go through a just from a high level. I know that you're the process can take some time depending on what you're doing for your client, but what are the steps involved so they get a good sense of like, well, you're just going to be you just relaxing, you're just going into a state of relaxation. Just I just went from hypnosis, but maybe there's more to it. I'm sure there is with what you do. So could you take somebody or us through what a process involves?

So first of all, if you let's say we were doing that today and you were physically here, you know, we would just go over a few questions and see what the purposes of you wanting a regression. And let's say you just weren't curious. And basically, I still take it through the same technique every time, which is we would go through your life story. We would go through your entire life like from the point that you were born up until now and you would tell me your life story. And it really is kind of surprising to people because it's like my life story and I'm like, yeah, you don't get to tell that very often, do you? Like your entire life story? And it can take a long time and it couldn't, but it's OK whatever length it takes. But to sit there and if you were to sit there and tell me your life story right now, you get to validate and take a look at your perspective of your entire life to where you are now. And that is such an amazing opportunity that I get to sit with somebody and listen to their entire life and how they see it and why they're still sitting in front of me and in that space now. So the whole there's a it can take one or two hours for that. You know, it just depends. And then we go into the actual regression, which is kind of like a deep trance meditation. So I put people into a deep state of trance, into the theta brainwave state. And that theta brainwave state, just so that everybody knows is the point right before you fall asleep and the right the point right when you wake up.

So sometimes you have either little visions that come through or inspirations or thoughts right in that little that little zone, and that's that theta brain state. That's also why you see certain affirmation videos and those affirmation videos say, listen to this as you're going to sleep. It's because the theta brain waves state is where you get the reprograming. So if you want abundance or healing or self-love, you're going to listen to that. And in that little space is where you get in on loading new program for who you want to be, where you want to. So that's the state that I put people in through an induction, just basically a guided meditation that's really deep. But where we go from there is open ended. I ask open ended questions and wherever you take us, wherever things go is where we end up. And I'll tell you each and every single time, it's going to be a very unique and very detail oriented experience that would blow your mind. But you have to go through it to see why the details that come forward in it. There's just no way you could have made that up on the fly every single time. It never fails. And I'm just like sometimes I sit there like, what is this really happening? And that's incredible information about history. Like we'll get historic things that come through and then give me specific dates. It's just mind blowing that I'm surprised every time.

Wow, I have done hypnosis, I've got three kids of my own that I produced. And and I'm chuckling over here because I've seen and experienced some of what you're talking about. Not to that level, though, where you got dates of past live events going on. And that's as deep. That's cool.

And I mean, that's got to be I mean, you get to go on a journey, a new journey every day or every time you have a client right now that's like pretty fun to. On the journey itself, hopefully they're not horrible, I mean, I imagine you have some stories about that, about the good and the bad, and that that could be interesting as well. I'm not going to ask you to say any of those I don't want you to reveal. But, yeah, the reprogram that theta brainwave state like and I just wanted to say something real quick there for anyone that's watching or listening, either now alive or later, is that anyone that has any reservation about hypnosis, like there are certain things I used to believe that I thought you had to be asleep, like completely dead asleep for it to work. And actually, you need to be in that state that Derek is talking about, where you're still you're still awake and you are alert. Just you're in a different, like, very relaxed state. It's just a relaxed state. And think of it like this. So all hypnosis, this is this will help. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. Right. I mean, all Derrick is doing and all hypnotists are doing are putting a relaxing you putting in a state and then they guide you with questions and then your mind is what's bringing up the answers, not theirs. They're doing nothing to you. They're just doing everything for you. They're helping you. And think of this like who has ever been driving on a freeway? You're driving along. You're going down the same route. You've been down two hundred times before and you're going home.

And all of a sudden you realize you're at your your turnoff and you don't remember the five before it. You don't remember going by any of them. Like what happened? How did I get here? You were in state. You're in a transient state, not the deep state Derek's talking about yet. But you are in a hypnotic state at that moment. And so that's all it is. It's not this mythological woo thing. It's just a deep state of relaxation that opens your mind to receive suggestions that only your mind will come up with the results that your mind wants for yourself. Is that is that an accurate description to vary?

And that's why people get inspirations in those moments. They all of a sudden get the thought of a thing that inspires them because they stop thinking so hard. They're in that slight, slower brainwave state. When you're in a fast brainwave state, you're so alert and you're like looking at everything and over alert. But once you relax those brain waves, it's like inspiration's can drop in and think about waves in those long waves. That's when things can fit in. But if you're like this, nothing can fit in there because you won't let it. So when you relax and when we help you trust yourself enough to relax, that is when you access information that you have within you.

So I'll guarantee you for those you that are in clubhouse that you will not be in that theta state. It's that because it's awesome.

There's a lot of information, a lot of people in there.

It's goodness gracious is an amazing platform. Get on that. By the way, I put that up there one more time or a few more times. But follow us. There's at Brian Kelly on clubhouse and at Derek Jamison. So follow him as well. And he was he just came on board, I think it was today. And I've only been there for two days. And I'm like I we were I was in a room with Grant Cardone twice, once last night. Once today, I was like, this is unbelievable. Where else can you do this? I mean, literally in the same room listening. And we could talk back and forth and it's moderated and they've got some great stuff. I want to go all day about that because we got Derek on here. He's amazing. And we want to talk to Derek and get all of this out of him, what he does for people. What would you say, Derek, if you were to think of the biggest transformation you can remember of a client? No names given, but maybe a before and after scenario of something that they were going through and show or demonstrate, not like physically what what results they got from it, the transformation that occurred for them?

You know, again, just to preface it, every situation is very different. And sometimes it is a physical experience that people are having that they know this method can bring healing to.

But along with that, there's an energetic nonphysical experience that is always partnered with it.

So we have to remember that even if you're having whatever your reason is for having a regression or this kind of experience, you're also having an energy or an experience like mentally, emotionally that partners with it. So the one that comes for the most is one that combines both physical and emotional mental healing. And someone found me actually this is when I was first getting my my you have to fulfill a certain amount of sessions in order to get certified. And this is during that time when I was offering sessions to do that and someone found me online and she actually had breast cancer and I had gone to her house. So I was doing it at the house and sitting with her. And we discovered that a lot of her experience that she was having was because of some deep anger that she had surrounding a partnership.

And she really held on to it. And I didn't tell her and I didn't put these things together. But she came to the conclusion that she had manifested this experience and that, you know, that this had developed because of that. And what we did was we worked through we went through the regression. She was able to get that story out of her because you don't want to harbor that anger. You need to get it out of you or else it does manifest as a physical experience in your body. So as she started to work through this experience and in the regression, she saw things that were related particularly to the anger and the experience and the.

Relationship to the partnership, and she came to the conclusion after that it was going to take her focusing on things that made her happy, she realized that the artist that was inside of that that regression experience was the artist that she needed to be now, putting all her energy and creativity and focus on the things that are creative instead of the things that were destructive. And so as she did this, we finished the regression. She had actionable steps to walk away with. And she had a better sense of awareness because as we discussed earlier, your mind and how you think about things is going to determine your reality and your and your experience. So coming back to this, it's it pertains to the same thing. And she knew what she needed to do. She had more clarity about the situation and cut to a few months later, she emailed me and she just said, I thought you should know that my cancer cell count is down below the number that it was when I first was diagnosed. And I don't even do chemotherapy. I've been focusing on what we talked about and focusing on, you know, the art and making art and visualization. Visualization is a powerful one. She was visualizing things that made her feel the feelings of happiness, joy, healing and what she wanted to see in her life. So the regression gave her the awareness and allowed her to have a deeper understanding of the lesson and the purpose from her life experience. Now, by seeing it outside in another experience and then she got to implement that. So you're looking at both emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing done on a very massive scale.

Wow. I wish I had known about you, brother, back in the days when my mom had breast cancer, because if I can, I can just visualize it all. She she had a she had a propensity to go to the negative side versus positive. And I grew up with that and became that for a good part of my young adult life until I finally shook that off. I love love her dearly. Nothing negative to say about her. It's just who she was and the way she lived her life at the time. And mom and dad were both phenomenal parents. It's just, my gosh, I was doing everything I could think of to help her going through homoeopathic, you know, had this concoction that looked like dirt in water, it was just mud looking like brown. I bought her some and I said, I'm going to drink it with you so that you're not doing this alone. And it tasted horrible. But I didn't care. I love my mom. I want her to stay around. And she suffered for a long, long sixteen years.

She had this I had a partial mastectomy and it was a rough ride. And, you know, a lot of it was mental. I didn't know this at the time. Derek Minified and known stuff like that. I've done a different track, you know, mud, water. Let's get this thing going. And it's so, so immensely powerful.

So please, everyone out there, not not just for business, but for yourself, for your health, for your personal life, for your family, for your loved ones. You know, start turning around your thoughts and you can do this right now, like we were talking in the open in the show. Go rewind that if you missed that part. Definitely. It's super simple. And then I would take it another step, the only step that would be right for you, and that is to at least reach out to Derek, you know, find out, look, is there some way you can help? I mean, we all have, including myself, we all have negative thoughts to this day. You know what? If we could further eradicate that habit and be even more at one and it cause and health with ourselves. Look, when we're at our operating in our prime and our peak performance, do you think we can help and serve others better? So what if you took this out of yourself, outside of yourself, because we will often do more for others than we will do for ourselves? It's weird, but it's true. So if you think about, well, how is how are my habits? How is my stinking thinking affecting those next to me, those that I love? And when you do that and realize, OK, now I want to make a shift, I want to change something, I want to contact Derek and figure this out, I'm going to give you contact information for Derek before we end this show.

And I highly recommend you reach out to him, at least have the conversation. Is that is that OK, Derek? If they just have, like, a chat and say, I want to know if this is right for me, answer any questions that might be bothering them, maybe they're they don't believe in past lives and that's bothering them. And you can talk them through that and just see if it's a fit. Not everybody's a fit. Some are. And if you're that person and I can imagine most should be and will be, then your life could be changed forever. The moment you get in touch with and and sit down and work with Derek. So do yourself a favor. And this is not a pitch for Derek. I'm not getting any kickback. I don't know what he charges. I have no idea. This is just about helping people and getting them connected with the right people that have the talents and gifts to get you to be the most empowered and peak potential. You.

Wow, I think I should get a royalty anyway. Anyway, I truly believe so. I mean, this stuff is this is life changing stuff. Go ahead.

Yeah, well, I just thank you for sharing that story because, you know, I don't know why that particular that particular regression was coming forward so hard. And I was looking for another one in my head because I wasn't sure I wanted to say that one, because sometimes that people can't fully access that one. But it was pushing forward like it was the only thing I could see. And, you know, sometimes you have to trust when you are given that moment because you're given that for a specific reason. And it just became very clear why that particular thing came forward. And, you know, when we I just have to touch on that a little bit. But like because it's a pain of the heart, a heaviness of the heart and anger of the heart that tends to develop in this area that has to be healed. And what I see from you is that you are doing the work to break that cycle and that pattern that has taken place in the past, because look at everything that you're doing for everyone else. And you really do make it about everyone else because you know your purpose. That's where you wake up every day and do everything you're supposed to do because you feel it in your bones and you're like, I'm never going to retire. That's how I feel. Because I'm like, no, I'm not until I felt like the purpose goes to death. And so you really are here repairing and healing and you might not see yourself as a healer in that way. But that is all I see, is that you are healing in this way and you're being of service to everyone else to help heal that timeline, that ancestry. And it's pretty powerful and it completely makes sense why that had to come forward today. I had to let that out. I'm sorry.

I guess you'll be invoicing me later for that. That was pretty good. Thank you for that insight.

And often you find that when you're when you're post when you're given a question that you're not sure the answer. It's usually the very first thing that comes to your mind that is the right answer. And we often overanalyze that. Nope, that can't be at next. Right. And it's usually the first one and we don't know why. And that's the beauty of it. Once you learn to tap into that and listen like Derek just did and you can see that was a reason for it.

And you have it never makes sense. It never makes logical sense if you just let go and go with, wow, some really neat things happen.

My gosh, I'm getting goosebumps remembering all the times I was going through the training for hypnosis and we were experiencing these kind of things time and time again all day long. And it was just so fascinating. And every time they said, we're going to go through another exercise, like, oh, good, I get to relax again. It's like taking a nap.

Love that part. But I like to be the the not the patient. What was the practitioner and the client kind of relationship. So yeah, I want to be the client. I want to, I want to go, I want to relax.

We don't sleep. We thank you for that insight. That was really interesting.

And so there you see, ladies and gentlemen, and those that are listening, you heard on display the talents, the gifts that Derek has been given. And of course, he's utilized those and improved on those and worked on those and done the due diligence to to become a Q Is it certified? Is it a certification or. OK, and so that takes time. That takes effort. And he does that because it's a proven science that he's seen the results over and over and over again. He's not just here to throw out some woo stuff and hope it sticks. He's experienced it. And I can tell you, there's just I've been on the other side where everything is woo woo. Right. And I didn't want anything to do with it. And now I'm so glad I opened my mind and allowed it to happen, knowing that again, my value system, my beliefs were not going to be altered in any way. So why not just be curious and and do it and see what great results you can get from an amazing young man like Derek Jamison? Oh, my goodness, Prince. I haven't even read what he said yet. I'm going to put it up because I trust this guy so much. Great show, brother. Brian, may you and Derek have a blissful twenty, twenty one piece. And this is an amazing young man. I met him. Wow. It's been a while now. Seven, eight years ago for the first time. Just a beautiful, beautiful man. Beautiful soul. I love that guy. Thank you for coming on and commenting. He does that quite often and I love what I get to do, man. I just love this. That energy minister got to stop at some point. This is awesome.

It won't stop until we're done and you crash from anybody that's done a session with me that might watch or whatever. They'll know it's like it's high and then you're like, OK, I need a nap.

Well, maybe I'll sleep much better tonight because there are times when I just can't shut this thing off and it's just buzzing away. I just I don't I think I think sleep is overrated. I wish we didn't need sleep. I also wish we didn't need to eat food because it takes too much time. Yeah, I know.

I have to squeeze it in there because I'm like, no, but I have to get on the next project. I have to get on my course. I have to do it now.

That's like food. That's optional. Sleep tomorrow maybe. I wish.

And then those people that get by on six hours like regularly gosh I envy them. I so truly envy them. Mine is going the opposite direction. It started on minimum of seven. It's getting closer to I need nine or ten now to really operate. And I think it's just quality. But let's not go down there so. You've been doing this for some time.

What took you down this path? What did you do? Like you were in fitness, your personal trainer, what sparked it? Is that going to go back into this? Because I felt that calling us in my youth. What was that? What caused you to go back into this arena?

Well, I'd always been connected to drawn to spiritual things when I was a kid. But again, I was made fun of, so I didn't need anything more to be made fun of. But there was literally like a baseball card pong shop connected right next door to a metaphysical small bookstore. And I would like pretend I was really into like the other things, but really I would go into the metaphysical shop and like it was just it was drawn to me and that kind of sparked it. And then I worked at a theme park and did tarot card readings as like a Halloween gimmicky thing. I thought it was a gimmick thing. I realized after doing reading, after reading for people, it was not just a gimmick that there were things connecting with me that I had that I got scared of. Actually, it's very scary because I was connecting with you can connect with anything. So there I was and I kind of ran away from it. And then I did music for many years, still do music and fitness training. And I was actually teaching a class. And during the class my body like shut off. Like it said, you're not like this whole message of you're not supposed to do this anymore. When I was a teacher, you need to go.

You need to do what? Your purposes. And then I realized that I was being called to, like, step back into more spiritual work. And I said, I'm only going to do that if it's if I connect with, like, good beings, like good spirits, like I didn't even know what that meant, but I was like, I need to do it. I have to do it with light because I don't ever want to have those experiences again. And I asked and I received I was put in positions like literally you ask for what you want, you will manifest it. You will you just you you ask for it will find its way and it found its way. I was sitting with a well-known shaman and a group of people and artists and there was Angelique's that had come through to protect the board. And it just kind of blew my mind. And I realized then that. This is it, this is what I'm supposed to do, I'm supposed to help connect people back to their spirit, to connect their mind, their body, and then the spirit that that that triad. So it was just like a calling that came hard core would not let me look away from it.

It's fascinating. I mean, how many people are so fortunate to get such a clear, vivid picture of what their purpose is? Not many that I've ever met. Maybe they're just not open to listening for it. But yeah. So you're actually very fortunate and blessed to have that. At least, you know, you look quite a bit younger than I am. So you get to use that gift for a much longer time of your life and help a lot of people in the process. And that's the bottom line. I can tell that's where you come from, that you love helping people.

You wouldn't do this if you didn't. Come on, let's be honest, everyone. So that's another thing to think about when you reach out to him is know that this guy is here to help you. You've never met him before. That's OK. It doesn't matter to him. He loves people. He loves to help and serve and do whatever it takes to give you a better life going forward. So, I mean, man, I've met so many similar with a serving heart like you, Derek. And I just want people to understand and reach out and be impacted and affected by your gifts because it just makes them better. When they are better, everyone around them is better because of the way they are acting or not. And it just it permeates it's exponential growth of wonderfulness. And I just want people to know and realize that this is one resource right here is staring at you right now. If you're watching a video with that smile, he just wants you to come into his world and so he can give you give you some help. And he's playful and it is easy to approach and just just reach out to him, in fact. Oh, my God. I just looked at the time, this is what happens.

So I want to if we can real quick, Derek, to give folks a way to get a hold of you and I always in the show with a very special question. But we're going to get to that in a moment. We're going to go a few minutes over as you watching. Normally it's an hour, but we've got some things to take care of, including I'm forgot about it, that five nights stay the giveaway. It's coming. So real quick, Derek, can you give the folks a briefing of what it is or how they can get a hold of you? And I'll just throw up your website real quick so it can get a visual of it and then head on over there.

Yeah, this is wonderful light body, just how it sounds. It's really easy. Wonderful light body dot com and it has all my services on there and how you can reach me or there's videos so that you can learn more information about past life regression spirit and life coaching, where we focus on a lot of the stuff that I just talked about. And there's links to YouTube and Instagram at Derek Jamison. It's pretty simple, pretty self-explanatory.

So should they go get the contract for the contract, right?

Is that their first to the contact page will load up and then it'll show you can just fill in your information and they'll send an email directly to me and then I can get back to you as soon as possible.

Fantastic. And I'll just click that to give everybody a visual, very straightforward, and just type in your name, email and the message. Say, Derek, I saw you on the mind body business show. And I want to just have a chat. I want to reach out. I'm curious. I want to I want to spend my curiosity and find out if there is a way that we can work together and what impact that can have on my life. Just do that. You can see it's very approachable. And I hope I hope everyone watching this not only live, but after the recording audio in the clubhouse and on the twenty five podcast platforms that this is going on. Reach out to Derek Jamison one more time. That website is wonderful. Light body, dot com and light a spell like I've seen several different spellings of that.

So wonderful light body dot com reach out to him. And so Derek, there is one question I love to. And every show at the end forgot about the prize, everybody. And. It's very powerful, and I hope you have not seen any of the previous shows that it would be given away because it's a very unique question and the answers are equally as unique. And it can get. It can be a very personal question and it's always a very profound answer. And so I can't wait to bring that up. But before I do that, here it is. The promise is here. Here's how you can. Enter to win before we bring it up. I'm teasing you now, but you have our permission. Both Derek and I give you our permission or I'll ask Derek if it's OK to pull out your cell phone if you're not already on it watching the show and take your gaze away from this. But keep listening for just a moment. Take your kids away for just a moment and bring up your messaging app, the one where you text message. And then you saw a flash of it on the screen there is there for all of you who are watching live. And so here's the information. So bring up that messaging app and where you would type in the name of the person that you were going to text. Instead, put in this phone number.

It is three one four six six five one seven six seven. I highly recommend you write this down in case it gets away from you, because this happens a lot. Three one four six six five one seven six seven. And then in the message area where you would actually type in, say, hey, how's it going?

Or put on emoji in emojis, just put in these two words separated by a dash or a hyphen.

It's peak dash vacation. It's a dash vacation altogether.

No spaces hit the send button and then follow the instructions that you'll get automatically and then you'll be officially entered to win. And we give one of these out every single week again because of my buddies at the big insider secrets, Dotcom, Jason, that's my buddy and his company provided that for us. And we deeply, deeply appreciate that.

Oh, and we've got to we've got to put this up here. Breena's Brina, amazing stuff, I received sessions from Derek Jameson. Absolutely amazing. I do not doubt that. Thank you, Brianna. Brianna, thank you for correcting my pronunciation.

The fun part about this show, I, I don't know. I don't know what their background is or that's fun.

Brina, that's a nice name. I like that. It's just too weird to let it slip from being Brian. It's like, how can you go wrong? It's beautiful. So so we've covered the bases. People know how to connect with you. They know now how to enter a win. And now. The big question of the hour, so, Derek, this question, here's the thing, there is no such thing as a wrong answer. It does not exist. In fact, it's the exact opposite. The only correct answer is your answer. That's what makes it personal. That's it. We're not getting deep into your personal life or anything like that, just as you pulled that one response out of thin air because your subconscious said that's the answer. It may be quick. It may take you a while. It doesn't matter, because just like you are saying with your clients how long it takes, it's just right for you. So whatever it takes. So with all that, you can you can sit back, relax, go deep into a hypnotic state. No, I'm just kidding. And no. I just want to know. Derek, are you ready? All right, here we go, Derek Jamison. How do you define success?

I define success as feeling centered and peaceful, joyful, happy, love healthy. Adventurists.

And fully present with every single thing that I am experiencing, because in that present moment and being showing up to your life, you are as abundant and successful as you could ever be because anything you ever want is access from that present point of attraction.

Here you are. That is fantastic and it's perfect because it was you, it was your essence.

I appreciate you, my brother, for coming on. One last question, if I may. If you were to give advice, let's say, to a budding entrepreneur, they're just getting started, you know, and I know what that's like and all the challenges that are are facing them.

If you were to just think of one thing, just one that would you would go directly to to say, this is what I would advise you to do. If you truly want success, what would that be?

To trust yourself, oh.

Because that's the biggest fault that people find within their experience, that's what that's where they think that they failed because they actually didn't just trust themselves and what they wanted and that desire with unwavering faith, that focus, because you truly know and the only time that you don't trust yourself is when you give your power away to believing the opinions and filters of another knows what is right for you. But if you trust yourself and you keep your focus on that. Then you're always going to be successful.

That's powerful stuff, I'm telling you, that is great. Great advice for any of you out there. Maybe it's not you're not just beginning, but you're going through some struggles. Just continue to trust yourself and it's your journey. It's no one else's. Do what you think is right. No one else should, should or can't tell you what to do when you know what's right. Beautiful. And then let's end it with this comment from one of your past clients. Tommy says, I can't wait to do more past life regressions. I learned so much from my first one and his online courses. So definitely go check out that Web site, contact him and maybe take a gander also at his online courses. There is one last time wonderful light body dot com and just reach out, connect with this amazing, amazing guy. Derek, I cannot say enough. I appreciate you, brother. I mean, you have me writing notes like a crazy man. And so, like I said, I do the same thing. I preach. I practice what I preach. I appreciate you. And for everyone that came on, that's watched live, we appreciate you. If you watch the recording. Thank you so very much. Reach out to Derek. And for those you listening on podcast, when you get a moment, pull over and take some notes or replay this again while you can take notes and reach out to Derek and get your life. You know, the next level up, like greencard down 10x your life and, you know, you literally can do that with Derek's help. With that, we're going to call it a night. I appreciate you, Derek. I appreciate everyone for coming on until next week. We will see you all again, everyone. Good night. And be blessed. Take care. Thank you.

Thank you for tuning in to the Mind, Body and Soul podcast at w w w dot the Mind Body Business Show.

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Derek Jameson

Derek Jameson is a spiritual life coach and QHHT past life regression practitioner based in Los Angeles, CA. He focuses on the intuitive development and self mastery of clients to create powerful and sustainable living practices. After being a fitness professional for 11 years, Jameson received the calling to enter back into the spiritual work he set aside during his youth. By teaching clients to be in the present moment, to tune into their innate spiritual abilities, and to shed past identities, one is able to create a life that is beyond their imagination.

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