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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Oh, my goodness. We have the most amazing guest expert for you tonight. I cannot wait to dig in to what some would call a controversial subject. And it's in the geek sphere, which I love because I art one. I am a geek myself, and I am going to love interviewing this young gentleman, brilliant young man. But before we bring him on real quick, The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show in my now 54 years on this planet. Fifty five. Coming up very soon, I started studying and following only successful people. And during that time, I found that three patterns kept developing, what I call three pillars of success. And you probably guessed what those are mind. And that's been mindset. So when a successful person is one that develops a very powerful and positive mindset, they will stop at nothing to get the job done that they have set out to do. And little things will not knock them off track. They become very flexible. And that's a very powerful component. We're talking at the sub conscious level, not the conscious level. Some shows we get into it, some shows we don't. We may or may not tonight. It's pretty organic. And that's why I love that I get to do this show with you body that's successful. People take care of themselves. They take care of their bodies with nutrition and with exercise. And that goes a long way. The mind and body are a team, and I'd like to see the mind and body are your team more importantly. And so when team mates are all operate at a peak level of performance, then the team as a whole, you are operating at a peak level of performance. And then there's business that is multifaceted, multifaceted. They're the skill sets that one should acquire. Many of them are sales, marketing, team building, scaly, systematized leadership skills, you name it, and those that you just realize you don't have. Then you do outsource those skills to others who do have those skill sets. And when you have mastered all three of these areas, then you are operating in what I like to call a peak level performance. Hence the name of my company reached your peak. And that's what this show is about. It is for you. There are recipes for success. I kid you not. It's like a recipe for baking a cake. If you follow the steps step by step up a successful recipe. If you just follow those steps, you have very great certainty that you two will succeed as great or even greater as the person who wrote that recipe. And I call that modeling success, basically copying success. And so we're going to do with my man Dmitrii Kustov tonight is actually get some of those patterns out of him that he already has in him because he's already a wildly successful businessman. I cannot wait to bring him on and along the lines of success. One of the things very important to me to impart upon you is the importance of reading and not just any book, but the right books. And real quickly, we're going to segue over into a segment I appropriately call "Bookmarks."

(informational screen) Bookmarks. Born to read. Bookmarks. Ready, steady, read. Bookmarks. Brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yes, that's right., you see that over here on your right side of your screen. That is a Web site that I developed. I kid you not for you, the viewer, the listener, the entrepreneur looking to find ways to succeed. And you see at the top that just tells you everything. The number one reason for the lack of success is not simply lack of reading books, but the lack of reading the right books. And so I went on this quest to find those right books. And I got a lot of great recommendations. I'm sure Dmitrii has some as well. We'll talk to him about books. But you'll see on here that I've compiled a list of around 40 books so far. I've read far more than this. That should be on this list. But these are here for you. These are here put here by someone like me that vetted these books personally. These all have had a positive impact on me, either in business or in my personal life. And that is there for you in case you haven't started reading or you're not a prolific reader. You can then go in and pick each and every book, one at a time and go through it. And if you already are a very avid reader, I'm the odds are there is gonna be a book or two in there that you have not yet read that you can pull out of there as well. So that is there for you. Very, very important reading. And by the way, please take notes during this show. If you're watching live, even if you're listening on a podcast and hopefully you're not in a car moving, take notes, take out a pad of paper, a pen. In other words, stay with us. Stay with the show. Stay with Dmitrii and I, because the magic happens, quote unquote, in the room. And I would really it would really be a disservice to you if you were to go off and type in these resources. These you are L's and go check these things out while the show is on, because when your attention is taken away, you might miss the very one nugget that could have propelled you to the next level of success. So stick with us. And speaking of Dmitri, you know what? I can't wait for you. Meet this young gentleman. So we're going to do that right now.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy. Skillful. Professional. Adept. Trained. Big league. Qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there he is, ladies and gentlemen: the one, the only Dmitrii Kustov. How you doing, buddy?

Dmitrii Kustov:
Hello. Hello. I'm doing great. Thanks for having me.

Oh, you bet. You bet. We're gonna have so much fun tonight. Dmitrii, I cannot wait to dig into that wonderful, big, smart brain of yours and find out what makes a successful person such as yourself tick. Because that's what I am most interested in, is not so much the physical, mechanical things that people do to become successful, although I am still interested in them. I'm more interested in what makes them, what the mind, what is their mindset that's getting them to that point. And what I want to do is formally introduce you by going and reading your bio. But before I do that, real quick for everyone watching live. Remember, you can win. You can enter the win of five-nights' stay at a five-star luxury resort in Mexico, compliments of my good buddy Jason Nast and his company You do not want to miss this. We give away a trip every single show. Thank you to power texting icon. So stick onto the end. We'll give you the means to enter to win that. And we're going to have a great time Yeah, I'm gonna be there myself. You might. You absolutely can do so. Dmitrii He has been declared the SPL rock star. Now, real quick, MCO for those that may not be aware, that stands for search engine optimization. We're going to get deep into that tonight. He was declared the SPL rock star by the American Marketing Association, and he has significantly increased the online presence of brands through custom digital marketing campaigns and innovative content marketing techniques, which ACL by itself is very innovative. He must be to succeed in that. Dmitrii is the Internet marketing director at RegexSEO and his work has appeared on Mars rank watch Sam Rush, Hacker Noon Up City Business Innovator, Radio, Small Biz Bonfire and many other high profile marketing platforms.

That was amazing. Dmitrii. Dmitrii. Dmitrii. How are you doing this evening? Welcome. Welcome, welcome to the show, my friend.

Doing well and thank you for that great introduction. It's too much.

I know you kind of you.

Oh, no. The thing is, I want our viewers, our listeners to learn from you. You know those golden nuggets. You're obviously a young man and you've achieved success at such a young age. And I'm so I'm so intrigued that that tells me you have a lot of discipline you have. It doesn't always mean that someone's very bright. But in your case, I'm pretty sure you are very bright for sure.

Fco is not for the weak, and I don't mean that in a mean way. One of things I want to ask you, though, Dmitri, on the mindset front is like when you get up in the morning, you know, every day has its own challenges. As an entrepreneur, you know, it's a real easy thing to be an entrepreneur. Everything just automatic every day.

That's what I thought. Yeah, exactly. Many do, don't they? And then and then reality hits.

And so when you get up out of bed, just like everyone else, maybe you spin around your feet, hit the floor if you're like me or groggy, you know, you're a little kind of trying to wake up and then very much so. Yeah. And then you start coming to your awareness starts to come in. You say, OK, the days coming. What is that? What are the thoughts going through your mind or the things that you do that motivate you, that keep that drive going, that say, yes, another day to go serve more people and help them to get the results that they deserve?

Right. Well, actually, at this point, it's fairly simple thoughts. And I'm not by myself. I'm not a solo entrepreneur at least anymore. So what makes me get up in the morning and go to work and do things is, well, my team here at the office, we have 15 plus people and a bunch of contractors which pretty much rely on us, on me, on what I do. So that, you know, they can feed their own families. And of course, feeding my own family because, you know, we all got to eat. We got to get a drink and all that stuff. Yeah.

And see, there's things I like to pick out that are very subtle the most. But I noticed you said your team before your own family, and that's often a trait of successful entrepreneurs because you have such a serving mentality of helping others that we often think of others before we think of ourselves or even our own family. And that's that's rare amongst the human race. I know from experience and but with the entrepreneurial community, those that are successful, it's amazing. It's amazing. They are set it in that order because that just shows truly what makes Dmitrii. Dmitrii under the hood, so to speak.

All right. Well, I think the reason I say it that way is because, you know, family is family and they kind of don't have a choice, really.

And thankfully, my wife is really great and she's stuck through me with me through the struggles when they started. But, you know, team, it's a pretty much second family and they do have a choice. So if we want to keep great people here, then we have to support them. We have to give them all the goodness.

You know, this is music to my ears, to me, too, because there are so many leaders and companies I've met and worked with, worked for in the past that have a completely different viewpoint of that. It's basically, you know, you have a job, you're gonna do it my way or the highway and I don't care if you leave or not. And, you know, it's like a taskmaster. And I love what you just said. That tells me a lot about the culture that you've developed within your company, where I would be one if I were working in your organization. Just by what you just said, I would be looking forward to coming in every day versus the other approach.

And so we surely hope so that all of our folks here are feeling the same way. That's I. I agree with you that, you know, a lot in a lot of corporate, especially corporate environments. Yes, there's a very hierarchical. And we tried not to be that way at all. And they used to work for and with corporations. And they kind of I have been in those situations when you kind of drag every day to work and don't want to be there. And here it's which we're trying to we're trying to make it very happy, positive environment when we're all friends and family rather than, you know, I'm your boss, do this stuff.

That is fantastic. I love that. I love it. And, you know, I am seeing a shift toward that. What you're just describing, a culture, a family of team. You know, it's not. You work for me. You work with me kind of mentality. Yeah, absolutely. And I can see, you know, we had a brief time to talk before the show started. And I could see that you used that quality of team, you know, being a team player, that you've got a smile. You're a pleasant guy to be around. Most tech guys don't have you know, they have the I'm sorry, but I I kind of Amman tech guy, but they have the personality of a rock, right. They don't move. They don't smile. They don't do anything. You at least have a personality and a good one. And it's great that you're leading your company because you have you have the great character traits.

In my opinion, already an obvious slathering on me all the time. I'm flattered. Very much so.

Oh, absolutely. And it's deserve it. You know, I mean, to have that many 15 people working with you and multiple subcontractors, that tells something right there, right there in and of itself. And so speaking of, say, an entrepreneur such as yourself and those that work for a corporate job, they don't have to be reflective of those that work with you. What do you feel is the major difference between entrepreneurs and those who work from someone else from your perspective?

Right. So there are a lot of bright people who work for corporations or for anybody. Right. They are smart. They can be self-motivated. They can be passionate about what they do. I think at the end of the day, what it really, Jeff, what what really differentiates an entrepreneur or a person who can survive in a business on on his or her own is just it takes guts, because when you work for somebody else, you don't have to really worry if the company is going to go out of business tomorrow. And, you know, you don't have to really worry about what everybody else is doing. You don't have to worry about everybody else's job or work. It's you know, as long as you do your own thing, as long as you are good at what you do. You would be good if you work for somebody else when you are an entrepreneur and especially if you are starting as a solo entrepreneur. Well, you kind of have to filling many, many shoes. And, you know, that takes risks, especially if you don't have any starting capital as myself. I started with zero dollars towards the business. So, you know, it's all about risk and being being able to pay to take risks and just work through it, power through it.

You know, another thing that stood out at me is that you did not like bash employees, that those that were others in any sense of the word you focused on. But what it takes for an entrepreneur or a leader to. Absolutely. And absolutely, the responsibility is unbelievable compared to that of, you know, a corporate employee needs to take care of themselves and their family. But within the corporate environment, really not anyone else. Right. Unless they're a team mate and if they're success together, depends on whether they continue employment or not. Maybe, but rarely. And with an entrepreneur that the person leading it. You're right. It's like it is like another family because they are like in a way, your children, because, you know, it is your job, your responsibility. You feel it anyway. And I love how you've owned that, Dmitrii.

Yes. I don't believe none of that. Really, all of the issues within the company. All of the UN successes come from the management and ownership. And it's probably if well, if somebody who listens works for somebody else and it's usually there is that thinking there is that status, it's state of mind that if I bring something to my management, some kind of idea, fresh idea, no matter how cool it is, most likely they're kind of stuck in their own ways. And because of that company is not going to grow. The good things are not going to happen. And it did happen to me myself when I was employed for somebody else and not much no matter how much I love. Yet, no matter how many ideas I brought to the table, it usually did not get done. And at the same time, I have worked with other people in other companies in. Current business with managers who are really great at their job and when they listen to their teammates and employees and you can see that those companies are the companies who will succeed. So I guess that's tip number one of the bay or off today's podcast.

Yeah, yeah, I love it. Part of it is kind of giving them in a way, part ownership. You talked about and I don't mean like literally owning a piece of the company, but ownership of their tasks, they're what they're responsible for when they have ideas such as you did, you couldn't wait for them to say yes because you're right to run with it. And when they said no or ignored it, then you felt deflated. And yeah, why am I here? I'm wasting my efforts. I have a lot to offer. If only they would just listen and I will let you do that and you listen and you give them freedom to be creative to some degree, as long as they're imagine, you know, the culture of your company, the values of your company. Everything is in alignment. Then let them go free and let them be creative. It doesn't mean you'll accept every end product that comes out. But odds are they're going to put a lot more into it. They're gonna be happier. And your company as a whole is gonna thrive much greater than if you did it the other old way.

Yeah. And kind of to add to all this now. There is a book. I forgot who wrote it. I think it's one of the guys from Google and it's called something like Lets Your Employees Fail. And that's really a great idea that, you know, if they bring something to the table or if they want to do something, some kind of idea. And in Google specifically, they do and have like a rule, almost a requirement that they have to work. The employees there have to work on their own projects and ideas at least four hours a week. You know, that makes a lot of difference because that's where you don't necessarily shut down everything. Every idea, even even to the point that, you know, if you're a business owner or manager and sometimes you kind of start thinking that the boss, I'm the smartest.

That's not true at all. You're not the smartest, at least in most cases.

And there's always somebody better. And no matter no matter how small or insignificant their idea is from your buddy, well, let them run with it. You know, let them run with it for a day or two and let them fail once in a while. And it will kind of bonds you with the employee. And also in some cases, great things, great products come out of that.

Couldn't agree more. I work with apprentices and I follow almost the exact same credo you do. And it's interesting.

I don't want to be the smartest. I mean, that that would add even more responsibility, more work.

And what that would effectively turn one into is a micromanager who is the smartest and or at least you think you are, then you're going to scrutinize every decision, every creative work that ever comes out of any of the employees. And what a horrible place to work. That would be. Well. Yeah. It's like it'll be stifling. It would be suffocating. You know, as an entrepreneur, we already already made the statement. And, you know, it's true that it's super easy to be a successful entrepreneur overnight, overnight.

And then once it happens, it gets easier as it goes. And so I'm just kidding. Completely kidding. It's the exact opposite.

The more successful you become, the more issues you are left to deal with and you have to become even more flexible.

It's all about flexibility. There's so many things that go into it and end to become a successful entrepreneur takes for most deep sacrifice at some point in their lives. If you can recall, maybe one or two of those that stick out in your mind that maybe you had to give something up for a period of time in order to become successful, maybe at the cost of something that you held dear and dear, I don't know. You don't need to get too personal. But what kind of sacrifices have you personally had to make Dmitrii to become a successful entrepreneur?

Sure. I don't think that it's only me. I think it's literally every entrepreneur. But the main thing. There are few things which everybody who wants to be entrepreneur or is thinking about starting the business will deal with and that has been very much true for me is sacrifices. And first of all, just time. All right. When you start the business as a solo or not really any business, especially when you have some investors and all that. This gives even more responsibility because that's not just your head on the chopping block, you know, just time. And that because of that, because you have to work quite a bit. There are certain things which you can do.

For example, you can be enough or long enough with your family. I have started when I started started RegexSEO. It was 16 plus our workdays for a year and a half. All right. So my wife did not see me for much and that's seven days a week. It's not, you know, five days a week. And so that's one of the biggest things. And another one, which is fairly common and makes a lot of sense, is just financial struggle. All right. In the beginning, before you have a good pool of clients, because before you're established, before you start making good amount of money, you're gonna make no money. And unfortunately, that's how most of the entrepreneurship works. You have to work through it. You have to power through it. And those things are probably the top things which you have to you would have to be dealing with, which I have dealt with. Yeah.

My goodness. Are you man or machine? Sixteen hours a day. Yeah. Awesome. Yeah.

And actually kind of not funny story, but basically I would come home literally just to sleep. Kind of thing. All right. And thankfully, my office and my wife's office, they were across the road from each other so we would drive together. So that was our binding of the day and driving to to work and driving back from work, which was 20 or so minutes a day one way.

So, yeah, I'm thankful. I have a great wife and she supported me throughout this whole journey.

That's wonderful. Twice you've mentioned your wife. I love that because my wife is equally as awesome. I have to say more just because I know you know what women are amazing. Period, end of story. I don't know how they do what they do. I don't know how they put up with people like you and I. Because they're built differently. They can take on more pain. They're more flexible. They're just awesome. And men, you know, we would be nowhere without them, in my opinion. You know, they say behind every successful man is a woman.

Yes. Right. A power. And to kind of to add to this, there is a saying which is very well known, that if a husband is in the army, then the whole family isn't. It is in the army. So there's my take on that is if a husband is under pressure, then the whole family is in that business, too. That's all. And that's so true.

That is a hassle.

I've never heard that before. That is so perfectly true.

It is. Number two. If the day of the night. Yes.

Yes. Golden Nugget. Number two, at the end, there'll be a quiz. Whoever gets all the questions right, get that vacation.

I'm kidding. It's gonna be a random drawing. I'm having fun. We like to have fun, too, don't we, Dmitrii? Even though we're all serious and we've got to get business taken care of, but 16 hours a day for it. I mean, I just want to really hit on that for those watching, listening that think that, you know, how many times has a shiny ball come across and said, hey, if you just hire me, I'll do your Facebook ads and you'll start earning 20 grand a month, the first mile. Yeah. And you're nodding like you're right. And that's what happens. It doesn't happen. That's the problem. You have to do. You have to be willing to do. Let's just put it that way. Something similar to what Dmitrii just laid out for you. Sixteen hours a day. Seven days a week. No days off for one and a half years. Some get there later. Some get there sooner. But the work it. It takes work. Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you thinking, I'm just going to join a network marketing company and find clones of myself, and I will just sit back and bring in the residuals. It doesn't work that way. Work. It takes effort. And the cool thing is, though, the good news is we get to model someone like Dmitrii. We're going to dig in deeper about what makes his business tick. In fact, the ranks question I have for you, Dmitrii, is right down that alley. And it's when I'm so often curious about and that is the area surrounding marketing, because marketing is truly the lifeblood of every business without it. You have no business and there is no more marketing is so multifaceted. There are so many ways the market. And for me, it's like, well, what do those successful entrepreneurs turn to when they need to market something successful? So with you, maybe you have a success story based on a certain marketing campaign or approach that comes to mind. What how do you go about marketing your business RegexSEO and what has been your most successful form of marketing to date?

Right. OK. So every business is different. I want to lay that out and let it let it out there. And be very clear about that. So there is now one single recipe which will work for everything, for every business, every guy. Now there are certain things which we do and really most of the businesses should be doing. And of course, we are an Internet marketing company. So we do most of our things are Internet marketing channels.

And really what we do is it's every channel available. And you should be doing that as well. From ASIO to social media to email marketing to content making and video marketing referrals and every kind of little thing to pay the ads, even on social media and on Google and search engines, all that. If you have money, if you have budget, you should be doing now. We do everything for ourselves as well. And the way we decide and the way you should decide if one thing is better for you or if it works for you well, or if it doesn't work for you, you should be tracking everything and then just basically analyzing the results, the performance. All right. So that's how we go about our things. We try everything. We try every single trick in the book and we just see what brings the best results in terms of what has worked best for us. It would be FCO hands down now. Again, SEO search engine optimization. And that's the the. The things you do to come up in search engine. If somebody searches for your product. So in our case, if somebody searches for SEO Houston, we would come up on the first page for local clients or potential clients. And before the show, we actually talked with Brian and there was this kind of like, is this still working? Is it still a good thing? Right. And the whole the whole idea, I think the whole negative impact of our industry came back from five, 10 years ago when most of the ACL was like a snake oil.

Right. It was, you know, a guy who kind of would rip you off. And nowadays, the industry is much, much more serious. And so to give you an example or I guess to kind of continue this train of thought, it's a long term investment. And thankfully, I have been trained. I have started my marketing career as an ACL guy, as a technical ACL guy. And when I started the company, I opened my own business. Then it helped for sure because I could do all those things myself without hiring somebody or without paying anybody. And but it takes time. It took me about a year and a half to two years to get on the first stage for related keywords in Houston and for that year and a half for that. So the leads were self generated or referrals or word of mouth. And that's why that financial struggle took place. And that's why many businesses do not survive the first two years. That's going to like a known, very well-known statistic that I think 80 percent of fresh businesses. And that's right. First two years. And that's why just if you don't have a way to generate those leads, then how are you going to survive? And so you is a long term strategy. And right now we've been in business three for almost four years. It's kind of self generating thing. So it takes way less effort to keep us there. And the other way to turn a return on investment is much greater. And yeah, I would say that's the most successful thing for us. Again, I want to reiterate that it's not necessarily going to be the most successful thing for you, my dear listener.

I appreciate that. And that shows your integrity and character shining through. That's the thing. Yeah, we were talking right before the show and I asked Dmitrii, I'm sure he's heard this many times, but, you know, FCO is like a dying breed in the eyes of those who are not in the know. And that's why I'm so excited to have you on, Dmitrii, as to kind of dispel that myth. And the other question I had for you, so it's a long term and I get that even Facebook ads can be long term in more long term than people have. You know, I think the ads going to go up and tomorrow the leads just start flying in, but it takes time for it to do its day with me CEO. And, you know, you probably do with so many different wide and varied businesses. What would be a good average or or kind of marker to say, well. After about 30 days or 60 days or something, you should start seeing getting up on page 10, 5 to 1, whatever that is. What is it for you and your company? What have you noticed?

Ok, so that question has been asked all the time, right? A financial client comes in, they ask, when can I get on the first page or when I'm going to see results? Now, as in any long term investments, the way you should approach this if you're hiring somebody is you would not be on the first page tomorrow. But there are certain steps which you can kind of monitor and your company really should be providing that for you in reports and just meetings and all that. And those things are just improvements. So, for example, if you Google whatever products, you know, if you sell shoes. Right. Then you are in. I don't know.

Washington, D.C. So if you Google shoe store in Washington, D.C. and that's your business and you do not see yourself anywhere, not on first 10 pages while then at that point, if company s your company does its thing, then you should see results fairly quickly to get you on first 10 pages of Google. That's very quick. It takes very, very barely any effort if you know what you are doing. So you can see that within a week right now to get from 10 feet to, let's say 8th page, that's going to go a bit longer. And that's how SVOD works. It gets harder and harder and harder to get to the first page. So it's kind of like exponential curve and the amount of effort versus the amount of result is growing over time. So it's gonna it's much easier to get again from page 10 to page 3 than from page or even from number nine on the first page to number eight. All right. So that's how you can kind of see the progression. Now, one of the things which many people forget about is that SEO search engine optimization is not only about rankings. And that's one of the biggest myths, I guess, or the myth is that I have to only look at the rankings and unfortunately, media business owners, that's all they look at. And ACL companies, not very good ones. That's all they sell. Hey, we can get you on page one for five keywords. Well, what keywords are those? Are those.

Q was actually gonna be bringing me any web visits to my Web site? Are they going to be good visits? Right. So I can I can make you rank for like a super long phrase probably tomorrow. But is that gonna be any beneficial to you? You know, if you type in something like that green plan, sit in the white part in the corner of the office. Would you want to rank for that? No. Right. Your things are we are product is something kind of like a short phrase, how people would search for that. And that's what takes longer. So besides the rankings, there are certain things which you should think about and control most control monitor. That's web visits. Is that organic search optimization? Is that bringing traffic and increasingly more traffic? Where visits to your website and Besser and other things, phone calls? Obviously in the forum submissions, all those things as well. And so the way we tell it to our clients is that when you're not going to be ranking on the first page tomorrow, we usually say, and it depends on your things, but at least six months to a year, that's about how it takes to see real progress in terms of progress or real results. The progress is always there from day one. And we basically show on a monthly basis or biweekly basis, whatever the agreement is, that there is progress, that there are things happening as that you are moving up where Blizzard's phone calls rankings.

Wow. Thank you for that very detailed response because that helps so much, especially those that aren't familiar with the science. Like a lot of science, it's because it's evolving.

And I also would like to address the then no notion, which you kind of mentioned, that search engine optimization SEO is a dying breed. And actually, I had a recent interview with another show who were asking me that specific question like why is SEO is still here? And why is it here to stay? And the easiest answer is like this when you yourself, my dear listener or viewer, are thinking about researching anything, where do they go? Do you call your grandpa a grandpa? Let me answer me this right now. You just pull up your phone or desktop or whatever, notebook, laptop and typing your query in Google. Well, if you are doing that about somebody else's product, why would everybody else not be doing the same thing about your product? That's just as simple as that. And the statistics don't lie either. As far as I remember, it's three point seven billion searches. Is it a year or a day? It's probably a year on Google. So that's a lot of searches at some. And the portion of those searches is about your product, about what your business does. So, yeah, it's actually not. It becomes easier and easier to do that. Oh, there's Alexis and. Yes. Although. So now I don't have them on tape. You can just talk.

It's like when my wife and I are just having casual conversation and one of us asks the other a question and the other doesn't know it. Our response is usually.

Yeah, exactly. Exactly right. That does, you know, a lot already. It became a household word. It's a verb nowadays, not a good company name. That's right. Yeah. You don't say Microsoft it, right? You say Google it. That's right. They don't even say Facebook. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly.

Good point. Fantastic. And I really wanted to. And you're doing it. I really wanted to bring out what search engine optimization is in more layman's terms. And you're doing just that. I'm curious. Once they get the result, they're looking for your client. They get to see page 1 or even page 2, whatever that result is that they know they can reach. And you've got that for them. Is it difficult to maintain that position once it's there or does that kind of does the effort level even out or does it get less? How does that work from that point forward?

It evens out. OK. Right. So think of standard big corporation or a company or anything like that. So Coca-Cola, right in the beginning, they probably have to fight a lot. But then after they are on a certain level, they have their competitors, which they kind to fight against, you know, top two, top three. But the efforts you're not investing more in more unless your competitors invest in more and more. And that's another thing which people always forget, is that any marketing, not just a CEO, any marketing is always very relative or related relative to your competition. If there's a lot of competition and they have deep pockets, it's going to be much harder to achieve really good results where it's going to be much harder and therefore it is going to cost more money. Right. Because somebody has to do more and more work and a lot of people forget about that. You know, if you have some kind of small boutique shop and you are doing. I don't know, some kind of custom alligator skin cup things. I don't know. Right. Somebody nobody else is doing. Well, it's gonna be very easy for you to get to the first page to make it because there is no competition. But in all of the sudden, if you decide I want to create like a running shoes tomorrow and I'm going to be on the page one day after tomorrow. Well, you have to think about Nike and Reebok and all those guys were investing millions, millions of dollars on from when I were there were established. All right. So now you have to think about how much they're spending. And therefore, if they are the top guys for you to overcome them, you have to overspend more than them and you have to invest even more effort than they are. And still, it's going to take time. It's not pay to play thing.

Fantastic. And, you know, I'm thinking about this from the small business entrepreneur perspective, where if I'm on page one, even at the bottom, I'm one happy camper. If there is a Nike or a Microsoft or somebody that's beating me out. More power to them. God bless them. But guess what? I'm there with them in the same page. I personally would be doing backflips of joy knowing that I'm on page one and I'd be happy with that and know that. And, you know, it all comes down to a way for each business owner alike. Well, what's the hour away? If I add more to my span, will that launching me above someone as my competitor actually give me back more than what? I just spent an extra amount of money, so they all go through that. You might venture off to something else, which you also do. You're a digital agency, correct? Yes. What's right? Search engine optimization. Do you also do for your clients?

Right. So we are a full stack Internet marketing agency, meaning that every type of Internet marketing there is and I mentioned it just a couple of minutes earlier. You know, from ASIO to social media ads, social media, social media management to PPC or paper click, which is those pesky ads when you search on Google or anywhere else. Or if you go to Amazon and then all of a sudden the product you looked at starts following you all over the Internet. Well, we do that, too. And, you know, email marketing when you have like subscribers or something like that.

And let's see what else is there. Video I'm sorry.

Video marketing. Video marketing, content marketing. Basically anything any way you can market on the Internet. We do that. And by the way, which is another big point, which I kind of keep forgetting to talk about and many people keep forgetting about it, is that it all starts with the Web site. Right. So we do Web design, we do Web development. And because otherwise, if you market, what do we want to market? If the users can go to your Web site or it looks ugly or it doesn't work on phones or just not a good Web site, it's not going to matter. You can put a million dollars in it in marketing, but if it can't convert it, if it can't convert those of Web visitors into callers, into a store walk ins, into form submission, there's you know, it's just not going to work. It doesn't. That's going to make any sense. Yes.

So we do all that and fantastic. And the reason I brought that up is I didn't want viewers to think, well, when a CEO, I get on page one and then someone beats me out and I don't have the money to beat them out, then I'm high and dry. Well, no. Because Dmitrii and his team can now offer suggestions and other marketing avenues and platforms that could still be within your budget that will get you. There are a lot you're looking for. I'm the same of the same opinion, Dmitrii, that you should hit every possible marketing platform you can possibly afford or do on your own either way.

But very few people can do all of them on their own if they can. I want to do that is because I'll hire them.

And actually, it's your company, really. One person that's going to ask you about ACL. What would you say to someone who is considering going down the path of becoming an ACL expert and doing all of it by themself? What would you say to that person if you were to mentor them right now?

I mean, if you're interested, if you have passion about it, go for it. Right. It's gonna take time for sure. If you can do anything, you can't learn anything within a day. And it depends on kind of like what you like and what you dislike. I'm a tech guy. I'm a programmer by education or by trade, I guess. So that was fairly close to me. And I learned fairly quick and fun story. The company I officially started working with as an ACL officially and initially they they had the ad for a developer. So it was a pitch developer and I am a developer. So I went there and the owner was like, well, we don't really need a pitch developer, we need an ACL guy. So here's a month, learn the CEO or we've got to get where we're going to fire you. So a month later, I was pretty much running the whole CEO of department and six months later I was running a marketing department at that place. So, yeah, you know, if you're motivated, if you are interested enough, you can do it. Of course, that's all you have to be doing because otherwise you kind of get torn into different directions and you're going to get a little bit good at a ton of things instead of really good at one thing. But it's possible. Anybody can learn. I guess it's just going to take time and effort.

What a refreshing answer. I totally expected you to say run, run the other way as fast as you can. Don't do it because 16 hours a day for a year and a half, seven days a week. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. And you just said, oh, if you want to do it, you're passionate. Anybody can do it, right?

Yeah, it's as easy as anything else. You know, you want to become fluent in Spanish or French or Japanese or Chinese. Right? One of the Russian. I'm from Russia. If you want to become proficient in speak an annual language, you can do it. Just gonna take time and should just learn half a word the day. It's gonna take you a long time, but you can do it.

I love it. I love it. What a great attitude you have. And that's why I believe that's one of the biggest reasons I believe you are successful and that you have a thriving company with a great culture. You're just so refreshing to talk to. You know, we talked to open the show or I opened the show talking about patterns or pillars of success.

And there in my opinion.

I think there are patterns or formulas to become successful. What is your opinion? Do you think that there is some pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur and if there is one. How does one find it?

Yes, there is a formula and it's actually very, very easy. It takes only three ingredients blood, sweat and tears.

Love it. Well, and that's that has a point to that.

But for real, the like the real answer. And it does take blood and sweat, blood, sweat and tears and a lot of it. But the real answer is actually not that much different and not that difficult. It's just persistence because again, to survive in the business when you start or not even start, when you're already in the business for some years, it takes persistence. Right. You have to doing. You have to be doing right things for a long time. And it doesn't necessarily bring the the money or if it brings troubles, you have to go through it and just power through it. So persistence. Number two is just passion. You have to be liking what you do. Otherwise, every day is going to be very miserable for you. And. Well, really?

Number three, as self promotional as it sounds. Sorry. Wow. Some Clinton guys running around. The third thing is just. Well, marketing. All right. I know it's kind of sounds self promotional, but no matter how good you are, no matter how good your product is, no matter how passionate or consistent persistence, wherever you are, if nobody knows about you or your product.

Well, how and how are they gonna buy it? How are they going to hire you? So, yeah, marketing spreading the word. It doesn't have to be Internet marketing right off the bat.

It can be just an ongoing thing or friends and or shouting from the rooftops or whatever you want to do. But but it's marketing. It's it's spreading the word spread in the news that, hey, I'm here. My product is great. I'm great. Come work with me.

I love that you said that. I was just speaking with a friend of mine who's in a radio and television network industry. We were just having this very discussion about, you know, I have seen I've gone to many seminars and workshops and typically the experts on stage will tell you all about the art artistry of copywriting on your Web page. The colors to use, the price numbers to use down to the psychological. You know, Nat and they would tell you the split test and, you know, get graphics done from here and do this that way. Do you lay out this way, use parallax, use this, use that. Not one of them. Not a single one of them, though, could get up there and tell you that. Well, but you have all this. If you don't have traffic, it's worthless. So let me let's back up and let me tell you the secret to getting consistent and good quantity, traffic, quality, traffic as well. And that's something that had been missing for years. And now everyone just goes straight to Facebook ads and that's all you don't hear hardly anything else anymore. And you're refreshing to re introduce all of the forms of marketing that so many have.

You know, some will concentrate on one and only one YouTube marketing or Facebook ads or email marketing. There's there's others content marketing, writing, blogs, trying to get. But that's just MCO, right? Because no one's gonna see it unless your picks it up. I don't know how else they would do that. So I love the fact that you've covered the entire genre, the whole the whole landscape, if you will, of different types of marketing platforms that can be done from the Internet. And that's right. That's what I love because I'm a geek. I said that in the beginning. It's one geek to another, an old one to a young one. It's a passing of a time. I never heard of a time in the past. You have the biggest baton and you're awesome. There's no doubt. Very, very accomplished, successful. You have a great team and that's because of the leader. I will be straight up blunt about that. You are the man. Thanks. Yeah. So whenever you need to give a pep, talk to your team if you ever need that. Just replay this video and then they'll know someone else thinks that you're that awesome.

Yeah. I mean, seriously, you could do that.

In fact, maybe play it or more just to kind of give him a read. You know, what you guys are doing as a company is is phenomenal. And I applaud you for bringing SVOD to the front, because it's. And the fact that you're sort front about it's going to take time. That's what I love, your honesty, authenticity, because everyone wants instant gratification, a quick fix.

And it does take time as well, which I can't I can't repeat often enough. You know, you can do everything by yourself. And, you know, we have a great team here. I have two more business partners. And, you know, everybody is good at their job and it's collective effort.

And so it's not just me. So that stop flattering me.

I'm not necessarily saying you're doing everything, but you are the leader. You are the founder. He's the one that started this whole movement. And it you know, a reflection of a company is off. It's often no reflection of the leader quite often. And so I'm not gonna stop flattering you no matter what you say. It's just telling the truth. That's all. So actually, my gosh, I can't believe this work. We're nearing our 1 hour. Dmitrii happens every single time. There is one one beautiful question that I love to leave the show with every single show. It's it's so cool.

It's amazing.

And you don't even know what that question is gonna be. There are several that I've thrown your way. You had no idea. It's pretty organic. But before we ask that question, you know what? I promised the viewers something, didn't I? And there's actually two things. There's two things. First, you can win a five night state of five star luxury resort in Mexico. And then Dmitrii has something amazing. A little bug told me a little earlier that he would like to offer all of you as well. So first, let's jump into that wonderful vacation day. How can you enter? Well, let me tell you, if you're watching your screen right now is take out your cell phones.

Brian Kelly:
You now have our permission to look away from the screen for a moment, pull out your phone and punch in the phone number of (661) 535-1624. Once you've done that in the message area, type in the word PEAK, that's P-E-A-K, and tap that send icon. Go ahead and do that right now. Again, it's (661) 535-1624 and then enter the word PEAK. P-E-A-K and tap send and you will be officially entered. We will notify you by text. And again, this is sponsored not only sponsored by, but this technology you are using to enter is powered by that very company.

And my buddy Jason Nelson, Ronda Partners at have put together phenomenal, phenomenal resource. I recommend all entrepreneurs use this same vehicle. So back to the man of the hour. Dmitrii, you know what?

Let's ask the question first so you can kind of shake the rust off and say, okay, I'm done with that. Finally, I don't have to sweat anymore because I have no idea what Brian's going to ask me. I'm getting nervous. No, not Dmitrii's cool hand Luke over there. But the thing is, it's a defining question, Dmitrii. And I've asked every past guest the same question. And what I found very interesting is no two people yet yet have answered this the same exact way. It's amazing. So what I'm saying is there is no such thing as a wrong answer and thinking for those likes and loves everyone. There is no such thing as a wrong answer. In fact, the only correct answer is yours, because it's unique to you. Does that make sense? Mm hmm. So that just takes all the pressure off. If there was any to begin with, which I know there wasn't.

So, Dmitrii, are you ready? Sure. Yep. Yep. Dmitrii stuff. How do you define success?


I think that and I truly believe that success is a very, very much it's an individualistic trait or metric, right? Meaning that success means completely different things to two different people. To everybody. Right. There are people who are making twenty four thousand dollars a year and they live in a 500 square foot apartment and they're happy.

Right. Because that's what success means for them. That's what that's what their goal was or is. And really, success, by definition is achieving the goal. So it really means achieving the goal. And there are people, millionaires, billionaires, who are saying, I'm not successful yet. All right. I'm not fulfilled my destiny or I did not reach my goal.

So to me personally, success is when I feel happy and I can put food on the table and have a roof already over my over my head or my family's had had. And that's really all that is for me.

So as long as those simple things really are ticked off, then, you know, that's what success means for me.

I love it. And as unique as you are, it is another yet unique answer. And it's phenomenal because for you notice everyone watching and listening that it had nothing to do. His answer had nothing to do with money. And it's interesting that that's been the case throughout. It's it's amazing. Those that are not entrepreneurial mindset of entrepreneur mindset often will go to the money because there's a scarcity mindset going on there. That's a whole nother topic for a whole other day. And I appreciate that answer and I appreciate you giving it that kind of merit. And I love how you started by saying it means something to each individual on an individual basis. And it's so true that I have proof of, you know, many shows of of in the past where each and every person has a different idea of what success is to them. And that's always the only answer is the only correct answer was yours.

Right. And really, what I would like to also kind to emphasize is that if somebody has defined the success, do not ever do not ever take as their definition of success for yourself. Right. And because nowadays, especially with so much depression and kind of like unhappiness in the world, especially in the world of business all we did not make a million dollars this quarter or this year or whatever it is. Well, but I mean, how do you measure that is not the your metric or is it because your body told you you've got to make a million dollars?

Right. So it just common sense to me, I guess. But, you know, as I said, different people think different things.

Absolutely. Very well stated. And there is another giveaway we have for everyone, compliments of the handsome young guy over here next to me, Dmitrii. If you don't mind, I'm going to just pull up your Web site and put your handsome face next to it. And you can describe the beautiful gift you are about to impart upon our viewers and listeners.

All right. So what do we offer for listeners of this podcast, viewers?

A free marketing strategy, either audit, if you have one in place, if you have a business, or if you don't have a marketing strategy yet as of yet, then we can develop it for you. Now, it might sound simple, but it's actually not.

It takes about a week for at least three people in office to properly develop a marketing strategy marketing campaign, as in how to progress from where you are at now to the next level. So what we are doing now is basically offering that for free. The whole marketing strategy, which will include not just the CEO, it will include every single marketing channel appropriate for your business. Did you listen properly for your business? Right. So in order to get that, it's actually very simple. Nothing special. Go to our Web site, and either. Call the number on the website or fill out a contact form on the website and just mentioned that you heard this offer on Brian Kelly's podcast. That's all I have to do.

My goodness. I had no idea that was coming. I honestly didn't know that that's what you were offering. That is unbelievable. The military. What incredible. Oh, my gosh. I'm going to fill that form out.

I'm going to call it no, because. Yeah, absolutely. Oh, my gosh. I'm getting goosebumps because what an unbelievable gift that you are offering. So the means to get to it once again or I'll repeat it for everyone that's watching and perhaps listening is you can either call this number it's 8 3 2 4 2 2 8 0 6 3 mentioned that you saw Dmitrii on this show, The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show or go to the website and that's RegexSEO and I'll spell that for you.


Either way. And then click on the contact us link here. Demonstrate that real quick. If you click on it, contact this link, you'll see that and then just go through, fill out the form and my goodness, Dmitrii, are you kidding me? Now a week and three people for free. Pretty much. That is. I can't I'm I usually don't. This never happens to me, but I have no words. You've got me silence. That was awesome. Thank you. That is an amazing. So, please. In all seriousness, everyone watching and listening. Take advantage of this. I mean, honestly. And you know that Dmitrii and his team can only take on so many of you. And I don't know what he's going to cap it at, but at some point he's going to have to say no. And just know that. So if you are someone who knows, you need a strategy to be developed or you have one and you want a consultation or something to refine it and see. He just said every one of those marketing platforms, I mean, please understand the value of this. It is huge. I mean, video marketing, email marketing, social media, marketing, SEO, Google, search, marketing, all of it. They are going to do a full comprehensive one week. He's going to employ three of his people on for you. For nothing. Holy. It's the value.

The value is. We do it for about five thousand dollars. Typically a.

Ok, I was going to ask you that, too. So thank you. Five thousand dollars.

And so I think it would be a good thing for us and it's up to you. But do you want to put a timeframe or a time limit on this offer? Because this show will be recorded and others will hear it and see it far, far into the future, right?

Yes. So it's not forever. That's for sure. You can always reach out and talk to us, but the actual offer till next Friday. So whatever debate comes up. That's.

Let's see.

That's going to be August the 2nd. Sweet August the 2nd, 2019. Yes.

Wow. What an amazing gift. I cannot help that. I'm just I'm blown away. I'm blown away.

Dmitrii, what is the best way for people to contact you directly? Is it through your website, your Facebook? What do you prefer?

Contact me directly. It's going to be either on Twitter or linked in my user name or handle. Is it digital spaceman? So as you probably have seen, if you're if you are watching our branding, our brand is very space related. We are in Houston, after all, you know, NASA and all that stuff at the same time, all the marketing, it's about achieving new heights, right? Exploring new horizons. So, yeah, our our brand is all about space. So DigitalSpaceman.

And no underscore dash just all to get over it.

No underscore. No dashes. All one word. DigitalSpaceman.

And if you're on LinkedIn, go to Dmitrii. Cool stuff.

Well, they do have user names nowadays, too. So all you do is Cool.

Awesome. Wow. Dmitrii, you. You really raised the bar. He did a phenomenal job for our viewers and listeners. The value was through the roof. I know I had fun. And that's all it matters, right? I'm just kidding. I'm kidding. I know that our viewers had a good time. Oh, thank you, Jason. That's just typed in DigitalSpaceman, @DigitaSpaceman on Twitter and LinkedIn. Thank you, Jason. Jason, again is the founder of and is watching right now. That's how great a sponsor he is. And a friend. He's actually a personal friend of mine as well, dear friend. So we've gone over a little bit, but that's OK, because this is not a traditional station. And so you get to go another hour, Dmitrii.

I'm good. I'm game. Let's do part two. I love it. I'm fine. We do it every week if you want to.

You know, in all seriousness, I would love to have you back to do, you know, concentrate on the other platforms and do more digging into those to give people some tips and tricks that they could try on their own. Again, knowing there's no one personally could do all of those, that they really need your help and your your business. But that shows them and gives them that feeling of confidence, knowing that you guys know what you're doing. And that will just do nothing but good things for you and your company. But please do take advantage of this offer. My goodness. Click on Contact US mentioned The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show and say I want that free marketing strategy audit and consultation that you're offering. One week, three people working on it for you for free.

Unbelievable. And the audit is not doesn't have to be out of entire marketing strategy. Right. So, for example, if you have another SEO company working for you and you're not really happy with their results or if you have somebody doing Facebook ads for you, whatever it is, we can basically do the audit and tell you if they're doing a good job, if they're not doing a good job, we don't have to employ us. There is no strings attached. You don't like that. And we just tell you the truth. If they're awesome. Good for you.

I love it. Listen to this guy. I mean, how many how many, Dimitris, are there out in the world right now? They're not enough of you.

Well, maybe it's only me. Now only one. That's right.

Nick, you are you're very unique and in a great way. And I appreciate you. I so appreciate you for coming on and spending this hour with us and giving this intense value, because, again, this show will be available to all for many years to come and many will reap the rewards of listening to your wisdom. So appreciate you, Dmitrii, once again.

Dmitrii Kustov:
All right. Thank you for having me. Absolutely. It was a pleasure.

Brian Kelly:
You're very welcome. All right. Every one of you that's been watching and. Yes. Thank you. Jason Asses. Thank you. Dmitrii, great info coming from him. That means a lot as well, because he's quite the entrepreneur in his own right. Very successful as well. That is it. That is our show for tonight. I want to thank everyone for watching and listening. Dmitrii, once again, thank you so much for everyone out there. We will see you again very, very soon. So just keep watching your e-mail and text if you haven't. Go to and opt in at the very bottom of the page and you will get an automated notification the next time we go live with the link. Really super simple. You just click and you're there and you're watching again. We'll see you next time. Be blessed, everyone, and have a great, great evening. So long by.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show with Brian Kelly.

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