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So here's the big question, how our entrepreneurs like us who have been hustling and struggling to make it to success. Who seemed to make it one step forward, only to fall two steps back. Work dedicated, determined and driven. How do we finally break through and win. That is the question and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Brian Kelly and this is The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everybody, and Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show, we have a really special show for you tonight because we are going completely off the cuff with a totally new guest expert that's just agreed to join because we had an unfortunate no show and I can't wait to bring them on Mr. Dominique Brightmon, he is waiting in the wings and I appreciate him for coming on as such late notice. That is the true mark of a very successful entrepreneur or someone who takes action, massive, immediate action and consistent action. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show it is a show for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. And what we do here is we interview successful entrepreneurs from all over the world to bring value, not just value, but to give you actual actionable tips and strategies that you can use so that when you're finished with a show and you've taken voracious notes, you'll have enough to be armed with to model and become more successful yourself. That is what the show is all about. It is here for you to help you to excel and crush it in business. So The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show what is in that name. Well, I found that the three pillars of success lied in those three words, mind being mind set, a very powerful, flexible mindset. This is one of the traits of many highly successful people I've studied over the last decade and then body that's all about literally taking care of your body nutritionally from the inside and also from the outside, which is exercise. And those that have achieved high levels of success tend to take very good care of themselves. And then business business is multi, multi multifaceted. There are so many skill sets that one must master. And by the way, all three of these areas, this is where successful people master all three of these areas. But in business, there are so many skill sets to master that there's things like marketing, sales, team building, systematizing, leadership, accounting. The list goes on and on and on and on and on. And the good news is. That really you as a single person running a business, do not have to master every skill set, there's only one of those that I mentioned that's actually of paramount importance and that is leadership. Once you have mastered the skill of leadership, then you are able to bring in those who have those skill sets that you may not have currently. Because let's face it, I don't know of any human being on the planet that can master every single skill set that goes into building a very successful business and then taking it farther forward from there. And speaking of successful people, another phenomenal trait that they all have to a person is they are voracious readers. And with that, I like to segway into a little segment I affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks to read, bookmarks ready, steady read, bookmarks brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yes, there you see it,, and that is a website that I had developed for you, the entrepreneur in mind, and that is absolutely the truth. This is a collection of books that I have personally read. And I was not an avid reader till late in the game till my mid forties. I am now fifty five. And once I learn about how powerful reading the right books was, I then began diving into it voraciously and listen to books to audible that became the key that catapulted my reading acumen because I couldn't read books physically. My eyes would strain. They might be bloodshot right now from reading so much today and I just couldn't get through books. So audible was my my choice. It doesn't matter what yours is, whatever it happens to be, it's so vitally important to not only just read books, but read the right books, as you can see. And by the way, please take notes, take notes. Don't don't run off and click away from the show and go looking for the resources you're going to hear about. I have no idea what Dom is bringing to the table. We've never met. He's coming on very soon. This is how we roll. When you have someone that doesn't show I was prepared to go solo if I needed to. We're going to see how wonderful Dom is going to be. I'm sure he's a magnificent individual. I believe he is also a podcasters. So this is going to be a phenomenal show. So stick with us. These books I personally read and I vet them. And so not every book I've ever read is on this list. So I put them here for you, write it down. Stay with us, because it's about time to bring on the one and only Mr. Dom Brightmon, Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there he is, ladies and gentlemen, the man, the myth, the legend who I've never met, never heard of before, this is going to be awesome. Dom Brightmon, how are you doing? My friend? My pal.

Dom Brightmon:
I'm doing great. Brian, thanks a bunch of throwing out the bat signal man had to grab it, man.

Brian Kelly:
That was the last of the bat signal I literally posted ten minutes prior to going live because I was sensing that the guest that was due to appear that was scheduled was not going to show up. And that became the truth. And I was ready, as I said in the opening, to go solo. I don't like going solo. It's just not as interesting or fun. So Dom since I don't know anything about you and I don't have your bio in front of me, would you please let people know what is your background, what's your acumen and what are you doing today?

Dom Brightmon:
Sure thing. Well, glad you pulled out the bad stuff. It is great to be here my name's Dominique Dom Brightmon and you can call me Dom for short. And to summarize, a lot of my experience is that I'm a certified self leadership expert, that coaches and empowers others to share the stories, whether it's through motivational teaching, like I like to do or through book casting. And those will be wondering what that guy's book casting. Well, that's if you publish a book or you have a podcast and you want to do both. So I was able to turn my book into a podcast called The Going North Podcast. And it's great that you have this awesome theme of Mind body business, because funny enough, the Going North podcast goes with ReachYourPeak LLC, because it's all about advancing others to advance yourself. And that's what I'm all about.

Brian Kelly:
I had a good feeling when you chimed in and said, I will do it, count me in, I think with the word you said on Facebook and the feeling is coming true. So I appreciate you truly I truly appreciate you for answering the bat signal. I think that is awesome. So Going North podcast. Where is that plane? Is that on Apple? Spotify. Where can people find that?

Dom Brightmon:
Yesterday at Apple. Spotify, wherever you listen to podcasts, you can find the Going North podcast about three hundred and one episodes deep. Three year anniversary actually coming up this September funny enough

Brian Kelly:
Congratulations. That is a huge accomplishment. I know that all too well. I am not at three hundred yet. I do everything through video and then re-purpose through podcasting, which was one of the topics we can discuss. We don't have to. That's one of those things I would have done if we went solo. But that's fantastic. So tell me a little bit about your podcast. Do you interview people? What are the what's the common theme there?

Dom Brightmon:
Sure. Things are funny enough. My podcasts actually started about a good six months after the passing of my father after a long battle of dementia. Because going off the podcast itself. It stemmed from my book and that was my entry into what I call the business of immortality, because when you put pen to paper and publish your work, you are basically in the business of immortality because you're leaving a piece of yourself long after you're gone. And when I first published my book, after being challenged, the writing on a dare, funny enough, I was like, all right, I got this book out here. So what to do with us, you know, shows and promote it. And my first live radio interview host kept cut me off. I'm like, Oh, OK, Rep. And second interview was for podcast and the lady actually wanted me to drop more knowledge. And I was like, all right, let me make sure this isn't the same experience for someone else. And thus the podcast was born where it originally was going to be about nonfiction author, self published. Give them a platform to share the stories, but it's really branched off into authors of just about any genre except for romance, to be honest, because I'm not a romance guy and I'm not a fan of romance novels, but it is a lucrative industry if you're right in it. But really interviewing authors all over the globe. We've had wonderful folks, even some awesome folks on the podcast Penthouse Syndicate, like Zachary Babcock himself, Tony Whately even Nate Bailey himself and even some folks like the guy behind the self-esteem, Professor James Redfield. He's been on the show and so many others. So the goals, a thousand authors with the show, because kind of like with my life might advance on this event yourself, giving a platform for authors to share the stories and get the stories out there to get their feet wet with being interviewed, especially if it's their first ever interview, is really a gift and a blessing to them because of one good person. See something good in you, you can run for a lifetime.

Brian Kelly:
I don't like it so I can tell this isn't your first rodeo, brother. You're awesome.

Dom Brightmon:
All love it.

Brian Kelly:
So what would you say is the podcast? The book? Those are great. Those are business cards to me. There are great ways for people to for you to get exposure, but for people your platform. And they're kind of the window into you, Dom, and what you do as a business. So if you were if someone were to walk up to the street, I don't know, maybe myself, like, right now and ask you, what is it you do for a business? I mean, what do you have clients that you bring in do coach them, you have programs. Do you teach them how to write, do a podcast? What is it that you do to.

Dom Brightmon:
Yes, sir. So, folks, to start a podcast of their own is to write their books of their own, funny enough, with the books themselves. I had a client a few months ago there actually it was a family project actually out in the Baltimore area where this wonderful lady, she was actually the first female black manager for the pork sausage company back when Pork sausage was still a thing. And she was actually I think she was 92 or something, 92 or close to it. And grandson actually approached me. And Dude actually has his own dry cleaning business. And he was like, So you write these books. So how about you help me write my own? So I was able to help them to find an editor, recommended him to an editor and my network to be able to get everything polished up because he basically had the raw material that was compiled from just listening to his grandmother telling stories. And after getting the other editors, they would open to set up an account and get his little publishing company straight set up so that we can have his own ISBN number, get the cover done. And they were able to get the book released a little after her 90 second birthday. So being able to keep her story going forward because the guy behind pork sausages, his stories out there through someone else and is great to have other unsung heroes, somewhat foot soldiers have their stories told as well, and that they, too, could join the business of immortality. So if someone wants to start a podcast or write a book, that's basically what I do and also speak to. It's kind of like the black belt Marshal law, like all these folks to be on the show interview books. But hey, I still know how to carry a tune metaphorically too. So I do, do motivational teaching. I do have a couple of topics, mostly on self leadership as well, because you are the most difficult person that you're going to be leading from cradle to the grave because you're with yourself the longest ever.

Brian Kelly:
That's so true. That's universally true, too. And I love that you do motivational speaking. My last guest this past Tuesday was the one and only Les Brown. Yeah, it was off the charts. Amazing. I met him about eight years ago and it was in a hotel lobby after he had spoken. It was at an event I was attending. And I know how it is. You know, these speakers, they get swarmed by people and non stop. And I just respectfully waited and took my turn and said hi to him and he was a sweetheart. And this is going back a long time ago. And, you know, those are the kind of people that I want to model and learn from the call role model. And because why be any other way, right? I mean, and I could tell you have that heart, Dom, that you're a someone who wants to serve and to give in to help. I mean, you just helped a ninety two year old woman achieve immortality, which I love that the business of immortality. I hope that's your catchphrase and you trademark that. That is phenomenal along with the bat like, that was pretty cool. Yeah. So I was just going through my notes as of ninety two years old. So what a great concept. Find people that have a book, they already have a story. So a lot of people that you know, I'm sure you've listened to some going through the podcast Penthouse Syndicate with Zachary Babcock. Got to throw some good plugs in there that a lot of people come in. They don't really have an idea what they want to talk about. They just know they want to start a podcast. They have a business. They heard it's the right thing to do, but they have no idea. But with what your approach is, if someone's already written a book, they've got the stories, they've got the content, they'll never be without it because as they'll find once they start, as you know, then the subject's kind of right themselves as you go forward in the actual in the episodes themselves. And going forward to new episodes, have you found that to be true yourself?

Oh, yeah, it's so true because the stories are already within us, we're all. Everyone has a book within themselves whether they want to believe it or admit it or not, and folks just have to capture it. And that's the main thing. You've got to think it when you think it because of like kind of like with the example. I mean, she was 92 years old, a wealth of stories. And, you know, our folks when to get to that season state of like they have so many stories to share. And it's like you might as well take it down and heck, even record them and put them out there and then even Google translate it later and get it onto paper and then eventually package that so that we all have something to give back to people and heck, even turn it into a business themselves. So you're definitely right. The knowledge is already there. The stories are already there. It's just being able to ink it when you think you can actually publish it and promote it and then make a profit out of ink it when you think that.

Time by Dom Breitman. I love it. Another one.

So you must have like quite a laundry list of trademarks going on here without the Clorox.

Mobley's that stuff's not good. My goodness.

So podcasting, I'm glad that that is what your background is. Or at least that's where I found you, who was in a podcast, a private group. And I wanted to ask you, what has been your experience thus far? I don't know where you are in your walk with podcast marketing, using your podcast to market your business. What is your personal experience? Been in podcasting. Now let's take it from two steps. How about from marketing your business and also from just gaining incredible relationships along the way that you can then later either help and serve by sending them connections that you may not be able to handle what they need or directly with you and your business. How is that work for you so far?

The business piece, my goodness, I didn't realize that podcasting was one heck of a business tool, to be honest, because it's one it's just one heck of a tool, because it's it it's so beautiful right now because, heck, even it even ties in with the relationship building because with an interview based podcast, everybody are starting to catch wind of when you basically come from that perspective. It's like networking on steroids, because there's the classic thing where you get in, sit down with coffee with someone, and a lot of folks may not be wanting that well, especially now during covid nonetheless, and having the commute and drive due to coffee and drinking and whatnot and then having to go back to where you were, as opposed to podcasts like, hey, you got a podcast, hey, let me get on there. And then it's like, OK, cool, you have a good fit. And then it's a mutual benefit for both parties and everybody else is going to be involved in the future because folks that I've interviewed in the past, they've actually gotten more business down the road because it's basically a nice informal conversation with two people that's recorded and packaged later to be will be put on to the interweb. And what you once you go black, you never go back. And once you put it on the Internet, good luck trying to get it back.

So basically having that piece of your voice out there, your business out there, your process of doing business up there, your personality out there, because sometimes I like to tell their jokes and mess around with the guests in the keep them on their toes and keep them a little distracted a bit so that we could at least break out the shelves and have fun with it. Because at the end of the day, people would like to be with genuine people. They want real people, authentic people. And that's and there's a reason why authentic is a buzzword nowadays because people are tired of people faking the phone, fake it till you make it instead of living it until you advance. And it's been one heck of a journey as a networking tool and even as a business tool, because the podcast itself actually helped me with my second book, Stay the Course, The Elite Performers and Secret Keys to Sustainable Success, because talking with all these folks and actually applying some of their advice to my own life to better it and realizing, you know what, this is going to help me even help more people because it's another form of myself. And to create not a derivative of myself, because there's even one of Robert Saki's best books.

It's probably it's not rich that poured that great. But I probably put in second place is The Conspiracy of the Rich by Robert Kiyosaki. And in the book, Towards the end, he mentions how he makes all these derivatives of himself with audio books, programs, the cash flow quadron, all these derivatives of himself so that we could get more passive income, more income into his business and into his life. So being able to use that also to create derivatives in terms of concept and heck, even almost writing like a virus, because like yourself, Brian, you're using this wonderful live stream platform and creating into a podcast, an audio content later. And I'm pretty sure the heck might even be a book of your own down the line. We're going to take some of the best tidbits for folks to digest in because not everybody can hear there may be deaf people out there and be, hey, I can read this. So you're reaching as many people as possible and you're creating a semblance of omnipresence. So that's kind of like a long winded answer would have been about what podcasting has done for both me as a business and for building relationships with other humans across the globe, such as yourself.

So this is that was an amazing laundry list I've got. So I implore of other folks that are watching to take notes. And here's the thing. I don't ever recommend people do things that I myself don't do. So I'm going crazy here, taking notes. I have writers cramp because of this amazing guy right next to me, Don Breitman, and thank you for coming on once again at last minute notice. And I just wanted to kind of cover a lot of things, not a lot some of the things you covered. What this show has become, and I think you said it without saying it directly and what your podcast can do for you is become really a credible lead magnet, and it does it with such authenticity and character because you're not reaching out to people saying, buy my stuff. You know, you're basically, like you said so eloquently, you're building relationships and it is, like you said, networking on steroids. I'm getting goose bumps because I'm feeling the same. I experienced them as well. We you and I, the ones that are hosting these kinds of shows, we receive the most value out of anybody on the planet. And you're nodding emphatically because we get to make that incredible tight relationship. We learn from others who have done things we haven't but have succeeded using different techniques. My goodness, the things I've applied to my business from past show. Guess I can't tell you how it's catapulted my business. So it's like going to those seminars where you pay 20 grand for five days in someone's house where they starve to death so they can upset you again.

And then you go left and then you learn something.

So you come out and think you're going to be rich. I learn more here and it costs me just what it costs to run the show. It doesn't cost me 50 grand a year to run the show, and it's just been a blessing beyond blessing.

And then another, you were talking about kind of being out there, just showing up. I'm trying to think of the exact words you used, but there's a friend of mine that I haven't seen in quite some time named Rick Frishman, who did author one on one seminar in Vegas. And I think California as well used to do two a of course, now no one's doing that. But he talked about the importance of building one's platform. And by platform, he meant literally from the stage, that kind of platform, also from every other possible avenue. For him, it was primarily authoring a book because that's what he was all about, was out there one on one. He's a publisher. And I never forgot that ever. And so with that, I decided I'm going to go back to what I call the Genesis point of marketing, which is to me live video, because because you can you call it credit derivatives? I call it repurposing. Same thing. You can repurpose a live video in a recorded video. You can't do it backwards. A watch party is not a live video.

I don't care what anybody says. It doesn't have that live dynamic, that live entertainment. And then if you go and then take that and take the audio out of it. Well, if you start with just an audio podcast, can you create a light or can you record even a recorded video of the two that we're talking, not just a video? No. And then can you take it further, make it like no, you can only start with light and go forward from there.

And then you can take the transcribed version of your show, which I do. I have every show transcribe you were talking about. I have a book in there. Well, darn straight I do. I have one hundred plus books. I could make a book out of every show instantly and put it through an editor and say, just clean it up for me, make it look conversational. But I am putting a book together specifically for a question I ask every one of my guests on the show and you will be now included.

And it's going to it's going to be the last question I ask and you'll understand why when it's done. I also have a book that's 90 percent done in the works and you won't ever guess what it's called. Everything I'm doing here. It's called mind body business. Yes, that's right.

And so, yes. And so everything else to go and look, I used to run a fitness business and that's when I started this show. So body fit that. But I wasn't here to promote fitness. It was just one piece of success. And the beautiful thing about doing that is now that I'm no longer in the fitness business as of a year ago, I'm now into the business automation business and it still fits. All of it fits because every piece of it is these are the three pillars of success. And let's see the conspiracy of the rich. Derivatives repurposing. Yes. And book from the show. So. Very eloquently stated everything, because I'm feeling every bit of it, doing the same thing and here's the thing podcasts to me that's like a rotary phone. You've got that immediately, because podcasting is an old technology. It's way older than even video on the Internet. And when I first talked to one of my colleagues, a friend of mine who's a very successful entrepreneur, he said, Brian, I was doing my show for about a year at that time. He said, Brian, you you're making podcasts. I listen now.

What the heck? What I do that that's awesome. And I don't have a rotary phone anymore. Why would I go back to that?

And he said, Oh, you won't believe it. It's actually it's absolutely crushing it for my business. I said, wait, what? And so being an action taker like you, damn. I instantly looked into and figured out how to repurpose. Didn't take that much. It was easy. And then and now we are both in the podcast Penthouse Suite, if you will, work to market our podcast. So here's the thing. Carpet bomb marketing is my motto. Carpet bomb is for those that aren't aware, it's like an airplane. If you look at an old World War Two movie or one, there should be two airplanes flying over a jet and you see all these bombs flying out and they're just saturating the area beneath them with with this weapon. Well, this is just a metaphor. So get over it. If you're thinking, man, you're so destructive. Brian is bomb marketing to saturate the marketplace with your message. And I'm a proponent of hitting we're streaming live right now on two Facebook pages, one Facebook profile, LinkedIn, YouTube, Periscope and Twitch. That's carpet bombing. And then it's also shared automatically to many more instantly, instantly went live and repurposed to twenty five plus podcasting platforms. Moments after the show's over, it takes me 10 minutes to edit the audio already all done with strategy in place and hitting everything and then have it transcribed. And now every word of the shows are up and available for the search engines to peel away and see. And so just hitting every possible avenue. What avenues are you reaching out to right now, Don, to to get your word out? And maybe are there any different than I mentioned that others could also take advantage of?

Well, my magic carpet bombing extremely well with streaming in multiple places, I'm trying to think of what the heck am I doing?

Let's see because.

Because I think the only missing piece from, I guess, two missing pieces that are actually going to be coming soon because our podcast is audio only, but I finally got this new laptop so I can finally do video again.

And Mike works great with it. So with the video piece, definitely add that. And wow, I think it's just about. Covered just about all of it, because I mean I mean, you really can't just stick like a cardboard flier on someone's door car door because nobody's going to go to their car that much, even though we're know this is covered because they'll put some muscle, which you because I hate that crap, I'll rip stuff for that when I see that red shield.

So, I mean, that's probably the only thing.

I mean, the only thing added on to that is that I put the logo of my podcast and the two places where you can find a YouTube and iTunes for the folks who know about podcasts, they know about iTunes podcasts, and for those who are literally almost out of the game like, oh, YouTube, I go to YouTube and it's like, yeah. So that's probably the only other thing on the back of a business card. But people are really going to be taking notes during covid. So I think you just covered it by mail.

And there's there's a few other things. I don't I don't there's one thing I don't do right now is direct mail, which still works today where you send something and you make it just stand out and you you make it a value and put something in there, a value there that costs money, takes marketing dollars. So that may be for a more mature business, depending on where I'm talking to the general public. When I say that, Prince, I. I just I've got to call this guy out. He's an amazing guy. What a genuine, just beautiful man. I met him. Gosh, it's been six or seven years ago at another guess what networking event. Yes, we were actually together. I was working with my mentor who had seminars going on to day seminars where he taught NLP for business, neurolinguistic programing for business.

And ultimately I became the lead trainer for that company. I stuck with him for a while, learn from one of the best ever, in my humble opinion, that he's like the best kept secret ever. And that's where I met Prince IHL and this this gentleman. What a beautiful soul. I love you, brother. So thank you for coming on. He's always jumping on the show, and I love this next one. Sebastian Rusk podcast succ.

If you don't have one hashtag podcast's, that's even better. I love it. Thank you. That's funny. I love it. I love it.

Speaking of funny, do you ever inject humor into your podcast to keep the thing rolling? What's your opinion about having humor in your interviews?

Oh my gosh. In this life of brevity, you need levity. Humor is in my life every single day. 98 percent of my podcast episodes have humor.

I use humor before I even press the record button, because funny enough, sometimes the guests, if they were recommended through like their PR agency and they may have not listen to a show, they'll be like, Hey, Dov's all I'm going to be. Yeah, we're going to be gone for the next 50 hours or the next seven days. It's going to be seven days a conversation or them or sometimes I'll be like, all right, so you're ready for the banana reference or heck, even the most legendary humor, I inject it. It's known to leave everyone who hears a bewildered. And that's the legendary true joke. It leaves people so bewildered.

All right. We've got to hear it now.

Yeah. So those one here. Check out Episode one, ten of the Going North podcast.

Oh, that was the greatest hook right there.

That what that was called an open loop, orgasmic effect or the cliffhanger moment where everyone was like, OK, I want to hear it. And then he said, that is a beautiful way to promote your I'm saying this as a lesson for everyone. That is a beautiful way, a funny way, and in an effective way to promote. So say it again. I don't I don't want to I want this to get out there. Episode What of.

Yep. One ten soap intelligence with Jane Ransome.

Fantastic. So, you know, for someone that gets it like you, I love to help lift, promote, you can get the word out and so go listen to that. So are you a guest on that one or is that your podcast?

Oh, that's my podcast right there.

Yeah, it's self until it's so self, I'm telling you. Is that the title of the episode?

Yep. That's saw the episode. And that's the good thing about the podcast with podcast title since it's authors 95 percent of the time. This is how they're book because that's what they're promoting.

So I don't have to use creativity for an episode title. It's already there.

I love it. I love it. Yeah. I hear you. Because people don't realize that. Don't have a podcast, our live show. How much work can go into it, you know, and I've seen so many that just they're walking around and they turn on their phone, they're walking in the wind and it's howling, hey, I'm here on my professional podcast. No, it isn't. No, it isn't. And it's not quality. And if they interview people, they're doing that person a disservice because the quality stinks. And so I've always been all about quality as much as I can humanly put into it resource wise of myself. Everything I want because of people like you, I want you to shine. I respect you more than you know. It's not about me. It's respecting the person you're bringing on. I'm saying this kind of in a preachy coaching way to those watching listening. So consider putting in as much as you can. That being said, I will also say this for those of you that are thinking about starting either a video based show or a podcast, while it would be and a podcast, wouldn't it, because you repurpose it, just don't wait.

Ready, fire aim. And by that, I mean take the best equipment you can afford right now. If you can't afford any more, use what you got and get in a quiet place so there's no win. Get some good lighting, put put your lampshades point of it, get resourceful, but don't let perfection keep you from starting. That is one thing I see and hear so many. But yeah but I don't have that top rate studio mic like you do.

Brian, shut up. I don't care. I've got a microphone right there in the back of that little phone. That is all you need and you'll get better over time.

And as long as you make sales as a result, that will take time. A sales drive service, which means you can reinvest your sales part of it into upgrading your equipment, which I've done for two years now. More than that, I got I now have two massive monitors in front of me. I've got high great lighting. I didn't have that when I started. I've got a studio, great microphone, SLR. It's not a USB, it's old school with a soundboard mixer because I'm old.

So we'll just say that and it's all right. Old as old as old is the new gold. Hey, that's mine. I get the train like that. There you go. Yeah. Man BREVETTI In this life of brevity.

Loti That's team number three. I'm counting for Dom Breitman. You are an amazing dude. What do we got for time? I'm having so much fun times flying. This is that was a reason we met my man. There's a reason we met. Where are you where are you coming from right now? Where are you sitting. What state. What city?

Funny enough, it's actually thunder. Lightning outside. We're a man of action. A land of charm and chrome and crab cakes. Baltimore, Maryland.

Oh, wow. Crime and crab cakes.

Baltimore. Fantastic. So it's a little late there. Niños, so not too bad. That's sweet. Yeah, I've been in Baltimore very, very briefly, didn't get much time to spend. I was driving through, but I think I had a flat tire, a blowout tire on the freeway in in Baltimore area. So that's my memory. And I was like pinned against the retaining wall on the right hand side of this freeway. And that was really hardly any space for me to I mean, if I was a passenger, my car, they couldn't have gotten out. I was crammed against the side because I don't want to get rammed by these people flying by. But that was fun is an experience. And the person who came to it was it was actually really hot that day.

And the person that came in the in the tow truck, it was a woman and she was awesome. She came out with this ice cold plastic bottle of water.

For me, like, you are amazing. I was like, this is the greatest blow up time I've ever had. I'm going to do this more often. You want to be on Interstate 20? Not now.

Let's do this again.

Or twenty nine to. Oh, God, I have no idea what day, what highways you have out there.

So what else, what else is going on. What do you, who is what would you say is your most prolific, well renowned guest that you've had. You've had three hundred plus episodes. Which one sticks out the most to you as being one of the most value packed and inspiring that you've had so far?

Oh, man, that's that's a rough one because I've had a lot of folks on there, it's a it's a lot it's a fewer than that.

And it just came to you, right?

Like, right now, who would that one without thinking I'll have to go with episode to twenty one with righteous leadership. Dr. Ray Charles. Not the musician, not the musician. Dr. Ray Charles. And he was actually one of my mentors in Toastmasters International when I started back in twenty thirteen. And it was him who actually actually helped me to actually get down and actually start getting more serious because I got into the whole voracious reading thing and he told me to stop being a consumer and be a producer. Oh yeah. And he dropped that line on me in putting up it was over coffee. And I want to know if we're able to reconnect a few months ago. And he is back in February. So that was a great episode. Definitely check that one out, too. That's actually my top downloaded episode this year, too.

So far, righteous leadership, because he goes into so many things, the global mindset, having mentors and folks you can contact all over the world, because a lot of his friends, as I was getting up in their knees, were committing suicide. And he has a background of risk management and bio chemical engineering. And I forgot about that part of him while I was interviewing him. And he reminded me of that risk management thing. He said, all right, so these folks right here, they did suicide at the worst possible hour. How can I get rid of the time element so that doesn't happen to me? So he's like, if I can't call down at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, then I got a buddy in Singapore, China, who's wide awake and I can talk to.

So basically having folks you can talk to at all hours of the day in case you're having those crazy thoughts, because this is a dark time to the living and there's still some light out there, but there's a lot of darkness out there, too. So being able to do some risk assessment to hedge yourself against that risk of that thought by making sure you are connected with people from all over the globe and with covid, if you have a good Web connection, then you can basically add that to your repertoire. So that's just one of the things. So definitely check that out.

That's probably the most powerful one so far, but what a great mentor to have. Dr Ray Charles sounds like an amazing man and I can relate because I have a phenomenal mentor in my own and actually of the age. He literally could be my son by age. Oh, well, things like that never, never came into my equation. It's it's I don't care about I don't care about age. I don't care about race. I don't care about gender. I don't care about any of that.

Stuff like this, and I don't because I never have and what I mean by that is I do care. I just don't care. I don't I don't put any. I don't put any I don't put any preconceived opinion on any of that. I just look at the person and say, hey, like my mentor, he could be my son. But he had the results I wanted and I didn't care. I just said, hey, man, I want to learn from you. And I grabbed on to both ankles with my hands and I never let go. You know, he's got fingernail marks to prove it. It's awesome. And he's amazing guy. And he did.

He had a seminar industry or seminar business. I learned so much from this young man, and he's a dear friend of mine. And I look up to him, you know, stature wise, he's shorter than me, age wise, younger than me. I look up to him because he's a giant. He was a giant for my life and my family. And it's amazing. So I couldn't say or resound it loud enough, as you did, getting a mentor, getting a coach, find somebody. And it doesn't have to just be one person. You can actually literally use books as your pseudo mentors until you find a physical one and just follow someone who's successful before we go too far. I forgot to mention this in the opening because I want to get this out there because I love to give stuff away. For those of you that are on with us live to the end, which isn't far from now, to be honest, I'm going to present a way for you to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort. Compliments of our sponsor. If you're watching this live, you can see it on the upper right hand corner of your screen, the big insider secrets. Amazing, amazing gentlemen that had set up some nasty is a really close friend of mine.

We give away our show or we give away we give away a vacation to every single show.

And it's because of those wonderful people. Jason and his company appreciate them. So stay on. And it's real simple to do it. So it'll take just a few minutes, seconds for you to enter, to win when we get there. And we are getting close because we still haven't gotten to that one question, that one deep digging question for Mr. Don Breitman, whom I've never heard of before in my life. That's what I love about this. This makes it more you know what?

It's funny I say that, but it doesn't feel like it. And I mean it, you know, you're you have this I get this a lot, not not it doesn't come to me. I get that feeling a lot for other people that come on the show, even those that I have met just 30 minutes prior to. And it's because of our like mindedness. I think if you go to a seminar, an event, a networking event, this is what happened. I was in the corporate world for two long decades and I didn't realize I didn't know there was another world out there. And I I found one, went to one and I thought, holy moly, I love this. And not only did I love it, I love the people. I felt like I was in my second family. There's five hundred people see a people and I felt at home and calm and at ease and not not calm. I was jacked up. I was excited. Yeah, you can I can tell you go through the same thing, isn't it isn't it awesome to have a family of five hundred people instantly the second you walk into a hotel conference room? Hegemann. There's nothing like it on the planet.

I'm like, where's this been all my life? This is freaking awesome. And I haven't looked back and I just love it to death and love people like you to death because it's obvious that you're a surfer first mentality. Just listening to you. I can tell you're an action taker. There's no doubt about that, because within two minutes you said I'm in and just appeared and look at you.

You've got you look like you've been set up and ready for, you know, 30 minutes an hour before we came on. Your lighting's great. You were ready. You were prepared. This is a man that gets it right here, ladies and gentlemen. So every show we have phenomenal guest speakers planned or not, it doesn't matter because they just come. They just show up. It's amazing. Thank you so much for doing that. I appreciate you, brother.

I appreciate you for making the opportunity, man, and heck, even just hang on to that point of showing up the pressure of the classic thing of the first rule, success is showing up. Rule number two is contribute after you show up.

So they've got to contribute what you show up to.

I agree with that. There's something I started doing. I wasn't even planning to do it. But when I went to these, I went to a lot of events. Do you remember a guy by the name of Mr. T..

Pity the fool baby there.

That's where I was going, the gold chains. And so do you know, when you go to a networking event how they put that lanyard on you with that badge and your name? Oh, I start I collected those from day one and I, I would do this from stage and I'd put Mr. T picture up on the screen and the point of it was just to show up, to just show up, to keep showing up. And so I'd have, you know, a crew member bring this pile of lanyards up to the stage. And I wrapped and put it over and I'd look back at Mr. TMZ.

See there I put Mr. T to shame just a up and.

But it's so important, isn't it? I mean, it gosh, the relationships you make now, now that we can't physically do it for the moment, this is the way, right. You and I are meeting personally and people are commenting. And later, those could be future guests. You never know anyway. It's like. I don't know what was going on that was leading up to something.

You're going north, don't worry.

You're not you're going to I'm going to just call you the trademark master.

I mean, you've been with Ray Charles. Come on now. Dr. Ray Charles. Yes. Different guy I know. Book. How many books have you written? You made it sound like he got more than one.

Yes, sir. So two books are out in the public, and I've got another one coming out with 24 other fabulous humans. And the book is going to launch on October the 9th. It's called From Crappie to Happy from Crap. So I read a book. Yup. Collaborative book. And that's one of the easiest ways to also join the business of immortality. If you find someone who's doing a spirited one of these multi author book projects, check out their work and see if they've done this before and then jump in on it, because that's one of the easiest ways to get your name in a book without having to do all the work. And that's one of the reasons why I did it. And this person, Patricia? Well, actually, she's such changed the name to Ariail Patricia. She's a wonderful lady, her and Mishkat Kanavis. They're great ladies. And they've done a great book last year called From Chaos to Clarity.

And I've had some of their authors on my show last year. And I'm like, oh, you know what? Let me join in on the fun, because my goal before casket's almost 15 books. So I'm like, all right, we'll just make this book number three from to happy secher stores of transformational joy.

So basically adding my piece into this whole giant page pie of stories.

Are you spearheading that effort or someone else?

Oh, they're spearheading it. I'm taking a backseat with this one because they've done so well and they're always getting better with everything that they're doing. I just want to be part of folks that are doing something positive and getting better with it, because that means I have to step up my game and get better to let everybody hear this.

He didn't say because that'll get me more exposure and it'll get me more stuff now, he said, because I want to make myself better. So that speaks volumes of you as a person of where you're at, what your intentions are, you know, what you're doing is extremely intelligent. You're leveraging literally, you're leveraging other people's efforts and their their brilliance collectively by adding yourself to a book. I've done this. I was asked to write a piece. I wrote five or six pages. And I can say I'm an international best selling coauthor. I did hardly any work. I put everything I had into those five or five and six pages, but I was trying to be respectful. I'm not going to take up 20 pages of a 50 collaborative person book, right.

That I open it up. But I saw other people doing twenty five pages, like, what the heck? But it's OK. It didn't matter. And that's a very intelligent way to go about it.

I didn't plan and I was just asked and I said, OK, and then after it was over I was like, wow, she did all the work, she got the international acclaim. And because of that I can say I'm part of that. And I've got my own mind body business in the works, 90 percent done and looking for to get that out and crushing it with that. So, yeah, what you do with the books. That's right down the right alley. Let's see. What else do you have a website.

Yes. Dom Breitman Dotcom Don bright red dot com. If you hand over to that site you'll get a nice little free e-book. That's a free gift. Go. Twenty one lessons from two plus years of podcasting. Twenty one lessons learned from two plus years of podcasting so distilled. A bunch of what I know into a small little free giveaway e-book for those who want to start their own podcast, because that's what everybody's doing. Mike and Mike stands were sold out this past April when covid started. And folks are trapped at home and they're like, all right, I do this show. So you might as well head over and see what I have to offer to help you on your podcasting journey. So if you're looking to start Gramacho podcast, check out that magical free e-book free gift to your wonderful listeners and those who are watching.

And for those of you that are watching, we just so happen to have a copy of it available for you right on the screen. There it is, Don Breitman, dot com. You can see this is the pop up. So this is what he was talking about, the e-book as he dances the night away. Twenty one lessons learned from podcasting as a free gift. All you have to do is under your name, your email, and it will be shot to you correctly. I highly recommend this. Anything you can learn when it comes to podcasting, when it comes to broadcasting of any form then and anything you can learn from someone who's done it successfully, I might add, then devour it. And this costs what, zero it costs you putting your email into the list of a person whom you can rest assured is of high integrity and high character. So what's the worst that can happen? And then if you say I don't like it anymore, you can opt out. It's that simple. People just put in your email address and your name and get that gift and get on get get connected with them. You can tell he's a great guy. And here is his look at this. So he's a man of this. Two hundred seventy one is where this is at in the list. Probably goes deeper than that, but he's been doing it. How often do you podcast my man?

It's like every three days or so.

And that's probably what it feels like because it started off as a weak thing. Once a week is supposed to be on hop do. I didn't know what an RSS feed was and it moved to Thursday, a week later. And then I kept getting your Korey's from people. And also I used to just about everybody and a three month backlog. So every Monday and Thursday, a new episode goes up and I usually average from two to five interviews a week.

So, yeah, that's phenomenal. And that's a lot of work as. God bless you, man. I get it. So here's one of this book Going North. Is this available on Amazon as well?

Yes, sir, that one's on audio to that.

You're talking to me. You're talking to me. Stay the course. I like the common compass there. Yes. North, stay the course. Let me guess. Lithographic have something. Oh, that's right. It's not yours.

You can add it to your chapter ahoy without the chips.

Oh, man. That that kind of ages both of us a little bit. That's pretty cool.

That's all right. I love it. Well, hey, we're getting to the last six minutes of the show. And what I want to do is go to that question, that last question I ask each and every one of my guests, experts have been on the show. And here's the thing.

It's it's a big deal because it's personal. Hmm. And it's actually also very powerful. OK. Yeah. And so but right before we do that, I promised those that came on a little later that stuck with us live that I would reveal how they could win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort, compliments of my pals over at the big insider secrets. And so you now have both in my permission to pull out your phone. Hopefully you're not watching the show on the phone. If so, don't lose us and pull up your texting application. I'll put it up on the screen.

And what you do is in the area where you would tap on the person you're sending it to, instead put in this phone number three one four six six five one seven six seven. I think we're going to have a winner. I see somebody writing it down three one four six six five one seven one seven, six, seven. And then in the message area where you would actually type your message, where you would put your emojis and all that fun stuff instead of an emoji type in the words peak dash.

In other words, hyphen. And then the word vacation. Upper case or lower case is fine. Peak dash vacation. Send that off and you will be randomly someone will be randomly selected to be the winner. And guess what? There will come a day, I'm confident of it, where we can all move about the globe once again, freely and happily. So go ahead and do that because. We're about to ask that big driving.

Personal question. So here's the thing, Don. With this question, there is absolutely no such thing. As a wrong answer.

It doesn't exist, in fact, I like to say the exact opposite is true, the only correct answer is yours. That's what makes it personal. So it's not getting into your personal business, but it is very personal.

So with that, are you ready for the question on.

I need a cowboy hat for this one, but sure, go ahead.

And by the way, some some guests take some time to think about it. Others get it instantly. There's no right answer there either. Whatever it is for you is right for you. If you need time, cool. If you don't. Doesn't matter. Are now ready.

Yeah, like Freddy, right, like Freddy. Here we go.

Tom Breitman. How do you define. Success.

I define success as self mastery, self mastery, because success means different things to different people, but for me it's self mastery because from cradle to the grave, you're always learning and growing by choice and sometimes not by choice and being able to get more. Self-Aware of how we operate, how we act when we perform at our best and being able to take advantage of what we've learned and gained and apply that to a loss to create the best loss for self possible is self master. So that's what I think success is. Success is self mastery.

This might blow you away. Your show number one on nine, I believe, and over that time. No two people yet have answered it the same way. Well, that's that's how personal it is.

And that's what success means to you right now. Give it 10 years. I'll bet that definitely changes. Yeah. When we were in our 20s, which I'm guessing you're not, but I can't tell you look pretty young, but you have a life experience that ages you longer than that. But I'm not going to assume. But in our 20s, we're more of a scarcity mentality. At least I was and we wanted more material things. So success than it to me was a lot of money, a big house and a great car. Right now that's like farthest from the thing. It's about happiness. It's about serving others. I what fulfills me is serving others. And I have always been that way. Most entrepreneurs are that way. And I can tell you are that way as well. And the way you do that is through self mastery as one example, because if you're not your best self, how can you bring out the best of someone else's self? I just came up with a list, so I hope we're trademarking all this together.

That's a big bomb right there.

Your trademark or dumb Breitman right here. So before we call it in any time, I like to hand over the mic to you, so to speak, and just say, is there anything if you were to talk to somebody who was just starting and maybe they're considering either writing a book or starting that podcast, what would your advice be to them to say, this is where I would start, don't do this, but do this, and that will help you to get to success faster?

Oh, yes, I have to say, my advice for those is to emulate the great fun, those that are doing the things that you want to do, and it doesn't have to be at the highest level like a lesbian. And Tony Robbins or Grant Cardone. Great, great guys. Great guys, but. Also, find folks that may be close to your levels, maybe if they have like a thousand Twitter followers, like five hundred, if they're doing something good. See what they're doing to and try to emulate them as well. And not only emulate the great, but also when you emulate them, realize that they took action and they kept going. So always take intentional action and keep going because it's great to start. It's even better to keep going. And the greatest feeling in the world is when you finish and you feel like you can do the next thing, whatever that is.

I love it. Thank you so much. Emulate another word for model. Find someone who's doing it that's doing it successfully. To some degree. It doesn't have to be, like you said, someone who's achieved the highest pinnacle. And the other thing that less taught me this past Tuesday when he came on the show, Les Brown, was that, you know, he was talking to his mentor and he basically was doubting himself when he was younger, less was and saying that, well, I am not these other people and his mentor. So that's the point. You are not and you are you. So be yourself. You know, use your own stories, make your own platform. And he he ended up speaking in front of an arena of I forget it was I think it was eighty thousand. It's either fifty or eighty thousand in the Georgia Dome. And he didn't even know this was a great story. I got to say it real quick, but he didn't know when he got there. He thought he was going to be going, you know, that he was going to be presenting in a banquet room somewhere in this arena on the side.

And he got there and they said they didn't know. Now look out. There ain't no show. And the place was full. And he was and he said, this man, he went out. I don't know how long a speech was. He said, it's on YouTube. He said, you can go find it.

And he said, all I remember was they gave me the microphone. Wow, that was it. He doesn't remember any part of this. He says he's watched it back twice and he doesn't remember doing it.

Wow. And so what do you take away from that?

If you're a little nervous? If you're a little. Yeah. If you have a little apprehension when you go out, it's normal. It's actually good. Most most of the greatest comedians out there go through this every single time before they step on stage. Johnny Carson admitted he was shaking in his boots every show before he came out, before the curtain opened. He did this as a living every single day of the week, five days a week. And he was nervous. So it's OK to be nervous. So thanks, Tom. I appreciate you, my brother. We're going to call it an Emmy. This has been The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. And on behalf of this amazing young man, Don Breitman, I am your host, Brian Kelly, saying we will see you again next week. Until then, be blessed and have a great, great evening. So long now.

So thank you for tuning in to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show podcast w w w dot The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show.

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Dominique Brightmon

Dominique Brightmon

Dominique "Dom" Brightmon, DTM is an author, podcaster, and certified leadership trainer with the John Maxwell Team from Baltimore, MD.

Because of his love for books, Dominique has written and published “Going North: Tips & Techniques to Advance Yourself”, the follow-up bestseller, "Stay The Course: The Elite Performers 7 Secret Keys to Sustainable Success" and contributing author for the upcoming book, “Crappy to Happy: Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy” in fall 2020. Find his books anywhere books are sold and you’ll see how you too can become a better you.

Dominique has also appeared on many media outlets such as Fox 45 News, Toastmasters International Magazine, and more. In addition to appearing on many media outlets, he has created his own called the Going North podcast which interviews authors from all over the world. It has been ranked in the top 10 of all self-help podcasts in the world for 3 years in a row.

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