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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. the three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. We have a phenomenal, phenomenal show lined up for you tonight. I cannot wait to bring on our special guest expert, Dr. Tara Roster. She is an amazing young woman who is changing lives and making a difference in this world. And that's why I'm so excited having her on. Real quick before we bring her on, this won't take long. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about? Well, in my now 55 years on this planet, I began actually studying only successful people say over the last decade. And in that time, I learned and found that people were that were successful. There were patterns. There were patterns amongst all the successful people. I learned this after doing this for some time that the patterns kept coming up the same patterns over and over. And you might guess where those patterns are and what three areas they are. That's the mind, the body and the business. And what it is, is they have mastered all three. So mind be in mindset a powerful, flexible, positive mindset. Our guest is a great example of this. Dr. Tara Rasta will explain why body they all take care of themselves nutritionally and through exercise and business. Business is multi multifaceted. It covers everything from sales, marketing, leadership, team building. The list goes on and on and on. And what the good news is with that is that you as one person do not have to actually master every single one of them on your own, because the beautiful thing is you can also bring in a team and that's where leadership comes in. And so you can then master all areas of business with help from others. You know how to do it all yourself. And that is fantastic and a phenomenal thing in its own right. It gives you the leverage to really. Take your great talents and spread them to the world. And that is one of the things I can't wait to bring Dr. Tara Rasta on because what she does for people is amazing. And how she does it is even more amazing because it's not what you would consider the norm or at least myself. And we'll maybe we'll talk about that because it's it's very interesting, very unique what she is doing. And so along the same lines of success. Another thing I recognized and realized through these the studying of people and their success was that to a person, they seem to be very avid readers. And to that end, I'd like to segue into a short segment. I like to call affectionately bookmarks.

Bookmarks. Born to read. Bookmarks. Ready, steady. read. Bookmarks, brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
There you see And by the way, for those of you watching live. Thank you for coming on. Please say hello. Tell us where you're from. And also stay in the room. As they say, the magic happens in the room. What do I mean by that? You're going to be learning of several phenomenal valuable resources, this being one of them. And the thing to do is to resist that temptation to go and look at a different tab in your browser. Stay with us. Close all of your other tabs. This is going to be recorded. You can come back to it later. Instead, what I recommend you do is something very old fashioned and that is actually use one of these things. Remember what those are? It's a writing instrument. He has a pen or a pencil and some paper and take notes and stay with us because you do not want to miss one single golden nugget by Dr. Tara Raza. I kid you not. I kid you not. This is going to be off the charts. Reach your peak library. What is that? That is a Web site that I personally had developed for you. I had you in mind. And I'm not kidding. I have you in mind. That is the business person that is looking to take their game to the next level or someone who is just starting out. This is a collection of books that I personally read that had positive impact on me, whether it be business or in personal development. And so not every book I've ever read is in this list. They had to meet certain criteria. And I put this together so you could then use a list that's at least been vetted by one other successful individual and make your search much quicker. And we may get some great recommendations from Dr. Tara. I'm sure she's quite the reader herself, being in the field that she's in. And so I just wanted to throw that out there, let you know that that is a resource for you. It's available. You click on any of those buttons, it takes you straight to Amazon. If you want to purchase a book, then great. The purpose of it is not for me to make money. Trust me, there's not a lot of money to be made on reselling a books. It is all about helping you to get the value you want and deserve. Does that sound good? I think it sounds good. Hey, it is time. Do you think we should bring on our very special guest expert right now? I'll tell you what I think we should. And because I'm the host the show. That's what we're gonna do. Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert, spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big-league qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there she is, ladies and gentlemen. The one the only Dr. Tara Roster. How are you doing this evening, Dr. Tara?

Dr. Tara Rasta:
I'm doing fantastic. Brian, thank you for having me on your show.

Brian Kelly:
Oh, my goodness. Thank you so much. We're going to talk about flexibility in a moment. And we have a story to tell about this young lady and how unbelievably flexible she is in her business and really what it took for her to even come on to the show tonight. Very, very impressive and went a long way with me, I'll tell you that, right now. That was amazing. Before I bring you on, formerly Dr. Tara Starr, I would like to let everybody know that for those us down with us to the end of the show, the live show, you will have the opportunity to win five nights day at a five star luxury resort, all compliments of our wonderful sponsor. You can see them up on the right of the screen power texting dot com. And it's amazing, amazing vacation stay. And just so you know, this is not one of those. They hook you to bring you in and then sit you down and say, in order to stay here, you must listen to a timeshare presentation for half of a day. It's not one of those. And I know that because the owner, the founder of Power Texting dot com has himself tested the very vacation stays that you will be going on himself, not just once, but three times. And he said each and every time it was just as if he was another paying guest for paying guests at the resort. And they're all resorts. They are amazing. And you get to choose. So stand to the end. Let's get with it. Let's bring on this wonderful, beautiful young lady who is changing lives. Dr. Tara Rasta, she is a trained chiropractor who specializes in functional medicine, genetic analysis and network spinal chiropractic in an effort to break people away from chronic health conditions. I love this combination. There is this combination of techniques helps her patients find emotional, physical and spiritual balance to become the best version of themselves. Isn't that what we all want? Dr. Tara Rasta is a UCLA graduate. Yes, Southern California with her background in neuroscience and psych psychobiology. Well, there's a big word in her doctorate in chiropractic and functional medicine. Dr. Roster's methods will help you gain greater health and vitality through upgrading your nervous system, biological pathways and connecting your patients, her patients to organizing intelligence of their body. I cannot wait to find out what all of that means because I love everything that has to do with combining physical and mental and spiritual and all of that. And it looks like you have a lot of this going with you for your chiropractic practice, which is amazing. And I love learning about what people do like you. Dr. Tara is someone who's successful in getting their accolades and their experience, like from the biologist read. But what I like to do is really dig deep. And I don't mean intrusively. What I want to do is I'm very curious and I want to learn what is going on in that beautiful brain of yours that gets you to the point of where you are with the success you're having with your practice, with your business. I like to learn what's going on inside more than just the accolades and experience, which are quite impressive. So if you don't mind, I would like to find out from you, Dr. Tara, how what is going on in that beautiful brain of yours, like when you get up in the morning, if you're anything like me, I'm a little groggy. Maybe you're not. Not everybody is. I get up in the morning, I'm a little groggy. I get up my swing my feet over the side of the bed. They hit the floor. And then I start coming to right and then conscious, you know, you're starting aware you're everything. You're really coming alive at that point for you. What is it that goes through your mind that says, this is it? I'm I'm I'm I'm driven. It's another great day. I'm staying motivated. What is that one thing for you that keeps you going? Each and every day?

Dr. Tara Rasta:
Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is gratitude that I live in America because I grew up in Iran. I was there until I was 14. So when I opened up my eyes and I know that I'm safe and I know that I'm somewhat free at this fair that when I was in Iran. I feel there's big pressure and there's big passion that I need to live my life to the fullest. And I need to show up and I need to. I have given this I've been given this opportunity to be here and I want to do more and I want to impact more. And I want to live every moment as late as. It really, really matters because it does.

Brian Kelly:
Phenomenal. Phenomenal. I love that. And, you know, that's pretty inspiring. And that is so cool to have that to, you know, to kind of fall back on to say where I came from. I can compare that to where I am now. And the difference can keep you going all the time. That's phenomenal. And I opened the show by. Partly talking about the importance of reading, and I can only imagine that you've got some books behind you that you've read not not literally behind you that you've already read and completed that made an impact for you. And if you could think of just one. And it doesn't have to be the best of all time. But what does one recently. Maybe that has made a great impact on either yourself as a person or your business or both.

It's The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.

We read that book multiple times and every time I read it, it's as if I'm reading it for the first time because I keep forgetting all this beautiful practices about how to understand your mind, how to observe your mind, how to get a consciousness behind all the thoughts. So that that is the one book that I recommend to everybody. And I think it every time I read it, it changes me a little bit more and it opens me up to life and to love and to service.

Michael who again? Michael Finger, singer, Kadja.

I am definitely gonna grab a copy of that, the untethered soil. What a great title. And interesting that you said that that you've read it so many times and you get something new out of it each time.

And this is something I've actually trained and talked about from state, like I would ask and I'd hold up a book. How many of you have ever read a book? More than one time. And you get a lot of a lot of hands go up. I said, OK. Now, the second time you read it wasn't exactly the same time as the first time. And every one of them said no. I said, well, wait a minute. I'd hold the book up, flip the page. So did the pages change? Did the words on the pages change? What do you what do you. I'm being lead them down the path of. They know why I'm saying all this. And it's because each and every individual is ready for the next step after they read it the first time. Other things now crop up and show themselves to them. That's isn't it amazing how it never gets boring. It's just awesome how you can you know, they say repetition is the key to mastery. I say that, too. And the more you read something over and over and over, the more that comes out. I did the same with my mentors book by Mel Cutler. It's called The Big Boom. I read it many times and each and every time, just like you said, I'm thinking there's no way I'm going to get something new.

There's another one. Where did that come from? How did I not see that the first time? This is amazing. And so I love that you brought that up. And so for those you watching, if you have a compelling book that you absolutely love. Read it again. There's no need to move on to another one right away because you'll experience what both Dr. Tara and I have, which is even more incredible results as a result of spending the time reading that. Would you agree with that? Absolutely. And so you have a very interesting practice. And I wanted to ask you. For you to be able to tell us, in your words, what makes what you do different, your ear in chiropractic. I've been to chiropractors. I've never heard those words come out of their mouths that I just read in your bio. And it's very intriguing to me. I have done some research about you, but I would like our audience to hear from you directly. What is it that you do for your practice, for people and what makes you different? What is your practice that makes it different?

The first thing that I do for everybody is about how do I get you from a state of fight and flight? Because most people who come in are in that state to state of rest and digest. I do that by checking their heart rate variability and looking at the coherence of their heart. And that tells me if they're in a certified on flight hour, rest and digest. And I use that for this final analysis, which was a technique developed by Dr. Danny EPSTEIN to do that, where I help people tap into different parts of their body and being able to expand the different intelligences of their body and being able to tap into what that is, because most people think of of intelligence, of something that you have in your brain versus I think of intelligences as all the different aspects to it. There is the gut intelligence and there is the heart intelligence, and then there's your brain. And so I help people tap into those parts and creating more awareness of those intelligences and connecting to those intelligences. So then when they are in a stressful position in a situation, they can ask an intelligence beside the head about what would be the best course of action to do. And I do that through breath work and just helping them experience their body in a different way and expanding the experience that they have of their mind and their body. The next step is once I feel like they have coherency, they have more connection to their body. They are able to locate where they're holding their attention. They're able to locate where they hold their anxiety or depression or even a disease. Then we go into something deeper called DNA analysis.

I look at their DNA, the different steps that they have and the steps is basically genetic variations. I look at the genetic variations and I can understand how those genes with each gene produces a protein and then each protein impacts the body in a different way. So I look at that and I see what is the rate of the production of that protein and how is that impacting their biochemistry so that I help them with their biochemistry by telling them exactly what kind of food they need to eat and what kind of supplements they need to take based on their genetic makeup. And we can go even deeper and we can do some bloodwork and see what they what is lacking in their blood. If they have anemia, if they're hormonal issues, how can we support them using natural resources such as food and supplements? So for me, when I look at a person, it has all these different aspects, as has the aspect of the mind. It has aspects of the body, it has aspects of connecting to those the mind and the body and how those two impact each other. And also there is the impact of biochemistry and biology and how do we impact those cycles and those patterns and the chemistry itself by changing habits and changing habits. As you probably know, it's not an easy thing to do. So it requires. It requires. Showing up and understanding those patterns and building more awareness around those patterns and then being able to change them. Little by little. Through through just greater awareness, being able to become an observer of your thoughts, observe your patterns and then changing them.

Goodness gracious, that's just a little bit different than chiropractor. I used to go to that. That's phenomenal. Wow. And you are you are obviously an extremely intelligent woman to have gone through all of this, not only to train it, but to then apply it for your patients, for those that come to you. My goodness, you're like a one stop shop. It's not just what they say cracking. You know, the person which most chiropractors probably cringe over that term. You know, they're adjusting you making adjustments in the. And I'll tell you, just that alone is very beneficial. I used to see a chiropractor on a regular basis when I had lower back issues. It's gone now because I added exercise to it as well. So everything you're talking about, that's like deep analysis in many different facets. And how long does it take on average to take someone through a process that you kind of just described? Is it several visits a single day?

Yeah, usually. So the first two visits, the first initial visit is broken down into two visits because it's so comprehensive. So the first time somebody sees me, they see me for 90 minutes are up to two hours. And then the second time is an hour and then it just depends. I know a lot of times you go to a chiropractor, you on a table for 10, 20 minutes and then the person is done. I don't work that way. There on the table, as long as they need to be on the table because. And because for me, if they need to be if they need to have a tantrum, if they need to be crying, if they need to be breathing, that's what they're going to be doing. And I do I do my work and in groups, because I believe that the field of the room, which is consisted of the collective energy of the people that are in the room, impacts everybody. And I think it's so much more powerful than me. It's just me being the only person in the room with them. So as a result, I'm able to just leave them be on the table for how however long they need to be on the table and not have to look at my clock and be worried about the fact that I need to get the next person. And for me, it's about how do I create change in this person's life in the biggest, most impactful way that I can.

And usually it takes about 20 visits to make those changes. So if they are coming once a week, then it would be 20 weeks. If they're coming twice a week, then it would be 10 weeks. But most people who come to my office, they say that they feel so good that they never stop. So most of my clients are I have been working with them for a year or two years. And so since I started my business, because even if they go and they don't see me for a couple of months, they usually come back and they say, hey, look, I know that this is time for me to come back again. So I think the practice that I do, especially with network breeding, tapping into different parts of your body, it's not something that's like exercising. It's not something you just do once. It's something that you do for a lifetime. It's a practice that you do for a lifetime. And I also don't do any. I don't. I rarely make adjustments. I don't do regular adjustments like most chiropractors, because through the technique of breeding and being able to take your breath and different parts of your spine, your body will actually adjust on its own. So instead of me doing it, the body will do it because your breath in itself is so powerful and being able to create those adjustments. Wow.

I'm taking notes myself. Yes.

I mean, gosh, I don't even know if my car recorder is still practicing, but it would be nice for him to learn from you and not that he was doing wrong or bad. It just wasn't as advanced. And I mean, it's just different techniques.

You know, people have different gifts. And my gift, per say wasn't that type of structural chiropractic. My gift was something a little bit more emotional, a little bit more energetic, a little bit a little deeper.

And I personally know if you were to put both of you side by side, I would choose you at each and every time. It just sounds way more comprehensive. You describe it and I love the chiropractor I used to go to. I love him. I mean, I truly do as a brother. Not literally, but he is. I love the guy. And he would, you know, would be a few minutes, 15, 20 minutes. You're in, you're out. And I felt better. But that wasn't just hang out because the next person in line is getting ready to jump on the table. Right. Appointments. And that's amazing. And you talked about how people like to come back after they've not been for a while. That is just exactly like it is when you're used to working out and exercising and you stop for a while. You know, you just miss that firm feeling. You miss that. The just the great chemicals that are running through your body when you do exercise and you remember and associate it with the fact that you are doing the exercising, that's why you felt so good.

And so the same thing is happening. It looks like with your clients, you're you're taking them through a similar process where they are feeling and seeing and noticing the results and then they go away for a while like it's time for a tune up. I'm going to go back and see Dr. Tara.

Yeah. Exactly. That's really awesome. And so you are a doctor with incredible gifts, incredible talents. And it's not just those gifts and talents that make up your business. Is it? I mean, do you have to, like, I don't know, market and and try to get more clients to come through your door in addition to actually doing the work on your clients?

You know, I have been very fortunate. I don't even know how, but I didn't have to do much marketing from the beginning. So it's so, so interesting. When I first started when I first started my practice, the only thing that I did that I got me a lot of clients and then it kind of just got through referrals was I went to an avocado festival and threw this avocado festival. I think I got like, I don't know, ten people. And then from there, I didn't have to deal much. It was mainly just being guests, defends podcast and speaking at different events and then people coming through. And most of my practice members, they are they come through referrals. So I've been really, really lucky that I haven't had to do a lot of marketing. I have a lot of marketing people reaching out to me on Facebook, on LinkedIn. I mean, I get like twenty messages per day. And I just consider myself very lucky that I don't need to go through that route. Now, that doesn't say that I haven't done marketing. I have them. I have done some have run some ads on Facebook. But it has nearly not been as successful as just my clients referring their family and friends. And that's in the best way for me.

Yeah, Facebook. That's you know, that is a that's a skill in its own right. And I've been down that path as well. And I've hired for it and still had limited success with it. That's a difficult one, especially lately. Yeah, but the cool thing, the message that I heard that I want our listeners to really grasp and understand is what you did in the very beginning, which was attending events, very powerful, and you were on as a guest on podcasts. And for anyone out there looking for exposure, you know, a lot of people call what we're doing right now a podcast, even though technically it's not a podcast is technically an audio only program. That's okay. I'm fine with it. But showing up as a guest on interview type shows that are down the same genre as what your business is in. That's very powerful and you are testimonial to that. Dr. Tara. Because that's what got you started. You went to an avocado festival. That's phenomenal. I mean, who would have thought? Right.

And I wouldn't have thought. I just thought I need to show up. And I did. And there was all always people. But I really owe it to the people and the relationships that I have built in the past three years. It's really what is really interesting is that I went to all these events in the beginning and I didn't get many clients, but those people came to me a year later because what I noticed is, is by building and nourishing those relationships and really for those people to feel like you care about them, you're not only going to networking events because you want business, but it's because you see them and you acknowledge them and you see those people as as people and as humans. And and you're building friendships and relationships. So really, I owe it to the people that I have met through and networking events in different, different avenues.

And yeah, I would I would reframe it and say, you owe it to yourself for having been there and presented yourself in such an authentic way. You know, you're not roaming around an avocado festival, thrown out your business card saying, come to my office, I'm going to help you. You know, it was because of your authenticity, because of your integrity, because of your genuine ness of wanting to help people.

It's all because of you. It's really because of you. Because you showed up and you showed up. As you know, you weren't phony, you were just who you are, someone who cares about people. Someone who wants to help people. And that's all because of the investment of time you made and the investment you made in others and their well-being. Your intention for their well-being. And they came back. That's because you you struck a chord with them. You know, that's amazing. I want everyone to really take part in this and understand that all you have to do is model. Success model. Dr. Tara Harasta, she got clients by being authentic and by showing up with her authenticity. There was no plastic phony anything. And she was just being herself and truly wanting to help people. That's what I love about what I get to do. Dr. Tara is everyone that comes on my show is is has a similar heart like you, you know, just want to help people. That is what makes people the most successful, not the money. The money will come when you are authentic. It may not come right away. Like you said, you went to the event and or events and nothing happened until much later. It's an investment. It takes time and nurturing, like you said, nurturing a relationship.

You're seeing all the wonderful things. I'm getting chills everywhere because this is the way to market. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the authentic way to do it. And that is why you're seeing this success. You are, in my humble opinion. And again, show up, go get on podcast, become a guest. There are actual resources out there. You can literally pay or there's some that are free to get your name in a directory and say, I would like to be interviewed in these types of genres and they'll hook you up to connect you and you'll. I've I've heard of so many people have come on show Dr. Cha that have done that that have had great success as a direct result of just being on podcasts alone. And that's the same as showing up. So kudos. This is phenomenal. I'm having a great time here. Now. Gosh, I was going to ask something, but it's kind of answered already something to move on. What? So I talked about patent for success in the opening of the show. And I am firm believer that there are patents and it doesn't mean every single person has the similar or identical set of patterns that they have latched on to, that I've given them that what they needed to become successful.

Do you believe, Dr. Cha, that there is some sort of pattern to becoming successful? And if so, what what would one be? What would one example be?

Absolutely. I think there is two for me, and I think that's one of them is consistency consistently showing up, consistently being leader B there, consistently do what you gotta do and being predictable. People like predictability. So, for example, with those networking events, a lot of times people go into networking events and then after five, six times or sometimes when they don't get clients, they stop.

And for me, I think that if you go into networking events, choose one, that you enjoy the people and being around the leader or whoever is going to be there most of the time that are predictable. And I think that's what really was helped my business because I was predictable. I was going to show up if I would pick one thing, but I'm going to show up to that one thing every week. And it was also being consistent as well, being consistent with showing up, even if I don't have any clients. I'm still showing up. Even if I don't if I know that if I go to networking events, I may not get any business. I'm still showing up. And I think those patterns are really important and work ethic. You know, having work ethics shined up and doing what you got to do and doing it the right way and having integrity. And I really believe that people are really, really smart. So when you are showing up and you're being honest and they can feel that you care about them more than the fact that you want to make money, you are so much more likely to get business comp. If they even a slightly feel that you're being manipulated or slightly feel like you care about making money more and you care about people. And I think that makes a huge difference.

Totally, totally agree with that 100 percent. My goodness. Consistency, predictability, work ethic and integrity. Can't agree more with all these. And so many thoughts are going through my mind as you were describing that because we've all we've all had those encounters with those who are out to make the buck.

And never forget one individual that I ran into some time ago, he he would run around in and kind of open the door and get you excited and say, I don't want to talk to you. You're an amazing person. I saw you just get up and speak and then I'm thinking, oh, cool, this could go somewhere. And then it was when we did meet on that same day in another room, it was to pitch me on what they have.

And I just I sunk in my chair. I'm like, really? Come on. Are you kidding? That was just a setup the whole time. You know, and you can see through it once it happened, like, man, I fell for that. And yeah, it's don't be that way. Be like Dr. Tara asked if if you have something that they need or want and you're going about talking and networking with them in an integrity based manner, with everything that Dr. Tara just talked about, with consistency, with predictability. And you have that work ethic, they will come to you like they did with her. And so, again, model success, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. It has been done already. Just follow someone. Dr. Tara Resta, who's already achieved that by developing these patterns that she knows are successful patterns for her. And I'll tell you what. Those are phenomenal patents. I don't think anyone could not six achieve success with those patents at all. Yeah, it may take a little bit of time. Oh, here we go. We got a comment incoming from YouTube. Humble servant love, Dr. Tara. She helped me in more ways than one. Your humble servant. Don't know if you know who that is by name.

Go ahead and type your name if you're OK with that. Just let us know who you are. So, Dr. Tarkin, give you some love back. That is phenomenal. Thank you so much for that. Yes, absolutely.

And so, you know, this is proof positive. She's impacting lives. She is. Making the world a better place. And I can't. You know, I wish I wish I knew you back when I needed the chiropractor before and my wife, we both went. She was in a car accident and went and got adjustments and I helped. It's just that I really resonate it will resonate more with the way you do it. For some reason and many reasons, actually, because you do it in so many different ways, it's phenomenal. So for those that are curious, what does it take to be a successful business person and entrepreneur? These things I love to also be curious about, like when what is a typical day for you when you get up and we have to go through every step of the day.

But do you start with some kind of routine? Do you jump right up and go straight to the office and you're right at work and then and then do you have downtime and what do you do for your downtime? What is your life like on a day to day basis, being a successful entrepreneur?

I definitely cannot just go to work if I don't prepare myself, so I at least need like two hours to get in the zone, you know. I eat my breakfast and I exercise and I do my meditation. I do my own breath work and tap into my own body because with my work, it takes a lot of presence. I can not do my job if I'm not completely present with a person because I'm looking at their body and I need to know where do I need to go? Where do I need to touch? How do I how do I talk to this person in a way that will resonate with them and it will help them feel safer. So it takes a great a lot of presence and a lot of focus, focus, attention. So one of the biggest things that I've been that I think that it's been something that has really helps me succeed is being able to observe my mind. And when I wake up in the morning, one of the things that I do, it's I'm just tapping into my body and I'm just reading and I'm feeling myself the sensations and different parts of my body.

And because I'm able to do that. Then when I see another person who walks into my office, I'm able to feel their body as well and tap into what they're feeling as well. So that's been one of the biggest things. And, you know, exercise is the biggest thing that changes my mood into a better mood gives me immediate energy. That's probably the biggest thing that helps me keep going, because the nature of my work is very physical and I'm constantly dealing with people. And a lot of times those people are not in a good mood and they need a lot of support. So in order for me to show up for them, I need to be in a very rich energy state and I achieve being in that rich or super rich energy state by exercising, drinking lots of water and eating really good food.

As soon as I eat something that's not good. If it's gluten or if it's too much grease or too much fat or too much meat, I can immediately feel my energy drop.

I'm very sensitive to what makes my energy come up and what makes my energy drop. So I have this sheet that's energy, asset and energy deficit. And a lot of times I keep track on what makes me what gives me a lot of energy. What makes me show up a better way? What makes me happier and what drains my energy. What type of experiences? What type of interactions or what type of conversations.

Then I try to avoid what will drain my energy because I really want I'm in the office. I need to be at my hundred percent so I can show up with everybody else. And if they are in a poor energy state or a neutral energy state, because I'm I'm rich and I try to be rich in my energy, I can bring them up. And that's one of the biggest things that has helped me with my business. And just and just again, showing up every day and reminding myself why I'm doing this, reminding myself of why this is important. I do feel like our world is going through a very chaotic time. And it's really important for each one of us to show up to the fullest and the best we can. And so that that's basically a day where I'm constantly going. I work and then I work for a few hours and then I take breaks my lunches for about two hours. And during my lunch, I definitely take the time again to come back inward into my body, making sure that I'm clear so that I can help other people.

You are like. An elite athlete.

You know, because you're always needing to be on the top of your game for your clients. You know, if you're not on top of your game, then you can't get them to theirs. And so I love how you've taken such cause and know that if you're not there, then it's not going to be the best experience they can have and they may get the best results. And I mean, everything you described is like preparing for the next game. If you're an athlete, you know, it's about getting sleep. It's about drinking water, eating healthy, exercising, taking time for yourself. But one thing that really stood out to me, which is something I found as another pattern that's very common amongst all successful business people, is having a routine. And sticking to it. And it sounds like you have that routine down, especially like in the morning, you get up your breakfast, you exercise, you do your own work on yourself and meditate and get in, you know, get to your body and prepare yourself for the day ahead. It's kind of like warming up before the game. And lately, you know, you see these elite athletes walk around with headphones. They're in their own mind preparing. And I had that vision, as you're saying, that is like the sounds just like an elite athlete. And so you have to be on top of your game. You have to have energy. I love the fact is that exercise was the main thing that got you into those moods. I mean, the endorphins, I'm sure, are firing up like crazy. And by the way, our mystery guest from YouTube has chimed in. Its Anthony from Kansas City.

Oh, hi, Anthony. Love you, too. Thank you.

And just as you were saying before about folks wanting to come back. Look what else he said. I'm hoping to come back to Dr. Tara soon for a few more sessions. She made me more comfortable with my being than any other person I've known. That is testimony right there. You know, and trust me, no one paid. We don't know who this. Didn't know who this was habitually. No one paid for this. These as they come in. This is phenomenal. Thank you, Anthony, for coming on and shedding the light and sharing the light about Dr. Tara, because that's one of my goals. Emissions for the show is to do just that, is to really put people like Dr. Tara on a pedestal and then spread the word as far and as wide as we possibly can. So for those you watching this, if you are able to go ahead, hit the share button, if you're Facebook, do a watch party, YouTube share. However they enable you grab the link and share it here. List of peeps and linked in the same do the same there. We're all over the place on Periscope as well. And Twitch and multiple Facebook properties. So appreciate you all coming on and watching and engaging. That's what we want the most is for folks to engage like Anthony has. And so appreciate that, Anthony. Because you're adding to the show and adding value. So cannot tell you how much we love that. Let's try it.

I'm actually don't like to be on a pedestal, I'm sweating because you've been complimenting me so much, and I think the reason is I don't like to feel like I have. I'm not ordinary. I'm I'm ordinary. And I try to live an extraordinary life to make it extraordinary. But I'm so ordinary. I have all the struggles that everybody else out there has. And I just want people to know that that I struggle just like everybody else. But it's just that every day I show up and I just know that it's so important for me to fully show up because of how much chaos is in the world. And I really feel like this is time of ascension, that we all need to unite and we all need to do our best so that we could make the world a better place because the planet truly needs a lot of saving.

And you know what?

You are truly unique. You are truly that person that you're saying you don't want to be because you don't want people to think that you're all that and that you see the difference between a successful person as yourself and those that have not yet achieved success. We all do go through the same struggles. All of us. None of us are different. We're all human. The difference is how we react to them. And that is what your main difference between you and those that are praising you. That may not be at that level yet. I don't know at that level or not, but, you know, embrace that. And because you've worked hard to get where you are. You've you've changed your own mindset. You've trained your mind. You've trained your body. You've you've done what's necessary. You've remained consistent. You've stayed with high integrity. All of those things are because of what you did and. Yeah. Own it and enjoy it. And. Yeah. Let let people praise you because you so deserve it. I appreciate you. I think you deserve it. And even Scott where thinks that he you deserve it. He says he too. That Dr. Taro's the tunes you tunes into you and customize as a treatment for you on many levels or treatments are truly a treat. Look at that. Thank God. Yeah. So, yes, and this is beautiful. We do want to put you on a pedestal because because of that you can now, as a result of the word getting out about you, you will be able to help and serve more people. That's really where it's at. Right. Yes. Where you can serve the better. And that's what we want for you. I hope you absolutely crush it. I hope. If if your desires to become wealthy, I hope you become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, because that means you'll be able to scale and help even more people.

Yeah, I always say when I pray would say, God, give me more so I can give more, because I think that success is not about me. It's about me. It's about how do we as as groups succeed? Because the collective psychology is so important, Brian. Our collective thought patterns impact each other in the deepest ways. And I think that one of my biggest passion is to to be wealthy so I can give more and help more and bring people up when I go up, because I think that we need each other in order to be happy.

I love that. Bring them along with you. Yes, exactly. So, I mean, in the short time we've had to talk, it's so brutally obvious to me what a wonderful person you are. And I'm so glad that you graced our stage. Oh, and I wanted to bring that up. There was a there was something I wanted to let her be know about the flexibility of this amazing young woman. We had a conflict of date that we thought the show was going to be on, and I'll just leave it at that. And it was crazy because she had commitments she had made for tonight and said, I don't know if I can make it, but she became flexible. She made a commitment some time ago because the show has become popular. We're booked way out into the future right now for guests. And so I completely got as like. Yeah. Yeah, it's been a while. It's easy to not have the date. And so I just assumed that. OK. Well, I'm going to have to cancel with her and reschedule someone else the next day. She had figured it out. Move your schedule around and said, I'll be there. And that that spoke volumes.

This has only happened one time prior to you, Dr. Tara, which is when someone had to cancel at the last minute. And there are different reasons. One was illness. I don't have a problem with stuff like that, but those that raise the top do what they can to stay true to the commitments. If they can. And that's what you did. And that spoke volumes. I had not met you yet in person. We tapped and I thought, this is a keeper. This is one that people are going to love her. And yes. True form. We see we see the actual evidence, don't we? They're coming on telling you how much they love you. And it's it's all deserved. So deserve because you put in the time, the effort to help people. It's amazing. It's amazing. I'm so happy that you're getting back in hopefully and many fold what you're putting out and giving. It's funny how you and I both. And so along that. So I'm great. I'm so glad you brought up the fact that you're just like everyone else. We're all humans. And the thing one of the things that all humans have are emotions.

And there are five major negative emotions, but the one that seems to be the most prevalent and most powerful and the most constricting and restricting is the one coined as fear.

And fear can come in many forms that can be, you know, we're not talking the fight or flight fear where you have to run for your life, decide if you're going to run or fight. You know, we're talking about more of the subtle type fears of, you know, the resistance, the hesitation, knowing that something's good for you, but that that voice is saying, yeah, but what are people going to think about you or who do you think you are? You're not old enough. All these limiting beliefs come through. If you have a fear, what would you say is your greatest fear at the moment? And then whatever that is, how do you manage that fear?

The biggest one is that I'm not doing it as much as I should. Wow. Especially because I have the opportunity to live here in America. And so many people don't ever get that chance. And people work so hard to come to this land of opportunity. And I truly believe that this is a land of opportunity. So I just hope to be able to achieve all my goals and help as many people as I can and impact the world as much as I can. And I tried to do it by small things every day. So the way I deal with that fear is as soon as I'm out, as soon as I'm interacting with people, I'm giving all of me. I'm showing up. I have no guards up. I would say that I'm one of the most open people that I know. I love apps. I love immediately. And I let people know that I care about them and I love them. And I'm not afraid of getting hurt because I know that it's through getting hurt that we expand and I try to expand instead of contracting when I'm afraid.

So I think that's my biggest fear. And I just tried to show up at my 100 percent at every interaction that I have, especially with people and knowing that every little interaction can make a difference in someone's life. It's the way you acknowledged and with the way you look at someone. It's the way you say their name. So if I go to the grocery store, I always refers to the person with their name and I always make sure that they are fully seen. I'm I'm there. And I'm looking at them. And I'm and I'm seeing them as human beings. And I'm showing my care to them, however small that could be or however small that interaction is. So that's how I that's how I deal with that fear of I'm not doing my best or what if I fight on impact the world as much as I want, but if I don't show up the way I want. But but I just do small things every day to show that myself that this today was the best. I did my best today.

You are in one word, amazing. I'm just going to say. You are amazing. And I think Mr. Beres, Ken Wentworth is on. And he said he he agrees. He says, you rock Dr. Oz the rocks. He's gonna be on the show coming up here not too long from now as a guest expert as well. And by the way, Mr. Nunziata wanted me to express his greetings to you. It said Selo. Joe Nunziata. Numerously. Yeah. Yes. What a great guy. He was just on last week. Had a wonderful time with him as well. Another extremely wonderful, successful entrepreneur as well. And speaking of wonderful and successful, when you're an entrepreneur, like then you have a business. Everything just goes right all the time. Right.

It's supposed to. And I think that's that's the thing about having a business. It's about being flexible and just really believing what in your entire being, because you're in a business of service and because you're constantly serving other people you're serving. They know that you're showing up for them 100 percent. It's going to work out because there is just too much too much positive energy out there that you're putting, that there is no way that things are not going to work. I was just traveling for two weeks and you know how it is with business owners. If you're not in doing your business, the momentum slows down. And obviously, I was afraid that I'm going to come back to an empty office. And today I just kept saying gratitude and appreciation to God because right away, as soon as like two days before I came back, I just had tons of text messages, people wanting to make appointments. I had new clients. And and it's just amazing. I mean, even though I thought my momentum, my momentum out of it is going to be slowed down, it wasn't show.

It's not amazing. It's love how that works out. Yes. Love it. So like we said, it is super easy. It's just autopilot, right? Not to do anything. Once you have a successful business, you just rest on your laurels. And, you know, in that hammock with that umbrella drink and enjoy life. Right. I know. We both know that's not the case. And I say that on purpose. But, you know, it can be struggles at times, at other times, or the things that keep us going. Are those victories so small victories, those big victories, whatever they might be? What would you say? Looking back now, is has been the most satisfying moment you've had in your business.

It's when I get the blood work, so I do blood work before and after for my many of my practice members. And it's when I see those physiological changes by just simply not even not even changing their diets, not even changing. They're not even giving them supplements. By just knowing that they were able to tap into their body and they were able to connect with the organizing intelligence of their body, and that organizing intelligence has upgraded their body to the point where their chemistry and their physiology is different. And those are the most satisfying moments of my life. It's when I when I came back from my vacation, I had like tons of cards from people that they had written me cards and they had thanked me for the services that I have done for them. And now they're living their life with a greater quality. It's those rewards, it's those moments or it's when I look at my bank accounts and I have enough to give. And knowing that I did this, this was I. I'm not you know, I'm not relying on insurance companies to pay me. I'm relying to people. And people are the ones that they value my work. And I'm getting paid by people. And that is so satisfactory. I'm I'm I can't even express it in words. How satisfying it is to know that I don't have a boss. I don't have to rely on a corporation. I cannot get fired. It's the people who support me. And. And in return, I support those people.

Wonderful. Wonderful. We have a question from the audience. OK. And it's right down the alley of what I was about to ask you. So I'm going to let Mr. Wentworth ask the question here. And you can see it right there. What is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration.

It's to be able to know that I'm nothing. But I'm also everything.

And then you are.

It's true to know the fact that even though my body is mortal, but I'm immortal and there is something that we can say really. We can really see it, but it's there. It's it's so in in this beautiful being in the ebb and flow of life and knowing that there is something greater than us that is pushing us forward. And if you're really listening, if you really tap into it, it it feels almost tangible. And that's that's my inspiration. My aspiration is the human. You know, look at all the humans, what they've done. And just looking at all this, all the, you know, the human struggle and seeing how how humans always rise. Most of them, they rise to the top and they they change the world. And I just want to be one of those people, even if it's if it if the change is small. But knowing that I did my best to create those changes for our planet. I'm Brian after traveling through Europe and really feeling the climate change. One of the biggest things that I want to do is to do everything I can to save the planet because global warming felt so real. In Sweden, they didn't have any snow and they had the warmest winter ever. So I'm I'm inspired to be the change I want to see in the world.

And you're already there. You know, you're saying I want to be and I hope to be. You're there. You're doing it every single day already. And now it's just about scaling it and getting out there and helping and serving more people. And hopefully this will have some part in doing that and putting you on the show. And by the way, the show is not over when it's live. You know, when the light was done, the show is repurposed many times it goes out. As you can see on parch, partially on the screen. Twenty five actually podcasting platforms that will be on Roku and Amazon fire TV. We have a channel there.

And these you know, people like Dr. Terry Roster are the ones that I love to put on a pedestal and show off to the rest of the world. And Mr. is awesome. He enjoyed that response very much. Thank you so much, Mr. Bizz. Mr. Wentworth. Here's the thing. We're getting low on time. And I need to I want to I want to reveal to everyone how they can win five nights, stay at a five star Mexican resort, and it doesn't have to be in Mexico. You can choose different ways. We're going to do that in just a moment. Dr. Tara, what I want to do is I'd like to close the show with one special question and I've asked this of all past guests, experts. So, Mr. Beers, you have to close your ears because you're gonna be asked the same question. You're not supposed to know what it is until you don't have to close them yet. I'll tell you when it comes up and it's a it's a very telling not the question isn't so telling us the answers. And I can't wait to hear yours. And before we do that, what I want to do, though, is remind everybody, because there's not just one gift being given away tonight. Dr. USTA also or Dr. Tara also has something really wonderful for you as well.

So let's go to the vacation. Stay right now and let's I'll show you exactly how you can enter to win. We give one of these away every single show. And I hope you that are watching right now, you become the winner. Here we go. Pull out. You now have our permission to take your gaze away from us for just a moment and pull out your phone and type in the phone number 6 6 1 5, 3, 5, 1, 6, 2, 4. This is in your texting application. And then in the message area, tap in the word peak. That's PJAK and tap on the send button again. That's 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. And enter the word peak PJAK and you could be on your way to a vacation, stay in a full service resort of your choosing in the location of your choice. Pretty phenomenal. If I do say so myself, get back to the woman of the hour. And now Dr. Terrorist has a gift she would like to impart on everyone. And if you're OK with it, I will let you describe it. And I'll bring up your Web site while you do that so people can take a look at more of your brilliance in that time as well. That's some good.

Yes. So I am offering an initial visit which is broken down into two visits. You will be receiving a two hour session of Netflix, final analysis and a vibrant acoustic sound therapy. And you will come for a follow up and you will receive another treatment and you will also get a recommendation plan based on the scans that you will have on the first visit, which is of your heart, so we can look at your heart and see how your heart is functioning. We'll look at. Use a thermal scan for your spine and see how your spinal cord is functioning and how your nerves are communicating with your organs. And we will also use a surface electro Magro you to look at your muscles and see how efficient the way your muscles are firing are.

And based on those scans that will create a recommendation plan for you and you will receive that on the second visit.

This is a two hundred and seventy nine dollars worth of value and you will receive it for a gift if you email me right now. So my email is d.r dot t are a RISC A at G-mail dot com. The first person who e-mails me will receive this gift.

Fantastic. And it was, what, perfect timing because our buddy was just asking, how can we contact you? Phenomenal. And there it is on the screen or it was just a moment ago. Her e-mail address and this is for the first person that emails her. That email address. And then I wanted to also touch quickly on you have a retreat coming up soon. So I wanted to give you an opportunity to discuss that just a little bit and show people how they can get in touch with you to potentially join you on this wonderful retreat.

Yes, I'm doing a retreat, a day retreat in Long Beach. February 1st with my good friend Toby Ganz and another musician, Mike Romero, where he's going to do harmonizing music at the end of the events. Basically, what we're gonna do is we're going to take you through the stages of healing and teach you how to tap into different parts of your body, using your breath, using movement, using focus attention so that you could discover more of the intelligences within your body and learn to let go of things that are keeping you stuck in the body and also claim your power and claim to different intelligences that can help you expand your mind and your body and for you to feel deeper connection to what it is that it will do it as a group and the collective field will definitely help you shift even more. And we'll we will also take you through different types of meditation. And there's also live music. So it's an amazing day of unwinding, healing and connecting deeper to yourself.

Fantastic. And there is the Web site you see at the bottom. It's Sheck s h e k. This is for our audio only listeners. S-H E.K. Wholistic H O L I s t i c dot com forward slash Soma. This is all lowercase, by the way, this last part. S O M a dash hyphen. Same thing day D.I.Y. hyphen retreat or it?i or eat a t. So go ahead and check that out. Go to that Web site. You can see everything you need to know there. You can connect with Dr. Tara Rostow. You've got her email address now. And there's also a contact list at the top of this page as well that you can also reach out to her for that. And so with that, you know. You know, it's still coming, right. Dr. Tara, you know, ask the question. That's right. It is still committed. Did not go away. Are you ready? I'm ready. So just so you know. OK. Can if you're still watching, this is time to plug your ears to run you until well, until you see the closing credits. No, it's all right. It's all right. We love having you here. It's an amazing question, because. Of the fact that there is no such thing as a wrong answer. It can't. It's impossible. In fact, just the opposite is the case. The only correct answer is yours because it's a personal question. Everyone answers that definitely. Don't worry, it's not deeply personal. It's just it's a very personal question. Each one is unique and so given that.

Here we go. Dr. Tara Roster. How do you define success?

For me, success is when I feel fulfilled with what I have brought into the world, and I know that I'm going to if I were to die tomorrow, I know that I left this place better than it was before. At least for the people that got to meet me and they got to interact with me, even if it was for a short period of time.

Excellent. I was taking notes. Oftentimes it's so interesting to ask that question because sometimes if I don't come on right away and start talking. They will continue and gets better and better. Or they just describe it more or more. And sometimes they say one word and they're done.

You realize that it was the one hour reach. So I don't I don't want to go home yet.

See, that is that is Dr. thaat to her core. She is looking out for others and being respectful because. Yeah, we are at two minutes past the hour. And the beautiful thing about this is we're not on a radio station or television network that makes us shut down at a specific time. We can go off a little bit longer if necessary or even shorter, never shorter, ever. The beautiful thing about your answer was just true to form. There have not yet been. And where we're pushing. I think 80 guests that we've gone through and asked this question so far, no two have answered it the same way. That's why it's so personal. And the other part is no one has made it about money. And that is because the mindset that you have, that is because of how you are so geared toward and worried and more concerned about being of integrity and being at cause and helping and serving others. It's not about Dr. Tara having a wonderful car and a wonderful house, which you deserve, what you deserve.

It's more about, you know, leaving this place, knowing that you've done what you could, you know.

Good deed, and that's amazing.

And so that just speaks volumes about you, who you are. I'm so blessed and thankful that you came on and that all of this worked out because I was beginning to wonder because, you know, these things happen. And I'm so thankful that you found a way to be flexible and make it on the show. I appreciate you more than you have any idea. And let's stay in touch. And I hope everyone out there continues to connect with her. If you know anyone in Southern California, in the Orange County area, that is someone chic. And even from where I'm at. I'm up in the L.A. County. Doesn't matter. What is your health worth? You have to ask yourself that. What is your health worth? Is it worth enough to commute if you need to commute? Then do it if it's worth enough to fly and stick around for a while and do it. Whatever it takes. Dr. Tara can help you. So give her a call. Email her. Connect with her in. You know, just be the best person you can be because being with her, that is what you saw the comments. They were coming in. These aren't made up. She has made impact on a lot of people's lives. So I wanted to say thank you again, Dr. Tara asked. Do you have any final parting words of wisdom or comment? You'd like to leave.

Thank you so much, Brian. I guess the last thing I want to say is instead of claiming ordinary claim, extraordinary everyday, it's a choice.

And that explains you love. Yes. All right. So thank you all so much. Thank you, Dr. Tara, on behalf of Dr. Tara. This is Brian Kelly once again saying so long from The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. We'll see you again next week. And I cannot wait to see you once again. Thank you again, Dr. Tara. And be blessed. We'll see you again next time.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows. This show was Brian Kelly.

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