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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. We have an amazing, amazing show tonight. We've got a nice panel of experts all waiting. They're sitting there patiently waiting in the backstage in the green room, we'd like to call it. And we're going to be bringing those two fine gentlemen on soon. And we do have a couple more who might be joining us as we go through the show. It's going to be an amazing show because we're going to get value. We're going to get tips. We're going to get advice from different types of businesses and from different levels of success. This is going to be amazing. So sit tight and enjoy the ride. And by the way, be very inquisitive and comment, ask questions. In other words, participate. Go ahead and we will give you shout outs as you do so as we see the comments roll in and then we'll post your questions as they come in. We love to have interaction. All right. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about? Well, in my now fifty five years on this planet, I recently in the last decade or so, I began studying just those people who are successful that reach a level of success that I aspire to reach. And I started noticing over the course of time that there were patterns developing. And those patterns fell in three areas that you might guess were in mind, body and business. So mind being mindset is what that stands for. And these successful individuals to a person all seem to have this incredible, powerful, positive mindset. You could just tell when you interacted with them. When I spoke to them, I was just there something different about them and something that made them unique. And I I was deeply curious of how they acquired and got that kind of mindset, because people aren't born most people aren't born with that kind of mindset. And so through the course of my life, I've learned of special techniques and tools and sciences that do help you to change your mind for the better. And then body that's truly all about taking care of one's body. It's about putting in the right nutrition and it's about exercising on a regular basis. I know for some of you, exercise is a four letter word. And just so you know, guys, that does not mean you need to be a bodybuilding Adonis like Arnold Schwarzenegger was in his day. And ladies, that does not mean you need to be a supermodel. What it does mean is that you just need to exercise on a regular basis, which just means move. And it doesn't mean you have to do it every day for a full hour, two hours a day for your entire life. It means to do it on a regular basis and you will know when you are feeling better. And that's how you meet or how often you exercise. I like to do it, you know, between five and six days a week. But I don't go crazy and do multiple hours every single day. And what you find is when you are nurturing your body in both physical activity and nutrition, you're taking it and you are developing that rock solid, powerful mindset. Then you have what I call a successful foundation, not just for your business, but for your life. So those two are really the most important, which might seem odd. The third, which is just as important, but in order, it's best to get mind and body straightened out first. You can do at the same time a business that's multifaceted, multifaceted. It's marketing, sales team building, systematizing, delegating leadership skills. It goes on and on and on. And the thing is, is folks that have achieved a great level of success have mastered all three of these areas. I call them the three pillars of success, and that's mind body business. And speaking of success, another great quality of those who are very successful that I've found are most are avid readers. Readers are leaders. And it's not it's it's usually not the other way around, just that way. Readers are leaders and depends on if you're reading the right things. So real quickly, we're gonna Segway into a quick segment, call bookmarks.

Bookmarks. Born to read. Bookmarks. Ready, steady, read. Bookmarks, brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
There you have it,, that is a Web site that I literally put together with you in mind the business or the entrepreneur. And by the way, for all of you joining live. Thanks for coming on. And we love this here. Where are you from? Just put a shout out in the comments below. And also, any questions you have during the show? Take those in. We will see them and I will bring them up. And or they appear. I will be phenomenal because we have two phenomenal guests waiting in the wings. I'm going to bring them on very soon. And more will be joining us shortly thereafter. Real quick. The reach or peak library dot com? Now, for those of you that are watching live and even those that are watching or listening on a recording, it's very important to note that it's the best thing for you to do is to get up a piece of paper and a pen and take notes. And what I mean by that is instead of actually going off and looking at these Web sites and resources that you're going to be given access to during the show, not only from myself, but more specifically and more importantly from my guests that are coming on. And the important thing is to stick with us. Write down the notes and visit these resources later, because the last thing we want to see is you miss that golden nugget that you missed because you went off and got distracted. So stay in the room. The magic happens in the room. So real quick. That is a Web site that I put together again, specifically with you in mind. And the whole thing is it's just a collection of books that I've personally read. It goes on and on. There's over 40 books in this one list. I'm way behind and updating it. But I did this so that for those you that are curious, that are out there looking for the next great book or the first great book, you can then at least know that at least one successful person has vetted this list and will be easy for you to quickly find a book and not waste your time on something you're uncertain of. And so that's why I created That is my gift to all of you that are watching, listening on all that come across the Web site. It's very important that I learned quickly. I didn't used to read hardly at all until, gosh, it's 15 years ago or so. I finally started reading voraciously. And it has changed my life dramatically for the better. And so I highly recommend you go check out that resource. Nothing is for sale there. You can go click and buy your books directly from it. The links are all there, but it's not for sale. Meaning I'm not selling them. It's going to Amazon for you to pick up those books. Fantastic. So it is that time. We're not going to waste any more time. It's time to bring on the people you came to see. And those are my special guests, experts waiting in the wings. Let's do that right now. Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Aavvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big-league, qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there they are, ladies and gentlemen, it is Tyson Walsh and Derek Boykin. Welcome to the show, my buddies.

Hello. Hello. Thanks for having us.

And so everyone underst-, I wanted to understand how these two gentlemen came to be on this show tonight. I'm pulling back the curtain a little bit because I had another guest experts scheduled for tonight who unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute. And I started reaching out to contexts. And one was from a group that I'm involved in that is in a livestreaming group that is Tyson. And another is now a personal friend of mine, Derek, who I met in August at a live entrepreneurial event. And I just started reaching out to people that I knew that I would trust. And speaking of people I knew I would trust, another buddy of mine is just joining. His name's Anthony. Gary Anthony, if you're ready, nod your head so I can see. Sometimes he doesn't have his audio on just yet. I'll come back to him in a moment real quick. What I want to do is go around and have everybody interview them or introduce themselves.

And so since we have Tyson on the upper corner here. Tyson, if you would mind, let let everybody know what it is you're up to. What is your business? What is all what are all those bottles, those bottles behind you? What are you up to? And let's just learn about you as as a person real quick, if you don't mind.

Absolutely. Thank you. First of all, the bottles behind me, they are hundreds of bottles of beard oils. And so, as you can see, I do have a beard. And my business is YouTube. It's it's centralized on YouTube. And it's helping beard companies, these Middle-Class individuals who have decided to start their business making beer products and help them grow and reach an audience of people that can benefit from beer products. So I am on YouTube. I make YouTube videos.

But beyond that, behind the scenes I work with, the companies want to help them grow their business through marketing, through their website design. And anything on that, including doing promo videos for them or anything like that. So that's kind of the big thing that I'm up to right now and into growing my YouTube presence and my marketing abilities to help other people grow their business.

Fantastic. Thank you so much for that. And when you can all see, we have a new amazing addition to the team. Real quick before we move over to Anthony, though, Derek.

My man, we met back in August at an amazing seminar entrepreneurial event. It was just I could not believe the quality of people in this. I've been to so many of these kinds of events, and this one really raised the bar. And in part due the fact that you yourself were there as well, Derek, and just wanted to give you an opportunity to introduce yourself, let people know what your current businesses and what you know, just what makes you tick, what makes you so incredible and so successful.

Things, Brian, I definitely say the same about you. It was an incredible event and meeting you as a part of that.

So my experience in sales fixing things is always let into consulting.

And one of the best parts about consulting is I get to leverage all the strengths that picked up from interacting with people, selling products and services, making things better.

And just really honing in on different things that the business can do, which is one of the things that I learned about coaching often would spend a lot of time doing a lot of coaching before a consulting contract would ever come to fruition.

And with that, I realize that I'm a really effective coach and it would make more sense to do both. So as a coach, I'm able to work with people in their mindset to help them grow their business, to help them further understand and develop emotional intelligence and also uncover, you know, areas where there's money in their business that they're not necessarily seeing or they don't really feel that connection.

I love the uncovering of money part that that's going to move a lot of needles, I'm sure. And also with Tyson, the YouTube, definitely we're going to talk about that tonight because that is a big oh, there's so many things going on, not just the news. I don't know if all of you've heard about this whole thing about kopa are up on or off. It's pronounced properly.

But how that's going to impact entrepreneurs is yet to be determined. There are a lot of opinions flying around. But let's introduce Superman number three. He's right beneath me as if we're like The Brady Bunch in the beginning of the show. He's also affectionately known as Batman or The Dark Knight. Either one or both is a personal, close, dear friend of mine. And you can tell by looking that we are we are actually twins separated at birth. He's an amazing guy. I love him dearly, like my brother. It's Anthony, Gary. How are you doing, my man?

How are you, Brian? Doing good today. Doing good. And I'm Linda Sheru. Real quick, guys, with the audience here. You know, I have so much love and respect for Brian that he reached out to me a couple hours and, you know, can I come on and chat for a minute? I have nothing. I'm just here to hang out, support my friend. But I want you guys know I am in the middle of making adjustments to be able to be available here. So if I if you guys see me disappearing stuff because Brian is that important that I will adjust things. But also, I got some family here. I got to cook dinner for the wife and a few things. So I'll look in and out. But I'm happy to participate. Brian, you know, gets that kind of respect. And then the people he brought on, these two gentlemen here in talking about mindset, we're going to talk about U-2s to two areas that I'm a little familiar with, but always wanting to get better and improve. And so I'm looking forward to hearing more about what they put on the table and how they do that and sharing some of the stuff that I've been doing and some things going on my life, too.

So I can't wait to hear what's been going on in your life because we've kind of lost touch for a few weeks. We usually stay in touch pretty good. But just so everyone here knows is Anthony. Gary is a search engine optimization expert. And and he acquired those skills prior to Facebook ads coming prominent. So he is one of those guys that go to that knows this stuff inside and out. He's not somebody just came on the scene lately. In fact, he's using some pretty wild technology at this very moment, helping me with my Web sites of choice to increase viewership and exposure through organic searches and Google. And it's amazing what Anthony does. And I can't wait for all of us to connect. And then for those you watching live or recording comment, tell us, you know, ask tell us where you're from. We want to hear from you. What questions do you have for any of these fine gentlemen on the screen? And then, Anthony, if you start if you get to a point where you think you're going to have to bolt soon, then let me know so we can get you showcased before that happens. And this for those you watching, this is not a show for people to pitch their wares. It is a show for people to show you the value that they bring, that they have achieved a certain level of success. And the show's purpose is for you to be able to see how they did that and then to simply model it. I mean, Tyson, Derek Anthony, do you give everyone who's watching permission to model your success?

100 percent.

So everyone watching and listening, that's all there is to it. I mean, I wish I could make it more difficult, but that's it. If you find someone who's got a level of success that you aspire to achieve, all you need to do is model them. That means copy and you have permission. They just gave it to you. And you have my permission as well. And so given that this is a gift for all of you, so get those pens right and get that writer's cramp going and comment. Tell us where you're coming from.

If you're on YouTube, if you're Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, tell us what part of the world you're watching from and ask a question of any of our panelists that are on the show. And we'll get to you. We'll give you a shout out as well. So let's just go around the horn in all of that. We had a gentleman. Come on, Tyson. You know what? You've got something going on. We had a very brief discussion before. I've never met Tyson, by the way. He came on. He's part of a group that we both belong to. It's a group of professional Lifestream streamers. And I trust the people in their inherently. And so just talking to Tyson briefly before the show. This is an amazing young man. And he's doing some great, great things and he's doing some great things in an area that everyone should be targeting and spending time in. And that is YouTube. He's part of it. So if you wouldn't mind a group of professional get go from one of them.

I'll one the last thing that came on you here just for a little bit, Tyson in YouTube. Go ahead and tell us your story of YouTube, that how you started it, why you started it and then what your purpose was. And how did you end up getting the momentum you're getting now?

Ok, absolutely. Thank you. The YouTube kind of came about because, I mean, it's a crazy story, honestly. My last November, my wife talked me into doing no shave November, so I went with no shave November. Anybody that's growing a beard or doing anything like that. If you've grown men before, you know, you get a couple of weeks and you get to that edgy phase and you're just kind of like, I can't do this.

I can't do this. So you start researching. How do I get past this phase and you run across beard oil. So the first thing you run into his beard oil, you start researching beard oil. Well, anytime you do any research at Ali due to YouTube, it seems like it's YouTube has this amazing power, obviously, because it's owned by Google. So when do you go do a Google search? It's going to naturally lead you to something on YouTube. And I started watching YouTube videos and got my creative juices flowing.

I was with kind of like, you know, what are some cool, really cool stuff on YouTube? I think it's stuff that I can do. I have a lot of knowledge to share with people. And I like to get creative and do those types of things. So I talk to my wife a little bit about it and I kind of ran it by her. You know, there's a lot of reviewer type people on YouTube and she said, you know why?

You know, if this is something you want to do. Go for it. So I created the channel and it's called Faithfully Bearded. And, you know, the story behind that is, you know, we're all born in Christ and I'm extremely faithful. I put God first in everything. And so I named it faithfully bearded. And Christianity and beards go together. And there's a long backstory with that. And, you know, you can check it out on the channel or, you know, we can have discussions about it later. But so I started the channel, started buying beard products myself to use on myself. And I thought, you know what, let's just make videos on these. And I started with my cell phone. I made a couple videos for my cell phone. I uploaded them.

And, you know, I get a couple of views here and there. And it just it just really snowballed from there. I really got into like, I want to make this work. I am determined. I am determined to make this work and benefit somebody however I can. My goal going in was to bring exposure to big companies that need to be known about because they're either really good people or they have really good products. But on the other side of that is to make awareness for men who have beards, that there are solutions out there because we have a stigma about bearded men. And I want to break that mold. You know, I want to show everybody that bearded men can be passionate and they're not all bad people. We can work in a corporate world and have a nice beard on our face and not be a dirty, disgusting thing that it might have been in years past or just what people perceive it to be. So I can start making those videos. And I thought to myself, well, how do I how do I grow this? And so you mentioned in your intro that successful people read a lot. Now, to be a hundred percent honest, I don't read books. I don't like to read books. I my mind starts wandering on other events of the days when I start reading books. But you get me into research, research and things that I'm interested in. And that's where my brain really ticks and where I really go. So I spent hours upon hours upon hours researching the YouTube algorithm different ways, too. Like I said, I started shooting on my cell phone and I thought, you know what, if this is gonna be a thing, I can't just be sitting in my kitchen shooting on a cell phone.

I need to get a camera. I need to get lighting. I need to create a studio. So when I at least have a production to put up into the web, that it's a quality, something that somebody wants to watch and somebody wants to listen to. So I did that. And then I really started working with the algorithm of YouTube and how that works. And that's where I really started gaining traction, subscribers and people watching my videos and commenting on my videos. And it has now I started that in January literally with one subscriber, which was my wife. And now I'm almost a forty five hundred subscribers. But subscribers aside, you know, that's for anybody that wants to create a YouTube channel or do something successful on YouTube. Subscribers are nice and they help. But what you really want to do is come across new people. You want people to watch your content. And depending on what route you want to go and if you want to try to just make money on YouTube off of ads, you really just need people to watch your videos and to watch them all the way through. But if you want to become an influence and open the doors beyond the YouTube and filmmaking to promote people's products, to help people grow their business, then you really need interaction and you need to bring new eyeballs in. And so that's what I've really been focused on, is how to bring in more people and new people. But then also give them something in. Turn. So when you watch a lot of my videos, there's a lot of advice in there. And there's a lot of open arms of, you know, come to me, message me if you have anything. I've done videos beyond beard.

You know, I've gone into fitness is a big passion as well. And mental health is a big passion with a lot of suicides of my family.

So really just trying to benefit people that way and then benefit businesses. So utilizing my channel to help others. However I can.

Fantastic. And I love how you say it's about getting new eyeballs. And if you could briefly share with us once successful strategy abused. I mean, 4000 there aren't that many people on YouTube that have even four thousand subscribers and viewers. That's that's impressive that you did that since what, January you said you have since January.

Twenty ninth is when I started. And the big thing I attribute to is if you add anything that you do, any business that you start, you have to get it out there in front of people. So I started with inviting my friends and family to like the channel and share it out to their friends and hitting as many when anytime I make a video, I had as many means of transportation, you could call it as I can. So it goes up on Facebook, it goes up on Twitter. I ask my followers to to share it out because then they're hitting a new audience. But that only gets you so far, right? Because at the same people are watching it over and over. They're sharing it to the same people. So that's where you really dive into MCO tags, titles, what people are searching. And you really have to think on YouTube. What are people typing into YouTube? If my content is about beards, what do people go to Google and what do they type in when they want to know about beards? And a lot of times it would be what is the best beard oil. So if I'm doing a review for ABC company and if I were to title it ABC company review, that video is going to get no views because nobody's searching for ABC review unless there is people searching for it. But in a smaller niche like this. People aren't searching for that. They're searching for broader things. How do I cut my beard? How do I groom my beard? And so sometimes you have to think like this is the art that I created. But this is how I get it to the people that are searching for. What are they searching for? That I can use that terminology to get them to my art, because we don't necessarily think the same way when we create something that people that are going to find it are thinking to search for.

My goodness, I don't know how. But right now, I don't know how Anthony is not jumping out of his skin because this is right down his path. This is his bailiwick, FCO. Everything you're saying, I'm just like one. Oh, my goodness. You two need to talk.

I would love to. Actually, when I heard what he did, I was like, I've got to talk to this guy afterwards.

Can I share Anthony, just from a high level view about the trick thing that's going on?

Yes, you do. Then I'll tell you what I just looked at about fifteen minutes ago on your particular one of your campaigns. So, yeah.

So I don't even know how this works. But man is doing search engine optimization for me for three of my Web sites and it involves these guys and it involves downloading, installing an app, putting in a specific project code that Anthony did on his end, did some magic. And then this app runs in the background as long as my phone is on and connected to data. And so I have, I don't know, six or seven phones now at these apps running. And there's a reason behind. I'm not going to go into it. Why? I'll let Anthony go as far down that rabbit hole as he wants. But it's amazing technology that helps get your keywords higher up in the Google searches. And then for you, Tyson, and you're looking to get people to find you by searching. Well, guess who owns YouTube? We all know it's Google. Perfect. Right. What a perfect marriage. So, Derek, I apologize, if you don't mind. We'll segway over to Anthony just because it's flowing that way.

I got to go let my step daughter in the house real quick so I'll be gone for about 10 seconds.

Good run down state person or that's a perfect Segway into search engine optimization. This is great because so many people want to know, including myself.

How do you get greater visibility? I love how you talk, Tyson, about sharing it out, like putting it on Facebook. And one question real quick on that is if you put a YouTube video. How do you announce it on Facebook? Do you get the YouTube link and ask them to become a subscriber on YouTube? How do you get them to cross the fence, so to speak, in this in the platforms?

Man, that's really hard because you got you got two entities fighting for the attention, right? Facebook wants to keep you on Facebook. They don't want you clicking on that YouTube link that you're linking and going over to YouTube. They want you to stay on Facebook. So a couple of different ways you. Do it, you can. You can take that video that you recorded and upload it on YouTube. You can take that and you can upload it directly natively to Facebook and get views that way. That is a strategy that I'm not doing because my strategy isn't necessarily to grow my Facebook. It's more to grow the YouTube following. So what I do right now is YouTube. When you upload a video, you have a way to share it from YouTube. I share that out. But then I focus on Facebook keywords, so I share it to pit my page on Facebook and then keyword it. But I also share in relative relative groups, related groups to the topic that it's on. So if I'm doing a video on suicide prevention or any type of charity work that we do, I try to go into groups like that and just share it out.

But I feel like with Facebook, you've got to be a little bit careful just for the fact of if the only time I'm posting on Facebook is to share a link to a video. Eventually you're going to lose credibility. So you want to really be careful on how you do videos. And so a lot of times what I'll do is I'll kind of just hang out in groups and I'm in quite a few bearded groups. And when somebody asks a question and I have a video made that can answer that question, then I'm kind of just type a little bit respark a little bit of a response and then link them to my video. You know, you can also check out the video right here on YouTube. And once you get them in there. The point is just to get them to your channel. Once you get em to your channel, hopefully your content is good enough. And you've been asking. You have good call to actions and they get subscribed from basically from watching your videos.

Very good. And so for those you watching. There's no crystal ball. There's no magic pill. All you need to do is take notes and then follow what Tyson is telling you and then what Anthony is about to tell you with his guest behind him. That's pretty awesome. We've got we've got animation. We've got action. She's been in the door. She didn't have to call a door anymore. That's fantastic. No more scratch marks. So, Anthony, we're about to go down that that fun place of this magical thing you do. And you got to go into detail about that. But you had something on your mind I could tell to have kind of piggyback on what Tyson was talking about.

I got so much, guys.

I don't want to be a screen hard, but, you know, my thing is traffic. Realistically, guys, people come to me because they want traffic, they need people, leads, buyers, whatever the case may be. And I use the various platforms. Has Brian mentioned I started my game and S.E.A.L. So it's really brahms' Congress. But I do, you know, pay traffic, Facebook, YouTube and those various platforms. So, you know, Tyson mentioned a couple of things down ganster. First and foremost, really. And in this marketing, guys, if you really want to do this well, and I was would say easy. What you want to do is solve a problem. People have a ton of problems and we're going to search for them whether whatever search engine, because we want that problem solved. I got a headache. I'm overweight. Whatever. My beard is dry. Whatever the problem is. So all you really have to do is speak to that problem until people you have the answer and you're gonna get some. You're going to get people to come to you. So when I do CEO for clients that are doing, you know, YouTube marketing. And one of first things I do method. The first thing I do as CEO was for a client is tell them we're going to create a YouTube channel and we're going to go out there and do that. And the real reason why there's a couple of reasons, but one, the biggest reason why is your YouTube channel is your TV channel. It's the modern day equivalent and you control it. You can put your message how you want it, when you want it all.

You know, out there of charge, you can reach a ton of people. You can't really get better than that, especially starting off. And like we all know, you know, Google owns YouTube. So, again, they're going to show love to their channel. So when the first CEO steps, you can do this and let me back them. Make sure when you create or go down this marketing path that you had the resource and dedicate to is nothing worse than starting a channel, a Twitter, following any of these other ones and starting and then stopping. It looks like you're dead, you're out of business. So whichever platform you decide to go after can commit to it and go after it. But we like to start clients on YouTube because free is fast. And I've got a simple I've got simple format because a lot to answer what I talk about. I'll say if you've been busy with the time you got anywhere from three to five questions that people ask you every single day. Start there. Answer the question. One, the questions people ask me all the time is what's better, YouTube or Facebook? Well, my video might be a matatus YouTube, Facebook, in which one you should be using. So now people are searching for. They're gonna come up that they're going to see me talk about that. They're gonna stand that. And they may know they'll take action based on that. So, again, I'm going down to is digressing a little bit here. Brian and I were involved in İcra Brian start this Mind-Body business site and it's a brand new site.

He had no traffic, no followers, anything. I had a new program that I was putting together. It was NCO base and it's based on. Leveraging Google's algorithm, leveraging their rank brain process, their ranking process, basically wants to provide a good experience to their searchers. The searches customers are people searching. They're not us, the marketers. So they want to make sure that the searchers get what they're looking for. And if a search doesn't get what he's looking for, that's a bad experience. And that's how sites are pushed down and not get a ranking. But if you provide a quality experience, you provide the right answer. What people are looking for that matches the search term Google and say, wow, you really are giving me a good experience, we're going to reward you. So what Brian is talking about is our program helps the search engines understand that you're putting together a great experience. It helps them find that you are relevant to these particular search terms. And Brian, I took a look before I started this morning, a few months before I started this call and your site now, which started with zero. And we've been doing this since. Let me look at, um, pull up my site real quick. I did a screenshot of macenta a little bit later, Brian, but we started the process in approximately June of this year and you were ranking 4 0 has at this moment November 19. You are RINCKEY for 22 keywords. So what happens now? There are 22 different terms there, Brian. Is all of a sudden showing up on the map for it.

And this is the evolutionary process gives to SVO, takes a few minutes worth of work and time to go. However, I want you, Brian, to answer how much work are you actually doing? Because the program all you had to do was set it up on a device and not let the device run. So the customer and my clients are not doing work. My team and I are doing the work behind the scenes. We move Brian up the scale to Twitter. Key words. I'm going to tweak and adjust his campaign tonight and we'll go, oh, we're just going to keep shooting growing up. But what this allows you for some like Tyson. You just do what you do. You keep doing your videos. You keep doing your content. My system can pick up from that stuff and just start finding other keywords attaching you to. It's a wonderful process. And Brian, if you want, we can put on screen a screen presentation later on. But guys, this is simple, wonderful process for SVO, works for anybody. Local businesses, it really works well. And it's I try to make less work for the client. I tried automation as Brian's big automation. There's a lot of automation involved in this process also. And again, for those who don't want to go that way, completely white out. There's nothing that ethical, not an evil about it. Nothing is cheap. But it's really it's really simple and diabolical in its design and its execution. And it's exactly what Google and Rank Brang are looking for. We're just giving it to them on a plate.

As far as effort involved, it was brutal. I mean, it took me absolutely seconds to get the setup. Yes, he got the joke. Good. So I basically downloaded an app from in this case, it was the Appstore on Android and from Google Play. And I entered a project code. I think that's what you called it, Antony, that Antony gave me. And all he said was just leave it on. And that was the extent of my effort. That's it. I mean, we had a chat. He's got he will find out what it is you are trying to achieve and then help determine your keywords with you. I won't take that long because he's an expert at what he does. It's just fun watching his passion as he's talking about disease, jazz. And the cool thing is it doesn't cost a lot of money. It's far less than most marketing approaches that I've ever seen. And I've I have tried so many. Let me tell you. Oh, my goodness. And spent a lot of money on it. And this will not break your bank. It is very, very affordable. Again, we're not here to sell this. Here's the thing. In my you know, I used to think anyone that came on a show or anything and promoted any product whatsoever, they were a shyster. I used to think that it's like, oh, you're just here to promote a product. Well, you know what? If we didn't tell you about the existence of these sources and resources, then it would be, in my opinion now a disservice to you, because we want to give you only the best of the best that we are aware of. Now, I'm not saying it's the best in the world because I'm not worldly, nor is Anthony, nor is Tyson or Derek. But the thing is, we're here to help. That's the bottom line. It's about intent. And the intent here is to spread the word about things that you can use. And all you have to do is have that conversation with Anthony Tyson. And, you know, if if you guys need any beard oil, you know, talk to little small compared.

But you know, again, Tyson, I know you do kind of. Brian, you said some of the ketchup a little bit.

You know, key-words is huge. So, again, Bryan, to you, to your thinking. You know, there's some resources and tools I use to research, you know? For example, when I find a client, I sort of list about twenty five hundred keywords, so Tyson, if you're not doing those kind of numbers when you're starting a search out with expand your horizons, start looking at that and there's some tools and resource that I can get to brand that you can share with the audience that will let them, you know, do some of the stuff like that. You know, Tyson, expand if you look out there, solve problems for people. Find work people. You know the question or question. Ask people's what keeps you up at night? And if this keeps you up at night. My problem can solve that. Then you need to talk to me. And that's that's how you should be. Think of the people you're talking to.

So let's find out their mindset. Let's go. I me say this to again. Helps me a tinsley a lot with mindset.

And you know, so it's a big thing I've been a part of. But I've I've I learned reading books is something I wasn't getting as much as I'd get from hanging out with Brian. So when he said when you said you do some coaching, you kind of shift over to mindset type of stuff. Yeah, that that got me excited because again, it's a conversation with clients that I have all the time to get them to. It smells like it time to expand your keyword search, so, Derrick, I want to know what's going on with mindset.

So the beautiful part about coaching and consulting is we're always in a role to help people.

And first and foremost, that's the whole purpose of this experience on this very cool planet that various weather conditions were subjected to. Thank you. I'm here in Southern California. So with that said, like I had a lot of fun talking with potential clients in a consultancy about the cool stuff we could do in their business. The ideas of how we can market, how we can leverage different platforms. And a lot of that was free coaching. And what I realize was that free coaching was not to sell something. It was to overcome a mindset obstacle that was in the way when someone is running a million dollar business from an Excel spreadsheet.

They think the Excel spreadsheet is also a great place to create invoices and track expenses, and they also think it's a CRM solutions to fix that can happen like that.

We can put in QuickBooks, we can put in Salesforce some solutions that can be instantaneous with how archaic these systems that exist.

It's a mindset thing.

So they can't happen like that because these individuals did grow into understanding why they want to do that. And a lot of that is.

It's primarily around what they were taught.

It's the patterns that people are running. The old mantra of if it's not broke, don't fix it. The Excel docs wrote. Why do I need to fix it? And that's taking away from efficiency. And so as we look at how mindset impacts everything, it impacts the growth and the scalability of a business.

It impacts the way that people that are in the business are onboarded the growth that they have while they're in their business, the way that they're able to take their time and go home and how quality of an experience they have or don't have at work is going to truly have an impact on their life outside of work. So the coaching and the consulting is truly the highest level to help people and help the most.

So mindset is truly that's that's the ingredient. I don't see my clients need to have it coming in. As matter of fact, I'd prefer they don't.

One of the things I specialize in is creating rapport with people at a high level and having no problem break a rapport to create the necessary relationship with my clients for them to understand that someone's going to hold you accountable. And if people are unwilling to tell you when you're not being reasonable because you don't have emotional intelligence skills, you're not able to see yourself from the perspective that others see you, then they'll never have any awareness of the mindset they're operating from. So I'm getting all revved up talking about it. It's one of those things that we can truly scale businesses and help people at a much bigger, faster pace. The more people that start to realize that they need help from other people and a coach is huge. I've had coaches that have helped me. I've had teachers on my path that have been coach like. So it's one of those things that giving back is really.

We lost audio with Brian.

The got me. I was drinking some good, wholesome, nutritious liquid and got muted there, I muted myself. So the cool thing is we're seeing a nice trend here with all of you. And that is the servant attitude. Everyone is here to help others.

In fact, the cool thing is we have people from all over the world watching. I was just looking on LinkedIn. Linda Sunshine West ask what's your all time favorite book? So we'll go around the horn on that one. And then Ronan Leonard, the mastermind guy, is coming in from Melbourne as Australia, mate. And he said a man, no pitch plays smiley face. Yeah, that's that's what we like. This is not a pitch fest. This is a place to bring value. So when it comes to favourite books and and young ladies with towels on their head walking behind you. What is. I love it. You can't make this up. This is love. Maybe.

And look, there's a danger there, there isn't it wasn't a danger. I fully trust everyone here, but there is. You just go with it, you flexible rate. And when you had a cancellation felicitate that are joining us now had a cancellation, the guests that was supposed to appear couldn't make it. So I brought on these wonderful three gentlemen and they came at a last moment's notice. Even Anthony said, I don't know if I can hang out very long, but Tyson's got a like, I don't know, a wall of of a bottles back there. I don't know what those are. I don't think we've discussed that yet. Let the asset as well. But let's go back around the horn. Tyson, what is your favorite all time book? I think I can guess on this one, but I'm going to see what you say.

I love to hear your guests. One time I was like I said earlier, I don't like to read. It's just I like to. I like to research, but not necessarily read. And maybe I'll get into that more as I get older. But one book that one of my leaders gave me at one point in my career was Seven Habits of Successful Leaders. And I am addicted to that book. I've read it multiple times. I love everything that's in it. And through my career of helping people grow into management positions and leadership roles, I've handed that book off to multiple people because I think it really can help change your mindset and how you think about yourself as a as not only an employee, but how do you transition from being an employee that's maybe being led to that leadership role to now where you get to lead people? And so I would say that's my favorite All-Time book that I've had. And hopefully in the future I'll discover some more awesome ones like that.

Love it. And that was once again the 7 seven habits of what was the top 4 Title 7 habit habits of successful leaders. And do you happen to know the author off chance?

I can get it quick.

Yes, go and dig it up, because I love to share these resources when I have guests on the show. If I haven't read the book, I'm on it. I'm on audible downloading at the moment. They say what the title and author is. Derek, what would you say your go to? Of all time favorite book is so far.

While it's hard, I have to admit that as a a mindset read in a novel and all about like obtaining knowledge, I don't want I'll need someone with the cliche thinking grow rich.

Although it does bring a lot of value and it's you know, it's taught me a time.

I think I'm going to go with something a little bit. Either boxes. It's a little bit.


It's a little bit more spiritual and in a nondenominational way, maybe more approaching the lines of like Buddhism.

It's called the Old Path White Cloud Walking in the Footsteps of the Buddha.

It truly opened up my mind at a place where there was so much going on and really it it's dark, there was so many things and it really had a way of holding its breath in the most positive way on the way.

I see a lot of things in the way I experience and feel things.

So long book.

It's available on our wall.

And if you get the real book text, there's two books. It's very powerful.

Fantastic. If you get a moment, if you could type that in. Maybe in our private chat and all. Pull it up on the screen at some point. Stephen Covey, thank you. Tyson Yeah. So I've read The Seven Secrets of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. So I wondered if it lists him as well. So appreciate you sharing that as well. And then. Yeah. Derek, when you get a chance and then. All right, we're gonna go back to Batman, who's down there beneath me on the video here, The Dark Knight himself. So what is your go to book of late most? Well, the answer the question was, what's your all time favorite book?

I think this book has had the most impact on my life. And I've probably read it two or three decades ago. It's called them The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz and what it did for me as a young man. And, you know, I had some dreams, but. I know my grandson lives with me and that's his mom running back and forth. And I can see people who will try to stomp and squash your dreams early and take that away from him with the kid. Then they have no limitations. He doesn't know it can't be a president, a rocket scientist, whatever he wants to be right now. He just knows he can do that. He thinks he can do that. And so, you know, the magical thinking big. It brought me back to that stage at that point in life where I was, you know, again, I was in my 20s and doing well, but. Was settling down for that kind of life, like Okami Pay the Bills got, you know, that Small's thinking and it was just when I read the book it started to put into play. Now, here's the other thing, too. You got to put into play these these things. You can't just, you know, read him and not take action, blast sort of put him in a place, start changing my mindset. How I think it opened up, all kinds of things happening to me. And I kind of realized again, I got to start big something. Auntie Robbins says a lot, I believe is, you know, your dreams have got to scare you. If they don't scare you, they're not big enough. You're comfortable. Also, I kind of think in good ways. So that book had the most impact over the length of my life right now. But I'm an avid reader, Brian. I'm the wife invited me to join a book club. So I'm reading all kinds of I've always read. I mean, it's just it makes sense is what is. It opened up my world over my life. I did 20 minutes of reading my grandson every night. So, yeah, reading is it.

You love it? I love it.

And I'm going to break the mold. I don't I don't believe in favorites or all time. I just know that what's affecting me in the moment and the latest latest one I read was called The Third Door. It's got a long subtitle, A Wild Quest to uncover how the world's most successful people launched their careers. That's by Alex Benign. Just an a wonderful read. I listen on Audible. I love to listen. And it's a it's a good half to listen. It's almost nine hours in length total, but very well put together. And it talks about really thinking out of the box and not just thinking of the box, but taking action, getting out of a comfort zone. It has so many of the elements of what I've learned, successful people have that it's kind of like an all inclusive in one book. And it's got some great storytelling that's about a young man who started in college seeking out to do something similar to the book Thinking Go Rich by Napoleon Hill, which was to interview the most successful people on the planet. And it was a lofty goal. In fact, the guest that was scared to be on tonight has done the same thing.

It's pretty interesting. He's interviewed 400 people, but this book just uncovered so many wonderful things from an entrepreneur's perspective. How do you recommend that one as well? That's the latest. But there's another one that I'm going to put on there as well. And it's called the biology of belief. And I'm trying to find that resource status. And it's by Bruce H. Lipton p_h_d_ the biology of belief. And that is not a so much of an entrepreneur, a business book, but it's a really awesome look into how our bodies and cells work at the cellular level and even way down deep into the cellular. I mean, it breaks apart this the components of cells and talks about how our external environments impact our internal being. It's just it was a mind blower in a great way. And so that's two that I have cited. I don't mean to one up you guys, and do one more than you, but I just I'd never have believed in Favorite's favorite color, favorite anything. Just that several that I go to on everything. Like all three of you are my favorite.

I like how that worked out. Thanks. Nice. Nice.

So let's go around and let's talk about successes. So, Derrick, you were like kind of left hanging in there for quite some time. Let's go to you first and say, you know, in your business to share with the people out there, like how do you how do you actually achieve even minor successes? Any success? Right. And wins. What was a recent win for you? And give us some background about it so people can share in your success and learn how they can do the same thing.

I would say recent wins for me would be the.

The reality that.

Pleasing clients goes beyond telling them what they want to hear.

And so as I really stepped into doing that more with my clients and creating rapport from the other perspective of not telling them what they want to hear.

But in the words of a couple of my coach. You don't pay me to tell you what you want to hear. You pay me to kick your ass. And so to that, that's really created a lot of growth and traction.

Fantastic. Thank you. Thank you for sharing. And let's move around the horn to the man, the myth, the legend. Tyson walled a wonderfully. Oil coated, bearded men.

I had to wear it. Look, look, look. First, what the heck is all that stuff behind you? That is beard oil. So it is 300 bottles of beard oil from companies that I have worked with to grow their business or to do a review.

So it is pure beard oil all over the place. This is my studio slash work office. So I use it as a backdrop instead of a green screen, something like that for shooting my videos. But as far as successes, I have two that I'm really, really proud of for where we're at.

In the YouTube journey and our branding and one I haven't talked about really with anybody because I really just kind of keep it as what it is. But I was adding it up the other day just for my own personal reference. And we are all about like we have the servants hard, right? Like we like to help people. And so one thing that we do on our channel is every week we donate part of our earnings to charities. And through that, I mean, we've donated certain amounts and and we don't have to get into that. But we've also partnered up with certain companies that need to do charity work or they have something. For instance, this one that we did is a bit bigger beard company and his niece came down with an illness and a disease and she needed medical attention. So we did engineer a live stream for her and we actually raised over fifteen thousand dollars through YouTube through that livestream for charity to help her get better. So that's a really big win. Just knowing that, you know, through the power of the Internet, social media, YouTube, livestreaming, that you can influence people and you can get things out. They need to get out. You know, where would they have come up with that fifteen thousand dollars for that problem if if YouTube wasn't around or if we didn't team up to get the word out. So that's something that I'm really, really proud of, what the channel is, how much we've raised for charity this year.

And then also companies that I work with, you know, I started as reviewing and making videos, but then I've transitioned more into I want to help them market themselves. So I've helped a big company that started off now a little backstory. And beer companies, they're Middle-Class People, maybe even lower class people who just started doing this because they can afford beer, beard oil. So they started making it themselves. And then, you know, they got good feedback, decide to sell it maybe as a second income. And on average, they're bringing in three to five hundred dollars a month. And I start working really closely with one company in particular that we just kind of edit. And I help them with SVO, their website design, with their label design, design and marketing side of it. And they have now reached a $30000 a month based on that. So I'm really extremely proud of that. And and I know that if we can take down those roads, that path, we can continue to grow our brand, helping companies market their brands. Kind of the brand that market brands.

Oh, my goodness. I so want to keep this show going for another hour because I want to ask so many more questions of you guys. And, you know, one thing real quick is, is do you see ways that you could take what you've learned from that success and actually make it work with virtually any other kind of business?

Tyson Yeah, I think so. I think a lot of it is knowledge. Knowledge is power. That's what I tell everybody. The more you know about what you're doing and not only not necessarily what the particular thing you're doing, but the more you know about where you want to go and how to get there, it's trial and error. But at the same time, I didn't know in January how I was going to get here. I just started learning as I started doing something.

And you're never going to get where you're going if you don't take that first step. And that's the biggest thing. If I didn't ever pick up that camera and put a video up on YouTube, I would never be where I'm at now. So you need to just take that first step and not be afraid to fail. If you fail, you just get up and you try again and keep moving forward, keep pushing forward. And, you know, as the other guys approaches, say how your mindset is, you can't be scared to be wrong.

You can't be scared to be fail. You just have to be looking for that angle of where you want to go.

So these are actual incredible words of wisdom. Right.

Speak for you, because I could see the reverse here.

I'm getting ready to burst. This is great stuff.

Brian is one of the biggest. Yes. Man positive mental attitude people I have. I know what to say. Tyson, he is the. Sure, when it says, you know, go for Galata, what a positive out to that is, Brian, to a to a tee. His passion is driving. His ability to do that inspires me a lot of times because I I want overthinking and wait things out and do all these different, you know, manipulations. Brian is like in the water, like, come on in. So you know what you said. The man right beside you is a living example. So is to you guys. Fantastic stuff. And I could see Brian just I know that was him. That's me. What do you. He always raised my hand and say, yes, I just think it Tyson.

I think air, you're going down the right path. I mean, I had nothing. Actually, I don't think about myself. I just think that sounds like the right thing to do, because if you don't you know, if you sit still. How are you going to progress? It's like you put a ship in the water and if you're not moving. You know, if you're sitting still, can you change direction?

Somebody once told me it was one of my bosses at one time, and I kind of relates like with your jobs, like you either have good leaders, you have bad leaders. And there's one leader that I've had that changed my life. And one phrase that he always told me that will stick with me, that I live my life by is don't let grass grow underneath your feet. I mean, just eating still. Don't grow on your feet. Continue to progress.

So here's the thing. If you're in a ship and it's sitting still, you can't change its direction. It's just sitting still. But if you're moving, you could be moving in the wrong direction. But the good news is, as long as you're moving, you can actually correct the direction you're going into. And you may have to do it several times till you're actually going in the right direction. But you must move in order to achieve success or achieve anything. If you just sit and say, well, I'm just going to wait for the lottery and I'm going to win, then forget it. Yes. No, that's not that's not life. So go after things and take action, like you said. Tyson Very well. Thank you, Anthony, for the very kind words that make me gush over. And speaking of Anthony, it's your turn. My man. What is a recent win of yours and what kind of lesson can folks learn from that? That would help them potentially to achieve their next step of success.

You sure you don't go to Derrick? I have I have too many measurements here of things. I don't think I measure it quite the way everybody else does. You know, because I do a lot of things for people. You know, for example, a win today and that made me happy was the look at Bryan's results. And see, we've gone from zero to twenty two. That's that's success for me. He had you know, his site wasn't right. Nobody knew he exists now. Twenty two different weight. Twenty two different doors are open form. So that's you know, that's one level of success. I another live look success. You know, so again, things I get involved with a client once we fix their Web site, you know, panicky, tight to me and stuff yesterday. And I went in today and I fixed it. And as soon as I finish this, I'm going to, you know, write it back and say, boom. Take a look at your site. Is now what you want to be an even struggling from a couple of weeks with this. So, again, ATSIC's success for me, because I helped them out. So it really you know, my success in my measurement is are people getting where they're going? You know, are they are they coming to me, working with me, hand up me, talking with me, whatever, and moving on to the next level in their life? And if they do that, I feel that I've done my part. And that's kind of I worked hard at that. I worked hard to make sure that I can help people that she again, similar. That's why I'm here. Bryant needs somebody. I'm here. It helps him out. So I don't measure my success. Maybe the same way a lot of people do. But I have a lot of little successes. And, you know, not to get too preachy, guys, but I do give thanks every single time because. I feel blessed and I can share these blessings with people like you guys and others.

And I a about all three of you, you've all said the same almost exact things that's here. Our successes are a result of helping others. Tyson's first was not about business as well, helping someone.

And then he said, and then I help someone. And then it's like I help somebody to pull in 30k. But it wasn't about I made 30k. It was I helped someone else to make it. You know, Derek, I know you're the same way. I mean, we've talked pretty deep. Derek is, my God, the heart of gold as well. All three of you. So, Tyson, you're one of the newest members of this little clan. And look out, man. We're gonna go far together. All of us. It's gonna be a great ride. And I might need some of that oil.

That's a big girl over longer than you guys are. Have anything that kind of erodes the great way.

Now the graybeards are the good ones. I'm coming and I can't wait till it all turns gray. Why now?

Real quick, before I forget. Tyson, you said some stuff about working with charities and stuff. And I like to, you know, either offline or through. Brian, one of the things I try to have my clients do is to get involved with some charities and, you know, giving back and doing some stuff. So I think about put it back here somewhere you can you can create a list or an opportunity that maybe I can. So, you know, if you're in this area, here's a charity that's worth you know, I don't have an answer, but I heard you say charities and worked with charities and doing some wonderful stuff. And I but I want my clients to do more. I suggest for them, let me say, doing more of that and giving back in business so that there's a way I can leverage what you're doing and how you're doing it to other people. And, you know, it's when we and the charities obviously are winning, people are doing some wonderful things for the community in their neighborhoods. And of course, you know, my my mind says this in SVO benefit to doing that. So I'll be transferred. There's an SVO benefit to it. But, you know, if there's a way and the charity gets what they need the best, get anything that they get Celesio results from it. I can't see as a bad thing. So think of how to make. Put some that together and coordinate somehow on the parameters is going to win an idea that you basically absolutely done on that.

We're rich. We're past our hour.

But I'm okay with going a little bit, but not too long. But I want to give a derrick to the stage one more time here and say, you know, I know what makes you tick and you're a beautiful soul and I know you're going to impact many more people as you go forward. And I appreciate the fact that we ran into each other and got to know each other. This guy, Derrick, stood out amongst how many people were there, like three. Five hundred.

Three hundred years apart. It was a packed room. I mean, that place was huge. That stage that they had up there with that massive screen, it was a big, big place.

Yeah. And the CEO of the company is on stage asking a question, who can sell anything? Who is really good at anything? And I had not I did not know this guy yet. Derrick raised his hand and then stood up with his hand up.

And he's sitting right in front of me. I like this guy. He's like he's a action taker. He's a go getter. And he did it with respect. It wasn't like, you know, a wave and a jump in. And he got called up on stage.

And that's awesome because that gave him great notoriety, getting great exposure and a lot I did this guy. This is going to be something it's going to happen between us. And then a break. You came by and he's just an outgoing, wonderful guy. And so for any that are looking for coaching in business and mindset, this is your guy is he will do anything to help you to succeed. So, Derrick, to close out the show or go around the horn again. But start with you, Derrick. Any last parting words of wisdom that you can think of just come off top your head. For those watching the show that they leave with that imparting wisdom that, you know, it could make their day or night a little bit better or maybe succeed greater in business.

First of all, I appreciate the the all the wonderful things you said about me. It's amazing to have met you and was such a great environment. It was a lot of positive energy. So if I could leave everybody with something that I'm grateful to have right now that I knew a long time ago, things would be much different.

Remember that people only do what they know.

And when people are giving you guidance and direction and telling you to get a job or what to do with your career, your life, even when there guidance and direction is not anywhere in line with what you want to do, they are not aware of anything different.

They're coming from a place of love.

They're coming from a place of care. And that happens in everything. When someone is not in the know of certain knowledge or information, don't share what they know.

And that might be outdated, might be an old mindset.

It might be an old methodology rather than finding fault in what they're doing. Thank them for expressing themselves in love and in caring energy the way that they are, because they're only doing what they know. So people, Kewell's issues, strength, well-stated.

And for those of you that would like to connect with Derek. I've got his website on the screen, but I'll say it for those you just listening as Derrick Boykin dot com that's d r e k b o why k i n dot com reach out to Derek or go catch him on Facebook. He's on there on occasion. Great words of wisdom there, Derica. Yeah, you had me thinking of my dad. You know, they they only he can only tell us the best he knew. And that was go get a job and, you know, work it until you retire and enjoy your life. I'm like looking back, that was horrible advice. But he knew no better any he. He still loves me. And he wanted nothing and still wants nothing but the best for me. And I don't hold anything against him. You just didn't know. And that was I took it upon myself to go learn and find new things and venture out. And you're absolutely correct. I can't. That was like right between the eyes. Perfect. I love it. All right, Tyson. So we're gonna lead the wise old man till the end here. So, Tyson. That means Anthony is the wise old man. And you're the wise young man, Tyson. And I can kid with Anthony because I'm actually older than he is by a little bit. But Tyson, what do you have that you can give people with some parting wisdom? I'll put your website up on the screen as well as you're talking. And yeah, just share share your beautiful brain with the people out there.

Yeah, absolutely. Thank you. I got two things real quick that I like to live by and tell people. And the first. And talked about already. Don't let the grass grow on your feet. If you're wanting to do something, you're wanting to start a venture. The hardest part is taking the first step. If you don't take that first step, you're never going to take this step. So don't be afraid. Take that first step and see what happens from there. And once you have that completed, you never know where that ball is going to roll, how big that snowball is going to pile into. And but the big thing is you have to take that first step. Don't be scared of the first step. And then the second part would be adaptation. Don't be afraid to adapt. We have to adapt every day in life and into the time that we become stagnant and that we are too scared or too stubborn to adapt to something new. That's the time that we get that. We fall back and we start going in the wrong direction. So don't be afraid of change and adapting to the surroundings or the new technologies or anything that could potentially help you grow. And you never know unless you adapt to it and try it out.

While I was writing notes, I couldn't get back to microphone fast enough. I love both of those. Don't let the grass grow on your feet. And that's so true. Just do it, you know? Ready? Fire aim is another way of bringing that up that many people have heard. And the other one was don't be scared or don't be afraid to adapt or change. How many times we talked about that, Anthony, about flexibility being flexible and not that I was preaching to Anthony, we were just discussing it back and forth because Anthony himself is extremely flexible. And we know that because he has a young lady walking back and forth behind him and hasn't said a word about it.

That's pretty cool. And so. So, folks, you can get in touch with Tyson at faithfully bearded dot com. That's faithfully. I think everyone knows how to spell that bearded dot com and just connect with this gentleman. He's a if if you're not watching this, you could just see the soulfulness in his eyes. This guy is a man of love. He just loves he loves life. He loves people and he loves serving, as we can tell by what he's told us here tonight. I mean, all three of you are amazing individuals. And I'm not going to say I'm saving the best for last. But I'm saving the best for last. And I'm kidding. I just I am partial to this man. I love Anthony Gary. I told everyone when we started like a brother and we're all equally beautiful in God's eyes.

And there we go. He is a jam for sure. Look at that. He's got support. Where's my support? Any one of those?

Anthony, if you could impart your beautiful wisdom on our viewers with a parting shot before we call it a night, I would so greatly appreciate it. And so what? Everyone else watching and listening?

Well, I'm going to my wife like I beat the horse to death. But guys, I'm a I'm a re-iterate some because this is super important. And, you know, it's to me is this is the reason the hands say, yes, I'm willing to participate again. I'm Mitchum. Brian is the leader that I just found out. So I just met these two guys that they're the same category. And then I'm only in this thing because I said yes tonight. So. And I've met two wonderful people that have some. I've learned things from. I'm gonna go get this book that they're recommending. I'm not a Bhutto fan, but I'm an educational fan, a learning fan. So I'm gonna go read it. And one of my tactics is anything I do. I want to gain something from it. So I'm gonna read it with the mindset. I'm going to learn something that's going to help me move forward with the relativities, guys. All of us in this group have stepped up and said yes to various things and that has moved us forward. So if anything, when opportunity presents itself is still a thing of why can I how can I would ever, as Brian says, raise their hands, say yes and just dive into it. So that's my my wisdom, guys.

So appreciate that. And for anyone watching or listening. Digital strategic marketing, dot com. That's the Web site, the primary business Web site of Anthony Gary. So again, this digital strategic marketing dot com, I love how Tyson just pulled his pen out. NI's about whether or not the paper. And that's all three of you are amazing. And I appreciate each one of you beyond measure for so many reasons. One is Tyson. We had never met before. The other two have met. We've met.

You don't even know me and talk about stepping out there. What a great example. Anthony has a lot going on at home. He told me through text, he said, I don't know if I can make it to the whole thing. I have stuff going on. And I kind of knew what that meant because we've talked in the past and I was cool with it.

And look, he's been on for the entire where we are here in almost 15 minutes now. And Derrick, when, you know, we've hardly met as well. And you were the first one that I reached out to that said yes.

So you can put a feather in your hat. Important number one. Amazing.

I guess one last parting bit of wisdom is kind of along the lines of everything you guys have said and that is, you know, getting out of your comfort zone and doing it on a regular basis. And it's right down the same lines of taking action of, you know, if you don't ever get started, like Tyson said, like Anthony is saying, and Derek, you know, all of you are down the same path. It's, you know, forget who said it. But someone had a great scene and says, you know, the best way for you to succeed is to get comfortable with. Being uncomfortable and that is amazing wisdom and wise and you want to do this as much as possible every single day, multiple times a day. And that is doing things that cause trepidation that make you a little bit afraid. If you feel that resistance coming up. And you know, it's something that's good for you. And you feel that resistance or that's your subconscious saying it's go time, baby. And that's that's when you need to take that leap, just as these three gentlemen did in their own ways just coming on tonight. So I commend all three of you. I appreciate all three of you. My goodness, you are amazing, man. I wish we had some women that came on. We did last time. We'll get that next time. Women are amazing. My gosh. I spent all night on that. But thanks, Ronan from Australia. I don't know where Linda's from and everyone else who's been coming on in and chiming in.

Appreciate everybody here. That's it for tonight. That's The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. This is a blast. This was unscripted. No questions were prescribed. We just went for it and had a great time. Tyson, thank you so much. Mr. Tyson Wild, Derek Boykin, my brother, another brother, and Anthony Gary, who is my brother by another mother, actually the same mother, cause we're twins.

But that's it for to night. I appreciate you all. Everyone have a great night. Be blessed. And we'll see you next time.

Good night, everybody.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows show with Brian Kelly.

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