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Welcome to the mind body business. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Hello everyone and welcome welcome. Welcome to the mind body business show. Oh my goodness. Ladies and gentlemen we have a stellar show lined up for you tonight.

I cannot wait to bring on our special guest expert. You are going to be blown away with this young lady's accolades. Her experience and her success.

Before we jump into that real quick the mind body business show why that name. Well there are what I call three pillars to success that I have discovered in my now 54 years on this planet. And I realized by following and focusing those on our successful successful people only and those three things came up mind that's mindset. They have a powerful positive non stop mindset that keeps them going day in and day out and they have trained themselves and built that in an unconscious manner. The more powerful side of your brain body what does that all about. Well that's about your body literally about taking care of it nutritionally exercising just moving and it's like this I always say the mind and body are a team and even more importantly the mind and body are your team. And the thing is if one member of the team isn't operating at what I call a peak level performance then what's happening with the team at large I think you guessed it is not operate at a peak level of performance in general. And so the wonderful thing about this is that when you are operating a people over four months then things change things happen and they happen in wonderful ways.

You get more successful you move faster forward. And it just does. It just changes your life for the better. And that's fine. And then there's business. What is that about. Well business is multifaceted multifaceted. There you know it's marketing it's sales It's team building it's very many multifaceted things that make you successful in business. And that's where most people concentrate. The majority of their time and effort is acquiring skills and skill set. And the thing is you need to really master all three areas and that can take time. So if you're strong at business and you don't have that strong mindset then maybe constraint a mindset. Conversely if you have mindset going well maybe some business needs to be attended to get some skill set. Maybe you're not taking care of your body nutritionally or exercise. In any case all you have to do is concentrate on that one area. And the beautiful thing is on this show I get to bring on wonderful amazing guests experts like Eric casters coming on in just a moment. I kid you not. I can't wait to bring around and we're going to talk about things that helped make her successful.

How did she get where she is. You're going to be amazed with what she's done already in this short time on this earth. And it's I'm so blessed to be able to bring people like her on and when it comes to success I like to always implore about the importance of reading. I have the opportunity many years ago I had the opportunity to be flown back east I was put into a hotel I was brought in by a limo to sign a contract with a gentleman multimillionaire CEO of a company and it was a really awesome experience spent two days in his very large office. And at one point he looked at me I'm sitting on his couch this is in his office is a couch and he's looking at me. He goes Brian. If people knew they just did this one thing they just did this one thing they'd all be rich. Wow this is going to be good. What is it. And he basically said read read good books not just any book but those that will take you farther and taking more forward and get you there faster. And I made a huge mistake. I absolutely completely ignored that advice.

I mean this is coming from us a very successful individual. And I ignored it because I thought there's no skin in the game I can never pick up a book and go to a library and pick these books up for free. There's no skin in the game. That doesn't sound like that's that. That sounds weird to me. Thankfully many years later after that I ran into another gentleman who became my mentor.

We ended up work working together I spoke from his stage train his students from stage and at one point he was walking around his house and he was actually listening to books on something called audible back then that was a new thing. And I thought well I'm going to give that a shot.

And since then I just become a voracious reader and wanted to just give you guys a quick little resource a little gift if you will in a quick little segment appropriately call Bookmarks.

Bookmarks for to read bookmarks. Ready steady breed bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com.

Yes. There you see reach your peak library.

Dot com right there on the side and what that is is a Web site I put together for you for the entrepreneur for the business person that is looking for the right books the right books as you see there on the Web site highlighted in blue now. And I started compiling a list of the books that I was reading. I started reading very very quickly that had impact on me personally or professionally or both. And only those that did so not every book I've ever read is in this list. And again these are here for you if you haven't started reading. Here's a great resource for you. You can come here and just click on these buttons and go purchase and it's all go straight to amazon so you can just get your book. You can read it with your eyes. You can listen to it like I do or you can get it on Kindle and do it electronically they're all there. I put everything that was available for each book. And if you're already an avid reader maybe you'll find another book in here. I love you know sharing ideas with other entrepreneurs who are readers and get some great great ideas on the next book to read. And so I just wanted to point that out so let's reach your peak library. Dot com go ahead and write that down. Don't go there right now. So that's that's key to this entire show is stay here. Stay in the room so to speak because everything happens in the room. What if you were to be sidetracked and looking at a Web site or a resource that we're talking about on the show and then Erica says something that could have changed your life but you didn't hear it because you were sidetracked serious about this. Stay tuned in. Stay with us. Concentrate take notes on a piece of paper or on your tablet computer but stick with us on the show itself. Some good. And speaking up Erica you know what time it is. I think it's time we bring this amazing woman on so here we go.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified.

And there she is ladies and gentlemen the one the only Erica caster.

Hello hello hello how are you doing this evening Erica.

I'm a rock n roll and Brian hasn't go on I'm super pumped to be on the show tonight. So very excited.

Thank you. Thank you.

I think I'm more pumped because it's just gonna be I know we might have a contest about that so we could put some measurement device on a pump right.

So Erica is coming to us from Florida. I'm in Southern California. She's in South West Florida. And it's amazing how we get to do this. Be here live together like we're across the street. We could handle each other a coffee or a water and just have a chat. And that's what we're going to do tonight. It's just two people entrepreneurs that love to talk about what makes them successful so that others can take that information and apply whatever works for them to get them moving down that path as well. And so what I want to do is introduce Erica in just a moment but first before I do that everyone watching right now live. You get the opportunity to win a five nights stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico all compliments of my good buddy Jason asked in his company called Power texting dot com. It's a legitimate trip. It is not a lure to get you to see it sit in a timeshare presentation. It's an actual legitimate trip. Stay on to the end and we'll give you the details on how you can enter for that. All right. Let's get onto the woman of the hour. For over two decades Erica Castner has helped business owners and service providers improve their teams communication and processes. She is passionate about assisting organizations improve their workforce or enhance client experience. In addition to working with small business owners Erika has had the privilege of working with and for nationally recognized brands such as you're going to love this list. Land comb cosmetics Victoria's Secret Dress for Success fuel.

And the Miss America organization just to name a few.

She has been featured as a guest contributor to over two hundred podcast articles and stages that means speaking including USA Today thrive global ABC CBS Huffington Post and digital foot print conference. I was thinking Man I wish I had a bigger professional on this show you know someone who's done been out there and spoke a little bit and I'm totally kidding. Erica finally how are you doing tonight.

So glad to have you. I'm tired after that bio.

No I'm kidding I'm totally kidding. No I'm like I said I am super super honored to be here tonight so thank you so much and I am excited about the conversation we're having tonight because it really is truly about what you said in your opening remarks. Mind body and spirit or mind body and business like how we tie all of this colors together to really drive impact in our organizations. And so I'm fired up about what we're going to be chatting about tonight. So bring it on.

Bring it on. I love it. I love it. Well cool. You know the bio was really good about it. It's very impressive. I'll tell you that I loved it. It does tell people that you're very accomplished and what I like to do is like right from the onset is dig right into mindset and actually find out a little bit more about what makes Erica tick from the inside because that's really where your success comes from isn't it. It's from the inside it's the mind where everything emanates and starts from. And so I love this because it's the thing of curiosity that I love to ask so that our viewers can then understand more about what it make you know what makes successful people think the way they do or how do they think that makes them successful. So in your case Erica you know like when you get up in the morning this is a little story like to tell almost every shows you know you get up in the morning and you know you're a little groggy.

If you're anything like me some get up right away I'm groggy. Your feet hit the floor and then you start to come to you know you start your census start coming alive you start waking up you start thinking about the day ahead and then those that drive you know those creative juices everything starts welling up inside and you're about at that point where you're going Okay I'm ready to take on the day. Well something you've done is motivated you to get to that point where you're excited and ready to tackle the day with vigour. For you Erica what is that.

Or are those things that help you to get to that point.

Yeah well if I could backtrack just a hot second. So my career has spanned over the last two decades it's amazing that I've been doing this since I was five. But like really in the last six years it has been the most transformation in terms of my on my. So you know I had this you know climb the corporate ladder for the first half of my career the second half of my career and moved to southwest Florida I decided I wanted to get out of the corporate rat race and I decided to work with small businesses a number of capacities won't get into that necessarily but mindset work really started to shifting for me about six years ago and it started with simple routines and I think for a lot about a lot of professionals that are watching this debate and identify with you know the moment we wake up sometimes where we're focused on other people's agendas and we're not thinking about what we've got to do to drive success. And so I set up routines and one of my like one of my routines that I look forward to is literally going out on my porch.

And I'm fortunate enough that I live in Florida. I have a screen in one eye that I get to sit out. I have my tea or my coffee. I burn some incense but literally get quiet and collected with my thoughts. And one of the things that that my husband and I did about two years ago was to enhance that routine was to put together almost like a what we call not a brag board but it's almost like this.

Like accomplishment board if you will. And it is pictures of our journey over the last six years. So we wake up that that is what we look at. I mean you could see the span I wish I could show you my bedroom right now but like the whole wall that we wake up to is pictures of all these really tremendous experiences that we've had to drive impact and meaningful work within the stuff that we do. So even if you're feeling groggy even if I'm feeling a little sluggish I look at that wall and that's what fires me up and then I go to my left eye and get fired up into my routine and we can dive into that but hopefully that will kick our conversation off to a good start today with routine. So we'll we'll talk about that because it routines are so much a part of my success.

Stellar that you bring that up. I absolutely love this because routine. There's other words that mean the same thing. I like to bring up the word discipline than many people don't like that word it does have some negative connotation. If you were to look at it that way but it doesn't. If you know that it's going to take you farther faster and routine and discipline similar similar concept almost identical. And that's what I found is a successful entrepreneurs follow routines. They are disciplined in doing that and they do it all the time every single day without fail just like you said and everyone's routine by the way. Doesn't have to be the same. That's not the important part. The important part is that you'd establish one that does put you in that mindset. Like Erica just stated it works for her do it work for you. Have fun with it try different things. I mean she gets up coffee tea quiet time. First they look at their accomplishment board. I mean that's phenomenal. I mean think about that you wake up like wow look what I just did. No I'm awake and happy excited. What else can I do.

What else to put on that board next. I can imagine. I love this. Fantastic. Great. So before we came on we were just having a little chat Erica and I secretly no one else could hear us but she was talking about one thing that really really run through with me and I really want my ears got big and I just want to touch on the area of.

You know body fitness and I now know the answer to this question because you've already kind of told me. But for our audience and listeners Erica how important is physical fitness to you and your business and in your personal life as well. And go ahead and feel free to reveal that you're about to do with your husband soon.

Yes. So I have to share this story. So you know when I when I spoke of my earlier remarks about six years ago making that pivotal shift from you know being professional but then really taking it to the next level one of the things that I wanted to do six years ago was I had I was carrying about 35 more pounds than I am today. And I wasn't feeling good. I was feeling sluggish I was feeling not as confident and I feel like a lot of professionals when we want to go out there and do things like the things that I do right now to position my brand. It's a very visual thing and if you don't feel like you're you're most confident you don't look it doesn't matter what size you are. But if you don't feel good about going out there and doing those things those saying you are not going to do those things right. And so I was in that place where I wasn't the boy was hiding behind my computer and I was sick of it.

I was done I was over it.

And on top of that my husband and I had we just gotten married who were six months into our new marriage and I just felt like personally there were a lot of things that were falling apart and I felt that if I got healthier if I got more focused on doing things that were going to make me feel more confident about my. And drag my husband along. because you know in retrospect I mean I wasn't going to tell him he needed to lose you know 30 pounds either but I know we both were in that place where we were just complacent and working all the time and just eating whatever we needed to do. So we both made that commitment together. So we started running. We started that was our sport of choice. I'm not necessarily an athlete by any stretch of the imagination. And we just did we would run here and there we would sign up for a five K here and there. Last year I'm happy to report that we actually did our very first marathon and then a 20 19 as we're reporting this. We are committed to doing our first sprint triathlon. The funny thing about that is I can't swim. So I'm learning how to swim right now and make that happen. And as we're recording this my triathlon is in 90 days so I've got a lot of work to do in a short amount of time but I'm committed to doing it. And it's so important because it totally drives everything else I structure my workouts around the other things I've got to do. I mean it's part of my it's part of my routine it's part of my schedule and very important.

That is amazing. I mean come on come on.

I'm like I don't know how to know how to swim and in 90 days you're going to be swimming the long distance.

And yeah I think it's like a fourth of a mile. But I was telling a girlfriend that today and she was like Honey that is a long why. And that's why I says OK well at least it's not like an Ironman. I mean I think that's like like a mile point she swam. But anyway we we shall see. So I'm hoping there's a lot of people to rescue me if I need it that day.

I'm just I'm beyond impressed that you would even think to do that. I mean I've known people who didn't know how to swim and it would terrify them to know in team think about this. You've made the decision and I'm I'm convinced you're going to do it. You're in. You're done. Oh yeah. You're learning how to swim. Oh gosh. Erica you just defined the entrepreneurial spirit right there because that is the absolute epitome of one getting out of their comfort zone isn't it.

Yeah. And then you know it's interesting you bring that brain because like I feel like there's and I'm sure we'll talk about this throughout our part tonight but I feel like a lot of people get stopped. They get complacent and then they feel like they have no choice but it's like if you just made the decision to do it like it's amazing what will happen if you just make up your mind and say yes I'm going to go do that. Now whether or not it happens in the timeframe that you expect it. I want to just start my training a lot earlier in the year and I had some personal issues that were keeping a couple of surgeries. I'm not going to get into not tonight but a couple like surgeries that I had to sit on the sidelines. So there's that aspect of it. But if you can make up your mind and say you know what. Come hell or high water I'm going to do this. It's amazing what not to get all like woo woo about this but it's amazing what happens when the universe is like OK that man or that woman is onboard. I'm going to support that initiative to make stuff happen. It's pretty powerful.

You know there's nothing legal about it when it works. You know it's just not true. You know I used to think you know back when we will and you probably did to the very first time you heard these concepts like that's kind of woo woo bro come on now let's. No I don't wanna go down that path that little woo woo for me.

Well the thing is you know the only the only way one can learn is if their mind is open just like a parachute. You know if you jump out of a plane and your parachute doesn't open well that's not a good thing. As an entrepreneur you you've already jumped out of a plane so open the dang parachute and you know that way you'll not only land safely but you'll have a great ride all the way down. You'll be enjoying it. It'll be thrilling exhilarating. I just made that whole metaphor up is that pretty cool.

That's awesome. I love it. In the throes of a live show.

Exactly. And yes we started with some technical glitches I saw. But we're powering through it's all good now. Let's see. Oh yeah. We were talking. I see him behind you too.

About I was talking about the importance of reading books like I have some back here and I was just curious if possibly perhaps that you yourself were an avid reader and even if you're not an avid reader either way what business related book would you say is inspired you the most that you picked up. It could be recent it could be the one you first picked up any book that comes to mind.

Yeah. You know I there's a number of books and like you have a list I have a list and you can see kind of behind me I do have half of my book lists just for my bookshelf display I'm a big fan of audible one of the books that I feel like really stands out in my mind. It's not necessarily a business book per say but the Alchemist is one of my favorite books and it's a one that my husband turned me on to I appreciate and it's a quick read on audible it's about a four hour lesson on audible. Watch and Jeremy Irons. Fun fact for you all that you haven't heard yet. JEREMY IRONS The voice of Spa on The Lion King reads the book so it's very. I love listening to the book but it really talks about the journey. And again it's not necessarily a business but per say but the story is this parable about one's journey to find happiness. And I'm not going to spoil the punchline for you all but I feel like in a lot of ways we are constantly seeking and I won't speak for anybody that's watching this. But you know if you're in a moment where you're constantly seeking and you're trying to find joy you're trying to find happiness and then you find yourself being like a lead. With all this work that you've done and then you come back to square one you're like What the hell did I do all that work for like I could have just that my friends like you got to fall in love with the journey and you've got to be committed to all the twists and turns that are going to happen.

And sometimes what's right in front of that I will say this about the book sometimes what's right in front of you. It might not necessarily be ready for you to get it if that makes any sense. Like so if you have something within arm's reach and then you go and do something different. Are you like pivot. For some reason you probably aren't ready to receive whatever it is it's within arm's reach because you've got to do something else in order to achieve it. So don't ever look at something and I'll get away from the book for a moment but don't ever look at something and say OK you know like I should be at this level or should do this or blah blah blah just appreciate the journey and the process. Because that is going to help shape you and it's going to help propel you honestly more than anything if you can get excited about the journey and just say you know what. Like I'm not on the on the track but I'm on a track. And so with that I'm alive I'm kickin. What else can I do to fire things up. So I'm alchemists one of my favorite all time reads.

And we can pontificate upon that but I think I said enough about the book that's actually brilliant that that goes right in line with the fact that you have an accomplishment board not a vision board of something you want in the future. So that was in perfect alignment with everything you just said.

And you know it's the alchemists that that's so I'm getting that I'm reading that next. And I love to you said you know a lot of times things are right in front of you and you're not even aware because you're not ready. And it just reminds me of a funny little movie I once saw that many of you may have seen called Bruce Almighty. Remember that with Jim Carrey. Thank you. Jim Carrey and there was this one scene I just will never forget it. I wear the story out I love it where he's driving in the rain. It's dark and he's despondent and he's driving and he's everything's gone wrong. Can't get his girl back and he's he's like All right God I GIVE UP. THAT'S IT. WHATEVER YOU WANT GOD JUST GIVE ME A SIGN. And then right that moment the camera shows the front of the car and in front of his car is a stake bed truck with all these literal road signs pointing at his they stop.

Go back do this do that. And he sees it and he goes Come on. Got any kind of sun. And the next scene is you know he's plowed into a pole because he wasn't ready for the message that came to him.

And it's a perfect metaphor for that. That is true. It's interesting right. Eric have you ever read one book more than once the same book.

Oh yeah of course. And you know a lot of my. I have a few mentors that have suggested that I read things with highlighters and it read you know something. January 1 and read it through and then next year make that same commitment to reread it with a different highlighter. I've heard that from a number of mentors who went into probably account for the show too high. But it is it's really something that you have to not have to but I think that there there isn't a an appropriate amount of time to write a particular book. I feel like a one hit you and you feel like you need to reread it again. I know Ed when he was on his marathon last year I mean he'd read he'd either read or heard the alchemist six times already. And that was one of his that was what he listened to on his on his. How appropriate. Right when you're on a marathon. How appropriate to read a book about your marathon journey of life. So yeah I mean he's listened to it a number of times I have to. So there's no shame in that.

Yeah. Not exactly just the opposite because I've done this often from stage on teaching students and say how many of you have ever done that read a book once and they always to go OK I pick one of them out. So was it the same was it did it seem the same. The second time you read it and she'd say. No actually I didn't. I said well wait a minute. Was it the same book. She goes Yeah it's OK with the same number of pages. Yeah. Did you tear any out the last time you haven't made it a point and I said So what the book didn't change what changed and she thinks for a minute. Well I guess it was me. That's right. And now you. It's so amazing how you pick up things differently after you have quote unquote matured. beyond the first point that you were the first time you read it or even a second you know before the next subsequent time and it's so cool how you'll read and go man. I don't remember that. I don't even remember that last time I would listen to audios by a mentor of mine. He did a full two days similar and I listened to him over and over and over. I'm training myself to be his speaker and train his students. And that happened to me every single time I listened and I listened to him. I can't tell you how many times it's just a phenomenal thing that happens and I get excited about it because like you said you find that one book that has impact on you then definitely go back audibles a great way because you just hit bookmark on the animal thing and go back and look at all the bookmarks you just had and then go review those. It's pretty awesome.

I love it. Love it. Cool.

Very cool. What. What are you up to now. What's next on your plate as a businesswoman. What is it like going for you. I mean are you. I have no idea. Are you going. Are you going to appear somewhere to go on a stage get another podcast hit another client. Travel across the world.

Yeah. Thanks for asking. So one of the biggest initiatives I'm working on right now. I discovered I actually had my company now just over four years. I have a long career but I decided to finally give up working for somebody else and take this act on the road by myself. And of course I have a small team that supports some of the behind the scenes initiatives. Well one of the things that I really started looking at in terms of the clients that I was working with is that I currently work with is especially this as well as the organization grows or as the teams bring on new staff oftentimes in my neck of the woods which I live in southwest Florida currently right now. There are a lot of corporations locally here that recruit talent from other markets. And one of the things that I was discovering in just the conversations I was having inside of the Southwest Florida economic development climate was that people that moved to this area don't necessarily acclimate as fast. I was fortunate 14 years ago I got an opportunity to work for a company who's very involved with community very focused on driving awareness. And it forced me out of the nest if you will metaphorically like I was very much used to having people come to me when I worked for these larger retailers. But when I now had to work for this small mom and pop operation and my job was to go out there and get get business or get opportunities and pound the pavement.

I did that through community initiatives. And so it's it it behooves organizations to have a plan to help their employees especially when they work for a large organization. Help them get acclimated to the new communities they live in so that's the biggest focus I have right now is really connecting the dots for these employees to get connected to the community so they're more likely to stay employment retention.

I actually read employment. Look I'm sorry. Unemployment is at an all time low here in my neck of the woods but our retention issues that's a totally different ballgame and so I'm really wanting to I've got a number of partners that are committed local here to help with the employee retention so some of these larger organizations we're testing that model here and it's in the hopes that we would be launching that in 2020 as statewide in Florida and then expand into other markets beyond 2020 after we've tested that ground here. So I'm working on a huge initiative right now to engage our employees to help boost retention for some of these large organizations.

Well my goodness if you need the guinea pig or somebody to help train well done in Florida a volunteer because I love Florida I've been to Fort Walton Beach on the panhandle and on the other side heading out for a cruise. I love Florida who cannot be acclimated to that I'm thinking right. But you're right it's that you're experiencing the reality and that's you know I've heard this you're not the first you that you're one of many who said unemployment's down but retention is not working at all. I mean people are flying.

Left and people are leaving because they're not commit and they're not connected to something. And I think that we I don't know if we'll have a lot of time to go into this app aspect today but I think that the other another key driver another thing that really motivates me and inspires me is that you know when people get connected with another resource or another person that's going to help them in their journey. I know that there a ton of work to be done as it relates to connecting the dots for people. And at the end of the day we're all hardwired for connection and inclusion. And so entrepreneurship that's. Sometimes it's the most isolating aspect because so much of our journey is alone so much of what we're doing especially in the beginning stages that we're our business is like figuring all these things out by ourselves. So creating community and I encourage a lot of our entrepreneurs that are watching tonight is kept in a community. Find your way through getting involved with a civic organization or trade association. Don't just make it virtual like there are tons of resources online but make it a point to connect in your own backyard because you'll be safe even if you have an online business. You'll be so amazed at how many resources or how many people need you or how many people need to know you based on what you provide. But you've got to do that in person. And so you'll feel better. Other people even if you're an introvert like I am actually introverted like a lot of people look at me and say Oh you are so not introverted but my default setting is you basically and ensure that personality but part of the mindset shift for me was just I had to get out there and do those things and position myself in front of other people that are gonna help me soar. So if you are all in that situation where you're feeling a little stuck or a little isolated I highly recommend you get involved in something in your community.

That's one that's truly on point. Even as an entrepreneur you made me think about it because you know for me to do that what you're just saying I go to events and go to seminars networking events. What have you and I get to meet up you know it's it interesting Erica when you first came on half an hour before we started the show we had never met before correct. Now we've never even spoken audibly to each other before that we the email before.

But we were emailing yeah but no.

But the second I saw your face the second I heard your voice. I didn't see your face right away.

I'm like oh I feel like your family because that's the way entrepreneurs you know it just every event I've ever gone to that's entrepreneur based or has that flair is I feel like I'm in my second home. It's it's comfortable you know. You know we're talking in our comfort zone but it has that feel and it's a great way to get reconnected as you're seeing and connect with like minded individuals on that and now when you're an employee you know there might be different things that they can go seek out maybe go to the gym and go together you know get with the other employees that have been hired recently or even the ones that haven't been I recently and have the ones that I've been there for well invite them out things like that but you're so on point about connection. And then after I make connections go I regularly every single week talked to one or two at least of those connections either on the phone or on Zune video if I can't be with them. So you're very on point with the connection thing. I love that.

Yeah. And I think that anytime when we are stuck and we just reach out if we if we tap into we don't necessarily have to go seeking new people we can just tap into our existing center of influence and if you feel like you don't have that quality center influence now then to what Brian's point is you know take the time to look at networking events or conferences or workshops that are appropriate for your industry that you are going to meet other professionals and people that are like minded so you can feed off that energy and that is really what truly is going to propel you. But take the initiative like Don't wait for it to come to you take the initiative and I think the other point I want to drive home is that some of us will just wait for that opportunity and in a comedy you've got to go out there and get it.

So true. That is so true. We can't take an action right now to take action. So changing gears just a little bit because this is something that every successful well every entrepreneur who's struggling wants to know different ways to get better at getting the word out about their business i.e. this word called marketing. And I get it and we all get it. It's multifaceted. I mean there are so many avenues and ways to market. It's it's mind boggling. And so with that though that's why I like to ask this question is. Have you found one form of marketing to date in your four years of doing this that has worked the best over the others. And if you don't mind sharing what has that most successful form of marketing been for you.

Yeah I would have to say that my I mean there's a number of things that I do but one of the most effective is is being on somebody else's stage being on somebody else's speaking in front of other people's audiences about topics that are relevant to that. And I think that's the important driver there.

It's not about what you want to talk about. It's really knowing what that audience is meeting and obviously like I'm never going to go into a room and talk about neuroscience like that is not my job so I'm gonna make sure that if I'm speaking in front of an audience it's going to be on things like relationship building in the business context communication teamwork leadership development. Even on some level marketing and positioning yourself in in your. verticals. I mean there sense there are some things that I can do to speak to that. But being in a position to know who your audience is and speaking to that audience I'm not at them but really sharing value sharing knowledge and then what I find is that I've been able to weave into my topics or into my talks. opportunities to where people will literally take pictures of me speaking and not just because I want them to take pictures of me speaking but I really want them to take pictures of their experience and I encourage them to do that so they can then share it with their social media networks. And it's an operative it's kind of this fun little kids you thing that I do. But it's it's a way to bridge that gap between what I'm doing offline and what I want to continue to do online to evolve the conversation.

So speaking on events and even speaking on podcasts so you know Brian perfect he's an example.

Know we coordinated this opportunity but it wasn't just like this is the very first time people are hearing about it like we've been talking you and I have been talking about our our platforms so we're gonna do this we're gonna do this interview I'm going to interview Eric and I'm like oh Brian's interviewing me. So I've been able to lead up to to this point sharing that value with people that I like interacting with online even offline and some of my private conversations.

And then on the backside of that being able to share that so speaking and whether you're doing virtually or in person gives you a little more leverage because you do have pictures and documentation and that proves that you were there and you can continue to share those takeaways or those wins from that moment when you were speaking and those highs and other people can do it for you which is kind of cool too.

It's so refreshing to hear you say speaking. I love that so much. So few go to that as one of their primary marketing methods and I'm curious why that is and you're talking about others that already speak right. But I can I can already since the tension in the air of those who have not yet gone on stage or spoke in that manner not me I'm not doing that. Are you kidding me because that's like next to death it's the scariest thing humans have is public speaking which I want to ask you a question about that.

In a moment. But you said so many golden things there you know speaking you don't just get up and start well some people do and they're very good at it but most people don't just get up and start yakking on stage and become good at it at delivery. So I imagine I'm guessing that you went through some training or had mentorship or someone giving you some feedback along the way. Have you had something like that to help you in the speaking arena.

Yeah for sure. I mean there's a number of resources that I have been utilizing over and you know going back home to my mind the bio that you read the lovely introduction a lot of my fundamental speaking opportunities really came when I was a participant through the local primary at the Miss America organization. So I didn't actually compete at a state level or the national level but I competed in a number of local preliminaries and it was a wonderful way for me to build my communication skills. A lot of people don't realize this but you know they always see that the stage presence on a like a Miss America environment but there is actually an intense interview that happens behind the scenes and you're interviewing for the job and the interview is usually about five to seven judges if you will that are interviewing you based on your experience based on your the reasons why you want the job your platform. You know I had to pick a platform something that I like stood for like a cause that I was going to represent if I should I win that title that state title or that national titles. I went to that level but that really shaped me in a lot of ways because I was able to communicate in a thoughtful way and then obviously I had a lot of mentors and trainers and then doing it. That's the other piece you learn this all day every day. But if you don't. If you don't like like actually go do it in for real life. Like.

I said I speak all the time and I love it up all the time like I am not a perfect presenter but I just know that because I'm doing it like that's that's afforded me the opportunity to do earn the right to do it again. And so anyway that's watching this who is scared out of their mind to go do it. I just encourage you to start somewhere and just know that you're not going to be gifted at it right away. I've been doing it so many times and I still don't feel like I have it mastered by any stretch of imagination but that's the beautiful part. The only way you earn the right to get more is if you do it in the first place. So get started do it. Take it out you can learn from the best but you got work even harder.

You actually do it in absolute words of wisdom. And for those you know start on podcast. Nobody can even see you and they're not even live so they can be edited. That will give you a level of comfort to continue to move forward or just jump and do it and get on a video show like this. And reach out. There are avenues out there where you can resources where you can put your name out there and say I'd like to appear on your show. Can I appear on this show as a direct result of that that I've never met. Yes it works. It works phenomenally well that's phenomenal advice. My goodness. It's like for those you that are are nervous. Look look. Every time I come on the show I have a level of nerves. Every time I've spoken many times on stage I've spoken many times in front of this camera and it doesn't matter how many times. How many of you can you remember Erica a guy named Johnny Carson.

Oh yes. You'd be surprised how many people I've asked never heard of him. So he was The Tonight Show host before Jay Leno who then preceded our man Jimmy Fallon right now. And Johnny Carson did this every night just like Jimmy Fallon does every single night five nights a week actually four nights a week. I found out they did two shows people on Thursday but they do five shows a week and every single time. So Johnny admitted that he said right before that curtain opened he was frightened out of his boots because every single time he was he had big time nerves. And this is a guy who did it professionally and was loved by millions. Can you imagine. So now you have you know I give people you have permission to be nervous. Now just get out and get on stage.

You do it because Robin's not to cut you off sir. So Sash I was done I was done. Go ahead. Well Mel Robbins the author of the five second rule that's her most notable book. She has a few other books out but a lot of people recognize her that. I'm saving that says somewhere in her and not particularly the book that there's a difference between like feeling frightened and feeling and I'm paraphrasing this but feeling excited. Yeah. So we could replace that. Oh my gosh I'm so overwhelmed with this. I'm so nervous. I'm so oh like replace that with I feel really excited. I mean I'm just so thrilled that I get to change people's lives so I get to interact in a way that's going to expand my message or whatever it is way I like whatever contacts I want to pretend. But replaced that anxiety with excitement. I think that all that was a really cute takeaway as it relates to speaking.

Yeah. There's actually two tips that were given to me that are gold. And one is right before you are if you're trying to get up on stage whatever that happens to be in front of a camera. A podcast is take a deep breath really deep and slow and let it out and you'll just feel everything relax and then if you're still feeling nervous it's really because you're all think you're thinking all about yourself and you know how you're going to look. You know do I have something hanging from my nose all this stuff goes through your head. And that's the problem. And then at that moment reframe it and say well I wonder how I'm going to impact the audience how can I do the best job for them. And the second you start going down that path in your mind you'll notice the calmness start to set in. Yes there's still anxiety and it could be excitement but there's excitement and less nervousness and you can go crush it after you do those two things. So it's amazing Sure.

And you know you brought in Barbara thanks on point about making it about the people I feel like there's a lot of it will put it into the context of leaders who are wanting to onboard or bring people into their sort of influence whether it's through employees or adding new clients to their book of business. You know like instead of to your point instead of making it all about us it's very ego driven thing. If we really truly tap into what other people want and not not be like you know absolute like give a give up everything that we stand for to make things happen for other people. But if we focus on on what other people desire we're going to get what we want in return. So speaking why is your focus on the audience. You are going to be so much more relaxed and being like oh my gosh you know I look like I'm always sounding. Do that and then then onboarding in the context of developing team or bringing on clients. You just focus on the other person you're gonna get so much more out of your time and energy spent on those relationships.

Yes it's actually a universal concept isn't it. Even when you're in the process of doing a sale you're selling as long as you're serving you're selling and you're doing it successfully. But if you're thinking about how much money you going to make the whole time of doing the sale well good luck. Good luck. Yes. So it was interesting that brought up because you were talking about the alchemist the book and how it wasn't a business book and right that moment it hit me is like isn't everything that is personal development or mindset driven also a business book because business is a relationship isn't it. I mean there's really not a whole lot of difference unless you're an online retailer like Amazon and there's really no human interaction except for the reviews you get later. But you know when you're talking one on one it's a relationship business is a relationship and that's what that gentleman when he. These cabinets and it looked a lot. It looks better than what's behind me. Just shelf after shelf of books and they were all personal development more than actual business marketing sales to team building because he understood it all started from here so.

You know just man talk to Erica get in contact with him we're gonna show you how to do that here. Actually kind of soon. My gosh it always goes by so fast. Bye.

Every time somebody says Hi Erica and Brian she's on watch in her bed with Maggie Kyle. Oh Patrice. Oh yes.

Hey Maggie how's it go in Kermit's alone.

Everyone's saying hello. Look at that.

Carmen is having to take a look.

Yes. Beautiful beautiful. Yeah. Just all this everything I've noticed talking to so many people just like you. It always always circles back to to the core of the foundation is always mindset. I didn't know this until I was you know. Not long ago till I was like 46 47 years old. I didn't realize that that was what was holding me back was I didn't I didn't do any for my mindset but I should have been doing and now knowing it. I feel so. liberated and and I just love it. I got a shout out from the world. That's part of the reason I'm doing this shows that is that it's not coming from me. It's coming from people like you. You know I'm not the talking head. It's people that are getting showing their experience showing their success their expertise and every single time. Mindset is the core of the whole ball of wax and that's what I'm loving about this is. You know if I can implore of young people just work on your mindset neuro linguistic programming. and LP for short site does Science of Success look into that. Raghida hopefully who is on listening right now. She has an A.P. institution in Atlanta. Yeah. Connect the dots connect with us if you need to connect with her because we know how to get older.

We got people we know people got peeps. Exactly.

You know there's a lot of things that take it takes to become a successful entrepreneur you know. We get to pool together our resources of experience over life. We've done many skills. We being entrepreneurs in general. You Erica that you just have all of these skills that you've built that made you successful. Now we're talking skill set. If you were to name just three. What would you say are the top three skills that you've learned to date. Because you'll learn more and master more beyond today. What are three of the top skill sets that you needed to become the success that you are.

Kyra this is a tough one but if we had to narrow it down to three I'd probably have to say that you've got to know what you stand for. You've got to be people focused and you got to be adaptable like like all three of those components. You know what you stand for the right people about align yourself or the right people or window line with you. And it's going to be really easy to find like you oftentimes in my work. You know they're like Why do I don't know where to find the right people whether it's like finding the right clients or finding the right teammates because they're growing as an organization or the right donors. If I'm working with nonprofits in some capacity. But you will you know what you stand for like those people will show up and like they're just so laser focused on that. But then you also have the flexibility to adapt. You know like I hear this a lot from what was said that can corporate right actually says this and when it is first podcast episodes we talk he shares the story about Corning like anywhere and like how they had to reinvigorate their company or they were going to go under. They literally had seven months to figure out what they were going to do in terms of like the what their number one product was like getting ready to like the competition was gobbling up and said they were no longer the leader and not in that world.

So they had to think about well what if we had no more rather resources we couldn't hire anybody what more. What more can we create with this brand that we have on nights and weekends that it's going to take us out of this slump. And he talks about something called the S curve. I'll have to share the link to that interview I wasn't expecting that it was going to come up tonight but adaptability you know figuring out what is it you've got to do. My business has evolved over the last four years. It is it did it looked nothing like it did four years ago when I started. But if I if I were still playing that card I mean I think I would still be successful in some way but I don't think I would have rolled and I certainly wouldn't be able to help the people that I helped today throughout. Without that adaptability in evolution. So people focus you know adaptive. And just know what you stand for. For goodness sakes don't be everything to everybody. Be specific.

Oh oh absolutely. Water wisdom. This is amazing. That's the thing a lot of people want to know. Who's your target market. Who's your avatar. Everybody you know.

You get that. Yeah. Stop it. Exactly. That's what I always want to go. OK. Who's your target market. Tell me again. That's it.

People focus perfect adaptability we call that flexibility as well. Same thing. I love that it's another. So people watching listening right now whether you're watching live or listening leader as a recording podcast. I mean come on we're on all these. We're on nine different platforms live right now. Many more that have been shut out and shared and we're going to be on 15 podcast platforms you might be listening to that right now after the show's over. Kind of like a weird time shift there. So definitely take notes and play this over again like you would read a book over again because Erica is laying it out. She is giving you the secrets to success. The thing is there are not secrets and that's what's too many people think it's all a big secret only there's only those people that know no and they won't share like look we're sharing it right now.

Erica is sharing it right now. Every component I've ever read or heard and not every component I've ever read or heard but everything she has said so far has been inclusive everything I've read or heard. And these are the best things that you can concentrate on. Listen to her take her advice. She's not even giving this as advice but she is. She's here to serve you and help you. That's why I love having people like her bridezilla who was on earlier. I love all of these wonderful people that come on. And gosh darn it we're near the end and I don't want to do it. And before. Before we close the show I want to remind everybody and Erica if I forget you please remind me that you also have a gift for our viewers. But I want to ask real quick based on that whole thing I just blabbed on was who is your avatar. Who is your perfect client that you're looking for. Before we go to the gift portion.

Yeah. Perfect. So in a nutshell basically is that company that organization that has significant amount of employees. I mean somebody that's got anywhere from 100 to 300 employees that is wanting to dramatically improve the employee engagement retention within an organization. So that's why I'm focusing on right now is hoping those companies that they do a great job onboarding I think maybe they have issues with that to get some of them do some of them down. But my my commitment is to really help them out more to really connect with the community that they live in so they feel more connected with not only their work but they feel more connected with their purpose and their communities and they say they're engaged and the employee is happy the employer is happy and life's good. And then community benefits because that person is keeping in are staying within the ecosystem of that community. So that is my. And that's my biggest problem right now is working with those organizations.

Fantastic. So if you're watching listening and you know a company that does that Eric is describing hook her up. That's what we do we connect to each other. I was thinking as you're as you are seeing those things like who do I know what companies do I know that you could potentially help us. That's what entrepreneurs do we help each other. Even if I was in the same arena I'd say OK I'll find somebody in Florida that's closer to her.

Exactly and really I really quickly just want to jump in here because that is so vital. You just said that because it's like something people go into that scarcity mindset and say why can't be friends with somebody that's in my industry because they do the same thing. It's like no no no. Like you need to align with all sorts of people. And those were for partners which you never know there might be an opportunity to where that person is going to be a better fit like that person you're making friends with that's going to be a better fit and can better serve the person. And if he again goes back and people focus your focus on the other person you were always going to win. Period the end.

That's exact. He could have said it better the serving attitude. That's what that's what makes it all happen. And there's no scarcity in Erica. You could see that right away. There's one question Erica that I usually don't end the show with a question because we have a couple of things to do but that I love to ask as the last question for my guest and it's kind of a it can be deep or it can be light. It is solid to you. But I liked it. I like to end the show with this because I found it the results very interesting with each of the previous ones. Before we go jump into that real quick for everyone that's been watching live from the beginning or is just here now you can win a five nights day at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. And now I'm going to show you. How you can enter and so you now have the permission to go to this Web site that you see on the screen if you're watching live and or you can text send us a text to your phone. So either go to the mind body business show dot com forward slash vacation all lowercase as you see there.

The mind body business show dot com for Slash vacation and just enter there.

Or if it's easier take out your phone and type in the phone number of 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and then in the message area type the word peak peak and hit send. Again that's 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and type in the word peak peak. And I can't wait. I give vacation away every single show I love it. This is sponsored once again by my good buddies over at power texting dot com. And in fact when you go and enter to win either through the Web site or you text the word that's all being handled by power texting dot com. I am also a client and they are an amazing amazing some phenomenal service. Highly recommend any entrepreneur out there you need texting and you need it. This is this is a phenomenal system automated. It's amazing to go and do that right now. And then we're going to come back to Erica with that wonderful heavy hitting question that honestly isn't heavy hitting I don't want you to feel that back you know corner you're getting all nervous because I know you're a pro and you don't do that. Just kidding. So here's the thing. The thing with this question Erica is there is no such thing as a wrong answer. It's impossible. It's just the opposite. The only the only correct answer is yours because it's a personal question to many. And another interesting thing I found and I can't believe I'm still seeing this every show but to date no two of my guests have ever said the same exact answer never given the same exact answer. Some have been a little similar but no to in the same it's just it's awesome. Some compiling a book that's going to be how do you define success. That will be the title. And I just gave away that question.

So Erica are you ready. I'm ready.

Erica Castner How do you define success.


I say this a lot too. There's a few nonprofit organizations a partner in work to really help with their employee development. One of the things that we say constantly in that program is confidence is one through consistency. So if you are creating or are wanting to achieve success in any right or any level that comes through being consistent and if you are concerned at all about being competent in those aspects competencies one with consistency and so when we create success like that wasn't created overnight. That was created by somebody is hard work consistently over time. And so just showing up making sure that like you're giving it your all. And even if you're half heartedly doing something it's still showing up. I mean I again we didn't talk about this on a deep level today but I a lot of people don't realize I had two surgeries one was in the last one loss four months. One was pretty significant but I still showed up every day like I was behind the scenes strategically. You know like it was like the Wizard of Oz you know don't pay attention but the woman behind the curtain. But there were a lot of things that I did on the front side to make sure that I didn't look like I was skipping a beat. And there were days where I didn't feel like I was at my ultimate level of awesomeness but I still showed up and I still made a commitment to put some skin in the game. So even on your worst day if you're showing up here and I'll learn something from that be consistent. That's where the confidence comes through and I think that's where success is ultimately to be driven is through you showing up. and true to form.

Unlike any other answer before you. I love it and it's so awesome. I love it. Confidence is one with consistency you know it's it's the sea and the sea. They go together and you said it so eloquently and so perfectly that it's just showing up and whether you're all in or not it's just getting in the habit of continue to show up because that starts to gain momentum and become a snowball effect and you just gain confidence and you become more consistent and your success will then increase. And my goodness phenomenal. Thank you. You're welcome. Now you. had indicated you had a gift for the peeps. What I wanted to do is pull up if it's appropriate pull up your Web site and let you go ahead and just talked about the gift and how people can get a copy of that gift which is phenomenal. I'm looking at what it is right now. So I'm going to turn it over to you to explain what that is.

Yeah. Perfect. Thank you so much. So for our listeners tonight our watch and people that are viewing the show I want to give to a program that I created a while back but it's still very relevant today. It's called amplify your business results. There was 12 many lessons inside of the program it's a self study program but it's an opportunity for you to more importantly find connection convert more of your idea or clients there's a huge component in there that really shapes how you're communicating with your ideal clients where to find them where to to interact with them. So if you had gone over to the queen of results or with flash Brian Kelly I was going to make it like something longer but then I thought well that's way too long. So we put it results dot com forward slash Brian Kelly you can actually I just enter a few pieces of contact information and I will give that to you it's a three point ninety seven dollar value and it will be yours complementary. So it's my gift to those that are watching the show just for being you and for you being here in Show sharing your time with us tonight. So I want to get that to your audience or the people that are watching tonight.

Thank you so much. I've got it up on the screen right now for these you watching. That's that's quite remarkable. I know you indicate the value of that. nearly 400 dollars.

Yeah right. Yeah. Say when I sold that program back in the day I mean like I said Did I say back in the day like it sounds like I did it like eons ago. But we did that program last year and so we are bringing it back for your peeps. And so I want to give it back to you all and again relevant stuff. Love it. It's one of my favorite programs. I want to get that out tonight.

So appreciate that. I like the way that you are El Reno rings. You know it just feels to it.

So one more time the queen of results does come forward slash Brian Kelly and Kelly. Yeah I like that guy that guy because Tucker is awesome. I love it.

That woman is off. Awesome. Erica Castner thank you so much for coming on. And one last final thing we want to find out is the absolute best way for people to connect with you especially those that have connections with companies that have you know around 1 to 300 employees that might be able to use your services. I just think every single one of them. Good because very few think about what to do after they're there they just train them and let them go. Exactly. So what's the best way for folks to get a hold of you.

Well you can certainly get a hold of me I think when it results dot com. But if you follow me over at Arlington Lincoln is a perfect way for us to continue a conversation. I'm just simply Erica Kastner on LinkedIn and message me let me know what you're working on what your current areas of focus are and how I can support you even if you don't have a connection for me. Reach out to me because I'm always intrigued by meeting the people that are on the site you know that are watching and it's just it's inspiring to connect the dots for people across the world across the globe. So Brian I thank you for giving me that opportunity to connect with new people tonight.

I appreciate the kindness You're so welcome and thank you Erica. You exemplify the Word Servitude you just use. You serve people you love to help people and people watch and she gets it. It's not all about her. It's never been about her I haven't heard a thing she said about herself yet. That is like boasting or bragging or ego based. It's all about serving others. And I'm so thankful that we were connected so that we could get to know each other on this show as well. So I so appreciate you spending the time. I know it's late there in Florida. It's approaching 10:00 p.m. And so again appreciate you for spending time with us and for dispelling just you know reigning value down. I mean my goodness this is one of the best interviews I've done and had as far as the guest goes in a long long time. All of them are phenomenal. They you you the value was every time you open your mouth. There was another nugget coming out. So those you watching listening play this back several times as if it were a book that you're reading. You'll get more and more out of it and just skip to the part where Erica talks. That's the best part.

So Fran you're too kind. Thank you so much for those kind words. I really appreciate it. And you're a tremendous interview and I appreciate all the things that you're doing to elevate entrepreneurs out there and committed to positioning people from a place of strength and support so courteous to all the work they are doing out there. Much appreciated. You rock my friend.

Thank you so much Erica. Man I think I got a new best friend.

All right. All right. Well that is it for tonight.

Once again on behalf of Erica Castner I am Brian Kelly the host of the mind body business show. We will see you again next time one week from tonight until then. So long and be blessed everyone.

All right take care. Everybody.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows with Brian Kelly.

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Erica Castner

For over two decades, Erica Castner has helped business owners and service providers improve their teams, communication and processes. She is passionate about assisting organizations improve their workforce or enhance client experience. In addition to working with small business owners, Erica has had the privilege of working with (and for) nationally recognized brands such as: Lancome Cosmetics, Victoria's Secret, Dress for Success, FUEL, and the Miss America Organization, just to name a few. She has been featured as a guest contributor to over 200 podcasts, articles, and stages including: USA Today, Thrive Global, ABC, CBS, Huffington Post, and Digital Footprint Conference.

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